July 10, 2010, 10:00 AM

St. Charles (St. Louis), Missouri

Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Road

St. Charles, MO   63304

(preview Friday July, 10, from 2 to 6 PM and Sat. 7 to 10 AM)

A printable .doc list can be found (HERE)

and a .pdf list can be downloaded (HERE)

001. Four claw hammers inc. DIAMOND EDGE 16-oz. & unusual GTW with original handle and partial decal, all VG. (Photo)

002. Unusual hand forged inshave likely for use by a carriage maker, one handle loose, otherwise OK; plus a one-handed scorp with wooden handle, very good. (Photo)

003. Unusual wooden bodied shave; and a homemade razee-style jack plane. (Photo)

004. Three sharpening stones inc. ACME oil stone in original wooden box; another stone in handled wooden holder; and a Diamond Edge in original box, this one is broken and glued. (Photo)

005. Large 4-inch circular gasket or leather cutter. (Photo)

006. Multi Counter ticket puncher with built-in counter; notary-type stamp and another stamp. (Photo)

007. Box lot: wagon hub wrench; large hand vise; wheel dresser and small crucible for melting lead. (Photo)

008. Early hand-forged iron brace, needs a screw to secure the bit; and a GLASS MANF drawknife, very good. (Photo)

009. Weeding tool marked FORT MADISON; bearing scraper; and nice tapered reamer with wooden handle can also be used in a brace. (Photo & Photo 2)

010. Large hand drill similar to #5 Millers Falls plus an unusual Millers Falls #41 reversible Yankee screwdriver. (Photo)

011. Three brass post office doors.

012. Three pair regular pliers inc. one by HIBBARD and one needle nose marked BELL SYSTEM. (Photo)

013. Small homemade wooden router, like new; plus a small panel gauge. (Photo)

014. Lot of extra long auger bits. (Photo)

015. Barn beam boring machine with one bit, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. Chain-driven, bench mounted grinder, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

017. Pair of Stanley pocket levels that can be attached to a square, one with a steel top and one brass, both VG. (Photo)

018. Pair of antique can openers inc. PEERLESS can and bottle opener PAT. OCT. 29, 1912; EDLUND JR. Patented JUNE 18, 1929; and a ice pick from the Manufactured Ice Co. Bloomington, ILL. (Photo)

019. Early brass handled hack saw frame; and three hand-forged hammer heads. (Photo)

020. Three mini oil cans. (Photo)

021. Two spring scales: larger one by PELOUZE MFG CO; and smaller one by JOHN CHATILLON & SONS, both VG; plus a ticket puncher. (Photo)

022. Two tape measures inc. LUFKIN #226 100-ft. WHITE CLAD tape. (Photo)

023. Six wooden handled screwdrivers, plus a nice all steel one marked HERBRAND. (Photo)

024. Six assorted screwdrivers inc. Yankee Handyman 233H. (Photo)

025. Lot of wrenches etc. pliers by SIMMONS; unknown double ended alligator; hog ringer PAT AUG. 27, 1872; and V&B nippers. (Photo)

026. Three unusual clamps; a homemade turning sizer and two like new hold downs for work benches with 3/4-inch holes. (Photo)

027. Hand held pruning shears; pair of nippers marked CS with a Star of David; C.S. Osborne leather punch. (Photo)

028. Three cobbler hammers: one is hand forged; one is in black paint; and one is a V&B that needs a handle. (Photo)

029. Three hand-forged hammers; one is a claw type; one a cobbler type and the other is a rock or metal working hammer. (Photo)

030. Large lot assorted auger bits. (Photo)

031. Two Stanley #3, 30-inch plum and levels; plus a Stanley #0, 24-inch plumb and level, all very good. (Photo)

032. FINE E.C. SIMMONS #720 "REDLINE" 24-inch 4-fold boxwood rule. (Photo)

033. Three heavy duty JERISON WHITE & SON millwrights chisels. These heavy-duty socket chisels are 15 to 16 inches long overall without handles. All would be suitable for timber frame construction, and all are in very good to fine overall condition. (Photo)

034. Assorted bitstock tools inc. mini Stanley dowel pointer; 2 1/8-in. SCHLAGE by Irwin center bit; a large T. BROWN center bit; PEXTO screwdriver bit; and a large bit with square socket on end. (Photo)

035. Four leather or bookbinding tools: stitching awl; staple lifter; creaser and pricking or stitching wheel, all complete and VG; and a mystery tool. (Photo)

036. Hand forged drawknife with deep touch marks; hand forged pin used in putting together log rafts, VG. (Photo)

037. Early Stillman Patent saw set; large HELLER BROS rasp; single-handed scorp; Hibbard, SPENCER & BARTLETT hoof knife with bone handles. (Photo)

038. Set of number stamps in a wooden base, very good. (Photo)

039. Two little hammers: the smalles is marked FRANCE; and the small claw hammer is marked GERMANTOWN, both fine. (Photo)

040. SAFETY TWIST wire twisting pliers; plus needle nose pliers; 6-in. Crescent wrench; and five automotive nut wrenches. (Photo)

041. Lot of hand forged tools; spoon bit; ice pick; two unknown pieces and a manufactured dividers. (Photo)

042. Lot of four hammers plus three hammer heads that all need handles. (Photo)

043. Lot of keyhole type saws and a Craftsman coping saw. (Photo)

044. Early HENRY DISSTON hand saw with sunken eagle medallion, split-nuts, saw has been well used, handle horns are bruised, otherwise OK. (Photo)

045. Lot of 6 wooden AMT dowel rounders or pointers, all fine. (Photo)

046. Fine AMT screw box, with 2 AMT wood taps in original pouches; plus another wood screw box in original box, like new. (Photo)

047. Three small planes made of an exotic tropical hardwood, all are in like-new condition. (Photo)

048. Luther hand cranked, bench-mounted grinder, very good. (Photo)

049. Four iron block planes: two Stanley 9 1/2, one has red japanning, and one has black; both are complete and very good; Stanley Handyman H1220 with original paint, fine overall; and a Craftsman by Sargent with nickel plated cap, fine very good overall. (Photo)

050. Stanley #71 open throat router plane with one 1/2-inch blade, missing throat closing attachment and fence from bottom, otherwise fine. (Photo)

051. Hand cranked rope maker, complete and very good. (Photo)

052. Like new set of 12 Swiss cranked carving gouges. (Photo)

053. Six Walnut Hollow carving tools, all like new. (Photo)

054. Set of six small carving gouges all like new; plus an extra that does not match the set, seven in all. (Photo)

055. Set of six mostly fishtail carving gouges, all like new. (Photo)

056. Wooden box full of EXACTO carving tools, all like new, plus a pouch of extra blades. (Photo)

057. Stanley #98 early style, right handed side rabbet plane with V-logo blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

058. Two carriagemaker sized wooden planes, one has round bottom and one is a rabbet, both are complete and in usable condition. (Photo)

059. Three small instrument maker's tools: a rosewood mini block plane, very good; a small brass violin maker's thumb plane, complete and very good; and a small Marples boxwood shave that is complete and fine. (Photo)

060. Lot of three brass patternmaker's shaves, all complete and very good. (Photo)

061. Three block planes: Knapp-type by A. Lawson, Sheldon, Ct. complete with wooden palm pusher, complete and very good; unmarked 102 size iron, complete; and an aluminum model with corrugated bottom, complete and very good. (Photo)

062. Vintage 100-foot Lufkin #202 measuring wheel with collapsible handle, most of the original label is intact on one side, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

063. Three different manufactured steel plumb bobs, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

064. Two wrenches including a small W&B alligator, both very good. (Photo)

065. Three different medium sized iron plumb bobs, all very good. (Photo)

066. Lot of three tool handles, two of them have bits inside. (Photo)

067. Two plumb bobs: K&E #6471-16 brass surveyor bob in a leather sheath; plus a Stanley #171 or 172 that needs a point. (Photo)

068. Early Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane with early football-shape logo, complete and very good; plus a small CRAFTSMAN mini block plane, complete and very good; and a iron spokeshave by DUNLAP or G-P, that is complete and very good. (Photo)

069. Lot: Stanley #82 scraper with intact decal on wooden handle, fine; wooden horn plane with round bottom, will clean to VG; and a No. 250 mini blow torch. (Photo)

070. Stanley #95 BUTT GAUGE WWII model with 98%+ japanning, original router pamphlet and original box, the gage is fine and the box is very good with a 98%+ label. (Photo & Photo 2)

071. Stanley #271 mini router plane MADE IN ENG, complete in original box with original router pamphlet, router and box are like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

072. Stanley #93 butt and rabbet gage/gauge, complete and very good; plus a STEARNS #85 butt gauge, this is the smaller version of the #85 in the next lot, this one, however is missing one of the sliding arms, otherwise it is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

073. Stanley #95 butt gauge, complete with 90%+ nickel, one small piece of nickel peeling from top by model number, otherwise fine; plus a same size Stearns #85 butt gauge, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

074. Stanley #79 double side rabbet plane, MADE IN U.S.A., complete with fence, 99%+ nickel plating, fine BB logo blades, original box is pretty ratty but it's all there including the label. (Photo & Photo 2)

075. Millers Falls #240 chisel and plane iron or blade sharpening guide, the plating and japanning are 98%+, but the box and the label are a pretty ratty. (Photo & Photo 2)

076. Two LUFKIN leather-cased tape measures; the smaller of the two has a steel tape but the end is broken off. Buy the Lufkin repair kit in lot 238, and you will have everything you need to fix the end. The larger of the two has a cloth tape and it's very worn and in need of replacement. (Photo)

077. Unusual mabo nivometre French combination tape measure and level, 118-inch/3m tape, fine overall condition; also included is a Lufkin 16 tape measure that can be worn on a belt, this one is in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

078. Keuffel & Esser tape measure, K&E is best known for the surveying and drafting tools they made, this is the first tape we've seen or sold that was made by them, it is complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

079. Two advertising tape measures by the VERNON CO., NEWTON, IOWA; one advertises the NAGLE LUMBER CO. of Iowa City, Iowa; and the other the B.F. NELSON MFG. CO. Minneapolis, Minn., both are very good; also included is a LUFKIN MEAZURALL in well worn condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

080. RARE J. ROE & SONS INC. Demolition Charge Computing Tape calibrated for TNT, this is the first such tape measure we have seen or sold, it is complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

081. Three pair wooden screw clamps, one has a bent screw, otherwise all are in good to very good usable condition. (Photo)

082. Stanley #36G nickel plated 24-inch iron level with shaft goove and eclipse vial covers. Level is fine, box, fair.

083. FINE L.S. Starrett #199Z 15-inch master precision level in original box, both level and box are in fine condition. These are still sold and can be found online for $610 to $700. (Photo)

084. Lot of V-blocks, jo blocks and other blocks from a machinist tool box. (Photo)

085. Three misc. wrenches inc. a Ford lug wrench plus an unusual pair of tongs and a GARLAND poker. (Photo)

086. Lot: heavy duty ice pick, wooden handled screwdriver, another screwdriver needing a new wooden handle, etc. (Photo)

087. Box lot misc. cold chisels and other assorted iron bits. (Photo)

088. Three wooden marking gages, one needs a screw. (Photo)

089. Drill like tool used to clean cream-separator plates, very unusual and complete. (Photo)

090. Rouse Mfg. printed type tray, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

091. Block & tackle with grass rope, MAR 21, 95? patent date, very good. (Photo)

092. Lot of three outside calipers one an extra large pair, all very good. (Photo)

093. Lot: cement trowel, hand sythe, and a weeding? tool.

094. Lot of 3 hand sledge hammers inc. 3-lb. ATHA. (Photo)

095. CHAS. SCHUEDDIG 527 S. JEFFERSON AVE., ST. LOUIS, MO mill pick hammer; and a blacksmiths drill or punch hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

096. Unmarked poll adz with short handle, very good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

097. Shingle froe, needs a wooden handle, very good. (Photo)

098. Unknown make hand adz, fine overall. (Photo)

099. Grubbing hoe head and two others, the one on top was found with a metal detector and is rough. (Photo)

100. Hand forged alligator wrench and wagon wrench for axel nuts, both very good. (Photo)

101. Bemis & Call 12-inch combination pipe & nut wrench with long adj. sleeve, very good; plus a 14-inch pair of end cutters, in good usable condition. (Photo)

102. Four pair of blacksmith tongs inc. two unusual pair in fine overall condition. (Photo)

103. Four misc. hammers inc. cross peen, and small sledge plus a pick, all needing handles. (Photo)

104. Hand adz, some light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

105. Blacksmith flatter hammer; plus another unknown hammer with flat faces, both very good. (Photo)

106. Lot: MO-PAC Railroad lock; traveler that needs to be welded; jar opener that mounts to a wall, etc. (Photo)

107. JAMES MARSH 5/16-in. mortising chisel, very good; plus a W.J. wooden spokeshave with screw-adj. blade, very good. (Photo)

108. Combination sledge and adz, will clean to usable condition. (Photo)

109. Wooden handled slag hammer plus a tinners or body hammer, both very good. (Photo)

110. Drawknife with 9-in. blade; large pair of Keen Kutter nippers; and a penny or gents brace. (Photo)

111. Lot of iron tools: unusual hammer head; three branding irons with numbers; and misc. chisels. (Photo)

112. Unusual advertising punch/pick from VULCAN GRAFO, NEW YORK BELTING & PACKING CO., COBBS MAGIC; 218-220 CHESTNUT, ST. LOUIS, MO; and a small pair of calipers. (Photo)

113. Lot of iron: star and Fleur de lis; large iron punch?; and a decorative brass door plate. (Photo)

114. Lot: Ratchet brace marked W112; small pair iron clamps; glass tube cutter; iron plumb bob; wrench.

115. Lot horse items: bits; and three horseshoes. (Photo)

116. Hand cranked E.T. RUSHTON patent wheel rim tool, made on U.S. Patent #1,704,628 issued March 5, 1929 to Elmer Rushton of St. Joseph, Michigan and assigned to Hercules Products Co. This one has most of the orginal green paint and is fine. (Photo)

117. Lot of misc. inc. BOCKTHORN 1881 barbed wire, rock chisel, scale weight, etc. (Photo)

118. Carriage makers body knife, fine overall. (Photo)

119. Coopers flagging iron & an unusual pry bar with built=in hammer head. (Photo)

120. Lot of 8? branding irons with numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9, 7. (Photo)

121. Henry Disston #15 saw frame (no blade); old wooden & leather bellows, with cracked bellows; and a plumbers tool for lead work. (Photo)

122. Lot of three rafer or framing squares the smallest by PEXTO and the bigger ones by WITTE ST. LOUIS & NICHOLLS, all very good. (Photo)

123. Upholsterers tool and a C.A. Myers Co. AWL FOR ALL stitching awl, in original box. (Photo)

124. Abingdon KING DICK screw adjusting bicycle or pocket wrench. (Photo)

125. Two pair pliers: Unmarked lineman-type; and a Koeth K.K.K. (Koeth Kombination Kit) plier with several different jaws that fit a common pair of handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. Pair kitchen tools: antique can opener, complete and fine; and a SPEEDO jar opener Central States Mfg. Co. Pats pending.

127. ESTWING hand sledge with EVER GRIP handle, like new with original sticker and price in ink on one side of head, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

128. BRUNNER & LAY CHICAGO blacksmiths turning hammer, handle needs to be firmly attached, but the head is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

129. Lot: S.H. CO. 110 10-inch nippers, small soldering iron; unusual brass clamp for round stock; and a PAPCO PAT PEND tube flaring tool. (Photo)

130. Misc. iron tools including blacksmith tongs, bolt header, twisted pry bar, etc. (Photo)

131. Long unknown steel clamp or holder with U-shaped indents on the inside of each head; plus a blacksmith flatter hammer. (Photo)

132. Unknown make 22-inch hand saw, complete and very good; plus a Stanley SW sliding bevel with rosewood handle, improper wing nut. (Photo)

133. Lot of 6 folding iron handles for tools boxes NOS; plus an unknown nickel plated rack for hanging neck ties? (Photo)

134. Stanley #248 weatherstrip plane, with seven original blades, prestops, depth stop, original owners manual, complete with 90%+ japanning, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

135. Wooden furniture clamp; unknown grabber with D handle; and a length of old chain. (Photo)

136. Large pair of blacksmith tongs with locking ring and a pair of bench sheers. (Photo)

137. Large pair of hand forged log tongs. (Photo)

138, Large broad axe, blade is rusted and has some minor pitting. (Photo)

139. Early single tree with hand forged iron; and a hame that looks NOS. (Photo)

140. Two long handled hammers; one has a head that is pointed on both ends, and it is pitted; the other is a nice 5-lb. spike driver? (Photo)

141. Roofing hatchet with nail claw, no makers name visible; and nice wooden mallet.

142. D.R. Barton coopers chamfer knife, has light rust but will easily clean to fine overall condition.

143. Two different long handles sledge hammers; one an ATHA 10-lb. No. 760; the other has an illegible makers mark. Both are very good. (Photo)

144. Long handled ice axe, used in an ice house, complete and very good. (Photo)

145. Millers Falls chain drill, needs new chain but otherwise very good; and a large dowel or spoke pointer, very good. (Photo)

146. Two Disston back saws: the smaller one has a broken handle; the larger one has a cracked handle that can be repaired, it needs cleaning. (Photo)

147. Two swinging jaw pipe wrenches and a tool for pulling railroad spikes. (Photo)

148. Massive ASHCROFT #4 pipe tong, complete and very good; plus a pair of tinners bench sheers. (Photo)

149. Large 6-lb. hand sledge hammer marked NEVADA, complete and very good; plus a BRIDGEPORT nail puller, complete and very good. (Photo)

150. Medium sized meat cleaver plus a pair of tongs for picking clinkers out of the stove. (Photo)

151. Pair of different hay knives, the longer one has rust, the other is fine. (Photo)

152. Tomahawk type crating tool marked CLARK BARS ARE GREAT, a neat old advertising tool. (Photo)

153. Pair of wrenches: No. 2 Bull-Dog by Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co., very good; and a #10606 mystery wrench. (Photo)

154. Large HESTER PLOW CO. 1 wrench, complete and very good. (Photo)

155. Blackhawk type screw adjusting 4-way wrench, complete and very good; plus a screw adj. nut wrench with Sept. '97 patent date, complete and very good. (Photo)

156. Fine FORD automobile jack, complete and very good; plus a fence stretcher that is pitted but still functional. (Photo)

157. PEXTO slaters hammer for working on slate roofs. (Photo)

158. HandE 1922 Patent nut wrench, complete and fine. (Photo)

159. Union #43 rabbet and fillester plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

160. Coes type wooden handled screw adjust nut wrench, complete and very good; plus a Spery 1891 Patent pipe tong from Hermann, Missouri, complete and very good. (Photo)

161. Four different pair of blacksmith tongs. (Photo)

162. Shoe lasting stand and two different sized lasts; plus a R. HERSCHEL MFG. CO. PEORIA, ILL chain breaker. (Photo)

163. Large claw hammer and a manufactured wheelwrights traveler, both very good. (Photo)

164. Bull lead with rope; tool for cleaning cream separators; and an iron ring with two hitch? pins. (Photo)

165. BRIDGEPORT BRASS CO. brass tire pump and a brass grease gun, both fine. (Photo)

166. Old block and tackle with grass rope, very good; plus a tail docker. (Photo)

167. Unusual saw with built-in scraper; fence stretcher; and a macadamizing hammer. (Photo)

168. C. HAMMOND PHILA. Cobblers hammer; long handled adz; and a hammer head with single claw. (Photo)

169. Nice saw vise with cam lock, complete and very good; plus a saw SIMMONDS CRESCENT SAW TOOL. (Photo)

170. Long handled pick, complete and very good, plus a shingle froe, complete and very good. (Photo)

171. Long handle stone crandle or hammer, complete and very good. (Photo)

172. Large tape wrench or tap handle; and a massive 1-inch timber framing chisel, needs cleaning. (Photo)

173. Four different pairs of blacksmith tongs. (Photo)

174. Three different pair of blacksmith tongs. (Photo)

175. Large pair of outside calipers. (Photo)

176. Large pair of log or tie carrying tongs with rotted wooden handle; plus a cant hook for rolling longs on the ground, this one also needs a new handle. (Photo)

177. Keen Kutter F4283GK framing square, complete and very good. (Photo)

178. Extra large pair of outside calipers. (Photo)

179. Large wedge with owner tag saying felling wedge, looks like it was dug up from an archaeological site; plus a two-handled hack saw, both handles are broken and needing to be replaced. (Photo)

180. Ohio Tool 26-inch wooden jointer plane, complete and very good; plus a BARBER & GENN back saw with spilt nuts, BARBER & GENN were among only 10 sawmakers listed in 1787 Sheffield England directory, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

181. Shovel or entrenching tool with wooden handle in olive drab paint, complete and very good. (Photo)

182. Brace type automotive valve grinder; plus a brace type speed wrench with revolving head. (Photo)

183. Manufactured adz with faint mark and three adz handles. Two of the handles are NOS. (Photo)

184. M-D SQUAR-EVEL combination square and level, complete and very good; plus a Stearns? adjustable hollow auger that is complete with depth stop and just needs the blade resharpened. (Photo)

185. Brown & Sharpe trammel points on two-piece beam, very good. (Photo)

186. Early Stanley? brass trammel points, one has a point and the other has a hollow shaft for inserting a pencil, very good. (Photo)

187. Large pair of nickel plated trammels with adjustable points, very good overall. Will be sold with a piece of the wooden beam it is shown on. (Photo)

188. Large decorative pair of brass trammel points, very good overall. (Photo)

189. Medium size outside caliper and early looking pair of dividers with locking wing nut. (Photo)

190. Two pair of steel dividers, the bigger pair is well made and decorative; the smaller pair is rather crude. (Photo)

191. General angle divider (similar to Stanley #30) complete and very good; plus a Millers Falls hand vise with wooden handle, VG. (Photo)

192. Fine wheelwrights traveler for measuring the distance around a wheel for fitting a tire. (Photo)

193. Master Slide Rule 72-inch, some wear on outside faces; plus a Stanley SW Victor #803, 36-inch zig zag complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

194. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #85 ivory rule, one leg repaired. Outside yellowed, good overall. (Photo)

195. Deitzgen type surveyors hand level, comeplete and fine. (Photo)

196. Cow bell, bull lead; and hand forged fish or frog gig. (Photo)

197. W. P. Walters Sons 1983 MWTCA reprint; Disston Handbook on Saws MWTCA 1983 reprint; Jackson & Tyler 1880 Tools & Supplies catalog reprinted by MWTCA 2007; Hoole Machine and Engraving Works Catalogue No. 79 reprinted by MWTCA in 1985; Original Vogl Tool Co. Stone and brick tool catalog #75 Kansas City; and a pile of Astragal Press catalogs. (Photo)

198. Six tool catalog reprints by MWTCA: Bench Work In Wood by Goss, 1997; Zenith Tools & Cutlery, 1987; W.F. & John Barnes Foot Powered Lathes Catalogue No. 59, 1982; United Hardware & Tool Co. Fulton Tool Catalog No. 40, 1983; Winnie Machine Works 18th Annual Catalogue, 1991; and H. Chapins Sons 1890 Catalogue; 1986. (Photo)

199. Lot of tool catalog reprints: Millers Falls Catalogue No. 24, 2008; The Brace The How and Why of Making Holes CD by Eric M. Peterson; Buff & Burger Surveying Instruments 1897; 2004; A. J. Wilkinson & Co., 2001; Henry Cheney Hammer Co. 1904 Catalogue, 2003; MWTCA 2009 directory; and several old Astragal Press book catalogs. (Photo)

200. Lot of six tool catalog reprints: J. M. Waterston Catalogue No. 25; 1996; Steel Carpenters Squares Eagle Square Co.; 1991; Sargent Tool Book, 1995; North Brothers Yankee Tools 1912 Catalog, 1988; Ohio Tool Co. Cagalogue No. 23, 1990; New Britain The Hardware Center. (Photo)

201. Lot of misc. tool dealer catalogs from the 1980s and 1990s included are lists from Clarence Blanchard; Roger K. Smith, Phil Whitby and others. Also included are book lists from Astragal Press, MJD and Fine Tool Journal. (Photo)

202. Original SLIGO St. Louis Industrial Supply Catalogue No. 89, fine overall. (Photo)

203. Original Witte Hardware Co. St. Louis Catalog No. 36, complete and very good. (Photo)

204. American Axes hard bound book by Henry J. Kauffman, complete with dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

205. E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter 1930 Catalog U, reprinted in 1984; Goodell-Pratt Millers Falls Catalogue No. 42, reprinted in 1999; Sears, Roebuck & Co. Tools Machinery Blacksmith Supplies, reprinted in 1984; Buck & Hickman London Catalogue of American Tools reprinted in 1989. (Photo)

206. Tool Catalog reprints and Tool Sale catalogs: C.E. Jennings Price List No. 13; Tony Murland International Auction 1997; Martin J. Donnelly 1997 catalogue; Martin J. Donnelly 1995 catalogue; D. STOLP 1915 catalog; single issue of the MWTCA Gristmill magazine; and a Jackson & Tyler 1880 catalog. (Photo)

207. Otto Young & Co. 1892 and 1893 catalog of watchmaker, Jeweler and engraver tools, this one has a wrinkled cover; The National Saw Company; March 2006 Gristmill; and Lufkin Catalog #10. (Photo)

208. Wagon wrench and wagon axle nut. (Photo)

209. Small brass anvil and medium sized plumb bob. (Photo)

210. TRRA of STL railroad lock, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

211. Lot of misc. tools; weeding tool; dog bone wrench; Interlox No. 106 sliding rule, very good; and wooden marking gage. (Photo)

212. Short handled stone crandal or hammer, pitted. (Photo)

213. Lot of three tinners tools including a stake anvil. (Photo)

214. Bridge Tool Co. St. Louis ice saw, complete and very good.

215. Nice 8-foot pike pole.

216. Large Gifford Wood Co. ice axe for cleaving sheets of ice from blocks, very good. (Photo)

217. Large ice or tie carrying tongs; an industrial size GIFFORD-WOOD ice chipper, and the business end of an old pole pruner tossed in for good measure. (Photo)

218. Lot of seven wrenches including a 180 108 M1 with scale on one side for measuring fuel; BLUE POINT; HINS; VLCHEK; LIQUID CARBONIC; UPLAND FORGE. (Photo)

219. Three screw adjust nut wrenches: Billings & Spencer; STERLING No. 2 by Mossberg, complete and very good; plus an ATLAS "VVV" bicycle wrench by Mossberg that looks like it can be used as a tire tool. (Photo)

220. Fine Winchester 1001 wooden handled screw-adjust nut wrench, complete and never messed with. (Photo)

221. Winchester cold chisel, nicely marked, no model number, very good overall. (Photo)

222. U.S. M8A1 PWH military dagger with complete with sheath, the very tip of the dagger is broken and needs to be reground, otherwise this one is OK. (Photo & Photo 2)

223. Lot of three different blacksmith tongs all for holding round stock, they all look to be factory made items, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

224. Briggs Hardware Co. Patented axe and hatchet display stand from Neosho, Missouri, this one is missing the tag that would have been on the top of the box, and there's one pieces of wood that needs repair, good overall condition. (Photo)

225. Gerstner oak machinist tool box Model #432 11-drawers including book drawer, the green felt in the drawer bottoms is soiled from oily tools, but the wood is very nice, lock is intact and key is present, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

226. Five 9-inch screw adjusting automotive nut wrenches. (Photo)

227. Unusual broad axe with curved handle, the blade is pitted. (Photo)

228. Three screw adjust pipe wrenches: 14-inch ERIE TOOL WORKS; 10-inch STILLSON by HUDSON FORGE; & a 6-inch wood handled with chipped top jaw. (Photo)

229. Nice wooden mallet with iron rings; plus a rams horn scraper that needs a blade. (Photo)

230. Prentiss BULL DOG No. 52 bench vise, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

231. Stanley #103 and #101 small iron block planes, both are complete and very good.

232. Heller hoof trimmer; Kraeuter 1851-6 nipper; Diamond Edge side cutter; Ford lug wrench; PROTO #250 piston ring? pliers, etc. (Photo)

233. Rigid pipe tools: large reamer; two die holders and five dies, four of the dies are in original boxes. (Photo)

234. Ratchet brace plus an unusual brace with breast plate. (Photo)

235. Two roofing hatchets including a Winchester that needs the head secured to the handle; and a Simmons, both very good. (Photo)

236. Keen Kutter tile spade or sharpshooter shovel, one of the two rivets securing the handle is broken, and should be replaced. (Photo)

237. Long wooden jointer plane with applied wooden sole, Ohio Tool Co. tapered iron, the rear of the body is rounded off leading me to think this one was homemade, very good overall. (Photo)

238. Lufkin #576 Tape Repair Kit for tape measures, in original tool roll with Lufkin logo, a scarce Lufkin tool, the leather roll is dry and cracking, but some leather treatment will soften it up, the rest is in very good overall condition. (Photo)

239. FINE Auburn Tool Co. solid boxwood plow plane body, with intact depth stop, fine wedge, one blade, if you've got boxwood fence and arms, this is the body you need! (Photo & Photo 2)

240. TOOL CATALOGS: The Sargent Tool Catalog Collection A reprint of the Sargent Tools Illustrated in the Company's 1894, 1910 and 1922 Catalogs, by Weidenschilling, Wayne, paper back, as new, 1993; The Stanley Catalog Collection, 1855 to 1898, paper back, new in shrinkwrap; and The Stanley Catalog Collection, Vol. II, paper back, as new, 1998. (Photo)

241. BOOKS: Tools & Trades of America's Past: The Mercer Collection, paper back, as new, 1981; The Chronicle of the EAIA March 2009, as new, 2009; The Annual Directory, EAIA, 2009, as new, 2009; Selections from the Chronicle, hard cover, as new, 1991; Ancient Carpenters Tools, hard cover, as new, 1968 4th edition; The Art of Joinery by Moxon, hard cover, as new, 2008, Lost Art Press; and The Axe Book by Granfors Bruks, pamphlet, as new, not dated. (Photo)

242. TRADE SPECIFIC BOOKS: Fine Woodworking, May/June 1983: Cooperage, pamphlet, as new, 1983; The Modern Blacksmith by Weygers, Alexander G., paper back, as new, 1974; Early American Crafts: Tools, Shops and Products by Colby, C. B., hard cover with dust jacket, book fine, jacket chipped with tears, 1967; The Cooper and His Trade by Kilby, Kenneth, paper back, as new, 1989; and Blacksmiths' and Farriers' Tools at Shelburne Museum, paper back, fine, 1966. (Photo)

243. BOOKS: The Making of Tools by Weygers, Alexander G., paper back, as new, 1973, ISBN #o-442-29360-7; Tool-Making Projects for Joinery and Woodworking by Olesin, Steve A., paper back, as new, 2005; How to Make Carpentry Tools by Moore, Aaron and Musaemura Sithole, paper back, as new, 1997 revised edition; Tools for Working Wood catalog, not dated; Mastering Hand Tool Techniques by Bridgewater, Alan and Gill, hard cover with dust jacket, as new, 1997; and Planecraft: A Woodworker's Handbook by Sainsbury, John, paper back, very good, 1984. (Photo)

244. BOOKS: Country Woodcraft by Langsner, Drew, hard cover with dust jacket, good, small tears in jacket, 1978; Working Wood: A Guide for the Country Carpenter by Bubel, Mike and Nancy, paper back, good, tear on spine, 1977; Country Tools and How to Use Them by Blandford, Percy W., paper back, as new, 1997; and Scribner's Lumber & Log Book, S. E. Fisher, Publisher, hard cover, very good, covers slightly rubbed, loss on back cover, 1918. (Photo)

245. BOOKS: The Toolbox Book by Tolpin, Jim, HC new in shrinkwrap; The Handplane Book by Hack, Garrett, hard cover with dust jacket, as new, 1997; and Woodworking Planes by Sellens, Alvin, hard cover with dust jacket, jacket stained and torn, case and book fine, 1978 fourth printing. (Photo)

246. BOOKS: Wild Fowl Decoys by Barber, Joel, hard cover, ex library, good, 1954; Making Small Wooden Boxes, by Jacobson, James A., paper back, good, cover torn, 1986; Getting the Most out of your Band Saw and Scroll Saw by Delta, very good, 1937; How I Make Woodcuts and Wood Engravings by Mueller, Hans Alexander, hard cover with dust jacket, fine, 1945; Handbook of Wood-Engraving: Practical Instruction in the Art by Emerson, William A., hard cover, fine publisher's binding, 1881; and Practical Projects for the Handy Man by Popular Mechanics Press, paper back, as new, 2001. (Photo)

247. BOOKS: How to Work with Tools and Wood, Stanley Tools, hardcover, fine 1927; Basic Woodwork Projects by McGinnis & Ruley, hardcover, fine 1959; Essentials of Woodworking by Griffith, hard cover, very good, some wear to cover, 1915; Manual Arts Press, Peoria, IL; Common Sense Hand-Railing, by Hodgson, Fred T., hard cover, very good, publishers binding, 1903; Woodworker's Handbook by Walker-Turner Co., Inc., hard cover, fine, 1932; and Wood-Finishing by Jeffrey, Harry R., hard cover, very good, 1924, Manual Arts Press, Peoria. (Photo)

248. BOOKS etc: Wood Explorer, The Wood Exchange, CD, 2002; Wood and Forest by Hoyes, William, hard cover, very good, name on cover, 1916, Manual Arts Press; and Wood and Lumber by Newell, A.C., hard cover, very good, small stains on cover, 1927, Manual Arts Press. (Photo)

249. How to Work with Tools and Wood by Stanley Tools, hard covered, very good, publishers binding, 1942 Rev. edition, 2nd printing; Practical Carpentry by Shrewsbury Publishing, hard cover, very good, 1925, two parts in one volume; It's Fun to Make It Yourself by Maney, Stacey, hard cover, very good, 1944; Working with Tools for Fun and Profit by Collins, A. Frederick, hard cover, good, case loosening at front, 1937, 1942 reprint; Carpentry by Griffith, Ira Samuel, hard cover, very good, tails on spine torn, 1916, Manual Arts Press; Wood Patternmaking by McCaslin, Herbert J., hard cover, very good, 1946 4th edition, 2nd printing. (Photo)

250. Three small Woodcraft circular carving gouges, two are like new, one has been sharpened. (Photo)

251. Six carving tools in small oak box with sliding lid. They are all like new and look like Millers Falls made chisels, but there are no markings, fine. (Photo)

252. Six carving gouges by CROWN TOOLS Sheffield England, all like new. (Photo)

253. Ten like new POWER GRIP carving tools. (Photo)

254. Box of misc. carving tools, all like new: hand vise: EXACTO scorp; three tool holders; and 15 new old stock carving blades by WARREN CUTLERY in original plastic holders. (Photo)

255. Lot of five like new carving tools; plus three old chisels, one needing a new handle. (Photo)

256. Hand cranked wet stone for sharpening blades, etc. The base is rusted away at one corner, otherwise OK. (Photo)

257. Power Strop sharpening set IOB, never opened; and a fine rosewood and brass layout knife. (Photo)

258. Two hand-forged claw hammers, plus a hand-forged hammer/adz combination that needs a handle; and two cobblers hammers that need handles. (Photo)

259. Two mortising chisels; one needing a handle; plus a Charles Buck socket chisel; and several chisel handles. (Photo)

260. Unusual hand vise that likely had a leather belt attached to the end, perhaps used like a wire stretcher; plus a hammer that also has clip on the end of the handle and was likely hung off a wagon or buggy. Vise is marked P.S. STUBS ENGLAND and CHAS. J. FIELD. Field was a Philadelphia hardware merchant. (Photo)

261. Large drawknife with 15-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

262. Large Diamond Edge saddlers knife with rosewood handle, used in making leather saddles. (Photo & Photo 2)

263. HUBER PHILAD saddlers knife, smaller version of the lot above, also very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

264. C.S. Osborne & Co. saddlers knife with rosewood handle, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

265. Nice 2-handled scorp with faint Philadelphia mark, very good overall. (Photo)

266. Two saddlers knives, larger one by W. BUTCHER. (Photo)

267. Two mallets one with leather faces, both very good. (Photo)

268. Wooden hat stretcher, very good. (Photo)

269. NO RIVELL Automotive Wrench-Set in original holder, very good. (Photo)

270. Diamalloy fencing pliers; soldering iron; hand forged spoon bit, etc. (Photo)

271. Box lot: off-set screwdriver; bitstock hole saw; gunstocker-type float; all wood pair of pliers; etc. (Photo)

272. Nice Glines Patent Dec. 19, 1882 shoe stretcher, made on U.S. Pat. #269,407 issued Dec. 19, 1882 to Horace Glines of West Stratford, Connecticut, fine overall. (Photo)

273. Lot of misc. bench plane blades inc. Siegley, Stanley, Keen Kutter; and a Butcher with Shelabarger Patent chip breaker, all very good. (Photo)

274. Unusual Victor Four Hole Choker Mouse Trap with bakelite type body, very good. (Photo)

275. Box Lot: misc. plane parts, pinch dogs, saw file, etc. (Photo)

276. P. Gartner 1860 steel draftsman-type square, good overall. (Photo)

277. Early New York Board of Ed. Ink eraser used to erase mistakes from linen paper; and a small GOMPH tracing wheel, very good. (Photo)

278. Box lot: two bevels; square; wooden ruler; four-fold rule; and unusual wooden shave. (Photo)

279. Box lot: two ratches; chain pipe wench; alligator wrench, unknown plier type tool; and a tool for installing snap closures. (Photo)

280. Stanley #4 plumb & level with brass ends and brass side view; both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo)

281. Stanley #700 bench mounting wood vise, very good. (Photo)

282. Box lot: Stanley screwdriver with plastic handle; BERNARDS 1892 patent mini pliers; Lufkin #460 zig-zag rule; tapered reamer; Spiral Flute Burring Reamer #5513 IOB, eary dividers with brass wing nut, etc. (Photo)

283. Pair mini block planes: Birmingham, complete and very good; plus a Stanley #101 that is complete and very good. (Photo)

284. Pair mini block planes: Stanley #101, complete and very good; plus a Preston bullnose that has a patch of pitting on the bottom, but is otherwise very good. (Photo)

285. Pair mini block planes: Craftsman (Sargent) #619-3705; and a Stanley #101P in red paint with pressed steel body, complete and very good. (Photo)

286. Unusual Marples double ended mini block plane. (Photo)

287. Stanley #90 MADE IN ENGLAND cabinetmakers bullnose rabbet plane, 98%+ nickel plating, fine blade, fine overall. (Photo)

288. Stanley #79 side rabbet plane MADE IN ENGLAND, complete with fence, 98%+ nickel plating, fine cutters, fine overall. (Photo)

289. Stanley #98 right handed side rabbet plane, early pre-depth stop model. fine knob, very good overall condition. (Photo)

290. Sears (Millers Falls) #9-37037 mini block plane like new in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

291. Winsted Edge Tool Wks. 10-inch, folding handle drawknife, good handles, light rust, will clean to fine overall condition; plus two other drawknives; a 10-inch PS&W that has an improper pivot/locking bolt holding one hande; and a 9-inch Diamond Edge that needs a handle. (Photo)

292. Two Ohio Tool Co. #54 moving fillester planes: Someone has drilled a hole in the heel of one and fitted a handle into it, the wedge is improper and the nicker is MIA, with new wedge and nicker will be fine; the second one is complete and in very good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

293. Three wood planes: Wm. H.LIVINGSTON & CO. NEW YORK No. 158, 3/4-inch complex molding plane, fine; C. WARREN NASHUA handled grooving plow, complete and very good; and a E&C CARTER TROY NEW YORK 1 7/16-inch round, complete and very good. (Photo)

294. Four Sandusky wood planes, 5/8-inch hollow; 7/8-inch round; 1-inch hollow; and 1 1/4-inch hollow, all have same owner's mark, the blades have rust, the bodies are all very good. (Photo)

295. Three Ohio Tool Co. dado planes: two 3/4-inch and one 7/8-inch. The darker 3/4-inch has a broken wedge, the nicker in the 7/8-inch is improper, these can easily be put back into use. (Photo)

296. McBride Louisville screw-arm sash plane, wedges look like newer replacements, small chip on top near nose, very good overall. (Photo)

297. Sandusky Tool Co. #113, 1 1/4-inch twin iron nosing plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

298. GLADWIN & PLATTS WALLINGFORD Ct screw-arm sash plane, one small chip from above the boxing on the toe, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

299. Early fixed sash plane with names N.W. GODDARD and B. GODARD on toe, B. GODARD is listed in the current AWP as UR, the N.W. GODDARD mark is the same size and font as the B. GODARD, one check at toe, complete and very good. (Photo)

300. Unusual and very scarce ivory tipped screw-arm fillester plane with boxwood body. This one is exactly as found with some oxidation on the brass depth stop and screw, fine threads and nuts, the only fault I can find is the split wedge. Get Bob Baker or Jim Leamy to make you a new wedge and you'll have a fine rare plane. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

301. Stover Mfg. #12 cam-lock saw vise, complete and very good; plus a blacksmith made drawknife with extra wide blade, very good overall. (Photo)

302. SQUANGLE BY MAYES Johnson City, Tenn. combination bevel and square with door sill, window sill and rafter tables, fine overall; plus a U.S. MADE combination square with 12-inch scale and center head, some light rust, will clean to fine. (Photo)

303. Stanley #4 1/2C heavy duty smooth plane, complete and in fine overall condition; plus an unknown make 9-inch smoother with plastic knob. (Photo)

304. Keen Kutter K4C (early style Bedrock body) smooth plane, with good rosewood tote and knob, very good original blade, will clean to very good usable condition; also included is a Diamond Edge DE4 smooth plane, the top of the hard rubber or plastic tote is split and needs to be replaced, otherwise OK. (Photo)

305. Box of bench plane totes and knobs including a few totes that have had the spurs expertly repaired, and a few nice original rosewood knob. A real find for anyone who is piecing together a mess of old planes. (Photo)

306. Two Stanley spokeshaves: #151 and a very good #60 with flat & concave bottoms, SW blades, very good overall. (Photo)

307. Stanley #64 spokeshave complete and very good overall. (Photo)

308. Two iron spoke shaves including a scarce Ohio Tool Co. iron shave similar to a Stanley #51, plus a leather shave with radiused bottom, all complete. (Photo)

309. Two folding handle drawknives including Cantello (Pat. No. 448,663) that has handles that move both ways, the handles and cutting edge are OK, the top of the blade has some pitting; plus a 9-inch Wilkinson O.V.B. made for Hibbard, Bartlett & Spencer that has loose handles but is otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Rare Stanley #198 razor blade & spokeshave blade holder and honer, made only from 1936 to 1942, has 90%+ japanning, fine overall. (Photo)

311. Lot of hardware for mounting totes and knobs on Stanley bench planes. (Photo)

312. Four wooden molding planes: Sandusky #146 1 1/8-in. skew bladed rabbet with brass sole; Ohio Tool #37 1/4-in. side bead, needs about 3 inches of boxing replaced, otherwise fine; Ohio Tool Co. #46 7/8-in. dado with wooden stop, fine; and a fine Auburn Tool Co. No. 126, 1-inch reverse ogee with owner mark A in heel. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

313. Two wooden fore planes, wooden miter box, wooden clamp parts, one plane needs throat patch, and one needs a blade. (Photo)

314. Four wooden molding planes: L.&IJ WHITE BUFFALO 1 3/8-in. skew bladed rabbet, complete and very good: BURNHAM, FOX & CO. AMHERST, MASS. * #20, 1 1/2-in. hollow, complete and very good; and a fine matched pair of A. HOWLAND & CO. No. 69 3/4-in. tongue and groove planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Auburn Tool Co. handled screw-arm plow plane, needs a wedge and an inner nut, can easily be put back into service; plus a homemade slitting gage with wedge-locking beam, very good overall. (Photo)

316. Pair wooden molding planes: J. CREAGH Cint. Ohio screw-arm sash, some thread chipping, one iron an improper replacement, good overall; plus a GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 328, 1-inch complex molder (ogee with bevel?), compelte and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

317. Casey & Co. unhandled screw-arm plow plane, needs a wedge, otherwise complete and very good; plus a homemade? slitting gage with closed handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

318. Three J. COOK & CO. TERRE HAUTE IA **** molding planes Here are three scarce molding planes from the Indiana hardware firm J. COOK & CO. TERRE HAUTE, IA. Included are a #7 hollow and round pair. The round has a crack extending rearward from the mouth about 2 inches, but is otherwise complete and very good, the round is fine as is the 3/4-inch No. 43 1/2 scotia or quarter round in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

319. Lot: Two penny or gent's braces; small wooden screw clamp; and an EASTMAN'S ALWAYS READY CHALK LINE, complete and very good. (Photo)

320. Large mallet will wooden handle and large steel head with wooden faces, one face is cracked and one face is chipped, but you can always replace them. (Photo)

321. RARE Wheelwrights assembly/alignment fixture. The hub of the wheel is tightened between the two cones as shown in the photo. If you know anyone who works on wagons, carts, carriages or other vehicles with wooden wheels, they will know what this is and they may need it. This one comes with a large never used hub. (Photo)

322. Unusual tire bender used by wheelwrights to bend the metal band that goes around the outside of a wooden wheel and the steel bands that encircle the hub. This one has the number 2 cast into it and it has a removable roller on top that is adjustable by means of moving it in a rack. There's some rust and a little pitting, but add a simple handle, and this one can easily be put back into service. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. Wrench Lot: PS&W 8-inch gas pliers; SARGENT 8-inch nippers; and CRUSADER (a Winchester Store house brand) 6-inch pliers. All are complete and very good. (Photo)

324. Wrench Lot: simple socket wrench; set of four automotive-type open end nut wrenches; and one unusual 100F open ended nut wrench with on off-set end marked REVERSE GEAR WRENCH. All are complete and very good. (Photo)

325. Wrench Lot: Baker Mfg. Pat. #2,836,004 tool for removing fish hooks; unmarked end cutters; two hog ringing tools; DIAMOND K36 pliers; and INDESTRO MFG. pliers. All are very good. (Photo)

326. Wrench Lot: The top pair of pliers is used to turn horseshoeing nails into hog rings; the middle wench is marked JOAR and is a type of open end ratcheting wrench, it is complete and very good; and the nippers at the bottom have French? markings on both sides, they too are complete and very good. (Photo)

327. Wrench Lot: From top to bottom are a pair of PS&W nippers; unknown pliers; a pair of slip joint pliers marked AT&F; and another slip joint plier marked DASCO 344. The mystery pair has some pitting, the others are all very good. (Photo)

328. Lot of tool rests, centers and other parts for old wood lathes. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Campbell 1872 Patent No. 3-size pipe tongs (wrench) Qunincy, Illinois. Here is a fine pair of pipe tongs made on a patent issued Aug. 6, 1872 to William Campbell of Quincy, Illinois. Some light rust, but no structural damage or missing parts. (Photo & Photo 2)

330. Lot three pair pliers inc. OVB gas pliers; hog ringer pliers; and small needle nose pliers. All are complete and very good overall. (Photo)

331. Macadam or macadamizing hammer used to break up stones for lining road beds; plus a large automotive-type socket marked KEN TOOL R 1. (Photo)

332. Two unusual railroad tools: on top is a mystery tools that may have been used to move sections of track during construction or repair, the other end of it may have been used as a wrench to open and close switches or to open box cars; the tool on the bottom with the wooden handle is a patented car move used to move railroad cars short distances. (Photo & Photo 2)

333. Set of three different pitch forks including scarce 2-tine example and rarely seen 4-tine example. (Photo)

334. Early hand-forged claw hammer and a dinglestock or stump anvil that would have been driven into a stump or even into the dirt and used to bang out dings in a scythe blade or similar tool. (Photo)

335. Two drawknives; The one on top is FULTON and it has a little used 10-inch blade, the handles and the blade are in very good usable condition; the one on the bottom is an OVB by Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett of Chicago. This one has light to moderate pitting over much of the blade, the handles appear to be made of rosewood. (Photo)

336. Like new NICHOLSON PROFESSIONAL THE THREE HUNDRED 10-point with original cardboard sleeve, has original $22.49 price in grease pencil on sleeve. (Photo)

337. Lot of shoe lasting forms and a St. Louis lasting stand with a welded repair, two of the forms have chips. (Photo)

338. Mattel Toy Co. 1964 POWER SHOP lathe in original box. Here's a 1964 POWER SHOP lathe/saw combination tool made by the Mattel Toy Company. It comes in the original red plastic case, the latches on the case or broken, otherwise it's OK. (Photo & Photo 2)

339. CUMMINGS INITIAL MACHINE manufactured by The B.F. CUMMINGS CO. for J.B. MAST CO. NEW YORK, complete with original wooden handle and colorful pin striping. This thing punches letters into pieces of paper like bank checks with a series of pin pricks, very nice. (Photo)

340. Sinclair Scott & Co. Baltimore peach peeler with hear shaped openings on gear wheels, in red paint, very good overall; plus a hand-cranked corn sheller in red paint, complete and very good. (Photo)

341. Lot of four fixer-upper hand saws. (Photo)

342. Copper candle mold, rough; large ice tongs, very good; and a hand forged hammer. (Photo)

343. GEM miter box and small saw; Stanley #448K box of Card Table Leg Braces IOB; and a Corsair C-4 iron smooth plane IOB. (Photo)

344. Three iron block planes and a Stanley #45 combination plow plane for parts. (Photo)

345. One machete and one corn knife, both very good overall. (Photo)

346. Lot of four different saws including a meat saw; keyhole saw and an unusual flooring saw with full-size handle and a steel back. (Photo & Photo 2)

347. Four Stanley planes: #5 jack plane with lots of surface rust, will clean to very good usable condition; #9 1/2 and 102 iron block planes; and a #100 toy sized block plane, all complete and very good. (Photo)

348. Three hand forged claw hammers, two needing handles; and a iron wedge. (Photo)

349. Two wood handled screwdrivers; simple automotive socket set; large file; cold chisel and a hand forged grubbing hoe. (Photo)

350. Lufkin countertop point-of-sale display case for Lufkin Red End Rules, the case is glass with a removable wooden insert. The logo is reverse painted on the glass and there is some loss on the front near the top, a talented artist could touch it up. Two Red End rules are included. (Photo & Photo 2)

351. Two tapes: LUFKIN RULE CO. SAGINAW, MICH 50-foot cloth tape in nice leather case, one screw on back replaced, very good overall; RABONE 30-meter/100-foot tape in fine leather case, tape has inches on one side. (Photo)

352. Lot of three different iron plumb bobs. (Photo)

353. Lot of five boxwood rules incl. Keen Kutter; another with logging scales; and an architects rule. Most are well worn on the outside surface. (Photo)

354. Lot of two 16-oz. brass surveyor-type plumb bobs: one marked with #6482-16 and a star; and the other is a Dietzgen with it's original Dietzgen leather carrying case. (Photo)

355. FINE James Swan EXTRA 8-inch folding handle drawknife with original handles, and nice blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

356. Disston Imperial saw sharpening tool set with tattered remains of original booklet, has light rust but will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

357. WITHERBY Winsted, Conn. 8-inch folding handle drawknife, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

358. Three early saw wrests or saw sets, at least one with rosewood handle, all have brass ferrules. (Photo)

359. Unusual 1889 Rowland patent circular glass cutter plus two regular glass cutters; one by Millers Falls and one with rosewood handle from Baltimore. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. Black & Decker WORKMATE collapsible workbench with vice-like top, Type 2 model, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. Large log or tie carrying tool with wooden handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

362. Unusual clamp or punch; Stanley saw set and part of a pipe flaring tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

363. Lot: drill; plier; rosewood handled bevel; gate latch and concrete edging tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

364. Nicely made shaving horse or schnitzelbank, this one is adjustable. It is complete and very good. (Photo)

365. Two .30 caliber M1 rifle ammunition boxes, one by Crown and Canco, a little light rust here and there, but both are in very good overall condition. (Photo)

366. Two W. BUTCHER tang gouges a BRITISH ZONE GERMANY socket firmer; and another socket firmer chisel. (Photo)

367. Set of DASCO interchangeable punches for cutting leather, canvas, lead, brass and copper sheet, complete and very good in original box; and a wooden box filled with buffing wheels, wire wheels and sanding wheels for a Dremel tool. (Photo)

368. W.F. & JOHN BARNES #3 wood lathe for parts or restoration. Here we have a nice wooden bed, fine iron leg set; head and tail stocks; headstock had been fitted with a modern pulley for use with V-belts; two different tool rest brackets and one tool rest. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

369. Lot of country primitives: tin scoop with wooden handle and base; pulley; clevis; pressing iron and trivet both by the same maker; and an unknown tool. (Photo)

370. Goodell #64 Improved Baystate apple peeler, some rust appears to all be there, no breaks or repairs. (Photo)

371. Apple peeler by the Reading (PA) Hardware Mfg. Co., complete and very good. (Photo)

372. Four sad or pressing irons, two with handles; one is a mini. (Photo)

373. Two dibbles one wood handled and one metal; plus a patented bunion tool for stretching out shoes. (Photo)

374. Two coal hammers. (Photo)

375. SIMMONS SPECIAL sad iron, complete and fine. (Photo)

376. Watch or clock makers staking set. (Photo)

377. L&M double crab lasting tool, cobblers hammer; and a French? Pattern cobbler or farrier hammer head. (Photo)

378. Pair Cincinnati Tool Co. wooden clamps, complete and fine.

379. Five wrenches: Three automotive nut wrenches: Diamond; Craftsman and Fairmount; plus 6-inch and 8-inch Masterwrench wrenches. (Photo)

380. Four hand saws: Stanley Tool Box Saw with wooden guard; Disston; older Disston; & Disston 10-pt. by H.K. Porter Co. All can be put back into service. (Photo)

381. Lot: Zig rules, extension rule and Luflin tape; includes a advertising rule for Show Boat Sales and Service St. Louis; NOS Stanley #106 zig zag with cardboard sleeve; and Defiance #96F. (Photo & Photo 2)

382. Two boxed ACME sharpening stones, both are fine. (Photo)

383. Central Tool Co. dial caliper; plus a Sargent & Co. paper punch. (Photo)

384. Box lot: USMC shoe lasting pliers; Stanley sliding bevel; Stanley 9-inch machinist level with shaft groove and eclipse vial covers; unusual hammer; four bitstock tools, star drill; screwdriver and clamp. (Photo)

385. Russian automotive-type socket set, the ratchet is marked MADE IN USSR and the top of the box has the remnants of the original paper label in Russian. (Photo)

386. Stanley #130A Yankee screwdriver; another Yankee 130A; Yankee #45 push drill with all bits inside handle; and two bevel edged chisels. (Photo)

387. Five 9-inch automotive nut wrenches; one by Moore Drop Forging; and one by Fairmount Cleveland, all very good. (Photo)

388. Four Brigg's pattern combination pipe and nut wrenches, three by Bemis & Call. (Photo)

389. Four different wooden handled pipe/nut combination wrenches. (Photo)

390. Six different wooden handled nut wrenches; Moore; W&B, Coes, Diamond Edge, etc. Choice. (Photo & Photo 2)

391. Ten assorted pairs of pliers including one from Sycamore, ILL. (Photo)

392. Eight 8-inch wood handled nut wrenches. (Photo)

393. Lot of nine different claw hammer heads including Cheney nail-holding type. (Photo)

394. Three 18-inch wooden handled nut wrenches one with bad handle; and two combination pipe and nut wrenches. (Photo)

395. Ten 8-inch all-metal screw-adjust pipe wrenches inc. Pexto; B&C, etc. (Photo)

396. GIANT nail puller; unknown saw set; and GENERAL doweling jig. (Photo)

397. Stronghold wooden handled nut wrench by PS&W also marked on head with faint Chicago & Northwestern railroad initials and WPA. (Photo)

398. Cooperative Society Shears plus a shotgun shell reloading tool, and several files. (Photo)

399. Unusual tool for cutting Orangeburg sewer pipe, the whatsit brain trust at the last Macomb, Illinois MWTCA show said this tool was used on Orangeburg sewer pipe which was a pipe made of several layers of tar paper. With this tool the pipe would be kept from collapsing while it was being cut. (Photo & Photo 2)

400. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in original albeit ratty pasteboard box. Here's a near perfect SW vintage plane with 98 percent+ nickel plating, fine rosewood tote, knob and wear strip on fence; includes all three main sections; long and short rods; two cutter boxes, cam, two depth stops, beading stop, envelope of two spare nickers. The cutters and cam are pitted but the rest of the plane and other parts are fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Millers Falls #57 low angle block plane, complete and fine; Stanley #18 iron block plane with knuckle jointed cap, very good. (Photo)

402. Stanley #82 long handled scraper missing blade, plus two angle boring devices. (Photo)

403. Three rules: Lufkin 963L combination rule, level and protractor, very good; another larger example with faint outer markings; and a worn zig zag. (Photo)

404. Seven different lasting or leatherworking type pliers. (Photo)

405. Lot of six 8-inch wooden handled nut wrenches including W&B; PS&W; COES & L. COES. (Photo)

406. Seven assorted pliers and nippers including a pair for cutting concertina wire. Choice. (Photo)

407. Five 8-inch wooden handled nut wrenches inc. Coes. (lot on left in photo). (Photo)

408. Two claw hammers including a nice Stanley Handyman plus four loose heads. (Photo)

409. Five 8-inch wooden handled nut wrenches inc. Coes, and L&S. (Lot on right in photo). (Photo)

410. Marbles No. 5 with intact guard, could use new wood, otherwise very good. (Photo)

411. Four crating or box opening tools: Mellor from Sedalia, MO; Unknown make wrecking bar type with built-in hammer; all-metal one from Japan; and a Bridgeport-type from China. (Photo)

412. Display board of wire stretching tools and wire. (Photo)

413. Kent Patent corn planter, faint logo on one side, very good overall, made by A.C. KENT of Janesville, Wis. on a patent issued May 16, 1905. (Photo)

414. National brass or copper scrub board. Hang it on the wall or play it your jug band. (Photo & Photo 2)

415. Choice of three nickel plated adjustable can or jar openers and a nut cracker, (on left in photo). (Photo)

416. White Mountain apple peeler by Goodell in green paint, very good overall. (Photo)

417. Choice of six can openers, (on right in photo). (Photo)

418. Five all-metal crating tools: Midwest Sales Corp Des Moines, Iowa; Chrisman Patent March 5, 1901; HUBERT CIN. OH MADE IN KOREA; etc. (Photo)

419. New Prima No. 4 table top cream separator MADE IN FINLAND, missing the top container. (Photo & Photo 2)

420. Five different crating hammers or box openers; one nickel plated marked PATD JAN. 99; another DULUTH, MINN. (Photo & Photo 2)

421. Claw hammer No. 116, plus several hammer handles. (Photo)

422. Six crating or box opening hammers including two Mellor Pat. Aug. 4, 1903; Barcalo Buffalo; etc. (Photo)

423. Saddle maker's hammer plus a leather slitter, both very good. (Photo)

424. Slaters hammer, complete and fine; TOWNLEY HWE KANSAS CITY hatchet; and ususual Z shaped tool with sharp blade and wooden handle. (Photo)

425. Solomon Anderson type hammer with wraparound claw, and octogon shaped eye. (Photo)

426. . Seven crating hammers or box opening tools: wooden handled Bridgeport CORNBREAD TOBACCO; HAM-BAR; THE HOOKER by Bridgeport Pat. April 1914. Choice. (Photo)

427. Brown & Sharpe 0-1-inch machinists micrometer with original leather sheath, very good. (Photo)

428. Small hand forged drawknife, one brass ferrule is split, complete and very nice. (Photo)

429. Keen Kutter nail puller, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

430. Smith & Hemmingway Co. No. 1 Giant nail puller, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

431. Keen Kutter K22 meat grinder, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

432. Red Bull nail puller, the first we have seen, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

433. Lot of three different Keen Kutter axe heads. (Photo)

434. New JUMBO 1905 patent nail puller The Bridgeport Hdwe Mfg. Co., complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

435. Three hatchet heads: Keen Kutter; Shapleigh; and Blue Grass. (Photo)

436. Two Keen Kutter axe heads. (Photo)

437. Three Stanley boxwood rules: #136 caliper, very good; #32 SW 4-fold caliper rule; Lufkin No. 781 & Stanley #84. (Photo)

438. Two Keen Kutter wooden handled monkey wrenches and one by Simmons Hardware Co. (Choice). (Photo)

439. Seven assorted hammers including a THAYER Patent that is missing the wood handle; a combination tack hammer and carpet stretcher, etc. (Photo)

440. Keen Kutter S wrench and Keen Kutter alligator wrench. (Photo)

441. Four hammers: two ball peen; one tilting head claw hammer; and a double headed metalworking or planishing. (Photo)

442. Keen Kutter K94 screw adjust pocket wrench, very good. (Photo)

443. Lot of four claw hammers, one has nail holder on side of head. (Photo)

444. Keen Kutter pliers, very good. (Photo)

445. Six assorted claw and tack hammers, several hand forged. (Photo)

446. Reproduction Keen Kutter lock in block and wedge shape of Keen Kutter logo, with two keys. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Stanley #2 trammel points, early style with ornate casting. (Photo)

448. Simmons padlock with intact key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Marbles No. 2 with intact guard, noticeable wear, very good overall. (Photo)

450. RARE Fay Patent (January 17, 1842) foot powered mortising machine made on U.S. Patent #2425 issued to Jerub A. Fay of Keene, New Hampshire. This machine was found several years ago in Nebraska. It comes with 3 bits and it looks to be all there. The bolts holding the horizontal feet on need to be removed and replaced with modern bolts that can be tightened. The entire thing would benefit from a good cleaning. An incredibly well preserved wooden framed machine that is 168 years old. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & PAT)

451. Early wooden mallet and wheelwrights traveler. (Photo)

452. Large shingle froe with handle and a small froe that needs a handle. (Photo)

453. Patented tapered reamer and hand adz, both have light rust.

454. Coopers chamfer knife with unusually heavy frame, has light to moderate rust. (Photo)

455. Pair of drawknives, one with long flat blade, another with red painted handles has a curved blade, both need cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. Two different brass blow torches marked Shapleigh Hardware Diamond Edge St. Louis, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

457. Patented leather slitter with 1876 and 1877 patent dates, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. Nice adjustable hollow auger complete with intact depth stop, 90 percent plus japanning, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. Chicken slaughtering tool, i.e., a fowl guillotine. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Rare WILLIAMS FROM SIMS coachmakers compassed T rabbet plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

461. Pair of wooden planes: Sandusky toothing plane and an Ohio? compass plane, both very good. (Photo)

462. Three coffin-shaped smooth planes, all complete. (Photo)

463. Broad hatchet; lathing hatchet and a double bit axe head. (Photo)

464. Stanley #71 router plane with three blades. (Photo)

465. Stanley #52 spokeshave complete and very good, plus a Stanley #66 Type I beading tool with one router blade marked STANLEY. (Photo)

466. Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, early type, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

467. Primitive hand forged traveler and a curved adz that also looks hand forged. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Lot of seven marking gages plus one spare head. (Photo)

469. Winchester W61 folding ruler plus an unusual folding rule marked HYDRAULIC PRESS BRICK COMPANY (St. Louis) HY-TEX BRICK, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

470. Ohio Tool Co. screw-arm plank plane, has bone or ivory wear strips in bottom, missing blade, good overall; plus a Winchester 28-inch double plumb & level, all three vials intact, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Three bitstock tools: two different adjustable washer or gasket cutters plus a hollow auger, all can be cleaned and put back into service. (Photo)

472. Ohio Tool Co. #97 handled screw-arm plow plane with a few thread chips and one blade, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Lot of five gouges including a small Buck Brothers with the Buck Brothers logo on both the blade and the handle, all can be put back into service. (Photo & Photo 2)

474. Enterprise-type bung auger; plus a curved adz. (Photo)

475. Four tang chisels by Buck Bros, DR Barton, Butcher & Greaves, all needing new handles. (Photo)

476. Hand saw with unusual burl or root handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

477. Unusual saw with a scraper blade at the end of the frame. (Photo)

478. Hand saw with patented handle and unusual domed nuts. (Photo & Photo 2)

479. Coopers chamfer knife with moderate to heavy rust, and a curved ads head with light to moderate rust. (Photo)

480. Unusual drawknife with curved blade, plus a bearing scraper. (Photo)

481. Two small wooden handled screwdrivers, a countersink with adjustable depth stop and a mini trowel advertising PYRAMID STUCCO of ST. LOUIS MO. (Photo & Photo 2)

482. Set of ten Fenton Carnival Glass collector plates from their ARTISANS OF AMERICA series depicting traditional craftsmen engaged in their crafts. All are in very good condition, and one comes with a plate hanger attached. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

483. Lot of wrenches: pliers; three stamped steel; buggy or carriage wrench; ratchet and one marked CYLINDER STUD - BATTERY NUT on one side and SPARK PLUG - GEN. NUT 90257 on other. (Photo)

484. Lot: two mallets; Montgomery Ward cobbler hammer head; Stanley 744P-5/8 chisel, etc. (Photo)

485. Two block planes including a late model Stanley 9 1/2 in maroon paint, complete and very good; plus another that looks like something out of a tool kit for kids. (Photo)

486. Cochran Patent No. 2 wrench made by M.M. BUCK of St. Louis, Missouri, has previous owners initials in one side in a series of dots, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

487. AMES TOOLS 1986 commemorative belt buckle, complete in original pouch with certificate, like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

488. Two wooden braces, one with brass plating. Choice. (Photo)

489. Lot: Two-speed Millers Falls breast drill; hole saw; and late model Stanley miter box saw. (Photo)

490. Antique wagon or buggy jack, wooden frame with iron rack, base plate and crank handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

491. Two coachmaker-type drawknives each having a curved blade, both have light to moderate rust and will need cleaning. (Photo)

492. Two Bahco combination wrenches from Sweden, one marked Volvo. (Photo)

493. American Bull Dog folding boot jack in shape of a pistol, reproduction. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

494. RHINO 14-inch Denver Patent (143,898) self adjusting pipe wrench, plus another unmarked self-tightening pipe wrench. (Photo)

495. Two riveters; BEST YET and PONY both are intact. (Photo)

496. Matthews Patent Wrench Denver Colo. Self adjusting wrench, complete and very good. (Photo)

497. Eight different Winchester axe and hatchet heads including one OCTOBER SPECIAL. Choice. (Photo)

498. Winchester No. W12 food grinder, fine! (Photo)

499. Two Wincheter S wrenches and a nice Winchester lathing hatchet. (Photo)

500. Solomon Anderson type hammer with wraparound claw and round eye. (Photo)

501. Atomic fencing hammer that hangs on a saddle ring. Very good overall. (Photo)

502. Two Keen Kutter hammers one straight claw and one bent, (on left in photo). (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Lot of 10 nippers or end cutters. (Photo)

504. Keen Kutter hatchet and Keen Kutter hammer. (on right in photo). (Photo & Photo 2)

505. Brass mystery tool that looks like a floor clamp Pat. Aug. 11, 1914 and Sept. 1, 1915, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Townsend patent shoe peg float plus two more peg floats or tooth rasps; two cobbler and farrier hammer heads; and Heller file and file holder. CHOICE. (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Lot of three different crating or box opening tools: IROQUOIS by Bridgeport with wooden handle: Bridgeport with pitting; and a Greenfield Made In U.S.A. all-metal in original green paint. (Photo)

508. Squirrel Nut Cracker TYLER TEX AND CHICAGO, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

509. Lot of four crating or box opening tools: Bridgeport with wooden handles: unmarked all-metal type; March 5, 1901 model; and an unusual Bixbys BOX TERRIER. (Photo)

510. PERFECTION NUT CRACKER WACO, TEXAS 1927 Model, Nov. 27, 1914, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

511. Four crate or box opening tools: STORTZ & SON PHIL, nickel plated, very good; nut cracking hammer; RIPPER by Bridgeport and a Bridgeport with replaced wooden handles and some pitting. (Photo)

512. Unmarked nickel plated nut cracker. (Photo)

513. Four different Bridgeport crating tools including a #88 Tomahawk, one has replaced wood, three have pitting. (Photo)

514. Wizard ratchet wrench and a nice No. OK patented knurling tool. (Photo)

515. Choice of five fencing or wire tools including a STORY STRETCHER from Bozeman, Mt; and a 1942 Military concertina wire cutter. (Photo)

516. International two-piece wrench. (Photo)

517. CRAFT 12-inch, and two Greenfield reversible jaw wenches. (Photo)

518. Five wire or fence stretchers. (Photo)

519. Seven pair Cronk-type fencing pliers.

520. Five different wire stretching tools. (Photo)

521. Lot of 8 hammers heads including two cobbler types. (Photo)

522. Five different claw hammers: Maydole nail holding type; small Maydole; hand forged claw; etc. (Photo)

523. Three patented hammers including a double-claw, choice one time. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Lot of hatchets: Keen Kutter roofing hatchet; Diamond Edge roofing hatchet; Genuine Plumb scout hatchet and a small PLUMB broad hatchet head. (Photo)

525. Marbles Safety Hatchet No. 6 complete and fine. (Photo)

526. Hawkins Patent (U.S. 409,355) crate opening tool with wooden handles, complete and very good. (Photo)

527. CHARLES PARKER CO. No. 350 Pat. April 4, 1876 coffee grinder mounted on a board, very nice, a nice little mill from the makers of the famous Parker shotguns! (Photo & Photo 2)

528. Unusual crating tool that has a blade in it that will allow the user to run it around the top of a box and remove the entire lid. (Photo)

529. Lufkin gauging tape with No. 590 brass plumb bob; and LITTLE JOE stop from Garland, TX. Complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Fine Bridgeport No. 121 crating tool with wooden handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

531. C.S. Bell Co. Model No. 1 1/2 hand cranked gristmill for making cornmeal, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

532. American Beauty Macaroni Products crating tool in the shape of a dagger with hammer head and nail claw, first we have seen of this rare crating tool. A similar one shows up in the crating tools section of the book THE HAMMER by Ron Baird and Dan Commerford. (Photo & Photo 2)

533. Four misc. braces including two ratchet models. (Photo)

534. Five hammers including a large hand forged claw hammer and two all-steel hammers. (Photo)

535. Millers Falls #502B corner brace, complete and fine. (Photo)

536. Misc. hammers and hammer heads. (Photo)

537. Unusual Backus brace with split-shell chuck, complete and very good. (Photo)

538. Five claw hammers including a Cheney nail holding; and one with an added nail holder on the side, and a rare triple claw. CHOICE. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. Lot of four assorted hatchets; BURNOR; SHINOLA, etc. (Photo)

540. Four claw hammers including ones by Simmons; Diamond Edge; and two blacksmith made. (Photo)

541. Two hatchets including a UTILAX with a staple puller and a nail puller or staple puller in end of handle; plus several hatchet heads and one axe head. (Photo)

542. Three big claw hammers, the biggest is a Stanley BELL SYSTEM; another nice Stanley and one with a long eye. (Photo)

543. Roofing hatchet; lathing hatchet; single bit axe head; and badly pitted roofing hatchet head. (Photo)

544. Five assorted hammers and a loose hammer head with claws on both sides. (Photo)

545. Planet Jr. #4 cultivator, very good overall condition, plus two other cultivators, one is a hand-held model, all have light rust. (Photo)

546. Lot of 6 assorted hatchet heads that all need to be re-handled. (Photo)

547. Four hatchets including a nice Keen Kutter roofing hatchet; U.S. forestry by American Fork & Hoe Corp. (Photo)

548. Razor blade sharpener, rake head, stove lid lifter, NOS saw handle, etc. (Photo)

549. Two wagon or buggy seat springs, plus two different hay knives. (Photo)

550. Lead ladle or crucible plus ten claw-hammer heads, hand drill, etc. (Photo)

551. Black Patent (U.S. 382,069) hand potato planter patented May 1, 1888. (Photo)

552. Box of old harness and/or horse/carriage hardware including one buckle, two or three clevises, etc. (Photo)

553. Two boxes of leather suitable for bookbinding or any number of other leather craft projects. All pieces are pliable and would be easy to work, there are no dried or rotted pieces. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)


X01. Six wooden handled nut wrenches inc. 8-inch L. COES; BEMIS & CALL & KEEN KUTTER; and 6-inch W&B; GIRARD and COES.

X02. Three different slaters hammers plus a fine strapped saddlers or upholsterers hammer. Choice.

X03. Twelve wooden handled screw-adjust nut wrenches inc. L. COES: etc.

X04. Nine NOS pocket knives inc. Kershaw 1620ALBLK HI POINT; LEEK 1660BR; LEEK 1660BB, and SAPPHIRE 1450; MAGNUM RY530; Smith & Wesson CKLPR Bullseye Little Pal Rainbow; Super Knife KK560-40B; and KA-BAR 02-6002 Ka-Tac Warthog. Are come in original boxes. (Photo & Photo 2)

X05. Number punches, set of stair buttons, patented carpet cutter, two knives; stitching or pricking wheel, ice pick, etc. (Photo)

X06. Lot: five NOS sharpening stones; John Deere commemorative pocket knife; four used pocket knives, straight razor, folding tobacco pipe tool, etc. (Photo)

X07. "Little Harry" 5c DISTRIBUTED BY LA SHELLE CIGAR CO. MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, combination cigar box opener and pocket knife; a NORTH EAST HORN WRENCH; Griesedieck Bros. Beer bottle opener, two pocket knives; and a combination button hook, screwdriver, cigar cutter, and bottle opener marked PAT APLD and GARDEN CITY TAILORING CHICAGO, ILL. (Photo & Photo 2)

X08. Eight NOS pocket knives: seven by Frost Cutlery including 15-391SB; 15-072SB; 15-883BPW Hoof & Hay horse tool; 14-353SB; 14-950SB; 14-876SB; 14-201SB; and a Magnum RY530, all in original boxes. (Photo)

X09. Two boxes of twist drills that fit into a bitstock or brace; one set of four comes in a round wood box with a tapered reamer in the center; the other set has five original bits and one that is isn't original. (Photo)

X10. Five NOS knives including a Frost Cutlery sheath knife IOB; Ka-Bar K-2; Kershaw, etc.; plus seven used including three OLD TIMER knives. (Photo & Photo 2)

X11. Large Hargrave spoke pointer, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

X12. Book: Lee's Priceless Recipes, 3000 Secrets For The Home, Farm; Laboratory; Workshop, and Every Departmentof Human Endeavor," like new; plus a CD of book titles related to crafts. (Photo)

X13. Three ratchet braces including a nice No. 5110 by E.C. Atkins.

X14. Two ratchet braces and a lot of assorted auger bits, tapered reamer, etc.

X15. Three saws inc. Keen Kutter panel; Keen Kutter keyhole, etc.

X16. Cannon ball, Healthways 12-pound shot put ball; and a post hole digger that needs new handles.




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