June 13, 2005

Indianapolis, IN


(The Tool Collection of Bill Hinz of Hutchinson, Kansas)

001.  Stanley No. 2 smooth plane Photo

002.  Stanley No. 4 1/2 smooth plane Photo

003.  Stanley No. 3 smooth plane w/ original decal on handle Photo

004.  Pair of Stanley bench planes: No. 4 & No. 5C Photo

005.  Stanley No. 5 1/4 junior jack plane Photo

006.  Stanley No. 6 fore plane Photo

007.  Stanley No. 6C fore plane

008.  Stanley No. 7 jointer plane Photo

009.  Stanley No. 62 low angle bench plane Photo

010. Stanley No. 8 jointer plane Photo

011. Stanley No. 1193 brass-bound mahogany level Photo

012. Goodell-Pratt No. 1330 brass-bound mahogany level Photo

013. Pair of Stanley 24-in. levels No. 3 and No. 0 SW Photo

014. Scarce Melick 30-in. inclinometer level Pat'd Dec. 3rd, 1889 Photo

015. Edward Helb, Railroad, Penn. 24-in. inclinometer level (steel trim) Photo

016. Stanley No. 59 dowel jig IOB Photo

017. Stanley No. 2 Excelsior tool handle with 13 original bits Photo

018. Stanley No. 1 Odd-Job with original rule, level, and pointer Photo

019. Early and nice rosewood/brass ship's bevel with inlaid brass division points Photo

020. Chapin-Stephens No. 036 combination rule, bevel, level Photo

021. Stephens & Co. No. 36 combo rule-Patd. Jan.12, 1858 VG Photo

022.  FINE Stanley No. 12 boxwood rule with Gunter's log scales Photo

023. Stanley No. 34 1/4 VR 12-in. maple bench rule Photo

024. P. Listner, St.Charles, MO. 3 1/2 lb. plumb bob Photo 1 & Photo 2

025. Stanley No. 2 plumb bob with built-in reel Photo 1 & Photo 2

026. Small brass plumb bob "Braunsdorf-Mueller Co. Elizabeth, N.J." Photo 1 & Photo 2

027. Black Raven double bitted boy's axe Photo

028. Stanley 4-square axe Photo

029. Marble's No. 6 hatchet with folding blade guard & leather sheath Photo

030. Unusual and early root-handled saw (See Eric Sloan's Museum of Tools book, p. 67) Photo

031. Very good marked Connecticut style hand adz Photo

032. Socketed mortising axe. Photo

033. Gutter hand adz. Photo

034. Marble's No. 5 hatchet with folding blade guard. Photo

034A. Briggs Hardware, Neosho, MO store display stand for hatchets and axes Photo

035. Marble's hunting knife with leather handle and sheath Photo

036. Pair of levels: Stanley and Disston mason's levels

037. Diamond Edge hatchet "For Sportsman" embossed with flying duck scene Photo

038. Lot of 6 trade hatchets (choice 2 times) Photo

039. Lot of 2 hatchets and NOS Collins eye axe with paper label Photo

040. Stanley No. 62 rule & Reissman's 1896 Pat. Rule gage Photo

041. Windsor beader with original label Photo

042. Stanley No. 66 SW folding rule Photo

043. Stanley No. 66 beader w/ 2 fences & 7 blades  Photo

044. Buck Bros. miniature draw knife

045. Stanley No. 69 hand beader with 8 blades Photo

046. John Wilson, Sheffield rosewood & brass "ultimatum" marking gage Photo

047. Lufkin No. 386 rule advertising Frost Lumber, St. Louis, MO. Photo

048. FINE Keen Kutter K840 folding rule Photo

049. Unusual boxwood rule, bevel pendulum level, Stockholm 1839 Photo

050. Early Stanley No. 2 trammel points Photo

051. Atkins No. 400 12 TPI rosewood handled saw NEW! Photo 1 & Photo 2

052. Disston D-95 5 1/2 TPI saw Photo

053. Disston D42 "Victory" 8 TPI saw Photo 1 & Photo 2

054. Disston D-95 hand saw Photo

055. Lufkin Rule Co. board foot rule or log scale Photo

056. Stanley No. 360, 6-foot sliding rule Photo

057. Cleveland Rule Co.  Cleveland, Ohio board foot rule or log scale Photo

058. Fernald & Walton Cut Stone Contractors  Denver, Colo  yard stick Photo

059. Thompson Steubenville, 4 1/4-wide crown molding plane Photo

060. Nice Ram's Horn scraper Photo

061. Ohio Tool Co. No. 104 boxwood plow plane with 8 original bits Photo

062. Auburn Tool Co. Coachmaker's T rabbet plane Photo

063. Pair Varvill & Son, York snipe bill planes FINE Photo

064. Pair D.R. Barton and Co. side rabbets FINE Photo

065. Atkinson, Louisville complex molding plane Photo

066. A.B. Semple & Bro., Louisville, KY. adjustable sash plane

067. Pair Ohio Tool Co. No. 84 plank planes Photo

068. Wooden "hag's tooth" router Photo

069. Stanley No. 1 Odd-Jobs

070. Stanley No. 6 set of trammels complete Photo

071. Stanley No. 99 pair of rule trammels Photo

072. Lot of 10 brass plumb bobs choice 3 or 4 times

073. Lot of 7 caliper and other rules Photo

074. Lot of 6 wooden molding planes incl. nosing and complex (choice 3 times) Photo

075. Stanley No. 60 double spokeshave SW Photo

076. Davis 24-in. filigree iron level (repaired top rail) Photo

077. Unusual Southington Co. 24-in. iron ruler/plumb & level Photo

078. Davis Level & Tool 1867  24-in. inclinometer (wooden stock) Photo

079. Gibson Plumb & Level Co. Lahoma, OKLA 1907 Pat. inclinometer level Photo 1 & Photo 2

080. Edward Helb  Railroad, Penn. 24-in. inclinometer level w/ brass trim Photo 1 & Photo 2

081. Stanley No. 140 Type I skew bladed Photo

082. Ohio Tool No. 065 Mark's Patent block plane Photo

083. Sargent No. 217, 7-in. block plane Photo

084. Stanley No. 61 low-angle block plane

085. RARE Boston Metallic 7-in. iron block plane with brass adjuster Photo

086. O.R. Chaplin's Patent 6-in. block plane Photo

087. Stanley No. 9 3/4 tail-handled block plane Photo

088. Sargent No. 507 rabbet block plane Photo

089. D. M. Lyon & Co. Newark, N.J. rosewood marking and mortise gage Photo

090. Stanley No. 73 boxwood mortise gage Photo

091. Pair of marking gages, including wedge locking Photo

092. Nice H. D. & S. (Disston?) mahogany marking and mortise gage Photo

093. Rosewood handled sliding "T" bevel with 14-in. blade Photo

094. Stanley No. 225 sliding "T" bevel Photo

095. Lot of five misc. "T" bevels and squares Photo

096. Lot of ten Stanley folding rules, including No. 62, No. 70, No. 36 1/2, No. 54, No. 68, and No. 61 Photo

097. E.C. Simmons "Redline" 24-in. folding rule

098. Lufkin No. 873L folding rule, level and bevel

099. Choice of four ivory folding rulers Photo

100. Scarce O.R. Chaplin's No. 5, 9-in. smooth plane w/nickel plated handle and knob

101. RARE Bailey Tool Comp. "Defiance" Model B block plane (throat chipped) See PTAMPIA Vol. I, pg. 67 Photo 1 & Photo 2

102. Stanley No. 97 chisel plane Photo

103. Stanley No. 113 compass plane Photo

104. Stanley No. 2 smooth plane

105. Stanley Victor No. 20 compass plane Photo

106. Scarce Stanley No. 46 Type I combination plane with seven original cutters and wrap-around depth stop

107. Stanley No. 45 Type I complete with set of eighteen original cutters Photo

108. Stanley No. 45 Type 20 NIB Photo

109. Stanley No. 45 Type 4 with 19 original cutters Photo

110. Stanley No. 45 Type 3 with 15 original cutters Photo

111. Three wooden spokeshaves, one with screw-adjust cutter Photo

112. Brass coachmaker's router Photo

113. Windsor beader Photo

114. Stanley No. 85 boxwood razor shave Photo

115. Stanley No. 151 spokeshave Photo

116. Stanley No. 67 universal shave with both bottoms Photo

117. Stanley No. 62 reversible spokeshave Photo

118. Stanley No. 65 chamfer spokeshave Photo

119. USMC 17" shoemaker's iron block plane Photo

120. Stanley No. 289 skew-bladed rabbet plane with proper fence and depth stop Photo

121. Stanley No. 39 7/8 dado and 78 rabbet plane Photo

122. Stanley No. 48 Type I T&G plane Photo

123. Stanley No. 171 door router plane with original fence Photo

124. Two quick-adjust machinist vises (Choice) Photo

125. Lot of ten Stanley and other clapboard siding gages Photo

126. G. Calhoon Victor, Mo. "Feb 5, 07 patent" bevel and square

127. Lot of six small claw hammers (choice two times) Photo

128. Goat head claw hammer Mitteldorfer Strauss Pat. Photo

129. Stanley No. 4 trammel points Photo

130. Stanley No. 4 Type I trammel points Photo

131. Pair of Stanley No. 2 Type I trammel points complete set Photo

132. L.S. Starrett No. 50A trammel points with patented pencil holder Photo

133. Pair of large unknown trammel points with patented pencil holder Photo

134. Two sets of homemade trammel points Photo

135. SCARCE Stanley No. 99 pair of rule trammels, complete set Photo

136. Stanley No. 4 trammel points Photo

137. Pair of Scioto Works wooden bench planes: jack and fore Photo

138. Empire Tool Co. wooden jack plane with iron jointer fence Photo

139. Pair of wooden planes razee style: jack and handled jack rabbet Photo

140. Pair of plated wooden braces: one has brass pad Photo

141. William Marples "Ultimatum" brace, ebony and brass (needs chuck repair) Photo

142. NICE Eskiltuna brace with a fitted-boxed se of Swedish spoon bits, center bits and countersinks Photo

143. Stanley No. 132 transitional jointer plane Photo

144. Matched pair: Stanley No. 127 and No. 129 "Liberty Bell" planes Photo

145. Stanley No. 122 "Liberty Bell" smooth plane Photo

146. Stanley No. 22 and No. 35 transitional smooth planes Photo

147. Stanley No. 35 and No. 36 transitional smooth planes Photo

148. Buck 5-inch dovetailed infill plane Photo 1 & Photo 2

149. Brass 3 1/2-in. block plane, graduated sides for dental molds Photo

150. Stranahand's Blind-nail plane (see R. Smith's PTAMPIA Vol. II, pg. 118) Photo

151. Vaughn & Bushnell No. 903 smooth plane

152. Lot of two Gage No. 4 smooth planes Photo

153. Stanley No 12 1/2 cabinet scraper Photo

154. Boxed beading attachment for Stanley No. 72 plane Photo

155. Stanley No. 72 chamfer plane Photo

156. Keen Kutter No. 55 jointer gage Photo

157. Millers Falls No. 88 jointer gage Photo

158. Stanley No. 3C and Simmons 8-in. smooth planes

159. Chaplin's Improved No. 205 smooth plane

160. Lot of two miniature drawknives

161. Lot of two miniature drawknives

162. Star cam-locking marking and mortise gage

163. Star twist-locking marking gage

164. Pair of Stanley marking gages: No. 62 and No. 64 1/2

165. Three marking gages: one Stanley No. 72 and 2 unmarked

166. Rope maker, including wrench and twister Photo

167. Nicholls Manufacturing Co. No. 107 steel marking gage Photo

168. Unknown patented double-beam marking and mortise gage Photo

169. Disston? 9-in. rosewood & brass try square with built-in level and scribe Photo

170. Payson's No. 001 tobbogan plane Photo

171. Stanley No. 95 edge-trimming block plane Photo

172. Pair: Stanley No. 98 & 99 side rabbet planes Photo

173. Stanley No. 140 skew-bladed rabbeting block plane Photo

174. Stanley No. 131 double-ended block plane Photo

175. Stanley No. 90 cabinetmaker's block plane Photo

176. Stanley No. 118 unbreakable block plane Photo

177. Ohio Tool Co. No. 060 1/2 Mark's Patent low-angle block plane Photo

178. Stanley No. 130 double-ended block plane Photo

179. Rich-Con No. 130 double-ended block plane Photo

180. Unusual Stanley 9 1/2A English block plane Photo

181. Union Excelsior-style block plane with knuckle cap Photo

182. Stanley No. 60 low-angle block plane Photo

183. Sargent No. 1317 tail-handled block plane Photo

184. Stanley No. 103 Type I block plane Photo

185. Stanley No. 140 Type I skew-bladed block plane Photo

186. Ohio Tool Company No. 103 block plane Photo

187. Pair of block planes, including early Stanley No. 103 Photo

188. Lot of six wooden dividers Photo

189. Miniature hand-forged iron traveler Photo

190. Hand-forged iron traveler Photo

191. Lot of three brass travelers (choice one time) Photo

192. Miniature brass traveler Photo

193. Keen Kutter No. 618-18-in. cast iron level Photo

194. Davis Level & Tool Company No. 3, 18-in inclinometer level (cracked top rail) Photo

195. Winchester W3-28 in. wooden level (original decal) Photo

196. Davis & Cook 28-in. plumb and level Photo

197. Lambert, Milliken & Stackpole 30-in. level Photo

198. Stanley 28-in. brass bound mahogany level Photo

199. A. Howland & Co. screw-arm, handled plow plane w/6 cutters Photo

200. T.J. M'Master & Co. wedge-arm plow plane w/4 cutters Photo

201. Wooden toothing plane Photo

202. German horned toothing plane Photo

203. Two wood planes: Ohio Tool Co. handled smooth plane and homemade? jack plane Photo

204. English wooden chamfer plane Photo

205. Stanley No. 41 Miller's Patent plow plane with fillister bed, wraparound fence and cutters Photo

206. Stanley No. 141 Miller's Patent plow plane with fillister bed, eleven cutters and nosing piece Photo

207. Stanley No. 43 Miller's Patent plow plane with five original blades Photo

208. Stanley No. 55 combination plane in original chestnut box with 51 original cutters Photo

209. Davis Level & Tool Co. No. 1, 6-in. inclinometer level Photo

210. M.W. Robinson Davis Patent 6-in. cast iron level Photo

211. Pair of 6-in. cast iron levels Photo

212. Pair of 3-in. Stanley No. 40 pocket levels Photo

213. Stanley No. 34, 8-in. level with brass sights Photo

214. Pair of Stanley pocket levels: No. 40, 3-in. and unknown Photo

215. Pair of Stanley No. 2 metallic level sights Photo

216. Stanley No. 44 bit and square level Photo

217. Pair of Stanley No. 1 wooden level sights Photo

218. Stanley No. 7 metallic level pitch adjuster Photo

219. Lot of 3 boxes of Stanley replacement vials for levels (choice one time) Photo

220. Pair of 6-in. cast iron levels: Starrett and Stanley No. 36 Photo

221. Pair of Stanley No. 138 level sights NIB Photo

222. Pair of levels: Starrett No. 134 and Stanley No. 38 ½, 4-in. Photo

223. Eagle take-down square Photo

224. Nicholls Mfg. Co. take-down square Photo

225. Keen Kutter KTR100 take down square Photo

226. Lot of 2 wooden squares, one patented Sept. 20, 1851 Photo

227. Lufkin No. 6132 tailor's square Photo

228. Unknown wooden tailor's square "Pat. Applied For." Photo

229. Stanley No. 500C rafter's square Photo

230. Stanley No. 39-1-in. dado plane Photo

231. Stanley No. 39-7/8 in. dado plane Photo

232. Stanley No. 39- 5/8 in. dado plane Photo

233. Stanley No. 10-1/2 rabbet plane w/cracked side Photo

234. New Stanley No. 10-1/2 rabbet plane (English) Photo

235. Stanley No. 13 Type 2 compass plane Photo

236. Stanley No. 112 scraper Photo

237. Stanley No. 49 Type I T&G plane Photo

238. Stanley No. 48 Type I T&G plane Photo

239. Stanley No. 10 carriage maker rabbet plane, orig. decal on tote Photo

240. Bulldog nail puller Photo

241. Greenlee No. 515 nail puller Photo

242. Crescent Tool Co. Giant nail puller Photo

243. B.S.D. Co. adjustable hollow auger with depth stop Photo:

244. McCreary 1858 patented hollow auger Photo

245. Adjustable Stearns dowel pointer Photo

246. Unusual Stearns? patented hollow auger Photo

247. A.A. Woods & Son adjustable hollow auger Photo

248. Pair of dowel pointers Photo

249. Pair of pipe jaws for a monkey wrench Photo

250. Patented nut wrench for use in brace Photo

251. Two hollow augers complete with depth stops Photo

252. Unknown "Patent Applied For" 12-in. level Photo

253. Stanley No. 36, 24-in. level with a Stanley No. 38 adj. leveling stand Photo

254. Winchester W3618, 18 in. cast iron level FINE Photo

255. Davis No. 2 Inclinometer level – 12 in. (needs screws & pointer) Photo 1 & Photo 2

256. Davis Pat. M.W. Robinson No. 8, 18 in. cast iron level Photo

257. Pair of cast iron levels: Stanley No. 36 and Miller's Falls Photo 1 & Photo 2

258. Pair of cast iron levels: Stanley No. 36 and L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) 18-in. Photo 1 & Photo 2

259. Box lot: four Stanley bench planes inc. H1203 & H1204 Photo

260. Three iron bench planes: Stanley 4-square jack, Sargent 409, and Victor 1104 Photo

261. Keen Kutter wooden axe box Photo

262. Keen Kutter pocket knife box Photo

263. Goodell-Pratt Shepardson's Pat. No. 333 iron plane gage IOB Photo

264. Stanley No. 45 Type 11 combination plane IOB FINE Photo

265. Stanley No. 5 nosing attachment for combination plane IOB Photo

266. Stanley No. 78 rabbet plane IOB Photo

267. Stanley No. 59 dowel jig IOB Photo

268. Defiance No. 1204 iron smooth plane IOB Photo

269. Stanley No. 67 universal spokeshave IOB Photo

270. Stanley No. 42 saw set IOB Photo

271. Stanley No. 75 rabbet plane IOB Photo

272. Stanley No. 55 combination plane in chestnut box complete Photo

273. Stanley No. 71 router IOB Photo

274. Stanley No. 3 smooth plane IOB Photo

275. Stanley No. 66 boxwood folding rule Photo

276. Stanley No. 68 boxwood 4-square folding rule Photo

277. Keen Kutter K620 boxwood folding rule FINE Photo

278. Stanley No. 62 1/2 boxwood folding rule Photo

279. Winchester W68 boxwood folding rule FINE Photo

280. Rabone No. 1190 folding rule level and protractor like new Photo

281. Lot of three Stanley zig-zag rules Photo

282. H. Chapin No. 15 1/2 boxwood folding rule Photo

283. Lot of two 24-in. boxwood folding rules with arched joints Photo

284. Stanley No. 69, 12 in. boxwood folding rule Photo

285. Stanley No. 66 1/2A boxwood folding rule SW Photo

286. Interlox No. 106 sliding rule in original imitation alligator pouch Photo

287. Pair of Interlox sliding rules Nos. 104 & 106 Photo

288. Two Stanley zig-zag rules including No. 206 and No. 424 Photo

289. Lot of four miscellaneous zig-zag rules Photo

290. Keen Kutter K620 and Stanley 66 1/2 boxwood folding rules Photo

291. Union No. 60 and Stanley No. 65 iron spokeshaves Photo

292. Lot of four miscellaneous iron spokeshaves Photo

293. Wooden coachmaker's router and homemade wooden shave Photo

294. Pair of iron leather shaves Photo

295. Stearns flexible bottom shave + Stanley No. 66 beader Photo

296. Stanley No. 83 and No. 81 scrapers Photo

297. Primitive wooden handled scraper and coachmakers? router Photo

298. Lot of three miscellaneous spokeshaves including Stearns and Stanley No. 51 Photo

299. Handled scorp and wooden scraper Photo

300. Stanley No. 67 universal shave with fence and both bottoms + No. 66 beader Photo

301. Box lot miscellaneous hammers including KK & Simmons

302. Sandusky matched set of six plow plane blades

303. BEDROCK No. 608 FT jointer plane Photo

304. Stanley No. 8C jointer plane Photo

305. Stanley No. 605 1/2C jointer plane Photo

306. Union No. X8C jointer plane Photo: Photo

307. Metallic Plane Company 20-in. iron jointer plane Photo

308. Stanley No. 386 jointer fence Photo

309. Diamond Edge DE7 jointer plane Photo

310. Chaplin's Improved Pat. 18-in. fore plane Photo

311. Stanley No. 20 compass plane Photo 1 & Photo 2

312. Stanley No. 60 1/2 & No. 61 block planes Photo

313. Sargent No. 307 block plane with tail handle Photo

314. Chaplin's Pat. wide body block plane Photo

315. Stanley No. 18 & 140 Type I block planes Photo

316. Stanley No. 103 Type I block plane Photo

317. Stanley No. 131 double-ended block plane Photo

318. Stanley No. 65 block plane Photo

319. Stanley No. 100 1/2 round bottom block plane Photo

320. Stanley No. 9 1/4 & No. 102 block planes Photo

321. Pair of iron block planes, incl. HSB & Stanley 4-Square Photo

322. Stanley No. 79 side rabbet

323. FINE Stanley No. 1 smooth plane Photo

324. FINE Stanley No. 2C smooth plane Photo

325. Stanley No. 444 dovetail plane, complete, in original wooden box FINE Photo

326. Lot of eleven miscellaneous saw sets, incl. "The Buller" & Stillman's Photo

327. Two 10-in. wooden levels:  Sargent and Stanley No. 102 Photo

328. Two Stanley No. 102 wooden levels: 14-in. & 16-in. Photo

329. Two wooden levels: Stanley 18-in. & Oak Leaf 18-in. Photo

330. C.S. Co. 28-in. wooden level with boxwood inclinometer insert in side Photo

331. Davis & Cook 26-in. wooden level & plumb + unknown 30-in. level Photo

332. Boxed set of Irwin drill bits & W. Thompson brass head brace. Photo

333. Spofford's Patent brace & set of Irwin bits (rusty). Photo

334. P. Lowentraut brace/wrenchPhoto

335. Set of three, early steel and brass dividers VG Photo

336. Polygraph Co. 1885 Pat. No. 3 brass polygraph Photo

337. Nice blacksmith made double calipers Photo

338. Fancy embossed outside calipers Photo

339. Two pair early hand forged dividers Photo

340. Choice lady leg calipers [one in orignal paint] (Choice three times) Photo

341. Pair primitive rack wing calipers and pair of primitive dividers Photo

342. Primitive brass, Wimble-style brace Photo

343. Three inch slick Photo

344. Primitive smith-made iron brace & box of primitive bits (choice) Photo

345. Stanley No. 77 dowel & rod-turning machine (repainted) w/ 3/8 & 5/8 cutters & original instruction book Photo

346. Quickcet & Luther bench mounted vises (Choice) Photo

347. Unusual blacksmith-made triple calipers Photo

348. Unknown mfg. 3 3/4-inch slick. Photo

349. O.V.B. 3 3/8 in. slick w/ handle Photo

350. Blacksmith made double calipers Photo

351. J. W. Murphy layout square Alva, OK Photo

352. Saturn layout square Photo

353. Starrett double calipers Photo

354. Blacksmith made double rack wing calipers Photo

355. Blackhawk skeleton implement wrench Photo 1 & Photo 2

356. Lot of three implement wrenches inc. Deere, Ideal & Harper Photo

357. Diamalloy 6 to 8 in. double ended crescent wrench Photos

358. Pair of quick adjusting nut wrenches HandE & Hellix Photo

359. Three steel implement wrenches inc. D & M and P & O Photo 1 & Photo 2

360. Deere & Co. 8-in. wooden handled monkey wrench Photo

361. Perfect Handle & Grant Tool Co. 6 in. monkey wrenches Photo

362. Four screw adjusting nut wrenches inc. two twist handles Photo

363. Diamond 4 to 6 in. double ended crescent wrench Photo

364. May's ratcheting cotter pin puller Photo

365. Quick adjust nut wrench Duluth, Minn. Photo

366. Universal Wrench Co. 8 in. adjustable end wrench Photo

367. Helix 8 in. quick-adjust end wrench El Dorado, Ks. Photo

368. Four pair unusual patented pliers Photo

369. Three wrenches inc. double-ended crescent Photo

370. Lot of seven misc. wrenches

371. RARE G. Waller Pat. Inclinometer level Laverne, Oklahoma Photo 1 & Photo 2

372. Stanley No. 96, 26-in. rosewood level Photo

373. Diamond Edge (ACME) steel level + CS & Co. No. 290 level Photo

374. Stanley No. 100 and No. 400 picture frame miter and vise complete with original clamp and rule Photo

375. Large dovetailed cabinetmaker's tool chest w/four sliding tills, sawbox, asst. misc. tools, top trays have inlaid lids w/ working lock and key Photo 1Photo 2 & Photo 3

375A. Nice Maple work bench  52" X 36" X 32" with two drawers, center tray, and quick adjust vise, from a school shop

375B. Nice 48" X 24" X 24" tall woodworking work bench, with shelf and vise, from an elementary school Photo

376. Educational model of home construction illustrating different types of jointery Photo

377. Pair of No. 35 transitional planes Photo

378. Early Stanley 15 1/2 tail handled block plane Photo 1 & Photo 2

379. Patent applied for green mortise plane (no blade) Photo

380. Stanley No. 85 tilting handle scraper plane w/ marked blade Photo

381. Stanley No. 96 Type I blind nailer plane with Stanley chisel Photo

382. Stanley No. 112 scraper plane w/ 28 TPI blade Photo

383. Stanley No. 20 nickel-plated compass plane Photo

384. Stanley 5 1/4 & Stanley 4-square jack planes Photo

385. Union No. X5 vertical post jack plane Photo

386. Stanley No. 2 smooth plane VG Photo

387. Lot of three wooden horn planes Photo

388. Continental plow plane Photo

389. Wooden spill plane Photo

390. Miniature wooden router and two nice miniature skew bladed block planes Photo

391. Box of nine misc. wooden planes Photo

392. Primitive wooden spoke or dowel pointer Photo

393. Lot of four wooden clamps Photo

394. Lot of four early turnscrews Photo

395. Three early screwdrivers and one pad saw Photo

396. George Bishop reversible back saw from right here in beautiful Lawrence, Indiana Photo

397. Box lot: unusual belt sander, folding miter box, hand forged nail puller Photo

398. Brass plumb bob with internal reel NICE Photo

399. Stanley No. 2 brass plumb bob with reel + a Gem manufacturing line reel Photo

400. Lot of six wooden plumb bobs and one wooden reel Photo

400A. NICE "Happy Carpenter" countertop advertising "Stanley Combination Square -  The Multi-purpose Tool" Photo

400B. NICE Stanley S-268-L, 4-Square countertop advertising piece with dog & ruler Photo

401. Two nickel plated plumb bobs including O.V.B. Photo

402. Lot of four iron plumb bobs

403. Pair of General plumb bobs: 8 oz. and 16 oz. IOB Photo

404. Suverkrup Inst. 12-oz. brass plumb bob with built-in reel Photo

405. Brass plumb bob with internal reel NICE Photo 1 & Photo 2

406. K&E 14 oz. brass plumb bob IOB Photo

407. Lot of eight misc. plumb bobs, including two brass

408. Lot of six misc. plumb bobs, including a brass James A. Gaffney

409. Pair of Scotch braces with spring-loaded chucks Photo

410. Primitive iron brace with Wimble-style chuck and adjustable washer cutter Photo

411. Stanley Wimble brace Photo

412. "Yankee" Bell System brace Photo

413. Early cage-head bow drill with brass spool and bow Photo

414. Early wooden chairmaker's brace Photo

415. Small pump drill with brass fly wheel Photo

416. Primitive wooden Mennonite Immigrant button-hole pump drill Photo

417. Scandinavian-style pad brace with one pad Photo

418. Early cagehead iron brace with one center bit Photo

419. Taylor Patent Scotch-style brace Photo

420. Pump drill with steel flywheel Photo

421. Early wooden pad brace with three pads Photo

422. Wooden pad brace Photo

423. Stanley No. 78 rabbet plane IOB

424. Stanley No. 113 Type I compass plane Photo

425. Pair of Stanley block planes: No. 220 and No. 140 Photo

426. Pair of Stanley block planes: No. 220 and No. 56 Photo

427. Stanley No. 10 1/4 tilting-handled rabbet plane Photo

428. Stanley No. 71 Type 2 router Photo

429. Sargent No. 206 Type 2 block plane Photo

430. Stanley No. 98 side rabbet plane Photo

431. Pair of Stanley bench planes: No. 5C and No. 4 Photo

432. Stanley No. 146-3/8" T&G plane Photo

433. Stanley No. 72 chamfer plane Photo

434. Brass low-angle block plane with Metallic Plane Co. blade Photo

435. Stanley No. 248 weatherstripping plow plane Photo

436. Two miniature block planes: Sargent No. 104 and Stanley No. H101P Photo

437. Two iron block planes: Ohio No. 0103 and Union No. 103 Photo

438. Stanley  No. 75 rabbet plane and Stanley No. 101 block plane Photo

439. American Tool and Foundry 5-in. block plane and Defiance stamped-steel block plane Photo

440. Stanley No. 60 low-angle block plane Photo

441. Two iron block planes: Stanley No. 220 and Union No. 2 Photo

442. Stanley No. 100 and a Millers Falls tail-handled block plane Photo

443. Stanley No. 39  1/4-in. dado plane Photo

444. Stanley No. 39 1/2-inch dado plane. Photo

445. Keen Kutter K130 and Stanley No. 120 iron block planes. Photo

446. Pair of early Stanley block planes Photo

447. Stanley No. 135 "Liberty Bell" smooth plane Photo

448. Pair of Stanley No. 101 miniature block planes Photo

449. Four mini block planes

450. Box lot of wooden panel gages and clapboard gage Photo

451. Box of four wooden marking gages, four siding gages, combo siding & marking gage Photo

452. Unmarked brass plated wooden brace with boxwood pad Photo

453. "Pilkington & Co. Late with Bloomer & Philipps" plated brace Photo

454. Miniature ebony panel gage & rosewood marking & mortise gage Photo

455. FINE Stanley No. 92 rosewood and brass marking & mortise gage Photo

456. Three wooden marking gages Photo

457. Pair of rosewood marking and mortise gages Photo

458. Millers Falls No. 714 "Buck Rogers" jack plane Photo

459. Millers Falls No. 11 junior jack plane Photo

460. Millers Falls No. 714 "Buck Rogers" jack plane plus hand drill Photo

461. Pair of Millers Falls No. 300 "Buck Rogers" hacksaws and one "Buck Rogers" hand drill Photo

462. Winchester No. 3902 hacksaw Photo

463. Two primitive wooden travelers Photo

464. The Green River wagon tire wheel traveler Photo

465. Graphic hand-forged iron traveler Photo

466. Hand-forged five-spoke iron traveler Photo

467. Hand-forged iron traveler with star design Photo

468. Unknown manufactured router Photo

469. Pair of hand-made brass travelers Photo

470. Nice brass traveler plus hand-forged iron traveler Photo

471. Stanley No. 96 30" rosewood plumb and level Photo

472. Gibson, Lahoma, Okla. Patent 28-in. inclinometer level Photo 1 & Photo 2

473. Edward Helb inclinometer level with steel trim Photo

474. C.E. Jennings 18-in. cast iron filligree level Photo

475. Davis Level & Tool Co. 18-in. cast iron plumb and level Photo

476. Keen Kutter K624  24-in. cast iron plumb and level Photo

477. Leonard Bailey's "Victor" No. 14 combination plane Photo

478. Stanley No. 113 Type 8A compass plane Photo

479. Stanley No. 200 sharpening gage Photo

480. Stanley No. 45 Type I combination plane with full set of cutters Photo

481. Stanley No. 190W weather-stripping rabbet plane (replaced fence) Photo

482. Stanley No. 46 Type I combination plane with seven original blades & wrap-around depth stop Photo

483. Stanley No. 50 light duty combination plane complete with sixteen original blades, chip deflector and depth stops Photo

484. Stanley No. 50 light duty combination plane with one plow cutter and beading stop

485. Stanley No. 45 Type I combo plane w/ original box of cutters (cutters not shown in photo) Photo

486. Box of Stanley light duty combination plane parts Photo

487. Stanley No. 99 side rabbet plane Photo

488. Stanley No. 98 side rabbet plane Photo

489. Stanley No. 278 rabbet and fillester plane Photo

490. Stanley No. 10 carriagemaker's rabbet plane Photo

491. Winchester No. 3076 cabinet scraper Photo

492. Stanley No. 12 1/2 cabinet scraper Photo

493. Stanley No. 30 angle divider Photo

494. Stanley No. 122 and H122 1/2 squares. Photo

495. EAGLE sliding T-bevel with 6-in. blade. Photo

496. Stanley No. 25 and No. 18 bevels. Photo

497. Stanley No. 24 combination try square and bevel. Photo

498. Stanley No. 24 combination try square and bevel Photo

499. Stanley 4-Square and Stanley Defiance No. 1221 squares Photo

500. Lot of three wood-handled bevels Photo

501. Lot of three tool handles Photo

502. Lot of two sewings awls inc. J.S. Fray & Co Photo

503. VG Millers Falls rosewood tool handle Photo

504. Lot of three wooden marking gages Photo

505. Lot of three marking gages, one rosewood Photo

506. One hand-made wooden marking gage with ivory or bone screw Photo

507. F.W. Ritchie combo bevel, square & level with patent papers Photo

508. M. Jincks 1867 Patent countersink bit with attached spur and raker Photo

509. Hills 1885 Patent cam-locking expansive bit Photo

510. Rich-Con RC6R ratchet brace with 6" throw Photo

511. John S. Fray & Company No. 112 Spofford's Patent brace with large spoke-pointer Photo

512. P. S. & W. No. 59 1/2 ratcheting brace with 6-in. sweep Photo

513. Goodell-Pratt corner brace Photo

514. McClellan Patent corner brace Photo

515. Bow drill with no bow and a Goodell-Pratt archimedian drill (needs work) Photo

516. Stanley No. 203 block plane Photo

517. Stanley Nos. 180, 181 and 182 rabbet planes Photo

518. Stanley 10 1/2 carriagemaker's rabbet plane Photo

519. Stanley No. 113 Type 2 compass plane Photo

520. Millers Falls cigar shave Photo

521. Dovetailed rosewood stuffed 6-in. steel smooth plane Photo

522.  I. Richardson rosewood stuffed smooth plane Photo

523. Stanley No. 10 carriagemaker's rabbet plane Photo

524. Stanley No. 50 light-duty comination plane, wood handle, full box of cutters Photo

525. Early Stanley No. 79 side rabbet plane Photo

526. Sargent-made craftsman rabbet and fillester plane Photo

527. Four bench-top drill presses (choice twice) Photo

528. Stanley No. 46 combination plane in owner-made box with full set of eleven cutters and owner's manual Photo

529. Stanley No. 248A with seven cutters Photo

530. Stanley No. 378 weather-stripping rabbet plane Photo

531. Stanley No. 10 1/2 WWII model carriage makers rabbet plane Photo

532. Pair of 9-in. iron levels, including Stanley No. 37 & Standard Tool Co. Photo

533. Stanley No. 107 S.W. 12-in. level Photo

534. Goodell-Pratt No. 4512, 12-in. brass-bound mahogany level Photo

535. L.S.S. Co. 15-in. and Stanley No. 36, 18-in. cast iron levels Photo

536. Stratton Bros. No. 11 1/2, 24-in. brass-bound mahogany level Photo

537. Starrett No. 134 corner level and Starrett 6-in. shaft level in original box Photo

538. Buck Bros. miniature drawknife plus miniature coachmaker's rounder Photo

539. Stanley Nos. 90 and 98 marking gages Photo

540. Leavitt double beam marking gage plus Stanley No. 90 marking gage Photo

541. Stanley No. 1 "Odd Jobs" (for parts) Photo

542. Boxwood and brass rope caliper Photo

543. Stanley? No. 69, 12-in. folding ruler VG Photo

544. FINE C-S Company No. 65, 12-in. folding rule Photo

545. Upson Nut Co.  No. 69, 12-in. folding ruler (needs hinge repair) and Unknown No. 69, 12-in. folding rule Photo

546. Stanley No. 7 "Blindman's"  24-in. folding rule Photo

547. Pearson's Nailer, better than average condition Photo

548. Box lot: MARX toy tools: saw, hammer, plane, square, miter box, etc. Photo

549. Wooden hags tooth router Photo

550. Lot of three advertising pieces: two Stanley carpenter pencils, one Alamo Iron works zig zag rule Photo

551. Lot of three steel folding scales, including two Lufkin 12-in. scales Photo

552. Lot of Stanley No. 66 1/4, 36-in. folding rule and Dietzgen 30/60/90 degree  triangle Photo

553. Lufkin Rule Co. Cleveland, Ohio 36-in. folding steel scale Photo

553A. Brooklyn Patent Double claw hammer Photo

553B. Claw hammer with strap handle Photo

553C. Set of 3 tools for slate roof work: nail ripper & hammer Photo

554. Box lot with five hand-forged bench dogs and two advertising pencils

555. Stanley No. 59 dowel jig IOB with instructions Photo

556. Stanley Nos. 70 and 82 scrapers Photo

557. Phoenix and unknown miniature vises Photo

558. Two small claw hammers including Stanley No. 12, 5 oz. and Townley 7 oz. Photo

559. Unusual patented triple-claw hammer Photo

560. Stanley No. 81 cabinet scraper Photo

561. L.S. Starrett No. 16 combination set with double protractor Photo

562. Lufkin No. 8205  24-in. wooden shrink rule and Stanley No 34 1/4 VR 12" rule Photo

563. Lufkin Co. No. 7172  6-in. sliding rule

564. Stanley 24" boxwood ruler & sliding 36-in. yard stick Photo

565. Stanley 102 1/2 claw hammer & HH2 leather hammer holster Photo

566. Set of small brass trammel points Photo

567. Nice Keen Kutter rosewood tool handle w/10 tools Photo

568. Keen Kutter K1945 fencing pliers & 50-food steel tape measure in leather case Photo

569. Stanley No. 240 4-foot sliding ruler and unknown wooden wantage rod.

570. Keen Kutter hack saw and Enders 6-in. drawknife Photo

571. Stanley No. 25 sliding bevel & Stanley 3-in. rosewood handled square. Photo

572. Straight-Line-Products No. 66 adj. try square Photo

573. Three Stanley No. 4 trammel points and set of small brass trammels Photo

574. Four Nicholson Mill Bastrard files IOB Photo

575. Stratton "THE DANDY" 24-in. plumb & level, and homemade plumb bob level Photo

576. Lot of five misc. wrenches incl. "HANDY PAT APPL'D FOR" multi plier tool Photo

577. Estwing hatchet with sheeth and Lufkin No. 1085 2-foot brass blacksmith's rule Photo

578. Box lot: wooden hoop driver, cloth tape, 3-inch square, & Stanley No. 93 gage Photo

579. Brass display sign advertising Nicholson Files Photo

580. Stanley tool chest No. 904 complete with tools Photo

581. Boys' Dandy tool chest No. 52 complete with tools Photo

582. Set of four planemakers' floats and a filemakers' chisel Photo

583. Lufkin No. 1085 2-foot brass blacksmiths's rule + Buck Bros. burnisher

584. Box lot of miscellaneous drill bits incl. center bits, spoon bits, and countersinks Photo

585. GEM folding miter box and unknown steel saw guide Photo 1 & Photo 2     

586. Lot of misc. gages, incl. Starrett 111 stair gages & rare rule gage for Stanley No. 400 miter vise

587. Lot of plane blades (choice 3 or 4 times)

588. Japanese carved wooden charcoal box or chalk line reel, Nice! Photo

589. Choice: Winchester No. 3501 coping saw or Stanley No. 39-04 coping saw Photo

590. Wooden frame fret saw in old green paint Photo

591. Nice early bow saw Photo

592. Wooden frame fret saw and German-style steel-framed jeweler's saw Photo

593. Early hand-forged steel hack saw and early hand-made stair saw Photo

594. Pair of wooden stairmaker's saws Photo

595. Stanley No. 45 Type 11 combination in original pasteboard box COMPLETE Photo

596. Stanley No. 45 Type I combination plane in original chestnut box with blades and original screwdriver Photo

597. Stanley No. 45 Type 4 combination plane IOB with original set of cutters, cam, screwdriver, etc. Photo

598. FINE Stanley No. 45 Type 15 combination plane IOB complete & fine Photo

599. Pair of track or grading levels, one with brass Stanley name plate (choice) Photo

600. Stanley BEDROCK No. 604 1/2C RT Photo

601. Stanley No. 193A fiberboard beveling plane, includes original instruction booklet Photo

602. Stanley No. 40 scrub plane Photo

603. Stanley No. 40 1/2 with original decal on handle Photo

604. Metallic Plane Co. Palmer's Patent triple-lever jack plane with adj. throat Photo

605. Stanley No. S4 unbreakable smooth plane Photo

606. Stanley No. S5 Unbreakable jack plane Photo

607. SCARCE Jennings Patent 14-in. jack plane with rosewood wear strips dovetailed into bottom Photo

608. Steer's Patent No. 305 jack plane Photo

609. Stanley No. 1951 fiberboard beveling plane Photo

610. Stanley No. 12 cabinet scraper Photo

611. Stanley BEDROCK No. 603 FT smooth plane Photo

612. Set of rabbet planes: Stanley Nos. 190, 191 and 192 Photo

613. Stanley 5 1/4C jack plane Photo

614. Keen Kutter KK220 block plane

615. Stanley No. 5 1/2C jack plane with (orange frog) Photo

616. Sargent No. 606 low-angle block plane Photo

617. Keen Kutter No. 220 style block plane Photo

618. Stanley 4-Square and Stanley Two-Tone block planes Photo

619. Stanley No. 203 block plane Photo

620. Stanley Nos. 102 and 103 block planes Photo

621. Stanley No. 220 and Stanley No. 103 Type I block plane Photo

622. Millers Falls cigar shave and Goodell-Pratt burnisher Photo

623. Unknown patented plane blade and chisel sharpening guide

624. Six misc. iron block planes including  Stanley No. 75 and Keen Kutter No. 103

625. James Swan Co. drill bit box with assorted adjustable auger bits Photo

626. Stanley No. 59 doweling jig complete with reprinted instructions Photo

627. Stanley No. 78 plane IOB Photo

628. Stanley No. 138 level sights IOB Photo

629. Stanley No. 190 plane & Stanley No. 66 Type I  beader  Photo

630. Lot of 2 hammers: Cheney nail holding hammer + Stanley No. 12, 5-oz. claw hammer Photo

630A. Log marking hammer. Photo

630B. Dinglestock set. Photo

630C. Stanley 32-oz. framing hamer Photo

630D. Philadelphia 32-oz. framing hammer Photo

631. Stanley No. 66 hand beader with blades and 1 fence Photo

632. Felt roll of Pioneer salesman sample hickory handles, for axes, hammers, etc. Photo

633. Box lot: Screwdriver bits, wrenches, compass, etc.                         

634. Assorted Stanley try and miter squares

635. Box lot: Diamond Edge square, pipe jaws for vise, stair gages, early forged inside/outside caliper, etc. Photo

636. Box lot: Stanley No. 203 bench clamps, chalk line, coach maker's router, box opener, Stanley try square, etc. Photo

637. Box lot: Misc. rulers, rule parts, Stanley try square, etc. Photo

638. Box lot: Saw sets, hand drill, wooden jewelers clamp, modified square, etc. Photo

639. Stanley 10-in. SW logo pipe wrench, Handyman No. 1500 pliers Photo

640. Stanley 10-in. SW logo pipe wrench, Handyman No. 1500 pliers Photo

641. Box lot: Stanley Type I try square, nice handle for No. 12 scraper, nail sets, skate sharpener & mini Stanley SW hinges
  Photo 1 & Photo 2

642. Choice lot: two early Bailey plane blades, Bedrock lever cap, Miller's Patent wrap-around fence Photo

643. Wooden framed veneer saw with hand forged ram's horn nut Photo

644. Choice of 8 box lots of tool books inc. MWTCA reprints Photo

645. Choice of 10 box lots of Gristmills, Chronicles, Stanley Tool Collector News, etc. Photo

646. McCormick binder wrench (both sections present)

647. Box lot: Try and miter squares, small steel framing squares, marking gauges Photo

648. Box lot: Stanley 7-in. 4-Square square, No. 28 and No. 29 rounding tools, No. 21 square, 61 and 65 marking gauges Photo

649. Box lot: Nice wooden travisher, Keen Kutter cross peen hammer, Bicycle nipple wrench, etc. Photo

650. Two wooden boxes miscellaneous auger bits Photo

651. Wooden till full of miscellaneous saw parts and blades Photo

652. Choice box of Stanley plane blades, included are full boxes 1 or 2 for Stanley 45 combination plane with labels Photo

653. Choice: box of block plane parts or box of Miller's Patent plow plane parts Photo 1 & Photo 2

654. Box lot: plane handles & knobs Photo

655. Large flat full of carving gouges, turning tools, and mortising chisels, inc. KK 1/8-in. and Swan 1/4-in. mortising Photo

656. Box of wooden screw boxes and taps Photo

657. Tray of Stanley plane blades including new-old stock No. 2 blades (choice blade 2 or 3 times) Photo

658. Handled scorp, 6 surveyors stakes, Stanley No. 1460 pry bar, and variable pitch exhaust whistle Photo

659. Box assorted plane parts inc. Stanley #55 and others

The following "X" lots will be worked into the sale throughout the day:

X1. Farmer's Practical Encyclopedia 1882 Two volume - Leather Bound - NICE - 1301 pages total Photo

X2. Belknap Blue Grass Catalogue - 1922 - 3236 pages Photo

X3. Peck Stow & Wilcox #10 catalog - 461 pages Photo

X4. Hart Industrial Supply Co. catalog - 612 pages Photo

X5. John H. Graham & Co. - 50th anniversary catalogue - established 1870 - Hard cover - 830 pages - V.G. Photo

X6. The Faeth Co., Kansas City, Mo. #37 catalogue - 1,024 pages - 1926? Photo

X7. Two books: Shop and Foundry Practices Copyright 1901 & 1903 in London, England  & A Text Book on Shop and Foundry Practice - Brass Founding, Blacksmithing, & Forging Photo

X8. Keen Kutter 1930 soft-cover hardware catalog, 2090 pages Photo




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