Great Planes Trading Company Presents The 5th Annual Cabin Fever Antique Tool Auction, March 22, 2014, 9:30 AM CST. Preview 2 to 6 PM Friday Sept 13, and 7 to 9:30 day of sale.

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Great Planes Trading Company Presents

The 5th Annual Cabin Fever Tool Auction

March 22, 2014, 9:30 AM

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

(Preview Friday 2-6 PM, Saturday 7 to 9:30 AM)

To see the photos in a gallery view click (HERE. ) Click on any photo to enlarge it.

001. Stanley #8 prelateral iron jointer plane, measures 23 5/8-inches long, bed has been repainted, has a V-logo blade (painted) and lever cap are from a #7 plane, nice rosewood knob beaded at base and very good rosewood tote. (Photo & Photo 2)

002. Lot of 12 wooden handled screwdrivers. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Stanley #7 cast iron jointer plane, nice BB-logo blade, tall knob has been refinished, scuffed but intact rosewood tote, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

004. Pair of wooden jointer planes: SCIOTO WORKS 26-inch with improper blade and iron from a jack or fore plane, body and closed handle are fine; and a SHERMAN BROS. N. YORK 22-inch with faint makers mark, OHIO TOOL blade, loose handle and some water damage on the the toe, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Pair of saws including a wooden handled bone or de-horning saws that is complete and very good; plus a wooden spokeshave. (Photo)

006. Stanley #49 bit gauge complete and fine; and a bottle opener marked ARROWHEAD AND PURITAS WATER bottle opener, complete and very good. (Photo)

007. Stratton Brothers No. 1 brass-bound mahogany plumb and level, has decorative brass side views, stock has likely been sawed down and the brass end plate re-attached, both vials intact, very good; plus a Stanley #4 iron smooth plane with hardwood tote and knob, will clean to very good overall. (Photo)

008. Pair of Stanley iron block planes: early #103 with nice R&L-logo blade, very good overall; and a #18 with early-style knuckle jointed lever cap, nearly spent R&L logo blade, a few chips in rear of throat, three patent dates on lateral lever, good overall. (Photo)

009. Sargent #414 iron jack plane with early circular logo on very good blade, nice tote and beaded knob, complete and very good. (Photo)

010. Stanley BAILEY #5 1/2 wide body jack plane with fine SW logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo)

011. Pair of iron jack planes: OHIO TOOL CO. #05C with nice globe logo blade, tote broken and glued at base, good knob, rear of throat has big chip from one corner, good overall; and a scarce Sargent Shaws Patent #14C, early circular logo blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

012. Pair of Stanley block planes: 60 1/2 low angle in maroon paint, complete and very good; and a #118 unbreakable with BB-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

013. Lot: Stanley #89 clapboard marker, complete and very good; Stanley SW blade for an iron rabbet plane; a bitstock tool with end sharpened into to blades set close together; a level off a breast drill, etc. (Photo)

014. Scarce RECORD No. 050 light combination plane complete in original wooden box with sliding lid. Plane is complete with beading stop, depth stop, chip deflector, and special clamping bracket for 1/8 & 3/16-in. blades; and the original instruction pamphlet with a 1939 Copyright date. Seldom will you find one this complete. (Photo)

015. Stanley #45 combination plow plane, with SW logo on skate, fine rosewood knob, handle and wear strip on fence, very good nickel plating, all three main sections, long and short rods; dated cam; sash cutter, needs a set of blades, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. Lot of four iron block planes: SHELTON, complete and very good: scarce S18 unbreakable steel block plane with adjustable throat and knuckle jointed lever cap, the entire plane is coated with light surface as it was found in a damp basement, will clean to very good; Stanley #9 1/4 with missing cam from lever cap, light pitting on sides, good; and a 9 1/2 missing the throat cam, and with a later (brown) replacement lever cap. (Photo)

017. Stanley #3 iron smooth plane, WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, very good stained hardwood tote and knob, traces of light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

018. Stanley #4 1/2 wide body smooth plane, WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, nice stained hardwood tote and knob, traces of light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

019. Scarce Stanley 5 1/4 junior jack plane, WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, good stained hardwood tall knob, hardwood tote has clean break in middle and will glue just fine, light to moderate rust due to storage in damp basement. (Photo)

020. Pair of iron rabbet planes: Stanley #78 with intact depth stop, thumb operated blade adjuster, has a depth stop, but no screw for securing stop to the plane, fine overall; plus a Craftsman (Sargent #79) that is just like a Stanley #78, complete with original fence and depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

021. Lot of three wooden braces including a nice brass plated model by BROWN & FLATHER with ebony head; and two that look homemade. (Photo & Photo 2)

022. Three 12-inch monkey wrenches: B&C? all-steel some pitting, entire wrench coated with lacquer, good; H.D. SMITH PERFECT HANDLE, handle slightly bent, typical nicks and dings, good overall; PS&W (Peck Stowe & Wilcox) with fine wooden handles, PAT. JAN. 14, 1896, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Pair of wooden braces including an ultimatum-style marked Improved Brass Frame Brace, marked with former owners KETTERING and J.W. PANTHER names, missing the bottom part of the chuck, has most of original ivory ring in head, ebony frame has a chip from the front of the chuck; and a Sheffield brace by W.MARPLES & SONS with nice HIBERNIA WORKS medallion in head, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

024. Pair of Stanley iron jack planes: #5C with sliver from side of tote spur, chip from base of low knob and in general need of a good cleaning; and a newer #5 with BB-logo blade, deep coating of lacquer on nice rosewood? tote and tall knob, fine japanning, a few traces of light surface rust, will clean to fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

025. Very scarce Stanley #45 Type I combination plow plane, japanned model with fine beaded knob on the main frame, very good japanning on all three main sections; long and short rods, both depth stops, original box of seven beads, nine plows, and match blades, plus dated slitter in plane. A fine early plow in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

026. Lot of four iron block planes: double ended #130 (Similar to Stanley #130) with scalloped sides, very good; SHELTON, complete and very good; unknown #110-type, some rust on bottom; and a Stanley #103 with early R&L-logo blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

027. Stanley #45 Type 4, knob on main frame, main sections and flat head screws are nickel plated, nice plating, good rosewood handle and knob, the spur is missing on the center section; comes with long and short rods; beading and front depth stop, also comes with a scarce set of blades for a Type 5 plane, each has a hole to engage the cutter adjuster, the cutter box has two spare spurs stapled to the outside of the box, two hooks to secure the lid, and a partial label, a very good plane with nice set of blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. Stanley #5 1/4 junior jack plane with fine rosewood tall knob, nice rosewood tote has partial decal on side, nice japanning, sides and bottom were covered with rust and were only partially cleaned, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Three iron block planes: Sargent #217 very good overall; RECORD #0130 (same as Stanley #130) double ended; sides and bottom have light rust, will clean to very good; and a Shelton that has rust on bottom, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. Sargent VBM #408C (size of Stanley #3) iron smooth plane, few cracks at base of beaded knob, splinter from side of good tote; Stanley BB-logo blade, some light rust, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

031. Sargent #3418 transitional 18-inch fore plane, good original blade, tote spur has been broken off, good knob, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

032. Ohio Tool Co. folding handle drawknife with 8-inch blade, very good handles, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

033. Pair of transitional jack planes: Stanley #27 1/2 wide body with BAILEY name cast into frame at the toe, V-logo blade, the stock has a few cracks at the toe, very good overall; plus a Gage Tool Co. SELF-SETTING 16-inch missing the front knob, nice original blade, just add a knob, and it's ready to go. (Photo & Photo 2)

034. WORTH folding handle drawknife with 8-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. Sargent #3415 transitional jack plane, early circular logo on blade, horseshoe type first lateral adjuster, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

036. J.S. CANTELLO Patent folding handle drawknife, nice 6-inch blade, a few spots of light surface rust, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. MATHIESON 17-inch wooden jack or fore plane with decal on top of stock; good MATHIESON blade with Thos. Ibbotson chipper, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

038. Sargent #3420 transitional 20-inch fore or jointer plane, horseshoe type first lateral adjuster, nice circular logo blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

039. Millers Falls No. 718 chain drill new never-opened original box. This is a military surplus chain drill coated is cosmoline in original Millers Falls box. The entire box is wrapped in a wax-type paper impregnated with grease. Included are three photos of a similar one that we have opened to give you an idea of what to expect inside. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. Pair of wooden tongue cutting plow planes: JAMES REID ABERDEEN 1/2-inch, very good; and a 3/8-inch A. MATHIESON & SONS, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. Four wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool Co. #61 complex, very good; another Ohio Tool complex plane with unusual incuse mark, fine; SPEIGHT LEEDS tongue cutter, fine; and a MENELAWS EDINBURGH with additional cursive mark of Wm. Malcolm No. 1 sash plane missing the blade, chip in right side, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

042. ARROWMAMMETT WORKS complex wooden molding plane marked on heel 1/2 X 8/8, entire plane has been coated with varnish or lacquer, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. Pair of wooden molding planes: H.W. ELLS W.MS.BURG MASS 7/8-inch tongue cutter, very good; and a dovetail plane marked J. NORMAN on toe, has fence on bottom, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

044. Pair of complex wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. (marked on heel) #61 3/4, very good overall; and an early W.DIBB YORK with two or three additional marks on toe, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

045. Pair of wooden molding planes: TABER PLANE CO. No. 140 complex profile, complete and very good; and an GLEAVE MANCHESTER 1 3/8-inch skew bladed rabbet with brass plates attached to sole, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

046. Early 10 1/2-inch with flat chamfers and rounded wedge, appears to be professionally made, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

047. Three wooden molding planes: F. SHEPARD skew bladed rabbet, has two holes in side and bottom where fences were once mounted, very good; SANDUSKY TOOL CO. No. 100 match or tongue and groove plane, missing tongue blade, both wedges intact; and an S.SLOOP CINT. O 3/8-inch boxed side bead that has some missing boxing. (Photo & Photo 2)

048. Unknown make skewed rabbet with brass sole and brass plates on sides, faint 1800s date on toe, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

049. Sharpening stone in a fitted wooden box, very good overall. (Photo)

050. Unusual 19th century Buffalo Dental Mfg. Co. Model 9A foot operated bellows, the leather is dried out and cracked, the cast iron is all intact and very good, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

051. Sharpening stone in a fitted wooden box, very good overall. (Photo)

052. Unusual horse harness pieces with rings, one long and two short pieces, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

053. Three sharpening stones: one in wooden box, very good; a NORTON JM6 1/2 x 2-1/2 x 11-1/2-inch medium grit Crystolon IM313 Replacement Oilstone in original pasteboard box, fine; and a Norton FS-76 sharpening stone, 1-3/8 x 2 x 6 Gouge Slip, in original box, fine. (Photo)

054. Antique Pestel Patent (U.S. #1,128,500) precision balance scale, manufactured by Woldenberg & Schaar of Chicago, IL, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

055. Interesting wooden cranberry crate 14 x 12 x 10-inch, marked CONTENTS ONE QUARTER U.S. STANDARD CRANBERRY BARREL, very good. (Photo)

056. M. KLEIN lineman's splicing pliers; plus a pair of auto batter terminal pliers, very good. (Photo)

057. Lot of three smooth planes: an 8-inch iron smoother with SOLAR MFG blade, very good overall; and two wooden smooth planes: and 8.5-inch single iron smoother AUBURN TOOL CO. blade, very good; and a 6.5-inch smoother with faint makers mark on toe and an AUBURN THISTLE BRAND single blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

058. Nice13-inch pair of hand forged tinsnips, very well executed. (Photo & Photo 2)

059. Pair of forged pig forceps used to give aid to animals in giving birth, very good; plus a 9-inch pair of forming pliers with one concave jaw and one convex. (Photo & Photo 2)

060. Pair of Union Factory wooden molding planes; a small boxed side bead, very good; and a 1-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

061. Unusual nickel plated sugar tongs? marked N. & CO. CAPE MAY, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

062. Brass carriage lantern, marked MADE IN INDIA on back, very good; plus a burner fixture made by AMERICAN GAS MACHINE CO. ALBERT LEA, MINN. (Photo & Photo 2)

063. Three plier like tools: 7-inch gas pliers; 6-inch nippers; and a 7-inch pair of patented chain pliers? with what looks like a MAY 22, '19 patent date. (Photo & Photo 2)

064. Three sections of gas piping like those that would have been used in a home or business for gas lighting, all very good. (Photo)

065. Antique opium-type balance scale in a tin box with hinged lid, some rust and part of original paper label from inside lid of the box remains. (Photo & Photo 2)

066. Pair of 6.5-inch CHAMPAGNE BOLLINGER AY-FRANCE nickel plated pliers, fine; plus a small sharpening stone, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. A.C. WILLIAMS CO. RAVENNA, OHIO sad iron with quick release wood handle, some light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

068. HOLT'S IMPROVED egg and whipped cream beater, cad plated, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

069. Pair of sad irons; all steel SILVESTER'S PATENT SALTER 5, complete and very good; and a POTT'S SIZE 3 BEST ON EARTH with quick release wooden handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

070. HANSON Model 8920 spring scale, 200-lb. capacity by 2-pound increments, Patent No. 2,299,980, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

071. Pair of tongs: hand forged clinker tongs with twisted handles, some rust, very good overall; and a pair of Hill's Patent (Dec. 2, 1873) hog tongs, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

072. Medium sized pair of ice tongs, some light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

073. Two Pettey's Poultry Punches on the original stock card, the punches are new. These were used to punch ID holes in the combing of poultry; also included is a 4-oz Pure-sure household oil can. (Photo & Photo 2)

074. Wing-shaped hay knife with long wooden handle, some rust, very good overall. (Photo)

075. Unusual Disston hand saw with four in-line screws and having a scribe in the top of the handle, The blade may not be original, and the handle has a screw coming up from the bottom; and the top spur is missing a bit from the underside. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

076. Two pairs of ice tongs, both are complete and very good. (Photo)

077. Hay knife with two wooden handles, complete and very good. (Photo)

078. L.S. STARRETT No. 163 Draftsman T-Square with 36-inch blade, ornate nickel-plated head is chipped at the top of one side, can be dressed up nicely with a Dremel tool, very good; plus a draftsman's triangle. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

079. Scarce Tomlinson Patent (July 6, 1820) currying or fleshing knife, complete and very good overall. Made on patent 3,213X issued July 6, 1820 to Daniel Tomlinson of Brookfield, CT. (Photo & Photo 2)

080. Keuffel & Esser cavalry sketching board with compass with compass and brass scale arm connected by sliding block with clamp screw, has compass in top, nice leather strap on back so it can be worn on the wrist or arm, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

081. Early 18-inch panel saw with WARRANTED SUPERIOR medallion, split nuts, handle has been coated with clear lacquer, some very mild pitting on blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

082. PS&W 10-inch Robinson Patent (U.S. 320,172) wooden handled monkey wrench, PAT. JUNE 16, 1885, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

083. Four wooden molding planes: H.L. JAMES WMS BURG MASS handled tongue plane, complete and fine; LAMB & BROWNELL handled tongue plane, very good; J. KELLOGG AMHERST 5/16-inch boxed center bead, very good; and an early #1? round, maker or owner's mark over struck, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

084. Pair of 12-inch all-steel monkey wrenches: unknown make with hex-shaped center adjuster nut, very good; and a Whitman & Barnes with pitting on one side, coated with lacquer. (Photo & Photo 2)

085. Unknown make complex molding plane with great profile, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

086. Pair of wooden handled monkey wrenches: unknown make 10-inch with thick coat of varnish, very good; and a COES WRENCH CO. 8-inch, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

087. Four wooden molding planes: Auburn Tool Co. No. 155 complex profile, very good; #180 Auburn Tool Co. #4 round, very good; SARGENT (Sandusky) #673 7/8-inch grooving plow, very good; and a W.DEELEY dovetail? plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

088. Stanley #8 Type 11 24-inch iron jointer plane, nice low knob, rosewood tote broken at base and will need to be glued, good V-logo blade, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

089. Unusual Stanley #27 1/2 wide body transitional jack plane, tote spur has a few chips, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

090. PLUMB AXES wire display stand out of an old hardware store, holds six axes, paint is worn on both ends, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

091. E.C. Atkins ram's horn scraper with wooden body and cast iron blade holder, this one is missing the blade, but you can make one out of an old saw blade, very good; plus a Stanley #71 router plane knockoff cast in brass, just add your own blade clamp and blade and it's ready to go. (Photo)

092. Lot of three wooden molding planes: A. HOWLAND & CO. dado with screw operated depth stop and intact nicker, very good; C.S. SEE wide rabbet with nice eagle logo and E.L. COTTLE mark on toe, very good overall; and a W.SODEN ovolo, with owner-added fence, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

093. Early BARTON & SMITH ROCHESER (NY) complex profile wooden molding plane, has backward S in the SMITH name, this wide complex molding plane has a few cracks at the toe and heel, blade and a few pieces of boxing are missing, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

094. Lot of six SANDUSKY TOOL CO. wooden molding planes; 7/8-inch dado also marked on heel R.C. GUENTHER QUINCY, ILL (a hardware firm in that city), missing the wedge for the nicker, very good; #79/61 3/4-inch complex molder, single boxed, very good; #51 3/16-inch center bead, has holes in one side where a fence had been mounted, very good; #92 2-sized hollow, very good; #146, 1 1/2-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good; and a #146, 1/2-inch skewed rabbet, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

095. Pair of wooden molding planes: S ROWELL TROY #16 hollow, complete and fine, rated 2 stars in current AWP book; and a DR BARTON 7/8-inch case or casing moulding plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

096. Unusual C.R.&W. complex molding plane, body is a little bleached out, water stain on the side, minor cracking at toe and heel, very good overall. The C.R.&W. This mark is listed UR (unrated) in the latest AWP book. (Photo & Photo 2)

097. Three wooden molding planes: SHIVRICK & MALCOLM #16 hollow, very good; GREENFIELD TOOL CO. boxed side bead, very good; and an early G. DAVIS slip-boxed side bead, complete and fine. George Davis is listed in the British Planemakers book as being in Birmingham 1821-1876. (Photo & Photo 2)

098. Fine R&L CARTER TROY complex moulding plane with the original price in grease pencil on the heel, complete and fine. Rated one stare in current AWP book. (Photo & Photo 2)

099. Lot of four wooden molding planes: an early ogee with broad chamfers, marked LONDON on the toe, very good; an OHIO TOOL CO. 7/8-inch grooving plow, very good; GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 390 3/4-inch tongue, very good; and a DR BARTON 3/4-inch grooving plow, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

100. Keuffel & Esser pantograph in a wooden box with dovetailed joints and hinged lockable lid (no key), the pantograph and the accessories are in fine condition, the box has a crack in the back panel, but is otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

101. Fairchild K20 U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS. AIRCRAFT CAMERA (4 X 5 INCH). This WWII hand-held camera was manufactured by The Folmer Graflex Corp. Rochester, N.Y. in original box, with accessories. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. Scarce military heliotrope #483 by SEILER, complete and very good. Just needs a pair of legs like those used with a builders level or transit. This one is in olive drab paint which shows it was made for the military. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Unusual military surveyor's field sketching table 18 x 24-inch, would be mounted to a tripod, this one is new old stock in the original canvas bag with leather reinforced corners, the table has a threaded brass plate on the bottom for mounting to a leg set, the cardboard showed on top of it in one photo was stapled at each corner. We removed the staples to shoot the photo. It has never been used. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Three 10.5-inch pairs of pliers including two nice CRONK pliers and a pitted combination hammer, plier and wire cutter used in fencing. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Five implement wrenches: three VULCAN PLOW CO. EVANSVILLE, IND; an M58 and a 6.5-inch unmarked. (Photo & Photo 2)

106. Lot: 10-inch wooden handled Coes monkey wrench; two LIGHTNING WRENCHES by the Hampton Machine & Tool Co. Hampton Iowa, very good; an unknown scraper-like tool in green paint; and a red hardy type tool for round work. (Photo & Photo 2)

107. Six assorted wrenches: two flat steel models one with a hook on one side and the other with a spanner at one end; a 19 and 22 mm? YAMAHA; unknown 6-inch with hex box in middle of handle and two open ends; a WAKEFIELD 45 with 9/16 & 1/2; and a 6 5/8-inch J.H. McLAIN CO. CANTON O. open at one end and a square box at other end. (Photo & Photo 2)

108. Five assorted wrenches: Two different VULCAN PLOW CO. EVANSVILLE, IND both in red paint; an M58; unknown 6-inch with hex box in middle of handle and two open ends; and an OXWELL type marked 133 at one end. (Photo & Photo 2)

109. Pair of Keen Kutter items: foot for a Keen Kutter paper dispenser embossed with two KK bock and wedge designs, very good; and a Trueblood Patent (U.S. No. 603,491) Keen Kutter raker gauge used when sharpening saws. (Photo & Photo 2)

110. Lot of five assorted wrenches: ARMSTRONG 667 12-inch S-handled open end wrench, very good; ARMSTRONG 14-inch open end for 1 1/4 and 1 7/16, very good; unknown 13.5-inch marked 1999 in red paint with offset openings, very good; 9.5-inch with multiple open ends, marked 421E, very good; and a 9-inch STUDEBAKER #678225 TIRE CARRIER WRENCH in green paint. (Photo)

111. Lot of six unmarked Oliver F153 Wrenches owner has marked each with the model number and Oliver Chilled Plow Co. on one side, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

112. Lot of 10 assorted wrenches: five "dogbone" wrenches on a ring; a ONEHANDER 10-inch; unknown 6-inch with single open end; an offset hex box; an AIRCO 8090041; and and a 6.5-inch with open end and a square box at other end, and a drift key. (Photo & Photo 2)

113. Lot of three buggy wrenches one with curved handle. (Photo)

114. Lot of eight assorted wrenches: combination wrench with three sockets and a screwdriver in red paint: a clevis pin with open end wrench on one end and threads in other; a rough FORD open end; a flat steel DEERE wrench with some pitting and in red paint; an 8-inch with 302 or 802 cast into handle, open on one end and box on other; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

115. Seven assorted wrenches: KEN TOOL G-30; 32686 with spanner; SURPANS VANA-LION Made in FRANCE; WILLIAMS; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. Lot of 11 assorted wrenches: modified NASA or NASH 3/8 and 7/16; K4; AUTO-KIT No. 100; four OXWALL ignition wrenches; three ignition wrenches MADE IN U.S.A. with a star logo, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

117. Four wrenches: HERBRAND No. 140 VAN-CHROME with alligator end and feeler gauges on the other end; W&B No. 0 BULL DOG alligator with screwdriver; etc. (Photo)

118. Lot of 14 assorted wrenches: SIMANCO 8443; S&T CO.; DELCO light plant wrench with two feeler gauges; American Bosch Magneto Corp.; snath wrench; BENDIX SCINTILLA 11-490, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

119. The Robert Wrench Co. New York 13-inch self adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

120. TROJAN WRENCH CO. 12-inch quick adjust, U.S. PAT. 1968783, needs a light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

121. BULLARD self-adjusting pipe 8-inch pipe wrench, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

122. Unknown make 9-inch push button adjusting pipe wrench with spring loaded swinging upper jaw, marked PAT'D on side of handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

123. Pair of machine gun wrenches: the larger one is for a Browning .50 caliber and the smaller one is for a .30 caliber, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

124. ICI NO. 3 HANDY kitchen multi tool: plier, pot lifter, stove lid lifter, screwdriver, can opener, the blade for the can opener is MIA. (Photo & Photo 2)

125. UNIVERSAL WRENCH CO. 8-inch UNIVERSAL with lever on side, PAT. 6-3-19 & 7-22-19, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. IMP ANGLE WRENCH BLOOMINGTON ILL 9-inch with tilting head, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

127. GELLMAN MFG. ROCK ISLAND, ILL 12-inch NO. 121 quick adjust side-jaw nut wrench, Patented APR 17, 1923, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

128. 1AA 6.5-inch cultivator? wrench in green paint, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

129. BLACKHAWK cutout 7-inch repainted with hammer head and nib. (Photo & Photo 2)

130. Pitman wrench 1231 6.5-inch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

131. DAVID BRADLEY MFG WKS BRADLEY ILL 105A with hammer, 10-inch, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

132. Unknown 9-inch G17? wrench with hammer, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

133. COLLINS PLOW CO. 7-inch 124 with hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

134. Three stamped DEERE wrenches: JD-50; JD-51 & JD-52, all very good. (Photo)

135. CASE 031W flat steel 11-inch, good overall. (Photo)

136. Lot of two heavy canvas bank bags with zippers, the smaller one can be locked with a padlock; the larger one is marked "Shadow Lawn S&L Covered Bridge 18," and the smaller bag is marked Shadow Lawn Savings Long Branch N.J.; plus three cloth money bags including one from the U.S. mint that held $50 in cents, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

137. Stanley #6 iron fore plane Type 17 WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, stained hardwood tote and tall knob, some bright orange surface rust due to being stored in a damp basement, will clean to very good. (Photo)

138. Two hand cranked bench grinders, one is missing the wooden crank handle, both have intact stones and tool rests, the one in gray paint spins freely and will just need a handle and a light oiling; the intact model is stiff and will at least need oil and perhaps a cleaning but the stone spins true and it will make a good user. (Photo & Photo 2)

139. Three iron smooth planes: Stanley #4 iron smooth plane Type 17 WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, stained hardwood tote and tall knob, light rust to exposed surfaces; SHELTON 9-inch smoother, complete and very good; and a Stanley 0H4 TWO TONE 9-inch smooth plane with blue bed and frog, fine tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

140. Perfect Handle-type 16-inch screwdriver; CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls) push drill with stiff spring, four of the original eight bits included in handle, bits and handle need cleaning; and a Stanley #171 8-oz. plumb bob, very good overall. (Photo)

141. Pair of iron smooth planes: Diamond Edge DE4C with nice wooden knob, tote a somewhat crude homemade model (originally they were hard rubber or plastic), good original blade, will clean to very good overall; and a SHELTON 9-inch smoother, complete and very good. (Photo)

142. Stanley Excelsior-style 6 1/2-inch iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, several patent dates on lateral lever, light rust on sides and sole, small chips from back right side, good overall; and a Stanley #66 Type I beader, comes with straight fence and brass blade clamp, the screw for the blade clamp is missing and no blades are included. (Photo)

143. Sargent #418 iron fore plane, nice original blade, good tote and tall knob, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

144. Millers Falls No. 718 chain drill new never-opened original box. This is a military surplus chain drill coated is cosmoline in original Millers Falls box. The entire box is wrapped in a wax-type paper impregnated with grease. Included are three photos of a similar one that we have opened to give you an idea of what to expect inside. (Photo & Photo 2)

145. GILBERT child's tool chest with pressed-steel plane, wooden handled hammer, pliers, saw, chisel, and brace-type screwdriver in a wooden chest, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

146. SUNNEN PRODUCTS CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. No. DL-120 automotive valve-spring compressor in primer. (Photo & Photo 2)

147. THE AMERICAN TEACH-N-FUN TOOL CHEST FOR JUNIOR WOODWORKERS FROM 6 UP child's tool chest in original tin box, complete with screwdriver, hammer, ATF screwdrver, square, pliers, and open-end wrench, very good overall; plus a box only for a Handy Andy child's tool chest. (Photo & Photo 2)

148. WOLVERINE ADDING MACHINE in tin cabinet, made by the WOLVERINE SUPPLY & MFG. CO. PITTSBURGH . PA., is bent on one of the front bottom corners, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

149. Lot of three miniature all-wood saws. (Photo)

150. NICE brass cased rabbet or shoulder plane 1 1/2-inch blade, several owner names on toe, first we've seen of this model. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

151. Lot of three sharpening stones, one round one wedge shaped and one rectangular, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

152. Lot of four layout tools: Stanley #20 try square with 8-inch blade and rosewood handle, very good; Stanley #25 sliding bevel with 10-inch blade and rosewood handle, very good; #65 marking gage, complete and fine; and an unmarked double beam wedge-locking marking gage, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

153. Pair of razor hones: ONEIDA RAZOR HONE fine stone in original albeit tattered paper sleeve; and a HENRY SEARS & SONS REX RAZOR STONE, fine stone in a worn box. (Photo & Photo 2)

154. Torsion Balance Co. Style 272 scale, 120G Capacity, in nice wooden and glass case, good glass, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

155. NOR MARK TRI-HONE revolving knife sharpening station in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

156. Boxed set of brass scale weights, the largest is a 1000 grams. Two of the original weights are missing. From what we can deduce the missing weights are the 1 gram and 75 gram weights. Here are the 1000, 500, 200, two 100s, 50, 20, two 10s, 5, and two #2g. The box is dirty and a bit scuffed, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

157. M. KLEIN & SON 1888 Patent cable stretcher, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

158. Lot: tin wall-mounting match holder that holds a box of strike-anywhere matches, in red paint; 4-position mouse trap with wooden base; and four candy? filled toy tools; three screwdrivers and one hand saw. (Photo & Photo 2)

159. Unknown animal trap with length of chain, likely for a water set. (Photo & Photo 2)

160. Lot of 18 assorted screwdrivers, 15 have wooden handles, and one has a cap at the end of the handle and a gimlet bit stored inside. (Photo & Photo 2)

161. Three crating hammers: NOX TOX by the BRIDGEPORT HDWE MFG CO. in black paint; WEBER SUPPLY CO. MOMENCE, ILL., likely made by Bridgeport; and a BABY TERRIER by the BRIDGEPORT HDWE MFG CO. complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

162. Three vises: wooden jewelers vise; large steel hand vise marked GERMANY; and a later hand vise with wooden handle, in red paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

163. Lot of ten assorted dividers including a QUICK SET No. 18 PAT. NO. 1731954 by REINER & CAMPBELL N.Y.C. (Photo & Photo 2)

164. Small advertising anvil/paperweight, marked PHILADELPHIA SMELTING WORKS DEOXYDIZED BRONZE GENUINE BABBITT, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

165. Pair of small cast iron saw handles: DISSTON U.S.A. with intact blade and good screw, very good overall; and a McNiece Patent (U.S. No. 216,800) missing tip of blade, but otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

166. Pair of miniature anvil paperweights: one is iron and the other is lead or some other non-ferrous metal, both are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

167. Four wooden handled screwdrivers including a Stanley HURWOOD with SW logo. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

168. Two pairs of EIFEL-Patent Plierench tools: on top is a POWERCRAFT M-4665 with plastic insulated handles, one jaw, very good overall; and a EIFEL-FLASH PLIERENCH PAT 5.2.16 FLASHSL'S CN.CHICAGO with one jaw and some light pitting, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

169. Change dispenser like those worn on a belt and used by carhops and gas station attendants, PAT. MAR 14-1916; MAY 15-1917; and JUL 26-1921; plus a extra quarter tube. (Photo & Photo 2)

170. Mini anvil or paperweight with four holes in base for mounting to a bench top, has SPAIN cast into side, smal hardy hole, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

171. Lot: 8-inch pair of nippers, very good; 8.5-inch soldering tongs; and a Millers Falls May 25, 1909 patent depth stop for a auger bits, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

172. Mini steel anvil-shaped paper weight, complete and very good, painted black and marked TAIWAN on side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

173. Lot of five assorted letter openers. (Photo & Photo 2)

174. Two little anvils: The one on top is a glass anvil with hammer on top that was made by AVON and was originally filled with DEEP WOODS aftershave lotion; and the one on the bottom is made of iron, and painted black. (Photo & Photo 2)

175. Two malleable wrenches including a 10-inch PAT'D buggy wrench and a 6.75-inch with a four digit number that ends in 260, single opening on one end and three openings at other, some pitting, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

176. Mini anvil-shaped paper weight, has H W cast into one side and SINCE 1959 in the other side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

177. Shoemakers lasting pliers, the hammer head has been ground in two places; and a specialty bloat tool that was used to drain gas from a bloated cow, marked BURROWS EQUIP CO EVANSTON ILL, comes with a nice leather sheath. (Photo)

178. Two mini anvils: the smallest has two little horseshoes on top and is marked on the bottom MADE IN ENGLAND and 758180; the other is cast iron, unmarked and painted black. (Photo & Photo 2)

179. Small hand vise, very good; and a tool used to dress grinding wheels. (Photo & Photo 2)

180. Mini anvil marked one one side NAME PLATES MACHINERY CASTINGS BABBIT METALS COMPLEMENTS OF… the rest is too faint to read, some pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

181. Lot of 12 Perfect Handle-type screwdrivers, most will need the tips reground. (Photo & Photo 2)

182. Two wrenches: 8-inch BLUE GRASS Crescent-type, complete and fine; and a 6-inch Zilliox Patent (U.S. No. 1,386,217) marked on end of handle with patent date. (Photo & Photo 2)

183. Lot: circular glass cutter; PITTSBURGH STEEL letter opener with some pitting; and a small pair of homemade trammel points. (Photo & Photo 2)

184. C.S. Osborne gooseneck webbing stretcher with most of the original decal intact, very good; unknown make C-clamp; and a 9-inch Keen Kutter smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

185. CORNETA PROMEDOCA REP.DOM machete with wooden handle, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

186. Keen Kutter knife sharpening steel, complete and very good. (Photo)

187. Lot of three specialty pliers: ROBINSON WIRE TWISTER PAT. 2394807, very good; chain pliers, fine; and VLCHEK PHC208 HOSE CLAMP pliers, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

188. Hand cranked eggbeater-type hand drill, very good; and two bung augers both with pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

189. Lot of six plier or plier like tools: ENDERES 6-inch plier; hand-forged pair of pliers with offset jaws; 6 1/2-inch specialty plier; 4 3/4-inch specialty pliers; 5 1/2-inch needle nose SWEDEN; 4 1/2-inch pair of mini Channelllock-type pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

190. Medium sized sharpening stone in a heavy cast iron base that can be mounted to a bench, has a pulley on one side for hooking to an electric motor, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

191. Nocopress Sleeve Tool No. 51, complete and fine; plus a smaller swaging tool marked HKP CLEVELAND OHIO, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

192. Four claw hammers including a very nice BLUEGRASS with original handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

193. Lot of five blacksmith hammers including a nice top swage; and four chisels. (Photo & Photo 2)

194. Lot: two tap handles; a small die stock; and an adjustable BOKER thread chaser. (Photo & Photo 2)

195. Piano tuning wrench, fine; plus a large pair of scissors or shears. (Photo & Photo 2)

196. International Harvester Q-5027 chain detaching tool in red paint, very good; plus a curved blade with handle marked FAIRMOUNT, likely a dinging or slapping spoon for auto body work. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Four wooden handled claw hammers, one a nice Bluegrass with original handle; another Bluegrass with replaced handle; and a SIMMONS. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. Lot: lug wrench; late dog; basin wrench; T-handled screwdriver, and three mystery tools. (Photo & Photo 2)

199. Lot: three pair nippers including a nice DIAMOND pair; and two small hack saws. (Photo & Photo 2)

200. Unusual GOODELL CO. "88" EUREKA multiple apple peeler and corer, patented AUG. 4, 1874; APR 27, 1886; and NOV 16, 1886., complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

201. Four pair of GERMAN slip-joint pliers with side cutters, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

202. Lot: J.H. WILLIAMS cutting off & side tool holder for lathe, very good; some type of bracket marked PATD, painted flat black; and a SCALEMASTER No. 10 combination weld cleaning and chipping tool, looks like an offset regular screwdriver U.S. PAT. NO. 2,592,648, missing the wire brush that would have clamped onto it. (Photo & Photo 2)

203. Four assorted tools: 6-inch pair of tin snips?; 6-inch pair of UTICA parallel jaw pliers similar to BERNARDS, very good; unknown make 8-inch "duck bill" pliers, fine; and a KRAEUTER 1841-8 piers that have been modified to work holding pliers perhaps for tin work, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Three pair of tin snips: 10-inch SIMMONS with red handles, very good; 12-inch SIMMONS, very good; and 12-inch WISS & SONS, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

205. Four assorted veterinary or medical tools. (Photo & Photo 2)

206. Lot: three screwdrivers, one with twisted handle, a stone mason's chisel, and a star drilling for busting holes in concrete. (Photo)

207. Seven pair of nippers: 6 and 6 1/2-inch pairs both with pitting; unknown make 8-inch pair painted flat black; another 8-inch pair, very good; unknown make 8-inch, good; unknown make 10-inch pair with green handles, one handle shorter than other; and a 10-inch DIAMOND No. GG010 complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

208. Four assorted plier or plier-like tools: pruning type tool with chipped blade; IXL CHAIN PLIER, very good; MONOGRAM specialty pliers for aircraft assembly or repair work; and N0. 179 pliers with some rust and pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

209. Lot of six pair of pliers, nippers, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

210. Three plier or plier-like tools including 11-inch T&B TERMINAL TOOL; and 9-inch pair of McDonald Patent (U.S. No. 965,722) chain repairing pliers, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

211. Lot of seven plier or plier-like tools including fine 8-inch end cutters; HDS&CO. 5 1/2-inch nippers; BLUE BIRD specialty pliers; and 6-inch pair FORGED STEEL USA needle nose pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

212. Five assorted tools including a Hercules Lead Sealer crimping tools, fine; SPORTSMAN'S PLIERS for removing fish hooks; a specialty Sargent M81969/15-02 COAX Removal tool; and Italian needle-nose type plier with flat flat jaws and having a cutter on side. (Photo & Photo 2)

213. Three pair of pliers: 12-inch pair with some pitting; 10-inch pair with slip joint; and KRAEUTER 8-inch slip-joint pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

214. Lot: three pliers and two bits; CORONA 4-inch pair that are missing a spring that keeps the handles apart and jaws open; UDF&T CO UTICA No. 516 5-inch pair of pliers with offset jaw and pistol grip type handles; and a 6-inch pair of duck bill pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

215. Lot of six plier or plier-like tools most likely jeweler's tools: 5 1/2-inch CRUSADER needle nose; 5-inch pair made in SWEDEN; 4-inch pair marked GERMANY; 5-inch pair MADE IN USofA… (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

216. Lufkin #8152 tailor's curve stick, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

217. Osborne, Kemper, Tomas, Inc. salesman's case of wooden folding rules and wooden nickels that businesses could order their names on and give out for advertising, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

218. Two 2-foot Lufkin No. 8206 shrink rules: one marked 24 3/8 inches to 2 feet, has small hang hole at one end, a 3 1/2-inch crack shown in top photo, good brass tips, good overall; the other marked SHRINK 3/16 PER FOOT, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

219. Boxed SET No. 1 wooden scales or rules all inside a nice wooden box with hinged lid. (Photo & Photo 2)

220. Lufkin No. 34V vertically reading 24-inch wooden rule with brass ends, has tiny hang hole at one end, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

221. Stanley #34 Tool Catalog from 1927 has a few small creases to the cover and small piece missing from the bottom corner, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

222. Unusual Standard SQUARE INCH TAILOR SYSTEM wooden rule with curve on one side, marked Registered in the United States Patent Office, Washington, D.C., No. 31,285, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

223. Stanley #34 Tool Catalog, we cannot find a date on it, it has one big crease near the outside edge of the cover, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

224. Goldsberry Patent (U.S. No. 563,370) folding garment cutter's square, made on a patent issued July 7, 1896, the ink used to put the patent date on this one has smudged, features an interesting locking joint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

225. Unusual Griffin Patent 32-oz. lighted plumb bob, like new condition with original box. This will shoot light out the bottom under battery power, but it also comes with a solid point, so the user can use it like a conventional bob. Also comes with original instruction sheet. Box shows signs of moderate wear. (Photo & Photo 2)

226. Two Stanley #34 catalogs: on the left is a 1947 edition, the cover has a few scuffs and creases, very good overall; and a 1935 edition with heavy creasing, front cover missing pieces from around the edge, inside is very good, some moisture staining to the first several pages, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

227. Two point-of-sale advertising pieces: one depicts a carpenter and one a mason, both have holes around the edge from having been mounted in frames. (Photo)

228. Stanley #34 Tool Catalog, back cover missing, front cover and first few pages separated, could be rebound; and an original 1939 Union Twist Drill Co. Athol Mass. 325-page catalog of drill bits, mills, machine cutters, wooden cases and boxes, machines; soft cover is soiled and torn at bottom of spine, inside intact and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

229. Pair of Stanley tool catalogs including a rare 1907 No. 34 that has some mild staining but is otherwise complete and very good; and a 1927 pocket catalog that has some old tears on the back cover that have been taped with Scotch tape, light to moderate soiling, complete. (Photo & Photo 2)

230. W. & L.E. Gurley Engineer's or surveyor's chain with brass handles each marked W.&L.E. GURLEY, has brass tags every 10 feet, light rust, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

231. Fine Lufkin 34 1/4V, 12-inch rule with vertically reading numbers, nice brass ends, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

232. Pair of little oil cans, both are very good. (Photo)

233. Cleveland Twist Drill Co. wooden drill index for numbered drills, needs cleaning, very good. (Photo)

234. Three small oil cans; the one on the left has EAGLE PAT. FEBRUARY 27, 1923 MADE IN USA stamped into the top, very good; the one in the middle is polished and very good; the one on the right has stripped threads in the top. (Photo)

235. Metal WHITMAN BARNES-DETROIT CORP. NO. 8 drill index for numbered drills, very good. (Photo)

236. Small 8-drawer parts cabinet from a clock/watch shop. The bottom three drawers have inserts for storing round items, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

237. Two small oil cans that may be typewriter oilers or used on fishing reels; the one on the left is a Fisher Patent (U.S. Design Patent 21,671) marked on bottom PAT JUNE 28, 1892; and the one on the right is marked MADE IN USA on bottom, very good with cover. (Photo & Photo 2)

238. Set of square shanked twist drills in a round wooden box; plus as spare wooden drill box that has a cracked lid, and does not contain any bits. (Photo)

239. Three small oilers or oil cans: the pancake model on the left is marked GERMANY, very good; the center one is threaded at the top of the spout but has no cap, otherwise fine; and the one on right marked MADE IN USA on top, has dent in bottom, intact cap, very good. (Photo)

240. to 269. OPEN.

270. Three assorted wrenches: 10-inch W1795 owner marked EMERSON on one side, in primer; a buggy or vehicle wrench painted red, some pitting visible under paint; and a flat steel 9-inch marked HARIS CALORIFIC CO. 9-W, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

271. Pair of hydrant wrenches like those found hanging on fire trucks: on top is a PEORIA MALLEABLE complete and fine; on the bottom is an AKRON BRASS MFG. INC. PAT. FEB. 24, 1925, in primer with pitting below the primer. (Photo & Photo 2)

272. Lot: 10-inch crimping tool, very good; 10-inch PEXTO gas pliers, fine; 10-inch Rowley Patent (U.S. No. 1,858,418) RAJAH crimping plier, fine; and a 8-inch NeverSlip plier that is missing the cam from one of the handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

273. Three wrenches and a pipe cutter: 18-inch, very good; 15-inch single ended alligator wench painted black with pitting below paint; NO. 1 SAUNDERS TYPE pipe cutter by the AMERICAN PIPE TOOL CO. very good overall; and a UTILITY BASIN WRENCH PAT. NO. 2166449, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

274. Four assorted wrenches: unmarked 10-inch flat steel; 11.5-inch BILLINGS spud wrench, painted black with some pitting; 14-inch offset at both ends, marked 7/8 TRUE 13/16 FIT, very good; and a 13-inch THE GEALY Patent (U.S. NO. 802,187) chain pipe wrench made on a patent issued May 17, 1905 to George M. Gealy of ENON VALLEY, PA, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

275. Pair of chain drills; one has a two-jaw chuck; the other has a simple chuck that secures the bit with a screw, appears to be Goodell Pratt make, both have been repainted black. (Photo & Photo 2)

276. Three assorted wrenches: Multi size drain plug wrench marked DL CO. MIL WIS, PAT. PEND., very good; 9-inch TIRE CARRIER WRENCH 678225, in primer; and an 8-inch Homsher Patent (U.S. NO. 2,196,701) electrician's conduit wrench, marked PAT PEND., very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

277. One Shapleigh's No. F5943G ratchet brace with 10-in. sweep in original pasteboard box, brace is very good, box is well worn with scotch tape holding the corners together. (Photo & Photo 2)

278. Wooden auger bit box with five SHAPLEIGH wooden auger bits, one unmarked screwdriver bit, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

279. Small cast iron crucible with wire bale handle; plus a cast iron KONRO Japanese hibachi grill base with three integral legs, a sliding vent near the bottom and three holes in the bottom, has two round handles on the sides. (Photo & Photo 2)

280. Lot of hole cutting attachments for use in electric drills: the first is a Clark Adjustable Hole Cutter in original pasteboard box; and a pair of BRUNO hole cutters in original plastic or bakelite box. (Photo & Photo 2)

281. Lot of taps, screw extractors, some in original wooden boxes with sliding lids; and a big of assorted bits. (Photo & Photo 2)

282. Nice 0-1-inch micrometer from St. James Minnesota, comes with ratcheting stop, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

283. Lot: three bearing scrapers; simple brace that may have come from a childs' tool set; archimedes drill; and reamer. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Two little clamps including a HARTFORD 6-inch bar clamp, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

285. Two interesting measuring tools: one is a hat sizing tool, complete and fine; the other is a registering inside caliper by CORLIN CO. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

286. WOBURN MACH. CO. WOBURN, MASS violin registering or indicating caliper with wooden handle, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

287. Pair of iron and steel barn pulleys. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Three machinist combination sets all missing the square heads. The one on top has a 24-inch Starrett scale. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Two early barn pulleys with wooden spools. (Photo & Photo 2)

290. Pike Hard Arkansas Oil Stone fine with original label, in a worn and soiled original pasteboard box. (Photo & Photo 2)

291. Lot: Keen Kutter try square with chunk of iron handle broken out; plus two Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet planes; one with early "football" logo on blade, complete and very good; the other with an unmarked blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

292. Box of STARRETT REDSTRIPE 14-inch 1 1/4-inch heavy duty hacksaw blades, blades are NOS, box is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

293. Pair of non-sparking BYRCLO P300 pliers with red rubber handle covers, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

294. FIRESTONE SHOCK FORTIFIED advertising tire with glass ashtray in the center, complete and very good; plus a set of VIM TOOLS LA VERNE CALIFORNIA ignition wrenches, like new in original plastic pouch. (Photo)

295. Two non-sparking tools: homemade copper? spatula with wooden handle; and a BERYLCO No. 300 beryllium pliers with side cutter, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

296. Three oilers: two miniature oil cans; and a small typewriter oiler, all very good. They are double bagged because at least one had oil in that has spilled all over the inside of the bag; plus a Tri Star plastic caliper in original packaging. (Photo)

297. XACTO carving tool set in original wooden box, fine set that appears to be complete in a good box that needs new hinges for the lid. (Photo & Photo 2)

298. Stanley #59 dowling jig with six guides and clamp, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

299. Lot: three boxes American Ball Blue Whitens Clothes, all three are full of the original chemical balls; box of JARVIE PATENT (U.S. No. 2,634,463) siding ventilators, box is well worn and soiled, the ventilators are fine; and a Tower Manufacturing Corp. Madison Indiana Household Brad & Nail Assortment in a well-worn box. (Photo & Photo 2)

300. Fine A.S. Aloe Co. St. Louis Laboratory Scales in a wooden and glass case. Aloe were makers of surveying and other precision instruments in St. Louis Missouri. This set was likely used in the laboratory of a college or university, it is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

301. MERMOD & JACARD JEWELRY CO. ST. LOUIS opera glasses in original case, the leather case is dried out and missing the button that would be pushed to open the lid, the glasses themselves have a chipped but working bakelite adjuster screw and the leather that once covered the brass body is missing in places. (Photo & Photo 2)

302. Scarce BLATNER & ADAM ST. LOUIS surveyors compass in brass case with folding vanes, intact lens, very good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

303. Lot of 13 assorted plow plane blades or irons, most will need cleaning. (Photo)

304. Pair of transitional jack planes: Stanley #27 complete and very good; and a Sargent #3417 that is dirty and has light rust on the blade, will clean to very good. (Photo)

305. Lot of 8 assorted plow plane blades or irons, most will need cleaning. (Photo)

306. Pair of 20-inch transitional fore or jointer planes: one with FULTON blade, with some white overspray, complete and very good; and a Sargent #3420 with early circular logo blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

307. Lot 12 plow plane blades including a nice set of 7 marked W. BUTCHER; and 5 OHIO TOOL CO. some with light rust. (Photo)

308. Pair of transitional jack planes: Stanley #27 1/2 wide body, faint mark on toe, BB-logo blade, light rust on blade and chipbreaker will clean to usable condition; and a Sargent #3416 with early circular logo on blade, first type horseshoe lateral lever, complete and very good. (Photo)

309. Stanley #45 Type 3, japanned main sections, with box of 18 blades including the one in the plane, one depth top, needs rear depth stop, will easily clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Lot: Three tool books plus a video tape of The Woodwright's Ship with Roy Underhill. One of the books is Manual of Traditional Wood Carving by Paul N. Hasluck; another is a 2001 MWTCA reprint of a circa 1867 catalog of A.J. WILKINSON & CO. of Boston; and the last is an original AUDELS Carpenters and Builders Guide 2. (Photo)

311. Early Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane with japanned body and sliding section; long rods, one depth stop, and box of 11 blades all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

312. Millers Falls #85 rabbet plane (same as Stanley #78) complete in original pasteboard box, plane is fine box is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Lot: four clippers; and three hay hooks. On clipper is marked H.S.B.&CO. CHICAGO. (Photo)

314. Two pair of heavy duty scissors or shears: one is marked HIBBARD and the other is marked JOHN PRIMBLE. (Photo)

315. Millers Falls No. 718 chain drill new never-used condition. This is a military surplus chain drill coated is cosmoline in original Millers Falls box. Until we removed it, the entire box was wrapped in a wax-type paper impregnated with grease. just like those in lots 39 and 144. The cosmoline can be easily removed with a brush and a pan of mineral spirits. (Photo)

316. Lot of 10 Perfect Handle-type screwdrivers. (Photo)

317. Lot of 10 Perfect Handle-type screwdrivers. (Photo)

318. Five wooden molding planes: J.T. BROWN (Baltimore, maker, script lettering) modified hollow, good; Wm C. ROSS BALTo #4 round, fine; J.T. BROWN (Baltimore, maker, script lettering) 1 3/8-inch round, fine; ATKINSON BALTIMORE #2 hollow, very good, rated 2 stars in AWP; and an Ohio Tool #116 skew bladed 1 5/8-inch rabbet, needs cleaning, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

319. Three wooden molding planes: JOHN BELL PHILAD. hollow, a few chips and dings, very good; JONES PHILA, F mark rated 3 stars in AWP, very good; and a JOHN BELL PHILAD 1/2-inch single boxed side bead, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

320. Five wooden molding planes: early D. THOMSON hollow with wide chamfers, faint name on toe, typical nicks and dings, very good overall; T.S. & CLARK 5/8-inch tongue cutter, steel wear strip along inside of fence, fine; Wm BLAIR & CO CHICAGO, ILL, 1/2-inch grooving plow; has a hang hole in the front, B mark rated 3 stars in AWP, good overall; SANDUSKY special No. 150 weatherstrip rabbet plane with original brass strips on bottom, fine overall; L.B. BIGELOW (Providence, RI) 3/8-inch fully boxed side bead, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

321. Four wooden molding planes: DENISON 1/4-inch round, complete and very good; J. DENISON 3/8-inch fully boxed side bead, very good; W. WATKINS #4 round, fine; and S. DALPE ROXTON POND O (Ontario) 1/4-inch boxed side bead, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

322. Four wooden side bead planes: unknown make 3/16?-inch with worn boxing, good overall; NEWARK NJ 1/2-inch with single boxing, very good; IOHN GREEN slip boxed 3/8-inch, very good; and unknown make 1/4-inch with single boxing, dirty, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. Pair of 30-inch wooden levels: C-S CO. (Chapin-Stephens) plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall; and a 29 1/2-inch Stanley #3 plumb & level with brass end plates and brass top plate, intact vials, numerous nicks and dings in the laminated stock, good usable condition. (Photo)

324. Three wooden bench planes: two 16-inch wooden jack planes by AUBURN TOOL & SCIOTO WORKS; and a J.PEARCE NEW YORK NO. 100 8-inch single iron smoother that has some paint or other substance on the sides and sole that will need to be cleaned, will clean to very good usable condition. (Photo)

325. Two wooden levels: 28 1/4-inch DISSTON plumb & level, both vials intact, brass ends, numerous nicks and dings, very good overall; and an early 28-inch Stanley #10 with laminated mahogany stock, both vials intact very good overall. (Photo)

326. Pair of 22-inch OGONTZ NO. 21 wooden jointer planes, one is complete and very good; and the other is complete, is scuffed and dirty and needs a good cleaning, should clean to good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

327. Three wooden levels: 26-inch Stanley SW NO. 2 plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall; 24-inch Stanley #00 plumb & level, both vials intact, dark stain, on wood, very good overall; and a 24-inch Stanley #1 plumb & level with intact vials, very good overall. (Photo)

328. Chapin-Stephens No. 160, 2-inch wooden jack rabbet plane missing nicker from one side, the other nicker is present, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Two 24-inch masons levels: SIMONS SW-24, one dry 45 degree vial, other vials intact, good; and a Stanley #257 with all four vials intact, will clean to very good. (Photo)

330. Keen Kutter K5 1/2 wide body jack plane, nice RECORD blade, nice low knob, tote a good replacement, will make a fine user. (Photo)

331. Stanley #324 24-inch GENUINE CHERRY masons level, complete and fine. (Photo)

332. Stanley #4C iron smooth plane, good tote and tall knob, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

333. Pair of Stanley No. 00 plumb & levels: 22-inch Stanley SW, both vials intact, brass vial cap for plumb vial is missing from top of stock, good overall; and an 18-inch SW, both vials intact, numerous nicks and dings, good usable condition. (Photo)

334. Pair of Stanley iron bench planes: early #5 with low knob and early-style tote has had tote spur broken off and reattached, good Q-logo blade, small hang hole in rear of bed, very good usable condition: and a #4 Type 11 with Q-logo blade, tall knob, tote broken and glued in center, a good user. (Photo)

335. Pair of Stanley #104 wooden levels: 16-inch SW, both vials intact, numerous nicks and dings, good overall; and a 14-inch V-logo, both vials intact fine. (Photo)

336. Three tape measures: KEUFFEL & ESSER FAVORITE WYTEFACE 100-foot steel tape, fine overall; and two LUFKIN cloth tapes in brass cases, the larger one has a crushed case, the other is good. (Photo)

337. Three wooden levels: 12-inch Stanley #104 plumb & level, both vials intact, plumb vial cover is MIA, good overall; 14-inch Stanley #102 with big hang hole in stock and heavy coat of lacquer or varnish; and a 14-inch Stanley #104 both vials intact, complete and very good. (Photo)

338. Unknown make 10-inch cooper or carriage maker's drawknife, handles are cracked but still usable, very good. (Photo)

339. Lot: unknown make 12-inch drawknife with curved blade; Stanley No. 264 aluminum torpedo level with shaft groove, all vials intact, very good; and try square with rosewood handle and 7 1/2-inch blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

340. Witte Hardware St. Louis WITTE'S IXL 10-inch drawknife, complete and very good. (Photo)

341. Lot: Stanley No. 260 rosewood torpedo level, very good; sliding bevel with 8-inch blade, very good; and a try square with 4 1/2-inch blade, light pitting on both sides. (Photo & Photo 2)

342. Pair of hatchets: PLUMB broad hatchet with hammer head and nail notch, a few small chips around the hammer face, and the handle needs to be refitted, good overall; plus a lathing hatchet, with loose handle, sharp. (Photo)

343. L.S. Starrett mercury-filled plumb bob, top has small piece missing and will need a repair, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Pair of hatchets: PLUMB broad hatchet with hang hold in end of handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

345. Two Stanley planes: #4C iron smooth plane, tote broken in center and glued, some light rust, will clean to good or better usable condition; plus a #191 iron rabbet plane, missing the blade, intact lever cap. (Photo & Photo 2)

346. E.C. SIMMONS (St. Louis) KEEN KUTTER lathing or roofing hatchet, has what looks like the original handle, but it needs to be re-secured, very good head. (Photo)

347. Fine Millers Falls No. 5 eggbeater hand drill, complete with original decal on the handle, handle full of bits, near new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

348. Three 9-inch iron smooth planes: PARPLUS-type with stamped steel frog, complete; early Stanley #4 with beaded low knob, good V-logo blade, tote broken at base and glued, will make good user; and a SHELTON No. 9, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

349. Millers Falls #9 iron smooth plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. Three steel tape measures: Lufkin; Stanley No. 1206W, complete and very good; and a Disston No. 3210 10-foot WHITE CHIEF, good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

351. Millers Falls No. 815 iron jack plane, new old stock, a new plane in a fine box. (Photo & Photo 2)

352. Stanley Handyman No. H1205 iron jack plane complete and fine in tattered remains of original box. (Photo)

353. Two small levels: 12-inch Millers Falls No. 312 in original red paint, both vials intact, complete and very good; and a G&J PRODUCTS 7-inch plumb & level, marked JAPAN, some staining, plumb vial intact, level vial dry. (Photo & Photo 2)

354. to 387. OPEN.

388. Three ball peen hammers including a non-sparking AMPCO H2 with green painted handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

389. Three ball peen hammers including a nice PLUMB 24-oz.; and one with a mark we cannot quite make out. (Photo & Photo 2)

390. Large HART TOOL CO. 20-oz. THE FRAMER HICKORY hammer with nice handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

391. Lot of three wooden handled claw hammers; one marked HAND FORGED TAIWAN; another with a mark that we cannot make out. (Photo & Photo 2)

392. Lot: PENNSYLVANIA SAW WORKS VICTOR No. 22 hack saw; a wire framed hack? saw; and two ball peen hammers, the bigger one marked FAIRMOUNT on one side and NYCS on other side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

393. Lot: angle boring attachment for a brace; ratchet wrench; magnet mounted to a leather strap; dental pick, and numerous other tools. (Photo)

394. Lot: several brass items; clamp; two different tubing cutters, one marked PAT APPL'D; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

395. Lot: bearing scraper; two screwdrivers; SNAP-ON metalworking hammer, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

396. Lot: Keen Kutter puddy knife with rosewood handle, very good; wallboard cutter, tapered reamer, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

397. E.C. Stearns saw vice that clamps to a bench or table top, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

398. Lot: NOS Sears Roebuck & Co. OMT X 33 arbor IOB; brad shooter; surgical staple remover; mystery clamp; two vinegar barrel taps; coping saw; set of MASCOT mini jewelers drill bits in wooden box with cardboard sleeve, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

399. Unusual Works Progress Administration WPA (1935 - 1943) wooden level, this unusual piece was found in Southern Missouri. It's a wooden level marked WPA on the sides. It is made up of a 30-inch Stanley #0 level that is attached to a 66-inch board with two L-shaped brackets, both vials intact, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

400. Scarce railroad track level marked on top plate GEMCO TRU-BLU GIBRALTAR E.M. CO. ALTON, ILL U.S.A. The oak stock is just over 60 inches long, and just under 2 inches tall, all the trim has bright plating, bracket on one end has a brazed repair, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Pair of stove dampers: 8-inch LIBERTY FDY CO. ST. LOUIS, complete and fine; and unknown make 8 1/2-inch. very good. (Photo)

402. Lot: Unusual gear-driven offset screwdriver with plastic handle; unknown clamp; and pair of steel trammels. (Photo & Photo 2)

403. Lot of 21 stove dampers each marked #101 H&C, perfect for the steam punk art project you have been putting off. (Photo & Photo 2)

404. Pry bar in red paint; and a DASCO 1934 tuck point rake, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. Lot of 5 DIAMOND 6-inch cast iron stove dampers, PAT. NO. 1937708, marked on one side and THE ADAMS CO. ESTABLISHED 1883 DUBUQUE IA, all very good. (Photo)

406. Lot: pitted Keen Kutter broad hatchet; pitted hammer with curved pick and long head; and an ACE SLIP & LOCK-NUT adjustable wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

407. Three 4-inch GRISWOLD NEW AMERICAN, REVERSIBLE STEEL SPINDLE patented stove dampers, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

408. Lot: two mystery tools with ratchet action; a ZIPPY aluminum bodied pipe cutter; and an ALL-POWER PAT. 2,487,638 ridge reamer. (Photo & Photo 2)

409. Lot of 5 DIAMOND 6-inch cast iron stove dampers, PAT. NO. 1937708, marked on one side and THE ADAMS CO. ESTABLISHED 1883 DUBUQUE IA, one missing the spring from end of handle, the other four are all complete and very good. (Photo)

410. Three cable stretchers; the one on the right by CRESCENT TOOLS. (Photo)

411. to 446. OPEN.

447. Pair of Stanley 9-inch iron smooth planes: one with VICTOR name cast into lever cap, complete and very good; and a #4 Type 17 WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Lot: FULTON double ended iron block plane with stripped threads on cap screw; Stanley #64 iron spokeshave with SW blade and lever cap, but missing the screw that secures the blade and cap; and another Stanley iron spokeshave complete and usable. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Sargent #418 iron fore plane, complete with fine original tote and nice beaded knob, very good original blade marked with the model number, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. Scarce Sargent #22 Shaw's Patent iron jointer plane, 90 percent plus japanning, fine original tote and knob, nice early iron with circular logo, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Pair of wooden planes: Ohio Tool Co. 1 1/4-inch twin iron nosing plane, complete and very good; plus a #639 Sargent (Sandusky) 7/8-inch dado plane with screw operated depth stop, intact nicker, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

452. Pair of iron smooth planes: Sargent #409 with chip from base of knob, and a chip from end of tote spur, some very light rust, will clean to very good usable condition; plus a DIAMOND EDGE DE4 iron smoother with good rosewood tote and low knob, light rust on good original blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Pair of wooden planes: CHAPIN-STEPHENS CO. No. 133, 1 1/4-inch nosing plane, complete and very good; and a nice A. MATHIESON & SON GLASGOW 5/8-inch dado plane with intact nicker and nice nicker wedge, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

454. Pair of double ended iron block planes: SBS Siegley, complete and very good; and a Sargent with early circular logo on the blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

455. Stanley #45 Type 9 combination plow plane, very good rosewood handle and knob, nice nickel plating, comes with all three main sections, long rod, depth stop, beading stop, and set of Type 5 blades including seven beads, one match, eight plows and a dated slitter, all in their original box with hooks that hold the lid on and two spare spurs stapled to the box; all inside an original chestnut box that has a partial label on one end, no lid. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. Later model Stanley #50 light duty plow plane with fine japanning on body and having a nice rosewood handle, thumb operated blade adjuster, beading stop, intact nicker, one blade included, fine overall condition. (Photo)

457. Stanley #45 TYPE I combination plow plane, comes with three main sections; nice beaded knob, rosewood handle, front and rear depth stops, beading stop, no blades included, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. Docking or castrating tool, marked PATENTED on one side, some light pitting, good overall; plus a shoe last and a KEEN KUTTER shovel blade that needs a handle. (Photo)

459. Unusual automobile jack, has a 2-inch extension on top that can be folded down or used upright depending on the application; plus a splitting wedge; and a rock hammer head. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Small wooden box containing a five Belknap Bluegrass files, a Bluegrass rasp; a small wooden spring-loaded push drill that looks like a bow drill; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

461. Interesting carved pair of little pliers made for one single piece of wood, in working condition, the tag on them says they are handmade in Redfield, Arkansas. (Photo)

462. Three assorted wrenches: FORD 5-Z-319 valve compressor, fine; a small 4-inch open on end end and having a square box on other, some light pitting; and a 7-inch alligator that previous owner has written D.E. on. (Photo & Photo 2)

463. Two all-steel FORDSON? screwdrivers; plus a 7.5-inch Thom Patent crate opening tool (U.S. 669,106) that was patented as a nail-extracting pry bar. (Photo & Photo 2)

464. Two offset screwdrivers: a Stanley #67, complete and very good; and PROTO 36; plus a nice cast iron leather or shoe burnishing tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

465. Four pocket levels: two Stanley #41 pocket levels that can be attached to a square, both have steel tops and intact vials, both very good; and two nearly identical models of the Stanley #41, one a brass top and one steel, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Lot: BLUE BIRD TOFFEE hammer, nickel plated complete and fine; plus a small tomahawk with tack or brad lifter notch and bottle cap in end of handle, may be a cigar box opener; plus a small wooden handled hatched with nickel plated head, may have come out of a child's tool kit. (Photo & Photo 2)

467. Pair of mini block planes: Stanley #101-type cast iron plane with red painted lever cap, complete and very good; and a stamped or pressed steel model H101P-type with red lever cap, marked USA on side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Lot: Clover Farms Dairy (Berks County, PA) milk bottle opener; JACK SPRAT BRAND BREAD combination milk bottle opener and bottle opener, very good; and two small cast small openers, one with screwdriver at end of handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

469. Millers Falls No. 33 mini block plane (same as Stanley #101), complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

470. Three pocket levels that can be attached to a square: Stanley #41, complete and very good; and two unknown similar levels, both with a brass top plate, both complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Three mini hatchets: 3-inch all metal model, complete and very good; a 3.5-inch all metal model, very good; and a 6-inch wooden handled model, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

472. Two Stanley mini block planes: #101 with red lever cap, complete and fine; and a 12-101 with pressed steel body, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Three bottle openers: one has a alligator wrench at one end and two cap lifters, marked COMPLIMENTS OF FRIGID FLUID COMPANY PATENT APPLIED FOR, very good; a combination hatchet and bottle opener, a few chips at edge of hatchet blade, good overall; and a hatchet and bottle opener marked DIXIE BEER CO on both sides and painted sliver. (Photo & Photo 2)

474. Two mini block planes: Stanley #101 with red lever cap, complete and fine; and a Stanley H101P with blue bed and red cap, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

475. Lot of nine levels: eight of the nine are the levels from adjustable squares, five still have the scribes; the 9th is a nice STEVENS torpedo level from NEWTON FALLS, OHIO, it is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

476. Three openers: a combined bottle opener and knife sharpener; a VAUGHAN patent NIFTY bottle opener with folding corkscrew, can be worn on a keychain, very good; and a bottle opener marked ATLAS FOUNDRY CO. MARION IND. GRAY IRON CASTINGS, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

477. Hamilton Postal Scale No. 16, has small piece of the paper label missing, very good overall; and two small bells, one with a bottle opener on the top. (Photo & Photo 2)

478. Three bottle openers: LIBERTY FOUNDRY CO. ST. LOUIS MO, mini hatchet with bottle opener; DIXIE BEER CO. hatchet with bottle opener; and a little pocket knife bottle opener, marked AUG Muller Sohne Solingen Germany Rostfrei Stainless Inox. and having name AL ROBERTS on one side; and has bottle cap on other side that says HUTCHINSON CROWNS (bottle caps also used on early beer cans), very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

479. Lot: three mini picks; two are nickel plated, one is made of brass, all are very good; plus two pair of mini pliers; one pair has a slip joint, and is usable; the other pair is nickel plated and has a hollow rivet for a pivot, both are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

480. A small tool tote filled with 25+ tiny tools like hammers, tin snips, crescent wenches, all very good; plus a mini paint can and paint brush that says ORANGE LIP GLOSS on the bottom; a miniature non-functional breast drill and a composite display of a section of fence, hammer and nail pouch. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

481. Lot of corkscrews: one is a wooden handled gimlet type; one is chrome plated an has a bottle opener and folding knife blade; another combo pocket knife, bottle opener and folding corkscrew, needs cleaning; and a worm screw from a cork screw. (Photo & Photo 2)

482. Lot of two mini screw shackles or clevises; and two mini C-clamps, one marked PONY. (Photo & Photo 2)

483. Lot: five miniature hammers: one nickel plated sledge marked DAIRY MAID; two other sledges; and two little claw hammers. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. Lot: two pair of nippers, one nickel plated; and a little paper punch that is marked USA on one handle and THE TRIUMPH ALLENTON, IA. This is a punch advertising the The Triumph Poultry Caponizer patented by D.D. Shirley (U.S. #802,414), it is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

485. Lot of mini tools: wooden handled claw hammer; all metal try square; small basting brush; little ball peen hammer with screwdriver in end of handle, pitted; and a wire handled gimlet. (Photo & Photo 2)

486. PLION tie clasp featuring a Lion-like creature with Channel Lock pliers making up the body, made by the PROTO TOOL CO., very good; and a pair of mini slip joint pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

487. Three pair of mini pliers: unknown make with copper pivot; a spring loaded pair with folding knife blade and folding bottle opener/screwdriver, can be worn on keyring, very good; and a SEBERTOOL U.S.A. mini plier with folding handles, has phillips screwdriver at end of one handle and flat blade at end of other handle, satin finished, fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

488. Lot of eight little wrenches: 2.75-inch HONG KONG Crescent-type, working; three little OXWALL ignition wrenches; cigarette lighter marked WRENCH LIGHTER refillable butane lighter with electronic igniter; a non-functional mini crescent; 2.75-inch working crescent CHINA; and a non-functional 2.75-inch nickel plated monkey wench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

489. Three little shovels: the longest is 8 inches and shortest is 3 inches, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

490. Two miniature saws; 4-inch and 6-inch. The 6-inch model has a stamped steel handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

491. Four mini hammers: a nickel plated sledge with DAIRY MAID logo on handle; another plated sledge with SEE'S CANDIES logo on handle; a brass sledge; and a larger iron sledge. (Photo & Photo 2)

492. Fine little jeweler's pin vise, marked GERMANY on the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

493. Small plastic pouch with five mini tools: pocket knife, pliers, scissors, snips, and screwdriver; on back of pouch it says "ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED WHEN YOU KNOW JOHN S. MACBRYDE CO. DISTRIBUTOR OF THE AMERICAN ECONMOBILE OMAHA, NEB. (Photo & Photo 2)

494. Lot: two little screw operated scientific clamps marked FISHER CASTALOY 1692-1; plus 1.25-inch pair of snips that actually open and close; and two scraps. (Photo & Photo 2)

495. Tiny little 3-inch sad iron, complete and very good; plus a brass or bronze indian head that would make a nice decoration on the lid of your box of arrowheads. (Photo & Photo 2)

496. A small pinback of a walk-behind plow marked CANTON CLIPPER, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

497. Three saw related pieces of jewelry: SIMONDS SAW AND STEEL CO. tie clasp, complete and very good; CRAFTSMAN handsaw tie clasp, very good; and a money clip with a handsaw on the front, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. Small sad iron marked ROUND OAK STOVES AND RANGES, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)


500. Three small charms: E.C. ATKINS & CO SILVER STEEL SAWS hand saw, complete and very good; circular saw blade COMPLIMENTS OF E.C. ATKINS & CO. THE SILVER STEEL SAW PEOPLE INDIANAPOLIS, IND.; and a small round stove, ice box, or furnace with four legs. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Three mini hammers; one with SEE'S CANDIES advertising and nice nickel plating; a similar nickel plated sledge; and a small advertising hammer with nested set of little screwdrivers inside handle from SOUTHERN ILL. WHOLESALE CO. (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Lot of five assorted awls. (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Two belt buckles and a money clip; STANLEY POWERLOCK II limited edition belt buckle, very good; FIATALLIS bulldozer belt buckle, very good; and a SKOAL money clip. (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Three miniature tools: two cast iron braces and a small implement wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

505. Lot of nine assorted dividers. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Lot of four mini tools: pin back KIDS' CINICS claw hammer from LOWE'S; a 2-inch pair of nippers; 3-inch L.S.S. CO. dividers; and a STANLEY Surform tie clip with a Surform plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Lot: small advertising tape measure KELLETT OIL CO.; a small round paper box containing a mini chair, outside of box says SURE CURE FOR THAT TIRED FEELING; and a small German compass. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

508. Three little heart-shaped padlocks MADE IN USA; a small CONOCO adverting key fob from OAKES CONOCO in SIKESTON, MO; anda small keychain with a tiny bobber attached to it. (Photo & Photo 2)

509. Lot of mini tools: hatchet with a faux leather sheath; a hatchet with nickel plated head and wooden handle; a tiny tomahawk pinback mounted to a piece of paper; and a small pinback of ABE LINCOLN swinging an axe from the ILLINOIS JAYCEES. (Photo & Photo 2)

510. Small 1.75-inch CRESCENT non-functional wrench on the original paper it came on, has a pin on the back, fine; and a pair of cufflinks each with a town crier-type figure marked . (Photo & Photo 2)

511. Two small P-51 military-type can openers, one with attached key ring, has a bottle cap lifter and a screwdriver at one end; plus an unknown item that looks like a folding bit for a tiny horse. (Photo & Photo 2)

512. Lot: 2-bladed pocket knife advertising MAC TOOLS and JIM SCHAFFER SIKESTON, MISSOURI; a mini 2-inch nickel plated S-handled wrench; 2-inch working pipe wrench; and a small 2-inch screwdriver with wench from the SOUTH BEND BAIT CO. SOUTH BEND INDIANA logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

513. Four key rings: one has a small model of a piston; two measure tire tread; and one has a tire and is marked on the back RIVERSIDE HST NYLON. (Photo & Photo 2)

514. Four tool-related tie clips: SNAP ON combination wrench; SNAP OPEN END wrench; tiny CHAMPION spark plugs; and another that has a key blank on the front. (Photo & Photo 2)

515. Lot of nine screwdrivers: four with wire handles; one a 2.5-inch nickel plated novelty; one marked PROTO on one side and LEO PEER E L "SOILAX" on the other side; a jeweler's type with replaceable blade; a tine brass handled model from a nested set; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

516. Five little screwdrivers: Stanley Yankee #3400 offset ratcheting with flat blades; YANKEE NORTH BROS. #3423 offset; a wooden handled model; one with wire loop handle; and a DAYTON SCALE DAYTON OHIO PIONEERS AND LEADERS FOR FORTY YEARS. (Photo & Photo 2)

517. Three bits of Mason/Shriner jewelry: pair of cufflinks and a tie clip TADMOR TEMPLE 1924-1949 with Shriner emblem. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. Five mini wrenches: O.K. AUTO SUPPLY, 118 WEST MALONE 3-inch screw-adjust with screwdriver at end of handle and having a keychain; 1/4 & 5/16 combination wrench from an auto kit; curved handle alligator wench stamped EMERGENCY WRENCH; a 1 7/8-inch open end; and a BONNEY open end tie clip. (Photo & Photo 2)

519. Lot of four oil cans. (Photo & Photo 2)

520. Lot of six nickel plated novelty tools: hatchet, monkey wrench, plane, pipe wrench, drawknife and pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

521. Lot of four wrenches: OXWALL 1/4-in. drive ratchet, very good; K-D MFG. No. 22 mini 7/16-inch ratchet, very good; a jar wrench for removing difficult lids from jars; and a CROCODILE HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. MARSHALLTOWN, IA wrench with thread chasers in the middle of the the handle, painted silver. (Photo & Photo 2)

522. Lot of 14 assorted clamps including ones marked CINCINNAT TOOL No. 51 SUPER JR.; AFFA PAT. AUG. 26, 1924; two S.H.C No. 122; B&C CO. 1-inch; J.H.W.; B&C 141, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

523. Pair of vises that can be clamped to a bench or table top, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Lot of four FORD automobile wrenches: open end; screw adjusting 9-inch AUTO; two lug wrenches and offset box end, all very good. (Photo)

525. Pair of farrier tools; a buffer marked 109 NORDIC FORGE USA, fine; and a wooden handled hoof knife marked BURDIZZO MADE IN ITALY, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

526. Pair of vises: one is a KIT VISE, good spring, can be mounted to the face of a bench, very good overall; and an unknown make 50mm vise that clamps to a table top or bench and has a head that rotates, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

527. Early pair of clippers marked CCC COL.CUT.CO. READING, PA, very good; and a mystery tool that could be a jar lifter. (Photo & Photo 2)

528. Lot of four farrier tools: HELLER hoof knife; HELLER Vixen Reveal file used in auto body work; and a very nice buffer marked BELGIUM with a faint makers mark. (Photo & Photo 2)

529. Junior Brannock Device for measuring women and children's feet for shoes, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Nickel plated KEEN KUTTER plumb bob, a spot or two of nickel is missing, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

531. Lot of SHAPLEIGH and KEEN KUTTER tools; Shapleigh scissors and wooden handled tack lifter; and Keen Kutter rivet set; bitstock gimlet bit; countersink; nail set; and side cutters. (Photo & Photo 2)

532. Scarce HANDYBOY DH16 plier with small 4-inch-sized crescent wrench at end of one handle, screwdriver at end of other handle, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

533. Two 4-inch Crescent-type wrenches; one marked GERMANY 4; a POWER KRAFT 84-4701-40, very good; plus a Crescent-wrench-shaped butane cigarette lighter, not working. (Photo & Photo 2)

534. Lot: six bottle openers; two combined ice picks with bottle openers; and two ice picks, most with advertising. (Photo & Photo 2)

535. Pair or combination pocket knife and crescent wrenches, both have plastic handles, the one on top needs some new grips; the bottom one is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

536. Lot of seven assorted magnets. (Photo & Photo 2)

537. Combination Crescent wrench and pocket knife, has belt clip on handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

538. Lot: TWA (Trans Word Airlines) aluminum ice hammer, very good; fancy combination hammer, pick and bottle opener, very good; and an adjustable jar opener, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. Five veterinary or medical hand tools including at least one tooth extractor. (Photo & Photo 2)

540. Lot: Heesen Patent (U.S. #226,915) double hog ring installing pliers, PAT APR 21, 1880, very good; a tool that I think is for forming hog rings out of horseshoe nails, very good; and a Jensen Patent (U.S. No. 2,224,226) metalworking tool from Rockford, ILL., all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

541. Pair of little hammers including a tiny ball peen marked C BLAND 1915, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. Bacho Volvo 8-inch combined Crescent wrench and alligator wrench, complete and very good; plus a very good DIAMALLOY 8-inch Crescent. (Photo & Photo 2)

543. Unusual cast iron USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corporation) plane-shaped saw with saw blades on the bottom. (Photo)

544. Lot: Two tubular items that look like little grain probes; a patented band stretcher; and a heavy brass specialty tool that looks something like a C-clamp. (Photo)

545. Pair of slate working hammers; one is hand forged and is pitted; the other has a leather wrapped handle and was manufactured by BELDEN MACHINE CO. NEW HAVEN, CONN. It has some light pitting too. (Photo)

546. Four all steel chisels including one marked ENDERES and an offset 14 PROTO 5/8 X 13 packing tool, fine. (Photo)

547. Lot: specialty hammer for applying wheel weights; a tracing wheel; something that looks like a miniature oyster shucking knife, etc. (Photo)

548. Lot of little pulleys including one for a window weight and maybe an iron castor or two. (Photo)

549. MAASDAM POW'RPULL PAT NO 2,607,095, BURBANK, CALIF. fence or cable stretcher with brass body, fine. (Photo)

550. Cable or fence stretcher and a hook with a spring loaded gate. (Photo)

551. Lot of four small wooden furniture clamps.

552. Wooden framed buck saw, complete and very good.

552. to 569. OPEN.

570. Three bench planes for parts or rehab; Sargent #418C iron fore plane body and frog, fine overall; Stanley #5 iron jack plane body and frog, very good; and a complete 9-inch iron PARPLUS-type smoother with pressed steel frog. (Photo & Photo 2)

571. Lot of bench plane parts: two 9-inch smooth plane bodies including a nice Stanley #4C; three iron jack planes with frogs; and two loose frogs. (Photo)

572. Lot of 10 assorted bench plane totes; 9 knobs including one for a Sargent block plane; and several threaded rods for attaching totes and knobs. (Photo & Photo 2)

573. Six KEEN KUTTER tools: open end wrench; chisel that needs a handle; wooden handled tack lifter; bitstock screwdriver bit; nail set and punch. (Photo & Photo 2)

574. Lot of four small hammers including a small ball peen. (Photo & Photo 2)

575. Five KEEN KUTTER cold chisels and punches. (Photo & Photo 2)

576. Pair of hand adzes both with curved blades. Both are marked with makers marks. (Photo & Photo 2)

577. Lot: two heavy brass cylinders that have been hammered on both ends; a chain breaker?; metal hook with 500-lb. capacity; unusual pair of pliers with hammer head; leather punch. (Photo & Photo 2)

578. Lot: concrete drill; steel hook; striking tool; edging tool, and a T-handled tool with a hook on the end. (Photo & Photo 2)

579. Lot: two adzes including one with an unusual straight blade, and one curved; plus a Stearns or Sargent scraper that is missing the blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

580. Lot: Stanley box cutter with retractable blade in a pouch that can be worn on a belt; a heavy duty steel roller; and a pair of HKP swaging tool that is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

581. Two like new 6-inch U.S.A. sharpening stones in original boxes, plus a third stone in a plastic bag. (Photo & Photo 2)

582. Five pairs of pliers, including three CRONK types, two with light pitting; a pitted Koeth model from FARMINGTON, MO; and a bright pair marked HAPEWE GERMANY, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

583. Lot of 23 assorted screwdrivers including 8 that are advertising types with plastic handles and magnetic ends. (Photo & Photo 2)

584. Lot of three bung augers that have all been repainted. (Photo & Photo 2)

585. Lot of 11 screwdrivers: Millers Falls No. 59 ratcheting; Yankee 2H; Yankee two are Millers Falls No. 199 offset types; a GENERAL No. 808 offset; an offset Phillips head; one with a retractable blade, missing the end cap, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

586. Lot of four hay hooks and three pairs of clippers. Two of the clippers are marked OAK LEAF. (Photo)

587. Lot of four misc. tools including the three posts and business end of Woods Patent hollow auger; some type of clamp marked TIPS TOOL 1735; Alligator Belt Co. lacing fixture, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

588. Lot of four hay hooks, three with wooden handles; two clippers; and an ice chipper that would mount on a long handle. (Photo)

589. Four assorted tools: nut breaker marked MADE IN ENGLAND, very good; HERBRAND VAN CHROME offset screwdriver and chisel combo; ORAN (Missouri) GAS & PLUMBING CO. PHONE 69 crating hammer, pry bar and claw; and some type of trip quick release latch like those used in raising hay into a loft. (Photo & Photo 2)

590. Japanese 9-inch wooden rabbeting plane, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

591. Pair of KEEN KUTTER iron block planes: K120 (Stanley) with proper blade, good knob, lever cap is painted green, very good overall; and a KK120 (Ohio Tool) with original blade, good knob, a few chips in top of right side, some mild pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

592. Five small machinist bottle-type jacks, two are larger and have round tips in the center of the tops; the other three are normal sized and have V-shaped groves in the tops, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

593. Hand cranked centrifuge, likely used to test cream, not complete; and a pair of Keen Kutter sheep or mule shears, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

594. Lot of Stanley #45 plane parts: One usable plane with script logo on skate, all three main sections; fine rosewood knob, long rods, adjustable fence, handle spur has been chipped on top, very good overall; two main frames; one fence and one japanned sliding section for a Type I to Type 3 plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

595. Lot: four intact iron block planes and numerous block plane parts. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. RUSBY Patent breast drill, rear handle is intact but crank and auxiliary handles are both MIA, can be restored to usable condition; plus a FULTON folding handle drawknife, has had the wings broken off of the wing nuts that secure the handles, so they will need to be replaced, the blade has a crack right in the center. (Photo)

597. Lot of iron block plane parts. (Photo)

598. Lot of bench plane blades, lever caps, etc. (Photo)

599. Lot of seven bench plane bodies: fine Stanley #6C that needs a tote and knob; good Stanley #27 transitional that just needs a tote; two Stanley #5 bodies with frogs, one has a chipped corner; a 5 1/4 with corner chip; Keen Kutter KK4 that just needs a tote and knob, fine; and an unknown make smoother body and frog. (Photo & Photo 2)

600. Lot of plane parts: Three #78 bodies, two with thumb operated blade adjusters; a frame for a Liberty Bell smoother; and seven iron block planes or block plane bodies. (Photo & Photo 2)


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