Pleasant Hill Shaker Village Antique Tool Auction

Inside the Meadow View Barn


May 20, 2016

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village (Inside Meadow View Barn)
3501 Lexington Rd.
Harrodsburg, KY 40330

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Lot Number Description
1 Wooden spill plane, very good.
2 Early T-handled auger with blacksmith made gimlet bit, numerous bug holes and cracks in wooden handle.
3 Unknown purpose heavy duty float with wooden handle and forged iron ring around the bottom of the wooden handle likely used to clean out large mortises where a tight fit was required.
4 Early Continental 5-inch wood plane with carved throat and decorated wedge, dated 1857 on left side, sole radiused from side to side, very good overall.
5 Unusual wooden linen press 28 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 2 1/2, very good overall.
6 Unusual 20-inch tongue cutting plane with fence that is secured by thumb screws from the top, very good overall.
7 Nice wooden log caliper 30 1/2-inches long overall with iron finger hold to open with, nice legible tables on side, very good overall.
8 Wooden framed turning saw with 19 1/2-inch blade, the outside handles are mahogany? but the stretcher looks like beech?, steel rod tensioner, very good overall.
9 Rosewood spokeshave with brass blade-adjuster screws, very good overall.
10 Brass squirrel tailed block plane similar to Stanley #100 1/2
12 Early 5 1/2-inch wooden plane with radiused sole, single iron, throat patched, good overall.
13 Brass and wood carving vise? with brass adjuster screw, very good overall.
14 Rosewood toothing plane, complete and fine.
15 Large 20-inch W. ASH & CO. try square with rosewood and brass handle,
16 Large homemade wooden brace 22 inches top to bottom, comes with one spoon bit.
17 Set of RUSSELL JENNINGS auger bits in a wooden 3-tiered box with intact label, very good overall.
18 Massive wooden screw box that puts threads on a 2-inch dowel, held together with wedge locks, very good overall.
19 Unusual tamboured bit box that originally housed a set of early IRWIN auger bits, but now houses a later set, the cord that holds the thing together is broken at the first piece which results in a gap when the box is closed.
20 Blacksmith made Whimble-sytle bit brace, chuck has a screw on side to secure bit, very good.
21 Unusual iron raft dog used to assemble log rafts, very good.
22 Early pair of dividers, each leg measures 17 inches, the wing is looser and needs to be re-peened.
23 Lot: T-handled wood tap, very good; T-handled gimlet bit, very good; wooden chalk line spool; and a combination caliper and divider, very good.
24 Lot: small tinner’s hammer, faint mark; one-handed scorp-type tool, very good; grafting froe; and a Wright Patent (U.S. No. 303,478) rosewood tool handle full of bits, complete and fine.
25 Three saws: 12-inch dovetail saw, unmarked, good; and two small keyhole saws with wooden handles.
26 Three floats; two appear to be tooth or shoe-peg floats; the third is a planemaker-type float made from a square rasp, fine.
27 Cinch pin hammer that the tag says was used on Conestoga wagons, pitted.
28 Lot: H. DISSTON & SONS Conqueror saw swage; unmarked swage; saw sharpening spider; adjustable bitstock washer cutter; two pinch dogs; Morrill Patent (U.S. No. 354,167) saw set; and two small bolt and nail headers.
29 Fine 5 1/2-inch wooden horn plane with carved throat and prow handle, very good overall.
30 Pair of button hooks one with mother-of-pearl-type panels on top and bottom of plastic handle; the other a folding shoe button hook with shoe horn by the E.T. GILBERT MFG. CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. also marked Milady’s Shoe Horn PATENT PENDING, very good.
31 Scarce Chapin-Stephens marked wooden horn plane, has a copper plate covering the part of the sole ahead of the throat, top of wedge bruised, good overall.
32 White 6-inch folding rule with small penknife blade that folds out of one of the legs, the tag that was on it said “found in London,” very good overall.
33 Unusual presentation steel thimble in a small fitted wooden box with hinged lid, inscribed as presented in 1902, very good decorative thimble and very nice little box too.
34 Stanley No. 122 “Liberty Bell” smooth plane, STANLEY blade, fine overall.
35 Lot of 20 mostly ADDIS carving tools: 14 S.J. ADDIS gouges; two J.B. ADDIS PRIZE MEDALS bent gouge; two S.J. ADDIS WORSHIP STREET FINSBURY bent gouges; and two unmarked. One needs handle reattached, the others are all fine.
36 Nice bow drill with bow marked ROULEAU, drill portion has brass flywheel and brass.
37 Archimedes drill with folding lever, very good.
38 Nice wooden buggy jack, measures just over 24 inches tall and just over 39-inches long overall, very good.
39 Box of 21 pairs of hand threading tools plus 11 assorted individual hand threaders, purchased in England, has note inside lid “Hand held threading tools purchased by Bruce Knight from a craftsman in England who worked in ivory. He was 84 years old when he quit working & sold them to Bruce Knight from who I purchased them…” Several are marked with Sheffield maker’s marks. All are inside an Enoch Morgan's Sons: Sapolio soap wooden box with hinged lid.
40 Stanley No. 42 ships bevel, former owner ROL has stamped his initials into rule twice on each side, very good overall.
41 Unknown make No. 18 2-foot, 2-fold boxwood rule with brass trim, indexing pin holes are worn thru on one side, good overall.
42 Ebony and brass ships bevel, no maker’s mark visible, has a few chips, very good overall.
43 Stanley Rule & Level Co. No. 26 2-foot 2-fold boxwood rule with brass slide, very good.
44 Stanley No. 94 brass-bound 4-foot 4-fold carriage maker’s rule with SW logo, complete and very good.
45 Four 2-foot 4-fold rules: newer Stanley No. 163, complete and fine; Stanley No. 62 1/2 brass-bound, dirty, good overall; Stanley 62 1/2 with SW logo, very good; and a Stanley #62 complete and very good.
46 Three 1-foot 4-fold boxwood rules: Stanley (faint mark) No. 3 caliper rule, good overall; Stanley #64, complete and fine; and Stanley #65 complete and very good.
47 Two Stanley caliper rules: #136 1/2 complete and very good; and #136, complete and very good.
48 Stanley #36 1/2 caliper rule with SW logo, complete and very good.
49 Three small boxwood rules: unknown make No. 57 1-foot 4-fold brass-bound rule, good; Stanley No. 36 caliper rule with SW logo, fine; and Stanley No. 69 1-foot 4-fold with one edge chip, otherwise, fine.
50 SPIERS AYR steel miter plane 10 1/2-inches long overall with gunmetal lever cap and rosewood stuffing, WARD snecked iron is pitted, steel sides and sole also have moderate pitting, can be restored to usable condition.
51 Nice ebony shipwright's jointer, complete with MOULSON BROS blade and cap iron, very good.
52 Unknown make 8-inch infill smooth plane, has some damage to the casting on the heel where it was likely struck to release the wedge, bun is loose too, will need some rehab work.
53 Unusual 10-inch ebony & brass spirit level by JOHN OSBORNE CHATHAM, fine overall.
54 Unknown make 5-inch brass or gunmetal thumb plane with captive lever cap, blade marked W. SMORT ESSEX RD N
55 Little 3 1/2-inch bullnose rabbet plane with rosewood stuffing and wedge, owners name struck four or five times, very good overall.
56 Unknown make 1 1/2-inch rosewood-stuffed steel shoulder plane, iron has 1/4-in. useable length, very good.
57 Unmarked Stanley #85 rosewood and brass panel gage with brass screw, rub block and wear strip, fine overall.
58 J. Dixon leather skiver of splitter, appears to be complete and in very good overall condition.
59 Stanley #2C smooth plane with SW-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and knob, very good overall.
60 Marbles No. 5 safety axe hatchet with folding blade guard, patented May 24, 1898, complete and fine.
61 Small sad iron with quick-release handle, has owner-added spring to keep the handle latch closed, very good overall.
62 Unusual carved wooden spoon, very unusual.
63 Unmarked Stanley marking and mortise gage, missing the brass rub block that keeps the screw from marring the beam, very good overall.
64 Wooden rolling pin, very good overall; and a wooden potato masher or pusher to push meat or other food into a food chopper.
65 Tin candle mold that will make 12 candles at a time, has a twist in the body that keeps it from standing up straight, good overall.
  Lots 67-74 are donated with the proceeds going to the EAIA Endowment Fund:
66 Unusual little wooden plane that is radiused from side to side and has a built-in fence,
67 Stanley MARSH miter vise, very good overall.
68 Pair of Stanley wood levels: 28-inch No. 0; and 24-inch No. 00, both have intact vials, the No. 0 has a big hang hole at one end, both are very good.
69 Starrett 24-inch cast iron shaft level, all three vials intact, very good overall.
70 Long 28-inch T-auger, very good overall.
71 Pair of handsaws: Bishop 26-inch 5 1/2ppi rip saw, very good; and an unknown 26 1/2-inch crosscut saw, good overall.
72 Stanley #60 dowel jig, complete and very good; plus a depth stop for auger bits, very good.
73 Three pair of dividers, one has locking screw broken off, and a small pair of inside calipers.
74 Coes 6 1/2-inch monkey wrench, complete and fine.
75 Walker Patent (May 10, 1885) plow plane with set of 15 expertly reproduced blades in oak box with reproduced paper label made by Norm Milsson of Franklin, PA. The letter from Norm says "The blades are copy of an original set in my collection." Plane itself has a few screws and nuts replaced, but is very good overall with legible makers name and patent date, very good overall.
76 Unusual "Ultimatum-style" marking and mortise gage with rosewood and brass body and head, round brass wear plate, faint Sheffield Maker's mark, very good.
77 Ashton & Jackson Sheffield plated wood brace, complete and very good.
78 Nice 1 5/8-inch rosewood stuffed brass shoulder plane, has what may be a maker's mark on heel, but has been wiped out by repeated mallet strikes, very nice overall.
79 Early Stanley #72 chamfer plane with Patent Date on lightly pitted blade, nice early-style rosewood tote and beaded knob, very good overall.
80 Fine unmarked rosewood slitting gage, identical to those by Thomas Rice patented September 9, 1873, this one needs brass rub block under screw to keep from further marring of beam, very good overall.
81 Stanley #8C iron jointer plane in original pasteboard box, has hard rubber adjuster nut that indicates it was made during WWII, fine BB logo blade, fine tote and knob, a new or nearly new plane in a very good box.
82 Stanley #248A Weather strip Plane in tatty box, seven BB-logo blades, has arms, pre-stops; and original and reproduction pamphlets. The plane is complete and very good to fine, the box is torn at corners and needs to be rebuilt.
83 Stanley #386 jointer gage for iron planes in what appears to be the original box, there is no label with the box, fine nickel plating, SW logo on bracket, fine rosewood knob, original instruction sheet in plastic sleeve.
84 Stanley #4 iron smooth plane in original pasteboard box, with fine rosewood tote and tall knob, fine BB-logo blade, a fine to near new plane in a very good box with intact label.
85 Scarce Stanley BEDROCK 604C smooth plane in original pasteboard box with some water staining to the outside, good intact label, decal still on side of fine rosewood tote, fine knob, BB-logo blade, fine overall plane in a good to very good box.
86 Stanley #80M (malleable) scraper in original pasteboard box with partial red label, scraper is fine with about 60 percent of the original yellow decal, has rust on bottom, will clean to very good overall.
87 Atkins #50 coping saw in original box with intact label, comes with one extra blade, fine overall.
88 Montgomery Ward adjustable hollow auger, complete and near new in original box with intact label. There is some moderate shelf wear to the box but the tools is fine.
  Lots 89-99 are donated with the proceeds going to the EAIA Endowment Fund:
89 Stearns adjustable hollow auger, missing the depth stop, good overall.
90 Three hammers: SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. cobbler’s hammer; another cobbler-type hammer with long single claw in back; and hammer head from the 1997 MWTCA meeting in Peoria, Illinois. This one did not come with a handle.
91 Stanley #40 scrub plane with V-logo blade, complete and very good; plus an IVES PATENT (May 23, 1871) bung borer, needs wooden handle.
92 Stanley #9 1/4 iron block plane in original box, complete and fine.
93 Stanley #18 iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good overall.
94 Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, SW-logo blade, very good overall.
95 Lot of saw sharpening tools: bench mounting saw vise, very good; three saw file holders; and four different saw sets. Eight items in all.
96 Stanley #45 SW model with long and short rods; cam, beading stop, all three depth stops, even the locking screw for adjustable fence and slitter are present; all comes with two original cutter boxes full of very good blades including the beading; plow; match and sash blades, a fine plane in an owner-made wooden box.
97 Stanley Handyman miter box with a BUCK 12-inch backsaw, very good overall.
98 Rear handle for a Stanley #9 3/4 iron block plane, iron portion has been repainted, very good overall.
99 Three assorted sharpening stones, all appear to be in very good overall condition.
100 CASEY & CO. AUBURN NY ivory-tipped rosewood plow plane, complete and fine. Highly recommended.
101 MATHIESON EDINBURGH wedge-arm fillister plane with screw-operated stop, numerous bug holes, good overall.
102 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 104 handled boxwood plow with 8 original OHIO TOOL blades, complete and fine.
103 J. GIBSON ALBANY (INDIANA?) unhandled plow with distinctive nuts, has owner D.R. NITCHMAN’S name on toe and heel, some oxidation on brass plate that depth stop screw passes through, very good overall.
104 Joseph Dixon leather plow, complete and very good; plus a large ebony leather burnisher.
105 Lot of leather tools: pasteboard box one gross No. 48 Harness Awls by New England Awl & Needle Co.; one gross No. 45 Harness Awls by New England Awl & Needle Co.; Osborne pricking wheel (locked up); rosewood burnisher; rosewood and brass awl with three spare points inside handle; all-steel sailmaker’s palm; and a small brass lace slitter worn on a finger, etc.
106 Lot of nine harness and shoemaker’s tools: C.S. Osborne creaser with rosewood handle; GOMPH 1 1/2 channeler; Osborne 3/4-inch?, etc.
107 Lot of 12 mostly cobbler tools including crab laster, bone burnisher; HORN & ELLIS creaser; NEALY PHILAD creaser; Wm Horn & Bro., etc.
108 OHIO TOOLMAKERS AND THEIR TOOLS book by Jack Devitt, very good overall.
109 Eric Sloane book A REVERENCE FOR WOOD copyright 1965, dust jacket has some mild soiling and a little edge tear or two, book is fine.
110 EARLY AMERICAN TOOLS book Photographs by Hans Namuth, text by Marshall B. Davidson, copyright 1975, all photos suitable for framing.
111 Eric Sloane book DIARY OF AN EARLY AMERICAN BOY NOAH BLAKE 1805 copyright 1962, dust jacket has a few small edge tears, book is very good.
112 THE FORGOTTEN CRAFTS book by John Seymour, copyright 1984, several prints within would be suitable for framing, very good.
113 Eric Sloane book A Museum of Early American Tools, copyright 1964, inscribed “To Dad with love from your daughters, their husbands, and your grandchildren.” One small tear in top of dust jacket.
114 Two U.K. Tool Catalogs: Eighth Edition Catalogue Alex. Mathieson & Sons, Limited, Saracen Tool Works, Glasgow, reprinted by Ken Roberts Publishing Co. Fitzwilliam, N.H. with some cover wear; and an original JOHN RABONE & SONS Hockley Abbey Works, Birmingham England, JUNE 1926, some cover soiling, inside very good.
115 Eric Sloane book ABC Book of Early Americana. A Sketchbook of Antiquities and American First, copyright 1963, dust jacket has a few small tears, very good overall.
116 Two books: Auger Points compilation of auger bit articles by Bob Carlson for the EAIA Chronicle, published in 1990 to accompany a talk Carlson made before the members of the Early Trades and Crafts Society, very good; and The Case For Francis Purdue or Granfurdeus Disputatus by Donald and Anne Wing, very good.
117 Eric Sloane book The Spirits of '76 copyright 1973, with some wear to dust jacket, very good overall.
118 Display case containing the working tools of CLAUS OBLINGER, an undertaker, who came to America from Germany in 1725. Included are two wooden bench planes; a jack and a fore or trying; a wooden Sheffield-style brace with push-button chuck; a brass backed saw marked TAYLOR that has part of the handle broken off on the top left side; a wooden spokeshave; pair of wooden tongue & groove planes; and five additional wooden molding planes. Comes with a 1967 write-up about the family.
119 Large galvanized tin coffee can marked STAR MILLS CLIPPER COFFEE stenciled on one side and having a paper label with FLINT’S ROASTED CLIPPER COFFEE J.O. FLINT MILWAUKEE on other side, intact lid and folding handles on sides, very good.
120 Massive forged wheelwright’s hub auger with square nuts securing it to the 4-foot wooden handle, very good.
121 Horse tether weighing 35 pounds, very good.
122 D.R.BARTON 2-inch mortising slick 24 inches from end of socket to edge of blade, good overall.
123 SHEPARDSON Patent brace, very good overall.
124 French bowl adz 8.75-inch cutting edge, very good.
125 RARE Marble & Smith Cleveland Ohio handled ebony plow plane with boxwood arms and fence, and set of blades, very good overall.
126 Three T-augers; one will cut a bung hole in a barrel, all very good.
127 The R.A. KELLY CO. Sisal and Manila Cordage. XENIA, OHIO, rope caliper rule, complete and very good.
128 Scarce 6-section round wooden wantage rod marked SANDERS & SONS MAKERS LONDON, in a fitted leather pouch, very good to fine overall.
129 L.L. DAVIS 12-inch mahogany wooden level, intact vial, owner A.S. KELLY stamped his name into the stock in three or four places, numerous nicks and dings, good overall.
130 Unusual COLLINGS & WALLIS BIRM(INGHAM, England), 2-fold boxwood rule with the NONPAREIL JOINT, very showy. Has a few dark stains and is cracked where the center indexing pin when into the edge of the one leg, good overall.
131 Stratton Brothers 10-inch brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, complete and fine.
132 Fine 1-foot 4-fold HOCKLEY ABBEY NO. 1150 boxwood rule in a leather or leatherette pouch, very good.
133 H. CHAPIN No. 4, 12-inch 4-fold boxwood, complete and fine.
134 Unusual 12-inch 4-fold ivory rule with square legs and having brass joints and brass ends, no makers marks visible, fine overall.
135 Lufkin No. 465 (Stanley #69) 1-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule, complete and very good.
136 Pair of pump log augers, both very good.
137 Pair of 23-inch steel dividers, with stiff riveted joint, very good.
138 JOHN A. ROEBLING’S SONS CO. MFR’S OF WIRE ROPE TRENTON, N.J. rope caliper made by KIRBY & BRO. N.Y., very good overall.
139 Large pair of Stanley brass trammel points, both have light pitting on the removable steel points, both are very good.
140 ARBEKA WEBBING CO. PAWTUCKET R.I. 4-inch advertising caliper rule by LUFKIN, complete and fine.
141 WHITLOCK CORDAGE CO. 46 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK, rope caliper, complete and very good overall.
142 CASEY KITCHELL handled boxwood screw-arm plow plane, fine overall with assorted blades.
143 Rosewood and brass bow drill with intact bow, no bits included, very good overall.
144 Centrifugal Archimedes-type drill, with brass slide, brass handle, and brass weights on ends of bar, very good.
145 Nine BUCK gouges eight with cranked handles, all are fine.
146 Four corner rounding tools: one is homemade; two Stanley #28 and one Stanley #29; the Stanley rounds are very good.
147 Three narrow floats with wooden handles.
148 Unknown make 2-foot 4-fold ivory and German Silver architect’s rule, very good overall.
149 Small 2 3/8-inch steel violinmaker’s plane with wooden wedge, very good overall.
150 RARE ORDINANCE YARD caliper for measure diameter of cannon balls and other ordinance, some pitting. First we’ve seen.
151 Small 2 3/8-inch brass violinmaker’s plane with wooden wedge, very good overall.
152 HOTCHKISS MFG CO. MIDDLETOWN CT. 24-inch 4-fold boxwood rule, very good overall.
153 G. CARTWRIGHT & SON PRESTON. combination 6-inch rule with plumb & level, the plumb vial is dry, very good overall.
154 Unknown make #1 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rule, very good to fine.
155 H. CHAPIN #72 12-inch, 4-fold boxwood and brass caliper rule, complete and fine.
156 Blacksmith’s double caliper and a sickle or hand scythe, marked but mark is illegible.
157 Four blacksmith hammers including flatter; top swage, etc.
158 Pair of lead or copper hammer molds; the smaller one would be used with a wire handle; and the larger one would be used with a solid round handle.
159 Unknown purpose forged neck yoke with three lengths of chain.
160 Lot: five pair of blacksmith tongs; and one pair of hoof trimmers.
161 Clapboard or carpenters slick with D handle, owner tag says CIRCA PA, very good.
162 Lot: Two HELLER BROS hoof trimmers with several spare blades; plus a veterinary oral speculum.
163 Stanley #132 “Liberty Bell” transitional smooth plane, complete and very good.
164 Single bit axe with handle that was made for someone with a crooked back, very good overall.
165 Unusual coach or wagon maker’s drawknife with two 3-inch blades separated by a 4-inch opening, very unusual.
166 Unusual embossed B.B.B. BINGHAM’S BEST BRAND CLEVELAND single bit axe, some pitting, nice leather sheath.
167 Forged hay spear, very good.
168 Pair of ash shovels.
169 Three Butcher edge tools: 1/4-inch gouge, very good; 1 1/2-inch chisel, very good; and a pitted 1-inch bent gouge.
170 Three gouges: two WARD tang gouges, and one G.I. MIX socket gouge, all very good.
171 Four GREENLEE edge tools: three bevel edged socket firmer chisels; and a turning tool.
172 Three WARD patternmaker’s tools: cranked 1 1/2-inch gouge, fine; 1 5/8-inch gouge, fine; and a 1 1/2-inch bevel-edged chisel, very good.
173 Unusual J. FROST NORWICH 1/2-inch mortising chisel, very good.
174 Seven ADDIS carving gouges: ADDIS #21; ADDIS #24; ADDIS #27; ADDIS #4; ADDIS #16; ADDIS 1/2-inch gouge; and ADDIS 1/4-inch gouge; all are fine.
175 Three Charles BUCK gouges: 1/4-inch; 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch, all very good.
176 Thomas Bell’s cabinet maker’s chest. Bell operated a shop at 199 Essex St., Salem, Mass. His will was administered in May 1837 and a copy of his estate inventory is included along with all of his planes, squares, marking gages, chisels, and other items all original to this chest. Inventory of the chest as follows: Ten Young & M’Master Auburn N.Y. hollows and rounds all complete and fine and marked with T. BELL’s stamp; seven Young & M’Master Auburn N.Y. side beads all fully boxed, two wedges are broken at the top but the planes are fine and marked with T. BELL’s stamp; and a Young & M’Master Auburn N.Y. 7/8-in. dado, fine; (next photo from left) OHIO TOOL Co. table joint plane, fine; three assorted hollows and rounds; two by CASEY & CO.; and a narrow one marked D. SWEET; CASEY & CO. rabbet; HALL, CASE & CO. 5/8-in. dado missing nicker and nicker wedge; E.F. SEYBOLD CinT 1/2-in. dado, fine; G. ROSBEBOOM 3/8-in ogee; SCIOTO WORKS #61 6/8 & 1 1/2; E.F. SEYBOLD CinT complex molder with several bug holes; OHIO TOOL screw-arm sash; pair of JOHN BELL PHILAD wedge-arm plank or T&G planes; ISRAEL WHITE 1/2-in match plane; and a very nice but unmarked raglet or dovetail plane; HEATH plated SHEFFIELD brace, fine; jar of assorted bits including some marked HEATH; try square, spokeshave, coachmaker’s router; numerous chisels, gouges, wooden clamp; G.W. BRADLEY double coachmaker’s drawknife; two compassed smooth planes one marked H.A. LANGHORST CIN.O.; two homemade coach-maker’s-type rabbet planes; fine pair COLLINS RAVENNA; OHIO TOOL #37 1/4-in. side bead; JOHN BELL PHILAD skewed 1/2-in. rabbet plane; five assorted marking gages, sanding block; well-worn rule; and outside caliper.
177 Nice copper tea pot with intact lid and folding handle, very good overall. (with loop handle on lid)
178 Unusual 4-bladed food chopper, appears to have been nickel plated, very good overall.
179 Copper tea pot with folding handle and intact lid, very good overall.
180 Forged 4-tined gig with socket for adding wooden handle.
181 Townsend Patent shoe peg float, very good.
182 Sabot maker’s knife for carving out insides of wooden shoes, very good.
183 Three unusual rules: BELCHER BROS foot-measuring rule for shoes; PIN-IT SKIRT MARKER, very good; and another foot-measuring stick that appears to be missing a piece.
184 Lot: Brass RABONE & SONS 24-inch 2-fold rule, very good; wooden bevel with 12-inch blade, very good; wooden miter square; and homemade sliding bevel with 18-inch steel blade, very good.
185 Lot of seven assorted rules including one of early bakelite-type material marked PAT’D JAN 11th 1878.
186 Lot of seven assorted rules: #18 24-inch 2-fold with repair at brass joint to one leg; UPSON NUT No. 27, 24-inch 2-fold with brass slide, stained and well worn; unknown and early 24-inch 2-fold rule with hand-stamped? numbers; unknown make metric 4-fold rule, very good; 12-inch PERFECTION TYPE pica printers rule with advertising on back for Thompson Cabinet Company Ludington, Michigan, very good; and a 12-inch wooden rule marked ATF TOOLS.
187 Lot: Three zig-zag rules including fine Lufkin 636 Brick Mason’s; fine BUTLER FRAMING RULE by MASTER PAT. No. 2,607,995; fine LUFKIN X46F RED END; and two Interlox sliding rules including fine #108; and one that is very worn.
188 Plated Sheffield-style bit brace with writeup by Bill Baader saying Martin L. Carey, cabinetmaker, came to this country in the early 1800s. This brace was in his chest of tools given to his son, Mortimer Carey, of Brookville, Ohio, who was born in 1853 and died in 1938. It was then given to Mortimer’s son, John W. Carey, born in 1889. Martin’s other tools were lost over the years and this brace was given to John’s daughter, Elsie Hamilton, born in 1913. She sold it to me in July 1966. On May 13, 1878, Martin Carey was appointed Postmaster at Bloomertown, Ohio, in Miami County. This town is no longer in existence. The Postmaster appointment certificate comes with the brace and the writeup.
189 Four wooden barrel hoops, all very good.
190 Three wooden barrel hoops,
191 Wooden cased shelf clock with mahogany case, has tatty Seth Thomas? paper label inside, good overall.
192 Lightning rod stands 54 inches tall, with copper center, just needs a glass ball and will make nice display piece.
193 Wooden (cherry?) cased kitchen clock, has New Haven paper label on back, fair overall condition.
194 Tin decimal equivalents chart from WILLIAMS Wholesale Steel Distributors Minneapolis Since 1861, has a few dings from being shot with BB gun, very good overall.
195 Large hub for freight wagon or some other heavy application.
196 Small bow drill with ebony spindle, rosewood head, and brass ferrule with a MOSELEY & SON LONDON bow with ratcheting string tightener.
197 Unusual Archimedes drill with white porcelain head and slide, no bits included.
198 Disston & Sons 18-inch brass bound mahogany plumb and level, complete and very good.
199 MOSER & SON LONDON iron frame brace, some minor pitting, very good overall.
200 Scarce DAVIS & COOK cast iron 23 1/2-inch plumb & level, both vials intact, japanning 70 percent plus, very good overall condition.
201 DIXON HERMITAGE SHEFFIELD plated Sheffield-style brace with button chuck, a few chips around edge of pad, good overall.
202 Stratton Brothers No. 10 brass bound plumb & level, the level vial is dry and the plumb is intact, stock and brass binding are very good.
203 Unusual wooden Archimedes-type drill from South Pacific Islands.
204 Pair of wheelwright’s travelers; on top an all-wood pair, very good; and an early blacksmith-made pair with some sculpting and decorating of the iron frame, very good.
205 Unusual wooden stair saw with hang hole thru the handle.
206 Nice early wooden brace with one pad that holds a gimlet bit, very good overall.
207 Pair of blacksmith-made wheelwrights travelers: on has solid wheel and has moderate pitting; the other appears to have a wheel made from a horseshoe, it is crude but interesting.
208 Wooden brace with brass plate below the top handle, and a brass plate that holds a locking screw that secures the pad which holds a tapered spoon bit, very nice.
209 Unusual HENRY DISSTON & SONS 7 1/2-inch saw with fine etch and great handle.
210 Fruit or sugar devil or auger, the iron part has some pitting, the handle is crude.
211 Two early tool handles: one marked MAR 19, 1867 which makes it a CLEMENT PATENT (U.S. No. 62,938), it is complete with collet-type chuck, 8 bits inside handle, fine overall; the other is unmarked but one of six bits is marked H.S. SHEPARDSON SHELBURNE FALLS, MASS, this one is complete and fine.
212 Unusual fruit or sugar devil or auger, nice wooden handle, very good overall.
213 Mallet and Jarvis-type shave each having a tag that IDs them as “used by JOHN ARNETT OF SPRINGFIELD, OHIO IN WHEELWRIGHTS SHOP ON CENTER ST. BETWEEN MAIN AND COLUMBIA ST. 1880-1900.” Also stuffed into throat of shave are two pages of hand written notes about when this business was listed in city directories.
214 Carved wooden brace with round ball-type top handle, comes with flat-tang spoon bit.
215 Wooden coach maker’s router with steel fence and wear plate on bottom, very good.
216 Nice carved wooden brace decorated on both sides has a screwdriver bit installed currently.
217 Coopers howell plane missing the iron, the body of the plane has scalloped edges fore and aft on the top, very good overall; and a HENRY DISSTON & SONS 14 3/4-inch wooden plumb & level, both vials intact, likely sawed down from a larger size, very good.
218 Unusual STEVENS & CO. 24-inch 6-fold boxwood rule with early arched joint, some wear shows on outside, inside very good.
219 C-S CO. (Chapin-Stephens) No. 65 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rule, very good to fine overall.
220 Unusual J. RABONE & SON boxwood & German silver architect’s rule with protractor joint, some minor staining and wear on the outside, inside very good.
222 Boxwood ring sizer, has hang hole in end of handle, very good.
223 SAMPSON ASTON MAKER MANHOUSE LANE BIRM, iron mongers 4-fold boxwood rule with early arched brass joint, and having steel tips on the arms, moderate wear to outside, inside very good.
224 Lot of four metalworking hammers including a large PLUMB ball peen.
225 Apple peeler marked THE EXPERT PENN H. CO., complete and very good.
226 Two SENGBUSCH IDEAL stamp or tape moisteners, both very good.
227 READING apple peeler by the READING HARDWARE CO. complete and very good.
228 Small wooden sugar? bucket with folding iron bale handle, and three iron hoops, in green paint, very good overall.
229 Condiment holder that will hold five small jars of condiments.
230 Small glass butter mold.
231 Stoneware pitcher marked USA on bottom, very good.
232 PECAN NUT CRACKER PAT. AUG. 24, 1915 by SCHROETER BROS HDW CO. ST. LOUIS, MO, mounted to piece of wood and has a tag that says IMPROVED HOME-NUT CRACKER
233 Brown stoneware pickle crock with matching lid, very good.
234 Small copper teapot marked MADE IN SWEDEN on bottom, has wooden handle coming off side and intact lid, very good overall.
235 Cast iron griddle with initials JB cast into one handle and number 8 cast into the other, very good.
236 Industrial Ekco 68-F Egg-shaped cake mold that bakes 12 cakes at a time. Heavy cast aluminum, very good.
237 Large rectangular WAGNER cast iron griddle, very good.
238 LITTLESTOWN HDWE & FOUNDRY CO pump that stands just over 16 inches tall, very good overall.
239 Unusual Zuck Patent (U.S. 523,500) folding or knockdown steel square, very good.
240 Two wooden joints for wooden water pipe, each has a ring at both ends, very good overall.
241 Rare cooper’s tool used to char the insides of wooden barrels, riveted construction, very good overall.
242 Primitive wooden 16-inch dividers with wedge-locking wing, good overall.
243 Exploding splitting wedge. Wedge is hollow in the middle and has a fuze hole in the side, very unusual.
244 Large No. 3 glue pot with intact liner and having folding wire bale handles, very good.
245 Archimedes drill with brass slide and brass top or handle, very good overall.
246 Small glue pot with intact liner PAT’D APR 16, 1872, very good overall.
247 Unusual SANDUSKY TOOL CO. rosewood No. 5 hollow plane, first time we’ve seen a Sandusky hollow in any wood other than beech, has chip from left side near bottom.
248 Early Stanley Bailey No. 12 cabinet scraper.
249 DAVIS & COOK 12-inch mahogany plumb & level with partially intact paper label on side, comes in owner made wooden box, level is fine.
250 RARE Bailey 9-inch smooth plane made in BOSTON in 1867, according to PTAMPIA VOL. 1, p. 50, this is the 1st production conventional-type plane, has an extension from the rear lower edge of the frog for a 3rd screw to secure the frog, this feature was soon eliminated. Only a handful of these pre-Type I planes are known. This one is as found and has some light rust, but not chips, cracks are repairs. The cap iron is a BAILEY PAT. but the blade is a late replacement. Will clean to very good overall.
251 Scarce 9 3/4 Type I tail handled iron block plane with cam lever at top of lever cap, all original in as found condition with some rust, has a few very small chips in rear of throat, will clean to very good overall.
252 Four wooden continental planes: large unmarked round; WEISS & SOHN screw-arm plow; unmarked filletster with steel fences on side and bottom; and a nice horned smooth plane with Sandusky blade, very good overall.
253 Yankee 1530A ratcheting and reversible hand drill, very good; and a 2101 10-inch ratchet brace marked BELL SYSTEM, very good.
254 Three wooden planes: horned scrub plane with PEUGEOT blade, light rust on blade, very good overall; 9-inch gutter? plane radiused from side to side, has faint DWIGHTS & FRENCH logo on blade, wedge a replacement; and an unknown make horned smoother with WHITE STAR blade, applied wooden sole, very good overall.
255 Eight wooden planes: two smoothers inc. KINGS & COMP HULL; and the other an A.C. BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES #3, with original blade, side blown out; W. HOFFMAN MARLEY N. YORK; MATHIESON & SON 3/4-inch side bead; and a #1025 1/4-inch boxed side bead marked FOREIGN on top, very good; compassed smoother made of fruitwood, cracked side; and two horn planes both missing blades.
256 Small turning saw missing handle on one side; and two wedge-locking marking gages, one with single beam and one double.
257 Unusual wooden stair saw with 8.75-inch blade, very good.
258 Lot: two scrapers including a BRIDGEPORT HDWE MFG CO; and a one-handed scorp.
259 Lot: mystery tool; wooden spokeshave; homemade marking gage; and a small wooden clamp.
260 L. BAILEY Patent 8-inch sliding bevel, very good
261 Unusual wooden router with steel plate attached to sole with 9 countersunk screws, and a steel plates front and back thru which the clamp passes, has light rust, will clean to very good.
262 Stanley #31 angle divider, made from 1911 to 1917, complete and very good.
263 Two-handed scorp or scraper Wm JOHNSON NEWARK N.J. marked blade, very good.
264 Unusual wooden brace, very good
265 Sandusky Tool Co. No. 10 screw-arm tongue plane, very good.
266 Lambert Mulliken Stackpole 18-in. mahogany plumb & level, both vials intact, very nice eagle logo on top brass plate, very good overall.
267 E.C. ATKINS 26-inch No. 65, 5 1/2ppi rip saw, fine etching, fine handle, still has original $5.25 price in grease pencil, fine overall.
268 Early pitted goosewing axe head, will look good on any wall.
269 Simmons Hdwe (St. Louis, Mo) FAST MAIL hand saw with great etch of a steam locomotive, fine 8ppi blade, fine overall.
270 Large cabinet-makers tool chest with fancy work on inside of lid, has one sliding till in top, new owner will want to add saw box and plane till, very good overall condition.
271 Stanley #85 rosewood panel gage, complete and very good.
272 Unusual C.E. JENNINGS machinist tool box with hinged top and three drawers, has Jennings decal on inside of lid, very good overall condition.
273 Unmarked Stanley #77 marking & mortise gage, missing the small brass rub block that goes between screw and beam, very good.
274 E. WALTER & CO. SHEFFIELD plated brace, has typical nicks and dings, has been polished, very good overall.
275 Norris No. 50 smooth plane with captive gunmetal lever cap, fine NORRIS LONDON blade, marked screw adjuster, very good overall.
276 Wooden brace that accepts pads, one pad with flat-tanged bit included, very good.
277 Stanley #83 cabinet scraper, complete and fine with original roller.
278 Late Stanley #143 Millers Patent plow plane with two depth stops and one blade, fine nickel plating and wood fine overall.
279 Nice combined bow/breast drill with intact flat steel bow, and four pads or spools with hand forged bits, first of its type that we have sold.
280 RUSSELL JENNINGS brace & bit set #11 in original box, brace is fine as are all 19 of the original attachments. The paper labels are beginning to come apart, but a paper expert can keep them from getting worse, a fine, unusual set in original box with nice graphics on box lid.
281 Disston Junior 20-in. 9ppi crosscut saw, A CENTURY OF PROGRESS 1940, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Disston Saw Works, a very good saw with nice etch.
282 Set of 13 RUSSELL JENNINGS spur auger bits in original box, complete and fine.
283 Early & fine Henry Disston 16-in. tenon saw with nice eagle stamped alongside the HENRY DISSTON mark, fine handle and sunken HENRY DISSTON PHILADELPHIA medallion, very good overall.
284 Fine Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, fine rosewood handle and knob, wrap-around depth stop, set of nine blades, no provision for slitter or rear depth stop, a fine plane in owner made wooden box.
285 Early T. RITCH FEB 28, '54 saw set, very good.
286 Unusual little saw with line carved decoration on handle, very good.
287 Rare Nichol Patent June 25, 1872 rule modification. Nichol took Stanley #72 rules and modified them by riveting trammel points to the legs, this one is missing one trammel point but it is very good.
288 Nice patternmaker's plane bronze body, 9 bottoms, with 11 blades including 8 corresponding to the bottoms.
289 Stanley #131 adjusting double ended block plane, has Rule & Level-logo blade, fine overall.
290 Rare ADAMS TROY 18th Century surveyors compass, with sighting veins, and a staff with receiver that the surveyor would mount it to, small chip edge of glass lens, very good dial, very good overall.
291 Stanley #10 1/2 carriage maker's rabbet plane, BB-logo blade, fine overall.
292 Stanley #5 1/4C junior jack plane, fine BB-logo blade, fine overall.
293 Lie-Nielsen bronze chisel plane, smaller version of the Stanley #97, this one is near new.
294 Early Stanley #3 prelateral, solid-nut smooth plane, fine early-style tote and beaded knob, has previous owner's name stamped multiple times into both sides where they meet the bottom, fine overall.
295 RARE and early Stanley Millers Patent No. 41 plow plane in original wooden box, has a section for the blades with a trap door that was held by a leather hinge and could be opened by pulling on another piece of leather, comes with eight original plow irons and one original blade in the fillister bed. The only problem we can find with it is the chip to the side of the top handle spur. Burton thought so much of this one it was on the desk in his walk-in gun vault.
296 Pair Stanley smooth planes: #21 & #122; the #21 has a hang hole drilled thru rear of stock thru the bottom that comes out just behind the frame, fine overall; and a #122 Liberty Bell that has no visible markings on toe, good STANLEY blade, large nickel plated cast cap screw, very good.
297 Stanley #2C smooth plane, good Q-logo blade, tote has glued repair, fine overall.
298 Ohio Tool No. 035 handled smooth plane, maroon japanning, fine tote and knob, good Thistle Brand blade, fine overall.
299 Prelateral Stanley #34 transitional jointer plane, has eagle logo on toe, very good overall.
300 CASEY KITCHELL & CO. AUBURN NY handled boxwood plow plane with set of seven blades, a beautiful plow from the Baader Collection.
301 Large bow drill with wooden spool and cracked wooden handle on top, one bit included, no bow.
302 Large wooden drafting square marked W.T. SUPPLY CO., PAT APL’D FOR, MONEY SAVED, very good overall.
303 Bow drill with steel spool marked E. KLINE, nice wooden head.
304 Wooden framed saw with forged hardware, very good.
305 Pair of bow drill spindles; the one has a brass head and wooden spool, no bits; and the other has a wooden handle and spool with collet-type chuck, hang hole thru handle, very good overall.
306 Wooden framed saw with forged hardware, very good.
307 Wooden corn-shock tying windlass, very good.
308 Large and very nice wooden framed pit saw that hung above Bill Baader’s fireplace for many years. According to Bill Jr. “Fritz” Baader, his mother bought it in the early 1960s.
309 Unusual bow drill spindle marked G. GILON on side of chuck, nice wood, very good overall.
310 Scarce undercut tool, used by loggers to guide and support the saw used in making the undercut. This one is adjustable and is very well built.
311 Small Archimedes drill with brass slide, wooden top handle, very good overall.
312 Cone shaped sharpening stone in fitted wooden box, very good overall.
313 Davis Level & Tool Co. 6-inch mantle-clock style inclinometer level, has intact pointer and screw on top, very good overall.
314 THE SIMONDS WORDEN WHITE CO. DAYTON OHIO round sharpening stone in a fitted wooden box, very good overall.
315 Rare coopers head clamp with wooden screw and having forged hardware. First we have seen or sold.
316 Wooden shovel or scoop with round integral handle, very good.
317 Nice yarn winder.
318 Small carved wooden bit brace with flat-tang spoon bit currently installed, numerous bug holes, very good overall.
319 Nice wooden framed pit-type saw with forged iron hardware, fine overall.
320 Nice JAMES BEE brass-plated Sheffield-type bit brace nicely marked on the chuck button, also marked on disc at the top of the ebony? pad, very good overall.
321 Fine rosewood and brass marking and mortise gauge.
322 Unusual 2-handled inshave, very good overall.
323 Little cast iron No. 100 block plane with integral tail handle, very good overall.
324 Pair of small pin vises one with integral spring; both are complete and fine.
325 Small English? bullnose rabbet plane stuffed with rosewood and having a rosewood wedge, some light to moderate pitting on sides, good overall.
326 Two wooden molding planes: unknown make dado with wooden depth stop, very good overall; and a G. DAVIS 5/8-inch boxed side bead, complete and fine.
327 Fine W. STEELE & CO. WHEELING handled panel raising plane with very good W. BUTCHER iron, one ear chipped, and side is beginning to split on right side due to wedge being driven in too tightly, very good overall.
328 Carved turning saw, with wooden stretcher and threaded steel strainer, numerous bug holes, good overall.
329 Pair of CREAGH & WILLIAMS side rabbet planes, both are fine.
330 E.F. SEYBOLD CIN’T O. screw-arm sash plane, complete and very good.
331 YOUNG & McMASTER AUBURN 1/2-inch fully boxed round, the rear boxing has cracked but is still very good.
332 Nice wooden chamfer plane with MARPLES & SONS iron, very good overall.
333 RARE Auburn Tool Co. No. 156 7/8-inch quarter round or Scotia, also marked on toe JOHN M. NAYLOR TIFFIN CITY, O. fine overall.
334 Interesting 7 1/2-inch handled gothic bead profile, very good OHIO TOOL blade, very good overall.
335 Unknown make screw-adjusted sash plane with brass adjusting screws, very good overall.
336 Nice unmarked handled shallow hollow plane that appears to be purpose built perhaps to be used as one element of a complex profile, very good overall.
337 Lot: BARDILL'S Drum Gage; Starrett shrink rule No. 389 that shrinks 5/32 to foot, in original paper packaging; and a fine Stanley HURWOOD screwdriver that is 14.5-inches long overall.
338 Disston 26-inch No.12 hand saw 5 1/2ppi blade, nice etch, fine handle, fine overall.
339 Three Stanley tools: 271 router, complete and fine; 4-Square square adjustable square with SW logo, and 7-inch blade, fine overall; and a #14 adjustable try square with 6-inch blade, has hang hole in center of handle, very good overall.
340 Fine Stanley #1 smooth plane, SW logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, Stanley lever cap, a fine late-model #1 smoother.
341 Fine Disston No. 12 22-inch 8ppi crosscut saw, near perfect etch, fine handle, fine overall.
342 Stanley #S4 smooth plane, SW logo, rosewood tote glued at base, fine tall knob, very good overall.
343 Disston D15 VICTORY 26-inch 5 1/2ppi rip saw, fine etch, fine handle, fine overall.
344 Nice 8-inch ebony smooth plane MOULSON blade, we glued one of the ears back on as it fell out when we removed the blade, a very good plane with a small glue repair.
345 Disston D15 VICTORY 26-inch 11ppi blade, near new condition with original Disston tag on handle.
346 Shipwright's razee-style 18 1/2-inch rosewood fore plane, Ohio Tool blade, has a few chips in rear of throat, a very nice stick of rosewood.
347 Pair of squares including WINCHESTER W1227 1/2 rosewood handled try square with 7 1/2-inch blade, fine overall; and a hardened steel machinist square with 3-inch blade, fine overall.
348 Fine ebony 18-inch shipwright's razee-style fore plane, tote spur has been broken off and reattached with a screw, the lighter wedge has two ebony dots and a kite-shape piece of ebony inlaid, a very showy plane, very good overall.
349 Set of six Millers Falls carving tools in original wooden box with sliding lid. Has a tatty label on bottom of box. A fine set overall.
350 Very unusual 8-inch smooth plane marked C.S. SEE on toe with eagle, nice BUCK BROS tapered blade, the top band of the laminate is cracked on one side and needs to be glued, thick rosewood bottom, fine overall.
351 B.F. BERRY WATERTOWN wedge-arm plow plane with six assorted blades, has brass tipped arms and screw-adjusted depth stop, the wedges have some chipping at the ends, very good overall.
352 J. DAWSON MONTREAL 1 1/2-inch plow, very good overall.
353 Pair of wooden planes: compassed smoother with patched throat, good W. BUTCHER blade, very good overall; and an unusual oak jarvis-type plane, with steel sole plate, very good.
354 Ohio Tool Co. No. 90 1/2, 1 1/4-inch handled nosing plane, very good overall.
355 Unknown make 15.5-inch fielding or panel plane, has a radiused blade installed, but a template for a proper blade is taped to the top of the stock, very good overall.
356 Unmarked 10-inch fielding or panel plane, very good overall.
357 Early 15.25-inch panel or fielding plane, has very thin replacement blade, good overall.
358 “Old woman’s tooth” wooden router, wedge a likely replacement for the original, good overall.
359 William Ward New York 16-inch wooden panel plane with fence on bottom and wooden depth stop on right side, very good overall.
360 Pair of 15-inch wooden jack planes: A.C. BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES No. 10 with nice BARTLETTS blade, very good overall; and a SCIOTO WORKS No. 15 that is complete and very good.
361 Pair of handled CASEY & CO. No. 5 tongue and groove planes, each has an adjustable fence on bottom, very good overall.
362 Pair of rabbet planes: horned 8-inch rabbet, very good; and a homemade 10-inch, good overall.
363 Horned 11-inch panel plane plane with adjustable fence on bottom, very good overall.
364 D. COPELAND screw-adjusting sash plane, very good overall.
365 M. CRANNELL ALBANY 2 1/4-inch jack rabbet with two nickers, very good overall.
366 Small hag’s tooth router, has brass hardware marked “S. SLIFER” very good overall.
367 Stanley No. 50 light duty plow plane in original albeit worn and somewhat tatty pasteboard box, comes with beading stop, depth stop, the often-missing chip deflector, also comes with a box of blades, a fine plane in a so so box.
368 Pair of saw sets IOB: ESCO No. 795B & Stanley 42; both sets are fine, the boxes show some shelf wear but are very good overall.
369 Stanley #8 prelateral iron jointer plane, nice early-style rosewood tote and beaded knob, light pitting on the Rule & Level Co. blade, very good overall.
370 Stanley #43 saw set in original box, set is fine, box has some moisture staining and some peeling of the onion-skin paper on top.
371 Stanley 21-inch prelateral No. 7 jointer plane, good early-style tote and very good beaded knob, good Q-logo blade, japanning has been enhanced, very good overall.
372 Stanley #59 Dowel Jig in original box, complete with all guides and clamp, a fine tool in a good to very good box.
373 Stanley 17 3/4-in. prelateral #6 fore plane, fine original tote and beaded knob, fine Rule & Level Co. blade, fine overall.
374 Stanley #49 Bit-Gauge in original box, fine nickel plating, box is very good with intact label.
375 Stanley 13 1/2-in. prelateral iron jack plane, nice T-logo blade, nice early-style rosewood tote and beaded knob, very good overall.
376 Pair of Stanley No. 2 level sights for iron levels in original pasteboard box, there's wear and staining to outside of box, but the label is mostly intact and the sights are fine.
377 Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, later model with rosewood wear strip on fence, comes with one plow and one match cutter, needs depth stops, slitter and several more cutters to complete.
378 Pair of prelateral Stanley smooth planes; #4 size has replaced wood, good T-logo blade, very good overall; and a #3 with fine rosewood tote and beaded knob, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
379 Stanley #78 iron rabbet plane in original pasteboard box has intact fence and depth stop with all screws, a fine plane in a very good original box.
380 Scarce 30-inch Wm. Johnson, Newark, N.J. mahogany plumb & level, both vials intact, nice brass corners and unusual brass side plates for level vial, the vial cap is missing on one edge, can be replaced with an Indian cent or similar sized coin.
381 Stanley #34 30-inch transitional jointer plane, nice Q-logo blade, very good overall.
382 L.L. DAVIS 30-inch mahogany plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall.
383 Prelateral Stanley #33 28-inch transitional jointer plane, good Rule & Level-logo blade, recessed adjuster nut, complete and very good overall.
384 Stanley #4 1/2 prelateral wide bottom smooth plane, very good V-logo blade, very good overall.
385 Pair of Stanley BAILEY transitional jack planes: #28 wide body jack with good SW-logo blade, very good overall; and a #26 with light rust on SW-logo blade, decal on top of stock ahead of knob, very good overall.
386 Wooden calking mallet, has nails to keep iron rings from sliding off, good overall.
387 Unusual little hatchet that has blade that is less than 1/4-inch thick, has a Bakelite-type handle riveted to steel handle.
388 Pair of breast drills: FULTON 2-speed with intact auxiliary handle, very good overall; and a Millers Falls No. 97 multi-speed, some light rust on crank arm, missing auxiliary handle, very good overall.
389 Massive wooden spokeshave, very good overall.
390 Radiused wooden scraper with name C.W. INGERSOLL. stamped into face, blade made from old saw blade, very good overall; and a crude wooden spokeshave, very good.
391 Pair of steel marking gages: Stanley #90 single beam, very good; and a LEVITT MACHINE CO. double beam patented JUNE 12, very good overall.
392 Stanley #793 2-speed breast drill, complete and very good.
393 Pair of Stanley marking gages: double beam with brass face, complete and very good; and an unmarked #77 rosewood marking and mortise gage, fine.
394 Pair of forged drawknives: one has a slightly curved 2-inch blade; and the other has a straight 5-inch blade, both well made.
395 Pair of Stanley marking gages: #65 1/2 with oval head, fine overall; and a boxwood marking and mortise gage with the October 22, 1872 patent date, very good.
396 Unusual rounded drawknife for making handles and the like, very good.
397 Pair of wedge-locking marking gages.
398 Ice saw that measures 70 inches from socket to the tip of the blade.
399 Forged iron shoe lasting stand in a large wooden block, very good.
400 Pair of miniature plows, one likely a salesman’s sample This lot contains two mini walking plows. The red one has a brass plate on the side that says “To Lt. Gov. Julian Correll From Michael E. Blankenship, Football Fund, Olive Hill, Ky.” This plow is very good; the other appears to be a genuine salesman’s sample with a steel or iron plow screwed to the wooden frame, a metal plate on the back side has the number 681 cast into it, in green paint, very good overall.

THE END.                 


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