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MAY 2 & 3, 2008


(Fairgrounds Building)

Preview Friday 9 to 11:35 AM, Saturday 7:30 to 9:35 AM

Auction begins Friday 11:35 AM & Saturday 9:35 AM


This auction featured the woodworking tool collection of Bob Elgin, a long time M-WTCA member and avid bowl carver from St. James, Missouri. In addition to Bob's tools, we sold a number of tools consigned by three different collectors from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri & Illinois. There were tools & books in the auction to fit any budget. There were bargains for tool dealers, antique shop owners & eBay sellers alike. There were 100s of planes (wood & iron), more than 100 hand saws (inc. many rare Disstons) more chisels than we had ever had in one sale, tool boxes & chests, wood vises, axes, & every other class of tool made.

001. Stanley #5C jack plane (repainted) & #4 smooth plane VG (Picture)

002. Stanley #3, Hibbard's 8-in. smooth plane & two block planes (Picture)

003. Stanley #8C jointer plane (tote cracked) (Picture)

004. Stanley BEDROCK #605C FT (repainted) & Stanley #5C jack plane (chipped corner) (Picture)

005. Stanley #113 compass plane (Picture)

006. Stanley #3C & BEDROCK #603 FT smooth plane (front knob chipped at base) (Picture)

007. Stanley BEDROCK #603C FT smooth plane (Picture)

008. Stanley #3 smooth plane FINE & Union Tool Co. #2 smoother (some pitting) (Picture)

009. Two boxwood 4-fold rules & sliding yardstick w/advertising "Korner Bakery Busiest Loafers In Town" (Picture) & (Picture)

010. Three Lufkin zig-zag rules, inc. NOS X46F (Picture)

011. Stanley #80 scraper & #71 1/2 router plane (Picture)

012. Stanley #248 plow plane & #39 1/2-inch dado plane (for parts) (Picture)

013. B.F. FOX SPRINGFIELD, ILL (Ohio Tool) #96 1/2 handled screw-arm plow plane (Picture)

014. I HOBSON unhandled wedge-arm plow plane (Picture)

015. A.C. BARTLETT'S OHIO PLANES #120 handled screw-arm plow plane (Picture)

016. Four wooden planes: Keen Kutter jack plane, little used horn plane & two smoothers (Picture)

017. Six wood molding planes inc. two rabbets, horn, and complex profile (Picture)

018. Seven wood planes inc. complex molder & horn plane (Picture)

019. Lot of five wooden molding planes (Picture)

020. Buck Bros. wood carving set No. 306 IOB (Picture) & (Picture)

021. Double beam marking gage with burl head (Picture)

022. Small alcohol burner used to melt shellac Pat. January 12, 1892 (Picture) & (Picture)

023. Manufactured 5-spoke traveler Greenfield, Mass. (Picture)

024. James Swan 8-in. folding handle drawknife (Picture)

025. Hand forged ferrier's buttress (Picture)

026. Small brass candy or taffy hammer (Picture)

027. Stearns spoke shave with embossed cap (Picture)

028. Stanley (unmarked) #2 brass plumb bob with built-in reel (Picture)

029. Stanley (unmarked) #5 steel plumb bob with built-in reel (Picture)

030. Two unmarked 16-oz. brass plumb bobs (like new) (Picture)

031. Unusual European-type brass plumb bob (Picture)

032. Berger 12-oz. brass plumb bob with spring-loaded steel point (Picture)

033. Pair of unmarked plumb bobs inc. brass 12-oz. (Picture)

034. Pair of ratchet braces inc. Stanley #921 10-in. & Millers Falls Whimble-type brace (Picture)

035. Lot of four iron braces inc. Streeter Patent (Picture)

036. Lot of four ratchet braces inc. V&B 10-in. and Shepard's Patent 10-in. (Picture)

037. Peck, Stow, & Wilcox "T" auger VG (Picture)

038. Coes 18-inch screw adj. nut wrench (Picture)

039. Twist handle 15-inch nut wrench (Picture)

040. Pair Bemis & Call nut wrenches NOS (Picture)

041. Pair 10-in. pipe wrenches inc. Reed & Stillson (Picture)

042. Bemis & Call 8-in. combination pipe & nut wrench (Picture)

043. Four screw-adjust auto-type nut wrenches inc. NOS VLCHEK 9-in. & 15-in. (Picture)

044. Diamond Edge 12-inch wood handled screw adj. nut wrench (Picture)

045. Pair Keystone Mfg. Westcott wrenches inc. 8-in. & 6-in. (Picture)

046. Pair wrenches inc. Bluegrass 6-in. wood handled nut wrench & Westcott 8-in. (Picture)

047. Lot of 3 hand saws inc. Disston 26-in. 10-tpi (Picture)

048. Lot of 3 hand saws inc. Disston 26-in. D8 10tpi (Picture)

049. Lot of two Disston hand saws inc. 26-in ACME 120 (Picture)

050. Lot three hand saws inc. 26-in. Disston D8 (Picture)

051. Lot three Disston panel saws & one Disston back saw. (Picture)

052. Pair keyhole saws & homemade stair saw (Picture)

053. Three saw sets inc. Morrill's Patent, Stanley #43 + Disston saw jointer

054. Pair of pocket levels that attach to a square; one marked "Stanley" (Picture)

055. Davis Level & Tool Co. 4 1/2-inch machinist level with brass top & acorn finials (two extra holes) (Picture)

056. Stanley #1 Odd Jobs w/Stanley #62 rule (Picture) & (Picture)

057. Four try squares inc. two by Stanley (Picture)

058. Unusual C.S. Osborne hammer

059. Unmarked 3 1/4-in. timber framing slick (Picture)

060. Stirrup or Connecticut-type hand adz (Picture)

061. NOS MANN KNOT KLIPPER double-bit axe head (Picture) & (Picture)

062. Lot seven chisels: six socket firmer chisels, four by D.R. BARTON and one tang chisel by Butcher. Some need new handles. (Picture)

063. D.R. BARTON left-handed cooper's chamfer knife / shave (Picture)

064. D.R. BARTON right-hand cooper's chamfer knife / shave (Picture)

065. D.R. BARTON 832 Rochester NY broad axe VG (Picture)

066. Wm. Beatty broad axe VG (Picture)

067. Patented auger handle & five large auger bits (Picture)

068. Millers Falls chain drill complete with chain & wrench to operate square nut that secures chuck (light rust) (Picture)

069. Lot of four bit braces inc. Spofford-type, two non-ratcheting inc. Fray's split-frame type, and one ratchet

070. Millers Falls #513 corner brace

071. Stanley #8C jointer plane (Picture)

072. Lot inc. Keen Kutter KK6C fore plane, Union X6 & Stanley #5 1/2 jumbo jack plane (Picture)

073. Stanley BEDROCK 605 1/2C FT jumbo jack plane (Picture)

074. Stanley #5 1/2C jumbo jack plane VG (Picture)

075. Stanley #3 smooth plane VG (Picture)

076. Stanley #33 & #31 transitional jointer planes (Picture)

077. Stanley #26 transitional jack plane w/decal (Picture)

078. Stanley #127 "Liberty Bell" jack plane & Ohio Tool Co. 9-in. transitional smoother (Picture)

079. Littletown & Craftsman woodworking bench vises (Picture)

080. Millers Falls #12 breast drill with level FINE (Picture)

081. Millers Falls #97 multi-speed, ratcheting breast drill (handle bent) (Picture)

082. Stanley #741 breast drill with level FINE (Picture)

083. Five braces inc. 10-in. Fray Spofford and an unusual BLACKHAWK with extra-long frame (Picture)

084. Pair cooper's saw tooth crozes; one marked E. Preston (Picture)

085. Five wooden planes inc. NOS continental rabbet (Picture)

086. Four wooden marking gages + one panel gauge (Picture)

087. Pair wooden spoke shaves inc. Chas. Henry Sheffield (Picture)

088. Pair Bridgeport-type tool handles (Picture)

089. Wooden mallet (split head), double-beam marking gage, & Stanley try & miter square

090. Large draftsman's square & Keuffel & Esser slide rule (Picture)

091. Snell & Atherton heal shave with two stacks of NOS Snell & Atherton blades

092. C.S. Osborne leather slitter w/rosewood handle (Picture)

093. Saddler's leather rounding knife (Picture)

094. Two misc. leatherworking tools & awl (Picture)

095. Wilkinson & PEXTO folding handle drawknives; PEXTO is coated with clear lacquer (Picture)

096. PLUMB VICTORY camp or boy's axe with magnificent calf's leg handle (Picture)

097. Six NOS axe handles plus four NOS adz handles. (Picture)

098. Seven NOS axe handles plus three NOS adz handles. (Picture)

099. Atkins saw filing gauge & Taintor patent saw set (Picture)

100. Andrew's patent saw jointer Pat. #982,458 Los Angeles, Calif. (Picture) & (Picture)

101. Three saws inc. Disston, "SHULTZ'S GILT EDGE" & a flooring saw made from a Diamond Edge hand saw (Picture)

102. Three hand saws inc. well worn Disston D-15 & Disston "JACKSON." (Picture)

103. Disston 12-inch back saw with wooden blade guard (Picture)

104. Sargent saw vise FINE

105. Lot zig-zag rule, two 4-fold boxwood rules & Campbell Patent (No. 867,556) combination tool rule attachment.

106. Set Bullock Mfg. #4 "Improved" Chamfer guides for drawknife IOB (light rust) (Picture)

107. Abernathy Vise & Tool Co. Chicago quick-adjusting woodworking vise. (Picture)

108. Six saws: keyhole, coping, homemade stair saw & regular hand saw re-worked into a flooring saw (rusty) & Aug. 28, 1877 Disston & Vandegrift patented iron saw handle. (Picture)

109. Saw tools: Atkins 1899 patent saw vise, & NOS Atkins bench stop (Picture)

110. Pair adjustable hollow augers inc. Wood's Patent (Picture)

111. Three hollow augers one w/braised repair (Picture)

112. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with long & short rods, all stops, 20 cutters inc. slitter, cam all in wooden box.

113. Winchester bench mounted hand-cranked grinder (Picture)

114. Three nut wrenches: CARLL 8-inch; 6-inch & 8-inch BOOS TOOL CO. Kansas City, MO; Cochran "SPEEDNUT" Chicago. (Picture)

115. Five adjustable "S" wrenches: 6-in. Robinson; 6-in. Buffalo; 8-in. No. 78 Westcott; 10-in. BULLOCK Mfg.; & 8-in. Barcalo "ORD. DEPT." USA. (Picture)

116. Four pair pliers: Billings & Spencer Pat. Jan 25, '76 & Mar. 25, '84; "FOOTPRINT PATENT" made in ENGLAND; Unusual slip-joint Made in Germany; & AMPCO BE CU No. P-35 byrilium. (Picture)

117. Lot misc. tools: L.S. Starrett end cutters "FOR MUSIC WIRE" USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corp.) lasting pincer/hammer combo tool; SARGENT nippers; Unknown "Young's Patent" tool; & unknown saw set. (Picture)

118. Five misc. wrenches: HERCULES 4-in.; ACME 5-in. twist handle marked W.W.W. CHICAGO; ANDERSON & FORRESTER DENVER ratchet; K-D Mfg. 9/16-in. No. 24 ratchet; DURO-671 CHICAGO ratchet; & WALDEN WORCESTER Patent 3/4-in. loop handled ratchet marked on one side "B.F. GOODRICH." (Picture)

119. Four wrenches; COCHRAN 18-in. 1908 patent screw-adjust pipe; The Victor 8-in. quick-adjust pipe; REED MFG. 11-inch quick or self-adjust pipe; MASTERWRENCH 8-in. self-tightening nut wrench. (Picture)

120. Three 18-inch levels: Stanley #36; #237 SW aluminum with eclipse vile covers; and Douglas Mfg. Five In One. (Picture)

121. Three levels: Two 24-inch iron Stanley #36 levels & one 28-inch stamped steel ACME. (Picture)

122. Three levels: 24-in. Stanley; 22-in. unknown; & 26-in. Shapleigh Hardware "Tip Top". St. Louis (Picture) & (Picture)

123. Four levels: 26-in. Stanley #IX; 24-in. Bedortha Bros.; 24-in. Enders Oak Leaf; & 22-in. Stanley #1 1/2. (Picture) & (Picture)

124. Three levels: 28-in. Akron Eclipse 1887 patent; 27-in. Stanley #3 w/patent date in wood; & 26-in. Stanley #03. (Picture) & (Picture)

125. Huff patent cable stripper Pat. #2,141,002 (Picture)

126. Shoe or boot or shoemaker's double lasting tool AKA double crab laster (Picture)

127. Three corn shucking pegs (Picture)

128. Two small outside calipers (Picture)

129. Patented wire stripper, unusual Iron City wedge, scraper, cold chisel, pliers.

130. Three small saws inc. one homemade (Picture)

131. Three Disston saws: 26-in. D-8 with finger hole; 26-in. 7tpi; & 28-in. 5tpi. (Picture)

132. Three Disston saws: 26-in. No. 8tpi with Atkins button; VG D-23, 5 1/2 tpi; & unknown 26-in., 8tpi. (Picture)

133. Three Atkins saws: No. 29, 9tpi w/nice etch; 26-in., 8tpi with rosewood handle; & 26-in., 7tpi. (Picture)

134. Lot of old saw handles; one patented. (Picture)

135. New old stock Stanley plane & scraper blades (Picture)

136. New old stock Stanley plane & scraper blades (Picture)

137. Lot of 11 NOS handles for wooden planes found in old hardware store. (Picture)

138. Sandusky SPECIAL rabbet plane (missing blade) plus lot of tapered blades by OAK LEAF, BUTCHER, SANDUSKY, KEEN KUTTER & wedges for wooden molding and bench planes. (Picture)

139. Lot of plane blades inc. one Millers Patent; Sandusky scrub; three rabbet; match; six plow etc. (Picture)

140. Box of wooden plane parts inc. large panel raiser wedge and sliding fence; plank plane fence and one screw arm, etc. (Picture)

141. Three saw tools: folding saw vise; monster-size Stearns saw set, NOS handle for crosscut saw.

142. Four Brass Post Office Box doors with combination locks (Picture)

143. Four brass post office box doors with combination locks, one looks like NOS. (Picture)

144. Two saws: nice 10-in. Atkins Silver Steel back saw & unmarked wooden stair saw. (Picture)

145. Hand saw: OHLEN-BISHOP "Streamlined ZEPHYR" No. 44 with nice etching. (Picture)

146. Three fixer-upper hand saws: two Disston & one with Ottumwa, Iowa etching (needs cleaning & handle repair) (Picture)

147. Three hand saws inc. two Disston D-8 (Picture)

148. Three Disston hand saws inc. D-8 (Picture)

149. Two Keen Kutter saws: 26-in. K88 & 22-in. No.? Needs a light cleaning, good etch.

150. Three Disston saws: 26-in. 11tpi; 25-in. No. 12, 10tpi; 26-in. No. 12, 8tpi.

151. Two Disston saws: early 26-in. No.8 with good etch; 26-in. #12, 9tpi, both VG.

152. Box of assorted saw handles, some original & some homemade. (Picture)

153. Box of assorted saw & plane handles (Picture)

154. Lot dividers & calipers inc. large Sargent dividers; Lowentraut dividers, unusual mini caliper. (Picture)

155. Three steel plumb bobs inc. SARGENT (Picture)

156. Brass 6-oz. plumb bob & small nickel plated steel bob (Picture)

157. Pair plumb bobs inc. 16-oz brass in leather belt pouch & large iron bob (Picture)

158. E.C. Atkins plated steel plumb bob in tin box (Picture)

159. Dictionary of Tools used in the woodworking and allied trades c. 1700 - 1900 book by R.A. Salaman. Hard bound book with intact dust jacket, VG. (Picture)

160. Restoring, Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking Tools book by Dunbar. Nearly new book in perfect condition. (Picture)

161. British Planemakers from 1700 book by Goodman. Hard bound with dust jacket, very good overall condition. (Picture)


163. Wooden Plow Planes A Celebration of the Planemakers' Art book by Rosebrook. Hard bound book in nearly new condition. (Picture)

164. NOS Slide Rules Their History, Models, and Makers book by Hopp. (Picture)

165. Two early Ken Roberts books: Wooden Planes in 19th Century & Tools For The Trades & Crafts. Wooden Planes has a few small tears to the dust jacket, otherwise both books are in fine condition. (Picture)

166. WOODWORKING HAND TOOLS INSTRUMENTS & DEVICES book by Blackburn, softcover fine overall condition. (Picture)

167. Two E&M Pollak plane books: A Supplement To American Wooden Panes & Prices Realized on Rare Imprinted American Wooden Planes 1979 - 1992, Supplement a bit worn on the outside, Prices Realized book is fine. (Picture)

168. Five original 1922 to 1929 CARPENTER magazines (sent out to members of the union) filled with vintage tool ads. (Picture)

169. New Old Stock Swan Model #6012 dowel/spoke pointer (Picture)

170. Pair 8-in. braces inc. Stanley #966 plus assorted auger bits inc. several long bits. (Picture)

171. Lot misc. bitstock tools inc. seven twist drills; four center bits; spoon bit; three counter sinks, Clark's patent expansive bit with two spare cutters. (Picture)

172. Fine Keen Kutter "BLUE BRAND" No. 84 ratcheting 8-in. bit brace with fine rosewood or cocobolo handles & intact chuck. (Picture)

173. Three screwdrivers inc. Yankee #30 & 2H mini ratchet (Picture)

174. Fine unmarked Stanley #85 1/2 rosewood panel gage (Picture)

175. Five Stanley No. 750 chisels (Picture)

176. Five misc. chisels inc. 1/8-in Witherby mortise. (Picture)

177. Four Stanley chisels inc. two Everlast. (Picture)

178. Five chisels: four socket firmers by Stanley, PEXTO, OVB & one mortise that needs a handle. (Picture)

179. Nice hand-forged double caliper with tight joint. (Picture)

180. Another nice double caliper with tight joint & closed loop handle. (Picture)

181. Pair unusual clamps both marked. (Picture)

182. Unusual A.O. Calhoon, Victor, Missouri, patented bevel & square w/level (The town of Victor, Missouri is now under Mark Twain Lake) (Picture)

183. Lot inc. wooden handled bug or small hub auger & Clason Patent (No. 797,174 Studley, Kansas) diagonal peen hammer with damaged face. (Picture)

184. Lot two large spoon bits, two small spoon bits and one gimlet. (Picture)

185. Lot clockmakers bow drills w/one wooden bow. (Picture)

186. Assorted bitstock tools inc. adjustable washer cutter, two auger bits, gimlet bit, countersink, screwdriver & VG CT Co. plug cutter. (Picture)

187. Five original 1924 to 1932 CARPENTER magazines (sent out to members of the union) filled with vintage tool ads. (Picture)

188. The STANLEY TOOL GUIDE instruction chart booklet dated 1941, has minor staining on cover and wear. (Picture) & (Picture)

189. TOOLS FROM PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLECTIONS - GROUP I 1973 spiral bound book printed in 1973 by the Early American Industries Association - West Pacific Northwest Section, minor cover wear, inside is fine. (Picture) & (Picture)

190. Original Jan. 1, 1887 L.S. Starrett 20-page Catalogue / Price List, covers separated, but all pages there. (Because of its delicate condition, handling of this catalogue will not be permitted during the preview). (Picture) & (Picture)

191. Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes In America (PTAMPIA) Vol. I book. New condition in original plastic wrap. Out of print for several years. (Picture)

192. Fine Siegley No. 2 combination plow plane with set of 16 original cutters. (Picture)

193. Six iron block planes inc. Stanley 102, 103 & 110 (Picture)

194. Three 8-inch iron bench planes inc. Hibbard's True Value (Picture)

195. Stanley #80 & #81 cabinet scrapers (one handle on #81 broken & brazed) (Picture)

196. Stanley #45 plow plane with fine-adjusting fence, long rods, one short rod, small depth stop, one match and one plow cutter & pitted slitter.

197. Stanley #1 Odd-Jobs, missing scribe, intact level, very good overall. (Picture)

198. Stanley #3 smooth plane VG & Zenith double ended block plane (rusty)

199. Stanley #113 compass plane, complete VG

200. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with #12H extra bottom

201. Set (8) Ohio Tool Co. plow plane blades/irons fine (Picture)

202. Three hammers: Two claw & one ball peen (Picture)

203. Large steel mallet with wooden faces & nice carving type mallet (Picture)

204. Early fencing-type hammer & small crate-opener (Picture)

205. Lot of six wrenches inc. Benesh Patent double-ended alligator

206. Box lot inc. nippers, tongs, tin punch, etc. (Picture)

207. Unusual patented file handle & hand vise.

208. Two wrenches: The Elgin adjustable alligator with die stock in end of handle; & SUPER GRIP TOOL CO. IOWA geared pliers. (Picture)

209. Five adjustable nut wrenches: Sterling #30 8-inch by Mossberg; 9-in. K9 by Mossberg; like-new 6 1/2-in. PEXTO; A.G. COES 6 1/2-in.; & 7-inch Vandegrift Patent. (Picture)

210. Three wrenches: A.P. Joy No. 1 adj. buggy wrench; PERPETUAL GRIP patented double ended alligator with die stock in center of handle; & 6 1/2-in. Planet Jr. (Picture)

211. Four screw adj. nut wrenches: 7-inch Billings & Spencer; 6-inch SHELLEY (English); two different 4 1/4-inch Billings & Spencer. (Picture)

212. Five 5-inch pocket nut wrenches: A&M BUFFALO NY; A-I Mossberg; L&S CO. 98 BUCKEYE; A-2 Mossberg; DIAMOND No. 10 Mossberg; & IVER JOHNSON. (Picture)

213. Three saws: 20-in. Pennsylvania Saw Corp. panel saw; and two owner-made saws one with Geo. Bishop etched blade. (Picture)

214. Fine SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE CO. ST. LOUIS 20-in. panel saw No. S-225 with near perfect etch. (Picture) & (Picture)

215. DIAMOND EDGE DEO134 26-in. hand saw with very good etch (Picture)

216. Fine FULTON 20-in. meat saw (Picture)

217. Disston No. 31 saw with 17 1/2-in. blade and near perfect etch and handle. (Picture) & (Picture)

218. NOS Disston D-15 VICTORY with perfect etch and fine handle (Picture)

219. Four levels: 30-in. Stanley #0; 30-in. Stanley #? w/patent date in wood; 28-in. Stanley 0 & 28-in. Stanley #3. (Picture)

220. Four levels: 28-in. Stanley #03; 28-in. Stanley #3; 30-in. Stanley #? & 28-in. #? (Picture)

221. Three drawknives inc. folding handle and pony shave (Picture)

222. Three bevels inc. Sargent (Disston made) patented October 29, 1907 (Picture)

223. Five wooden handled try squares and one try & miter square with faint KY makers mark (Picture)

224. Stanley #386 jointer gauge or fence for jointer planes VG (Picture)

225. Craftsman (Sargent) 619.3742 blade adapter that allows a 4-edge blade to be used in a regular plane (not listed in David Heckel's Sargent book) (Picture) & (Picture)

226. NOS Stanley #1 smooth plane blade.

227. TREAT ENGLAND 4 1/2-inch wick trimming shears (Picture) & (Picture)

228. Mini Craftsman/Sargent plane.

229. Campbell Patent (No. 867,556) Combination Rule Attachment.

230. Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Type I w/Stanley #54 rule (reproduction scribe) (Picture) & (Picture)

231. Fine pair Stanley #25 rosewood handle bevels: 6-in. & 8-in.

232. Pair 10-in. rosewood-handled bevels; one Stanley, other marked Pat. Sept. 4, 1877.

233. Unusual "SATURN" framing square.

234. Pair 10-inch wood handled nut wrenches inc. Lawson.

235. Pair wood handled nut wrenches: 10-in. Coes & 6-in. unmarked.

236. Gellman 12-in. quick adjust side-jaw nut wrench & Bink's Mfg.

237. Wrenches: Wakefield open end; auto-type socket set; two "S" wrenches; 1914 Patent ratchet w/square socket (Picture)

238. Three wrenches inc. 6-in. German pipe wrench NOS; 6-in. screw adjust nut wrench; implement type marked 7364L & SAMSON nippers. (Picture)

239. Bridgeport type tool handle & wood handled awl.

240. Two auger handles (one homemade), James Swan bung auger (missing handle) & five long auger bits for "T" augers. (Picture)

241. Stanley miter vise, double-beam marking gage Pat. Oct. 22, 1872, & NOS Hook Scraper No. 75.

242. Two small oil cans & small brass Lenk Alcohol Blowtorch.

243. Lot inc. Stanley sliding bevel, TWIX bevel square, NOS HOOK NO. 75 scraper & Lufkin 66-foot tape measure with leather case.

244. Pair like new dividers: Shapleigh's Hardware & Wm. Johnson Newark NJ plus hand forged gate latch & tire spoon. (Picture)

245. Seven socket wrenches used in bit braces 1 1/8-in. to 1/8-in. (Picture)

246. Chaplin's patent smooth plane, missing tote and knob plus unusual brass beading-type plane. (Picture)

247. Stanley #7 jointer plane NEW OLD STOK with $21.45 price in side with grease pencil. New near perfect condition. (Picture)

248. Stanley #6C fore plane, 95%+ japanning, fine rosewood tote and knob, little if ever previous use, fine or better overall condition. (Picture)

249. Stanley #2 smooth plane (needs new knob & tote repaired) plus Stanley #4 smoother with added side plate for parts. (Picture)

250. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane with 90%+ nickel plating, good handle & knob, one cutter included. (Picture)

251. Three bench screws: two are new old stock, the third is a rusty one by OHIO TOOL CO. (Picture)

252. Manufactured 32-in. tin clad carpenter's tool box with removable top tray. (Picture)

253. Three levels: 28-in. Stanley #0; 26-in. Stanley #0 & 24-in. Stanley #2. (Picture)

254. Five levels: two need refinishing and/or a new vial (Picture)

255. Five levels: Stanley #103 SW like new; Keen Kutter, Sargent (Picture)

256. Unusual steel caliper & nail rake from old hardware store (Picture)

257. Three folding shelf or scaffold brackets (Picture)

258. Two early iron tools: tongs & a two-spoke traveler (Picture)

259. Three block planes inc. Ohio Tool Marks Patent, Stanley 140 skew blade (missing side) & Stanley #103 (Picture)

260. Stanley #3C smooth plane (Picture)

261. Stanley #3 smooth plane (Picture)

262. Stanley #90 steel cased rabbet plane (throat opened) (Picture)

263. Stanley #72 chamfer plane (chipped front left side) (Picture) & (Picture)

264. Evans patent compass plane w/patent date in top of sole plate (Picture)

265. Stanley #8C jointer plane & Mohawk 14-in. jack plane. (Picture)

266. Keen Kutter 9-in. smooth plane (rusty) & Stanley 4 1/2 jumbo smooth plane. (Picture)

267. Stanley A5 Aluminum jack plane (painted red) (Picture)

268. Stanley #40 scrub plane (Picture)

269. Stanley #127A Set of six Jennings auger bits in original plastic roll.

270. Millers Falls No. 99 two-speed breast drill w/2-jaw chuck. (Picture)

271. Yankee No. 555 multi-speed ratcheting breast drill w/2-jaw chuck. (Picture)

272. Yankee No. 445 two-speed hand drill w/2-jaw chuck. (Picture)

273. Goodell-Pratt-type brace with integral hollow auger (Picture)

274. Two hollow augers & med. sized Stearns dowel pointer (Picture)

275. Lot of four bit braces inc. short-throw Fray ratchet (plate below top handle broken)

276. Five plumb bobs inc. two large homemade (Picture)

277. Three plumb bobs inc. one made from big splitting wedge, one small brass and one brass missing screw-off top (Picture)

278. Keen Kutter ratcheting screwdriver PAT. & Yankee # screwdriver. (Picture)

279. Cant hook, used in rolling logs, VG. (Picture)

280. Lot five large spoon augers & unusual center bit. (Picture)

281. Two NOS hatchet handles; three NOS "T" auger handles & one NOS cross-cut saw handle (Picture)

282. Lot of mostly NOS auger bits inc. Russell Jennings in original plastic wrap; two mini Jennings bits & several others. (Picture)

283. Lot: including file; hammer head; pipe flaring tool?; meat hook, and LITTLE GIANT riveting tools. (Picture)

284. Six nice German center bits inc. four by H. Boker plus one spade bit. (Picture)

285. Seven auger bits inc. three Ford Patent plus Millers Falls & Stanley bit stops. (Picture)

286. Three screwdrivers inc. Yankee 2H mini ratchet. (Picture)

287. Four push drills: Yankee No. 42 & 44, Goodell Bros., Goodell-Pratt (Picture)

288. Lot of four bit braces inc. 1872 Backus Patent 8-inch + one bit brace extension (Picture)

289. Pair medium sized dowel/spoke pointers: G.N. Stearns & Stearns. (Picture)

290. Two Disston Saws: NOS D-27 with perfect etch & VG D-15 VICTORY with good etch. (Picture)

291. Two handsaws: 26-in. 8 tpi with faint Winchester etch & 26 1/2-in. with "H. PORTER" stamped into blade.

292. Two 26-in. saws: VG Disston D-7 & VG Pennsylvania Saw Corp. (Picture)

293. Three panel saws: 22-in. FAST MAIL ST. LOUIS with locomotive etch; 20-in. Disston & 20-in. BLUEGRASS. (Picture)

294. Nice P.S.&W. folding handle drawknife & G-P or Dunlap iron spokeshave (needs blade) (Picture)

295. Pair PS&W heavy timber framing socket chisels 1 3/4-in. & 2-in.

296. Four chisels: Two NOS 3/16-in. Buck Bros.; PS&W parting & Stanley #720 1/4-in. FINE.

297. Lot: mallet; four clamps; Cumming Patent (Des.142,546) "Kit Vise"; ice axe head (rusty) & pickeroon head. (Picture)

298. Large cabinetmaker's tool chest with removable saw box, three sliding trays, & plane till, two folding iron handles on each side, VG.

299. Medium sized carpenter's tool chest with sliding trays, flat top, VG.

300. Medium size carpenters tool chest with sliding trays, flat top, VG.

301. Pair wrenches: Fine Athol Machine Co. 6-in. quick adjust; & ANY ANGLE WRENCH LIMA Ohio) 1916 patent. (Picture)

302. Lot misc. wrenches: MUSSELMAN UNIVERSAL BICYCLE; W&B No. 1 1/2 BULL DOG alligator; SUL (German) quick adjust; "ELECTRICIANS UTILITY TOOL No. 2000 PAT PEND"; plus several 4-inch Crescent types.

303. Like new EIFEL-GEARED-PLIERENCH in original canvas pouch with six spare jaws and 1927 booklet. (Picture)

304. Lot of eight NOS Stanley scraper blades + one Penn. Saw Corp. scraper blade. (Picture)

305. Lot of eight NOS Stanley scraper blades + one Penn. Saw Corp. scraper blade. (Picture)

306. Lot of 7 mostly rosewood totes & 7 mostly rosewood knobs for Stanley planes. (Picture)

307. Lot of plane parts & blades: blade for Liberty bell jack; fence for #50 plow; beading stop; #31 to #38 blades for #55 plow, NOS tapered fore or jointer blade, many others. (Picture) & (Picture)

308. Stanley #6 fore plane, 95% japanning, little used BB cutter, very good tote & knob, fine overall condition. (Picture)

309. Stanley #6C fore plane & #5 jack plane, both Type 11, and in very good overall condition. (Picture)

310. Large rosewood & brass sliding bevel & two Stanley #18 sliding bevels. (Picture)

311. Two folding handle drawknives inc. VG Jennings Arrowhead Brand. (Picture)

312. Three block planes: UTILA PLANE aluminum; Sargent & fine Diamond Edge DE110.jpg (Picture)

313. Stanley #98 side rabbet plane (Picture)

314. Pair Stanley #1 Excelsior tool handle VG (Picture)

315. Pair Stanley #29 corner rounding tools (Picture)

316. Keen Kutter can opener & Stanley #30 angle divider (light rust) (Picture)

317. Cantelo 1891 Patent folding handle drawknife & unusual pony shave (Picture)

318. Four rosewood handled sliding bevels (Picture)

319. Five levels: Three Stanley; one Disston & one C-S Co. (Picture)

320. Three levels: 30-in. Stanley #95 brass bound mahogany stock; 26-in. Cooks Patent #01 mahogany? Stock; & 28-in. Standard Eclipse by Backer McMillen. (Picture)

321. Davis Patent Robinson No. 9 iron plumb & level (Picture)

322. Chapin-Stephens Vogel Patent aluminum plumb & level (Picture)

323. Davis 6-inch mantle clock style inclinometer level, some light rust & needs new pointer, in pasteboard box with paper hinged lid (Picture)

324. Five levels: 28-in. Stanley #30 double plumb; 28-in. Stanley #25 rosewood? double plumb; 28-in. Stanley #? & 26-in. Standard Ripley's patent.

325. Two levels: Stanley 24-in. #36 iron double plumb & #233 aluminum mason's level.

326. Four Stanley tools: Two #89 clapboard siding markers; nice try square; & early #95 butt gauge. (Picture)

327. Fine try square w/15-in. blade & rosewood/brass handle plus Stanley #16 improved miter square Type I w/hang hole (Picture)

328. Stanley #85 O rosewood panel gage/gauge, missing the square brass rub block under the screw, otherwise fine. (Picture)

329. Stanley #71 router plane complete & fine with extra parts & 9-in. Shelton smooth plane. (Picture) & (Picture)

330. Stanley #113 compass plane (missing rear handle), Stanley #5C jack plane, & BEDROCK #605C (top of frog broken)

331. Stanley #203 block plane & Stanley #67 universal spokeshave. (Picture) & (Picture)

332. Two wooden handled shaves: large carriage maker s type & one looks like a stair rail pattern. (Picture) & (Picture)

333. Four lathe or turning tools inc. skewed chisels by Winstead Edge Tool Works & pitted Butcher gouge (Picture)

334. PLUMB broad hatchet & unknown hand adz.

335. Three bearing scrapers, soldering iron, and Hill's 1873 patent hog tongs (Picture)

336. Four wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool 7/8-in. #62 1/4 reverse Roman ogee; 1/4-in. side bead with broken wedge; 1-in. hollow; & Ohio Tool #57 fillester (missing fence). (Picture)

337. Three Sandusky wood planes: twin-iron nosing, round, & complex, all in fine usable condition. (Picture)

338. Pair wooden planes: Sandusky 1 1/4-in. nosing plane & an Ohio Tool made rabbet reworked into a sash coping plane marked "SOLD BY P&J.C. REINHARD" with owner-added fence. (Picture)

339. Two wooden jointer planes: fine 28-in. Ogontz with tapered Keen Kutter blade; & 22-in. Ohio Tool? with Diamond Edge blade. (Picture)

340. Three English coffin shaped smooth planes, one with adjustable steel throat. (Picture)

341. Two pair hand-forged? fireplace-type tongs. (Picture)

342. RABONE (English) square & homemade lathe tool (Picture)

343. Simonds saw flattening hammer (Picture)

344. Two Keen Kutter saws: one with early etching & axe-head medallion. (Picture)

345. Pair claw hammers: H60 BE CU spark-proof & unmarked 8-oz. claw (Picture)

346. Lot of seven hammers: claw, cobblers, etc. (Picture)

347. Two pair of trammel points: one all steel; other nickel plated Keuffel & Esser on wooden beam (missing points)

348. Three claws hammers inc. Cheney nail-holding (needs handle re-attached) (Picture)

349. Two hand saws: 26-in. Disston? with decorative domed screws and steel stiffener plate on one sides of handle & 26-in. Simonds No. 8? with good etch. (Picture)

350. Three Disston saws: 26-in. 8tpi; 26-in. 10tpi & VG D-17 with unusual teeth and needing a new medallion. (Picture)

351. Two saws: One an all-steel docking saw that has no maker's markings; & 26-in. Disston 7tpi, good etch. (Picture)l

352. Lot of saw tools: two large saws sets inc. Morrill Pat., Atkins saw jointer, Atkins saw filing gage with original albeit tattered envelope. (Picture)

353. Three levels: 28-in. Stanley #0; 26-in. Stanley #0 & 24-in Stanley #2.

354. Five levels: Two Keen Kutter; two Stanley & one Oak Leaf.

355. Five levels: Stanley #103 SW like new; Keen Kutter & Sargent.

356. Set Bullock Mfg. #4 Improved Chamfer guides for drawknife on a graduated beam (see lot #106). (Picture)

357. Ohio Tool Co. 1 3/8-in. No. 116 skew bladed rabbet also marked ELDER & ADAMS LAMAR (Oklahoma?). (Picture)

358. Union #8 24-inch iron jointer plane & Fulton 7C 22-inch jointer, but have light rust and need cleaning. (Picture)

359. Three planes: Ohio Tool Co. 04 smooth; Sargent? 9-inch smooth plane; unknown mini block plane. (Picture)

360. Olson Patent (No. 306,096) screwdriver mfg. by Decatur Coffin Co. 1884. (Picture)

361. Lot of four bit braces inc. two Spofford types and one brace wrench.

362. Lot of four bit braces inc. 14-in. P.S.&W. ratchet, Rose Patent & Taylor's Patent Mfg. by Increase Wilson

363. Pair of auger handles inc. NOS Millers Falls No. 2 & VG P.S.&W. Patd. MAR 20, 1888. (Picture)

364. FINE Stanley No. 993 corner brace (Picture & Picture)

365. Four brass General plumb bobs in original boxes inc. 24-oz.; 16-oz.; 10-oz.; & 6-oz. (Picture)

366. Two brass plumb bobs; one in leather holster (Picture)

367. Three plumb bobs inc. ones made from old bullet & railroad spike. (Picture)

368. Broad axe with new handle (some pitting) (Picture)

369. Pair single bit axes inc. I.O.A. from BROWNCAMP DES MOINES, IOWA. (Picture)

370. L&IJ WHITE, BUFFALO 3 1/2-in. slick very good. (Picture)

371. Unmarked adz very good. (Picture)

372. Goosewing axe head; two heavy socketed chisels (one marked); and large coopers type shave missing one handle (Picture)

373. Large D.R. BARTON drawknife w/12-inch blade & unknown knife (Picture)

374. Three saws: 20-in. Disston D-8; 12-in. Disston back saw & homemade. (Picture)

375. Three 26-in. Disston hand saws all clean, sharp and ready to use. (Picture)

376. Three saws inc. DISSTON & SON panel; unknown panel & sawed-off Diamond Edge hand saw. (Picture)

377. Lot of three spoke shaves: Stanley #151, unknown double bladed, and large shave with wood handles (missing block & blade).

378. Stanley #5C jack plane & #3 smooth plane (Picture)

379. Stanley block planes #103 & 60 1/2 low angle.

380. Stanley #129 Liberty Bell fore plane & five transitional plane bodies. (Picture)

381. Stanley plane parts: #105 steel Liberty Bell body & wood; Stanley 4 1/2C, 4C, 3 & 220 bodies; & Keen Kutter K110 with broken cap. (Picture)

382. Stanley #6 fore plane (corner chipped); VG Stanley #5C SW; Stanley #104 Liberty Bell smoother body & #8 body with broken frog.
.. (two bodies not shown in photo) (Picture)

383. Four levels: 20-in. Stanley #00; 24-in. Stanley #0; 26-in. Stanley #3 & early 27-in. Stanley. (Picture)

384. Four levels: 24-in. aluminum & wood mason's level; 24-in. Stanley #324 cherry masons; Stanley #257 SW 18-in. + unk. (Picture)

385. Four levels: 28-in. Stanley #0; 26-in. Stanley SW #0; C-S Co. 26-in. with laminated stock; 26-in. Stanley #13 SW. (Picture)

386. Two 24-in. iron levels: Davis Level & Tool Co. double plumb & level; and Millers Falls (this one has had the ends of the top rail re-worked) (Picture)

387. Unusual mahogany & brass triangular inclinometer used with plumb bob. (Picture) & (Picture)

388. Bishop's Patent reversible back saw 14-in. blade (Picture)

389. Millers Falls 1876 patent 12-inch scroll saw, Disston keyhole saw; Goodell-Pratt #200 butcher's saw punch NIB; etc.

390. E.C. ATKINS U.S.Q.M.C. (quartermaster corps?) de-horning saws NOS, & meat saw (Picture)

391. Disston de-horning saw NOS (Picture)

392. Five tool club catalog reprints inc. H. Chapin's Son 1890; Auburn Tool Co. 1869; Zenith Tools & Cutlery; and Sandusky Tool Catalog No. 25; plus "American Folk Toys" pamphlet and Whittling And Woodcarving book by Tangerman. (Picture)

393. Original Stanley Tool Catalog No. 129. (Picture)

394. Original Stanley Tool Catalog No. 34 published in 1905. (Picture)

395. Original Stanley Tool Catalog No. 34 published in 1952. (Picture)

396. Original 1911 Sargent Tool Book. (Picture)

397. Five tool books: The Cincinnati Tool Co. 1923 catalog reprint by Roger K. Smith; Sargent Planes booklet reprinted by Roger Smith; The Axe Book; Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide, by David E. Heckel; and the National Saw Company, reprinted by MWTCA in 1986 (Picture)

398. Six levels inc. Keen Kutter, two for parts or restoration. (Picture)

399. Three levels: 28-in. Akron Eclipse; 30-in. Stanley #3 & 28-in. Akron Eclipse brass-bound #5 1/2 very nice! (Picture) & (Picture)

400. H.M. POOL 27-in. mahogany plumb & level with nice eagle trademark. (Picture)





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401. Pair 26-in. hand saws inc. Disston D8 5tpi & E. C. Atkins 9tpi (Picture)

402. Pair Disston hand saws inc. D8 rip & Disston 12tpi

403. Pair 28-in. Disston D8 hand saws: 6 tpi & 5tpi

404. Unusual A.O. Calhoon Victor, Missouri square & level (Picture)

405. Stanley #34 1/4 VR 12-in. rule (Picture)

406. Rabone #1167 four-fold 36-in. rule & Lufkin 34V 24-in. ruler (Picture)

407. Unusual hand forged iron brace with two-piece wooden wrist handle (Picture)

408. Unmarked wooden bit brace with brass button chuck, cracked top handle (Picture)

409. Jackson Patent, I. Wilson Mfg. New London all-steel brace with spring chuck (Picture)

410. Sargent #73 miniature router plane (Picture) & (Picture)

411. Record No. 2506 double side rabbet plane, fine overall condition (Picture) & (Picture)

412. Stanley 100 1/2 miniature block plane with round bottom (Picture)

413. Stanley #79 double ended side rabbet plane (Picture)

414. Stanley #90 bullnose rabbet plane (Picture)

415. Pair little planes inc. Stanley #80 bullnose rabbet (MADE IN ENG.) & Craftsman #619-3705 3-in. block plane (Picture)

416. Palmer Meadville, PA folding handle drawknife FINE (Picture)

417. Unknown drawknife with rounded bottom and another made from a file (Picture)

418. Unusual curved adz and TRUE TEMPER double-bit axe (Picture)

419. Douglas & Co. adz VG with nice handle. (Picture)

420. D. MALLOCH PERTH badger plane with additional imprint of J. DOBIE 205 ARGYLE ST. GLASGOW (1862 to 1902) a merchant? (Picture)

421. Ohio Tool #119 jack rabbet plane with owner added tapered fence for???? (Picture)

422. Pair 20-inch panel saws inc. Disston 12 tpi

423. George Bishop Cincinnati reversible back saw with 12-in. blade in VG overall condition + 14-inch Bishop back saw that needs some TLC (Picture)

424. Unknown 12-inch back saw & 14-inch Atkins 11tpi panel saw (Picture)

425. PS&W folding drawknife VG & unknown coachmaker's type shave that needs wood handles (Picture)

426. European 34 1/4-inch jointer plane with Ohio Tool Co. blade (Picture)

427. Stanley Liberty Bell jointer plane (sawed off) and Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane (Picture)

428. Stanley 71 1/2 closed throat router plane (Picture)

429. Sargent #3740 4-EDGE BLADE smooth plane (Picture)

430. Stanley 12 1/2 cabinet scraper w/SW logo on brass screw (Picture)

431. Marsh M4 1/2 jumbo smoothing plane with Lakeside cutter (Picture)

432. Stanley 10 1/2 carriage makers rabbet plane, brazed repair on side, will make good user (Picture)

433. Stanley #65 chamfer spoke shave and 7-in. Birmingham? block plane with owner-added front knob (Picture)

434. Box of hoof trimming knives & carving knives all in wooden box (Picture)

435. Unknown rosewood panel gage & unknown handled slitting gauge with roller under handle (Picture)

436. Pair Stanley #25 sliding bevels 10-inch & 8-inch (Picture)

437. EAGLE sliding bevel with 9-in. blade (Picture)

438. Unknown sliding bevel with rosewood handle 6-in. blade & try & miter square with rosewood handle & 10-in. blade (Picture)

439. Unknown hollow auger & Stearns med. sized spoke or dowel pointer (Picture) & (Picture)

440. B.S.V. Co. #4R adjustable hollow auger with intact depth stop (Picture) & (Picture)

441. Stearns? Adjustable hollow auger with intact depth stop (Picture) & (Picture)

442. Unknown large sized spoke or dowel pointer (Picture) & (Picture)

443. Four marking gages: Stanley #65 like new, two rosewood gages both missing brass piece under locking screw (Picture)

444. E.C. Atkins 26-inch #51 5 1/2tpi rip saw like new (Picture)

445. Pair saws: Disston D8 22-inch 12tip panel & Atkins 26-in. 8tpi (Picture)

446. Curved drawknife, sharp and ready to use (Picture)

447. Lot three unusual clamps and four saws (Picture)

448. Pair saws inc. VG Jennings keyhole saw (Picture)

449. Pair Stanley #4 smooth planes & Stanley #27 transitional jack plane (Picture)

450. Ohio Tool Co. / GB & Co. #102 unhandled boxwood plow plane, some thread chipping. (G. Bremerman was a hardware merchant in St. Louis Missouri
............ from 1848 to 1854) (Picture) & (Picture)

451. Pair wooden planes: Ohio Tool Co. #76 1/2-in. match plane & Ohio Tool #4 round (Picture)

452. Three wood planes: H. Chapin Union Factory quarter round; Ohio Tool Co. #141 door plane (some bug damage) and Scioto Works #3 smooth plane (Picture)

453. Three wood planes: Brown (BALTIMORE) wedge-arm sash; William Ward 113 8th AVE NY 3/16-in. side bead & William Ward #6 round with
........... different address (Picture)

454. Lot of five wooden planes inc. Auburn Tool Co. hollow; homemade round; possible gunstocking plane; Sandusky Tool Co. rabbet; and
........... Ohio Tool Co. #62 1/4 reverse ogee with fence

455. Pair bit braces including early hand-forged with simple tapered socket and riveted head (Picture)

456. Stanley #733 SW 2-speed breast drill with level complete and VG. (Picture)

457. Millers Falls #12, 2-speed breast drill with level VG. (Picture)

458. Pair of curved drawknives inc. PS&W Co. (Picture)

459. Pair KUNZ spoke shaves: one concave bottom & one convex bottom. (HUME263.jpg)

460. KUNZ #65 chamfer shave, like a Stanley #65. (Picture)

461. O.R. Chaplin's patent combination square. (Picture)

462. Pair of froes: one with a 7-inch blade & one 12-inch (Picture)

463. Pair of drawknives inc. 9-inch L&I.J. WHITE & 5-1/2-inch curved bladed marked IVES (Picture)

464. WARDSMASTER duplex plane (Stanley #78) complete and VG & Stanley #190, 1 1/2-inch rabbet plane (Picture)

465. Union Tool Co. No. 41 Tongue & Groove plane (similar to Stanley #48) (Picture)

466. Stanley #71 open throat router plane with intact throat closing attachment & 1/2-inch blade (Picture)

467. Stanley #80 cabinet scraper & #130 Fulton double ended block plane. (Picture)

468. Disston D8 26-in. 9 tip VG (Picture)

469. Disston 5 1/2 tip rip saw VG (Picture)

470. ECSCO (Stearns) No. 795B Pistol Grip saw set NIB (Picture) & (Picture)

471. Homemade "bench hook" splint plane. (Picture) & (Picture)

472. Factory made screw plate & three homemade screw plates or wire gages. (Picture)

473. Packet of Stanley tool pamphlet reprints produced by the M-WTCA special publications committee (Picture)

474. Aldren A. Watson book: The Village Blacksmith 126-page, hardbound no dust jacket, very good overall. (Picture)

475. Eric Sloane book: Our Vanishing Landscape, fine overall condition. (Picture)

476. Eric Sloane book: A Museum of Early American Hand Tools, fine overall condition. (Picture)

477. Belknap Hardware Louisville, KY Catalog No. 88, original large catalog has spine damage & covers are separated. (Picture)

478. Witte Hardware St. Louis MO catalog No. 36 intact covers and very good overall condition. (Picture)

479. Shapleigh Hardware DIAMOND EDGE St. Louis catalog #400 covers are separating and spine cover is peeling. (Picture)

480. Eric Sloane's Weather Book & Look at the Sky and tell the weather book, both have soft covers and are like new. (Picture)

481. Eric Sloane book Once upon a Time softbound and in very good overall condition. (Picture)

482. Eric Sloane book The Seasons of America Past, hardbound and in very good overall condition. (Picture)

483. Three furniture books, The Complete Book of Furniture Restoration, by Salazar; Windsor Chairmaking, by Thomas Moser; Ireland's Traditional Crafts, by David Shaw-Smith. (Picture)

484. Irish Country Furniture 1700-1950 by Kinmonth; Antique Ethnic Furniture, by Viel; and Country Furniture by Watson. (Picture)

485. Four books: "Basketry of Appalachian Mountains," by Stephenson; "Early Country Furniture" magazine by Smith; "Australian Traditional Bush Crafts.
........... With More Than 700 Illustrations," by Edwards; "Make a Chair From a Tree: An Introduction to Working Green Wood," by Alexander, Jr. (Picture)

486. Two books: You Can Whittle and Carve, by Hellum and Gottshall and published by Bonanza; Jack Hill's Country Chair Making, by Jack Hill, hardbound

487. Four books including three tool club catalog reprints: Quaint Furniture - Arts and Crafts by Stickley Brothers Co. Grand Rapids, MI; Ohio Tool
........... Circa 1910; L&I.J. White Edge Tools, and A.J. Wilkinson & Co. circa 1867-68. (Picture)

488. Furniture How to Make It, Vols. I & 2, copyright 1909-10, by Popular Mechanics Handbooks. (Picture)

489. Nicholls Patent rafter/framing square April 23, 1901 Glenwood, Iowa Plus a McCleary Patent (Sargent made) take-down rafter/framing square
........... marked Southington Hardware Co. (Picture)

490. Three transitional bench planes: 30-inch B-Plane 24-inch No.18 Gage Tool Co.; and 15-inch Stanley #27. (Picture)

491. Lot of three transitional planes: Two Stanley and one Gage Tool Co. (Picture)

492. Four iron/steel block planes: Stanley 9 1/2, 110, 118 & Ohio Tool #130 (end broken, rusty) (Picture)

493. Stanley #200 chisel & plane blade sharpening jig (japanned) (Picture)

494. Box of combination plow plane parts: Stanley 45s & Millers Patent #41 body. One good #45 plane & one user. (Picture)

495. The Stanley Plane A History and Descriptive Inventory, by Alvin Sellens. (Picture)

496. The Art of Tools softcover book by Sandor Nygyszalanczy, softcover. (Picture)

497. Three woodworking and/or furniture making books: Classic American Furniture by Time Life; hardcover spiral bound; The Conservation and Restoration of Antique Furniture by Stan Learoyd; and Green Woodworking Handcrafting Wood From Log To Finished Product, by Langsner. (Picture)

498. Encyclopedia of Country Furniture by Frankel; Fine Furniture for the Amateur Cabinetmaker,by A.W. Marlow; Dictionary of Architecture and Construction, edited by Harris

499. With Hammer in Hand The Dominy Craftsmen of New York by Hummel, hardbound no dust jacket, fine overall condition. (Picture)

500. Woodworker's Journal magazines (44 total) mid 1980s to mid 1990s. (Picture)

501. American Woodworker magazines (8 total) March/April 1988, Vol. 4, #1; May/June 1988, Vol. 4, #2; Sept./Oct. 1988, Vol. 4, #4; Nov./Dec. 1988, Vol. 4, #5; Feb. 1991, Issue 18; April 1991, Issue 19; June 1991, Issue 20; Aug. 1991, issue 21. (Picture)

502. FINE OHIO TOOL No. 105 ivory tipped, handled boxwood plow plane. (Picture)

503. Unhandled Bensen & Crannell rosewood plow with boxwood arms and fence. (Picture)

504. Ohio Tool Co. No. 104 boxwood plane plane (cracked handle) plus unhandled boxwood plow plane (one arm shortened) (Picture & Picture)

505. RARE Stanley #85 tilting handle scraper plane. This is one of only two planes that Bob Elgin displayed in the dining room of his home.
............ It was sitting on top of the mantle clock. He found it an antique store in Arkansas. This one is in very good overall condition with intact
............ handle and knob and unmarked blade. (Picture)

506. Unique hand carved wood plane with slightly curved bottom. Bob Elgin acquired this from the Bruce Debo collection. This is one of only two planes
............ that Bob Elgin displayed in the dining room of his home. (Picture)

507. Small treadle-operated scroll saw in working condition. (Picture)

508. Four iron block planes inc. double ended; Ohio Tool 0103; Birmingham with tail handle & mini Craftsman (Picture)

509. Three drawknives inc. fine Palmer & little pony shave (Picture)

510. Five iron block planes inc. two Stanley #103, Diamond Edge DE110, & #60 low angle (Picture)

511. Fine Woodworking Magazines: Jan./Feb. 1984, #44; July/Aug. 1984, #47; March/April 1984, #45; May/June 1984, #46; March/April 1983, #39; May/June 1983, #40; and Jan./Feb. 1983, #38. (Picture)

512. Aveiping Å“av oskjer og tiner, by Hopstad; Sundials Their Theory And Construction, by Waugh; Swedish Carving Techniques, by Sundqvist; and Lagging
............ PA GAMMEL OG NY MATE, by Hopstad. (Picture)

513. Build It Yourself Book For Boys by Popular Mechanics Copyrighted 1956 some spine damage; Popular Home Craft magazine April 1949; Home
............ Craftsman Magazine, Nov./Dec. 1950; Making Things With Tools, by Hall, copyright 1928. (Picture)

514. Workbench magazines, 34 in all from 1984-1992. (Picture)

515. Wood & Workbench magazines 31 in all ranging most from 1990 to 1995

516. Wood magazines (42 total) late 1988 to 1996 (Picture)

517. Workbench, magazines (18 total) mid to late 1980s. (Picture)

518. American Woodworker magazines: Jan./Feb. 1989, Vol. 5, #1; March/April 1989, Vol. 5, #2; July/Aug. 1989, Vol. 5, #4; Sept./Oct. 1989, Vol. 5, #5;
............ Oct. 1991, issue 22; Dec. 1990, issue 17; Oct. 1990, issue 16; Aug. 1990, issue 15; Dec. 1991, issue 23; Feb. 1992, issue 24; and the Index for 1993 to
............ all Woodworking Magazines. (Picture)

519. American Woodworker magazine (29 total) 1992 to 1996

520. Approximately 20 misc. Woodworking magazines: Woodworkers Journal, Popular Woodworking, Woodworking Today, Woodsmith, Woodwork; Comprehensive Cumulative Index for Fine Woodworking Issues 1-50, Winter 1975 to Jan/Feb 1985

521. Popular Mechanics Illustrated Home Handyman Encyclopedia & Guide, vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, & 12, plus a rough What to Make magazine. (Picture)

522. Modern Mechanics and Inventions magazines 1929 & 1930 (10 total, four are missing covers) (Picture)

523. Modern Mechanics and Inventions, magazines 1931 (five total) and two Popular Mechanics (missing covers) June 1929, and June 1927. (Picture)

524. Popular Science magazines (7 total) two from 1933 and five from 1934 (one cover MIA) (Picture)

525. Popular Science magazines (5 total) 1932. (Picture)

526. Popular Science magazines (5 total) one duplicate. (Picture)

527. Popular Science magazines (6 total) 1930. (Picture)

528. Popular Science magazines (9 total) 1929. (Picture)

529. Lot sharpening stones for blades & chisels. (Picture)

530. Pair 1/2-in. chisels inc. E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter and W. Butcher (Picture)

531. Early 7/8-in corner chisel with numerous owners marks (Picture)

532. Wooden spoke shave with screw adjusted cutter and a large homemade? Shave with radiused bottom (Picture)

533. Unusual wooden bodied scraper with brass housing similar to those used by gunstockers (Picture)

534. Pair wooden spoke shaves inc. large unmarked with 5-in. blade & little used Marples w/2-in. blade (Picture)

535. Large E. Preston wooden spoke shave. (Picture)

536. Fales Patent combination plow plane and one bottom and blade. (Picture)

537. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane with one blade (missing knob, nicker) (Picture)

538. Lot inc. 8-in. wood smoother, panel gauge, sliding bevel and 12-inch Stanley level. (Picture)

539. Lot of five wooden planes inc. Shapleigh Day & Co. screw-arm sash; unknown complex, rabbet marked St. Louis etc. (Picture)

540. Lot of two molding planes inc. complex VARVIL & SON YORK and unusual Z.J. McMaster with blade sharpened on three sides. (Picture)

541. Lot of five wooden planes inc. smoother, Ohio complex, unmarked complex, rabbet. (Picture)

542. Lot of two molding planes inc. J. BURKE MADISON IA (INDIANA) complex and DR BARTON 7/8-in hollow. (Picture)

543. Cincinnati Tool Co. convex faced shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

544. C.T.Co. (Cincinnati Tool) round bottom spoke shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

545. CIN.T.CO. (Cincinnati Tool) concave face spoke shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

546. THE CINTI TOOL CO. (Cincinnati Tool) flat bottom spoke shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

547. Lot of four like new SWISS carving gouges #7, #8, #14, #20 all very sharp and ready to carve. (Picture)

548. Ten little Millers Falls-type carving chisels; all are sharp and ready to carve. (Picture)

549. Stanley #50 light duty combination plane complete and in original pasteboard box. (Picture) & (Picture)

550. Stanley #12 scraper (needs blade) & #71 router plane with throat closing attachment and two fences. (Picture)

551. . Stanley #6C fore plane & #4 smooth plane. (Picture)

552. Stanley #7 jointer plane & #4C smooth plane. (Picture)

553. Lot of four smooth planes inc. Sargent Hercules; SHELTON No. 4; Stanley #4 (broken frog) and Defiance by Stanley. (Picture)

554. Stanley #8C Type 11 jointer plane VG, and #6C fore plane. (Picture)

555. Union #33 Pat. Oct. 22, 1889 transitional jointer plane & Stanley #7 iron jointer plane. (Picture)

556. CHIP-A-WAY (St. Louis) 30-in. wooden jointer plane FINE. (Picture)

557. Unknown make anvil 65 to 70 lbs. (Picture)

558. Small woodworking workbench 36-in. wide, 32-inches tall, has two doors in front for storage below, and a chip tray in the back. Used by
............ Bob Elgin for years when he would demonstrate bowl carving at the Old Iron Works Days shows in St. James, Missouri. (Picture)

559. Fine Woodworking Magazines: #15, March/April 1979; May/June 1980, #22; March/April 1981, #27; March/April 1982, #33; July/August 1982, #35;
............ Nov./Dec. 1982, #37; Sept/Oct. 1982, #36; Jan./Feb. 1982, #32

560. Two furniture books: The Art of Chair-Making, by Pierce; New Mexican Furniture 1600 to 1940, By Taylor & Bokides; and a magazine Easy-To-Make Wooden Sundials Instructions and Planes for 5 Projects, by Stoneman. (Picture)

561. Three books: The Complete Craftsman by Lawrence; Forty Power Tools You Can Make, by Popular Machanics 1943; Popular Arts of Spanish New Mexico, by E. Boyd, 518-page fully illustrated complete with original dust jacket. (Picture)

562. Three furniture books: Encyclopedia of Spanish Period Furniture Designs by Rubira; Early New Mexican Furniture, by Hammett; and Spanish Colonial Furniture, by Williams. (Picture)

563. Three Southwest books: The Woodcarvers of Cordova New Mexico by Briggs; Furniture of Spanish New Mexico, by Vedder; Furniture From the Hispanic Southwest Authentic Designs, edited by Wroth. (Picture)

564. Antique Country Furniture of North America, by Shea; New Mexico Home Furnishings magazine; and A Treasury of Norwegian Folk Art in America by Gilbertson & Richards. (Picture)

565. Three books: Colonial Frontiers, by Mather; Colonial Furniture making For Everybody, by Shea; and Santos, (water damaged); Statues & Sculpture: Woodcarving in New Mexico by Kalb. (Picture)

566. Four books: The Current Antique Furniture Style & Price Guide, edited by Grotz; Craftsman of the Cumberlands Tradition & Ceativity, by Jones; Sundials by R. Newton Mayall & Margaret W. Mayall; and Turned Woodware For Collectors Treen and Other Objects by Toller. (Picture)

567. Four books: Early American Wooden Ware, by Gould; The Shell Book of Country Crafts,by Arnold; Green Woodwork, by Abbott; and Crafts from the Countryside, by Jones. (Picture)

568. Restoring, Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking Tools, by Dunbar; The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Woodworking Handtools Instruments and Devices, by Blackburn; and a 2007 MWTCA reprint of the Jackson & Tyler catalog of 1880. (Picture)

569. Fine Woodworking Magazines 1984 to 1987, 20 issues total, all very good and complete. (Picture)

570. Fine Woodworking Magazines 1991-1994, 19 issues total, all very good and complete

571. Popular Mechanics SHOP NOTES books for 1920 to 1924, Five Vols. total, fine overall condition. (Picture)

572. Fine Woodworking Magazines: 1994 to 1996, 15 vols. All complete and in fine condition

573. Four Scandanavian woodworking books: av tre by Nilsson; Bruksgjenstander i tre by Ljunberg; Spon, sveip og lagg Tre teknikker I tre by Ljungberg;
............ Skjoere I tre by Ljungberg. (Picture)

574. Lot of wooden plane parts inc. side bead and round that need wedges, plane handles, and an iron (pitted) and wedge for a 3 1/2-in. panel raising plane. (Picture)

575. Lot of iron tools, pickeroon head, gate hinge, tongs, unusual hook and other misc. (Picture)

576. Lot of two hammers, crating tool marked Cray Bros. Emmel Vault Co. Jefferson City (MO) Call 6-8551; adz head and small claw hammer head. (Picture)

577. Four lathe turning tools, two homemade. (Picture)

578. Lot inc. two Millers Falls hand drills and one Mohawk ratchet brace. (Picture)

579. Lot four hammers inc. ferrier's and cross peen, plus one ball peen head. (Picture)

580. Pair of drawknives: Keen Kutter & Ontario plus a lathing hatchet. (Picture)

581. Lot of 8 carving gouges inc. little used Buck Bros., cranked D.R. Barton & two like news Swiss made inc. fish tail gouge, and a nearly
........... new one-handed scorp. (Picture)

582. Box lot: two speed indicators; butt gauge; stiching awl; Exacto knife; two line levels; level sights; complete pair Stanley #4 trammel points, hand vise,
........... two corner rounding tools; depth stop for auger bits. (Picture)

583. Lot inc. 7 center bits; four spoon auger bits; two countersinks; pinking tool (for leather work) and set of four leather punches. (Picture)

584. Lot inc. two coping saws; fret saw & Champion Geneva, Ohio aluminum woodworker's vise. (Picture)

585. Box of plane part & other misc. tools inc. #71 throat closing attachment and #386 jointer gauge for parts. (Picture)

586. Four large T-augers. (Picture)

587. Three large T-augers. (Picture)

588. Two saws inc. keyhole and Marples pad saw. (Picture)

589. Four books: Wooden Planes in 19th Century America by Ken Roberts; Furniture Antiques Found in Virginia by Ernest Lynch, plus two softcover books
.. ........ Woodworking Tools and Blacksmiths and Farriers Tools at Shelburne, Museum.

590. Five tool books: Ancient Carpenters Tools by Mercer; How to Use Wood Working Tools by Grew and reprinted by Roger K. Smith; Bench Work in Wood
........... by Goss; Woodworking Tools 1600 to 1900 by Peter C. Welsh; and a reprint of the 1909 William Marples & Sons Sheffield England tool catalogue. (Picture)

591. Four tool related books: Small Sawmill Operators Manual & Tool Catalogue of the Geo. A. Rubelmann Hardware Co. St. Louis, MO (reprint);
...........Turn-Of-The-Century Farm Tools and Implements Peter Henderson & Co.; and Furniture of Pine, Poplar, and Maple by Franklin H. Gottshall. (Picture)

592. Eric Sloane book, Diary of an Early American Boy hardbound.

593. Eric Sloane book, American Barns and Covered Bridges hardbound

594. Eric Sloane book American Yesterday hardbound

595. Three furniture books The Chairmakers Workshop by Langsner; hardbound; American Country Furniture 1780-1875 by Kovel, softcover; & The International Book of Wood edited by Bramwell, hardbound. (Picture)

596. Hand Tools Their Ways and Workings by Watson, hardcover. (Picture)

597. Handtools Of Arts And Crafts by The Diagram Group, hardcover. (Picture)

598. A Sourcebook of United States Patents For Bitsotock Tools and the Machines That Made Them by James E. Price, inscribed and signed by author. (Picture)

599. Three plane books: A Descriptive Register of Wooden Planes by Alvin Sellens, hardbound; A Guide to American Wooden Planes & Their Makers by Pollak,
........... early version of AWP; Planecraft- A Woodworker's Handbook by Sainsbury. (Picture)

600. The Boy Mechanic by Popular Mechanics, hardbound; Boy's Own Handbook, by Cecil Bullivant, hardbound reprint; and Toys For Fun And How To Make Them, by Schultz, hardbound. (Picture)

601. Stanley #59 dowel jig IOB. (Picture)

602. Disston No. 10 Imperial cross-cut Saw tool IOB. (Picture)

603. Stanley #49 bit gauge IOB & #59 dowel jig IOB. (Picture)

604. Unmarked two-handled scorp & Snell & Atherton heal shave (Picture)

605. Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane and #70 SW box scraper FINE. (Picture)

606. Pair iron block planes inc. V&B #102 & Sargent #227 double ended block plane with hang hole. (Picture)

607. Pair iron block planes inc. Sargent #217 and early Stanley #103. (Picture)

608. RARE Winchester W220 (Stanley-made) block plane, very good condition. (Picture)

609. Stanley #65 low angle block plane FINE & POWER-KRAFT (like Stanley 9 1/2) VG. (Picture)

610. Stanley #55 Type 11 combination plow plane in original and scarce metal box with all four original wooden boxes containing 52 cutters
............ including slitter, both sets rods, all depth stops, beading stop, intact auxiliary bottom/tower, missing only two cutter box tops, the sliding
............ lid for the tin box and the original owners manual (Picture) & (Picture) & (Picture)

611. Stanley #45 Type 11 combination plow plane in original tin box with two boxes of cutters, cam, beading stop, all three depth stops,
............ tin box comes with lid but will need some tweaking to get lid to slide properly. (Picture)

612. Stanley #5 nosing attachment for use with #45 or #55 combination plow planes. FINE (Picture)

613. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane with four original blades including the match, some light rust on plane and cutters,
............ will need cleaning. (Picture)

614. Pair of hatchets; one marked Genuine Plumb and the other painted olive drab and marked U.S. PLUMB 1944 (military surplus or forest service) (Picture)

615. Winchester lathing hatchet and another hatchet painted olive drab and marked U.S. (Forest Service or Military) (Picture)

616. Four books: Old Ways of Working Wood, by Bealer; Vanishing Crafts and Their Craftsmen, by Stinmetz & Rice; The Homemade Windmills of Nebraska 1899,by Barbour (reprint); File Filosophy, by Nicholson File Company 1943. (Picture)

617. Beer flat full of MWTCA Gristmill magazines 1999 to June 2007. (Picture)

618. Beer flat full of EAIA 21 issues Chronicle Magazine 1998 to 2006. (Picture)

619. Set of early Iron Horse Antiques magazines and newsletter including early tool auction catalogs. (Picture)

620. Three books: MWTCA Best of the Gristmill; E.C. Atkins saw catalog 1928 original (with some spine damage) & Crosscut Saw Manual 1978 by Miller. (Picture)

621. Pair of small brass pattern maker's shaves and one C.S. Osborne leather slitter. (Picture)

622. Pair large open ended wrenches inc. D127 (Deere?) (Picture)

623. Lot inc. four-fold rule, 12-in. scale with protractor head, spring calipers, and Scala German vernier caliper. (Picture)

624. Lot of six carving knives or hoof cleaners with one extra blade. (Picture)

625. Six like new Millers Falls carving gouges. (Picture)

626. PEXTO folding handle drawknife; Greenlee 10-in. drawknife and a slaw cutter. (Picture)

627. Lot of two hatchets: one painted olive drab and marked U.S. PLUMB 1942 (Forest Service or Military) & PLUMB Boy Scout hatchet. (Picture)

628. Lot of misc. spring calipers & dividers inc. Starrett, Millers Falls etc. (Picture)

629. Pair screwdrivers: Reed 1881 patent & Yankee #135 ratchet with Philips bit (Picture)

630. Lot of six try & miter squares inc. Handyman No. H1222 1/2 , plus one sliding bevel with replaced screw (Picture)

631. Two hand saws inc. Atkins 26-inch No. 51 8tpi & unknown 26-in. with 6tpi (Picture)

632. Pair 12-inch steel-back saws inc. BRIDGE TOOL CO. St. Louis #125 & LAWRENCEBURG IND #4. (Bishops?) (Picture)

633. Henry Disston & Sons 16-inch back saw

634. ROBERT DUKE & CO. (faint etching) 22-inch 9tpi hand saw. (Picture)

635. Disston D8 26-inch 5 1/2tpi rip saw. (Picture)

636. Pair spoke shaves inc. Stearns-type with decorative frame & Smith-type double shave with both flat and concave cutters. (Picture)

637. Pair spoke shaves inc. Stanley #63 with KUNZ blade & Stanley #53 FINE. (Picture)

638. Stanley #80 SW cabinet scraper VG & FINE Goodell-Pratt spoke shave. (Picture)

639. Stanley #51 spoke shave & KUNZ #63 (Similar to Stanley #63) round bottom shave. (Picture)

640. Disston Morss Keystone Works 30-inch plumb & level with brass end plates plus 22-inch AKRON? plumb & level. (Picture)

641. Stanley #100 & #101 mini block planes. (Picture)

642. Millers Falls #1 cigar spoke shave FINE. (Picture)

643. Stanley #66 Type I beading tool with 8 blades inc. router, one original flat fence and a brass re-cast of both the flat and round fences. (Picture)

644. Stanley #8C iron jointer plane and Handyman H1205 jack plane. (Picture)

645. Stanley #6C SW fore plane VG, and #5C jack plane. (Picture)

646. Stanley BEDROCK #607 FT SW jointer plane FINE & Stanley #5C jack plane. (Picture)

647. Three long handled scrapers: Sargent #52 & two Stanley #82 (one need blade) (Picture)

648. Seven wooden molding planes inc. dado, side bead, Ohio Tool #61 complex, & four rounds. (Picture)

649. Stanley #45 or #55 combination plow plane blades (10), TYPE I cam, short rods. Includes one small special cutter. (Picture)

650. Stanley #51 spoke shave FINE & Stanley #64 spoke shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

651. Stanley #63 SW round bottom shave & Dunlap? Flat bottom shave. (Picture) & (Picture)

652. Pair scrapers: one concave bottom, one flat (Picture)

653. Pair wooden spoke shaves: one with screw adj. marked CORPORATE MARK, the other TYZACK VG. (Picture)

654. Stanley #122 Liberty Bell transitional smooth plane & 9-inch Keen Kutter transitional smooth plane. (Picture)

655. Lot of four wood planes inc.: two horn planes; GREGG 27 SLOANE ST CHELSEA toothing plane FINE; and OHIO TOOL UN X LD handled
............ smooth plane. (Picture)

656. Three iron block planes: Stanley #220 MADE IN ENG.; CRAFTSMAN #3704 (Made by Stanley) & Stanley 60 1/2 low angle. (Picture)

657. Four planes: Millers Falls #9 smoother; Simmons 9-in. smoother; Stanley #5 jack plane (FINE); and complete Stanley #78 duplex. (Picture)

658. Four Stanley transitional planes: #27 jack; #127 Liberty Bell jack (nice throat patch); #135 Liberty Bell smoother & 35 smoother. (Picture)

659. Sargent #407 smooth plane (Same size as #2 Stanley) (Picture) & (Picture)

660. Stanley #112 scraper plane VG. (Picture)

661. Crain #336 undercut saw & Japanese saw that cuts on pull stroke. (Picture)

662. Set of four Ohio Tool plow plane irons plus one extra. (Picture)

663. Miniature brass patternmakers shave & plane. (Picture)

664. Seven Stanley #45 or #55 combination plow plane blades inc. hollow and round set with Feb. 23, 1886 patent dates and special cutters #213 and #37. (Picture)

665. Lot of sharpening stones & razor hones including The American Hone IOB. (Picture)

666. Set of machine center bits and assorted auger bits for use in braces. (Picture)

667. Stanley #200 nickel plated plane iron & chisel sharpening fixture. (Picture)

668. UP TO DATE by Illinois Stamping & Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill. router plane with built-in marking gage. (Picture)

669. Rumbold butt mortise plane. (Picture)

670. Wooden scraper & two wooden spoke shaves. (Picture)

671. Pair wooden spoke shaves; the larger has a screw adjusted blade; the smaller is marked MARPLES is shows little use. (Picture)

672. Box lot inc. mini wood plane; pipe reamer; graining comb & iron file handle. (Picture)

673. Lot of 17 carving tools by DR BARTON, BUCK BROS., LOEFFLER, NEW LONDON, etc. (Picture)

674. Keen Kutter 8-inch drawknife & MORA SWEEDEN drawknife. (Picture)

675. Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Type I with original scribe, missing screw that secures it to a rule (The Type I was not sold with a rule) (Picture)

676. Lot of spring dividers and calipers, plus protractor and German venier inside/outside caliper. (Picture)

677. Lot sharpening stones for plane blades, chisels & gouges. (Picture)

678. Stanley #5 jack plane; #5 1/4 junior jack plane & #3 smooth plane, all sharp and ready to use. (Picture)
679. Box 11paint scrapers and one razor knife or box opener. (Picture)

680. Lot of files and wood rasps. (Picture)

681. Lot of 15 files and rasps plus a file card for cleaning files. (Picture)

682. Lot inc. stiching awl; leather punch; three tape measures; two line levels; homemade chamfer plane; drill gage, screwdriver etc. (Picture)

683. Lot inc. three saw punches; turning caliper; double beam marking gage; pair machinist jacks and two butt gages inc. Stanley #94. (Picture)

684. Lot seven gouges inc. like new 1-in. DR BARTON; others by Buck Bros.; Charles Buck, & Diamond Edge. (Picture)

685. Lot of eight chisels inc. 1/2-in. Witherby corner chisel; cranked chisel with two fish logo; Spannsage German lock-mortise chisel;
........... four W. Butcher gouges. (Picture)

686. Lot 3 long handled turning tools & one 1-inch corner chisel. (Picture)

687. Four adjustable pipe wrenches inc. 18-in. Stillson Wrench by Henry & Allen; 14-inch Trimo; 8-in. Stillson; & 12-in. Improved Stillson. (Picture)

688. Rigid 24-in. screw adj. pipe wrench & Jerecki 14-in. Patent pipe tong. (Picture)

689. .Three screw adjusting nut wrenches inc. 14-in. W&B; & 9-in. IH (International Harvester) (Picture)

690. E.C. Simmons No. 7 broad hatchet & prospecting type hammer. (Picture)

691. CRAFTSMAN broad hatchet and homemade crook-type carving knife. (Picture)

692. Van Slyke patent adz attachment for claw hammers, NOS. (Picture)

693. Unusual slitting gauge, Stanley #77 rosewood marking gauge FINE & wooden mallet. (Picture)

694. Box lot inc. Stanley #59 dowel jig; adj. auger bit; 1/4-in. and V cutters for router planes; mini pipe wrench, Stanley pocket level; tack hammer, feeler gauges;
............ saw wrest marked W.H. CLAY SHEFFIELD 1919, and VERITAS magnetic rule magnifier, etc. (Picture)

695. Stanley #48 Type I T&G plane (rusty) and Stanley #7 jointer plane, repaired on left side & needs cleaning. (Picture)

696. Lot inc. sizing caliper, cold chisels, nail sets, drifts, tack lifters, ratchet screwdrivers, glass cutters, marking gage, gimlet. (Picture)

697. Pair hatchets inc. one with meat tenderizer on back side and the other painted olive drab and marked U.S. AMERICAN FORK & HOE CO. 1944.
........... (military or forest service) (Picture)

698. Lot 11 paint scrapers & two razor scrapers. (Picture)

699. Stanley 5 1/2C jumbo jack plane & #40 scrub plane. (Picture)

700. Stanley BEDROCK #605C jack plane & Stanley #5 jack plane. (Picture)

701. Four iron smooth planes: Stanley, Ohio Tool, etc. (Picture)

702. Box plane parts: Stanley #78 & broken 190 turned into bullnose. (Picture)

703. Stanley #45 & #50 plow plane parts, enough to make two good users. (Picture)

704. Lot of 5 block planes inc. AMERICAN BOY; HANDYMAN; 0102, etc. (Picture)

705. Unknown long handled adz with 4 1/2-in. blade VG. (Picture)

706. MOTTRAM 3 1/2-in. adz VG. (Picture)

707. ADOLPHUS MEIER (ST. LOUIS) broad axe (some insect damage to handle. (Picture)

708. Unknown broad axe. (Picture)

709. DOUGLAS AXE MFG. BY W. HUNT 6 3/4-in. broad axe. (Picture)

710. Unknown broad axe 6 7/8-in. blade

711. Lot of 14 misc. chisels and gouges. (Picture)

712. W.C. BAILEY SAG HARBOR TOOL CO. 1 3/4-in. socket firmer chisel & Stanley Defiance 3/4-in. bevel edge socket firmer chisel

713. Lot sharpening stones for plane blades, chisels & gouges. (Picture)

714. Lot of 9 misc. tang & socket chisels. (Picture)

715. Lot of 10 misc. tang & socket chisels, one marked QUAKER HWE CO., others by BUCK BROS, BUTCHER. (Picture)

716. Pair brass blow torches; smaller one by The Turner Brass Works Sycamore, ILL; the larger one marked with a 6-18-20 patent date. (Picture)

717. Small bench top wood lathe that will turn items up to 1-foot long, needs motor. (Picture)

718. J.S. Cantello folding-handle drawknife, handles are frozen & will not fold. (Picture)

719. OUR PRIDE pincers patented Jan. 5, 1909, by Champion Dearment (Picture)

720. Large assortment of screwdrivers; some off-set ratcheting models. (Picture)

721. Lot: two pliers, WITTE nippers, two needle-nose pliers, saw file; four saw sets inc. Diamond Edge, DISSTON & DUNLAP. (Picture)

722. Stanley #386 jointer gauge V logo in fine overall condition, includes one extra rosewood handle. (Picture)

723. CASEY KITCHELL / CLARY, HYDE & CO. CHARLESTON S.C. #24 massive 2 1/4-in. hollow plane. CLARK, HYDE & CO. were hardware merchants in Charleston in 1855. (Picture)

724. Five wooden molding planes inc. Ohio Tool #131 screw arm sash, DR BARTON #10 & #14 rounds; & Auburn Tool 1/4-in. side bead (Picture)

725. Hall & Hynson St. Louis complex molding plane plus unmarked and likely homemade nosing plane (Picture)

726. Lot of five wooden planes inc. A. HOWLAND & CO. NO. 121 moving fillester plane, Ohio Tool tongue; and Sandusky 1/2-in. hollow (Picture)

727. Stanley #921 12-in. ratchet brace with Millers Falls #35 bit extension & two long bits, one patented June 17, 1865. (Picture)

728. Stanley #921 6-in. ratchet brace with large assortment of bitstock tools inc. nice tapered reamers, countersinks, screwdriver bits, etc. (Picture)

729. Seven lathe turning tools inc. three little-used SORBY, one WOODCRAFT, one BUCK BROS. (Picture)

730. Box of 13 misc. lathe tools most made from files but a few original manufactured items. (Picture)

731. Four metal cutting hack saws: Millers Falls #1100 Universal; Union 8-inch; ECLIPSE Made in Sheffield; Millers Falls (broken blade) & a razor strop? (Picture)

732. Lot of four handsaws including a 26-in. Diamond Edge. (Picture)

733. Lot of four handsaws inc. Disston D8 26-in. and two 28-in. D8 saws with finger holes. (Picture)

734. Crusader ratchet brace, unknown bit extension, and two big piles of assorted auger bits. (Picture)

735. Box of layout tools inc. Disston & Sons sliding bevel; Universal bevel; Millers Falls square/level with 6-in. scale etc. (Picture)

736. Pair wooden planes: Scioto Works 16-inch jack & GOLDENBERG horn plane with owner-added fence. (Picture) & (Picture)

737. Pair of hand drills: Millers Falls #1420 & Millers Falls #5A. (Picture) & (Picture)

738. Stanley #40 scrub & #191 rabbet plane. Both are fine. (Picture) & (Picture)

739. Stanley #45 or #55 combination plow plane blades inc.: sash, match, three beads, five plows VG. (Picture)

740. Stanley #45 SW plow plane with both sets rods, beading stop, all three depth stops, very good rosewood handles and wear strip on adjustable fence
........... & 19 original cutters 9 plows, two match, one sash, one fillester and six beads & 1 slitter. (Picture)

741. Three iron block planes: Stanley #220; Sargent-made 7-inch low angle (painted gray) with KEEN KUTTER blade; & REVONOC HS&B CO. 7-in.
........... (Like Stanley #110)

742. Pair iron block planes: P&C 6-in. low-angle (like Stanley #56) & OHIO TOOL 0102 (Picture)

743. Pair iron block planes: Sargent? 7-inch #107 with Consolidated Tool Co. iron; & Stanley #203 (Picture)

744. Pair iron block planes: Stanley low angle #56 & WARDS (Stanley) 6-inch (Picture)

745. Large froe with 12-in. blade (Picture)

746. Pair drawknives: 10-in. unknown make & 8-in. L.&I.J. WHITE (Picture)

747. Three wooden planes inc. COX & LUCKMAN BIRMINGHAM with V shaped bottom; horn plane with DR BARTON blade; & mini 6-inch concave bottom
........... continental plane (Picture)

748. Four wooden dado planes: HEATHCOTE SHEFFIELD 11/16-in.; OHIO TOOL CO. 7/8-in. with nickel-plated stop screw; Sandusky Tool 3/4-in. &
........... OHIO TOOL CO. 5/8-in. (Picture)

749. Four wood planes: early complex Continental with XXX marked cutter; horn smoother; Auburn Tool 1/2-in. side bead; & H. CHAPIN 1/2-in. rabbet (Picture)

750. Pair early wooden shaves: one flat, one slightly concave (Picture)

751. Three wooden shaves: one BRIHSDOM BRISTOL (Picture)

752. Cincinnati Tool Co. hollow faced spoke shave (Picture)

753. Millers Falls #1 cigar spoke shave (Picture)

754. Unusual brass leather fillet cutter used by foundry workers (Picture)

755. Five wooden side bead planes inc. 1/4-in., 3/8-in., 5/8-in. & 1-in. (Picture)

756. Lot of five wooden hollow & round planes inc. S.C. COOK, OHIO TOOL, SANDUSKY (Picture)

757. Pair iron block planes: FULTON TOOL CO. double ended (Like Stanley 130) and Stanley #102. (Picture)

758. Pair iron smooth planes: Stanley #4 prelateral (piece broken off right front corner) & Stanley #3. (Picture)

759. Lot of four transitional jack planes for parts includes two Liberty Bell caps and one all-wood jack plane. (Picture)

760. Pair of wooden jointer planes inc. 22-in. Ohio Tool & 26-in. J.R. GALE. (Picture)

761. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with, long rods, two depth stops, and cutter box with 10 plow blades and two beads. (Picture)

762. Two Stanley #45 combination plow planes for parts, enough parts to make one good plane. (Picture)

763. Lot of 7 chisels inc. nearly new Shapleigh 1 1/2-in.; Witte 1-in., Stanley 1 3/4-in., Keen Kutter 3/8-in., Diamond Edge 1/4-in., Stanley SW 1/4-in. and
............ Stanley
3/16-in. (Picture)

764. Lot of three hand saws inc. Disston D8 with finger-hole handle; Disston & Sons D8 with four patent dates on side of handle; Diamond Edge 26-in. 8tpi.

765. Lot three hand saws & a broken Bishop metal cutting saw

766. Lot of four saws inc. Disston keyhole saw, back saw (missing back) and two misc. back saws. (Picture)

767. Lot of 9 misc. gouges inc. Butcher, Keen Kutter, Barton, Newbolld and Witherby. (Picture)

768. Box lot plane blades and cap irons/chip breakers. (Picture)

769. Box of planes and plane parts. (Picture)

770. Pair hatchets inc. COLLINS & other painted olive drab and marked U.S. (military surplus or forest service) (Picture)

771. LUFKIN #014 4-inch caliper rule WITTE HARDWARE ST. LOUIS. (Picture)

772. Lot of four furniture books: Country Pine Furniture Styles and Prices by Swedberg; Welsh Stick Chairs A Workshop Guide to the Windsor Chair by Brown; Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture Instructions and Planes for 62 Projects from the Crftman publication edited by Stickley;
...........Do-It-Yourself Coffins For Pets And People by Power. (Picture)

773. Lot of three tool catalog reprints: Buck & Hickman August 1902 Catalog of American Hand Tools, London, reprinted by MWTCA; Wm. P. Walter's Sons 1233 originally printed in 1888, reprinted by Roger K. Smith; C.E. JENNINGS ARROW HEAD BRAND Price List #13 (Circa 1913) reprinted by the MWTCA. (Picture)

774. Tools Machinery Blacksmith Supplies Sears & Roebuck circa 1915 reprinted by MWTCA; Millers Falls & Goodell-Pratt Catalog 42 originally printed in 1938, reprinted by MWTCA; and January 1999 supply catalog of Weaver Leather. (Picture)

775. Six tool catalog reprints and one brass foundry book.

776. Choice of two beer flats full of Fine Tool Journal publications. (Picture)

777. Four tool catalog reprints; North Bros. Mfg. Yankee Tools; Ohio Tool 1910; Ken Roberts list of old tool catalog reprints 1980; & 1904 Henry Cheney Hammer
........... Co. Little Falls, NY. (Picture)

778. Five tool catalog reprints: Sargent Tools 1911; Hirth & Krause 1890; Disston Handbook on Saws; H. Chapin's Son 1890;
........... United Hardware & Tool Corp. 1925 Fulton Hardware & Tools. (Picture)

779. Pair Stanley #4 trammel points with extra pencil clamp. (Picture)

780. Patented meat tenderizer with hang hole in handle. (Picture)

781. Pair MWTCA 1997 PEORIA giveaway hammer heads & a NOS scraper blade. (Picture)

782. Leather roll with knife, German scale, two needle nose pliers inc. one very tiny and a pair of side cutters. (Picture)

783. Stanley Marsh miter vise (missing one adjusting screw handle) (Picture)

784. Lot of misc. bitstock tools, nail sets, file & patented handle for large Atkins saw? (Picture)

785. Two wood planes inc. 30-in. jointer & 6-inch wooden smoother. (Picture)

786. Union Tool Co. #27 transitional jack plane (refinished) (Picture)

787. Adjustable machine auger bit. (Picture)

788. Lot inc. 2 1/2-in. slick (needs sharpening) and homemade pick. (Picture)

789. Two axe heads: Keen Kutter & ALTCO. (Picture)

790. Lot inc. jointer fence for iron planes & crosscut saw jointing set (Disston?) (Picture)

791. Lot inc. nippers, hog ringer, adz head, tin snips and tongs. (Picture)

792. Lot inc. roll of auger bits: hammers, crating tool, tin snips, cross peen hammer; folding miter box etc. (Picture)

793. Lot of screwdrivers, bearing scraper, saw frames; three pair pliers etc. (Picture)

794. Froe mallet; wooden mallet & hatchet. (Picture)

795. Buck saw with 28-in. blade in red paint. (Picture)

796. Large 54-in. one or two-man crosscut saw. (Picture)

797. Large 47-in. crosscut saw. (Picture)

798. Large 40-in. crosscut saw. (Picture)

799. Diamond Edge 53-inch crosscut saw with visible etch on blade and Warranted Superior button

800. Crosscut saw with 34-in. blade & intact auxiliary handle. (Picture)

801. Two-man crosscut saw with 68-in. blade very good overall condition. (Picture)

802. Long 40-in. 1 1/2-in. wide "T" auger. (Picture)

803. Four woodworking books: Kentuckys Age of Wood, by Clark & Kohn; Walking Sticks, by Edward Hart; Blackthorn Lore and the art of making Walking Sticks by Douglas; and Making Wood Signs, by Spielman. (Picture)

804. Five books & booklets on tools and woodworking inc. Alphabets and Designs for Wood Signs, by Speelman; Canework, by Crampton; Cleaning Antique Tools, Southwest Tool Collectors; Of Plates And Purlins Grandpa Builds A Barn Complements of EAIA; and Woodworking Tricks of the Trade, edited by Wakeling. (Picture)

805. The Boy Mechanic Vols. I & 2, originals (some cover separation in Vol. I) otherwise complete and VG. (Picture)

806. The Boy Mechanic Vols. 3 & 4, originals and both in very good overall condition. (Picture)

807. Three tool/woodworking books: The Complete Woodworker & The Practical Woodworker, both by Bernard E. Jones plus Modern Furniture Making And Design, by Hooper. (Picture)

808. Fine Woodworking Magazines 1989 -1990, 12 vols. Total, all very good and complete

809. Fine Woodworking Magazines issues #20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 & 31.

810. Early Fine Woodworking Magazines: Vol 1, #2; Vol. 1, #3; Vol. 1, #4; Vol 1, #5; Vol 1, #6; Winter 1977, #9; Spring 1978, #10; Summer 1978, #11.

811. Early Fine Woodworking Magazines 1977-1979 (9 vols. total) inc.: No. 15; Vol. 2, #2; Vol. 2, No. 1; #12; #13; #14; #16; #17; & #19.

812. Four woodworking books: Treen Or Small Woodware Throughout The Ages, by Pinto; Esker Og Tiner, by Gjaerder; The Manual of Veneering, by Villiard; and Toys To Make And Ride, by Maginley. (Picture)

813. Lot misc. tool club publications inc. SWTCA & MWTCA directory; EAIA book lists (2); You Can Make It For Profit‚ booklet from National Committee on Wood Utilization 1931; Refinishing Furniture, by University of Missouri Collage of Agriculture 1948; Upholstering at Home,‚ pamphlet by Universityof Missouri College of Agriculture; and Homemade Rugs pamphlet by University of Missouri Collage of Agriculture. (Picture)

814. Stanley #113 Type 3 compass plane, complete and in very good overall condition (Picture)

815. Stanley #4 1/2 heavy duty smooth plane, fine overall condition (Picture)

816. Stanley #140 Type I rabbeting block plane & #203 block plane with original decal on cap in fine overall condition (Picture)

817. Lot 6 iron block planes inc. Shelton; Stanley #102; Stanley #100; & American Tool & Fdry.; and 5-inch with squirrel-tail handle (Picture)

818. Lot three planes: Bridge Tool Co. transitional jack plane (same as Stanley #26) Scioto Works wooden rabbet plane; and Ogontz wooden jack plane (Picture)

819. RARE Halstead & Ackerman 1855 patent square & bevel. (Picture)

820. Pair folding handle drawknives & Crescent pony shave (Picture)

821. Unknown bevel with rosewood stuffed brass handle (Picture)

822. Three nickel plated Stanley Squares VG (Picture)

823. Gerstner 11-drawer oak machinist tool chest (needs refinishing & drop down panel needs repair) (Picture) & (Picture) & (Picture)

824. - ...Unusual Upson patent bookkeeper s square with rosewood knob and nickel plated. (Picture)
825. .....Two wooden plank planes; one by C.H. BULL QUINCY ILL, and the other unmarked & possibly homemade. (Picture)

826. .....FINE T. Turner Sheffield screw-adjusting witchet or stail engine with brass inserts. (Picture)

827. Fine Goodell-Pratt self-tightening chain drill with 2-jaw chuck + medium sized dowel pointer. (Picture)

828. Fine nickel plated barrel, log or tie marking hammer. (Picture) & (Picture)

829. Large hand-held adz with hammer head. (Picture) & (Picture)

830. RARE & unusual chairmakers breast drill/brace with padded steel-faced breast plate. (Picture)

831. Wooden tool chest containing 35+ coachmaker or wagon maker's shaves, routers & scrapers; an iron body shave; & three coachmaker's planes by Mockridge
.......& Francis & Pond. All said to have come from a wagon/carriage shop in Kansas. (Picture)

832. VG Holtzapffel 3/8-in. screw box & tap; Star-type cam locking rosewood marking gage (no point), and two bows from a small bow saw. (Picture) & (Picture)

833. Nice Varvill Ebor Works York sash plane. (Picture)

834. MATHIESON & SON 1-in. side rabbet, also marked KERTLAND WARRINGTON, VG (Picture)

835. Moseley & Sons nicely reworekd complex molding plane 2 1/8-in. special cut. (Picture)

836. Six different cabinet pitch hollow & round molding planes: King & Co. HULL #16 hollow; GLEAVE MANCHESTER #14 round; FAIRCLOUGH LIVERPOOL
....... 9/16-in.; R.T. WEFOY No. 7 round; No. 3 Norfalk Ln. Sheffield JACKSON & CO. #3 hollow; & Wm. MOSS 1/4-in. round. (Picture)

837. Large F. SHRADER carriage-maker type drawknife with 8-inch blade. (Picture)

838. L&IJ White 2 O-inch timber framing slick with leather sheath. (Picture)

839. Unusual T-handled slick with 4-inch blade, some pitting. (Picture)
840. Pair heavy English-style smooth planes, the smaller one has a crude brass frog & the larger of the two has applied steel sides. (Picture)

841. Five unusual iron shaves, three missing caps & blades. (Picture)

842. JOHN OSBORN CHATHAM (crown logo) ovolo plane, marked on heel "5/8 + 1 1/2 OVOELOE" FINE (Picture)

843. Four different slip boxed English side bead planes inc. GRIFFITHS NORWICH 7/16-in.; Fields Nottingham 5/16-in.; GRIFFITHS ..NORWICH 3/16-in. & GRIFFITHS
...... NORWICH 1/2-in. (missing slip). (Picture)

844. Four different English side bead molding planes inc. Mathieson 7/16-in.; D. Malloch 9/16-in.; Slack & Howden 3/4-in. (minor ..rodent damage on toe); &
...... Wm. Moss 7/8-in. (Picture)

845. Five different wooden hollow & round molding planes inc. Marples 3/4-in.; Unknown #18; John Moseley & Son #16 hollow; ..Fairclough #12 hollow; 1 1/4-in.
...... Tucker hollow that is 8 1/4-in. long. (Picture)

846. Six different wooden hollow & round molding planes: Mathieson #3 round; early 7/8-in. with minor worm holes; Marples #8 ..round; J.A. Catchpole 5/8-in.
...... hollow Marples 1/2-in. round; & B.BOWN #15 hollow. (Picture)

847. Four different sized wooden rabbet planes inc. 2-in. GRIFFITHS NORWICH; 1 1/2-in. GRIFFITHS NORWICH; W.GREENSLADE
.. ....1 1/4-in. & homemade 1-in. with brass bottom. (Picture)

848. Indian or Chinese-made brass copy of a 19th century London surveyors transit & level (Picture)

849. DIETZGEN surveyor's sighting level in leather pouch. (Picture)

850. NICE A.S. Aloe Co. St. Louis Mo. (Adolph Wissler Patent No. 1,234,520) Combination surveyor's level & transit in original wooden box. (Picture)
851. Rare & complete W.F. Young Philadelphia surveyor's compass in original wood box complete with sighting veins, and jack staff. (Picture)
852. Unusual brass surveyor or builder's sighting level, comes with original wooden stand, faint mark on side "??0TT MAKER 1837." (Picture)

853. Fine "LEFEBVRE'S PATENT APPARATUS FOR LEVELING AND MEASURING ANGLES" Here's a French-made inclinometer level. This one is all brass.
...... The only two others I know of have had iron bodies. This one is graduated in inches too whereas the others have had metric graduations. (Picture)

854. Five wooden molding planes inc. small round; hollow; complex (worm damage); WILCOCK MANCHESTER worn sash;
...... & Moseley hollow. (Picture)

855. Pair wooden planes inc. 1 1/4-in. compassed rabbet from Mass. & T.J. M-Master & Co. 1 1/4-in. rabbet. (Picture) & (Picture)

856. Pair wooden planes inc. GREAVES LTD brass soled rabbet & CHARLES & CO. #1 5/8-in. fixed sash. (Picture) & (Picture)

957. Four wooden molding planes inc. two slip boxed side beads by NELSON; WM ROBERTS single-boxed side bead; & MOSELEY & SON hollow.
...... (Picture) & (Picture)

858. Pair early wooden hollow planes with wide chamfers and rounded wedges. (Picture) & (Picture)

859. Griffiths, Norwich moving fillester plane w/screw adj. stop, boxwood boxing, and intact nicker, VG. (Picture)

860. NELSON side rabbet plane & ??? & SON YORK (overstamped) snipe bill plane, both VG. (Picture)

861. Ohio Tool Co. 7/8-in. table plane & Ohio Tool #54 moving fillester, both VG. (Picture)

862. Unusual McVickar, Perth also marked LIVINGSTON & WATSON, meeting rail beveling plane (a type of sash maker's plane), .......VG. (Picture)

863. VG Greenslade Bristol large radiused shave with steel bottom & ram's-horn style scraper with steel bottom. (Picture)

864. NOS two-handed inshave or scorp. (Picture)

865. Stanley #12 cabinet scraper VG (Picture)
866. Stanley #11 belt plane VG (Picture)
867. Stanley #112 handled scraper plane VG (Picture)
868. Lot five block planes inc. Millers Falls mini with squirrel tail, Stanley 103, Stanley #18, etc. (Picture)
869. NOS Kelly FLINT EDGE broad axe w/original paper label. (Picture)
870. Finely decorated goosewing axe. (Picture)
871. Nice pole adz plus another adz with unusual double-ended blade. (Picture) & (Picture)
872. Shipwright's lipped adz plus another adz with extra long blade. (Picture) & (Picture)
873. Pair hand forged wheelwright s travelers. (Picture)
874. Large wooden log-type caliper VG. (Picture)
875. Large 44-inch Swiss double rabbet plane, w/two closed handles on top & covered with worm holes. (Picture)
876. Nice traditional woodworking work bench with two vises, large chip/scrap tray in back and sliding support. (Picture)
877. Fine double caliper with wood handle, enclosed quadrants and large locking wing nuts. (Picture)
878. Early set hand-forged dividers with heart-shaped screw head (Picture)
879. Large iron trammel points with heart-shaped screw heads (shown next to a 12-inch steel rule) (Picture)

880. Three mortise chisels, all rusty & in need of clenaing. (Picture)

881. Three planes: Horn-type jack with turned handle; horn smoother with Peugeot Bros. (French) blade; & unknown smoother w/Wm. BINGLEY PATENT
....... cutter. (Picture)

882. Five different English side bead planes: 3/4-in. T. Mackenzie; 5/8-in. Mathieson; 1/2-in. CAULDWALL; 5/16 WILL HAW; 1/4-in. Mathieson. (Picture)

883. I BRISCOE 1-in. ovolo plane (18th Century) 9 7/8-in. long. (Picture)

884. Mathieson 1/2-in. No. 3 ovolo plane & CHARLES & CO. HIGH ST. BLOOMSBURY "V" bottom plane. (Picture)

885. Unknown make 3/8-in. complex profile & J. WARD 1 1/4-in. boxed ogee w/bevel. (Picture)

886. Unknown 9 7/8-in. long twin-iron sash with overstamped maker's mark, minor bug damage, missing one cutter. (Picture)

887. Unknown 8-in. plow plane with fillester-type fence, marked "ENGLISH MADE" on heel. (Same as one in lot #) (Picture)

888. Unusual MOSELEY & SON LONDON glass check plane with fillester type fence on bottom, coated with lacquer or something similar, VG. (Picture)

889. Large TRACEY (18th century) ogee with broad chamfers and sloped shoulder, few worm holes, VG. (Picture)

890. FINE GLEAVE OLDHAM ST. MANCHESTER toothing plane, w/ MOULSON BROTHERS blade (Picture)

891. .....Nice Johnson & Conaway Philada miter square. (Picture)
892. .....Lot of five Marples & Mathieson T&G planes. Three Marples have bands of orange paint and the initials B/SA. (Picture)
893. .....Four wood planes: Mathieson sash plane; OSBORN & CO. SOUTHHAMPTON also marked F.WELLER SHOLING ovolo, STAINFORTH & FOOD rabbet &
........... F.WELLER SHOLING rabbet. (Picture)

894. Eight try squares inc. Winchester; Stanley #12, 6-in. (Picture)

895. Stanley #12 try square with 6-in. blade plus two L.S. Starrett squares inc. toolmaker-type (Picture)

896. Two Stanley clapboard gauges, #70 box scraper, & #59 dowel jig (Picture)

897. Stanley #65 low angle block plane, fine overall condition (Picture)

898. Stanley #71 router plane with 90%+ japanning, all three blades and throat-closing attachment, very good overall condition (Picture)

899. Stanley #113 compass plane in very good overall condition (Picture)

900. Three Stanley transitional planes: Two #26 jack planes and one 27 1/2 jumbo jack (Picture)

901. Stanley #13 compass plane in very good overall condition (Picture)

902. Stanley #103 Type I block plane & Sargent #106 Type I (Picture)

903. .....Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes In America (PTAMPIA) Vol. I book. New condition in original plastic wrap. Out of print for several years. (Picture)

904. .....Lot of seven wooden molding planes inc. three rabbets; two side beads & two complex molders. (Picture)

905. . . .Three wooden molding planes inc. two sash and one center bead. (Picture)

906. .....Eight wooden molding planes inc. four rounds, three hollows & one rabbet. (Picture)

907. .....Lot of five wooden molding planes inc. sash, two rabbets, complex, and reworked side bead. (Picture)

908. .....Fray #100 corner brace by Bridgeport, nice tropical hardwood handles, VG. (Picture)
909. .....Set of 9 different SPEE-DOWEL Model 20 dowel pointers. (Picture)
910. .....Three different hollow augers inc. Bonney s Patent complete with depth stop. (Picture)

911. .....Pair of alligator wrenches. (Picture)

912. .....Three double-ended alligator wrenches inc. K&B SAXON + HAWKEYE Crocodile. (Picture) & (Picture)

913. .....Three alligator wrenches inc. Am. Saw; Mossberg? #490 & Keen Kutter. (Picture)

914. .....Cobbler's hammer and three lasting or leather stretching pliers. (Picture)

915. .....Unusual adjustable shoe lasting stand with three lasts & cobbler's vise. (Picture)

916. .....Three different shoe lasts inc. Blaney's patent plus an unusual Baker shoe press. (Picture)

917. .....Houseman 1866 patent (No. 60,375) hand-held corn sheller (Picture) & (Picture)

918. .....Three measuring tools: Nice 8-foot sliding Youngstown Kitchen Rule; Griffin metric rule; & unmarked inside measuring rule with locking screw. (Picture)

919. .....Marples screw box & homemade miter guide? (Picture)

920. .....Yankee #30A screwdriver IOB & Yankee #250 ratcheting tap handle. (Picture)

............both complete VG. (Picture) & (Picture)

922. .....Disston Patent (May 27, 1890) "The Victor" Saw-Gumming machine. (Picture)

923. .....Revolving STAR NAIL CUP cast iron nail holder. (Picture) & (Picture)

924. .....CRAFT 18-inch quick adjusting pipe wrench. (Picture)

925. .....Bemis & Call 14-inch screw adj. pipe/nut combination wrench w/wood handle marked "GNRY" Great Northern Railway railroad. (Picture)

926. .....Tower & Lyon (Bemis & Call) 10-inch combo pipe/nut wrench w/wood handle. (Picture)

927. .....M.M. Buck (St. Louis, Mo.) 14-in. Cochran Patent adjustable alligator wrench. (Picture)

928. .....Three implement wrenches inc. M58 & DAIN. (Picture)

929.......Four implement type wrenches inc. DEERING. (Picture)

930. .....FINE Stanley #77 dowel turning machine w/one 3/8-in. cutter. (Picture)

931. .....Fine James Swan barn-beam boring machine with original stenciling. (Picture)

932. .....Barn-beam boring machine, needs to be restored. (Picture)

933. .....Large 54-inch cooper s jointer plane. (Picture) & (Picture)

934. .....Lufkin Magic Pattern Rule And Chart IOB & a Lufkin #7165 inside measure extends to 10-foot. (Picture) & (Picture)

935. .....Wheelwright's hub-nut countersink tool, homemade, RARE plus a large handforged wrench. (Picture)

936. .....Large T-handled wood tap & homemade screwbox & English style hoop driver. (Picture)

937. .....Pickeroon & long handled wooden mallet. (Picture)

938. .....Pair Jas. Howarth drawbore pins (drift-pin type tools) with boxwood handles. (Picture)

939. to 943. TBA.

944. .....W.F.& J. Barnes bench top jig saw (would have originally used an electric motor), fine overall condition. (Picture)
945. .....W.F.&J. Barnes No. 4 table saw originally powered by overhead shaft system, with both wooden feed tables, needs restoration. One leg has old brazed/welded
...... (Picture) (Picture) & (Picture).
946. .....CHAMPION combination treadle lathe & jig saw, comes with table saw attachement, needs cleaning and minor restoration. (Picture) (Picture) & (Picture)
947. .....FINE W.F. & J. Barnes treadle jig saw, likely repainted but a fine job was done. Can be put right to work. (Picture) & (Picture)

948. .....Unusual homemade two-handled stair saw (Picture)

949. .....Large lot of boot or shoemaker's leather working tools, some marked HORN and other Snell & Atherton, most have light to moderate rust and will need
...... (Picture)

950. .....Three large wooden squares. (Picture)

951. .....Wheelwright's fiddle or spoke clamp & a 48-inch mason's-type level with opening for plumb bob. (Picture)

952. .... Unusual "French Clamp" wooden vise (see Salaman's Dictionary of Leather-working Tools p.243) & a primitive wedge-locking slitting gage. (Picture)

953. .... Davis Level & Tool Co. 24-in. double plumb & level, both plumb vials need to be replaced. (Picture)

954. .... Antique steelyard scale marked PS&W. (Picture)

955. to 957. TBA. .

958. .....Homemade English-style panel plane, dovetailed steel bottom, brass lever cap, 3-piece mahogany infill & bun, will make a good user. (Picture) & (Picture)
959. .....English infill chariot plane, top of rear wall damaged & Mitor mini or light duty plow plane. This one is chrome plated and has some improper replacement
...... .....screws & includes just one cutter. (Picture) & (Picture)
960. .....Nice Preston Patent screw adjusting bullnose rabbet plane. (Picture)
961. .....Stanley #90 cabinet maker s bullnose rabbet plane. (Picture)

962. .....Boxed Masonite cutter set in original wooden box (similar to fiberboard beveling planes). (Picture)

963. .....Hand forged single-handed closed scorp, and unusual two-handed inshave made from old file. (Picture)

964. .....Five molding planes inc. VARVILL & SONS complex, STEWART complex; Marples rabbet with plane logo, VARVILL & SONS hollow
.....& unknown round. (Picture)

965. .....Four molding planes inc. twin-iron Mathieson 5/8-in. #2 sash; GABRIEL sash; DARBEY round & early stepped rabbet. (Picture)

966. .....E. Preston 12-in. rosewood & brass spirit level. (Picture)

967. .....Homemade? 12-sided log rule. (Picture)

968. .....Ridgley Patent 96-inch brass-bound wallpaper trimming rule, straightedge. (Picture)

969. .....Fine handmade? "perspecto-linead" unmarked, folding architectural drafting instrument or rule; Aston & Mander Soho London folding square; & George &
...... .....Becker metric scale/rule. (Picture)

970. .....Set of architects Leroy letter tools inc. 61 0015 adjustable scriber IOB by Keuffel & Esser. (Picture)

971. .....Six original Charles Haywood pieces of tool art at least two or which appeard in R.A. Salaman's Dictionary of Tools book. (Picture)

972. .....Sliding inside measure with fancy brass block & a 45-inch folding wooden rule. (Picture)

973. .... Three wooden molding planes inc. T. TILESTON BOSTON 3/4-in. side bead & fine TYZACK hollow. (Picture)

974. .... Three wooden molding planes inc. E. Preston 5/16 side bead; E. Preston 1 1/4-in. rabbet; & unusual MADE IN ENGLAND 8-inch grooving plow
............ with adj. bottom fence. (Picture)

975. .... Five wooden molding planes inc. nice 18th century complex marked "GD"; two grooving plows and small rabbet. (Picture)

976. TBA. .

977. .....Early J. YALLOP wooden round plane cabinet pitch. (Picture) & (Picture)

978. .....Pair early molding planes inc. OKINS side bead & DABBS 3/8-in. ogee. (Picture) & (Picture)

979. .....FINE Stanley #40 SW scrub plane (Picture)
980. .....VG Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane. (Picture)
981. .....Stanley #194 fiberboard beveli ng plane. (Picture)
982. .....FINE Stanley #39 3/4¦-in. dado plane & Sargent #79 rabbet & fillester plane. (Picture)
983. .....Unusual & rare WASH CO. 31 SOUTH CLARK ST. CHICAGO ILL sash saw with plane-like body. Depicted in PTAMPIA Vol. 2, p.109. (Picture)

984. .....Unusual homemade two-handed stair saw (Picture)

985. .....Homemade stair saw (Picture)

986. .....Large metal worker's bench shear used in a stake plate & a roofer's standing seam clamp. (Picture) & (Picture)

987. to 990. TBA.

991. ....Fine Millers Falls #99 2-speed breat drill with 2-jaw chuck & aux. breast plate. (Picture)

992. ... Fine MERIT (MILLERS FALLS) 2-speed breast drill with 3-jaw chuck, intact aux. handle & trade decal on gear wheel. (Picture)

993. ... Fine Goodell-Pratt 2-speed breast drill with "D" handle in place of breast plate, 3-jaw chuck, intact decal on gear wheel. (Picture)

994. ... Millers Falls #12 single-speed breast drill w/intact aux. handle & 2-jaw chuck. (Picture)

995. ....FINE pair Stanley #98 & #99 side rabbet planes in wooden box. (Picture) & (Picture)
996. ....Stanley #278 rabbet plane. (Picture)
997. ....Stanley #80 scraper & #71 router plane Type 2. (Picture)
998. ....Stanley #10 1/2 carriage maker's rabbet plane VG. (Picture) & (Picture)
999. ....Stanley BEDROCK 603C (RS) tote needs refinishing otherwise very good plus Stanley #3C with hang hole behind knob. (Picture)
1000....RARE and FINE Stanley #444 dovetail plane in original albeit tattered paste board box. Complete with four cutters, spur blocks and tattered remains of
...........original instruction booklet. Plane has 98%+ original nickel plating. (Picture)

1001....Spong & Co. (Made in England) hand-cranked coffee grinder, fine. (Picture) & (Picture)

1002....Spong's Patent (Made in England) No. 633 bean slicer, VG. (Picture) & (Picture)

1003....New Standard Hardware Works "CHAMPION SEEDER" Cherry stoner plus second seeder by Enterprise needing a new clamp screw. (Picture) & (Picture)

1004....Grater & unknown THOMPSON device holding a spool of thread. (Picture) & (Picture)

1005....Rouse Patent May 22, 1900 Printer's Lead And Rule Cutter. (Picture)

1006....Large D943 14-inch malleable implement wrench, VG. (Picture)

1007....Swan gouge & Stanley offset ratchet screwdriver (Picture)

1008....Pair complex molding planes inc. C. Sweet sash ovolo plane VG. (Picture)

1009....Three continental planes: plow, side bead & hollow. (Picture)

1010....Three wood planes: Horn plane set up for scrubbing; sawed off Ohio Tool with rounded bottom & nice Marples smoother. (Picture)

1011....Unusual 3 3/4-inch Japanese slick or adz. (Picture)

1012....Unknown 3-inch carpenters slick w/small chip at one corner of cutting edge, and mild to moderate pitting over entire surface. (Picture)

1013....Unusual 3 7/8-inch slick D-handle, VG. (Picture)

1014....Unusual stra pped hammer-adze with nail-pulling claw on side & a tomahawk-type hatchet with hammer head. (Picture)

1015....Unusual paving hammer & an unusual hammer head. (Picture)

1016....Three Yankee screwdrivers inc. No. 30 w/Phillips bit; & No. 31A. (Picture)

1017....Three drawknives inc. one with curved blade. (Picture)

1018....Six spiral ratchet screwdrivers inc. Yankee Handyman 133H & Handyman 33H plus 3 NOS Chinese-made screwdrivers. (Picture)

1019....Yankee patent No. 2110; 10-in. ratchet brace, VG. (Picture)

1020....Three push drills inc. Fine Yankee No. 41, several NOS drill points & Yankee ratchet screwdriver. (Picture)

1021....Two Yankee Handyman screwdrivers #33H & 135H with two NOS bits plus a Goodell spiral screwdriver. (Picture)

1022... Three Yankee screwdrivers, one has split handle. (Picture)

1023....Two screwdrivers: Large 29-in. English-style turnscrew & 19-in. Stanley R&L screwdriver. (Picture)

1024....Display board with 4 Archimedies drills, gimlet bits, hand forged counter sink, center bit. (Picture)
1025....Display board of crosscut saw sharpening tools. (Picture)
1026....Display board of horse doctors tools & another board with 9 different ferrier's hammers. (Picture)
1027....Display board of shotgun shell reloading tools.. (Picture)
1028....Display board with steel bullnose rabbet plane, and two other tools. (Picture)
1029....Pair hand forged wheelwright s travelers with wooden handles. (Picture)

1030... Wooden wheelwright's jarvis with brass bottom, Sorby iron & cap iron. (Picture)

1031....Wooden spill plane, VG. (Picture)

1032....Fixed 2-handled rounder or stail engine. (Picture)

1033....Two sections wooden water pipe, Turk's head & pump log auger bit. (Picture) & (Picture)

1034....Waller Patent hinge mortising tool. (Picture) & (Picture)

1035. & 1036. TBA. .

1037... Stanley #7 jointer, #6 fore & #5 1/2 jumbo jack planes. The #7 & #5 1/2 are both Type 11 planes, all three need light cleaning . (Picture) & (Picture)
1038....Sargent #81 double side rabbet plane VG. (Picture)
1039....Five mini planes: PATSY brass #75 bullnose rabbet (no blade); Stanley #75 and three #101 size planes. (Picture)
1040....Pair 5 1/2-in. and 7-in. block planes with squirrel-tail handles. (Picture)

1041....Three wood planes: German horn with Chapin Stephens blade; unknown make rabbet, & compass plane with JOINERS TOOL SYNDICATE blade. (Picture)

1042....Five wood planes inc. rabbet with brass sole; and nice unmarked astragal. (Picture)
1043... Six wood planes inc. fillester w/2 owner-added fences; two rabbets; nice smoother marked MADE ESPECIALLY FOR WARD & PAYNE LTD; &
.......... two side beads. (Picture)
1044....Seven wood planes: rabbet, 1/4-in. round; four side beads & one 1/8-in. center bead. (Picture)

1045... Lot of ten wood planes inc. rabbet w/brass bottom, three side beads, a few need wedges. (Picture)

1046... Lot of ten wood planes and or plane bodies, six needing blades & wedges. (Picture)

1047....Dutch Boy White Lead paint bucket, and two small tins. (Picture)

1048....Two Irwin point-of-sale tin drill bit holders. (Picture)

1049....Leather blacksmith's type apron. (Picture)


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