10th ANNUAL, 2-DAY


May 1, 2015
beginning 8:35 AM both days

Humboldt Fairgrounds Building (Events Center)
311 6th Ave. North
Humboldt, Iowa 50548

(preview Thursday from 3 to 6:30 PM. Friday from 6 to 8:35 AM; and Saturday from 6 to 8:35 AM)

All items selling on Day 1 are from the extensive collection of the late Martin Raak of Orange City Iowa. Martin collected walking plows, corn items; fence tools; barbed wire; rope makers; carpenter tools including planes, levels, plumb bobs, hammers and more. The Friday auction will begin outside with the sale of his horse-drawn farming implements (lots 704 to ), a few additional farm tools and several buckets of lesser quality wrenches; after which we move onto a few misc farm tools including a pump jack and a well or cistern pump and his collection of 30+ walking plows, garden cultivators, and similar implements, along with a seed grader, disc sharpener; line shaft setup, and other farming equipment. In between the plows we will also be selling the floor model corn shellers and other corn items including display boards of husking gloves and shucking pegs, dryers, hand shellers, etc. Then onto the barbed wire and check-row wire display boards and boxes of loose wire; followed by a large collection of fence stretchers, strainers, tugs, wire and fencing tools like combination pliers and hammers and a collection of 15 plus posthole diggers and augers; and finally onto the wrench portion of the collection with 415+ lots of wrenches and tool books. Following the Friday auction, we would suggest you join many of your fellow collectors at Vinnys Barbecue in Dakota City. It is only a 5-minute drive from the Fairgrounds, and the food is fantastic.

Wrench Collection:

001. Pair: BAILOR PLOW ATCHISON KAN. C49, 10-in. malleable; and BRADLEY CULTIVATOR D12. (Photo)

002. Pair: DAIN (John Deere) L136E 8-inch; and a W.P. CO. 71 9.5-inch Malleable. (Photo)

003 Pair of T wrenches: AVERY Peoria, ILL 4-socket variation; and CASE Thrashing Machine Co. LG276 former Emerson Brantingham. (Photo)

004. South Bend Chilled Plow 16.5-inch 3-lb. wrench, very good. (Photo)

005. Kingman Plow N81 10.5-inch with some old red paint. (Photo)

006. Lot of nine assorted wrenches: 19-inch open end with 2 1/4-in. opening; DELCO 90257 light plant wrench; R1123 ROCK ISLAND PLOW pitted, etc. (Photo)

007. Lot of nine assorted wrenches: ZA810; H; L299; P28, etc.

008. Pair of rare but broken wrenches: 246 MARSEILLES (John Deere) broken jaw; and a MOLINE 8 hammer and wrench with broken claw, hollow-end variant. (Photo)

009. Owatonna Tool Co. John Deere 129; 128; and 132 wrenches socket wrenches for torquing head bolts? All very good. (Photo)

010. Lot of five wrenches: Moline Plow Co. 1126A T-shaped; BAILOR PLOW CO. C49 pitted; Janesville Machine later Samson Tractor 9-inch, malleable; EMERSON M518, etc.

011. ULTRA RARE JOHN DEERE L22 clevis pin wrench, moderately pitted but number is visible. (Photo)

012. Oliver and Nichols & Sheppard F20005 9-inch T-handle wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

013. Pair of cream separator wrenches: Melott (unmarked) 8-inch and MONTGOMERY WARD 8-inch. (Photo)

014. UNIVERSAL HARVESTER CO. aluminum wrench; and 7.5-inch KEYSTONE Sterling ILL later International Harvester T-handle wrench. (Photo)

015. HUBER 302 malleable 10-inch pitted, similar to MINNESOTA THRASHING MACHINE 10-inch wrenches. (Photo)

016. MONARCH 226 cream separator wrench with T-handle.

017. DU-AL R-99 spanner 11.75-inch Sioux Falls SD, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

018. Three clevises no pins. (Photo)

019. HERSCHEL 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

020. DEERING 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

021. Pair: STERLING MFG. D127 12-inch malleable, nice graphic lettering; and an INDIANA SILO CO. 5/8-inch S-handle double open end. (Photo)

022. Adams Road grader No. 172 10-inch wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Five orphan or unknown make farm or implement wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

024. Five orphan or unknown make farm or implement wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

025. Nine implement or farm or implement wrenches; Janesville Machine Co.; DISK; DISK; 630, M182 (Litchfield), GALE flat steel; etc. (Photo)

026. Nine assorted implement wrenches: Case Plow; Patee Plow Co.; DEERE & MASURE; DELCO light plant, ect. (Photo & Photo 2)

027. Nine assorted farm or implement wrenches: Litchfield; Janesville Machine Co.; A34 (Minnesota Prison Industries); R319 IHC; M231 (IHC); 26494D (McCormick Deering spark plug wrench), etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. Eight assorted farm or implement wrenches: PR40 (Sattley & Moline Plow); F239 (OLIVER); M15 (orphan); D.203 (Moline Plow); KW8 (Rock Island); EMERSON M512 (pitman); and a 285 (Vallie & Kimes Dayton Ohio). (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Pair of Avery Company Peoria Illinois farm or implement wrenches: 251 & 464 with AVERY spelled out in an arch on the back. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. Pair of farm or implement wrenches: 614 (Patee Plow); and an unmarked Pickering governor adjusting wrench with loop handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

031. Pair of farm or implement wrenches: W.P.CO. A2 (Wired Plow Co); and an a 1836 (Wallis Tractor). (Photo & Photo 2)

032. Eight misc. wrenches.


033. LITCHFIELD cutout 7-inch, very pitted. (R1299) (Photo & Photo 2)

034. UNIVERSAL cutout, no number variant, 4.5-inch very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. DEERE A196 with number running down alongside by large box opening, cracked jaw. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. PLANET JR. 6.5-inch No. 3 cutout. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. BLACKHAWK cutout 7.5-inch with stud, Schler/Oliver, pitted. (Photo & Photo 2)

038. PLANET JR. 6.5-inch No. 3 cutout. (Photo)

039. IRON AGE 6.5-inch cutout wrench C9. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. Scarce PLANET JR. H4 solid 8-inch NOT CUTOUT, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. Lot of six horse related tools: NEVERSLIP 13-inch PATENTED NEVER SLIP MFG. CO. THE JOHSON WRENCH; J. CASPERS LANCASTER WISC. calk wrench (Schulz 885); BLEDSOE 10.75-inch (Schulz 257); BLEDSOE 8.5-inch (Schulz 257); NEVERSLIP MFG. calking pliers 9-inch, very good; and a hand forged snow knocker. (Photo)

042. Six calk wrenches: DIAMOND (bold); four NEVERSLIP, one marked with Aug. 17, 1897 patent date; and a GIANT GRIP 1/2. (Photo)

043. Lot of seven CASE wrenches: six are Case Thrashing Machine flat steel wrenches and one is a CASE PLOW WORKS 4105 malleable, very good. (Photo)

044. Five JOHN DEERE flat steel wrenches. (Photo)

045. STODDARD C919 16-inch, very good. (Photo)

046. Minneapolis Thrashing Machine steam engine wrench 11-inch malleable marked 1280M, very good. (Photo)

047. HUBER 10-inch Z97 piston and steam chest wrench. (Photo)

048. Minneapolis Thrashing Machine steam engine wrench 11-inch malleable marked 142M, very good. (Photo)

049. DAVID BRADLEY 832A 13-inch with hook spanner on one end, very good. (Photo)

050. WEBER oddball 10-inch aluminum wrench with six openings, very good overall; and an 8.75-inch aluminum with 3 openings. (Photo)

051. Lot of five large #4 single-sided alligator wrenches: from top to bottom are: Vaughan & Bushnell; ARMSTRONG CHICAGO; unmarked shop made; #4 BULLDOG W&B; and AMERICAN SAW CO. (Photo & Photo 2)

052. Choice from among five different No. 4 1/2 & No. 5 single ended alligator wrenches: from top top bottom: ARMSTRONG CHICAGO #4 1/2; J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. #5 BULL DOG; KEYSTONE DROP FORGE #5; AMERICAN SAW CO. #5; and a J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. #4 1/2 BULL DOG. (Photo & Photo 2)

053. Lot of seven single ended alligator wrenches inc. No. 3 BULL DOG; unmarked No. 3 size; No.3 GATOR WRECH MFG by ROEBLING; No. 3 W&B; No. 3 stamped ROCK ISLAND LINE; 19.5-inch shop made; and 18-inch shop made marked ST J. & CI. (Photo & Photo 2)

054. Lot of six single ended alligator wrenches: 24.5-in. L.V.R.R. CO. rusty; unknown make 18-in. rusty; 17.5-in. rusty and pitted; 15.5-in. unknown; 17-in. shop made; and 15.75-inch shop made with faint railroad logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

055. Lot of six large single ended alligator wrenches: 22-inch ARMSTRONG CHICAGO; unknown 19-inch marked 10ZB-D116; 18-inch rusty and pitted; ARMSTRONG CHICAGO No. 3; Unknown make No. 3-size; and a No. 3 that appears to be cad plated. (Photo & Photo 2)

056. Choice from among 12 assorted singled ended alligator wrenches all but one of which are homemade, several are made out of old rasps and files. (Photo & Photo 2)

057. Choice from among 10 double ended hand forged alligator wrenches, several made from old files and rasps. (Photo & Photo 2)

058. Lot of seven manufactured double ended alligator wrenches including: No.2 TWIN ALLIGATOR WRENCH, MFG BY ROEBLING, TRENTON, NJ; W&B; TWIN WRENCH (pitted); W&B TWIN (slightly bent); HAWKEYE with thread chasers; K&B CO. SASON with thread chasers; and a stamped steel S&T WRENCH with screwdriver in end of one jaw. (Photo & Photo 2)

059. Lot of seven manufactured double ended alligator wrenches: W&B TWIN; BONNEY VIXEN; PAT. 720554, PAT PEND, with thread chasers; another PAT. 720554, PAT PEND, with thread chasers; EVER READY stamped steel; THE S&T WRENCH; and W&B TWIN. (Photo & Photo 2)

060. Lot of eight assorted small alligator wrenches, four or five look manufactured, the others are shop projects. (Photo)

061. Lot of 12 double ended alligator wrenches including BONNEY BABY VIXEN with thread chasers; VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL No. 1; P.W. CO. PAT JULY 16, 1882, etc. (Photo)

062. Lot of 29 assorted singled ended alligator wrenches including PAGOMA 13; ROEBLING ALLIGATOR WRENCH PAT. AUG. 3, 188; Mossberg No. 470; W&B No. 1 1/2 BULL DOG, etc. (Photo)

063. Lot of seven assorted single ended alligator wrenches including: ROEBLING ALLIGATOR WRENCH No. 2; VERONA No. 2; W&B BULL-DOG No. 2; etc. (Photo)

064. Lot of seven adjustable alligator wrenches including THE ELGIN; THE VICTOR; Elgin with die stock in handle, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

065. Lot of nine double ended alligator wrenches including WILLIAMS No. 2; W&B No. 2; W&B No. 2 1/2; V&B; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

066. Lot of 15 assorted alligator wrenches including one that has an alligator welded to the end of a regular open end; five with thread chasers in the handle among them a HAWKEYE CROCODILE; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Lot of 14 assorted miniature alligator wrenches including a combination alligator and screwdriver marked U.S. H.N. BAILEY MADE BY VIM 1955 for military camp stoves? (Photo & Photo 2)

068. Lot of 15 assorted alligator wrenches including a set of 3 that are bolted together like an auto-set, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

069. Choice from among five smith-made wrenches including: a 15.5-inch hose spanner with hydrant wrench and hose spanner made from an old file; an unusual 10-inch double ended alligator with the number HA520 stamped or cast into both sides; an 11-inch S-handled open ended wrench with fine touch mark decorations on both sides, made from an old rasp, fine overall; 12.5-inch double ended alligator made from an old rasp, very good; and an 11-inch double ended with alligator on one end an open end on other, marked WTL in two places, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

070. Lot of eight pair of Vise-Grip type pliers: 7-inch BMC No. 7; 7-inch CHINA; Seymour Smith 9-inch SNAP-LOCK No. 2610; BMC 11.5-inch; Unknown make 10-inch PAT APPLD; WIZARD LOC-GRIP H1209, PAT. 2,966,818; LION HEAD Taiwan; and PLI-WRENCH PAT. PEND. (Photo)

071. Lot of seven pair of Vise-Grip type pliers: unknown make 9-inch with faint logo on lever; SAMSON LEVER JAW WRENCH 9.5-inch; unknown make 10-inch with 2-hole modification to working end; 9-inch pair marked JAPAN; BARCALO LOCK-JAW PAT. 2576286 with unusual release lever on side; SHUR GRIP CO. ROCKFORD, ILL PAT PEND 9-inch; and a pair with a heavily modified end. (Photo)

072. Lot of 16 automotive-type adjustable wrenches, two with tire spoons built into the ends of the handles. (Photo)

073. Lot of eight assorted pair of Vise-Grip-type pliers. (Photo)

074. Lot of eleven assorted pair of Vise-Grip-type wrenches. (Photo)

075. Lot of 9 assorted ACME & HERCULES wire and twist handled adjustable nut wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

076. Lot of 6 assorted ACME and HERCULES twist and wire handle wrenches, all with visible names and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

077. Three twist handle adjustable nut wrenches that closely following the original Seymour Patent, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

078. Choice from among six scarce twist handle ACME wrenches that all have the threads on the top bar of the frame instead of the bottom one. Included are a 12-inch; 9-inches; 9.75-inch; and three 8-inch models. (Photo)

079. Lot of seven assorted spud wrenches including ACE; CHICAGO SPECIALTY; three NYE, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

080. Five self-tightening side-jaw nut wrenches: LARC-O-MATIC; two COCHRAN SPEEDNUT models; INSTA-GRIP from WESTERN GERMANY; and a RAPID GRIP 10 SANGUV TOOL ??? MILLS, PA with name lightly etched into head and having a red plastic covered handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

081. Lot of six hand forged wrenches including five S-handled models. (Photo)

082. Two factory modified VISE-GRIP plier wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

083. Ten assorted adjustable pocket or bicycle wrenches including one twist handle; Mossberg A-1; L&S; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

084. Nine pocket or bicycle wrenches: SANDOW?; MUSSELMAN UNIVERSAL BICYCLE WRENCH, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

085. Choice from among 14 Vise-Grip pliers, welding clamps; and needle nose, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

086. Lot of 12 different implement wrenches including PLANET JR. solid & cutout; STANDARD, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

087. Lot of 16 assorted flat steel wrenches including BINKS paint gun wrenches. (Photo)

088. Lot of four 18-inch wooden handled monkey wrenches including W&B; COES; B&C combination pipe & nut with long hex adjusting nut. (Photo)

089. Nine wood handled monkey wrenches: 12-in. W&B; 10-in. Perfect Handle; 10-inch Coes; 10-in. WORTH; 10-in. GIRARD; 8-in. W&B; 8-in. COES; L&S 6.5-in.; and a 6-in. Coes. (Photo)

090. Lot of four wood handled monkey wrenches: 18-inch Coes that needs the some work; B&C 18-inch combination pipe & nut that has a long adjuster sleeve; 16-inch B&C combination pipe & nut with long adjuster sleeve; and a 16-inch B&C combination pipe & nut with hex nut adjuster. (Photo)

091. Three wood handled monkey wrenches: including 16-inch B&C combination pipe and nut with hex adjuster sleeve; 12-inch COES with C.R.R. stamp; and an 11-inch B&C combination pipe and nut with long adjuster sleeve. (Photo)

092. Five wooden handled monkey wrenches: 16-inch B&C combination pipe & nut with long adjuster sleeve; 15-inch B&C with hex adjuster nut; 15-inch COES; 15-inch W&B; and 13-inch B&C combination pipe & nut with long adjuster sleeve. (Photo)

093. Pair of B&C combination pipe and nut wrenches: 15-inch with hex adjuster nut; and 13-inch with hex adjuster nut. (Photo)

094. Lot of six wood handled monkey wrenches: 21-inch COES-type; 18-inch COES-type; 15-inch W&B; 15-inch LAMSON & SESSIONS; 12-inch B&C; and a 10-inch WHITMAN & BARNES with name spelled out, some light rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

095. Lot of seven wood handled monkey wrenches: 6-in. GIRARD; 8-in. (nominal) GIRARD; 12-in. GIRARD; 12-in. B&C; 12-in. unknown; and two rusty 15-inch models. (Photo & Photo 2)

096. Lot of four all-metal monkey wrenches: 21-inch W&B INTERMEDIATE also marked C.N.RY.; 17-inch GIRARD RAILROAD ROUGH; 18-inch INTERMEDIATE also marked G.N.R.Y.; and a BILLINGS 15.5-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

097. Lot of five all-metal monkey wrenches: 15-inch INTERMEDIATE CRI&PRY; B&C 15.5-inch C.M. & ST.P.&P; 15-inch INTERMEDIATE; 12-in. COES; and 12-in. BILLINGS. (Photo)

098. Lot of six all-metal monkey wrenches: two 12-inch B&C one with C.&N.W. RR logo, both with hex adjuster nuts; rusty and pitted 12-inch GIRARD; W&B RAILROAD SPECIAL 10-inch with C.R.I. & P.RY railroad logo; double marked COES & BILLINGS 10.5-inch; and an 8-inch GIRARD RAILROAD SPECIAL. (Photo & Photo 2)

099. Four all-metal monkey wrenches: 8-in. B&C; 8-in. PEXTO; 6-in. INTERMEDIATE; and 6-in. COES? (Photo & Photo 2)

100. Choice from among six all-metal TRIMO adjustable nut wrenches the largest is 18 inches and the smallest is 7.5 inches. (Photo & Photo 2)

101. Lot of seven TRIMO wrenches: two 8-in.; two 10-in.; two 11.5-in.; and a 12-in. pipe. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. Choice of three TRIMO wooden handled adjustable nut wrenches: 8, 12 and 15-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Lot of three 22-inch monkey wrenches: all-metal GIRARD; wooden handled H.D. SMITH PERFECT HANDLE; and an all-metal COES or BILLINGS type. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

103B. Lot of six all-metal monkey wrenches inc. 18-inch J.H. WILLIAMS & W&B RAILROAD SPECIAL; 15-inch B&C with hex nut adjuster slightly bent; 18-inch PEXTO; 18-in. B&C; 18-in. B&C with hex adjuster and some rust; and a 15-in. PEXTO. (Photo)

104. Lot of four H.D. SMITH PERFECT HANDLE wrenches: 18-inch nut wench; 15-inch nut wrench; 14-inch pipe wrench and 12-inch nut wrench, all need cleaning. (Photo)

105. Five all-metal monkey wrenches: 15-in. W&B with C.M. & ST.P.R. railroad markings; 15-in. Coes; INTERMEDIATE 12-in.; B&C 12-in.; and a W&B 12-in. (Photo & Photo 2)

106. Four all-metal monkey wrenches: 12-in., 10-in., and 8 1/2-in. B&C with hex adjuster nuts; and a COES 8-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

107. Six all-metal monkey wrenches: 15-inch C.M.&ST.P.RY railroad INTERMEDIATE; 8-in. B&C with hex nut; 6-in. B&C with short round adjuster sleeve; 6-in. W&B with CRI & PRY railroad markings; 8-in. W&B RAILROAD SPECIAL; and an 8-in. INTERMEDIATE Coes or Billings. (Photo & Photo 2)

108. Choice from among 10 adjustable nut wrenches: A: 10-in. Twist handle with sprung jaw; B: 10-in. all-metal PEXTO Coes-type monkey; C: 10-in. PEXTO Coes-type monkey wrench; D: 8-inch twist handle with crack: E: unmarked 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench; F: GIRARD? 8-in. all metal with patterened handle; G: unknown 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench; H: 6-inch LADD New York; I: 6-inch loop handle nut wrench; and J: a Cochran Speed Nut self-adjust nut wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

109. Lot of six wood handled monkey wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

110. Three PEXTO all-metal monkey wrenches: 12-inch; 10-inch and 6-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)


111. Lot of eight plier or plier-like tools: 5.5-in. slip-joint pliers; Cee Tee C0. (Crescent) slip joint 7-in. plier; OTTO & REYNOLDS tooth extractor; UTICA TOOLS slip joint plier; BONNEY side cutters; and LOCK-LINE plier with chipped side cutter. (Photo & Photo 2)

112. Lot of six plier or plier-like tools: BLEDSOE 8.5-inch plier; 6-inch end cutters with interchangeable blades; 6-inch nipper or end cutter; slip-joint plier with side cutter (red handles); and KRAEUTER 1781-7 needle nose plier. (Photo & Photo 2)

113. Eight plier or plier-like tools: 8-inch UTICA 31 plier; 6.75-inch parallel-jaw plier with side cutter; IXL CHAIN PLIER; plastic fuse tongs; curved fingernail cutters?; KRAEUTER 5-inch side cutter; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

114. Three pliers: REINHARD-MCCABE, MINNEAPOLIS MODEL 10; and two HAMPTON MACHINE TOOL CO. plier-type wenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

115. C.C.S. CO. lever-operated oddball 7-inch plier. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. Six pair of pliers including a 14-inch pair double marked AMERICA ROCKFORD ILL MADE FOR ??? AUSTIN, TEX. (Photo & Photo 2)

117. DUPONT NO. 2 dynamite pliers; J.M.C. specialty plier; and a small pair of GERMAN nail clipping side cutters. (Photo & Photo 2)

118. Two misc. pair of pliers: V&B parallel-jaw; and an 8-inch pair for opening sardine cans, scarce. (Photo & Photo 2)

119. Six pair of assorted pliers: for cotter pins; and a pair of KOETH Patent pliers with snipping jaws. (Photo & Photo 2)

120. Lot of 17 assorted pairs of pliers including four gas pliers, etc. (Photo)

121. CHOICE from among five ratchet-type wrenches: BILLMONT with sockets stored inside handle; AUTO-CLE; RACINE CENT. MFG. CO. PAT. RACINE WIS. double ended with square openings; ALLEN UNIVERSAL with swiveling head; and a PICK-UP PATD. (Photo)

122. Six cultivator wrenches inc. STANDARD; PLANET JR., etc. (Photo)

123. Four large B&C monkey wrenches: three 18-inch and one 21-inch all with hex adjuster nuts. (Photo)

124. Seven modified wrenches six monkey and one adjustable DIAMOND buggy wrench. (Photo)

125. Five Emerson Plow wrenches. (Photo)

126. Ten farm or implement wrenches: Cast Tractor; Cockshut; Indiana Silo; Tower, etc. (Photo)

127. Nine John Deere wrenches inc. Van Brunt. (Photo)

128. Pair of D&M wrenches: one marked with D&M and one is not marked. (Photo)


129. Five misc. wrenches: two marked pair of lasting plier hammer combination tools, one marked #3 and one marked #2; two petroleum valve bulk-tank valve wrenches; and a 13.5-inch homemade open end. (Photo)

130. Lot of six misc. wrenches: 12-in. all-metal adjustable pipe and nut combo; 9-in. WIZZARD No. 9 adjustable AUTO; Scarce 8-inch CYGNET adjustable side jaw type; W.L. DAVEY Pat. sucker rod wrench ROCKFORD, ILL; 7-inch GMT? slip-joint pliers; and an adjustable pipe wrench that has two ways the jaw can be inserted one at 90 degrees to the handle and one in line with the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

131. Choice of wooden handled H.D. SMITH PERFECT HANDLE crescent-type wrenches:
A: 10-inch, very good.
B: 8-inch, good or better.
C: SCARCE 6-inch model that is very good.

132. Lot of four helical adjust side jaw nut wrenches: HELIX 8-inch; QUAL-KRAFT JAPAN; HELIX No. 175 JAPAN; and a rusty QUAL-KRAFT JAPAN. (Photo)

133. Five different CARLL May 6, 1913 Patent combination crescent-type nut wrench with reversible jaw to create an adjustable alligator included are a 10-inch; two 8-inch and two 6-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

134. Choice from among six unusual wrenches: Two RIDGE TOOL ratcheting tap handles with 1-inch square opening that tapers down to 7/8-inch; an unknown make ratcheting tape handle with old green paint; #2 JEREKI pipe tongs patented 1878; a large specialty socket type wrench with 2 7/8-inch hex opening, very good; and a 20.5-inch LADISH CO. TRI-CLOVER open ended aluminum wrench with a 4 7/8-inch open end. (Photo & Photo 2)

135. Three ADJUST-A-BOX wrenches: 8-inch and 10-inch are fine; 12-inch has some rust; PAT. NO. 2,912,891. (Photo)

136. Lot of nine misc. wrenches including a fire hydrant wrench; large open end with loop at end of handle; concrete form tool, etc. (Photo)

137. Five misc. wrenches: two NYE spud wrenches, and three No. 23 or No. 28 wrenches that are nearly identical to the No. 1B wrenches sold with the Armstrong Boring Bar that was used in lathes. (Photo)

138. Lot of nine assorted wrenches including socket types, a BONNEY line wrench, etc. (Photo)


139. Lot of 13 assorted FORD wrenches: three adjustable; five hubcap; three ratcheting, etc. (Photo)

140. Lot of 13 assorted FORD wrenches: eight lug; five hubcap; four open ended, etc. (Photo)

141. Choice from 15-in. FAVORITE REVERSIBLE RATCHET WRENCH PAT. GREENE, TWEED & CO. MFGS.; 9-inch CHICAGO MFG. & DIST. CO. CHICAGO MAR. 10 1914, with 9-inch socket extension marked A25; 14-in. DEMUTH STEEL PROD. CO. CHICAGO; WALDEN WORCESTER 9-in. with loop handle; Herbrand 1/2-square drive ratchet 9-inches long; INDESTRO MFG. 9 1/2-in with hex; 9-inch CHICAGO MFG. & DIST. CO. CHICAGO. (Photo)

142. Six valve spring compressors. (Photo)

143. Five different valve lapping and grinding tools. (Photo)

144. Six hub cap wrenches: three cast and three stamped or pressed. (Photo)

145. Lot of seven assorted hub cap wrenches. (Photo)

146. Lot of eight assorted hub cap wrenches including one cast. (Photo)

147. Lot of three BOOS TOOL CO. KANSAS CITY turn-handle-to-adjust nut wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)


148. Four dog bone wrenches: A. 7-inch HANDEE from Mansfield, Ohio; B: 7-inch HANDEE from Mansfield, Ohio; C: 8-inch STADCO #20; D: J.H. WILLIAMS No. 1999 "MULTISOCKET." (Photo & Photo 2)

149. Six assorted Footprint-type plier wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

150. Pair of body files one in a homemade wooden stock. (Photo & Photo 2)

151. Lot of four wrenches: two self-adjusting; swivel head; inc. 5.5-inch STEPHENS; 6-inch COCHRAN SPEEDNUT. (Photo & Photo 2)


152. Nine DEERE flat steel wrenches. (Photo)

153. Ten DEERE flat steel wrenches.

154. Choice from among 16 different cream separator wrenches. (Photo)

155. Nine DEERE flat steel wrenches. (Photo)

156. Lot of 10 assorted cream separator wrenches including an IHC 1244C. (Photo)

157. Three stove pipe tools: 10-in. stove pipe crimper L.L. ROWE BOSTON DEC. 21, 1886 Patent; 13.5-inch combination crimper and snip; and a another 13.5-in. crimper and nipper with small welded repair. (Photo & Photo 2)

158. Four screwdrivers: three Perfect Handle type the longest is 16-inch; the smallest is an IRWIN 11.25-inch GOV. STOCK #41 S-1076 for general mechanics tool kits on military Jeeps & 8.5-inch twist handle and all metal. (Photo & Photo 2)

159. Pair wedge-adjust nut wrenches: 12-inch unmarked; and 9.5-inch Standard Wrench & Tool Co. Providence, R.I. FITZALL PAT. JUNE 10, 1908 & APRIL 25, 1910. (Photo)

160. Mixed lot of 13 assorted wrenches: TRUTH ratchet; SIMPLEX ratcheting double end wrench PAT. Jan. 1, 1924 11-inch; HERBRAND FLEX-BOX; FITS ALL patented type D Dogbone; double headed plier and nipper, pitted, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

161. Lot of 15 assorted wrenches including BINKS spray gun wrench; JOAR; AC FILTER SERVICE, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

162. Lot of four assorted wrenches: M. KLEIN & SONS CAT. 3146 lineman's; Chicago Specialty No. 3003 hook spanner; and two BLACKHAWK NO. 151 handle adjusting wrenches, one with four openings; and similar one with two openings. (Photo)

163. Lot of six self-adjusting pipe wrenches including three by REED. (Photo)

164. Lot of five self-adjusting pipe wrenches: 8-in. REED pitted; ERIE TOOL WORKS AUTO NO. 8, ERIE TOOL WORKS AUTO 10; REED MFG. NO. 11; and 15-in. VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL. (Photo)

165. CRAFT 18-in. roller adjusting pipe wrench with partially enclosed wheel, very good. (Photo)

166. VICTOR 15-in. quick-adjust pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

167. CRAFT 12-in. roller adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

168. CRAFT 10-in. roller adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

169. CRAFT 8-in. roller adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

170. BERYLCO SIZE 18 (inch) adjustable pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

171. Pair of pipe wrenches: Sheffy? CHICAGO 15-inch; and ERIE TOOL WORKS AUTO No. 14. (Photo & Photo 2)

172. SHEFFY Patent 12-inch pipe wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

173. Scarce NATHAN MFG. self-adjusting wrench 16-inch steam engine, chipped jaw. (Photo & Photo 2)

174. Pair of Victor quick-adj. pipe wrenches; 19.5-in. no spring; and 11-inch, complete DEC. 23, 1902 & AUG. 25, 1903 PAT. (Photo & Photo 2)

175. WAKEFIELD 24-in. screw-adjust pipe wrench with lever wrench, missing bottom jaw insert. (Photo & Photo 2)

176. WALCO adjustable HEX WRENCH 13-in. NO. 1. (Photo & Photo 2)

177. Scarce HANDE 13-in. helical adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

178. IRELAND? 15.5-inch with spring lever operated self adjusting pipe wrench. (Schulz 681) (Photo & Photo 2)

179. RARE EMPIRE 14-inch quick-adjust pipe wrench, handle slightly bent, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

180. RARE EMPIRE 10-inch quick-adjust pipe wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

181. Choice from among six wrenches. 33-inch 3 1/2-in. open ended; DIAMOND WRENCH CO. 16-inch self-adj. pipe wrench with owner added spring on top; 22-inch Stillson-type adjust pipe wrench; 22-inch adjustable pipe; COCHRAN Mod. 1910 Pat. 1908 screw-adjust pipe wrench; 14-inch AUTO wrench with brazed repair. (Photo & Photo 2)

182. Pair of pipe wrenches: CROMMA self-adj. 14-inch wrench; and a 14-inch A.C PIPE WRENCH QUICK-SET PAT. SEPT. 7, 1925, over cleaned. (Photo & Photo 2)

183. CRAFTSMAN 14-inch screw-adjust pipe wrench with patterned handle with partial decal, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

184. Pair of Little Giant 10-in. and 14-inch FEB. 14, 1914, screw adjust pipe wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

185. Scarce TRIMO 10-inch screw adjust nut wrench, older style, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

186. Scarce TRIMO 12-inch screw adjust nut wrench, older style, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

187. Rare Davis Patent (U.S. No. 333,836) FAIRBANKS NO. 1 JAN. 5, 1886 patent pipe wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

188. Choice from among four chain or strap wrenches: A: BOSTONG PAT. 10-17-1905; B: Unknown make 12-inch, chain rusty; C: PARMELEE'S PAT. MCH. 6-88.; D: J.T. HAYDEN PAT. AUG. 18, 1885 9-inch wooden handled strap wrench, very good. (Photo)

189. Six pair of tongs and pliers including a 10-inch pair of combination nippers and pliers. (Photo)

190. Choice from among four pair of better nippers including a 14-in. CAREWS PAT.; CHAMPION 1909 Patent; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

191. Lot of 13 assorted nippers: from 12-in. down to 6-in. (Photo & Photo 2)

192. Lot of 6 nippers all are about 14-inches long overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

193. Five pair of M.T. CO. PAT. DEC. 31 nippers or hoof trimmers from 14-inch down to 10-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

194. Nine pair of nippers from 14-inch to 10-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)


195. Lot of twelve 6-inch adj. inc. BONNEY, WESTCOTT; WESTCOTT AUTO 6-in.; B&C; BILLINGS & SPENCER; QUEEN CITY; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

196. Lot of ten 8-inch S-handle wrenches including B&C; WESTCOTT; BONNEY; ROBINSON; BILLINGS & SPENCER; QUEEN CITY (pitted); etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Choice from among four scarce S-handle adjustable wrenches with pipe jaws: WESTCOTT 12-inch; WESTCOTT 10-inch; WESTCOTT 8-inch; and a B&C 8-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. Nine 10-inch adjustable S-handled wrenches: B&C WESTCOTT; BILLINGS & SPENCER; KEYSTONE; BARCALO; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

199. Choice from among four curved handle WESTCOTT 14-inch No. 84; B&C 14-inch; BARCALO 12-inch (bold); and B&C 12-in. (Photo & Photo 2)

200. Four BERGMAN QUEEN CITY curved handle Crescent-type adjustable wrenches 6, 8, 10 & 12-inch models. (Photo & Photo 2)

201. Three B&C NO. 80 Crescent-type wrenches 10-in.; 8-in. and 6-in. (Photo & Photo 2)

202. Five Crescent-type adjustable wrenches: 10-inch B&C No. 80; BARCALO N8; BET-R-GRIP; and WARDS MASTER QUALITY. (Photo & Photo 2)

203. Four Crescent-type adjustable wrenches: BILLINGS 8-in. No. 75; SUPERJUSTABLE 8-in. by J.H. WILLIAMS; BARCALO N6; and a TIGER 6-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Choice from among five wrenches 12-in. ONEHANDER self-adjusting wrenches; 12-in.; unknown make 10-in.; 10-in. GANZ STAHL EINHANDER; 8-in. CHROMVAN; and an unknown 8-in.

205. Five HOE-type wrenches:16-inch LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO.; 16-in. unknown; LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO. 12-inch; LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO.; and 18-in. HOE CORP. PAT. FEB. 21, 1922. (Photo)

206. Choice from among five wrenches: MASTERENCH 18-in.; MASTERENCH 14-in.; MASTERENCH 10-in.; MASTERENCH 10-in.; and MASTERENCH 8-in. (Photo)

207. Four self-adjusting wrenches: 8-inch unknown make; CLEVELAND WRENCH CO. 10-inch; 10-inch ONEHANDER; and 11-inch V&B Vaughan & Bushnell. (Photo)

208. Three self-adjusting wrenches: 14-inch RHINO with broken top jaw; 10-in. SAMSON DENVER COL. Pat. 1466136; 8-inch STIX-ON by EFFICIENCY DEVICE CORP. NY. (Photo)

209. Three GELLMAN quick-adjust wrenches: 12, 9, & 6-inch sizes. (Photo)

210. Four assorted wrenches: 9-inch self-adjusting pipe; 6-inch MASTERENCH; ONE TOUCH WRENCH 6-inch; and unknown make 6-inch. (Photo)

211. Three S-handle Crescent-types: A: WESTCOTT AUTO 14-inch; B: BONNEY 10-in. Adjustable S; Tower? T inside circle, with quick-removable jaw, small crack on jaw. (Photo)

212. Pair of Robinson S-handled Crescent-type wrenches 10-inch and 6-inch. (Photo)

213. Choice from among five PERFECT HANDLE wrenches:
A:12-inch wood handled;
B: All-metal 12-inch SEMER IDEM;
C: 8-inch wood handled;
D: 6-inch wood handled nut wrench;
E: 10-inch wood handled pipe wrench. (Photo)

214. Four Hoe-type self-adjust wrenches: ROBERT WRENCH CO. 12-inch with chipped jaw; LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO. 9-inch; HOE CORP. 8-in. PATENTED FEB 21, 1922; and a LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO. flat steel 5.5-inch with mild pitting. (Photo)

215. Three assorted pipe wrenches: 10-inch PROTO Stillson-type; COCHRAN 10-inch; MODEL 1910; and a 10-inch EAGLE GRIP PIPE WRENCH from Omaha, rusty and pitted. (Photo)

216. Choice from among five self-adjusting pipe wrenches: 6-inch MASTERENCH round hole smooth jaw; 10-inch round hole; 14-in. smooth jaw, square hole; 14-inch serrated jaws, square hole; and 18-inch MASTERENCH serrated. (Photo)

217. Lot of four adjustable 6-8-inch pipe wrenches inc. BUHL wood handle. (Photo)

218. Five assorted spanner wrenches: MANZEL-BUFFALO 4067B. (Photo & Photo 2)

219. Eight automotive related tools including a Chevy hubcap tool. (Photo)

220. Eight automotive related tools including battery terminal puller. (Photo & Photo 2)

221. Large lot of Crescent-type wrench parts including jaws, screws, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

222. Five pair of automotive batter pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

223. TIMESAVER TOOL CO. DALLAS TEX. chain type wrench for mufflers or tailpipes. (Photo & Photo 2)

224. Three misc. wrenches: WALCO HEX WRENCH No. 0 with tire tool; PAZZANO WRENCH CO. PAT. 19027 specialty plier; and a FAIRMOUNT tool for repairing auto drip channels on automobiles? (Photo & Photo 2)

225. CRAFT 18-inch adjustable alligator, excellent condition. (Photo)

226. NILSON WRENCH No. 12 rare but pitted. (Photo)

227. BOYNTON PATENT 13-inch adjustable alligator, good plus condition. (Photo)

228. PAT. APPLIED FOR 12-inch Z wrench painted black with red head. (Photo)

229. Three Vandegrift Patent wrenches: 10-inch with replaced wedge and riveted strap; and two all-metal verities 10-inch and 8-inch both very good. (Photo)

230. Curtis Patent 14-inch adjustable alligator wrench, very good. (Photo)

231. RARE ALLEN WRENCH PAT APLD FOR 8-inch adjustable alligator wrench, first we have seen, and we are not aware of another. (Photo & Photo 2)

232. CLIMAX 2 10-inch alligator wrench with spring-loaded jaw inserts, PAT APPLD FOR. (Photo)

233. SHAW 9.5-inch alligator wrench. (Photo)

234. Alligator wrench 10-inch with wire handle with round loop handle, some pitting. (Photo)

235. Curtis Patent 9-inch adjustable alligator wrench, missing the spring, scarce size. (Photo)

236. Unknown make 9.5-inch adjustable alligator with integral spring and adjuster collar, pitted. (Photo)

237. Buzzell Patent (U.S. NO. 438,343) 12.5-inch adjustable alligator with wing nut to lock, needs wooden handle at end of steel stock. (Photo)

238. Pair of offset Double Falcon No. 1 wrenches YOST ELECTRICAL MFG. CO. TOLEDO OHIO, one has no makers mark. (Photo)

239. Lot of two adjustable alligators: 10.5-inch screw adjust missing jaw insert and having modern bolts where the original rivets would have been; and a 12-inch SHART RICHARDS MFG. CO. AURORA, ILL very good overall. (Photo)

240. Pair of SCHICK No. 706 20.5-inch aluminum alligator with iron jaw inserts dovetailed into frame; and a 15-inch SCHICK QUICK-GRIP PAT. PEND., both fine. (Photo)

241. SHAW WRENCH 7-inch alligator, very good. (Photo)

242. TIGER GRIP hinged alligator 6-inch, very good. (Photo)

243. SHAW 6-inch alligator wrench. (Photo)

244. Pair of unmarked oddball primitive alligator wrenches 6.75 & 6-inch. (Photo)

245. PERPETUAL GRIP PAT. JULY 10 AUG. 14, 1906 ALL PARTS RENEWABLE double ended alligator with thread dies in handle. EDMOND METZEL MFG. CHICAGO. (Photo)

246. WETMORE MFG. CO. GALESBURG BESTYET double ended alligator wrench with adjustable thread dies in handle, very good. (Photo)

247. Alligator wrench that swivels in the end of the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

248. CRONK-type 6.5-inch sliding-wedge adjusting adjustable alligator wrench, rivet replaced. (Photo & Photo 2)


249. Lot of 11 assorted buggy wrenches including a DAYTON and Eberhard(sp), plus a broken Harper, above the C.J. CAPEWELL. (Photo)

250. Two Eberhard buggy wrenches: APRIL 28, 1903, the IDEAL has broken jaw but good nut holder; both marked with patent date. (Photo)

251. Lot of six (one not in photo) wagon axle nut wrenches including a DEERE with an axle nut that fits one of the wrenches. (Photo)

251A. T.O. MANDT #10 Patent wagon axle nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

252. Cooks Patent (U.S. No. 325,503) buggy wrench with intact spring, very good overall. (Photo)

253. FREEPORT buggy wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

254. ASHLAND MFG. CO. ASHLAND, OHIO buggy jack, 19-inches long when closed. (Photo)

255. C.J. CAPEWELL (Jockey-Type) PAT APPLD. 8-inch adjustable buggy wrench. (Photo)

256. Unusual Parry combination buggy whip holder and wrench. (Photo)

257. Unmarked cast iron or malleable buggy jack 14-inches tall when closed, will clean to very good. (Photo)

258. Joy PAT. FEB. 1, 98 nickel-plated 10-inch adjustable buggy wrench, very good. (Photo)

259. Miller Patent ST. LOUIS WRENCH CO. buggy wrench, PAT. JAN. 27, 89, very good. (Photo)

260. Expanding early automotive luggage rack that would clamp to a running board of an automobile. (Photo)

261. Unmarked oddball wagon wrench 15-inches long overall, very good overall. Has two round holes, one in end of handle and one a couple inches below the square opening, I suspect there were once wooden handles where these holes are. (Photo)

262. Cooks Patent buggy wrench complete and very good. (Photo)

263. COLLISON'S WRENCH BRUNING NEB. 9-inch Crescent-type wrench. (Photo)

264. Pair of Crescent-type wrenches: POWR-KRAFT 10-inch & a CRAFTSMAN No 45961. (Photo)

265. GRIPLOCK PLIER WRENCH long-nose variant 8.5-inch NORFOLK, NEB. (Photo)

266. GRIPLOCK PLIER WRENCH short-nose variant 7-inch. (Photo)

267. GRIPSO VISE PLIERS 8-inch, very good, has rounded release trigger.

268. GRIPSO VISE PLIERS Model 2H has release lever sticking straight up from handle.

269. CHANNELOCK Vise-Grip-type plier 10-inch overall. (Photo)

270. COLLISON'S WRENCH by ORD MFG. ORD, NEB DEC. 5, 1911 Patent 9-inches long. (Photo)

271. GRIPSO VISE PLIERS 8-inch with release lever on end of handle. (Photo)


273. GRIP-LOCK 910-C 9.5-inch. (Photo)

274. PADEN MFG. CO. OMAHA, NEB. adjustable locking Vise-Grip-type 7.5-inch. (Photo)

275., VISE-GRIP second type 9-inch plier wrench. (Photo)

276. VISE-GRIP first type very good overall. (Photo)

277. WAKEFIELD No. 120 double open ended with quick adjusting sliding jaws. (Photo)

278. FERGUSON PAT. NOV. 15, '10, adjustable pocket or bicycle wrench with nut wrench on one end and alligator on other. (Photo)

279. Unusual Triplet patent adjusting alligator wrench, some pitting. (Photo)

280. BOOS WRENCH ROCKFORD ILL 8-inch adjustable double ended. (Photo)

281. B&C double ended 6-inch with nut wrench on one side and pipe on other, some pitting. (Photo)

282. Double ended B marked S-wrench with wing nuts that lock the adjustable jaws. (Photo)

283. BAXTER'S patent 6-inch S-wrench with screw in center. (Photo)

284. Baxter's Patent 10-inch diagonal wrench, stripped threads. (Photo)

285. Baxter's Patent 8-inch S-Wrench working condition. (Photo)

286. Baxter's Patent 8.5-inch diagonal wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

287. Baxter's Patent 10-inch S-wrench, very good. (Photo)

288. Baxter's Patent 12-inch S-Wrench, painted silver or aluminum, very good. (Photo)


289. DIAMALLOY 10&12-inch double ended Crescent-type. (Photo)

290. LAKESIDE 10&12-inch double ended Crescent-type with big weld on one side the 10-inch side. (Photo)

291. Unusual "OUR OWN HARDWARE" hardware branded 8 & 10-inch double ended crescent. (Photo)

292. Ace Tool Co. No. 7215 JAPAN 6 & 8-inch double ended Crescent-type. (Photo)

293. LAKESIDE 8 & 10-inch double ended Crescent-type. (Photo)

294. DIAMOND CALK & HORSESHOE CO. 6 & 8-inch double ended Crescent type. (Photo)

295. Genuine CRESCENT TOOL 8 & 10-inch double ended wrench. (Photo)

296. DIAMOND CALK & HORSESHOE CO. 4 & 6-inch double ended Crescent type. (Photo)

297. Genuine CRESCENT TOOL 6 8-inch double ended wrench. (Photo)

298. Genuine CRESCENT TOOL 6-8-inch double ended wrench. (Photo)

299. Unusual HALL HARDWARE CO. MPLS, MINN. 6-to-8-inch double ended Crescent also marked OUR OWN. (Photo)

300. FULTON 6-8-inch double ended Crescent pitted. (Photo)

301. Genuine CRESCENT TOOL 4 & 6-inch double ended wrench. (Photo)

302. Boston Wrench Co. 9-inch quick adjust all-metal nut wrench, very good. Pat. Oct. 2, 1906. (Photo & Photo 2)

303. Similar to Gregory (Schulz 672) 10-inch cam operated, PAT. APPL'D FOR. (Photo & Photo 2)

304. GEARENCH MFG. HOUSTON TEXAS 8.25-inch (6/1/26, Schulz 671) very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

305. Clyburn-type S-handled Crescent-type 12-inch wrench, with Lion's Head logo, early. (Photo & Photo 2)

306. Edstrom MILWAUKEE-WIS. PAT. 1-2-23 & 6-9-23 OTHER PATS PEND. 9-inch quick adjust side-jaw wrench (Schulz 489, Cope 127) (Photo & Photo 2)

307. BAY STATE WRENCH CO., BOSTON MASS. 12-inch quick-adjust all-metal nut wrench PAT. June 7, 1904 (Schulz 476) (Photo & Photo 2)

308. German 10-inch screw adjust all-metal nut wrench D.R.G.M. 209270, some rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. ELLIS No. 8 S-handle with tilting head and rare pipe jaw, good overall. (Photo)

310. ELLIS No. 6 S-handle with tilting head. missing the release lever, some grinding on one side of head to smooth out a repair. (Photo)

311. EVER-GRIP 14-inch turn handle adjusting wrench with serrated jaws PAT. 9/7/15 (Schulz 626) (Photo)

312. Unusual-size WRIGHT WRENCH quick adjust wrench with rack, PAT. 3/15/04 & 1/26/09, very good overall (SCHULZ 342). (Photo)

313. REINHARD MC CABE CO. No. 10 MINNEAPOLIS MINN. (SCHULZ 713) quick adjust plier type. (Photo)

314. SUPER GRIP TOOL CO. IOWA 8-inch geard plier. PAT 1/27/33 Perry Iowa (SCHULZ 245) (Photo)

315. KANT-SLIP APRIL 27, 1920 A.D. WRENCH & TOOL CO. BARABOO, WIS. slip-joint 13-in. plier with hammer. (Schulz 356) (Photo & Photo 2)

316. KANT-SLIP APRIL 27, 1920 A.D. WRENCH & TOOL CO. BARABOO, WIS. slip-joint 9-in. plier. (Photo & Photo 2)

317. CLICK PLIER 9-inch plier FAIRBURY, NEB. (SCHULZ 260) (Photo & Photo 2)

318. Speedgrip Automatic Polaris Products helical adjusting side-jaw 7.25-inch wrench. (Schulz 529) (Photo & Photo 2)

319. ROBINSON PATENT 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench, JUNE 16, 1885 patent. (SCHULZ 413) (Photo & Photo 2)

320. Shaffer Wrench No. 1 pipe and nut wrench, cracked frame. (Schulz 578) (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

321. The Lever Co. 8-inch PAT. APPL'D, some pitting. (Schulz 509) (Photo)

322. UNIVERSAL WRENCH CO. DETROIT - WINDSOR 6/3/19 & 7/22/19 Crescent-type with lever for ratcheting action. (Schulz 530 top) (Photo)

323. R. ROUSE 10-inch wood handled adjustable pipe wrench, very good. (Schulz 618) (Photo)

324. Wrights Wrench No. 14 all-metal 13-inch adjustable pipe wrench with 2-piece lower jaw, pitted. (Schulz 642) (Photo)

325. Lagripper Wrench Co. 11 1/2-inch quick-adjust all-metal pipe wrench Battle Creek, Mich. (Schulz 689) (Photo)

326. BULLARD No. 1 self-adjusting pipe wrench (Schulz 659) July 7 1903 Patent needs cleaning. (Photo)

327. HandE 10-inch helical adjusting nut wrench, some light pitting. (Schulz 496) (Photo & Photo 2)

328. HEIMBACH Patent 10-inch quick adjust nut wrench with lever 1915 Patent (Schulz 308) (Photo)

329. KEITH MFG. CO. AURORA, ILL self and quick-adjusting Pat. March 10, 1891, (Schulz 684) (Photo)

330. Shaffer Wrench No. 2, 12-inch pipe and nut wrench, rusty. (Schulz 578) (Photo)

331. Lot of three combination tools: GERMANTOWN HAM-R-RENCH combination tire spoon, lug wrench and hammer, all-metal; a combination kitchen tool that stove lid lifter grate shaper, etc.; and a VULCAN TOOL WORK multi tool (Schulz 66, Cope 337) (Photo)

332. Unknown 11-inch two headed plier like tool. (Photo)

333. Bernard Forster Patent combination tool Oct. 31, 1950. (Schulz 752) (Photo)

334. BAHCO 8-inch combined crescent wrench and tire tool. (Photo)

335. VULCAN TOOL WORK multi tool with 11 different functions, very good. (Schulz 66, Cope 337) (Photo & Photo 2)

336. NEVER STALL 10-inch multi fence tool combines wire tool, adjustable wrench, plier, pitted. (Schulz 618) (Photo & Photo 2)

337. Pair of tools: UNIVERSAL BOTTLE CAP OPENER combination tool with alligator wrench, cap lifter, bottle opener etc; and a B JOLY TOOL CO. MENOMONIE MICH folding screwdriver and small alligator wrench 4.25 inches when closed. (Photo)

338. Scarce G.A. GORE Chicago 7-inch combination plier, wire cutter and alligator wrench, very good. (Photo)

339. DIAMALLOY HANDIMAN DULUTH DH16 combination plier, side cutter, and small Crescent wrench (Schulz 243). (Photo)

340. McAslan Patent (Pat 7-2-1907, 3-31-1908 & 7-19-1910) combination plier and alligator wrench by Norman McAslan of Yorkshire, Iowa, also has screwdriver, has been bead blasted (Schulz 255, Cope 215) (Photo)

341. A.H. BAHCO VOLVO combination Crescent and alligator wrenches, 8-inches long overall. (Photo)

342. Unknown make 6.75-inch combination tool with plier, hammer, tack lifter, screwdriver, hatchet. (Photo)

343. Boardman's Patent 6.25-inch combination nut, and pipe wrench and hammer. (Photo)

344. ATLAS 10-inch May 15, 1888 adjustable pipe wrench. (Schulz 655) (Photo)

345. BONNEY PAT. 13-inch THE MASTERPIECE March 3, 1903 with intact pipe cutter but has welded repair to back where the pipe cutter goes. (Photo)

346. Morris Patent 9-inch combined adjustable nut wrench and alligator wrench, with Coes-type adjustment PAT APPL'D FOR, good. (Schulz 40) (Photo)

347. Pair: Broken TEDDY Marshalltown, IA wrench; and a MORRIS patent missing the moving jaw. (Photo)

348. FARMERS EVEREADY TOOL KIT combination hammer, hatchet alligator wrench, and screwdriver. (Schulz 803) (Photo)

349. THOMAS MFG. CO. combination fencing tool with plier, hammer, hatchet, alligator and crimper. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. Unusual F.J. Herrick Patent (U.S. DE19,913) combination hoof pick, hammer, alligator wrench 8.5-in. (Schulz 794) (Photo)

351. Unknown make 4.25-inch wood handled monkey wrench, possibly an early Hillary Klein experimental. (Photo)

352. Lot of five screw adjust bicycle and motorcycle wrenches: Billings & Spencer E series 7-inch center adjust; JANCO 6-inch center adjust; WAKEFIELD No. 8; KING DICK 4-inch; and an unmarked Tower & Lyon 4.25-in. SAFETY. (Photo)

353. Lot of five assorted bicycle and motorcycle wrenches & accessories: The Billings 7-in. E Series; JULY 14, 1900 pin spanner on one end and open end on other; 5-in. ACME twist handle; BECKLEY-RALSTON 5.5-inch; bicycle collapsible drinking cup, aluminum. (Photo)

354. Lot of three pocket or bicycle adjustable wrenches: slip joint flat steel plier-like 6-inch; 4-inch STAR (look in Cope); and a small 3.75-inch quick adjust with rack, rusty. (Photo)

355. Pair of wrenches: INDIAN MOTOCYCLES flat steel open ended; and a 4-inch ROWE PRODUCTS BELLFLOWER CAL. spoke or nipple wrench. (Photo)

356. Pair of removable pipe jaws for a monkey wrench, unmarked, very good. Dec. 5, 1899 advertised as Yankee Pipe Jaws. (Photo)

357. G.I.W. CO. combined nut wrench and a small nipple or spoke wrench, very good. PAT. APPL'D FOR. (Photo)

358. CYCLE GRIP D.H. CARPENTER of Orlando Florida Patent 5.5-inch, very good, (Cope page 90, not in Schulz). (Photo)

359. Lot of five Mossberg wrenches: No. A-80; 490 double alligator; A-I STERLING No. 1; Sterling No. 2; and an A-I. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. Four Mossberg alligator wrenches: No. 485 double ended alligator; 470 alligator; 490 double ended alligator; No. 485 double ended alligator. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. Four wrenches: HASTEE-8 DAVENPORT TOOL CO. U.S. PATENT 3803954; HAMPTON MACHINE Lighting Wrench; BAHCO screw and lever adjusting 8-inch; and BAHCO screw and lever adjusting 10.5-inch. (Photo)

362. Four wrenches: GANZ STAHL double sided turn handle adjust; 6.5-inch. (Photo)

363. IMP. ANGLE WRENCH BLOOMINGTON, ILL PAT PEND. tilting head, very good. (Photo)

364. GORDON AUTOMATIC 8-inch quick adjust side jaw wrench, very good. (Photo)

365. Cronk-type 8.50-inch sliding wedge adjust, very good, PAT PEND. (Photo)

366. UTICA 94-6 SELECT-O-LOCK PAT'D 6.5-inch Crescent-type wrench.

367. Hill's Patent AUG. 6, 1878 screw adjust 9.5-inch with knurled nut, pitted and painted black. (Schulz 958) (Photo)

368. CHAMPION 8-inch Pat. March 15, 1921, all-metal quick adjust pipe and nut combination. (Schulz 662) (Photo)

369. WINNER TOOL CO. 10-inch quick adjust pipe wrench Patented March 22, 1925, (Not in Schulz) Puyallup, Wash. (Photo)

370. RARE KONE MFG. CO. ROCK ISLAND, ILL 8.25-inch drop forged, sliding wedge adjust, excellent. (Schulz 505) (Photo)

371. Pair of wrenches: Bonner Patent (U.S. No. 737,199) 6.5-inch quick-adjust all-metal pipe patented DEC. 23, '02 & AUG. 25, '03, complete and fine; and an 11-inch TRUTH stud extractor? (Photo)

372. Lot of 7 miniature tools small MADE IN ENGLAND adjustable mini wrench. (Photo)

373. Adjustable wrench advertised as a spark plug wrenches but having an end more like a buggy wrench, very good. (Photo)

374. WAKEFIELD 14-in. screw-adjust pipe wrench with lever wrench, will clean to fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

375. TROJAN WRENCHES L.A. CAL. PAT. 196863, 11.5-inch quick adjust. (Schulz 721) (Photo)

376. CLICK PLIER FAIRBURY, NEB. 9-inch rapid transit plier with lever. (SCHULZ 260) (Photo)

377. Six pair of pliers: NACO PAT. 1919 7-in. pliers with screw adjuster, Oct. 28, 1919 (Schulz 248); Mead Patent No. 10 (U.S. #2,600512) 8.5-inch adjustable pliers BASFORD MFG. SAN FRANCISCO, (Schulz 244); LOC MATIC 7.75-inch plier with locking handle RE23761 (like Schulz 287); WADE WRENCH CO. 8.25-inch WHITE PIGEON (Schulz 257) Nov. 8, 1927 & JULY 24, 1928; STALLING'S GRIP 8.25-inch, 1924 Patent, some pitting and replaced rivet; Peck Patent (U.S. No. 988,656) THE WESTHAVEN WRENCH CO. 8.75-inch plier with wire cutters and screw adjuster on the side, PAT. APRIL 4, 1911, (Not in Schulz). (Photo)

378. MODEL - WALWORTH CHAIN WRENCH 8.25-inch chain wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

379. Pair of 6-inch pipe wrenches: RIDGID with offset jaw, partial decal, very good; and a regular RIDGID PAT. 1727823. (Photo)

380. Unknown 14.5-inch unusual double claw plier-like tool that looks somewhat similar to double lasting plier used by shoemakers. (Photo & Photo 2)

381. Four pair of pliers: 5.5-inch unmarked; NOV. 19, 1907 National Plier Co. (Schulz 265) 7.25-inch.; DURO CHROME No. 2120 steeldraulic brake pliers, fine; WINNER TOOL CO. 8-inch quick adjust PLIER WRENCH PUYILLUP WASH. William T. Long Patent. (Schulz 246) (Photo)

382. Coach wrench 13-inch double turn hex handle to adjust double sided nut wrench, will clean to very good. (Photo)

383. Coach wrench 11-inch double turn tapered handle to adjust double sided nut wrench, nice finial on end of handle, nickel plated, will clean to very good. (Photo)

394. Coach wrench 11-inch turn hex handle to adjust nut wrench, nickel plated, will clean to very good. (Photo)

385. TAFT wooden handled 12-inch railroad and mower wrench has stripped nut on end of handle. (Photo)

386. Pair of Whitman & Barnes APRIL 19, '98 wooden handled monkey wrench 14-inch and 9.5-inch. (Photo)

387. Pair of combination pipe and nut wrenches: Bemis and Call 13-inch with long hex adjuster nut, fine overall; AGRI'L PAT. SEPT. 25, 1877 March 1, 1881; Dec. 12, 1882; Bernard Donahue, (Schulz 576) (Photo)

388. Lot of five 4-inch Crescent-type wrenches including CRESCENT; BARCALO-BUFFALO; GERMANY, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

389. Lot of four 4-inch Crescent-type wrenches: JAMESTOWN N.Y.; DIAMOND; BARCALO; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

390. Choice from among three advertising wrenches:
A: ELGIN adjustable alligator with DEMPSTER MFG. BEATRICE NEB logo:
B: ELGIN adjustable alligator with R. HERSHALL MFG. PEORIA, ILL advertising:
C: ALTON PREMIUM FEED CO. ALTON (Iowa?) slip-joint pliers:

391. Lot of three advertising wrenches: HULL COOP GAS & OIL CO. HULL & DOON IOWA dogbone wrench; NOVEL MFG. & DIST. CO. INC. NYC 3, NY; and a GOODRICH TIRE (WALDEN) hex ratchet wrench. (Photo)

392. Choice from among five pair of Eifel Pliers:
A: 9-inch 1947-12 $6
B: 1936-6 $5 9-inch
C: 1947-4 9-inch
D: 47-10 $6 9-inch
E: 7-inch 1936 $4 plated (scarce)(Photo)

393. Pair Eifel Plier older style 8.5-inch with one extra jaw, slanted gears, very good; and older style 8.5-inch with straight gears. (Photo)

394. RARE H.D.S. & CO. with S inside circle H.D. SMITH & CO. 12-inch nippers, very good. (Photo)

395. Winchester 14-inch Stillson type pipe wrench, slightly bent handle, marked on jaw. (Photo)

396. Three E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER wrenches; 10-inch Crescent-type; 5.5-inch Keen Kutter No. 20 & S.G. (Sure Grip); adjustable alligator 7-inch wrench, very good; and double ended alligator with re-threading dies, very good. (Photo)

397. Two Diamond Edge No. D.E. TWIN double 10-inch NORVELL SHAPLEIGH with hammer; and a DE 120 single alligator 5.5-inch with hammer. (Photo)

398. KEYSTONE MFG. CO. NOV. 6, '83; Feb. 10, '91 ratcheting drill and wrench. (Photo)

399. Three Vandegrift Pat. Sept. 7, 1897 wrenches: 8-inch all-metal; 3 8-inch with wood handle; and 7-in. all metal. (Photo)

400. Two basin wrenches: TRIMO & BUZZELL type with replaced screw. (Photo)

401. Pair of 10-inch B&C monkey wrenches with hex adjuster nuts, both fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

402. RARE marked RAILROAD WRENCH G.C. TAFT WORCESTER, MASS, 10-inch monkey wrench, little mushrooming on hammer end, otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

403. Nine assorted IHC wrenches: U50 & UA51; 1326E; G3526; G3171; 12335D; 1595E; G3172; and a broken P1351. (Photo)

404. Choice from among seven screw adjust IHC monkey wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. Lot: two IHC screwdrivers, and 13 assorted IHC wrenches. 2737D; G3166; 12737D; G3173; G317 (error for 3173); G3173; 1326E; 376; can't read; G3172; 21264D; & 12335D. (Photo)

406. Eleven assorted IHC wrenches: three variants of G3170; ZA810 pitman; weak marked pitman; D736 with Deering in a ledger plate logo pitman; two L9; P1183; unknown; DEERING HAY RAKE (one not shown in photo) (Photo & Photo 2)

407. Six IHC wrenches: four 45662-DA sockets; 373942RI; and G3866. (Photo)


408. Seven pair of chain tongs, the longest is a No. 4; a light duty 13LK LINKSEM; J.N.M. & CO. JULY 26-10; 11-17-25 PAT; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

409. Ten pair of chain tongs, pliers & similar tools: the smallest is marked GOLDBLAT TOOL CO.; WEED PAT'D JULY 28, 1913, JUNE 1, 1916, 60cents; on top a thread chaser; Snap-On GCP-10; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

410. Lot: five pair blacksmith tongs; one pipe tongs marked C.W.S.CO. OIL CITY, PA with nice crescent-moon and star logo; rusty & pitted hardie, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

411. ANTIQUE & UNUSUAL WRENCHES by SCHULZ'S volume I, 91 pages, very good. (Photo)

412. Five wrench books: MY FIRST 1000 WRENCHES by Donald H. Snyder; MY SECOND 1000 WRENCHES by Donald H. Snyder; THE ANTIQUE WRENCH BOOK by Wullweber (rough covers); EAST-WEST ANTIQUE WRENCHES & TOOLS by Wullweber; and ANTIQUE WRENCHES by Larry L. Finch. (Photo)

413. Five FORDSON tractor tool box tools. (Photo & Photo 2)

414. Four curved handle FORDSON Crescent type wrenches. (Photo)

415. Three pair bolt or cable cutters; Oct. 15, 1892 BULLDOG MARK EZ BOLT CUTTER with 24-inch with fancy cutout design in ends of handles; two National Telephone Supply Nico press PAT 2086400, one 12-in. and one 10.5-in. Plus a bonus wrench that fits a similar model. (Photo)


416. Framed display of 22 strands of wire that each measure 18 to 19 inches overall. Included are the following descriptions from the tags on them: M.M. MACK, PAT. May 4, 1875; Frye's Twist, H.H. Frye, Setp. 3, 1878; A.J. Upham Staple Barb on 2 lines, Aug. 29, 1876; Small Round & Square Railroad Wire with barb on square line, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Modern Rose 2-line wire, Dec. 25, 1877; Imported Glidden-type wire with barb painted red; A.C. Decker's Spread, June 3, 1884; Baker Type Hanging Barb G.C. Baker, Feb. 27, 1883; Jayne & Hill 2 Shank No Barbs Between, April 11, 1876; Glidden-type barb, square wire used for barb, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Glidden 3 line, 2 lines running parallel, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Glidden Steel Line with Aluminum Barb, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; H.B. Scutt's 2 Point Reverse Twist Barb, Pat. Sept. 21, 1880; Cable Wire 7, cable twist with barb in line wire on cable, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Modern Wire With Loose Twist Barb; etc. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the descriptions. The wire is mounted on white peg board and framed with rough-cut lumber. Makes a great display. (Photo)

417. Twenty (20) assorted 18-19-inch sections of barbed wire including A.C. 1/2-inch parallel; German Entanglement Wire WWI; E.M. CRANDAL Telegraph Link May 24, 1881; E.M. CRANDAL’S CHAMPION RIC-RAC galvanized PAT. 221158; HARD-TEMPERED Unidentified; H.B. SCUTT ARROW PLATE PAT. 205000 June 18, 1878; J. BROTHERTON Flat Barb PAT. 207710, Sept. 3, 1878; FROM OLD FENCE LINE IN DALESBERG AREA; J.F. GLIDDEN AUG. 22, 1876; “SOLO” wire, modern; Mexican Wire; J. STUBBE Plate Small Size, PAT. 287337, OCT. 23, 1883; C. HUFFMAN "Ladder" Wire DEC. 9, 1890; Ross 4-Point Steel Line Aluminum Barb Pat June 10, 1849; GLIDDEN RR Wire with Extra Large SQ Line PAT. Nov. 24, 1874; Spiral Barb JJ F Glidden PAT. Nov. 24, 1874; PUTNAN HAMMERED BARB PAT. FEB. 6, 1877; ROSE BARD ON LINE PAT. DEC. 24, 1879; J.F. GLIDDEN Around 2 PAT. NOV. 24, 1872; and ROSS COPPER BARB, JUNE 10, 1879. Along side of the frame these pieces of wire are in are two 54-inch pieces of MODERN STAY. All mounted to a yellow piece of peg board and framed by rough-cut lumber. Makes a nice display. (Photo)

418. Framed display of 23 strands of barbed wire including: A.J. UPHAM, 1 around 2, PAT. AUG. 26, 1876; Rogers Patent, C.D. Rogers, Jan. 10, 1888; Glidden Small Line Wire Know as “Pricly Pear” wire; Dobbs & Booth, Single Line Wire, PAT. DEC. 14, 1875; Used Rock Saw Wire, High Tensil; Glidden Wrap and a Half, PAT. FEB. 8, 1878; Staple Barb On Straight Line With Second Line Wrapped Around, A.J. Upham, AUG. 29, 1876; Baker Single Strand, G.C. Baker, PAT. FEB. 17, 1881; Wing Barb, L.T. Larson, PAT. FEB. 26, 1876; Glidden Twisted Oval Line Wire, PAT. AUG. 22, 1876; Union Pacific Railroad Wire, 1 round, 1 square, Line Wire, J.F. Glidden, PAT. NOV. 24, 1874; N.G. ROSS, Small Gauge 4-Barb, PAT. JUNE 10, 1879; Square Nail Staple Wedged in Hole Drilled in Stone, Post by Another Nail; Net Fence Tie; Net Fence Holder; E.M. Crandal, Clamp On, PAT. SEPT. 27, 1881; T. Brotherton, Round Barb, PAT. SEPT. 3, 1887; G.C. BAKER, FLAT BARB, Modified of Patent, PAT. FEB. 27, 1883; Ross Parallel Wire, PAT. JUNE 10, 1879; Parallel Line, A.S. Burnell, PAT. JUNE 19, 1887; Barbless 3 Line Twist. T.B. Cleveland, PAT. MARCH 10, 1894. Makes a very nice display. (Photo)

419. Framed display of 21 sections of barbed and other types of fencing wire: Ornamental French Wire, PAT. W.F. HATHAWAY & A.B. WOODARD, AUG. 12, 1890; Grape Vineyard Wire (Later Used for Fencing, H. Reynolds, May 14, 1878; Ornamental 3 Line Wire, M.M. Shellaberger, DEC. 15, 1891; Ornamental Fence, Scutts Barbless, wooden block, H.B. Scutt, PAT. FEB. 10, 1880; Wooden Picket Wire, Snow Fence (Wood Rotted Out), P.C. Eaten, SEPT. 2, 1884; J. Brinkerhof, twisted, PAT. APRIL 5, 1879; Bow Cup Ribbon, F.D. Ford, Jan. 13, 1885; Judson Medium Width Ribbon, PAT. AUG. 15, 1871; Razor Blades, German Military Post WWII; D.L. Stover, on Ribbon Line, June 29, 1875; Brinkerhoff Front Cut Barb Ribbon, May 17, 1881; Kennedy Barb, separate barbs installed on smooth wire, AUG. 11, 1875; Factory Irregular, Kelly, FEB. 11, 1868; Kelly With Staple Barb, FEB. 11, 1868; Curtis Twisted Ribbon Barbed Wire, Offset Barb, J.D. Curtis, Feb. 13, 1894; Brotherton Open Wrap, J. Brotherton, PAT. SEPT. 3, 1875; Glidden One Large Line and One Smaller, PAT. NOV. 24, 1874; G.C. BAKER Flat Barb Modification, PAT. FEB. 27, 1883; Hog Glidden Slat Wire Used for Fencing, Pickets Rotted Out, etc. (Photo)

420. Framed display with 21 different 18 to 19-inch long pieces of barbed wire.

421. Framed display with 20 different types of wire 18 to 19 inches long each, on both sides of the board are 54-inch pieces of "Stay from old original fence of cematary east of Alcester." From top to bottom the tags on each wire read as: L.P. Judson "Canadian Judson" PAT. AUG. 15, 1871; D.C. STOVER single line wire PAT. 29, 1875; U.S. Concertina War Entanglement Hard Steel; T.V. Allis parallel barb PAT. NOV 30, 1880; H.B. SCUTT'S wooden block PAT. FEB. 10, 1880; Welded Pin Wire from Australia; Ornamental; W.H. Meriweather Black Iron with Foster Curl, PAT. NOV. 8, 1853, Austin, TEX; PECOS-HERRING GROOVED SPIRAL RIBBON PAT. 1869; Triangle Line wires with round barb around both, from Mexico; HVY RR WIRE; BURROW CABLE & GLIDDEN FENCE WIRE STRAWN COAL MINES in TEXAS; Planter Trip Wire; Old Mexico; Wire with Stay; Fence Stay; ROPE PLANTER WIRE; ORNAMENTAL FENCE WIRE: Mine Cable used for fencing after being cut in half; NEV. & COL. TERR.; Cable Wire. (Photo)

422. Framed display with 20 different types of wire: Early barbless wire, oval; Luther Merrill "4 Point" 1874; Gunderson "2 Point" PAT. 249173, 1881; M. DALEY 1878; J.F. GLIDDEN Twist Oval Twisted, PAT. AUG. 22, 1876; Unidentified; W.H. Meriweather "Snake Wire" PAT. NOV. 8, 1853; DODGE & WASHBURN’S "4 Point" PAT. 252746, J.H. DODGE JAN. 4, 1882; Modern High Tensil Strength; O. HUFFMAN "Parallel Flattened" PAT. APR. 3, 1888; Early ALLIS PAT. NOV. 12, 1878; T.V. Allis "Saw-Tooth" PAT. JULY 26, 1881; Early Barbless Wire; Luther Merrill Triangle or R.R. Wire; L. & J. Merrill light diameter buffalo wire or holdfast or twirel, PAT. DEC. 26, 1876; Ornamental; T.V. ALLIS Buckhorne Uneven Width is AFLAW; A.J. Uphan "Snail Barb" PAT. 284261, SEPT. 4, 1883; J. STUBBE "Plate" large size, PAT. 287337, OCT. 23, 1883; ORNAMENTAL. (Photo & Photo 2)

423. Framed display of 20 different 18 to 19-inch pieces of barbed wire: J. BRINKERHOFF, BRINX TWIST, PAT. APR. 8, 1879; E.M. CRANDAL'S "CHAMPION RIC-RAC" PAT. 221158, 1879; E. MERRILL, Y-Barb, PAT. JULY 2, 1878 (RARE); SCUTT'S PAT. JAN. 29, 1884; ORNAMENTAL; O. PRESTON "Braid" Horse or Ornamental Wire, PAT. 248348, 1881; Horse Pen Finish Wire HARTMAN MFG. CO. BEAVER FALLS, PENN.; J.W. NADELHOFFER "2 Point" PAT. 201,889, April 2, 1878; Union Pacific R.R. 2 SQ Wire; BRINK-MARTELLE PAT. AUG. 11, 1885; SALISBURY PAT. MAY 23, 1871 (RARE); J.F. GLIDDEN "THE WINNER" Light Gauge PAT. 157124, NOV. 4, 1874; ORNAMENTAL; Old Fence Staple on early piece of barbless wire; H. REYNOLDS "NECKTIE" PAT. May 14, 1878; L.T. WING "V Barb" also found in Square Line, PAT. FEB. 26, 1876; J.B. CLINE "Rail" PAT. Dec. 25, 1883; J.F. Glidden ’Square Line’ 1880; J.F. GLIDDEN Oval Twisted Heavy Gauge; and J.F. Glidden Oval-Twisted Light Gauge. (Photo)

424. Framed display of 17 pieces of different wire and fence material each 18 to 19 inches long including: Twisted Ribbon 4 Known Sizes; Variation of Michael Kelley's "Diamond Point" PAT. 74379, FEB. 11. 1868; J.W. NADELHOFFER "Parallel" April 2, 1878; Unidentified possibly a type of stay; A.J. UPham "Snail Barb" on twisted oval, 1876; C.S. Kennedy "3 Point" AUG. 11, 1874; "KAIZER" GERMAN WWI spring steel; H.B. SCUTT’S "H Plate" 1878; unmarked; GLIDDEN DOUBLE STRAND SPLICE; N.G. ROSS "Four Point" PAT. 2162194, found in several diameters of line wire; STOVER "2 LINE" barb around both lines, PAT. MAY 1, 1877 or 1878; "CLINE'S RAIL" J.B. CLINE, PAT. 25, 1883; Fence Stay; C.A. VOSBURG "Clinch Wire" PAT. OCT. 3, 1876; TEXAS PACIFIC RR WIRE; Used as ornamental fencing. Made from scrap metal by Peterson Mfg. Co. Dewitt, Neb. in the making of VISE- GRIP PLIERS. Originally came in 8-foot lengths. Each piece on this display board measures between 18 and 19 inches. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

425. Framed display of 23 pieces of wire including: M.M. Mack, PAT. MAY 4, 1875; Frye's Twist, H.H. Frye, PAT. SEPT. 3, 1878; A.J. Upham, Staple Barb Two Lines, PAT. AUG. 29, 1876; Small Round and Square Railroad Wire with Barb on Square Line, J.F. Glidden, PAT. NOV. 24, 1874; Modern Rose 2 Line Wire, PAT. DEC. 25, 1877; Imported Glidden-type wire with barbs painted red; A.C. Deckers Spread, PAT. JUNE 3, 1884; Baker Type Hanging Barb, G.C. Baker, PAT. FEB. 27, 1883; JAYNE & HILL 2 Shank, W.H. Jayne & J.H. Hill, no barbs between, Pat. April 11, 1876; Glidden Type Barb, Square Wire Used For Barb, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Glidden 3 Line 2 Lines Running Parallel, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Glidden Steel Line with aluminum barb, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; H.B. Scutt's, 2 Point Reverse Twist Barb, Sept. 21, 1880; Cable Wire 7 Strand Twist with Barb in Line Wire on Cable, J.F. Glidden, Nov. 24, 1874; Modern Wire With Loose Twist Barb; Burnell 4 Point, PAT. JUNE 19, 1877; Round Barb in Reverse Twist, PAT. SEPT. 3, 1877; N.G. Ross, PAT. JUNE 10, 1879; Dodge & Washburn, Lite WT, PAT. JAN. 4, 1882; Michel Kelly's Loose Barb, PAT. FEB. 11, 1868; W.H. Jane & J.H. Hill, PAT. APRIL 11, 1876; J.F. Glidden 4 Square Line Wire, PAT. FEB. 8, 1876. Each piece measures between 18 and 19 inches. (Photo)

426. Framed display of 22 pieces of wire (closeup photos taken of wire beginning with Crandall's Chain Link NOV. 28, 1876; Hi Tensile Spiral Non Sag, T.L. Riter, Pat. Oct. 10, 1893; Snake Wire, W.H. Meriwether, New Braunfels, Tex, Pat. Nov. 8, 1853; Half Round Raised V in Center Railroad Wire, Texas and Pacific, Jacob Haish, Pat. Dec. 15, 1885, no barb; Curtis Twist, Oval, J.D. Curtis, Pat. March 28, 1893; Frost Wire Fence Co. Large S; Shinn 4 pt. M.C. Shinn, Pat. March 1, 1881; Glidden 3-line bar wire 2 lines different guage with small hi tinsel bar twisted in together, Pat. Nov. 24, 1874; Flemish 4 Braid, J.B. Cleveland, Pat. March 20, 1894; Ross 4 Pt., barb painted red, Modern Mfg.; John Wistgarth, arrow plate, Pat. March 22, 1881; Glidden barb around 2, J. Glidden, Pat. Nov. 24, 1874; Modern right and left twist, light gauge hi tinsel line wire, Med. gauge 4 barb; Frye Parallel, H.H. Frye, Pat. May 28, 1878; Brotherton Parallel, J. Brotherton, Pat. Sept. 3, 1887; Australian Four Point, H.A. Abbott, Feb. 13, 1939, New South Wales; Glidden Goat Barb, 2 different gauges, Pat. Nov. 24, 1874; Curtis 4 PT, J.D. Curtis, Half Round Barb, Pat. March 28, 1893; and Hair Pin-type Stay. Each piece measures between 18 and 19 inches. Makes a nice display.

427. Folding display case with 23 different patented corn planter check row wire and knots including: B. Phelps Pat. Dec. 13, 1881; Haworth Patent Dec. 28, 1880; L.W. Haworth Pat. Sept. 19, 1871; Cast Football Origin Unknown; Split Ring, Garitt J. Hyer, Pat. Nov. 23, 1880; Wire Knot John Pat. March 2, 1880; 40 Rope Metal Button L.L. Hawort, Pat. Sept. 11, 1871; Large C Link, G J. Hyer Pat. Nov. 23, 1880; KNOTTED J. THOMSON & J. Ramsey Pat, Sept. 24, 1864; Doughnut Button A.W. Johnson, Pat. Nov. 27, 1934; Recessed Ball with Link, J.B. Bartholomew, Pat. May 24, 1904; Recessed Ball, J. B. Bartholomew May 24, 1904; Pear Knot, R.H. Avery, Pat. April 4, 1895; S Button, G.D. Haworth, Pat. Feb. 23, 1892; Loop Back Knot, J.C. Bartholomew, Pat. Oct. 20, 1885; Paper Clip Splice, F.A. Rose, Pat. April 28, 1885; Washer, William F. Johnson, Pat. April 22, 1883; Padlock, A.W. Thompson, Pat. Dec. 4, 1883; and Double Padlock, A.W. Thompson, Pat. Dec. 4, 1883. (Photo & Photo 2)

428. Choice from among 26 plus boxes and display boards of cut pieces of barbed wire including one coil of wire.

429. Two books: Planter Wire by William D. Hauff, 1970; and planter wire collectors guide by Jim Goedert and Larry Greer.

430. Five Barbed Wire related books: The Complete Encyclopedia of Barbed Wire by Col. R.J. Thurgood; Little Joe's Antique Barbed-Wire-Manual, 1971; The Wire That Fenced The West, by Henry D. and Francis T. McCallum, fourth printing 1972; The "Bobbed Wire" Bible, An Illustrated Guide To Identification and Classification of Barbed Wire by Jack Glover, 1969, well worn and full of former owners notes; The "Bobbed Wire" VI Bible, by Jack Glover, 1980. (Photo)

431. Twenty issues of Barbs & Snags, the monthly reports of the Wichita Barbed Wire Collectors Association, Inc. all published between 1988 and 1990. (Photo)

432. Three barbed wire publications: THE "BOBBED WIRE" II BIBLE by Jack Glover; BARBED WIRE IDENTIFICATION HAND BOOK by HERBERT ROCK; and Volume 24 Number 2 January/February 2007 The Barbed Wire COLLECTOR published by the ANTIQUE BARBED WIRE SOCIETY. (Photo)

433. Book: WINDMILL WEIGHTS Pictured - Identified by Rick Nidey and Don Lawrence. (Photo)


434. Block & Tackle Stretcher with MALLEABLE IRON PULLEYS and length of grass rope. (Photo & Photo 2)

435. Pair of White Patent (Sept. 19, 1933) Check-Wire Anchor Stakes with cranks, PAT. 1,927,193 both with light to moderate rust. White assigned the patent for these to John Deere & Co., so Deere likely manufactured them. (Photo)

436. BROWN STRETCHER. (327 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

437. Two Block & Tackle Stretchers each with malleable blocks and grass rope; one also has a length of chain.

Post Hole Digger Collection:

438. Large post hole auger with pipe shaft and wooden T-handle. (852 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

439. Unknown make small diameter, post hole auger with wooden T-handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

440. Duplex post hole digger with steel-pipe shaft and having a wooden T-handle. (871 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

441. J.S. BOLTON, CHICAGO, ILL post hole digger. (867 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Unknown make 4-bladed post hole auger with steel-pipe shaft and T-handle. (Photo)

443. Post hole digger, one handle has been replaced. (849 Smith) (Photo)

444. Earth Auger Specialty Device Co. This one does not have the extendable handle but has the same business end. (865 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

See lots 567-572 for more Post Hole Diggers.

445. Book: Horsedrawn Plows and Plowing by L.R. Miller, first edition, published in 2000, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. Six books: Maytag MULTI-MOTORS volume 11 by Marvin Frahm; THE AGRICULTURAL TRACTOR 1855-1950; Farm Inventions in the Making of America by Paul C. Johnson; CINDERS & SMOKE a mile by mile guide for the Durango and Silverton narrow gauge trip by Doris B. Osterwald; The McCormick-Deering Gas Engine HANDBOOK, reprinted by J. Metcalf; and INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATING INTERNAL ENGINES 1 1/2, 3, AND 6 H.P. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY reprinted by Jean Metcalf. (Photo)

447. Choice from among five tractor or implement operator's manuals and parts catalogs: OPERATOR'S MANUAL INTERNATIONAL 826 TRACTOR; Operator's Manual McCormick No. 2-ME CORN PICKER; Operating Instructions for MODEL S ENGINES NOVO ENGINE CO. 1927; REPAIR CATALOG No. R-1060 FOR MODEL M-96 8-Foot WINDROWER MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE POWER IMPLEMENT COMPANY; and INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR FARMALL TRACTOR WITH PARTS LIST AND ILLUSTRATIONS, International Harvester Co. (Photo)

448. PASDERA NO. 1 WIRE SPLICER & STRETCHER PATD DEC 16, 1924, complete and very good. (353 Smith) (Photo)

449. Wide Eclipse Lever Stretcher, complete and very good. (298 Smith) (Photo)

450. Unknown make ratcheting wire twister PAT. APL 30, 1904 or 1907, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Three books: HOG CONTROL, A PATENT STUDY OF RINGERS, HOLDERS, SNOUTERS & JEWELRY compiled by Onie Sims in 2003; BITS Their History Use And Misuse by Louis Taylor, 1966 first edition, some rodent chewing to jacket and edge of both covers, inside is fine; and BIBLE of BITS, First Edition, 1975 by LeRoy C. Haug & Gerhard G. Malm. (Photo)

452. Unknown make ratcheting wire twister, traces of original japanning remain on iron handle, very good overall. (Photo)

453. Pair of fencing tools: RANCHMAN combination tool that has one of the arms welded and the punch is broken off (11 Smith); and a combination staple puller and stretcher, marked 675,304, very good. (140 Smith) (Photo)

454. RED VIKING combination tool. (1 Smith) (Photo)

455. Marshalltown Tool combination hammer, hatchet etc., very good. (3 Smith) (Photo)

456. William Phillips Patent (U.S. No. 245,398) combination tool, Patented Aug. 9, 1881, complete and very good. (76 Smith) (Photo)

457. Fence-Master combination claw hammer, wire cutter, plier, twister, etc. Pat. No. 2,462,250, complete and fine. (15 Smith) (Photo)

458. Elisha Ely (U.S. No. 413,180) Patent Oct. 22, 1889, combination fencing tool, very good overall. (86 Smith) (Photo)

459. Alligator jawed 12-inch combination plier, marked PAT APPLD FOR, very good; plus a pair of 10.5-inch Weed-type chain pliers rusty with light pitting.

460. Pistol-grip type pliers 10-inches long overall, light rust, will clean to very good.

461. Combination Fence Tool marked PT. PEND, has hammer, staple claw, stretcher with crank handle, etc. Fine overall. (232 Smith) (Photo)

462. ATOMIC Combination Fence Tool, Glaskin Manufacturing cast iron, Pat. SEPT. 27, 1949, very good. (723 Smith) (Photo)

463. Little Queen Combination Tool PAT. PEND. in original? green paint, fine. (231 Smith) (Photo)

464. Combination Fence Tool marked PT. PEND, has hammer, staple claw, stretcher with crank handle, etc. Fine overall. (FT016.) (Photo)

465. AMERICAN STEEL & WIRE CO. PAT APPLD lever stretcher, very good. (301 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Eclipse lever stretcher with hammer at end of handle, very good. (297 or 298 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

467. American Wire Fence Co. lever stretcher, pitted. (356 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

468. EXCELSIOR lever stretcher, some rust, will clean to very good. (324 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

469. DURBIN-DURCO INC ST LOUIS MO WIRE STRETCHER 501, very good. (326? Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

470. Open handle stretcher MFD BY REIN LEITZKE HUNTISFORD WIS, very good. (310 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Unknown make lever stretcher handle similar to Smith 326, DURBIN-DURCO lever stretcher, this one is marked WS790A on the handle, very good. (Photo)

472. PAGE lever stretcher, very good. (304 Smith) (Photo)

473. W.H. Beal Patent (U.S. No. 532,717) slack taker PAT. JAN. 15, '95, complete and very good. (429 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

474. N. & F. WHITESEL Patent SEPT 15, 1914 Stretcher & Splicer, has brazed repair on frame, see close-up photo. (294 Smith) (Photo)

475. RARE fence weaving machine has three iron rings hung from a wooden handle, in each ring spins a guide that a strand would be passed thru, and each guide rotates around the inside of the iron ring. First we have seen outside a fence tool book. (620 Bose; M-43 Marquis) (Photo)

476. A.R. GARVER CHAIN STRETCHER Patent June 1, 1880, some light rust, very good. (228 Smith) (Photo)

477. Kenwood lever stretcher Sears Roebuck & Co. (337 Smith) (Photo)


479. Unknown make wire grip with length of grass rope. (Photo)

480. N. & F. WHITESEL Patent SEPT 15, 1914 Stretcher & Splicer, very good. (Photo)

481. STETLER FENCE TOOL PAT. JAN. 2, 1900, MAY 14,1901, (U.S. NO. 640,598) made on a patent issued to Daniel Stetler of Medford, Oklahoma Territory. (127 Smith) (Photo)


483. LEVER STRETCHER WESTERN STEEL & IRON PAT. MARCH 29, 1898. (312 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)


485. JACOBS- Patent fencing hammer PAT. JULY 10, 1934, Jacob was a blacksmith in Harlan Iowa who sold his chisels and fencing hammers at cattle barns throughout the area, very good. (177 Smith) (Photo)

486. Hebblethwaite Patent (U.S. No. 529,384) Combination Tool PAT. NOV. 20, 1894, hammer, wrench, staple claw, etc. This one is very good to fine. (178 Smith) (Photo)

487. FENCING HAMMER PAT. PENDING, very good. (180 Smith) (Photo)

488. Combination Tool Kitselman; plus an unknown fencing plier with hammer face and wire cutter. (84 Smith)

489. Three combination fencing pliers: two are combination plier, wire cutters, hammers and staple claws; and one of those is pitted. The third is a combination tool made of sheet metal with hammer and wire cutter. (78 Smith)

490. Small one-sided walk along stretcher. (Photo)

491. Length of old grass rope found with stretchers, has an iron ring in one end held by a spliced eye. (Photo)

492. Wood handled wire grab stretcher, appears to have been manufactured, the steel that is wrapped around the end of the wooden handle is painted red. (Photo)

493. Townsand Painted Post, N.Y. wood handled lever stretcher. (340 Smith) (Photo)

494. Little Giant crank rope stretcher, PAT JULY 13, 1880, some pitting, still functional. (217 Smith) (Photo)

495. Small 20-inch lever stretcher. (Photo)

496. Ratchet stretcher, Whitsel Mfg. Co. Omaha Nebraska, PAT. SEPT. 7th, 1915, appears complete. (295 Smith) (Photo)

497. Wire Clamp, M. KLIEN & SON INC. (777 Smith) (Photo)

498. Unknown make wire clamp, very good. (Photo)

499. Wire Clamp, M. KLIEN & SONS CHICAGO, very good. (Photo)

500. Two-sided walk along stretcher, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Ratchet stretcher, Whitsel Mfg. Co. Omaha Nebraska, PAT. SEPT. 7th, 1915, appears complete. Same as lot 496 above. (295 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Block & Tackle Stretcher with Sheet Metal Pulleys and length of grass rope. (555 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Chain Walker Stretcher PAT 1939, very good. (460 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Two-sided walk along stretcher, PAT'D JUNE, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

505. KEN TOOL AKRON OHIO T-100 tire bead breaker. (don-t ask me how this got in with the fence stretchers) (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Never Slip Stretcher with wood handle, PAT. FEB. 5, 1878. (315 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Koch Patent (U.S. No. 2,158,128) jack-type fence stretcher with very faint patent number cast into handle along with OTHER PATENTS PEND. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

508. Unknown make block & tackle stretcher with wooden bodied blocks strung with synthetic rope. (Photo)

509. Prescott Patent (U.S. No. 1,543,233) wire stretcher and splicer made on PAT. JUNE 23, 1925 issued to Jacob O. Prescott of Forest City, Iowa. This one is in old red paint, very good. (Photo)

510. Two Two-sided walk along stretchers: both have a bar running the length of the rack, riveted 2-piece handles. (Photo)

511. Massive WOVEN WIRE STRETCHER, made on U.S. Pat. No. 808,023 issued to PAUL W. DILLON of Sterling, Illinois DEC. 19, 1905. (285 Smith) (Photo)

512. REX NOVELTY CO. MINNEAPOLIS MINN PAT. APPLIED FOR stretcher & splicer. (398 Smith) (Photo)

513. Three combination fencing pliers: (36 Smith) FENCE PLIERS, PERKINS, JAN 4, 1898, rusty; LESOTA with rust and pitting; and an unknown make.

514. Two fencing tools; (84 Smith) Kitselman; and unknown crimper or splicer.

515. COMBINATION TOOL, FAUST TOOL CO., PAT. MAY 8, 1888. (83 Smith)

516. Pair of wire tools: U.S. 1945 military cutter for concertina wire; and a compound levered wire cutter marked ENGLAND.

517. Six assorted wire and/or fence tools all with some rust.

518. RED BRAND splicing tool, fine. (742 Smith) (Photo)

519. Lot of seven plier or plier like wire or fencing tools: two L.A. SAYRE & CO. Pat. APR. 7, -03; marked 10'inch CRONK; BERNARD with hammer face and wire cutter; smaller pair of Cronk'type pliers; plier with side cutter; and #264 CRESCENT TOOL CO. wire cutter.

520. Lot of six assorted wire or fence tools most with rust. Included are (36 Smith) fencing pliers; nice pair of MERIT fencing pliers with staple claw; pair of BRIEGLE METHOD TOOL CO. No. 606 crimpers; etc.

521. Two ROBINSON PATENT wire twisting tools: a plier with side cutter and a needle nose plier with side cutter.

522. FENCE REPAIR TOOL, FRED A. BUSWELL, PAT. DEC. 5, 1916. (Smith 712)

523. Large Chain Walker Stretcher PALCOSEEL MFG. CO. LTD. PAT 1939, CORNWALL ONT. MASSENA, NY. Label still attached to handle. (460 Smith) (Photo)

524. AM-STEEL & WIRE CO. PAT-APPLD-FOR lever stretcher. (Photo)

525. UNIVERSAL FENCE TOOL manufactured and distributed by The International Steel Co. Minneapolis MN with paper label still attached. (439 Smith) (Photo)

526. Pair of fence stretchers: on the left is a STAR CONTINUOUS GRIP STRETCHER; and on the right is a ROUND BAR STRETCHER, F. SLATER PAT. DEC. 23, 1884. (496 & 494 Smith) (Photo)

527. LEVI HAWBAKER STRETCHER CO. ELMORE MINN combination stretcher & splicer, in silver paint. (355 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

528. GROSCO INC. DES MOINES IOWA QUIK-GRIP WIRE STRETCHER-100 PAT. PENDING in near new condition. (377 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

529. Unknown make ONE-SIDED WALK ALONG STRETCHER. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Ratchet stretcher, Whitsel Mfg. Co. Omaha Nebraska, PAT. SEPT. 7th, 1915, appears complete, rusty. (295 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

531. CONTINUOUS GRIP STRETCHER PAT'D JUNE 17th, 1902. (495 Smith) (Photo)

532. REX NOVELTY CO. MINNEAPOLIS MINN PAT. APPLIED FOR stretcher & splicer. (354 Smith) (Photo)

533. (789 Smith) CAST IRON SPOOL CARRIER has number 207 cast into one leg and 208 into other. (Photo)

534. Ratchet Stretcher with Two Bars in Channel G. DEAN PAT. JUNE 24, 1883 in silver paint. (522? Smith) (Photo)

535. NOV. 21, 1905 "Lifting Device" or jack, has what has to be the prettiest paint job ever on a tool that was destined to be used in harsh environments and this one retains much of the original black paint and red pinstriping. (Photo & Photo 2)

536. STAY TOOL with wooden handles. (807 or 811 Smith) (Photo)

537. STAY CRIMPER, SPLICING TOOL & CUTTER. (Smith 112) (Photo)

538. Two-piece wire grip with ring, easily comes apart when slacked off. (Photo)

539. Combination Tool HURON TOOLS INC. PAT. DEC. 11, 1951. (Smith 130). (Photo & Photo 2)


541. Two TWO-SIDED WALK ALONG STRETCHERS each has a round rod running along the rack. (Photo)

542. Pair of fencing-type pliers: on top a PEXTO that has one handle missing the last 1 1/2 inches, has 3 wire cutters; and an unknown pair that has 2 wire cutters. (Photo)

543. Pair of fence-type pliers: pair on top dated 1873 has some rust; and an M. KLIEN & SONS pair of lineman's pliers with side cutter, one blade of the side cutter has chip missing. (Photo)

544. Primitive wooden lever-type fence stretcher. (Photo)

545. Pair of Cronk-type fencing pliers: 8-inch and 10-inch, both have light rust. (Photo)

546. Two WALK ALONG fence stretchers; one is one-sided and one is two-sided. (Photo)

547. Pair of 10-inch Cronk-type fencing pliers, the one in the foreground has some light rust. (Photo)

548. Small Chain Walker Stretcher PALCOSEEL MFG. CO. LTD. PAT 1939, CORNWALL ONT. MASSENA, NY. part of label remains attached to handle. (460 Smith) (Photo)

549. Campbell Patent (U.S. 401,004) RACINE APRIL 9, '89 wire fence tightener. (Photo)

550. Two wire working tools: THE COULTER TOOL CO. SAN ANTONIA, TEXAS made by STRIEBY & FOOTE CO. NEWARK, N.J. complete and very good; and a similar tool that is missing the hook and the rotating piece from the top. (Photo)

551. Seven wire working tools: five clamps and two crimping pliers. (Photo)

552. Five misc. plier-type tools: fencing pliers with hammer, wire cutter, staple claw, and two hammer faces; another with a hammer face on one side and staple claw on the other side; and three BRIEGEL METHOD crimping pliers. (Photo)

553. Pair of decorative cast iron fence post toppers. (Photo)

554. Four pair of fencing pliers including a L.A. SAYRE with two hammer faces; UTICA TOOLS with staple claw; etc. All have some degree of rust and will need cleaning. (Photo)

555. WIRE TIGHTENER PAT APPL'D FOR. in black paint, some pitting visible.


556. ACME seat with moderate to severe pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

557. WESTER L. ROLLER CO. HASTINGS NEB. seat, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Unknown make, decorative seat, has some professional repair work visible, nothing a good paint or powder coating won't hide. (Photo & Photo 2)

559. Walter A. Wood seat with a few well-executed repairs to the cutout work in the back. (Photo & Photo 2)

560. Unknown make seat with several well-executed repairs to the cutout work, with a coat of paint, it will display just fine.

561. John Deere tractor or implement tool box in old red paint; plus a cast iron tool box that would have mounted to the wooden tongue of an old implement, there is not bottom or top, just two ears to mount it with. (Photo)

562. IHC sheet metal tool box with oil can holder on end, good wooden bottom, needs a wooden knob for the lid, in old red paint, very good. (Photo)

563. Cast iron implement tool box, powder coat it and mount it in your kitchen for a spice rack. (Photo)

564. Pair of cast iron implement tool boxes, one in silver paint, and one au natural. (Photo)

565. Tin wall-hanging parts, soap or candy dish, nice scalloped sides. (Photo)

566. Cast iron tractor or implement tool box, mounting bracket intact. (Photo)


567. Post Hole Digger Pat. Aug. 10, 1909. (865 Smith) (Photo)

568. Earth Auger EXTENDABLE HANDLE Specialty Device Co. CIN.O. The extendable handle is marked CHANCE CENTRALIA MO. (865 Smith) (Photo)

569. Small diameter post hole digger, the handle does not fit properly and will need to be turned down a bit on one side to make it fit properly. (858 Smith) (Photo)

570. Earth Auger Specialty Device Co. CIN.O. this one, like the one in lot 444, does not have an extendable handle. (865 Smith) (Photo)

571. Auger-style post hole digger. handle a nice replacement. (860 Smith) (Photo)

572. UNIVERSAL POST HOLE DIGGER SCHEIDLERS PAT. MARCH 30, 1880. These were often used by utility workers. This one comes with the oft missing "crumber" to scoop dirt from the hole. The "crumber" is marked LEACH CO. Kenosha Wis. The top of it's handle is broken off. (860 Smith) (Photo)

573. Unknown make Universal-type post hole digger, has flat-stock connector from lever to scoop. (Photo)

574. Another Universal-type post hold digger with THE F.E. KOHLFR CO. CANTON. O. cast into the bracket that connects the digger to the handle, and has words LOCK LEVER PATTERN inked into the wood. (Photo)

575. Small Post Hole Digger Shop Made. (Smith 868.) (Photo)


576. Pair of mole traps: Victor with owner-extended forks; and a Reddick, very good. (Photo)

577. Pair of leg-set traps: VICTOR #3; and EASY SET #4. (Photo)

578. Two leg traps plus a spare for parts: long spring, square pan; a VICTOR, etc. (Photo)

579. Two small traps mole? or gopher? (Photo & Photo 2)

580. Two leg set traps ONEIDA leg hold Stopalot; and ONEIDA JUMP NO. 3. (Photo & Photo 2)

581. S. NEWHOUSE ONEIDA COMMUNITY mole trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

582. Unusual wire spring trap like a mole or gopher trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

583. Unusual wire spring trap.(Photo & Photo 2)

584. Small round spring trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

585. Large round spring trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

586. Unusual mole? trap with coil spring. (Photo & Photo 2)

587. Two leg traps: Montgomery #2 with coil spring; and VICTOR KENWOOD #4. (Photo & Photo 2)

588. Three traps: the larges is a VICTOR KENWOOD #3; next to it is a VICTOR #1 with leg hold; and another VICTOR No. 1. (Photo)

589. Trap marked WOODS & WATER RR 2 BOX 92A, RENSSELAER IND. (Photo)

590. Choice from among 11 different mole traps. (Photo)

591. Wire snare trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

592. Pair of leg traps: VICTOR No. 1 with leg hold; and VICTOR #0 with double spring. (Photo & Photo 2)

593. Pair of traps: The larger one has a tag saying Connebar; the smaller is similar in shape. (Photo & Photo 2)

594. Three traps including DUKE #3; and double spring VICTOR. We're not sure who made the square one in the front. (Photo & Photo 2)

595. Six leg traps: VICTOR long spring #1; ONEIDA (Victor) long spring #0; VICTOR two trigger; HUDSON BAY #2, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. Four larger traps: Three Newhouse #9; and an ONEIDA that is like two traps in one. (Photo & Photo 2)

597. Four traps: ONEIDA KILLSUM No. 1; and two NOS VICTOR GOPHER traps in green paint; and an ONEIDA leg trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

598. Four leg traps: ONEIDA No. 0 single spring; Diamond Brand long spring #21; and ONEIDA Victor No. 1, etc. (Photo)

599. Large wire rat trap. (Photo & Photo 2)

600. Five leg traps including EASY SET 3X1 TRIPLE CLUTCH; HUDSON BAY #2; VICTORY 1 1/2 KENWOOD; and NORTHWOOD #0; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

601. Five assorted traps: DUKK #3; ONEIDA VICTOR NO. 2 1/2 long spring; VICTOR NO.3 two spring; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

602. Four traps: small pocket gopher trap; and an unusual square shaped one with two springs coming off the corners. (Photo & Photo 2)


603. Pair of hay knives including a nice ARROW brand, both in very good overall condition. (Photo)

604. P.S.&W. (Peck, Stowe & Wilcox) steelyard scaled with one original weight, very good. (Photo)

605. Unknown grabber or picker upper that is held in one hand by a wooden handle and the D-handle at the other end would be turned to open and close the business end. (Photo)

606. Unusual LOUDEN'S cast iron or malleable hay spear with 4 prongs, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

607. Chopper combination axe and splitting maul, very good overall. (Photo)

608. Wing-shaped hay knife with wooden handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

609. Large Chain Walker Stretcher similar to the one in lot 523. That one is by PALCOSEEL MFG. CO. LTD. PAT 1939, CORNWALL ONT. MASSENA, NY. (460 Smith) (Photo & Photo 2)

610. Single hay spear, very good overall. (Photo)

611. Double hay spear, very good. (Photo)

612. De-horning tool used to de-horn cattle. (Photo)

613. Iwan hay knife with partial label intact. (Photo & Photo 2)

614. Iron ring gear that would be attached to inside of a wagon wheel and connected to an end-gate seeder by a chain. (Photo)


615. Double hog oiler from Kansas City. And spare set of plates for the big side. (Photo & Photo 2)

616. LIVESTOCK EQUIPT. CO. SIOUX CITY oiler, in red paint, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

617. Side-by-side double oiler very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

618. Football or Water mellon hog oiler HOG-JOY May 12, 1914 patent, very good. (Photo)

619. Early Briggs & Stratton kick start engine with overhead valve, external rod and kick starter, needs work. (Photo & Photo 2)

620. PEXTO BELL SYSTEMS brush hook, very good.

621. Kant hook used to roll logs on the ground. (Photo)

622. Blacksmiths wheel drill along with a spare head for another one. (Photo)

623. Pair of hand-cranked grinders, both have intact tool rests but the smaller one is missing the wood from the handle. (Photo)

624. Hay knife, traces of red paint on one end, very good. (Photo)

625. Hay knife PAT. SEPT. 5, 1899, very good. (Photo)

626. Unknown tool that has rack adjustment and may be some sort of stock holding device for goats or sheep. (Photo)

627. Unknown make long handled adz for woodworking, very good. (Photo)

628. Mystery tool with lever, we're leaning toward a weeding tool.

629. New stone for a sickle bar grinder.

630. Two trap books: Steel Traps Obsolete and Antique by Robert Vance; and MOLE TRAPS A COLLECTORS MANUAL by Rex E. Marsh, 1995.

631. CAST IRON Seats IV book by John D. Friedly, Jr.

632. Two fence-tool books: "STRETCHERS and STRAINERS" FENCE and WIRE TOOLS by Conrad E. Bose, 1975; and The FENCIN' TOOL BIBLE by Bill Marquis, 1976.


633. John Deere 6-inch walking plow, left handle has been replaced, JOHN DEERE name in top of frame, very good overall. (Photo)

634. John Deere floor-model corn sheller with cast iron top and tin bottom, hand crank on one side and large flywheel on other side, has newer wooden chute, nice working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

635. Left handled walking plow, marked 16 on top of frame, frame in battleship gray paint, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

636. John Deere No. 2 floor-model corn sheller with wooden body, cast iron top, John Deere name, model number and DEC 2D, 1919 patent are stenciled into the side, has a newer wooden chute on the end, complete and in fine working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

637. Potato plow, 13-inch blade, handle marked BROWN MANLEY PLOW CO., very good.

638. Deere? floor-model corn sheller with steel body and legs, crank on one side and flywheel on the other, corn nubber on end of shaft on flywheel side, newer tin chute, needs some cosmetic work, good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

639. Sod breaking plow with 10 1/2-inch blade, and the hitch is all original. (Photo)

640. John Deere floor-model corn sheller with cast iron top that has the DEERE logo nicely cast into it. Currently set to run off a belt but a hand crank can be mounted. Has a chain driven conveyor type discharge belt, a newer wooden chute, very good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

641. Garden Plow gag gift that has a plow on the end of a long wooden handle, sign says PAT. NOV 21, 1993. (Photo & Photo 2)

642. BLACK HAWK box corn sheller, mounted to wooden box, complete and very good. (Photo)

643. Sod breaking plow with 24-inch blade, the wooden beam has been replaced and was nicely done, and the hitch is a modern welded up replacement. (Photo)

644. THE RUN EASY box corn sheller, mounted to a wooden box, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

645. Shovel plow with 5-inch blade, has old-wood frame, clevis on front with a wrench pin, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

646. FULTON box corn sheller, one bolt replaced, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

647. Potato plow, frame and handles have been remanufactured, hitch on front is a modern welded up example, very nice. (Photo)

648. Framed display of 9 corn husking hooks including THE BOSS; CLARK'S CORN KING; CLARK'S CORN QUEEN; TWELVE IN ONE by F.D. KEYS Beatrice, Nebraska; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

649. LISTER PLOW with 12-inch wooden frame and wooden handles, early clevis hitch, very good overall. (Photo)

650. Framed display of 16 thumb cots and wrist bands for corn husking. (Photo & Photo 2)

651. Potato plow with iron frame, 18-inch blade, has root claw on front, shakers for shaking dirt off; the piece that holds the root claw has been repaired, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

652. Framed display of 9 corn husking hooks including THE RAIDT MAKER SHENANDOAH, IOWA; R.F. CLARK PAT APL'D FOR; CLARK'S HUSK-IT PAT. 12-5-11; THE BOSS PAT. MAR. 13, 1900, JAN. 16, 1906; etc. (Photo)

653. Potato plow with 11-inch blade, wooden frame, all original, very good.

654. Large corn mill that is run by a jackshaft or line-shaft and belt, removable tin hopper painted green. (Photo & Photo 2)

655. Walk behind garden cultivator can be adjusted up, down and sideways, has PLANET JR. handles, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

656. Line shaft setup that will allow one power source to run three different machines or saws at one time. Martin used this setup with an old hit-and-miss engine to run his corn mill, metal-cutting saw and other items at the tractor shows. (Photo & Photo 2)

657. John Deere corn planter that comes with four different sized seed plates that can be used for different sized seed, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

658. MARVEL DRAW CUT SAW No. 1 by the Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. Chicago set up to run off a line shaft, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

659. Horse drawn 16-inch plow with steel frame, wooden handles, complete and very good.

660. Two boxes of belting that could be used with the line shaft in lot 656, or the corn mill or saw in lots 654 or 658 above. (Photo)

661. Large team-drawn plow used to plow used to plow the Sioux City & St. Paul Railroad bed between LeMars and Shelden Iowa. This plow was found abandoned along the tracks near Alton, Iowa and was restored by Martin Raak who fabricated the 108-inch wooden beam and the handles. This thing is big and it is heavy, but it does come on a wooden base with wheels that allows a single person to push it around on a hard floor like concrete. Be sure to bring something suitable for hauling it. (Photo)

662. Hand cranked seed corn sorter, put grain down chute and turn drum to separate corn according to size and shape, made of galvanized steel. (Photo)

663. John Deere walking plow with 22-inch blade, wooden handles, the metal parts are painted in Deere-green paint, and the blade is painted silver, very good. (Photo)

664. Framed display of nine corn husking hooks including; THE RAIDT MAKER SHENANDOAH, IOWA; GIANT WRIST HOOK NO. 11; KEYS BEATRICE, NEBRASKA; etc.

665. Unusual sod house plow with 16-inch blade that has four curved steel rods coming off the back behind the blade, very unusual. (Photo & Photo 2)

666. Unknown-type S. CHENEY & SON MANLIUS, N.Y. grinder. Possibly a sickle grinder. (Photo & Photo 2)

667. Unusual 2-way walking plow, wooden beam, has lever that when turned allows the blade to hinge away from the wooden beam and handles, appears to be all original, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

668. THE ACME HAND CORN PLANTER Patented Sept. 11, '19 Manufactured by the POTATO IMPLEMENT CO. TRAVERSE CITY, MICH in little used fine condition with nice stenciling on side. (Photo & Photo 2)

669. Corn dryer that will hold ten ears of corn, made out of flat stock, very good. (Photo)

670. Pair of hand corn planters both likely made by the same company, each has a cast iron seed plate directly below the hopper, both need a good cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

671. Wire corn dryer. (Photo)

672. The EUREKA hand potato planter Made only by the GREENVILLE PLANTER CO. GREENVILLE MICH. PAT'D MCH 10, '96 JUN 9, '97, tin body with wooden handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

673. Kick wheel grinder, will need a new leather drive belt, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

674. OPEN.

675. IDEAL CORN TESTER by NATIONAL MFG. CO. DES MOINES, IA, made on a patent issued Oct. 26, 1909 to Clark Twamley of Alexandria, South Dakota, complete with kerosene burner in bottom, very good. (Photo)

676. Unknown make hand corn planter with tin hopper and a wood frame and handle, very good overall. (Photo)

677. Chain-driven pedal grinder in wooden frame, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

678. Unknown make hand corn planter with tin hopper and chute, wooden hand and body in old green paint, no lid on the hopper, good. (Photo)

679. Treadle grinder, complete and very good. (Photo)

680. Unknown make hand corn planter with trip lever mounted just below the handle, in black paint, good overall. (Photo)

681. Two long handled ice chippers likely from an industrial ice production facility, both very good. (Photo)

682. The ???IZER PLANTER ACME MANUFACTURING CO. TRAVERSE CITY MICH. double hopper hand corn planter, in orange paint, very good overall. (Photo)

683. Framed display of 18 corn husking pegs including THE BOSS: HALL'S; A.W. BRIKERHOFF & SON UPPER SANDUSKY OHIO 1882; UNIVERSAL; ILLINOIS HUCKER 1867; CLARK UNIVERSAL; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

684. Interesting wooden corn planter with lever strap used as a stop. The only metal on other than screws is the tin cover over the opening, very good. (Photo)

685. Framed display of 10 corn husking hooks including a left handed THE RAIDT MAKER SHENANDOAH, IOWA; CLARK'S DANDY; THE BOSS; the one in the center is marked PAT APPL. (Photo & Photo 2)

686. Unknown make, hand corn planter made with two tubular frame members, with nice hopper, in old green paint, very good overall. (Photo)

687. Nice John Deere No. 4216-C hand-cranked floor model corn sheller with wooden body and having a large iron flywheel on one side, iron plate on top nicely embossed with the DEERE logo, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

688. ????TOR PLANTER hand corn planter made on a patent issued OCT 29, 1889 to Sylvester P. Babcock of Adrian Michigan has ink stencil on side, MANUFACTURED BY BABCOCK PLANTER CO. ADRIAN, MICH. top of original handle broken and replaced by crude replacement, the main body is in old yellow paint, still functional. (Photo & Photo 2)

689. Book: Corn Collectibles Book One, Hooks & Pegs, by Tom Junkins & Corn Items Collectors.

690. Scarce corn stock cutter and table, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

691. Lot of 20 assorted husking pegs, gloves, wrist strap, etc.

692. Small hand corn planter that is on a round shovel-like handle, the cast or malleable trip lever is marked PAT APD FOR, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

693. Unknown make hand potato planter, has a D-shaped closed handle, round feed tube, sheet metal construction, in old blue green paint. (Photo)

694. EMERSON-TALCOTT ROCKFORD ILL hand corn planter with wooden body, body is cracked near the trip lever pivot, and the tip is rusty, but the cast iron hopper cover is present and it still functions. (Photo & Photo 2)

695. Lot of 19 assorted husking pegs, gloves, finger mesh; etc. (Photo)

696. Lot of 22 assorted husking pegs and gloves, wrist hooks including at least one left handed glove. (Photo)

697. Lot of 11 assorted husking gloves, pegs and wrist and thumb husker from Shandoah, IA. (Photo)

698. Large corn dryer made from wire and chain, very nice. (Photo)

699. Corn knife with handle taped; and a hay knife patented SEPT. 5, 1899, very good. (Photo)

700. Nice wire corn dryer, holds 48 ears of corn, very good. (Photo)

701. Wire corn dryer that holds 18 ears of corn, very good.

702. Large double hay spear, some rust.

703. Pair of twisted wire corn dryers.

704. Large horse-drawn hay rake, the wooden tongue will need to be replaced as it most likely too farm gone to salvage. (Photo)

705. Horse-drawn ride-on cultivator, has tool box mounted to wooden tongue, weathered from sitting outside for many years but not too far gone to restore. (Photo)

706. Well or cistern pump with tin housing, in white paint, very good. (Photo)

707. McCormack Derring No 7 horse-drawn riding mower, perfect candidate for a restoration. (Photo)

708. John Deer horse drawn riding plow, rusted, but appears to be complete. (Photo)

709. John Deer ride on row disk in old yellow and green paint. (Photo)

710. Pair of small walking hand Row cultivators. (Photo & Photo 2)

711. Nice disc sharpener with flat pulley on end of shaft to allow it to be driven by a flat belt. (Photo & Photo 2)

712. Fine vintage Althouse-Wheeler Company Waupun, Wisconsin No. 30 pump jack with flat pulley that was formerly run with flat belts, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

713. One 5-gallon bucket full of fixer up and junk wrenches.

714. Bridle with rope bit, good. (Photo)

715. Miniature western saddle on a wooden display stand, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

716. Nickel plated bridle with some light rust and peeling nickel. (Photo & Photo 2)

717. Pair of western spurs, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

718. Success driving bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

719. Scarce Dr. Le Gear's medicine bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

720. Solid mouth ring bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

721. Leather nose basket with riveted construction, good. (Photo)

722. Hanover coach bit, some light rust, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

723. Wire nose basket, good. (Photo)

724. Small overcheck bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

725. Pair of canvas nose baskets. (Photo)

726. Speculum-type? bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

727. Saw-tooth or chain link bit, rusty. (Photo & Photo 2)

728. Farrier's hoof knife. (Photo & Photo 2)

729. Unknown spur, owner's tag says "cavalry," very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

730. Mexican ring bit, some rust, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

731. Pair of curry combs one marked DECKER KEOKUK IOWA with plastic or bakelite body. (Photo)

732. Full cheek snaffle mouthing bit. (Photo)

733. Half cheek leather bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

734. Berry snaffle driving bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

735. Rubber NEVER RUST mouth D bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

736. Nickel plated Pecos bit, some nickel missing, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

737. Tongue lollering bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

738. Buckeye driving bit, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

739. Twisted bar ring bit, rusty and pitted. (Photo & Photo 2)

740. Unknown make spur with small brass rowel. This one looks like a cavalry spur. (Photo & Photo 2)

741. Ashleigh Elbow Bit, some light rust, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

742. Mexican port bit with nice touch marks, some rust and pitting, good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

743. Hanover coach bit, some rust, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

744. Stallion bit, some rust, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

745. RARE High Back saddle made by JEPSEN BROS. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. Jepson Bros. were in business from 1855 to 1860. (Photo & Photo 2)

746. Halter and bridal, complete setup and ready for riding. (Photo)

747. Roping saddle, black leather, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

748. Choice from among six different horse bits including driving and over check models. (Photo & Photo 2)

749. Choice from among five bits including one with twisted bar, three have light rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

750. Lot: Two curry combs and two speculum bits the one on the bottom is aluminum. (Photo & Photo 2)

751. Lot: Three over check bits, the one on bottom has some rust and will need cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

752. Pair of horse bits one with sold round bar, both have rust. (Photo)

753. Rusty and pitted driving bit with twisted bar, appears like it was dug up. Photo & Photo 2)

754. Pair of Farrier's knives, one that looks as if it was made from a Perfect Handle (Photo & Photo 2)

755. OPEN.

756. Pair of wooden stirrups and a over check bit with two twisted strands. (Photo & Photo 2)

757. Four bits including one with chain links. (Photo & Photo 2)

758. Six assorted bits; one with welded repair, another with serious rust.

759. Four modern bits, the one on top has a tag that says TEXAS STYLE BIT, one is made of aluminum, all in very good condition.

760. Two bits each having double twisted bits; plus a piece from a broken bit.

761. Two over check bits and two curry combs, all should clean to usable condition.

762. Lot of 26 old horseshoes, an instant collection, or give 'em out to your pals. Whatever you do, don't hang 'em upside down, or your luck will run out! (Photo)

763. HENRY MASBRUCH Patent (1,912,534 & 1,925,928) bull blinders. The leather has some mold but should clean up just fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

764. Leather nose basket, very good; plus wire mesh nose basket and two misc. leather straps. (Photo)

765. Cow poke to keep the cows from jumping the fence, has two nice rowels. (Photo)

766. Lot of veterinary tools: three nickel plated syringes the biggest marked Jen-Sal, pair of birthing tongs for pulling pigs; a pill pusher; hog holder, Hill's Hog Tongs and two mystery tools one that looks like a type of forceps or tongs. (Photo)

767. Lot five hog tools: two snouters one marked DR. MILLER PIG SNOUTER PAT. SEPT. 28, '93; the other unmarked; an ear notcher, pair of forcps for pulling pigs; and an oral speculum. (Photo)

768. Emasculator for emasculating bulls.

769. Ten assorted veterinary and animal husbandry tools: anti-kick chain; ear piercer?; three bull leads; NOS self-piercing BULL RING, etc. (Photo)

770. to 779. OPEN.

The following last-minute wrenches will be sold immediately following Lot 414 at the end of the Raak Wrench Collection.

780. HOE CORP 26-inch, Robert Patent (U.S. No. 1,407,578), self-adjust pipe or nut wrench, scarce large size, very good. (Photo)

781. RARE Coes 12-inch double-screw monkey wrench; wooden handle split, some mushrooming on head, first double screw we have sold. Selling with a modest reserve. (Photo)

782. Unknown 16-inch self-adjusting pipe wrench with lever to open, very good. (Photo)

783. Merrick's Patent 12-inch wood handled monkey wrench, split in wooden handle, name and Springfield location fully readable, early and very good. (Photo)

784. Taylor's Patent 16-inch quick adjust nut and pipe wrench, some light rust and top jaw has teeth soldered back in, good overall. (Photo)

785. Lindsay Patent 12-inch wood handled monkey wrench, name and date readable, split in wooden handle, very good. (Photo)

786. "Swedish Patent" 14-inch, top jaw chipped at corner, good overall. (Photo)

787. Hewett's Patent 12-inch some mushrooming on head, good overall. (Photo)

788. Walworth 12-inch quick adjust pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

789. Schwendner Patent 12-inch quick adjust nut wrench with old finish; little use, very good. (Photo)

790. Owner-made 12-inch combination wrench and screw driver, handle engages rack to tighten jaws, very good. (Photo)

791. Universal 10-inch adjustable buggy wrench with 99.9-percent nickel plating, fine. (Photo)

792. Unmarked (Starrett) 7-inch pliers wrench, as found, fully operable, very good. (Photo)

793. Fastfit 9-inch quick-adjust, Made in England, very good. (Photo)

794. Bullard 8-inch pipe wrench, about as clean as they come, fine. (Photo)

795. Brass alloy 12-inch drum bung/hydrant wrench, very good. (Photo)

796. Gelman 12-inch handle with bend; and a 7-inch Fitzall quick adjust with pipe jaw, good stamping and patent date, very good overall. (Photo)

797. Windsor Mfg. 12-inch with very good stamping, banging to jaws, nut at bottom a brass replacement, good overall. (Photo)

798. Combination 5-inch wrench and screw driver; English patent, cam-locking lever locks movable bottom jaw from behind, very good. (Photo)

799. Unmarked 6-inch plier-wrench, operable, with moderate pitting. (Photo)

800. Efficiency 8-inch three-way plier wrench, patent applied for, better than 50-percent nickel plating, fine. (Photo)

801. Smith-made 21-inch key-locking nut wrench; operable, has classic wrought iron surfaces, very good. (Photo)

802. Double sided 19-inch adjustable axle wrench; manufactured, English patent, very good. (Photo)

803. Joseph Gibson & Co. 14-inch Improved Axel wrench, from Bromwich, England, all stampings readable, very good. (Photo)

We will be selling these items out a bit out of sequence when we start Friday morning outside with lots 704 to 713 which are the larger horse-drawn farm implements, an old pump, and buckets of broken, rusty or junk wenches and one or two other odds and ends. Then we will move into the room with the overhead door where we will sell lots 633 to 703 the collection of 30+ walking plows and cultivators with corn shellers and other corn items and other farm collectibles, etc. A handout with the exact sale order will be available before the auction begins on Friday and a complete list with item descriptions will be available too.




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