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4th Annual Humboldt Tool Auction
May 2, 2009, 9 AM
Humboldt Fairgrounds Building (Events Center)

311 6th Ave. North, Humboldt, Iowa 50548

(Preview Friday from 3 to 7 PM. & Sat. 6 to 9 AM.)

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1. Stanley #7 jointer plane, Sargent #409 bench plane & Stanley #220 block plane. (PIC)
2. Four iron bench planes: Rockford R5 jack with Lakeside blade, VG; CORSAIR 9-inch smoother; Parplus-type smoother & early Stanley #4, VG. (PIC)
3. Bedrock #606C fore plane light rust, will clean to very good overall. (PIC)
4. Three STANLEY bench planes: #5 jack with light rust, will clean to very good; Stanley #4 ½-jumbo smoother with replaced wood, very good; & Stanley #3 with repaired tote, very good. (PIC)
5. Three Stanley bench planes: #7C, SW cutter, tote missing spur, & chipped lever cap, VG; #4 1/2C Type 11, small chip from handle spur, good V-logo blade, VG; & #4C Type 11, with good V-logo blade, VG. (PIC)
6. Pair of drawknives: Unknown make with slightly curved 11-inch blade and another unknown make with 8-inch blade, fine overall. (PIC)
7. Greenlee folding handle drawknife, complete and very good. (PIC)
8. Like new C.E. Jennings 8-inch folding handle drawknife Pat. Feb. 20, 1906. (PIC)
9. Like new Oak Leaf 8-inch drawknife. (PIC)
10. Lot of 4 drawknives that will all make good users. (PIC)
11. Five wooden molding planes: moving fillester with screw-operated depth stop, intact nicker, needs new bottom fence; unknown rabbet, rough; unknown nosing plane, rough; OWASCO ¾-in. round; & SEARS & ROEBUCK 7/8-in. reverse ogee complex profile, VG. (PIC)
12. Unknown No. 104 screw-arm plow plane, few thread chips otherwise very good usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
13. Unknown #101 beech screw-arm plow plane, very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
14. Nice Yankee-style plow plane, faint owner’s mark, very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
15. Two bit braces: Stanley Fray X3, 6-inch very nice & Simmons that has been welded on near the chuck, good for parts. (PIC)
16. Wooden brace with one bit, very good. (PIC)
17. Wm. Marples & Sons plated Sheffield brace, very good. (PIC)
18. Medium sized spoke or dowel pointer & patented hollow auger. (PIC
19. C.S. Stearn hollow auger & medium sized dowel pointer, both VG. (PIC)
20. Patented hollow auger & medium sized dowel pointer. (PIC)
21. Wooden box assorted square-shanked auger bits by various makers. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
22. Four hand drills: Goodell-Pratt 2-speed, VG; Yankee #1445 2-speed, needs cleaning; DEFIANCE? with storage handle, one bit, good; and a smaller Defiance type with handle full of bits, VG. (PIC)
23. Four iron bench planes: Stanley #8, rusty and needs TLC; Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) KK6C, VG; early Stanley 5 1/2C, missing front knob; tote is an improper replacement, chipped side rail, throat, good for a user or parts; Stanley 4 1/2C twisted lateral, can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
24. Three Stanley bench planes: #5 ½ jumbo jack, throat brazed, a good user; #5 ¼ junior jack with fine rosewood tote and knob, fine overall; and #3 with fine stained hardwood tote, rosewood knob, fine overall. (PIC)
25. Lot of gimlets by assorted makers, all in very good overall condition. (PIC)
26. Wooden box fitted for bitstock tools; inside are six graduated spoon bits, all VG; four center bits with square shafts, two are twisted; a tapered reamer; and several misc. bits. There are empty spots where four additional center bits once lived as well as spaces for a screwdriver? bit and a countersink. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
27. Pair unhandled screw-arm plow planes: Ohio Tool #96 has had the wedge driven deep into the mortise, if it can be removed, this one will be a great user: the other is marked “95” on the toe, VG. (PIC)
28. Five wooden molding planes: Three rounds, one is missing the blade; a very nice right handed side rabbet by P.V. HILL,
GRAYS INN RD.; and a handled rabbet? (PIC)
29. Two wooden side bead planes: DR BARTON 1-inch, VG; and WALTER F. JONES BURLINGTON, IA 5/8-inch side rabbet, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
30. Two wooden screw-arm plank planes: one by Ohio Tool and one by Wolf & Lane Pittsburgh, both can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
31. Auburn Tool Co. 5/8-in. side rabbet, VG; & Sandusky “Special” weatherstripping plane, VG; plus two wooden smoothers by Howland & Scioto.
32. Two handled screw-arm plow planes: one marked S.H. BROWN on toe, VG; and the other is an Ohio Tool #96 ½ that needs one arm replaced, good; plus a screw-arm dado by Auburn Tool, basket case. (PIC)
33. Set of 8 plow plane blades or irons in an owner-made wooden box, very nice. (PIC)
34. Pair handled screw-arm plow planes: Auburn Tool Co. chipped handle, otherwise complete and VG; the other looks almost identical but is unmarked, it’s missing wedge & blade, but is otherwise OK. (PIC)
35. Pair Stanley bench planes: S5 steel jack plane, fine rosewood tote and tall knob, SW cutter, VG; & #3C wooden smooth plane, good rosewood tote and short knob, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
36. Pair of Stanley bench planes: S4 steel smoother, good tall knob, tote glued at base, VG; & Stanley HANDYMAN #H104 in fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
37. Stanley BEDROCK 603C smoother, VG rosewood tote and tall knob, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
38. Lot: four braces, one hand drill and assorted auger bits in a nice canvas pouch, the braces range from good to very good. (PIC)
39. Lot of four fixer upper drills: Millers Falls? 2-speed breast drill with 2-jaw chuck, will clean to VG; Millers Falls? hand drill with pinion gear, bit storage in handle, just needs a crank arm; Early Millers Falls with rosewood or coco handle and nickel plated trim, will clean to VG; & DUNLAP A-I with bit storage handle, can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
40. Lot of four iron block planes inc. Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet, a 4-inch with squirrel-tail handle, etc. (PIC)
41. Four iron bench planes: Stanley #5C, VG; Unknown jack; WARDS MASTER 8-inch smoother, VG; and Stanley #3 smoother with light rust, will clean to VG. (PIC)
42. Two mini planes: a MARX toy plane & a JORDAN GERMANY #101 mini block plane, VG. (PIC)
43. Stanley #90 cabinetmaker’s rabbet plane VG; Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, VG: & Stanley #103 block plane, FINE. (PIC)
44. Five spoke shaves: one early Stanley iron shave & four wooden shaves inc. one by Robt. Sorby. (PIC)
45. Three wooden spokeshaves: #90 Keen Kutter marked BD of ED (board of education) and another is by John Booth. All VG. (PIC)
46. Two iron spokeshaves: Stanley #63, VG & Unknown with flat and convex blades, VG. (PIC)
47. Three breast drills: ENDERS; JOHN S. FRAY & CO.; and DEFIANCE by STANLEY #1247 ½, all in very good usable condition. (PIC)
48. Three ratchet nice braces: Stanley #923-10-in. with nice coco or rosewood handles: VICTOR #945-12-in.; and Stanley 921-10-inch. (PIC)
49. Unusual FRANKLIN PATENT shoe sole trimming plane, show on PTAMPIA VOL 1, p.144, complete with the fence on the right side, very good overall.
50. RARE Stanley 10 ¼ tilting handle carrige maker’s rabbet plane, TYPE 1, complete & fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
51. Stanley #112 cabinet scraper plane, with VG Stanley blade, VG. (PIC)
52. Stanley #113 Type 2 compass plane, complete and VG. (PIC)
53. Stanley #2 smooth plane, STANLEY lever cap, BofE (Board of Education) hard rubber tote has a few cracks, otherwise complete and very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
54. Stanley #113 Type 3 compass plane, cutter nearly spent, 70%+ japanning, very good overall. (PIC)
55. Fulton Tool Co. #113 compass plane with fancy floral knob, proper Fulton cutter, complete and will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC)
56. Four iron block planes: Stanley #130 turned into a bullnose on one end; Stanley #140 skew-bladed missing side plate but in otherwise very good condition; Stanley Two-Tone, etc. (PIC)
57. Five iron block planes: two late Stanley #220; #130 turned into a bullnose; Stanley #110 & Stanley #103. (PIC)
58. Stanley #113 compass plane, can be clean to very good overall condition; plus a Stanley #3 smooth plane with fine rosewood tote, knob missing piece at base and has been reformed, 90%+ japanning, VG. (PIC)
59. Stanley OH5 Two-Tone jack plane with maroon and yellow paint, very good overall condition. (PIC)
60. Two levels: A millwright’s type marked “THE CORNER PLUMB” by the Peerless Level & Tool Co. Sterling, ILL. Very good overall; & a 26-inch Henry Disston & Sons plumb & level, VG. (PIC)
61. EMPIRE #80E level sights IOB, fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
62. Lot of five Yankee type screwdrivers: Great Neck #277A; two Millers Falls #61; Yankee #30; and unknown with blue plastic handle. (PIC)
63. Lot of three screwdrivers: Scarce Millers Falls #639, Fine; Goodell Pratt rosewood tool handle with handle full of bits, cap is broken; Goodell Bros. spiral screwdriver; and an unmarked with wood handle. (PIC)
64. Three outside spring calipers; one inside spring caliper, Nice L.S. Starrett dividers; and a single Stanley #4 trammel point with pencil holder. (PIC)
65. Three outside calipers, largest looks homemade, the “lady leg” pair has been painted with copper paint; and the smallest pair is factory made. (PIC)
66. Lot of 17+ assorted tape measures, most in very good usable condition. (PIC)
67. Lot two Lufkin rules: #036 caliper rule & #651, 24-inch 4-fold, both in very good condition. (PIC)
68. Four zig zag rules: Lufkin “Two Way” No. 966; Unknown; Stanley “Big 6” and a X46 by Lufkin; all in very good overall condition. (PIC)
69. Set seven plow plane irons: the four largest are by A. HILDICK SHEFFIELD; the others are Sorby; Greaves & MOT FRAM, all are VG.
70. Set of six plow plane blades: #1, 2, 5 & 7 are by MOULSON BROS; the other two are W. BUTCHER, VG.
71. Matched set of 7 WARD plow plane blades, VG. (PIC)
72. Ohio Tool Co. #129 screw-arm sash plane, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
73. Auburn Tool Co. moving fillester plane with screw-adjusted depth stop. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
74. Fine homemade wooden spill plane with a Sorby blade. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
75. Stanley #98 right-handed side rabbet plane, early pre-depth stop model, fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
76. Stanley #99 left-handled side rabbet plane, with depth stop, fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
77. Stanley #140 skew-bladed block plane, little surface rust, will clean to fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
78. Stanley #95 edge-trimming block plane, complete and fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
79. Metallic Plane Co. 5 ½-inch iron block plane with original cutter, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
80. Stanley #278 rabbet & fillester plane, complete with depth stop and fence, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
81. Unknown make Continental scrw-arm plow with wide fence, missing blade and wedge, otherwise fine; plus a toothing plane in fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
82. Three unhandled wooden plow planes, all have screw adjusting stops, one is strictly a parts plane, the other two will make good users. (PIC)
83. Lot of three wooden dado planes, two have screw adjusting stops, all three very good; plus one parts plane.
84. Lot of six wooden molding planes: Auburn #12 round; A.C. Bartlett’s hollow; Ohio Tool Co. #75, ½-inch grooving plow… (PIC)
85. Three handled wooden plow planes: Ohio Tool Co. #104 screw-arm plane plane, some thread damage and handle spur sheared off, otherwise good; Unknown beech model in very good overall condition; & A.C. Bartlett’s #120, very good. (PIC)
86. Ohio Tool Co. 2-inch handled jack rabbet plane. (PIC)
87. Pair wooden planes: Unknown 1 3/8-inch handled jack rabbet plane with offset handle, very good; and homemade 1-inch round. (PIC)
88. Lot of six iron block planes inc. American Boy; PEXTO & Stanley; two only good for parts. (PIC)
89. Traditional shaped wooden spill plane, for making wooden spills that were used to transfer fire from one point to another. This one has an old chisel for a blade, and the wedge may be a newer replacement, VG. (PIC)
90. NICHOLLS OTTUMWA, IA Dec. 6, 1913 patent take-down rafter square, fine overall condition.
91. Stanley #7 jointer plane with 95%+ original japanning, fine BB logo cutter, nice rosewood tote and knob, hang hole in rear of bed, fine overall; Stanley #4 ½ heavy smoother WWII model, bed repainted, good hardwood tote and knob, BB logo cutter, needs front screw to secure tote, very good overall. (PIC)
92. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, this one has 90%+ nickel plating, fine rosewood handle and knob, and cutter box with 6 cutters, there are 7 total including the slitter, all inside a fine owner made wooden box with box joints, the plane is fine, the cutters will need cleaning. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
93. Stanley #148, 7/8-inch tongue & groove or match plane, 75%+ nickel plating, complete and very good. (PIC)
94. Stanley #48 tongue and groove plane, early vine decorations cast into handle, complete and very good. (PIC)
95. Stanley #49 tongue and groove plane, complete and in very good overall condition. (PIC)
96. Stanley #45 Type 19 complete in tin box with 2 boxes of cutters; long & short rods; depth stops; beading stop and screwdriver. 95%+ nickel plating. A fine plane in a very good original tin box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
97. Stanley #55 combination plow plane in original tin box with four boxes of blades, three long rods, two short rods, auxiliary tower with foot, cam, slitter, beading stop, original owners manual (brittle), this one came out of a damp basement and has some rust on the parts that were in the bottom of the box. The plane itself and most of the cutters are fine. The labels on cutter boxes 3 & 4 are very good and on boxes 1 and 2 not so much. Put a few hours of cleaning into this one and you’ll have a fine usable plane with all the parts. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
98. Early Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane, this one has the vine casting on the handle and the patent date cast into the fence, 85%+ nickel plating, includes front depth stop, and original cutter box containing 16 good cutters. All contained inside a nice owner-made wooden box.
99. Three transitional jack planes inc. Keen Kutter KK27, Stanley #27 and a Union Tool Co. that has been sawed off. A bunch of good users. (PIC)
100. Zenith #2C smooth plane, has Zenith logo etched into side of plane and proper Zenith logo on blade, easily clean to fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
101. Three transitional planes: Stanley #33 jointer, has had the handle spur reshaped, but is otherwise VG; B-PLANE 22-inch jointer that has a new bottom added, good overall; & Stanley Bailey #26 that is very good. (PIC)
102. Stanley #5 ¼ junior jack plane, SW logo cutter, orange paint on sides of frog and in lever cap logo, complete and will make a great user. (PIC)
103. Five plow plane blades: four largest are by DWIGHTS FRENCH & CO. and the smallest is by John Moseley. All VG. (PIC)
104. Five wooden molding planes: Sandusky 1 ¼-inch nosing plane, has hang hole but is otherwise VG; Sandusky ¾-in. dado; Sandusky 1 ¼-in. rabbet; Sandusky 54/155 with broken wedge, & A.C. Bartlett #76 with hang hole & reworked profile. (PIC)
105. Four Ohio Tool Wooden moulding planes inc. 43 1/2, 7/8-inch; No. 75, ½-inch tongue cutting ½ of a T&G set; No. 72, 1 ¼-in. round; & #43 ¾-in. cove? (PIC)
106. C.J. SMITH & CO. CINCINNATI 7/8-inch match plane, complete and VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
107. OHIO PLANE COMPANY A.C. BARTLETT PRES’T moving fillester plane, complete and very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
108. Four wooden DRYBURGH ONTARIO planes: 7/8-inch side bead; ¾-inch side bead; 3/8-inch side bead; & one ½ of a two-piece sash plane. (PIC)
109. Three wood planes: wooden “hag’s tooth” router; homemade grooving plow with fence; and a Scandinavian-type jack plane. (PIC)
110. Four transitional bench planes: WINCHESTER 18-inch; Stanley #27; Union #27 & Stanley #26; they will all need a good cleaning and two or three need tote repairs. (PIC)
111. Pair of unusual European wood planes: moving fillester with integral screw tunnels to secure the fence; WARD blade; wedge a likely replacement, VG; & a dovetail plane with the same type of fence, also not marked on the body, and the nicker is missing, very good overall. (PIC)
112. Shapleigh, Day & Co. St. Louis, panel raising plane, right cheek blown out, needs some work, but could be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
113. Five wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool 1 ½-inch round; Ohio Tool 1 ½-inch hollow; REED UTICA 2-inch rabbet, VG: DR BARTON 1 ¾-inch rabbet; Ohio Tool 1 ¼-inch rabbet; & DR Barton 1 1/8-inch rabbet, all in VG. (PIC)
114. Seven wooden molding planes: A. HOWLAND & CO 7/8-inch dado, fine; Unknown 1 1/8-inch hollow, good; CASEY CLARK & CO. 1-inch round, VG; BEWLEY ½-inch unknown profile, missing boxing; ARROWMAMMET WORKS ½-inch grooving plow, VG; & two fixer uppers. (PIC)
115. Lot of six planes: Sargent 409C smoother, tote spur MIA, VG; Stanley #3 smoothers, improper tote, VG; FULTON 9-in. smoother, VG; Millers Falls #85 rabbet & fillester complete with fence and stop, has light rust, will clean to usable condition; and two broken rabbet planes turned into bullnose or chisel planes. (PIC)
116. Two aluminum Stanley levels: #237-12-in. all vials & covers are intact, VG, comes in nice owner-made tin box; & #237-18-in. all vials intact and fine. (PIC)
117. Stanley Nicholson Patent 13 ½-inch cast iron level in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
118. Stanley Nicholson Patent 19 ¼ inch cast iron level in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
119. Two Stanley 12-inch cast iron shaft levels No. 36G NIB with instructions; & another that is in very good overall condition. (PIC)
120. Stanley #36G 9-inch double plumb & level, fine overall. (PIC)
121. Stanley #36-6-inch cast iron shaft level, complete and fine & another without the shaft groove that is VG. (PIC)
122. Davis Level & Tool Co. #1, 6-inch cast iron inclinometer with fancy filligre casting with 70%+ japanning, intact pointer, very good overall. (PIC)
123. Davis Level & Tool Co. 6-inch cast iron double plumb & level, one small corner chip out of top rail, otherwise complete and very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
124. Stanley #98, 12-inch rosewood & brass plumb & level, completely intact and very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
125. RARE Stanley #44 bit & square level in original box. Box is fine and level is like new. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
126. L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) #132 6-inch cast iron plumb and level new in original box; plus a Stanley cast iron pocket level, VG. (PIC)
127. Unknown make 10-inch plumb and spirit level, likely English, very good overall and comes inside a brass box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
128. Four 9-inch automotive nut wrenches: FORD: FAIRMOUNT CLEVELAND; MOORE & another that just had 9 AUTO cast into it. All are in very good overall condition. (PIC)
129. Four pliers: Unknown gas pliers: Nice Herbrand gas pliers: unknown regular pliers; & Thos. Betts crimping pliers, VG. (PIC)
130. Traditional shaped wooden spill plane, for making wooden spills that were used to transfer fire from one point to another. This one has a J. HARRISON blade, VG. (PIC)
131. Traditional shaped wooden spill plane, for making wooden spills that were used to transfer fire from one point to another. This one has an unmarked cutter, it’s sharp and works fine. (PIC)
132. Standard Square Inch Tailor System 22-inch rule in fine overall condition; & a large boxwood & brass caliper rule by A. LARAGE GREENE N.Y. also in very good condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
133. Lot of four small 4-fold rules: #3 Stanley caliper rule, VG; Unknown #69 with warped leg & wallowed out pin hole; Unknown #69, VG; & Lufkin #465, VG. (PIC)
134. Lot of three rules: Interesting H.CHAPIN UNION FACTORY marked MRS. NANCY PRATT SEPTEMBER 10, 1853. This one has scales I’ve never seen on the outside, and a regular rule on the inside, very good: Lufkin #3881 brass-bound 36-inch, pin holes are wallowed out on the inside, VG; & Lufkin #3851 MADE IN ENGLAND little staining, good or better. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
135. VICTOR patent Dec. 23, 1902 & Aug. 25, 1903 rapid transiting 8-inch pipe wrench, VG; and PEXTO 10-inch pipe wrench, a good user. (PIC)
136. Large ICRR (Illinois Central Railroad) screw adjust nut wrench, jaw slightly bent, good overall; & an International Harvester 2E screw-adjust nut wrench, VG. (PIC)
137. Four FORD automotive wrenches like those found in Model A and Model T tool kits, all in very good overall condition; plus a small 5-inch adjustable BUCKEYE bicycle wrench by Lamson & Sessions, good. (PIC)
138. Two Stanley dado planes: #39, 3/8-inch dado plane Type I, complete, plane has be coated with lacquer, very good usable condition; & #39, 5/8-inch dado plane, 85%+ japanning, missing spurs and depth stop, otherwise VG. (PIC)
139. Stanley #39, ¾-inch dado plane with 85%+ japanning, complete & very good overall. (PIC)
140. Stanley #39, 1-inch dado plane, 90%+ japanning, missing one nicker, otherwise complete and VG. (PIC)
141. Full house; jacks over jointers: 26-in. razee jointer; 22-inch jointer; and three 16-inch jack planes. None has had a throat patched. The 22-inch jointer has had a cheek blown out. The others are all in at least good usable condition (PIC)
142. Box lot eight wooden planes, seven jacks and one gutter plane: the one with the knob is a Keen Kutter, most are in good or better usable condition. (PIC)
143. Four plier type tools: One I’m completely stumped by; Standard Tool crimping pliers, VG; Utica end cutters, VG; a pair of DEFIANCE tin snips. (PIC)
144. Disston & Sons 28-inch miter box saw. This is the longest and tallest miter box saw I’ve ever seen. The back is marked with the Disston & Sons logo and the blade is etched MADE EXPRESSLY FOR STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. NEW BRITAIN, CONN. U.S.A. By HENRY DISSTON & SONS PHILADELPHIA, PA U.S.A. Needs a light cleaning but will be fine. (PIC)
145. Three iron smooth planes; Stanley Handyman H1203, FINE; Unknown 9-inch corrugated that is missing the blade and chipper and the lever cap screw doesn’t fit properly; and a Millers Falls #9, 9-inch smoother that will easily clean to VG. (PIC)
146. Four Stanley bench planes: #8C, 50% japanning, improper lever cap, a good user; #6C, complete and usable; 5C jack with broken tote, otherwise VG; & #4 complete and VG. (PIC)
147. Box of nine squares inc. five rosewood & brass handled try squares, some will require cleaning. (PIC)
148. Lot of 12 chisels: ECLIPSE ¼-in. bevel edge missing handle; James Swan ¼-in. bevel edge, missing handle: stubby ¼-in. Everlast type; Stanley Everlast ¼-in. with bent blade; unmarked 1/8-in. mortising; Diamond Edge ¼-in.; Unmarked ¼-in.; unknown 1-inch with yellow plastic handle: James Swan ½-in.; Keen Kutter 3/8-in.; CHARLES BUCK 1/8-in. mortising; and a Sweedish ½=in. tang chisel. All but the stubby Stanley are very good and can be used. (PIC)
149. Four chisels: Three heavy duty timber framing type socket chisels: 2-inch P.S.&W., FINE; Unknown 1 ¾-in., VG; NEW HAVEN EDGE TOOL CO. 1 ¼-in., FINE; and an unmarked ¼-in. mortising chisel, VG. (PIC)
150. Seven chisels and gouges: 1 1/8-in. tang gouge, OK; PS&W ½-inch gouge, FINE; Keen Kutter? 7/16-inch, poor; Wm Greaves & Sons 1 ¼-in. skewed, VG; Buck Bros. 1 ¼-in. bevel edge tang; WARD 1 ¾-in. tang, needs handle; & O.V.B. ¾-in. Everlast-type butt chisel, rusty & needs cleaning. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
151. Set of six socket chisels by assorted makers: Unmarked 2-inch, VG; PS&W 1 ½-in., VG; unknown 1 ¼-in., VG; James Swan 1-inch, faint mark, VG; P.S.&W. ¾-inch, VG; LAKESIDE ¼-inch.
152. Montgomery Ward #84-356 overhead saw filing tool, complete in original box with files; saw set, original and facsimile copies of the instructions, a new set in a dirty but intact box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
153. Cleveland Set No. 22 “Breast Drills” drill bits new in original cloth roll with company logo. A rare set to find in original packaging; plus a set of German wire gauge drills in original paper roll. New. (PIC 1, PIC 2 & PIC 3)
154. Pair of wood framed turning saws, both complete and very good. (PIC)
155. Three saws: 25 ½-inch hand saw with interesting wood handle attached to the blade with copper brackets; no maker’s mark; good: Disston 18-inch panel saw, handle rough but blade OK; and a little 12-inch like those found in child’s tool sets, good. (PIC)
156. Shingle making froe, dark handle, blade appears to have been made from an old rasp, very good usable condition. (PIC)
157. Shingle making froe, light handle, blade has some pitting but it and handle are in usable condition. (PIC)
158. Slitting gauge/gage with 12-in. scale on beam, VG; continental wood plane with holes in side for adding a fence, VG; and a nice wooden mallet. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
159. Two Osborne iron handled leather slitters, one shows little use; plus a C.S. Osborne multi size leather punch, VG. (PIC)
160. Three saw tools: a saw set with rosewood handle, missing ferrule and marked on the brass STILLMAN PATENT, VG; plus two crosscut saw filing tools likely made by California Saw Co. The nickel is nearly perfect on the one piece. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
161. Four iron leather or heel shaves, all complete and VG. (PIC)
162. Three mini 101-size block planes: Millers Falls; and two by Stanley, VG; plus two line levels, one by Stevens, VG. (PIC)
163. Box lot: two saw jointers; small hand vise & Lufkin gauging tape, all VG.
164. Lot of 8 plumb bobs: brass surveyor’s; five steel and two cast; all VG. (PIC)
165. Disston & Sons wooden stair saw, fine overall. (PIC)
166. Three backs saws: Disston & Sons 12-in. with reversible back (January 27, 1914 patent), cracked handle, good etch, VG; VB & Co. SHEFFIELD 11-inch, open handle, split nuts, very good overall; BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS No. 125, 10-inch, handle dipped in red paint, fine etch, VG. (PIC)
167. Four transitional bench planes: Sargent 20-inch; Siegley StS 15-inch; Ohio Tool 026; and Stanley #35, all can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
168. Stanley #281 butt gauge and mortiser in nice wooden box with sliding lid, VG. (PIC)
169. Set No. 13 Cleveland Twist Drill Co. bitstock drills in nice wooden box with intact paper label; and two other round boxes of bits. (PIC)
170. Lot of 11 center bits by various makers, most VG. (PIC)
171. Lot of 17 spoon & nosing bits by various makers, most VG. (PIC)
172. Lot of 15 gimlet bits and two ? bits, most VG. (PIC)
173. Lot of 20 assorted bitstock tools: countersinks; reamers, spades, bit for split-nut saws, Forstner; etc. (PIC)
174. Three braces: non-ratcheting 10-inch needs top handle re-attached; Nice Spofford 8-inch; and VG 7-inch penny brace.
175. House’s Patent adjustable hollow auger and Stearn’s medium sized spoke pointer. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
176. Three-tiered box Russell Jennings auger bits, most very nice. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
177. Lot of four back saws: 10-inch I.B. Hasenclever and Sons, open handle, one split nut replaced with copper rivet, VG; unknown Sheffield made 10-inch with open handle, chip and hang hole in handle, VG; BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS No. 125, 10-inch, handle dipped in red paint, VG; & a SIMONDS 10-in. closed handle, some pitting on blade, good. (PIC)
178. CHAs CHAMBERS & CO. 12-inch brass backed saw, open handle with split nuts, very good overall. (PIC)
179. Collection 15+ zig zag rules inc. 3-foot model and Lufkin in both steel and aluminum, some worn and others very good. (PIC)
180. L.S.STARRETT combination square with 24-inch scale with No. 4 graduations, level vial needs to be replaced and the scribe is MIA.
181. Lot of 6 Stanley & Lufkin 4-fold boxwood & brass caliper rules like #32, most are worn but still legible. (PIC)
182. Lot of 10 caliper rules: Lufkin 372R; Lufkin 016; Stanley 36 1/2R; three Stanley #136, all VG; another 4-inch caliper rule advertising the DIAMOND EXPANSION BOLT CO. GARWOOD, N.J. (PIC)
183. Lot 11 caliper rules: Stanley 136; three Lufkin 014, two are junkers; and seven 4-fold caliper rules like Stanley #32 & 32 ½, most are worn but legible and intact. (PIC)
184. Eleven Chinese 4-fold rules. All are like new. (PIC)
185. Lot of 15 boxwood 4-fold rules inc. Stanley #54; 84; 62; 63; etc. Some faded and other little used. (PIC)
186. Lot of 15 mostly Stanley 4-fold rules inc. #54; 62; 61; 84; several are in very good overall condition.
187. Three clapboard tools; two gauges and one marker. The two Stanley pieces are VG; the other needs a new handle. (PIC)
188. Lot of 21 assorted wrenches including alligator a stamped multi-size & "S" wrench. (PIC)
189. Cochran Patent May 2, 1916 “SPEEDNUT” wrench VG. (PIC)
190. Morris Patent screw adjust nut wrench on one end and alligator on the other, PATENT APP’ FOR, complete and very good. (PIC)
191. Lot five wrenches: CHALLENGE 7-inch multi size, some pitting, good; BUHL 29 open ended, VG; John Deere JD-52 open ended; FORD screw-adjust 9-inch auto; & Ford 5-Z-324 ratchet, fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
192. Pair of interesting hammers: strap tack hammer and an unknown cobbler’s hammer. (PIC)
193. Lot three hammers: Ball peen with leather wrapped handle patented 3-30-26, VG; Stanley 51-613, 7-oz. claw hammer; & a nice PLUMB tinners? In very good overall condition. (PIC)
194. Marble’s No. 9 hatchet in very good overall condition; and another hatchet with the Boy Scout logo and having a worn leather sheath, good overall. (PIC)
195. Union XNo. 8G (grooved bottom) jointer plane, 80%+ japanning, very good unmarked cutter, nice tote and knob, very good overall. (PIC)
196. Stanley #8C jointer plane SW cutter, 90%+ japanning, fine tote and tall knob, partial decal on tote, very good overall. (PIC)
197. Stanley #7C jointer plane, 85%+ japanning, good SW logo cutter, intact tote and knob, will clean to very good overall. (PIC)
198. Chaplin’s Patent 22-inch jointer plane with good wood knob, hard rubber tote, CHAPLINS TOWER & LYON blade, very good overall. (PIC)
199. Stanley BEDROCK #607 joiner, flat-sided model, 90%+ japanning, STANLEY lever cap, scuffed but intact tote, fine knob, will clean to very good overall. (PIC)
200. Scarce A.O. CALHOON, VICTOR, MO rafter & polygon bevel, with level, very good; plus a DUNLAP #3949 miter square, VG. (PIC)
201. Lot of five rosewood handled sliding bevels plus a SQUANGLE by Mays Johnson City, Tenn. Pat. 3,289,301 rafter layout square. (PIC)
202. Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Type I in fine original condition with original scribe and intact level; plus two other layout tools. (PIC)
203. Sargent #414 jack plane TYPE I, chip from top of handle spur otherwise VG; OHIO TOOL #04C smooth plane, all original & fine; Stanley #71 ½ router plane with ½-inch cutter, very good usable condition.
204. European 22-inch trying plane with good SORBY cutter, needs new cap iron, VG; & a John Weiss & Sons Vienna screw arm plow plane, no blades, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
205. Lot five tool handles including Stanley Excelsior, the four wooden ones all have bits inside, two need restoration; the Excelsior has no bits but is very good. (PIC)
206. Pair of hatchets: One with a hammer face and claw on back side marked EVANSVILLE TOOL WORKS, EVANSVILLE, IND, VG; and a small toy sized axe with leather shealth, partial decal, fine. (PIC)
207. Three crowbars all with local advertising: one marked WAPISE MILL, INDEPENDENCE, IOWA, VG; another from Fort Dodge Rendering Co, VG; and RINARD FARMERS CO-OP, all VG. (PIC)
208. Mini pair Stanley #1 brass trammel points with original pencil holder, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
209. “CATALOG OF STANLEY TOOLS #34”, May 1940 edition. Book is in good condition, no pages missing, has a ½-in. tear on the back cover.
210. Two double spokeshaves: A.G. Bachelder & a Seymour Smith, both in VG overall condition; plus two try squares including a Stanley. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
211. Cleveland Rule Company log rule in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
212. Lot: Stanley #61 4-fold rule, VG; Lufkin #982 4-fold rule with double arched joints, VG & Starrett speed indicator. (PIC)
213. Four try or try & miter squares: all in at least good overall condition. (PIC)
214. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, later model with 90%+ plating, 8 original blades fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
215. Stanley #10 ½ Type I carriage maker’s rabbet plane, adjustable throat, 80%+ original japanning, fine rosewood tote and low knob, patent date on cap iron, cutter marked with “Q” logo, fine overall condition. (PIC 1, PIC 2 & PIC 3)
216. Stanley #112 scraper plane, STANLEY marked blade, 90%+ japanning, nice rosewood tote and knob, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
217. Stanley #278 rabbet & fillester plane Type I (has patent date on blade), complete with fence and proper depth stop, nice cutter fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
218. Stanley #171 door router plane with one blade, 85%+ original japanning, complete with fence, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
219. RARE Stanley #78W weatherstripping rabbet is fillester plane, complete with proper latch & removable runner, 75%+ japanning, complete with fence and depth stop, very good overall. PIC 1 & PIC 2)
220. Union #4C corrugated smoother, complete with proper cutter, very good overall condition. (PIC 1, PIC 2 & PIC 3)
221. Sargent #708 Auto-Set smooth plane, 98%+ japanning, fine tote & knob, little used cutter, fine overall condition. (PIC 1, PIC 2, & PIC 3)
222. Bailey DEFIANCE No. 3, 8 ½-inch smoother with adjuster, proper BATTLEAXE logo cutter, tote has been broken and glued and there’s evidence that the bed was welded where the tote screw hole broke thru, a nice repair job, a rare plane in better than average condition. (PIC 1 , PIC 2 & PIC 3 )
223. Steer’s Patent No. 303, 9-in. smoother with rosewood wear strips dovetailed into sole, tote has been broken and glued, knob beaded at base, this plane has had some serious rust cleaned up, and some belt sanding or grinder work, still OK. (PIC 1, PIC 2 & PIC 3)
224. Box lot: folding saw vise; vice-grip type wrench; bench stop; keyhole saw “ARTIFICIAL ICE & FUEL” ice PICk and bottle opener; and small multi wrench. (PIC)
225. Fine Millers Falls? folding barn-beam boring machine. It’s complete and ready to go to work. One bit included. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
226. Turner Brass Works NOS brass blowtorch, with label and decal on the front, Doesn’t look like it was ever used. FINE. (PIC)
227. Lot of 13 assorted screwdrivers, some newer, most in very good overall condition. (PIC)
228. Box lot layout tools: Stanley 46-222 adjustable square with intact level and scribe; Johnson dividers; NARIN OVERSCRIBER dividers; fine Stanley #18 sliding “T” bevel; OVB rosewood try square, VG; and unknown rosewood handled T bevel, VG. (PIC)
229. Three iron jack planes and one smoother: CHALLENGE jacks by Modern Grinder Mfg. Co. Milwaukee; PARPLUS; & DUNLAP (Millers Falls) and a smoother by CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls) all VG. (PIC)
230. Box lot: Stanley Yankee 30A screwdriver, fine; circular glass cutter, VG; gimlet bit; scratch awl; Stanley box cutter; and knife sharpener. (PIC)
231. Three Stanley planes: #7 jointer, VG; #4C smoother, has crack on right side near toe as well as an epoxy repair where the side was chipped near the toe, good; and a #220 block plane with a hang hole but otherwise VG. (PIC)
232. Lot four block planes & scraper: This lot includes a Stanley #80 scraper; #220 block plane; two block planes that have been modified; and an unusual plane with a wooden palm pusher that has MADE IN USA cast in bed. This one is likely the same as either the Knapp or Lawson Mfg. Shelton, CT block planes shown in PTAMPIA Vol. II on the bottom of page 306. (PIC)
233. Stanley #8C jointer plane, has cracked and chipped lever cap, tote spur MIA, replace the cap, and it’s a great user; #4C smoother has “S” casting behind frog, very good overall. (PIC)
234. Stanley #99 side rabbet plane, SW logo blde, very good knob, this model was sold with a depth stop but this one is missing the stop, otherwise very good; also included are two small toy-size block planes one by Stanley and the other unmarked, both VG. (PIC)
235. Stanley #4C Type 11, smooth plane, VG; and #71 ½ router plane, has ¼-inch blade, good wood, VG. (PIC)
236. Three planes: early Stanley #4 smoother with later BB logo blade, VG; Stanley BAILEY #28 transitional 18-inch, VG: and NEW YORK TOOL CO. 22-inch jointer with AUBURN blade, VG. (PIC)
237. Three iron planes: Stanley #7C jointer, SW logo blade, VG: Sargent #422 jointer, VG; and a Stanley #71 ½ router plane, VG. (PIC)
238. Five wooden planes: Unknown #10 hollow: AUBURN #14 round; SANDUSKY 1 ½-inch rabbet, ill fitting replacement wedge; OHIO TOOL CO 1 ¼-inch twin iron nosing plane, VG: and NEW YORK TOOL CO. smoother with REVONOC blade. (PIC)
239. Lot Keen Kutter tools: saw set; small needle nose pliers; dividers and two square shank twist drills, all VG. (PIC)
240. Winchester #7638 cake decorating spatula, fine. From old Leffler Hardware in Livermore, Iowa. (PIC)
241. Box lot: saw set; leather slitter; plane handle; Diamond Edge plumb bob; two small screwdrivers; drill press adapter; box of depth collars, etc. (PIC)
242. Lot of Keen Kutter items: B DITCH saw, needs handle, otherwise VG; Mill Bastard file, VG; three drill bits; screwdriver bit for use in brace; and two cold chisels, all VG. (PIC)
243. Box lot: saw vise; Army entrenching tool; two lead ladles; two small saws; Yankee drill for parts; and small hand vise with replaced screw. (PIC)
244. Pair of long handled scrapers: Stanley #82 with good “V” logo blade, in very good overall condition; & and HSB & Co. O.V.B. that needs a blade but is very good overall. (PIC)
245. Lot of five iron/steel block planes: DEFIANCE; Stanley 6-inch missing the adjuster post in back; Stanley 220 late model with maroon paint; stamped steel plane & small Sargent or Fulton with Stanley blade. (PIC)
246. Lot of three good claw hammers and a heavy sledge hammer head that needs a new handle and a ball peen head that didn’t make it into the photo.
247. Stanley #8 jointer plane, top of frog broken off, main casting fine, can be use as is, or better if frog is replaced; also included is a frog, frame, blade, knob and all screws for a Diamond Edge transitional jack plane. (PIC)
248. Box lot: two Snap On S8696 crow’s feet basin wrenches; medical or dental tool made by Sharp & Smith; Good Year Tire advertising tire gage by Schrader, VG; set of Dunlap allan wrenches in a plastic holder, etc. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
249. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, 90%+ nickel, nice rosewood handle and knob, front depth stop included as is slitter, the auxiliary bottom has a replaced screw, one nicker MIA & the other broken in ½, add cutters and new nickers and you’re ready to roll. (PIC)
250. Stanley #2 smooth plane, has had hang hole filled in front and the tote has been glued, will make a great user. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
251. Stanley BEDROCK #606 flat sided fore plane, plain lever cap, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, WARDS MASTER blade, will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
252. Stanley BEDROCK #605 ½C jumbo jack plane, flat sided, very good Type T logo cutter, fine rosewood tote and knob, with light cleaning will be fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
253. Stanley #5C jack plane, VG, & very good early round sided BEDROCK #603C smooth plane. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
254. “THE ART OF FINE TOOLS” by Sandor Nagyszalanczy with cover illustrated by Lee Valley Tools. There are 230 pages of fine and rare tools, beautifully illustrated. Book is in near-new condition. (PIC)
255. Two Tool Books: “HOME REPAIR” by Popular Science. The book is fully illustrated, alphabetized, & indexed with detailed instructions. It has 576 pages and is near-new condition; plus “TOOLS” – a complete illustrated encyclopedia of tools by Garrett Wade Co. There are 256 pages. Book is in like-new condition. (PIC)
256. Four tool catalogs: “THE STANLEY TOOL GUIDE” by Stanley Tools. Copyright 1941, 32 pages, No pages missing, Very good condition; “HOW TO WORK WITH TOOLS AND WOOD” Copyright 1927, Stanley Rule and Level, 177 pages, good condition; “STANLEY TOOLS” 1927 pocket catalog, good condition; & “DAVIS LEVEL AND TOOL CO.” price list, reprinted by Roger K. Smith. (PIC)
257. Two original tool catalogs: “STANLEY TOOLS” CATALOG #34, 1953 edition 208 pages, none missing; & “STARRETT CATALOG” catalog #27, fourth edition, 1965? (PIC)
258. Four woodworking books: “THE PRACTICAL WOOD TURNER” by Pain; “PRACTICAL DESIGNS FOR WOOD TURNING” by Seale; “WOOD” Wood Study Guide & Identifier, by Walker; & “WOOD SHOP IDEAS” published by Arco Publishing. (PIC)
259. Five tools books: “THE STANLEY COMBINATION PLANE” by Dave Heckel, like new condition; “ADHESIVES AND GLUES” by Robert Miller; “GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DRILL PRESS” a Rockewell Publication; “CONCRETE AND MASONRY” by Richard Day; & “MODERN WOOD TURNING” by Gordon Stokes. (PIC)
260. Four tool books: “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOG 110” 1911, 61 pages, no missing pages, reprint Roger K. Smith; “TRUE TEMPER TOOLS” catalog #I – R, 1938, 216 pages, well illustrated, good; “HARDWARE” Antelope trademark, unusual, Osaka, Japan; “DELTA FILES” Delta File Works, Bridesburg- Philadelphia – USA. (PIC)
261. Six tool books: “THE ANTIQUE TOOL COLLECTION”, price guide; “TOOLS” Antique Trader price guide; “STANLEY TOOL GUIDE” copyright 1952, Miller Falls Co.; “MILLER FALLS CO. CATALOG # 42”, reprint; “SARGENT TOOL BOOK” reprinted by MWTCA; “LUFKIN CATALOG #10” reprint by MWTCA. (PIC)
262. Five tool books: “THE NATIONAL SAW CO. CATALOG” dated April 1, 1895, 192 pages, reprinted by MWTCA , near new condition; “WRENCHES” by Schultz, 1904, not PICtured, long out of print; “HENRY CHENEY HAMMER CO.” 34 pages, reprinted by MWTCA, near new condition; “WOOD FINISHING BOOK” by Michael Dresdner, well illustrated and 183 pages, near new condition; & “MILLER FALLS TOOL CATALOG #42” 240-page, well illustrated, reprinted by MWTCA, near new condition. (PIC)
263. “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOGUE #34A,” April 1938 Stanley & Stanley–Atha Tools, very good condition. (PIC)
264. “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOGUE #34” April 1939, very good condition. (PIC)
265. Twelve (12) auction catalogs including: Brown Auction, Martin Donnelly, Tony Murland, Phil Whitby & Tom Witte. Dates from 1995. (PIC)
266. Two books: “JAPANESE WOODWORKING TOOLS: Their Traditions, Spirit and Use", by Toshio Odate, 11 chapters, 187 pages, near new condition; & “THE TOOL CATALOG” by the editors of Consumer Guide, 285 pages, back cover has crease, otherwise very good. (PIC)
267. “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOGUE #34A” January 1937, Stanley and Stanley Atha Tools, very nice condition. (PIC)
268. Fulton Type P hand-cranked corn sheller. (PIC)
269. PAIR OF FUNITURE CLAMPS, approx. 90” long. One handle has been repaired plus three wooden screw clamps; two 6-in. & one 15-in. All five are usable. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
270. Broad axe by Douglas Axe Mfg. 8 ¼-in. blade. (PIC)
271. Six assorted hammers including two ball peen, adz-eye claw, and others. (PIC)
272. Lot: hoof trimmers, knife sharpening steel, Stanley #818 wrecking bar, pry bar, two large cold chisels and a 15” screwdriver. (PIC)
273. STANLEY #741 – 1 ½” vise, fencing pincher, two blacksmith forging tongs and a rasp. (PIC)
274. Traditional Woodworking Workbench from Iowa School This one came from an Eastern Iowa high school shop. The base is 42” long, 20” wide, and 32” high. The top is maple and has the original vise and sliding drawer. (PIC)
275. Scarce Stanley #5 ¼C junior jack plane with 95%+ japanning, fine rosewood tote and knob, fine SW logo cutter, fine overall.
276. Stanley BEDROCK 603C smooth plane, round sides, 85%+ japanning, fine tote and short knob, nice “Q” logo cutter, fine overall. (PIC)
277. Four block planes: Stanley #9 ¼ complete & very good; Stanley #18A, VG; and two stamped steel planes, one is marked HAPI TIME SEARS & ROEBUCK & CO. (PIC)
278. Large lot assortment of bitstock tools including several different adjustable auger bits, two are marked EVERKEEN; one OVB; one Keen Kutter; and one Russell Jennings, most very good. (PIC)
279. Goodell Pratt chain drill, complete and fine; and a set of mostly Russell Jennings 32 ½ quarters auger bits in original canvas roll with cloth label inside, VG. (PIC)
280. Millers Falls #503 corner brace, complete and in very good usable condition; also a Millers Falls #732-10-inch ratchet brace, VG. (PIC)
281. One tin box Cleveland Twist drill Co. twist drills and two wooden boxes of other twist drills for use in braces. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
282. PRUSIA HARDWARE CO. FORT DODGE, IOWA 26-inch 5 ppi hand rip saw (looks like a Disston) handle is broken at the bottom, but etch is excellent, blade is in fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
283. Pair of hand saws: Keen Kutter K88 26-inch & Disston D42 Victory saw with 8 ppi blade, both saws have good etching and both are in very good usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
284. Lot of three saws: Disston & Sons 14-inch back saw, VG; Disston D8 18-inch 8 ppi blade, handle repaired, a very good user; and a Sheffield Saw Works 26-inch crosscut saw, VG. (PIC)
285. Antique drill press or boring machine marked on one side PAT APL’D FOR, in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
286. Fine 3-stage brass air pump, that was used by Forrest Johnson’s grandfather A.E. Johnson, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
287. Box lot: DAZEY Sharpit knife sharpener; KUTTO box opener, no blade: mini nickel plated hammer; bitstock socket adaptor, K-D #27 ratchet bit set; etc. (PIC)
288. Six grinding wheel for use on an arbor; one wire wheel and one Carborundum No. 57 File, sharpening stone in original cardboard box, like new. (PIC)
289. Lot 14 misc. sharpening stones, some VG. (PIC)
290. Cutters and cutter boxes 1, 2, 3 & 4 for early Stanley #55 plane.
291. Winchester 6-inch screw adjusting pipe wrench, has some yellow paint but is in very good overall condition. (PIC)
292. Winchester No. 8499, 10-inch gas pliers, 80%+ plating, fine overall condition. (PIC)
293. Winchester No. 2106, 6-inch slip joint pliers, VG. (PIC)
294. Winchester No. 4715, 2-inch socket chisel, fine; and #4713, 1 ¾-inch socket chisel, fine. (PIC)
295. Winchester #2715, 3/8-inch; 4532 ¼-inch; and Winchester ¼-inch; another Winchester ¼-inch drifts, all VG; plus #4574 3/8-inch keyway drift? & 1407 auger bit. (PIC)
296. Lot of star drills; cold chisels and other iron/steel tools. (PIC)
297. Lot: Plumbers wiping collar for holding the lead into a joint that’s being leaded; Warren Patent (Jan. 25, 1898) anvil-type tool for forming gutters and feed troughs; & a tube-flaring tool. (PIC 1, PIC 2 & PIC 3)
298. Pair of drawknives: C.E. Jennings with folding handles and little used 8-inch blade, VG; and a large cooper’s or carriage makers with 17-inch blade, will clean to good usable condition. (PIC)
299. Lot of four bit braces: non-ratcheting 10-inch; unknown 11-inch; BARKER #R 80 8-inch ratchet, VG; unknown 8-inch ratchet brace with nice plating, VG. (PIC)
300. A.A. Woods adjustable hollow auger & medium sized dowl pointer. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
301. Stearn’s Patent hollow auger, VG; & a fluted mid sized dowel or spoke pointer, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
302. Pair of drawknives: Fulton with 12-inch blade and another unknown with 8-inch blade, Futon has red paint on and near handles, both in good or better usable condition. (PIC)
303. Lot three hand saws: Two Disston and one Hercules, all will clean to very good usable condition. (PIC)
304. Three saws: Millers Falls miter box saw; and two hand saws including a Disston Keystone with etch of two runners, VG. (PIC)
305. Three hand saws: two Disston and one Atkins, all will clean to at least good usable condition. (PIC)
306. Lot of four hand saws: 20-in. Disston KEYSTONE? 10tpi, VG; 26-inch finger hole handle, 5ppi rip, VG; Unknown make 26-in. rip, rusty blade, finger hole handle is OK; Unknown 24-inch has seen much use, suitable for a saw painter. (PIC)
307. Lot of five hand saws: 25-in, 9tpi, VG; Disston D8 with end broken and handle spur short; 28-in., 8tpi, very good; 20-in. Disston 10tpi, needs handle secured; 26 ½-in. 6tpi, nice etch, can make out birds in nest, but will need cleaning to reveal the rest… (PIC)
308. Lot of six hand saws: 26-in. Disston rip; 26-in., 8tpi; bellied out, sawed off and sharpened rip saw with Kangaroo logo on blade and button; Geo. Bishop No. 300, 24-in. 10tpi, nice etch, decent handle; 26-in., 8tpi; & Atkins rip with nice etch and rough handle. (PIC)
309. Lot of 6 hand saws: Atkins 22-inch 10tpi., good handle, blade rusty; 26-in. Disston 8tpi, handle spur MIA; Atkins 26-in., 10tpi, handle spur MIA; Atkins 22-in. well worn blade, handle repaired with screws; Disston 28-in. 5 1/2tpi, finger hole handle, VG; and 26-in., 8tpi, little used, needs blade cleaned, VG. (PIC)
310. Hand cranked band-saw setting machine made by A.E. Cunningham Worcester, Mass., VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
311. Five hand saws: 26-in. with three different sets in the teeth, blade rusty and bottom handle spur MIA; 27-in., 7tpi, blade rusty; Disston 28-in., 6tip, nice handle, VG; Atkins 26-in. top handle spur MIA; & Unknown 26-in. with decent handle and Disston button, blade needs cleaning. (PIC)
312. Fine A.A. Woods patent hollow auger; and fine E.C. Stearns & Co. spoke or dowel pointer. (PIC)
313. L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) adjustable 4-inch square with No. 4 graduations that has a label from the Blue Island Specialty Co. of Blue Island, ILL a company that dealt in Orthodontic Appliances and Supplies; plus a small dental saw with a wooden cask of blades that says 1 DOZ. DENTAL SAWS FOR CLAP FRAME, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
314. Stanley #67 Universal spoke shave, missing fence but very good overall; #51 spoke shave with “V” logo cutter, very good overall; and a box of aluminum Stanley #78 plane fences, recast in Omaha for former MWTA member Del Hybertson. Each fence has Del’s initials cast into the top. All need drilling and tapping. (PIC)
315. Stanley #45 Type 4 (one year only) with cutters that have a hole instead of a slot for adjusting. This one has 70%+ nickel plating, a nice handle and knob, owner-made box; cutter box retains most of the original label, missing cam; one short rod; and two or three cutters. A scarce plane in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
316. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow in owner-made box, plane has 90%+ nickel plating, cutter box with 11 blades, a fine plane and fine set of cutters. Needs only a slitter and a rear depth stop. (PIC)
317. Siegley No. 2 combination plow plane in nice owner-made box with roll of 12 original bits (one has been reworked into a round), a complete plane in very good overall condition with nearly full set of original cutters, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
318. Stanley #50 light duty combination plane in owner-made wooden box, planes has 90%+% nickel plating, long rods, beading stop, chip deflector, and box of 16 original blades (inc. one in plane), fine overall condition. (PIC)
319. Stanley #45 Type 15, SW logo on skate NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX, this plane has never been used, it has perfect plating and perfect rosewood, it is totally complete, original and new. The outer pasteboard box has some staining from storage, but it too is very good with most of the original labels intact. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 & PIC 3)
320. Montgomery Wards Master Quality #84-695 combination plow plane (Stanley #45) in near new condition. I can find no evidence that this plane has ever been used. It’s complete down to the envelope with the spare spurs. A fine and quite likely new plane in original box with 75%+ original label. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
321. Stanley #45 Type 12 combination plow plane with 85%+ plating, fine rosewood handle and knob, two boxes containing 16 cutters including the slitter; long and short rods, cam, beading stop, two depth stops, needs only a good cleaning, a few cutters and a rear depth stop.
322. Box of cutters that will fit a type 4 (one year only) plow plane. These are the cutters with a hole instead of a slot for the adjuster. There are 11 plows, four beads and two? Cutters that are really for a #55. These cutters are very hard to find. (PIC)
323. Stanley #55 & #45 cutters: here are four boxes of Stanley #55 cutters. The boxes are well made, cutters can all be cleaned and put back into service.
324. Three Stanley bench planes: #6C has been welded at throat, good user; #5C Type 11, will clean to fine overall; & #5 ¼ junior jack, in maroon paint, fine overall. (PIC)
325. Stanley 5 ¼-sized junior jack plane with stippled “STANLEY” lever cap, stained hardwood knob, tote broken & glued; Sargent #409, light rust: Stanley #71 router plane with one cutter, light rust, will clean to VG. (PIC)
326. Four Stanley rabbet planes: #190 rabbet, VG; #78 complete with fence & stop, VG; #78 with front end broken, can be made into a chisel plane; & a near new #78 complete & FINE. (PIC)
327. Four transitional bench planes: Stanley #33, 28-inch jointer missing handle spur, otherwise VG; LAKESIDE 20-inch complete and fine; Keen Kutter KK26 with logo on cutter and top of stock; Stanley #36 Type I with eagle logo, tote spur missing, otherwise VG. (PIC)
328. Lot of four planes: Three block planes inc. Stanley #220; plus a Stanley #71 router with ½-inch and V cutters, VG. (PIC)
329. Five transitional bench planes: Keen Kutter 18-inch; Stanley #28, 18-inch; Stanley #27 ½; Stanley #27; & Stanley #35. The #35 is VG, the others need some TLC. (PIC)
330. Eight wooden molding planes: A. HOWLAND 2-in. rabbet, VG; unknown 7/8-inch round; Greenfield Tool 5/8-in. hollow; Ohio Tool etc. All complete, and VG. (PIC)
331. Eight wooden planes: six coffin-shaped smoothers, a toothing plane and a small toy-size smoother. (PIC)
332. Seven wooden molding planes inc. E.F. SEYBOLD CINCINNATI match plane, one wedge broken, otherwise VG; SHAPLEIGH DAY & CO. ST. LOUIS hollow; A.C. Bartlett’s Ohio Planes 82 ½ sash coping plane, VG…. (PIC)
333. Five unusual wooden planes one a possible gunstocker’s, one a nice complex profile, all VG. (PIC)
334. Six transitional smooth planes: Union Tool Co. Trask Pat. With broken frame, good cap, cutter and body; Sargent 3408 complete and VG; Stanley #122 Liberty Bell, needs new cap screw, otherwise VG; HSB REVONOC handled smoother, VG; Stanley #135 Liberty Bell smoother, VG & OHIO TOOL CO. 036, needs cleaning, VG. (PIC)
335. Lot: Miller Falls Extension Bit Holders, Flaring Tools, Small Brace, Wood Bits (Stanley, Miller Falls, Grellee, Union) Cleveland Tool Co. Extractors and Stanley Screwdriver Attachment IOB.(PIC)
336. Lot: meat saw, two pair Ice tongs, meat cleaver, potato masher, hanging scale with brass face; tenderizing hammer. (PIC)
337. Three transitional jointer planes: Stanley #33, 28-inch pre-lateral; VG; Stanley 26-inch that has plugs in bottom under frog, and broken tote, G; & a Sargent 3424, 24-inch that’s been coated with lacquer, can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
338. Four back saws: DISSTON & SONS 10-inch, visible etch, needs cleaning; VG; Disston Keystone K1 10-inch, handle in blue paint, good etch; VG; DUNN & CO. 10-inch, open handle with split nuts, VG; R. GROVES & SONS SHEFFIELD, open handle with split nuts, a series of 8 holes are in the blade just below the back, they appear to have been put there before the back was put on, VG. (PIC)
339. Lot: razor strops; shaper bits; paper? Punch; letter stamps missing letters F & T; two tape measures, etc. (PIC)
340. Two pocket knives one appears to be marked Hammer Brand & and the other is a HOLUB. (PIC)
341. NICHOLLS MFG. OTTUMWA IA take-down framing square, VG. (PIC)
342. Lot: saw blades; wooden plane body; knife sharpening steel; steel 36-inch Lufkin scale; etc. (PIC)
343. Lot of three brass items: K&E surveyor’s plumb bob #30012; brass and wood air pump, VG; and a brass-faced hanging scale with nice eagle logo. (PIC)
344. Set of seven bevel edge socket firmer chisels: Fulton 2-inch, VG; OHIO TOOL CO 1 ½-inch, some rust; OK; FULTON TOOL CO. 1 ¼-inch; G.I. MIX & CO. 1-in., VG; DR BARTON ¾-in., VG; FULTON TOOL CO. ½-in., FINE; BROWN & HURLEY IOA, 3/8-in., VG. (PIC)
345. Set of four SEARS & ROEBUCK heavy duty socket chisels suitable for timber framing: 1 ¾; 1; ¾ & ½ all in very good overall condition.
346. Set of seven assorted bevel edge socket chisels: 2-inch MADE FOR SEARS ROEBUCK & CO, VG; L&IJ White 1 ¾-inch, VG; CLEARCUT 1 ½-inch, VG; GREENLEE 1 ¼-inch, good; & O.V.B. 7/8-inch, VG; Unknown ¾-inch, VG; & RELIANCE 1/2-inch, rusty and needs cleaning. (PIC)
347. Nine marking and/or mortise gauges plus one slitting gauge, some very good, a few need parts and or cleaning, one gauge is boxwood. (PIC)
348. Lot of four marking gages/gouges; 2-beam Stanley with one worn point and one dull, otherwise VG; unknown marking & mortise, head may be a replacement; KEEN KUTTER with brass wear strips, VG; Unknown rosewood & brass marking & mortise, VG. (PIC)
349. Six marking and/or mortise gauges/gages: double beam Stanley, complete and VG; Unknown rosewood & brass marking & mortise, small chip from head, VG; Unknown double beam, missing one beam, both screws present; wedge-locked double beam, both points worn, good overall; Stanley #77 rosewood, VG; & Unknown double beam, worn. (PIC)
350. Stanley #2 smooth plane, will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
351. Fulton Tool Co. #3708 (Stanley #2 size) 7-inch smooth plane, one of the few #2s that fit a grown man’s hand, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
352. Rumbolt type butt mortise plane, complete and very good. (PIC)
353. Stanley #40 ½ large scrub plane, SW logo cutter, lever cap is an improper replacement, plane itself is fine with great wood, a very good user. (PIC)
354. Stanley #40 scrub plane, 80%+ japanning, SW logo cutter, very good overall. (PIC)
355. Stanley #39 ¾-inch dado plane, 90%+ japanning, handle painted red, complete and very good; plus a Stanley #192 rabbet plane, depth stop MIA and depth stop screw broken off in hole, will make good user. (PIC)
356. Pair bung augers, one medium and one small, both will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC)
357. Wooden framed turing saw with old steel repair on top of one bow, very good overall. (PIC)
358. Three wooden mallets one was used by a previous owner when he worked to build the first Iowa State Capitol; also are included three marking gauges, all very good usable gages. (PIC)
359. Tin box full of twist drills for breast drills and square shanked wood auger bits including expansive bits, most in very good overall condition. (PIC)
360. Three ratchet braces: Stanley #945, 10-inch in fine overall condition; #2010, 10-inch brace, complete and VG; & Goodell-Pratt with unusual ratchet selector, fine. (PIC)
361. Two nice Stanley #93 butt gages/gauges and a Stanley #91 double beam marking gage, all in very good overall condition. (PIC)
362. Three Stanley spoke shaves: #53 with V-logo blade, fine; #151, very good; & #60 double sided with R&L logo blades, fine. (PIC)
363. International Harvester tool box from a binder with oilcan holder on the side, and with a few tools inside, very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
364. Unusual 38-inch long screwdriver marked G.A. WOOD WORKS, SOUTHINGTON, CONN. USA, VG; plus a mystery tool that has a side cutter on the end. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
365. Unusual European-style 2-piece wooden spill plane made of Oak & held together with four brass screws, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
366. Rare Preston Patent iron spill plane, smaller size, complete and very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
367. Assorted area advertising rulers; Stanley #91 marking gage; Millers Falls? drill; panel gage; small Brown & Sharpe square other misc. tools. (PIC)
368. Nice AMERICAN MADE 12-drawer machinist-type tool chest, has never been used except to display a collection of rulers and tapes in. Has steel rods in the back that can lock all the drawers for transport. A nice box to display your collection in. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
369. Six rosewood handled sliding bevels, most are Stanley, all VG. (PIC)
370. Stanley #103 & 130 block planes, both are in fine original condition. (PIC)
371. Stanley 6-inch block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, needs cleaning, very good overall; plus a Stanley #60 ½ low angle block plane, complete and very good overall. (PIC)
372, Stanley 6-inch block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good plating on cap, complete and very good; and Stanley #60 ½ low angle block plane, fine overall. (PIC)
373. Three block planes: a stamped steel 6-inch; Stanley #110 in very good overall condition; and a #18 ¼ with cracked side and missing knob, very good cap and blade. (PIC)
374. Four transitional bench planes: Stanley #23, a close to new as they get, no sign of pervious use, FINE; Stanley #27, VG; B PLANE 18-inch fore, VG; & Stanley #32, 24-inch jointer with spare chip deflector taped to the rear of the stock, VG. (PIC)
375. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” No. 300-01 hack saw with STARRETT blade, very good overall condition. (PIC)
376. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” hand drill in fine original condition. (PIC)
377. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” No. 1950 ratchet brace in near new condition. (PIC)
378. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” No. 100 push drill in original box, fine. (PIC)
379. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” No. 709, smooth plane with a few little nicks and dings but fine overall condition. (PIC)
380. Millers Falls “BUCK ROGERS” No. 714 jack plane complete and in fine original condition. (PIC)
381. Six sliding bevels; five have rosewood handles most are Stanley and VG, one is a plastic. (PIC)
382. Two Stanley #49 bit gauges, one gauge in the original box with intact label; also included is a small aluminum torpedo level. (PIC)
383. Six center & side bead molding planes: OHIO TOOL No. 51, 7/8-in. center bead, VG; CASKY & CO AUBURN No. 105, ½-inch side rabbet, VG; A HOWLAND & CO 3/8-inch side bead, VG; Unknown 3/8-in. side bead with bad front boxing; and 5/16 & 3/8-inch center beads with holes for adding a screw adjusting fence. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
384. Eight wooden planes: Four different sized skew bladed rabbets, three very good, one with throat opened; two small side beads, one with bad boxing & missing blade; Fine W.J. HOPKINS No. 155, 1-inch ?; and a 1 ¼-inch nosing plane missing one blade. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
385. Five wooden planes: 1 ¾-inch and 1 ½-inch skewed rabbets; CASEY & CO. 1 ¼-inch hollow; another hollow with wrong sized blade; & a nice MOIR GLASGOW 17-inch badger plane, with part of handle spur missing, otherwise VG.
386. Modern made spill plane made of cedar, very nice. (PIC)
387. Stanley #82 handled scraper with oversized blade; another similar scraper with unusual cap; and a manufactured wheelwright’s traveler possibly a Green River. (PIC)
388. Two Keen Kutter transitional bench planes: KK29 and KK26 both made by Ohio Tool Co. both have original cutters, the 29 is missing the spur from the handle, otherwise both are very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
389. Two Stanley transitional bench planes: #28 fore plane with 90%+ original lacquer on the body and 90%+ decal in front of the knob, fine overall; #26 SW vintage also in fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
390. Stanley #26 prelateral transitional jack plane, frame has been repainted, “J” logo cutter, very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
391. Millers Fall #4 bullnose rabbet plane, new in fine original box that has an intact label. (PIC)
392. Three spoke shaves: two early Seymour Smith types one with round and flat bottom, the other just flat; plus a later Stanley #51 in fine overall condition. (PIC)
393. Four spoke shaves: GLOBEMASTER W. GERMANY #64860, like new; Stanley #51, fine; early BAILEY PATENT with cracked lever cap; & Stanley #151 in fine overall condition. (PIC)
394. Stanley 4 ½C jumbo smooth plane Type 11, 85%+ japanning, good low knob, tote spur MIA, very good overall; also a Stanley #7C jointer Type 11, with 75%+ japanning, good T-logo cutter, good low knob, tote spur MIA, very good overall. (PIC)
395. Stanley BEDROCK 606 flat sided fore plane, base of knob broken, tote had paint splatters but is otherwise intact, good SW cutter, BEDROCK lever cap, 60%+ japanning, can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
396. Early Stanley #80 cabinet scraper, complete & VG; & Stanley #81 cabinet scraper, 95%+ nickel plating, no blade, VG. (PIC)
397. Two wooden scrapers inc. ram’s horn type by E.C. Atkins and a homemade model, both VG. (PIC)
398. Two Millers Falls planes: #77 router plane with 90%+ japanning, good handles, fine overall condition; plus a Millers Falls #85 rabbet and fillester plane, complete with fence and depth stop, very good overall. (PIC)
399. Siegley #2 combination plow plane in original box, with box of 12 original blades, the rods that come with this one do not fit the body of the plane but they do fit the fence and sliding section?, plane will clean to very good overall condition. Wooden box is good, label is about 65 percent, the lid to the box is a replacement. (PIC & PIC)
400. LIE-NIELSEN No. 1 smooth plane, like new. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
401. Rosewood? stuffed gunmetal or brass 7/8-inch shoulder plane, very good overall. (PIC)
402. Stanley #194 fiberboard beveling plane, 95%+ japanning, good stained knob, very good overall. PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
403. Greenlee 2 7/8-inch slick, SHARP and in very good usable condition. (PIC)
404. Unknown 2 7/8-inch slick, a cleaning may reveal a maker’s mark, very good overall, ready to work. (PIC)
405. Sears Roebuck & Co. 2 ½-inch slick, sharp and ready to go. (PIC)
406. L&IJ White 2-inch timber framing chisel, sharp and ready to go. (PIC)
407. Three drawknives: 14-inch DR BARTON with owner-added handles, good blade; unmarked carriagemaker’s drawknife with newer handles; & unknown folding-handle, VG. (PIC)
408. Set of six chisels said to have been made by the blacksmith brother of an emigrant barn builder here in Northern Iowa. The widest one is 6 3/8-in. The others are 4 1/8; 3 1/8; 1 5/8; and 1 1/8; the smallest one is a mortising chisel. They come in a nice hinged wooden box that can be padlocked. (PIC)
409. Lot of six corner chisels by various maker’s, some will need the backs polished before they can be sharpened, others just need a honing and can be used right away. (PIC)
410. Rare graduated set of seven WARD mortising chisels with original handles. Set ranges from 1/8-inch to 7/16. All are in very good to fine original condition. Sets like these seldom turn up. Don’t let ‘em get away. After photos were taken the 9/16-inch was found wrapped with old electric tape (see bottom photo). The chisel itself is very good but the new owner will have unwrap the tape to see how extensive the damage to the handle is. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
411. Set of seven plow plane blades: the #1, 4, 6, 7, & 8 are all by Samuel Newbold; one is unmarked; and another is W. Greaves & Sons; all VG. (PIC)
412. Lot of 12 assorted American & English plow plane blades; most can be cleaned and used. (PIC)
413. Set of six unmarked plow plane blades; five were an original set, all in good usable condition. (PIC)
414. COLLINS & ROBBINS UTICA (1828 to 1830) wedge-arm plow plane, with screw-operated depth stop, brass stiffener plate and brass ends on arms, wedges need to be replaced, otherwise very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
415. Set of six plow plane blades: Five are by Thos Ibbotson and one is by Greaves, all VG. (PIC)
416. Fine Stanley #741, 1 ½-inch vise with 95%+ original maroon paint; plust two other vises inc. one marked HARDY MADE IN USA. (PIC)
417. Lot: two saw tools, one pated 4-3-23, the other an Atkins saw punch for butcher’s saws, VG; plastic mallet; small hammer with nest of screwdrivers inside handle, VG; and two try squares. (PIC)
418. Three ratchet braces: Defiance #1250, VG; Fray #810, VG; & SAMSON 10-inch has light rust and will need a cleaning, VG. (PIC)
419. ECLIPSE 7-inch #2-size plane by Stanley, nice stained hardwood tote, scuffed but intact knob, fine original cutter, 90%+ japanning, very good overall. (PIC)
420. Scarce Stanley #2C corrugated 7-inch smoother, with 80%+ japanning, fine rosewood tote and knob, “V” logo cutter, fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
421. Millers Falls #7, 7-inch smooth plane with 95%+ japanning, nice red paint on frog, very good original blade, very good rosewood or coco tote, and rosewood? knob with crazing, a fine plane overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
422. Sargent #81 right-and-left side rabbet plane, compete and in fine original condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
423. Stanley #100 ½ round bottom mini block plane with squirrel-tail handle, has former owners initials etched into side and a number “12” in the other side, otherwise fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
424. RARE Stanley #101 ½ mini bullnose block planes, 60%+ japanning, original blade, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
425. Stanley Millers Patent #143 (no holes in skate) plow plane, inc. 3/16-in. cutter (size marked on side), fine rosewood handle, just a few traces of light surface rust on right side, no structural damage, all screws present, will clean to fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
426. Scarce Metallic Plane Co. fillester plane, has a few brazed repairs, fence and fence screws not original, rosewood handle cracked below top rivet. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
427. Five little wood planes: two coachmakers handled rabbet planes, both VG; 7-in. smoother with 1 ¼-in. blade; & nicely made 7-inch coffin-shaped plane with slightly radiused bottom, VG; and small 3/8-in. hollow made of oak. (PIC)
428. Interesting 6-inch coachmaker’s door plane marked McKINNELL & CO. CINCINNATI, very nice. (PIC)
429. Eight wood planes: three OGONTZ and/or SCIOTO smoothers and five moulders inc. complex W. GRINEL; 1-in. rabbet; OHIO TOOL marked ?? ¼ sash coping?; unmarked complex & DEFOREST side bead missing blade & wedge. (PIC)
430. Three tool handles: the smallest is a Stanley with SW logo & bits inside; J.S. Fray with bits; and one unmarked maybe a Millers Falls; all very good except for a cracked ferrule on the Fray. (PIC)
431. Stanley YANKEE #30A screwdriver with three original bits, fine overall; a German push drill, VG; and a Stanley #? 6-inch sliding “T” bevel in fine overall condition. (PIC)
432. Millers Falls #61A Yankee-type screwdriver, fine with intact decal in the handle and all three bits, fine overall; and a large saw set. (PIC)
433. Jacobs Patent fencing tool/hammer from Harlan, Iowa Pat. #1,966,298, very good overall condition. (PIC)
434. Full house; jacks over jointers: two jointers 26 & 27 ½-inch; and three jack planes 17, 16 & 14-inch, the 14-inch was homemade using parts from a Gage Patent plane, all can be restored to usable condition. (PIC)
435. Three wooden bench planes 28-in. jointer; 22-in. razee jointer; & 15-inch jack, the wedge on the jack is a replacement and the handle on the long jointer has been broken and glued, all in good usable condition. (PIC)
436. Lot of fixer-upper levels: Disston & Morss; 2 Stanley; Akron Level: & unmarked level. (PIC)
437. Six wooden molding planes: TJ M’MASTER & C0. AUBURN #4 cabinet pitch hollow, VG: AUBURN TOOL CO. 5/8-inch nosing plane, VG: unknown ½-inch round, fair; J. DONALDSON & J. HALL ST. LOUIS complex profile, VG; J. GIBSON ALBANY NY ¼-inch side bead, VG & another side bead with a few worm holes, can be restored. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
438. Three block planes inc. Stanley 7-inch with screw adjusting cutter, VG; late model Stanley 9 ½ will clean to very good; & unknown stamped steel (PIC)
439. Stanley #66 hand beader with 90%+ nickel plating, fine overall, one blade installed, very good; & a small pony shave, VG.(PIC)
440. Three Stanley bench planes: Stanley #5 jack plane, stained hardwood tote and knob, VG; Stanley #4C, knob glued at base, plane may be coated with lacquer, a great user; & a #3C smoother with hardwood tote and knob, very good overall. (PIC)
441. Three iron bench planes: Unknown 9-inch with SIMMONS blade, and improper lever cap, has light rust; Stanley #4 ½ jumbo smoother Type 11, with good V-logo cutter, tote broken and needs re-glued, very good overall; & unknown 14-inch jack plane, rusty but can be cleaned to usable condition. (PIC)
442. Six socket firmer chisels: THE DOUGLASS 2-inch, VG; PS&W 2-inch, VG; T.H. WITHERBY 2-inch, blade bent, otherwise VG; BAYSTATE 1 ¾-inch, VG; L.G.A. HDW CO. 1 ½-inch, VG; & PS&W ¾-inch that will clean to VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
443. Lot of socket chisels: Unknown 2-inch heavy duty, some rust, needs cleaning; PS&W 2-inch, needs polishing; PEXTO 1 ¾-inch, VG; FULTON 1-inch, needs edge re-ground, but plenty of life left; FULTON ¾-inch, VG; Unknown 1 ¼-inch, bad grind, some pitting; Unknown ½-inch, some pitting and bad grind. Lot includes a few extra handles. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
444. Two shoe lasting stands with six forms. All VG. (PIC)
445. Lot of shoe or harness maker’s tools including a saddler’s knife with rosewood handle; awls; patented stitching awl, three knives including one with bone or ivory handle, etc. (PIC)
446. Unusual GEO. STEINBACH patent Dec. 29, 1891 BETHEL, MO, leather skiver, mounts to a bench, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
447. Commercially produced nail shooter, VG; plus an early flat bladed screwdriver, VG. (PIC)
448. Stanley #1 Excelsior tool handle with 9 original tools inside, 90%+ japanning, very good overall. (PIC)
449. H.C. MARSH ROCKFORD, ILL miter vise, complete, no structural damage of any kind, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
450. FINE Stanley #55 combination plane, appears to have never been used, comes with main body, sliding section; auxiliary tower, cam, long & short rods; cardboard box full of original cutters, STANLEY logo is imprinted on the rosewood handle, as good as they get in a fine owner-made, finger-jointed box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
451. Sargent #1080 combination plow plane (like Stanley #45) in owner made wooden box with dovetailed joints; comes with three main sections; box with 11 cutters, long and short rods. A good user. (PIC)
452. Lot of four wood planes: three horn planes inc. two scrubs and one set up for rabbeting; also included is a homemade spill plane used to make spills for transferring fire, VG. (PIC)
453. Four transitional jack planes: from left to right a HSB REVONOC; Liberty Bell #127; Union #27 & Stanley #26, all in good or better condition. (PIC)
454. H.D. Smith “Perfect Handle” drawknife with 12-inch blade PAT APPLIED FOR; plus an 8-inch drawknife, both in usable condition. (PIC)
455. Three drawknives: PEUGEOT FRANCE with curved 7-inch blade, FINE: unknown 10-inch, VG; & a KARPENTER with 8-inch blade, VG. (PIC)
456. Three unusual wood planes: one was sold to current owner as a Japanese plow; the other two are crude fenced rabbets. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
457. Unusual patented door jack. The metal parts are nickel plated, they and the wood are in fine original condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
458. Walker-Turner bench top jig saw, needs motor and blade, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
459. Unusual kick-wheel power plant like those used by dentists and jewelers. This one came out of an old dentist’s office in northern Iowa, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
460. New Rogers treadle jig saw, appears to be all original, needs a new belt and a new bolt or bushing for the main flywheel, can easily be restored to usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
461. Stanley #30 ½ shrinkage rule 1/8-in. per foot, very good overall; pair Japanese winding sticks; Stanley #68 boxwood rule and 53 ½ architect’s rule both with issues. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
462. Stanley #136 caliper rule, fine overall condition; plus a Chapin Stephens #65, 4-fold boxwood rule that is also very good. (PIC)
463. Chapin Stephens No. 036 combination level, rule and bevel, blade is stained and had a few nicks and dings but the rule itself is very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
464. Three Stanley gages/gauges: Two Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauges; one is missing the brass rub block but is otherwise fine; also included is a Stanley #92 rabbet & butt gauge, the steel scribe is MIA, but the rest is fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
465. Stanley #30, 30-inch double plumb & level in fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
466. Keen Kutter 30-inch with brass covers over end vials on both sides, very nice. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
467. Collection of six different torpedo levels, all very good; and one additional 6-inch plumb & level with 6-inch scale, needs cleaning. (PIC)
468. Lot of 3 levels: 30-inch Stanley #0, plumb vial is MIA, a few splinters from stock; 26-inch Stanley #3, both vials intact, will clean to VG; & WINCHESTER #9806-16-inch, plumb vial MIA, can be restored. (PIC)
469. Lot of misc. harness or shoemaker’s tools: rosewood handled stitching awl; GOMPH stitching or pricking wheel; creaser, punch, awl, etc. (PIC)
470. Stratton Bros. Goodell-Pratt 30-inch rosewood double plumb and level in original box, the box is tattered beyond salvaging, but the lable is about 70%+ and easily read. Unfortunately being in the box and being stored in a damp environment, the screws for the side view are all rusted. The rosewood stock, is dead mint. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
471. Stanley HANDYMAN #H1204 smooth plane, blue paint; good tote and knob, VG; Unknown jack plane, blue paint, MADE IN USA cast into toe, VG; and a Sargent #714 jack plane, japanning enhanced, tote needs to be glued, will clean to very good overall. (PIC)
472. A wooden spill plane that looks to have been made from a converted dado plane, very nice.
473. Traditional style spill plane, used to make the shavings that were used to transfer fire from one place to another. (PIC)
474. FINE Stanley #2 smooth plane, 95%+ japanning, fine tote and knob, very good BB logo cutter, ready to roll. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
475. Union #2 smooth plane (same size as Stanley #2), fine original cutter, very good tote, knob may be a replacement, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
476. Davis & Cook 26-inch Cook’s Patent Dec. 7, 1876 plumb & level, both vials intact, with a light cleaning, will be VG. (PIC)
477. Millers Falls No. 2 hand drill in near new condition; plus two Millers Falls ratchet braces; one is a #733, 8-inch and the other a #1710, 10-inch, both are in very good usable condition. (PIC)
478. Millers Falls #? Toy size block plane in original box, fine overall condition; also included a Millers Falls butt gauge/gage in very good overall condition. (PIC)
479. Millers Falls No. 4 Tool Handle IOB, the handle itself is nearly new with about 65% of the original decal remaining, a fine tool handle in a very good box. (PIC)
480. Millers Falls No. 737 corner brace, complete and in like new condition. (PIC)
481. Millers Falls No. 210 wall or bench mounted drill press, needs to be restored. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
482. RIVAL treadle jig saw by SENICA FALLS, the wood top looks like a replacement and the paint has been enhanced. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 & PIC 3)
483. COMPANION bench-top drill press, needs motor & belt, can be put back into service. (PIC)
484. Stanley? corner brace, gear cover missing from one side, light rust, will clean to VG; also included is a small TJC hand drill from Japan, VG. (PIC)
485. Millers Falls #18C corrugated fore plane, has VG original cutter, intact tote and knob, small patch of pitting on left side otherwise very good overall condition. (PIC)
486. Millers Falls #14 jack plane IOB, complete, original and fine overall condition. Box top and bottom need corners reinforced. Label is 70%, good overall. (PIC)
487. Millers Falls #10 heavy smooth plane, about as good as they get. Japanning 95%+ original cutter and fine tote and knob, a near-new plane. (PIC)
488. Millers Falls #9C smooth plane in original box, 95%+ original japanning, fine original cutter, fine overall. The box is fine. (PIC)
489. Millers Falls #11BG junior jack plane, 90%+ original japanning, original cutter, very good overall. (PIC)
490. Millers Falls #8 smooth plane, like new in original box, plane has 98%+ original japanning, nice original cutter, fine tote and knob, a fine plane overall in a box that needs on or two corners reinforced but has 95%+ label. (PIC)
491. Millers Falls #7, 7-inch smooth plane, japanning 90%+, plane is complete, original and in very good overall condition. (PIC)
492. SCARCE LIE-NIELSEN #1 STCC93 Commemorative 5 ½-inch smooth plane made for the first and only Stanley Tool Collectors Club meetings held at the Stanley Works in New Britain, Connecticut June 17 – 19, 1993. This plane is No. 128 of a total run of 250 planes produced. STCC93 is cast into the bed. This plane is like new in the original box that has some light wear issues but is fine overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
493. Stanley #2 smooth plane 98%+ japanning, fine BB logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, nearly perfect plating on lever cap, as good as they get. FINE. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
494. H.D. SMITH Co. “Perfect Handle” 15-inch nut wrench, in very good overall condition. (PIC)
495. Bemis & Call 10-inch combination pipe & nut wrench with long sleeve, very good wood handle, fine overall; also included are a Bemis & Call 8-inch and Trimo 8-inch nut wrench, both VG. (PIC)
496. International Harvester Z786 screw adjusting 8-inch nut wrench. (PIC)
497. BLACKHAWK cut-out wrench, complete and very good; plus a patented ROEBLING PAT. 5 ½-inch alligator in very good overall condition and an unknown 6-inch implement wrench. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
498. Davis Patent 4-inch miniature quick adjust nut wrench with rosewood or coco handle, made by Hillary Klein of Granville, Iowa, in a nice wooden box, a fine reproduction of the original wrench done by one of the masters. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
499. Large woodworkers work bench with full-depth end vise and one face vise, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
500. RARE Stanley #66 Type I hand beader complete and fine in early albeit tattered box. This is a fine early router in a box that could be restored. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
501. Stanley #118 “100 PLUS” block plane in original box, original decal on front of plane, fine plane in a good box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
502. Stanley #71 router plane complete and IOB, like new plane with 3 cutters, fence and 98%+ japanning, a near new plane in a tattered box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
503. Stanley #80 cabinet scraper New in original box, some staining on bottom from the box, but the japanning is 99%+ intact and so is the original decal. This is a new tool in a worn but intact box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
504. Lot of five rosewood handled try squares; four are VG and one is poor. (PIC)
505. Lot of 5 different Yankee-style screwdrivers: Yankee 130; Yankee 130A; Stanley Yankee 130A; Millers Falls No. 29; and Craftsman with plastic pistol grip. All VG. (PIC)
506. Collection of 15 dividers, some are draftsman’s type, all VG. (PIC)
507. WF & John Barnes foot powered mortising machine, lions paw feet, has been beautifully repainted and had a wooden feed table with rollers added. About as nice as I’ve seen. No structural damage or welds. One bit included. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
508. Foot operated sharpening stone by the Buffalo Specialty Co. BUFFALO NY, very good overall condition.
509. Champion? Combination treadle lathe & jig saw, complete in what appears to be nice original paint, with original belt tensioner & wooden pitman arm, about as good as they get. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 & PIC 3)
510. Champion? Treadle operated late that has had a cross slide mounted. Has a nice frame, treadle assembly flywheel, headstock, idler, and other parts, so a restoration back to original is possible. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
511. Unusual March or May 20, & June 24, 1902 patent pedal operated sickle grinding stone, needs horizontal supports for the two legs to mount to, otherwise relatively complete and interesting. (PIC)
512. W.F. & John Barnes kick powered jig saw, complete, original with some original red detail paint remaining, can begin using right away. FINE. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
513. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in owner made wooden box with all three main sections, front depth stop, long rods and box of 16 cutters including slitter, very good overall condition. (Bob’s number 121)
514. Lot of three wrenches: 6-inch W&B nut wrench, fine; Billings “A” 4-inch pocket wrench, won’t close the last 1/8-inch but otherwise VG; and a 4-inch Crescent wrench, very good overall. (PIC)
515. The Triplet Wrench Pat. Aug. 19, 1913, sold by Stanley Rule & Level Co. Very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
516. Four Stillson pipe wrenches: two 7-inch and two 6-inch, both in fine overall condition. (PIC)
517. Vise-Grip wrench give away to all people who registered for the MWTCA Semi Annual show that was held in Omaha Nebraska June 22 – 24, 2000. This one is new in the original box. (PIC)
518. Stanley #1 Excelsior tool handle with 11 bits inside. Very good overall condition. (PIC)
519. Lot five tool handles; one is a “T-handle” type with five tools and a pair of tweezers; J.S. Fray in very good overall condition; the largest is an early Millers Falls with an improper cap. One of the medium sized ones has the Stanley SW logo. It needs to be restored. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
520. Four tool handles: J.S. Fray; Unknown with brass; another J.S. Fray; & C.E. Jennings, all with bits inside and nice rosewood or coco handles. (PIC)
521. Lot of three Stanley marking gages: #71 & #72 & #62 all with SW logo & all very good. (PIC)
522. Three Stanley marking gages: #72; #65; and #77 rosewood, all very good. (PIC)
523. C.F. Johnson Sheffield rosewood marking and mortise gage with nice points in little used condition, fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
524. Stanley #92 rabbet & mortise gauge in fine overall condition with the often missing scribe. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
525. Stanley #198 double beam marking and mortise gage with rosewood head, a few chips in the rosewood but very good overall. (PIC)
526. Ebony & brass “ultimatum” marking and mortise gage/gauge, fine overall condition and very showy. (PIC)
527. Scarce Stanley #76 boxwood? Marking and mortise gage/gauge, a little wear showing in the business end of the beam, but still in very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
528. Nice 125 lb. ferrier-type anvil marked TRENT on one side and with the numbers 125 192501 on the base at one end. Fine overall condition. (PIC)
529. Fireman’s axe with Shapleigh Hardware (St. Louis) handle, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
530. Bishop & Babcock Cleveland, Ohio Oct. 5, 1886 patent bottle capper or cork press, rosewood handle, nickel plated, will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
531. Brass C.H. Webb Patent March 10, 1868 adding machine with wood back, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
532. Trimo 32-inch screw adjust pipe wrench & another adjustable pipe wrench that is 23-inches. (PIC)
533. Nicholl’s Ottumwa Iowa take-down rafter square with a rarely found original key; very good overall condition. (PIC)
534. “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOGUE #34”, May edition, 1940. Book is in good condition, no pages missing, but has a ½” tear on the back cover. (PIC)
535. “STANLEY TOOLS CATALOGUE #34 March 1935. (PIC)
536. Four woodworking books: The Handyman's Book; Carpentry; The Woodworker's Handbook & Fix It, Clean It And Make It. (PIC)
537. Sixty issues of The Woodworkers Journal magazine January 1980 to July 1991. (PIC)
538. The Woodworkers Journal magazine 53 issues total. (PIC)
539. Thirty (30) Workbench Magazines from 1982 to 1985 & 1989. (PIC)
540. Fifty issues Handyman magazine 1997 to 2002. (PIC)
541. Woodwork magazines December 1994 to October 2002. (PIC)
542. Popular Woodworking magazines from 1990-1992, & Todays Woodworker Sept. 1995 to June 1998, 29 issues total. (PIC)
543. Four books: Decks, The Backyard Builder, Outdoor Building Book - Wood and Masonary Construction; & Practical Guide to Home Landscaping. (PIC)
544. Four stone & brick work books: Building Stone Walls; The Forgotten Art of Building A Stone Wall; Build Your Own Stone House; & How to Build Outdoor Fireplaces and Lawn Furniture. (PIC)
545. Four gardening & landscaping books: Reader's Digest Handyman Outdoor Projects; Home Landscaping in the Northeast & Midwest; Homework Outside; & Reader's Digest's The Garden Problem Solver. (PIC)
546. Four woodworking books: Working Wood; Timber Framing Book; Chainsaw Lumber Making; & Grade Lumber from Logs. (PIC)
547. Renovation - A Complete Guide; Modernize A Basements; Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling; & Reader's Digest Handyman Woodworking Room by Room. (PIC)
548. Five woodworking books: Cabinetmakers Notebook, by KRENOV; Impractical Cabinet Maker by KRENOV; Basic Cabinet Making; Home Cabinet Making; & Woodworking Manual. (PIC)
549. Seven-book set Woodworking Projects. Woodworkiong Techniques and Projects, Workshop Projects, Woodworking Projects. (PIC)
550. Stackable oak display cabinet with 4 slide-out shelves and glass doors for each. Came out of an old clothing store and were used for shirts. Measures 4-feet wide, 30 inches tall and 26 inches deep. Very nice for storing a collection of wood planes or other tools in. (PIC)
551. Stackable oak display cabinet with 4 slide-out shelves and glass doors for each. Came out of an old clothing store and were used for shirts. Measures 4-feet wide, 30 inches tall and 26 inches deep. Great for storing a collection of wood planes or other tools in. (same as above lot) (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
552. Stackable oak display cabinet with 4 slide-out shelves and glass doors for each. Came out of an old clothing store and were used for shirts. Measures 4-feet wide, 33 inches tall and 26 inches deep. Very nice for storing a collection of wood planes or other tools in. (same as above two lot, except this is a base unit and the two above can be stacked on it) (PIC)
553. Stackable oak display cabinet with 4 slide-out shelves and glass doors for each. Came out of an old clothing store and was used for shirts. Measures 4-feet wide, 25 inches tall and 26 inches deep. Very nice for storing a collection of wood planes or other tools in. (same as above lot, it’s a base unit except it’s a bit shorter than the other base unit, the two upper units Lots 550 or 551 can be stacked on top of it) (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
554. D. MALLOCH PERTH, Scottish handled beech slide-arm plow plane (handle damaged) with 6 MALLOCH irons. (PIC)
555. MATHIESON beech slide-arm plow plane with 8 nice MATHIESON irons. (PIC)
556. E.M. SMITH “Yankee” style plow plane. (PIC)
557. Ohio Tool Company #75 _-inch match plane. Plane has been stamped with two different OHIO TOOL CO. stamps on the toe of the plane, very unusual and nice. (PIC)
558. Japanese pull style plane made from heavy oak, appears old; plus a continental rabbet or dado plane. (PIC)
559. Very old & primitive rosewood plane from India. (PIC)
560. Box lot: four marking gages; weatherboard gage, wooden smooth plane; plumber's lead mallet, etc. (PIC)
561. Box lot: two ratchet braces; spoke or dowel pointer & screwdriver bit. (PIC)
562. Box lot: two iron braces, two different hollow augers and two cloth bit rolls. (PIC)
563. Box lot: two combination planes, Stanley #45 Type 7 and WWII era Sargent #1080, planes only, no cutters. (PIC)
564. Unmarked Scottish beech slide-arm plow plane, with 5 MATHIESON irons. (PIC)
565. SANDUSKY #120 beech screw-arm plow plane with numerous thread chips, otherwise VG. (PIC)
566. WILCOX, MANCHESTER, English beech slide-arm plow plane, several cracks but very good overall. (PIC)
567. OHIO TOOL CO. #96 _ handled, beech, screw-arm plow plane, VG. (PIC)
568. Box lot: Two jack planes, several lever caps, etc. (PIC)
569. Box lot: Two wooden Sheffield type braces & two marking gages. (PIC)
570. Lot of 3 planes: one screw-arm plank plane; & two wedge-arm plow planes, plows will need some work if they're to be put back into service. (PIC)
571. Lot of 3 wooden plow planes: one wedge arm, one handled screw-arm; and one with arms secured with wooden screws, all will need varying amounts of work. (PIC)
572. Box lot: coachmaker's plane; adjusting razor blade scraper; bookbinding or leatherworking tool; wooden chalk line spool; ivory pick, file, tweezers, etc. (PIC)
573. Box lot: three fixer-upper wedge-arm plow planes, one missing blade & blade wedge. (PIC)
574. Box lot: three fixer-upper wooden plow planes two screw arm & one wedge-arm. (PIC)
575. Lot of four wooden moulding planes inc. from left to right OHIO TOOL #72 1-inch holllow; FAIRCLOUGH LIVERPOOL 3/4-inch boxed side bead; H CHAPIN No. 217 1/2, 3/8-inch quarter round; & a European? (PIC)
576. Lot of three wooden spoke shaves and one ram's horn scraper, no blade, one shave appears to have been homemade, one had screw adjusted blade, just add blade to scraper and all will be usable. (PIC)
577. Two unusual wooden planes: Continental wooden plow with adjustable iron fence on the bottom, very good; & unusual DR BARTON rabbeting block plane with boxwood body, wedge is an improper replacement, the plane and blade are fine. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
578. Unusual wooden 9 1/2-inch reeding plane with extra wide fence, very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
579. Two wooden planes: coffin shaped 7 1/2-inch plane with radiused bottom, has double iron, can be restored to usable condition; & A.D. WITHAM 9 3/4-inch miter plane with WM. P. FOX GLOBE WORKS single iron, very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
580. Pair of carriagemaker 1-inch wooden hollow & round planes, they appear to have been made of mahogany and both look like they were made by the same person, fine overall. (PIC)
581. Pair of wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL #91 1-1/4-inch twin iron nosing plane, very good; & Auburn Tool Co. #127 1-inch reverse ogee complex moulder, very good. (PIC)
582. M&NH STOUT ST LOUIS wide complex moulding plane marked 1 & 1 1/2 on heel, very good. (PIC)
583. Auburn Tool Co. #127 wide complex moulding plane marked 7/8 on heel, fine. (PIC)
584. OHIO TOOL CO. #61 wide complex moulding plane marked 5/8 & 1 1/2 on the heel, very good. (PIC)
585. Lot of five wooden marking gauges gages including fine Stanley #65; unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood, fine; & unknown double beam; & Stanley #? (PIC)
586. Little Giant screw plate tap & die set in original wooden box, VG. (PIC)
587. Lot of 20+ mostly automotive type nut wrenches. (PIC)
588. Miller Falls Grinding Head; Dunlop Grinding Head; 3 polishing heads, Adjustable Belt Tensioning Pulley Head, all VG. (PIC)
589. Lot of 18+ wrenches inc. dog bone; adjustable multi-head; lug, allen and sockets. (PIC)
590. Fine 2-man crosscut saw. (PIC)
591. Winchester 14-inch square bastard file. (PIC)
592. Set of 16 hardbound volumes of the Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia books. (PIC)
593. Six tool and/or woodworking books: Small Workshop; Home Workshop Planner; Making Work Benches; Well Crafted Workshop; Dust Collection Basics; Build Your Own Workshop. (PIC)
594. Caswell Complete Plating Manual; And four books set inc. Working With Plywood; The Family Handyman; & Metal Casters Bible. (PIC)
595. Four tool & machinery books: Power Saws and Planers; Woodworking With The Router; Fine Woodworking on Planes and Chisels; & The Lathe Book A Complete Guide by Ernie Conover. (PIC)
596. Original 1937 catalog from Luthie Hardware Des Moines, Iowa, VG; & Leighton Supply 1937 Catalog Ft. Dodge, Iowa. (PIC)
597. Four-volume set 1913 Heating and Plumbing books. (PIC)
598. Three issues of Stanley Tool Collector News magazines & 23 issues of The Fine Tool Journal. (PIC)
599. Four tool books & catalogs: Antique Tools & Machinery by Wendel; Restoring Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking Tools by Dunbar; The Catalogue of Antique Tools by Martin J. Donnelly; & A Complete Guide to Making Wooden Clocks. (PIC)
600. Four books: Craftsmen Power Tools; Collection Library Furniture, Lufkin Tapes and Rules; & Veneering Made Easy. (PIC)
601. Hand cranked KELLOGG magneto from antique wooden telephone. (PIC)
602. Unusual wooden caliper by Narragansett Machine Co. Providence R.I. complete and very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
603. Pair of St. Louis glass measuring rulers with advertising of HADLEY DEAN GLASS CO. & BURROUGHS GLASS CO., both have hang holes in one end, otherwise very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
604. Two unusual household tools: Brush patented Aug. 6, 1895; & a kitchen multi tool including stove lid lifer that is likely a patented piece, both very good. (PIC)
605. Lot of rules inc. five 24-inch, 4-fold rules by Stanley, C-S. Co.; Lufkin; a 36-inch 4-fold RABONE No. 2551, VG; & a LUFKIN #524, 48-inch zig zag rule with DOYLE LOG SCALES and having a folding hook at one end, some wear but still VG. (PIC)
606. Millers Falls #14 jack plane (same size as Stanley #5) with original blade, model number in left side, VG. (PIC)
607. Millers Falls #10 heavy smooth plane (same size as Stanley #4 1/2) with original blade, model number in left side, tote broken & glued, VG. (PIC)
608. Millers Falls #10C heavy smooth plane (same size as Stanley #4 1/2C) with original 2 3/8-inch blade, has #10 cast into bed behind frog, fine rosewood tote, VG. (PIC)
609. Millers Falls #9 smooth plane (same size as Stanley #4) with original blade, VG. (PIC)
610. Two late model Millers Falls bench planes: No. 90CBG smoother & No. 140CBG jack plane. Both planes have the model number in the left side, these look like Millers Falls answer to the Stanley HANDYMAN series of cheap bench planes. (PIC)
611. Two Stanley jack planes: #5C Type 11, with original blade, tale rosewood knob, tote broken in the middle; can easily be restored to VG; & another marked on the side of the hardwood tote "DEFIANCE by Stanley." This one has a MADE IN U.S.A. blade, fine wood, fine overall. (PIC)
612. Stanley No. 4 1/2 jumbo smooth plane, late model blade, brass adjuster nut severely marred and needs to be replaced, can be restored to usable condition; Handyman No. 1205H jack plane & late model Stanley #5 1/4 junior jack plane, back 1/2 of rosewood knob sheared off, good hardwood tote, very good usable condition. (PIC)
613. Stanley #40 scrub plane, early style knob, good tote, SW logo blade, VG. (PIC)
614. Three iron block planes: Stanley #103; Stanley with knuckle jointed cap, SW logo; and a BRIDGE TOOL CO. (St. Louis, MO) similar to a Stanley #220. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
615. Pair Stanley 98 & 99 side rabbet planes. These are the early ones with patent date on the skates; they were purchased as a set and have been together ever since, they are both in fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
616. Stanley #203 adjustable block plane, SW logo blade, fine overall; plus a mini block plane that has had the side opened up to make it into a rabbet & has had a wooden handle attached to the rear. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
617. Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane, SW logo blade, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
618. Four different hammers including ferriers, cobblers and upholsterers etc. (PIC)
619. Four different hatchets including a Keen Kutter lathing; & a Black Raven with nail claw. The embossed Black Raven logo is very faint. (PIC)
620. Four different ball peen hammers including one in brass and a tiny one with wire handle. (PIC)
621. Two different hatchets inc. I BLOOD No. 1; and a GENUINE PLUMB with a nice leather sheath in fine overall condition. (PIC)
622. Unusual nail holding hammer, large wooden mallet, soft-face mallet & unknown double ended hoe/pick. (PIC)
623. Lot of five levels: Starrett 10-inch plumber's with shaft/pipe groove, VG; Millers Falls #1590 torpedo, VG; Stanley #259 rosewood? torpedo, VG; Stanley 14-inch #102 & 12-inch ACME? (PIC)
624. Wilkinson folding handle drawknife, one handle is loose, but otherwise very good; plus a large pair of dividers, some pitting but still usable. (PIC)
625. Stanley #49 bit gauge / gage in original box. (PIC)
626. Brass framed C.S. Osborne leather slitter with rosewood-stuffed handle, no blade, very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
627. HARRINGTON rosewood handled saddlers knife, very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
628. Three leather working harness makers tools including a 3/4-inch hole punch; Steptoe & Co. buttonhole-type punch; and a lace slitter. All need light cleaning, but will clean to usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
629. Medium sized brass plumb bob with steel tip & a NOS Stanley #170 plumb bob in original packaging. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
630. Lot of 8 plumb bobs (one not shown in photo) including one made of brass, most will need cleaning. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
631. Two zig-zag rules: Millers Falls #160 with caliper in one end. This is the first MF zig-zag we've seen, it's like new; plus a Lufkin Rule Co. #524 a 48-inch DOYLE LOG SCALE with folding hook on one end, fine. (PIC)
632. Axe door stop, SHARRATT & NEWTH/LONDON patent glass cutter with diamond & rosewood handle; & a pair of wick trimming scissors. (PIC)
633. AHL 1:64 model truck with Stanley SW logo on side, NIB; & pack of 93-930 Stanley carpenter pencils, new in original packaging. (PIC)
634. Three horn planes, one has a brass bottom, another has a GUSS STAHL blade and a compass bottom, all very good. (PIC)
635. Stanley #26 & #27 1/2 transitional jack planes, both VG. (PIC)
636. Two transitional smoothers: Oak Leaf 8-inch with tapered blade, VG: & Stanley #25 with faint logo on toe, good overall. (PIC)
637. D. MALLOCH PERTH wedge arm plow plane, with screw operated depth stop, lock screw missing, brass stiffener plate, very good overall; Ohio Tool wedge arm plank plane, good; & two unusual saws similar to flushing or veneering. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
638. Stanley #48 tongue & groove plane, early model with vine casting on handle, one blade a replacement from a #45, a very good usable plane; the #191 rabbet is missing the depth stop but it otherwise very good and usable. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
639. Stanley #191 rabbet plane & #80 cabinet scraper. The #191 is fine with 90%+ japanning, intact depth stop and fine blade; the #80 is an early model with 50%+ japanning, needs a light cleaning but will make a great user. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
640. Stanley #45 Type 3 with all three main sections, three depth stops, 85%+ japanning, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
641. Stanley #39 3/4-inch dado plane in original box, the plane is like new but the box is worn and shows some moisture staining on the top, corners of the top are blown out and need to be re-taped, label is about 85 percent. A like new plane in a good box. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
642. Miller Falls #22CBG 22-inch corrugated jointer plane, spots of light rust but little evidence of previous use, small hang hole in toe, will clean to fine usable condition. (PIC)
643. Stanley #7C jointer plane, complete and in fine overall condition. (PIC)
644. Three iron bench planes: Millers Falls #814 jack plane, improper rosewood knob, otherwise, complete & VG; Defiance by Stanley 9-inch smooth, complete and fine; & a Sargent HERCULES 9-inch smoother, complete and VG. (PIC)
645. Five wrenches: the smaller open ended wrench has the number 5025 cast into one side; the bigger box ended one like a hubcap wrench. It's marked 16B & 7915 on one side, it is VG; the other three are screw adjusting nut wrenches, the two with the wooden handles need work. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
646. Two corner chisels, one with pitting on the outside, both can be put back into service. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
647. Lot of six dividers, inside and outside spring calipers etc. (PIC)
648. Two kitchen tools: Pass patent knife sharpener & a combination pan lifter and stove-lid lifter, has coat of cadmium and faint patent date, fine. (PIC)
649. Pair of Enterprise-type bung augers; one small and one medium size, both VG. (PIC)
650. Large cabinetmaker tool chest with raised panel lid, inside the lid is a brass plate marked G.N. BADGER 1891 CHARITON, IOWA JANUARY 25, 1893 & 94, two early photos behind glass on inside of lid, a nice old Iowa chest. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
651. Lot of six wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL skew bladed 1 1/2-inch round; DR BARTON #20 1 3/4-inch round; unmarked 1-inch rabbet; AUBURN TOOL CO. #180 3/8-inch No. 4 hollow & round pair; & AUBURN TOOL CO. #106 5/8-inch boxed side bead, all very good. (PIC)
652. Wilson Patent Saw Filer by Globe Manufacturing Painesville, Ohio, patented Nov. 14, 1896 & Jan. 18, 1897, fine overall condition. (PIC)
653. Lot of five marking gages inc. Stanley #92 butt & rabbet gage, complete and VG; a double beam Stanley gauge; a rosewood Stanley that has an extra tin piece added to the end; two will need work. (PIC)
654. Three clapboard tools: Stanley #88 marker; #89 gauge & a wooden preacher. All in very good overall condition. The #88 has initials G.N.B. stamped into it. It probably came out of the chest in lot 650. (PIC)
655. Four saw jointers including Atkins Pat. Dec. 28, 1897; Atkins #5 EXCELSIOR; DIAMOND EDGE & one unknown make; plus an aluminum file holder. (PIC)
656. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, all three main sections, needs blades. Will make a great user. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
657. Four iron block planes inc. Millers Falls low angle (same size as Stanley 60 1/2); Stanley #65 low angle, chipped cap, otherwise OK; Millers Falls No. 75-01-B, VG; and a Stanley #120, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
658. Pair of razee-style bench planes; a jack & a fore or jointer that has a steel sole, both are very good. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
659. ALEX MARSHALL GLASGOW badger plane, closed handle broken at top and needs to be reglued, otherwise OK, nice Sorby double iron. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
660. Early jack plane with faint makers mark and single iron; plus an Ohio Tool 1 1/2-inch handled jack rabbet. The jack rabbet has a chipped handle spur, but is otherwise intact with spurs and good blade. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
661. Stanley lot: #59 doweling jig with six guides, fine; #49 bit gauge, fine; #89 clapboard gauge, fine & two rosewood handled sliding bevels, VG. (PIC)
662. Lot of five block planes: Stanley #65 low angle with SW blade, VG; #60 1/2 low angle, VG; #110 with partial decal on lever cap, replacement knob, VG; #118 unbreakable with maroon paint, partial decal peeling from front, VG; Sargent? #107, VG. (PIC)
663. Three different 9-inch Millers Falls smooth planes: No. 9 complete, original & fine; No. 900, complete, original & very good; and unknown model with plastic handle & knob, looks like the end of the line for MF company, it's complete and very good. (PIC)
664. Millers Falls 07 skew bladed block plane (similar to Stanley #140) in a Millers Falls No. 707 box; and Sargent 307 or 317 with knuckle jointed lever cap, faint logo on blade, needs some work. (PIC)
665. Stanley rosewood marking gage marked with the initials GB (Likely from the tool chest in lot No. 650) plus a CLARK TOOL CO. wooden spokeshave with screw operated blade adjustment & brass wear strip on bottom, very good. (PIC)
666. Six Stanley block planes: 9 1/2; 220; 60 1/2; all in very good usable condition; plus No. 75 bullnose rabbet with original decal; later model No. 9 1/2 with decal on cap; & No. 110 with original decal on cap, all are very good or better. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
667. Winchester No. 3005 (Sargent made) smooth plane with proper blade & lever cap, very good, tote is from a jack or bigger plane but it's fine. (PIC)
668. Siegley or Hahn No. 2 (Stanley No. 4 size) smooth plane with GAR blade, very good overall. (PIC)
669. Stanley No. 182 rabbet plane, early model with vine decorated handle, R&L logo blade, complete with depth stop, fine overall; plus a Stanley No. 192 rabbet plane with BB logo blade, intact depth stop & knicker, very good overall. (PIC)
670. Four mini planes: Stanley No. 100 with R&L logo blade, squirrel-tail handle; an aluminum mini plane with Birmingham-type lever cap, very good; a Stanley H101P in fine overall condition; and a Stanley No. 271 mini router MADE IN U.S.A. model, little light rust, will clean to fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
671. Four mini planes: Two Millers Falls one with black japanning & one gray with red cap; both very good; plus two razor planes including one that can be attached to a long dowel or broom stick. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
672. Stanley #80 cabinet scraper with SW logo strap, intact blade, very good; plus a Stanley No. 66 beader Type I with one fence and one blade, very good overall. (PIC)
673. Three #35 transitional smooth planes: Type I Stanley #35 with eagle logo, marked on toe with owner's name W.H. CHAPIN; BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS MO #35 (made by Stanley) in very good condition; & a Union No. 35, VG. (PIC)
674. Four iron bench planes: Stanley DEFIANCE 9-inch & 8-inch smooth planes, both complete, original and in very good overall condition; Stanley No. 3 smooth plane, fine with all original parts plus a very good Millers Falls No. 9C corrugated 9-inch smooth plane, needs the brass barrel that secures the front knob, otherwise very good overall. (PIC)
675. Craftsman 6-inch joiner planer with fence, all original very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
676. Craftsman 10-inch, 2.5 HP radial arm saw, complete and in very good overall condition. Upgraded with new saw guard. Comes with original manual. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
677. Simplicity Mfg. Co. Port Washington, Wis. tool for dressing the crankshafts on early autos, made by Simplicity Mfg. in Port Washington. This one is marked PAT FEB 28, 1922; JAN 8, 1924. Comes in original wooden box with different sized blades and sharpening stone. (PIC)
678. Large bench mounted CRAFTSMAN vise in black paint. (PIC)
679. Circa 1937-38 bench mounting Driver jig saw by Walker VG. (PIC)
680. Large ROCK ISLAND bench mounted vise. (PIC)
681. Rock Island pip vise, VG. (PIC)
682. Eleven tin patterns for making ductwork, roof flanges, etc. All are from the old Leffler Hardware in Livermore, Iowa. (PIC)
683. Another 18 tin patterns. All are from the old Leffler Hardware in Livermore, Iowa. (PIC)
684. Another 12 tin patterns from the old Leffler Hardware Store in Livermore, Iowa. (PIC)
685. Final 17 tin patterns from old Leffler Hardware Store in Livermore, Iowa. (PIC)
686. Lot of primitive farm tools like well hook; bull leads; pulleys; ox shoes?; piece of leather whip & leather slapjack... . (PIC)
687. Brookins Patent 1-quart copper oil can with tilting spout & a Whitney Metal Tool Co. No. 5 Jr. metal punch set in a nice homemade tin box, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
688. Three Stanley spoke shaves inc. #55 hollow faced with SW cutter, fine; #64 flat bottom with SW cutter, fine; & #51 with light rust, will clean to very good. (PIC)
689. Two ratchet braces inc. Millers Falls No. 776 10-inch, VG; & Stanley No. 921 12-inch; plus two other iron braces that need some work. (PIC)
690. Three drawknives inc. large L&IJ WHITE; Diamond Edge & Unknown, all will easily clean to very good usable condition. (PIC)
691. Wooden mallet & a froe for making wooden shingles. (PIC)
692. Two iron spoke shaves: Stanley #51 in very good overall condition; & Union Tool Co. #117 double ended with flat and concave bottom in fine overall condition. (PIC)
693. Lot of four small wooden planes most likely out of childrens tool sets. (The #75 iron plane is show for scale and is not included) (PIC)
694. Three Stanley planes: late model #5 jack plane, fine; #4 smoother, VG; & #78 rabbet & fillester that is missing the fence but is otherwise VG. (PIC)
695. Veritas Invisible Nailing Kit (blind nailer) similar to Stanley #96 complete with chisel and bottle of glue, new and in original packaging; plus a set of 29 drill bits in the original metal box, like new. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
696. Three block planes: Stanley #9 1/4 & 9 1/2 and a mini block plane. (PIC)
697. Two iron spoke shaves: Stanley #53 with SW logo blade, fine overall; & unknown #1 with cast iron cap held by two thumb screws, very good. (PIC)
698. Stanley BEDROCK 605 1/2 jumbo jack plane; flat sided model, has a rosewood knob with chipped base, a hardwood tote that has been broken in the middle and needs to be glued, lots of white paint overspray, will make a great user. (PIC)
699. Two coachmakers compass planes; a rosewood handled bevel & a 3/8-in. round moulding plane by CONRAD with front of wedge split off. (PIC)
700. Stanley #8C jointer plane Type 10 & Craftsman jack plane. The #8C has 80%+ japanning, nearly full length Type T logo blade, light cost of rust covers most exposed surfaces, very good rosewood tote and knob, will clean to very good overall condition; The jack plane is very good. (PIC)
701. Three antique bullet molds, the two on the right are very good, but one on the left is rusted closed and will need some heat and/or oil to free it. (PIC)
702. Phillips Patent nipper/come-along (handcuff-type item) & two antique bottle openers inc. a brass wall mounted model with screw holes in the ears and bow tie; and a hand-held model advertising Koerber's Beer. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
703. Two double ended Crescent-type adjustable nut wrenches: Crescent 8 to 10-inch model in very good overall condition; & a 6 to 8-inch SCHOLLER that is missing the movable jaw and screw from the smaller end. (PIC)
704. Small brass patternmaker's shave; Millers Falls No. 4 bullnose block plane; and an unknown make block plane similar to a Stanley #102. (PIC)
705. Millers Falls #57 low angle block plane (similar to a Stanley #65) needs a cleaning; Stearns adjustable hollow auger, dowel pointer (for parts only), and small Stanley pocket level with brass top, VG. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
706. Stanley #71 closed throated router plane Type 2, with 85% plus japanning, 1/2-inch cutter, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
707. Stanley #71 1/2 closed throated router plane Type 4, has an owner added wooden base (mounted thru factory drilled holes) that will clean to very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
708. Stanley #71 router plane Type 12 (War Model) with 90%+ japanning, intact throat closing attachment, 1/4-inch blade, missing the 1/2 and V-shape blades, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
709. Adjustable jointer gauge or gage for mounting on onto an iron bench plane to do chamfer work. It's missing the knurled locking nut; also included is a commemorative hammer head from the 1997 MWTCA Semiannual meeting in Peoria, Illinois. (PIC)
710. Set of 13 original blades for a Sargent #1080 combination plow plane, included are two sash, two match, four plows & six beads. All have light surface rust but will easily clean to fine usable condition. Will go nicely with lot #563. (PIC)
711. Stanley #55 combination plow plane. This is the one Stanley advertised as being a planing mill in itself. This one includes the main frame, sliding section, both handles and auxiliary center bottom AKA tower, plus 20 original blades including the slitter. This plane has a few patches of light rust and the casting is broken where the locking screw for the front depth stop goes. This one will make a perfect user or parts plane. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
712. Stanley #78 Type I duplex rabbet & fillester plane, 95%+ original japanning, VG blade marked PATD NOV. 18, 1884, about as good as they come. (PIC)
713. Two levels: DAVIS & COOK 28-inch plumb & level with nickel plated vial housings marked COOK'S LEVEL PATD OCT.20.1903 MANUFACTURED BY DAVIS & COOOK WATERTOWN, N.Y. U.S.A. fine overall; this lot also includes a 30-inch mahogany plumb & level by H.CHAPIN UNION FACTORY, the plumb vial is dry, nice brass side views and brass corners, needs cleaning. (PIC)
714. Two levels: H.M. POOL EASTON MASS plumb & level with mahogany stock, brass double side view, brass corners, plumb vial broken, numerous nicks and dings; plus a Stanley SW No. 3 26-inch plumb & level, one spot of staining on one side, otherwise complete and VG. (PIC)
715. Two 30-inch Stratton Bros. mahogany levels: No. 1 brass-bound with decorative brass side views, the mahogany looks bleached out, both vials intact, very good overall; & a No. 4 with brass corners & brass top plate, both vials intact, very good overall. (PIC)
716. Lot of four screwdrivers: Yankee 31A; Goodell Bros.; Millers Falls #610, & Reid screwdriver or bit stock. (PIC)
717. Two push drills in fine condition plus a spiral screwdriver by the Decatur Coffin Co., VG. (PIC)
718. Nicholson #4 Surface File Holder for 12 & 14-inch files, new in original pasteboard box with nice labels. (PIC)
719. Two rosewood tool handles with bits; an Alford's patent hand vise with several attachments inside the rosewood handle, VG. (PIC)
720. Ira C. Clawson patent hand drill (U.S. Patent #2,310,759) made by JO Mfg. Co. South Gate, Calif. This one has a handle that be adjusted and a head that can tilted into several different positions, VG. (PIC)
721. Stanley #82 handled scraper, fine; & a Stanley #89 clapboard gauge, fine. (PIC)
722. C.E. Jennings No. 2 expansive bit in original pouch, fine; & two rosewood handled bevels. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
723. Swift & Anderson Boston surveyor's sighting level & Stanley #136, 4-inch boxwood & brass caliper rule. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
724. Cobbler's hammer; iron heel shave & unusual offset screwdriver with wooden handle. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
725. P.S.&W. patented auger handle, fine; & two large auger bits. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
726. Large RUSWIN perfect-handle type nut wrench, VG; & large homemade turnscrew (screwdriver, Jeff) that was made out of a file. Both tools have initials G.N.B. stamped into them indicating they came out of the chest in lot #650. (PIC 1 & PIC 2 )
727. Early looking spill plane with a Stanley V-logo blade, VG; plus a SCIOTO WORKS plane that has a sole that is rounded from side to side with a nice OHIO TOOL CO. blade, initial G.N.B. indicate it came out tool chest in lot #650. (PIC)
728. Four little wooden planes; smoother; T rabbet & two mini horn planes. The two horn planes look like they came from children's tool kits. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
729. Two mini smooth planes and one unknown dovetail? plane with rosewood bottom. Unlike the previous lot, all of these were made to be used. One of the two smoothers has a single iron that is marked BRITISH MADE; the other is a bit smaller and appears to be made of fruitwood and has a throat patch, all in usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
730. Stanley #40 scrub plane, near new example of the later style with extra blade support, original decal on side of fine tote, fine knob, little used SW blade, only fault is a hang hole drilled in the bed just in front of the tote. (PIC)
731. Stanley #72 chamfer plane with Stanley Rule & Level Co. blade, very good beaded knob, early decorative cap screw, early style tote chipped at base, japanning 90%+, very good overall condition. (PIC)
732. Stanley ECLIPSE jack plane in fine original condition & a Millers Falls #90CBG smooth plane in original box with Government Contract No. GS-00S-49998 Federal Stock No. 5110-242-3057 label on end, NOS. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
733. Stanley #93 cabinetmaker's shoulder plane, SW logo on toe, nearly full length iron, the left side is chipped where the top mates to the bottom, will make a great user, comes in a wooden box that needs to be glued on one side. (PIC)
734. Stanley #278 rabbet & #194 fiberboard beveling plane; the 278 is missing the fence and depth stop, but the fence rod is present, good usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
735. Stanley #113 compass plane Type 3 with all original parts inc. Q-logo cutter, fine overall. (PIC)
736. Stanley #12 1/2 cabinet scraper, very good rosewood handle, rosewood wear strip on bottom has screws poking thru; the outer brass locking nut is MIA and has been replaced by a regular nut; will clean to usable condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
737. Two wooden screw clamps & a nicely made 1-foot square benchtop miter clamp and saw guide. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
738. Lot of six wooden molding planes inc. from left: Greenfield Tool Co. screw-arm sash plane missing both blades, but otherwise in very good condition; twin-iron nosing plane, two rabbets, side bead & round. Some will require some work to get them to usable condition. (PIC)
739. Lot of six wooden molding planes: and an Ohio Tool side bead that is missing the boxing and has been broken in the back with the additional imprint of BRYCE & SORELL IOWA CITY, IOWA. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
740. Two wood planes: 24-inch double razee style jointer plane, appears to be homemade with early tapered iron, very good overall; & a razee-style, 20-inch jack rabbet plane, uses a 1 1/2-inch blade but has an improper 7/8-in. blade, missing both knickers, otherwise VG. (PIC)
741. Extra-wide 2 1/2-inch shipwright's jack rabbet by T. TILESTON BOSTON Front Street, intact with both knickers and proper blade, very good overall; & a 12-inch homemade rabbet with applied fence, iron appears to be an old plow plane iron that's been sharpened on both ends. (PIC)
742. Two wood planes: Body only for a handled No. 595 tongue part of a T&G set, very good overall; & a 9 1/2-inch forkstaff or spar plane by G.A. BENTON BOSTON, with very nice Wm. ASH & CO. blade and chipbreaker, marked 4/8 on the heel but it's about 1 1/4-inch, very good overall. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
743. AUBURN TOOL CO. 2-inch jack rabbet with offset handle, fine overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
744. Vise for wooden harness maker's bench, very good overall condition. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
745. Stanley #2 plane parts: this lot includes the beds, lever cap and all the screws shown in the photo. As you can see, the beds all have problems; the 2C has a repair in the right side; one bed has the left cheek broken off, etc. (See the next two lots for more #2 parts.) (PIC)
746. Lot of four frogs & five irons or blades for Stanley #2 and other #2-size, 7-inch smooth planes. (PIC)
747. Lot of five totes and eight knobs for #2-sized smoother (Stanley #2 size) planes. One or two have glued repairs. (PIC)
748. Stanley plane parts: 15-drawer organizer full of plane parts mostly screws, nuts, even some Bedrock pins and screws. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
749. Large 3-drawer cabinet full of plane parts.
750. Choice of six boxes Stanley plane parts.

The following is a list of 29 X-lots that will be worked into the sale throughout the day. A printed list of these X lots will be given to all who register at the auction.

X01. _____ EAIA Chronicle Magazines (38 total) 1990 to 1993 complete; 1982; 1987; 1988; 1994-1996; plus an Index to Vols. 41 to 46. (PIC)
X02. _____ MWTCA Gristmill Magazines (28 total) from 1985 to 1996. (PIC)
X03. _____ Four woodworking books: Handyman's Book by Hasluck; The WoodworkerÕs Visual Handbook by Arno; The Complete Woodworker by Jones; & Cabinetry by Yoder. All are VG or better. (PIC)
X04. _____ Lot of woodworking & tool magazines inc. Wood; American Woodworker; Workbench; etc. (PIC 1 & PIC2)
X05. _____ Four original catalogs: W.B. Perry & Sons Utica NY; Penn Hardware Co. Reading, Penn. Price List #2; Enderes Edge Tools & Cutlery, Albert Lea, Minn. Catalog #10; & W.D. Allen's Hose Brass Goods Catalog Catalog #44. (PIC)
X06. _____ Numerous farm related magazines like Draft Horse Journal; EVENER; Pig American; & a 1947 issue of The Shorthorn World Ð The Beginners Number. (PIC 1, PIC 2, & PIC 3)
X07. _____ EAIA Shavings Newsletters 1991 to 1999 plus one EAIA Chronicle magazine. (PIC)
X08. _____ Four woodworking books: Scrap Wood Fun For Kids by Endicott; The WOODBOOK 78; Worksteads Living & Working in the Same Place by Hewes; & What To Make 1955 by Popular Mechanics Press. (PIC)
X09. _____ Vulcan Iron Works book of trains, VG; Two Sherman Brass Goods Catalogs; Reed Tools catalog; & three issues of the Blacksmith Association of Missouri (BAM) Newsletter. (PIC)
X10. _____ Early post hole shovel; unusual edging shovel, and two mystery primitives one looks like an inside measure. (PIC)
X11. _____ EAIA Chronicle magazines: 1980 to 1988.Ê (PIC)
X12. _____ Bud Steere's Antique Tool Catalogs from 1981 to 1985 plus several 1980s & 1990s tool auction lists and notices. (PIC)
X13. _____ Lot early MWTCA Gristmill Magazines: 1979 (1); 1980(4); 1981(3); 1982(4); 1983(2) & 1990(1). ItÕs a hoot to see what your tool club friends looked like 25 to 30 years ago. (PIC)
X14. _____ WINCHESTER TIRES sign approx. 18 X 54 inches, Fine. (PIC)
X15. _____ Unknown make treadle jig saw, VG. (PIC)
X16. _____ EAIA Chronicle Magazines (14) plus several Simmons Auction Co. auction catalogs. (PIC)
X17. _____ Small Farmer's Journal Magazines (12) plus numerous other farm related publications. (PIC 1 & PIC2)
X18. _____ MWTCA Gristmill Magazines: #94 March 1999 to #120 Sept. 2005. Missing #115 & #118. (PIC)
X19. _____ MWTCA Gristmill Magazines: #84 Sept. 1996 to #93 Dec. 1998 plus #39; 40; & 42 from 1985 & #75 June 1994. (PIC)
X20. _____ EAIA Shavings Newsletters: 1990(2); 1994(1); 1996(3); 1997(6); 1998(5); 2007(5) & 2008(1) & three EAIA Directories. (PIC)
X21. _____ EAIA Chronicle Magazines 1994 to 2002. (PIC)
X22. _____ EAIA Shavings Newsletters 1999 to 2006. (PIC)
X23. _____ Germantown combination hammer, lug wrench & tire tool plus two alligator wrenches inc. J.H. Williams Bulldog No.3 with C.C.C. Railroad logo. (PIC)
X24. _____ Cast iron seat with number 334 cast into bottom. Similar to those used on Barnes pedal powered tools. (PIC)
X25. _____ Johnson Patent (No. 754,069) T-handle socket wrench for the nuts that secure the teeth of thresher-cylinders. This one is marked TIGER & has the patent date MAR 8, 04; also included is a drop center rim iron marked PAT PENDING & sporting John Deere green paint. (PIC 1 & PIC 2)
X26. _____ Two wooden handled T augers. (PIC)
X27. _____ Large tinner's stake anvil. (PIC)
X28. _____ Lot of blacksmith hammers; punches etc.
X29. _____ Lot of 9 extra long auger bits.


For absentee bidding information or to schedule a sale of your own gear, contact sale manager Mike Urness at 314-497-7884 or by email at ratdaddy@mac.com