The Tom Fuller Antique & Collectible Tool Auction, Nov. 11 & 12, 2006

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Antique Tool & Collectible Antiques Auction

(The Tom Fuller Estate Collection of Louisville, Kentucky)

November 11 & 12, 2006, 9:30 AM

Lawrence (Indianapolis), Indiana 46226

001. Stanley BEDROCK 603 (FT), Stanley 78, and Stanley 148, needs lever cap and blade. (Photo)

002. BEDROCK 607C (FT) and Stanley #7 jointer planes. (Photo )

003. Stanley 5 1/2C, Handyman jack and #4 smooth plane (Photo)

004. Stanley #3, #4 and #5 iron bench planes (Photo 1)

005. Stanley #62 low angle bench plane (Photo)

006. Lot Stanley planes inc. #193 fiberboard, #71 router & #78 rabbet (complete) (Photo)

007. Lot inc. froe, mortising axe and large brass hammer (Photo)

008. Unusual cage head brace (Photo)

009. Box of 5 misc. hand drills inc. Handyman 1214; Handyman Hy-Lo Drive #1221; Goodell-Pratt etc. (Photo)

010. Two small drills and a tool handle with Amidon's 1868 patent chuck (Photo)

011. Ohio Tool Co. screw arm sash plane

012. Four wooden molding planes

013. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE (unrated) unhandled screw arm plow plane (Photo)

014. Brass Plated Sheffield brace w/rosewood head and spring chuck (Photo)

015. HENRY BROWN "PATENTEE" Plated Sheffield brace w/spring chuck (Photo)

016. W.M. Dixon Sheffield plated brace w/lateral latch chuck (Photo)

017. Choice four wooden molding planes inc. John Green moving fillester; Hoey & Tabor hollow; unmarked complex, R. Easterby complex (Photo)

018. Pair of axes one hewing axe and one broad axe marked "YERKES & PLUMB."

019. Three hatchets inc. top to bottom Kelly Axe Mfg. W.C. Kelly Perfect, and unmarked (Photo)

020. Early broad axe with "NG" touch marks

021. BLODGETT EDGE TOOL MFG REYNOLDS broad axe? Large head.

022. Pair of froes (Photo)

023. Wooden chest full of foundry worker's tools (Photo)

024. Two long bar clamps

025. Three short bar clamps

026. Wooden wagon axle grease bucket (Photo)

027. Primitive scraper and stone crandle (Photo)

028. Three mallets

029. Pair long handled mallets (Photo)

030. FINE R.H. BARNUM, WARREN, O(hio) / OHIO TOOL Co. #56 moving filetster plane (Photo)

031. Lot of three Ohio Tool planes inc. 3/4-in. #75 match plane

032, Pair of old country store nail rakes (Photo)

033. Frank Mossberg Co. Nov. 11, 1913 reversible ratchet & box of sockets (Photo)

034. Cigar box full of misc. inc. open end wrenches; mini pad lock; mini hinges etc. (Photo)

035. Lot of seven wood planes inc. J.B. BELL round; unmarked side bead; HOEY 7amp; TABOR round; WHIPS side bead; unmarked side bead; W.S. SCOTT PITTSBURGH hollow and round (Photo)

036. Lot of four wooden planes inc. J. BURKE MADISON IA (IN) hollow and round; SCOVILL side rabbet; Arrowmammett hollow. (Photo)

037. Early G.N. Stearns med. sized dowel pointer Photo)

038. Three braces inc. short throw Spofford type with countersink

039. Two pair of antique scissors; (Photo)

040. Two pair of Vise-Grip pliers; on No. 10 and one needle nosed No. IOB Photo)

041. Three hatchets, inc. 2 Bluegrass

042. Lot inc. broad axe and a pole adze' (Photo)

043. Hart Hdw. Louisville broad axe + primitive adze [See lots 300 and 581] (Photo)

044. Three misc. long handled tools inc. a nice pickeroon (Photo)

045. Curved adze plus Davis 7 Co. Cohoes NY broad axe (Photo)

046. L. & I. J. White cooper's side axe (Photo)

047. Ancient looking hewing hatchet (Photo)

048. Choice three molding planes inc. Taber Plane Co. complex; H.A. Langhorst side bead; G.W. Roseboom complex; and Ohio Tool #2 round (Photo)

049. Lot of seven wood planes inc. Ohio Tool moving fillester; rabbet; E & J EVANS tongue; Sandusky side bead; unmarked groove; unmarked rounding, and J. BURKE MADISON IA Indiana (Photo)

050. O.T. BULL & CO. LOUISVILLE, KY #96 unhandled plow plane (Photo)

051. Lot of six wood planes inc. ULMIA toothing; A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE smoother; OHIO TOOL fillester; N.H. STOUT ST. LOUIS side and center beads (Photo)

052. E.C. STEARNS Patent hollow auger complete with depth stop VG (Photo)

053. A.A. Woods patent hollow auger complete with depth stop VG (Photo)

054. E.C. Stearns patent hollow auger (Photo)

055. Lot of two bitstock tools inc. hollow auger and dowel pointer (Photo)

056. Lot of two bitstock tools inc. two hollow augers and one dowel pointer (Photo)

057. Unusual leather slitting tool? Marked "A. FREDERICK NEWPORT, KY" (Photo)

058. Lot inc. E.C. Stearns harness maker's rivet setting tool, two outside calipers one by P. Lowentraut and a cast iron crucible? (Photo)

059. Lot inc. two trees; block, meat hook & entrenching tool head

060. Three iron levels, inc. 18-in Davis Level & Tool Co. double plumb and level + Stanley #36 & #37 (Photo)

061 Diamond Edge Norvell-Shapleigh Hdw. Co. 28-in ACME Inclino-level

062 Stanley Rule & Level #10, 28-in. mahogany plumb & level (Photo)

063 Lot 3 wood levels, 26-in BLUE GRASS, cut down Stanley, 18-in Stanley (Photo)

064. FINE Goodell-Pratt 30-in brass-bound double plumb and level (Photo)

065. Stanley #80 scraper, #51 spokeshave and 6-in. try square (Photo)

066. Lot of six leg traps (Photo)

067. Three medium size live traps

068. Four leg traps including one blacksmith? made with two springs (Photo)

069. Three new mouse or rat sized live traps in original shipping box

070 Helb Railroad, PA inclinometer level w/rosewood stock (Photo)

071. Oliver No. 9 typewriter VG (Photo)

072. Stanley? #55 1-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule and Stanley #32 caliper rule (Photo)

073. Stanley #61A and Stephens & Co. #49 1/2 boxwood rules (Photo)

074. Stanley #136 1/2 and #36 boxwood caliper rules (Photo)

075. Stanley #66 3/4 and Upson Nut #54 4-fold boxwood rules (Photo)

076. Lot inc. Maytag wrench, coping saw, 3 masonry bits; file and holder; carving gouges, line level; etc. (Photo)

077. Three stainless steel surgical chisels or gouges (Photo)

078. Surgeon's brace & surgeon's drill (Photo 1)

079. Two surgeon's hand drills (Photo)

080. Small Miller Falls #1? Jeweler's hand drill (Photo 1)

081. Unusual combination drill and tool handle (Photo 1) & (Photo 2)

082. Pair drills, inc. JOIC, Miller Falls Buck Rogers. (Photo)

083. Dremel "Moto-Tool" with box of cutters and grinding wheels (Photo)

084. Large 5 1/2 foot drill for drilling blasting holes in coal mines

085. Stanley #36 1/2 caliper rule and #62 brass bound 4-fold rule (Photo)

086. Stanley #42 ships bevel also marked "N.Y. CITY APP.TYPE352" VG (Photo)

087. Pair of snowshoes.

088. Pair of snowshoes.

089. Box of misc. bullets

090. Stanley #81 cabinet scraper SW (Photo)

091. BLUEGRASS (Sargent) low angle block plane (similar to Stanley 65) (Photo)

092. Pair of iron block planes: Stanley #110 and DUNLAP (Sargent) (Photo)

093. Pair of iron smooth planes: BLUEGRASS and FULTON (Photo)

094. Stanley 191 & 192 iron rabbet planes (Photo 1)

095. Stanley #5 & #5C jack planes VG (Photo 1)

096. Stanley 5 1/4 junior jack plane & Defiance jack plane (Photo 1)

097. Keen Kutter 14-in. jack plane & Keen Kutter 9-in. smooth plane VG (Photo 1)

098. Pair of Stanley #71 router planes; one open throat & one closed (Photo 1)

099. Choice of coopers tools inc. sun plane, howells (3) and croze (Photo)

100. Antique steelyard scale marked BOURNEY (Photo)

101. Antique steelyard scale marked McKIM & MASLIN (Photo)

102. Two pair of antique steelyard scales; one homemade (Photo)

103. Antique bolt action rifle needs stock work (may be a .303 Enfiled) (Photo)

104 Unknown muzzle loading rifle needing TLC (Photo)

105 Unknown short barreled percussion shotgun (missing hammer) (Photo)

106. Coal bucket

107. Four antique cast iron stove or piano casters (Photo)

108. Barn Beam boring machine (Photo)

109. Small miter jack (Photo)

110. Large meat cleaver marked Wm. BEATTY, pair of homemade loppers or de-horning tool (Photo)

111. UNIVERSAL RIM TOOL CO. Benton Harbor, Mich. Tire rim tool + unusual iron jack marked "BILSTEIIN AB1087" (Photo)

112. Three large iron hooks with rings (for skidding logs?) (Photo)

113. Slater's ripping hook and tinner's shears (Photo)

114. Colt "Detective Special" 6-shot revolver in fine original condition

115. Colt "Detective Special" 6-shot revolver in very good original condition

116. Three braces inc. from left to right ?R.B.& CO. BLACK NAVY No. 814; unknown Spofford type with broken pad; and Japanese looking brace with plastic handles marked "MAC-ERIE No. 101 ERIE, PA" (Photo)

117. Small block & tackle strung with grass rope (Photo)

118. Large & unusual shears or loppers (Photo)

119. Stevens .410 gage single shot shotgun (Photo)

120. Remington pump action .22 rifle with scope (Photo)

121. Antique flintlock pistol (Photo)

122. Lot of four wood planes inc. J.BURKE, MADISON (IN) round; J.BURKE, MADISON (IN) hollow; SCOVILL side bead and G. DAVIS hollow (Photo 1)

123. Lot inc. KING & CO. slide arm plow plane, line reel and homemade plane (Photo)

124. Choice six wooden molding planes inc. Ohio tool T & G match plane; Sandusky reeding plane; Sandusky twin iron nosing plane; J. BURKE MADISON IN round; Wm. Souder Philadelphia PA complex; Barry & Way round (Photo)

125. Nice Wm. BARRETT rosewood & brass marking & mortise gage (Photo)

126. O.T. BULL & CO. LOUISVILLE **** screw-arm plow plane #96 (Photo)

127. Lot of 7 wooden molding planes inc. Griffiths side bead; Young & McMasters round; E.F. Seybold side bead (2); E.F. Seybold match (2), E.F. Seybold round

128. E.F. Seybold Cincinnati Ohio side rabbet and Roseboom screw-arm sash plane (Photo)

129. Lot of four wood planes inc. E.F. Seybold screw arm sash; Roseboom skewed rabbet; Ohio round; and Seybold coffin shaped compass (Photo)

130. Lot of five wooden planes inc. Wm. Souder complex with lignum boxing; Sandusky Special with steel fence; pair of horn planes and a nice unmarked compass with a "JAMES CAM" iron. (Photo)

131. Authentic Samuel Colt 1851? cap & ball revolver in very good overall condition. (Photo)

132. CREHAN & WADSWORTH WORCESTER MASS. PAT'S SEPT 22 & OCT 22, 1861 mini .22? cal. revolver (Photo)

133. Antique nickel plated Smith & Wesson top breaking revolver .38 cal. with pearl grips PATY FEB. 20, '77, DEC. 18, '77, May 11, '80, SEPT. 11, '83, OCT. 2, '83, TWO AUG. 4, '85." (Photo)

134. Antique Smith & Wesson top breaking .38 cal. revolver (Photo)

135. Harrington & Richardson "H&R" SPORTSMAN top breaking 9-shot .22 cal. revolver (Photo)

136. Two breast drills: Merit 2-speed & early Hotchkiss patent (Photo 1)

137. Three 2-speed breast drills: Craftsman (MF), Millers Falls 12B & Mohawk (Photo)

138. Large ice saw VG (Photo)

139. Unusual 7-20-80 patent ratchet brace manufactured by Saxton & Amidon, Buffalo, NY (Photo)

140. Dremel Moto-Tool in original box (Photo)

141. Winchester Hardware 1926-27 Catalog reprint (Photo)

142. Hand Tools Their Ways and Workings book by Aldren A. Watson (Photo)

143. American Axes book by Henry J. Kauffman (Photo)

144. RARE book of axe labels used by Kelly Axe MF'G Co. Alexandria, Ind. Missing front cover. (Photo)

145. R. KING U.S.A. broad axe

146. Hewing axe marked with letter T nice handle

147. Pair of froes (Photo)

148. Ratcheting fence stretcher (Photo)

149. Smith & Wesson .38 cal. 6-shot revolver 6-in. barrel (Photo)

150. Vintage High-Standard H-D MILITARY .22 automatic very good overall condition. (Photo)

151. A.W. GROSSMAN 2 7/8-in. slick

152. R. BEATTY 2 7/8-in. slick

153. OPEN LOT.

154. Millers Falls #502 corner brace (Photo 1)

155. Millers Falls 120B 2-speed breast drill and 3 hand drills (Photo)

156. Unusual PROTO 370 hand drill + two others (Photo)

157. Unusual McClellan Patent corner drill. (Photo)

158. FINE Millers Falls #85 plus three other hand drills inc. Stanley DEFIANCE (Photo)

159. to 165. BOX LOTS

166. Unusual tool set inc. chisels, shears, plane, spoon bit, Military? Japanese? (Photo)

167. Choice of five wooden planes inc. CREAGH complex molder; OHIO TOOL rabbet; SCIOTO WORKS toothing; unmarked smoother and SCIOTO side bead (Photo)

168. Lot of two wood planes inc. Ohio Tool 1/2-in. side bead, unmarked #12 hollow with applied fence

169. Lot of seven wood planes inc. R.A. PARISH side rabbet; Ohio match, dado, #5 hollow, and #12 hollow; Sandusky round and side bead (Photo)

170. Three wood planes inc. Scioto rabbeting block plane; Scioto smoother and VG Ohio Tool #30 toothing plane (Photo)

171. Lot of three planes: J. STARR N.LISBON OHIO gutter; Sargent 3411 transitional smoother and Stanley #29 fore plane (Photo)

172. Lot of four wood planes inc. WOODRUFF NEW ALBANY (IN) screw-arm sash, O.J. SMITH CINCI Ohio screw arm sash, Scioto Works tongue; and unmarked dovetail plane (Photo)

173. Lot of four wood planes inc. J. GILMER NEW ALBANY (IN) groove and rabbet; Kennedy & White tongue, and P.CHAPIN MAKER BALTo sash plane (Photo)

174. Four hand drills inc. Handyman H1214; CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls); unknown and Yankee #1430

175. Stanley #32 caliper rule

176. Unknown #32 1/2 caliper rule

177. to 179. OPEN LOTS.

180 Slick, 3 in. forged socket

181 T.H. Witherby 2.5 in. slick

182 Slick, unmarked 2.5 in., nice handle

183 Ohio Tool 3.5 in. slick, bulbous handle

184 Lot 4 barking spuds, one turpentine tool (Photo 1)

185. J.C. TAYLOR CIN.O screw-arm sash plane VG

186. to 192. BOX LOTS
193. H. & J.C.TAYLOR CIN.O 4 3/4-in. panel plane with two fences, complete and VG (Photo)

194. to 196. OPEN LOTS.

197. Two antique scales. (Photo)

198. SHORT & MASON Ltd London compass. (Photo)

199. Two carbide lights, one missing reflector. (Photo)

200. Double Caliper with locking screw. (Photo)

201. Lot 4 assorted cow bells. (Photo)

202. Choice of 2 Buffalo hide scales. (Photo)

203. WHITE ROTARY treadle sewing machine with box of attachments. (Photo)

204. to 211. BOX LOTS

212. Box 5 misc. wood mallets (Photo)

213. T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE complex molding plane 2 3/4-in. reverse ogee (Photo)

214. 4. T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE 2 1/2-in complex molding plane side bead with astragal (Photo)

215. CHOICE Nine wood molding planes inc. T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE **, A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. ***, and T. LITTELL and T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE *** (Photo)

216. Lot of eight wooden molding planes inc. two Sandusky hollows; unmarked center bead; Ohio hollow; Auburn dado, J.B. Howard dado; J. Walker *** hollow, unmarked complex. (Photo)

217. Lot of five wood planes inc. Ohio Tool rabbet, moving fillester, match & smooth planes, plus Scioto smoother. (Photo 1)

218. Six wooden planes inc. Four A. & E. BALDWIN dados, John Weiss Continental hollow, and Scioto Works side bead. (Photo 1)

219. Lot of seven wooden planes inc. T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE rabbet; Scioto round; Scioto hollow; Wetherell rabbet; S. LEE complex; Continental scrub & Owasco hollow. (Photo)

220. Choice of two lock mortise chisels; one marked Thos. Ibbotson and the other W.STALEY?" (the last two letters are questionable). (Photo)

221. to 222. OPEN LOT.

223. D. Malloch Perth slide-arm fillester plane. (Photo)

224. A.C. BARTLET'S handled screw-arm plow plane. (Photo)

225. Choice ten Louisville, KY molding planes inc. T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON lg. side bead; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON med. Side bead; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON hollow; STOUT & RICHEY complex; W.BAUM & CO. side bead; COOK & ??? LOUISVILLE round; A. McBRIDE complex; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON round; T. ATKINSON hollow; STOUT & RICHIE rabbet (Photo)

226. A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. screw adj. sash plane with brass screws (Photo 1)

227. Pair A.B. SEMPLE, LOUISVILLE T & G plank planes (Photo 1)

228. A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE ** handled screw-arm plow plane boxwood nuts & arms (Photo)

229. Three iron saw vices inc. Sargent & Disston (Photo 1)

230. Three hand saws, inc. 26 in. THE ALBRECHT SPECIAL, 9 ppi, 26 in. Keystone Challenger 8 ppi, unk, 26 in. 8 ppi (Photo)

231. Two hand saws, inc. 28 in. D8, ALBRECHT & HEICK Louisville, KY (nice etch) (Photo)

232. Three wood planes inc. G. HERDER coffin shaped gutter; unmarked continental smoother; D.R. Barton smoother

233. Three wood planes inc. G. HERDER coffin shaped gutter; unmarked continental smoother; D.R. Barton smoother

234. Choice lot of six English molding planes inc. complex molders by M. REGER; WC; J. FAUNCE; WILLSON etc. (Photo)

235. Three large auger bits 2-1/4 to 2-3/4 inch plus one handle

236. Lot of eight brass foundry working tools (Photo)

237. to 238. OPEN LOTS.

239. Lot inc. drill bits, angle boring attachment, and empty BLUEGRASS file box. (Photo)

240. Lot of ammo inc. brick of 500 rounds of Remington Kleanbore long rifle; full box Western X .32 cal. Auto; six loose boxes of .22 ammo and two partial boxes. (Photo)

241. Marbles Jointed Rifle Rod No. 9728, 38 cal. and up, 30 in. rifle cleaning rod, plus nipple wrench for percussion guns, tin of German percussion caps; barrel of some type of automatic pistol and a never opened box cardboard box of BBs etc. (Photo) AND (Photo 2)

242. Remington .41 cal. double barrel derringer. (Photo)

243. to 245. BOX LOTS.

246 Lot 3 single bit axes, inc. Plumb Autograph and True Temper. (Photo)

247. Lot 3 single bit axes, inc. embossed "KELLEY HAND MADE." (Photo)

248. Very nice carpenter's slick (big chisel). (Photo)

249. Choice of two large coopers drawknives, Lg. carriage maker's router, cooper's chamfer knife. Photo)

250. Stanley #55 combination plane in tall pasteboard box, Like new, complete with four boxes cutters & instruction book. (Photo 1)

251. H. Chapin #151/2 2 foot 4 fold rule & Lufkin #014 3 in. caliper rule.

252. H. Chapin #15 2 foot 2 fold rule and Stanley #36 1/2R caliper rule. (Photo)

253. Merchant's patented boring machine, Patented May 23, 1862. (Photo)

254 Lot 4 folding rules, Two Stanley 361/2R, H. Chapin #78 1ft. 4 fold, Stanley #84.

255. Lot 4 folding rules, Upson Nut #59, Stanley 361/2, Unknown, Stanley #32 caliper.

256. Lot 4 folding rules, Stanley #36 caliper, Stanley 36? , Stanley 53? architects, Stanley #62. (Photo)

257. Lot, E. S. & Co. 46 in. sliding wood scale, Large homemade wooden bevel, unusual homemade panel gauge. (Photo)

258. Pair of frame saws. (Photo)

259. Kraut cutter, large 36 in., nice wood Photo

260. NICE French pricking wheel with fence. (Photo) and (Photo2)

261. Brass Violin caliper (Photo)

262. Brass plane (part of a cooper's post croze?) (Photo)

263. Large brass trammels with heart cutouts dated 1880 (Photo)

264. Lot inc. Forstner bit set, pair wooden clamps, tire knocker, froe blade, pipe wrench, lineman's pliers (Photo)

265. Lot of 8 items inc. Unknown clamp, welder's vice grips, hand scythe (Photo)

266. Lot, box iron goods, scorp, buggy wrench, nippers, cold chisels, hollow augers, etc (Photo)

267. Oliver Shelbyville Illinois railroad grade level (Photo)

268. OPEN LOT.

269. Lot of four crank neck gouges, inc. Buck Bro 1 1/2 in. , 2 in., 2 in., Butcher 1 in. (Photo)

270. Lot 3 gouges, 4 chisels, two need handles, inc. 2 in. Douglass, 1 in. NOS Union, 1-1/2 in. Union, unknown 2 in. (Photo)

271. Lot 4 corner chisels, inc. 2 Ohio

272. Rusby patent corner drill + Dunlap ratchet brace (Photo)

273. Pair of ratchet braces, inc. Miller Falls 10 in. Lion chuck

274. Unusual Watrous Patent drawknife with adj. handles (one has stripped threads) (Photo)

275. FINE Stearns & Co. hollow auger pat. 6-5-00 (Photo 1)

276. Medium sized spoke or dowel pointer (Photo)

277. STEARNS Pat. hollow auger with depth stop (Photo)

278. Two braces, inc. 1 all iron spring chuck and Fray's #84 ratchet

279. Pair ratchet braces, inc. scarce Davis Level & Tool, Stanley 945

280. Three large Spear & Jackson gouges, like new, inc. 2 in., 1 3/4, 1 1/4 (Photo)

281. Pair breast drills, inc. Merit two speed & Dunlap

282. Pair breast drills, inc. Mohawk + Miller Falls 120B

283. Like new L. & I. J. WHITE coopers chamfer knife (Photo)

284. D.R. BARTON cooper's chamfer knife + inshave or scorp (pitted) (Photo)

285. to 286. BOX LOTS

287. Scarce Dole's Patent, July 25, 1854, self-centering hub boring machine by Silver & Deming (Photo)

288. to 291. BOX LOTS

292. Lot of five wood planes inc. Barton jack, Ohio Tool jack, unmarked gutter, CLINE gutter & unmarked sun plane (Photo 1)

293. Lot of ammo inc. full box Western Super X 12 GA No. 4 shot; 1/2 box 12 GA 00 buck shot; 4 boxes Remington .22 Hi-Speed" long rifle shells (Photo)

294. Lot of ammo inc. bullets inc. eight boxes Winchester .22 long rifle H.P.; one box Remington .38 cal. "Special Police Service" and one box PETERS .38 Special "Rustless" (Photo)

295. Lot of ammo inc. box of .38 cal. special Remington "KLEANBORE," box of 40 JURRAS .38 special 158 Grain S.W.C.; brick of 500 PETERS High Velocity .22 shorts. (Photo) INDY3067.jpg

296. Lot of .38 Special ammo inc. cigar box full of wad cutters (Photo) INDY3063.jpg

297. to 299. BOX LOTS

300. NICE "ERIE" HART HARDWARE CO. LOUISVILLE KY tobacco plug cutter [See lots 43 and 581] (Photo)

301. Basket maker's cleave (Photo 1)

302. Lot 3 large reamers (two painted red) (Photo 1)

303. Brighton cast iron tobacco plug cutter (Photo 1)

304. Lufkin "WOLVERINE" 200 ft steel tape, NIB (Photo 1)

305. Keffel & Esser "IRONCLAD" 100 ft. surveyors tape (Photo)

306. Lot of 4 bevels, inc. 6 in., 10 in. Stanleys (Photo)

307. Box of 8 marking & mortise gauges, inc. 1 boxwood & 1 rosewood (Photo)



310. Windsor beader Type 2 Kendall & Vose Patent (Photo)

311. Harris Tools rosewood and brass 6-in. square in wood box (Photo)

312. Early bench mounting vice (Photo 1)

313. Belknap #100 wholesale catalog, 1940 (Photo 1)

314. Two Belknap hardware catalogs #88 from 1937 and #111 (Photo 1)

315. Lot 3 hatchets, inc. Robinson Bros. Louisville KY, STRATTON & TERSTEGGE CO. (Photo)

316. Lot 3 axes, inc. E.C. Simmons, True temper Perfect, D Simmons & Co. Cohoec, NY

317. W. JOHNSON NEWARK NJ rosewood marking gage (Photo)

318. Pair of 22-in. wooden jointers inc. A. McBRIDE & G. BAURMANN LOUISVILLE, KY (Photo)

319. Choice J. GILMER NEW ALBANY IN or SEYBOLD & SPENCER CINI.O. screw arm sash planes VG Photo #2 (Photo)

320. Pair Ohio Tool Co. 82 plank planes, the plow is missing its wedge otherwise VG (Photo)

321. RARE unmarked shoe peg plane. (Photo)

322. Choice seven Louisville, KY molding planes inc. T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON ** complex; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON ** complex; T. ATKINSON ** smoother; WOODRUFF & McBRIDE *** tongue; WOODRUFF. LOUISVILLE (different mark) groove; McBRIDE screw-arm sash; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON ** hollow (Photo)

323. Lot of seven wood planes in inc. Ohio Tool moving fillester, and several Scioto Works hollows and rounds (Photo)

324. to 326. BOX LOTS

327. Ammo can full of misc. tools inc. files; sharpening stones; end cutters; wrenches, screwdrivers etc. (Photo)

328. Stanley #6 prelateral fore plane (Photo)

329. Four 1 to 2-in. auger bits with two handles (Photo)

330. Lot of three "T" augers (Photo)

331. Two "T" augers, four bits, and an early hand forged reamer (Photo)

332. Pair of froes inc. small basket maker's type (Photo)

333. Log or railroad tie carrying tongs (Photo)

334. Cross slide vise (for drill press?) (Photo)

335. Bench mounting woodworking vise plus regular vise (Photo)

336. to 339. BOX LOTS

340. Unusual wood and iron wagon jack. (Photo)

341. Primitive wagon jack dated 1851 (Photo)

342. Patented hub or bung auger Primitive wagon jack dated 1851 (Photo)

343. Nice unmarked pole adze (Photo)

344. Lot of 5 wood planes inc. N.H. STOUT complex; D.R. BARTON smother; OHIO TOOL rabbet; "SVE" smoother; and ULMIA horned smoother (Photo)

345. Choice of four wood planes inc.: J. GILMER NEW ALBANY (IN) dado; S. COOK & CO. NEW ALBANY (IN) side bead; C. WOODRUFF & E. MANNING NEW ALBANY (IN) round; and WOODRUFF NEW ALBANY (IN) side bead (Photo)

346. Pair of wood planes inc. homemade? Screw-arm sash and Z.J. McMASTER & CO. moving fillester (Photo)

347. Three carving gouges inc. S.J. Addis (Photo)

348. Two NOS multi-bit ratchet screwdrivers; one "Contractor Grade" by Stanley; the other by Great Neck plus box of Quick Change tool bits (Photo)

349. Plane parts inc. four blades and "J. DONALDSON Cint. O." bead that needs boxing and a new wedge; curved blade marked "N. LANDIS CINT. O."

350. Hetchel made by W. CRABB & CO. NEWARK, New Jersey (Photo)

351. Stanley #12 scraper plane (Photo 1)

352. Stanley S4 unbreakable smooth plane (Photo 1)

353. Five iron block planes (Photo)

354. Three planes inc. Stanley 122 transitional smoother, broken Sargent rabbet plane, and Sargent #34 dado (Photo 1)

355. Stanley #147 match plane (Photo)

356. Unusual A.A. Dix Oct. 18, 1897 iron chute board plane (almost identical to a Chaplin's Patent) (Photo)

357. Unusual WALZ distance measuring device plus DeZeng Simplex No. 110 optical tool for testing sight (Photo)

358. Stanley #8 jointer plane VG (Photo 1)

359. Siegley STS 24-in. transitional jointer plane FINE (Photo 1)

360. Stanley #7 jointer plane VG (Photo 1)

361. Sargent 718 "Autoset" iron fore plane (hang hole) (Photo 1)

362. Stanley #7C jointer plane (some rust) (Photo )

363. Lot 6 hand drills, inc. 2 miniatures, MF 2-B (Photo 1)

364. Lot 3 breast drills, inc. Yankee #455A, 2 Fultons (Photo)

365. Lot 2 breast drills, inc. Millers Falls? and a like new Yankee 1555, Defiance? (Photo)

366. Lot 6 hand drills, inc. Peugeot, MF #2, early Miller Falls with 2-jaw chuck (Photo)

367. Lot 3 breast drills, inc. fine Goodell-Pratt (Photo )

368. Pair of broad axes one marked "TENEYCK" and one "BLOOD EXTRA" (Photo)

369. Three assorted socket chisels inc. corner (Photo)

370. Choice, 2 chamfer knives, 17 in. drawknife, unusual 3 in. inshave (Photo)

371. Lot cooper's tools, inc. as new L. & I. J. White 10 in. drawknife & Barton shave

372. Lot of 11 carving tools by DR BARTON & BUCK BROTHERS in cloth roll (Photo)

373. Lot 2 carving mallets

374. Pair of marking gages inc. Bates Patent (Photo)

375. Fulton Clipper embossed single bit axe + Vaughan boy's or camp size single bit axe (Photo)

376. Early goosewing axe marked "D+RTH" (Photo)

377. Collins & Co. Hartford Conn. lipped adze Photo)

378. Collins Legitimus camp axe plus Kelley hatchet with long pole (Photo)

379. Keystone Mfg. Polished broad hatchet and True Temper "tomahawk" (like new) (Photo )

380. Five wood planes inc. Ohio Tool Co. screw arm sash, side bead, rabbet and V profile plane plus Wm. Medley side rabbet plane (Photo)

381. Pair of wooden bench planes rabbeting block plane and toothing (Photo)

382. Pair of Stanley #82 box scrapers (Photo)

383. Pair wooden clapboard gages (Photo 1)

384. Nester's Patent marking gage, level, gage combo tool (Photo)

385 Thos. Ibbotson 1/2 in. lock mortise chisel (Photo)

386. Barrel marking hammer "D. C. BRENNER & CO." Louisville KY, + 2 cooper's chime mauls (Photo 1)

387. Pair wooden handled claw hammers Photo)

388. Three Ampco Beryllium (brass) tools: Crescent-type adj. wrench, pliers, & scraper (Photo)

389. Set of AMT brass violin maker's planes + small brass shave (Photo)

390. Brass bullnose rabbet plane (Photo 1)

391. Two wooden coach maker's planes

392. Lot of five wooden molding planes inc. Ohio Tool side bead; Ohio re-worked; Marsden's curved rabbet; Ohio Tool Center bead; SCHUTTE CHILLICOTHE O. (OH) (Photo)

393. Collins camp axe with leather sheath (Photo)

394.Gent's Lot inc. hand adz; corner chisel; calking iron; screwdriver; AMPCO ball peen hammer and unknown stock?

395. GERE ABBOTT & CO. COLUMBUS OHIO handled rosewood plow plane (Photo)

396. Lot of six wooden molding planes inc. unmarked sash coping; unknown; S.C. COOK compass; ROSEBOOM rabbet; OHIO round; and E.MOSES hollow (Photo)

397. Lot of five wood planes inc. two spar; homemade sash; smoother with carved throat (no blade) and mini coachmaker's compass (Photo)

398. Three braces, inc. Gent's or penny brace, Sears ratchet (Photo)

399. Two braces, inc. B.H. & M. Co. #338 12 in. ratchet, unknown corner brace (Photo)

400. Winchester #9566 boxwood rule and Interlox #103 sliding rule + 1 (Photo)

401. Lot 7 rules, inc. Lufkin folding yardstick, Stanley #36 1/2, and #32 1/2 calipers rules (Photo)

402. Six rules inc. Stanley #36 1/2, 84, 68, 66 and Evans FR1 (Photo)

403. Winchester 10-in. wood handled pipe wrench (Photo)

404. Baxter's patent 12 in. double ended nut wrench (Photo)

405. Small steel patternmaker's router (Photo)

406. Four spoke iron traveler (Photo)

407. Stearn's hollow auger and inshave (Photo)

408. Double bladed cooper's plane

409. Cooper's plane, 36-inch.

410. Pair wooden snowshoes

411. Pair of broadaxes, 1 no name, 1 Keen Kutter (needs handle) (Photo)

412. Permall USA #6 fire axe (Photo)

413. Evansville double bit axe and a Millers Falls Chopper splitting maul (Photo)

414. Lot 2 axes, broad and single bit (Photo)

415. Box NOS axe handles

416. Choice pair sugar nippers (Photo)

417. Supplee-Biddle Hardware Company January 1926 Catalog, Philadelphia, Pa (Photo)

418. Isaac Greaves 2 in. straight edged tanged chisel

419. New Haven Edge Tool Co. 2 in. socketed timber framing chisel (Photo)

420. Small slick; 2-7/8 in. (Photo)

421. Buck Bros. 2 in. tanged gouge, curved both ways (Photo)

422. Four heavy socketed chisels, inc. Hargraves 2 in., Rockford Edge Tool Co. 2 in., Buhl 1 ? in. and unknown 2 in. (Photo)

423. G. LUTHE Cin. O. long handled scorp and a Barton cooper's shave (one handle MIA) (Photo)

424. Pair shaves, inc. large wooden and W.J. Rueadeuex Pat'd 1866 ? (Photo)

425. Assorted carving tools, inc. Addis #30, Buck Bros #22, #30, #41, #23, etc. (Photo)

426. Lot 8 misc. chisels inc. 3 mortising (Photo)

427. Lot 3 chisels, inc. 1 7/8 D S Smith, 2 in. Ohio Tool (pitted), 2 in. James Swan

428. H. D. Smith triple lever screwdriver (Photo)

429. Lot 3 saw vises, inc. Disston, Sargent's (Photo)

430. Belknap Hdw. back saw and Disston 26 in. 8 ppi handsaw (Photo)

431. Three saws, inc. 10-in. backsaw, 10-in. dovetail saw, 14-in. handsaw (Photo)

432. Choice of 3 unhandled plow planes inc. J.R. GALE boxwood?; HIGLEY & HICKS OHIO CITY; LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE (marked on side) (Photo)

433. Pair of axes; one broad marked DOUGLAS and one hewing with faint mark and pitting (Photo)

434. Three axe heads; one marked COLLINS & CO. HARTFORD; and one marked J.W. PRICE

435. S. LUNT LIVERPOOL wedge arm plow plane with brass tips (Photo)

436. OHIO TOOL CO. #96 1/2 handled screw-arm plow plane with patented handle, wedge a bit rough otherwise VG (Photo)

437. CHOICE Eight Louisville wood planes inc. W.L. EPPERSON round ****; SLAUGHTER & CO. side bead **; A. McBRIDE dado **; A. McBRIDE round (reworked); G. BAURMANN side bead ****; T. ATKINSON round (reworked; T. ATKINSON **; A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. moving fillester ***; A. McBRIDE rabbet (Photo)

438. AEJ 36-inch cooper's jointer plane (Photo)

439. Unmarked 42-inch cooper's jointer plane (Photo)

440. Lot of cooper tools inc. chamfer knife, bung puller, bung auger and hoop driver all mounted on a board. (Photo)

441. E.F. SEYBOLD CIN.O." screw-arm tongue cutting plank plane with rosewood boxing + early screw-arm plank plow marked "J.C. SMITH"

442. Choice of four coopers planes: three howells and one croze

443. Lot of seven planes inc. Stanley 127 LIBERTY BELL, wooden jack, compass with applied fence, Jas. Johnson gutter. (Photo)

444. Three plank planes inc. J. CREAGH CINt OHIO wedge arm plow missing the iron and wedge; "E.F. SEYBOLD CIN.O." screw-arm plow; and SCIOTO WORKS/"G. BAURMANN LOUISVILLE KY" (Photo)

445. Lot of 3 hammers inc. VG CHENEY 777 adz hammer (Photo)

446. Three drills inc. VICTOR 744 and Millers Falls #118 breast drills and a Whitney? Jewelers drill with red and gold paint (Photo)

447. Lot of four hammers: prospecting and rock (Photo)

448. Seven plow plane blades plus a few Stanley rabbet plane blades (Photo)

449. Lot inc. sharpening stone; French beading tool set; NOS multi-bit driver; block of rosewood; scissors; drill index; wire gage; gapping tool; etc. (Photo)

450. CHOICE Ten Louisville molding planes inc. McBRIDE **, STOUT & RICHEY ***, W. BAUM & CO. LOUISVILE ***; LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE (New Mark), T. FUGATE **; A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. ***, W.W. RICHEY *** (Photo)

451. Hall & Case boxwood ivory tipped plow plane, missing one tip (Photo)

452. Box lot inc. jar opener, rosewood handled piano tuner's wrench/hammer; mini gimlet, and mini bat (Photo)

453. Box lot inc homemade plane, two tool handles and hand vise (Photo)

454. Box lot inc. tack puller; BURDIZZO hoof pick, timber race knife; washer cutter, Beryllium Crescent-type wrench (Photo)

455. Five Buck Brothers gouges

456. Five carving tools by S.J. ADDIS

457. Lot of five hand drills inc. GOODELL-PRATT; GRANIT TOOL; CRAFTSMAN; Millers Falls #2500A.

458. Four hand drills inc. Millers Falls #2, Millers Falls? #1 jeweler's; Stanley Defiance

459. Box lot inc. seven adj. clamps; set of open-ended auto wrenches, ratchet; two end cutters (Photo)

460. Lot inc. Yankee screwdriver, Mann's patent screw holding screwdriver and Decatur Coffin Co. spiral (Photo)

461. Yankee #31A Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver IOB (Photo) and (Photo 2)

462. Green River traveler VG

463. Self-contained Djos 1 tree core sampler also marked "BEUS & MATTSON, MADE IN SWEEDEN" (Photo)

464. Nice L.F. & C. New Britain, Conn. coffee grinder in original paint with partial decal (Photo)

465. Bausch & Lomb magnifying lens (Photo)

466. Pair of marking gages; one English and one has twist locking head (Photo)

467. Pair of new English gages; one slitting and one marking and mortise (Photo)

468. Lot of four hand saws inc. nice Diamond Edge (Photo)

469. Lot of three hand saws; two are by Disston

470. Lot of 5 spiral or Yankee screwdrivers (Photo)

471. Pair of Disston hand saws inc. nice D-7 (Photo)

472. Pair of saws inc. Disston D8 and Bluegrass panel saw (Photo)

473. Corn or tobacco knife (Photo)

474. Log or railroad tie carrying tongs (Photo)

475. Reading Hardware Co. "78 hand cranked apple peeler complete and functional (Photo)

476. Three Gristmill magazines, one Shavings, one Fine Tool Journal and packet of MWTCA reprints (Photo)

477. Lot 2 breast drills, inc. Mohawk 2 speed, Miller Falls single speed (Photo)

478. Lot 2 breast drills, inc. Craftsmen (Miller Falls) 2 speed w/level, Miller Falls 120B (Photo)

479. Rope maker patented Nov. 2, 1907 (Photo)

480. Sandusky jack rabbet, unmarked jack plane and continental dovetail plane (Photo)

481. CHOICE Six Louisville molding planes inc., A. McBRIDE **, W.W. RICHEY ***, THOMAS LITTELL UR (Photo)

482. A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE ** slide-arm plank plane (Photo)

483. Stanley #113 compass plane and Stanley #3 smooth plane (Photo)

484. Three iron block planes inc. Millers Falls #56 low angle (Photo)

485. Three small iron planes inc. #75 rabbet and two miniature block planes (Photo) and (Photo 2)

486. Lot of 3 saws inc. B.H.M. AUTO LOCK coping saw; GEO. BISHOP brass-back dovetail saw; fine DISSTON keyhole saw (Photo)

487. Lot of four leather tools and an ice pick (Photo)

488. Iron trough for cooling rims or checking inner tubes for leaks (Photo)

489. Lot inc. three keyhole saws, meat saw and drawknife (Photo)

490. Lot inc. PLUMB hatchet with nail claw; BEATTY drawknife; "T" auger, hand vise and push drill (Photo)

491. Top swage hammer with corresponding hardie swage

492. Stanley #8 prelateral jointer plane (Photo)

493. OHIO TOOL CO. #97 handled screw-arm plow plane Photo)

494. Unmarked handled rosewood screw-arm plow plane Photo)

495. OHIO TOOL CO. #96 1/2 handled screw-arm plow plane (Photo)

496. SCHAEFFER & COBB CIN. OHIO handled screw arm plow plane (Photo)

497. Choice of 3 wood planes inc. J. BRACELIN, DAYTON (OH) complex, J. GILMER, NEW ALBANY (IN) complex and A. McBRIDE, LOUISVILLE (KY) bead (Photo)

498. Lot 3 drawknives, inc. Cantelo folding handle (Photo)

499. Choice 3 curved coopers drawknives (Photo)

500. Three T-augers inc. one Ives Pat. (Photo)

501. Lot 3 single bit axes, 1 Bluegrass, 1 True Temper, 1 VanCamp (Photo)

502. Kelley "Black Raven" single bit axe (Photo)

503. H.S.B. & Co. OVB embossed single bit axe (Photo)

504. Plumb "Champion" embossed single bit axe (Photo)

505. Lot 3 single bit axes, inc. VAUGHAN SUB-ZERO, "WOODSLASHER" by Kelley works

506. Pair axes, inc. broad and "BROAD & BEATY", Louisville shipwright

507. Pair axes, inc. True Temper "Flint Edged" Pollaski and unknown single bit (Photo)

508. Box NOS axe handles

509. C.HAMMOND PHIL'A hatchet and hatchet/hammer combo (Photo)

510. ROBINSON BROS. & CO. LOUISVILLE, KY hatchet (Photo)

511. Pair of axes both unmarked (Photo)

512. Choice hatchets: one nice embossed BLACK RAVEN and the other a VANCAMP hardware INDIANAPOLIS (Photo)

513. Lot inc. small hand vise; Beryllium scraper; brass or Beryllium plate (Photo)

514. Lot inc. unusual blacksmith's? hammer; nippers; corrective? horseshoe; chain with hook; tire patching kit, etc. (Photo)

515. Windsor beader Type I Kendall & Vose Patent (Photo)

516. Lot of eight wooden planes inc. continental smoother; I. WHITE side bead fully boxed; A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE rabbet; A. HOWLAND side bead etc. (Photo)

517. Lot of seven molding planes inc. A. Howland round; J. Creagh hollow; Ohio side bead; Scooto Works astragal bead; J. Lord rabbet; J. Kellogg hollow; Ohio Tool side bead (Photo)

518. Lot of eight molding planes inc. J. Kellogg hollow; Ohio dado; Ogontz smoother; two unmarked hollows; Ohio Tool toothing plane; Ohio rabbet; and J. Kellogg side bead (Photo)

519. Two wood planes inc. D. Colton moving fillister and continental round (Photo)

520. A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE screw arm sash (Photo)

521. Choice five Louisville molding planes inc. T. ATKINSON ** hollow; T.LITTELL (no ATKINSON) side rabbet; T. FUGATE & J.D. CONOVER *** tongue; McBRIDE LOUISVILLE UR rabbet; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON ** bead or astragal with added fence (Photo)

522. Five molding planes inc. Ohio Tool hollow; unmarked dado; T. Atkinson Louisville rabbet; Sandusky dado; J. Taylor Cincinnati sash (Photo)

523. Lot of four molding planes inc. Sandusky 1/2-in. dado, Ohio 1/2-in. round; unmarked dado and T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE KY rabbet (Photo)

524. Lot of eight wooden molding planes inc. Kennedy & White round; Ohio Tool and Sandusky rabbets; unmarked match; S.E. FARRAND round (2); G.W. DENNSION hollow and STEWART round (Photo)

525. Massive 5 1/2-in. panel raising plane, offset tote, two fences, intact nicker and wedge, marked on toe J.M. HOLSCHER, top of iron marked but pitted, tote spur MIA. (Photo)

526. Lot of four wood planes inc. B.W. OAKLEY & SON FT. WAYNE side bead; Moses groove; fine "J. CREACH Cinct Ohio" match; Gardner & Murdock bead (Photo)

527. Large brass hammer plus a blacksmith's turning hammer

528. Pair of hand adzes one with radiused blade and one flat (Photo)

529. cooper's 5-ft. jointer plane; has good W. BUTCHER blade but the wedge is missing. Make one, and you can start planning staves! (Photo)

530. Lot of 11 plow plane blades; most Ohio Tool and Sandusky (Photo)

531. Lot of 14 plow plane blades (Photo)

532. Lot inc. NOS PEXTO bill hook blade; adze head and hoop dog

533. Railroad tie? Tongs

534. Large hand forged log dog (Photo)

535. Three pair of tinner's shears? One pair hand forged (Photo)

536. Pair breast drills, inc. Mohawk 2-speed, Miller Falls single speed (Photo)

537. Pair breast drills, inc. Yankee #1555 multi-speed ratcheting and Mohawk 2-speed (Photo)

538. Pair breast drill, inc. early Hotchkiss patent, Goodell-Pratt multi-speed

539. Stanley #113 compass plane complete VG (Photo)

540. F.C. Tatum Cincinnati Ohio (Pat. #300,266) patented iron scraper (Photo)

541. Lot of boring tools inc. Two reamers, a "T" auger and four bits (two of the bits my be for a boring machine) (Photo)

542. Pair of 24-in. Quick Clamps

543. Three hammers inc. flattening, unusual ball peen and mini claw (Photo)

544. Four hammers inc. short handled sledge; cat's eye; brass and cross peening (Photo)

545. Live mouse or rat trap (for you snake keepers) (Photo)

546. Wire minnow? trap (Photo)

547. Pair large wooden clamps

548. Lot 4 wood clamps, inc. two new Craftsmen, two older wood screw

549. T. STOUT NEW. ALBANY. (IN) crown molding or cornice plane (Photo)

550. T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE handled twin-iron 3 1/2-in. complex molding plane boxed (Photo)

551. Bench mount hand cranked grinder w/tool rest (Photo)

552. Three Rosewood tool handles, inc. large Miller Falls Patd. 1868 (Photo)

553. "J. LAWTON CINN.O." 22-in. wooden jointer plane (Photo)

554. Lot inc. two Yankee screwdrivers, Sheldon ratchet screwdriver, large saw set; steel tape measure; and eight small screw shackles (clevises to you farmers) (Photo)

555. OPEN LOT.

556. The American Brace book by Ronald W. Pearson (Photo)

557. The American Axe And Tool Co. catalog reprinted 1991 by MWTCA Photo)

558. Two Fine Tool Journal magazines and six EAIA Chronicle magazines Photo)

559. Nine issues of PLANE TALK 1987 to 1989 Photo)

560. Pair A.B. SEMPLE & BRO., LOUISVILLE *** screw arm T & G plank planes (Photo)

561. D.R.BARTON handled screw-arm plow with boxwood arms, nuts and fence (Photo)

562. "Ram's horn" scraper with brass sole plate (Photo)

563. Four hammers

564. Lot inc. corner chisel; adz; and hand forged spoon bit marked "ELDON"

565. Collector's Guide to Axes and Other Swinging Tools book by L-W Promotions 1973 plus circular from Louisville Axe & Tool Co. depicting axe labels and styles (Photo)

566. Unusual single bit axe with hammer head "PAT PENDING" (Photo)

567. Lot of carving gouges inc. Buck Bros. #22; #23; #2; Addis #20; a small float; etc.

567b. Unusual crook knife or hoof scraper (Photo)

568. "VULCAN AUTO TOOL" by J.H. Williams & Co. (Photo)

569. Unusual and early hammer (Photo)

570. Small brass miner's lamp (Photo) and (Photo 2)

571. Small set of Vise-Grips plus a circular glass cutter (Photo)

572. Frankenplane homemade complex molder plus nine plane blades including two NOS DR BARTONs and one NOS Stanley 1 3/4-in (Photo)

573. Belknap Hardware #78 catalog (needs to be rebound) a few torn pages but overall the inside is very good (Photo)

574. OHIO TOOL CO. 4 1/2-in. #114 panel raising plane w/intact nicker and stop (Photo)

575. STUNNING W.L. EPPERSON **** handled screw-arm plow plane with brass-tips, rosewood arms and nuts (Photo)

576. Large pair of tongs for railroad ties?

577. NELL'S hay spear and unknown press (Photo)

578. Two long handled augers; one a 2-in. and one 4-in.

579. Four wooden clamps and one adj. iron bar clamp

580. Three large "C" clamps (Photo)

581. Choice of six Louisville bench planes inc. WOODRUFF & McBRIDE *** jointer; T. ATKINSON ** jointer; CLAGETT JOHNSON & CO. LOUISVILLE missing tote (New Mark); J. HART LOU.KY fore (New Mark/Owner?); G.BAURMANN LOUISVILLE **** jack; KENTUCKY TOOL CO. LOUISVILLE jack (first known) [See lots 43 and 300 for other Hart Hardware items]

582. Rare "VENEER" lumber and veneer scale with tables complete with letter from New Albany and instructions (Photo)

583. Stanley BEDROCK 605 jack plane RT (improper lever cap)

584. Seven pad locks inc. two U.S. MAIL; two "RFD" and one jumbo (some have keys) (Photo)

585. Adjustable Gauge Company Lexington KY Aug 11, 08, Heinrich patent double bevel

586. Boxed set 6 HREFB German gravers (Photo)

587. Nicely embossed double bit axe "L.S.R. CINCINNATI OHIO"

588. Like new double bit MICHIGAN pattern axe painted light blue, another single bit "FALLS CITY BY KELLY AXE & TOOL CO. (Photo)

589. Choice of two nice double bit axes inc. PLUMB & KELLY LIPPINCOTT

590. Pair of axes inc. embossed REVONOC by H.S.B. Chicago & William Mann SUPERIOR double bit (Photo)

591. Faintly marked broad axe and a maul (Photo)

592. Lot of six wooden molding planes inc. a complex "PHILLIPSON" (Photo)

592b. Lot of six wooden molding planes inc. a complex "PHILLIPSON" (Photo)

593. Lot of five tools inc. unusual plane; Stearns handled scraper; wooden winding spool; cooper's howell body and screw arm sash plane body (Photo) and (Photo 2)

594. Wooden cooper's howell plane (Photo)

595. Primitive wooden witchet (Photo)

596. Aluminum cooper's post croze by John STORTZ & SON PHILA.6.PA (Photo)

597. Lot of five wood planes inc. G.DAVIS hollow; OGONTZ smoother; ATKINSON round; OHIO dado; and W.VANCE side bead (Photo)

598. Ohio Tool sash plane + unmarked rabbet with adj. fence (Photo)

599. CHOICE ten Louisville, KY molding planes inc. W.L. EPPERSON / W. CRUTCHFIELD (new mark, embossed, *****?) round/cod plane; T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE ** side bead; A. McBRIDE'S SONS **** side bead; J. Kellogg Amherst, Mass. **; A.S. WOODRUFF LOUISVILLE **** lignum boxed side bead;, WOODRUFF & McBRIDE LOUISVILLE *** side bead; T. ATKINSON LOUISVILLE ** side bead; WOODRUFF LOUISVILLE (not listed in AWP), McBRIDE LOUISVILLE (not listed in AWP) hollow, A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. LOUISVILLE *** groove (Photo)

600. J. & P. COATS" 6-drawer spool cabinet, full decal on back (Photo)



601. Wilcox & Gibbs mini hand cranked sewing machine. (Photo)

602. SOLAR carbide lamp (Photo)

603. Pair of oxen yokes: single and double (Photo)

604. Pair of oxen double yokes.

605. KENTUCKY STOVE COMPANY, cast iron Dutch oven, deep lid, 11 in. (Photo)

606. Remington Standard #10 typewriter.

607. HERCULES pasteboard explosive box, filled with empty cloth shot bags. (Photo)

608. Pair cast iron boot scrapers mounted on board.

609. Lot of 4 primitive tools, including silage fork head, odd cross peen hammer, broad axe head, and tongs. (Photo)

610. Lot 3 assorted cow bells.

611. Choice pair brass violin maker's calipers.

612. Box lot inc. calipers, jeweler's saw, dough scraper, marking gauge, race knife, chisel handles. (Photo)

613. Box lot inc. 2 push drills, Yankee screwdriver, Archimedes drill, early Stanley miter square. Adj. "C" clamps, dividers. (Photo)

614. Box lot inc. dividers and double caliper. (Photo)

615. Box lot inc. Lufkin 50 ft. steel tape, basin wrench, sliding bevel, jeweler's saw, quick vice, brass smudge pot, side shears. (Photo)

616. Misc. wrenches, pipe, nut, pliers. (Photo)

617. Lot 7 Assorted Vice-Grips and pliers. (Photo)

618. Lot misc. pliers, vice grip, micrometer, thread gauge, clevis, mortise chisel, cobbler's hammer (Photo)

619. Lufkin 635 combination set in original box (Photo)

620. Goodell-Pratt "HOME COMPANION TOOL SET", #700 (Photo)

621. Lot inc. 4 wooden bottle corkers, two bee keeper's tools and Packham wantage rod (Photo)

622. Drafting set in wooden box w/lock (Photo)

623. Pair early broad axes.

624. Lot NOS axe handles.

625. Keuffel & Esser 4 1/2 Swedish tree-core sampler. (Photo)

626. Early miniature froe. (Photo)

627. Choice of 4 assorted mallets.

628. Manual chain saw w/case. (Photo)

629. Lot 4 hand drills, inc. Handyman, Dunlap, etc.

630. Lot 4 hand drills, inc. Yankee 1530.

631. Lot 4 hand drills, inc. Proto #370, Miller Falls #5, Dunlap, etc. (Photo)

632. Lot 3 hand drills, inc. JOIC Property USAF, Miller Falls #77, Crain Mfg. Co.

633. Pair large cooper's drawknives. (Photo)

634. Pair cooper's drawknives, inc. large Fowler & Cunningham 8 in. blade, 27 in. wide. (Photo)

635. Carriage makers router and D.R. Barton drawknife. (Photo)

636. Choice folding handle drawknives, inc. Greenlee and Bluegrass (Photo)

637. Scarce Dole's Patent, July 25, 1854, self-centering hub boring machine by Silver & Deming. (Photo)

638. Choice 2 inshaves or scorps (Photo)

639. Lot of eight wood planes inc. three J. Kellogg, hollow, two rounds; D.A. SCHUTTE CHILLICOTHE, OHIO ** round; AUBURN double match; unmktd hollow; unmktd rabbet and C. BARTMAN owner? side bead (Photo)

640. Unusual unmarked 11 1/2-in. twin iron rounding plane (Photo)

641. NICE unmarked wooden badger plane with two fences (Photo)

642. Unusual Belknap Bluegrass Hardware Member plague, new. (Photo)

643. Stanley #52 chute board plane. (Photo)

644. Stanley Gage G5C iron jack plane Photo)

645. Stanley #72 chamfer plane (Photo)

646. Stanley #144 1/2-in. plane (Photo) and (Photo 2)

647. Stanley #144 1/2-in. plane (Photo) and (Photo 2)

648. Ebony stuffed twin iron rabbet plane. (Photo) and (Photo)

649. "Ram's horn" scraper with brass sole plate. (Photo)

650. James Kelly "RAISED BITT" Alexandria, Ind. Embossed axe (Photo)

651. Lot 2 single bit axes, inc. BBB and True Temper flint edged by Kelley Works. (Photo)

652. Pipe tong and Little Giant 24 in. brass wrench Feb 04, 13. (Photo)

653. Unusual double clamp and hand cranked whetstone (Photo)

654. Lot inc. three pair nippers and one set tongs (Photo)

655. Lot nut wrenches, inc. Billings and Spencer Feb 18, 1879 bicycle wrench (Photo)

656. Lot, inc. pencil sharpener, hoop driver, pliers, shears, spokeshave and scraper. (Photo)

657. Lot, inc. K & E surveyor's compass, distance measurer Patd. May 13, 1902, Plumb hatchet, 2 tape measures, combination pocket knife adj. "S" wrench (Photo)

658. Lot, inc. screwdrivers, scissors, awls, scraper, gimlet, trench lighter, cooper's chime maul, and other misc tools (Photo)

659. Box lot misc tools, inc. drill bits, nut drivers, pliers, small level, graver, etc. (Photo)

660. Carpenters day box w/tools. (Photo)

661. P.S. & W. takedown square, original wrapping (Photo)

662. Snowcraft old wooden snowshoes, Norway Maine.

663. Antique quilting frame. (Photo)

664. Two hoop drivers, one needs handle. (Photo)

665. Fine GREEN RIVER traveler (Photo)

666. Coopers 34-inch twin iron plane (Photo) and (Photo 2)

667. Coopers 32-inch jointer plane (Photo)

668. Coopers 35-inch jointer plane (Photo)

669. J.G. STEIGER CLEVELAND, OHIO twin iron cooper's jointer plane. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

670. L. Miller Newport KY rosewood handled try square and sharpening stone.

671. Three ratchet braces inc. from left to right a Yankee 2100 by North Bros.; CROSS JAPAN; and a Stanley Handyman H1253A VG. (Photo)

672. Early Miller Falls hand drill, 2 jaw chuck + MF 2-01 drill.

673. Pair Stanley handled scrapers. (Photo)

674. GENTILE Surgeon's hand drill and U of K hospital bone saw

675. Hemostats, tooth puller, and mystery tool. (Photo)

676. Unusual jeweler or watchmaker's vise (Photo) and (Photo 2)

677. Choice of two axes, longer handled one marked TENEYCK MFG. CO. COHOES, NY and the other unmarked.

678. Lot of seven wood molding planes inc. ones marked "EP," "P SHAW," & "GABRIEL." (Photo)

679. Lot of five wooden molding planes inc. small continental complex; Ohio Tool side bead, Scioto Works round and two hollows (one missing blade). (Photo)

680. Choice of four tool books inc. American Woodworking Tools by Kebabian & Witney; Coloniel Craftman by Tunis; American Axes by Kauffman; and A MUSEUM OF EARLY AMERICAN TOOLS by Eric Sloane. (Photo)

681. Four books inc. The History of Woodworking Tools by Goodman; Wood Structure and Identification by Core, Cote & Day; British Planemakers From 1700 by Goodman; and Wooden Planes in 19th Century America by Roberts. (Photo)

682. Four books inc. The Stanley Plane by Sellens; The Wooden Plane by Martin; Dictionary of Tools by Salaman; and Colonial Living by Tunis (Photo)

683. Tool books inc. Ancient Carpenters' Tools by Mercer; Old Ways of Working Wood by Bealer; AXES Fourth Tool Collectors Picture Book by the EARLY TRADES and CRAFTS Society; COLLINS & CO. AXES, HATCHETS, ADZES. ETC. ETC." reprint by EARLY TRADES and CRAFTS; and other misc. paperback catalogs (Photo)

684. Eight early FINE WOODWORKING Magazines from 1977 to 1981 (Photo)

685. Two books inc. Steel Overshoot Water Wheels by Fitz; and PAPERS 1-11 CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE MUSEUM OF HISTORY and TECHNOLOGY by the Smithsonian Museum. (Photo)

686. Lot inc. hammer type saw set; Henry Boker 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. screw boxes; three small scrapers; large modern rounder or forkstaff plane. (Photo)

687. Unknown corner brace. (Photo)

688. Rusby Patent drill/corner brace. (Photo)

689. Box lot 3 breast drills and + assorted drill parts. (Photo)

690. M. Ash & Co. plated Sheffield brace button chuck. (Photo)

691. Unplated Sheffield brace, button chuck. (Photo)

692. Jellinghaus & Co. unplated Sheffield brace. (Photo)

693. Box lot six braces inc. Sears 8-in. ratchet, Handyman, Stanley 02-945 10-in., B H & M Co. #338, Spofford (Photo)

694. Three coopers sun planes, one missing blade and wedge. (Photo)

695. Lot 3 breast drills, inc. Miller Falls #13, Early Hotchkiss with aux. handle. (Photo)

696. Lot 3 hand drills, inc. Craftsmen (Miller Falls), Stanley 1611 "100 PLUS", Defiance (Photo)

697. Box lot 8 hand drills, inc. unusual Yankee 2-speed with sliding sleeve (Photo)

698. Lot of 10 late model hand drills (Photo)

699. Lot of five items inc. 2 stair saws (one DISSTON), homemade router, homemade leather slitter, bench stop (Photo)

700. Five saws, inc. two meat saws, two hacksaws. (Photo)

701. Brass bound carpenter's day/job box.

702. Stout & Richey Louisville screw arm sash plane. (Photo)

703. Traveling cooper's tool box with flagging iron, two hoop drivers. (Photo)

704. Chisel handles and bung driver handles and chalk line. (Photo)

705. cooper's bung driving hammer, Bridgeport crating hatchet, claw hammer (Photo)

706. Primitive wagon jack dated 1774 (Photo)

707. Lot of 7 assorted modern clamps. (Photo)

708. Miller Falls ratcheting auger handle + large tapered reamer. Photo)

709. Dixon plated Sheffield brace.

710. Choice bung/hub augers, one extra large with display stand. (Photo)

711. Lot of 9 wooden spokeshaves (Photo)

712. Choice of seven English wood planes inc. complex profiles; MADOX, FROGATT, G. MILLER etc.(Photo)

713. I. KELLER *** skewed reed and follow wood plane

714. FINE W.W. RICHEY LOUISVILLE *** 5 1/2-in. panel raising plane (Photo)

715. JOHN WARREN LOUISVILLE ** complex molding plane (Photo)

716. Iron coachmaker's "T" rabbet plane (Photo) and (Photo 2)

717. Stanley BEDROCK 606C (FT) fore plane (Photo)

718. Stanley #6C, Stanley Gage G6C iron fore planes and Stanley #6 fore plane with brass frog (Photo)

719. Stanley BEDROCK 608 (RT) jointer plane and Union #8 jointer with broken frog (Photo)

720. Stanley #113 compass plane (Photo)

721. Unusual ball peen hammer (Photo)

722. Three ratchet braces inc. Millers Falls No. 780 14-in. frame painted red; Millers Falls HOLDALL No. 731 and a BEN-HUR all three have tropical hardwood handles.

723. Crude cage head repair to a manufactured brace.

724. RARE Belknap Bluegrass salesmens' sample felt roll of axe handles with perfect labels and price sheet. (Photo)

725. Swage hammer with two corresponding hardy swages.

726. Pair of KELLY AXE & TOOL Co. hatchets inc. "VANADIUM." (Photo)

727. Stanley #60 marking gage and rosewood handled bevel (Photo)

728. Box lot four marking gages and two bevels inc. HOLDFAST (Photo)

729. Lot of 9 wooden marking gages inc. like new Stanley #77 rosewood and a MARPLES rosewood marking and mortise gage (Photo)

730. Scarce PILKINGTON patent plated brace w/ brass pad. Photo)

731. Brown & Flather plated Sheffield brace Photo)

732. Unplated Sheffield brace w/Rosewood pad Photo)

733. Fine Sheffield Marples Ultimatum brace. Photo)

734. A. McBRIDE LOUISVILLE handled screw-arm plow plane (Photo)

735. Broad axe marked "D. SHARP MF'D by DOUGLAS AXE MFG"

736. Broad axe marked "W. HUNT MF'D BY 03, DOUGLAS AXE MFG. CO."

737. NOS? "PLUMB U.S.A." hewing axe.

738. "MARTIN & SMITH CAST STEEL" side axe.

739. Pair of double bit axes inc. "Cut Easy" by Brothers Hdw. Co. Columbus, O." (Photo)

740. Pair of broadaxes one with curved handle and one homemade handle (Photo)

741. Box lot inc. wood mallet, scraper, jarvis and large wooden shave (Photo)

742. Choice of eight wooden molding planes inc.; "MADE FOR ANDERSON & LAING, WHEELING VA" a groove 1/2 of a T & G set; twin iron nosing plane etc. (Photo)

743. Pair of wooden molding planes inc. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS ogee and unmarked cove (Photo)

744. Three wooden spokeshaves. (Photo)

745. Lot inc. screw box and tap; shoe peg float; caliper; spokeshave; scraper; and level. (Photo)

746. Two unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gages VG. (Photo)

747. DISSTON #91 marking and mortise gage VG. (Photo)

748. Medium size traditional style wooden tool chest with sliding trays, has been refinished. (Photo)

749. Large cabinet makers tools chest with lidded trays, needs lock re-installed. (Photo)

750. Lot 3 wooden levels, inc. 10 in. Stanley R & L, 10 in. Stanley 102, 12 in., Keen Kutter 13. (Photo)

751. Lot 4 small levels, inc. Stanley 259, torpedo, Starrett 4 1/2 in. iron level. (Photo)

752. Nice brass oiler. (Photo)

753. Davis Level & Tool Co. 6 in. inclinometer level (Photo)

754. Carbide lamp and unusual scraper, no blade.

755. RARE Swan Patent Nov. 26, 1878 boring-machine. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

756. Merchant's May 28, 1861 patent boring machine. (Photo)

757. CHOICE ten molding planes inc. W.L. EPPERSON (new mark *****?); STOUT & RICHEY ***; LITTELL & ATKINSON **, RARE S. COOK screw-arm sash with two locations: LOUISVILLE/JEFFERSONVILLE (new mark *****?); POTTER & RICHEY UR; WOODRUFF & McBRIDE ***; EPPERSON ****. (Photo)

758. George Washington Commemorative iron hatchet (Photo)

759. Early stone mason's crandle or stone hammer (Photo)

760. Disston & Morss 3-in. try square + Stanley #16 type I "Improved" miter square (Photo)

761. Stanley #24 combination try square and bevel + like new Stanley #20 6-in. try square (Photo)

762. Lot of 6 wooden planes inc. like new Scioto #3 round bottom; homemade dado?; early rabbet; Ohio Tool 7/16 dado; HENDERSON & STOOCKWELL twin iron #2 sash; homemade ogee (Photo)

763. Choice of 3 Continental plow planes (Photo)

764. Hay knife and hand forged ember tong (Photo)
765. Three candle molds. Photo)

766. Miter jack (some rot on one end) (Photo)

767. Miter jack, nice condition (Photo)

768. Blacksmith shear.

769. Folding-handle drawknives, inc. C. E Jennings & Pexto.

770. Choice of 4 cooper and carriage maker drawknives, some curved. Photo)

771. Two large pipe wrenches and one large pipe tong? (Photo)

772. Two adj. nut wrenches one with wood handle marked Bemis & Call H & T Co. long sleeve (Photo)

773. Pair cooper's tools inc. Barrel marking hammer marked Joseph Sayre & Co. Cint.O." and wooden hoop driver (Photo)

774. Unusual screw adj. wooden vise-type tool (Photo)

775. CHOICE Ten Louisville wood planes inc. W. BAUM & Co. ***"V" groove; N.H. STOUT LOUISVILLE ** moving fillester; T. ATKINSON ** side bead; W.L. EPPERSON LOUISVILLE **** cove?; ORMSLY-BLAIR & CO *** side bead.; G. BAURMANN **** match plane; WOODRUFF & McBRIDE *** groove; W.L. EPPERSON **** smoother ; A.B. SEMPLE & BRO. *** tongue (Photo)

776. Choice lot six molding planes inc. NAPIER complex; Unmarked skewed rabbet; Unmarked ?; Creagh & Williams side bead; I.KENDALL complex (no blade or wedge) (Photo)

777. Ohio Tool Co. 96 1/2 screw arm plow VG. (Photo)

778. J. BURKE MADISON, IA (Indiana) rabbet plane (Photo)

779. Pair of wooden jointer planes (Photo)

780. Choice pair of logging chains.

781. Bung starting hammer, hoop driver and three misc. iron pieces. (Photo)

782. Pair of "T" augers; one needs a handle. (Photo)

783. Choice ten Louisville, KY molding planes: T. LITTELL/T.ATKINSON ** large side bead; T. LITTELL/T.ATKINSON ** med. side bead; T. LITTELL/T.ATKINSON ** hollow; N.H. STOUT/W.W. RICHEY *** cove?; W. BAUM & CO. *** side bead; COOK & ??? LOUISVILLE (arched imprint, new mark) round; A. McBRIDE ** reverse ogee; T. LITTELL/T.ATKINSON ** round; T. ATKINSON ** hollow; N.H. STOUT/W.W. RICHEY *** rabbet (Photo)

784. Three axe heads; one marked A.W. WILLS & SON. (Photo)

785. Choice of three hatchet or axe heads; one an embossed KELLY PERFECT AXE, one "A.A.&T. CO. PAT. GLASSPORT. PA, PAT. APRIL 17, '00? Or '09" and one a PLUMB "Au-to-graf"' (Photo)

786. REED UTICA (NY) pair of 7/8-in. tongue and groove planes NICE (Photo)

787. Nice slitting gage + a usable panel gage similar to Stanley (Photo)

788. Nice lipped pole-adze head and a marking hammer head (Photo)

789. "The Phoenix" Combination hand vise IOB by The Barnes Mfg. Co. of Phoenix, New York, Patented June 1851, includes mounting bracket, vise is like new the box is worn and missing flap from top. (Photo)

790. C.S. OSBORNE leather skiver or leather splitting machine with extra blade VG (Photo)

791. Green River traveler plus a Starrett speed indicator (Photo)

792. Lot inc. two push drills; one MF Yankee-type screwdriver; one Howard spiral screwdriver and an early ratchet screwdriver

793. Stanley #7 jointer plane and STS Siegley transitional fore plane (Photo)

794. Lot inc. two dividers, inside/outside caliper and several files (Photo)

795. Lot inc. end and side cutters; unusual vice grip; leather rounder; PLOMB ratchet and PINE KNOT pliers (Photo)

796. Lot inc. smaller than average hand adz, hand forged claw hammer and a big cross peen (Photo)

797. Three AMPCO brass or beryllium hammers; sledge, ball peen and claw (Photo)

798. Ammo can with 20 or more Stanley bench plane blades plus one rabbet plane blade with grooves on back for adjuster and sporting the L. BAILEY patent date and extension date (Photo)

799. Three planes for parts: Stanley #2 prelateral that just needs a tote and knob to be complete, a broken #2 with good frog but a filed down cap from a #3, and a #7 body. (Photo)

800. Lie-Nielsen limited edition LN 2000 bench plane (Like a Stanley Bedrock) SN 258 with original receipt and paperwork from LN. (Photo)

801. Lot 3 axes, inc. "KELLEY HAND MADE."

802. H.S. & B. hardbound wholesale catalog circa 1910 (Photo)

803. Witte wholesale catalog #36, hardbound (Photo)

804. Belknap wholesale catalog #88, 1937 (Photo)

805. Three hide scrapers (Photo)

806. Antique sugar nippers (Photo)

807. Pair early and decorative nut crackers and picks not pictured (Photo)

808. Lot, inc. Rosewood handled awl (Photo)

809. W.B. Babmann Dec 7, 1884 wick trimming scissors (Photo)

810. Decorative flint napping hammer (Photo)

811. Lambert Patent quick-adjust pipe/nut wrench Nov. 4 1902 (Photo)

812. Large turnip shaped brass plumb bob. (Photo)

813. Two unusual plier-like tool + nippers (Photo)

814. Basket makers cleave (Photo)

815. Wooden box filled with samples of many different species of woods (Photo)

816. Choice of 2 buffalo hide scales (Photo)

817. Set 4 gouges, inc. Butcher 1/2 in., Butcher 5/8 in., Butcher 1 3/4 in., Hargreaves 2 in. (Photo)

818. Lot, bearing scraper, gouge, corner chisel, 2 turnscrews (Photo)

819. Lot 8 hand drills, inc. Yankee #1431

820. Lot 4 hand drills, inc. Miller Falls #2, Craftsmen Miller Falls, Handyman, Craftsmen enclosed gear.

821. Lot 4 hand drills, inc. Fine Goodell-Pratt, Stanley 624, Miller Falls #5.

822. Lot 2 corner braces inc. Millers Falls #502. (Photo)

823. Pair 2 speed breast drills.

824. Pair 2 breast drills, inc. early Miller Falls 2 speed and Wilkinson? single speed.

825. Primitive sugar devil. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

826. Nutcracker mounted on board. Photo)

827. Choice of two corner braces.

828. Gregg patent brace w/integral hollow auger. (Photo)

829. Atkins combination drill and brace, drill handle MIA.

830. Goodell-Pratt corner drill.

831. Goodell-Pratt self feeding chain drill.

832. Dandee Reel and Plumb Bob Combination Set No. 41 by Cedarberg Mfg. Mpls. MN (Photo)

833. Two drill boxes full of twist drills, letter and number sizes. (Photo)

834. Lot of leather tools inc. Osborne rounder; Gomph knife, Gomph creaser, stitching awl, wood bit (Photo)

835. Lot inc. unusual pipe wrench; button hole cutter; knife steel; ear notcher; bunion tool; and banana knife (Photo)

836. Lot inc. roller; hair clippers; early outside caliper; two pair dividers and small pin vise (Photo)

837. Lot of early plane blades and two wooden wedges for bench planes (Photo)

838. Fifteen plow plane blades, some need to be reground (Photo)

839. Pair of unusual rosewood handled bevels. (Photo)

840. Rosewood board 30 ? in. long, 2 ? in. high, 1 ? in. deep. (Photo)

841. Lot inc. 6 push drills, two Yankee type screwdrivers and one Archimedes drill (Photo)

842. Lot of six wooden molding planes inc. Ohio side bead; Langhorst side bead: Roseboom side bead; Steward side bead; Unmarked hollow; D.R. BARTON side bead Photo)

843. Butcher knife marked "U.S. Landers, Frary & Clark 1940" like new.

844. Lot of pliers, pruners, pipe wrenches etc. (Photo)
845. Lot of six wood molding planes inc.: Unmarked hollow; SWEATMAN, HUGHES & CO. PITTSBURGH round; Butler round; Wm. Moss round; Butler round; and Sandusky hollow (Photo)

846. Lot inc. two wire or fence stretchers; side cutters with wire twister; and ratchet screwdriver with tilting head (Photo)

847. Lot of six screwdrivers inc. Winchester plus one stuffing tool (Photo)

848. Lot of screwdrivers etc. including H. MUELLER Decatur ILL spiral, J.S. Fray sewing awl and Millers Falls No. 63 ratcheting

849. Lot of six wood planes inc. Ohio Tool round, G.HERDER round (no iron) J. CREACH hollow; Scioto Wks fully boxed bead; WAY & SHERMAN round and unmarked sash (Photo)

850. Unmarked Ohio Tool #104 handled rosewood screw arm plow

851.Choice of seven wood molding planes inc. WOODRUFF, NEW ALBANY rabbet; McKINNEL & WARD, MADISON; VAJEN, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. compass; J. GILMER, NEW ALBANY side bead (3) and WOODRUFF NEW ALBANY side bead (Photo)

852. Pair of cooper's tools inc. croze and howell (Photo)

853. Lot of five wood planes inc. unusual handled "V" another unusual continental rabbet, razee jack, another jack marked on side "LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE" (Photo)

854. Lot inc. bull lead; traveler; hoof knife, fork, and pair of chains (Photo)

855. Lot inc. Yankee screwdriver, combo hatchet/hammer screwdriver; tool handle and several three screwdrivers (Photo)

856. Lot of iron tools (Photo)

857. Lot of eight tools inc. three hammers; pipe reamer; mini brass router body; iron miter box and USMC leather tool (Photo)

858. Lot of misc. tools inc. machinist jacks; marking gage, gravers; bench mounting vise; gimlet bit; four gimlet bits and reamer with interchangeable brass handle in wood box; shears and zig-zag rule (Photo)

859. Lot of seven saw tools inc. six saw sets (Photo)

860. Choice tool books and catalog reprints, inc "THE HAMMER" by Baird, others by Dunbar, Hoadley, etc. (Photo)

861. Choice of three wood planes inc. J. GILMER NEW ALBANY side bead; WOODRUFF NEW ALBANY WARRANTED" round & J. GILMER NEW ALBANY hollow (Photo)

862. Pair of wooden jointer planes inc. 24-in. "C.J. SMITH & CO. CIN.O" and 22-in. "J.LAWTON CINN.O" jointer (Photo)

863. Four wooden jack planes inc. WOODRUFF & McBRIDE LOUISVILLE; and one marked "A.S. WOODRUFF LOUISVILLE KY WARRANTED" (Photo)

864. Lot inc. large cooper's drawknife marked "LOUISVILLE EDGE TOOL CO." and three long handled hammers

865. Lot of wooden plane parts; blades, handle, fillester bottom and wedges (Photo)

866. Lot of eight plow plane blades, four molding plane blades and two wooden wedges

867. Lot of two hand adzes and three misc. braces (Photo)

868. Lot of four bitstock tools inc. two washer cutters, dowel pointer and hollow auger (Photo)

869. Lot of five hammers inc. one with two heads (Photo)

870. Three breast drills inc. Goodell-Pratt 0477 (Photo)

871. Three breast drill inc. Yankee No. 1555 (Photo)

872. Lot of three hammers and two extra heads

873. Lot of seven molding planes inc. G. DAVIS round; Ohio fillester, side bead and rabbet; W. PARKES tongue and groove set (Photo)

874. Ohio Tool Co. O9 1/2 inch iron block plane w/Mark's patent lateral adjuster (Photo)

875. Adjustable Gauge Company Lexington KY Aug 11, 08, Heinrich patent double bevel (Photo)

876. DOUGLAS MFG by W.HUNT broad? Axe and Unknown (faint mark) hewing axe

877. Pair of hewing axes (both have pitting) ( Photo)

878. Choice of two broad axes inc. one marked CLEVELAND (Photo)

879. Broad axe and splitting maul

880. Choice unmarked screw-arm plow planes (Photo)

881. NOS Stanley Handyman spiral screwdriver and push drill (Photo) and (Photo 2)

882. "Ram's horn" scraper (Photo)

883. Lot of misc. tools inc. Keen Kutter nail puller, two hammers; ferrier's buttress, bung puller; and iron (Photo)

884. Lot inc. two pad saws; adjustable pin spanner wrench and primitive wooden clothes pin? (Photo)

885. T. ATKINSON ** crown molding or cornice plane. (Photo)

886. JOHN WARREN LOUISVILLE ** wedge-arm plank plane (Photo)

887. Shriners? ceremonial saber or sword in original scabbard. (Photo)

888. Crosscut saw.

889. Buck saw.

890. Leg vise. (Photo)

891. Assortment of mouse traps

892. Lie Nielsen rabbet plane kit (finish it yourself) IOB with instructions. (Photo)

893. Four drills inc. Craftsman (Millers Falls); Millers Falls #5; Fulton; and Dunlap.

894. FINE Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett OVB 8-in. drawknife. (Photo)

895. VG KEEN KUTTER 10-in. drawknife. (Photo)

896. Shop? made machinist vise. Photo)

897. Lot inc. unusual Yankee-style screwdriver by Greenlee, Yankee #75, hand drill and Mueller? spiral screwdriver (Photo)

898. Lot inc. three mini Archimedean drills; unusual push drill; and rosewood tool handle full of bits by BRIDGEPORT (Photo)

899. Lot of 8 hand drills inc. Stanley 624 and Millers Falls 250.

900. Three large Yankee screwdrivers and Yankee No. 75 brace (Photo)

901. Unusual cranked neck 2 7/8 in. bevel edged slick (Photo)

902. D. R. Barton 2.5 in. slick (Photo)

903. G. I. Mix & Co. 3 in. slick (Photo)

904. D. R. Barton 3 in. slick (Photo)

905. L. & I. J. White 3.5 in slick (Photo)

906. Lot inc. 2 bevels and 3 try squares, 1 marked PATENT APPLIED FOR has level in handle (Photo)

907. Lot inc mortising chisels, misc screwdrivers. (Photo)

908. Lot inc unusual hacksaw, try and miter square, leather burnisher, trammel, butt gauge, marking gauge. (Photo)

909. Lot misc drill bits and bitstock tools in small ammo can. (Photo)

910. Adjustable Gauge Company, Lexington KY, Pat 8-11-08, double bevel. (Photo)

911. Bluegrass "Thoroughbred" single bit axe. (Photo)

912. PEXTO embossed single bit axe (Photo)

913. Lot of six spiral and/or ratchet screwdrivers inc. Goodell-Pratt, Millers Falls No. 639, and Decatur Coffin Co. (Photo)

914. Lot of four push drills inc. Yankee No. 40; Goodell-Pratt; Yankee No. 41 and Stanley Yankee No. 41Y. (Photo)

915. Lot of drills and screwdrivers inc. Stanley Yankee No. 41Y; unknown push drill; Millers Falls No. 29, and Millers Falls No. 35? (Photo)

916. Three NIB push drills. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

917. Embossed Axes book by Jerome T. Grismer & Clyde H. Kendrick. (Photo)

918. Ohio Tool Company 1905 catalog reprinted in 1990 by MWTCA. (Photo)

919. Pioneer Iron Works book by Mary Stetson Clarke and illustrated by Joshua Tolford. (Photo)

920. Eric Sloane's AMERICA book. (Photo)

921. EAIA bound Chronicle magazines 1933 to 1958 (Photo)

922. EAIA bound Chronicle magazines 1959 to 1973 (Photo)

923. "Kelley Registered" single bit axe #81477 (Photo)

924. Choice lot 7 carving mallets (Photo)

925. Broad axe and pole adze; both unmarked. (Photo)

926. Lot inc. Dow combination square; lasting pliers ink eraser?; scissors; dividers; mini Stanley level; etc. (Photo)

927. Wagner Genuine Hydraulic Brake Parts display case.

928. OPEN LOT.

929. Pair of froes. (Photo)

930. Lot of misc. iron tools inc. clevis; hatchet head; right angle pliers; cold chisels etc. (Photo)

931. Lot inc. large AMPCO brass hammer head; two pair lasting pliers; ball peen hammer and claw hammer head (Photo)

932. to 936. BOX LOTS.

937. One man crosscut saw. (Photo)

938. Lot 3 breast drills, inc. Goodell-Pratt, Craftsmen (MF), Miller Falls. (Photo)

939. Lot 3 breast drills, inc Miller Falls 120B, Miller Falls 120, Stanley 742.

940. Lot 6 drill or drill related devices, inc. homemade ratcheting screwdriver.

941. Lot inc. 5 plow plane blades; two beading plane blades, Stanley? match plane cutter etc. (Photo)

942. Lot of misc. bitstock tools inc. Millers Falls #35 bit extension; hand forged washer cutter; center bits; reamers; gimlet bits etc. (Photo)

943. Heavy duty socket chisel plus a mortising chisel and two tang chisels that need handles. (Photo)
944. Lot of five wood planes inc. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS complex and nosing planes; BOND & SARGEANT BUFFALO hollow; OHIO 1/4-in. side bead; and ADOLPHUS MEIER & CO. ST. LOUIS compass (Photo)

945. O.T. BULL & CO. LOUISVILLE **** 2 3/4-in. reverse ogee complex molding plane (Photo)

946. Lot inc. block plane; Diamond Edge axe head; sharpening guide; sanding block; putty knives; hook (Photo)

947. Lot inc. cloth tape measure; small anvil, homemade marking gage; blade and wedge for a tongue cutting plank plane, sash template etc.

948. Canvas roll of auger bits and pliers from "JEFFERSONVILLE (IN?) DEPOT 1942" (Photo)

949. Seven calipers and dividers. (Photo)

950. Lot of leather tools, knives; slitter patented July 16, 1907, GOMPH knife and Aiken type tool handle. (Photo)

951. Large hammer and crowbar. (Photo)

952. Lot of hammers and adzes inc. CHENEY adz/hammer combo. (Photo)

953. Lot inc. bung auger/reamer, flagging iron, and reamer (Photo)

954. Lot inc. multi purpose pocket knife, two pair pliers, scraper; wrench. (Photo)

955. Lot inc. two washer cutters; hand vise; box of miniature taps and dies; patented shoe horn; and unknown boring? tool marked "SPEARHEAD"

956. Leach Co. Oshkosh, Wis. cant hook. (Photo)

957. Corn or tobacco knife. (Photo)

958. Large log or tie carrier (Photo)

959. Lot of 14 MWTCA Gristmill magazines 1985 to 1988 plus one EAIA Chronicle magazine. (Photo)

960. Lot 2 braces, inc. P S & W Co. #59 1/2.

961. Lot of 2 Goodell-Pratt hand drills (Photo)

962. Bullock and OWB mini jeweler type drills (Photo) and (Photo 2)

963. Early iron framed hand drill. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

964. Pair of blacksmiths rounding hammers.

965. Two man crosscut saw. (Photo)

966. Wood framed buck saw. (Photo)

967. Wood handled sharpshooter or nursery spade (shovel). (Photo)

968. Railroad tie or log tongs.

969. Lot inc. small "C" clamps, parallel clamps; pliers; vulcanizer; twist handle screwdriver, spring spreader/greaser; etc. (Photo)

970. Lot of medical or veterinary tools. (Photo)

971. F.C. Wilson Patent (592,339) crimping tool with patent papers. (Photo)

972. Lot of 24 assorted drill bits. (Photo)

973. Tilting handle drawknife and a clevis with wrench pin. (Photo)

974. Wooden box of 15 dogs. (Photo)

975. Lot chisels, parting tools, corner chisel, gouge, inc. long 1/8 L & I. J. White mortising (Photo)

976. "JOHN LEVERETT NAPANOCH N.Y." broad axe

977. Broad axe, faint mark.

978. Three axe heads; two double bits and one mini single bit (Photo)

979. Four iron heads; two pitted axe heads, one stone crandle and one pickeroon? (Photo)

980. Box lot inc. corner chisel, calking iron, IRWIN screwdrivers; marking gage etc. (Photo)

981. Stanley 16-in. #780 hand saw SW logo VG. (Photo)

982. Three saws inc. 26-in. with brass plate under handle PAT. JULY 8, 1883 and a 27-in. SIMONDS and a like new 21-in. Craftsman miter box saw. (Photo)

983. to 987. BOX LOTS.

988. Lot of five wood planes inc. mini continental complex molder; J. BURKE MADISON (IN) hollow; J.BURKE round; Arrowmammet side bead, etc"¦. (Photo)

989. Pair of double marked molding planes: R.A.WARD CINT OHIO/MADISON IA side bead and OHIO TOOL/H.A. LANGHORST dado replaced wedges (Photo)

990. OPEN LOT.

991. Lot inc. iron and brass wedges, hammer heads; cold chisel; deck scraper, hoop or spoke dog (Photo)

992. Buffalo Specialty "SUCCESS GRINDER." (Photo)

993. Military Machinist Tool Box. (Photo)

994. Rock Island 541B large vise. (Photo)

995. Choice of two axes; one marked F.HIPPS JEFFERSONV (JEFFERSONVILLE, IN?) and the other marked HUNT MFG'D BY DOUGLAS. (Photo)

996. Pair of hatchets inc. WARREN A & T CO. WARREN PA fire hatchet, the other KELLY AXE & TOOL CO. embossed and painted green (Photo)

997. Lot of nine molding planes inc. Moses tongue; Dennison rabbet; Auburn fillister (missing wedge); L.CASE WATERTOWN groove; continental round; A. McBride LOUISVILLE side bead; Ohio round (2); unmarked round. (Photo)

998. cooper's croze. (Photo)

999. cooper's howell. Photo)

1000. Pair of cooper's tools inc. howell and unusual chamfering tool. (Photo)

1001. Lot of five leg traps. (Photo)

1002. Lot of three leg traps; one large. (Photo)

1003. Coopers howell plane.

1004. cooper's croze.

1005. Coopers croze.

1006. Coopers sun or leveling plane.

1007. Coopers howell plane.

1008. BOX LOT.

1009. N.H. STOUT & W.W. RICHEY complex molding plane (Photo)

1010. Three wood planes inc. D.R. BARTON sooth plane, Continental 6 1/2-in. rounding plane and unusual homemade coachmaker's rabbet.

1011. Unmarked 3-in. crown molder VG (Photo)

1012. Lot of four wood molding planes inc. Ohio round; Scioto complex (boxing needs glue); continental rabbet and continental horn smoother. (Photo)

1013. Casey & Co. 4 1/4-in. panel raising plane w/original Casey & Co. iron, intact nicker, VG (Photo)

1014. Pair of braces inc. wire twisting; and an unknown ratchet brace. (Photo)

1015. Pair of braces inc. SAMSON ratchet brace and a 4-way wrench brace by The Fulton Co. of Milwaukee Wis. (Photo)

1016. Unknown all iron brace with spring chuck. (Photo)

1017. Two pair early dividers and one small pair outside calipers. (Photo)

1018. Lot inc. small froe, iron loop; slick? Handle, Planet Jr. plow etc. (Photo)

1019. Choice of four ammo cans full of misc. items such as Foxhole Lighters, locks, cable, files, etc.

1020. Pair of froes. (Photo)

1021. Antique reel type lawnmower (Photo)

1022. Antique reel type lawnmower (Photo)

1023. Antique reel type lawnmower.

1024. Large long handled crucible.

1025. Stanley 113 compass plane Type I complete and original + another early 113 that is missing the rear handle (Photo)

1026. Pair of Stanley #71 router planes; one open throat and one closed (Photo)

1027. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plane with 3/8-in cutter VG (Photo)

1028. Gilbert "BIG BOY" 5C jack plane and Stanley 4C smooth plane (Photo)

1029. Stanley #3 and #4 smooth planes (Photo)

1030. to 1034. BOX LOTS (Choice).

1035. Stanley 130A Yankee screwdriver and set of Great Neck nut drivers 3/8 to 1/2. (Photo)

1036. Lot of 8 wood planes inc. two Stanley transitional jacks, jack marked LOUISVILLE COOPERAGE, and 24-in. jointer (Photo)

1037. Choice of five wood planes inc. Hendrickson round, unusual block with saw-like inserts on bottom; Casey & Co. sash; Seybold sash; unmarked hollow with aluminum sides (Photo)

1038. to 1047. BOX LOTS (Choice)

1048. A.A. WOODS & SONS adj. hollow auger. (Photo)

1049. STEARNS PAT. 11-23-80 hollow auger with depth stop. (Photo)

1050. SCARCE Silver & Demming, Salem, Ohio 9-23-73 patent hollow auger. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

1051. Woodworker's vise. (Photo)

1052. Steel tool chest full of wrenches, bitstock tools, etc. (Photo)

1053. to 1059. OPEN LOTS.

1060. Pair of ratchet braces, inc. Stanley 945A 10 in. and unknown 10 in.

1061. Pair of braces, inc. Spofford patent and Dunlap ratchet

1062. Choice corner brace, inc. Stanley #984, Bridgeport

1063. Pair of braces, inc. Stanley 02-010 and unknown non-ratchet.

1064. Pair of braces, inc. short throw Miller's Falls 1890 patent, Stanley Handeyman.

1065. Lot of five wood planes inc. hag's tooth rounder; Stewart groove; Stewart round; Donaldson round; and Sinclair complex (Photo)

1066. Lot of wrenches, tap handles, Vise-Grips etc. (Photo)

1067. Lot inc. L&NRR pick head; scraper, two steel hammers, large gimlet bit, etc. (Photo)

1068. Syracuse ratchet wrench with 10 sockets Pat. Dec. 17, 1907. (Photo)

1069. Nice carving mallet like new condition. (Photo)

1070. NOS Estwing "SUPREME PICK" pick hammer and IAC INT. Minneapolis MN claw hammer. (Photo)

1071. Three hand drills plus three more for parts. Included are Millers Falls #1425, Millers Falls #5, and Craftsman (Photo)

1072. Log or railroad tie carrying tongs. (Photo)

1073. Wooden pole with grabber at one end; for reaching items on high shelves, used in General Stores. (Photo)

1074. Black & Decker work mate bench VG. (Photo)

1075. Unusual "CHAP 28" iron plane for planning outsides of barrels in a barrel lathe. (Photo)

1076. Pair of broad axe heads. (Photo)

1077. Lot of edge tool heads inc. broad axe?, Bluegrass single bit (pitted), unmarked hatchet, KELLY HAND MADE double bit, and hoe blade (Photo)

1078. Lot of 5 replacement handles for hammers/hatchets. (Photo)

1079. Pair of axe heads; one broad and one side.

1080. Ammo can full of screwdrivers, cold chisels; awls; file handle; glass cutter, etc. (Photo)

1081. Assortment of dental picks. (Photo)

1082. Assorted medical or veterinary tools. (Photo)

1083. Choice of two long handled reaping scythes. (Photo)

1084. Peddle operated grinding wheel. (Photo)

1085. Walking garden plow. (Photo)

1086. Enterprise lard press with extra parts and Enterprise meat grinder (great for deer hunters).

1087. Box lot inc. small pair of hames, small wooden barrel, etc.

1088. Single and double trees.

1089. Hoof trimming tool and ear notcher. (Photo)

1090. Handee Model 6000 (Dremel-type) multi tools with assorted wheels and other tools. (Photo)

1091. Lot of mallets inc. three wood; one brass one rawhide and an extra handle. (Photo)

1092. Barn beam boring machine (needs work). (Photo)

1093. Atha top swage hammer and PLUMB bottom swage hardy. (Photo)

1094. ATHA matching set of No. 1 top and bottom swages. (Photo)

1095. Box of misc. bullets & other gun related items. (Photo)

1096. Lot of five wood planes inc. Union Factory reeding, C.J. SMITH CIN.OHIO sash; L & I J WHITE sun; STEWART tongue; and unmarked side bead (Photo)

1097. Pair of wooden panel gages (Photo)

1098. Three wood tools inc. two stair saws and dough scraper (Photo)

1099. Scarce JEWEL Patent buggy whip holder. (Photo)

1100. Lot 2 hide scrapers, plus 15-in Wiggins CIN. Ohio cooper's drawknife. (Photo)

1101. Lot 2 yokes, single and double.

1102. Lot 2 wooden furniture clamps, 5 1/2 ft. (Photo)

1103. Double yoke.

1104. Pair of The Modern Mousetraps traps. (Photo)

1105. Pair primitive metal leg traps.

1106. RAYO #39WB railroad lamp, clear glass.

1107. Lap desk, inlaid, needs repair.

1108. USN Pith helmet.

1109. NOS Hetchel made by Crabb & Co. Newark NJ. (Photo)

1110. Lot of 3 single bit axes, inc. HAND BBB MADE WOODSLASHER by Kelley Works, and STRATCO-LINER. Photo)

1111. Box lot inc. rasp, Starrett square, unusual hubcap wrench, wood scaled screwdrivers, plus misc

1112. Box lot inc. large "C" clamps, pruning tool, unusual hammer, drawknife. (Photo)

1113. Box lot inc, screwbox, chisel, coping saw, 3.5 in. drawknife, wooden hoop driver, butt gauge, etc.

1114. Double-barrel muzzle loading shotgun. (Photo)

1115. Lot inc. hide scraper, turnscrews, auger handles. (Photo)

1116. Box Lot inc. chain drill, 3 1/4 in. center bit, gimlets, corner chisel, etc. (Photo)

1117. Large Bell System drawknife and 24 in. Starrett scale. (Photo)

1118. Three entrenching tools, one with canvas pouch (Photo)

1119. Box lot, inc. spring calipers, dividers, homemade panel gauge, large screwdriver, center rules (Photo)

1120. Early drop-block, breach loading rifle with saddle ring. (Photo)

1121. "Boy's Brigade, F.A. Requarth Co. Dayton Ohio Model A" cap gun, wooden stock and brass plate. (Photo)

1122. Muzzle loading shotgun, needs restoration. (Photo)

1123. Steven's pump .22 cal rifle. (Photo)

1124. Misc plane bodies, wood and metal.

1125. Pair bow saws. (Photo)

1126. Jeweler's bench, 19 drawers (Photo)

1127. Small Swarcschild & Co. Triumph nickel plated jeweler's lathe (Photo) and (Photo 2)

1128. Wooden grease bucket for greasing wagon axles. (Photo)

1129. Lot rasp and files, inc. shoe peg float and 2 very large Simmonds red tang. (Photo)

1130. Daisy pump BB gun, no internal feed tube/barrel, wood stock and fore piece. (Photo)

1131. Primitive wooden wagon jack.

1132. Three mallets.

1133. LARGE wheelwright's hub auger painted red. Photo)

1134. Pair augers, inc. 4 in and 2 in.

1135. Choice seven Louisville, KY molding planes inc. STOUT & RICHEY rabbet; T.LITTELL & T.ATKINSON T & G set; STOUT & RICHEY rabbet; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON complex; T. LITTELL & T. ATKINSON large side bead; JOHN WARREN complex type (Photo)
1136. Pair of axes inc. AMRICAN AXE double bit and Van Camp single bit. (Photo)

1137. Lot of four iron axe or hatchet heads inc. good Kelly Flint Edge and another good unmarked single bit (Photo)

1138. Large pair of tinner's shears. (Photo)

1139 Lot rasps and files. (Photo)

1140. Porter-Cable reciprocating saw IOB. (Photo)

1141. to 1143. OPEN LOTS.

1144. Choice of three plow planes inc. OHIO TOOL #102, AUBURN with boxwood arms and nuts and Unmarked with rosewood arms and brass tips. (Photo)

1145. to 1147. BOX LOTS (choice).

1148. Plated Sheffield style brace in fitted tray w/center bits, etc. (Photo) and (Photo 2)

1149. to 1152. BOX LOTS (choice)

1153. Mortising axe and long handled wooden mallet

1154. Early J. Sand & Sons 1023 Rivard, Detroit Mich. wooden mason's level 48 in. (Photo)

1155. Box lot, inc. Starrett scraper, traveler, bone saw, and unusual bung cutter

1156. Lot of eleven molding planes most needing TLC (Photo)

1157. Pair of early axes one marked "S. GOODWIN" (Photo)


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