March 19, 2016
Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Road
St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

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Lot Number Description
1 Ohio Tool Co. No. 97 handled screw-arm plow plane, has former owner’s initials JFC carved into left side of stock, nice threads, handle made for right handed user, very good overall.
2 Pair of wooden planes: JOHN BELL AGT PHILAD. toothing plane, cracked all the way down one side from wedge being too tight; plus a MECHANIC’S TOOL CO. compass plane with crack in side behind wedge, good overall.
3 Early homemade? wedge-arm plow plane with steel skate made out of an old framing square, friction fit wooden depth stop, very good overall.
4 Early Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane with auxiliary bottom, front depth stop, one wing broken off brass nut that secures blades, no blades included.
5 Sargent #198 iron rabbet plane, missing the depth stop, good original blade, very good overall.
6 Early Stanley #49 tongue and groove plane with vine decorated handle, japanned finish, nice rosewood knob, one blade missing, has JULY 6, 1875 patent date cast into main frame, very good overall.
7 Stanley #45 Type 10 combination plow plane with all three main sections, long rods, cam, two depth stops and beading stop, nice rosewood handle and knob, light dusting of surface rust, needs set of blades.
8 Stanley #147 7/8-inch match or tongue & groove plane, 75 percent+ nickel plating,
9 Early Stanley #48 tongue & groove plane with vine decorated handle, nickel plated, nice rosewood knob, has JULY 6, 1875 patent date cast into main frame, both blades included, very good overall.
10 Stanley #146 3/8-inch match or tongue & groove plane, 80 percent+ nickel plating, complete and very good.
11 Early Stanley #48 tongue & groove plane with vine decorated handle, japanned finish, nice rosewood knob, early brass screws with double row of knurling, has JULY 6, 1875 patent date cast into main frame, needs blades, very good overall.
12 Pair of marking gages: Stanley #165 Type I Patented Jan. 12, 1886, two small chips on head, otherwise complete and fine; plus a Stanley #64 with light staining and mild wear, good overall.
13 Unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gage, very good overall.
14 Pair of iron Stanley marking gages: #97 single beam, complete and very good; and a #98 with twin beams, very good.
15 Scarce Stanley #79 rosewood marking and mortise gage, complete and very good.
16 Stanley #93 butt and rabbet gauge, has SW logo on one screw, complete and fine.
17 Unusual European? marking gauge with 9 3/4-inch beam, wale-bone wear strips on beam and head, unusual wooden screw, very good overall.
18 Three wooden marking gages: Stanley #71 double beam with staining and moderate wear; unusual Stanley #68 Type I with four brass discs in head, good; and #61 with SW logo on beam, very good overall.
19 Unknown make 12-inch sliding bevel with rosewood handle and having brass ends and screw, former owner AL. ROHRBACHER has stamped his name into one side of handle, very good overall.
20 Two Stanley layout tools: 4-inch all-steel try square with nickel plated handle, some pitting, entire surface sprayed with clear lacquer; and an 8-inch sliding bevel, in very good overall condition.
21 Wooden box with sliding lid containing 11 bitstock twist drills, one side of box will need to be glued.
22 Fine 3-inch rosewood handled try square with brass escutcheons and brass wear strip on inside face of handle.
23 Unusual McGrath Patent (U.S. No. 1,121,195) HOLD-FAST sliding bevel made by the SOUTHINGTON HARDWARE CO. of Southington, Mass, has cam locking lever, very good overall.
24 Pair of Stanley #41 pocket levels that can be attached to a square or straightedge, one has brass top plate and one has a steel plate, both have intact vials and are very good.
25 Scarce rosewood and brass marking and mortise gage with steel-faced rosewood head on a nice brass beam with screw adjusting point, very good overall condition.
26 Pair of layout tools: 6-inch adjustable sliding bevel with rosewood handle, with brass trim and screw, fine overall; and a try square with 3-inch steel blade and brass handle, marked HARRY KNAPP, very good overall.
27 Stanley rosewood #166 improved marking gauge rosewood oval head rosewood, with the Traut Patent (U.S. No. 334,308) cast brass piece on side of fence allows gauge to work on curves, the brass rub block that goes between the beam and the locking screw is MIA, very good overall.
28 Stanley? rosewood marking gage with brass screw and plate below screw, six brass discs installed on the wear face, one side of beam graduated in inches, other side stamped OSU 15 C, very good overall.
29 Pair of layout tools: fine 6-inch adjustable sliding bevel with rosewood handle with brass plates and fancy cast brass screw; and a wooden marking gage with 6-inch beam and having an unusual cam locking head, good overall.
30 Unusual wedge-locking grasshopper marking gage with brass wear plate on moving head, and what look like factory stamped graduations on beam, very good.
31 Complete Stanley # 92 rosewood & brass butt & mortise gage, head is cracked just below the patent date and will need to be glued.
32 Small wedge-locking grasshopper marking gage with rosewood? head having a brass wear plate, beam graduated in inches, good overall.
33 Pair of wooden marking gages: on the left is a large homemade gage with burl head, very good overall; and on the right a rosewood gage with circular head and beam, fain graduations.
34 Pair of wooden molding planes: early 1 1/4-inch round with cabinet-pitch blade, distinctive flat chamfers and rounded top to wedge, faint mark on toe, very good overall; and a homemade fixed sash plane with rusty iron, good overall.
35 Two AUBURN TOOL CO. wooden molding planes: series 180 No. 2 hollow, complete and very good; and a Series 108, 1/8-inch center bead, complete and fine.
36 Unusual GERE: ABBOT & CO. 1/4-inch hollow plane, GERE & ABBOT were hardware merchants in Columbus Ohio 1848 to 1856, George Gere later became the first president of Ohio Tool Company, this plane is complete and fine.
37 Three wooden molding planes: KENNEDY HARTFORD 1-inch boxed nosing plane, has five nails in right side where a fence was once mounted and has A. HOWLAND owner’s mark on toe, very good overall; unknown make 1/8-inch hollow, very good; AMES BIRM 7/16-inch hollow, very good.
38 Pair of wooden molding planes: 1/2-inch round, dirty and needing a cleaning and blade will need to be resharpened, can be restored to usable condition; and an early 1 1/8-inch round with broad chamfers and rounded top on wedge, no blade, very good overall.
39 Unusual 18-inch razee-style shipwrights jack or trying plane with rosewood or mahogany stock, there is a chunk of the sole missing at the toe on the right side, throat already needs to be patched, so taking another 1/8-inch off the bottom will do wonders for it and you can still close up the throat with a patch.
40 Four simple socket sets including a McNaught et al Patent (U.S. No. 2,065,340) made by DURO METAL PRODUCTS Chicago, ILL; and a CHASE Patent (U.S. No. 1,438,900); all are complete and very good.
41 Large 11-inch SOLAR PERMANENT CO TOMAHAWK WISC SOLAR MILKMINDER 1 1/2 aluminum open end wrench for bulk milk tanks, very good.
42 Unusual COES WRENCH CO. BELL SYSTEM monkey wrench, very good overall.
43 Three automotive wrenches including a FORD lug wrench; and a FORD open end.
44 Large 13-inch aluminum bulk-tank? wrench similar to the one in lot 41, this one marked.
45 McCORMICK Vandegrift-style adjustable implement or tractor wrench with open-loop handle, has sprung jaw, still opens and closes but will need work to straighten out the jaw.
46 Four wrenches: 6, 8 & 10-inch J.H. WILLIAMS SUPERJUSTABLE Crescent-type wrenches; and an ANDERSEN Patent (U.S. No. 3,101,018) self-tightening wrench made by the TANGUY TOOL CO. GLEN MILLS, PA, very good.
47 Pair of BELL SYSTEMS wrenches: M. KLEIN & SONS CAT. 3146A lineman’s wrench, very good; and an open end with three openings, very good.
48 Two wrenches: DUCK BILL JR. 4 1/2-inch double ended alligator, fine; and a J.H. WILLIAMS 1 3/4-3-inch adjustable spanner, complete and fine.
49 Four pliers including: Utica Drop Forge & Tool Company No. 524-7 plier; Palmer No. 207; ELECTROLITE CORP; Champion De Arment Tool Co. Meadville, PA No. 307 )Design Patent D94,156) very good.
50 Unusual clapboard gage manufactured by George W. Tinsley of Blakesburg, Iowa (U.S. #119,200) issued Sept. 19, 1871, still has part of the original paper label, will clean to very good.
51 TROJAN WRENCHES L.A. CAL. PAT. 196863, 11 1/2-inch quick-adjust wrench, very good. (Schulz 721)
52 ELGIN adjustable alligator with R. HERSHALL MFG. PEORIA, ILL advertising, very good.
53 Pair of flat steel KEEN KUTTER alligator wrenches; one with two jaws has rethreading dies in handle.
54 Lot: torch head, DIAMOND DULUTH K36 plier, tack hammer, etc.
55 E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER 10-inch Crescent-type nut wrench, very good.
56 Lot: Pistol-grip saw set; leather punch with chipped cutter; and a small steel square.
57 E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER Victor-type adjustable alligator wrench, fine.
58 ALTON PREMIUM FEED CO. ALTON (Iowa?) slip-joint pliers, some light pitting, good overall.
59 Lot: I.P. HYDE leather knife; T-handled PREST-O-LITE square socket, leather punch, etc.
60 ELGIN adjustable alligator with DEMPSTER MFG. BEATRICE NEB logo, some light pitting, good overall.
61 Two farm wrenches: H911 with circular IHC logo, fine; and a 7 1/23-inch orphan that is fine.
62 Five farm wrenches: Independent SP117 11-inch malleable, good overall; PR40 (Sattley Mfg. Co., Racine, Wisc. and Moline Plow Co) 10 1/2-inch with small hammer head, good; 9-inch SUPERIOR, pitted; the bottom two are too pitted to make out any number, and the very bottom one has a weld in the center.
63 Three scarce I.H.C. chisels each with the circular logo, all very good.
64 Three International Harvester wrenches: 21264-D with circular I.H.C. logo, very good; I.H.CO. 36137, very good; and 11856-DA, very good.
65 Three IHC-related wrenches: 50827 with circular IHC logo, some pitting, very good overall; 12737D 5 1/2-inch double open end, very good; and a worn Z811 with no visible IHC mark and some light pitting.
66 International Harvester 9-inch screw adjust nut wrench with loop handle, very good overall.
67 Massive 10-inch double ended hex socket has number 3026 and the letter M cast into it, fits 1 1/2 & 1 5/8 inch nuts and bolts, very good.
68 Three different stamped or pressed steel hubcap wrenches, all are very good.
69 Two farm wrenches: 832A (David Bradley) 13-inch spanner wrench, very good; and a TUBULAR cream separator wrench with spanner, very good.
70 Scarce 10-inch O.B. North Patent (U.S. No. 186,155) screw-adjust monkey wrench made on a patent issued
71 Large and near new THIELE brand hoisting hook with spring-loaded gate, fine.
72 Three tool catalogs: Martin J. Donnelly 1993 Catalogue of Antique Tools; Tony Murland International Tool Auction July 25, 1997; and Martin J. Donnelly 1997 Catalogue of Antique Tools.
73 DO IT BETTER with STANLEY TOOLS CATALOG No. 53, complete original catalog with paper covers, cover marked DALTON HARDWARE “Your Friendly Hardware Store” 1027 E. Fourth Dial 2-5521.
74 Hardbound book FIRST PRINCIPLES OF AGRICULTURE by Goff & Mayne American Book Company Copyright 1904, very good overall.
75 Four wrenches: LOWELL CORP No. 22 ratchet; hex breaker bar; WALDEN WORCESTER No. X1890 also marked MOTOR WHEEL CORP. 60506 socket and screwdriver for prying hub caps; and a BLACKHAWK 520 5/8-inch swivel hex socket.
76 Four wooden molding planes from Ohio: Sandusky round that has had throat opened slightly; OHIO TOOL No. 43 1/2 7/8-inch, very good; and two Ohio Tool skew-bladed rabbets.
77 Crescent Tool Co. No. 1936-10 fencing plier with staple claw, very good overall.
78 Caterpillar Tool Co? No. 13073 double open end with drain plug, very good.
79 Two Stanley 8-inch smooth planes: #3 Type 11 with broken tote, otherwise very good; and a later model #3C with broken and glued tote, needs blade, lever cap and front knob to complete.
80 StS SIEGLEY wide body transitional jack plane, complete and very good.
81 Five wrenches: 4-way lug wrench; brace-type hex socket wrench; and three open ended including a BARCALO BUFFALO 3/4 & 5/8.
82 Sargent VBM No. 3418 transitional fore plane, complete and very good.
83 Three assorted sharpening stones one with with two different colored sides.
84 Pair of cowbells, both with intact clappers, you can also put them on your goats, dogs and children.
85 Early FORD automobile jack like those used on model A and T cars.
86 Three more sharpening stones: one on left is P.H. KNOX & CO. razor hone; one in center is in tin box.
87 Large lot assorted auger bits including four adjustable types.
88 Two swaging tools and a hog ringer with several rings.
89 Unusual brass tubing cutter, very good.
90 Lot: two hooks; a pile of bitstock twist drills; a large center bit; square nut driver; and a lot of twist drill and wood boring bits.
91 Three wrenches including a good Z-300; simple socket; and a T-handle swivel allen wrench.
92 Stanley #38 level leveling stand with 17 3/4-inch Stanley 36G level with intact vials and good Eclipse vial covers, and set of level Stanley #138 SW level sights, comes with three wooden legs. A nice set overall.
93 Unknown-make (faint mark) 10 3/4-inch wooden miter plane with WM ASH & CO single iron, very good overall.
94 Pair of wooden molding planes: Series No. 180 size 10 round plane, complete and very good; and a J.P. COOK DETROIT 1 1/4-inch hollow, has thee Xs carved into top of stock for ID purposes?, very good overall.
95 FINE RANDALL & BENSEN, ALBANY complex profile molding plane, marked 7/8 on heel along with owner’s mark L.K. STEWART, a very dramatic profile very nice boxwood boxing.
96 Three wooden molding planes: J. KELLOGG AMHERST MS 5/16-inch center bead with owner G.W. BALCOMB’s mark on toe and heel, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 116 5/8-inch skew bladed rabbet with owner added depth stop set at 3/8-inch on the right side, very good; and an early 1/4-inch round with over struck RUTLEDGE mark on toe, top of blade broken off, and wedge looks like a replacement.
97 Unusual 9 3/8-inch wooden bead-type plane with rosewood or ebony boxing, early-style wedge, where a bead is typically rounded inside the boxing, this one is flat, but 1/8-inch the blade comes out between the front and rear boxing rather than in the flat area between the body and the boxing, most unusual.
98 Pair of wooden molding planes: AUBURN TOOL CO. Series No. 180 #18 hollow plane, complete and fine; and a J. DONALDSON & J.H. HALL TROY, OHIO 4/8-inch single boxed side bead, complete and very good.
99 Four wooden molding planes: J. DONALDSON & R. CARTER CINT O(hio) complex molding plane, marked 1881 and 3/4 on the heel, body is bleached out and shows some mouse chewing on the heel, can be restored to usable condition; N.H. STOUT & W.W. RICHEY (LOUISVILLE, KY) 3/8-inch hollow, front of sheared off, usable condition; unmarked 1/2-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good; and an A. MEIER & CO. ST. LOUIS MO rabbet with the right side blown out from the wedge been driven into too hard, worn and ragged.
100 SIMS QUEEN ST. WEST LONDON wedge-arm fillister plane, blade my not be original to plane, very good overall.
101 Stanley #31 Type 6 prelateral transitional jointer plane, nice eagle logo on tote, very good knob, tote missing sliver from top spur, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
102 Two Stanley #9 1/2 block planes: Type 5 with Excelsior-style body, very good overall; and a Type 14 that is missing the throat adjusting cam, and has a small chip in rear of throat, good overall.
103 Two Stanley transitional bench planes: #31 Type 9 jointer with weathered stock, light pitting on Q-logo blade, tote spur broken off, good overall; and a #28 fore plane Type 11 with good Q-logo blade, tote spur broken off, knob chipped at base, good overall.
104 Two Stanley #15 block planes with Excelsior-style bodies: Type 4 that has the BAILEY’S Patent dates on lightly pitted blade, but is very good overall; & a Type 5 that has very light pitting on sides and bottom, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, good overall.
105 Pair of Stanley transitional bench planes: #28 Type 7 fore plane, missing handle spur, knob cracked, light rust on RULE & LEVEL CO. iron, nice eagle logo on toe along with model number, good overall; and a #27 jack plane Type 10 with good iron, tote broken in center and missing top spur, knob broken in half, stock and frame are very good as is the japanning, good overall.
106 Two Stanley #16 block planes: Type 9 & Type 10, the Type 9 has a chip from left rear side but is otherwise very good; the Type 10 is complete and very good overall.Iron block plane(s)
107 Pair of Stanley transitional bench planes: #26 jack Type 10 with good Q-logo blade, tote spur broken, good overall; and a weathered prelateral #32 jointer with eagle logo on toe, tote broken at top, stock has numerous cracks on all surfaces, good overall.
108 Stanley #17 Type 2 block plane with nickel plated cap, very good overall.
109 Stanley #33 Type 6 prelateral jointer plane, tote spur MIA, good knob, eagle logo on toe along with model number,
110 Two Stanley #18 iron block planes: Type 4 & Type 5, the Type 5 has W.W.W. stamped into the left side and A.C. WALKER owner’s name in right side with electric pen, good overall; and the Type 4 has the early Excelsior-style body with handy grips, very good overall.
111 Large ratcheting pipe reamer, complete and very good; plus an ERIE TOOL WORKS ERIE PA U.A.S. (Yes, they got USA out of order) die stock with nice brass top plate. There are no dies included and there are no handle extensions.
112 Pair of claw hammer: E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER with replaced handle; and a smaller CRAFTSMAN MODEL MAKER No. 3913 with 5-oz. head, very nice with original wooden handle.
113 Small red bench-mounting vise with partial decal on left side, complete and very good.
114 Lot: three calipers including a small FULTON inside spring caliper; Starrett screw-adjusting outside caliper with spring; and an outside caliper with fine adjusting screw and locking screws, flat blades, very good overall; and a pair of 10-inch dividers that have a fine adjusting nut, head of locking screw is broken off, good overall.
115 Stanley #150 miter box missing the saw clamp; plus two Disston 14-inch back saws; one a K-1; the other a No. 4, both in very good overall condition.
116 Three 26-inch hand saws: DISSTON T-I with 8-ppi blade, very good overall; DISSTON D-23 with 8-ppi blade, will clean to very good overall; and a COMMODORE by PENNSYLVANIA SAW CORP. with 5 1/2-ppi blade, handle refinished, good etch, very good usable condition.
117 Three iron block planes: G12-220 MADE IN ENGLAND, very good; #110-type with orange cap MADE IN USA, very good; and a Stanley #110 with BB-logo blade and good knob, very good overall.
118 HEMPE MFG. CO. miter box, complete with 24-inch saw, very good overall.
119 Three iron block planes: CRAFTSMAN No. 3704 (Similar to Stanley 9 1/2), complete and very good; a No. 110-type with FULTON blade, complete and good; and a Stanley No. 110 with SW-logo blade, small hang hole in front of knob, very good overall.
120 Three 10-inch ratcheting bit braces; unmarked, complete and very good; SHELTON NO. 710, complete and very good; and a HIBBARD’S TRUE VALUE that needs a new chuck spring but is otherwise complete and very good.
121 Three iron block planes: Stanley #110 complete with BB-logo blade, good overall; unknown 6 1/2-inch with unmarked blade, MADE IN USA cast into face of cap and across the toe, very good overall; and a Stanley No. 220 that is complete and very good.
122 Set of number MATTHEWS 1/8-inch number stamps, all very good and in a wooden block with just a corner of the original label attached.
123 Lot of three 10-inch ratchet braces and a Yankee screwdriver: CRAFTSMAN (likely made by Yankee) 10-inch with steel wrist handle, complete and in good working order; one marked GERMANY that needs a chuck spring, but is otherwise very good; and a MADE IN USA model that needs a chuck spring but is otherwise very good; the Yankee N0. 31A is missing the selector switch.
124 Three iron block planes: Stanley No. 1247 that is similar to a No. 110, the cap has been repainted, good overall; Stanley No. 110 complete and very good; and another Stanley No. 110 that is complete and good.
125 Large wooden tool chest with tin top with folding iron handles, has a MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY paper tag on one end that also says COMPANY MATERIAL DO NOT DELAY, has a large tray inside with three compartments, includes the scraps that are shown in the photos, very good overall.
126 Griswold No. 1 Meat & Food Chopper, complete in original box with all attachments and crank handle, also included are original Aunt Ellen’s Food Chopper Recipes, and a directions card with parts list and exploded view on one side, the chopper and all parts are fine, the box bottom is fine; has a couple of holes in top, label on end is fine.
127 Small carpenter’s tool box like those that would have been carried to the job site every day, this one has a drop-down door on one side to allow access, and the handle on top is made of copper tubing, very good overall.
128 Unknown make No. 3 saw vise that can be clamped to bench or table top, cam locking, nice japanned finish, very good overall, the current owner said his dad worked for the railroad, box looks like it may have had a tray inside, but it’s wide open now, outside is in old black paint, very good overall.
129 Pair of ESTWING claw hammers; the one on top has a rubber handle, the bottom one has a worn leather handle, both could stand a good cleaning.
130 WENTWORTH'S PAT' APR' 8, 79 saw vise that can be screw the face of a workbench, cam locking, very good.
131 Lot: E.C. STEARNS & CO. NO. 106 concrete edger, a nice coachmaker's router missing both blade and wedge, has intact brass fence; and a combination saw and knife similar to a Disston of the same type, but this one has wooden handle riveted to the blade, often flogged off on eBay as a "Civil War amputation saw" but it is not.
132 Pair of Stanley No. 88 clapboard siding markers.
133 Unknown make 12-inch drawknife with straight blade, little used, and some light rust, will clean to very good.
134 Large BLUEGRASS wrecking hammer; plus a No. 64 REX nail puller, complete and fine.
135 Emerson 16-inch wrench marked W1074, some rust, very good overall.
136 Lot: mouth bit for a horse; massive single fish or gator hook; tracing wheel; Stanley #36 1/2 caliper rule SW logo, very good; and a timber framing chisel with badly abused socket.
137 Two nutcrackers; one marked SARGENT & CO. 10 needs to be mounted to a board; the other is unmarked and is mounted to a board.
138 Lot: STAR hack saw frame, no blade, very good; BEECH-NUT GUM advertising crate opener SHIP OLDEST STOCK FIRST, some rust; and a large pair of slip-joint pliers
139 Two screw-type nutcrackers one with good nickel plating and a little surface rust; the other has light to moderate rust, little nickel plating remains.
140 Lot: Double die stock; BILLINGS & SPENCER 1134 open ended wrench; and a DIAMALLOY R510 combination fencing plier with staple puller, plier, wire cutter and hammer face, very good.
141 Lot: wooden marking gage, ice shaver plane; Goodell butt gauge, some rust; buggy whip holder (pitted); and a NORVELL-SHAPLEIGH DE55 saw file holder.
142 Lot of five single-ended alligator wrenches including W&B with modified jaw; Vaughan & Bushnell No. 1; and three unmarked.
143 Lot five FORD wrenches: Here are five FORD automobile or tractor wrenches including a 9N17014 open ended wrench with graduations for measuring depth of furrows or gas in tractor fuel tank; two T-1917 open ends; lug wrench, etc.
144 Unknown make combination fencing tools with plier, hammer, and staple claw, complete and fine.
145 Pair of farrier’s hammers used in putting shoes on a horse, both good.
146 Three farm-related wrenches: T.B. WOOD’S SONS 8.5-inch silo wrench; a 9.5-inch marked #2054 in handle and faint 2054 below open end, square box on other end; and an IHC P1189 with square socket on one end and hex socket on other 14.5-inches long overall.
147 POWER KRAFT combination fencing plier with staple claw, hammer face, plier and wire cutter, very good overall.
148 Four wrenches: two 5.5-inch marked SKELGAS; one 5.5-inch marked 419; and an unmarked 4.25-inch with square box on one end and hex on the other.
149 Pair of wrenches: KONDU-23WX 1/2 x 3/4 open end conduit wrench, also marked on back R2538, very good; and a 1014 single open end marked 5/8 U.S.S. with 1 1/8-inch opening.
150 Crescent Tool Co. 6-8-inch double ended Crescent wrench, some minor pitting, and very good overall.
151 Lot of four open ended nut wrenches: WAKEFIELD No. 45, 1/2 & 9/16-inch open end; USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corp) 3/8 & 5/16; GERMANY 895 with 10 & 13mm; and an unknown make with E20 cast into the bottom or flat side.
152 Four assorted wrenches: Unusual 9-inch with 1 1/4-inch open end; 6-inch with spanner and 1/2-inch hex box on one end and a shallow 1 1/8-inch open end; an IHC spanner marked 11858-DA; and a W&B No. 2 double ended alligator.
153 Two wrenches: 8.5-inch farm wrench with multiple openings on both ends, painted silver with pitting under the paint, god overall; and a 10 1/2-inch BONNEY 2857 with 1/2 & 7/16 box ends, very good.
154 Six assorted open ended nut wrenches: three FORD automobile; an unknown 5 1/2-inch with two openings at one end and one on the other; a Billings OXWELD #92; and a BINKS MFG. CO. 5-32.
155 Stanley #50 light duty plow plane, early nickel plated model, needs blades and depth stops to complete, very good overall.
156 Pair of Stanley #15 iron block planes: on the left is Type 16 with SW-logo blade, it is complete and very good; the other is a Type 18, it too has a SW-logo blade, good lever cap, there’s a crack from the rear of the handi grip feature extending rearward.
157 Early Stanley #45 Type 3 combination plow plane, japanned, good rosewood handle and knob mounted in main frame, two depth stops, beading stop, needs blades, has long rods, one short rod, very good overall.
158 Stanley #18 Type 4 iron block plane, early knuckle jointed lever cap, unusual Excelsior-style body with Handi-grip, complete and in very good condition.
159 Early Stanley #50 light duty plow plane, japanned finish,
160 Stanley #16 Type 2 iron block plane with nickel plated lever cap, Excelsior-style body, nice RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall.
161 Stanley #45 Type 11 combination plow plane with all three main sections; long and short rods, three depth stops, beading stop, dated cam, intact nickers, just needs a set of blades.
162 Stanley #16 Type 13 iron block plane, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, good nickel plating on cap, very good overall.
163 Stanley #50 light duty plow plane, early nickel plated model with vine cast handle, SEPT 11, ’83 patent date cast into fence, both nickers intact, comes with one blade, light rust on top of handle, very good.
164 Pair of 14-inch adjustable pipe wrenches: on the bottom is a PEXTO model that has had the frame painted red and the wooden handle wrapped with electrical tape, wrench is in good working order; and a GENUINE STILLSON by WALWORTH, complete and very good.
165 Lot: two larger ball peen hammers both with light rust; and a WISS 9-inch tin snip, very good.
166 Lot: 7-inch Vise-Grip marked CHINA; WALWORTH 10-inch adjustable pipe wrench, very good; and a TRIMONT MFG CO. 10-inch pipe wrench with frame painted red, good wood handle, very good overall.
167 Pair of wooden handled monkey wrenches: 8-inch with two patents dates on one side of top jaw a faint company name on the other side, very good overall; and a 12-inch marked THE LAMSON CASE HARDENED CLEVELAND, complete and very good.
168 Pair of hatchets: on top is a Stanley HANDYMAN that has a small chip from side of the hammer head; on bottom is an unknown make broad hatchet, both have light to moderate rust.
169 LITTLESTOWN HDWE & FDRY MFG bench vise that swivels, some light rust, will clean to very good.
170 Stevens Patent (U.S. No. 229,197) 12-inch bit brace made by Millers Falls on a patent issued June 22, 1880 to Henry L. Stevens of Millers Falls, Mass, nice tropical wood handles, complete and very good overall.
171 FINE Goodell-Pratt 2-speed breast drill with rosewood or cocobolo handles, intact 2-jaw chuck, about just some very light rust around the logo on the crank arm, one of the best breast drills we have seen.
172 Unusual MOUND CITY (St. Louis, Mo) MC-110 ratchet brace, complete and very good.
173 Scarce Goodell-Pratt 2-speed breast drill with double gear wheels enclosed by cast iron case, cast iron frame, nice tropical wood handle, we have only seen three or four of these in many years of collecting and selling old tools.
174 Unusual Reising Patent (U.S. No. 309,876) ratchet brace made by the Peck, Stow & Wilcox Company of Southington, CT on a patent issued Dec. 30, 1884, this one is complete and in working condition, some light pitting, good or better overall condition.
175 Chantrell Patent bit brace, very good overall we are not sure which of Chantrell’s seven brace/chuck patents apply to this one, it is complete and very good.
176-200 OPEN
201 Three eggbeater-type hand drills: BEN-HUR with storage inside handle for bits; Stanley DEFIANCE with storage inside handle; and an unnamed model, all with intact 3-jaw chucks, and very good.
202 Crosscut saw with good handle, has the auxiliary-handle bracket broken off in the hole near end of blade; plus four spare blades for crosscut saws: one has been sawed off on one end; another is badly pitted on both sides. These old saw blades make good knife blades for your knife makers.
203 Craftsman #8881.36342 miter box with saw, complete and very good.
204 Boxed set of 1/2-inch-drive sockets, ratchet and breaker bar, extensions, universal, etc.
205 Stanley #148 tongue & groove or match plane, missing the tongue-cutting blade, otherwise just needs a light cleaning, very good overall.
206 Pair of Stanley #78 rabbet and fillister planes; one is earlier with milled off patent dates on inside of frame, and cast cap screw, intact fence and depth stop very good overall; and a later model that has an intact fence, missing depth stop, very good overall.
207 Two Stanley #48 tongue & groove planes: the one on the left is missing the original knob and both blades; the one on the right is an early nickel plated model with ivy cast handles, good nickel, very good overall.
208 Pair of Stanley #15 Type 8 iron block planes with Excelsior-style bodies; the one on the far left has a bolt holding the lever to the lever cap and is missing the throat-adjusting cam, the body is very good; the other is complete and very good.
209 Early Stanley #48 tongue & groove plane with japanned finish, good rosewood knob, and patent date JULY 6, 1875 cast into frame, complete and very good.
210 Stanley #4 Improved Patent tack hammer, complete and very good.
211 Stanley #49 tongue & groove plane
212 Stanley #17 Type 14 iron block plane, complete and very good.
213 Nicely-made staple puller used with a hammer to removed fence staples.
214 Two Stanley #9 1/2 iron block planes: first a Type 4 with Excelsior-style body that is complete and very good; and a Type 14 iron that is also complete and very good.
215 Pair of wooden mallets: on top is a traditional jointer’s mallet with square head; on bottom is a general purpose mallet with round head.
216 Stanley #12? lignum jointers mallet, fine overall condition.
217 Three farm-type wrenches: on top are two buggy wrenches, both are good; and on the bottom is a 1036A (Philadelphia Lawn Mower Co.) wrench, that is fine.
218 Adjustable machinist vise that can be attached to the bed of a drill press, milling machine, or a variety of others, has some light to moderate rust, will clean to very good.
219 Three wrenches: L297 (New Idea Spreader Co. Coldwater, Ohio); IHC 1059B; and a and a double ended hex box, all are very good.
220 Three unknown double open ended wrenches: the bottom one has 727 cast into the handle; the middle one is stamped S.M. Co.; and the one on top (sorry, camera flash) is 1/2 struck so we cannot make out the name.
221 Three buggy wrenches: the one on top has a hex box on one end; and the one in the center is marked PAT’D; all are good to very good.
222 Two Mossberg automotive brace-type socket wrenches: No. 363 3/4-inch in blade paint, very good; and a No. 6058 with light rust.
223 Pair of DE LAVAL cream separator wrenches: on top a 3134; and on bottom a 4131, both good or better.
224 Rare BELL WRENCH CO TULSA OKLA / PAT APRIL 25, 1905 OTHER PAT PENDG, 9 1/2-inch quick-adjust pipe wrench. Patented by Franklin Woodward of Sarcoxie, Mo. One of a few wrenches from the Sooner State, has some rust but will clean to very good; and an 11-inch adjustable AUTO wrench.
225 Lot of seven assorted automotive-type simple socket wrenches including WALDEN WORCESTER 9/15 SQ & 9/16 hex; WALDEN WORCESTER 2418; BLACKHAWK 112; the two T-handled one are in flat black paint.
226 Three wrenches: R?478 T-shaped socket with three square openings; two different G3173 I.H.C. wrenches one with circular logo and one with I.H.CO., both very good.
227 Three ratchet wrenches: BONNEY RF45, very good; WALDEN 3119, fine; and WALDEN 867 also fine.
228 Three I.H.C. wrenches: HE911 with circular logo, very good; H911 with circular logo, very good; and HE911 with circular logo, marked near one end, very good.
229 Two small cultivator-type wrenches; one marked STANDARD and one marked with a number 10, both very good.
230 International Harvester P1599 wrench with circular IHC logo, complete and fine.
231 Red tin box with hinged lid containing two webbed hold down straps; pair of tin snips, multi wrench; BINKS flat steel wrench; crank for Victrola; 12-inch wood handled monkey wrench, etc.
232 Four automotive wrenches: BARCALO Manifold Starter 5/8 & 3/4; 41W-2068 S-wrench; 77 SPECIAL; BONNEY REVERSE GEAR WRENCH 5/8 & 11/16, all very good.
233 Six assorted wrenches: ARMSTRONG 1 5/8-inch pump wrench, fine; two BARCALO double open ends; unknown make offset open ends; BILLINGS & SPENCER 1558; and W704 ALBR non-sparking.
234 Lot: WHIPPLE drawknife, very good; homemade drawknife with curved blade; and an unknown make hatchet with hammer head.
235 Lot: 11 wrenches including FAIRBANKS-MORSE adjustable 9-inch auto; unknown buggy wrench; RENAULT 8 & 10mm; FORD 3Z2034 ratchet; MAXWELL-4; TAPPET ADJUTING; TAPPET WRENCH; FORD double open end; PAXBON CO. HARDWARE CO. screwdriver that has been hammered on.
236 Lot: 8 wrenches including FAIRBANKS-MORSE adjustable 9-inch auto; RENAULT 8 & 10mm; FORD 3Z2034 ratchet; MAXWELL-4; TAPPET ADJUTING; TAPPET WRENCH; FORD double open end; PAXBON CO. HARDWARE CO. screwdriver that has been hammered on.
237-242 OPEN
243 Two farm wrenches: 7-inch with 2-inch open end and having a loop handle; and a B&H 1371, both very good.
244 Unusual Pexto MB20 10-inch ratchet brace with red, translucent handles, complete and very good.
245 Four BELL SYSTEM tools: 1/4-inch PLUMB hex socket; needle nosed pliers; H.K.P swaging plier; and a GENERAL MACHINE PRODUCTS open end with 1 3/16; 11/16; and 1 1/8-inch openings, all are very good.
246 RARE KEEN KUTTER (Pexto) No. F5936GK 10-inch ratchet brace with red, translucent handles, fine overall.
247 Unknown make 10-inch S-handled Crescent-type wrench, marked PAT APPLIED FOR and having a T inside a circle cast into the handle, very good.
248 Unusual BLUE GRASS (Pexto) T-BG7710, 10-inch ratchet brass with blue, translucent handles, very good overall.
249 Little 4-inch curved handle RIGAS STERLING RG60 5/8-inch open ended wrench with curved handle, very good.
250 Unusual Fray No. 10 combination brace and drill, nice cocobolo handles, complete and very good.
251 AMPCO S-10 non-sparking scraper, complete and fine.
252 Four wrenches: HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. CROCODILE double ended alligator-type wrench with screwdriver coming off end of one jaw, very good; flat steel THE S&T WRENCH double ended alligator with thread chasers in handle, very good; HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. PAT NO. 720554 double alligator with thread chasers in handle, some light pitting; and a flat steel multi wrench marked D-1013
253 IHC logo 45662-DA, 12-inch offset with double hex sockets, very good.
254 Four open ended wrenches: the top three are all TOYOTA top is 14/17mm; bright polished wrench is 10/12mm; next is a 8/10mm; and on bottom a 3/4-inch open end with 5/8-inch box, looks like it is one from an auto set.
255 Four wrenches: unknown make gas valve wrench; unmarked 9 1/2-inch flat steel with two spanner wrenches at one end and a 1 1/2-inch hex box at other end; J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. No. MR-51 ratchet, very good; and a J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. S50 ratchet, very good.
256 Six assorted wrenches: on top is marked 4 in the handle, may be a stove shaker handle; next is a 4 1/2-inch marked 285 with a 7/8-inch open end, hex box in center, and with 1/4-inch square socket on end; 4-inch SOUTH BEND LATHE 3/8-inch open end with square box on other end (for tool posts); 4-inch BUHL; 4-inch unknown; and 5-inch FAIRMOUNT CLEVE, very good.
257 Two screw adjust pipe wrenches: 8-inch LARCO, very good; and a 10-inch wooden handled BONNEY, very good.
258 Lot of 12 little wrenches: 3.5-inch MERIT 5/16 & 13/32; 3.5-inch DROP FORGED 5/16 & 13/32; 3.5-inch 8mm & 10mm on one side 5/16 & 13/32 on other side; 3.5-inch homemade; 3.5-inch HY BAR PAT APPLD FOR marked in both mm & in. as above with offset jaws; 4-inch unknown make 5/16 & 1/4; thin 5-inch with 6 on both ends; 4.75-inch flat steel unmarked; 4.5-inch HERBRAND 25; 5-inch unknown S wrench, pitted; 5.75-inch LECTROLITE C-20 5/8-inch box; 5-inch A.C.C.A. CAT. NO. 4300 ARMOR CLIP BOLTS 1/4 & 5/16 with offset box ends.
259 Two J.H. Williams single-end alligator wrenches: No. 2 1/2 & No. 1 3/4, both very good.
260 Three misc. wrenches: FRANK MOSSBERG No. 3007 3/4-inch hex socket; SCHICK 12-inch 5120-264-3794-ALBR, non-sparking Crescent-type wrench, missing the moving jaw and the adjuster screw; KEN TOOL G-30 multi wrench, very good.
261 Six farm wrenches: two IHC M231; (IHC) 5082T socket; and IHC G9037; No. D55 socket orphan; and on bottom a No. 95 orphan.
262 Three misc. wrenches: FRANK MOSSBERG No. 3007 3/4-inch hex socket; SCHICK 12-inch 5120-264-3794-ALBR, non-sparking Crescent-type wrench, missing the moving jaw and the adjuster screw; KEN TOOL G-30 multi wrench, very good.
263 Lot of nine assorted wrenches: 9-inch 13/16 open end with homemade brass handle; ARMSTRONG SPECIAL 702 9/16-inch open end; MOTIV 1/2 & 9/16; No. 725B with 9/16 & 1/2 open ends; DURO CHROME with 1/2-inch on both ends; ARMSTRONG NO. 2 with screwdriver on end of handle, pitted; EXTR?? MACHINE WORKS SPECIAL; etc.
264 Lot: Snap On wrench pouch; jar opener?; early gate latch; and two smaller blacksmith tongs.
265 Unknown clamp advertising GRANITE CITY STEEL SINCE 1878 and marked STANLEY on the back and No. 4603219.
266 MO PAC (Missouri Pacific Railroad) spike driving hammer head in blue paint, fine overall.
267 Pair of farm wrenches: 11-inch Case Eagle 5524T T-socket with lettering across top, one socket chipped; and a K806 (Deere) 12-inch implement wrench with some pitting. (
268 Seven assorted wrenches: Bemis & Call adjustable nut wrench with hex adjuster, light rust, very good overall; five malleable farm wrenches; and a flat steel open ended.
269 Pair of meat saws, one marked G. DISSTON and DISSTON & SONS, and the other has a cam-locking blade tensioner, both very good.
270 Unusual little vise that would fit into a hole in workbench, anvil or plate, has intact spring, and big wing nut.
271 Canvas roll with 12 assorted auger bits including an adjustable model, some will need rust cleaned off.
272 Lot of eleven (11) assorted auger bits, most longer than an average bit, two are marked Keen Kutter, two have had tangs cut off.
273 Nice nickel plated AJAX 3-piece drill bit stand for twist drills, very good overall.
274 Small HINSDALE clamp for holding set of automotive wrenches, very good.
275 Small tin GREENLEE twist drill or center punch holder that would hang on a wall and goes from 3/8 to 1-inch.
276 Three-tier oak box Russell Jennings AUGER BITS Stanley Tools THE TOOL BOX OF THE WORLD, with assorted makes of bits inside including some by Jennings, a very good box.
277 Billings No. LS-61 1/2-inch drive Socket Set in original box with BILLINGS 77-12 Crescent-type wrench; and LS-1410 ratchet; LS-1211 breaker bar; and the following BILLINGS open ended and combination wrenches: L1731-B; L1034; two L1020; L1731-A; L1031; L1729; L1027; L1029; L1025; L1727; L-1725B; two L1161; and two L1162 (one has light rust), all are very good.
278 Large lot of assorted auger bits in a wooden tray.
279 Large 14 1/2-inch carriagemaker or cooper’s drawknife with name I. or L. SHRADER lightly stamped twice into the top, a few cracks in the wooden handles, very good overall.
280 Four cobbler’s hammers for shoe repair.
281 Two hammers: a stonemason’s bush hammer with partial paper label on one side, very good; and a cross peen.
282 Four cobbler’s hammers for shoe repair.
283 Three assorted hammers including what appears to be blacksmith’s hammer for cutting hot work; and a well-worn cross peen; and a smaller one with sharp point.
284 Three misc. hammers including two worn cross peen sledges.
285 Five assorted hammers including a cobbler’s; brick hammer; etc.
286 Three hammers including a body hammer (in red paint) a large hammer in black paint with point and one that looks like it had a soft face that is no longer present.
287 Four assorted hammers.
288 Four assorted hammers.
289 Four assorted hammers.
290 Three assorted hammers including a small Keen Kutter claw hammer; welder’s slag hammer; and a body? hammer.
291 Homemade tobacco knife made with part of an axe handle.
292 Unusual wooden framed veneering saw, has wooden stretcher and steel rod strainer, complete and very good.
293 Large I BLOOD broad axe, nice blade, a few chips in edge of blade, end of handle is missing a piece, very good usable condition.
294 Stanley 4-Square oak wall-mounting tool cabinet, has a carrying handle on top, has a few extra holes in from being mounted, no tools included with this one.
295 Stanley #71 Type 11 router plane with throat closing attachment, V-shaped blade, black paint missing from tops of knobs, needs 1/4 & 1/2-inch blades and sliding fence for bottom to complete.
296 Three misc. saws including two wooden framed buck saws, one has been repaired; and a modern metal framed limb or brush saw. 
297 Stanley #71 1/2 Type 5 closed throated router plane, 1/2-inch blade, good knobs, very good usable condition.
298 Tabletop display case with built-in lock and a carrying handle that folds down, we did not get the key with it, and the case is locked. The lid is coming apart at one corner and will need to be glued. Will make a nice display case for your little valuables if you can get a new key for it.
299 Nice wooden frame turning saw from the Bill Baader collection in Springfield Ohio. This one was in a bundle tied with twine, and we put it together to photograph it, the new owner will want to install a new rope at the top, very good overall.
300 Two books: STANLEY TOOLS STOCK BOOK, early and very good. This ledger has descriptions of tools on the left hand with the number of tools printed just to the right. It was likely made for a hardware store to track its inventory, the top of each page is marked Stanley Rule & Level Company, bound to lay flat when opened, has not been used, very good overall. This is the first we have seen of this book produced by or for the Stanley Rule & Level Co. of New Britain, Ct.; plus a reprint of the 1909 PRICE LIST of the WILLIAM MARPLES & SONS LIMITED SHEFFIELD catalog, very good.
301 Two coated prints of Diderot lithographs, both shop some wear and each has two holes in the top for passing a string thru for hanging.
302 Two Holtzapffel turning books: HAND OR SIMPLE TURNING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES by John Jacob Holtzapffel complete and fine with original dust jacket; and The Principles & Practice of Ornamental or Complex TURNING by John Jacob Holtzapffel with 600 Illustrations, complete and fine with original dust jacket.
303 KNIGHTS AMERICAN MECHANICAL DICTIONARY VOL. II, 1875, Illustrated with Upwards of five thousand engravings, hard covered with some wear on the outside of spine, very good covers and inside pages.
304 Three Stanley block planes: H1247, complete and fine; late model #110 with early Rule & Level Co. blade, very good; and a 6-inch with adjustable throat and adjustable blade, has improper lever-cap screw, will clean to very good.
305 Pair of Stanley iron bench planes: #5 jack with good SW-logo blade, has spur broken off of rosewood tote, nice tall knob, small piece broken off from right front corner of side, and lever cap edge is chipped, will make good user; and a #5 1/4 Junior Jack plane in little-if-ever used condition, complete and fine.
306 Stanley #71 open throated router plane, with 1/2-inch blade, two good knobs, intact throat-closer attachment, good nickel plating, will clean to very good overall.
307 Pair of Stanley smooth planes: on left is a DEFIANCE BY STANLEY with nice original tote and knob, a few tiny spots of light rust, will clean to very good; and a Stanley #4C sigh scuffed but intact tote and knob, nickel peeling from lever cap, very good BB-logo blade, very good overall.
308 Three Stanley block planes: #220 that is missing the adjuster screw from the back, otherwise complete and very good; and two #110 models, one with decal on lever cap, both complete and very good overall.
309 Pair of Stanley smooth planes: #4 with nickel plated lever cap, fine BB-logo blade, fine tote and knob, fine overall; and a #3 Type 11 that has tote spur broken off, fine pitting to all exposed surfaces, top of V-logo blade has been hammered on, will make good user.
310 Three Stanley block planes: Two #220 models one with BB-logo blade and one with SW-logo, both very good; and a 6-inch with adjustable throat and screw-adjusting blade, rear of throat chipped, and throat cam missing.
311 Pair of iron bench planes: FULTON 9-inch that needs a chipbreaker to complete; and a Stanley #5 jack that is missing the front tote screw and has had the spur broken off the top of the tote, nice tall rosewood knob, nearly spent iron, will make a good user.
312 Unusual grabber for reaching things off high shelves or to pick things off the ground from a standing position, very good overall.
313 Stanley #5C Type 11 iron smooth plane with nice rosewood tall knob, tote broken in center and needing to be glued, good Q-logo blade, edge of lever cap is chipped, will make good user.
314-348 OPEN
349 Three Wooden Planes in 19th Century America books by Kenneth D. Roberts, on the far left is a Supplement to Vol. 1; to the right if it is Vol. 1 and to right of that is Vol. 2. All are fine with just a few small tears at edges of dust jackets.
351 Two early tool reference books by Kenneth D. Roberts: on the left is PLANEMAKERS AND OTHER EDGE TOOL ENTERPRISES IN NEW YORK STATE IN TRHE NINETEENTH CENTURY by Kenneth D. and Jane W. Roberts, very good, inscribed to Bill & Pat Baader by both authors; and TOOLS FOR THE TRADES AND CRAFTS An Eighteenth Century Pattern Book R. TIMMINS & SONS, BIRMINGHAM, very good with just minor soiling to dust jacket.
352 KNIGHTS AMERICAN MECHANICAL DICTIONARY VOL. I, 1874, Illustrated with Upwards of 5000 illustrations 1/4-inch piece of the cover is torn at top of spine, otherwise book is very good inside and out.
353 SOME 19th CENTURY ENGLISH WOODWORKING TOOLS Edge and Jointer Tools and Bit Braces by Kenneth D. Roberts, inside is a separate catalog of other early tool books and reprints available from the author, complete and very good.
354 Stair Building Simplified, and Made Plain and Easy by William M. Vaughn, William W. Glenn, 1866, worn cover and title page inside is torn and missing the bottom 1/3 of the page, all inside pages have foxing and tide lines from moisture, the binding structure is intact, covers also show staining.
355 Stanley #8C iron jointer plane with one patent date in bed behind frog, nice rosewood tall knob, tote spur MIA, light rust on good SW-logo blade, numerous paint splatters in bed, will clean to very good overall. condition.
356 Early Stanley 30-inch No. 9 Type I mahogany plumb & level with square brass side views, eagle logo, both vials intact, good overall.
357 Stanley #8 24-inch iron jointer plane Type 4 or 5, first lateral, nearly spent iron, lever cap is broken and needs to be replaced, tote spur MIA, knob is split from top to base on one side, very good body and frog.
358 D.M. LYON & CO. 30-inch mahogany plumb & level, both vials intact, big brass side view on one side, has series of Xs or Ws carved into top of stock, good overall.
359 Stanley #30 22-inch prelateral transitional jointer plane with eagle logo and model number stamped into toe, the two screws securing the frog to the stock have damaged tops and should be replaced, good or better overall condition.
360 Stanley #96 Type 6A 30-inch brass-bound plumb & level with brass corners, both vials intact, one end has big chip between the brass corners, good overall.
361 Stanley #7 Type 13 iron jointer plane, very good rosewood tote and knob, very good SW-logo blade, fine overall condition.
362 Stanley 28-inch #10 Type I mahogany plumb & level both vials intact, square brass side views, very good overall.
363 Stanley 26-inch #132 transitional “Liberty Bell” jointer plane with nice eagle logo stamped into toe, complete and very good overall.
364 Stanley 26-inch No. 10 Type 4 plumb & level with model number stamped into laminated stock near brass top plate, decorative brass side views, top plate marked STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. with two patent dates, one big chip from bottom edge, good overall.
365 Scarce 30-inch Stanley #34 transitional jointer plane, this is the longest plane that Stanley offered, this one marked STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. along with model number on toe, has good Q-logo blade, former owners D.D.E. and W.M.T. have stamped their initials numerous times on stock, very good overall.
366 Stanley 26-inch No. 9 Type 4 mahogany carpenter’s plumb & level with decorative brass side views, both vials intact, brass plates on ends of stock, very good overall.
367 Stanley 26-inch No. 33 prelateral transitional jointer plane, eagle logo and model number in toe, very good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, tote spur MIA, good low knob, very good overall.
368 Pair of Stanley 20-inch #29 fore planes: Type 6 with about 1-inch usable length remaining in blade, L. BAILEY 1867 patent date stamped into chipbreaker, good tote and low knob, good or better overall; and a first lateral model with tote spur MIA, good low knob, about 2 inches sawed off the back of the stock, eagle logo and model number stamped into toe.
369 Cochran SPEEDNUT wrench self-tightening nut wrench marked PAT PENDING on handle, will easily clean to very good overall.
370 Six assorted cultivator wrenches: the two on top have little hammer faces; the three below it are marked 1AA; and on bottom is a STANDARD that is pitted.
371 Five little wrenches including a 5/16-inch ARMSTRONG 31-010; a flat steel 5/16 and 9/32; 15A snath wrench; and two unknowns.
372 Three smaller monkey wrenches: 8-inch S.I.S.; BEMIS & CALL railroad marked StLSFRI, all-metal variety; and an unusual COLLINS & CO. wooden handled 8-inch with cracked handle.
373 Lot of five assorted wrenches: four flat steel including three little alligator types.
374 Three 6-inch monkey wrenches: GIRARD wooden handled, very good; CRUSADER with cracked wooden handle; and W&B all-metal, very good.
375 Three 6-inch monkey wrenches: GIRARD wooden handled, very good; CRUSADER with cracked wooden handle; and W&B all-metal, very good.
376 Five automotive socket wrenches: WALDEN WORCESTER 2526 13/16-inch; WALDEN WORCESTER looks like 2418 9/16-inch; WALDEN WORCESTER 1620; WALDEN WORCESTER 3620; and WALDEN WORCESTER 5660.
377 Four automotive wrenches: PIERCE ARROW Billings pliers, very good; PIERCE ARROW double open end marked Fairmount Cleve. on back, very good; and two double open ends by BARCALO BUFFALO; and FORDSON.
378 Four NASH automobile double open ended wrenches.
379 Three misc. wrenches: BONNEY BONALOY B2857 double box end; 61-2383 ratchet wrench; and an unknown ratchet someone has scratched the name FORD into and is marked with a PAT AUG. 1922.
380 Five 6-inch Crescent-type nut wrenches: GERMANY; W. GERMANY (screw frozen); GERMANY BR ZONE; BET R GRIP; and J.P. DANIELSON CO. INC.
382-398 OPEN
399 J.P. COOK DETROIT wooden nosing plane, very good overall.
400 Scarce Hildrith Patent (U.S. No. 99,317) bit brace, complete and intact, in as-found condition, will clean to very good overall condition.
401 Pair of Stanley block planes: #9 1/4 complete and fine; and a #9 1/2 that is missing the adjuster arm that connects to the adjuster screw, good overall.
402 Stanley #3 WWII model 8-inch smooth plane, has the hard rubber adjuster nut, stained hardwood tote and knob, BB-logo blade, very good overall.
403 Stanley #4 iron smooth plane, one of the last U.S.A.-made models with blue japanning, STANLEY in lever cap with yellow background, fine BB-logo blade, fine tote and knob painted black, fine overall.
404 Scarce Stanley #70 slitting gage, complete and fine.
405 Three wooden marking gages: Stanley #71 double beam gage, early and good; Stanley #64 1/2 complete and very good; and a well-worn unknown make with broken off screw and a broken off pencil in one end of beam.
406 Pair of Stanley #62 brass-bound 24-inch boxwood rules, one with STANLEY logo and one with SW, both complete and very good.
407 Stanley #71 double beam marking gage, complete and fine.
408 Stanley #36 1/2 boxwood and brass 2-fold caliper rule, complete and very good.
409 Scarce Stanley #165 marking gage that can be used for flat or curved work, complete and fine.
410 Stanley #62 1/2 brass-bound 24-inch 4-fold boxwood rule, very good.
411 Pair of all-metal marking gages: Stanley #98 double beam with nice nickel plating, one of the round markers is missing from end of one beam, but the screw to secure a new one is present, very good overall; and an unmarked model with 6-inch beam, very good overall.
412 Stanley #36 1/2 boxwood and brass 2-fold caliper rule with SW logo, complete and very good.
413 Unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking & mortise gage, fine overall.
414 Pair of Stanley 2-fold caliper rules: #36 has a few stains on back side otherwise very good; and another that the markings are just about worn off of, good overall.
415 Rare E.W. CARPENTER LANCASTER Pa wooden marking gage, the name is faint, very good overall.
416 Pair of Stanley brass-bound rules: #62 & #62 1/2 both with light wear, the 62 has some light staining, and both are very good.
417 Stanley #64 1/2 marking gage, complete and fine, marked with SW logo near end of beam.
418 Stanley Rule & Level Co. #62 brass-bound 4-fold boxwood and brass rule, very good overall.
419 Rare Stanley #73 boxwood mortise gage, complete and fine.
420 Pair of Stanley 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rules: #65 (not marked Stanley), shows moderate wear, very good; and #65 with moderate to heavy wear, outside markings faint, good overall.
421 Pair of Stanley marking gages: #90 single beam and #91 with japanned body, both complete and very good.
422 Stanley #36 2-fold caliper rule marked STANLEY on one side and having model number on other side, fine overall.
423 Pair of wooden marking gages: 6-inch boxwood or red beech, very good; and a Stanley #? marking and mortise gage, missing the brass rub block under the screw, very good.
424 Pair of 24-inch Stanley SW brass-bound rules: #62 and #62 1/2, both complete and very good.
425 Three pairs of nippers: The 14.5-inch pair on top marked H. WAGNER & G.H. LOWE PAT’D APR 5, 189?, very good; and on bottom a 10-inch pair marked W.H. (Witte Hardware St. Louis) I.X.L., very good
426 Iron tractor seat with number P221 cast into top, has rust on both sides, no chips, cracks or repairs that we can see, will look a lot better after you clean it and power coat or paint it.
427 Pair of McKAIG-HATCH PAT. 1,698,474 chain pliers for changing links in automobile pliers, fine overall condition; and a pair of KRAEUTER 1841-10 pliers with three wire cutters, fine overall.
428 Pair of GARDEN MARK Italian pruning shears; and a grubbing hoe blade that needs a handle.
429 Lot: head of an apple butter stirrer paddle; two incomplete wooden planes; and a wooden saw handle;
430 Lot: 2 rasps; a large NICHOLSON file; and a CRAFTSMAN 1/2 star drill for busting holes in concrete.
431 Unknown make 18-inch bit extension with square shank, very good; and two 18-inch auger bits one with unusual square shank, marked IRWIN; both with intact worm screws, and very good.
432 D.R. BARTON drawknife with 8-inch blade, both handles missing ferrules and cracked; plus a RUTH? specialty screwdriver. If memory serves, this has an automotive application.
433 Planes and plane parts: Stanley block plane with screw-operated blade adjuster, MADE IN USA blade, needs font knob, very good; MILLERS FALLS No. 85 rabbet and fillister plane, needs fence and depth stop; lever cap, front and blade for a fore or jointer plane, lever cap marked 415 on back so it’s likely a Sargent.
434 Two farm wrenches: EMERSON 10-inch, very good; and unknown 8-inch marked 67 or L9, with one square and seven circular openings in the handle, very good.
435 Two little STANDARD cultivator? wrenches, both complete, one has some light pitting.
436 Two different IHC M231 pitman wrenches one with part number in the middle of the handles and the other with part number below jaw, both very good.
437 Two IHC R197, the one on top is pitted; the bottom one is very good.
438 IHC N738 CANADA 5 1/4-inch  L-shaped socket wrench, very good.
439 Three IHC wrenches: Two H523 1/2 (IHC) 6 1/2-inch double open end S-wrenches that were issued with International Harvester Auto wagons, early gas engines, and threshing machines, the bottom with with light pitting, the other very good; plus a IHC HE911, very good.
440 Three IHC wrenches: P890; 1163H with circular IHC logo; & R319 with circular IHC logo, all very good.
441 Nice 12-inch IHC No P1599 implement wrench.
442 Two IHC N271 T-handled farm wrenches, both complete and very good.
443 Three IHC farm wrenches: VAN BRUNT; P890; & IHC H911 with circular IHC logo; all very good.
444 Three wrenches: two IHC G-3170 both with circular IHC logo and very good; plus a pitted FORD 9N17014 that is graduated in inches.
484 Three early Stanley 9 1/2 iron block planes: Type 5 that has a small chip in rear of throat, otherwise complete and very good; ; Type 6 with chip in rear corner of throat, otherwise complete and very good; & Type 9 that has a patch of fine pitting on right side, otherwise complete and very good.
485 Stanley #48 tongue & groove plane, early nickel plated model with ivy cast handle, both blades intact, nice rosewood knob, very good usable condition.
486 Stanley #16 iron block plane with nickel plated cap, complete and very good.
487 Stanley #48 Type I tongue & groove plane, both blades intact, nice rosewood knob, very good usable condition.
488 Two Stanley #17 iron block planes: Type 6 has decent nickel plating with most loss from where the palm of hand would rest, very good; & Type 14, most plating gone from lever cap, complete and very good.
489 Pair of Stanley tongue & groove planes: early #48 with nickel plated cast cap screws, both blades intact, nice rosewood handle, very good overall; and an early japanned #48 with patent date cast into frame, missing front knob and having a chunk missing from the top handle spur.
490 Stanley #19 iron block plane with early knuckle-jointed lever cap, complete and very good.
491 Sandusky No. 146, 1 1/8-inch wooden rabbet plane, two of wedges bruised, still in usable condition.
492 Mystery tool with ball bearings inside that allow the round top to spin, the round wooden top has an iron ring around the top, and the square base both has cast iron around the base, there is a round metal shaft coming out of the top that spins on what feels like ball bearings, very unusual.
493 Lot of Stanley plane parts: fence for Type I Stanley #45 complete with brass screws, very good; long and short threaded rods for early 45 or 46 plane, both very good; fence for #78 with flat knurled screw; and an early japanned beading stop for #45 or #55 plane, very good.
494 Yankee No. 2101A, 10-inch ratchet brace, handle has something white on it that comes off easily with a fingernail, fine overall.
495 Rare RUGAR CORP #1010 ratchet brace, the selector switch for changing the direction of the ratcheting is missing, but the rest of the brace is fine.
496 Unusual Rowland Patent (U.S. No. 396,600) circular glass cutter made of brass, made on a patent issued Jan. 22, 1889 to Alexander McL. Rowland of Brooklyn, New York and assigned to Richard N. Oakman, Jr. of Greenfield and Warren P. Dustin of Turner’s Falls, Massachusetts, this one is complete and very good.
497 HORACE E. BRITTON STOUGHTON, MASS SOLE MFR. tool handle with nearly full set (missing one) of tools inside chuck shell, fine overall.
498 Unusual steel plumb bob with brass top that has an internal reel, has screw on side to reel in the string, this is the second time we’ve sold this particular one.
499 Four leather tools including a 3/4-inch pinking iron; MOODY’S PAT. (U.S. No. 226,622) tracing wheel made on a patent issued APL 20, ’00 to Daniel W. Moodey of San Francisco, CA, and manufactured by J.C. HANOVER CIN’T O; C.S. Osborne plier-like pincher or hole starter; etc. All very good.
500 RARE W.H. ADAMS Patent (U.S. No. 841,758) combination ratcheting breast and chain drill. This drill is very similar the McClellan Patnet Universal Drills (U.S. Nos. 661,418) except that this one does not have the tilting chuck, and the chain tensioner is operated by rotating the breast plate. This one is fitted with a Millers Falls chuck and not the chuck spelled out in the patent. We own a McClellan Universal drill that is marked A.M. CO. which could mean there was a one-time association of Adams & McClellan. Only the 3rd such drill that we are aware of.
501 Stanley No. 442 saw set like new in original pasteboard box with fine label, instruction pamphlet.
502 Stanley bitstock countersink with nice nickel plating, very good overall.
503 OHIO TOOL CO. spokeshave with open loop handles and having an unusual blade-holding clamp, nice globe logo on blade, fine overall.
504 Nice little Millers Falls? jewelers hand drill, comes with one bit, fine overall.
505 Millers Falls? auger bit depth stop in fine overall condition with one auger bit.
506 Stanley 30-inch No. 50 double plumb & level with large brass plumb vial covers, stock scuffed but in very good overall condition.
507 Stanley 24-inch #8 Type 8 iron jointer plane, good V-logo blade, a few chips at leading edge of lever cap, very good overall.
508 Stanley 28-inch No. 13 double plumb & level, V-logo on top plate, all three vials intact, very good overall.
509 Stanley 28-inch No. 33 Type 6 prelateral transitional jointer plane, Rule & Level Co. blade, eagle logo and model number stamped into toe, very good overall.
510 Pair of Stanley levels: No. 30 double plumb and level with big brass plumb vial covers, the level vial is MIA, brass top plate stamped with V logo and four patent dates; and a slightly earlier No. 30 with all three vials intact, good overall.
511 Pair of Stanley bench planes: 18-inch #6 Type 16 iron fore plane, badly rusted blade and chipbreaker, good tall knob and decent tote, will new blade and chipbreaker it will make a great user; and an 18-inch No. 28 prelateral transitional fore plane with eagle and model number stamped into toe, tote spur MIA, good knob, blade is missing a huge chunk at the business end, and will need to be replaced.
512 Early Stanley No. 10 Type I plumb & level with eagle stamped into top plate, mahogany stock has numerous nicks and dings, square brass side views, both vials intact, good overall.
513 Pair of Stanley bench planes: #6C Type 9 or 10, good rosewood low knob, tote broken in center and needing to be glued; blade marked STANLEY only, has light to moderate rust, will clean to good usable condition; and a #5 Type 4 with a chip from the right side at toe, tote broken at base, good beaded low knob, good SW blade, BAILEY patent date on chipbreaker, light rust to most exposed surfaces, will clean to good or better overall.
514 Stanley 26-inch No. 13 double plumb & level, all three vials intact, has letter K scratched into one side of stock, very good overall.
515 Keen Kutter (Stanley) K4 1/2C wide body smooth plane, made on early BEDROCK-type frame, nice rosewood tote and low knob, very good E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER blade, with light cleaning will be fine.
516 Large poplar-wood shipping crate with lid, made with screws and is quite sturdy.
517 Stanley #7 Type 4 prelateral iron jointer plane, nice beaded knob, tote spur MIA, has small hang hole in rear of bed, very good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall.
518 Large poplar-wood shipping crate with lid, made with screws and quite sturdy.
519 Stanley #6C Type 11 with very good T-logo blade, nice rosewood low knob and nice rosewood tote, will easily clean to fine overall condition.
520 Three Stanley wooden levels: 26-inch No. 10 Type 6, both vials intact, one of the brass end plates is loose but is rubber banded to the stock; 24-inch No. 0 with numerous cracks in the stock, both vials intact, one of the plumb vial covers is MIA, you can cover it with a penny; 22-inch No. 00, well worn, plumb vial opening on top edge is filled with lead, dry plumb vial, good overall.
521 Stanley #6 Type 2 iron fore plane, solid brass adjuster nut, patent date on blade, early-style rosewood tote broken at base and missing spur, good beaded knob, solid lever cap marked 7 on reverse, very good overall.
522 Three wooden levels: 18-inch Stanley No. 00, plumb vial dry, SW logo on top plate, very good overall; 18-inch Henry Disston & Sons No. 95, both vials intact, plumb vial cover on bottom of stock needs plug, good overall; and a Stanley No. 257 plumb & level for tool boxes, both vials intact, hang hole near end of stock.
523 Pair of 14-inch iron jack planes: Stanley #5C with two patent dates in bed, very good V-logo blade, tote spur MIA, good low knob, lateral lever MIA, and lever cap is from a transitional plane, a good user; and a DEFIANCE by Stanley (marked on side of tote) with blade adjuster, very good overall.
524 Stanley No. 71 Type 10 router plane that is missing the throat closing attachment, comes with a 1/2-inch blade, good handles, very good overall.
525 Stanley #4 1/2C wide body smooth plane, very good blade marked STANLEY only, two patent dates in bed behind frog, good low knob, tote broken in center and glued, very good overall.
526 Stanley #71 Type 2 closed throated router plane, has MARCH 4, 1884 patent date cast in bed around the opening; comes with 1/2-inch blade, very good handles, very good overall.
527 Two 9-inch Stanley smooth planes: HANDYMAN H1104, most paint missing from wooden handles, very good original blade, will clean to very good overall; and a #4 Type 4 prelateral with fine beaded knob, nice rosewood tote, later SW-logo blade, very good overall.
528 Stanley 9-inch cast iron double plumb & level, missing the level vial and housing, both plumb vials intact, good overall; plus a Stanley #71 1/2 closed throated router plane, very good overall.
529 Stanley #3C smooth plane, very good tote and knob, Type 16 or 17, very good blade, will easily clean to fine overall condition.
530 Pair of Stanley transitional smooth planes: #36 Type 8 and #35 Type 13, both are complete and will clean to very good overall.
531 Stanley #5 Type 16/17 iron jack plane, fine tote and tall knob, very good BB-logo blade, will easily clean to fine overall.
532 Three Stanley transitional smooth planes: well-worn #25 Type 15/16; another #25 Type 15 that is missing the lever cap and has some rot on the top left side of stock; and a #24 Type 10, complete and very good.
533 Stanley #5 Type 11 iron jack plane, very good V-logo blade, nice low knob, top of tote spur is chipped, will easily clean to very good overall condition.
534 Three Stanley 9-inch smooth planes: #4 Type 11, complete with nice rosewood low knob and tote, very good; #4 Type 11 with broken lever cap, nice tall knob and very good tote; and a #4 Type 13 with scuffed tall knob, tote broken and missing spur, will clean to very good usable condition.
535 Stanley #4 Type 10? with fine rosewood tote and low knob, very good Q-logo blade, with light cleaning will be fine overall.
536 Pair of Stanley iron smooth planes: #4 Type 4 prelateral, tote broken in center and glued, good low knob, V-logo blade, very good overall; and a #4C Type 10, tote broken and glued near the base, good low knob, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
537 Nice Stanley #35 prelateral transitional smooth plane with solid lever cap and solid brass adjuster nut, fine blade and chipbreaker both having L. BAILEY patent dates; fine beaded knob, and unusual base on early-style beech tote, fine overall.
538 ROCKFORD TOOL CO. R3 smooth plane with LAKESIDE (Montgomery Wards) blade, complete and very good.
539 OPEN
540 Wooden 54-inch vise or fixture for making wooden handles, has numerous bug holes, very good overall. Ex Bill Baader collection Springfield, Ohio.
541 Wooden 56-inch furniture clamp that incorporates a wooden bench screw, very good. Ex Bill Baader collection Springfield, Ohio.
542 Wooden 74-inch furniture clamp with wooden screw, very good overall. Ex Bill Baader collection Springfield, Ohio.
543 Large and primitive 64-inch log roller with forged hook, very good overall. Ex Bill Baader collection Springfield, Ohio.
544-557 OPEN
558 Good 60-inch 2-man crosscut saw.
559 Two buck saws: the one on the left is marked S.H. CO. GIANT, very good; and one on the right has a crude repair.
560-569 OPEN
570 Five automotive socket wrenches: the top one is a FORD; the next three are WALDEN WORCESTER TOMAHAWK.
571 Bemis & Call 15-inch combination pipe and nut wrench, the nut at the bottom of the handle is not original, very good overall.
572 Seven automotive socket wrenches; three marked Blackhawk.
573 Four T-handled simple socket wrenches.
574 Two pair of pliers; and a singled ended box with brass handle.
575 Four wrenches: two double open end; a combination drain plug wrench and screwdriver; and a single ended hex box.
576 Lot: Two simple socket sets, the one in the center is metric, and the one on top has light rust; plus a ratchet with removable hex socket driver and mangled screwdriver bit.
577 Two farm or implement wrenches: DEERING with moderate to severe pitting on both sides; and one with 196 in handle, very good.
578 Four pair of slip-joint pliers including pairs marked BOKER U.S.A. 5041-8; and UTICA TOOLS 511-6, all are very good.
579 Three wrenches: buggy wrench; Vandegrift Patent adjustable nut wrench with loop handle; and a small wagon-axle wrench. The Vandegrift works but the nut threads are worn in the nut, so it is a bit sloppy.
580 Unusual Lord Patent (U.S. No. 666,202) ratchet wrench marked BAY STATE on one side and having the patent date on the other. At 11 inches long, it is the largest of this type BAY STATE ratchet that we have seen, very good.
581 Four buggy wrenches, the 7220 Eberhard in red paint at the bottom has a slight bent in the box end; the others are good or better.
582 Two wrenches: BUZZELL PAT. (U.S. No. 183,901) adjustable basin wrench made on a patent issued Oct. 31, 1876 to George H. Buzzell of Boston Mass, very good overall; and an unknown-make open end.
583 Two different FORD lug wrenches each with the FORD name in script lettering, one has part number T9693, both very good.
584 Four open ended wrenches. From top down are a 7350C with that has a letter P inside a circle, very good; CASE 888C, light pitting; SHELLEY marked 5/16 & 3/8; and the bottom one is marked 3/8 & 7/16.
585 Eleven pocket tool catalogs, pamphlets, and price guides: LEONARD BAILEY VICTOR; UNION IRON AND WOOD PLANES; Stanley #444 plane user’s pamphlet; DEFIANCE BENCH PLANE; DAVIS LEVEL & TOOL CO.; BAILEY’S PATENT BENCH PLANES; H.S. BARTHOLOMEW Breast Drills, Braces etc.; BAILEY’S PATENT BENCH PLANES; THE FOSS PATENT ADJUSTABLE IRON PLANES; RESEARCHING NINETEENTH CENTURY UNITED STATES PATENTS by Jane W. Roberts; and a 1989 pocket price guide for Boxwood & Ivory Stanley Rules by John Walter and published by The Tool Merchant.
586 Four reproduced Siegley plane pamphlets in a reproduced Siegley envelope, printed by the late Tom Lamond.
587 Five small pocket books: Two Scribner’s Lumber and Log Books, the intact on the top left is dated 1882 on the cover; the one with the detached covers is dated 1893; The National Hardwood Lumber Association Rules October 1924; CHAMBERS & McKEE GLASS CO. Official PRICE LIST May 1, 1895, JEANNETTE, PA; and a HARTZELL INDUSTRIES, INC. PIQUA OHIO pocket book of lined paper.
588 Small circa 1914 Disston pocket Saw Catalog with the additional imprint of dealer OSCAR GOVE, HAVERHILL, MASS, complete and very good; plus a 1989 Stanley Rule Price Guide by John Walter and printed by The Tool Merchant, fine.
589 Two Books: THE IRWIN AUGER BIT COMPANY No. 9 WILMINGTON, OHIO catalog; the cover has separated from the three staples that secured it to the inside which is intact and very good; plus a history of THE STANLEY WORKS A 125 YEAR BEGINNING compiled by the Newcomen Society in North America and presented August 16, 1968 at the National Meeting of the Newcomen Society held at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut, very good.
590 Tool related publications: HOPPUS’S MEASURER a series of tables of ready reference for the timber and allied trades including decimal calculations, cover detached; plus a Ropp's CALCULATOR FOR THE POCKET: a commercial calculator and short-cut arithmetic, containing a new, complete and comprehensive system of useful, convenient and labor-saving tables for Cotton, Coal, Lumber, Produce, Feed, Etc. inside the pocket of the Ropp’s Calculator are a number of items including a WWII era postcard with a racist INDIAN vs. OIL tome on one side; a postcard from Stanley Tool with instructions to measure the bevel of a plane blade; instructions for checkering gun grips, etc.
591 Stanley No. 919 10-inch ratchet brace, just a dusting of light surface rust on the chuck shell, very good cocobolo handles, will easily clean to fine overall condition.
592 Nice 7-inch wooden boattail smooth plane with W. BUTCHER blade, with nice carved throat, very good overall.
593 Fine FULTON SPECIAL 10-inch ratchet brace, beautiful cocobolo handles, just a dusting of surface rust on the chuck shell, will easily clean to fine overall.
594 GLIDDEN EXETER 7-inch forkstaff plane, complete and very good.
595 Lot: Two keyhole saws including one with a Disston? keystone medallion, has small chip from base of handle; another with a COLUMBIA WARRANTED medallion, very good; two spare blades; and a riveting hammer.
596 Lot: 16-inch bitstock drill bit extender; and three assorted extra-long auger bits.
597 WETZLER CLAMP CO. HEAVY DUTY steel furniture bar clamp.
598 Lot: HELLER BROS nippers, the tack lifter at end of handle has piece broken off one side, nippers themselves are fine; coping saw frame; and three wooden handled screwdrivers with brass ferrules; two are marked WINCHESTER one with taped handle and other with beat up end of handle.
599 Five assorted wrenches: 13/16 to 1 1/4-inch HEAVY DUTY, very good; 3/8 & 13/16-inch double ended Multi Wrench, very good; CRAFTSMAN 5/8 & 3/4-inch open end, very good; and two SNAP-0N offset box wrenches XS-1618 & XS-2424, both fine.
600 Lot: Sands Detroit wooden plumb & level, good overall; 18-inch genuine WALWORTH STLLSON adjustable pipe wrench, very good; PEXTO 10-inch adjustable Stillson-type pipe wrench, with cracks in wooden handle; and a W&B 8-inch Railroad Special monkey wrench, slightly bent bar, very good overa
601 Circa 1965 BERNZ O MATIC TX888 torch kit IOB, comes with original instruction booklet and appears to be complete, fine overall condition.
602 Lot five assorted wrenches including 9-inch and 11-inch adjustable auto wrenches; and three open enders; the largest by Billings & Spencer; another by BONNEY, all very good.
603 Outers .22 Rifle Cleaning Kit No. 477 in tin box, mostly complete but you’ll need some patches and a patch-holding tip.
604 Lot: Genuine VISE-GRIP 7-inch, very good; 9-inch SUR-GRIP ROCKFORD ILL Vise-Grip-type wrench, good; MUSTANG ratchet featuring two Kilness Patents one issued April 25, 1961 to Luther E. Kilness of Buffalo Gap, South Dakota and assigned to The New Britain Machine Co., the other patent issued May 29, 1951 when Kilness was living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; a CORNWELL 9SR-50 ratchet; and a 3/4-inch S-K 40824 deep socket.
605 Lot: Two cigar boxes full of brads, finish nails, numerous pill bottles containing small nuts and bolts, wire nuts, washers, and other useful stuff for your shop.
606 Lot: one pair of 6-inch pliers and seven double open ended nut wrenches; including FORD; KRAEUTER; WHITAKER CHICAGO; BILLINGS 1113; WILLIAMS 723A; etc.
607 Lot: keyhole saw; several files and rasps; W.H. MORLEY & SONS GERMANY scissors; five cold chisels; spanner wrench; packing puller, and box of 1/2-inch staples.
608 Three wrenches: Unusual Caterpillar 7B8975 wrench and scraper combination tool (Caterpillar Tractor Company Peoria, Illinois) 11 3/4 inches long, nicely marked; 14-inch Stillson-type pipe wrench with slightly bent handle; and a 15-inch double open ended wrench, some rust.
609-623 OPEN
624 Lot of parts for Stanley #55 Universal plow plane: both handles including the adjustable one with locking screw, both very good; sliding section; part of another sliding section; a broken #45 fence; a foot or shoe for an auxiliary tower; and a rosewood wear strip.
625 Pair of Stanley router planes: on top is a #71 Type 2 close throated model with a 1/2-inch blade, good knobs, very good overall; and on bottom is a #71 Type 4 open throated model with the throat closing attachment, great nickel plating, and very good knobs, there are no blades for this one.
626 Unknown make builder’s level or surveying instrument in a lockable oak box, we do not have the key, but there is an instrument in the box, but we cannot guarantee what make or model it is.
627 Lot: Stanley #5C Type 8 or 9 that just needs a tote to complete; Stanley #4C with left side blown out, and has brazed repair at throat on right side; Sargent VBM scraper (similar to Stanley #12) missing the screw that secures the blade, the wooden bottom is a replacement; #3 Type 9 or 10 body and frog only, rust and paint splatters, will clean to usable condition; and a #5 Type 5 that has the first-type lateral lever, tote spur MIA, good low knob, just add blade and lever cap and it will be ready to go.
628 Stanley #26-type transitional jack plane, has twisted lateral, tote spur broken off, the blade is lightly pitted, appears to be marked CRESCENT TOOL CO. NEW YORK, good overall.
629 Three wooden molding planes: one D.R. BARTON hollow complete and very good; and two JOHN VEIT Phila hollow planes that are missing their wedges and irons, very good stocks.
630 Large pair of 15-inch steel dividers that has one leg broken off about 1-inch from end, and the other leg has a built-in clamp for carpenter pencils; plus a homemade wooden scraper.
631 Lot: six pair of dividers including two No. 92 L.S. Starrett with removable points one marked PAT APPL’D FOR; 6-inch PEXTO dividers; two calipers and a pencil holder for a divider.
632 Lot: Whale No. 27 hack saw by Forsberg Mfg.; two gimlet bits; 90 degree attachment for electric drills; scale pan, broken plane tote and chip breaker.
633 Lot of plane parts: two sliding sections for Stanley #45 planes compelte with screws and nickers; four bench plane blades including a tapered KEEN KUTTER on far right.
634 Lot: steel draw bore pin?; new old stock auxiliary handle for 1 or 2-man crosscut saws; screwdriver set by G.M. CO. LIC (Long Island City) NY, in original plastic pouch, very good; crank arm for geared drill; and four drafting tools.
635 Lot: carriage bolt; two square shanked auger bits; hose clamp; 5/16-inch mortising machine bit marked J.A. FAY & CO., and a band saw blade with old store tag HAWK BRAND BLISH, MIZE & SILLIMAN HDWE. CO. ATCHISON, KANSAS.
636 Pair of automobile wrenches: one open end that is marked TAPPET ADJUSTING WRENCH SCREW AND NUT; the other has a hex box and an offset open end, both are very good.
637 ot: Like new Stanley HANDYMAN blade and chip breaker for bench plane; four chip breakers; and a SARGENT lever cap, all very good.
638 Lot: Scarce blade for Stanley 171 door router plane, very good; Sargent blade for small pressed steel block plane; and clamp for Stanley #71 or #71 1/2 router plane, all very good.
639 Stanley #64? spokeshave with great japanning and very good Rule & Level Co. blade, very good overall.
640 Lot: Five blades for Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, some with ultra fine pitting; and seven full length Stanley #45 plow blades or irons all with the notch at the top for an adjuster.
641 Lot of early Stanley block plane parts.
642 Lot of four cold chisels, the longest is a PROTO 86A 3/4X12 with 7/8-inch cut, very good.
643 Two early Stanley #78 rabbet and fillister planes, one has had the boss for the fence rode broken out on the left side but is otherwise complete and very good;
644 Seven Stanley block planes for parts or restoration: #18 Type 5 or 6 with right side broken out and missing front knob; #9 1/2 Type 9 Excelsior body with knob, needs blade and lever cap; #18 Type 4 with knuckle jointed cap, Excelsior body with handi grips on sides, complete; #9 1/2 Type 5 with Excelsior body that has been brazed or welded at sides; good L.BAILEY PAT. blade; #9 1/2 Type 19 needs lever cap; #9 1/2 Type 9 with chipped lever cap and chunk out of right side of Excelsior body; and a #9 1/2 Type 9, very good.
645 Four iron planes for parts or restoration: Stanley #3 iron smooth plane, complete and usable, has small chunk of main casting broken out on front left side; early Stanley #191 rabbet plane that has been dropped and had the front piece broken off, can be used as a chisel plane if you add a blade and cap; Stanley-made Keen Kutter K130 double ended block plane (same as Stanley #130 that has the nose broken off from the bullnose side, good cap, blade and knob, can use as is; and a Stanley #80 body only that is very good.
646 Three Stanley planes: #78 duplex or rabbet & fillister plane with intact fence and fence rod, the screw securing the fence is improper, good SW-logo blade, will make great user; #3 smooth plane with nickel plated cap that has the Stanley name with orange background, side of frog are orange, fine rosewood tote and knob, very good SW-logo blade, left side brazed at throat, will make good user; and a #71 open-throated router plane with four holes drill in bed to attach wooden base, good 1/2-inch blade, two good knobs, will make good user.
647 Lot of five iron block plane bodies; and two #78-type duplex plane bodies. One of the 78 bodies has a broken bullnose, the other is very good, and both have the thumb operated blade adjusting lever.
648 Lot of nine assorted cold chisels, punches, etc. All have light to moderate rust and will need cleaning.
649 Lot of 15 assorted wrenches: twelve open ended; a pair of pliers and two single open ends. All have some light rust and will need cleaning.
650 Lot: 10-inch ratchet brace; 13 assorted square-shanked auger bits; eight square-shanked gimlet bits; two screwdriver bits; countersink, twist drills, etc.
651 Lot of misc. tools that were found in an old tool box: two ball peen hammers; several hack saw blades; wooden handled Winchester? screwdriver; SARGENT & CO. leather hole punch; tin box that once held a push drill; several wrenches and sockets, two 1 3/4 x 4 7/8-inch thick copper plates, etc.