Hotter 'n' Hell Antique Scale & Tool Auction

July 21, 2012, 9:30 AM

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

Preview Friday 2-6 PM, Sat. 7:30 to 9:30 AM)

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This auction features the scale collection and and several household antiques of the late George Danforth of Hannibal, Missouri; antique woodworking tools from the Lyle Harthun collection of Hiawatha, Iowa and tools from several other Midwest collections.

The sale is all laid out at the Lions Club. We've put in lot of hours getting it moved and laid out in numerical oder while enduring this Hellish St. Louis summer heat. Today we discovered about 30 lots that somehow got missed during the original cataloging. You can find them in lots 503 to 533 in the list below. There are some nice scales and other odds and ends. There are sure to be another 10 to 20 beer flat lots too before we begin on Saturday. Come enjoy the air conditioning in the Lions Club on Saturday and take home a few treasures. See you there, Mike & Sara.

001. The Exact Weight Scale Co. "EXACT WEIGHT" scale 1 lb. capacity, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

002. FAIRBANKS MARCH 3, 1896 patent beam balance scale, 200g capacity, nicely nickel plated, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Triner Model AA-4 postal scale 4-lb. capacity, brass poise, fine overall. (Photo)

004. Fairbanks brass beam scale with double-toe base, very good overall. (Photo)

005. PELOUZE beam scale, sheet metal construction with removable left and right pans and full set of brass weights from 50 GR to 2 OZ. (Photo)

006. PELOUZE SUPREME candy scale 2-pounds capacity with brass scoop, body has white paint peeling from sides, very good overall. (Photo)

007. PENN SCALE PHILA PA beam scale with brass beam, scale has been painted white, good overall. (Photo)

008. TOLEDO Style 381BA grocery scale, glass in front and on both sides of head are OK, glass on back cracked, in green paint, fine working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

009. FAIRBANKS double beam platform scale with FAIRBANKS name cast in relief in right post. (Photo)

010. DETECTO No. 2 double beam scale, max capacity 10 LBS or 5 KG, in silver paint, good overall. (Photo)

011. HOWE double beam scale with triple toe base, with 1 1/2-lb. weight, in old red paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

012. FARM MASTER hanging Dairy Scale 40-lb. capacity by 1/10 lb, some paint loss on face, good overall. (Photo)

013. Pair of hanging spring scales; the first shows the weight thru little windows, about 20-lb. capacity, needs cleaning; plus a PELOUZE MFG. 100-lb. capacity hanging spring scale, very good overall. (Photo)

014. PELOUZE MFG. 50-lb. capacity hanging spring scale, very good overall. (Photo)

015. HANSON MODEL 60 Dairy Scale 30-lb. capacity with large tin scoop, needs cleaning. (Photo)

016. Newer Pitney Bowes S-103 postal scale, 3-lb. capacity, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

017. HOWE double beam platform scale, one beam measures to 10 lb. and one to 40 lb. both beams nickel plated, brass poises, very nice old red paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

018. The Torsion Balance Co. DLT2-1 scientific-type scale, 120 g, one screw missing from one hinge, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

019. Lot of three steelyard meat scales, two missing weights, otherwise in good overall condition. (Photo)

020. Brass Winchester grain scale complete with brass bucket, fine overall. (Photo)

021. Mancur balance sometimes referred to as a buffalo hide scale marked on one side GERMANY, graduated from 0 to 350 on one side and 0 to 40 on other side, very good overall. (Photo)

022. "The Stork Scale" with SAFETY-BASE by Continental Scale Works Chicago ILL double beam baby weighing scale 18-lb. capacity, in beige paint very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Postal scale, 2-lb. capacity, good overall. (Photo)

024. Lorraine Metal Mfg. Co. postal scale 1-lb. capacity, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

025. The National Computing Scale Co. quadruple-beam platform scale, scarce model with stylized dolphin pillars, the marble base is cracked in 1/2 and should be replaced, has a nice set of weights in silver paint and two weights 5-lb. & 20-lb. have dollar amounts, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

026. THE GEM postal scale, 1-lb. capacity, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

027. IDL DELUX SUPREME postal scale, 4-lb. capacity, face had a few nicks and dings, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. LIBERTY POSTAL SCALE, 2-lb. capacity, in gold paint, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Large 47-inch steelyard scale with weight, beam graduated to 80, very good overall. (Photo)

030. Unknown make baby scale 25-lb. capacity, paint peeling from bottom and top of tray rusty, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

031. Turnbull's Patent June 2, 1871 measures up to 30-lb. by 1 oz. marble plate, very good overall. (Photo)

032. VIENNA CONFECTIONERY scale, 4-lb. capacity, with brass scoop, needs cleaning, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

033. American Family Scale, "Weighs 25 Pounds by Ounces" needs cleaning, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

034. Pitney Bowes 1-lb. capacity postal scale, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. John Chatillon & Sons hanging spring balance 30-lb. capacity, very good overall. (Photo)

036. Large OHAUS double-beam scale with beams graduated in grams, tag on front marked "PROPERTY U.S. GOVT 14438 BENDIX" has 2, 5 & 10-KILO weights, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

037. ACME EGG GRADING SCALE Pat. June 24, 1924, made by The Specialty Mfg. Co. St. Paul, Minn. good overall. (Photo)

038. Unknown make sheet metal egg scale in old green paint, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

039. "MASCOT" Egg Grading Scale, some light rust on base, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. Chatillon INFANT ISOLETTE INCUBATOR AIR-SHIELDS INC. HATBORO, PA. 10-lb. capacity, some rust, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. FAIRBANKS postal scale, 4-lb. capacity, nice original paint with decal and red adn gold trim, brass beam and pan, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

042. Small brass steelyard scale with intact weight and pan, comes with a tag that says Stefano Ugoline Firenxe, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. Emerson Electric brass bladed fan Type 6250D, steel guard, looks very good. (Photo)

044. Early electric fan with grease cups fore and aft, no makers marks visible, intact brass guard, needs new cord. Good overall. (Photo)

045. Emerson Electric TROJAN Type 5310, missing guard and brass blade needs a set screw, good overall, need a new cord too. (Photo)

046. Keen Kutter K5 jack plane, rusty and needing a good cleaning, and a Keen Kutter K4 smoother with glued tote otherwise original and very good. (Photo)

047. Stanley #3 iron smooth plane, complete and fine with original decal on tote. (Photo)

048. Three iron block planes: German 1110 similar to Stanley 110; Stanley #102; and a Millers Falls #17 that has light rust and needs to be cleaned. (Photo)

049. Stanley #101 mini block plane, R&L logo blade. (Photo)

050. Unusual Hummer Patent Automatic Computing Scale assignor to the Columbian Automatic Computing Scale Co., Washington, DC, Patented May 3, 1900; Patented Sept. 25, 1900; and Patented March 4, 1902, comes with round piece of wood where there was likely a metal pan or glass plate originally, logo on back shows knives, cleaver, butcher's saw, etc. very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

051. Stanley 101 with number cast into bed, R&L logo blade, very good overall.

052. Stanley #59 dowel jig complete in a fine original box. (Photo)

053. Three wrenches including pump, homemade S wrench; and a vehicle wrench with some rust and light pitting. (Photo)

054. Three wrenches including a strap wrench with intact strap; a spud wrench; and a lug wrench. (Photo)

055. Three wrenches including two different lug wrenches an implement HE911 International Harvester wrench. (Photo)

056. Lot: two stove lid lifers, a T wrench; and a Crescent Tool Co. 1 1/4-inch offset all-steel chisel. (Photo)

057. No name 8-inch drawknife with straight blade, fine overall; plus a Stanley #54 spokeshave. (Photo)

058. Bemis & Call 15-inch #90 all steel nut wrench, very good overall; plus a large pipe or tubing cutter. (Photo)

059. Lot: speed-type brace wrench; screwdriver, 12-inch wood handled nut wrench, etc. (Photo)

060. Bemis & Call 14-inch wood handled nut wrench, complete and very good overall, also marked B&O (railroad). (Photo)

061. Pair of Military bayonets both with original sheaths. (Photo)

062. Early patented auger handle, plus a wooden handle for a shovel, lawn mower or cultivator. (Photo)

063. Two soldering irons; one older and one electric; plus a adjustable auger bit and a rasp. (Photo)

064. Five assorted chisels including ones by BUCK; plus two chalk lines. (Photo)

065. Keuffel & Esser Leroy Lettering Set in original wooden box, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

066. TUFFY folding handle screwdriver new in original packaging. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Three squares including an L.S. Starrett with 6-in. blade; and a Brown & Sharp. (Photo & Photo 2)

068. TESTING MACHINES INC. hanging scale in original box with blue felt. (Photo & Photo 2)

069. Two Ridgley wall paper trimming rules and one trimmer. (Photo)

070. Stanley #45 combination plow plane, SW logo on skate, micro adjusting fence, plane comes with long and short rods; dated cam, two depth stops, beading stop, a double row cutter box with 22 blades including slitter. The rods need a good cleaning and wax or oil, otherwise this one is very good. (Photo)

071. Stanley #71 router with 98%+ nickel plating, 1/2 and 1/4-inch blades, has fence but the screw to mount it is MIA, also have the shoe for the throat closer but the rod is MIA, a fine plane that just needs two small pieces to be complete. (Photo)

072. Lot of two block planes; Stanley #130 that is complete and fine; and an early model #120 with the lever blade adjuster, very good. (Photo)

073. Lot of three iron block planes; Ohio Tool Co. No. 0120 (like an early Stanley #120) missing the front knob; Stanley #60 1/2 low angle with BB logo blade, missing throat cam, very good overall; and a fine B PLANE #103 in fine overall condition. (Photo)

074. Stanley #8 iron jointer plane, has former owners SS number scratched into one side, SW blade, good rosewood tote and short knob, very good overall. (Photo)

075. Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, good V-logo blade, tote spur is MIA, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

076. Stanley #8C cast iron jointer plane, good rosewood tote and low knob, faintly marked Stanley blade, very good overall. (Photo)

077. Stanley #6 cast iron fore plane, good SW blade, tote spur MIA, good low knob, will clean to very good usable condition. (Photo)

078. Pair of Stanley 5 1/2 jumbo jack planes; #5 1/2C is stamped 1906 on the left side, the lever cap has a brazed repair, good usable condition; and a #5 1/2 WWII model with stained hardwood tote and knob, very good BB-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

079. Pair of Stanley iron bench planes; #5C with fine Q-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall; and a Stanley 4 1/2C jumbo smooth plane, good T-logo blade, tote spur broken in 1/2, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

080. Pair of Stanley iron smooth planes; Stanley #4C with good Q-logo blade, good rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall; and a Stanley #3 with very good T-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

081. Pair of Stanley #113 compass planes; one is an early Type 3 or 4 with four holes in the adjuster wheel on the side, part of the sold has been ground away on the toe, needs a blade, good overall; plus a later model with good STANLEY blade, intact reare handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

082. Three Stanley HANDYMAN bench planes; #H1203 8-inch smoother, complete and fine; #H1204 9-inch smooth plane, complete and very good; and an H1205 14-inch jack plane, scuffed but intact wood, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

083. Pair of iron jack planes: #05 HICKORY KELLY HOWE & THOMPSON HARDWARE DULUTH, MINN, complete and very good; plus a Chaplin's Improved #1207, nice early style wooden tote and ebonized knob, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

084. Stanley #40 late model scrub plane with fine BB-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

085. Pair of Stanley rabbet planes: #191 with good BB-logo blade, missing depth stop, very good overall; and Stanley #78 rabbet & fillester plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

086. Lot of four gouges and one corner chisel; the corner chisel has been painted silver; the two largest 1 1/2-inch gouges are rusty and will need polishing; the two smaller gouges just need a light cleaning. (Photo)

087. Three mortising chisels, a 3/8-inch by W. BUTCHER Sheffield and having the name of former owner G.L. DICKOVER; all three mortising chisels are very good; plus two socket firmers, one by the James Swan Co. (Photo & Photo 2)

088. Set of five chisels; one a New Haven Edge Tool Co. 2-inch timber framer; and the other four by PS&W with former owner G.L. DICKOVERS name; all but one has a new handle and one of the PS&W's needs a handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

089. Pair of horn planes; one on left stamped GERMANY on top, PEUGEOT FRERES chip breaker on an Ohio Tool iron, an applied hardwood sole, very good overall. (Photo)

090. Pair of transitional jack planes; Stanley #27 with R&L logo blade, good tote and low knob, very good overall; the other is a FULTON or Sargent that has a pitted blade, good body and good handles, with a new iron, it will be back in business. (Photo)

091. Three Stanley transitional smooth planes; #35 with nice tote and knob, very good overall; #23 with Q-logo blade, improper lever cap, very good overall; and a #22 with Q-logo blade, a few nicks and dings to edge of body, good overall. (Photo)

092. Stanley #71 router with 90%+ japanning, good stained hardwood knobs, 1/2-inch blade included, fine overall. (Photo)

093. Lot of four block planes; early Stanley #110 with R&L-logo blade, very good overall; late Stanley #220 with maroon japanning, very good overall; another late #220 with black japanning, very good; and a SHELTON with pressed steel body, some rust, will clean to very good. (Photo)

094. Lot of four iron block planes: late Stanley #9 1/2 very good; another late 9 1/2 with maroon japanning, fine; a Shelton with pressed steel body, very good; and a Craftsman made by Sargent, very good overall. (Photo)

095. Lot of three iron block planes; Stanley #118P pressed steel body, fine overall; Stanley #9 1/2 with SW logo on knuckle jointed lever cap, fine overall; and a UNION MFG. Co. with 6-inch body, nickel plated cap, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

096. Pair of iron block planes; Millers Falls #16 6-inch complete and fine; and a Stanley #9 1/4 complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

097. Stanley #29 transitional jointer plane with Q-logo blade, tote spur MIA, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

098. Three block planes: Stanley 6-inch with BB-logo blade, vertical adjuster, fine overall; #60 1/2 low angle, something is not right; either the blade or the lever cap is wrong for this one; Shelton with pressed steel body, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

099. Pair of Stanley transitional planes: #27 1/2 jumbo jack plane, tote broken and glued, good V-logo blade, very good overall condition; plus a #127 Liberty Bell jumbo jack, with pitted blade, tote spur MIA, good overall. (Photo)

100. Unusual TOLEDO BALCRANK beam scale 50-lb. capacity, customized to test spring tension or something similar, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

101. Steelyard scale 40 inches long, beam graduated to 240 lbs, very good overall. (Photo)

102. Fairbanks single-beam postal scale, 4-lb. capacity, some original paint on base with traces of red and gold highlighting, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Chicago Scale Co. single-beam scale with double-toe base, brass beam, needs a few weights, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Fairbanks single-beam scale, 8-lb. capacity without adding weights, double-toe base, comes with stack of 20, 40 & 80-gr. weights, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Livingston, Copeland & Co. Novelty Works No.10 single beam platform scale, brass beam marked FAIRBANKS PATENT, top has a decorative harp pattern, comes with stack of weights, entire unit on wheels, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

106. DAYTON STYLE 8593 Customeread Scale 30-lb. capacity, has magnifying lens on the users side that slides back and forth to get reading. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

107. Fairbanks No. 1 single beam scale with large brass scoop, base in gold paint, March 3, 1896 patent, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

108. Large DETROIT AUTOMATIC combination platform and beam scale can weigh up to 100 lbs. comes with full set of weights, nickel plated beam and brackets, gray paint with gold trim, complete missing the glass from the back side at top, May 19, 1903; March 27, 1906; Oct. 8, 1907; very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

109. Henry TROEMNER NO. 1, single beam single weight, 32-lb. capacity, includes two removable brass pans, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

110. Large HOWE beam scale head 6000-lb. capacity on original wooden base that is also marked HOWE. Very good overall. (Photo)

111. ELECTRO DENTAL MFG. suction pump with leather belt, early electric motor and tank, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

112. Large HOWE beam scale head 4000-lb. capacity with original wooden base that is also marked HOWE. Similar to the one in lot 110, includes two rods to attached to to a platform, some assembly will be required. (Photo & Photo 2)

113. Hand cranked whetstone, has rust on trough and brackets, and needs the wooden base replaced. (Photo)

114. Hand cranked bench-mounted grinding wheel, very good overall. (Photo)

115. BLUE GRASS 12-inch drawknife, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. GIRARD all steel RAILROAD nut wrench, some rust, will clean to very good; plus a Coes Patent 8-inch nut wrench, the hammer head has been abused. (Photo & Photo 2)

117. Lot of three rusty wrenches including a 14-inch wood handled Stilson pipe wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

118. Large lot of files and rasps. (Photo)

119. Double headed hammer with claw on side, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

120. Mancur spring balance, sometimes called a buffalo hide-type scale, graduated 0-300 on one side and 0-40 on other side, very good overall condition. (Photo)

121. HandE 1921 patent nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

122. Ever Grip 8-inch nut wrench, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

123. Corchran Speednut PATENT PENDING, very good overall; and an EIFEL Plierwrench. (Photo)

124. Combination set L.S. STARRETT, the scale is a little worn, the other pieces are fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

125. Unusual JWB wrench; UNIVERSAL cutout wrench and another little wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. Unusual MOLINO "CORONA" hand cranked grain grinder or gristmill that clamps to a table, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

127. Unusual patented brace; and two mystery tools. (Photo)

128. Lot of three wrenches: B&C 6-inch adjustable S wrench; one marked 290; and and a J.H.W. XX No. 723 offset 3/16 & 1/4 open end. (Photo)

129. Pair of wrenches: polished 9-inch automotive nut wrench and an unknown vehicle wrench. (Photo)

130. General Electric brass bladed fan with steel guard, oscillating feature, do not know if it runs as we did not dare plug it in, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

131. Western Electric List No. 7804 brass bladed fan with steel guard, has oscillating feature, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

132. Westinghouse Model? brass bladed oscillating fan with steel guard, cord need to be replaced. (Photo & Photo 2)

133. Three wrenches including a gas bottle wrench with pivoting head; a multi wrench; and an unknown hook shaped item marked H&D that is spring loaded; and a WALDEN WORCESTER No. 4564 Pat. May 4, 1909, fine. (Photo)

134. Two wrenches WAKEFIELD WRENCH NO. 3; E.F. REECE CO. Greenfield, Mass. No. 3; and a small pot metal dogbone. (Photo)

135. Lot of four tools: wire handled screwdriver; little pin vise; watchmakers arm lifter; and a nickel plated adjustable leather washer cutter. (Photo)

136. Hand cranked bench-mounted cream tester, very good overall. (Photo)

137. Three hog ringers including a double patented April 21, 1880; and a UTICA #818, complete and fine. (Photo)

138. DERCK's GAUGE DIAL and HUBBELL METALS decimal equiivants. (Photo)

139. Patented Archimedian drill chuck patented AUG. 15, 1882; and a brush made by the DIAGRAPH CO. ST. LOUIS, MO PATENTED. (Photo)

140. Two 8-inch adjustable pipe wrenches; one a STILLSON by the MOORE DROP FORGING CO.; and the other a TRIMO. (Photo)

141. Compound side cutter; offset M. KLEIN & SONS needle nose pliers; nice FRENCH end cutters, and a CRESCENT TOOL CO. #777 needle nose pliers. (Photo)

142. Three marking gauges one a double beam beech that is complete and fine; one of the two rosewood gauges is chipped and has a replaced screw in head. (Photo)

143. Unusual rosewood handled bevel with 6-inch blade, very good; and a steel roller or burnisher. (Photo)

144. Three plier tools: M. KLEIN & SONS lineman's plier; UTICA TOOLS 40-7 side cutters; and FULLERS (ENGLISH) needle nose. (Photo)

145. SINGER 3-110 sewing machine with foot pedal, in original box, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

146. Three pair of pinking shears; one by Pinking Shears Corp and two by WISS, all fine. (Photo)

147. CRAFTSMAN No. 5535 flaring tool, complete and fine in a tatty box. (Photo & Photo 2)

148. Box of assorted drafting tools including compasses one with ivory or bone handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

149. REED F-8 3/16 to 3/4 OD flaring tool, like new in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

150. POCKET-PROBE MODEL IP SURFACE TEMPERATURE RANGE 50 to 600 degrees F, like new in original box. (Photo)

151. Large steel and brass head for platform scale, 2000-lb. capacity, needs a good cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

152. Large lot of welding equipment including a box full of regulators and torch heads; four sets of hoses; goggles, tip cleaners, two masks and pair of leather gloves with spare. (Photo & Photo 2)

153. Massive HOWE #6444, 6000-lb. capacity head for a large platform scale, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

154. Stanley #7 iron jointer plane, rusty and needs a good cleaning; plus a Hargrave clamp and a Handyman drill. (Photo)

155. Fairmont Cleveland auto wrench with tire spoon handle; and a Sargent's patent sliding bevel. (Photo)

156. Lot: Stanley #18 bevel, rosewood handled try square; dough cutter; and two little scrapers. (Photo)

157. Stanley #400 miter clamp, dirty but will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

158. THE DRIVER LINE bench mounting vise, complete and very good. (Photo)

159. Lot of three stove parts and a GILCHRIST No. 50 carpet stretcher or straining fork. (Photo)

160. ALRIGHT NO. 1 MAIL BOX, cast iron, very good overall condition. (Photo)

161. Missouri State Game Refuge RS:1919, Section 3601 tin sign dated by GRIMM METAL SIGN CORP. ST. LOUIS, very good overall. (Photo)

162. Two husking tools; part of an old auto or bicycle light and two sprinkler heads. (Photo)

163. YAWMAN & ERBE MFG bill hook and a hand cranked beater patented Oct. 9, 1923, needs a jar. (Photo)

164. Four wooden handled forks in a wooden KRAFT cheese box; plus a dough imprinter or wood graining tool and a tin fish scaler. (Photo)

165. Lot of pipe tools including large RIGID ratcheting reamer; two VULCAN chain wrenches and a large REED die stock that holds three dies at a time. (Photo)

166. Three different die stocks, one a RIGED 111-R, and one with five different dies. (Photo)

167. Large round marine type running light with brass housing and red lens. (Photo)

168. Kodak SIX-16 BROWNIE JR. camera, very good overall. (Photo)

169. Large air? tank of riveted steel construction, with gage on top, very nicely made. (Photo)

170. Lot of 6 mason jars including two green BALL quart jars; a clear Ball quart; and three smaller jars all with wire bales. (Photo)

171. Small HORRON STOVE CO. No. 15 cast iron wood-burning heat stove from Belleville, Illinois, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

172. Lot of six mason jars: five BALL IDEAL jars one with July 14, 1908 patent date, and one smaller jar marked S-K-444 on bottom, all have wire bales. (Photo)

173. Larger "CHEERFUL" cast iron wood-burning heating stove from Quincy ILL, the decorative top piece is inside the stove and didn't make it into the photo. (Photo & Photo 2)

174. Six glass mason jars; one marked TIGHT SEAL with PAT. JULY 14, 1908; a BALL IDEAL with the same patent date; a BALL pint jar, and three unmarked jars, all having wire bales. (Photo)

175. Unusual Chicago Scale Co. folding platform scale made by Mason, Davis & Co., has a locking hasp and casters so it can be rolled around. Nice as is, but will make a great project for restoration. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

176. Six mason jars: KERR SELF SEALING WIDE MOUTH; BALL IDEAL #10 with July 14, 1908 patent date; BALL IDEAL #2; two smaller clear BALL IDEAL and one ACME the last five having wire bale closures. (Photo)

177. IDL postal scale, needs cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

178. JA-SAN-MO coffee tin MEYER BROS COFFEE & SPICE CO. ST. LOUIS U.S.A. very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

179. HANSON MODEL 1509, postal scale, 5-lb. capacity, fine overall. (Photo)

180. Clear glass eye wash cup, fine overall. (Photo)

181. Pair of postal scales: NATIONAL 4-lb. capacity; and an IDEAL with 2-lb. capacity. (Photo)

182. Unusual scale type device mounted on a oil pan, has knurled caps labeled FILL HERE, PUMP, and REGULATOR and the scale is marked EXACT WEIGHT and OVER UNDER and measures? to 1 ounce by 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 pound. (Photo & Photo 2)

183. Singer Buttonholer Model 489,500 or 489,510 in original green plastic case fine overall condition. Patent 2,547,925. Copyright 1960. (Photo)

184. Stanley BEDROCK 605 1/2C jumbo jack plane, chunk from right side in rear, good usable condition. (Photo)

185. Stanley BEDROCK #608C with 80% japanning, good tall knob, nice rosewood tote has part of original decal; fine SW logo blade, with light cleaning, this one will be fine. (Photo)

186. Stanley #7 Type 11 22-inch iron jointer plane with V-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and low knob, fine overall. (Photo)

187. Stanley #386 jointer gauge or fence for iron jointer planes, complete with fine rosewood knob, fine overall. (Photo)

188. Stanley #43 Saw set in original box in fine overall condition with original instruction pamphlet. (Photo)

189. Set of 13 Millers Falls wood auger bits in 2-tiered wooden box, bits are all fine; box is OK; also included is a wooden cask of points for a Yankee push drill. (Photo)

190. Stanley Handyman H432 saw set in original box, set and box are both fine. (Photo)

191. Three sharpening stones; two in wooden boxes including one by the Deerlick Oil Stone Co., Chagrin Falls Ohio, and a CARBORUNDUM in a pasteboard box; all very good. (Photo)

192. Stanley #42 saw set in original box with pamphlet, set is fine, box is just OK. (Photo)

193. Box of 10 DICK W.GERMANY files all fine; plus a Stanley #95 butt gauge in original box, fine gauge, OK box. (Photo)

194. Stanley #90 bullnose rabbet plane MADE IN USA, like new in original pasteboard box, no label on box. (Photo & Photo 2)

195. BRUCE NAILRITE nail guide in original box with instruction sheet, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. POST wooden pantograph in original pasteboard box with instruction sheet, fine overall. (Photo)

198. Two Yankee screwdrivers: Stanley Yankee 131A with one flat bit, very good overall; and a 135A in original pasteboard box, driver is fine, box is OK. (Photo)

199. Stanley #42 pistol grip saw set in original pasteboard box, fine overall; and a 2-inch single plane iron in original was paper inside pasteboard box, new. (Photo)

200. Fine boxed set C.E. JENNINGS wood auger bits. (Photo)

201. Youngs machine made 3/16-inch letter stamps in fine wooden box, a complete set in fine overall condition. (Photo)

202. Cleveland Twist Drill Co. Set No. 45 Quick-Set Adjustable Reamers in nice fitted wood box, all appear to be fine. (Photo)

203. Young's machine made 3/16-inch figure stamps in fine fitted wood box; plus a Stanley Handyman 133H screwdriver, some rust on shank, good overall in a nice original box. (Photo)

204. Pair of Stanley bench planes: #5 1/4 junior jack plane, with BB logo blade, tote broken and glued, good knob, very good overall; and a #3 Type 11 smoother with T-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and knob have a few paint splatters, fine overall.

205. Stanley #45 combination plow plane, Type 11 with script logo on skate, all three main sections, both sets rods, cam, three depth stops, beading stop, two short boxes of 22 blades including the slitter and an owners pamphlet, all inside an owner made wooden box with tin lid, a fine plane a good box. (Photo)

206. Pair of Stanley bench planes; #4 1/2C with T-logo blade, tote broken in middle; good low knob, will clean to very good overall condition; and a VICTOR by STANLEY #1104 9-inch smooth plane, with stained hardwood tote and knob, fine overall.

207. Millers Falls #1285C miter box, this one is in fine overall condition. Just add a saw and it will be ready to go. Saws can be found in lots 286, 288 and 290. (Photo & Photo 2)

208. Stanley #5 1/4 junior jack plane, fine BB-logo blade, tote broken and glued, fine tall knob, fine overall.

209. Stanley #2246A miter box, there are a few patches of light surface rust, but the box is fine overall. Just add a saw and it's ready to go. Saws can be found in lots 286, 288 and 290. (Photo & Photo 2)

210. Pair of iron smooth planes; #4C with fine rosewood tote, knob cracked at base, very good Q-logo blade, fine overall; plus a REVONOC #3C, tote broken and glued, low knob is missing chunk at base, good usable condition.

211. Five books: Rigging-Work Book; Structural Steel Work Book; Safety Work Book; 1980 Service Tools Catalog; and a SLIGO ST. LOUIS TOOL CATALOG NO. 89 with some moisture damage to the hard covers. (Photo)

212. Three books: The Village Carpenter by Walter Rose; Industrial Archaeology by Arthur Raistrick; and a hardbound Technology In Early America by Brooke Hindle, all are fine. (Photo)

213. Three books including two MWTCA catalog reprints: A.J. WILKINSON & CO'S. BOSTON; Chas. A. Strelinger & Co., Detroit, Michigan; and The Reading Lathe - A link with the Angle-Saxon Migration by Philip H. Dixon, all are fine. (Photo)

214. LION SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Plumbing, Heating, Hardware Specialties (St. Louis, MO & Alton, ILL) catalog; and GIANT Home Workshop Manual. (Photo)

215. Iron Work Reinforcing Manual VII book; plus seven tool catalog or price list reprints. (Photo & Photo 2)

216. Six MWTCA tool catalog reprints: Sandusky Tool Co; The James Swan Co.; J.M. WATERSTON; OHIO TOOL CO.; JACKSON & TYLER; and NORTH BROTHERS YANKEE, all in fine overall condition. (Photo)

217. Early pickaxe and a long handled wooden mallet with steel rings. (Photo)

218. Lot of four pair of blacksmith tongs.

219. Black & Decker No. HU-44 electric sander in original pasteboard box, includes original instruction booklet and several packages of B&D sand paper, complete and fine. (Photo)

220. Two Black & Decker Home-Utility drill attachments: 1/4-inch Horizontal Stand Model 1, very good overall; and a 1/4-inch Drill Stand Model 3 that turns a normal hand drill into a bench top drill press, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

221. Black & Decker U-10 portable jig saw in original box with several boxes of B&D blades, and a use and care pamphlet, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

222. Two Black & Decker Home-Utility drill attachments: HU-1006 ROTO-HONE ATTACHMENT in original box, complete and very good; plus an HU-1005 DISC SANDING TABLE in original box, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

223. Black & Decker HU-80 "LECTRO-SAW" 8-inch circular saw with 1-horsepower motor, several blades in original pacakging including U-1800 combination saw blade; U-1804 flooring saw blade; HU-1805 ABRASIVE LECTRO-DISC for thing-gauge metal cutting; and another B&D combination blade that is not in original packaging; and an HU-1600 combination blade for a 6-inch saw. (Photo & Photo 2)

224. FRISCO (railroad) Commemorative 6 1/4-inch piece of railroad track with FRISCO decal on top, date of 1902 on the side, bottom is covered in felt, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

225. Stanley 30-inch brass bound plumb & level, plumb vial is broken and the brass ring around the plumb vial is missing a piece on one side, needs a little TLC. (Photo & Photo 2)

226. Pair 5 1/2-inch brass trammels, very good overall. (Photo)

227. DISSTON & MORSS Keystone Tool Works 30-in. plumb & level with brass end plates, unknown wood, has partial paper label on one side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

228. Unknown set steel trammels in gray paint, very good. (Photo)

229. Stanley 30 3/8-inch #30 double plumb & level, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

230. Large pair 6 1/2-inch brass trammel points, very good. (Photo)

231. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #? 30-inch plumb & level with brass end plates and fancy brass side views, mahogany stock, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

232. Scarce A.O. Calhoon, Victor, Missouri, rafter square and polygon bevel, made on patent #842,999 issued to Albert O. Calhoon of Victor, Mo., has a few patches of light pitting, good overall condition. The town of Victor, Missouri was flooded in making Mark Twain Lake many years ago. (Photo & Photo 2)

233. Grade Level Company Jackson, Mich. 26-inch wooden grading level with brass fittings that would have been used to lay out railroad tracks and other building projects where a grade would need to be measured. There is a threaded hole on the bottom, so this one was likely designed to be mounted to a tripod, has company name in ink on one side, very good overall. This is the first of its kind that we have seen or sold. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

234. Lot of three small brass plumb bobs. (Photo)

235. Lufkin #58, 12-inch millwrights shaft level, new in original wooden box. (Photo & Photo 2)

236. Two small brass plumb bobs, one has some red paint, the other has a nice turnip shape and has a removable steel tip. (Photo)

237. L.S. Starrett 12-inch #98 millwright's shaft level in fine to near new overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

238. Pair of smaller brass plumb bobs with with nice turnip shape and having a steel tip. (Photo)

239. Two small Stanley pocket levels with brass tops that are designed to be mounted to a square, both are in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

240. Two small brass plumb bobs. (Photo)

241. L.L. DAVIS Patent 6-inch mantle clock-style inclinometer level, has mild pitting on the bottom, and has been repainted, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

242. Stanley #33 prelateral jointer plane, has later Q-logo blade, improper size chip breaker, tote spur missing, eagle logo on toe, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. Coffin shaped 6-inch compass plane with applied brass sole plate, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

244. Stanley #33 transitional jointer plane with first-type lateral lever, nice J logo blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

245. Toothing plane with SARTENT & CO. blade, either a modified smoother or the throat was mistakenly cut with mortise for cap screw, poor fitting wedge, can be tuned to usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

246. Rosewood wedge-locking "grasshopper" marking gauge. (Photo & Photo 2)

247. Unmarked DONOVAN-type 4 1/4-inch mini smooth plane, brand new. (Photo & Photo 2)

248. Spill plane made of three pieces of mahogany screwed together and having a blade made from a chisel, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

249. Two wood planes: shipwright's razee-style jack plane, rosewood body, wedge looks like a replacement, very good overall; and a homemade 6 1/2-inch smoother, has mortise cut for double iron but no blade is currently fitted. (Photo & Photo 2)

250. O.D. JENNINGS "Lollypop" penny or arcade scale, Patented March 8th 1921, the oil pot was removed to transport it, and the base or platform needs to be re-assembled, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

251. American Family Scale "60 POUNDS BY 2 OZ." in yellow paint, with tin pan also in yellow paint, very good overall. (Photo)

252. DETECTO SCALES scale by The Jacobs Brothers 60 lbs. by 2 oz. with tin scoop, very good overall. (Photo)

253. The Exact Weight Scale Co. Columbus, Ohio Type 8000, 5 KILO, has a few paint splatters, otherwise very good working condition. (Photo)

254. W.C. SPAFFORD CHICAGO double-beam platform scale, very good overall. condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

255. Large DETROIT AUTOMATIC combination platform and beam scale can weigh up to 100 lbs. comes with full set of weights, nickel plated beam and brackets, gray paint with gold trim, complete missing the glass from the back side at top, May 19, 1903; March 27, 1906; Oct. 8, 1907; very good overall. (Photo)

256. Lot of three household scales, OLD KENTUCKY HOME by BELKNAP HARDWARE & MFG. CO., 25-lb. capacity by ounces; OVB Our Very Best household scale 24-lb. capacity; and a TRINER "DELMAR FAMILY SCALES" PAT. MAY 1, 1906, rusty base. (Photo)

257. TOLEDO NO SPRINGS HONEST WEIGHT grocery scale; white porcelain finish, very good overall condition. (Photo)

258. STIMPSONS grocery type scale in blue paint, no pan, for parts or restoration. (Photo)

259. Pair of scales: AMERICAN FAMILY SCALE with tin scoop, 24-lb. capacity, glass missing and dial soiled; and a MODEL SM-28 32-ounce capacity by 1/8 oz., has tag EQUIPPED WITH "INSTANT WEIGHT" DASH POT, and Temperature Compensated. (Photo)

260. The Standard Computing Scale Co Detroit, Mich. grocery scale, 24-lb. capacity, has been repainted, light socket in the top looks original, very good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

261. Three more family type scales: AMERICAN STEEL PRODUCTS CO., 24-lb. capacity, interesting dial, decals on both sides, very good; KITCHENETTE SCALE DELUX PELOUZE MFG CO. CHICAGO with intact glass and bezel, good overall; COLUMBIA FAMILY SCALE by LANDERS, FRARY & CLARK, NEW BRITAIN, CONN, some rust at base. (Photo)

262. Stimson grocery scale with set of 5 nickel-plated weights, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

263. FAIRBANKS 1-lb. capacity single-beam scale with brass scoop, very good, DEC. 18, 1877, very good. (Photo)

264. KEUFFES & ESSER surveyors transit in original wooden box with sun visor, plumb bob. (Photo & Photo 2)

265. Pair of scales: Hanson 1000 gram graduated by 2 grams scale with nice dial; plus a CHATILLON 25-lb. capacity, missing glass lens, dial soiled. (Photo)

266. SCHARR & COMPANY laboratory balance scale with white enameled pans, good overall. (Photo)

267. Pair of unusual scales: first one looks like a clock, 25-lb. capacity, PATENTS PENDING, MADE IN USA, has plastic lens or cover; and a LANDERS, FRARY & CLARK "UNIVERSAL" 25-lb. capacity, sticker on back gives weight equivilents of one cup of different foods, very good overall. (Photo)

268. DETECTO SCALES NEW YORK NO. 2 single beam balance scale, 1-lb. capacity on brass beam, good overall.

269. INGENTO 5 1/2 paper cutter, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

270. Two mallets and a small homemade hatchet with leather sheath. (Photo)

271. Steel tape measure tape marked MADE IN WEST GERMANY and a 24-inch steel zig zag rule marked MADE IN GERMANY. (Photo)

272. BILLINGS & SPENCER 6-inch S-handled adjustable side jaw nut wrench; plus a PROTO #704-S 4-inch Cresent. (Photo)

273. Three 4-inch crescent wrenches: P&C #4; PLUMB #704; and a CRESTOLOY Crescent Tool Co. all are very good or better. (Photo)

274. MICROCRAFT microscope and set of compounds in original box, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

275. Two different size steelyard scales one is missing its weight. (Photo)

276. Mancur balance sometimes referred to as "buffalo hide scale," 300 lb. capacity on one scale and 40-lb. on the other, complete and very good. (Photo)

277. Stanley HANDYMAN No. 895 wall mounted tool cabinet with tools. Here is a fine wall mounted tool box with 22 of the original 27 tools. Missing are the hand saw, crescent wrench, hammer, framing square, and cold chisel. Present are the zig zag rule, three screwdrivers, three chisels, hand drill, bit brace, awl, marking gauge, level, combination square, two auger bits, countersink, screwdriver bit, expansive bit, block and smooth planes, nail set and pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

278. Two NOS Stanley #66 1/2 four-fold rules in original box bottom. (Photo & Photo 2)

279. Lot: scratch awl, machine auger bit; single 7 1/2-inch steel trammel; small pair hand forged steel nippers; Millers Falls No. 199 offset screwdriver; Shapleigh dividers; and early pair dividers. (Photo & Photo 2)

280. Lot of three 4-fold 24-inch boxwood rules: NOS C-S (Chapin Stephens) Co. #68; NOS Stanley SW #68 and a LUFKIN #651, complete and very good to fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

281. PRO PRODUCTS ROCKFORD ILLINOIS inclinometer LEVEL and ANGLE FINDER, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

282. Lot: nail set; pinking iron; star punch; 3 1/2-inch level; fine miniature double horned anvil; three flat Yankee screwdriver bits; gimlet bit; and center bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

283. Nice crook knife with deer antler handle, blade has a scalloped top edge. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Unknown make #87 ivory and German silver 4-fold rule, two sections have cracks and the ivory is yellowed, good overall; plus an unknown make No. 41 boxwood 12-inch 4-fold rule, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

285. Pair of ornamental cast iron stands or trivets for sad irons, both are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

286. Atkins 28-inch back saw for use in a miter box, chip from underside of handle spur, and etch is faint, very good overall. (Photo)

287. Two cast iron stands or trivets for sad irons and a bull-shaped trivet for pots, pans or baking dishes. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. LAKESIDE NO. 84-50 26-inch back saw, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Two cast iron stands or trivets for sad irons; one is marked COLEBROOKDALE IRON CO. POTTSTOWN, PA; and the other is marked W.H. HOWELL CO. GENEVA, ILL., both are in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

290. Unknown make 26-inch back saw for use in a miter box, complete and fine. (Photo)

291. Three cast iron stands or trivets for sad irons; the one on the far left is marked THE ROYAL; the one in the center is unmarked; and the COLT model on the right has been broken and needs to be welded, the other two are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

292. H.C. MARSH combined miter box and picture frame clamp, marked with AUG 6, 89 and JAN 28, 90 patent dates, one of the adjusting knobs had had the outer ring broken off but it still works, one of the clamps that holds a wooden ruler to the vise is present. Just add a saw and you can go into the picture frame business. (Photo & Photo 2)

293. Factory made brass-bound carpenter tool box with fold down lid, storage in lid for hand saws, bracket in the back for a wooden level, nice Eagle lock (no key), and both handles on top need to be replaced, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

294. Two square advertising yardsticks: the one on top from the ACME FEED, SEED & FERTILIZER COMPANY (St. Louis); and the bottom one from THE MEMPHIS FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO. (Photo & Photo 2)

295. Two 8-foot furniture clamps, both are complete and very good. (Photo)

296. Two-man crosscut saw, intact handles, a little light rust on the blade, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

297. Scythe with unusual painted handle, very good overall. (Photo)

298. One or two-man crosscut saw, has Disston medallion, one handle screw improper, intact auxiliary handle, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

299. Heath upright hay knife, complete and very good. (Photo)

300. OSGOOD head, wooden housing and linkage for a large platform scale, would make a nice display piece. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Crude homemade machete; and two Millers Falls auger bit extensions, one in original albeit tattered box. (Photo)

302. Outers Laboratories 3-piece maple shotgun cleaning rod in original cardboard box, rod, brush and patch holder are fine, box is tatty; plus a three piece .22 caliber rifle cleaning rod, very good overall. (Photo)

303. Unknown make claw hammer with fine wooden handle; plus a 20th Century crate opening tool, some rust, good overall. (Photo)

304. Lot including two long auger bits; three long twist bits; and a regular auger bit. (Photo)

305. McQuay-Norris Compression-Vacuum Tester in original tin box, very good overall; plus a spare tin box for VICTOR hack saw blades. (Photo)

306. Craftsman (Sargent) 4-edge blade smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

307. Well pulley, WEISS & PEXTO tin snips and a pair of FISHERMAN'S PINCHERS. (Photo & Photo 2)

308. Early brass window sash closure, an a doorbell mounted to a piece of wood. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. Plumb lathing hatchet and a Witherby 10-inch drawknife. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Lot of assorted hinges and other hardware. (Photo)

311. Unusual DEC. 31, 1955 LEWIS, KANS. postal cancelation stamp. (Photo & Photo 2)

312. HUDSON TERRAPLANE AUTHORIZED SERVICE porcelain sign, most likely a reproduction of an original. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Two iron bench planes: Ohio Tool Co. #04 1/2 heavy smoother, needs a good cleaning; plus a Stanley #4 complete and very good. (Photo)

314. Keen Kutter K22 food chopper. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Two iron smooth planes; Millers Falls #9 and Stanley HANDYMAN H1203, both complete and in usable condition. (Photo)

316. Lot: ice pick; Handyman "Yankee" screwdriver, and two stubby screwdrivers. (Photo)

317. Lakeside (Stanley) #75 bullnose rabbet plane, complete and fine; plus two other block planes for parts. (Photo)

318. Shapleigh KEEN KUTTER 12-inch Crescent-type adjustable wrench, fine. (Photo)

319. Two different pairs of fencing pliers, one has nail claw. (Photo)

320. Four claw hammers including one marked BLUEGRASS and a small one that was likely in a child's tool kit. (Photo & Photo 2)

321. W.I. Short patent NEVER ROOT "hog-tamer" made on U.S. PAT. NO. 649,682 issued to William I. Short of Lewiston, MO. This one is complete and very good overall. (Photo)

322. Two claw hammers and a FULLER hatchet with sheath. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. Three assorted wrenches: ACME A881; a C338 combination implement wrench with hammer face; and a DELCO LIGHT PLANT wrench marked CONNECTING ROD SCREW on one side and CYLINDER NUT 95095 on the other side. (Photo)

324. PLUM prospectors hammer head; and three other hatchet and hammer heads. (Photo & Photo 2)

325. Lot of four wrenches: Litchfield? M183 with pitting; B.M.&S.H.CO. MOHAWK 7364 (broken on one end); a smaller wrench marked L.MILL and an even smaller one that is unmarked. (Photo)

326. Old "Salem refreshes your taste" cigarette sign and thermometer, the thermometer is broken, but the sign is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

327. Lot of four wrenches: 8-inch DIAMALLOY Crescent; 6-inch Crescent; 6-inch LAKESIDE Crescent; and a Ford double open end. (Photo)

328. YANKEE GIRL CHEWING TOBACCO sign, this one look like a modern make, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Lot of seven wrenches: 8-IN-1 double ended ratchet with tilting heads that will fit 8 different sized bolts or nuts; a Japanese combination wrench and a set of four automotive type double open ended nut wrenches. (Photo)

330. DR DRAKE'S UNIVERSAL PILL sign, this one looks like a modern reproduction, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

331. Antique wooden ammo crate with intact intact leather handle and latch, OD green paint, very good overall; come with pile of assorted auger bits shown in the photo. (Photo & Photo 2)

332. Tin sign "Young at heart. Slightly older in other places," complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

333. Lot of five chisels, three needing handles; a tang gouge needing a handle; glass cutter, and a wooden awl handle. A few of the chisels will need cleaning. (Photo)

334. Lot: Stanley No. 399 Pocket Surform plane; Union #60 cabinet scraper (Similar to Stanley #12) with improper nuts, cracked handle and no blade; and a E.C. STEARNS long handled scraper with improper blade. (Photo)

335. Lot of three try squares, one with rosewood handle; and a try and miter square with rosewood handle. (Photo)

336. Unusual Stanley #125 "All In One" combination square, level and bevel, complete and very good. (Photo)

337. Millers Falls adjustable square with intact level; and a early Stanley #18 sliding bevel with 6-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

338. Sheath knife with leather sheath; plus a pair of brass hinges in their original package; and two handles also in their original packaging. (Photo & Photo 2)

339. Two wrenches including a long socket-type for DELCO light plants; an offset open end marked SIMMONS; and a BOX TERRIER crate opening hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

340. True Temper broad hatchet head; plus a head for a long handle hoe-type tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

341. Early Model A or Model T rearview mirror with bracket; three hitch balls; and an ORIGINAL 500 SPORT GRIP steering wheel wrap. (Photo & Photo 2)

342. Lot of kitchen gadgets; food chopper, jar openers, barrel spigot. (Photo & Photo 2)

343. Pair of combination bottle openers and shoe horns from HOTEL MUEHLBACH AND TOWERS KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI; "Kansas 1861 Cattle Country" belt buckle; and a Honer BLUESBAND harmonica. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Four pair of sewing scissors or sheers, the bottom three by WISS and the top by SUPREMO USA. (Photo)

345. Lot of 13 wrenches: set of five FULLER combination; pair of Craftsman double open enders; two different Crescent-types, etc. (Photo)

346. Four pair of sewing scissors: the three on top are all Italian and the bottom pair is Keen Kutter. (Photo)

347. Lot of 17 wrenches: six FULLER combination wrenches; pair of INDUSTRO, a stamped steel BINKS 5-461, etc. (Photo)

348. Peerless Weighing Machine Co. Detroit, Mich. #5397 Junior 300-lb. capacity penny or arcade scale in white paint Pat. June 16, 1915; April 4, 1916, missing the front glass but includes the trim need to secure the new glass or mirror, nice tile base plate, and a nice tilting mirror that mounts to the top, a perfect restoration project. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

349. American Scale Mfg. Washington DC HOROSCOPE WEIGH YOUR FUTURE penny or arcade scale; mostly complete and in need of a good cleaning, can be restored to working condition, needs a new back panel. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 2)

350. Watling penny or arcade scale, MADE BY T.W. 1933, complete with original back and working lock with key, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

351. Unknown make penny or arcade scale with black front, white top with coin slot, missing the back, internal mechanism has been removed, good for parts or restoration. (Photo)

352. Howe Scale Co. Rutland VT No. 3 1/2 platform scale, Patented Aug. 20, 1867; Jan. 15, 1870, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

353. W.M. WELCH SCIENTIFIC CO. 10-gram capacity, laboratory balance very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

354. Nice FAIRBANKS single beam scale 25-capacity, has a SCOOP ON/SCOOP OFF weight that can be flipped when not using the scoop, includes a set of weights, nice original black paint with red & gold highlights, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

355. W.M. WELCH SCIENTIFIC CO. 10-gram capacity, laboratory balance very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

356. Emerson Electric oscillating fan with steel blade and steel guard, Type 73648AK, has a newer looking cord, on/off switch in base (Photo)

357. Pair of ratcheting fence stretching tools or stretchers, both in very good overall condition. (Photo)

358. Sheffield Saw Works Indianapolis 18-inch panel saw, nice etch, very good overall; and an unusual 14-inch back saw with the word BABBITT etched on blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

359. Pair of back saws: 14-inch JACKSON, good overall; and a 12-inch Henry Disston & Sons, needs light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. Unusual H & C DISSTON combination knife and saw, handle held on by two rivets. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. Stanley miter box with 14-inch back saw, both in very good overall condition. (Photo)

362. Pair of saws: E.C. Atkins meat saw, and an aluminum handled keyhole saw. (Photo)

363. Three saws: two coping saws and a Millers Falls keyhole saw. (Photo)

364. Three saws: Keen Kutter 10-inch back saw, some rust; a 25-inch crosscut saw with broken handle, some rust, and an 18-inch panel saw with faint etch. (Photo)

365. Unknown make miter box with stamped steel fixture, and a COLUMBIA SAW WORKS 12-inch back saw with nice etch, very good. (Photo)

366. Pair of hand saws: 26-inch 8ppi cross cut that needs a good cleaning; and a FULTON TOOL CO. 28-inch rip with 5 1/2 ppi. (Photo)

367. Three ball peen hammers including a 4-oz. with decal on handle Cheney Hammers RAILROAD FINISH. (Photo)

368. Lot of three hammers: two claw hammers and a Stanley brick hammer, all very good. (Photo)

369. Three different hammers: one is a PLUMB prospectors hammer; a rock facing hammer or crandle; and one that looks like a welders slag hammer. (Photo)

370. Pair of hatchets: Marbles safety hatchet, one side of handle replaced with wood, good guard; and a TRUE TEMPER FLINT EDGE broad hatchet. (Photo)

371. Three assorted hammers: ball peen; brass hammer; tack hammer and a pick head and a maul head. (Photo)

372. Large Diamond Edge ball peen; a brass GWD hammer; and an upholsters tack hammer. (Photo)

373. Three rules: Stanley HANDYMAN No. 96 zig zag rule also marked No. 339TC, very good overall; LUFKIN #862C 2-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule, very good; 36-inch 4-fold Blindman's type with faint numbers; and an unmarked 2-foot, 4-fold, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

374. Pair of levels: Stanley #3, 29 1/2-inch laminated stock, V logo, intact vials, very good; and Disston 28-inch plumb & level, intact vials. (Photo & Photo 2)

375. A.S. ALOE CO. ST. LOUIS UNIVERSAL PAT. May 24, 1892 surveyor's tape and reel, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

376. Pair of levels: SIMMONS SW-24 mason's level with large hang hole, one vial loose in housing, good overall; Stanley #104 14-inch plumb and level with both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

377. Pair of line levels including one by Frank Hall in original tin box, both very good. (Photo)

378. Three levels: Stanley #260 torpedo level; WASSERWAAGE LUGE VERSTELLBARE SYSTEM DRGM inclinometer level that will clip onto a square or line; and a Stanley pocket level that attached to square, very good overall. (Photo)

378. Toledo 3-lb. capacity HONEST WEIGHT, NO SPRINGS candy scale with brass scoop, very good overall. (Photo)

379. Single-beam postal? scale APPROVED TYPE SERIAL D-5, 100-lb. capacity, has been repainted black, very good overall. (Photo)

380. Toledo Scale Co. Type 9.405CA 3-lb. capacity with nice scoop, fine overall. (Photo)

381. WEIS single beam postal scale, 1-lb. capacity, very good overall. (Photo)

382. Unknown make balance scale plus a fine set of brass weights from 2-lb. down to 1/16th oz. in original wooden box. (Photo)

383. Unusual candy? scale with brass scoop, graduated on both sides of a circular aluminum disc, marked "WARRANTED ACCURATE PATS PENDING," traces of old red paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

384. TOLEDO MODEL 4614 gives metric weight of one quart up to 1000 grams, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

385. CHATILLON 100-lb. capacity platform (torsion?) scale, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

386. TOLEDO NO SPRINGS HONEST WEIGHT produce or grocery scale porceline, fine working condition, HEAVY. (Photo & Photo 2)

387. SANITARY SCALE CO. CHICAGO, ILL 24-lb. capacity produce or grocery scale, white porceline finish, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

388. Unknown make double-beam platform scale, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

389. Pitney Bowes postal scale, very good overall. (Photo)

390. The Torsion Balance Co. Style 8535 balance scale for weighing glass vials or beakers for liquids 240 gram-capacity, needs a good cleaning. (Photo)

391. Henry Troemner Philadelphia, PA, Mod. #6617, capacity 1-B, has cross test levels for setting it up, holds one glass vial or beaker on one side. (Photo)

392. GRAYBAR brass bladed fan, Model M28790 oscillating electric fan with brass blade and steel guard, newer looking handle, very good overall. (Photo)

393. KNAPP & MONARCH K&M "JACK FROST" ST. LOUIS, MO electric fan with steel blade and steel guard, very good overall. (Photo)

394. Buffalo hide scale, 350-lb. capacity on one side and 40-lb. capacity on the other, complete and very good. (Photo)

395. Pair of steelyard scales with intact weights both very good overall. (Photo)

396. PACIFIC ratchet brace; ALLEN & CO. ratchet brace and 8 assorted bits. (Photo)

397. EXCELSIOR flooring clamp tool. (Photo)

398. Lot of four electric tools: Craftsman 3-inch Model 315.22420 belt sander; SKIL DRILL model 45 hand drill by SKIL SAW; MASTER CRAFT saber saw; and large 1/2-inch COMPANION pistol grip and breast plate. (Photo)

399. The Torsion Balance Co. DLT2-1 scientific-type scale, 120 g, one screw missing from one of the hinges, very good overall. (Photo)

400. HOBART H9038 hanging produce scale, 30-lb. capacity, with nice steel pan, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Sugar nippers with broken spring, otherwise good overall condition. (Photo)

402. Lot of 9 pinch smaller pinch dogs, two scraper blades and a blade for a triple reed plane. (Photo)

403. Stanley Schade & Bodmer Patent (U.S. #1,203,417) length stop and clamp for Stanley miter boxes, patented Oct. 31, 1916, some rust on the top rod, very good overall; plus a pair of small brass trammels on a round brass beam. (Photo & Photo 2)

404. Welliver & Sons Rockford, ILL saw jointer in original box with instruction sheet; plus a wooden box with sliding edge for DIAMOND EDGE auger bits. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. Goodell-Pratt 12-inch cast iron double plumb and level with shaft groove on the bottom, very good overall. condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

406. J.S. HALSTED & C.J. ACKERMAN Carpenter's miter and bevel square, patented June 26, 1855, early and VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

407. Vandergrift Patent 6-inch screw adjusting nut wrench, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

408. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #27 boxwood rule, early model with caliper, some wear, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

409. Pair of hammer: VAUGHAN No. 9, 10-ounce claw hammer, complete and fine; plus a riveting hammer marked on side of head MWTCA, PEORIA, 1997, these were given out to the attendees of the Semi Annual meeting of the Midwest Tool Collectors Association. (Photo & Photo 2)

410. Large cast iron glue pot with porcelain coated inner pot, both parts in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

411. The Star revolving nail cup, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

412. Lot: Stanley #41-017 dividers with removable point on one side, fine overall; small brass GAUGE IT caliper, PAT. PEND. very good overall; and a wooden divider that has a point on one side and a hole on the other that a pencil can be inserted into. (Photo & Photo 2)

413. Antique hay spear or harpoon used to lift bales of hay into a loft. This one is still in usable condition but it has been painted with yellow primer. (Photo)

414. South Bend No. 2 broadcast seeder Pat'd Nov. 16, 1886, this one is missing the cloth bag from the top, but the wood is very good, all the stenciling is present, this would make a good restoration project or decorate with it as is. (Photo & Photo 2)

415. MULLIKEN & STACKPOLE 26-inch mahogany plumb & level, with brass corners, side views and top plate, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

416. Lot of 14 books and pamphlets: Zenith Tool and Winnie Machine Works MWTCA reprints; Blasters Handbook hardbound by Dupont; hardbound FARM MANAGEMENT; Try Square Identification SWTCA reprint; the FOSS PATENT IRON PLANES pamphlet, etc. (Photo)

417. OVB (Our Very Best) No. 100 (Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett) 28-in. rosewood & brass double plumb & level, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

418. Lot: two sewing awls; Butcher gauge; tool handle; and a mystery tool that the owner said was for grooving flat low-density stock in order to fold and make ducting for heading and cooling ducts. (Photo & Photo 2)

419. C.E. Jennings cast iron plumb and level, has some light to moderate rust on the top rail, but is otherwise VG with intact filagree. (Photo & Photo 2)

420. Cycloen Seed Sower, complete and in usable condition; plus a pair of sheers. (Photo & Photo 2)

421. Pair of cast iron levels: Stanley 18-inch No. 36G in green paint with two eclipse vial covers; and a L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) 15-inch cast-iron plumb & level that measures pitch. A favorite among plumbers. (Photo & Photo 2)

422. Two adjustable alligator wrenches: one is an Elgin that is complete and very good; and the other is by Kraeuter & Company Kraeuter, and it too is complete and very good overall. (Photo)

423. PLUMB Boy Scout hatchet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

424. Three tool books: OLD TOOLS price guide by Jack Woods; William Marples & Sons Sheffield MWTCA reprint of 1909 EDITION PRICE LIST, a few moisture stains on the soft cover; and a MWTCA reprint of a 1902 BUCK & HICKMAN AMERICAN TOOLS catalogue, fine. (Photo)

425. Stanley #55 combination plow plane with four boxes of cutters, cam, two depth stops, beading stop, dated cam, auxiliary center bottom, tower. This plane has the script logo on the skate, the rosewood and nickel plating are fine, it is missing the fence on the right side and two spurs. It comes inside a wooden BON AMI box that is lined with a 1949 Emporia, Kansas newspaper. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

426. Eric Sloan book Museum of Early American Tools, hardbound with intact duct jacket, very good overall. (Photo)

427. Early patented GRISWOLD & ? PATENT claw hammer, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

428. Estwing hatchet with leather sheath that can be worn on a belt, very good overall. (Photo)

429. Unusual C.S. Osborne scissor-type tool with a blade on the end of one handle. Osborne made leather tools, so (Photo)

430. Small kitchen multi tool with knife sharpener, box opener, etc.; plus a Stanley try and miter square. (Photo)

431. Unmarked mini eggbeater hand drill, possibly a Millers Falls #4, very good overall. (Photo)

432. C.S. Osborn leather slitter, complete and very good. (Photo)

433. Lot including: bitstock screwdriver bit, spade bit, three twist drills, brass plumb bob; clear glass insulator and an English saw wrest marked W.H. CLAY SHEFFIELD that has a screwdriver for split nuts at the end of the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

434. Unusual Williams Patent (U.S. NO. 1,688,445) nail holder made on a patent issued Oct. 23, 1928 to Isaac Williams of Foltz, Indiana. This example is complete and fine. It is the first we have seen or sold of this tool. (Photo & Photo 2)

435. Medium sized tool chest that has a big hole in one end, and a piece of wood missing from the lid where the hinge would have mounted. (Photo & Photo 2)

436. Lot of tool handles, tack lifters, sewing awl; and Yankee-type screwdriver. (Photo)

437. Set of seven brass scale weights in nice wooden block, two of the original nine are missing, very good overall. (HtH12_236TA.jpg & HtH12_437TA.jpg)

438. Five sewing awls one is like new in the original cardboard box. (Photo)

439. Keen Kutter ratchet brace with a very good Goodell-Pratt chain drill; plus another gents brace with chain drill, the chuck screw on the brace is broken off. (Photo)

440. Unusual BRADY-DRAKE GERMAN? pocket knife with interchangeable blades in a folding plastic holder, the original knife body is MIA. In its place is an old IMPERIAL pocket knife with shortened main blade. (Photo)

441. Bull bundle of staples that would have been used with a leather belt splicing machine to join the ends of the leather belts that ran from overhead shaft systems to the machines in the shop. (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Pair of J. WILLER PATENT ice skates made by the C.W. DAHLGREN Fabriks AB (factory) in ESKILSTUNA, SWEDEN, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

443. Lot: Mystery wooden tool with a sheet of copper with holes in it covering the top and bottom; an early hair curler; large piece of plumbers lead; and a leather pouch full of pens and pencils. (Photo & Photo 2)

444. Small jeweler's saw missing the blade but otherwise very good; and an advertising tape measure from the KENT LUMBER AND COLE CO BUILDERS SUPPLIES from Gridley, Illinois, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

445. Lot: clinker tongs; large Millers Falls auger bit; Goodell-Pratt two-speed breast drill, fine; and a small MADE IN U.S.A. breast drill, fine. (Photo)

446. Lot: Brass hames end; brass door in a brass frame; tin scoop; and tin match safe. (Photo)

447. Lot of assorted MWTCA Gristmill magazines from 1986 to 1999 plus several other tool, basket and pottery related magazines. (Photo)

448. Four tool books: Original Pratt & Whitney Precision Tools hardbound book copyright 1911, complete and fine; original Brown & Sharpe No. 34 catalog of small tools with paper covers; a MWTCA reprint of Otto Young & Co. Tools and Material Catalogue; and a Brookstone Company magazine of Hard To Find TOOLS. (Photo)

449. Cast iron THE MILLER cigar packers press made by DU BRUL & PETERS Mfg. Co. Cincinnati and New York, made on U.S. Patent No. 574,404 issued to Napolion DuBrul on Jan. 5, 1897, could be converted into a book press. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. Unusual paper paper mache horse similar in size and form to a carousel horse. When he lived in California, George built floats for the Tournament of Roses Parades, so this may have been a float piece, in white and red paint, one leg has a splint on it, will make a very nice display piece. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Lot including 7-inch Stanley #68 square in fine overall condition; a wooden cask with chuck and push drill bits for a #61 Millers Falls screwdriver; and two mystery items. (Photo & Photo 2)

452. Set of 5 like new OSBORNE leather punches; 1-inch; 3/4; 5/8; 1/2; and 7/16. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Rosewood rabbet plane 3/4-inch blade, front end has been repaired & wedge is a crude replacement, still usable. (Photo)

454. Three tools: 1997 MWTCA PEORIA (Illinois) commemorative hammer head from the M-WTCA semi annual meeting in Peoria; a nickel plated rubber tube flaring tool or perhaps a medical tool; and a C.S. OSBORNE leather slitter with a Stanley #45 slitter blade for a cutter. (Photo & Photo 2)

455. Rosewood 9-inch rabbet plane, 5/8-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

456. Lot three wrenches including a Pratt 7320E buggy wrench; two stamped steel wrenches; one marked UTA-430; and pair of scissor-type tongs. (Photo)

457. Pair exotic wood planes: rosewood 1/4-inch round with two hang holes in skate, otherwise VG; and a Rosewood? 3/16-inch side bead with oak? wedge, VG. (Photo)

458. Lot including a like new 10-inch PEXTO wood handled nut wrench; unknown make double box ended wrench; stamped steel wrench marked UMRTM; and a 4-fold rule with steel joints and needing a good cleaning. (Photo)

459. Double bladed hand-forged adz, will clean to very good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Two different Little Giant Razor Blade Planes in original blister packages; a new Crescent #942-6CV 6-inch diagonal plier in original packaging; and a M-WTCA reprint of the Millers Falls Co. tool and hardware catalogue No. 24 in fine overall condition. (Photo)

461. Set of 14 original original blades for a Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane, all inside an original wooden box with lid, a fine set overall; plus a No. 2 cutter box for a Stanley #45 combination plow plane with four fine blades inc. #6 match; sash; #18 plow and unmarked #19 plow. (Photo)

462. Blind nailing plane (similar to a Stanley #96), complete and fine. (Photo)

463. Two cutter boxes for Stanley #45 combination plow plane including 14 of the original 20 blades; six beads; two match; on sash and four plow blades, all in very good or better overall condition. The cutter boxes are very good with partial labels, both need lids; plus a homemade double row cutter box with hinged lid. (Photo)

464. Lot including a spade bit; large single trammel point, cardboard box for a General plumb bob; a fine LUFKIN 4-fold rule; and package of dowel centers. (Photo)

465. Two small plumb bobs and a Stanley level that would attach to a square. (Photo)

466. Lot of three awls, one with a rosewood handle; a Sargent awl with storage; and a wooden handle with brass ferrule and three set screws. (Photo)

467. Salesman's kit with eight glass vials of varnish samples. The case has separated at the back where it hinges. (Photo)

468. Lot of four hammers; two wooden handled claw hammers, one marked BLUEGRASS; an all-steel claw IDEAL DOG FOOD hammer with nested set of screwdrivers inside handle; etc. (Photo)

469. Pair of usable drawknives one by DIAMOND EDGE and the other WELLOCK, the WELLOCK drawknife on the bottom looks like a folding handle model, but the handles are riveted in the open position, one handle spins but is . (Photo)

470. Set of three wooden handled claw hammers, one with faint Keen Kutter logo; plus a all-steel crate opening hammer. (Photo)

471. Lufkin gaging tape with plumb bob-type end, some of the the plating is peeling and there is some rust on the tape itself. These are used with a gaging paste to gage the liquid in bulk storage tanks, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

472. Five Blue-Point (Snap-On) tools; one CF-7 automotive valve tool (U.S. Patent 2,091,500); one GA-119B door handle tool for GM and 1951 Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln cars; and three L-40 adjustable clamp-like tools, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Unusual folding clothes hanger; and a Wm. JOHNSON leather hole punch, both in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

474. Five assorted tools: battery carrying strap; pair of CHANNELLOCK nippers in original red paint; two specialty automotive toolsl; and a spanner wrench. (Photo)

475. Lot including coping saw; side cutters; small gear puller; two saw sets, wooden marking gage, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

476. Lot including a Stanley torpedo level in original box, complete and fine; a German made #03 smooth plane; and a SHAPLEIGH (ST. LOUIS HARDWARE CO.) 8-inch waffle iron that needs the brass ball on the bottom welded back on. It is otherwise complete and very good; and a soapstone holder by J.M. RAGLE INDUSTRIES, INDIANA, KANSAS with spare piece of soapstone. (Photo & Photo 2)

477. Plumbers brass blow torch, has been cleaned and the handle is painted a reddish orange color. (Photo)

478. Small STANLEY LONDON ivory or bone 2-inch scale, complete and very good overall; and a small plastic shove that has a handle marked CLARENCE HARGUS MUSEUM Seminole, Oklahoma. The Hargus Museum was a legendary meeting place in Oklahoma where tool folks from all over the country would gather. (Photo & Photo 2)

479. Pair of brass plumbers blow torches, both are complete and are ready for cleaning. (Photo)

480. Lot including a RIGID 5/8 to 2 1/8-inch tubing and pipe cutter with built-in reamer; two stove lid lifters; nickel plated nut cracker; side cutter; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

481. Enterprise Mfg. Co. No. 115 child's sized sad iron, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

482. Unusual brace-type posthole auger, complete and fine. (Photo)

483. Unknown make child sized sad iron with nickel plated top, missing the handle; plus a child sized OBER MFG CHAGRIN FALLS O (Ohio) in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. Lot of four iron plumb bobs and one plumb-bob shaped tool with a nail in the top. (Photo)

485. Lot of five iron plumb bobs, all in good to very good overall condition. (Photo)

486. Lot of four iron and steel plumb bobs plus one wooden plumb bob. (Photo)

487. L.L. DAVIS March 17, 1867 patent 30-inch plumb & level, mahogany stock, fancy brass side views and brass end plates, one end stamped 10 which is probably the model number, both vials intact and part of the original paper label remains on side, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

488. Goodell-Pratt Co. 24-inch cast iron level with screw pitch adjustor on one end, will clean to VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

489. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-inch No. 21 brass-bound plumb & level with mahogany stock, both vials intact, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

490. C.E. Jennings 24=inch double plumb & level, all three vials full, 85%+ japanning, complete and very good. (Photo)

491. Two wooden levels: Unmarked 30-inch plumb & level, mahogany stock, hang hole in one end, and level vial dry, good overall; and a Stratton Brothers 28-inch No. 1 brass bound plumb and level with laminated rosewood stock, all vials intact, top plate is not marked with Stratton name but end plate is marked No. 1, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

492. Pair 18-inch cast iron levels inc. C.E. Jennings that has some light to moderate rust on the top rail, but is otherwise VG with intact filigree; and a Robinson Davis Patent that has a corner broken off the end.

493. Stanley 24-inch No. 37 cast iron plumb and level, all three vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

494. Lot of three, brass surveyor-type plumb bobs inc. 12-oz. No. 54 MF Co. & 6-oz. No. 54 MF Co., all have steel tips and are in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

495. Lot: two drill chucks; two bitstock reamers; a Stanley phillips bit; four assorted auger bits; a WRIGHT Patent adjustable auger bit; a NOS CAMPBELL snap link, and set of six STANHOME aluminum coasters. (Photo)

496. Stanley #78 duplex plane with thumb operated blade adjuster, no fence or depth stop; very good overall; plus several lever caps, a Mills Falls plane blade and cap iron, etc. (Photo)

497. Lot: Small copper funnel; unknown make crimping or cutting tool; leg trap; NOS scythe auxiliary handle; and a small homemade router. (Photo)

498. Black & Decker 3/8-inch Utility Drill in original hinged tin box with drawer and instruction pamphlet, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

499. SILVER PISTON CHICAGO Baritone horn sold by Vintage Lyon and Healy a large retail music store founded in the 1864 and still in business today. This horn is missing the mouthpiece, needs valve work and a mouthpiece, and has several small dents. There are flowers painted on the outside, and there is a seam visible inside the horn that is indicative of it being manufactured in 19th century. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. Unusual Model 1813 U.S. Calvary saber made by Nathan Starr, this one comes with the original scabbard, the blade is marked in four lines US / P / LS (Luther Sage) / N. STARR. According to a web site we fond, these sabers were made as part of the 1812 William Rose Contract which was modified in 1813 to provide a more dramatic curve in the blade. They were primarily inspected by Henry H. Perkins but also by Luther Sage and Oliver Allen. This saber is very sharp and in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Concertone (Montgomery Wards) French horn. Concertone instruments were usually made in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia, Czechslovakia) depending on the time period. This horn has mother of pearl buttons on valve tops, has one big dent and several smaller ones. Will make a good decorator piece. (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Unknown make 1/2-inch electric drill, in good working condition, these big drills are great for stirring buckets of paint, driveway sealer, and other liquids that need to be stirred. (Photo)

503. Fine Toledo 3-lb. capacity HONEST WEIGHT, NO SPRINGS candy scale with brass scoop, very good overall. (Similar to the one in lot 378, only better) (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Large sheet metal postal? scale in blue paint, 100-lb. capacity, some rust, and in need of a pan, in working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

505. CENCO 200-Gram scientific scale with milk glass pans, made by the Central Scientific Co. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. American Family Scale in green paint, 25-lb. capacity by ounces, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Head for a NATIONAL COUNTING & WEIGHING MACHINE, nickel plated, some rust, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

508. PELOUZE DAIRY SCALE CAPACITY 60 LBS by 1/10 LB. hanging spring scale, fine overall. (Photo)

509. FAIRBANKS double beam platform scale with FAIRBANKS name cast in relief in right post, in newer red paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

510. CHAS. FORSCHNER & SONS 100-lb. capacity hanging spring scale with brass face, very good overall. (Photo)

511. Unknown make balance scale in wooden box, box has carved decoration, no dial, or pans and the marble top is broken in 1/2. (Photo & Photo 2)

512. Pair of hanging spring scales: LANDERS FAMILY BALANCE 20-lb. capacity, brass face, very good overall; and JOHN CHANTILLON & SONS 50-lb. capacity. (Photo)

513. Lot of three large grocery or produce scales for parts or restoration; two by the National Computing Scale Co. and the other a Toledo.

514. FARIBANKS twin beam countertop platform scale with scoop on/off poise, full set of weights, very good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

515. Large DETROIT AUTOMATIC combination platform and beam scale can weigh up to 100 lbs. comes with full set of nickel plated weights, nickel plated beam and brackets, gray paint, May 19, 1903; March 27, 1906; Oct. 8, 1907; very good overall. (Similar to lots. 108. & 255.) (Photo & Photo 2)

516. GREENLEE NO. 515 nail puller in original green paint, very good overall; plus a TAYLOR quick-adjust bar clamp. (Photo)

517. The Standard Computing Scale Co Detroit, Mich. grocery scale, 24-lb. capacity, has been repainted, light socket in the top looks original, very good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. Hand-cranked sickle bar grinder in original red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

519. OSGOOD SCALE CO. brass triple beam scale head with intact poises, will clean to very good. (Photo)

520. Naren COLORAMA Model No. N-105 stage type light, with rotating color wheel, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

521. ALWAYS READY COBBLER NO. 50 set of shoe and boot repair tools in the original wooden shipping crate; two early horseshoes tossed in for good luck.

522. FYR-FYTER MODEL A brass fire extinguisher, with the original mounting bracket to mount it to a wall or bulkhead, fine overall. (Photo)

523. Pair of wooden PERFECTION miter boxes. (Photo)

524. Pair of scales: FAIRBANKS single-beam balance needs a good cleaning but in good overall condition; and a MILBURN triple-beam that has a partial decal reading, no scoop, the beams are nickel plated, could be restored. (Photo & Photo 2)

525. E.J. CADY & CO. CHICAGO PAT'D 1,321,595, NOV. 11, 1919, pendulum balance with extra weight on one leg that can be added to the pendulum, 20-lb. max. capacity, no pan or pan holder. (Photo)

526. Family-type scale 20-lb. capacity, brass face, wooden pan, PAT. FEB. 8, 1898, OCT. 25, 1898, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

527. TRINER AIR MAIL ACCURACY postal scale, 1-lb. capacity, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

528. OHAUS DIAL-O-GRAM 310g capacity scale, very good overall. (Photo)

529. TRINER hanging postal scale, PROPERTY OF P.O. DEPT. 20-lb. capacity, with hanging pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. COLUMBIA 24-lb. capacity FAMILY SCALE, needs a light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

531. Seven sad irons that all would have been used with quick-release handles, one is a miniature. (Photo)

532. EXACT WEIGHT SCALE CO. COLUMBUS, O. test balance with intact poise, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

533. Lot of six sad irons. (Photo)

534. CHICAGO platform scale with two intact poises and scoop-on/scoop-off poise; the head can be rotated 90 degrees, will clean to very good overall.

535. HOWE double-beam scale with two poises and stack of three weights.

536. Fairbanks grain scale with brass head and unmarked brass bucket, bucket has a few dents, very good.

537. BUFFALO SCALE CO. countertop platform scale with double brass beam head with intact brass poises, in very good overall condition with decals on sides.

538. Exact Weight Scale Co. Type 105, 5-lb. capacity, intact weight, fine overall.

539. AVERY brass balance mounted to a wooden base.

540. DETECTO hanging scale with a pan, good overall.

541. National Scale Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Model No. 97 “This National Counting & Weighing machine is adapted for counting uniform material weighing 1/4-oz. This one is in original red paint with intact ID tags, decals and original pan, very good overall.

542. FAIRBANKS countertop platform scale or balance with FAIRBANKS name cast into right support post, head has intact poises; needs a set of weight, fine overall.

543. Nice tilting fuel can for filling lamps and/or gas stoves.

544. Nice WESTINGHOUSE alternating current motor electric fan, with 6-bladed brass fan blade and brass guard, fine working condition.

545. Early burr-type coffee grinder like those they used at the A&P grocery stores for parts or restoration, comes with two round aluminum hoppers.

546. CENTAWATT WESIX HEATER by Wesix Heater Factories with early cloth loom wiring, very good working condition.

547. THE SPOTLIGHT PAT PENDING FOR OPAQUE MATERIALS, MOEL TS1, by J.Y. TAYLOR Co. GARLAND, TX, uses 110 bulb, fine working condition.

548. Unusual shower faucet control device in a stainless steel box, has a FAHRENHEIT gauge that goes to 140 degrees, PICKER X-RAY U.S. GAUGE 24718. Bottom marked LAWLER and RECESSA, very unusual, possibly from a boat or ship as George worked on both.

449. Friden Model No. 3111 postal scale by Toledo for the Singer Company Mailing Equipment Div.

550. Unusual automatron type figure with fans on each motor, one arm has been broken off but is still there, needs a head, very interesting.

551. CUBE STAKE MACHINE CO. BARNES MODEL NO. 45 computing grocery-type scale in white enamel paint, 15-lb. capacity, fine overall.

552. HOWE 100-lb. capacity countertop platform scale with intact poises and weights, has PROPERTY U.S.P.O. DEPT 1932 cast into top, HOWE decal on post, very good overall.

553. Unmarked DETECTO? balance in gold paint, very good overall.

554. Choice from among three extra large steelyard scale weights and one weight for a platform-type scale that is filled with nails.

555. FORSYTH SCALE WORKS countertop platform scale with double brass beam head, adn old scoop, scale has some traces of original? red paint, very good overall.

556. MEAD 36-lb. capacity baby scale, one of the arms that supports the pan is broken and has a crude repair, full set of weights, white paint peeling.

557. Standard Computing Scale Co. Premier NO. 3. Computing Scale, with marble? platform, with intact poise and 5 original weights, will clean to very good overall condition; plus a FAIRBANKS with skeleton or cut-out type post; tow poises and three regular weights; platform cracked in middle; a good one to restore or use for parts.

558. Howe Scale Co. Brandon, VT No. 1 balance or scale with brass paint on one side, base marked BRANDON MF’G CO. Design patented June 18, 1867 July 30, 1867.

559. VIKING LIQUOR METER scale by the VIKING TOOL CO. BELLEVILLE, N.J. Pat. 2,638,835, Copyright 1950, for weighing liquor bottles, some rust on top of pan, otherwise complete and very good.

560. Pair of Hanson household-type scales: Model 1371 complete and fine; plus a model 2000 that is missing the glass lens and has a soiled dial, good overall.

561. DETECTO hanging scale with a big tin scoop, lens cracked.

562. Lot of five old scales for parts or restoration.

563. Two platform scales for parts or restoration FAIRBANKS and BUFFALO.

564. Lot of four person weighing or bathroom-type scales inc. unknown make with dial on back, the paper with the pound fixtures is curled up and will need to be glued back on; HANSON Model 3025 BABY NURSERY (Baby) Scale 30-lb. capacity, has the basket or pan but needs the piece that connects it to the scale; and heavy ROTO HEALTH-O-METER scale, paint peeling on base, can be restored; Health-O-Meter 250-lb. capacity by Continental Scale Works Chicago, Pat. Oct. 8, 1929, in pink paint; etc.

565. Lot of three small scales: EASTMAN STUDIO SCALE Made by EASTMAN KODAK CO. ROCHESTER, NY AVOIRDUPOIS, includes 4 of the 5 original weights, needs pans, very good overall; TORSION BALANCE CO. missing both pans, good for parts or restoration; and a Postamatic The Pocket Postal Scale in original box.

566. SCHULZ 9KG capacity scale with oblong pan, fine overall.

567. Pair of family or household-type scales: Columbia Family Scale 24-lb. capacity by ozs. by Landers, Frary & and Clark, patented April 16, ’07, very good; and a Way Rite pat. 1,682,506 and several others, needs restoration.

568. Two scientific type scales: THE TORSION BALANCE CO. Style 269 balance 4-ounce capacity, in glass case, some cleaning will be necessary; includes a small woooden box of weighs; and THE TORSION BALANCE CO. Style 1700, Patented Jan. 6, 1895; Jan. 22, 1895; and May 19, 1891, in beige paint.

569. Three family-type scales: Pair of Hanson scales: #2000 that is missing the glass lens, soiled dial, good overall; and a 500-gram capacity, Pat. 1,682,506, very good; one one has a rotating dial in the base, 25-lb. capacity, will clean to very good; and a IDEAL No. 772, complete and fine.

570. Unmarked Winchester-type grain scale with brass bucket, some oxidation, very good overall.

571. HOBART Model? computing candy or grocery scale 2-lb. capacity, the data plate has been removed, with large cast aluminum scoop, fine.

572. PELOUZE SUPERB Computing Scale 2-lb. capacity, N.Y.C. APPROVED F-6, nice plated tin scoop, very good overall.

573. Fine Fairbanks Postal scale in red paint, very good overall.

574. Fine bras proportional dividers and a wooden box with inlaid anchor on top; plus a wooden handled food chopper that had a little light rust on the blade. (Photo)

575. Large cast iron bean pot with three integral legs, intact bale, very good overall. (Photo)

576. Three sections of very good chain and a hook. (Photo & Photo 2)

577. Lot: smooth plane; drill frame & chuck; Perfect Handle-type screwdriver; brass hammer; unusual PAT APPLD saw set, two pipe reamers, two awls; bracket; patented jar and can opener, STARR X 1925 patent Coke bottle opener, etc. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

578. TOLEDO "HONEST WEIGHT" SCALE CO. MODEL No. 4655, Capacity 40 lb., two scoops on the beam, levels in base intact, two poises; one large tin scoop, fine overall.

579. Three fixer upper scales: STIMPSON COMPUTING SCALE CO. ELKHART, INDIANA, countertop platform scale for parts or restoration; includes main base, both pillars; top, both badges, weight holder and one piece of linkage: unknown platform scale in blue paint; and a BUFFALO SCALE CO. platform scale with nickel plated double beam head; APRIL 24, ‘83; and JULY 3, '83; very good overall condition.

580. Pitney-Bowes Model S-510 postal scale, complete and very good.

581. Exact Weight Scale Co. Type 11, 5-lb. capacity, nice tin pan, fine overall.

582. Sargent-Welch triple-beam 100-gram capacity, fine overall.

583. Lot of three fixer upper countertop scales: . FAIRBANKS INVINCIBLE scale PAT FEB 26, 1895; OCT. 1895; and MCH 3, 1896, has nickel plated poises, includes four iron weights. This is the first of this model we have seen or sold; HOWE SCALE CO. RUTLAND VT PAT'D AUG 16, 1873 platform scale with double beam head, this one was on George's work bench and was likely disassembled for an anticipated restoration. Put it back together or restore it yourself. It is a nice early scale; and a FAIRBANKS with skeleton or cut-out type post; traces of old red paint; three poises and three weights, good restorable condition.

584. Fine Fairbanks 4-lb. capacity with large brass pan, has “HHA18” cast into base; intact decal on top of base, red and good pin striping.

585. Three people weighing scales like those used in doctors offices. All are in need or repair or full blown restorations.

586. DETECTO DOCTORS SCALE U.S. Patent 118,701, NO SPRINGS, very good overall.

587. Pair of scales for parts or rehab: Anderson Tool Co. computing scale, No. 21883; patent Oct. 2, 1906; June 11, 1907; Nov. 17, 1908, needs a pan; pus a Toledo Scale Co. Model 4614; capacity 1000 grams; the glass lenses, paper dial and pan are all missing.

588. PENNSYLVANIA Model D-45 1-GAL. capacity, scale by the Pennsylvania Scale Co. Leola, PA., with a nice scoop, fine overall.

589. Three steelyard scales, two with weights and one needing a weight, all very good.

590. Henry Troemner No. 612B scientific balance scale, 696 gr. capacity, two levels in cast aluminum base, good overall.

591. RS CO. and HRS CO. 30-lb. test weights or standards.

592. Two large grocery-type scales that both need some TLC: DETROIT AUTOMATIC SCALE CO. grocery or produce scale, capacity 100 LB, PAT. JULY 3, 1900; May 19, 1903; and March 27, 1906, 703893, one poise, and four nickel plated weights, glass and plywood plate, very good overall; and DETROIT AUTOMATIC SCALE CO. computing scale, 100-lb. capacity; patented May 19, 1903; March 27, 1906; Oct. 8, 1907, has weight holder and one weight, enameled pan a replacement.

593. TOLEDO No. 2110 APPROVED SERIAL-L hanging scale with TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED SPRINGS, with white enameled pan, will clean to good overall condition.

594. Fine John Chatillon & Sons No. 4 balance or scale in old red paint with intact decals, stack of 7 weights, nice bass scoop.

595. Two large HOWE scales for parts or restoration: No. 7845 platform scale with 50-lb. capacity, has traces of old red paint and the head is nickel plated, intact poises and weights, has a decorative top with the HOWE name cast into it. Will be a nice one to restore; HOWE 7845 platform scale in old red paint with intact poises; set of five weights just needs a good cleaning.

596. FAIRBANKS countertop platform scale with single brass beam having a brass poise and a stack of weights on the end, body has FAIRBANKS name on the front and a partial decal near the post, old scoop, will clean to very good overall condition.

597. Set of polished or plated standards in a leather box; another set of polished weights a wooden box with sliding lid.

598. Fairbanks single beam balance with Pan marked with FAIRBANKS logo, extended double toe base, very good overall.

599. HANSON Model 3025 BABY NURSERY (Baby) Scale 30-lb. capacity, has the basket or pan but needs the piece that connects it to the scale; and heavy ROTO HEALTH-O-METER scale, paint peeling on base, can be restored.

600. Choice from among seven scale pans. Choice two times.

601. Three medium sized steelyard scales each with its own weight.

602. Larger sized steelyard scale with three different sized weights.

603. Pair of Hanson scales: #2000 that is missing the glass lens, soiled dial, good overall; and a 500-gram capacity, Pat. 1,682,506, very good.

604. Pair of household-type spring scales: Polly Prim by Simmons Hardware St. Louis, Mo, 25-lb. capacity, good overall with Polly Prim decal on sides; plus a PELOUZE 24-lb. capacity that has had the numbers on the dial written in ink when the original ones became too faint, good overall.

605. Pair of household-type spring scales: first one patented April 16, 1907, 25-lb. capacity by ounces; has a newer coat of black paint, good overall; plus a SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE with faint decal on one side and just the outline of the decal on the other side, 25-lb. capacity by ounces.

606. Pair of smaller scales: TORSION BALANCE CO. missing both pans, good for parts or restoration; and HENRY TROEMNER NO. 5W BAKER’S balance with sliding poise, two of the six original weights in base, in original red paint with gold highlights.

607. Pair of scales for parts or restoration: Howe Scale Co. platform scale body, frame and plate only, in newer red paint; and an unknown make scale in red paint, double brass beam, good overall.

608. Two large scales: TOLEDO NO-SPRINGS HONEST-WEIGHT, in gold paint with white pan, needs linkage re-attached, very good overall; and a Jacobs Bros. Fan-Type Decto-Gram Model 5C-10 5-lb. capacity computing type scale, no pan.

609 Two more large scales: STIMPSON COMPUTING SCALE CO. LOUISVILLE, KY, PAT. OCT. 11, 1921; OCT. 17, 1922, NO. 1487730, scale with thick glass pan, both levels in base intact, very good overall; and a Toledo Model 4662, capacity 20 lbs. missing several parts.

610. Lot of three small steelyard scales, all very good.

611. Large double beam American Scale Co. brass scale head with intact poises, very good.

612. Large triple beam scale head by Osgood Scale Co.

613. Early hand forged steel balance 39 inches wide, had decorative finials, interesting.

614. Early postcard depicting the Toledo Scale Co. display at the Palace of Liberal Arts Panama-Pacific Expo San Francisco, Calif. Framed and ready to hang on the wall.

615. HENRY TROEMNER 120-Gram or 4-oz. Class A scientific balance in wooden box, has decal for adjusting balance on side, fine overall.

616. Choice from among 8 scale pans.

617. Nice cherub figure with wind-up clock in face, has had one arm broken off but the arm is present and can be restored.

618. Pair of household-type scales; one one on the left by M.S. BENEDICT MFG. CO. E. SYRACUSE with nice graphics on the side; and a COLUMBIA FAMILY SCALE with dirty dial, good overall.

619. SHADOGRAPH Type 4135, Exact Weight Scale Co. Columbus, Ohio, Patent 2,335,200 – 2,350,622 with electrical cord that powers a back light, both beams have intact weights.

620. Small FAIRBANKS platform scale PAT. Feb. 26, 1895, with EX cast into base and plate, base also has number 11218 cast into it, double brass beam, very good overall.

621. HARVARD SCALE laboratory-type with rare milk glass pans, just needs to be reassembled.

622. Howe countertop platform scale with brass beam, intact poise, 200-lb. capacity, very good overall.

623. Howe singe-beam balance with 3-toe base, one weight included, intact decal on body, old red paint, very good overall.

624. EHRLICH ST. JOSEPH, MO 10-lb. capacity computing scale, needs a piece of the linkage reattached.

625. Two large scales: Computing Scale Co. STYLE NO. 344; Capacity 24-lb. computing scale, has beveled glass mirrors on both sides, the original pan has been replaced with wood, mirror on top is broken and needs to be remounted; and a STANDARD COMPUTING SCALE CO. DETROIT, MICH. 10-lb. capacity, needs a pan, otherwise complete and VG.

626. Pair of Toledo Scale Co. NO-SPRINGS HONEST-WEIGHT grocery or produce type scales, the dirty one on the left is in working condition but missing a pan; the other is missing some linkage but is in better cosmetic condition.

627. Unknown balance scale with brass pan on one side and brass plate on other, needs some work, sheet metal body, appears to be foreign.

628. Lot of three brass scale heads; two single beams by FORSYTH'S and FAIRBANKS, and one double by FAIRBANKS.

629. Large steelyard scale with two weights.

630. Lot of two brass scale heads; one single beam with 2000-lb. capacity and a HOWE double beam.

631. Two large scales: Toledo grocery or produce scale, 20-lb. capacity, single brass beam, front glass intact, back glass missing, will clean to very good overall condition; and a TOLEDO Model 4662, capacity 20 lbs. missing several parts.

632. Large Toledo grocery or produce scale, NO SPRINGS, HONEST WEIGHT, very good overall.

633. Large steelyard with two weights.

634. Large Computing Scale Co. Dayton, Ohio grocery scale, decorative nickel-plated castings, several decals, needs a pan.

635. Pair of large scales for rehab or parts: STIMPSON COMPUTING SCALE CO. No. 900174; patented Oct. 21, 1890; May 19, 1908, needs has rear glass in a beer flat and will need a pan; pous a Howe Scale Co. that is rusty and missing the pan, both poises intact, good for parts.

636. TOLEDO NO SPRINGS HONEST WEIGHT grocery or produce scale, not working, a good candidate for restoration.

637. Choice from among 8 steelyard scale weighs of varying sizes.

638. Small countertop platform scale with double brass beams.

639. Six assorted fixer upper scales: W&T AVERY balance, body in old white paint; HOWE SCALE CO. 5072 double beam scale with double toe base, in old red paint with good decal on end, needs a pan or plate; John Chatillon & Sons EHRLICH scale, 20-lb. cap, needs a pan and a good cleaning or full blown restoration; etc.

640. Two family-type scales COLUMBIA FAMILY SCALE 24-lb. capacity in newer yellow paint, dirty dial; and an AMERICAN FAMILY SCALE 25-lb. by ounces, some rust, intact decals on sides.

641. Large steelyard scale with two large weights.

642. Pair of family or household-type scales: COLUMBIA FAMILY SCALE with brass dial, body is covered with rust, can possibly be restored; plus a Diamond Edge FAMILY SCALE Pat. DEC. 27, '98; March 14, '99; March 28, '99; June 23, '03.

643. Choice from among 5 scale weighs or standards.

644. Pair of pipe clamps.

645. Lot of six assorted fixer upper levels: TOLEDO SPEEDWEIGH Mod. 1091A 5-lb. capacity OVER/UNDER scale with cast aluminum body, one glass lens cracked, will clean to very good overall condition; OHAUS FIELD TEST SCALE Capacity 35 LB; 16 KG; intact poise, weights missing, fine overall; DETECTO GRAM 1-oz. OVER/UNDER balance scale in beige paint, very good overall; and a rusty scales suitable for decorating; etc.

646. Large steelyard scale with two weights.

647. Set of GURLEY STANDARD WEIGHTS in a dovetailed wooden box.

648. Pair of miter boxes; one looks like a little Stanley and the other is a Millers Falls that needs some TLC.

649. Pair of brass scale beams; one is a HOWE and one a FAIRBANKS.

650. CHOICE from among several stacks of scale weights.

651. Two seed sewers with cloth bags and tin ends.

652. Box of antique reloading tools and two straight razors.

653. Three brass scale pans.

654. Two steelyard scale beams and two brass beams from platform scales.

655. Choice from among several orphan scale weights and scoops.




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