July 9, 2011, 9:30 AM

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Road

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

(preview Friday from 2:30 to 6:30 PM, and Sat. 7:30 to 9:30 AM)


There is something in this auction for collectors and dealers too.

001. Union #X5C iron jack plane with light pitting on sides, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

002. Stanley #4 1/2 heavy smooth plane with Q-logo blade, 90 percent plus japanning, fine rosewood tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Stanley #3 smooth plane Type 11, good original blade, tote broken at base, low knob cracked at base, good overall; plus a late model #40 scrub plane with SW logo blade, tote spur MIA, improper front knob, a great user. (Photo & Photo 2)

004. Siegley #5C jack plane with some pitting on sides and bottom, good overall; and #5 1/4 Stanley that has been broken and has reinforcement plates on the side, and chunk from throat. Good frog, blade and lever cap. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Stanley #113 compass plane with T-logo blade, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

006. Stanley #62 low angle bench plane, scuffed but intact tote, throat has several chips, missing throat cam, good for parts. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. Pair of Stanley block planes: 6-inch with knuckle jointed lever caps, R&L logo blade, very good overall; and a Stanley #220 with PENN CRAFT blade and Sargent lever cap, no knob. (Photo)

008. Stanley #65 low angle block plane, fine BB logo blade, very good plating, very good overall. (Photo)

009. Three Stanley block planes: #102 with BB logo, fine overall; #103 with R&L logo blade, very good overall; #203 adjustable block plane with R&L logo blade, adjuster nut is broken in half, good usable condition. (Photo)

010. Pair of transitional smooth planes: #24 prelateral with eagle logo on toe, wood refinished, very good overall; handled #35-size smoother, tote missing spur, knob broken at base, iron spent, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

011. Pair of transitional smooth planes: B PLANE, with original blade, tote spur reshaped, good overall; and Sargent #3408, with circular logo on blade, horseshoe lateral, dried grease on face of frog, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

012. Pair of wooden jack planes, one a Sandusky and the other unmarked, both in usable condition. (Photo)

013. Stanley #33 26-inch transitional jointer plane, Q-logo blade, tote spur missing, good overall; plus a body and frame for a Stanley #31. (Photo)

014. Ohio Tool Co. 029 transitional fore plane, with original blade with patent date. (Photo & Photo 2)

015. Large collection of FORD automotive and FORDSON tractor wrenches, 24 total. CHOICE two times. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with all three main sections; long rods; script logo on skate; owner made box of 16 blades plus one in plane, good rosewood handle and knob, a very good usable plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

017. Scioto Works #91, 1 1/4 inch twin-iron nosing plane, fine overall. (Photo)

018. A.C. BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES #113, 1 1/8-inch twin iron nosing plane, tops of wedges bruised, good overall. (Photo)

019. Early match or tongue and groove plane, one wedge is broken near top, otherwise very good; plus a larger match plane marked J. CREACH Cint Ohio, missing small piece of boxing on one end, otherwise complete and very good overall. (Photo)

020. Large C.J. Smith & Co. 1 7/8-inch hollow plane, complete and fine. (Photo)

021. Ohio Tool Co. #37, 3/4-inch boxed side bead plane, complete and fine; plus an E.F. SEYBOLD 5/8-inch side bead with rosewood boxing, very good overall. (Photo)

022. Fine pair of Ohio Tool #72, 1 1/2-inch hollow & round planes.

023. Ohio Tool Co. complex molding plane likely made from a cut down rabbet, very good overall; plus an Ohio Tool #62, 1-inch that has had a owner-added fence removed from the bottom, very good overall.

024. H.M. PARK RICHMOND IA (Indiana) *** screw arm sash with one broken wedge and having a cracked front nut, intact boxing, a good candidate to restore.

025. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane, complete with full set of blades, intact dept stop, beading stop, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

026. Three wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool #73, #12 round plane, complete and fine; Ohio Tool #116, 1 1/2-inch skew bladed rabbet, Ohio Tool #116, 2-inch skew bladed rabbet, complete, has holes in bottom from an old baton or fence, very good. (Photo)

027. Stanley #24 transitional smoother, prelateral with R&L logo blade, beaded knob, complete and fine. (Photo)

028. Stanley #35 transitional smoother, complete with Q-logo blade, complete and fine; plus another of similar vintage, complete and good. (Photo)

029. AJAX barn beam boring machine, folds for easy transportation, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. Chain drill, MADE IN U.S.A., complete and fine. (Photo)

031. Pair of T augers. (Photo)

032. Grand Rapids Sash Pulley Co. gang bit, needs a little cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

033. Goodell Pratt Toolsmiths ratcheting corner brace, complete and very good; plus a gents or penny brace. (Photo)

034. Scarce Dole’s Patent July 25, 1851; July 1868 hub borer manufactured by Silver and Deming, Salem, Ohio, one small piece of cast iron chipped (see close-up photo), otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. Pair of braces: one is all steel, the spring is missing or broken, otherwise very good; and another brace with wooden handles and having a nut driver. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. E.C. Stearns adjustable hollow auger, has a blade made from an old file, complete and very good; and an adjustable hollow auger patented March 5, 1878, crude but functional depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. Millers Falls #108 adjustable bitstock for getting into tight places. (Photo & Photo 2)

038. Millers Falls #67 router plane with 1/2-inch blade, no throat closing attachment, good knobs and original gray paint, very good overall; plus a Stanley #80 early style with T logo on strap, fine overall. (Photo)

039. Stanley #66 hand beader with flat fence and a router blade marked STANLEY, very good overall. (Photo)

040. Stanley #51 and #151 spokeshaves, both complete and very good overall condition. (Photo)

041. Four claw hammers including a Stanley 10 ounce. (Photo)

042. Two wooden mallets one with iron rings on ends of head. There is a leather face on one side that needs to be replaced. (Photo)

043. Four claw hammers including a Stanley wrecking hammer that needs a new handle, a True Temper, etc. (Photo)

044. Pair of wooden mallets including a carvers mallet, both very good. (Photo)

045. Five wooden planes: C.J. Smith & Co. Cinti O. rabbet with some wedge damage; HATHERSICH tongue with extra fence, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

046. Schafer & Cobb Cint. Ohio panel raising plane, wedge is a crude owner made replacement, two intact fences, very good overall; plus a Greenfield Tool Co. Tongue cutter with steel wear strips in bottom, stock has been drilled for use with a fence, one ear cracked. (Photo & Photo 2)

047. Early 8 1/4-inch rabbet with fence on bottom, rounded wedge, WC mark on toe; plus a DR BARTON reverse ogee marked 7/8 on heal, wedge an ill fitting replacement, entire plane has been lacquered. (Photo & Photo 2)

048. Unusual 20-inch jack rabbet plane, top of tote spur chipped off, looks like a professionally made plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

049. Stanley #5 1/2 heavy jack plane, V logo blade, good rosewood knob, small chips from top of tote, very good overall; plus a Stanley #4 1/2C heavy smooth plane with the earliest SW logo blade, knob cracked in middle, very good knob, very good overall. (Photo)

050. Stanley #4C smooth plane, BB logo blade, nice rosewood tall knob, tote cracked in middle, very good overall; and a Millers Falls #900 in gray paint with fine wood, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

051. Stanley #3C smooth plane Type 11, fine rosewood tote and short knob, later SW logo blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

052. Millers Falls combination ratcheting brace/dill complete and very good overall. (Photo)

053. Millers Falls 2-speed breast drill with intact level, will easily clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

054. Pair of breast drills: Goodell Pratt and Craftsman (Millers Falls) 2-speed, the level vial is MIA, otherwise very good. (Photo)

055. Folding barn beam boring machine, looks to be complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

056. The Standard Tool Co. Cleveland, Ohio drill index, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

057. Jackson 8-inch back saw, very good overall; and an unusual aluminum KOCH Patent butcher saw, made on U.S. Patent No. 2,339,843 issued January 25, 1944 to Clyde E. Dillon of Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo & Photo 2)

058. Display board with five different hammers including a ferriers and cobblers. (Photo)

059. C.S. Osborne leather slitter and a Fayette Plumb cobbler's hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

060. WHITCHER BOSTON RED LABLE cobbler's hammer and silversmith's planishing hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

061. Snow knocker hammer with clip for hooking onto the saddle or carriage. (Photo & Photo 2)

062. Combination snow knocker hammer and hoof pick. (Photo & Photo 2)

063. BESCO #9587 automotive battery cable lifter AKA battery pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

064. Buffum Tool Co. Louisiana, Mo No. 1927 "CLIMAX" auto tire chain repair tool or pliers; plus an early soldering iron. (Photo & Photo 2)

065. Primitive 2-spoke wheelwright's traveler. (Photo & Photo 2)

066. This had a previous owner's tag IDing it as a tobacco cutter, but it looks more like a tail docker to me. Looks like it would be very effective as a docker. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Smith made cage-head brace with 4-post cage, very good overall. (Photo)

068. Nice 1/4-inch WARD mortising chisel, very good overall; plus a smith-made 5/8-in. in canal gouge, very good overall. (Photo)

069. Pair of unusual braces: hand forged brace with thumb operated keeper, this one would have accepted bits with flat tangs, the chuck is split from having had too much pressure put on it, good overall; plus a HILGER & SONS gent's brace with short throw, veyr good overall. (Photo)

070. Patented (U.S. #194,659) keyhole saw, complete and very good; plus a solid brass saw like, tool that the owner said was a peg saw, marked O.C. JAMES on one side. (Photo)

071. Wooden stair saw, very good overall. (Photo)

072. Nice 12-inch STERLING brass-back flushing or veneer saw, with nice wooden sheath. (Photo)

073. Early coopers side axe, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

074. Scarce scythe sharping stone holder made out of a horn and having a nice iron hook, early and very good overall. (Photo)

075. Heller hoof pick, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

076. Scarce gunstockers radiused float, very good overall. (Photo)

077. Reed Patent spiral screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo)

078. Brass spokeshave, likely a one off piece made by a pattern maker, very good overall. (Photo)

079. Nice little keyhole-type saw with fishtail handle, fine overall. (Photo)

080 Scarce STAR TOOL CO. rosewood and brass sliding bevel, very good overall. (Photo)

081. Large 48-inch steelyard scale with two weights. Only one weight is shown in the photos. (Photo & Photo 2)

082. Lot of four 50-foot tapes; Lufkin RIVAL; RELIABLE JR.; and two Universal. (Photo)

083. Lot four fine Lufkin zig zag rules. (Photo)

084. Lot 3 hand saws including one with split nuts securing the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

085. Six pair of assorted plier-type tools including one hog ringer. (Photo)

086. Lot 3 hand saws including a Disston with thumb-hole handle. (Photo)

087. Five Lufkin and Master zig zag rules. (Photo)

088. Four steel or iron plumb bobs inc. nickel plated Goodell-Pratt. (Photo)

089. Unusual Stanley #426 aluminum zig-zag rule. (Photo)

090. Six Lufkin & Master Mezurall tape measures. (Photo)

091. Lot of three Lufkin zig-zag rules #1206H, #1206 & a #1176. (Photo)

092. Six assorted steel tapes inc. Stanley #1266. (Photo)

093. Pair of all-metal bicycle tire pumps. (Photo)

094. Lot: I.P.HYDE leather knife; jar opener; keyhole saw handle Pat. 2017895, Millers Falls glass cutter, wooden marking gage, vehicle wrench, etc. (Photo)

095. Lot of 17 brass weights for balance scale, all are marked with weight. (Photo)

096. Three Lufkin rules inc. scarce No. 11 Household Rule; #651 4-fold; and #651 England, all very good. (Photo)

097. Four books: OLD TOOLS by Jack P. Wood: Collectors Encyclopedia of Toys and Banks by L.W. Book Sales; Antique Oak Furniture by Conover Hill; RE USE ways to recycle by Carolyn Jabs. (Photo)

098. Four books: OLD TOOLS by Jack P. Wood: Schroeders Antique Price Guide 1991; and Collectors of Toys and Banks by Don Cranmer; and two magazines. (Photo)

099. Wood and glass 4-foot shallow table-top display case. Almost identical to the one we sold in the Cabin Fever Auction earlier this year.

100. N.H. STOUT & W.W. RICHEY LOUISVILLE, Ky panel plane, offset tote, BUTCHER iron, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

101. SHURTLEFF PATENT (U.S. #87,978) IMPROVED ATOMIZING-APPARATUS in original wooden box with sliding lid, an early medical device patented in 1869 by a company that is still in business today making medical instruments. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. OHIO TOOL CO. #114 2 1/2-inch panel plane with intact depth stop, nicker and nicker wedge, nice original blade, very good overall; plus an unusual Ohio Tool Co. #115 2 1/2-inch screw arm panel plane, missing the blade and wedge, intact tote, nicker and nicker wedge, both out nuts and one inner are intact, one inner nut split and threaded arms are frozen in body. A good candidate for a restoration. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Two Popular Science Woodworking Projects books 1986 and 1987; plus a Collectors of Toys and Banks book by Don Cranmer. (Photo)

104. Lufkin Mezurall store display, some light rust, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Choice of two crosscut saws one with auxiliary handle for used by two persons.

106. Rosewood tool handle with four bits inside Pat. Aug. 7, 1889; plus another almost identical one with 1903 patent date and having 8 original bits inside, fine.

107. PERFECTION GRADE SCALE inclinometer level by MODERN UTILITIES CO. HARRISBURG, PA, complete and fine.

108. Large ROLLIS rosewood tool handle with six bits including, chisel; gouge, screwdriver; tack lifter and gimlet, fine overall.

109. Lufkin #4888 carriage maker's rule (same size as Stanley #94) some mild staining, very good overall.

110. Large Millers Falls rosewood tool handle with 3 original bits, one smaller bit; fine overall.

111. Lufkin #752 4-fold boxwood rule, like new condition.

112. SCARCE Stanley #1 Odd Jobs with original scribe, intact level, fine original rule, fine overall.

113. Lufkin #372R caliper rule in like new condition; plus a Lufkin #651 complete and very good.

114. Ohio Tool #96 screw-arm plow plane, with owner added brass arms and nuts, very good overall, come with nice display stand. (Photo & Photo 2)

115. Pair of Lufkin Rules: #873L with level, some staining, good overall; plus a #3851 4-fold in fair condition.

116. Stanley #34 1/4VR 12-inch maple rule with numbers that read vertically, like new condition.

117. Lufkin #873L 4-fold rule with built in level and protractor joint, very good overall; plus a Lufkin #651A 4-fold rule, very good overall.

118. Pair of push drills: Stanley Yankee #41Y with 4 original bits inside handle, fine; plus a Goodell-Pratt #188A, no bits but fine overall.

119. Lufkin #171 6-inch 2-fold caliper rule, needs light cleaning, very good overall.

120. Pair of boxwood rules: Stanley #36R caliper rule in fine original condition; plus a Lufkin #651 4-fold in very good overall.

121. Pair of reversible spiral screwdrivers: Goodell-Pratt Pat. May 12, 1908; and a Millers Falls #61A with one flat bit, very good overall.

122. GREENSLADE BRISTOL un-handled screw-arm plow plane, one of the boxwood nuts is broken in 1/2 and the other is cracked, this one displays nicely and comes with a very nice display stand. (Photo & Photo 2)

123. Stanley YANKEE #30A reversible spiral screwdriver, no bits; plus a Yankee #20-3 in well worn condition with one flat bit.

124. Lufkin inside caliper IOB, no label on box, fine overall; plus a Lufkin #26D Drill and Countersink Grinding Gage, new in box, box fine too with intact label. (Photo)

125. Yankee #2H mini ratcheting screwdriver, complete and very good; plus another of similar size that is a cheap knockoff.

126. Lufkin #16 box of six ball attachments for micrometers; plus a Lufkin #521A Universal Surface Gage with 4-inch spindle, new in original box. (Photo)

127. Pair of Yankee #30 spiral screwdrivers, each with on flat bit, good overall.

128. Stanley Tool Box of the World #22, 84-page catalog printed by Stanley Works of Great Britain, very good overall. (Photo)

129. Lufkin #521B Universal Surface Gage with 4 and 7-inch spindles IOB; plus a #197D pin vise IOB, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

130. Two Stanley ELECTRIC TOOLS catalogs #96, July 1952, and 1953, both very good. (Photo)

131. Lufkin #06 Reversible Protractor Head Only for combination sets, IOB, like new; plus a Lufkin #141-6 in. Tool Makers Outside Caliper, IOB, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

132. Stanley #34 Tool Catalog 1955 Edition, complete and very good; plus a 1950 Edition with some cover issues, otherwise very good. (Photo)

133. Lufkin #26C 6-inch Double Square with hardened blades, complete and very good inside a tattered box. (Photo)

134. Stanley #34 tool catalog 1949 Edition, some light cover wear, very good overall. (Photo)

135. Lufkin #521C Universal Surface Gage IOB with 7-inch spindle, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

136. Keuffel & Esser surveyors chain, has a brass handle with the K&E name and model number, some light rust, needs cleaning. (Photo)

137. Utica Tools wooden hardware store display for pliers, complete and very good. (See the next several lots for the tools that would have been found in this display stand.) (Photo & Photo 2)

138. Utica Tools #1932 fencing pliers with staple puller, fine overall.

139. Utica Tools 8-inch crescent wrench and Utica UDF&T 6-inch crescent wrench.

140. Utica #50-8 plier with side cutter, complete and fine; plus #505 dikes or side cutter with notch for stripping wire, very good.

141. Utica #B302 pliers with side cutters, good overall; and #511-8 slip joint pliers, complete and very good.

142. Utica #22-6 needle nose pliers; and Utica/Lubring Patent #296-6 1/2 needle nose with special cutter.

143. Utica 5/8 #43220 specialty wrench; and an unmarked 8-inch end cutter.

144. Utica #60 8-inch end cutter like those in last lot, complete and fine.

145. Stanley Tool Catalogue #34 May 1937 and Sept. 1942 editions, both have cover wear but are OK on the inside. (Photo)

146. Lufkin #202 walking measuring wheel with bell that rings ever 100 feet inside original case. The case has been repaired with duct tape. (Photo)

147. Stanley #34 Tool Catalogue January 1941 Edition, rear cover creased but very good overall. (Photo)

148. Decorative cast iron balance scale with pair of original brass pans, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

149. Pair of Lufkin rules: Scarce #11 Household Rule, complete and very good; and a #881 4-fold, good overall.

150. Fancy CHAILLION countertop balance scale with nickel plated hardware, marble top on wooden base, and having brass claw feet, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

151. Pair of crating Bridgeport crating tools inc. IROQUOIS.

152. Pair of crate or box opening tools: Crisman and one from a Hog Buyer in Iowa. (Photo)

153. Bridgeport Hwe Mfg. Corp. crating tools patented Sept. 29, 1908, complete and very good.

154. FULTON RIM TOOL Manufactured by the Fulton Co. Milwaukee Wis. Pat. Jan. 1924, complete and fine.

155. Unusual combination fencing hammer and plier; plus a DASCO #399 hammer, chisel and pick combo.

156. Two different crate or box opening tools; one a Mellor No. 1 from Sedalia, MO. (Photo)

157. Bridgeport tomahawk-type tool from Germany; plus a modified Kellogg Corn Flake box opener. (Photo)

158. Cobbler lasting plier WHITCHER Oct. 25, 1897 patent and a cobbler hammer, very good. (Photo)

159. Round nail caddy with no base. (Photo)

160. Two brass GENERAL surveyor-type plumb plumbs. (Photo)

161. Two brass plumb bobs, the larger one is missing its removable top. (Photo)

162. Two offset Yankee ratcheting screwdrivers; a Stanley #95 butt gage, and a saw rake. (Photo)

163. Fine Disston D-8 26-in. 10 tpi hand saw with perfect etch, like new. (Photo)

164. Lot of five wooden planes: unusual dovetail plane; toothing plane; rabbet, etc.

165. Pair of Disston D8 hand saws, one with thumb hole handle, both usable. (Photo)

166. Pair of handled screw arm planes, both in fixer upper condition; plus a handled smoother that has a handle that is fitted for a right handled person. (Photo & Photo 2)

167. Russell Jennings 3-tiered box of Extension-Lip auger bits, a fine set in a very good box; plus a Millers Falls No. 731, 12-inch heavy duty ratchet brace. (Photo & Photo 2)

168. Very nice Ohio Tool bench screw. (Photo)

169. Simonds Diamond St. Louis adz, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

170. Lipped shipwrights adz with faint NEW YORK mark, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

171. Lot of three ratchet braces: large PEXTO with SAMSON chuck, rosewood or coco handles, fine; Millers Falls #422 10-inch, very good; and a John S. Fray. (Photo)

172. Keen Kutter #KC16 claw hammer with nice original handle; and a Keen Kutter hatchet with nicely replaced handle. (Photo)

173. Three ratchet braces: Staney #919 8-inch with nice coco handles; and Millers Falls #730 14-inch, all usable. (Photo)

174. Keen Kutter KK21 and KK22 food choppers that clamp onto a table or counter, both have very nice nickel. (Photo)

175. Simmons No. 104 ratchet brace with nice coco or rosewood handles, very good overall. (Photo)

176. Keen Kutter No. 104 ratchet brace with two Keen Kutter chisels and two Keen Kutter auger bits. (Photo)

177. Two Keen Kutter corner chisels and a Keen Kutter gouge, all very good. (Photo)

178. KLINCHER TOOL MFG. CO. MPLS. Tire bead breaker, very good overall. (Photo)

179. Three wrenches: SMITHS G-122 multi wrench with three sizes; C.E. BILLINGS D 6-inch center adjusting nut wrench, fine; and a Bernards parallel jaw pliers and wire combo. (Photo)

180. Pair of early Keen Kutter corner chisels, one has ribbon logo, fine overall condition. (Photo)

181. Four wrenches including a small screw adjusting nut; Boos Tool Co.; and a STERLING by Frank Mossberg, and a small nickel plated plumb bob. (Photo)

182. Pair of Keen Kutter planes: #190 rabbet with intact depth stop, good usable condition; and a #102 size with newer KK blade. (Photo)

183. Three Keen Kutter framing or rafter squares: KC copper clad; F4283GK; and another KC that has had the copper removed. (Photo & Photo 2)

184. Atkins No. 27 circular saw setting fixture; plus three misc. saw tools including two by Atkins. (Photo & Photo 2)

185. Keen Kutter K9 tin snips, very good; plus a little pair of cad plated Keen Kutter pliers. (Photo)

186. FOLDING SAW COMPANY drag saw, complete with 95 percent original paint, stenciling, and a partial paper label, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

187. Two Keen Kutter drawknives 8-inch and 9-inch, both very good overall. (Photo)

188. Keen Kutter lathing hatchet; plus a claw hammer, both have had the handles replaced. (Photo)

189. Frank R. Buck & Co. Woodstock, ILL 36-inch log rule, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

190. Nicely made wooden panel gauge/gage. (Photo)

191. Early 24-inch blacksmith-type rule, hand stamped numbers, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

192. L&IJ White cooper's chamfer knife, very good overall. (Photo)

193. Early 24-inch inch board rule or log stick, for calculating the board feet in a log, hand stamped number, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

194. DR BARTON No. 2 cooper's side axe, needs a new cutting edge put on the blade, very good overall condition. (Photo)

195. Unknown make 36-inch log cane, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

196. Fleshing tool with wooden handles, T handle cracked on one side, and steel body is pitted on both sides, good overall. (Photo)

197. Nicely made wood and brass log caliper, movable jaw has holes for tally pegs, very good overall. (Photo)

198. Unusual slitting or ripping gauge, very good overall. (Photo)

199. Blacksmith-made ferrier's buttress. (Photo)

200. Fish gaff with wooden handle, complete and very good; plus an unknown U-shaped tool with wooden handle, 40 inches long overall, may be some type of prop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

201. Large 25-inch hand forged iron dividers, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

202. Nice DR BARTON cooper's side axe, handle is good but needs to be secured, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

203. Ayers 1868 Patent sickle bar grinder, someone has put a modern chuck where the stone would have been, the cast iron is in very good overall condition with no breakage, damage to the teeth or repairs. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Stanley #79 and #82 long handled scrapers, both have replacement blades and are in good overall condition. (Photo)

205. Lot of four hanging spring scales: large Landers 0 to 50 lb.; smaller Chatillon 0 to 25 lb.; pocket balance MADE IN GERMANY 0 to 25 lb.; and a round Salter MADE IN ENGLAND 0 to 30 lb. (Photo & Photo 2)

206. Scarce Sargent #52 long handled scraper, complete and in very good overall condition; plus two other long handled scrapers. (Photo)

207. Lot of three hanging spring scales: Landers 0 to 50 lb.; Pelouze and an unmarked 0 to 25 lb. (Photo & Photo 2)

208. Wide handled complex molding plane, nicely executed but it would take a brute to use it. (Photo & Photo 2)

209. E.C. ATKINS Deffaulx patent ram’s horn scraper made on U.S. Patent 723,143 issued to Louis F. Deffaulx of Indianapolis, Indiana on March 17, 1903, in near new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

210. Fine Chapin Union Factory 1 1/4 inch handled nosing plane, fine overall with E.M. CHAPIN PINE MEADOWS blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

211. W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL (England) wedge arm plow plane with brass stiffner plate on the skate, some bruising the wedges, but very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

212. Very nice Ohio Tool #119 1/2 jack rabbet plane with 1 3/4-inch wide blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

213. Set of old sleigh bells, very nice sounding, they need good dusting and the leather should be cleaned and oiled. (Photo)

214. Fine pair J. KELLOGG AMHURST MASS No. 321 handled 7/8-inch tongue and groove planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

215. Three different pair of Eiffel Plier Wrench tools, all are very good or better, one has tape residue on one handle. (Photo)

216. Ohio Tool #62 1/2, 7/8-inch complex molding plane, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

217. Lot of four different cream separator wrenches: two different DE LAVAL; a SHARPLES and an unknown make #3134, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

218. Very nice matched pair of E. PRESTON & SONS 5/8 inch tongue and groove planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

219. Sheffy Patent 15-inch, self-tightening pipe wrench, made on U.S. Patent 553,362 issued Jan. 21, 1896 to Jay K. Sheffy of Chicago, Illinois, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

220. Long wooden grain flail, very good overall. (Photo)

221. Dies Patent / Larco screw-adjusting 10-inch pipe wrench similar to a TRIMO, made on U.S. Patent #1,389,581, issued to Charles A. Dies of Chicago, Illinois, very good overall; plus a pair of KANT-SLIP pliers by A.D. Wrench & Tool Co. Baraboo, Wis., very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

222. Nice cant hook for rolling logs. (Photo)

223. Unusual QUALI-KRAFT helical quick adjust nut wrench from JAPAN; plus a John Deere JD-50 wrench; and a MAYTAG, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

224. Nice pair of log carrying tongs, very good overall. (Photo)

225. Large coal fired sad iron, very good overall. (Photo)

226. Lot of 6 different hog ringer tools inc. NU-WAY AUTOMATIC HOG RINGER, AUSTIN MANUFACTURING CO., ROUND GROVE, ILL. (Photo & Photo 2)

227. Enterprise cherry stoner, April 24, 1883 patent, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

228. Elgin No. 3 de-horning tool, complete and very good. (Photo)

229. Large 13-inch mast maker’s shave, very good overall. (Photo)

230. Patented auger handle with oversized auger. (Photo)

231. Large mast maker’s style axe by Woodcraft Supply Made in England, very good overall. (Photo)

232. Large No. 2 Jarecki pipe tongs, made on U.S. Pat. No. 138,161 issued to Albert Jarecki of Erie Pennsylvania, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

233. Large tapered reamer with T handle, very good. (Photo)

234. Silage knife, very good overall. (Photo)

235. MASSIVE 36-inch STILLSON screw adjust pipe wrench. (Photo)

236. Six different saw sets including large and small Stillman’s Patent and a Diamond Skate Sharpener, complete and very good. (Photo)

237. Box lot: Special plane; Stanley 104 level; leather burnisher; two rosewood marking gages; unusual screwdriver for split nuts. (Photo)

238. Hynson Tool & Supply catalog reprint of coopers tools, etc. plus a Stanley Plane price guide from 1997. (Photo)

239. PLUMB broad hatchet and nice cooper or carriage maker’s shave, very good overall. (Photo)

240. Lot: barn pulley; calf weaner; horse twitch; spoke or nipple wrench and three bearing scrapers.

241. Ten assorted wrenches inc. FORD T-1349. (Photo)

242. Five assorted wrenches including a hub cap wrench and a broken LEHR #L15. (Photo)

243. Lot: Stanley clapboard siding gage; cant hook; two plumb bobs, lot of center bits; and nice forged gimlet with T handle; and a very unusual beekeepers tool used to secure foundations in honey boxes. (See U.S. Pat. 1,699,253) to see a patented example) (Photo & Photo 2)

244. Hand forged tooth rasp or shoe peg float in very good overall condition; plus another smith-made tool with wooden handle, similar to a barking spud, more likely used in digging, grubbing or grafting. (Photo)

245. Pair of gent's braces, the one on the left accepts flat-tang bits, both have intact thumb screws and are very good. (Photo)

246. Bridgeport #121 tomahawk-type crate opening tool, complete and very good. (Photo)

247. Nice hand forged slater's hammer for working on slate roofs, very good. (Photo)

248. Unknown purpose single claw hammer, very good. (Photo)

249. The GREEN RIVER manufactured wheelwright's traveler, very good. (Photo)

250. Large hand forged grafting froe made from a rasp, very good. (Photo)

251. Hand forged twibel-type tool, very crude. (Photo)

252. Small hand forged 3 3/4-inch carpenter's slick. (Photo)

253. RARE ATLANTA MACHINE WORKS 1862 double caliper, some pitting, still in working condition, good overall, made of very thin stock, but steel was in short supply in the Confederate States in 1862. (Photo & Photo 2)

254. Patented lemon squeezer, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

255. Small coopers bung auger. (Photo & Photo 2)

256. Unusual mahogany and steel marking gauge/gage, with a very sharp point, DAMHIKT (Photo & Photo 2)

257. Smaller coachmakers-type router, nicely made from an old file or rasp, very nice wooden handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

258. Large screw adjusting pair of pipe tongs, marked BURNETT & BROWN MFRS, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

259. Keen Kutter Black Jack single bit axe. (Photo)

260. Salters ripping hook for ripping nails out of slate roof. (Photo)

261. Early hand forged steelyard scale with decorated weight, very good overall. (Photo)

262. Large tinners shears used in a stake plate, very good. (Photo)

263. Stothart Bath wedge arm fillester, early and very good. (Photo)

264. Large Steelyard scale with heavy weight, some clear tape residue on scale itself, good overall. (Photo)

265. Two B. Sheneman Philad, round planes; #12 & #14; plus a #53 Ohio Tool moving filletster. (Photo)

266. Flat of square shanked auger bits plus a B.S.V. & Co. adjustable hollow auger. (Photo)

267. Mathieson & Sons 22-inch wooden jointer plane, tote spur has been repaired, very good overall. (Photo)

268. Two corn knives; one with leather sheath, both very good. (Photo)

269. Three SAMSON screw adjusting nut wrenches by PS&W. Including are 8-inch; 12-inch and 15-inch models. The two smaller ones are C&O Railroad; the big one is New York Central R.R., all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

270. Box lot: brace, chain drill and several assorted drill bits. (Photo)

271. Scarce F.W. MACKE & CO. QUICKSET quick adjusting pipe wrench in original paint, fine overall. (Photo)

272. Lot of three chisels; two on ends by Buck Bros. and the one in the center by P.S. & W. (Photo)

273. Lot of two odd hammers and three assorted saw sharpening tools. (Photo)

274. Lot of six BUCK BROTHERS gouges inc. 1 5/8 and 1 7/8, all are fine. (Photo)

275. Stanley #5 and #5C Type 11 jack planes, and a later #3 smoother in fine overall condition. (Photo)

276. Lot of 8 Buck Brothers carving and regular gouges and a fine 1/8 inch mortising chisel. (Photo)

277. Three Stanley bench planes: #5 jack, later #6C fore in fine condition; and a BEDROCK #6C (Type I ) will milled off patent date in bed, and proper Stanley R&L Bedrock logo on lever cap, all need a cleaning. (Photo)

278. The Boss barn beam boring machine. Patented Dec. 19, 1882, made by the Buckeye Mfg. Co. Union City, Ind. with two spare auger bits. (Photo & Photo 2)

279. AMERICAN ST. LOUIS leather skiver, made on (Photo)

280. Enterprise Mfg. #16 Cherry Stoner, clamps to table or counter top, very good overall. (Photo)

281. ROLLMAN MFG Co. raisin seeder, very good overall. (Photo)

282. Reading Hardware apple peeler, complete and very good. (Photo)

283. Six corner chisels, all need a good cleaning. (Photo)

284. Four different jar openers, one is a combination can and jar opener. (Photo & Photo 2)

285. Two heavy timber framing chisels and four corner chisels, all can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

286. Bunion tool patented October 1897, for stretching out shoes to accommodate bunions. (Photo & Photo 2)

287. Yankee #75 Lightning Brace; Reed screwdriver, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Heavy duty 2-inch socket chisel with KOKOMO, IND maker’s mark, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Three Stanley bench planes: 6C fore, 4 1/2 jumbo smoother and #4 smoother, all very good usable condition. (Photo)

290. Unknown plane blade sharpening jig, complete and very good. (Photo)

291. Stanley #48 tongue and groove plane, very good overall. (Photo)

292. Three Stanley tools: clapboard siding marker; angle divider and #98 double beam marking gage. (Photo)

293. Heavy 28-inch double bladed miter plane, needs a new wooden handle on the side, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

294. Lot of four rafter or framing squares including an early aluminum by CRAFTSMAN, all very good. (Photo)

295. Four wooden planes inc. J. GILMER NEW ALBANY (Indiana) toothing plane. (Photo)

296. Stanley #45 Type I combination plow plane, complete with set of blades in original box with two spare spurs stapled to side of box, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

297. Four wooden molding planes: Auburn Tool Co. screw-arm sash; two dados and a Marples fixed sash. (Photo)

298. Fine BROWN & FLATHER plated Sheffield brace with ebony head and ivory button, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

299. Another plated Sheffield brace marked F.E. WELLS & CO. missing the brass push button for the chuck but otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

300. Scarce B.B. Noyes Blacksmiths kick vise, missing the piece that engages the rack in the middle, otherwise sound and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Four wooden molding planes including a nice complex profile; and an A. Howland 5/8-in. center bead. (Photo & Photo 2)

302. Wm. BEATTY carpenters adz, complete and very good. (Photo)

303. Lot of six wooden molding planes including two Auburn Tool center beads with holes for adding a fence; a Scioto side bead, etc.

304. CRAFTSMAN carpenters adz, complete and very good. (Photo)

305. Two 26-inch hand saws; one a Disston D8 rip with thumb handle, very good overall; the other a 9 tip with chewed up handle spurs, otherwise very good. (Photo)

306. Pair of hay knives, one has a cutting edge made of several different sections riveted to the bar. (Photo)

307. Unmarked mortising axe, very good overall. (Photo)

308. GENEVA ILL FLUTER Patented 1866 "HEAT THIS" complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. Stanley #70 box scraper, fine overall; plus two clapboard siding gauges, both complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Pair of bull leads one with long rope. (Photo)

311. Pair McAdamizing hammers, both very good. (Photo)

312. Unusual Haussmann Patent Veterinary Mouth-Speculum made on U.S. Patent #548,194 issued October 22, 1895 to Herman Hausmann of Chicago, ILL. These would be used to hold a horse or cows mouth open while working on the teeth. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Unknown make miter vise and miter saw combination with long Richardson Bros. back saw, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Smaller rope block that needs to be strung with rope; and a Roger’s Patent barn or roof grapple, made on U.S. Patent #100,330, issued March 1, 1870 to Seymour Rogers of Pittsburgh, PA, marked A.J. NELLIS CO. PITTSBURGH PA. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Lot of 5 screw adjusting International Harvester nut wrenches. Choice one time. (Photo & Photo 2)

316. Block and tackle with old grass rope. (Photo)

317. Lot of International Harvester wrenches: 1 5/16; 373941R2; 1 5/16, 373941R1; 1 1/8, #373942R1; 12737-DA double open end; P318 double open end; and a 3525G. Choice one time. (Photo & Photo 2)

318. Stanley #12 cabinet maker’s scraper, has heavy replacement blade, very good overall. (Photo)

319. Sargent cabinet scraper plane (same as Stanley 12 1/2) complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

320. Stanley #55 combination plow in an owner made box with four boxes of blades. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

321. Yankee #1555 ratcheting reversible and multi speed breast drill, the Cadillac breast drills, fine overall. (Photo)

322. Yankee #1530 multi speed reversible hand drill. (Photo)

323. Stanley #110, iron block plane in original box, box has taped corners, plane is very good. (Photo)

324. Pair of 9-inch iron bench planes: Stanley #4 smoother and Millers Falls #9, both complete and very good. (Photo)

325. Keen Kutter Catalog No. U reprinted by North Village Publishing Co. in 1984; Steel Carpenters Square booklet; The American Patented Brace book by the late Ronald W. Pearson; and The Fascinating World of Early American Tools and Trades book by Emil & Myrtle Pollak. (Photo)

326. Lot of MWTCA Gristmill magazines and the book Best of the Gristmill by David E. Heckel, all very good. (Photo)

327. Two corner chisels plus two socket chisels 2-inch and 1 3/4 inch, all very good. (Photo)

328. D. Stolps German Tool Catalog; 1983 & 1984 (Issues 1 to 4) of The Tool Collector Magazine; and several early MWTCA Gristmill Magazines. (Photo)

329. Large single bit Keen Kutter axe, very good overall. (Photo)

330. Spoon mold for stamping copper or tin spoons. (Photo & Photo 2)

331. Keen Kutter hatchet with leather sheath, very good overall. (Photo)

332. Lot of three 28-inch levels: early Stanley plumb & level with intact vials, very good overall; Stanley #3 complete and very good; and a STANDARD by the Baker McMillen Co. of Akron Ohio double plumb & level with one dry plumb vial. (Photo)

333. Large and well made 3-inch T-handle auger, fine. (Photo)

334. Small steelyard scale, with weight. (Photo)

335. Five different fence or wire stretchers, Choice 2 times. (Photo & Photo 2)

336. Disston Double Duty DDD hand saw, 26-in., very unusual, nice etching and fine handle; plus a Sheffield 5 ppi rip saw, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

337. J. Wolf Mfr. Canton O. PAT PNDG tire bead breaker, some tape residue on handle near logo, some Scotch tape residue on handle, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

338. Uncle Tom #2 fence stretcher PAT. MCH 3 RD 08, made on U.S. Pat. #880,830 issued to Thomas A. Scott and Henry E. Crawford, of Bentonville, Indiana, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

339. Antique wooden cigar mold, complete and very good. (Photo)

340. Two T handle augers plus a homemade hustler; a tool used by turners to quickly reduce stock, this one has a nice smith-made rams horn nut. (Photo & Photo 2)

341. Four assorted tinsmithing machines.

342. THE STAR treadle operated scroll saw, needs the wing nut that operates the collet-type drill chuck, fine original working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

343. Box of eight blacksmith tongs and five pair of nippers and clinchers. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Unusual long handled grain? scoop, very good overall. (Photo)

345. Pair of eaves trough forming tools both made on U.S. Pat. #597,924 issued Jan. 25, 1898 to William W. Warren of Dowagiac, Michigan. (Photo)

346. Three block planes: Stanley #118-style unbreakable; Ohio Tool Co. #0120; and a Stanley #220 with large nickel plated adjuster screw. (Photo)

347. Scarce STANLEY #45 combination plow plane in original tin box with hinged lid, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

348. Lot of three Stanley block planes #220; #9 1/2 and an Excelsior-style with knuckle cap, very good overall. (Photo)

349. Palmer & Stork’s Patent fore plane by Metallic Plane Co. top of tote missing, otherwise very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. RARE MORRIS Patent jack plane by Sandusky Tool Co. with fancy floral casting in bed and waffle pattern on the sole, this one needs the wood refinished or replaced, a very rare patented plane in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

351. Stanley BEDROCK #605 iron jack plane with V logo blade, STANLEY lever cap, a very good usable plane. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

352. Stanley #5 1/4 Junior jack plane, WWII model with hard rubber adjusting nut. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

353. Two ratchet braces: one is set up with a A.A. Woods hollow auger, and the other is set up with a large dowel pointer. (Photo)

354. Millers Falls #721 HOLDALL brace and two misc. bitstock tools. (Photo)

355. Hand cranked band saw setting machine. The tag in the drawer below it says it is missing a spring, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

356. Atkins IDEAL No. 14 saw setting or swedging tool, appears to be complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

357. Three chisels: a 2-inch heavy socket chisel suitable for timber framing; a 2-inch Greenlee; and a 7/8-inch corner chisel, all very good.

358. Craftsman #3730 duplex or rabbet and fillester plane NIB. (Photo)

359. Stanley #42 pistol grip saw set IOB with owner’s manual, box tattered but all there, tool is fine. (Photo)

360. Millers Falls duplex or rabbet and filletster plane, in a tattered box, plane is missing depth stop, but has intact fence and rod, very good overall.

361. Stanley #71 router plane with 1/4-inch blade, intact throat closing attachment, nice wood, very good overall. (Photo)

362. KEEN KUTTER pedal grinder, complete and fine with ball bearings, this one was always stored indoors and is not eaten up with rust like the majority we have seen were, this one is complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

363. Pry bar-type tool for moving a railroad car by hand, heavy. (Photo)

364. Hay knife and a de-horning tool patented April 5, 1892 in Illinois. (Photo)

365. L&IJ White pole adz, very good overall. (Photo)

366. Lot of iron plane parts; including brass blade adjuster nuts, blades, etc. (Photo)

367. Large lot of wooden wedges for wooden bench planes plus a box of misc. wooden plane bodies including a plow Albert Lang Cint. Ohio unhandled plow body; cased SPECIAL rabbet; R. Booth, Cint. Ohio; etc. (Photo)

368. Lot of 8 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA: Thomas Napier; J.M. Waterston; Bench Work; Forty Years of Hardware; Fulton Tools; Hoole Works, etc. (Photo)

369. Lot of 8 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA. (Photo)

370. Antique postage stamp vending machine, some rust, but very nice overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

371. Lot of 8 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA. (Photo)

372. Lot of 8 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA. (Photo)

373. Eric Sloan’s America book, hardbound, with dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

374. Lot of 6 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA. (Photo)

375. Dictionary of Tools hardbound book by R.A. Salaman, complete with dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

376. Lot of 6 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA: William Marples & Sons: Sears Roebuck & Co. TOOLS, MACHINERY AND BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES; William Marples & Sons Price List of American Tools; Millers Falls / Goodell-Pratt; C.E. JENNINGS ARROWHEAD TOOLS; and Feron & CEI of Paris. (Photo)

377. Diary of an Early American Boy book by Eric Sloan, with worn dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

378. Lot of three different hydrometers and thermometers; one for candy making. (Photo)

379. Two Keen Kutter saw: 26-in. rip and 11 ppi crosscut, both very good. (Photo)

380. Two 15-inch screw-adjust nut wrenches; and offset PLUMB #3055 sized 1 5/16 and 1 1/4 open end; and Allis Chalmers #300755 double box square and hex, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

381. Two saws: Keen Kutter 5 1/2 ppi rip, complete and fine; plus an early Disston with sunken eagle medallion, bottom handle spur damaged. (Photo & Photo 2)

382. Lot of four screw adjust nut wrenches: Ruswin 15-inch, fine; P.S.&W. Stronghold 12-inch, very good; 9-inch I.H.; and 10-inch all-steel models, both needing cleaning. (Photo)

383. Lot of carving tools in a plastic tackle box, all are newer and fine. (Photo)

384. Four screw adjust nut wrenches; 10-inch Pat. Jan. 14, 1896, some peening of head; 8-inch W&B, very good; and two 6-inches; by Girard and S.B. Co. (Photo)

385. Large lot long wood auger bits. (Photo)

386. Five screw adjust nut wrenches: 21-inch all steel from MEADVILLE; 18-inch with newer handle; 15-inch B&C with NYC & STL RR logo, very good; B&C 10-inch long sleeve, very good; and 8-inch B&C all steel, very good.

387. Four wrenches; 8-inch Tobrin pipe wrench very good; 8-inch nut wrench; two pocket wrench; BRUNSWICK BALKE-COLLENDER CO. tag and a mystery item. (Photo & Photo 2)

388. Lot of four fence or wire stretchers, one marked EXCELSIOR, choice one time. (Photo & Photo 2)

389. Four wooden handled nut wrenches: 18, 15, 10 & 8-inches, all are very good. (Photo)

390. Extra tall railroad oil can, very good overall. (Photo)

391. Nice early machinist’s surface gauge. (Photo)

392. Pair large railroad oilers or oil cans with pumps, one very good overall, the other has had a soldered repair to spout. (Photo)

393. Coal clinker scoop or shovel used to sift ashes out of a coal burning furnace to retrieve and reuse coke and unburned coal. (Photo)

394. Unusual and quite likely patented auger-type posthole digger, very good. (Photo)

395. Tiling spade used in mud to dig trenches for placement of drain tile. (Photo)

396. Facile 1903 Patent cream tester, clamps to a table and is hand cranked to spin the brass tubes. (Photo & Photo 2)

397. Griswald No. 8 AMERICAN waffle iron, complete and very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

398. Brass grain testing scale and the brass bucket that goes with it, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

399. Nice 32-inch ice saw with iron handle. (Photo)

400. RARE Bard Patent (Sept. 10, 1878) broom-press or vise, made on U.S. Patent #207,839 issued to David Bard of Cincinnati, Ohio. The former owner used this one to make brooms, comes with tools including a broom maker’s hammer and stitching needles, here is your chance to start a new career. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

401. Miniature Stanley 101 tail handled block plane, unmarked blade, good overall. (Photo)

402. Goodell Brothers archimedies screwdriver with spare bit; scraper blade burnisher; and Stanley #61-122 scratch awl. (Photo)

403. Canvas roll of Sargent combination plane blades, canvas is badly worn, but cutters can be cleaned and put back into service. (Photo)

404. Three planes: Keen Kutter K5C jack plane; Keen Kutter K120 block plane; and a handled wooden plane with fence on the side, good overall. (Photo)

405. Large patented tool for forming gutters, made on U.S. Pat. #597,924 issued Jan. 25, 1898 to William W. Warren of Dowagiac, Michigan. (Photo)

406. Box of misc. tools including pad saw; two mortising chisels NIB; drill bits, and a trip that clamps onto a Stanley miter box. (Photo)

407. Lot of lead working tools: plumbers wipe; two crucibles plus medium and large ladles. (Photo)

408. Two Hills hog tongs; and two oral speculum tools for holding a sheep or goats mouth open to administer medication. (Photo)

409. Pair of tools used to stretch out leather shoes for bunions. (Photo)

410. Pair of fencing tools: FARMERS EVER-READY TOOL KIT with hammer, plier, alligator wrench, hatchet, very good overall; plus one that has a hammer, and staple puller. (Photo)

411. Lot of four pair of fencing tools: Cronk pliers: wire crimper or twisting tool; smaller Cronk. (Photo & Photo 2)

412. Millers Falls 14-inch ratchet brace, very good overall; plus another ratchet brace with coco or rosewood handles.

413. Beer flat full of square shanked auger bits.

414. Corner brace and beer flat full of auger bits. (Photo)

415. Two pair of nippers and two different sized gas pliers. All will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

416. Unusual brace-type wire twisting tool May 1, 1923 and Oct. 2, 1924, by 4 Box Machine Makers, Rockaway, N.J., very good.

417. Box of wooden plane parts including two radiused bottoms for patternmaker’s planes; two fences for wooden plow planes; 1/2 of a J.R. CALE wooden sash plane; etc.

418. Three books: The Antique Tool Collectors Guide to Value by Ronald Barlow: The Catalogue of Antique Tools by Martin Donnelly; and a hard bound Identifying Wood by Bruce Hoadley (Photo)

419. Four assorted sets of letter and number stamps. (Photo)

420. Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools big book by John Walter, in used condition. (Photo)

421. Original Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools book by John Walter, in better-than-average condition; plus a 1997 copy of his pocket price guide. (Photo)

422. Four tool books: Stanley Tools #129 catalog, reprinted by Roger K. Smith; Second Edition Tool Collectors Handbook by Alexander Farnham; Stanley Planes 1986 pocket price guide by John Walter; and Ohio Tool Co. Catalogue No. 23 reprinted by Midwest Tools in 1990. (Photo)

423. Box of bench and block plane irons and two toothing plane irons, plus the lever cap, frog and know and tote base from a Gage transition smooth plane, all in good usable condition. (Photo)

424. Box of plow plane parts including wooden nuts, skate, depth stops, five plow plane blades, etc. (Photo)

425. Champion blacksmith’s 3-lb. flatter. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Green River Tire Wheel traveler, for measuring the distance around a wagon wheel for the steel tire. (Photo & Photo 2)

427. Hand forged pike poll end; and a corn knife. (Photo)

428. Norlund tomahawk-style hatchet; McAdams hammer; and Genuine PLUMB claw hammer in fine condition. (Photo)

429. C.S. Osborn & Co. tool for making leather reins, clamps to a bench and leather strips are drawn thru the different size holes, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

430. Unknown make hand corn sheller, complete and very good. (Photo)

431. Lot: two hammers including a Cheney nail-holding type; Stanley square with level; crayons, chalk, nall apron from Ballard Lumber Amboy, IND. (Photo)

432. New old stock buggy tree, with very nice leather and brass ends. (Photo)

433. Long two-man crosscut saw, will need some cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

434. Lot of six different fence stretchers or strainers, one almost entirely of wood. (Photo)

435. Hale Patent Meat Mincer made on U.S. Pat. #23,246 issued March 15, 1859 to Albert Hale of New Britain, CT, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

436. Lot of nine misc wrenches including a ratchet wrench, early socket wrench, one CTR railroad? etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

437. Mechanical hay spear with barbs, very good overall. (Photo)

438. Large hay knife, very good overall. (Photo)

439. WOLF SMITH & CO. CINT O. 14-inch hewing or broad axe, in like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

440. Heavy duty 4 1/4 inch hand-forged slick, good overall. (Photo)

441. Medium sized dowel poiner; small hand vise; early Stanley #95 butt gage and a later #95 butt gage.

442. Pair of compassed round planes: #8 GLEAVE OLDHAM ST MANCHASTER, very good; and a #18 ? also very good.

443. McCormick Chicago sickle bar grinder, in nice blue and yellow paint, very good and quite usable. (Photo & Photo 2)

444. Unusual wood dovetail plane with flat chamfers and rounded wedge, looks like early 19 TH century, marked with letter H on tote along with owners name, very good overall.

445. McCormic-Deering Chicago sickle bar grinder, in nice maroon paint, very good and quite usable. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. Goodell Patent cherry stoner or pitter, clamps onto a table, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Stanley #32 prelateral transitional jointer plane, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Lot including an English wooden smooth plane with D. McINALLAY & CO. EDINBURG logo on toe; Stanley #80 scraper, and a leather shave. (Photo)

449. Stanley #22 transitional smooth plane, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. Three small wrenches including a 4-inch Crescent-type AJ4A-MAG. (Photo)

451. Lot of 4 tool catalog reprints by the MWTCA, a book The American Patented Brace, by the Late Ronald W. Pearson; a book Make a Chair from a Tree; and a 1974 Early Trades & Crafts publication, AXES Fourth Tool Collectors Picture Book. (Photo)

452. (321.) Craftsman (Sargent) #3740BL smoother with 4-Edge blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

453. (322.) Stanley #140 skew bladed block plane Type I with patent date in removable side, complete and very good. (Photo)

454. Stanley #34 transitional jointer, these 28-inch monsters were the longest ones in the Stanley arsenal, this one has been refinished, good overall. (Photo)

455. Gage Tool Co. Vineland, New Jersey #19, 22-inch transitional fore plane, tote spur MIA, otherwise very good. (Photo)

456. Large wooden spokeshave with brass wear plate on bottom and faint SHEFFIELD makers mark, blade needs securing; plus a well worn double beam marking gage, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

457. Manufactured No. 10 ferriers buffer, some pitting and light rust. (Photo)

458. Patented cobbler's hammer, complete and very good. (Photo)

459. Hand forged tobacco spud or cutter with wooden handle, good overall. (Photo)

460. Small basket makers froe. (Photo)

461. Hand forged corn knife, crudely executed. (Photo)

462. Unknown hand forged twyble-shaped tool with turned wooden handle, some rust and pitting, three touch marks. (Photo)

463. SNOW & NEALLEY CO. BANGOR MAINE spud, the wooden handle would likely have been longer and beefier than the one that's currently in it, very good overall. (Photo)

464. Early and crude hand adz, moderate to heavy pitting. (Photo)

465. Wedge-arm plow plane I.TEAL mark on toe, the sides chipped and cracked where the wedge mortises are, wedges are crude replacements; skate rivets have been replaced, rough; plus a TOLLOTSON BOSTON wide rabbet missing the nicker on the side, and having holes in the bottom where a fence was once attached. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Wooden pad brace with no pads and having orange paint on the frame, good overall; plus a CHAS HENRY SHEFFIELD wooden spoke shave, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

467. Wooden mallet with worm holes, very good overall. (Photo)

468. Chairmakers travisher or shave, very sharp radius, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

469. RARE wooden whetstone holder, has a few inactive worm holes and a crack in one side, these were worn on the belts of those who did the reaping and when the scythe became dull, the stone these carried was used to resharpen them. (Photo & Photo 2)

470. TAYLOR'S SHEFFIELD EYE WITNESS wick trimming scissors, some mild pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Poultry or chicken punch used to punch holes into the webbing of bird feet. (Photo)

472. Unusual PAINE’S Patent (U.S. 295,582) COMBINATION LOCK CRANK, this nickel plated tool clamps onto the dial of a safe and is used to crank it around. Made on a patent issued March 24, 1884 to Tracy L. Paine of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This example retains most of it's original nickel plating and is mechanically sound. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Clark’s Patent (U.S. #40,819) Improved Window-Sash Fastener made on a patent issued Dec. 8, 1863 to Charles Clark of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, very good overall. (THANKS FOR THE PATENT, RUSS.) (Photo & Photo 2)

474. Small LUTTEN 4-inch shears, a few patches of mild pitting, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

475. Unmarked hay knife, complete and very good. (Photo)

476. Plumb Anchor Brand broad hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

477. Blacksmith’s rounding or turning hammer, good overall. (Photo)

478. Cobblers hammer, complete and very good. (Photo)

479. Fine pair of hand forged tinners-type shears, very good. (Photo)

480. Pair of early screwdrivers. (Photo)

481. Laing & Maginnis scorp-like tool likely used to cut leather fillets that were used in shoemaking or saddle making, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

482. Small blacksmith’s double caliper, complete and very good. (Photo)

483. Leach Patent saw set, needs a good cleaning, very good overall; plus a cast iron file handle, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. Hand forged pair of outside calipers. (Photo)

485. Fine Shepard & Adams Patent (U.S. #211,061) Fluting-Machine, made on a patent issued Dec. 17, 1878 to Charles Shepard and Peter Adams of Buffalo, N.Y. The handle is marked PAT 1880 which corresponds to the Shepard & Adams Patent (U.S. 223,611) issued January 13, 1880, this unit is in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

486. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #72 1/2 brass-bound, 4-fold rule, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

487. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #82 brass bound, 4-fold rule with arched joint and logging scales on inside, no indexing pins on the inside and some minor staining on outside, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

488. Stanley #83C SW 4-fold rule with caliper, one inside indexing pin MIA, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

489. J. RABONE & SONS BIRMINGHAM boxwood and German silver architects rule with graduations on the edges of each leg, and a protractor joint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

490. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #70 4-fold rule, moderate wear on outside, very good inside. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

491. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #78 1/2 brass bond, 4-fold rule with double arched joints, in little used original condition, fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

492. Fine 24-inch 4-fold boxwood advertising rule 'ALWAYS BUY THE BEST GALVANIZED IRON "BLACKWALL" brand' with early-style arched joint. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

493. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #72 1/2 brass bound, 4-fold advertising rule, "AMERICAN C.W. MACH'Y Co. BUCYRUS. O. Very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

494. Three 2-foot, 4-fold rules: C-S Co. #63 missing inner indexing pins, otherwise very good; C-S #61 with arched joint, warped legs and well worn outside; and a Stanley Rule & Level #52 brass bound, with oxidized brass will clean to very good condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

495. LUFKIN RULE CO. #524 zig zag rule with DOLE LOG SCALE with folding hook on end, still has part of original price tag, needs light cleaning, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

496. FINE Stanley #94 4-foot, 4-fold, brass-bound carriage maker's rule, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

497. Unusual JOHNSON'S PATENT No. 45 12-inch GERMAN SILVER caliper rule with protractor joint, made by the E.P. JOHNSON RULE MFG. CO. CHICAGO, PAT. JAN. 8, 1907, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. Stanley #18 24-inch, 2-fold boxwood rule with SW logo, little used condition, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

499. Two 2-foot, 2-fold rules: Stanley Rule & Level #12 carpenter's sliding rule with Gunter's scales, this one has been repaired near the arched joint, it is otherwise complete with the brass caliper and in good overall condition; and a very early folding rule with hand stamped numbers and no visible makers mark, some staining, a brass joint and steel tips, the indexing pin holes are chipped out, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. RARE W.M. TAPLIN & CO. Routledge Engineer' s rule 24-inch, 2-fold rule with sliding brass caliper and unusual scales having a series of gauge points for square shapes, cylinders and spheres and 12 lines of gauge points for different metals and other solid objects, this one is very early and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

501. Stanley #192 rabbet plane with depth stop, very good overall; plus a #151 spoke shave, fine. (Photo)

502. Four hog ringer tools, all complete and very good. (Photo)

503. Pair of Stanley spoke shaves; #67 universal shave with a round bottom and a #152 both in very good overall condition. (Photo)

504. Ohio Tool #071 router plane, very good overall. (Photo)

505. Pair of Stanley #78 duplex rabbet & fillester, planes one with fence, but no screw for depth stop, and one without fence or depth stop. (Photo)

506. Lot of five socket chisels including Vancamp and Pexto mortising, all very good.

507. Lot: Henry Disston & Sons sliding bevel; Stanley #18 sliding bevel; Stanley #1 6-inch try and miter square and a Stanley 8-inch square, all very good to fine.

508. Four wrenches: Indian Motocycle; Massey Harris 202783M1 Spark Plug Wrench; SAXON double ended alligator by K&B; and a pitted Deering. (Photo & Photo 2)

509. J.O.I.C. hand drill made by Jo Mfg. Co. South Gate, Calif. Handle and head can be moved into a number of different positions, very good. (Photo)

510. Three wrenches including International Harvester screw adjust with loop handle; Reed pipe wrench and a lightly pitted dog bone. (Photo)

511. Two small hammers one with patented nail puller, both very good. (Photo)

512. Lot including a 6-inch S-K Wayne side jaw nut wrench; a 6-inch WILLIAMS 11/16; and a small patented hand vise. (Photo)

513. Horn weights marked O.M. Franklin Serum Co. Denver, very good; plus a nickel plated DIAMOND GG 08 pair of nippers and a ARCTIC nickel plated stove lid lifter. (Photo & Photo 2)

514. Pair of nail pullers; one is a CYCLOPS by Union Hardware Co., and the smaller one just has a letter B cast into it, may be a Bridgeport, both very good. (Photo)

515. Pair of ferriers buttresses used in trimming horses hoofs.

516. Pair of Stanley #80 iron cabinet scrapers, one needs a blade, the other has a SW blade and is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

517. ECLIPSE #2 7-inch smooth plane, one tiny ding on the left side near the bottom, but fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. MARSH M80 iron cabinet scraper, made by H.C. MARSH of Rockford, Illinois, this one needs a blade but is very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

519. BUCK BROTHERS drawknife with 7-inch blade, fine overall. (Photo)

520. Four hardbound tool related books: Audels Mechanical Drawing Guide, 1947 edition; Let's Whittle! by Leroy Pynn, Jr, 1948 edition, ex-library copy, some cover and spine scuffing; Whittling and Woodcarving by E.J. Tangerman, 1936 edition, VG; The Art of Japanese Joinery by Seike, 4th Printing 1979, ex-library copy, VG.

521. Pair of wooden framed buck saws, both complete and very good. (Photo)

522. Seven assorted hardbound books: Elements of the Strength of Materials by Timoshenko-MacCullough, dust jacket poor, book good; 1965 World Almanac and book of facts, dust jacket soiled, book good; Intermediate French Grammar and Readings by Harry Kurz, 1939; Fundamentals of Machine Design by C.A. Norman, E.S. Ault, and I.F. Zarobsky, 1938; Woodworking in Estonia, 1969 translation, ex-library copy; Numerical Mathematical Analysis by J.B. Scarborough, 1930 edition, homemade brown dustjacket, book good; and Fluid Mechanics by R.C. Binder, 1943 edition, good. (Photo)

523. Stanley #103 Type I block plane with wooden knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Stanley #4 1/2 heavy smooth plane, fine; plus a Stanley #180 rabbet plane, missing depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

525. Pair of small hammers: KEEN KUTTER tack, complete and fine; and a Stanley SW. (Photo & Photo 2)

526. Stanley #20 VICTOR compass plane, 95 percent plus nickel plating, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

527. Four different lever-type saw sets: Keen Kutter, MORRILL, ATKINS, and BULLOCK. (Photo)

528. Worn Jennings folding handle drawknife; fine sliding bevel with rosewood handle and 10-inch blade; and a wooden spoke shave. (Photo)

529. Stanley #113 compass plane Type 2, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Fine Goodell-Pratt hand drill with rosewood storage handle, nice nickel plating, fine overall; plus a Craftsman plane blade or chisel grinding fixture similar to a Stanley #200, this one is complete and fine inside a tattered box. (Photo)

531. Millers Falls ratcheting auger handle, one handle can be removed or relocated to the top of the housing for use in close quarters like in a corner, complete and very good. (Photo)

532. Unknown make chain drill, looks like it has been repainted, complete and very good. (Photo)

533. Penny brace with adjustable washer/gasket cutter; and a Goodell-Pratt #188A push drill, complete and fine inside a tatty Millers Falls pasteboard box. (Photo)

534. Lot of 7 wood planes including an Auburn Tool Co. 1 1/2-inch jack rabbet, complete and fine; HALL, CASE and Co. 3/4-inch skewed rabbet, very good; homemade hawk plane, good overall; pair REED UTICA No. 2 hollow & rounds both missing blades and wedges; REED UTICA #3 hollow, no blade or wedge; and a Simms London 9/16 complex molder missing blade and wedge. (Photo)

535. Lot: Keen Kutter single bit axe head; wooden spigot for wine barrel; Vaughan 10-oz. hammer head; two handles for a folding handle drawknife; and an early can opener. (Photo)

536. Later Stanley block plane in near new condition; plus a Cincinnati Tool Co. spoke shave with nicely embossed cap. (Photo)

537. Two boxed sets of drill bits and a boxed set of screwdriver tips. (Photo)

538. Lot: two adjustable bitstock washer cutters; a tapered reamer; saw set; and Keen Kutter shears or scissors. (Photo)

539. Lot: Two wooden marking gages including a Stanley #64 1/4 with green paint on the head; a bung reamer; and a wooden spokeshave. (Photo)

540. Three wooden planes: 1/2-inch Sandusky tongue cutter, has cracked wedge, but is otherwise very good; Ohio Tool hollow; and an Ohio Tool Co. 5/16-inch center bead, very good. (Photo)

541. Goodell Pratt #188A push drill very good overall; plus a Lufkin 12-inch #7030 rule, has hang hole in one end. (Photo)

542. Lot: brass bracket; decorate brass door knob set; and a Millers Falls nickel plated plumb bob. (Photo & Photo 2)

543. Three planes: Two unhandled screw arm plow planes with seven assorted Ibbotson, Ohio Tool and Sandusky blades. The lighter colored plane is marked A.C. BARTLETT'S OHIO PLANES #117. It has a screw operated depth stop, numerous thread chips on arms, good overall; and the other is an AUBURN TOOL CO. #89, it too has thread chips, good overall; and a GREENFIELD TOOL #150 5/16-inch side bead plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Stanley #79 box scraper plane, V-logo blade, very good overall; plus a COCHRAN SPEEDNUT WRENCH, PAT. PENDING, self-tightening side-jaw nut wrench with most of the original japanning, fine overall. (Photo)

545. Fine boxed set of 13 Russell Jennings extension-lip auger bits, most wrapped in wax paper all inside a three tiered wooden box with hinged lid, label on inside of lid is 98 percent; plus a Stanley HANDYMAN #H1220 hand drill with full set of bits inside handle. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

546. A Guide To The Makers of AMERICAN WOODEN PLANES book by Emil & Martyl Pollak, 4th Edition, Revised by Thomas L. Elliott, near new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

547. A Field Guide To The Makers of AMERICAN WOODEN PLANES book by Thomas L. Elliott, near new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

548. Woodworking Planes - A Descriptive Register of Wooden Planes book by Alvin Sellens, like new with intact dust jacket. (Photo & Photo 2)

549. Antique Woodworking Tools - A Guide To The Purchase, Restoration And Use Of Old Tools For Today's Shop book by Michael Dunbar, fine with slight wear on dust jacket. (Photo & Photo 2)

550. Stanley #53 1/2 SW 2-foot, 4-fold architect's rule, one small edge chip otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

551. Stanley Rule & Level #72 (also marked 72 1/2 on inside) 2-foot, 4-fold, brass-bound rule, patches of staining on outside, indexing pins inside MIA, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)


553. Stanley Rule & Level #78 1/2 2-foot, 4-fold, brass-bound rule with double arched joints, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

554. MARX 18-inch toy zig zag rule, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

555. Stanley #72 2-foot, 4-fold, unbound rule graduated on edges, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

556. Celluloid tri-fold ruler COMPLIMENTS OF J.W. HATT COMPANY, LUMBER DEALERS, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

557. Stanley #40 ivory & German Silver 12-inch, 4-fold caliper rule, markings on outside are faint and there is yellowing on the outside as well as the inside, missing to inside indexing pins, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Unknown make #55 12-inch, 4-fold boxwood rule, one section loose at joint, markings on outside a bit faint, inside very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

559. Stanley #38 ivory and German Silver 6-inch, 2-fold caliper rule, markings are faint and ivory is yellowed, the section with the caliper is chipped, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

560. Unknown make 10-inch brass caliper rule, numbers appear to have been hand stamped, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

561. Lufkin #524 zig-zag rule with DOYLE LOG SCALE and having a folding hook on one end, like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

562. Stanley #86 1/2 ivory and German Silver 24-inch, 4-fold architect's rule, the ivory is yellowed and the outside markings are a bit faint, but it's still very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

563. Stanley #78 rabbet & filletster plane IOB. This plane is complete with depth stop and fence, it is like new and comes in a tattered pasteboard box. (Photo)

564. Small Cleveland Rule Co. log rule, and an unknown make wantage rule. The Cleveland log rule has what looks like a glued repair. (Photo & Photo 2)

565. Four N.C. Sanford Co. patented T augers all in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

566. Unknown make broad axe, needs to be re-handled, good overall. (Photo)

567. Two slaters ripping hooks for use in ripping nails on slate roofs. (Photo)

568. Extra large Van Kamp Indianapolis Hardware catalog, circa 1970s, this catalog is about 12 inches thick, it has a quick release top cover for easily inserting updates, very good overall. (Photo)

569. Two Keen Kutter hand saws; a No. 726S with good etching and a WARRANTED SUPERIOR medallion; and a K23 with slightly worn etching, good Keen Kutter medallion, both saws in very good overall condition. (Photo)

570. Diamond Edge NOS pitchfork with 4 tines. This one is brand new and has a full paper labels, the metal is painted gold, most of the protective paper sleeve covering the labels is intact. (Photo & Photo 2)

571. Long handled Keen Kutter #2 round nosed shovel, complete and very good. (Photo)

572. Unusual nickel plated Keen Kutter miter box, one of the removable feet has been broken and repaired. Find an original foot for it, and it will be fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

573. Keen Kutter carpenters tool box, with large Keen Kutter logo on both sides, and nice brass Keen Kutter luggage-type lock on top. A piece of tape covers the hole to keep it from being locked. There is no key for it. (Photo & Photo 2)

574. Original box of Bluegrass Hardware store price tags, unusual and very good. (Photo)

575. Keen Kutter K630 steel framed bow saw with partial decal on top and spare blade in original packaging. (Photo)

576. Large 24-inch Whitman & Barnes screw adjust pipe wrench. (Photo)

577. Keen Kutter crowbar, very good overall. (Photo)

578. Three different Belknap Bluegrass Hardware items: No. T5-B6416 wooden miter box; 26-inch handsaw with faint Blue Grass etching on one side and nice Blue Grass medallion on the other side; and No. T-BG5-24 wooden plumb and level. (Photo)

579. Three different nail pullers: Bridgeport No. 64 REX; Bridgeport No. 20; and Smith & Hemenway No. 1 GIANT, all are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

580. Unusual mini step ladder with Stanley Rule & Level logo on top. (Photo)

581. Box of old wrenches and tire spoons. (Photo)

582. Lot of square shanked bits: six center bits; seven gimlet bits; a bit extension; six twist drills and several car bits. (Photo)

583. Three plier-type tools: LESOTA fencing pliers with staple puller, plier and wire cutter; BARCALO BUFFALO pliers; and small KLEIN TOOL wire crimper, all very good. (Photo)

584. Pair of iron bench planes: Stanley #5 with Q logo blade, early style rosewood tote has a repaired spur, hang hole in rear, perfect user; and a Siegley #2C, 9-inch smoother, nice original tote and knob, SIEGLEY blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

585. Pair of transitional planes: 20-inch prelateral Stanley; and another Stanley that has been cut down. (Photo & Photo 2)

586. Three planes: Stanley 2-Tone jack plane maroon and yellow, needs a good cleaning, but good overall; double ended block plane with repair at throat; and another block plane. (Photo)

587. Pair of plow planes: Ohio Tool Co. #104 with some minor spur chipping, and some thread chips; plus a wedge-arm plow with riveted iron skate, looks modern.

588. Reaping hook marked Globe Works very good overall. (Photo)

589. Pair of handled screw arm plow planes inc. an A. Howland with nice finials on ends of arms, both need blades and the second one needs both an inner and outer wooden nuts. (Photo)

590. Six wooden planes; early panel raiser; two Ohio Tool rabbets, small toothing plane, etc.

591. Two coopers croze planes, both in very good condition. (Photo)

592. Coopers howel plane, with bone or ivory wear strips, good overall. (Photo)

593. Lot of 4-fold and zig zag rules including nice C-S. Co. brass bound #62; Stanley #61 & #68; and several others. (Photo)

594. Lot of six small levels: three NOS line levels one by Hall Level & Mfg. Co. Austin, TX; two Millers Falls #629 IOB; and three levels that attach to a square, two with brass tops. (Photo)

595. Lot of four different wire or fence stretchers inc. MAASDAM HAND PROTECTOR CLAMP PAT. PEND. MFD BY AMERICAN GAGE & MFG. CO. DAYTON, OHIO. (Photo)

596. Five pair of plier-type tools inc. Champion blacksmith tongs for round work; wire crimper; pincers, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

597. Goodell-Pratt 12-inch double plumb and shaft level with one dry plumb vial, otherwise, very good; plus two zig-zag rules. (Photo)

598. Stanley #18 sliding bevel, and set of five HILDICK SHEFFIELD #4 thru #8 plow plane blades, all very good. (Photo)

599. Pair of Millers Falls hand drills: #2500C, very good; and #2 with handle full of bits, both very good. (Photo)

600. Large lot (two flats full) of wooden bench plane blades, chisels, etc. (Photo)


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