Great Planes Trading Company Presents 6th ANNUAL CABIN FEVER ANTIQUE TOOL AUCTION, MARCH 7, 2015, 9:30 AM Saturday. Preview 2 to 6 PM Friday and 7 to 9:30 AM Saturday.

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Great Planes Trading Company Presents


MARCH 7, 2015

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

(Preview Friday 2-6 PM, Saturday 7 to 9:30 AM)

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001. Four wooden planes: EAGLE MFG. CO. 15-inch jack that has been prepped for dovetailed throat patch, just needs a patch made and installed; SCIOTO WORKS #85 screw-arm tongue cutting plank plane, no blade.; SANDUSKY twin-iron handled nosing plane, very good.; and a crude homemade wedge-arm plow, wedge not original to this plane, more of a looker than a worker. (Photo)

002. Three Stanley planes: #71 1/2 router with 1/4-in. blade, very good; #191 iron rabbet, good BB-logo blade, missing depth stop, very good; and a #78 duplex MADE IN ENGLAND, thumb-operated blade adjuster complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Four slip-boxed English side bead planes: GRIFFITHS NORWICH 1/2-inch, very good; NELSON EDGEWATER ROAD, J. FINCH (owner?) 5/16-inch, very good; fully-boxed 1/4-inch? side bead, 312 EUSTON ROAD, LONDON; and J. BUCK LONDON 1/2-inch, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

004. Three Stanley planes: #71 1/2 router with V-shape blade, very good; #191 iron rabbet, BB-logo blade, complete and fine; and a #78 duplex plane, with SW-logo blade, thumb-operated blade, adjuster, a few white paint splatters, complete with fence and depth stop, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Three complex or unusual English molding planes: early I. SYM reverse bead? with fence that looks as old as the plane, very good; narrow T. COUSIN tourous bead, very good; and an unknown make 5/8-inch Scotia or quarter round. (Photo & Photo 2)

006. Three Stanley planes: #71 1/2 router with 1/4-in. blade, very good; Stanley #78 with thumb-operated blade adjuster, BB-logo blade, depth stop present but lacking screw to secure it, very good overall; and a Stnaley #82 long handled scraper, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. Three OHIO TOOL CO. wooden molding planes: #59 1/2 Roman ogee with fence marked 7/8 & 7/8 on heel, very good; #61 boxed Grecian ogee, very good; and a #62 1/4 Roman reverse ogee, light rust on blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

008. Lot four wooden planes: two horn planes; one has iron marked GERMANY, very good; and one with radiused bottom, has a heel piece that will need to be re-glued; and two coffin-shaped smooth planes including: a SCIOTO WORKS #3 and a small wooden smooth plane, W. BUTCHER blade, has holes in sole where a sole plate was obviously attached. (Photo)

009. Pair of wooden tongue & groove planes: GOUGH IN BOWEN plow; and an unknown make tongue cutting plane, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

010. Six pairs of wooden hollow and round molding planes by various makers: unknown make 5/8-inch round; Ohio Tool Co. hollow, good; BARRY & WAY N. YORK #12 round, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 72, 3 hollow, very good; BARRY &WAY N. YORK #8 round, very good; N. SPAULDING #16 hollow; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 72, 7 round, good; MATHIESON GLASGOW, #14? hollow, very good; BARRY & WAY N. YORK #16 round, very good; N. SPAULDING #20 hollow, very good; BARRY & WAY N. YORK #20 round, some rodent nibbling on top, very good; and Sandusky 95 #14 hollow, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

011. Five wooden rabbet and nosing planes: A.C. BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES 1/2-inch skew-bladed rabbet with shoulder, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. #116, 1/2-inch rabbet, very good; T.J. MCMASTER & CO. AUBURN NY skewed rabbet or dado; missing nicker, very good; COLLINS UTICA 1 6/8 skew bladed rabbet, very good; R. HARRON N. YORK twin-iron nosing plane, one wedge cracked. (Photo)

012. Nice A.J. WILKINSON folding-handle drawknife with 9-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

013. Siegley No. 7C iron jointer plane, 85 percent plus japanning, nice original tote and knob, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

014. Winchester 8-inch ratchet brace, nickel plating 60 percent plus, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

015. Keen Kutter 1 1/2-inch bevel edged socket firmer chisel, complete and fine; plus a very good pair of Keen Keen shears. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. Pair of planes: Siegley #5C with fine tote and knob, very good original blade, very good overall; and a later model #40 scrub plane with BB-logo blade, extra blade support, scuffed but intact tote and knob. (Photo & Photo 2)

017. Diamond Edge 8-inch folding handle drawknife, with light cleaning, will be in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

018. Pair of SIEGLEY iron bench planes: #5C, has handle broken in the center, good front knob, good original blade, will clean to very good overall condition; and a #4C with tote broken in the center, lever cap broken and brazed in center, good original knob, good blade, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

019. Nice A.J. WILKINSON folding-handle drawknife with 7-inch blade, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

020. Pair of unusual bench planes with 4-sided blades: SARGENT No. 600 “4-EDGE BLADE” complete and fine; and an identical plane that Sargent would have made for Sears, CRAFTSMAN No. 3740BL. (Photo & Photo 2)

021. Fine 3/4-inch corner chisel with anvil logo; and a Stanley #81 cabinet scraper with rosewood bottom, KUNZ blade is too smaller than original. (Photo & Photo 2)

022. Unknown make 1-inch corner chisel that has light to moderate rust and will need some work to bring it back to usable condition; and a round wooden box with set of bitstock twist drills, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Three hardware company nickel plated scissors: O.V.B. 7 1/2-inch, fine; Shapleigh Hardware DIAMOND EDGE 7 1/2-inch, good; and E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter 8-inch scissors with etching on blade, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

024. Three flashlights: The two on top are Diamond Edge, the one on the very top has corrosion and nickel loss due most likely to a leaky battery; the one in the center is very good; and the one with the brass showing on the bottom is a Winchester. (Photo)

025. Pair of St. Louis hardware scissors: KEEN KUTTER with faint etch on blade and japanned handles, very good overall; and a neat SHAPLEIGH’S S341 multi-tool that in addition to being a pair of scissors has a bottle opener below one handle, a jar opener or nut cracker between the handles, and a flat spot under one handle for light hammering, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

026. Pair of Keen Kutter pocket knives: Z68 2-bladed model with white handles, one bolster is discolored, very good overall; and a an unknown make 3-bladed model with KEEN KUTTER spelled out on the bone? handle, all three blades pitted. (Photo)

027. Pair of KEEN KUTTER scissors: 7-inch 6 1/2-inch E.C. SIMMONS with nice etching, fine; and an E.C. SIMMONS 7-inch with a few patches of discoloration, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. Pair of KEEN KUTTER 2-bladed Barlow-type pocket knives, the one with the light handles is a No. 782, both blades are well worn, good overall; and an 882, has a few patches of light pitting, good overall. (Photo)

029. Pair of E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER scissors: 10-inch with nice etching, very good overall; and a 12-inch that is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. Set of Keen Kutter cutlery in the original wooden box: six nickel plated butter knives and six nickel plated forks wrapped in paper in the original wooden box with nice E.C. SIMMONS Hardware logo on the outside of the lid, and a nice paper label covering the inside of the lid, the hinges are a bit loose, but this is a fine set overall. (Photo)

031. Pair of little KEEN KUTTER sewing scissors; the pair on top has the block and wedge KEEN KUTTER logo and nothing more, has a screw adjusting stop, very good; the bottom pair is marked SIMMONS HARDWARE CO. 4 1/2 GERMANY, very good, with a different style screw-adjusted stop. (Photo & Photo 2)

032. Nice little Simmons Hardware Co. 4-inch Keen Kutter sewing scissor, complete and fine; and a little 2-bladed Diamond Edge pocket knife, the smaller blade is well worn, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

033. Pair of Keen Kutter pocket knives: No. 770 3-bladed model has the tip broken off the longest blade, good overall; and an 882 Barlow-type complete and very good. (Photo)

034. Three pair of scissors: S.H. CO. with block & wedge logo on one side and KK in a ribbon, 3 1/2-inch with curved blades, very good; E.C. SIMMONS 6-inch KEEN KUTTER with nice etching on blade, fine; and a 7 1/2-inch E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER barber scissors, very good. (Photo)

035. Keen Kutter K320 12-inch, 4-fold boxwood caliper rule, has a chip in one edge near the arched joint, and another chip along the brass caliper, very good overall. (Photo)

036. Keen Kutter wooden handled corkscrew with the E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER block and wedge logo in ink on the wooden handle, good; and a KEEN KUTTER 40 single end alligator wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. Three knife sharpening steels: O.V.B. with wooden handle and round finger protector, very good; Diamond Edge with diamond-shaped finger protector, very good; and a smaller KEEN KUTTER with cracked wooden handle wrapped with wire. (Photo & Photo 2)

038. Three hardware company hammers: Keen Kutter KD 11 1/2 DYNAMIC PAT PEND claw hammer with original wooden handle, very good; DIAMOND EDGE medium sized ball peen hammer, very good; and a KEEN KUTTER ball peen that has a chipped handle and needs cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

039. Set of three brass surveyor-type plumb bobs, all 14 to 16 ounces, the one on the far left has a bent stem, all have replaceable steel tips and tops that unscrew. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. Set of six DIAMOND EDGE wooden handled butter knives, all are fine and come inside a canvas pouch that a previous owner made. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. Three 7 1/2 x 10-inch linen or cloth bags with E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER block and wedge logo in red ink on one side, one has faint logo, the other two are much bolder, all are very good. (Photo)

042. Lot of seven KEEN KUTTER 16DWT nickel plated butter knives, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. Lot of 10 assorted nickel plated KEEN KUTTER forks; seven have the E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER block & wedge logo; and three have just the block &wedge logo with no lettering, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

044. Small KEEN KUTTER OIL bottle with block and wedge logo embossed on one one face; SIMMONS HARDWARE CO. on one side and KEEN KUTTER OIL in other side, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

045. Set of six forks in a canvas pouch, all have wooden handles and STAINLESS blades, but none are marked DIAMOND EDGE, though they came with the butter knives in lot #40 and there’s a owner’s tag on the pouch that says Diamond Edge. All are in fine condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

046. Four plastic ice shavers: TOM & JERRY; BARBIE; SNOWMAN; and little rubber or plastic duck. (Photo & Photo 2)

047. WEAR-EVER cast aluminum ice crusher, made by The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company (TACUCO), complete and very good. (Photo)

048. Pair of plastic ice shavers: on the left a Disney ICE AGE with numerous attachments; and another that looks like a snowman that comes with a little plastic shovel and two little squeeze bottles. (Photo & Photo 2)

049. Androck ICE CRUSHER SET - Crush ice in bag, No waste in chips - Practical - Economical ice crushing wooden mallet with white canvas bag, comes with top of the original box that it came in, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

050. Unusual BLIZZARD COUNTER ICE SHAVER by A.H. & F.H. LIPPINCOTT (U.S. Patent No. 685,517) with cleaning and polishing will make a nice display in any soda fountain collection. (Photo & Photo 2)

051. Stanley #8 iron jointer plane, nice Q-long blade, nice rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

052. Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool Co.) KK7C iron jointer plane, tote spur missing 1/2 of spur, good low knob, some rust, will clean to very good. (Photo)

053. Stanley #7C iron jointer plane, rosewood tote missing sliver from spur, good tall knob, VICTORY blade, fine overall. (Photo)

054. Stanley #6 iron fore plane, nice rosewood tote and tall knob, very good BB-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

055. Pair of Stanley bench planes: #5 iron jack missing tote spur, scuffed but intact tall knob, very good overall; and a #4 with fine tote and knob, BB-logo blade, fine overall. (Photo)

The following 17 lots of books are from the Bill and Fritz Baader collections:

056. Two books for rule collectors: Boxwood & Ivory Stanley Traditional Rules, 1855-1975 hardbound book by Philip E. Stanley with dust jacket, jacket has a few tears and light soiling, inside is fine; and a Source Book For Rule Collectors by Philip E. Stanley with paper covers, very good. (Photo)

057. PATENTED TRANSITIONAL &METALLIC PLANES IN AMERICA 1827-1927 (PTAMPIA VOL. 1) with intact dust jacket, signed inside by author Roger K. Smith and marked below autograph SAMPLE ONLY DO NOT SELL, a fine book overall. (Photo)

058. John Rabone & Sons RULES TAPES JULY 1892 catalog reprinted in 1982 by Kenneth D. Roberts, very good. (Photo)

059. Original No. 640 Illustrated Price List of Tools and Machines for Wood AND Metal Workers, S. TYZACK &SON, LTD, 341, 343, & 345 Old Street, LONDON, EC1 243-page cloth covered catalog, cover worn and soiled and separating from spine, one or two pages loose, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

060. AMERICAN WOODWORKING TOOLS hardbound 212-page book by PAUL B KEBABIAN and DUDLEY WITNEY, with intact dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

061. Three MWTCA tool catalog reprints: JACKSON & TYLER TOOLS &SUPPLIES reprinted in 2007; BUFF & BERGER Engineers’ and Surveyors’ INSTRUMENTS reprinted in 2004; and Otto Bergman 1904 Berlin Germany Tool Catalog reprinted 2013, all very good. (Photo)

062. Original J. BUCK, 56 Holborn Viaduct, E.C. Woodworkers’ Tools AND Machines cloth covered 323-page catalog, circa 1905, covers are worn and soiled, inside is very good. (Photo)

063. Two original machinist tool catalogs: LUFKIN General Catalog 12-B; and STARRETT Catalog No. 26, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

064. DISSTON HARDWARE CATALOG No. 92, 1932, hardbound 120-page, complete and very good. (Photo)

065. Three books: THE CATALOGUE OF ANTIQUE TOOLS 1993 by Martin J. Donnelly; FERON & CIE reprinted by MWTCA &EAIA in 1981; and THE NATIONAL SAW COMPANY reprinted by MWTCA in 2006. (Photo & Photo 2)

066. Two genuine Sargent catalogs: SARGENT TOOL BOOK 1911, 250-page hardbound catalog, very good; and a paperback 75-page catalog titled SARGENT PLANES AND OTHER TOOLS circa 1928, cover creased, otherwise good. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Three rule books: Stanley Rule & Level Co. 1872 Price List of U.S. Standard Boxwood and Ivory Rules, Levels, Try Squares, Gauges Iron and Wood Bench Planes, etc, reprinted by Kenneth Roberts in 1981; A Rule Concordance and Value Guide by Philip E. Stanley, 2004, Astragal Press; and 1860 Belcher Brothers & Co.’s Boxwood & Ivory Rules, reprinted by Kenneth Roberts 1982. (Photo & Photo 2)

068. Four tool book reprints: Millers Falls Co. Catalogue No. 24, reprinted by MWTCA 2008; Illustrated Catalogue of the Henry Cheney Hammer Co., 1904, reprinted by MWTCA 2003; Exercises in Wood-Working reprinted by MWTCA 2012; and The Cabinet Maker’s Guide, reprinted by MWTCA 2011. (Photo)

069. Four TONY MURLAND INTERNATIONAL TOOL AUCTION CATALOGUES: 29 July 1994; 28 July 1995; 26 July 1996; and 30 July 2004, all are very good. (Photo)

070. Ten DAVID STANLEY INTERNATIONAL TOOL AUCTION CATALOGUES: 15th; 16th; 17th; 18th; 19th; 20th; 21st; 22nd; 23rd and 25th; 31 March 1990 to 25 March 1995 with only the 24th missing in this run, all very good. Some of the most beautiful tools offered for sale during these years are pictured in these catalogues. Most contain their original price realized lists. (Photo)

071. Lot of 22 (one not shown in photo) old IRON HORSE ANTIQUES tool catalogs from 1972 to 1981. This was the business that Clarence Blanchard bought and turned into the Fine Tool Journal. It was owned by Vernon Ward of Poultney, Vermont. (Photo)

072. Ten full sized DAVID STANLEY AUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL AUCTION CATALOGUES: 26th; 27th; 28th; 29th; 30th; 31st; 32nd; 33rd; 34th; 35th; and 47th. Sept. 1995 to March 2000; & March 2006. one two have dogeared covers, otherwise very good. Most have price realized lists. (Photo)

073. Lot: Wooden jointer plane, coat of paint on toe covering the makers mark, fine overall; and two wooden levels including a Stanley No. 3. (Photo)

074. Lot: large rosewood handled try square; two rosewood handled sliding bevels; and two unknown wooden tools or parts thereof. (Photo & Photo 2)

075. Wooden pine board tool chest with saw till, made of 18 x 1-inch pine boards in the early 1900s by J.D. HAGEDORN of Washington, Missouri, there are holes in each side where side handles were once mounted, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

076. Lot: two wooden bench planes, the jointer on top is missing a sliver from side of handle spur, very good; the razee-style fore plane has had a new sole applied; and an O.V.B. No. 100 double plumb & level (similar to Stanley #30), very good overall. (Photo)

077. Lot: hand cranked peach peeler with heart-shaped openings on gear wheel, very good; a small Wagner Ware cast iron skillet-shaped ash tray; and a small lead ladle. (Photo)

078. Lot of vintage kitchen tools: two wooden spoons: ALL-IN-ONE grater; nutmeg grater; combination jar opener, bottle opener and cap lifter; potato masher; knife and strainer spoon with red painted handles and two knives, the larger on marked LAMSON & GOODNOW MFG. CO. PATENTED MARCH 6, 1860. (Photo)

079. Lot: two sad iron bases, one marked MRS. POTTS; a complete sad iron; and a stove damper plate. (Photo)

080. Lot of vintage kitchen collectibles including Mille Lacs Lake Spinner Co. egg beater; wooden rolling pin; standing fork and knife sharpening steel from a carving set; Craftsman knife sharpener, another sharpening steel, EKCO DOUGH BLENDER with yellow & green handle. (Photo)

081. Dinner bell with bracket for mounting on side of house, cabin, barn, bunkhouse or where ever you need to mount it. (Photo)

082. Five assorted screw adjusting pipe wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

083. Lot: four blades for hoes and a early copper soldering iron. (Photo)

084. Lot: two Yankee screwdrivers and a push drill. (Photo)

085. Five wrenches including a BLUE POINT (Snap-On) Crescent-type and and early Craftsman Vise-Grip. (Photo)

086. Lot: nail puller; two claw hammers, hatchet and three hammer heads. (Photo)

087. Lot of three long handled railroad tools including a spike driver, pickaxe, etc. (Photo)

088. Pair of metal tool boxes including on the left a CRAFTRSMAN with a pull-out tray; both boxes can be locked with a padlock. (Photo & Photo 2)

089. Lot: two flats full of assorted wooden augers a pipe reamer; two handle drills; and two braces. (Photo)

090. Lot: small triangular shaped weeder or hoe; a potato fork; a small child’s sized hoe in link-new condition; and a BLUE GRASS weeder. (Photo & Photo 2)

091. Lot of 20 SK tools: sockets, nut wrenches, universal swivel, ratchet, etc. (Photo)

092. Lot: Log ATKINS pole pruning saw; a 6-foot plumb & level; and a posthole digger. (Photo)

093. Lot: GENERAL Doweling Jig IOB; a dovetail jig; two boxes of Grommets; and two adjustable squares. (Photo)

094. Lot of five leather punches: Unknown make, adjustable belt punch; Osborne 1 1/2-inch; 1-inch; A.S.F. &T. CO. 3/4-inch; unknown 3/4-inch, some light pitting; and another 3/4-inch with faint maker’s mark. (Photo)

095. Lot: GENEVA 7 sad iron GENEVA ILL, very good; unknown make 7 1/2-inch side cutters; UTICA 7 1/4-inch end cutter; and unusual UTICA with handles bent to 90 degrees and having jaws similar to a hog ringer. (Photo)

096. Lot: Irwin Bit Co. bit-shaped letter opener, very good; K-D Mfg. Co. Buckwalter Patent (U.S. 2,283,789) Distributor Adjusting Tool, very good; small SIMPLEX machinist-type bottle jack; brass patternmaker’s shave; and a tool used to install grommets. (Photo)

097. Pair of Stanley planes: #9 1/4 iron block plane, complete and very good; and a #4 smooth plane with nice rosewood tote and tall knob, very good. (Photo)

098. Lot of six sharpening stones, two homemade strops and on the far right a steel bar the size of a large sharpening stone. (Photo)

099. Wooden box with two large ARMSTRONG die stocks with an assortment of dies. The stocks share a common handle set, all very good. (Photo)

100. Nice adjustable machinist vise that would attach to the bed of a drill press or milling machine, some light rust, will clean to fine overall. (Photo)

101. Lot of 18 assorted nut wrenches, one marked FORD; and 1/2-inch breaker bar that is bent; a 3/4-inch spark plug socket with swivel attachment and socket extension; and a small box full of early sockets, etc. (Photo)

102. Lot of nine wooden molding planes: JOSEPH MARPLES #14 hollow, very good; JOSEPH MARPLES #16 round, very good; unknown make wide round, very good; SIMS LONDON #10 round, very good; MOSELEY LATE MUTTER #12 round, very good; small hollow or round converted to a narrow rabbet, very good; J. KING BOWERY NY 1/4-inch round, very good; PETER MACKAY & CO. GLASGOW #2 round, very good; and a narrow round with overstruck makers mark, some rot on heel. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Six wooden molding planes: Ohio Tool Co. 1/4-inch center bead, broken wedge; W. VANCE match plane, missing one blade and wedge; homemade 5/8-inch astragal, missing blade; Greenfield Tool Co. #362 unusual round molding plane, similar to mother plane for making a bead; unmarked 1-inch skew bladed rabbet, top of wedge broken; and OHIO TOOL CO. #62 1/2, 3/8-inch Roman reverse ogee, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Six wooden bead planes: ISAAC FIELD PROVIDENCE torus bead, very good; Early boxed center bead, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 37 1-inch boxed side bead, very good; THOS. BRADBURN & SON 1/4-in. center bead, very good; and W. COATES MANCHESTER 7/8-in? boxed side bead, very good. (Photo)

105. Three pairs (6) wooden hollow and round molding planes: UNION FACTORY H. CHAPIN #16 round, very good; UNION FACTORY H. CHAPIN #18 hollow, owners initials in side, very good; GREENSLADE BRISTOL #14 round, very good; OHIO TOOL No. 72 size 7 hollow, good; W.B. BELCH N. YORK #14 hollow, very good; and Unknown make #14? round, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

106. Four slip-boxed wooden side bead planes: MOSELEY & SON LONDON 3/16-inch slip-boxed side bead, very good; NELSON EDGEWATER ROAD, J. FINCH (owner?) 1/8-inch slip-boxed side bead, fine; NELSON EDGEWATER ROAD, J. FINCH (owner?) 1/2-inch slip-boxed side bead, fine; W. DU??? YORK slip-boxed side bead, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

107. Five wooden rabbet, dado, and nosing planes: UNION FACTORY H. CHAPIN #157 skew bladed rabbet; G.W. DENISON & CO. WINTHROP CONN also marked on heel A. HAMMACHER &Co. 209 BOWERY NY, 1 1/4-inch twin-iron nosing plane; EDW. PRESTON & SON 3/8-inch skewed rabbet, very good; NEW YORK skewed rabbet with two brass inserts in stock, likely 1/2 of a 2-piece plane like a sash; and AUBURN TOOL CO. 3/8-inch dado, missing nicker and nicker wedge. (Photo & Photo 2)

108. Three complex profile wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. #61 1/4 Grecian ogee with bevel, marked 1-in. & 1/2 on heel, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. #43 1/2, 7/8-inch quarter round or Scotia, very good; and OHIO TOOL CO. #43 1/2, 3/4-inch quarter round or Scotia. (Photo & Photo 2)

109. Lot: four different lever type saw sets: STEARNS pistol-grip type, complete and fine; VAN CAMP No. 85, nickel peeling from handle, very good; DUNLAP 4885 aluminum; and a MORRILL’S patent SPECIAL, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

110. Wooden stair saw with long open handle, very good overall. (Photo)

111. Pair of large, lever-type saw sets: TRUE PATENT OCT. 14, 1873 & MARCH 24, 1874, complete and very good; and an unknown make, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

112. Unusual drawknife with 3-inch blade, wooden handles, good. (Photo)

113. Two pistol-grip saws sets in original boxes: STANLEY NO. 42, the box is tatty and missing the back of the top, the set itself is like new; and a ESCO (E.C. STEARNS & CO.) No. 795B in a very good box, set has Stearns decal on side, like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

114. Homemade wooden stair saw, with closed handled, owner’s name B.F. WAHLGREN on both sides, very good. (Photo)

115. Pair of saw sets: WYNN & TIMMONS lever type, complete and very good; and an unknown make hammer-type with lever, may be missing a spring, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. Slate hammer used in installing slate roofs, etc., complete and very good. (Photo)

117. Two unusual lever-type saws sets: on top a Garanto marked CK, missing a spring, very good overall; and a SANDVIK, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

118. Nice wooden stair saw with closed handle, very good overall. (Photo)

119. Pair of lever-type saw sets: unknown make that has part of the folded steel fence broken off; and a CROISSANT Patent marked with KELLER’S patent date, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

120. Wooden stair saw with closed handle, good overall. (Photo)

121. Four lever-type saw sets: SANDVIK SWEDEN, complete and fine; ECLIPSE SAW SET No. 77, very good; unknown make, complete and fine; etc. (Photo)

122. Lot of four hardware company knives: E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER stag handled carving knife, very good; DIAMOND EDGE stag-handled carving knife with several chips in the cutting edge of the blade; and four wooden handled butchering or kitchen knives that are branded OLD HICKORY on the wooden handles and are marked on the blades SHAPLEIGH’S HAMMER FORGED 1843-1934, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

123. E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER razor hone in nice tin box, and all come inside the original pasteboard box, a fine stone, in a very good tin, with a good pasteboard box. (Photo & Photo 2)

124. Six hardware company kitchen or butchering knives: the butcher knife on the very top has the E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER block & wedge logo stamped into the blade along with DOUBLE SCHEAR STEEL, very good; the next down has a blade stamped HAMMER FORGED MADE IN U.S.A. and the wooden handle is stamped with the E.C. Simmons KEEN KUTTER block &wedge logo and NO. S1237AK; the next has a blade stamped HAMMER FORGED MADE IN U.S.A. and KEEN KUTTER spelled out on the wooden handle; the three on the bottom are all well worn and have wooden handles that are inlaid on both sides with aluminum Keen Kutter block and wedge emblems. (Photo & Photo 2)

125. Shapleigh Hardware Keen Kutter safety razor in original box with instructions, the flap of the box is torn near the snap closure, the razor is fine; plus a glass NORVELL-SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE CO., ST. LOUIS, MO., has a few chips on the underside one of which extends a little into the graphics on the bottom. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. Lot of six assorted hardware company knives: the one on top has a rosewood handle and the E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER block & wedge logo etched into the blade; next is a KEEN KUTTER boning knife with the block &wedge logo etched into the blade; BUTLER’S WARRANTED butter knife with rosewood handle, pewter bolster, some pitting on blade; small KEEN KUTTER paring knife with name stamped into blade, rosewood handle, very good; KEEN KUTTER butcher knife with two brass rivets holding wooden handle to blade, fine; and a similar butcher knife with three rivets securing handle, handle marked HAMMER FORGED, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

127. Lot: KEEN KUTTER 7-inch tin snips with original red paint on handles, very good; KOKEN BARBERS SUPPLY CO. ST. LOUIS barber’s scissors, very good; and a KEEN KUTTER 6-inch nickel plated scissors with nice etching on blade. (Photo)

128. Three pair of sewing scissors: on top H.S.B. & CO. 4 1/2-inch with OUR VERY BEST etched in blade, fine; WHITE BROTHERS N. 47766 with screw stop, very good; and a KEEN KUTTER GERMANY sewing scissor with a swing-out rack that is used as a stop, very good. (Photo)

129. Set of six Simmons Hardware (St. Louis) steak knives in a fitted wooden box with hinged lid, all have white plastic or bakelite-type handles, a fine set. (Photo & Photo 2)

130. Set of OHIO TOOL CO. No. 82 screw-arm plank or tongue & groove planes, both complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

131. Kerosene bottle and bracket with bale handle and spring loaded valve in the cap, used to fuel old cook stoves, PAT. DEC. 15, 1914, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

132. BERYLCO K-24 non-sparking brass scraper, very good. (Photo)

133. Four Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge advertising pieces: Two Keen Kutter pencils; one from BRYANT HARDWARE ARKANSAS CITY, KANS.; and one from MORA LUMBER MORA, MO; a Diamond Edge pencil from ROBERTS &GREEN HARDWARE & PAINTS COLUMBIA, MO; and a glass Diamond Edge paper weight that has the outer ring bleached out from sunlight. (Photo)

134. Pair of sad irons with quick-release handles: COLEBROOKDALE IRON CO. POTTSTOWN, PA. U.S.A.; and an unknown make No. 50. (Photo & Photo 2)

135. Simmons Hardware Co. Keen Kutter No. 12 set of six forks and six butter knives inside a their original wooden box with hinged lid and having a full paper label on inside of lid. The knives and forks all have places where the plating is worn off so they were obviously used. (Photo & Photo 2)

136. SIMMONS SPECIAL sad iron with quick-release handle, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

137. Patterson’s Seal Cut Plub tobacco tin, missing hasp that keeps it closed, nice graphics, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

138. Set of six DIAMOND EDGE hollow ground table knives, all razor sharp and in the original wax paper sleeves they came in, all are fine and the fitted box is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

139. HENRY HEIL CHEMICAL COMPANY ST. LOUIS, U.S.A. precision laboratory balance scale mounted to wooden base, has drawer containing a wooden box of weights, a very nice scale overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

140. Lot of 21 assorted nut wrenches. (Photo)

141. Small tin toolbox? in olive drab military paint, with assorted tools in the bottom. A very nice box with intact hasps. (Photo)

142. Lot of 13 assorted CRAFTSMAN nut wrenches, the two that are attached with rubber band are metric. (Photo)

143. Lot: Four sets of simple sockets including one in a tin box with sliding lid; a cold chisel; and small wooden plumb & level, very good. (Photo)

144. Lot: adjustable end for a pipe clamp; and 22 assorted nut wrenches. (Photo)

145. Lot: nine assorted padlocks; one with chain; bundle of single pulleys; four knobs with threaded inserts, etc. (Photo)

146. Pair of axes: PLUMB single bit, very good; and a KELLY PERFECT double bit with patches of rust, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

147. Lot: PS&W wooden auger handle; drawknife; sickle; portion of a automotive valve grinder; shoe last; slag hammer; slag hammer; and a HAROLD ENSLEY ALL-PURPOSE compact No. 4000 rope hoist in original packaging. (Photo)

148. Lot of five turning tools; adz head; and two wire brushes. (Photo)

149. Lot: three small tins; three zig zag rules; two tape measures; five screwdrivers; six wrenches including a Maytag; clamp, fuze puller, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

150. Craftsman (Sargent) No. 3728 combination plow plane, with long and short rods, depth stops, original screwdriver and canvas roll of original blades, all inside original pasteboard box. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

151. Wuest Patent (U.S. No. 809,485) reversible12-inch back saw, made by Geo. H. Bishop Co. of Lawrenceburg, Ind. This one is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

152. Record No. 735 COMBINED HARD & SOFTBOARD PLANE complete with 6 softboard cutters, and 1 hardboard cutter, fine condition in original pasteboard box. with nice label. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

153. Pair of Keen Kutter wooden bench planes: 22-inch jointer with applied steel sole plate, and soft brass repair strap behind blade, tapered Keen Kutter blade, poor overall condition; and a 15-inch jack plane with Keen Kutter block &wedge logo in top of stock in front of knob, original black painted knob, fine overall. (Photo)

154. Millers Falls No. 15 2-speed breast drill with scarce enclosed D-handle, has been repainted, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

155. GEARHART’S IMPROVED FAMILY KNITTING MACHINE hand-cranked circular knitting machine used to make scarves, socks, sleeves, etc. Comes with two tatty owners manuals one in German and one in English. Comes in a nice wooden box with finger joints, marked on two sides PROF. FLINT’S HORSE AND CATTLE RENOVATING POWDERS PUT UP AND SOLD BY DR. B.J. KENDALL COMPANY General Agents for the U.S. and Canada ENSBURG FALLS, VERMONT, U.S.A. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

156. Pair of wooden handled Keen Kutter hammers. (Photo & Photo 2)

157. Keen Kutter KK21 meat grinder with three extra plates, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

158. Two KEEN KUTTER adjustable pipe wrenches, the larger one has a chip from the top jaw. (Photo)

159. Three Keen Kutter tools: broad hatchet, very good; half-round file with KEEN KUTTER spelled out; and a Keen Kutter axe head with hammer claw on back side. (Photo)

160. Keen Kutter K1946 fencing plier with claw, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

161. Antique ELITE automobile or buggy lifting jack from ASHLAND OHIO PAT. OCT. 8, 1911, in black paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

162. Four wrenches: automotive brace-type socket wrench; a long open end; another open end with the jaws bend 90 degrees to the shaft; and a crank with a square socket on the end; plus a long square-shanked auger bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

163. Union Hardware Co. CYCLOPS nail puller, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

164. Peavey cant hook business end, just add your own handle; and a small M-1910-type mattock pick-axe tool, this is marked U.S. and would have been used by the military and by the Parks Department and Forestry-Service, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

165. Unknown make nail puller with letter B cast into the cast iron sliding portion, quite possibly Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Co. as they made lots of different nail pullers, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

166. Nice pair of vintage coal tongs with intact spring. (Photo & Photo 2)

167. Branding iron with an extra piece riveted to the side; and a nice knife sharpening steel with finger guard, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

168. Lot: grabber or tong 26-inches long overall; Stanley No. 1470 chisel/prybar 17-inches long overall; double ended Mossberg 6084 Fits V-8 and Model A Main Bearings, very good; and a long open ended wrench with 1294 cast just below the open end, some rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

169. Three 10-inch Crescent-type adjustable nut wrenches: JAMESTOWN METALSMITHS, INC. JAMESTOWN N.Y., complete and very good; BON-E-CON ZBW10, complete and very good; and an ARROW by the ARROW TOOL CO. BUFFALO, N.Y, some mild pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

170. Keen Kutter 26-inch wooden jointer plane, marked on the toe and the blade with the Keen Kutter block and wedge logo, the closed handle is cracked all the way thru on the front narrow portion, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

171. FORD hubcap (bearing cover) good overall; and a doubled ended socket marked H132, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

172. Three 10-inch Crescent-type adjustable nut wrenches: PROTO 710-SL CLIK-STOP, very good; one marked 10 in center of handle and GERMANY in end of handle possibly West Germany, good; and a DIAMOND by the DIAMOND CALK HORSESHOE CO. DULUTH, MINN, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

173. Lot: long twist drill bit with square shank; a T-auger bit with flat tang; and a mystery hand cranked mixer of some kind that has two cam-locking levers on the side for attaching to a can or jar, and a small loading chute with gate. (Photo & Photo 2)

174. Pair of Stanley #5 iron jack planes; one with stained hardwood tote and knob, and hard rubber adjuster nut, WWII model, very good; and another with hardwood tote and knbo, fine japanning and BB-logo blade, hang hole in rear of bed, a fine user. (Photo)

175. P.S.&W. CO. folding-handle drawknife with 9-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

176. Stanley #82 long handled scraper, complete and fine. (Photo)

177. SHAPLEIGH’S (St. Louis) folding-handle drawknife with 9-inch blade, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

178. Pair of St. Louis iron jack planes: Keen Kutter K5 with fine rosewood tote and short knob, very good blade, very good overall; and a Diamond Edge DE5C with good hardwood tote and knob, complete and very good. (Photo)

179. Diamond Edge 7-inch folding handle drawknife, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

180. Two scrapers: Stanley #70 box scraper, complete and fine; and an E.C. Atkins that needs a cleaning, but will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

181. Pair of iron jack planes: H.C. MARSH & CO. ROCKFORD, ILL that has had bed broken out behind the throat, tote broken at base; and a Stanley #5 with 1910 patent date behind frog, good rosewood tall knob, tote broken in middle and glued, will make a very good user. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

182. Two Stanley router planes: No. 71 with 1/2-inch blade, missing the foot from the throat closing rod, very good overall; and a 71 1/2 with all three blades, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

183. Diamond Edge DE5 iron jack plane with hard rubber tote that appears to have been repainted, nice original blade, good overall; good overall. (Photo)

184. Three Stanley rabbet planes: #180 complete with depth stop, will clean to very good; #78 that is missing the fence and depth stop, some rust; and an aluminum #182 that is very good. (Photo)

185. Pair of Stanley planes: #78 rabbet & filletster, complete with fence and depth stop, very good; and a #140 Type I skew bladed rabbet with removable side, one of the screws securing the side is a replacement, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

186. Hand-cranked Cyclone Heavy Duty Seed Sewer (broadcast type with original canvas bag, bag has some holes; and two steel rafter or framing squares.

187. Long T-handled square-socketed “key” that city workers used for turning water or gas on/off at the street; and a long handled wooden apple butter stirrer or paddle.

188. Lot: three chisels including 2-inch GREAVES; 1 1/4-inch Stanley and 3/8-inch Buck Bros.; and five gouges: 1 3/4-inch unmarked; 1 1/4-inch SPEAR & JACKSON; 3/4-inch JAS. SWAN; and 1/8-inch BUCK BROS.; and 1/8-inch BUCK BROS. All are in very good to fine overall condition.

189. Bag of assorted twist drill bits; and a small saw wrest.

190. Lot: unusual French beading tool made from an old file; a curved float or rasp; and a small turning tool.

191. Lot: wooden plane parts including two matching boxwood arms for screw-arm plow planes, both very good; eight wedges; eleven large or outside nuts; seven inner nuts, two wooden fences, a body for a grooving plow, steel skate, brass depth stop.

192. Lot: scraps from old wooden carpenter’s tool chest: six awls; tack lifter; body for Stanley bullnose rabbet plane; several threaded nuts for instrument maker’s clamps; steel spring-loaded clamp of some sort marked ALLIGATOR HP, etc.

193. Lot of wooden plow plane arms and nuts; and three wooden instrument maker’s clamps.

194. Lot of eight (8) lathe turning tools, two BUCK BROS.; one CRAFTSMAN; two made from chisels, all are sharp and ready to work. (Photo & Photo 2)

195. Wooden 4-foot cooper’s jointer plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

196. Lot of twelve (12) HARGREAVES SMITH & CO. carving tools all with ebonized handles; nine gouges including five that are marked HARGREAVES SMITH &CO,: the four smallest gouges just marked CAST STEEL; an unmarked cranked chisel; a narrow and shortened mortising chisel marked WM HARGREAVES CAST STEEL; and a chisel with the cutting edge bent 90 degrees from the rest of the shaft. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Nice J.M. WILLIAMS CAST STEEL right-handed side axe with 13-inch cutting edge, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. Four gouges and chisel; three BUCK BROS. gouges including two that looks like turning gouges; a 1-inch gouge with tang handle, very good; plus a long Buck Bros. 3/8-inch socket firmer chisel. (Photo & Photo 2)

199. Large wooden outside caliper, measures up to 21 inches, very good overall. (Photo)

200. Fine lot BUCK BROS. pattern maker’s cranked gouges: 2-inch; 1 7/8-inch with BUCK BROS handle; 1 5/8-inch gouge; 1 1/4-inch; another 1 1/4-inch with owner’s name G.F. BICKEL engraved into top of blade; 7/8-inch and a BUCK BROS 1/2-inch cranked chisel, all in very good to fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

201. H. DISSTON & SONS 6-foot, 2-man crosscut saw, has Disston name cast into the cast iron brackets that hold the handle, blade will need cleaning to see if any etch remains, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

202. Three chisels and gouges: 1 1/2-inch fishtail gouge with nice handle and brass ferrule; GENSCO 1/4-inch tang chisel with most of the original decal on the handle; unmarked 1/8-inch gouges with BUCK BROS handle, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

203. Adjustable wooden trammel with 66-inch wooden beam, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Rare wooden horse measuring stick laid out in 4-inch hands. It is 80-inch long overall, has lines at every inch and a number every 4 inches, it is numbered from 1 to 20, thus it measures horses up to 20 hands in height at the withers, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

205. Peavey cant hook for rolling logs on the ground, 50-inches long overall with nice original wooden handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

206. Homemade wooden square with 3-foot legs, nicely made and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

207. Eight Martin J. Donnelly Catalogue of Antique Tools books: 1994; 1995; 1996; 1997; 1998; 1999; 2000; and 2002.

208. Two wooden planes: unknown make 3/4-inch round, very good; and a Sandusky SPECIAL weatherstripping plow plane with steel skate, very good.

209. Lot: Four gouges, three wooden handles; several bitstock tools, etc. Most have light to moderate rust.

210. Four tool catalog reprints and an old auction list from Tom Witte.

211. to 219. OPEN.

220. Scarce wooden log caliper that measures logs up to about 28-inches in diameter, used to determine the board feet in a log, this one is early and has what appear to be mahogany arms, a few cracks, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

221. Lot: Small 12 X 3 MEDART ST. LOUIS, MO. sign; two rules; one made of wood adverting the SECOND NATIONAL BANK; and four catalogs and booklets: NICHOLSON FILE CO. N-S FILES &RASPS catalog; Joseph T. Tyerson & Son, Inc. RYERSON AIRCRAFT STEELS Including Revised Military Specifications June 1, 1952 catalog; and a ST. LOUIS BICENTENNIAL CITY Travel Series booklet full of photos of St. Louis. (Photo & Photo 2)

222. Lot of wrenches: adjustable auto wrench with square lug on end of handle, very good; 4-inch MARX Crescent-type; simple socket wrench with four sockets; 8-inch wooden handled monkey wrench and 8-inch S-handled Cresent-type. (Photo)

223. GOLDEN GLOW BARTLETT PEAR wooden crate with six horseshoes. (Photo)

224. Wooden box with still pickaxe head; and three large adjustable pipe and tubing cutters, all in usable condition. (Photo)

225. Nine assorted wood chisels by FREUD, PEUGEOT, MARPLES, CHIPAWAY, ADDIS, etc. All in very good to fine usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

226. Three dowel sizing plates one by MARPLES & SONS sizes 1/4, 5/16; 3/8; 7/16 & 1/2-inch dowels; the one above it has holes from 1/8 to 25/64. (Photo & Photo 2)

227. Lot of eight iron bits including several drawbore pins. (Photo & Photo 2)

228. Lot: reprinted owners manual for Stanley router planes: battery powered Craftsman bevel; graver, and full package of Craftsman buffing wheel compound, five items in all. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

229. Full box of letter stamps in wooden box, top of box marked HI-DUTY LETTERS HAND CUT BY GEO. T. SCHMIDT INC CHICAGO, base of box marked NEW METHOD STEEL STAMPS DETROIT. (Photo & Photo 2)

230. Plumb hand sledge or engineers hammer, later model with safety goggles warning on handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

231. Lot of 10 Stanley flat and Phillips bladed screwdrivers including one with carbide tip, all in fine to near new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

232. Lot of four assorted sized ball peen hammers each with a nice wooden handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

233. Two Craftsman RoboGrip slip-joint pliers, both are fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

234. Two hammers including nice little cross peen. (Photo & Photo 2)

235. Lot of 19 assorted bitstock tools including five center bits; three spade bits; one gimlet; one flat screwdriver; screwdriver for split-nut saws; two tapered reamers, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

236. Early and finely decorated cast-pewter drinking glass from the late 18th to early 19th century, purchased from Reg and Jane Eaton at a MWTCA show several years ago. (Photo & Photo 2)

237. Greenlee 3/4-inch bevel edged socket firmer chisel, complete and very good; and a Disston 12-inch 8-point compass saw, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

238. Two small boxes of little riffler files. (Photo & Photo 2)

239. CROWN TOOLS SHEFFIELD ENGLAND Flush Trim Saw No. 20190, “Cuts on the pull stroke,” new in original packaging, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

240. Bag of assorted dowel centers including full set of eight Stock No. 06F05-ML by Woodcraft Supply Corp. and 11 that are loose in the bag. (Photo & Photo 2)

241. Pair of Japanese saws 60T0730 with 7-inch blade, nice handle, new in original packaging; and a 60T0731 spare blade for the above saw, also in its original packaging and like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

242. Lot of 20 assorted bitstock tools: center bits, screwdriver bits including two for split-nut saws; eight countersinks; and a nice tapered reamer. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. Wooden box of saw sharpening and other little files and one carving knife. (Photo & Photo 2)

244. BUTTERFIELD & CO. DERBYLINE VT ROCK ISLAND PO NO. 37A thread chaser. (Photo)

245. Lot: Adjustable thread chaser, tap handle, drill sizer; outside caliper, file, and TWIX combination bevel and square. (Photo)

246. Lot: CRAFTSMAN No. 39001 50-foot steel tape measure; clamp for pipe flaring tool; three tap handles; hand vise; trammel points; jaws for brace; hole reamer; protractor square; etc. (Photo)

247. Lot: adjustable thread chaser; small soldering iron; all-steel MAHEW chisel; five files one converted to a scraper for scraping steel; and three gate latches. (Photo)

248. Lot: Brace-type socket speed wrench; small spring-loaded hand vise; and a tool used to dress grinding wheels. (Photo)

249. Lot of ten scrapers blades. (Photo)

250. Large handled cornice or crown molding plane, no makers mark visible on toe, has oak cross handle on top, chip from inside rear portion of applied fence on side (see bottom photo), very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

251. Unusual G.H. Du Buisson Patent (U.S. No. 403,522) scraper or cleaner for cleaning pots and pans, made on a patent issued May 21, 1889 to George H. Du Buisson of Flushing, New York, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

252. Six wooden side bead planes: VARVILL &aamp; SON YORK 1-inch boxed side bead, a few nicks in boxing, very good; JENKINS & CLARK 5/8-inch side bead, very good; R. CLARKE EXETER 1/2-inch boxed side bead, very good; E. BALDWIN, 5/8-inch boxed side bead, maker’s mark partially overstruck, very good; P.B. RIDER BANGOR 3/8-inch double boxed side bead, boxing chipped in two places, very good; and OWASCO TOOL CO. #105 1/4-inch side bead, very good. (Photo

253. Two wood planes: OWASCO moving filletster plane with screw-operated depth stop, missing the nicker, very good overall; and an Unknown make 6-inch offset narrow round. (Photo & Photo 2)

254. Two complex molding planes: ISRAEL O. BEATTIE, MIDDLETOWN NY, complex profile molding plane, rear boxing MIA; and T.J. GARDNER BRISTOL 3/4-inch scotia, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

255. Six wooden bead planes: J. WEBB PITTSFIELD, A mark in AWP, 3/8-inch boxed side bead with ebony or dark rosewood boxing, very good; AUBURN TOOL CO. #105 1/2-inch boxed side bead, very good; I. COX 5/8-inch, small patch of rot at heel; Unknown make 1/4-inch side bead, very good; Continental 21mm side bead, very good; and a GREENSLADE BRISTOL 7/8-inch side bead, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

256. Three wooden complex profile molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. #? complex moulder marked 3/4 & 3/8 on heel, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. #43 1/8, 7/8-inch casing molding plane with fence, very good; J.M. SLATER DETROIT unusual hawk plane, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

257. Seven assorted wooden bead planes: J. KELLOGG AMHERST, MASS, 7/8-inch fully boxed side bead, very good; UNION FACTORY H. CHAPIN No. 123 1/2-inch boxed side bead, fine; JOHN MOSELEY & SON fully boxed 1/4-inch side bead, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. #47 1/4-inch fully boxed center bead, very good; Boxed 1/4-inch side bead, very good, marked 2/8 on heel; and a 1/4-inch boxed side bead marked FOREIGN on heel, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

258. Four complex profile wooden molding planes: Unmarked twin-iron fixed sash plane, one wedge missing piece from top, very good; MOSELEY & SON LONDON, #1 sash plane, very good; Homemade triple reeding plane, very good; CURRIE GLASGOW #2 fixed sash, very good. (Photo)

259. Ten assorted wooden hollow and round molding planes: MATHIESON GLASGOW large round, faint mark, very good; A. MATHIESON & SON GLASGOW #14 hollow; Sandusky 92 #7 round, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 72, #6 hollow, very good; Greenfield Tool Co. #8 hollow, very good; GREENFIELD TOOL CO. #10 round, good; A. MATHIESON & SON #12 round, holes in side from a fence, good; JOHN MOSELEY & SON LONDON narrow hollow; H. BROWN #8 hollow, good; and D. MALLOCH PERTH D. ROBERTSON (owner?) #6 hollow, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

260. Pair of wooden boxes: The larger box on the left is an OHIO TOOL CO. chisel box with partial paper label on the outside, and fuller label on the inside of the box that is stained red, intact hinges, missing the spring clips that would have secured the chisels; and a smaller JAMES SWAN firmer-chisel box with sliding lid, has partial label on end of box, very good overall. (Photo)

261. Large 37-inch Ashcroft-type pipe tong, will clean to very good.

262. Four wooden boxes: NAUGATUK VALLEY BIT CO. with partial labels on box top and end of box; UNION HDWE MFG. CO. box with sliding lid and partial label on end of box; Eugene Dietzgen box with hinged lid for draftsman’s rules or straightedges; and a smaller box with sliding lid. (Photo & Photo 2)

263. Three brass surveyor-type or carrot plumb bobs: 12-oz. GENERAL HARDWARE; and two unmarked 8-oz. models. Each has a removable brass top and a removable steel tip, all are very good. (Photo)

264. Continental wooden 3-arm tongue cutting plane, numerous worm or beetle holes, nice caving of flower on top of stock, nicely carved throat. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

265. Three unmarked brass surveyor-type or carrot plumb bobs: 12-oz. and two 8-oz. models. Each has a removable brass top and a removable steel tip, all are very good. (Photo)

266. Austrian wooden brace with clothespin chuck, one gimlet bit included, very nice. (Photo)

267. Converse-type brass plumb bob with internal reel, string is wound or let out by turning the knurled top one way or the other, very good overall condition. (Photo)

268. Nice English? #8 round (American call them hollows) plane with fine carving on left side including three pinwheels, very nice. (See lot 400 for another great carved plane.) (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

269. Nice brass plumb bob with removable steel tip and removable brass top, very good overall. (Photo)

270. A.J. WILKINSON 8-inch folding handle drawknife, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

271. Five iron block planes: DEFIANCE 7-inch, wooden knob has stripped threads, very good overall; FULTON TOOL WORKS 7-inch with adjustable throat, very good; Stanley #102, complete and very good; OHIO TOOL CO. No. 0103 with pitted blade, good overall; and another Stanley #102 with BB-logo blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

272. Watrous Patent (U.S. No. Nobles 18,877) 8-inch drawknife with rotating handles, made by and marked NOBLES MFG. CO. complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

273. Stanley #6C iron fore plane, tote broken at base and missing spur; good tall knob, fine SW-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

274. Millers Falls #18 iron fore plane (same size as Stanley #6) fine tote and tall knob, very good original blade, will clean to very good. (Photo)

275. Stanley #77 dowel turning machine with 1/2-inch cutter installed, fine overall condition. (Photo)

276. Three little adjustable pocket wrenches including a B &C S-handled Crescent; another Crescent with a T inside a circle; and a pressed steel side-jaw wrench. (Photo)

277. Three little 6-inch adjustable pipe wrenches; one solid steel; the other two with wooden handles including a GENUINE STILLSON, all are very good. (Photo)

278. Three wrenches: Beckley-Ralston (Billings) 4-inch adjustable pocket wrench, has some distortion to jaws, and plating loss; Boos Tool Co. Kansas City 6-inch, complete and fine; and double ended Crescent that is missing the worm nut on one end and has some light to moderate pitting. (Photo)

279. Lot: A.H. Reid Patent (Dec. 12, 1882) bitstock with nice nickel plating and rosewood head, no bits included; and three wooden handled push drills including an unusual Millers Falls with bit storage inside handle. (Photo)

280. Pair of iron jack planes: Lakeside (Stanley) No. 5, tote broken and glued, good tall knob, very good blade, very good overall; and a No. 05 with a Stanley blade, tote spur MIA, good low knob, will clean to good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

281. Two iron bench planes: Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) KK6, little life left in tapered blade, good original tote and knob, good overall; and a Stanley #5 1/2C with nice early-style rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

282. Two iron jack planes: Belknap (Stanley) PINE KNOT No. 5C, complete and very good; and a BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS No. 5, tote broken in center and glued, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

283. Millers Falls No. 10 wide body smooth plane, some light rust, will clean to very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Stanley household jack plane (same size as Stanley 5 1/4) with SW blade, good tote and low knob, some pitting on exposed surfaces, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

285. Pair of transitional smooth planes: Stanley #24 prelateral with eagle logo on toe, will clean to very good overall; and a Stanley Liberty Bell #122 that is complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

286. Four iron bench planes: Shelton 8-inch smoother, complete and very good; Shelton 9-inch smoother, complete and very good; late model Stanley 9-inch smoother MADE IN USA with blue japanning, complete and fine; and a 14-inch jack plane with pressed steel frog, some rust on blade, good wood. (Photo & Photo 2)

287. Three iron jack planes: Sargent #1414, complete and very good; Stanley 5C with good knob, tote broken and missing spur, very good overall; and a Diamond Edge DE5 with hard rubber tote, good low knob, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Pair of early wedge-arm wooden plank (tongue & groove) planes, plow has an iron fence riveted to the body, small chips broken out of sides from the wedges being driven in too far, and the tongue cutter is missing both the blade and the wooden wedge. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Stanley HANDYMAN NO. H114 mitre box like new in original box. Box has some wear and staining but is still intact. (Photo & Photo 2)

290. Five paper covered tool books and pamphlets: OHIO TOOL CO. Catalogue No. 23, circa 1910 reprinted by MWTCA in 1990; PERCEPTIONS SCIENTIFICA FALL 1985 catalog of surveying tools and other scientific tools; PERCEPTIONS SCIENTIFICA WINTER 86/87; TOOL COLLECTORS HANDBOOK Second Edition by Alexander Farnham; and A.J. WILKINSON & CO. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF HARDWARE AND TOOLS reprinted by MWTCA 2001. (Photo)

291. Four tool books: BLACKSMITH and FARRIERS’ TOOLS at Shelburne Museum by H.R. Bradley Smith, copyright 1966; A DIRECTORY of SHEFFIELD, hardback published 1969; DISSTON THE SAW IN HISTORY 9th Edition Copyright 1926, some, cover is torn and separating at spine; and DISSTON SAW, TOOL AND FILE MANUAL circa 1952, very good. (Photo)

292. Four tool related books and booklets: SALTPETRE MINING IN MAMMOTH CAVE, KY. by Burton Faust, published in 1967; Shire Album 11, THE VILLAGE WHEELRIGHT AND CARPENTER by Jocelyn Bailey, published 1975; Let’s collect Old Woodworking Tools by Dudley A. Layton, published in 1975; and THE Wooden BARREL MANUAL by the Associated Cooperage Industries of America, 408 OLIVE ST. ST. LOUIS, MO, REVISED 1951.

293. Five paper covered books or booklets: A MUSEUM of Early American TOOLS by Eric Sloane; Mummies of Mammoth Cave by Harold Meloy; INDEX of PLANE and SPOKE SHAVE PATENTS 1812 to 1910 by William B. Hilton, Lynn, Massachusetts, 1977; The Dating of Old Houses A Paper Read by Dr. Henry C. Mercer of Doylestown, PA at a Meeting of the Bucks County Historical Society at New Hope Bucks County Oct. 13, 1923; and TITTABAWASSEE RIVER LOG MARKS by RALPH W. STROEBEL, 1964. (Photo)

294. Five books or booklets: DECOYS at Shelburne Museum, 1961; Woodworking Tools at Shelburne Museum, 1957, cover worn and creased and beginning to separate from spine; The Tool And Trades History Society Newsletter 17, Spring 1987; STEEL SQUARE AND ITS USES hardbound book by HODGSON, 1892; and EAGLE TAKE-DOWN SQUARES Rafter and Regular by Antique Crafts and Tools In Vermont. (Photo)

295. Four books or pamphlets: Stanley Rule & Level Company’s Combination Planes reprinted by Ken Roberts, 1975; OHIO TOOL COMPANY Catalogue No. 23 reprinted by Roger K. Smith, 1976; Mason & Sullivan Paperback Catalog of Heirloom Clocks, some cover separation; and an original catalog of TOOLS & MATERIALS FOR AMATEUR CRAFTSMEN for sale by THE FROST ARTS & CRAFTS WORKSHOP DAYTON, OHIO. (Photo)

296. Nine assorted tool publications: Rural Lancaster County Technology of the 1850s by Michael W. Shank, printed in 1972; LUFKIN MEASURING TAPES AND RULES CATALOG NUMBER TEN, circa 1920, reprinted by MWTCA in 2005; Technical Leaflet 48 NAIL CHRONOLOGY as an aid to dating old buildings by Lee H. Nelson; Tools of the Woodworker hand planes by John M. Rempel, Technical Leaflet 24; Tools of the Woodworker axes, adzes, and hatches by Ralph Hodgkinson, Technical Leaflet Vol. 20 Number 5; and four little tool catalogs reprinted by Martin J. Donnelly: Fine Mechanical Tool (J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co.); Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co. The MICROMETER’s STORY 1867-1902 by A.J. WILKINSON & CO.; SAWYER TOOL MFG. CO. FINE TOOLS; and The LEVEL YOU NEED Made by S. ROBERT JACKSON successors to Davis & Cook. (Photo & Photo 2)


298. Two books: British Museum A GUIDE TO THE ANTIQUITIES OF THE EARLY IRON AGE OF CENTRAL AND WESTERN EUROPE (INCLUDING THE BRITISH LATE KELTIC PERIOD) WITH 7 PLATES AND 147 ILLUSTRATIONS, PUBLISHED IN 1905, And sold at the Museum, Price One Shilling; and MECHANIC EXERCISES; OR THE DOCTRINE OF HANDY-WORKS, Joseph Moxon, an authorized facsimile produced in 1969, cover creased. (Photo & Photo 2)


300. Vintage Gerstner 11-drawer oak machinist tool chest The wood is fine, the felt in all the drawers is very good, the mirror in the lid is broken at one corner, and there are a few scuffs to the leather on the handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Lot of books: Veneering Simplified by Harry Jason Hobbs hardbound with worn dust jacket; The Tools That Built Niagara by Mark H. Beecher, paperback with photos of the Beecher Tool Collection; The Tools & Trades History Society Newsletter 18, Summer 1987; The Tools Used in Building Log Houses in Indiana by Warren E. Roberts reprinted in 1978 by both EAIA & MWTCA; and seven EAIA Membership Directories for the years 1965 to 1968. (Photo)

302. Three vintage ring-snaffle bits, one painted gold, plus an old curb bit, four bits in all. (Photo & Photo 2)

303. File box full of binders of Early American Industries Association (EAIA) Chronicle and Shavings publications, plus several loose copies of those publications. (Photo & Photo 2)

304. Pair of DIAMOND HOT FORGED 1 PL horseshoes painted gold, they do not appear to have been used. (Photo & Photo 2)

305. Lot of seven assorted implement wrenches: 17-inch POWHATAN 189 handle adjusting; 13-inch 183 with hammer; 14.5-inch with 2 3/8-inch box end; 14-inch P.20; 12.5-inch 105N; 14.5-inch D&C (some pitting) and 12.5-inch unmarked with pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

306. Pair of mouth bits one with length of bicycle-type chain; the other 2-piece twisted steel wire, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

307. Lot of 6 assorted antique automotive hub cap wrenches including three marked FORD T1349; a 15086 cast; and two early wheel pullers. (Photo)

308. Pair of horse bits: fancy driving? bit with rollers, very good; and an early curb bit with filed decorations on the outsides, some rust and pitting. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

309. Lot of seven antique automotive hub cap wrenches including ones marked 1474; 15036; FORD T-1349, etc. (Photo)

310. Pair of unusual bits: snaffle bit with four lengths of twisted wire; and a twisted bar ring bit with four rings, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

311. Lot: two FORD-type hub cap wrenches; and three pair of sheep or grass shears, one marked Western Shear Co., all very good. (Photo)

312. Four pieces of harness hardware: three double harness snaps: COVERT YANKEE; Anchor brand by North & Judd Mfg. Co.; and AJAX ACCO; and a single snap. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Four Centuries of Dutch planes and planemakers by Gerrit van der Sterre, 264-page hardbound, full of nice photos, fine overall. (Photo)

314. A History of American Manufacturers from 1608 to 1860 by J. Leander Bishop originally printed in 1860, these three hardbound volumes are the first reprinting dated 1967, they are complete and fine. (Photo)

315. Ancient Carpenters Tools by Mercer Third Edition 1960, hardbound, very good overall. (Photo)

316. Four books: COOPER INDUSTRIES 1833-1983 by David N. Keller, paperback, some cover scuffing, very good; The Story of Wortley Ironworks by C. Reginald Andrews Third Edition (Enlarged and Revised), paperback, fine; TOOLS FOR ALL TRADES Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co. 1896 Catalog reprinted by MWTCA 1978, fine; and Forty Years of Hardware by Saunders Norvell originally printed 1924, reprinted by MWTCA 1992. (Photo)

317. Three books: THE COOPER AND HIS TRADE by Kenneth Kilby 1971 hardcovered with intact dust jacket, very good; THE VILLAGE CARPENTER by Walter Rose 1938, hardcovered, very good; and KNOW YOUR WOODS by Albert Constantine, Jr. hardcovered with intact jacket, very good. (Photo)

318. ARNOLD &WALKER CATALOGUES of The Traditional Tools of the Carpenter and other Craftsmen: Catalogue No. 1 through No. 6, and including the 1979 Christie’s Auction Catalogue for “the Stock in Trade of: Messrs. Arnold & Walker. This auction took place on April 23 &24, 1979. The cover of catalogue No. 1 is beginning to tear at the spine. Arnold & Walker were early dealers of vintage English Tools and these catalogues are full of photos of the rare and exotic tools they offered for sale. (Photo)

319. Eight assorted early tool catalogs and tool auction catalogues: Tom Witte’s Antiques 1985 catalog; Tom Witte 1985 catalog supplement; Tom Witte’s 1987 Complimentary Copy Sales Catalog; THE TOOL CHEST Antique & Collectible Tool Auction April 29, 1989 managed by Mike Jenkins & John Kesterson; THE TOOL CHEST Antique & Collectible Tool Auction April 28, 1990; JENKINS AUCTION SERVICE ANTIQUE TOOL AUCTION Feb. 6, 1982, Quality Inn Airport, Indianapolis; KIKO ANTIQUE TOOL AUCTION North Canton, Ohio July 6, 1983; and Hughes and Murdock (Jennifer Hughes and June Murdock, Surrey England) Tool Catalogue No. 2. (Photo)

320. Lot of early tool auction catalogs: eight J.P. BITNER catalogs from No. 4 Oct. 8, 1977 to No. 11 May 11, 1982, some with prices realized lists; and 19 catalogs from Your Country Auctioneer, Richard Crain, Hillsboro, N.H. Included are catalogs from March 1980 to Sept. 1993 with two copies of the April 1993. Total 27 catalogs in this lot. (Photo)

321. Eight David Stanley Quality Antique Woodworking & Allied Trades Tools Treen & Bygones Auction Catalogues No. 6; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; & 14; June 1986 to Oct. 1989. All with prices realized lists. (Photo)

322. Lot of 10 tool auction catalogues: eight Tyrone R. Roberts QUALITY ANTIQUE WOODWORKING & CRAFT TOOLS: April 1980; March 1982; March 1983; March 1984; March 1985; March 1987; and Sept. 1989; KIEFFER’S AUCTION GALLERY Oct. 27 & 28 ANTIQUE TOOL AUCTION; and the Sept. 20, 1986 Illustrated Catalogue of Antique Tool Auction from the Collection of Ken Roberts, over 585 lots. Ten catalogues in all in this lot most with prices realized lists. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. Two books: SHOP DRAWINGS OF SHAKER FURNITURE AND WOODENWARE VOLUME II by Ejner Handberg, 1975 second printing paperback; and A MANUAL OF THE SLIDE RULE by Thompson, second printing hard bound, very good. (Photo)

324. Two books: Little Book of EARLY AMERICAN CRAFTS & TRADES Edited by Peter Stockham, 23 Illustrations, 1976 paperback, very good; and a GOODELL-PRATT COMPANY NUMBER 15 COMPLETE CATALOG 448-page paper covered with soiling and wear to cover and page edges, good inside. (Photo)

325. Framed collection of early iron hardware including bolts, rams horn nuts, square nails, two bullet cherries?, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

326. Pair of 18-inch GAGE fore planes: G28 with 3 3/8-inch wide stock, missing front knob but otherwise complete and very good; and a GAGE TOOL CO. with 2 7/8-inch stock, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

327. Framed collection of 16 old bullet molds including two that have multiple sizes, the largest one (on the bottom of the frame) is made of brass and has the initials A.K. engraved or scratched into one side. (Photo & Photo 2)

328. Unusual 18th Century 17-inch jack plane with stock that is slightly radiused from side to side, SHAW & CO. iron, early-style tote, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Pair of horned smooth planes: 10 1/2-inch Peugeot Freres, complete and fine; and an unknown make 10-inch marked 1 3/4 on heel, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

330. Unusual and scarce OHIO TOOL CO. No. 139 1/2 screw-arm door plane, both of the large nuts are cracked otherwise complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

331. Nice 17-inch gutter or scrub plane, radiused from side to side; toe marked A.J. GIBSON, W. BUTCHER single iron, wide chamfers on wedge and 18th Century-style tote, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

332. Fine 18th century wooden gutter plane with thin JAMES CAM iron with round top, and a round topped wedge, fine early tote. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

333. Ohio Tool Co. screw-arm sash plane with triple boxing, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

334. Pair of smooth planes: OHIO TOOL CO. 10-inch razee-style with slightly radiused sole, very good; and a GAGE TOOL CO. Patented No. 4 smoother, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

335. Five implement or farm wrenches: C207; A-68; unknown; F30; and B573; the C207 is painted flat black, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

336. Lot of six antique automotive hub cap wrenches including a MOSSBERG 748; FORD T-1439; etc. (Photo)

337. Four assorted wrenches: F239; CORK-N-SEAL; unknown 13-inch with square box on one end and open on other; and an unusual hex wrench marked 16AC22 in black paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

338. Four wrenches: 8-inch gas bottle or gas valve wrench with tilting square socket; 8-inch DUNLAP APPROVED TOOLS adjustable auto wrenh; 6.5-inch wooden handled monkey wrench, with pitting; and an unmarked BILLINGS 7-inch center-screw adjusting with graduated shaft, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

339. Five steelyard-scale weights: two 8-lb.; two 4-lb. and a little 1 1/2-pounder. (Photo & Photo 2)

340. Seven antique automotive hubcap wrenches including a nice FORD T-4349; and an unmarked MOSSBERG. (Photo)

341. Lot of five antique shears; two normal sized pair and three smaller pairs. (Photo)

342. Nice homemade 16-pound anvil with hardy and pritchel holes. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

343. Box-type corn sheller in red paint, good overall; and a tobacco shredder that has some damage to the cast iron around the mouth and part of one of the four feet is broken off. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Pair of Keen Kutter hand-cranked food choppers: No. KK22 with three different plates, fine overall; and a K105 that has an intact locking ring, but none of the original plates. (Photo & Photo 2)

345. Pair of breast drills: on the left is a Stanley 2-speed model with intact level, a chunk of wood is missing from crank handle, very good overall; and a KEEN KUTTER (Goodell-Pratt) with Fast/Slow switch, intact level, MAR 31, 1896 patent date in crank arm, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

346. Lot: Five NOS KNAPP & SPENCER hardware tags; four pair of needle nose pliers one bent to 90 degrees; and small pair of side cutters. (Photo & Photo 2)

347. Lot of nine pair of pliers, needle nosed pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

348. Early Dutch 14-inch gutter plane with prow type front handle, and offset rear handle, has deep touchmark on toe of plane and blade marked GREEN, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

349. Unusual brass plumb bob with removable top that doubles as a reel, steel tip, fine overall condition. (Photo)

350. Nice short-throw Austrian wooden brace with clothespin-type chuck, one center bit included, very good. (Photo)

351. Nicely shaped brass plumb bob with removable brass top and removable steep tip with fine point, fine overall condition. (Photo)

352. Lot of four meat choppers: DE LUXE 20 IN AND OUT by the NEW STANDARD CO. MT. JOY, PA.; RUSWIN No. 2 PAT. MCH 4.02, has bolt that secures the handle broken off, otherwise very good; BELMONT No. 1110, very good; and ROLLMAN FOOD CHOPPER NO. 15, MT. JOY, PA.

353. Pair of bench or tabletop grinders: one in foreground marked PAT’D MAY 18 ’86, repainted black with red gears; and a FIRE-FLY by LUTHER GRINDER MFG. CO. MILWAUKEE chain-driven grinder missing the tool rest, very good.

354. Medium sized Enterprise No. 10 meat grinder, perfect for the guy or gal who does their own deer sausage.

355. Mystery corn mill in fire-engine red paint, clamps to a bench or table top.

356. Pair of wooden screw boxes, one is large and cuts thread on a 1 1/4-inch dowel; the smaller one without handles cuts threads on a 1-inch dowel, it has a nice smith forged ram’s horn nut.

357. Three wooden clapboard siding tools including a nice stepped marking gauge.

358. Smith forged claw hammer, complete and very good.

359. Nice 2-inch T-auger with a spare 1 3/4-inch bit.

360. Pair of long turnscrews (screwdrivers) the one on top is 24 1/2-inches long overall and has a stepped round shaft; the other is 28 1/2-inches long overall and is marked on the steel ferrule GENEVA TOOL CO. GENEVA, OHIO, very good.

361. Lot of four long auger bits.

362. Pair of English turnscrews (screwdrivers) one with the crossed flags logo of a Sheffield toolmaker, very good; and another with moderate to heavy pitting.

363. Lot: Stanley-ATHA 118 HI-CARBON pry or crowbar, very good; a 10-inch drawknife with light to moderate rust and rotted handles, can be brought back to life; and a 12-inch steel scale marked SCHERR TUMICO ST. JAMES MINN.

363. Lot: Stanley-ATHA 118 HI-CARBON pry or crowbar, very good; a 10-inch drawknife with light to moderate rust and rotted handles, can be brought back to life; and a 12-inch steel scale marked SCHERR TUMICO ST. JAMES MINN.

364. Lot of 23 assorted little sharpening stones in a wooden box, two appear to have Japanese writing on them.

365. Lot: Stanley #3 smoother with rosewood tote and tall knob, SW logo blade, sides and bed repainted, will make a good user; plus a TRICO POCKET SIZE fuze puller; two little screwdrivers; and what looks like a saw tooth gage.

366. Lot: GENERAL NO. 122 tubing cutter IOB; LODI pliers; KRAEUTER No. 305-7 pliers and a Stanley #199 razor knife.

367. to 374. OPEN.

375. Fine Wm. Marples Ultimatum Sheffield plated brace with rosewood stuffing, has nice ring in head, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

376. Unusual copper or silversmith’s planishing hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

377. Lot of nine wooden violin or instrument maker’s clamps, a very nice grouping. (Photo & Photo 2)

378. Unusual bow drill spindle, with brass spool and wooden handle and steel chuck, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

379. Miniature iron block plane with asymetrical sides, the left side has a nice thumb rest for a right-handed user, the right side has no such rest, these planes are known to the collector community but as yet, no definitive information has surfaced to identify the maker, the washer used below the screw to secure the blade is identical to the distinctive washer used on spoke pointers made by E.C. Stearns, so it is possible that Stearns made these planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

380. Small bow-drill spindle with decorative brass pad on top, one small spade bit is installed in the business end. (Photo & Photo 2)

381. Unknown make 10-inch sliding bevel with wooden handle and having brass top and bottom, very good; and a TOPPS Framing Square, very good overall. (Photo)

382. Lot: Two rosewood tool handles inc. nice Millers Falls model PAT. JAN 14th 1868; with rosewood handle full of bits; BUELL BROS. CLINTON, CONN. full of bits; and a SARGENT & CO. awl with 9 tools under the chuck shell. (Photo & Photo 2)

383. Three small English? Archimedes type drills. (Photo & Photo 2)

384. Davis Level & Tool Co. mantle-clock style inclinometer level, not much of the original japanning remains, but overall this one is very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

385. Rosewood marking & mortise gauge similar to Stanley #77, complete and very good; and a 1-inch OHIO TOOL CO. corner chisel, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

386. Unmarked 6-inch level with rosewood stock and steel top plate. (Photo & Photo 2)

387. to 399.

400. Fine Continental rabbet plane with carving that resembles scrimshaw work on the left side, one of the nicest carved planes we have seen or sold. (See lot 268 for another great carved plane.) (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

401. English-style steel plumb bob with removable top, very good overall. (Photo)

402. Fine carved Austrian woman’s tooth router with tulip carving on top and shell carving on the bottom. (Photo & Photo 2)

403. Lot of five wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. No. 72 #8 hollow, good; CALDWELL BALTIMORE #8 round, good; CALDWELL BALTIMORE #6 hollow, very good; OHIO TOOL CO. dado with brass depth stop, missing nicker and nicker wedge, good; and an A. HOWLAND & CO. No. 156, 7/8-inch cove molding profile, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

404. Carpenter tool chest that has had the trays and tills removed. currently has nails for hinge pins on the lid, inside covered wth old paneling, can be converted back into a tool chest or used a toy or blanket box. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

405. Lot of six wooden molding planes: complex ogee with quirk and bevel marked 1/2 x 8/8 on heel and having faint MIDDLETOWN makers mark on tow, NO IRON; HALL, CASE & CO. COLUMBUS OH 5/8-inch boxed side bead, very good; OGONTZ TOOL CO. OHIO, 1/2-inch boxed side bead, very good; Wm THOMPSON 3/8-inch hollow; P.HAYDEN & CO. COLUMBUS OHIO skewed rabbet with broken wedge; and small round with rot on toe. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

406. Pair of wooden auger bits in their original packaging: KEEN KUTTER adjustable auger bit with spare spur in a tatty pasteboard box, bit is fine, box would need professional restoration; and a GREENLEE No. 22 in a plastic pouch. (Photo & Photo 2)

407. Three corner chisels, one with original handle, and two needing handles, all in usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

408. Bonney Patent (U.S. No. 105,896) adjustable hollow auger, missing depth stop, very good overall. (Photo)

409. Lot of five chisels including two narrow mortising chisels that both need wooden handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

410. Lot: three wooden handled screwdrivers; Ives Patent (U.S. NO. 115,211) bung borer, needs new wooden handle made for it; and Keen Kutter bastard file. (Photo & Photo 2)

411. Lot of six gouges including a nice cranked S.J. Addis carving gouge; a Keen Kutter gouge; an Addis gouge that needs a handle; D.R. BARTON tang gouge needing handle; heavy duty BUCK BROS gouge with steel handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

412. Small hand vise and Stanley? pocket level with improper screw, intact vial, steel top plate, good. (Photo)

413. Leather tools: C.S. OSBORNE No. 8 hole punch, very good; C.S. OSBORNE No. 4 hole punch, very good; 3/4-inch pinking iron, very good; and an unknown make hole punch. (Photo)

414. Lot: Stanley Handyman H1222 1/2 adjustable square, very good; pipe reamer; graver; three small screwdrivers like those found with early Stanley #45 & #55 planes; stitching or pricking wheel; patented? twist drill holder with depth stop; and a flat bitstock screwdriver. (Photo)

415. Stanley #7C iron jointer plane, good BB-logo blade, E.Ruhl name scratched into right side, tote spur MIA, good tall knob, will clean to very good usable condition.

416. Stanley #5 1/2 wide body jack plane, good Q-logo blade, nice early-style rosewood tote and short knob, very good overall.

417. Stanley #55 “Universal Plow Plane” with four boxes of 55 blades including the two in the plane, in the original wooden box, the wooden box is coming apart at the corners and will need to be glued, the plane has the rosewood portion of the right handled broken out, comes with two depth stops, beading stop, cam, auxiliary tower, long and short rods; will clean to good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

418. Stanley BEDROCK #605 iron jack plane, single line BEDROCK lever cap, good V-logo blade, good rosewood tote and tall knob, with light cleaning will be very good.

419. Pair of Stanley smooth planes: #4, complete and fine; and #3 that is complete and fine.

420. Three iron block planes: two 7-inch DUNLAP planes, both complete and very good; and a 6-inch Stanley with adjustable throat, very good. (Photo)

421. Four iron block planes: AMERICAN TOOL & FOUNDRY CO; Enders OAK LEAF (Ohio Tool Co.); Stanley H102; and a SHAPLEIGH’S (Stanley) low angle same size as #60 1/2, small chip at rear of throat, very good. (Photo)

422. Five iron block planes: Stanley Handyman H1247, light rust on blade, will clean to fine; Stanley #60 1/2 low angle, very good overall; Stanley? No. 102; DIAMOND EDGE (Stanley) low angle with nickel-plated lever cap, very good; and a late model Stanley #220 in maroon paint, fine overall. (Photo)

423. Doyle’s lumber and board rule, the middle piece of the laminated handle is missing, otherwise very good; plus a Stanley 77-inch sliding inside measuring stick with brass fittings, very good. (Photo)

424. Large unmarked bar-type ice crusher with decorative glass jar or base and having a tin top, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

425. Large unmarked bar-type ice crusher with decorative glass jar or base and having a tin top, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Pair of unusual lever-type saw sets: True Patent (U.S. No. 143,598), very good; and an unknown set marked PATENTED (Photo)

427. Large wooden stair saw that has two strips of wood wired to the handle. (Photo)

428. Pair of unusual saw sets: J & G MFG CO. The one on top looks like a BEMIS & CALL; the bottom is a Leach Patent (U.S. No. 85,941), it is complete and very good.

429. Pair of NORTH BROTHERS “LIGHTNING” No 102 ice breakers like those used in drinking establishments, PAT 2,056,097, one has name model number and patent number cast into underside of lid; the other has patent number in bottom of glass, both complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

430. Four plier or lever-type saws sets: two Morrill Improved types, both very good; Hold Patent (U.S. No. 683,938), complete and very good; and a Goodell-Pratt Lester’s Patent (U.S. No. 756,662), very good overall. (Photo)

431. Two MASTER SENIOR ICE CRUSHERS both complete with original glasses, one with original sticker on side of jar and nice paint on wooden handle; plus single instruction sheet in the bottom; the other has some paint loss from handle, and does not have the sticker, very good. (Photo)

432. Four saws sets and a crimper; three SANDVIK saw sets, all complete and very good; an E.J. BROOKS crimper; and a MORRILL APEX saw set, complete and very good. (Photo)

433. Pair of two smaller ice crushers one with fluted glass base and one with chromed steel base, the one on the left is marked “Compliments of FRANK P. JOHNSON PAT PEND. (Photo)

434. Five assorted saw sets: large DISSTON TRIUMPH, complete and very good; large DISSTON MONARCH, complete and very good; MORRILL APEX SPECIAL, very good; small DISSTON MONARCH, complete and very good; and a TAINTOR NO. 7 POSITIVE, very good. (Photo)

435. Mixing can and two glass bar glasses, with this rig you can whip up fancy cocktails like an old pro and amuse your drinking pals. (Photo)

436. Two tin topped ice crushers with glass glasses, these are the types that would have been used behind the counter of a bar, PAT. 1,890,307 on bottom of both glasses indicates these were made on a patent issued Dec. 6, 1932 to Phillip B. Shailer of Chicago, Illinois and assigned to the Wm. D. Gibson Company of that city for a “Mixing Device.” Both complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

437. ESTWING camp hatchet that can be worn on belt, nice handle of stacked leather washers, comes with sheath that can be worn on a belt, fine. (Photo)

438. Burns Co. steel bank with folding handle on top and lock on bottom, has advertising on side for THE STATE BANK OF CHALMERS, CHALMERS, IND. (Photo)

439. PLOMB 1147 box wrench for 1 1/16 and 15/16-inch, fine overall. (Photo)

440. Small brass hexagon-shaped plumb bob, very good overall. (Photo)

441. Large antique printing block depicting a farm wagon with a planter, fence stretcher or some other apparatus mounted to the front, says KELLY at the top, marked on wooden base FRANKLIN TYPE FOUNDRY CINCINNATI., fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Two small sharpening stones: one in leather pouch marked Compliments of THE CARBORUNDUM COMPANY, fine; a small HARD ARKANSAS white stone in original pasteboard box, very good; and a wood and leather Brookstone strop marked PRIMA RINDLEDER MADE IN GERMANY. (Photo & Photo 2)

443. OHIO FORGE 9-function multi tool including knife, plier, screwdriver similar to a Leatherman multi tool, fine condition in original pouch that can be worn on a belt. (Photo & Photo 2)

444. Two brass printers pica rules both marked with similar SPRINGFIELD OHIO maker’s mark. (Photo & Photo 2)

445. Unusual carved wooden chalk line reel, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. CARBORUNDUM No. 183 SHARPENING STONE in original pasteboard box, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Early CHARVOZ FRANCE 11-piece drafting set in fine original box, lid of box held closed by pins at corners, pins must be pulled out to open, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Stanley #208 Level Glasses (vials) in original pasteboard box packed in saw dust. (Photo)

449. Stanley #138 level sights for wooden levels in original pasteboard box, both are marked with the SW logo, fine overall. (Photo)

450. German multi tool that includes a knife, hammer, gimlet, chisel, saw, reamer, screwdriver, etc, all inside the original pouch, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

451. Stanley pocket level that attaches to a square, screw is a likely replacement; and a miniature aluminum block plane by G.M. CO. MFG. L.I. CITY N.Y. (Photo & Photo 2)

452. Lot: two bench dogs; two watchmaker’s calipers; and a small bullet mold. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Three sharpening stones including an A.G. RUSSELL’S War Eagle Whetstone Arkansas Oilstone in original pasteboard box, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

454. Five turning tools for wood lathes, two have loose ferrules that will need to be secured, all are very good. (Photo)

455. Nice 10-inch planemaker’s float, very good overall; and an ice pick with oak handle, 4 1/2-inch steel point, very good. (Photo)

456. Pair JORGENSEN heavy duty 6-inch bar clamps, both in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

457. Three wooden handled T-augers. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. Three clamps: JORGENSEN 1623 3-inch; a different Jorgensen 1623 3-inch WELDER’S CLAMP with SHIELDED SCREW; and a DE-STA-CO toggle clamp that is mounted to a block of wood. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. Three bench tools: two NOS press screws; and an adjustable stop with a cam locking lever, has to round posts on the underside that drop into holes in the bench top. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Three hold downs: VERITAS Bench Holddown, like new condition; and two regular holdfast type holddowns that are marked TAIWAN near the top, one is in original packaging and has never been used; the other is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

461. A.H. REID patent (U.S. No. 268,938) spiral type bit-stock, these usually have a screwdriver bit in them when found. No bit with this one; and a knife sharpening steel.

462. A.J. WILKINSON folding handle drawknife with 8-inch blade, very good.

463. Stanley #71 router plane with 1/4-inch blade, light rust, will clean to very good; and a 7-inch Sargent block plane with screw adjuster.

464. Stanley #45 with SW logo on skate, very good nickel plating, two boxes of blades inc. slitter, long rods, cam, screwdriver, etc. A very good plane in an owner-made wooden box, very good overall.

465. Simonds Saw Co. No. 51, 25-inch No. 300 hand saw with fine etching intact medallion, very good overall.

466. Pair of saws: 26-inch meat saw; and a well worn 26-inch hand saw that has been sharpened many times.

467. Simonds Saw Co. 26-inch hand saw with good etch.

468. Three Stanley levels: one 23-inch and two 22-inch.

469. Lot: two wooden levels: both 24-inch Stanley, one marked GENUINE CHERRY; and a W. BUTCHER adz head with rounded blade.

470. Three Stanley wooden levels: one 26 1/2-inch and two 24-inch.

471. Three wooden levels: Richards & Conover Hardware Co. (Disston); Stanley, unmarked.

472. Badger Never-Slip Mfg. railroad car mover.

473. Standing-seam copper crimper, very good.

474. Cast iron wagon wheel soaker marked MEDINA, NY.

475. BRIDGEPORT Boycott hatchet with rubber handle; and a hex shaped plumb bob.

476. Two large wrenches: BONNEY 2-inch single open end; and a J.H. WILLIAM 2-inch S-handled, very good, in black paint; plus an unknown crank.

477. Long Jorgensen pipe clamp with spare piece of pipe to make it even longer, fine overall.

478. to 485. OPEN.

486. Three long handled turning chisels, all have light to moderate rust.

487. Nice jointer’s mallet with Lignum head.

488. Nice round burl carver’s mallet, very good.

489. Three different L.F.&C. UNIVERSAL food grinders, all very good.

490. Four reproduction catalogues of leather tools: Price LIst for Sept. 1st, 1874 of Leatehr and Findings Boot & Shoe Uppers, Henry Arthur, New York, reproduced by Alexander Farnham; C.S. Osborne & Co. reprinted by EAIA and Early Trades and Crafts Society in 1976; Hirth & Krause 1890 Shoe Store Supplies, etc. reprinted in 1980 by MWTCA and EAIA; and a C.S. Osborne catalog that does not identify who reprinted it. (Photo)

491. Two adjustable bitstock washer cutters used to cut leather washers and circles of leather and other material, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

492. Rare H. SAUERBIER NEWARK, NJ brass framed leather slitter, complete and very good. Sauerbier made leather tools and Civil War swords. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

493. Three wood creasers or burnishers including a large one made of ebony. (Photo & Photo 2)

494. Four flat pinking irons, each marked England, and they are sized 5, 6, 7 and 10, all are fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

495. Steel framed leather slitter, needs blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

496. Seven assorted curved pinking irons, all in usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

497. Wooden shave with radiused bottom and cutter that came with a lot of leather tools but looks to be better suited for chair making. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. Ten assorted round punches for leather. They range in size from 1 1/2-inches down to 5/16-inch. All but two are in very good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

499. Unusual adjustable leather slitter with cast iron handle, short beam, needs blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. Large lot of leather working tools including saddlers knives, welt trimmers, sailor’s palm, creasers, knives; compass, slitters, rosette cutter, two Rahn files; welt knives, and more, most are likely from a cobbler’s shop, but there are harness maker’s and other leather trades represented too, 45 tools in all. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 Photo 4)

501. Four leather tools: three V-shaped belt strap punches; and one flat pinking iron, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

502. Pair of vintage saddlers knives, the smaller one marked Pratt & Letchworth has fine pitting; the larger one has light to moderate pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Unusual multi tool for working leather; hole punch, leather slitter with adjustable fence, etc. First we have seen or sold. (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Fine Austrian tongue cutting plane with fore and aft through-dowel handles, and the finest carved throat we have ever seen on a wooden plane, highly recommended. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

505. OHIO TOOL CO. No. 133 screw-arm sash plane, triple boxed, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Unknown make 15 3/4-inch plow with steel skate, early-style tote and wedge, appears to have been professionally made, very good. (Photo)

507. Lot of 47 assorted spoon bits. (Photo)

508. Lot of 17 assorted bitstock tools: 10 countersinks including on by C.T. CO.; one unknown cylindrical milling-type bit; and six assorted reamers. (Photo)

509. KELLETT’S PAT (SEP. 16. 1884) bench plane blade, fine; and two scraper blades including a smaller one that is die stamped H.W. PEACE; and a full sized one by ATKINS, both are fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

510. Pair of bitstock tools including a nice patented countersink that attaches to twist drills with two clamps that are tightened with knurled brass screws. (Photo)

511. Lot of 20 assorted plane blades, spokeshave blades, scraper blade, and two chip breakers. (Photo)

512. Lot of 23 bitstock gimlet bits, most in very good usable condition. (Photo)

513. Lot of 22 blades and chip breakers for wooden bench and molding planes. Included are bites for skew bladed rabbets; tongue; complex molders; hollows and rounds, jack, and fore planes. (Photo)

514. Twelve (12) bitstock tools: split-nut driver for taking apart early saws; two tapered reamers like those favored by chairmakers; and nine (9) assorted center bits. (Photo)

515. Pair of long T-augers: 1 1/4-inch with normal worm screw, blade painted black, good overall; and one with a tapered twist that comes to a sharp point, shaft painted red, very good. (Photo)

516. Stanley Handyman wall-mounting tool cabinet with most of the original tools including saw; three chisels; two auger bits; screwdriver bit; two screwdrivers; steel square; adjustable square; coping saw; hand drill, block plane; level; smooth plane; brace, zig zag rule; adjustable auger bit; two, etc. (Photo)

517. Little Hamilton Beach Home Motor PAT. SEPT. 17, 1918, with foot foot pedal rheostat. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. Fine D.R. BARTON hand adz. (Photo & Photo 2)

519. Bridgeport crate opening tool that is a combination hatchet and hammer, pitted; and an antique wooden barn pulley. (Photo)

520. ESTWING E3-22S 22-ounce framing claw hammer, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

521. Nice shingle froe with newer handle, ready to put to work. (Photo)

522. ESTWING E3-16C curved-claw rip hammer, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

523. Unusual Millers Falls pistol grip ratcheting screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Estwing E3-22P, 22-ounce prospecting or rock pick hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

525. BRIAR EDGE 2 1/2 pound engineer’s style hammer, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

526. Shingle froe in working condition. (Photo)

527. Lot: three pair of side cutters, and two needle-nose pliers, all have rubber insulated handles and all are fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

528. Lot of 10 little clamps; five C clamps; four parallel clamps and one machinist? clamp. (Photo & Photo 2)

529. Lot: five pair of like new slip-joint pliers including Stanley and two pair of Craftsman RoboGrip; and a SEARS wire stripper, these are the best wire strippers we have ever seen or used. Ones just like it were used for years at McDonnall Douglass in St. Louis, MO. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Lot: drawbore pin; blade for wooden spokeshave; five Stanley router blades; router blade for wooden router; bitstock screwdriver bit; numerous other bitstock bits. Twenty-eight pieces in all. (Photo)

531. Lot of 20 assorted plane and spokeshave blades, chip breaker, etc. (Photo)

532. Lot of 15 assorted bitstock tools: two tapered reamers the large one by FENTON & BARNES; six center bits; and seven spade bits. (Photo)

533. Lot of 19 plane blades, 17 that can be used in a Stanley #45 or #55 plane including a slitter, two sash, and several hollow and rounds, etc. (Photo)

534. Lot of plane, chisel and screwdriver handles. (Photo)

535. Keen Kutter tomahawk-style hatchet, very good; and a SIMMONS (hardware) claw hammer, very good. (Photo)

536. Lot: brace-style wrench; and two medium-sized bung augers. (Photo)

537. Lot of 14 blades for Stanley #45 or #55 plane, included are one sash, seven plow and six beads, all are very good to fine; plus a match blade for a Stanley #46 skew bladed plow; three later model blades for router plane; and a bunch of blades for a tool handle. (Photo)

538. Lot: small hammer; wooden spokeshave with screw adjust blade; try square, outside caliper and two flashlights; and a wooden box of square shanked twist drills. (Photo)

539. Lot: seven blades for wooden plow planes; PURDUE mini anvil paperweight; etc. (Photo)

540. Lot: bench arbor; large auger bit; two smaller auger bits; INTERNATIONAL emblem; two screwdrivers; two dividers; and a small anvil. (Photo)

541. Lot: Five socket chisels including ones by UNION; BUCK BROS; GREENLEE and a handle and shaft marked SWISS MADE. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. Wooden box containing six (6) Forstner bits, all are fine and usable. (Photo & Photo 2)

543. VERITAS Sharpening System for chisels and plane blades, “a precision honing guide and an angle setting jig for bevels,” like new in original albeit worn packaging. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Black & Decker electric Crescent wrench. Yes, it was inevitable that some would invent a battery powered wrench for those who are too lazy to manually open and close the jaws of a nut wrench, this one is complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

545. Lot: four striking knives; and a VERITAS plane blade and chisel sharpening jig, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

546. MORA SWISS push knife, like a cross between a spoke shave and a drawknife, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

547. Lot of five chisels including an ADDIS tang chisel; two narrow mortising chisels by BUCK BROS and BUTCHER, and a SARGENT VBM socket firmer. (Photo)

548. Boxed set of BEST 3/16-inch Steel Figures, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

549. Lot of seven floats and chisels; three offset or cranked floats with wooden handles; two more floats or float-like wood files; and two riffler files. (Photo & Photo 2)

550. Lot of 24 assorted bitstock tools including six tapered reamers; four center bits; four countersinks, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

551. Nice tool and nail pouch with webbed military-style belt; and a PLUMB claw hatchet with wooden handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

552. Scare Lufkin 56 1/2-inch cruiser board feet scale with hook, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

553. Lot of boring tools: three T augers, one that needs the handle secured; another with a steel handle; plus two misc. bits. (Photo)

554. Rare homemade log scale, nicely made and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

555. Elgin-made Smith & Frenk Patent (Jan. 9, 1906, U.S. No. 809,755) adjustable alligator wrench with die stock in handle, some mild pitting good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

556. Lufkin No. 7164 8-foot sliding inside rule, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

557. Keen Kutter file with an unusual Keen Kutter (Lutz?) handle that can be used on files or rasps, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Lot: Cant hook that needs a handle; J.A. SEXAUER MFG CO. plumbing wrench; and an unusual hammer. (Photo)

559. Pair of wrenches including a BELL SYSTEM lineman’s type; and and a 14.25-inch IHC P1189 double ended socket. (Photo & Photo 2)

560. Two Keen Kutter files with two Keen Kutter (Lutz?) handles, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

561. Two adz and hoe heads. (Photo)

562. Lot of six alligator wrenches: three double ended models and three single ended including S.H.CO. SURE-GRIP; and V&B No. 1/2 BULL DOG. (Photo)

563. Five assorted wrenches: carpet or leather stretching pliers; stamped steel open ended wrench; and three self-tightening wrenches. (Photo)

564. Lot of five adjustable pipe wrenches. (Photo)

565. Three single ended alligator wrenches including a nice No. 3 by ARMSTRONG; and a Favorite Ratchet Wrench by Greene Tweed. (Photo)

566. CASEY & CO. AUBURN NY handled screw-arm plow plane, one arm cleanly broken just above where it attaches to the fence, can be glued or screwed, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

567. Casey, Kitchel and Company wooden 16-inch wooden badger plane with intact fence on bottom, good skewed blade, depth stop, closed handle, will clean to very good, the only thing we see missing is the nicker and nicker wedge. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

568. A. MEIER & CO. ST. LOUIS MO unhandled screw-arm plow plane, screw operated depth stop, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

569. Pair of transitional jack planes: BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS, complete and very good; and a Stanley #127 Liberty Bell that has a lever cap from a smaller Liberty Bell plane, and the chip breaker is improper. (Photo & Photo 2)

570. Unknown make unhandled screw-arm plow with #93 crossed out and 94 stamped into toe, wooden depth stop, numerous thread chips, a good restoration project. (Photo & Photo 2)

571. Stanley #127 Liberty Bell transitional jack plane, complete and proper, good overall. (Photo)

572. Three wooden planes: OGONTZ #3 smoother that is cracked in the side from the wedge being driven in too far; and two screw arm plank-type plows; one is missing the inner nuts, the other marked C.J. SMITH & CO. CINT O has numerous thread chips and an improper wedge, good overall. (Photo)

573. to 589. OPEN.

590. Small steel box with lock (no key) marked JOHN L. ZIEGENHEIN & SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ST. LOUIS MO, very good; plus a box of CROFOOT PERF-O-MATIC STAPLES. (Photo)

591. Box of 18 antique soldering irons including one with a tilting copper end; plus a folding pruning saw. (Photo & Photo 2)

592. Box of wrenches including several wagon axle-nut wrenches most painted flat black. (Photo & Photo 2)

593. Wrenches: three wagon axle-nut wrenches; and two S-handled open ended nut wrenches made out of old files or rasps, all very good. (Photo)

594. Box of buggy wrenches all painted flat black. (Photo)

595. Box full of plane blades, and several lever caps and bodies for iron block planes, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. Lot: saw blade for electric saw with several box of interchangeable blades; plus a steel box with two dowel sizers or tube flaring clamps. (Photo)

597. Lot of 25 automotive socket wrenches: Mossberg; BLACKHAWK, etc. (Photo)

598. Box of 11 assorted braces including Stanley; Spofford Patent, etc. (Photo)

599. Long 2-man & saw, complete and in usable condition. (Photo)

600. Long 2-man & saw, complete and in usable condition. (Photo)


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