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4th Annual


February 2, 2013, 9:30 AM

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), Missouri 63304

(preview Friday from 2 to 6:30 PM)

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001. Unusual homemade plow plane made of brass plates and steel rods and fasteners, interesting. (Photo & Photo 2)

002. Marples Ultimatum brace made of water buffalo horn, in rough condition with improper pad, can be restored. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

003. Early European horn plane with nicely carved throat, nice chip carving on top of toe, the horn is a later replacement. (Photo & Photo 2)

004. Ohio Tool Co. No. 101 screw-arm plow plane with crack on one of the big nuts and missing one of the inner nuts, has plane-shaped logo on toe, nice threads, very good overall, with set of six blades not shown in photo. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Three wooden planes: a continental 24 1/2-inch wooden jointer plane with piece of leather on top near toe, very good overall; plus a 16-inch A. HOWLAND wooden jack plane, handle has been repaired, nice overall condition; and a continental screw-arm plow with a number of bug holes, good overall. (Photo)

006. Nice ARCHER LONDON dovetail saw, complete and very good; plus a C.E. JENNINGS 12-inch cast iron double plumb and level with both plumb vials broken out, intact level vial and one corner chip on the top rail. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. Stanley #12 1/2 scraper plane with rosewood sole, STANLEY marked blade, very good overall. (Photo)

008. Large wedge-locking slitter gauge marked S.KNIGHT JR. on one side of head, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

009. Pair of wooden planes: 20-inch French or German jointer plane with tapered STEINER iron, fine overall; and an 8-inch wooden smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

010. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with SW logo on skate; early style cam, adjustable fence, needs two depth stops, slitter and blades to complete. (Photo)

011. Wooden mallet and a nice DUNLAP drawknife in fine overall condition. (Photo)

012. Wooden stair saw, looks like a Disston but there is no maker's marks visible, fine overall. (Photo)

013. Pair of gauges: one a beech marking gauge complete and very good; and a marking and mortise gauge that is missing the brass rub block but is otherwise very good. (Photo)

014. L. COES Patent 10-inch monkey wrench, complete and very good. (Photo)

015. IBBOTSON, PEACE & CO. EAGLE WORKS SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, open handled, brass-backed saw, 12-inch blade, traces of surface rust, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

016. Stanley #55 combination plow plane with original center bottom tower, the right handle is broken and missing the wooden portion, only one blade included, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

017. E. PRESTON TRADE MARK wedge-arm plow plane, thumb operated depth stop, brass stiffener plate on skate, very good overall with 7 plow blades or irons. (Photo)

018. CRESCENT No. 56 SUREGRIP nail puller, complete and fine. (Photo)

019. Early Style (Type I or Type 2) Stanley #113 compass plane, the backing plate was broken off and the rear handle went with it, good for parts (lever cap, decorative knobs, blade, chip breaker, body and flexible sole which are all very good. (Photo)

020. Stanley #71 router plane Type 2? with japanned body, has patent date in a ring on top of base, all marked with STANLEY and NO 71 in base, fine beaded knobs, one 1/2-inch blade included. (Photo)

021. Nice Stearn's Patent (March 5, 1878) adjustable hollow auger, with intact depth stop, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

022. Lot: primitive deck or paint scraper; cast iron file holding handle with a soldering iron in it; and a wooden handled screwdriver. (Photo)

023. Two adjustable nut wrenches: PS&W 8-inch wooden handled monkey wrench; and a 9.25-inch twist handle in very good overall condition. (Photo)

024. Nice little 4-inch brass-back dovetail saw, complete and fine. (Photo)

025. Pair of saw vises; one a Potter Patent (AUG. 22, 1899) has a steel guide screwed onto the back; the other is marked 94 and is bone stock. (Photo)

026. Small jeweler or watch maker's caliper with brass scale, very good overall. (Photo)

027. GOLDENBERG ACIER FONDU 9 1/2-inch horn plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

028. Whetstone carrier made of wood. These were carried on the belt by worker who were in the field harvesting. When they would hit a rock and nick the scythe blade, they would bang it out on a small anvil and resharpen the scythe with the whetstone that was carried in this carrier. Fine overall condition. (Photo)

029. Japanese sumitsubo or ink pot reel, these were used by Japanese craftsmen to mark layout lines, similar to the chalk line used in the west, complete and very good. (Photo)

030. Osborne Patent leather slitter with brass body stuffed with rosewood, complete and fine. (Photo)

031. Unusual pump drill with wooden flywheel, leather straps, very good overall. (Photo)

032. Nice E. RICHARDSON moving fillister plane with screw-operated depth stop, intact nicker, very good overall. (Photo)

033. Three wooden planes: two continental? rabbet planes, both very good; and a nice unmarked 7/8-inch dado with screw-operated depth stop, fine overall. (Photo)

034. Lot of five wooden molding planes: 1/4-round continental hollow; Ohio Tool 5/8-inch rabbet; R&C. CARTER TROY; etc. (Photo)

035. Fine wooden wheelwright's jarvis with brass bottom, WARD iron, a really nice showy piece. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. Primitive Archimedes-type drill likely from the Pacific rim, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. Homemade walnut screw box, very well made. (Photo & Photo 2)

038. C.A. MANN PATENT screw-holding screwdriver, complete and fine; plus a Stanley #? clapboard siding gage, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

039. Nice turning caliper/sizer, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. Unusual wooden router plane, body marked with owners initials but no makers name, iron marked SORBY, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. Unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauge, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

042. Stanley #67 Universal spoke shave, complete with fence and both bottoms, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. AMERICAN SCROLL SAW, DELTA SPECIALTY CO. MILWAUKEE hand cranked scrool saw, missing the hand crank, otherwise very good. (Photo)

044. PS&W No. 72 cork sizer, mounted to a piece of wood, very good overall. (Photo)

045. Stratton Bros.? No. 2, 28-inch brass-bound plumb & level with mahogany stock, very good overall. (Photo)

046. DAVIS LEVEL & TOOL CO. 24-inch cast iron inclinometer level with fancy filigree, brass dial is missing the small pointer and one corner of the bottom rail is chipped, 2 9/16-inch tall frame, good overall. (Photo)

047. C.E. Jennings 24-inch cast iron double plumb & level, all three vials intact, very good overall condition. (Photo)

048. Cooper's or carriage maker's drawknife, very good overall. (Photo)

049. Pair of 2-speed breast drills one with a iron D-handle on top of frame; the one on top was sprayed with clear lacquer, good overall. (Photo)

050. Iron portion of a barn beam boring machine, including one bit. (Photo)

051. Combination pipe and nut wrench missing the pivoting pipe grip from the pipe side; and a nice Rusby Patent drill/brace, complete and very good. (Photo)

052. Lot: 29-inch pry bar with wooden handle; rasp with nice wooden handle; and a dense and heavy mallet made of iron wood or something similar. (Photo)

053. Lot: bearing scraper; Perfect Handle-type screwdriver; and a triangular reamer with wooden handle. (Photo)

054. ENTERPRISE No. 33 ice shaver, PAT JULY 4, '93, very good overall. (Photo)

055. GOODELL-PRATT combination set, level vials are out on the square and protractor heads; good overall; plus a double bladed spokeshave with flat and hollow bottoms. (Photo)

056. Cooper's croze with wooden body and steel blade holder, complete and very good. (Photo)

057. Three braces: FRAY #509 non-ratcheting, complete and very good; KEEN KUTTER KR10 ratchet brace having two pewter rings holding the wrist handle together, very good; and a JOHN S. FRAY Whimble-style brace, with slightly bent frame, good usable condition.

058. Stanley #240 sliding inside measure that measures up to 4 feet, very good. (Photo)

059. FIRE GUN NO. 2 brass fire extinguisher, complete and very good. (Photo)

060. Unusual European brace that takes bits with flat tangs, very good overall, plus a body of a coachmaker's router that someone was trying to build. (Photo)

061. Marbles Mfg. Gladstone Michigan patented (U.S. No. 604,624) safety hatchet with folding blade guard, made on a patent issued May 24, 1898 to Webster L. Marble of Gladstone, Michigan, this one is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

062. Replica American Indian tomahawk with leather wrapped handle, with flint head. (Photo)

063. RABONE No. 1193 boxwood 4-fold rule with protractor head and level, one leg appears to be warped, very good overall. (Photo)

064. CHAPEN STEPHENS CO. NO. 036 combination rule, level, bevel, some mild pitting on the blade, very good overall. (Photo)

065. Unusual 54-inch sliding inside/outside measure similar to a zig-zag rule, PAT. 7/29/13; 11/2/15; 12/24/18. (Photo)

066. RARE ivory tool handle full of bits, there is no indication of who made this one but it is the same form as a Bridgeport or any of a dozen other U.S. makes, but we suspect this one was made in the UK. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Unusual wooden mallet with brass bands around both ends of the head. (Photo)

068. Stanley #36 1/2 caliper rule, complete and very good. (Photo)

069. SHAW & SONS PATENT LONDON rosewood handled glass cutter, plus a mystery tool with unusual handle, and a lever-type saw set. (Photo & Photo 2)

070. Very ornate yet functional padlock, looks to be eastern or middle eastern in origin, fine working condition with original key. (Photo & Photo 2)

071. Pair of decorative heavy duty copper or copper washed hinges, very nice. (Photo)

072. Nice FRENCH glass cutter made of brass, handle unscrews to reveal a small screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

073. Interesting padlock similar in style to #70 above, this one is made of steel, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

074. Small pocket level that can be attached to a square, has brass top; plus a brass glass cutter marked BRITISH MADE, has handle that unscrews to reveal a small screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

075. Fantastic TUCKER & REEVES PATENT padlock with key in working condition, heavy brass body, very unusual. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

076. Nice wooden framed turning saw, complete and very good. (Photo)

077. Shipwrights type gutter adz with pole, the pole has been mushroomed out a bit, but the adz and handle are fine. (Photo)

078. Pair of two-man crosscut saws: a complete 6-foot model and a 5-footer that only has one handle. (Photo)

079. Three Stanley levels: 24-inch #1, both vials intact, very good overall; No. 324 GENUINE CHERRY 24-inch mason's level, fine; and a #00 22-inch, very good overall. (Photo)

080. Lot of four hand saws: Disston No. 7; Disston (faint etch); unknown make with small screws securing handle; and SIMOND MFG. Estab'd 1832, No. 1/2 with crescent moon logo on etch and medallion, handle has been repaired, very good. (Photo)

081. Pair of wooden levels: 20-inch Stanley with early circular logo, intact vial, will clean to very good; and an unusual ELDER ANGLE LEVEL PAT 6-23-27, mason's type, all three vials intact, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

082. Pair of hand saws: Keen Kutter 9 TPI, small chip from bottom of handle spur, very good; and a Keen Kutter 8 TPI blade, very good overall. (Photo)

083. Three razor or sharpening strops all with wooden handles, two having paper labels.

084. Three braces: Stanley VICTOR No. 916 8-inch non-ratcheting, very good; PS&W 10-inch ratcheting, very good; and a Millers Falls ratcheting 8-inch, very good.

085. Pair of Stanley wooden levels: 28-inch No. 3 with intact vials, brass end plates, early circular logo with patent dates, very good overall; and a 26-inch No. 3 that needs the wood refinished, vials intact, good overall. (Photo)

086. Pair of handsaws: Keen Kutter K24, complete a and very good; and a fine George Bishop No. 16 with 8 ppi blade, fine etch, very good overall. (Photo)

087. Pair of wooden Stanley levels: 14-inch No. 102 SW, complete and very good; and a 12-inch No. 104 both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo)

088. Pair of 20-inch handsaws: early Keen Kutter with axe head logo on medallion and nice etch on blade, top handle spur MIA, very good; and a KEEN KUTTER No. 88, very good overall. (Photo)

089. Lot of seven FORD wrenches: lug with socket; double open ender 9N17014 graduated in inches; M01A-17017B offset box end; lug wrench with hex opening just below the open end; M-40-17017; screw adjust nut wrench with square end on handle; and a pair of pliers, all very good or better. (Photo)

090. Henry Disston & Sons 26-inch back saw, complete and very good; plus an old miter box that the saw can likely be used in. (Photo & Photo 2)

091. Lot of five FORD wrenches: #42 lug; M-40-17017 lug?; 01A-17017B 70; 01A-17017BM37; T-1387 screw adjust; and pair of pliers, all very good or better.

092. JAMES SWAM (SWAN) bung auger and two CARBORNDUM sharpening stones. The auger is complete and fine. The name stamp on the side is a misprint. The large of the stones is a NO. 57 knife sharpener, very good. The smaller stone has a green handle with CARBORNDUM decal, it is fine.

093. Lot of FORD wrenches: M-40-17017 lug?; and five double open ended wrenches, all good. (Photo)

094. ORR & LOCKETT HDW CO. RACEY panel saw with 9 PPI blade, nice etch and fine handle, fine overall. (Photo)

095. Six ratcheting bit braces including: Millers Falls; No. 32 Millers Falls; another Millers Falls; PEXTO No. 110; John S. Fray & Co.; & PS&W. (Photo)

096. Unknown make corner brace, complete and very good. (Photo)

097. Six ratcheting bit braces including: HSB & Co. (rusty); C.E. JENNINGS & CO.; Consolidated Tool Wks; No. 1908; etc. (Photo)

098. DIAMOND EDGE DEC10 corner brace with nice handles, very good overall. (Photo)

099. Lot of 12 assorted rafter or framing squares. (Photo)

100. Wooden carpenter tool chest 14 x 35 x 12 1/2 inches. Has a compartment or tray in the lid that needs latch work to keep it closed when the lid is lifted, three tills, folding iron handles on each end, includes an old Richardson hand saw and part of an old drafting set. (Photo & Photo 2)

101. Winchester single bit axe, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. LAKESIDE No. 42 double bit axe, handle chipped a bit where it goes into head, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Winchester single bit axe, some minor pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Keen Kutter single bit axe with former owner B.M.'s initials in series of dots below the Keen Kutter name, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Lot of 9 assorted rafter or framing squares including the EAGLE SQUARE one on top. (Photo)

106. Pair of iron smooth planes: SHELTON No. 04, complete and very good; plus a Stanley BEDROCK No. 604 that someone has attempted to make a patternmaker's plane out. It has a keyhole shaped hole in the bed behind the frog, still in good usable condition.

107. Wooden handled T-auger with nice 2-inch bit; and a Millers Falls No. 120 2-speed breast drill, has a carriage bolt where the set screw for the stock would go, otherwise good usable condition. (Photo)

108. Three Stanley smooth planes: #3 with S casting in bed, Q-logo blade, tote spur missing splinter, nice knob, will make great user; #4C with two patent dates in bed, tote broken in middle and missing spur, good overall; and a #4 with Q-logo blade, tote glued in center, very good overall.

109. Two wooden handled T-augers; one with 2-inch bit and one with 3/4-inch blade; plus a Millers Falls 2-speed breast drill, missing the original level and the auxiliary handle, good overall. (Photo)

110. Lot of three smooth planes: Stanley #3C Type II with fine AA logo blade, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, fine overall; Sargent #408, complete and fine; and a SHELTON No. 04, complete and very good.

111. Stanley No. 42? 4-foot mason's level, complete with iron plumb bob, very good overall. (Photo)

112. Pair of 18-inch fore planes: Stanley #6 Type 11, with good low knob, tote spur MIA, will clean to good usable condition; and a FULTON #6C with nice rosewood tote and beaded knob, good FULTON iron, almost no japanning remains in bed, will make good user. (Photo)

113. Extra long cooper or mast maker's drawknife with 17-inch blade, one handle split and loose, good overall. (Photo)

114. Early 28-inch Stanley No. 10 with laminated mahogany stock, square side views, brass corners, very good overall. (Photo)

115. Nice 32 1/2-inch turnscrew or screwdriver, likely from England, clean and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

116. Three 28-inch wooden levels: Stanley #30 double plumb and level with big brass plumb vial covers, all vials intact, very good overall; early Stanley No. ? with brass end plates, brass side views, both vials intact, stock needs refinishing; and an early Stanley 29-inch No. 0?, with dry level vial, plumb intact, big hang hole in one end, good overall. (Photo)

117. Unusually heavy 12-inch steel dividers with removable legs, each leg held by a decorative thumb screw, missing the locking screw, very nice. (Photo)

118. Pair of outside calipers with compression joints, the larger one is a STARRETT, the smaller one is marked SPENCER which was likely an owners name, both very good. (Photo)

119. Two pair of dividers; the one on the left is 10-inches, it is unmarked but appears to be early; the one on the right is by PS&W and has removable points, very good. (Photo)

120. Lot: Starrett 12-inch inside/outside calipers; 9 1/2-inch outside caliper, and three small spring calipers and dividers. Five pieces in all, and all are very good. (Photo)

121. Lot of three smaller calipers and dividers with integral springs; and a SCHOLLHORN PATENT (U.S. #51,967) unusual outside caliper made on a patent issued Jan. 9, 1866, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

122. Four dividers by PS&W, one mark too faint to read, the smallest pair by Sargent, all very good. (Photo)

123. Lot dividers; small inside/outside caliper; hermaphrodite caliper; and a Starrett inside/outside caliper with fine adjust, all very good. (Photo)

124. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in original wooden box, with 21 blades including the slitter, the round knob has stripped threads and needs to be replaced, all needed are the three depth stops, beading stop, screwdriver and cam, a good usable plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

125. Open.

126. Stanley BEDROCK No. 608C RT iron jointer plane, fine rosewood tote and low knob, R&L CO. BEDROCK lever cap, only about 1/3-inch usable length left in iron, very good overall. (Photo)

127. Stanley No. 8C iron jointer plane, tote spur MIA, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

128. Stanley NO. 7C iron jointer plane, tote spur MIA, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

129. Stanley NO. 6C Type 11 iron fore plane, owner B. SHUMACHER tastefully stamped his name into one side of the fine rosewood tote, fine V-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

130. Pair of iron bench planes: Stanley #5 iron jack plane with broken rosewood tote, good knob, Q-logo iron, very good overall; plus a WWII vintage Stanley #4 1/2C with hard rubber adjuster nut, fine stained tote and tall knob, the front corner is chipped, but it will not affect its function. (Photo)

131. Pair of TYPE 11 Stanley smooth planes: #4C with nice V-logo iron, fine rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall; and a #3 with fine rosewood tote and low knob, good V-logo iron, very good overall. (Photo)

132. Stanley #31, 24-inch transitional jointer plane, fine Q-logo blade, nice beech tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

133. Pair of 20-inch transitional fore planes: Stanley #129 Liberty Bell, missing a chunk from the top left side of the stock, good Q-logo iron, tote broken and missing part of spur, good; and a Stanley #29 with broken tote, good knob, good overall. (Photo)

134. Three transitional bench planes: Stanley #28, good Q-logo iron, tote broken and glued, good overall; Sargent #3415, complete and very good; and an unusual Ohio Tool #026, tote spur MIA, very good overall. (Photo)

135. Stanley #35 transitional smooth plane, Q-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

136. Stanley #135 Liberty Bell transitional smooth plane, tote broken and glued, very good overall. (Photo)

137. Stanley BAILEY #35 transitional smooth plane, fine V-logo iron, tote broken and glued, fine overall. (Photo)

138. Pair of transitional smooth planes: Stanley #24 prelateral with eagle logo on toe, good T-logo blade, has had a piece of wood applied to sole to close throat, very good overall; and a No. 122 Liberty Bell that is complete and fine.

139. A. HOWLAND & CO. handled screw-arm plow plane, nice round finials on arms, screw operated depth stop, comes with set of four Sandusky blades, very good. (Photo)

140. The Chronicle EAIA bound VOLS 1 through 11, November 1933 to December, 1958. Compiled by the Early American Industries Association in 1976, complete and fine. (Photo)

141. Greenfield Tool Co. No. 528 unhandled plow plane, with set of six Greenfield plow blades, there are numerous chips to the threads and arms, with new arms from a donor, it will be fine. (Photo)

142. PTAMPIA (Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America VOL 1 by Roger K. Smith, the seminal work on patented planes, this volume was never offered with a dust cover, this one is signed by the author and is complete and fine. (Photo)

143. BENSON & CRANNELL ALBANY, NY wedge-arm plow with five irons, four irons are by T. HILDICK, a fine plane overall. (Photo)

144. Book With Hammer In Hand by Charles Hummel. This hardbound book contains the story of the Dominy Craftsmen of East Hampton, New York. The Dominy shop and its tools now reside in the Winterthur Museum. A fine book overall, no dust jacket. (Photo)

145. W. GILPIN 1944 hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

146. Wooden Planes in America by Kenneth D. Roberts, complete with dust cover, a fine book with a tatty dust cover, and a previous owner has written ROBERTS name on the page ends, very good overall. (Photo)

147. PLUMB broad hatchet with anchor logo, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

148. Pair of tool books: The Antique Tool Collector's Guide to Value by Ronald S. Barlow, some wear near spine good paper covers; plus a hardbound copy of The Garrett Wade book of Woodworking Tools by Garry Chinn and John Sainsbury, fine book and dustcover. (Photo)

149. Two paper covered books: American Tools by Buck & HIckman reprinted by the Midwest Tool Collectors Association in 1989; and an original Tools and Accessories catalog of RICH-CON tools by Richard & Conover, some writing on cover, good overall. (Photo)

150. PLUMB lathing or roofing hatchet with stop and what appears to be the original handle, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

151. Unknown make drawknife with 12-inch blade, faint maker's mark, very good overall. (Photo)

152. PLUMB tomahawk-type camp hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

153. Nice cooper's shave with D.R. BARTON blade, nice wooden handles, very good overall. (Photo)

154. Unmarked KELLY? broad hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

155. Wooden bevel with 16-inch blade, 20 1/2-inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

156. C.H. HAMMOND PHIL'A broad hatchet, a few small chips from edges of hammer face, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

157. Pair of folding handle drawknives: Unknown make with 10-inch curved blade, one handle loose, good overall; and a nice A.J. WILKINSON with 7-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

158. BRIDGEPORT Boy Scout hatchet with iron handle sandwiched with two pieces of wood, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

159. Unusual hand forged? inshave, very good overall. (Photo)

160. Winchester roofing? hatchet with hammer head on back, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

161. Nice wooden calking mallet with iron rings around each end of the head, very good. (Photo)

162. Nice RABONE CHESTERMAN 33-foot gaging tape and reel with 4-inch brass weight, complete and fine. (Photo)

163. Lot of four outside calipers; the largest is an L.S. Starrett, it measures to 32 inches; and the smallest is a Starrett May 21, 1889 Patent with fine adjust that measures to 9 inches. The two smaller ones also have locking nuts, all are in very good usable condition. (Photo)

164. Three machinist tools: 16-inch inside/outside caliper; outside caliper that measures to 24-inches; and a Starrett Patent outside caliper with locking joint. (Photo)

165. Outside caliper that measures to 20 inches; plus a violin caliper marked with a New York maker's mark, some light rust that will need to be cleaned to reveal the rest of the name, and it will need a new return spring. (Photo)

166. Large 14-inch drawknife, very good overall. (Photo)

167. Pair of drawknives: carriage maker's drawknife with 7-inch blade; and a WILHELM PUTSCH K.G. with 13-inch blade and offset handles, very good. (Photo)

168. Stanley VICTORY No. 1105 iron jack plane with stained hardwood tote and knob, complete and fine. (Photo)

169. Union No. 537 Trask Patent transitional jack plane, replacement tote and knob, nice original blade, good overall. (Photo)

170. Stanley #5C Type 11 iron jack plane with nice rosewood tote, low knob, good T-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

171. Lakeside (Union) 15-inch transitional jack plane with nice original blade, very nice overall condition. (Photo)

172. Stanley #5 iron jack plane, nice BB-logo blade, good stained hardwood tote and knob, very good overall condition. (Photo)

173. GAGE TOOL CO. No. 2 transitional 10-inch smooth plane, has a hang hole drilled thru the sides of the stock under the front knob, otherwise fine. (Photo)

174. UNCLE SAM 9-inch iron smooth plane, looks like a Stanley-made plane, good tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

175. Union No. 27 transitional jack plane, complete and in fine original condition; plus a Stanley #35 transitional smoother, good Q-logo blade, nice beech tote, very good overall. (Photo)

176. Lot of three Siegley #2 combination plow planes; one has a cracked fence; one has light rust and peeling nickel; the one one the right is the most complete and comes with one plow, one match and three beading blades, also included is a Keen Kutter auger bit box with 13 original Siegley plow blades in it. (Photo)

177. Stanley #67 Universal spokeshave with flat and round bottom, fine handles, and nice nickel plating, fine overall. (Photo)

178. Scarce Evan's Patent compass or circular plane, has brass plate on side, has light rust but will easily clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

179. Early Stanley #98 side rabbet, no provision for depth stop, very good knob, very good overall. (Photo)

180. Late Stanley #99 side rabbet with intact depth stop, very good overall. (Photo)

181. Stanley #68 rabbeting spokeshave, V-logo iron, very good overall. (Photo)

182. Chaplin's Patent 6 1/2-inch iron block plane with nice Tower & Lyon iron, very good overall. (Photo)

183. Stanley #140 rabbeting block plane with removable side, Patent date in side, has one improper screw securing the removable side, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

184. Stanley #113 compass plane with T-logo blade, intact rear handle, needs light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

185. Sargent No. 57 scraper plane (similar to Stanley #112) fine tote with long spur, nice beaded knob, no blade, very good overall. (Photo)

186. Stanley VICTOR No. 20 1/2 compass plane, nice japanning, good V-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

187. Late model Stanley #40 scrub plane with extra blade support in bed, BB-logo, scuffed but intact hardwood tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

188. Stanley #113, early model with 4-hole blade adjuster on side, decorative screws, very good overall. (Photo)

189. Lot of four Stanley marking or marking & mortise gauges: unmarked #77 rosewood, complete and fine; No. 72 SW double beam, complete and fine; No. 65 SW complete and fine; and an unmarked boxwood marking & mortise gauge, has previous owner's name W.L. WRIGHT stamped into both sides of head, very good. (Photo)

190. Lot of three rosewood handled sliding bevels; the 11-inch model on top has a brass star in one side that may indicate it was made by the Star Tool Co; the 12-inch one in the center is a little rough; and 12-inch one on the bottom is very good. (Photo)

191. Lot of five marking or marking & mortise gauges: unknown make marking & mortise gauge, needs new points, fine wood; Stanley No. 62 SW, complete and very good; unknown make marking gauge with dark stain, very good; Stanley No. ? for straight or curved work, missing rub block, very good; and an unknown make with oval boxwood? head that is cracked on one side, good beam. (Photo)

192. Lot of four rosewood handled try and try & miter squares: Unknown make try square with 7 1/2-inch blade, light pitting on blade, nice handle; try square with 9-inch blade, very good; early Stanley try & miter square with sandwiched wooden handle, 8-inch blade, and lead joint, very good; and a rosewood and brass try and miter square with 6-inch blade, two patent dates in handle, very good. (Photo)

193. Lot of five marking or marking & mortise gauges: three unknown make beech gauges, all in good overall; two Stanley No. 77-type rosewood marking & mortise gauges, one missing the rub block, good overall. (Photo)

194. Four try squares: 6 1/2-inch model, cracked handle, good overall; unknown make with fine 7-inch blade; unknown make with 6-inch blade; and a mahogany model with 4 3/4-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

195. Four rosewood handled sliding bevels: 10-inch; 9 1/2-inch; and two 8-inch models with fancy brass screws. (Photo)

196. Lot of four claw hammers including a KEEN KUTTER; MAYDOLE; HAMMOND? and a very nice CHENEY nail holder PAT. NO. 162,176. (Photo)

197. Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, good T-logo blade, rosewood tote has been glued, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. Lot of four wooden handled hammers including a nice MEPHESTO adz hammer, very good. (Photo)

199. Stanley #6 iron fore plane WWII model with hard rubber nut, good BB logo blade, hardwood tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

200. Stanley #7C corrugated iron jointer plane, nice BB-logo blade, rosewood tote spru MIA, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

201. Stanley #6C corrugated iron fore plane, fine early-style rosewood tote and low knob, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

202. Sargent #718 AUTOSET iron fore plane with tilting front handle nice tote, good original blade, with light cleaning will be very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

203. Sargent combination plane (similar to Stanley #45) with two-row canvas pouch of blades, long and short rods, beading stop depth stops, some of the blades have rust, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Early Stanley #28 prelateral transitional fore plane, eagle logo on toe, good Q-logo blade, tote spur broken and semi repaired, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

205. Four iron block planes: Keen Kutter K18; Keen Kutter KK15, throat adjust cam is MIA; Keen Kutter K220; and Chaplin's Patent Tower & Lyon with small chip out of left front corner of side. (Photo)

206. Lot of four iron block planes: Stanley #130 double ended; unknown make similar to early Stanley #120; Stanley #118; and a REVONOC. (Photo)

207. Lot of four iron block planes: Sargent (similar to Stanley #130) double ended; Stanley 6-inch with knuckle jointed lever cap; Sargent #217; and Stanley #60 1/2. (Photo)

208. A.J. WILKINSON & CO. 8-inch folding handle drawknife, complete and fine. (Photo)

209. JAMES SWAN Co. 8-inch folding handle drawknife, very good. (Photo)

210. Winstead Edge Tool Works 8-inch folding handle drawknife, complete and fine. (Photo)

211. Small 6-inch JAMES SWAN drawknife, complete and fine. (Photo)

212. Original plastic roll of Diamond Edge auger bits, bits are poking thru plastic at bottom, very good bits. (Photo)

213. Three bitstock tools: Woods? patent adjustable hollow auger, plus large and medium sized dowel or spoke pointers. (Photo)

214. Millers Falls-type jointer gauge or fence for iron bench planes. (Photo)

215. Nice 3-tier box of Russell Jennings auger bits, containing a nice set of Jennings bits. (Photo)

216. Three adjustable hollow augers both with depth stops, two have March 5, 1878 patent, one is set up to use in drill press, the other in a brace plus an A.A. Woods that is set up for use in a drill press. (Photo)

217. Unknown make iron jointer fence or gauge for wooden bench planes, with screws, very good. (Photo)

218. Medium and small Enterprise-type bung augers, complete and very good. (Photo)

219. Four fixed-size hollow augers. (Photo)

220. Stanley #386 jointer gauge or fence, knob chipped at base, good. (Photo)

221. Pair of Stanley planes: early #78 complete with fence and depth stop, patent date on blade, very good; plus a #148 match plane that is missing both blades but is in good overall condition. (Photo)

222. Lot of six assorted saws: four keyhole saws by Disston, Atkins, and Richardson Bros; a Union Hardware Co. hacksaw; and a small coping saw with wooden handle. (Photo)

223. Lot of 8 saw sets: Disston Triumph; Morrills; Atkins; TAINTOR'S POSITIVE No. 7; No. 100; Keen Kutter, etc. (Photo)

224. Three keyhole saws including a PHOENIX, all very good. (Photo)

225. Lot of three crating hammers: NOX TOX; BOX TERRIER; and a small DIAMOND DULUTH, all very good. (Photo)

226. Three saws including two keyhole types, all very good. (Photo)

227. Pair of crating hammers: W.H. COX & SONS TUCSON, ARIZONA; and COMPLIMENTS OF METZLER & SONS. INC. nickel plated, both are fine. (Photo)

228. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane, with seven original blades, the largest blade has small corner chip; all three main sections, rods, depth stop, needs filletster blade, nicker on sliding section, slitter and rear depth stop to complete. (Photo)

229. Pair of crating hammers: BABY TERRIER; and BRIDGEPORT TOMAHAWK JUNIOR, both very good. (Photo)

230. Stanley #50 light duty plow plane with main body, fence, arms, beading stop, and one plow blade, skate of plane is chipped where nicker would go, a good user. (Photo)

231. Two hack saw frames; the one on top is a STAR TOOL CO. and the bottom one is UNION, both are very good. (Photo)

232. Pair of cast iron tongue & groove planes: Stanley #48, no blades, but the plane itself is fine; and a Union #41 (similar to Stanley #48) tongue & groove plane, no blades but the body is very good. (Photo)

233. Scarce Union #42 (similar to Stanley #49) tongue & groove plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

234. Pair of hand drills: #5 complete with auxiliary handle, no bits inside storage handle, very good overall; and a GOODELL PRATT with very nice wood, intact chuck, fast-and-slow gears, very good overall. (Photo)

235. Four wooden planes: 7 1/2-inch chamfer plane, no blade, otherwise very good; New York Tool Co. 8-inch wooden smoother with nice AUBURN TOOL blade; 9-inch spar plane by H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY; and a Continental 8 3/4-inch smoother with GOLDENBERG ACIER FONDU blade with adjustable chip breaker, very good. (Photo)

236. Pair of hand drills: Small Goodell-Pratt with steel auxiliary handle, nice chuck, good overall; and a Millers Falls No. 1 that is complete and very good. (Photo)

237. J.E. BUCK, RUSSEL SEREE STANPORT? toothing plane, very good. (Photo)

238. Millers Falls No. 2-A large hand drill, with 7 original bits in handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

239. Early wedge-arm plow plane with wooden depth stop, one blade, wedges are replacements, and could stand better ones, very good overall. (Photo)

240. Lot of three wooden planes: 6 3/4-inch W. BUTCHER blade, good overall; unknown make 8-inch smooth plane, very good overall; and a 9-inch W. HILLS? BOSTON miter plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

241. Scioto Works 9-inch No. 31 miter plane, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

242. Unusual 11 1/2-inch wooden miter or low angle bench plane with W. GREAVES & SONS blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. Pair of fixer upper Stanley #81 cabinet scrapers, both will need new wooden bottoms, one original Stanley blade included, both will make great users with a little rehab work. (Photo)

244. Stanley #66 with straight fence, no blades included, but you can buy new sets of blades online. (Photo)

245. Pair of all-iron cabinet scrapers: early Stanley #80, complete and very good; and a WINCHESTER, has replacement blade, body is very good. (Photo)

246. Stanley #12 1/2 cabinet scraper with rosewood bottom, nice Disston blade, blade was taped to bottom with packing tape so there is glue on bottom and on blade, fine overall. (Photo)

247. Stanley #81 cabinet scraper with original V-logo blade and nice rosewood bottom, complete and fine. (Photo)

248. Stanley #12 cabinet scraper with nice SW blade, owner had taped blade to bottom with packing tape so you will need to use solvent to get glue off blade and off sides; fine overall. (Photo)

249. Stanley #80 cabinet scraper with SW logo on skate, BB-logo blade, 98%+ japanning, fine overall. (Photo)

250. Pair of Winchester socket chisels, one has mushroomed socket from being abused. (Photo)

251. Lot of four Winchester screwdrivers, some better than others No. 7104 6-in.; 7103 4-inch; 7101, 2-inch; and one marked Winchester with no model number but same size as the 7101. (Photo)

252. Winchester 10-inch slip joint pliers, complete and very good. (Photo)

253. Winchester 10-inch No. 2499 gas pliers, complete and fine. (Photo)

254. Little Winchester ball peen hammer, very good overall. (Photo)

255. Lot of six Keen Kutter wooden handled screwdrivers. (Photo)

256. Five transitional jack planes: two Sargent #3415, one early and one late; Lakeside; Ohio Tool #027; and a fine HSB REVONOC. (Photo)

257. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in tin box (no lid) 19 blades including slitter, has script logo on skate, long and short rods, cam (missing screw) beading and depth stops, needs outer knob on fence and two or three blades to complete, all in all a nice plane in a very good box. (Photo)

258. Stanley #41 Millers Patent plow plane for parts, has main frame, repaired wrap-around fence, unslotted fence screws, main frame is good, has Rule & Level logo on skate, nice rosewood handle, a few chips from top handle spur, and one 1/4-inch blade. (Photo)

259. OPEN. (Photo)

260. Original box containing six original blades including filletster for a Millers Patent #141 plow plane, very good. (Photo)

261. Lot of four handled transitional smooth planes: early Sargent #3411; later Sargent #3411; Stanley #35; and Stanley #135 Liberty Bell. (Photo)

262. Crescent Tool Co. nail puller, complete and fine. (Photo)

263. Large 19-inch turnscrew or screwdriver, marked with makers name but we can't make it out, very good overall. (Photo)

264. Long 15-inch D.R. BARTON gouge, needs handle, fine overall. (Photo)

265. Stanley #70 box scraper, complete and very good; plus a wooden mallet. (Photo)

266. Stanley No. 38 level stand for iron levels, nice nickel plating, very good overall. (Photo)

267. Three saw tools: English No. 42 saw wrest, complete and very good; a saw filing fixture; plus an unknown saw set with some pitting. (Photo)

268. Stanley #71 router plane, WWII model, no throat closing fixture, one 1/2-inch blade included, nice hardwood knobs, very good japanning. (Photo)

269. L&I.J. WHITE broad hatchet, 5 1/2-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

270. Pair of Stanley #71 router planes, one mounted to a board with throat closing rod, good knobs, 1/2-inch blade, very good; the other an earlier vintage with fine knobs, no blades. (Photo)

271. L&I.J. WHITE broad hatchet, 4-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

272. Short handled mortising axe, complete and very good. (Photo)

273. Pair of roofing hatchets: C. HAMMOND PHIL'A; and an Underhill Edge Tool Co. both good. (Photo)

274. Plumb 5-inch broad hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo)

275. Winchester 4 1/2-inch broad hatchet, complete and fine. (Photo)

276. Lot of of four 22-inch wooden jointer planes SCIOTO WORKS; JAS. RONBOCK?; H.L. JAMES MASS.; and unknown make with HUMPHREYVILLE blade, all very good. (Photo)

277. Stanley #129 Liberty Bell 20-inch transitional fore plane, nice T-logo iron, tote broken in middle and missing spur, very good overall. (Photo)

278. Stanley #29 transitional 20-inch fore plane, good Q-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

279. Stanley BAILEY #28 transitional 18-inch fore plane, nice SW logo blade, nice tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

280. GAGE TOOL CO. No. 14 transitional 18-inch fore plane, nice original blade, tote a clunky replacement, good overall. (Photo)

281. Pair of wooden jack planes: unknown make with OHIO TOOL THISTLE BRAND blade, very good; and NEW YORK TOOL CO. with SANDUSKY TOOL CO. blade, good overall. (Photo)

282. Lot of four rosewood handled sliding bevels: nice 8-inch model; an 8 1/2-inch model with slotted locking screw; a very good 10-inch model; and a rough 10-inch model that has had the screw replaced by a steel screw. (Photo)

283. Wooden spokeshave W.J. (William Johnson) with 3 5/8-inch blade, nice brass wear plate on bottom, fine overall. (Photo)

284. Three rosewood handled sliding bevels: a 10-inch model with big brass screw, very good; a Stanley 10-inch that needs cleaning but is very good; and one with a faint name that may be HILDICK stamped into the wood. (Photo)

285. W. Walter & Co. SHEFFIELD spokeshave with 3-inch blade, small hang hole in one end of handle, very good overall. (Photo)

286. C.S. OSBORNE rosewood spokeshave with screw operated blade depth adjustment, brass wear strip on bottom, very good overall. (Photo)

287. Nice Wm. MARPLES HIBERNIA WORKS boxwood marking gage with 2-inch blade, fine A.ATKINS owners mark, fine overall. (Photo)

288. Unknown make mini spokeshave with 1 3/4-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

289. Lot of three rosewood handled try and try & miter squares: STANLEY SW with 10-inch blade and partial decal on nice rosewood handle; STANLEY try and miter square with 7 1/2-inch blade, good overall; and a try square with 3-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

290. Lot of five marking and marking and mortise gauges: homemade double beam wedge locking, good; several unmarked marking gages and one marking and mortise gauge, complete and very good. (Photo)

291. Three rosewood handled try squares: unknown make with 12-inch blade, good; unknown make with 9-inch blade, very good; and Stanley with 6-inch blade and crack in handle, good. (Photo)

292. Lot of four hammers including a CHENEY 1924 patent adz hammer, very good; small H&B New Britain, Conn claw hammer; small CHENEY claw hammer, very good; and a D. MAYDOLL straight peen very good. (Photo)

293. Lot of five iron block planes: Millers Falls #68 double ended; early Stanley #120; Stanley #110; Winchester 3064 (Sargent); and Sargent 5306. (Photo)

294. Two claw hammers including fine CHENEY nail holder and a D. MAYDOLL claw hammer, very good. (Photo)

295. Three iron block planes: Stanley 7-inch with Excelsior-style body and knuckle cap; Stanley #60? low angle with nickeled cap; and Stanley #203. (Photo)

296. Pair of ball peen hammers; one by Winchester and one Keen Kutter. (Photo)

297. Lot of four iron block planes: Sargent 5 1/2-inch #206 with gull-wing screw; early Stanley #9 1/2; another early 9 1/2 with chip in right front corner; and a later Sargent #206. (Photo)

298. Pair of broad axe heads: one on top is marked DOUGLAS AXE MANUF CO. W. HUNT &?, it has 12-inch cutting edge; the bottom one 10 1/2 inch. (Photo)

299. Four iron block planes: Stanley #75 bullnose; early Stanley #101; early Stanley #102; and Stanley #103. (Photo)

300. Fine Stanley #10 1/2 carriage maker's rabbet plane, last of the U.S. Made models with near perfect japanning, just a scuff or two on otherwise fine tote and knob, about as good as they get. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Keen Kutter KK3 30-inch plumb & level, complete and fine. (Photo)

302. Early H. CHAPIN UNION-FACTORY 28-inch plumb and level, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo)

303. Pair of 28-inch levels: Stanley #3, complete and very good; and Keen Kutter KK3 both vials intact, very good. (Photo)

304. Keen Kutter KK0 26-inch plumb & level, complete and very good. (Photo)

305. Lot of five FORD wrenches: T5893 lug; M-81A-17017; M01A-17017B; T5893; and screw adjust nut wrench with M casting mark, all very good. (Photo)

306. Pair of levels including a 24-inch sheet metal ACME inclinometer type, needs cleaning; and a 24-inch Stanley in a new wooden stock. (Photo)

307. Lot of seven FORD wrenches: screw adjust nut wrench; pliers; and five double open ended, all very good. (Photo)

308. Pair of wooden levels: 24-inch GOODELL-PRATT CO. double plumb & level, one plumb vial dry, otherwise very good; and a Stanley No. 1193 SW brass-bound mahogany with hang hole in end of stock. (Photo)

309. Two stackable sets of wooden drawers each containing 15 drawers and most of the drawers filled or partially filled with assorted makes of wood auger bits. The owner was trying to make complete sets. Among the bits included are ones by Fulton, Jennings, Pexto, Greenlee, Irwin, and many more. These drawers came out of Phoenix hardware store that went out of business in the early 1960s. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Three wooden Stanley levels: 22-inch No. 3, both vials intact, brass end plates, very good overall; 20-inch No. 0 with dry plumb vial, good overall; and a 20-inch No. 00 with part of original decal on top, dry plumb vial, good overall. (Photo)

311. Pair of 18-inch iron fore planes; Stanley #6 with two patent dates in bed, Q-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and low knob, good overall; and a prelateral Stanley #6 with nice early style rosewood tote and beaded knob, BB logo blade with patent date, good overall. (Photo)

312. Lot of two sharpening stones one in a nice wooden box. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Lot of nine FORD wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Lot of three sharpening stones one in a wooden base. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Lot of six ford wrenches including screw adjusting nut wrench and pair of pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

316. Lot of five paper covered books: New England Antiques Crafts and Factory Outlets; Monhagen Saw Works reprinted by EAIA in 1976; Little Book of Early American Crafts & Trades by Peter Stockholm; Stanley 1991 Pocket Price Guide by John Walter; Disston Handbook on Saws reprinted by MWTCA in 1983; and 1909 Price List William Marples & Sons Limited Sheffield reprint by MWTCA. (Photo)

317. Lot of seven Ford wrenches including two lug; a screw adjusting nut wrench and an open end with graduated bar. (Photo & Photo 2)

318. Two hardbound tool related books: Modern Carpentry by Fred T. Hodgson VOL. 2, scuffed cover, very good overall; and Tools And Machines by Charles Barnard, 1903, complete and very good. (Photo)

319. MOXON MECHANICAL EXERCISES printed by the EAIA in 1975, complete and fine. (Photo)

320. Five softcover tool books: 1886 Illustrated Catalogue of Scroll Saws, Lathes, Fancy Woods… by A.H. Pomeroy reprint by Pilgrim Publishers; 1876 Price List G.W. Bradley's Edge Tools; Harness Maker's and Dealer's Supply Catalogue, James R. Hill & Co. Concord New Hampshire that has holes punched but needs to be stapled or otherwise secured; United Hardware & Tool Corp. maker's of FULTON TOOLS Catalog No. 40 reprinted by MWTCA in 1983; and Hirth & Krause, Dealers in all kinds of Leather & Finding, reprinted by MWTCA in 1980. (Photo)

321. Pair of hardbound books: The Wooden Plane by Richard A. Martin and printed by the EAIA in 1977, complete and fine; plus a lightly worn copy of Steel Square And Its Uses revised edition 1941 by William Radford, good overall. (Photo)

322. Hardbound 1939 Charles Bruning Company General Catalog 13th Edition of drafting and surveying equipment, fine overall. (Photo)

323. Three John Jacob Holtzapffel books: The Principles & Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning, like new with fine dustjacket; Holtzapffel's Construction, Action And Application of Cutting Tools, no dust jacket, book is fine; and Hand or Simple Turning Principles and Practice, fine with fine dust jacket. (Photo)

324. Hardbound Keuffel & Esser Co. 1927 catalog of surveying and drafting equipment, worn but very good overall. (Photo)

325. Circa 1949 Albert Steinfeld & Co. Wholesale Hardware Established 1854, Tueson, Arizona, complete and very good. A note on the inside cover says the company went out of business shortly after this catalog was published; plus a copy of The American System of Manufactures, The report of the Committee on the machinery of the United States in 1855 and the special reports of George Wallis and Joseph Whitworth in 1854. This copy published in EDINBURGH in 1969. (Photo)

326. Hardbound Practical Carriage Building Book by M.T. Richardson, reprint by the EAIA, complete with dust jacket, fine. (Photo)

327. Two hardbound tool books: Planemakers and Other Edge Tool Enterprises In New York State in the Nineteenth Century by Kenneth D. Roberts with intact dust jacket, good overall; and a copy of Alvin Sellens' Woodworking Planes, book is fine, no dust jacket. (Photo)

328. Circa 1905 RAYL'S Detroit Michigan, Catalog No. 21, catalog of woodworkers tools reprinted in 1983 by Roger K. Smith, very good; plus an original Brown & Sharpe Catalog No. 33 circa 1938, very good overall. (Photo)

329. Three tool books: Jedediah North's Tinner's Tool Business by John H. Demer and printed by EAIA in 1978; hardbound copy of The Tools That Built America by Alex W. Bealer complete with dust jacket fine overall; and an early copy of British Planemakers from 1700 by W.L. Goodman, complete and fine with worn dust jacket. (Photo)

330. Three paper covered tool books: No. 88 Price List of John Wilkinson Co. Chicago, ILL; Ken Roberts reprint of the Eighth Edition Catalogue of ALEX. MATHIESON & SONS LIMITED SARACEN TOOL WORKS, GLASGOW; and Illustrations of Trades by Chrles Tomlinson and printed by the EAIA in 1972. (Photo)

331. Lot of four wooden bench planes: unknown make 9-inch miter plane, Gladwin Tool Co. blade; E.W. CARPENTER single iron smoother one ear cracked and small crack in side from wedge being driven in too far, good overall; nice smoother with Chapin Stephens Co. blade; and a fine 6 3/4-inch Sorby smoother. (Photo)

332. Two horn planes: JORDAN HARSWARE CORP, NEW YORK, AUSTRIA No. 2, missing the 1 3/4-in. blade, very nice body and wedge; and one with PEUGEOT FRERES scrub blade, very good. (Photo)

333. BIRCH & SON wooden compass plane, one ear cracked, very good overall. (Photo)

334. Ohio Tool Co. No. 035 (same as Stanley #35) transitional smooth plane, with nice tapered Ohio Tool Thistle Brand blade, nice tote and knob, maroon japanning on frame, very good overall. (Photo)

335. Stanley #35 transitional smooth plane, nice Q-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

336. Stanley BAILEY #26 transitional jack plane, good V-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

337. Stanley BAILEY #27 1/2 wide-body or jumbo jack with nice T-logo blade, fine early style beech tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo)

338. Stanley #28 transitional fore plane, R&L-logo blade, a few cracks in stock, very good overall. (Photo)

339. Stanley #129 Liberty Bell transitional jointer plane, good Q-logo iron, tote spur missing sliver, good knob, good overall. (Photo)

340. Sargent #3424 transitional jointer plane, round logo on iron, horseshoe lateral lever, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

341. Stanley #6 iron fore plane with good T-logo blade, nice rosewood low knob, tote spur MIA, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

342. Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, STANLEY lever cap with orange background; fine BB logo blade, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

343. Stanley #6 iron fore plane, fine early-style rosewood tote and short knob, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Stanley #7C iron jointer plane, STANLEY lever cap with orange background, good BB logo blade, scuffed but intact rosewood tote and tall knob, some white paint overspray, with light cleaning will be very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

345. Lot of four iron block planes: unknown make 7-inch with L.Bailey iron; REVONOC; Stanley S18; and Stanley #102. (Photo)

346. Lot of six iron block planes: Sargent #307; Stanley 6-inch with SW knuckle jointed cap; Stanley 7-inch with early knuckle jointed cap; early Sargent missing front knob; Stanley 7-inch with Excelsior-style body, chip on front corner; and rusty Stanley #9 1/2. (Photo)

347. Pair of hatchets: THE PEERLESS CINCINNATI O. (Ohio) broad hatchet; and a fat little hatchet with hammer pole, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

348. Turners sizing chisel and gouge, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

349. Pair of hatchets: HAMMOND PHILADELPHIA CAST STEEL; and a WINCHESTER broad hatchet, SHARP! (Photo & Photo 2)

350. Pair of broad axe heads: the one on top has an 11-inch edge and is stamped N30; the bottom is marked E.C. SIMONDS ST. LOUIS DIAMOND STEEL, it has an 11-inch blade. (Photo)

351. Pair of 44-inch rapid transit pipe clamps, both very good. (Photo)

352. Large 4-foot wooden square, very good overall. (Photo)

353. Three wooden furniture clamps. (Photo)

354. Lot of four wooden furniture clamps,the longest not shown in photo. (Photo)

355. Barn-beam boring machine, in very good overall condition, one bit (not pictured) included. (Photo & Photo 2)

356. Six assorted T augers, five with square shanks that appear to be early. (Photo)

357. Lot of four 15-inch transitional jack planes: Stanley Rule & Level #26 prelateral; Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool); Union Tool Co.; and another Keen Kutter K26?. (Photo)

358. OPEN.

359. Pair of block planes: Stanley #9 1/4 complete and very good; plus a SHELTON (similar to Stanley #118) steel, complete and very good. (Photo)

360. Stanley #248 with 7/16-inch blade, comes with pre-stops rods, very good overall. (Photo)

361. PRUTTON CLEVE OHIO iron block plane, first we have seen of this model. (Photo & Photo 2)

362. Pair of duplex or rabbet and filletster planes: unknown make with cap screw similar to an early Stanley, has fence and nicker, but no depth stop, very good; and a late model Stanley with thumb operated blade adjuster, intact fence and depth stop, complete and fine. (Photo)

363. Pair of hand vises; one smaller and one large with huge wing nut, both very good. (Photo)

364. COLLINS & CO. HARTFORD LEGITIMUS broad hatchet with 4-inch blade, tiny chip in corner of blade, very good.

365. Lot of four wooden panel gauges, most needing a little help; and the iron head for another with screw and brass rub block. (Photo)

366. Lot of three bit extensions: Stanley #180, 24-inch; Millers Falls 24-inch and a fine Millers Falls #35. (Photo)

367. Stanley SW #66 1/4 36-inch, 4-fold rule with later style arched joint, a nice clean rule. (Photo)

368. English 4-fold meter stick, marked in inches on outside and metric on inside, missing last 1/4-inch from one section. Marked PATENT 1173229. (Photo)

369. Stanley #66 3/4 36-inch, brass-bound four-fold rule, nice tight joints, inside indexing holes wallowed out, good overall. (Photo)

370. Stanley #66 1/2 36-inch, 4-fold rule with early arched joint, a few small spots of minor staining, good overall. (Photo)

371. RABONE #1201 36-inch, 4-fold rule with nice arched joint with protractor, very good overall. (Photo)

372. Stanley? #72 1/2 2-foot, 4-fold rule with square joints, nice tight joints, very good overall. (Photo)

373. Unusual UPSON NUT #53 1/2 architect's rule with nice arched joint, very good overall. (Photo)

374. Stanley #36 1/2C right handled, could use a light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

375. Two Stanley rules: #163 24-inch, 4-fold rule in near new condition; and a Stanley #68 24-inch, 4-fold rule, two small patches of staining, very good overall. (Photo)

376. E.A.STEARNS No. 54B 12-inch 4-fold ivory & German silver caliper rule, there is some yellowing to the outside and one leg has a crack; inside is considerably whiter and has intact indexing pins, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

377. Stanley SW #61 1/2 36-inch, 4-fold rule with later style arched joint, some wear outside, very good inside. (Photo)

378. Four-fold meter rule with square sections, some wear, but all joints intact and brass tips present, an interesting rule. (Photo)

379. INTERLOX 48-inch MASTER SLIDE RULE by DAHL MFG CO N.Y.C. complete and very good. (Photo)

380. Two 4-fold rules: RABONE #1167 36-inch, 4-fold "blindman's rule" with extra large numbers, complete and fine; and a Stanley #66 3/4 fully bound 36-inch 4-fold rule, stained inside and out, good overall. (Photo)

381. Small brass anvil advertising PERFECT CIGARS MILWAUKEE WISC likely given away intended to be used as a paperweight, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

382. Small steel or iron anvil paperweight, very good. (Photo)

383. Small steel anvil advertising the SHERMAN VEHICLE CO. ST. LOUIS, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

384. Small iron GRINNELL ANVIL, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

385. Small brass anvil, likely produced as a paperweight, complete and fine. (Photo)

386. Small brass anvil, likely produced as a paperweight, complete and fine. (Photo)

387. Lot of bitstock tools: Wm. Johnson adjustable washer cutter; CRAFTSMAN washer cutter; two nut drivers and a mystery tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

388. Two patented spiral screwdrivers: Millers Falls No. 41 or 42 reversible, in good working order, no bits included; and a Goodell Brothers Co., Greenfield, Mass. U.S.A., Pat. Oct. 5, 1897 with one flat bit, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

389. Lot of boring and bitstock tools: two twist drills; three Morris taper twist drills; four nut drivers; countersink; spanner; and a STEARNS nickel plated countersink. (Photo & Photo 2)

390. Lot of six flat bladed screwdrivers by HSB&CO; JAMES SWAN; N.E.S. CO.; NEW STAR; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

391. Lot of 24 bitstock gimlet bits, one by Thiele & Quack. (Photo & Photo 2)

392. Two ratchet screwdrivers: unusual YANKEE NO. 10 reversible, very good overall; and a Goodell-Pratt Toolsmiths, both complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

393. Five bitstock tools: two screwdriver bits; center bit; countersink, and a fine HARGRAVE adjustable washer cutter. (Photo & Photo 2)

394. Lot of nine wooden handled screwdrivers most with round shafts, two Perfect-Handle-types one by IRWIN and one marked GERMANY; two Goodell Pratt; three CHAMPION, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

395. Lot of 13 bitstock tools. (Photo & Photo 2)

396. Pair of all-steel screwdrivers; the one on top is similar to the BRIDGEPORT and BUFFUM TOOL CO. ones we have seen, this one is unmarked; and a twist handle model, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

397. Lot of 13 assorted auger bits including a large #28. (Photo & Photo 2)

398. Lot of nine screwdrivers including an advertising one marked COMPLIMENTS OF CRYSTAL AUTO CO., CRYSTAL, N. DAK. DISTRIBUTORS OF, HUDSON & OVERLAND AUTOMOBILES, ACCESSORIES & REPAIRING; and a nice Millers Falls #55 ratcheting model. (Photo & Photo 2)

399. Lot of 9 assorted bitstock tools including a Wm. Johnson adjustable washer cutter; and an unusual countersink patented March 1, 1887, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

400. Lot of nine little wooden handled screwdrivers including five that most likely came with early Stanley combination plow planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Keen Kutter KK3 30-inch plumb & level, complete and very good. (Photo)

402. Pair of wooden levels: Keen Kutter KK0 30-inch plumb and level, plumb vial MIA, otherwise OK; and a 28-inch H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY plumb & level with intact vials, complete and very good. (Photo)

403. Pair of wooden levels: 26-inch Stanley #3, complete and fine; and a 24-inch Stanley #30 double plumb & level with large brass covers over plumb vial, stock needs refinishing. (Photo)

404. Pair of wooden levels: 24-inch Stanley #3 complete and very good; and a 22 1/2-inch COOK'S PATENT No. 1 with intact vials, mahogany? stock, very good. (Photo)

405. Short handled 9-inch broad axe marked CAST STEEL W.O. CROSS, handle needs to be cut off above the head, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

406. Keen Kutter single bit camp hatchet, very good overall condition. (Photo)

407. Winchester single bit camp hatchet, very good overall. (Photo)

408. DUNLAP & MADERAIA, CHAMBERSBURG, PENN broad axe with 12 1/2-inch blade, needs to be re-handled, very good overall. (Photo)

409. CAFFEE & WHITE CAST STEEL 9 3/4-inch broad axe with offset handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

410. William M. Beatty & Son Chester, PA (very faint mark) broad axe with 7 1/2-inch blade, appears to be a cow or a bull for logo, also marked CAST STEEL, CHESTER, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

411. Pair of Stanley rabbet planes: #190 with BB logo blade, intact depth stop, complete and fine; plus an early #191 with vine cast handle; decorative cap screw, Rule & Level logo on blade, intact depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

412. Stanley #378 with 7/8-inch blade, intact depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

413. Three coffin-shaped smooth planes: SCIOTO #3, complete and fine; J. PEARCE NEW YORK No. 108 with Chapin Stephens blade, fine; and a SCIOTO WORKS No. 3 with side split out and BUTCHER iron, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

414. Fine SARGENT & CO. No. 612 1/2 razee handled smooth plane, as good as they get. (Photo & Photo 2)

415. Pair of Stanley router planes: #71 1/2 that has a blade in it that will not fit the blade adjuster, plane is fine; and a #71 with all three blades, throat closing attachment, needs light cleaning but will be fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

416. Pair of wooden spokeshaves: one with 3 1/8-inch blade hang hole in handle, very good; and a very nice inshave or travisher, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

417. Pair of wooden spokeshaves; one with 2 1/2-inch blade, brass wear plate on sole, good overall; and one with 2 5/8-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

418. Lot of three try squares and a miter square: homemade model with decorative end on both blade and handle, very good; Stanley miter square with early Rule & Level Co. 12-inch blade, very good overall; Keen Kutter (Disston) with 7 1/4-inch blade, very good; and an unknown make with 6-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

419. Pair of hatchets: Genuine PLUMB Boy Scout type with wooden handle, fine; and FULTON with light pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

420. Lot two rosewood handled try squares; one a Stanley V-logo with 6-inch blade, complete and fine; and an unknown make with 6-inch blade, good; plus a Stanley nickel plated miter square with 8-inch handle, very good. (Photo)

421. Pair of hatchets: Nice WINCHESTER; and a TRUE TEMPER with nail claw. (Photo & Photo 2)

422. Pair of broad axe heads: the one on top is 11 1/2-inches; the bottom one is marked R LIND, it has an 11-inch edge. (Photo)

423. Three St. Louis axe and hatchet heads, from left to right: Keen Kutter No. 5 single bit axe head; Keen Kutter that has been filed or ground on the hammering side; and a smaller SHAPLEIGH hatchet head. (Photo & Photo 2)

424. Three hand vises including one marked H. BOOKER GERMANY. (Photo)

425. Stanley #40 scrub plane, late model, fine wood, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Two iron block planes: Stanley #220 with large diameter adjuster screw, very good overall; plus a Keen Kutter K103, complete with original blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

427. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with all three main sections, long rods, front depth stop, 19 blades including slitter in wooden box, needs a few screws, two depth stops and a cam to complete, will make a great user. (Photo)

428. CRESCENT 8 to 10-inch double ended adjustable nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

429. Firestone 9-inch smooth plane built on what looks like a late model Stanley bed with blue paint or japanning and a plastic tote, FIRESTONE blade and lever cap, has some red paint in bed around front knob; plus a Stanley #80 scraper in blue paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

430. Unusual tool for fastening shoe buttons marked BXI 127 with swastika logo, we believe this to be a BUFFUM TOOL COMPANY tool from Louisiana Missouri, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

431. Lot of four wrenches including a 7-inch Billings E Series; a C.E. BILLINGS 5-inch; Springfield Drop Forging 5-inch; and a stamped or pressed steel RED HEAD PLUG WRENCH, EMIL GROSSMAN CO DETROIT, NEW YORK, CHICAGO. (Photo & Photo 2)

432. Lot of seven assorted bicycle or pocket wrenches: BILLINGS & SPENCER A Series 4-inch; FRANK MOSSBERG A-2; two MOSSBERG A-1; an unmarked 5-inch wrench; and two 4-inch wrenches with Keystone logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

433. Lot of four wrenches: 5-inch BARNES TOOL COMPANY pocket or bicycle wrench, some mild pitting; U.S. 5-inch, very good; 5-inch WAKEFIELD CYCLE WRENCH Co. PAT. APL'D FOR, good; and a 7-inch KING DICK automotive nut wrench MADE IN ENGLAND, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

434. Two 8-inch S handle adjustable nut wenches B&C (Bemis & Call) and BUFFUM TOOL CO. (Louisiana, Missouri) with swastika-type logo, both very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

435. Lot of 11 smaller wrenches including: 6-inch CRESCENT; 4-inch DIAMALLOY; 4-inch SUPERJUSTABLE by J.H. Williams; 4-inch BARCALO-BUFFALO; 4-inch AW-4 NEW BRITAIN; 4-inch side adjust FAIRMOUNT; BILLINGS 4-inch Model A; Mossberg No. 531 19/32 open end; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

436. Lot of nine bicycle or pocket wrenches including BA&R; 4-inch BILLINGS & SPENCER; fine 5-inch A&M; unmarked 4-inch center adjuster; STERLING NO. 1; C.E. BILLINGS; three unmarked 4-inch wrenches, one pitted, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

437. Lot of eight assorted wrenches: 8-inch Craftsman slip-joint pliers, rusty; CRESCENT 8-in. 200mm.; 6-inch SUPERJUSTABLE J.H. Williams & Co.; LEVER JAW (Vice Grip type); 8-inch CRESCENT; 6-inch CRESCENT; BILLINGS 7-inch auto; and 6-inch double ended alligator with thread chasers in handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

438. Lot of 10 bicycle or pocket wrenches including Iver Johnson; Billings?; U.S.; Mossberg No. 100 NATIONAL; Sandow; BECKLEY-RALSTON; and a 4-inch FAIRMOUNT. (Photo & Photo 2)

439. Lot of 8 wrenches; seven are unmarked stamped or pressed steel and the alligator is by AMERICAN SAW CO. TRENTON N.J. (Photo & Photo 2)

440. Keen Kutter lathing hatchet with partial Keen Kutter sticker on original handle, UNDERHILL name on head along with KEEN KUTTER block and wedge logo, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

441. Lot of four screwdrivers: two Yankee spiral types each with one flat bit; a Goodell with flat bit; and one REID PATENT that needs a bit and has cracked wood. (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Stanley #30 angle divider with SW logo on straight edge, fine overall. (Photo)

443. Lot of three pocket or bicycle wrenches: ALDERMAN; Mossberg A-1; and BARNES TOOL CO., all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

444. Wooden coachmaker's-type router with one plow iron tied to it, needs a wedge to secure the iron. (Photo & Photo 2)

445. Nice CHENEY nail holding claw hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. Lot of screwdrivers including, CHAMPION, two KEEN KUTTER, and four Yankee spiral types each with one flat bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Fine Millers Falls "cigar" spokeshave with rosewood or cocobolo handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Lufkin tape clamp for holding the ends of surveying tapes, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Pair of Bodmer Patent (U.S. No. 1,189,422) sights for wooden levels made by Stanley, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. Nice Osborne strapped saddlemaker's hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Pair of Stanley iron spokeshaves both with Rule & Level-logo blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

452. Lot of 27 Russell Jennings auger bits, most in very good usable condition, plus a Stanley #49 bit gauge, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Pair of iron spokeshaves: Seymour Smith & Sons double shave, complete and very good; and a #64 with SW blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

454. Two Snell & Atherton leather shaves, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

455. Stanley #60 double shave, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. Three sets of KEEN KUTTER auger bits one with 6 bit; one with 9 and one with 13, plus a Stanley #49 bit gauge. (Photo & Photo 2)

457. Stanley No. 55. hollow faced spokeshave with R&L-logo blade, plus two #66 beaders for parts; one is an early japanned model with straight fence, screw for blade clamp is broken off in the clamp, very good; the other is a nickel plated late model, it needs clamp screw, fence and blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

Lot of IRWIN PATENT auger bits, all in good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. Unusual UNION MFG CO. iron spokeshave with open loop handles, Union marked blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. KEEN KUTTER lot: small 5-inch pliers; lot of round hardware tags; for bitstock tools including three NOS flat bit screwdrivers; a nail set and a straight razor in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

461. Pair of Stanley spokeshaves: a #51 that needs a blade; and a #? with R&L-logo blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

462. Three marking gages and two extra heads; to of the gages are Stanley #77-type rosewood models. (Photo & Photo 2)

463. Lot: SARGENT 5-inch nippers; small L.S.S. Co. adjustable machines square, and five pocket or bicycle wrenches including two Mossberg A-1, a Mossberg F-1; WAKEFIELD CYCLE. All in good to very good condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

464. D.R. BARTON short handled adz, the hammer side is missing a big chip from one corner, the adz side is very good; pluw a 6-lb. sledgehammer head. (Photo)

465. Stanley H1105 jack plane new in original albeit crushed box, plane is like new, box is OK. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Winchester No. 6212 machinists riveting hammer and No. 40, 8-inch hack saw frame with bleached out handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

467. Early Stanley 6-inch iron block plane with Excelsior-style body, later V-logo blade, small chip in throat, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Three iron block planes: KEEN KUTTER KK110; SARGENT 5307; and a Stanley #110, all are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

469. WINCHESTER #3090 (Sargent) 7-inch iron block plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

470. Lot: small deck-type scraper; large Morrill Patent saw set; BOYNTON Patent saw set (Nov. 25, 1873) and an early STILLMAN PATENT (Sept. 26, 1848) saw set, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Two transitional planes for parts or restoration: Sargent #3411in good usable condition; & a Stanley #27 that had a broken tote and the left side had been cut to allow the plane to be used as a rabbet, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

472. Pair of German pruning shears, very good; small pin vise with wooden handle; and a glass cutter. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Lot of seven wrenches: 12-inch SUPERJUSTABLE; 10-inch 75A BEMIS & CALL CO; two S handled adjustable; BONNEY and J.H. WILLIAMS 10-inch single ended alligators; and a 14-inch J.H. Williams alligator. (Photo & Photo 2)

474. Three Keen Kutter tools: 12-inch nippers, very good; 10-inch adjustable pipe wrench with bent handle, good; and a 10-inch Crescent-type nut wrench, pitted with light rust, rough. (Photo & Photo 2)

475. Four adjustable nut wrenches including MOSSBERG 10-inch automotive nut wrench; WIZARD No. 9; and IHC. (Photo & Photo 2)

476. Lot of six alligator wrenches including TWIN BULL DOG; No. 2 ALLIGATOR WRENCH, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

477. Lot of 13 FORD wrenches; 10 doubled box ended; and and three lug wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

478. Lot of 13 wrenches including 11 alligators; a 6-inch wood handled monkey wrench and an 8-inch MASTERENCH. (Photo)

479. Small 5-inch twist handle nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

480. Nice 6-inch Vandegrift Patent adjustable farm wrench. (Photo)

481. to 498. TBA.

499. Stanley #101 mini block plane with early "football" Rule & Level logo blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. Scarce Winchester bullnose rabbet plane (similar to Stanley #75), this one is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Lot of 5 bit extensions: two by Greenlee, Yankee, Millers Falls all very good, and one that is too pitted to see maker's name. (Photo)

502. Early STANLEY NO. 78 rabbet and filletster plane with patent date on blade, two patent dates inside frame, vine casting handle, intact fence, very good overall. (Photo)

503. Lot of four 18-inch bit extensions: fine STANLEY No. 180; Millers Falls No. 35; GREENLEE No. 900; and Stanley SW. (Photo)

504. Keen Kutter (Goodell-Pratt) 2-speed breast drill, main gear and breast plate painted green, complete with auxiliary handle, very good. (Photo)

505. Four bit extensions: three Yankee No. 2150; and an unknown make with integral chuck, very good. (Photo)

506. Goodell-Pratt 2-sped breast drill with nice paint and original decal on main gear wheel, 2-jaw chuck, intact auxiliary handle, very good overall. (Photo)

507. Lot of seven extra long auger bits: four by AUGER BIT CO. HOLYOKE, MASS; and three by SNELL, all very good. (Photo)

508. Two wrench books: EAST-WEST ANTIQUE WRENCHES & TOOLS by Wullweber; Northern Plains Antique Wrenches & TOOLS by Wullweber; and Observations on the Pole Axe by Douglass C. Reed. (Photo)

509. Large collection of old tool sales lists by dealers such as Tom Witte, Bud Steere; Two Chiselers (Bob Finch); Grizzly Antiques (John & Janet Wells), and many more. (Photo)

510. Three paper covered books: United States Patents 1790 to 1870 by Petere C. Welsh, Contributions From The Museum of History And Technology; Catalog January 1, 1915 D. STOLP'S Dutch Tools reprinted by MWTCA 1982; and Special Natural History Bonus an Age of Barns by Eric Sloane. (Photo)

511. Atkins 1941 Saw Catalog, there is some paper peeling from the spine, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

512. Four paperback books: The Official Guide To Collector Knives Third Edition by James F. Parker and J. Bruce Voyles 1981 Edition; The Kovels' Complete Antiques Price List 1977 Edition; original 1949 Stanley #34 Tools Catalog, good overall; Full Length Roof Framer by A.F.J. REICHERS, hardbound, 1917, complete and very good. (Photo)

513. Two books: A Book of Country Things 1965, hardbound with dust jack, fine; and an original 1883 HAND SAWS by Fred T. Hodgson, very good overall. (Photo)

514. Pair of tool books: Chas A. Strelinger & Co. Detroit, Mich Woodworkers Tool Catalog, complete and very good; and A GUIDE TOL American Wooden Planes by Emil and Martyl Pollak, very good. (Photo)

515. Pair of hardbound books: With The Watchmaker At The Bench 1944 edition by De Carle; and Light and Heavy Timber Framing by Fred T. Hodgson, covered soiled. (Photo)

516. Lot of three axe and hatchet heads: the one in the center is by Collins & Co., all three are very good and just need new handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

517. Early Stanley #45 combination plow plane with all three main sections, two depth stops, and felt roll of 14 blades plus a dated match blade in plane, very good overall. (Photo)

518. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane, all three main sections, fence is missing the rosewood, one blade, will clean to very good. (Photo)

519. Small brass MUELLER BRASS CO. advertising anvil paperweight, complete and fine. (Photo)

520. Small steel anvil marked on top EXHIBITOR 1979, THE IL-MO, TRACTOR & ENGINE CLUB, complete and fine. (Photo)

521. Small brass anvil paperweight marked on top TO FORGE OUR FRIENDSHIP, SOUTHERN ORNAMENTAL IRON CO., PR 3 2850, ST-LOUIS MO., complete and fine. (Photo)

522. Small brass anvil paperweight with hardy and prichard holes, very good. (Photo)

523. Mini aluminum anvil and a mini steel horseshoe, both very good. (Photo)

524. Small brass advertising anvil paperweight, TO FORGE OUR FRIENDSHIP, VIKING FREIGHT COMPANY, very good. (Photo)

525. Large G.F. Hall Patent (U.S. #1,871,176) combination bevel, squaring and leveling device rule attachment, made by the Boye Needle Company, Chicago, IL, complete and fine. (Photo)

526. Stanley #68 24-inch, 4-fold rule, very good overall. (Photo)

527. Stanley #51 24-inch, 4-fold rule, complete and very good. (Photo)

528. Two 4-fold rules: Stanley #163 24-inch, 4-fold rule, some warping, very good overall; and a Stanley #75 24-inch, 4-fold rule, one leg warped, one leg chipped at edge, good overall. (Photo)

529. Small 3-foot zig zag rule advertising DISTRIBUTED BY. J.S. KIBBEN CO. RAPID CITY, S.D. MADE IN GERMANY, very good overall. (Photo)

530. Stanley #136 3 1/2-inch caliper rule, no model number found on rule, former owners name in one side, good overall. (Photo)

531. Upson Nut #59 4-fold rule with double arched joints, moderate wear, good overall. (Photo)

532. Upson Nut #62 1/2 fully brass bound 24-inch, 4-fold rule, complete and fine. (Photo)

533. E.C. SIMMONS #680 REDLINE 2-foot 4-fold rule, some light wear on outside, very good. (Photo)

534. Stanley #36 1/2C left hand caliper rule, very good overall. (Photo)

535. Unknown make #79 24-inch, 4-fold rule with board scales on inside, good overall. (Photo)

536. Campbell Patent (U.S. #867,566) combination rule attachment that transforms a standard 4-fold rule to a square, miter square and marking gage, made by the Three Tool Rule Co., this one is complete and fine. (Photo)

537. Stanley #27 24-inch, 4-fold rule in near new condition. (Photo)

538. RABONE #1380 24-inch, 4-fold rule with early style arched joint, very good. (Photo)

539. Stanley #62 24-inch, 4-fold brass-bound rule, complete and very good. (Photo)

540. Pair of 4-fold rules: Unusual J. RABONE & SONS #1213C 24-inch, 4-fold caliper rule with iron scales inside and out, unusual and very good overall; and a Stanley #63 1/2 24-inch 4-fold rule with some warpage, good overall. (Photo)

541. Lot of three push drills including a nice Millers Falls model with rosewood handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. J.S. Fray rosewood tool handle, filled with bits, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

543. Pair of Stanley clapboard siding tools, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Unusual SARGENT box scraper (similar to Stanley #70), complete and fine; plus a nice Stanley #82 long handled scraper, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

545. Three marking gages: Stanley #90 single beam, very good; a Barrett Patent (U.S. #384,413), complete and very good; and a Stanley #91 with japanned head, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

546. Four push drills including a small YANKEE No. with wooden handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

547. Four awls including one with rosewood handle that has a full set of assorted bits stored inside; and one marked ARROW No. 2. (Photo & Photo 2)

548. Unmarked Millers Falls Alford's-type hand vise, this is like a regular Alford's except this one has a brass handle with a rosewood cap, several tools inside the handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

549. Four awls including a SARGNT with rosewood handle that has several bits stored inside. (Photo & Photo 2)

550. Lie-Nielsen TOOLWORKS No. 2 (LN 2) bronze smooth plane, like new in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

551. Wheelwright's traveler with steel handle and brass wheel, intact pinter, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

552. GERAL brass carriage maker's T rabbet plane with wooden tail handle, may be a one off of an iron GEARAL plane, as the casting looks a bit rough. Little is known about the GERAL company other than that they made brass and iron tools mostly for the carriage trade. (Photo & Photo 2)

553. Brass 28-ounce "COMMON SENSE" plumb bob, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

554. Box of 24 brass tools such as lifters and gate cutters used in a foundry all inside a hinged wooden box. (Photo & Photo 2)

555. English cue tipper and crimping tool or clamp for putting new tips on pool cues, includes a file for cleaning up the cue before applying the new tip. (Photo & Photo 2)

556. Brass brace with 7-inch swing, screw in side to secure bit, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

557. Brass or bronze router plane, full sized with nice wooden knobs and 1/2-inch blade, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Leonard Bailey lever cap with cam locking lever and having a decorative "VICTOR" knob, the cap itself appears to have been broken at the leading edge, but it is good for parts. (Photo & Photo 2)

559. French? 12-inch brass dividers with pencil holding compass attachment that is hinged, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

560. OMICRON BEAM COMPASS complete and very good in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

561. Large 56-ounce brass plumb bob with removable brass top and removable steel tip, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

562. Unknown make 17 3/4-inch iron level, appears to be some sort of military or gun sighting level, appears to have a new coat of back paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

563. Four adjustable automotive nut wrenches: Craftsman No. 4449 11-inch and 4449 9-inch models; HERBRAND 7-inch; and a 7-inch MADE IN GERMANY with a tire tool on end of handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

564. Five 10-inch adjustable pipe wrenches: STILLSON; DUNLAP; TRIMOUNT; WALWORTH; and G.T.D. CORP'N. (Photo & Photo 2)

565. Five adjustable automotive nut wrenches: 10-inch WAKEFIELD WRENCH PAT. MAY 5, 1908; VLCHEK 11-inch; CRESCENT TOOL CO. 9-inch; unmarked 7-inch; and a HERBRAND 7-inch with light pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

566. Four adjustable automotive nut wrenches: 9-inch CRESCENT TOOL CO.; 9-inch WAKEFIELD WRENCH CO.; 7-inch HERBRAND (some rust on end of handle); and an unknown 7-inch with light pitting and light rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

567. Five 8-inch Crescent-type nut wrenches: CRESCENT; WIZARD; BET'R-GRIP; and OWATONNA TOOL CO. (Photo & Photo 2)

568. Lot: brass watchmaker's caliper; "Scaefer America's Oldest Beer" bottle opener; wire handeld screwdriver, two pair of scissors and a T-handled wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

569. Lot of five 8-inch Crescent-type nut wrenches: RIDGID 708; two CRESCENT TOOL CO.; LACO 80; W. GERMANY 8; (Photo & Photo 2)

570. Two plumb bobs including a nice little brass model with removable top and steel tip. (Photo & Photo 2)

571. Lot of three ratchet wrenches: on top is an OWATONNA TOOL CO. with swiveling head; BONNEY double ender 1/2 & 9/16; and a GENERAL double ender 13/16 & 7/8. (Photo & Photo 2)

572. Larger sized surveyor's-type brass plumb bob with removable top and steel tip, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

573. Three Billings & Spencer Wrenches: 12-inch Crescent; 10-inch all steel monkey wrench; and an 11-inch adjustable auto nut wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

574. Lot of 11 ratcheting wrenches including a BETHLEHEM SPARK PLUG; DURO METAL PRODUCTS 672; MILBAR NO. 43 double ended; and a 3/8-inch drive PLOMB No. 5249, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

575. Six 6-inch adjustable pipe wrenches: two by WALWORTH; CRAFTSMAN; two by RIDGED; and an ERIE TOOL WORKS PIPEMASTER. (Photo & Photo 2)

576. Seven ratcheting wrenches including ones by HINSDALE; AUTO ACCESSORIES CORP; PALMETER TOOL CO.; DURO 673, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

577. Three bench mounting iron saw vises including a DISSTON No.2.

578. Lot of four wooden molding planes: 1-inch No. 180 round; boxed center bead needing new boxing; Ohio Tool 1/4-in. side bead missing piece of boxing; and a triple reed that needs the bottom resurfaced. (Photo & Photo 2)

579. Three bench mounting iron saw vises; one has STEARNS PAT. cast into the frame.

580. Lot of four wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool #5 hollow & round pair; COLLINS 3/16 side bead; and AUBURN TOOL No. 105 1/4-inch side bead that needs some boxing replaced. (Photo & Photo 2)

581. Three bench mounting iron saw vises; one marked E.C. STEARNS & CO.

582. Osborne leather slitter Patented Aug. 1,'76; July 17,'77, very good overall. This was to have been lot 516 in our December sale but we lost track of it. (Photo)

583. Lot: PENINSULAR stove lid liver; another lifter; crate opening hammer; Cronk-type fencing pliers; DASCO specialty tool; three wrenches; and a combination hatchet, hammer and screwdriver. (Photo)

584. Lot of seven farm wrenches including three buggy wrenches (one marked 7307C); a two nice PLANET JR, one in red paint. (Photo)

585. Lot of eleven wrenches: two Ford lug wrenches; two hubcap wrenches, one by FORD; a TIRE CARRIER WRENCH; and three wrenches from a set. (Photo)

586. Lot of 10 assorted wrenches: bitstock nut driver; double ended alligator; single alligator (pitted); bicycle or motorcycle spoke wrench; snath; W&B wood handled monkey, etc. (Photo)

587. Nice 5-inch wire handled adjustable nut wrench. (Photo)

588. Lot of screwdrivers: on left is an early English? model with turned wooden handle and brass ferrule; a brass handled nested set with three smaller ones inside, the outer one is pitted; and a Studebaker advertising screwdriver (third from left in top photo), etc. (Photo)

589. Three Bullock and Leach Patent saw sets, all are very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

590. Scarce Stanley OH20 Two-Tone block plane in original pasteboard box. Box is very good with intact label, needs all four corners of the top re-taped, plane is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

591. Unusual Marples? cast iron glue pot and liner with the HIBERNIA name cast into the top on both sides of the outer pot, some light rust, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

592. Stanley #281 butt gauge and mortiser in original pasteboard box. Box is well worn and a bit tatty on the top, but the tool itself is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

593. Lot of three "eggbeater" hand drills: Millers Falls #105 with bits inside cocobolo handle; Goodell Pratt, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

594. Stanley #59 dowel jig in original pasteboard box. Appears to be complete with clamp and all guides.(Photo & Photo 2)

595. Lot including a Union No. 8 hacksaw with iron frame and wooden handle; and a large Millers Falls No. 2 eggbeater hand drill. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. Esco pistol grip saw set No. 795B in original pasteboard box. Box top has been slightly crushed, but saw set is like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

597. Star Tool Co. No. 8 cast iron hacksaw frame with wooden handle, just add your own blade and it will be fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

598. Stanley #194 Fibre Board Beveling Plane in original pasteboard box. (Photo & Photo 2)

599. Pair of nickel plated Stanley try squares with 6 and 8-inch blades, both are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

600. Stanley #71 nickel plated router plane in original pasteboard box with fine picture label. (Photo & Photo 2)

601. Two jointers planes: 26-inch D.R. BARTON ROCHESTER razee-style with good D.R. BARTON blade, tote spur sheared off, very good overall; and a 22-inch STANLEY No. 30 prelateral transitional with solid brass adjuster nut, eagle logo on tote, solid lever cap, tote spur MIA. (Photo)

602. Pair of 22-inch Stanley #30 transitional jointer planes both could use a good cleaning but can be put back into service. (Photo)

603. Two planes: Stanley BAILEY No. 27 1/2 wide body transitional jack plane, V-logo blade, tote broken in middle and glued, will clean to very good; plus a 24-inch SARGENT & CO. #615 wooden jointer, complete and fine. (Photo)

604. Pair of jointer planes: Stanley #132 Liberty Bell transitional jointer, tote broken in center and missing spur; and a 26-inch A. HOWLAND & CO. wooden jointer, good overall. (Photo)

605. Cheney nail-holding claw hammer, complete and very good. (Photo)

606. Keen Kutter camp hatchet, some mild pitting near the top of the head, very good overall. (Photo)

607. Two PS&W wood handled monkey wrenches: 10-inch with handle similar to a Perfect Handle, PAT JAN. 14, 86, very good overall; and a 7-inch with some light pitting and numerous nicks and dings. (Photo)

608. Lot: Three tack hammers including a nickel plated one from a BOSTON maker with patent date; plus a loose Keen Kutter head. (Photo)

609. Two 15-inch No. 90 adjustable monkey wrenches: on top is a BILLINGS, complete and very good; and on the bottom is a BEMIS & CALL with the additional make S.P.Co., complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

610. Pair of 15-inch rosewood handled try squares: the one on top has a support tab on the inside of the handle, it is marked NELSON & HUBBARD, there is light pitting on the blade; the one on the bottom has a nice blade but there is no makers name. (Photo & Photo 2)

611. Two 12-inch adjustable all-steel monkey wrenches: on top a BEMIS & CALL No. 90A, marked on lower jaw CM&STP (CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL & PACIFIC RAILROAD) very good overall; and a W&B marked I.C.R.R. (ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD), complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

612. Pair of try squares: a Stanley #12 with 10-inch blade, nice nickel plating, very good overall; and a 12-inch Stanley? with nice rosewood handle, light pitting on the blade, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

613. Pair of 12-inch all-steel adjustable nut wrenches: L. COES with some mild pitting, very good overall; and a W&B marked RAILROAD SPECIAL on top jaw, has a casting defect on the handle, but is still very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

614. Lot of five wooden marking gages: two double beam STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. models one with wood screws; a walnut? model that needs the point sharpened and needs a new brass rub block; a beech model with part of head sawed off; and a Stanley #77-style rosewood marking and mortise gage, needs a new brass rub block, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

615. Pair of small try squares: one with mahogany? handle, 2 1/2-inch blade and diamond pattern brass rivet covers, light rust on blade, good overall; and one with 3-inch blade with light pitting, rosewood handle cracked at top, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

616. Prelateral Stanley #26 transitional jack plane, complete with nice R&L logo blade, BAILEY PAT chip breaker, nice eagle logo on toe, very good overall. (Photo)

617. Pair of Stanley try squares: Stanley No. 12 with nice 12-inch blade, very good overall; and a No. 12 SW with 10-inch blade, nice nickel plating, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

618. Lot of four Stanley transitional jack planes: #27 with BAILEY name cast into frame, right side blown out; good for frame, blade, lever cap; #26 that has a broken and glued tote, otherwise complete; #127 LIBERTY BELL complete and very good; and a #26 with BAILEY name cast into frame, V-logo blade, nice tote and knob, very good. (Photo)

619. Pair of rosewood handled try squares: Stanley with 12-inch blade, nice rosewood handle, blade slightly bent, very good overall; and a NELSON & HUBBARD, MIDDLETOWN CT, with 15-inch blade having a brass support tap on inside of the handle, rosewood handle chipped near the bottom on one side, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

620. Four Stanley transitional planes: prelateral #26, worn body, tote spur reworked, good for parts or restoration; #26 with BAILEY name cast into frame, T-logo blade, very good overall; #127 LIBERTY BELL, tote spur MIA, the tab on the blade adjuster is broken, good overall; and a #135 with eagle logo on toe, Q-logo blade, very good. (Photo)

621. Two iron bench planes: Stanley #5 1/2 wide body jack plane, complete and very good; plus a Sargent #414 iron jack plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

622. Lot of five non ratcheting bit braces including one Spofford Patent, and one that is missing both jaws, the others are all in decent usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

623. Two iron block planes: Early Sargent double ended with circular logo on lightly pitted iron, good overall; and a Stanley #18 Type 3, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

624. Lot of five wooden molding planes: GREENFIELD TOOL hollow; SANDUSKY? reworked dado; BARTLETTS skewed rabbet; OHIO TOOL 1/8-inch center bead; and an early J. CLOUGH stepped rabbet. (Photo & Photo 2)

625. Four Stanley iron block planes: #220, 120; 118; and 9 1/2, all complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

626. Lot of five wooden molding planes: 1/8-inch center bead; Ohio Tool 3/4-inch side bead; EASTERLY & CO. NY 180 No. 12 round; early HOPKINS? No. 8 round; and MARTEN DOSCHER NEW YORK rabbet. (Photo & Photo 2)

627. Three Stanley iron block planes: #103, #102 and #75 bullnose rabbet, all in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

628. Lot of four wooden molding planes: early TOMLINSON hollow; M. CRANNELL No. 18 round; M. CRANNELL #16 round with some rot on the toe; and an EASTERLY & CO. NEW YORK No. 16 hollow. (Photo & Photo 2)

In addition to the tools above, there will be 20 lots of wood including blocks of maple, oak and cherry for turning as well as smaller bundles of oak, cherry and walnut dimensioned lumber for making small boxes and other articles out of. These will be sold by choice or by lettered lots at the end of the tool auction. If you or someone you know is into turning or general woodworking, tell them to come to the auction for some good wood.


Absentee bids are accepted for those who cannot attend the auction in person. Absentee bids will be executed competitively against bids from the floor. To submit absentee bids, contact Mike at the address below.

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