April 29-April 30, 2016
Humboldt Fairgrounds Building
311 6th Avenue N.
Humboldt, IA 50548

SATURDAY, APRIL 30 Lots 1-615 listed below.


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Friday, April 29 Lots 615-1000 listed on separate page.

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Lot Number Description
1 Stanley #127 “Liberty Bell” transitional jack plane, good SW-logo blade, complete and fine.
2 BAILEY iron block plane with scalloped face on stippled lever cap, L. BAILEY and patent date on blade, Excelsior-style body, crack extending rearward from rear corner of throat on left side, and small area of pitting where side meets bottom on right side, good overall.
3 Stanley BAILEY #27 transitional jack plane, very good T-logo blade, complete and very good.
4 Arcade 9355 stove lid lifter
5 Lot of four fixed bitstock hollow auger; one marked ALES FRENCH on tang, all very good.
6 Fine and complete Stanley #30 angle divider.
7 Nice rosewood tool handle full of bit, fine overall.
8 Starrett #1, 5 1/2-inch end cutters for music wire, fine overall.
9 Barrett Pat. double beam marking gage marked E.C. Stearns on one beam, very good overall.
10 Pair of Stanley adjustable squares: #22 & #122, both have intact vials in the levels and intact scribes, both are very good.
11 Three wooden marking gages by Disston & Stanley: Stanley #72 double beam with nice markings, very good overall; Stanley #65 fine overall; and Disston #76, complete and very good.
12 Nice Stanley #85 panel gage with 18-inch beam, nicely marked with Stanley logo on head, fine overall.
13 Pair of long handled scrapers: Stanley #82, complete and very good; and an E.C. Stearns that has an owners' name and Social Security number scratched into face, very good.
14 Pair of 6-inch Stanley try squares incl. #20 with fine rosewood handle and blued? blade; and a nickel plated model that is complete and fine.
15 Rare Spickler Patent scraper, has PAT APL 1, 73 cast into underside of open loop handle, missing one of the two original blades, very good overall.
16 Stanley #200 blade and chisel sharpening guide, complete and fine.
17 Pair of single beam Stanley marking gages: #97 with script lettering, very good and a #90 that is fine.
18 Stanley 6-inch machinist level 39 1/2 Type 1, fancy casting, very good.
19 Stanley #38 oil burner level, fine orange japanning, fine overall.
20 Stanley #198 mortise gage, has a few tiny chips to otherwise good head, very good overall.
21 Unmarked Stanley? rosewood mortise gage, fine.
22 Three wooden marking gages: Stanley #61; Stanley #64 1/2 SW logo, fine; and an unmarked double beam similar to Stanley #72, complete and fine.
23 Lot: two wooden spokeshaves; one by Wm Johnson Newark; and a wedge-locking marking gage, good.
24 Stanley #16 improved miter square 10-inch, complete and fine.
25 Fine Stanley #2 SW brass trammels w/pencil holder
26 Pair Stanley #4 nickel plated trammel points with carpenter pencil
27 Lot: two hollow adjustable hollow augers one with square tang looks like a Stearns, it has a coat of was that will clean off easily; the other is set up for use in a machine, it too is very good; and there is a medium sized dowel pointer with broken off tang.
28 Pair of ULMIA wooden framed saws both NOS.
29 Pair of Stanley No. 150 miters boxes, just add a pair of back saws and you're set.
30 HICKORY double bit axe head marked HICKORY Kelly, How, Thomson, Duluth, Minn, very good.
31 Unusual 9-inch lignum smooth plane, has very faint 2-line makers mark that we cannot make out, the right side is cracked where the wedge was driven in too far, good overall.
32 Wm. BEATTY broad axe head, just needs a handle.
33 Unusual 8 3/4-inch table joint plane, exotic wood, very good overall.
34 Millers Falls No. 200 wooden miter box, very good.
35 Nice rosewood shipwright's razee jack plane, wedge not original to plane,
36 Pair of iron braces; one spring chuck; one screw. The one with the spring chuck has a weak spring, both are very good. (In photo of braces this one is to right of tape gun)
37 Four assorted braces: Stanley #966 8-in. very good; and BLECKMANN gent's brace.
38 Pair of ratchet braces: PEXTO MB1-10; Craftsman 12, both are very good.
39 John S. Fray & Co. Whimble brace, complete and very good.
40 Stanley #813 10-inch ratchet brace, near new overall condition.
41 Stanley #70 ratchet corner brace, nice rosewood, very good overall.
42 Three assorted braces: Defiance 1253 ratchet brace, very good; John S. Fray #83, very good; and VICTOR No. 965 8-inch very good.
43 Pair of ratchet braces: Craftsman & Stanley 903 10-inch, both very good.
44 Stanley #984 ratcheting corner brace, very good overall.
45 John S. Fray Co. No. 10 Spofford Patent brace, very good overall.
46 Stanley #903 8-inch ratchet brace, complete and very good.
47 Fine 24-inch W.K. MORISON Co. MINNEAPOLIS No. 99 crosscut hand saw. First we've seen with this mark and very nice.
48 SIMMONS SPECIAL sad iron with quick release handle on a nice SIMMONS SPECIAL stand.
49 WITTE’S IXL No. 2 sad iron with quick release handle and a nice WITTE IXL stand or trivet, both very good.
50 Rare KEEN KUTTER SETH THOMAS electric clock with brilliant red and white block-and-wedge logo, in running condition, not to be confused with the modern reproductions that run on a battery, a scarce KK-Kollectible in very good kondition.
51 Nice Aladdin-style nickel plated lamp with scarce SIMONS KLEAR KRYSTAL LEADFLINT glass chimney, very good overall.
52 KEEN KUTTER hardware store sign from HALE HARDWARE & SUPPLY CO. EAST ALTON ILL, very good overall.
53 Nice combined bow/breast drill with intact flat steel bow, and three pads or spools with hand forged bits, first of its type that we have sold.
54 LUFKIN RULE CO. 48-inch steel zig zag rule, fine.
55 LUFKIN No. 85, 24-inch 2-fold steel rule, very good.
56 Pair of steel rules: 24-inch 2-fold C.K. GERMANY steel rule, very good; and steel 36-inch zig zag MADE IN GERMANY.
57 Pair of wooden cores that Bill Baader used to cast brass and steel planes, both very good.
58 Unusual KIRBY & BRO 5-inch U.S. ST’D CORK GAUGE in both metric and English, marked PARIS near one end, very good overall.
59 Folding copper wire gage. (See closeup photos of the logo at the joint.)
60 Upson Nut Co. No. 66, 36-inch 4-fold boxwood rule with unusual scales on outside and normal ones inside, moderate wear, very good overall.
61 KEEN KUTTER store sign H.&B. HARDWARE CO. SUMMERSVILLE, MO, a little paint loss near bottom of sign, very good overall. (HUM16_052GB.jpg)
62 Pair of iron braces with spring chucks. No markings visible on either one, both very good.
63 Stanley BEDROCK RT 608C iron jointer plane, 3-line Bedrock lever cap, tote spur has chips, good Q-logo blade, japanning 50 percent plus, very good overall.
64 Millers Falls No. 120B 2-speed breast drill, complete with auxiliary handle, fine overall.
65 Stanley BEDROCK 607 RT iron jointer plane, 60 percent plus japanning, 2-line BEDROCK lever cap, small chip from side of tote spur, good low knob, BB-logo blade, very good overall.
66 Stanley #742 2-speed breast drill, complete and fine original condition.
67 Stanley BEDROCK 606C RT iron fore plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, Q-logo blade, good rosewood tote and knob, 90 percent plus japanning, very good.
68 Millers Falls No. 12 2-speed breast drill, with built-in level, complete and very good.
69 Stanley BEDROCK 606 RT iron fore plane, 3-line Bedrock lever cap, nice rosewood tote and knob, 90 percent plus japanning, V-logo blade, very good overall.
70 Scarce Millers Falls 666 high-speed breast drill, missing auxiliary handle, but the stud and collar for it are present, the wooden crank handle has been re-riveted to the crank arm rather crudely, a scarce drill in fixer-upper condition.
71 Stanley BEDROCK 605 1/2C RT wide jack plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, Q-logo blade, fine overall.
72 Fine Stanley #993 corner brace, BB-logo on chuck, fine cocobolo wood handles, fine overall.
73 Stanley BEDROCK 605 RT jack plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, nice rosewood tote and knob, Q-logo blade, very good overall.
74 Pair of Stanley ratchet braces incl. 929-10-inch with aluminum handles, SW logo on chuck shell, very good overall; and an 813G 10-inch that is complete and fine overall.
75 Stanley BEDROCK 604 1/2 RT wide smooth plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, fine early-style rosewood tote and knob, good Q-logo blade, japanning 90 percent plus, fine overall.
76 RARE Dumont corner brace, shows on DATAMP as NOT KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN PRODUCED, here is one that proves it was, complete and very good.
77 Stanley BEDROCK 604C RT smooth plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, fine rosewood tote and knob; Q-logo blade,
78 Two ratchet braces incl. HSB & CO. No. 908, O.V.B. 6-inch with nice wooden handles and good nickel plating; Stanley 923 10-inch that is complete and fine.
79 Stanley BEDROCK 603 RT smooth plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, minor chip to spur of tote, good knob, good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
80 Winchester single bit axe, letter a bit worn, repainted by previous owner, good overall.
81 Stanley BEDROCK 603C RT smooth plane, 3-line BEDROCK lever cap, Q-logo blade, japanning has been enhanced or the entire bed was repainted, very good overall.
82 M.W.H. CO. (Marshall Wells) HAND MADE axe, repainted, very good overall.
83 Winchester No. 15 26-inch 12ppi blade, has light rust on blade, good etch, Warranted Superior medallion, will clean to very good overall.
84 Pair of keyhole saws including an early Keen Kutter with the single-bit axehead logo, very good.
85 Pair of panel saws including Disston 20-inch D-23 with about 10ppi blade, fine etch, fine overall; and a 20-inch with deep WARRANTED SUPERIOR medallion, blade is sharpened in a radius about 1/2 way up the end, good overall.
86 FULTON SPECIAL 26-inch 5 1/2ppi bladed rip saw, nice etch, very good overall.
87 Fine 26-inch Disston D-23 5 1/2ppi rip saw with near perfect etch, fine overall.
88 Three hand saws: 26.5-inch 8ppi crosscut saw with aluminum bevel square built in near handle that has 45, 32 & 20-degree angles, very good; Unknown 26.5-inch 9ppi crosscut with Disston keystone medallion, good overall; and a SIMONDS 2.00 ($2.00) 26-inch 7ppi bladed handsaw, needs cleaning, should clean to very good overall.
89 Pair of hand saws: 26-inch CRAFTSMAN No. 936171-AL-8pt crosscut, with 3 1/2 inches of nail cutting teeth at top of blade, fine overall; and an unusual 25.5-inch saw with scale or rule etched into the straight back, very good overall.
90 Pair of handsaws: SIMONDS 26-inch crosscut with decent etch good overall; and a Disston D-15 VICTORY that has 24-inch 8ppi blade, decent etch, very good overall.
91 FINCH’S COLUMBIA ST. LOUIS 26-inch rip saw, good medallion, very good overall.
92 DISSTON D-15 VICTORY with 26-inch 9-ppi blade, good etch and handle, very good overall.
93 Unusual 28-inch ice saw with iron handle riveted to blade, has rust over entire surface, will clean to good or better.
94 Early BUEHLER & HOWARD PHILADELPHIA die stamped hand saw with 26-inch crosscut blade, nice handle with split nuts, early sunken medallion that has a very nice eagle, very good overall. This firm was last in business under this name in 1868.
95 Pair of handsaws: 26-inch Keen Kutter with 6ppi blade, good ovrall; and a 26-inch C.E. JENNNGS with 8ppi blade, very good overall.
96 Three small handsaws: unknown make with what looks like an owner-made handle; 18-inch panel saw with split nuts, die stamped 3 in center of blade, very good overall; and a 20-inch Disston K-3 PACEMAKER with 10ppi blade, very good.
97 Copper umbrella stand with vineyard scene, very good.
98 Small carpenter’s tool chest 30 x 9 x 11-inch, folding iron handles at each end, has a drop-down lid, and one removable tray inside.
99 Small wooden bucket 12-inch tall with 7.5-inch diameter opening at top, folding bale handle, four steel hoops, very good overall.
100 Ohio Tool Co. handled boxwood plow plane with five original blades, came with note saying “These 4 bits or irons as they were called belong to coachmaker’s plow plane #4 (the number is on the inside edge of the fence) This plane and irons were purchased from Chas. Campbell, a patternmaker in Springfield, Ohio for $1. Lived on W. Grand Ave.
101 Nice fish spear or gig with seven tines, very good overall.
102 Long handled pike for such things as moving ice blocks around in an ice harvesting operation.
103 Unusual spring loaded fish catcher, we’re told these are illegal to use. This one being sold as a historic artifact only.
104 Cant hook log roller that has a hook that has been welded to keep it from swinging, good overall.
105 Stock catching hook used to catch small domestic animals by the hind leg.
106 E. BROAD patent cant hook or log roller marked E. BROAD ST. ANTHONY (Minnesota) PAT JAN 7, 1868, this one is complete and fine.
107 Wooden winnowing? rake, very good overall.
108 Unusual S-shaped cutting tool said to have been used to smash pumpkins in a pumpkin patch to allow them to go to seed.
109 Two garden of turf tools: unusual long handled turf axe or turf spade and a 3-tined fork, both very good.
110 Pair of square-nosed shovels: on top is a No. 2 gravel shovel with D-handle; below is a nursery spade with wooden D-handle, both very good.
111 IWANS SOLID SOCKET HAY KNIFE, very good overall.
112 Pair of shovels: on top is a D. AMES square nosed with wooden D-handle, several nicks and dings at edge of blade, good overall; and an OAK LEAF No. 2 round nose with D-handle.
113 Unusual and early forged adz, very good overall.
114 Unknown purpose long handled hook with a blunt pointed pike.
115 Pair of long-handled tools: hoe with triangular head and a forged pickeroon, both very good.
116 Nice 30-inch 1 or 2-man crosscut saw, needs an auxiliary handle, very good overall.
117 Large long-handled hammer with spike coming off the back, marked SOO LINE (railroad), has electrical tape around handle where it is likely cracked.
118 Pair of unusual long-handled tools: the one on top looks like a scraper or cutter that would be pushed, the blade is meant to be sharp but it is not very sharp now; on bottom is a hook that looks like something a power company employee would use.
119 Nice wooden gambrel stick for dressing game and domestic animals.
120 Pair of 48-inch steel scales: Lufkin No. 95 some light rust, will clean to fine; and a BROWN & SHARPE MADE IN ENGLAND.
121 Large 47-inch wrecking or crowbar, in old green paint, very good overall.
122 Three framing squares: one marked NICHOLLS SQUARE PAT. APRIL 23, 1901; STANLEY NO. 18; and one marked S.D. JONES; the NICHOLLS and JONES squares have tapered blades.
123 Unusual one-handled wooden corn planter.
124 Forged three-legged iron trivet, very good.
125 RARE Marble & Smith Cleveland Ohio handled ebony plow plane with boxwood arms and fence, and set of blades, very good overall.
126 Copper chestnut roaster with long wooden handle, very good overall.
127 Pair of T-augers; one with 2 3/4-inch bit; the other 1 3/4-inch, both very good.
128 Early waffle iron used over an open fire, has some initials cast into each half of the iron, very good overall.
129 Nice forged gutter adz with 20-inch handle, very good.
130 Pair of wooden framed washboards: one has two inked stars for decorations and a tin surface; the other has a brass scrubber and is marked TOP NOTCH THE BRASS KING, “THE BOARD WILL DO THE WORK.”
131 Three wire rug beaters with wooden handles, all are good to very good.
132 Large wooden framed saw with 35-inch blade, very good overall.
133 Nice flower woven flower basket, a little sticky to the touch but that’s likely an oil or preservative the previous owner rubbed it down with.
134 Forged iron apple butter stirrer, the tag say PA so it may have been collected in Pennsylvania, comes with a long wooden handle that has a spike at one end.
135 Pair of crowbars or wrecking bars, both very good.
136 Nice multi-colored woven basket, about 11 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall, very good overall.
137 Two forged digging tools; a combination mattock and axe and an adz, both very good.
138 Iron jointer gage or fence for wooden bench planes, marked I BLISSENBACH on the complete and very good.
139 Enterprise-type bung auger with wooden handle, some pitting to exposed surfaces, good overall.
140 USMC Shoe 17 1/2-inch steel “block plane,” used in the shoe industry. This one is complete and fine. In case you didn’t know USMC stands for United Shoe Machinery Corporation.
141 Small 10 1/2 x 5-inch LUFKIN sign that says BETTER MEASURE WITH LUFKIN PRECISION TOOLS - TAPES - RULES. Marked on back K.C.S. CO. MILW. WIS.
142 Stanley #78 duplex (rabbet & fillister) plane, complete with fence and depth stop, very good overall.
143 Small 10 x 3 1/2-inch WHITE LAKE FIRE DEPT. tin license plate, very good overall.
144 Store display for ATKINS MECHANIC-KUT CIRCULAR SAWS, very good overall.
145 Large 64-oz. O.U. KUKER SEATTLE surveyor’s brass plumb bob, very good overall.
146 Unknown make jointer gage or fence for iron planes, very good overall.
147 Stanley bench mounting vise in orange and black paint, very good overall.
148 HOT BLAST brass blow torch by the TURNER BRASS WORKS SYCAMORE ILL. very good overall.
149 CRAFTSMAN door knob/lock hole cutter set in plastic box, the hinge for the lid is broken, so the previous owner taped it shut.
150 Ohio Tool Co. No. 104 rosewood handled plow plane with seven original blades, several thread chips on arms, very good overall condition.
151 Fantastic set of five pump log tools including four large augers.
152 J. KELLOGG AMHERST MASS unhandled boxwood plow plane with screw operated depth stop, front arm bracket was broken and glued, otherwise this one is very good.
153 Unusual EDWARD CARTER TROY N.Y. wooden core box plane, complete and fine.
154 Homemade? wooden rabbet plane with sliding fence on bottom, steel wear strip on sold of plane and on leading edge of fence, very good.
155 Stanley #55 combination plane, SW logo on skate, comes with all four main sections, auxiliary center bottom, dated beading stop, two depth stops, cam, four boxes of blades, two with early green labels, slitter, fine rosewood handles, good nickel plating, a fine plane overall.
156 Large pair of wooden dividers each leg measuring 24 inches from pivot pin to end of forged iron tips, nice wedge lock, very good overall.
157 Large cast iron bitstock spoke or dowel pointer, complete and fine.
158 Early forged framing square with hand-stamped numbers, some pitting, very good overall.
159 Set of large number stamps in wooden block, all need cleaning, very good overall.
160 Small bitstock hollow auger with two screw-adjusting blades, intact depth stop, very good overall.
161 Forged framing square with hand stamped numbers, mild pitting, very good overall.
162 Blacksmith made hollow auger with iron top, round wooden base having a single adjustable blade, very good.
163 Early trade axe with touch marks on both sides of blade, no handle.
164 Large pair of wooden dividers, each leg measures 23 1/2-inches from pivot pin to tip of steel point, has forged thumbscrew to lock, very good.
165 Small cast iron dowel or spoke pointer with fluted iron body, good japanning, very good overall.
166 Unusual steel and brass hollow auger with two blades in the brass base, a sliding piece in the center has a point that can be locked in the down position, very good.
167 Forged trade axe with two deep touch marks with initials M N on one side a starburst touch mark on other side, very good.
168 Unusual wooden file holder for saw sharpening, early and nice.
169 Lot of five St. Louis-related hand saws: MATCHLESS CHILD (a St. Louis hardware firm) 26-inch; 28-inch THOS. SMITH ST. LOUIS rip saw, with damaged handle; SIMMONS 26-inch; FAST MAIL 22-inch panel saw with steam locomotive etch; and a DIAMOND EDGE 22-inch panel saw, very good.
170 Lot of four St. Louis hand saws: 26-inch Made for ??? 100 S. Market St. Louis; 24-inch LEGAL? TENDER; 21-inch panel saw with very faint etch; and a KEEN KUTTER 14-inch.
171 Four hand saws: massive 27-inch 5ppi with faint TIMMER??? St. Louis etch; 26-inch T900 ST. LOUIS MO with steel plate on one side of handle; 26-inch with CHIP-A-WAY medallion; and a 26-inch BAY STATE with good etch.
172 Lot of 13 gouges: ten tang gouges; and three socket gouges with names such as SPEAR & JACKSON; WARD; JAMES SWAN; BUCK BROS.; UNION; WITHERBY; BUTCHER; J. HOWARTH; etc.
173 Lot of 11 assorted chisels included 10 socket firmer types by SAMSON; WARDS; two marked GERMANY; PS&W; SHAPLEIGH’S; BAY STATE; etc.
174 Three heavy duty socket chisels: 1-inch corner chisel; 2-inch socket; and 1 1/2-inch.
175 Lot of six tang chisels including BARTON; BUTCHER; I SORBY; SPEAR & JACKSON; etc.
176 Lot of seven assorted socket chisels including early KEEN KUTER with name in a ribbon; SAMSON; D.R. BARTON; PINE KNOT, etc.
177 Long handled “ADJUSTABLE SCRAPER” by the A.E. BENNETT SPECIALTY MFG CO. PAT. JAN. 5, 1909, complete and fine.
178 Scarce Diamond Edge DE5C Muehl Patent (U.S. No. 775,378) jack plane made by the Buckeye Manufacturing Co. Union City, Indiana, this one is complete and fine.
179 Pair of early T-augers, both very good.
180 Unusual anvil that has a tag on it that says “WWI FIELD ANVIL?” First we have seen of this model.
181 Pair of plastic-cased advertising tape measures: ABCO DEALERS, INC REORDER #633803 MILWAUKEE, WI. with cloth sewing? tape, fine overall; and a PEPSI with cloth or synthetic tape, complete and very good.
182 Unusual trivet made from curved pieces of round stock, some pitting, very good overall.
183 Three steel-cased tape measures: LUFKIN WIZARD No. 1686, complete and fine; Stanley No. 546, complete and very good; and a DEFIANCE BY STANLEY No. 1260, complete and very good.
184 Small anchor or horse tether with round base, very good overall.
185 Copper pot with wooden handle, marked on bottom ATLAS METAL SPINNING CO. SO. S.F. CALIF., very good overall.
186 Medium sized brass sauce pan with forged iron handle riveted to side.
187 Medium sized copper sauce pan, faint KEWASCUM WISC makers mark on bottom, singed wooden handle, very good overall.
188 Copper jello mold, has small hole in side near top where it was likely hung from, very good overall.
189 Medium sized brass pot with folding forged bale handle, very good.
190 Unusual little cooking pot marked PINT on bottom and having a LONDON makers mark on side, very good overall.
191 Miniature brass tea kettle with OPA marked onto folding handle, very good overall.
192 Pair of copper jello molds; one is a cluster of grapes; and the other a lobster. Both are very good.
193 Copper tea kettle, complete and very good.
194 Small wooden dry bucket with lid in old green paint, the two visible white spots on lid are from the sticky tape that was used to hold the lid on, a very nice bucket with folding bale handle.
195 Round 12-inch diameter wooden bowl, very good.
196 Pair of wooden candlesticks.
197 Pair of wooden rolling pins.
198 Small wooden dough bowl, has writing on bottom saying “hand crafted by peasant in Mexico City, June 1952.”
199 Wooden boot jack, and BBQ Brush with heavy steel handle.
200 Exceptional D.R. BARTON handled ivory tipped rosewood plow plane with screw operated depth stop, one of the nicest ivory tipped rosewood plows we have seen or sold.
201 Three wooden molding planes: D.B. GARRISON snipes bill with boxwood boxing, very good; G.ROSEBLOOM 1/4-inch round, very good; and BUCK LONDON quarter round? with side escapement, very good
202 Chapin UNION FACTORY moving fillister plane, the throat has been opened a bit, very good overall.
203 OHIO TOOL CO. wash board plane, very good.
204 Massive 1 1/2-inch OHIO TOOL CO. No. 38 side bead plane, with plane shaped logo on toe, very good overall.
205 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 75 7/8-inch match plane, complete and fine.
206 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 138 pair of 5/8-inch table joint planes, both complete and very good.
207 DUNN & MONTGOMERY PATENT (U.S. No. 461,166) 8-inch smooth plane made by Ohio Tool Company, unfortunately the top of the frog is broken off so the lateral adjuster is MIA. Still a rare plane in any condition.
208 Scioto Works No. 5 handled smoother that has been modified into a fork staff plane, very good overall.
209 Pair of wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. No. 47 5/8-inch dado, complete and fine; and an OHIO TOOL CO. No. 75 5/8-inch match plane, complete and fine.
210 Enameled cast iron spittoon, good overall.
211 AERO mini windmill, these have been sold in farm and home stores and feed stores for years, a few cross members have been bent.
212 CHATILLON Type 160 hanging spring scale 500-pound capacity, very good.
213 Small CHICAGO SCALE CO. LITTLE DETECTIVE balance scale, one removable scoop-type tin pan.
214 Bemis & Call 15-inch monkey wrench; and a PARKER LINE hack saw, very good.
215 Pair of forged food choppers; one with two blades and one with one blade, both very good.
216 GIRARD 8.5-inch wood handled monkey wrench, very good; and a “POCKET SIZE” fuse puller by the TRICO FUSE CO. PAT. DEC. 10, 1925, very good.
217 Pair of food choppers: forged single bladed model with wooden handle, very good; and a “CHOPPER” FOLEY, MPLS. PAT. 2,113,085, very good.
218 Medium sized hand-cranked bench top wet stone by the CLEVELAND STONE CO. The stone has a few chips missing, but is very good overall.
219 Pair of wooden mallets including a nice carver’s mallet, both very good.
220 Set of five Stanley #60 bevel edged chisels, all very good.
221 Estwing hatchet with original leather sheath, fine overall.
222 Pair of ebony and brass sliding bevels: one with 8-inch blade and one 9-inch, both good to very good.
223 Pair of unusual wooden stair saws; one has a blade in the center and one has the blade on the outside, both very good.
224 Unusual and early wooden dividers that need a wedge made to lock it, very good overall.
225 Nice embossed KELLY FLINT EDGE KELLY AXE MFG. CO. CHARLESTON, W.VA. tomahawk type hatchet, numerous nicks and dings to handle, the head and especially the embossed portion are very good.
226 Pair of wooden screw boxes; one appears to be manufactured and one is homemade, but nicely done.
227 Pair of sliding bevels: Stanley #25 rosewood and brass model with 10-inch blade, fine overall; and another rosewood and brass model that has a Stanley blade in it, but was not originally a Stanley.
228 Three wooden string winders, all very good.
229 Fine embossed M.M.H. CO. (MORLEY & MURPHY HARDWARE CO. Green Bay Wisc.) Wedgeway HAND MADE UNSURPASSED broad hatchet, fine etch, very good overall.
230 Unusual 16-inch wooden clamp with just two chips to the threaded screw, very good overall.
231 Early wire toaster in shape of Maltese cross, good wooden handle, very good overall.
232 Pair of brass elephant bookends, both very good.
233 Cheese cutter made from an old file or rasp mounted to a block of wood, very good.
234 Cast iron tea pot with flower cast into the lid, very good overall.
235 Nice little string winder that would clamp to a table, needs a belt, very good overall.
236 Instant collection of five assorted egg beaters including: DAINTY WHIRL; LADD UNITED ROYALTIES COPR.; A&J PATD OCT. 9, 1923; a slightly different A&J; and another A&J with white handles.
237 Early UNIVERSAL electric toaster by LANDERS, FRARY & CLARK, complete with cord, very good.
238 Unknown purpose rectangular box that measures 15 x 8.75 at the base and 14 x 7.75 at top and is just over 13 inches tall, painted in olive drab, so is likely military.
239 COLEMAN Model 220F kerosene lantern, comes with pack of spare mantels, fine overall.
240 Three forged hammers including one with nail claw and one that appears to be for working metal. (lower left corner of table)
241 Saw working hammer, very good.
242 Lot of three forged hammers.
243 Macadams rock hammer for making roadways, very good.
244 Unusual hammer that looks like a cobblers but has an owner tag on it saying bookbinding hammer, very good.
245 Lufkin No. 861A 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule, moderate wear outside inside very good.
246 Stanley SW NO. 36 6-inch 2-fold caliper rule, very good overall.
247 T. ASTON maker 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rule early arched joint, complete and fine.
248 Unknown make 12-inch 4-fold ivory rule, complete and very good.
249 Fine No. 65 1/2, 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rule, complete and fine.
250 Massive cornice plane, marked L.FALES on toe, but there’s a faint mark above that that may be the actual maker’s mark, has hole thru front of stock for a pull rope, body is 5 1/4-inches wide and 14 1/2-inches long, very good overall.
251 Unusual BAYLEY core box plane made in Springfield Ohio, very good overall.
252 Large E.F. SEYBOLD CINT.O. handled panel raising plane with two movable fences, MOTTRAM, complete and fine overall.
253 Nice pair of adjustable brass calipers, very good.
254 Raft dogs connected by short length (5 links) of chain.
255 Unusual copper drafting square, very good.
256 Lot: tapered sharpening stone for sharpening scythes, very good; large forged nail; and a DR BARTON hand adz that has a few chips around edge of hammer face, and cracked handle.
257 Hand forged raft dog with big iron ring through the top.
258 Unusual adjustable pin spanner wrench, very good; and a small malleable wrench with square opening.
259 Lot of 15 bits including 14 long twist bits and one long spoon bit.
260 RARE chamfer spider used when chamfering the top of a wooden barrel. So rare you will be hard pressed to find a photo of another. We recall seeing one pictured in an old EAIA Chronicle or Shavings magazine.
261 Pair of large mortising chisels AKA pig stickers: 9/16-inch JAMES CAM with small corner chip at business end that will require a regrind, otherwise very good; and a 1/2-inch W. BUTCHER CAST STEEL, fine.
262 Nice wooden clapboard marker has two pinwheel line decorations on the back, very good.
263 Lot of five chisels: four socket firmers by WITTE; WARDS; two DIAMOND EDGE and a tang chisel by W. BUTCHER.
264 Lot twelve assorted gouges including: WITTE ST. LOUIS; BUTCHER; two BUTCHER tang gouges that needs handles; a CHARLES BUCK socket gouge that needs a handle; DR BARTON, most can be cleaned or re-handled and returned to service.
265 Lot eight assorted socket firmer chisels: WITHERBY and OAK LEAF both needing handles; and six with handles.
266 Lot 14 assorted socket chisels by WITHERBY, GREENLEE, FULTON, KEEN KUTTER, BUCK BROS, etc.
267 Lot of five hardware related has saws: OAK LEAF ST. LOUIS 20-inch 11ppi blade panel saw, nice etch and handle, very good overall; SCHROETTER BROS. HARDWARE ST. LOUIS with 26-inch blade, has patented brass tab on bottom of handle, some rust on end of blade; MOUND CITY ST. LOUIS 26-inch 7ppi blade with good etch and very good handle; S.H.CO. COLUMBIA 26-inch 5ppi rip saw with good etch and a GELLER (St. Louis) 26-inch with faint etch, very good overall.
268 Unusual George Bishop hand saw with additional etch MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR GELLER, WARD & HASNER HDW CO. ST. LOUIS rip saw with 28-inch 5 1/2ppi blade, very good overall.
269 Unusual George Bishop GREYHOUND hand saw with 26-inch 5ppi blade and having the additional etch of MADE EXPRESSLY FOR GRAVOIS HDW CO. St. LOUIS MO, fine etch, very good overall.
270 HARVEY W. PEACE VULCAN SAW WORKS 28-inch with 3 1/2ppi rip saw with additional etch of MADE FOR F.A. KANSTEINER 1008 MARKET ST. ST. LOUIS, MO very good etch, bottom of top handle spur chipped, very good overall.
271 Unusual WITTKER HARDWARE AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLY CO. CORNER OF 25th and N MARKET STREETS, ST. LOUIS, MO saw with 24-inch 8-ppi blade, handle looks rather clunky, very good blade.
272 Early and unusual R.A. COLEMAN ST. LOUIS, MO (DISSTON) No. 45 hand saw with two medallions, split nuts, very good handle, blade has is 27 1/2-inches long but was originally 28.
273 Two St. hardware padlocks: GELLER (St. Louis) with brass body and rusty shackle, guts appear to be missing; and an F-S HDW. CO. very good but no key.
274 Three SHAPLEIGH Hardware padlocks: the one on the far left says GENUINE PIN TUMBLER; and the one on the right says LONGWARE SIX LEVER, none have keys.
275 SIMMONS brass padlock, very good. No key.
276 Lot of 20 assorted SIMMONS & SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE keys.
277 Three SIMMONS brass locks, none have keys.
278 Two ENDERS padlocks with brass bodies and steel shackles, no keys.
279 Two nice SIMMONS QUALITY SIX LEVER locks, no keys.
280 Two SIMMONS padlocks: the one on the left has a brass body with steel plates riveted together and a steel shackle, some pitting on the plates; and another SIMMONS with cast body.
281 BELL SYSTEM lineman’s bag containing a marked BELL SYSTEMS hand saw; three different pliers; three files; lot of lead seals; two push drills; three screwdrivers, unmarked set of climbing spikes; leather pouch; cloth bag; OHMS meter, two signs, etc.
282 Stanley BEDROCK #608C RT with R&L BEDROCK lever cap, good Q-logo blade, good rosewood tote and low knob
283 Stanley BAILEY #8 iron jointer plane 80 percent plus japanning, spur of tote had been broken off and glued back on, good low knob, 1/2-inch usable length remains in blade, very good overall.
284 Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, fine rosewood tote and tall knob, fine BB-logo blade, fine overall.
285 Pair of iron fore planes: Stanley BEDROCK #606C with pitted DIAMOND EDGE bladed, small chip in the R&L BEDROCK lever cap, tote spur missing, good beaded knob, will make good user; and an early Stanley #6 with first-type lateral lever, good R&L CO. blade, fine pitting blade and chip breaker, very good overall.
286 Stanley prelateral #5 iron jack plane with RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, nice tote and beaded knob, very good overall condition.
287 Stanley #5 1/4 Junior Jack Plane, fine tote and tall knob, fine overall condition.
288 VICTOR by STANLEY No. 1104 iron smooth plane with fine hardwood handle and knob, VICTOR lever cap, fine japanning.
289 Stanley #2 iron smooth plane with fine T-logo blade, tote broken and glued and good knob; and a Stanley #3 prelateral with shattered tote, good lever cap, blade and frog and good knob, bed is chipped at rear of throat, good for parts.
290 Pair of VICTOR iron jack planes: VICTOR by Stanley No. 1105 complete and fine; and another that just has VICTOR MADE IN USA on the blade, tote broken and glued, scuffed knob, good overall.
291 Pair of Stanley bench planes: #1105? VICTOR jack plane with good VICTOR blade, scuffed but intact tote and knob, very good overall; and a Stanley “Household Jack Plane” same size as Stanley #5 1/4, SW-logo blade, very good overall.
292 Pair of Stanley “Junior Jack Planes”: Stanley #5 1/4 with good BB-logo blade, tote broken and glued, good tall knob, very good overall; and a Household Jack Plane with SW-logo blade, tote spur MIA, very good overall.
293 Scarce C.E. JENNINGS prelateral iron smooth plane with beaded knob, tote broken and glued, very good overall.
294 Stanley #40 scrub plane with nice beech tote and knob, good V-logo blade, very good overall.
295 Lot of six Stanley #2-size plane blades; one has BB logo and appears to be used, the others look new or nearly so and have the Q-logo, plus one chip breaker.
296 Lot: Stanley #95 butt gauge IOB, fine; two chisel handles; a fence for #90 marking gage; two 4-inch try squares; and a nice EAGLE sliding bevel that has two extra holes in the blade.
297 Three Stanley block planes: two early #110 planes both having the 6-point star lever caps, both missing front knobs, with knobs they will be very good; and a #18 with early-style knuckle jointed cap, very good.
298 Six blades for #2-sized smooth planes: HIBBARD; HICKORY; VAN CAMP; VAN CAMP; ECLIPSE; and unknown, all in usable condition.
299 Lot of four Stanley block planes: #65 low angle with RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, complete and very good; #65 with nickel plated cap, RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good; HANDYMAN 1120, with gray bed, very good; and a 9 1/2 complete and fine.
300 Large HENRY DISSTON & SON SAWS advertising saw with 40 1/2-inch blade, 46-inches long overall with the giant thumb-hole handle, painted on both sides, has two hang holes on top of blade and would have hung by chain in a store selling these saws or in front of the store.
301 Mystery tool with nice wooden frame having four thin steel plates that slide up and down in mortise in each leg of the frame, when the wing nut is loosened.
302 Case of 25 No. 11 sail needles from THE SHRIMPTON NEEDLE CO. BEST STEEL LONDON SAIL NEEDLES, new old stock.
303 Small steel saw wrest and an OHIO TOOL CO. 1/4-inch mortising chisel, very good.
304 NICE D.R. BARTON hoop driver with tag saying “gift from Harold Bancroft of Troy, Ohio. This tool was used in the Hayner Distillery in Troy Ohio.
305 Shoe lasting stand with one removable last, very good overall.
306 Pair of forged tongs: on top are a pair or fireplace or clinker tongs; the pair on the bottom are somewhat crude scissor-type tongs.
307 Steelyard meat scale with hooks and one weight, very good overall.
308 Nice forged boot scraper with feet that have been punched out for screwing to a board, very good overall.
309 Wooden (oak?) slaw cutter, very good overall.
310 Nice blacksmith swage block, weighs a ton, so we suggest you bring a strong helper to get it loaded because our backs are shot after moving it twice. ;-)
311 Corn dryer that will accommodate 10 ears of corn at a time, very good.
312 Medium to large No. 4 pair of ice tongs, good overall.
313 Two peanut butter and one Nutella jars filled with old square nails.
314 Large 24-inch circular sawmill blade.
315 Wooden laundry agitator with T-handle at top.
316 Pair of early electric motors: one marked EMERSON ELECTRIC MFG CO. 104-Volt; 1/4-HP; cycles at 6.0; and a WESTINGHOUSE single phase 1/4-HP, 4.7 RPM, cycles at 6.0.
317 Winchester 2008 Limited Edition set of three pocket knives in a fitted box, the knives are like new, the box shows some surface wear.
318 Folding Military Knife, the owner tag on it says 1930s NAVY, blade marked UNITED G.R. MICH., very good overall.
319 Two knives: I WILSON SYCAMORE ST. SHEFFIELD skinning knife with wooden handle, very good; and a military knife from JAPAN, very good.
320 Two sheath knives including an unmarked one with black leather sheath; very good; and a smaller CASE with stag handle in an original CASE sheath, very good.
321 Small WESTERN sheath knife from BOULDER COLO, very good overall.
322 Small sheath knife from FINLAND, very good overall.
323 Folding AMERICAN SHEAR CO. hook billed knife with fine rosewood handle, very good overall.
324 Pair of Indian or Pakistani knives, with curved blade that can be locked into several different positions.
325 Unusual sheath knife marked on handle HERTERS INC. WASECA, MINN. U.S.A.
326 Mexican knife with scenes etched into both sides of blade and having a stylized eagle-head pommel.
327 Slater’s hammer with leather wrapped handle, very good.
328 Unusual hammer with egg shaped head that has an owner tag identifying it as a shoe molding hammer, very good.
329 Early French-style cobblers hammer with strapped handle, very good.
330 Four assorted hammers including two ball peen.
331 Six assorted hammers including three tinners or riveting hammers.
332 Three assorted Millers Falls hand drills. (Top left in photo)
333 Early Millers Falls hand drill with 2-jaw chuck, nice rosewood handle, very good overall.
334 Goodell-Pratt Archimedian drill missing the jaws from the chuck; and a GREENLEE No. 900 18-inch bit extender, very good.
335 Three boring tools: two push drills: 233H Yankee Handyman; Millers Falls No. 188A, very good; plus a Stanley No. 624 hand drill complete and fine.
336 Three squares: two adjustable UNION TOOL CO. squares; plus a fine Stanley #12 8-inch try square.
337 Pair of Yankee screwdrivers: CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls) with one
338 Four push drills: Stanley Yankee No. 41, fine; No. 566, ENGLAND MANSCO, fine; Millers Falls No. 188A, very good; and a CRAFTSMAN, very good.
339 Set of 9 Keen Kutter auger bits in original canvas roll that is in the shape of the Keen Kutter block and wedge logo, the seams at top and bottom need to be sewed up, but it is very good overall.
340 BARNES HARDWARE APPLIANCE DYSART, IOWA KEEN KUTTER tin hardware sign, complete and fine.
341 Late model Stanley #60 1/2 low angle block plane with blue japanning in a yellow box, inside lid of box marked “FROM AL ZINDORF ON DAYTON BRANT PIKE, FEB . 1977, PD. $4. HIS PLANE” a near new plane in a good box; plus a Stanley #95 butt gauge in original box, fine gauge, good box.
342 Early Stanley #110 iron block plane with 6-point star in lever cap, complete and very good.
343 Stanley #67 Universal Spokeshave with flat bottom, both handles and T-logo blade are very good.
344 Stanley #65 low angle block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, fine BB-logo blade, very good overall.
345 Stanley #71 cast iron router plane, early model with patent date cast into ring around the throat opening, good knobs, includes 1/2-inch blade, very good.
346 Stanley #102 & #103 iron block planes, the 103 has an early Rule & Level Co. blade with 1876 patent date, it is complete and very good; the 102 has a nice SW-logo blade and is complete and fine.
347 Unusual iron router plane with wooden handles, appears to be a shop-made project, very good overall.
348 Stanley #1 ODD-JOBS head with 90% plus nickel plating, intact scribe, level vial, and both screws, fine overall.
349 Fine little iron router plane, another one-of-a-kind shop project with nice little wooden knobs, fine overall.
350 RARE Sandusky wooden horn plane, faint Sandusky mark on the toe,
351 Stanley 38? 6-inch machinist square with fancy cast sides, nickel plated top plate with 6-23-96 Patent date, very good overall.
352 Lot of five assorted chisels and gouges including a very good HENRY TAYLOR gouge with acorn logo, very good; and a short BUCK BROS cranked 1-inch with chipped handle.
353 Six homemade turning tools made from old files, rasps and chisels, all very good.
354 Lot of chisels and gouges: BUCK BROS 1/4-inch bevel edged, very good; DR BARTON 1/8-inch gouge, fine; DR BARTON 7/8-inch gouge, fine; DR BARTON 1-inch cranked gouge, fine; and DR BARTON 1 1/2-inch cranked chisel, fine.
355 Lot of 14 wooden handles; 4 for socket chisels and the rest for files or tang chisels.
356 Lot of six long handled turning tools: BUCK BROS parting tool; BUCK BROS 1/2-inch chisel; BUCK BROS 1 1/2-inch gouge with some mild pitting; BUCK BROS 1 1/2-inch skewed, fine; BUCK BROS 1/4-inch convex; and a 1-inch BUCK BROS chisel, very good.
357 Lot of five assorted carving tools.
358 Three wooden clamps all with steel screws and all are different.
359 Unusual pair of iron clamps that could be used on a saw horse.
360 Pair of steel bar clamps both different and both are complete.
361 Pair of unusual quick adjusting C clamps one marked RAPID TITAN PAT APPL’D FOR. both very good.
362 Pair of unusual bar clamps: the one on top is marked DUPLEX CLAMP MFG. BY A.B. MORSE, BELOIT WIS. PAT’D APRIL 20, 1915, very good; and the bottom one JAN 2, 1900 TAYLOR’S 7-inch, very good.
363 SHAW’S SELF-LOCKING CLAMP P.S. & W. SOUTHINGTON CT USA, 8-inch bar clamp, patented MARCH 22 & APRIL 12, 1887, very good.
364 Pair of clamps. quick adjusting 5-inch clamp with two pressure points on the one end, very good; and a KEN-TOOL CO. AKRON O. B63 marked PAT APPL’D FOR.
365 Pair of quick adjust bar clamps: PAT FEB 8, ’81 No. 1 6-inch, very good; and a MARTIN’S 3-inch, very good.
366 Pair of COLUMBIAN PAT. PEND.G C-clamps by the COLUMBIAN HWDE CO. Cleveland Ohio, both very good.
367 Pair of DEC. 10, 1867? Patent quick adjust C-clamps, one missing the swivel at the end of the stem.
368 Pair of unusual clamps: one with two pressure points marked STEARNS, quick adjust, very good; and STEARNS 5-inch, quick adjust, good.
369 Pair of clamps that would attach to the top of a table or workbench, very good.
370 Four related clamps: PAT JAN 23, 1917.
371 Three quick adjust bar clamps; one marked MARTIN’S 8-inch, very good; one marked STEARNS 7-inch; and one marked TATUM’S 10-inch, all good or better.
372 Three similar bar clamps: two PAT. FEB. 8, ’81 No. 4; and one marked COLT BATAVIA NY No. 2, very good.
373 Four small clamps: small brass clamp with padded or rubberized surface inside; and three #1 sized bar clamps; three marked PAT. FEB 8, ’81; and one marked COLT BATAVIA, NY, all very good.
374 Lot of four simple steel C-clamps.
375 QUICKCET GRAND DUAL GRIP PAT. PEND. C-clamp, very good.
376 Stanley BEDROCK #608C RT with R&L CO. BEDROCK lever cap, good T-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall.
377 Stanley #8 iron jointer plane, early RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, patent date inside brass adjuster nut.
378 Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, good BB-logo blade, scuffed but intact rosewood tote and tall knob, will make a very good user.
379 Stanley #2 iron smooth plane with near new Q-logo blade, fine tote, knob has chip from side otherwise very good, patent date in brass nut, fine overall.
380 Three Stanley block planes: #65? with nickel plated cap, missing the adjuster screw, otherwise very good; #203 that is missing the cam from the lever cap, and has a cracked knob, good overall; and a #56? with nickel plated cap, adjustable throat, V-logo blade, has owners name in side, very good overall.
381 Stanley #61 low angle block plane with nice wooden knob, fine unmarked blade, fine overall.
382 Three Stanley block planes: #61 low angle with nickel plated cap, very good V-logo blade, former owner’s name in side, good overall; #120 with six-pointed star in lever cap, good blade, front knob MIA; and another early #120 with six-pointed star lever cap, good blade, good knob, very good overall.
383 Stanley #81 cabinet scraper with fine nickel plating and good rosewood base, comes with two blades that will need to be cut down if they are to be used in this one.
384 Lot of seven bench plane blades, and two chip breakers.
385 Seven chip breakers for #3-size bench planes, all very good.
386 Lot of 12 assorted block plane blades including a nice WINCHESTER (Sargent) with integral lateral lever; and a #3 sized bench plane chip breaker.
387 Three bench plane frogs: two for Stanley BEDROCK #603 or 605 1/4 both fine; and a prelateral transitional frog.
388 Lot of block plane parts including frog for a SIEGLEY plane, repaired 140 lever cap, etc. plus a bench plane lever cap.
389 Lot of Stanley bench plane screws and six brass adjusters.
390 Lot 12 bench plane knobs; and four repaired totes.
391 Plane parts: Millers Patent #41 main body; cam for #45; fence for late #46; depth stop for #45 and several #45 or #55 blades.
392 Stanley 48-inch mahogany mason’s level, all vials intact, very good overall.
393 Three bait casting reels: PFLUEGER SUPREME; SHAKESPERE No. 1962 SUPERIOR WINDIDING; and a little HENDRYX.
394 Three wooden plug fishing lures: largest one with glass eyes and having spinner front and back; wooden plug with painted eyes, paint peeling; and a small one with two hooks.
395 Three bait casting reels: Two MEISSELBACH MFG. TRIPART 580; and one MEISSELBACH MFG. TRIPART 581, all Very Good.
396 Lot of bench plane parts: three transitional iron frames; a Chaplin’s Patent jack plane body; BEDROCK 605 1/2 that has been brazed at the throat.
397 Mystery tool, an adjustable tool that cuts a shoulder on a round dowel has a radiused blade, made of brass and steel, very interesting.
398 Wooden apple peeler, would have been cranked with the right hand and used with a hand held razor in the left hand, very well made and nice.
399 Very nice wooden saw vise with hand forged steel screws.
400 Unknown make 12-inch steel miter plane, front stuffed with rosewood, rear has beech? replacement stuffing, improper WARD blade from a double iron plane, some chipping in rear of throat and pitting on outside of frame, has restoration potential.
401 Carved wooden rounder, very good overall.
402 Scarce Rust Patent (U.S. 287,584) 8-inch (including overhang) iron smooth plane made by the STANDARD RULE CO., tote has been glued in two places, good knob, very good blade marked with the makers name and the OCT 30, 1883 patent date, a scarce plane in very good overall condition.
403 Pair of iron bench planes: Stanley #7 22-inch iron jointer, early body with patent dates in brass nut, good beaded knob, tote broken; and improper STANLEY lever cap with kidney-shaped hole, small chip from left front corner, good usable condition; and an early #6 iron fore plane with good Rule & Level Co. blade, nice rosewood tote and low knob, patent date in brass nut, very good overall.
404 Cast iron CLARK No. 6 pot with tin lid and having a socketed handle coming out the side, very good overall.
405 Cast iron egg poaching skillet that will cook seven eggs at a time, very good.
406 Cast iron bean pot with folding bale handle and three integral legs, very good overall.
407 Cast iron muffin pan that will cook eight corn muffins at a time, very good overall.
408 Cast iron bean pot with integral handle in the side and having three integral legs, appears early, good overall.
409 Cast iron 12 1/2-inch griddle with handle, marked 13 or 18 on bottom along with a triangular logo, very good overall.
410 Nice tin lunch pail with bale handle and removable tray, very good overall.
411 Nice tin jello mold marked ENGLAND on bottom, very good overall.
412 Eagle Engineering Co. Patent April 9 1918 Meat Slicer, complete and very good.
413 Large copper pot with chains and a hook that would hang in a fireplace, very good overall.
414 Lot: The CHALLENGE EYELET PRESS No. 1 with nice original paint, very good overall; and an early set of porcelain door knobs in early lock, very good overall.
415 Set of three early bells on forged hanger, very good overall.
416 Early snow bird that would keep sheets of ice and snow from sliding off a roof, this one is pitted and has some old paint.
417 Unusual tin pastry or pie crust roller, very good overall.
418 Jar lifter used to remove pickle or jam jars from hot water.
419 Stanley DEFIANCE No. 1204 iron smooth plane in original box, corners of the box need to be taped, very good overall.
420 Large lot of early door hardware including decorative plate; ALLITH MFG CHICAGO ILL patented latch; spring latch; WELCH brass door handle with thumb lever; set of porcelain door knobs with brass with decorative brass plate; brass door handle with NORWALK lock plate.
421 Stanley Handyman No. H1204 iron smooth plane in original box, corners of the box need to be taped, very good overall.
422 Decorated trigger guard from an early muzzle-loading rifle or shotgun, very good.
423 Large lot of early hinges and gate hardware including pair of forged hinges; pair of forged gate latches, three gate hooks; etc.
424 C.L. BERGER Service Dumpy Level in original wooden box with a Use & Care Instruction booklet, all inside the original wooden box with hinged lid, very good overall.
425 Four miniature sad irons and a full-size stand or trivet; one iron is marked THE PEARL and has a repaired wooden handle, very good; another with quick-release handle; and an ASBESTOS SAD IRON with removable tin cover.
426 Brass miners lamp AUTHENTIC MINING LAMP Type SL SAFETY LAMPS 1871 CARDIFF. WALES, very good overall.
427 Carbide miner’s lamp that would be worn on a miner’s helmet, has a crack in the tank that will need to be soldered if it is to be used.
428 Pair of mini sad irons, both very good.
429 Small tin lamp marked ATLAS STEAM VAPORIZER NO. 111, a nice medical collectible.
430 Three small sad irons: MAY 22, 1900 ASBESTOS SAD IRON, very good; a nickel plated model with integral twist handle, very good; and a DOVER SAD IRON with removable tin top, very good.
431 Pair of kerosene lamps with blue bases and clear shades, both complete and very good.
432 Glass rolling pin that can be filled with water to add weight, very good overall.
433 Pair of mini sad irons; the red one on the left is hollow; and the other has a 2 cast into the top, both very good.
434 Two small lamps: the one on the left was made out of an EAGLE-type oil can base; and the other is a made using a glass jar with brass top.
436 Lot of four sad irons: the largest has A.C.W. cast into top of base along with the number 2, very good; two are not marked; and the last has a nice face design cast into top of base.
437 Stoneware jug that has a piece of cork broken off in the mouth, very good overall.
438 BOAT SIGNAL LANTERN, complete and very good.
439 DAZY-type butter churn has number 40 cast into iron frame and 40H in the handle, complete and very good.
440 Nice 1 Cent peanut vending machine, complete with key, very good overall.
441 Nice stoneware jug, white on bottom, brown on top, very good overall.
442 Two clear glass kerosene lamps; one with clear shade and one with flowers on shade.
444 International Harvester IHC cylinder tooth wrench, complete and very good.
445 FRANK MOSSBERG NO. 13 SOCKET WRENCH SET, has ratchet marked M.W. CO. which is a bit of a mystery, complete in original wooden box with hinged lid, very good overall.
446 Stanley #100 mini block plane with tail handle in original box, a very good plane in a very good box.
447 Pair of Stanley pocket levels that could be attached to a square; one has a brass top and an improper screw; the other has a steel top and is very good.
448 Stanley #98 & #99 side rabbet planes, both have patent dates in the front skate, #98 has a fine knob and very good nickel plating; the #99 has some nickel loss on the outside, and small chip to the outside edge of the knob; both are in very good usable condition.
449 Stanley #36 6-inch cast iron double plumb & level with all three vials intact, very good japanning and nice plating, fine overall.
450 Stanley #1 smooth plane, SW-logo blade, fine tote and knob, fine overall condition.
451 Pair of ratchet braces: Keen Kutter KR10, complete and very good; and a 14-inch No. 8014, complete and very good. (In same photo as lot 486)
452 Stanley #A18 aluminum block plane with knuckle joint lever cap, a near new plane in a box that has a sticker on the top from the Prowell & Davis Hardware Co. of Mechanicsburg, PA, box is coming apart at the seams but has a nice label and can be restored.
453 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 071 open throated router plane with intact throat-closing attachment, comes with 1/2-inch blade, very good overall condition.
454 RARE OHIO TOOL CO. No. 018 iron block plane IOB, has tag inside box that says PAUL KEBABIAN MINIMUM BID $20, so it may have been sold in an early MWTCA member auction during a semi-annual meeting, a very good plane in a well-worn box with tearing on top and on one end, has a good label and could be restored.
455 Lot of eleven unmarked plow plane blades, all very good.
456 Lot of six carving gouges: BUCK BROS 3/8-inch, very good; BUCK BROS. No. 32, fine; another BUCK BROS No. 32 with tight crack in handle; small BUCK BROS No. 32; and two BUCK BROS NO. 42; all in usable condition.
457 Lot of seven assorted plow plane blades; four OHIO TOOL; one MOULSON BROS; one W. GREAVES & SONS; and one marked P. LAW with trident logo.
458 Four homemade? turning tools, one needs a handle.
459 Lot: 11 pinch dogs; two turning tools needing handles; small round file or rasp; small wooden handled awl; and two brad shooters, one marked WELLMAN PRODUCTS CLEVELAND OHIO.
460 Stanley BEDROCK 603C FT smooth plane, 1-line BEDROCK lever cap has been broken and brazed at the pivot pin, BB-logo blade, rosewood tote and knob are fine, good overall.
461 Winchester No. 10 20-inch 10ppi hand saw, fine etch, fine overall.
462 Stanley BEDROCK 604 FT smooth plane, STANLEY lever cap, fine Q-logo blade, very nice japanning, fine overall.
463 Winchester 3025C iron jack plane, good Winchester iron, tote and knob are fine, fine overall.
464 Stanley BEDROCK 604 FT smooth plane, good BB-logo blade, good tote and hardwood knob; STANLEY lever cap, very good overall.
465 Stanley #104 Liberty Bell steel smooth plane, Type 1 with patent date at top of left side, fine early tote and beaded knob, patent dates in circle on blade, fine overall.
466 Stanley BEDROCK 605C FT jack plane, light pitting on sides; 1-line BEDROCK lever cap, late BB logo blade, japanning enhanced with black paint, will make good user.
467 Stanley #105 "Liberty Bell" steel jack plane with improper cap from a transitional Liberty Bell plane that does not fit this plane, sides and bottom were sanded to remove rust and pitting, looks good now.
468 Stanley BEDROCK 605C FT jack plane, good 1-line BEDROCK lever cap, BB-logo blade, good rosewood tote and tall knob, 80 percent plus japanning, very good overall.
469 Stanley #S5 steel jack plane, with BB-logo blade, partial decal on fine tote, nice tall knob, fine overall.
470 Stanley BEDROCK 605 1/2 FT wide jack plane, STANLEY lever cap, SW-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, fine overall.
471 Stanley #S4 steel jack plane, nice SW-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob, very good overall.
472 Stanley BEDROCK 606 FT iron fore plane, light pitting on sides and sole, SW-logo blade, nice early-style tote and knob, 1-line BEDROCK lever cap, japanning enhanced, good overall.
473 Little 5-inch Winchester block plane
474 Stanley BEDROCK 606C FT iron fore plane, 1-line BEDROCK lever cap, fine early-style tote and knob, nice BB-logo blade, japanning enhanced, very good overall.
475 Winchester OCTOBER SPECIAL pliers, nice nickel plating, fine overall.
476 Stanley BEDROCK 607C FT iron jointer plane, SW-logo blade, no logo on lever cap, bed repainted, good overall.
477 Fine Disston D-15 VICTORY with fine EAGLE & LIBERTY BELL etching on blade, fine overall.
478 Stanley BEDROCK 607 FT iron jointer plane, SW-logo blade, STANLEY lever cap has peeling nickel; good rosewood tote and knob, both sides have grinding marks like someone use them as a work surface, 80 percent plus japanning, will make a good user.
479 E.C. Atkins 28-inch crosscut saw, light rust, will clean to very good overall.
480 Near new BEDROCK 608C FT iron jointer plane, fine rosewood tote has 100 percent of the original decal, fine 2-line lever cap, SW-logo blade, we have never seen a nicer one.
481 Unusual sea-foam green jar with folding wire bale and having a yellow tin top, the jar has part of what we think was a paper label on one side, very good overall.
482 Nice brown stoneware butter crock, has a V-shaped piece broken out of the top and glued back in, good overall.
483 Small basket with handle, very good overall.
484 Pair of transitional bench planes: No. 32 prelateral with top of tote broken off, numerous checks in stock, good overall; and a Stanley No. 31 with nice eagle logo on toe, small piece of tote spur broken off, good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
485 Wicker basket with handle measures 14 x 9 1/2 x 13, very good overall.
486 Millers Falls No. 502 corner brace, complete and very good. (In same photo as lot 451)
487 Pair of stone working hammers including on left a bush hammer; both very good.
488 Steel nail caddy used by cobblers and/or farriers to store a variety of different sized nails numbered 5 to 9. Marked PAT AP’D FOR, some pitting, very good overall.
489 Forged brush axe blade marked D. SARGENT on one side, very good overall.
490 Unusual wagon drag brake, used when descending muddy or otherwise slick slopes.
491 Pair of planes: OHIO TOOL CO. 20-inch transitional fore plane, has globe logo on blade and on top of stock ahead of knob, complete and fine; and a 20-inch wooden fore plane with Thistle Brand blade, repair to closed handle, plane has a Continental appearance to it.
492 Scarce WIZARD 5-strand rope maker by NES MFG. CO. DETROIT MICH. fine overall.
493 Auger with S-shaped crank arm, owner tag says PENN POST AUGER, some pitting, good overall.
494 Unusual T-auger with forged 6-sided bit, very good wooden handle, very good overall.
495 BEAT KNIFE with 10-inch blade that has a hook riveted to the end of the blade, first we have seen or can remember selling.
496 Forged wagon brake that would be used in pairs to skid a wagon down a slick road or hill, they were tied to the rear wheels and kept the wheels from spinning and going out of control.
497 Union No. 32 26-inch transitional jointer plane, complete with UNION MFG CO. blade, complete and very good.
498 Pair of wooden jointer planes: 26-inch razee-style with deep split from toe thru throat, could be repaired with a bolt or two thru the front 1/2 of the stock, good L&IJ WHITE blade; and a NEW YORK TOOL CO. 28-inch with good THISTLE BRAND blade, very good overall.
499 Nice turpentine hack, complete and very good.
500 Folding barn beam boring machine with two bits, this was either a new old stock piece or one that was expertly restored, it's one of the nicest ones we have sold.
501 Fine Keen Kutter K3925 3-bladed knife, Keen Kutter logo on one of the yellow handles, "HAMMER FORGED" stamped into big blade, fine overall.
502 Massive 32-inch wooden jointer plane, closed handle has a chuck missing from the right side of the spur, very good overall.
503 Winchester 1610 hook billed knife, rosewood? handles, blade has been worn down from sharpening, good overall.
504 Ohio Tool No. 27 28-inch wooden jointer in little used condition, very good overall.
505 Winchester 1703 knife with bone handles, very good overall.
506 OGONTZ No. 25, 26-inch wooden jointer plane, chip from handle spur, very good overall.
507 Keen Kutter 949 3-bladed knife, good etch on main blade, very good overall.
508 Unusual Standard Rule No. 31 jointer plane, tote spur abbreviated, well-worn with all japanning off cap and knob screw set lower than usual, nice mark on toe, can be restored or left as is.
509 Keen Kutter 1704 1/4 single bladed pocket knife, rosewood handles, very good.
510 Early 28-inch Peerless mason's level, bound on all four edges with copper, very good overall.
511 Keen Kutter K2423S 2-bladed pocket knife, has shield on one handle, very good.
512 Ogontz 22-inch wooden jointer plane with closed handle, very good overall.
513 Keen Kutter 2-bladed pocket knife mother of pear handles, has crack one side of handle, very good.
514 Fine ZENITH rosewood and brass marking & mortise gage, first we've seen, and we don't ever expect to see a better one.
515 Keen Kutter 3-bladed pocket knife, stag handles, very good.
516 Keen Kutter KK130 double ended block plane, complete and very good.
517 C.S. Osborne saddlers knife and channeler, both with nice rosewood handles, both very good.
518 Keen Kutter K103 adjustable iron block plane (same as a Stanley #103), complete and very good. It may be a repaint.
519 Nice Winchester broad hatchet, very good.
520 Two nice homemade wooden jack planes each having a star inlaid into left side, both likely by the same hand. The one is a razee style; the other is a regular-style plane but it has a nice diamond-shaped pattern of checkering below blade, very interesting.
521 Pair of hatchets including a GENUINE PLUMB with nice PLUMB HICKORY handle, very good overall; and a broad hatchet that has been refurbished and is in good usable condition.
522 Nice COLLINS double bit camp axe in leather sheath that can be worn on a belt, has been rehandled, very good overall.
523 Winchester 24-inch No. 9811 plumb & level, complete and very good.
524 COLLINS RED SEAL hatchet, handle is not original and has a few chips, very good overall.
525 Unknown make Pickaxe Mattock in near new condition
526 Winchester 18-inch No. 9808 plumb & level, has original decal on top, fine overall.
527 Keen Kutter 8-inch wooden smooth plane with distinctive black knob, good KK blade, has checking at toe but can still see the KK logo stamped into too, very good overall.
528 Keen Kutter K4 1/2C wide smooth plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, good proper blade, fine overall.
529 Keen Kutter No. 23 transitional smooth plane, lever cap is from an iron bench plane but fits this one, complete and fine.
530 Large D.R. BARTON broad axe with new handle, very good overall.
531 Plumb 982 hatchet, original handle has hang hole in end, very good.
532 PLUMB 42 double bit axe
533 Fine L.W. ROBINSON broad hatchet, handle does not socket very well, but the head is very good.
534 Collins & Co. broad axe, head painted black, pitted, good handle, good overall.
535 Fine shipwright's adz, head repainted, handle is like new but needs to be shaved down a bit to better fit this head.
536 Evansville Tool Works embossed hatchet with nice leather sheath that can be worn on a belt, very good.
537 True Temper Kelly Works brush hook, like new in red paint with fine handle, has $11.65 price in grease pencil.
538 Stanley Handyman H122 hatchet, with good original handle, very good overall.
539 Set of 11 Keen Kutter socket chisels, two have ill-fitting handles, and one needs a handle, all are in very good overall condition.
540 Four Stanley Everlast chisels: 1 1/2 is very good; 1 1/4 very good; another 1 1/4 dinged at edges; and a 1/2-inch that is sharpened askew, very good overall.
541 Large wooden screwbox with three taps, all are very good.
542 Set of six Stanley #750 chisels in original plastic roll, chisels are fine with original handles.
543 Set six Witherby socket firmer chisels, all very good.
544 Lot of 9 assorted Keen Kutter chisels, some needing handles.
545 Three socket firmer chisels, all very good.
546 Three wrenches: incl. 4-inch Mossberg D pocket or bicycle wrench, very good; FULLER 196-6 slip-joint plier, very good; and a 5-inch plier marked COMPLIMENTS OF E.R. SITZ, very good.
547 Long handled adz with 5-inch blade, marked F.W. KALWETT in hand stamped letters on side of head, very good usable condition.
548 Pair of pliers, incl. Hastings MN Pat. APL 3, '00 with jaws that can be reversed; and a German plier.
549 Lakeside Extra 8-inch drawknife, complete and fine. (First photo of drawknives working from bottom left corner)
550 Fine B&C 8.5-inch pipe/nut combo wrench, appears never to have been used.
551 H.S.B. & C0. OVB 9-inch drawknife, the OVB is hard to see, very good usable condition.
552 Pair of wrenches incl. B&C pipe nut combo 13-inch with hex adjuster nut, will clean to very good; and a twist handle 9.5-inch that has some light rust.
553 Two drawknives incl. Jennings & Griffin 10-in. very good overall; and WITHERBY 8-inch with light rust, will clean to very good.
554 Three W&B monkey wrenches: 15-inch with knife handles, very good; 10-inch that has been refurbished with new handles and painted black, good overall; and a 10-inch with round handle that is very nice.
555 Fine James Swan 8-inch drawknife with straight blade.
556 Fulton 12-inch hoof trimmers, complete and fine.
557 C.E. JENNINGS folding handle drawknife, complete and fine.
558 Unusual BECKLIN Patent 14-inch quick adjust wrench by the BECKLIN WRENCH CO. SEATTLE WASH. complete and fine.
559 Nice PENFIELD & SON 3/8-in. mortise chisel, complete and very good.
560 PS&W 10-inch monkey wrench, complete and very good.
561 Auburn Tool 1 1/2-inch jack rabbet plane, complete and very good.
562 Pair of wrenches: 10-inch UTICA Crescent-type very good; and a 10-inch pair of DIAMALLOY GROOVE-JOINT HL110P slip-joint pliers PAT. NO. 3739664.
563 Nice Ohio Tool 8-in. drawknife with set of Goodell-Pratt chamfer guides, very good.
564 Three wooden planes: complex Ohio Tool? 63 1/2 7/8-in., very good; Auburn Tool No. 189, 1 1/4-inch twin iron nosing plane, very good; and a D.R. BARTON ROCHESTER 1/2-inch dado, all are very good to fine.
565 Three hand forged drawknives, etc.: two hand forged drawknives, and a carriagemaker's router made from old file or rasp, very good.
566 Two molding planes: Winsted Plane Co. No. 202 rabbet; very good; and an unknown moving fillister plane, complete and very good.
567 James Swan 14-inch drawknife with file marks from a ham-fisted sharpener, very good overall.
568 Nice little goosewing axe marked WHOLOCK, complete and very good overall.
569 Massive 14-inch GREENLEE drawknife, very good overall.
570 Lot of six carving publications: five carving books and one magazine, all very good. (Top row in photo)
571 Lot of six assorted carving books. (middle row in photo)
572 Six carving books (bottom row in photo)
573 Stanley #11 belt plane for chamfering the ends of leather belts like those used in overhead-shaft systems, a complete and very good plane overall.
574 Pair of conibear traps, both very good.
575 Four fishing lures in original packaging including a TALKING FROG; two Nymphs by Blackhawk; two Blackhawk Wet Flies; and TUBE-U-LURE; all near new to new.
576 Cased nutcracker and pick set, cloth hinge is coming apart, the tools are very good.
577 Five assorted fishing lures.
578 Small wooden embossed rolling pin that will put decorations into cookie dough or pasta, very good; and an old wooden potato masher.
579 BROWN’S MULE chewing tobacco molds, in original packaging.
580 Pair of copper candle sticks with finger holds.
581 Large pastry or cake decorator with wooden plunger, very well built.
582 Large round pewter tray marked LONDON on the back with two touch marks, good overall.
583 Small pewter bowl marked MADE IN ITALY PETRO??, very good.
584 Crudely-made stone mortar & pestle.
585 Brass wick trimming scissor with built-in box to catch the trimmings, does not appear to be antique, but rather decorative.
586 Three plastic peanut butter jars filled with old square nails.
587 Nice pewter creamer? with hinged lid and decorated with two acorns.
588 Decorative plaque depicting an early steam locomotive, has initials U and F cast into the piece, very good overall.
589 Two hooks that would be used to hang meat inside the fireplace, very good.
590 Pewter salt and pepper shakers marked BENTDICT PEWTER 42 on the bottoms
591 Large tin coffee pot, very good overall.
592 Small Bundt cake pan with lid, very good.
593 Old coffee pot with blue enameled finish on the outside and white on the inside, a few specks of enamel are chipped off around the base, very good overall.
594 G.W. TODD & CO. PROTECTOGRAPH check protector, very good.
595 Small jeweler’s type lathe with compound sliding tool post, headstock, tailstock, 4-jaw and collet chuck, very good overall.
596 Carpenters tool box 30 x 9 x 12 inches with drop town top, and one tin tray inside, very good overall.
597 Four targets for rimfire rifles and pistols. The owner tag on them says they are NRA targets; one is a sheep, one is a pig; and two, including the smallest, are chickens.
598 CHESTERMAN 2036 6-inch steel ARMSTRONG SCALE or rule with beveled edges, like new in original wrapping paper and sleeve.
599 Stanley? No. 32 12-inch 4-fold METRIC ENGLISH caliper rule, fine overall.
600 Stanley #65 1-foot 4-fold boxwood rule, complete and fine.
601 Three small panel saws: 20-inch No. 80 8ppi, very good; like new Sold by Grizzly Made by NAKAYA JAPAN 18-inch 9ppi; and a 22-inch Disston D-23, 10ppi, complete and fine.
602 Pair of hand saws: Nest-of-saws type handle with 18-inch Keen Kutter blade installed, very good overall; and SIMMONS FAST MAIL 22-inch 10ppi good etch, very good overall.
603 RICHARDSON BROS. 26-inch hand saw with etch from NORERNSCH HDW MILWAUKEE WISC. good overall.
604 George Bishop nail saw fine etch, adjustable handle like those with a nest of saws, fine overall.
605 Early Keen Kutter 28-in. 4 1/2ppi rip saw with axe head medallion cross flags logo etched on blade, Keen Kutter etch a bit faint, a very good saw overall.
606 Disston K-5 DEFENDER 15.5-inch 10ppi blade, fine etch and handle, fine overall.
607 Pair of handsaws: Disston D8 with thumb hole handle, 28-inch 5 1/2ppi blade, very good overall; and a Disston D8 with 26-inch unknown ppi (there is wax covering the teeth presumably because it was sharpened and we did not remove the wax)
608 Lakeside 16-inch 12ppi panel saw with near perfect etch, fine overall.
609 Disston 12-inch No. 9 Improved Pattern back saw, very good overall.
610 Fine E.C. Atkins 26-inch No. 51 with 5 1/2ppi rip teeth, fine etch, fine overall.
611 Pair of handsaws including 26-inch with MARQUETTE etch, 5ppi rip saw, has big hang hole in end of blade and handle has been polyurethaned, very good overall; and George Bishop 28-inch 5 1/2 ppi rip with nice handle, faint etch, very good overall.
612 Large and likely fake Keen Kutter broad axe with handle that terminates in a hook that it can be hung from.
613 Montgomery Ward ECLIPSE No. 84-20 26-inch hand saw with 8ppi blade, very good with nice etch. (saw just below the bottom Plumb double bit in lot 616)
614 Plumb All American double bit axe with original label, fine.
615 Disston D-23 hand saw with 26-inch 6ppi blade, fine etch and handle, fine overall.
616 Plumb All American double bit axe with original label, fine.
617 Atkins No. 65 Ship Point hand saw with 26-inch 8ppi blade, fine etch, fine overall.
618 FINE Disston D42 VICTORY hand saw with 26-inch 5 1/2ppi blade, fine etch and handle, fine overall.
619 Pair of Keen Kutter hand saws: 24-inch, 11ppi crosscut, very good; and an early, axe-head medallion (these are the second and fourth saws from top on right side of table with 26-inch 7ppi blade, no visible etch, but a cleaning may reveal one, good overall.
620 FRED K. KRONER HDW La Cross Wis. hand saw, has etch that says MADE EXPRESSLY FOR FRED K. KRONER HDW. CO. LA CROSS WIS. with 26-inch 8ppi blade, very good.
621 Unusual 20th CENTURY 24-inch 9ppi handsaw with fine apple handle, nice etch that says 20th CENTURY EXTRA QUALITY, PATENT GROUND, BOW BELLY, NATIONAL SAW CO., fine overall.
622 Stanley No. 820 22-inch saw with 9ppi blade, fine SW etch, has some very mild surface rust that will need to be taken off ASAP, fine overall.
623 Lot of three like new hand saws including two FREUD. on the bottom is a RSO24 24-inch 7ppi rip saw in original plastic pouch, fine; Freud 22-inch 10ppi panel saw PS022, fine; and a NAKAYA JAPAN 26-inch in original packaging, handle cracked around one screw.
624 Lot of three handsaws: SIMONDS 26-inch N0 371? faint etch and handle cracked around two screws, will clean to good usable condition; 26-inch Disston D8 fine 8ppi blade and nice handle, very good overall; and a 28-inch 5ppi rip with faint JACKSON etch, has been cleaned with some kind of machine, very good handle, will make good user.
625 DISSTON ACME No. 12 no-set handsaw, fine 26-inch 11ppi blade, complete and fine.
626 Three assorted hand saws: first is 28 1/2 inches with 6ppi, with etch we cannot make out entirely …TON SAW EXTRA SPRING STEEL, EXTRA THIN BACK, HAND MADE, HAND FILED & SET, THE ….ON SAW CO, very good; Keen Kutter No. 88 26-in. 5ppi rip saw with nice etch, very good overall; and an ATKINS No. 2000 with 26-inch 8ppi blade, very good.
627 Pair of handsaws: O.A. BAEUERLEN 28-in. 4 1/2ppi rip with very good blade, faint etch, handle cracked around top saw nut, very good overall; and a KEEN KUTTER No. 88 with 28-inch unknown ppi, there is a bead of wax protecting the blade and we did not remove it.
628 Unusual LESOTA TOOL CO. ALBERT LEA, MINN hand saw, 24-inch hand crosscut saw for green wood, nice etch, has very light surface rust that should be cleaned off ASAP. (This saw is nearly identical to the Atkins saw below.)
629 E.C. ATKINS & CO. 24-inch No. 40 TUTTLE TOOTH PRUNER, fine etch, fine handle, has WPA burned into back side, fine overall.
630 Winchester OLD TRUSTY No. 40 hand saw with 26-inch 10ppi blade, etch visible but faded in spots, nice WINCHESTER medallion, very good overall.
631 Four handsaws including Crusader; Disston D8, etc. Four handsaws: 26-inch Crusader crosscut missing the medallion and one other screw, very good overall; 26 1/2-inch 9ppi crosscut with no etch visible, very good usable saw; Disston D8 with 26-inch 5ppi rip blade, thumb hole handle, very good overall; and a scarce 28-inch Atkins rip saw with thumb hole handle, faint AAA etch with PAT. JULY 7, 1896, very good overall.
632 ATKINS 30-inch No. 590 docking saw with iron handle, faint etch, very good overall.
633 DISSTON COUNTRY SIDE SOO LINE railroad saw 26-inch 8ppi blade, some light rust, the handle is broken all the way thru in the middle and will need a repair.
634 Pair of Disston thumb-hole model handsaws: 28-inch rip with faint etch and nice handle, very good overall; 28-inch 5 1/2ppi rip.
635 E.C. ATKINS 26-inch 6ppi rip saw with additional etch MADE EXPRESSLY FOR THE JULIUS PETER CO. ST. PAUL, MINN, a few paint splatters on handle otherwise very good.
636 Lot of five handsaws: Atkins Reliable No. 58 with 26-inch 10ppi blade, very good; Disston 26-inch 5 1/2 ppi rip saw, faint etch, good handle, very good overall; Disston D-7 with 26-inch 9ppi crosscut blade, good etch, very good overall; BERKSHIRE 26-inch, B26S with 5 1/2ppi, MADE BY GREAT NECK, fine; and a ROCKWELL No. 34 with 26-inch 10ppi blade, fine overall.
637 Pair of handsaws including Simmons TRUE BLUE: Disston D-23 with 26-inch 7ppi blade, top handle spur has been removed and handle sanded where it was, very good overall; and a SIMMONS HARDWARE (St. Louis, MO) 28 1/2-in. 4 1/2ppi rip saw with blued blade, fine etch with crossed flags and E.C. Simmons’ signature, handle is broken below the medallion and cracked at top.
638 Pair of hand saws: Keen Kutter 26-in. 8 ppi crosscut, no etch visible, very good overall; and a GEORGE BISHOP 24-inch No. 99 with 11ppi blade, blade chipped at very end, nice handle with name of former owner J. WAHLOVIST stamped on medallion side, very good overall.
639 Unusual CHIP-A-WAY handsaw with 26-inch 10ppi blade, etch is visible but will need more cleaning to see how much more will be revealed, a very good saw overall; and a Disston D8 with 25-inch 8ppi blade, fine handle, very good overall.
640 Kelly How Thompson Duluth, Minn. hand saw with 28-inch 5ppi blade, very good etching, fine overall.
641 Turnkey ML55 Pallet Jack 5500lbs capacity, very good working condition.
642 Old Army footlocker 30 x 11 x 13-inch, WWI? has name of R.J. KETTERING SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF on outside along with shipping tags. When we found it, Burton had it full of hand saws, and it is perfect for storing or transporting saws, levels and other long tools.
643 Two fishing lures; and spool of string; RADTKE MARKESAN, WI 3-section lure, very good; G.M. SKINNER CLAYTON N.Y. PATENTED US & CANADA 1874 spinning lure with feathers, very good; and wooden spool of fishing line.
644 Four bait-casting reels including from left: WARDS PRECISION MODEL 15; Shakespeare THRIFTY 1902; No. 550-C SOUTH BEND; and 300A SOUTH BEND; plus seven assorted fishing lures, all very good to near new.
645 Canvas duck decoy, good overall.
646 Lot of 12 TIME LIFE THE ART OF WOODWORKING books, all very good.
647 Lot of 8 The Workshop Companion books by Nick Engler, there are two copies of JOINING WOOD, all are very good to fine.
648 Lot of squares, bevels, slide rule, bevel gage, etc. Two Stanley #12 squares; adjustable squares by Goodell-Pratt; M-F CO.; and UNION TOOL CO.; three 12-inch blades for adjustable squares; another adjustable square with pitted blade; two scratch awls; and 6-inch Stanley SW try square with nice nickel plating.
649 Lot: Two Stanley #18 bevels with 8-inch and 6-inch blades; five rosewood handled squares; five wooden handled brushes, a wooden bevel gauge; two tool rests for treadle lathes; one marked GOODELL IMPROVED, nice nickel plating, very good overall; and THE COMPANION, with japanned finish, very good. and a plastic slide rule in plastic pouch.
650 Large lot of mostly bitstock tools including twist drill bits; square shanked auger bits (one has had tang cut off); reamer; three countersinks including a large one by Goodell Pratt; and five long wood bits for a machine.