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MAY 23, 2015

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

(Preview Friday 2-6 PM, Saturday 7 to 9:30 AM)


Lot Number Description
1 Three wooden molding planes: AUBURN TOOL CO. 5/8-inch dado, very good; AUBURN TOOL CO. 1 1/2-inch skewed rabbet; and an OHIO TOOL CO. #64 Grecian ovolo marked on heel 1/2 and 1, complete and fine.
2 Auburn Tool Co. handled screw-arm plow plane with depth stop, several thread chips, good overall.
3 Large Norton India Giant oil sharpening stone.
4 Newer Barr curved gutter adz with long handle, exterior bevel, modified from internal to external, very good
5 Nice side hatchet with anvil logo Genuine Forgery, with nice leather sheath.
6 Curved hand adz with newer handle, very good.
7 Ohio Tool Co. No. 55 moving fillister plane, complete with intact nicker and screw-operated depth stop, very good.
8 Vintage hand adz with newer handle, very good.
9 Veritas hollow faced shave with new handles.
10 Lee Valley 8-inch brass backed dovetail saw, fine overall; and an unknown make pad saw with beech body and brass clamp.
11 Disston 26-inch Keystone DEFENDER hand saw with 8ppi blade, very good.
12 Disston 26-inch rip saw with 5 1/2ppi blade, rosewood thumb-hole handle, very good.
13 Atkins 26-inch 7ppi crosscut saw, very good.
14 Atkins 24-inch 11ppi panel saw with machine wheat carving on handle, very good.
15 Atkins 26-inch 11ppi hand saw with machine floral carving on handle, very good.
16 Tyzack No. 154 NONPAREIL 26-inch crosscut saw; plus a Stanley 26-inch crosscut saw, very good.
17 Set of four butt chisels. 018. Eight assorted socket chisels: 1-inch FULTON; unmarked 1-inch; unmarked 1 1/2-inch; 1 1/2-inch humpback; 1-inch unmarked; Samson 3/4-inch corner chisel; and Diamond Edge 1/8-inch mortising; and G.I. MIX 1/2-inch that needs handle; plus two extra chisel handles.
18 Eight assorted socket chisels: 1-inch FULTON; unmarked 1-inch; unmarked 1 1/2-inch; 1 1/2-inch humpback; 1-inch unmarked; Samson 3/4-inch corner chisel; and Diamond Edge 1/8-inch mortising; and G.I. MIX 1/2-inch that needs handle; plus two extra chisel handles.
19 English 2 1/2-inch slick, with leather sheath, very good.
20 Sorby shallow 1 1/2 fishtail gouge, fine.
21 Barr gouge for timber framing, fine.
22 Ulmia Ott wooden framed crosscut saw, very good.
23 Millers Falls No. 120 2-speed breast drill with 2-jaw chuck, most of original decal on main gear wheel, crude homemade auxiliary handle, very good overall.
24 Stanley #624A hand drill with bits inside handle.
25 Two complete hollow augers by Woods and Stearns?, each is complete with intact depth stop.
26 Veritas plane blade angle detector or checker
27 Veritas turners centering device, fine.
28 Blacksmith made closed scorp, fine.
29 Swiss-made closed scorp, fine.
30 General No. 36 drill guide that can be set to any angle up to 45 degrees, very good.
31 Estwing and Stanley 22-ounce claw hammers plus a rubber mallet head
32 Vaughan shingle hatchet, complete and very good.
33 Scarce Stanley #85 razor shave with intact ears on the blade, very good.
34 Veritas aluminum framed spoke shave, fine.
35 Stanley 7-inch adjustable square with SW logo, very good.
36 Starrett adjustable square with 12-inch scale having No. 4 graduations and intact scribe in handle; and two pencil clamps that would be used with trammels.
37 Dovetail templates, one aluminum and one composite.
38 Sorby turners inside/outside caliper.
39 Kunz hollow faced spoke shave 040. Rabone 2-foot 4-fold BlindmanÕs rule; plus a late model #65, 2-foot 4-fold rule, very good.
40 Rabone 2-foot 4-fold BlindmanÕs rule; plus a late model #65, 2-foot 4-fold rule, very good.
41 Nice tapered bitstock reamer, the purchase of these was required of those attending Mike DunbarÕs chair making classes. Made by a machinist pal of DunbarÕs and marked WCV.
42 Stanley #71 double-beam marking gage, very good.
43 NLCS cope or rail and stile router-bit set, little used.
44 Stanley #135 Liberty Bell transitional smooth plane, very good.
45 Sargent #3415 VBM transitional jack plane, very good.
46 Sargent #414 iron jack plane, early model with beaded knob, very good.
47 ANANT 4 1/2 wide body smooth plane, very good.
48 Sargent #418 iron fore plane with three small hang holes in bed, very good.
49 Fulton 18-inch iron fore plane, very good.
50 Lie-Nielsen #212 bronze scraper plane (similar to Stanley #212) complete and fine.
51 Stanley #3 iron smooth plane, tote broken and glued, very good overall.
52 Lie-Nielsen scrub plane (similar to Stanley #40) complete and fine.
53 Record #778 duplex plane (similar to Stanley #80) complete with fence, depth stop and nicker, fine overall.
54 Millers Falls #17 iron block plane, very good.
55 Crown Tool compass plane (Leon Robbins) marked LR, very good.
56 Wood River 100 1/2 hollowing plane (similar to Stanley #100 1/2), fine in original box.
57 Lakeside (Stanley) #4C iron smooth plane, complete and very good.
58 Four wooden bench planes: 22-inch jointer; 18 1/2-inch fore, 16-inch jack and a smoother.
59 Stanley #59 dowel jig IOB.
60 Two fret saws: one Lee Valley and one MADE IN GERMANY.
61 Instrument makers bar clamp with wooden jaws.
62 Three unmarked tang paring chisels: 1/4; 1/2; and 1-inch.
63 English Woodworkers Supply jointers mallet, fine.
64 Veritas blind nailer, complete and fine.
65 Two Lee Valley pinch rod sets for taking inside measures, both fine.
66 Stanley #45 combination plow plane complete IOB with double-row box of original blades, long and short rods, all three depth stops, beading stop, ownerÕs manual, plus a set of 16 CLIFTON ADDITIONAL MULTI-PLANE CUTTERS MADE IN ENGLAND blades and a box containing two CLICO ovolo cutters 1/4 and 3/8-inch, plane and blades are all fine; pasteboard box is worn and soiled, but intact.
67 Flexible shaft for Dremel-type tool.
68 Stanley #271 mini router IOB, MADE IN ENG., fine overall.
69 Stanley 46-101 ŌCENTER SQUARE,Ķ very good.
70 KUNZ #80 cabinet scraper; and a Stanley #151A spoke shave.
71 Pair of Stanley auger bit extenders including rare 12-inch Stanley; and 24-inch, both very good.
72 Unusual Trinkle SurgeonÕs drill (brace) No. 1085.01, very good
73 Cast iron No. 3 saw vise, complete and very good.
74 PEXTO 8-inch drawknife, with wooden blade protector, very good.
75 Yankee No. 100 screwdriver set IOB, with three Phillips bits, three flat bits; four push drill bits, and one countersink, very good; plus a Stanley tool handle with 9 original bits inside the handle, very good.
76 Unknown 8-inch drawknife, has faint makers mark that ends in in XON, comes with wooden blade protector, very good.
77 Lot: two small Craftsman C-clamps; an earth auger; 55-515 pry bar; YAMAGUCHI hammer with fiberglass handle, very good; and a FAIRGATE C-12 CENTER-FINDING RULE, very good.
78 Six Wetzler edge clamps, all very good.
79 Makita Mod. 9820-2 electric wet sharpener with 1000-grit wheel, perfect for plane blades and chisels, very good working condition.
80 Kreg drawer runner installation tool, magnetic, very good.
81 Large band clamp by Pex Co. England, very good.
82 Craftsman Mod. 96 paint sprayer.
83 Makita Model 9297SPC variable-speed sander/polisher with polishing pads and abrasive discs.
84 Haddon lumber maker, attaches to chain saw, new in original box.
85 Cruiser double bit pack or camp axe with newer handle and leather edge protectors, fine.
86 ShipwrightÕs adz, complete and very good.
87 Tool belt with two pouches and a webbed belt, very good; plus a pair of ACTION suspenders.
88 Aluminum 4-foot plumb and level, fine.
89 DARLING, BROWN & SHARP PAT. DEC. 16, 1879 three-sided draftsman rule, nickel plated very good.
90 Atkins 26-inch back saw, very good; and unknown make miter box, missing the two guides? otherwise good.
91 Eight assorted wooden molding planes complete with irons including Ohio Tool Co. 43 3/8 case molding or door molding plane marked 7/8-inch on heel; Ohio Tool Co. No. 75 1/2-inch tongue; A.C. BARTLETTÕS OHIO PLANES 7/8-inch single iron nosing plane; Ohio Tool No. 116, 2-inch skew bladed rabbet, fine; Sandusky No. 1 1/4-inch single iron nosing plane, very good; unmarked Continental 1 3/4-inch skew bladed rabbet with owner added fence; and an Ohio Tool Co No. 116 dado plane missing the nicker blade.
92 Eleven assorted wooden molding planes all missing their irons; plus three wooden siding gauges.
93 Pair Ohio Tool Co. #75 #12 hollow & round molding planes, fine.
94 Stanley #36 cast iron double plumb & level with shaft groove and Eclipse vial covers, all vials intact, very good.
95 Ohio Tool Co. No. 122 reeding plane that cuts 3 beads plane, fine overall
96 PLUMB single bit camp or pack axe, very good overall.
97 Lot of six wooden molding planes: cut down J. MERKER BUFFALO complex profile, fine; and five different beads including OHIO TOOL CO. #37 1/2-inch center bead; W.H. PONDS NEW-HAVEN 1/2 with full boxing; Sandusky Tool No. 47 3/8-inch side bead with single boxing; OHIO TOOL CO. 1/4-inch missing small piece of boxing; and a 3/16-inch side bead with double boxing.
98 Two packages of modern fret saw blades: on left is a package from EBERLE LAUBSAGENT-SET; all from Germany.
99 Lot of four wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. NO. 61 Grecian ogee that is marked on heel with 1 1/4 and 1/2, fine overall; SANDUSKY TOOL CO. 3/4-inch ovolo, very good; W. PARKS 3/4-inch hollow with broken wedge; and an unknown modified round.
100 Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane, with 12 blades including set of 11 by St. James Bay and one original 1/2-inch, all in fine condition, missing slitter and depth stop, a fine usable plane.
101 Nicholson wood rasp, very good overall; and an Italian sculptor's rasp, very good.
102 Wood River Universal vise, has original adjusting handle replaced with a large bolt, very good overall.
103 Japanese-style hatchet with new handle, very good.
104 Machinist granite surface plate 9 x 12 x 2-inch, Grade A, fine.
105 Stanley #18 6-inch iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, intact throat cam, Rule & Level Co. blade, very good overall; and a Craftsman (Sargent #79) duplex rabbet & fillister plane, complete with fence and depth stop, needs a light cleaning, very good overall.
106 Two planes: Stanley #5 iron jack plane with BB-logo blade, stained hardwood tote and knob, fine overall condition.
107 Stanley CONTRACTOR GRADE dovetail saw with 10-inch blade, very good overall.
108 Goodell-Pratt hack saw with 12-inch blade, nice wooden handle, fine overall.
109 Large and crude axe that almost looks more like a splitting wedge, edge is rough, shows signs of being forged.
110 Set of four Craftsman construction chisels: 1 1/4-inch; 1-inch; 3/4-inch & 1/2-inch, all very good.
111 Lot: SNOW & NEALLEY CO. BANGOR pulp hook for loading firewood; and pair of WEISS tin snips with yellow plastic handle covers.
112 Pair of sharpening stones one for radiused gouges etc.
113 Lot: PROTO hand drill, very good; and a STANLEY HEX-A-MATIC adjustable nut driver.
114 SOMAX No. 22 Eclipse-style plane blade and chisel honing guide plus a pencil compass by Empire.
115 Eight assorted turning tools including bowl gouge; four spindle gouges; one oval skew; combination beading and parting tool; and a 1/4-inch parting tool.
116 EMPIRE 1240 framing square, aluminum, complete and very good.
117 Nice tool belt with webbed belt, nail pouch; NICHOLAS leather screw gun holster; leather knife holder; and a Millers Falls hammer loop, very good overall.
118 ElectricianÕs leather pouch; plus pair of blue suspenders, very good.
119 Thirty-six-inch wrecking bar, very good.
120 VAUGHAN 16.5-inch NOS framing hammer handle; and a FLATBACK Metric Standard tape measure.
121 Lot of eight 2-inch hard rubber wheels that swivel, all very good.
122 Four 4-inch plastic wheels that all swivel on the steel brackets they are mounted to. Will make a nice cart.
123 Large cooperÕs chamfer knife, complete and very good.
124 NELLIS IMPD CO hay spear, complete and very good.
125 Douglas Mfg. Co. long handled adz MFD BY W.HUNT, fine overall.
126 ATKINS 27-inch ice saw with iron handle, visible etch, very good overall.
127 Lot: two early soldering irons; and a CALDER No. 1S wheel dresser, very good.
128 Lot: PROTO 4011 gear puller, complete and fine; plus three different sized C-clamps.
129 Lot: BALDOR CELL (battery) tester for 6 and 12-VOLT batteries, very good; ZB2830 box ended wrench that fits 7/8 and 15/16-inch nuts and bolts; and a nice pair of 10-inch tongs that will hold something round, very good.
130 LEACH Patent saw set, complete and very good; plus a hog ringer that is painted silver, very good.
131 Sheffy? 15-inch self-adjusting pipe wrench, needs light cleaning, very good overall.
132 Two screw adjusting pipe wrenches: 18-inch Stillson, complete and fine; and a 14-inch RIDGID, complete and fine.
133 Lot: Fray rosewood handled tool handle full of nice bits, the cap is missing a big chunk; HANSON 50-pound capacity hanging scale, very good; and a stitching awl, very good.
134 Lot: small 12-inch crow bar; meat hook; STANDARD implement wrench
135 Lot of 10 small automotive-type wrenches.
136 ARCADE NO. 21 LEMON SQUEEZER, complete and fine with porcelain insert.
137 Lot: chrome plated plumb bob; UNION TOOL CO. ORANGE MASS machinist square with 12-inch scale; and a SHALER tire tube vulcanizer.
138 GENEVA HAND FLUTER with original bast that says HEAT THIS on bottom.
139 Lot: two zig zag rules including ROYAL EXTENSION RULE 72-inch; Starrett No. S060F 72-inch zig zag, very good; K-D TOOLS BRAKE SHOE RETAINING SPRING TOOL in original packaging, never used; and a hook billed Linoleum knife with wooden handle, very good.
140 I.P. HYDE 72-inch maple and brass straight edge for trimming wallpaper, very good overall.
141 Unknown make butter churn that has had the handle crank broken off, and has a nice glass OLD JUDGE coffee jar in place of the original, the original wooden paddle is good as are the gears, the cast iron housing and the tin lid.
142 New Old Stock 1-gallon JUSTRITE SAFETY BENCH CAN tin parts washer with instructions, made by the JUSTRITE MFG. CO. CHICAGO 14, ILLINOIS, in original fire-engine red paint.
143 Lot of eleven files and rasps, plus two spare wooden handles.
144 Lot: three planes: Auburn Tool Co. 1 1/8-inch rabbet plane; rough wooden horn plane; and an AMERICAN BOY block plane from a childÕs tool kit; plus two wooden wedge for wooden planes.
145 Lot: LEONARD KELVINATOR ratchet wrench; ANDREW WRENCH basin wrench PAT. MAY 10, 1921, top handle replaced with bolt; 18-inch tool that looks like a saw wrest but could be used to twist flat stock when itÕs hot; and a small claw hammer with wooden handle, very good.
146 Lot: hand forged gate latch with staple; PLUMB single bit axe head; small hatchet head; and a curry comb with tin frame and handle.
147 Lot: Mystery tool; UTICA No. 1300-6 6-inch gas plier; KLEIN 6-inch needle nose pliers; LECTROLITE No. 216 6-inch pliers, very good.
148 Nice M.M. MEIER EXTRA QUALITY meat saw, complete and very good.
149 Lot: Ten mostly Craftsman wooden auger bits, one an IRWIN adjustable bit; and one with a nice adjustable depth stop.
150 Two wrenches: CRESCENT TOOL CO. 10-inch that is missing the screw and the outer jaw; plus a GELLMAN 6-inch No. 61 by the GELLMAN WRENCH CORP. ROCK ISLAND, PAT. APR. 17, 1923, very good.
151 Two hatchets, one with spike coming off the top side, the other a roofing hatchet marked COLLINS, very good; plus a VULCAN BELL FACE claw hammer, very good.
152 Pair of pliers: on top a SNAP-ON VACUUM GRIP NO. 137, has former owners name etched into one side, very good; and a japanned pair with DROP FORGED cast into each handle, very good.
153 Three gear pullers; the largest is marked S45C 6-inch; the smallest is S45C 3-inch; and the last is S45C 4-inch, all very good.
154 GILCHRISTÕS No. 31 ice cream disher (scoop), wooden handle is rough and needing to be replaced, very good overall.
155 Four knives: GALLOPING GOURMET boning knife, very good; SURF FISHERMAN paring knife; unknown make fishing knife with oak handle and having a scaler on the top of the blade, very good; and a STAINLESS 4-inch vegetable knife with plastic handle.
156 MYERS DeLuxe DISHER ice cream scooper, fine overall; plus two simple ice cream dishers one is cast aluminum; and one has yellow plastic-like handle marked BONNY PROD. CO. N.Y. on end of handle.
157 Lot of kitchen goodies: stainless steel paring knife with peeler in top of blade; SLIP PRUF NEE ACTION, PAT. 2232046 peeler; pie crimper; whip; stainless Japanese paring knife; and a Geneva Stainless paring knife with loose handles.
158 Lot of kitchen gadgets: two spatulas; three forks; a CHICAGO CUTLERY boning knife; set of 4 stainless paring knives in original packaging and four steel points.
160 Lot of kitchen treen ware: rolling pin; wooden mallet; wooden pusher; wooden fork and spoon; and stirrer.
161 Five assorted kitchen items: stainless JAPAN dough blender; PYREX handle extension; plastic scoop; knife sharpener with wooden handle; and a CHOPPER STAINLESS BLADES TOLEY MPLS PAT. 2113085.
162 Three hammers: large Diamond Edge ball peen; HELLER OR GELLER ball peen; and a claw hammer with circular logo on side, cannot make it out.
163 Lot: three hammers including a body hammer; welders slag hammer and an unknown make upholstery or saddlerÕs hammer; and two Keen Kutter nail sets.
164 Lot: Six wooden handled flat-bladed screwdrivers and a chisel with a file handle.
165 Lot: Two try squares including a 12-inch with rosewood handle, two hang holes drilled in rosewood and some rust on blade; and a 6-inch with cracked and chipped rosewood handle; and nice heavy duty ice chipper.
166 Lot: large Stanley 18-310 cold chisel; large open ended Mossberg? wrench with M inside diamond; 2157 Walden Worcester 3/4-inch combination wrench, very good; WILLIAMS SUPERRENCH 9727, very good; a 1/2-inch BLUE PONT combination, fine; and tinner's tool for making stove pipe, has broken blade.
167 Tin tool box with carrying handle on top, has a top tray that moves as the lid is opened, complete with original key, good.
168 Post hole digger, complete and very good.
169 Blacksmith forged 3-tined pitchfork, fine overall.
170 Long handled scraper for ice, etc., very good.
171 Lot of three garden hoes with wooden handles.
172 Nice nursery spade or sharpshooter.
173 PROMARK roll-around tool chest with top cabinet, includes working key, very good.
174 Lot: Pair of 18 1/2-inch outside calipers marked J. BAADER in big block letters, very good; and a 10-inch ratchet brace, missing spring that separates the jaws of the chuck, very good.
175 Lot of 13 hand threading dies, some marked, all very good. This is the first time weÕve sold any hand threaders.
176 Stanley #57 core box plane, tote broken and glued, good knob, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, of the bosses where a riser would attach is chipped, good overall.
177 Three gouges: OHIO TOOL CO. 7/8-inch, very good; CHARLES BUCK 5/8-inch with brazed repair to tang; and an L&IJ WHTE 7/16-inch that is very good.
178 Stanley #51 spokeshave with blue paint, complete and fine.
179 Lot: small screwdriver with wooden handle; YANKEE No. 45 push drill by NORTH BROS, fine; and a CONSTANTINE WEST GERMANY flushing or cut-off saw, fine.
180 D. MAYDOLE upholstery hammer, very good; and an unknown item made from an old file or rasp.
181 Five assorted chisels: 2-inch socket firmer, very good; 1-inch cranked with bevel edges; OHIO TOOL CO. 1/4-inch socket firmer; OHIO TOOL CO. HIGH GRADE STEEL ESTABLISHED 1823 1/4-inch mortising chisel ground down on business end to 3/16, very good; and a HARRINGTON & HEALL? 5/16-inch very good.
182 Two small wooden ŌgrasshopperĶ marking gauges.
183 Nice CHARLES BUCK 3-inch slick with nice handle, blade coated with lacquer, very good overall.
184 Pair of small block planes: Stanley Handyman H101P pressed steel body, very good; and a G.M. CO. MFG. LONG ISLAND CITY NY, very good.
185 Three Stanley block planes: #56 that is missing the cam from the lever cap, otherwise complete and usable; #56 1/2 with nickel plated lever cap and cast screw head, complete and very good; and a Stanley 7-inch with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good.
186 Stanley #5 cast iron jack plane with fine rosewood tote and low knob, later BB-logo blade, sharp and ready to go, fine.
187 Joseph Smith Explanation or Key to the Various Manufactories of Sheffield, printed by the EARLY AMERICAN INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION with original dust jacket, very good.
188 WONDERLAND OF WORK New Revised Edition With Additions by Joshua Rose ME copyright 1884 by O.M. DUNHAM, some spine separation, good overall.
189 Story of the Saw by P. dÕA Jones and E.N. Simons published in 1960 by Spear & Jackson Limited 1760 to 1960. With nice letter from Spear & Jackson to Mr. Bill Baader wherein they invite him to visit the factory in England and tell him they are sending the book free of charge even though it had been out of print for more than 10 years at the time of BillÕs request for it.
190 Pair of Alvin SellensÕ books: The Stanley Plane with torn and tatty dust jacket; some minor soiling of page edges, good overall; and a Woodwork Planes, with good dust jacket, very good overall.
191 A Museum of Early American Tools book by Eric Sloane, dust jacket torn and tatty, but book itself is very good.
192 THE WOODEN PLANE book by Richard A. Martin, published in 1977 by the Early American Industries Association, very good overall.
193 Tools & How to Use Them for Woodworking book with 300 Illustrations by Alfred P. Morgan, this book was gifted to Bill & Pat Baader by Ray Townsend.
194 Pair of British Plane books: British Plane Makers From 1700 by W.L. Goodman, front of dust jacket torn in 1/2, book very good; and W.L. Goodman British Planemakers from 1700 2nd Edition greatly enlarged, Arnold & Walker, with some wear to dust jacket, book very good.
195 Three books or booklets: Mechanix Illustrated How to Refinish Furniture; SHIRE 50 SERIES, Woodworking Tools by Philip Walker, very good; and Woodworking Tools 1600 to 1900 by Peter C. Welsh, some tearing at spine, good overall.
196 Unusual wooden handle-forming fixture that could be held in a bench vise and used along with a drawknife to form handles.
197 Large wooden commander, used in timber frame construction for banging corner joints together, has a few bug holes, good iron rings, very good overall.
198 Large wooden log? caliper with tables on side, very good.
200 Unusual wooden chute or shoot board type setup with two wooden planes that slide in a wooden fixture, one has a rabbet blade and the other has a complex sash-type profile, very interesting and the first weÕve seen of such a setup.
201 Three wooden molding planes: A. MONTY ROXTON POND P.O. skew bladed 3/4-inch rabbet; OHIO TOOL CO. #43 1/2-inch scotia; very good; and an unknown make 1/8-inch side rabbet, single boxed, well worn.
202 DISSTON KEYSTONE K-4 AIR MASTER, 26-inch 8ppi bladed crosscut saw, good etch, very good overall.
203 Sandusky Tool Co. #67 moving fillister plane, complete and very good.
204 Pair of DIAMOND EDGE saws: on top a flooring saw with open handle that has glued repairs, handle does not look original to this saw, good etch on blade, good overall; and a DE150 25 1/2-inch 8ppi crosscut saw, handle cracked around bottom bolt, good etch on blade.
205 Ohio Tool Co. No. 53 moving fillister plane, has plane-shaped logo on toe, very good overall.
206 DISSTON D-8 PACE MAKER, 26-inch 8ppi hand saw, etch visible, needs light cleaning and etch may get better, very good overall.
207 Lot of three wooden molding planes: J. DONALDSON & J. HALL ST. LOUIS, MO 1 5/8-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good; unknown make 3/8-inch side, appears to have been slip boxed but boxing is MIA, flat chamfers on body, early; and a SHEPLEY 9 or 6 round, very good.
208 WARDS POWER-CRAFT (By Disston) No. 84-3923 26-inch 8ppi hand saw, complete and very good.
209 Lot of three wooden molding planes: OHIO TOOL CO. 1 1/2-inch single iron nosing plane, complete and very good; Ohio Tool Co. 72 #8 round, a few cracks, good overall; and a M. WHITCOMB hollow, very good.
210 Disston D-95 26-inch 10ppi hand saw with Tenite (a type of plastic) handle, faint etch, very good overall.
211 Three wooden bench planes: E.P. NUTTING (3 star rating in AWP) with side slightly blown out; small GOLDENBERG compass plane, very good; and a small CREAGH & WILLIAMS CINT. Ohio, smoother with both sides blown out and repaired with nails.
212 Three hand saws: 26-inch Disston with plastic handle that can be used as a square, and miter square, very good; E.C. ATKINS 22-inch 11ppi panel saw with electrical tape on handle, decent etch on blade, good overall; and a 20-inch 11ppi panel saw that will clean to very good overall.
213 Unknown make 1-foot 2-fold caliper rule, moderate wear, very good overall.
214 DISSTON D-15 26-inch 5 1/2ppi rip saw, good etch, nice handle, very good overall.
215 Unusual UPSON NUT CO. No. 36 1/2 1-foot, 2-fold caliper rule, inside edge chipped near indexing pin, good overall.
216 PHOENIX 22-inch 10ppi panel saw, faint etch, very good overall.
217 Nice J. RABONE & SONS BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND No. 1191 combination rule and level with protractor joint, one leg cracked near inside edge, good overall.
218 Disston NATIONAL HARDWARE SPECIAL 1840 - 1950 hand saw, Tenite handle cracked around top bolt, nice etch, very good overall.
219 Lot of four assorted wooden planes: D.R. BARTON toothing plane, fine but cutter is missing; smoother with screw operated blade adjustment, very good WARRANTED PETER CAMPAN LUCKHAUN, very good; and two smoothers one with side blown out; and another with steel plate on bottom, side blown out and rivet thru the toe.
220 Stanley BEDROCK 606C that has brazed repair on the left side at the throat, good single line BEDROCK lever cap, low knob chipped at base, tote painted black, will make a good user.
221 Three iron block planes: EDGEWOOD TOOL CO. #110-type block plane, blade has notches on the back but there is no adjuster; Stanley #9 1/2, complete and very good; and an early Stanley #103 Type I with lever adjuster, very good.
222 Pair of 18-inch iron jointer planes: Sargent #418C with some pitting on sides and bottom, good SARGENT lever cap, tall knob broken at base, toe spur MIA, will clean to good usable condition; and Stanley #6C with nice low knob, very good tote, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
223 Pair of Stanley low-angle iron block planes: #65, has improper bolt securing the lever cap, otherwise complete and very good; and a #60 1/2 that is complete and very good.
224 Pair of Stanley smooth planes: 9-inch Defiance by Stanley with screw adjuster, complete and very good; and a #4 that is also complete and very good.
225 Stanley #6 cast iron fore plane, a few spots of light surface rust on sides, will easily clean to fine overall condition.
226 Pair of Stanley smooth planes: H1204 Handyman 9-inch, that is complete and very good; and a Stanley #3 with tall knob, complete and very good.
227 Three iron block planes: Sargent #306 that will clean to very good; FULTON 6 1/2-inch, complete and very good; and a Stanley 103 with lever adjuster, very good overall.
228 Pair if Stanley smooth planes: #4 that is complete and very good; and a Stanley Handyman H1204 9-inch smoother that is complete and very good.
229 Long 2-row wooden box of 43 blades for a Stanley #45 or #55 combination plow plane, all in very good overall condition.
230 NORTON ABRASIVERS Pike Soft Arkansas Oil Stone in nice wooden box, very good overall.
231 EMERALD razor honing stone, very good; and an unknown make white stone in a plastic pouch that is marked HARD.
232 Rosewood and brass slitting gauge with boxwood locking screw, faint Sheffield makerÕs mark, fine.
233 Three sharpening stones: Harbor Freight No. 07345, fine; and two rounded stones one with wooden handle.
234 Unusual spoon bit marked on old ownerÕs tag BRIGHT SPOON BIT.
235 Three sharpening stones: the one on top is white colored stone and has a chip at one corner.
236 Pair of sharpening stones; one in wooden box.
237 MURRAY BLACK CO. 72-inch maple and brass wallpaper trimming rule, very good.
238 Unusual set of six wooden patternmakerÕs planes each with a different radius of the sole, all very good.
239 Stanley Excelsior tool handle in fine overall condition with 8 original bits inside handle; plus a small unmarked registering caliper that measures up to 2-inches.
240 Pair of coopers hoop drivers; one early made out of wood with an iron ring at the top and the other has a steel business end with a wooden top with iron ring.
241 Nice wooden coachmakerÕs T-rabbet plane made of oak, very good overall.
242 Stanley #30 angle divider, complete and very good.
243 Unusual wood & brass leveling device that goes from 0 to 7-inches, very good overall.
244 Stanley #98 right handled side rabbet plane, later model with depth stop, complete and fine.
245 Medium sized bung cutter/reamer with worm screw at end of blade, appears to have been hand forged.
246 Stanley #99 left handled side, early model with patent date in removable nose piece, complete and fine.
247 Lot: small bung cutter/reamer appears to be smith made; and a cranked planemakerÕs float, very good.
248 Unusual and scarce L.BAILEY BOSTON split-frame spokeshave with flat and concave bottom, missing the concave blade, the flat blade is marked with the makerÕs name and location, two of the three screws securing the blade clamp have had their heads broken off. This one can be restored to very good overall condition if you can remove the two broken screws.
249 Continental coach makerÕs 1/4-inch round with integral tail handle, very good overall.
250 Stanley GAGE G4C smooth plane with nice rosewood tote and tall knob, complete and very good overall.
251 Nice Millers Falls cigar spokeshave, nice cocobolo handles, orange paint still in throat, very good overall.
252 Unknown cast iron razor shave has PAT cast into underside of one handle, four screws from above secure the bottom, very good overall.
253 Pair of early Scandinavian tongue and groove planes, better suited for decorating than for using, first we have seen or sold.
254 Sandusky Tool Co. Ohio double ended cast iron block plane similar to Stanley #130, complete with marked blade, very good.
255 Stanley GAGE G4 cast iron smooth plane, has partial decal on fine tote, nice tall knob, GAGE SELF-SETTING PLANE iron, very good overall.
256 Wooden handled English saw wrest D. FLATHERS SONS SHEFFIELD, very good.
257 Small cast iron saw wrest; plus a marked gunsmithÕs screw plate, very good.
258 Nice English saw wrest with adjustable brass stop and wooden handle.
259 Unusually large panel gauge with 48-inch beam, very good overall.
260 KIRBY & DAVIDSON MAKERS wooden square with one 24-inch leg and one 12-inches, well worn, good overall.
261 Henry Disston & Sons 12-inch steel back saw, top handle spur has be re-shaped into a point, very good overall.
262 Lufkin No. 5139 wooden tailorÕs square with one 24-inch leg and one 14-inches, very good overall.
263 Henry Disston & Sons 8-inch steel-back saw, complete and very good.
264 Justus Roe & Sons, Inc. No. 1136 24-inch boxwood rule, like new condition.
265 Wood and brass draftsmanÕs triangle marked M. DAVIDSON, MAKER N.Y., a few spots of staining, very good overall.
266 Scarce 45-inch No. 2 log cane used to determine the board feet in a log, faint inked makers mark on one of the flats, very good overall.
267 Pair of 9-inch wooden trammel points on a 32-inch wooden beam, very well made.
268 Unusual 39 1/2-inch wooden scale with graduations marked out with inlaid brass dots, there is 1 3/16-inches between each full line, and there are two back-to-back half circles about 13 1/2 inches from one end, appears to be from the Middle East, very nice.
269 Unusual and possibly homemade wooden square with a wooden bracket mortised in between the two, one leg is 26-inches and one is 18-inches, well worn.
270 Scarce 39-inch log cane with brass tip and round brass top, numbers worn, very good overall.
271 Lot of six assorted padlocks: unknown make combination lock with pressed or stamped steel case, good; KEYSTONE with brass case and steel shackle, very good; YALE brass case with steel shackle, has key but doesnÕt open; BRONCHO with keystone logo cast iron case with steel shackle; YALE with brass body and shackle, very good; and an all-brass mini lock.
272 Lot: Three small saw wrests two with wood handles and one all-steel with screwdriver at end of handle; plus a wooden hoop driver, very good.
273 Lot of nine assorted padlocks including three YALE with working keys; DUDLEY combination lock; JB McK KENT OHIO; CORBIN; MASTER; SLAYMAKER; and brass SIX LEVER railroad lock with white paint covering 2/3 of it.
274 Three English-style saw wrests, one with moderate to heavy pitting.
275 Ten assorted gimlet and other bits, nine have wooden T handles, one goes in a brace.
276 Lot of shaving equipment: early SCHICK electric razor with original cord, insulation is cracking and falling off the cord, all inside a pouch with snap closures; Coates Bobbette hand clipper in original albeit tattered box with instructions; KLIPETTE nose hair trimmer IOB; and two combs.
277 Small inside/outside calipers with makerÕs mark; and a STILLMANÕS PATENT saw set, very good.
278 Unknown wooden tool with smith made rams horn nut, has two blades each riveted to the end of a piece of wood, by loosening the nut, they can be moved closer to one another or further apart.
279 P. LOWENTRAUT MFG. NEWARK N.J. miniature pair of calipers; plus a tiny steel square that is 3-inches on one leg and 2-inches on the other, very good.
280 Scarce No. 37 L.L. DAVIS 3 1/2-inch iron machinist level that can be attached to a steel square, has nice acorn finials, one of the screws holding the brass top plate on is missing, very good overall.
281 Massive 14-inch L&IJ WHITE coopers or carriage makerÕs drawknife, complete and fine.
282 Lot of three all steel gouges. (180, 181, 182)
283 Reaping hook with wooden handle, has some light rust, will clean to fine.
284 Nice blacksmith-made barking spud, very good.
285 Large and very nice L.H. WATTS NEW YORK EXTRA CAST-STEEL WARRANTED broad axe, may be a mast makerÕs axe, but it is thinner than other mast axes we have seen and lighter too.
286 Nice two-handled coach makerÕs router with 1 7/8-inch blade, fine.
287 Lot of three iron block planes: Millers Falls No 16 (similar to Stanley #9 1/2), complete and very good; AMERICAN BOY (out of a childÕs tool chest), some rust, good overall; and a Stanley #102 that is complete and very good.
288 Stanley Rule & Level Co. No. 82 brass-bound 4-fold rule with arched joint, some staining, good overall.
289 Scarce BIDDLE Co. PHIL,A 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule with brass hinges and tips, has what are likely log tables on the inside, very good.
290 Fine Paul Hamler miniature Stanley Millers Patent No. 44 gunmetal plow plane, the most accurate and detailed working model of this plane you will ever see. Highly recommended.
291 LUFKIN #781 (similar to Stanley #62) brass-bound 2-foot 4-fold rule, some oxidation on brass binding and joint, will clean to good overall.
292 Pair of D.R. BARTON 8/8-inch tongue and groove planes, both complete and fine.
293 Unusual and scarce G.I.C. Co. Spingfield, O (Ohio) core box plane, these are identical to the ones marked WM.BAYLEY, G.I.C. was the Gray Iron Casting Company which Roger Smith determined was a company within a company, this plane is complete and very good.
294 Nice hammer-type saw set mounted to a block of wood, very good overall.
295 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 012 iron cabinet scraper (similar to Stanley #12), has a hang hole in end of handle, and blade is not marked, very good overall.
296 Pair of handled WAY & SHERMAN PHILAD 8/8-inch tongue & groove planes, both very good.
297 Unusual wooden cooperÕs cleave for cleaving the ends of wooden barrel hoops.
298 Ohio Tool Co. #114 panel raising plane, marked 3 on heel, complete with nicker and depth stop, fine overall.
299 Pair of 12-inch Bemis & Call dividers, very good.
300 Ohio Tool Co. No. 40 handled bead plane thatÕs been cut down from another profile, very good.
301 RARE Taber Plane Co. New Bedford, MASS PAT. FEB. 26, 1865 smooth plane with BALDWIN TOOL CO. MADE FROM BUTCHERS CAST STEE WARRANTED blade, fine overall.
302 Ohio Tool Co. #84 & #85 screw arm plank planes, each is complete and very good.
303 RARE Stanley #21 transitional smooth plane with L.BAILEYÕS PATENT DEC. 21, 1867 blade, solid nut marked BAILEYÕS PATENT AUG. 31, 1858 & AUG 6, 1867, complete and very good.
304 SCIOTO WORKS No. 50 cornice or crown molding plane, marked 3 1/2 and 783 on heel, has a few small holes in sole where fence was once added, iron has moderate to severe pitting, body is very good.
305 Lot of three iron bolt headers, all very good.
306 Homemade 8 1/2-inch rabbet plane with nicker, very good.
307 Unusual glass cutters for cutting hot glass.
308 Three wooden planes: E.F. SEYBOLD CINCINNATI screw arm sash plane, faint mark, good overall; Sandusky Tool Co. No. 66 7/8-inch groove plane with cracked wedge; and #66 7/8-inch tongue cutter, very good.
309 Pair of early wooden kitchen utensils? Both are very good and the squared off one has some line decorations.
310 Sandusky Tool Co. No. 156 sash plane with nicely executed owner-added fence, very good.
311 Hair straightening tongs marked DIXIE.
312 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 32 1/2, 1 1/4-inch, complete and very good.
313 RARE curved rabbet plane marked E PECK, very good overall.
314 Pair of wooden molding planes: 3/8-inch Scotia or quarter round, marked on toe both BRISCOE & B.HUBBEL, very good; and RICHMOND 1/2-inch round dated 1884 on toe, very good.
315 Scarce brass horse hair singeing iron.
316 W.P. REESE bead with chamfer, nice flat chamfers on top of stock, very good.
317 Three Disston hand saws: 28-inch rip saw with thumb-hole handle, no etch visible on blade, some mild pitting on back side; Disston & Sons 22-inch 10ppi panel saw with faint etch on blade, round domed nuts, few typical kinks, very good overall; and 26-inch 7ppi blade, very faint etch, two or three kinks in blade, good overall.
318 Disston No. 7 28-inch rip saw with split nuts securing handle, bottom spur broken off, top spur has been reshaped, early sunken DISSTON & SONS medallion, good overall.
319 Small 4 1/2-inch rosewood or lignum smooth plane with A. ROBERTS name stamped fore and aft, fine overall.
320 Two Lufkin No. 1206 aluminum zig zag rules in original pasteboard box, rules are new, box has some soiling.
321 Unusual THE STANLEY WORKS NEW BRITAIN, CONN Chicago - New York 6-inch rule with WROUGHT STEEL HARDWARE ŌBALL BEARING BUTTS FOR PERFORMANCE.Ķ in leather pouch, fine overall.
322 Small sewing tape in case marked HOOVER, and shaped like vacuum cleaner
323 Fine LUFKIN No. 863L boxwood rule and level with protractor joint, fine overall.
324 Small Stanley No. 7366 tape measure with BUNDLES FOR BRITAIN on one side along with U.S. and British flags, very good.
325 J. RABONE & SONS BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND NO. 185 4-foot 4-fold boxwood rule with arched joint, has chip from one leg where indexing pin once was, good overall.
326 Singer Sewing tape ŌOver a Century of Sewing Service 1851Ķ very good overall.
327 Stanley #16 2-foot 2-fold rule with arched joint, brass slide, a few spots of staining, very good overall.
328 Lufkin WIZARD 6-foot No. 1686 tape measure, good overall.
329 Stanley #26 2-foot 2-fold boxwood rule with brass slide, moderate wear, good overall.
330 Two little pig sewing tapes: one wearing hat is marked THIS LITTLE PIGGIE COMES FROM SIDNEY OHIO, with cloth tape, very good; and the other unmarked with an unmarked cloth tape, fine.
331 J. RABONE & SONS BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND 36-inch 4-fold rule with brass slide, very good overall.
332 A BUCHÕS SONS CO. ELIZABETHTOWN PA. advertising sewing tape measure with that firmÕs STEEL LAND ROLLER on one side and ALL STEEL TWO AND FOUR PASSENGER EAGLE LAWN SWINGS & RECLINING CHAIRS on the other, very good.
333 Unusual E.M. CHAPIN NO. 84 1/2 2-foot 4-fold brass-bound rule with arched joint, inside indexing holes are wallowed out, one ding in brass binding, former owners name stamped into inside face in two places.
334 Pair of small tape measures: HOWARD SOBER INC. Lansing Michigan WE HAVE DELIVERED MOTOR VEHICLES FOR 43 YEARS, An Old Company That Measures Up To Modern Standards. Specify SOBER Service, with steel tape, very good; and a Steel-cased cloth sewing tape, case marked UNIVERSAL 60 IN. MADE IN USA.
335 Nice 15-inch advertising rule from the MALLEABLE STEEL RANGE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, South Bend, Ind. has several of their ranges featured on the back, some minor staining, very good.
336 Two sewing tape measures: on the left is a SOUVENIR OF NIAGRA FALLS with worn cloth tape, good overall; and a SEIBERLING TIRES, McKINLEY KIRK SERVICE STATION, WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, OHIO, Phone 5991, very good.
337 Two wooden rules: 12-inch STANDARD with crown logo, has note on back saying, ŌTHIS RULE CAME FROM A SCHOOL HOUSE IN CRIPPLE CREEK COLO., fine; and one just over 14 inches marked JERUSALEM on one side and having crosses carved into other side, very good.
338 Pair of square sewing tape measures: the one on the left has a Roman? woman in silhouette, with worn cloth tape, good; and another that has GEORGE WASHINGTON some rust and discoloration around portrait.
339 RABONE CHESTERMAN 1303 4-fold dual graduated inch-metric plastic rule new in original packaging.
340 Hat-shaped sewing tape that says MOST HATS COVER THE HEAD, THIS COVERS THE FEET, fine overall.
341 BELCHER BROS & CO. NEW YORK wooden shoe/foot measuring stick, very good.
342 Cloth sewing tape ŌCOMPLIMENTS OF ALLINGER MILLING CO. Makers of Golden Rule Flour Quincy, O., and has photo of the mill building on the reverse, very good.
343 Small unmarked boxwood and brass shoe or foot-measuring stick, very good.
344 Lot of 10 advertising yard sticks that were gathered in the Springfield, Ohio area.
345 Pair of tape measures: Stanley LEVERLOCK pocket tape rule, in original packaging, new; and a LUFKIN advertising rule in original box, Good Steel Service steel for tooling, Phone 233-9155, new.
346 E. Rogers Patent ice pick, complete and very good.
347 Two Lufkin tape measures: No. 686 WIZARD, very good; and a 50-foot in very good overall condition.
348 Box or crating tool, WEBER SUPPLY CO. MOMENCE, ILL, very good.
349 Rosewood torpedo plumb & level with brass top plate and brass feet at the ends, very good overall.
350 Lot of eleven Sandusky wooden molding planes: three dados; two 1-inch that are complete and very good and one 1/4-inch that is missing the wedge for the nicker; plus eight No. 146, 150, and 151 rabbets, at least three of the same ownerÕs name stamped on the toe.
351 Three Continental wooden planes: 9 3/4-inch horn planes, some cracks on bottom, good overall; 10 1/2-inch quarter round or scotia, very good; and a 10-inch side bead, very good.
352 Lot of nine Sandusky hollow and round molding planes including pairs of #11; #7 and singles #7 round; #6 round #9; #5 round with two holes in stock, otherwise very good.
353 Unusual Continental screw arm panel raising plane, numerous thread chips, intact nicker, has makerÕs? mark stenciled in ink on top of stock, very good overall.
354 Lot of eight (8) Ohio Tool wooden molding planes: 1 1/4-inch skewed rabbet; pair #4 hollow and round; #3 round; #8 round; #5 round; Griffiths Norwich #10 round; and COX #8 round, all in very good usable condition.
355 Pair of horn planes: the one on left is 10 1/2-inches and is very good overall; and the one on right is 9 3/4-inches and is set up for use as a scrub.
356 Pair of K&E (Keuffel & Esser) tape measures: Wyteface 90, new in original packaging; and No. 7407 10-foot LST Level Square Tape, very good.
357 Lot: four awls; and a fishtail gouge, very good.
358 Pair: small steel square with 3 1/2-inch blade and what looks like a chain link forge welded to a wood screw.
359 Two tape measures in original packaging: French Double Metre Supermatic No. 118 inside measures and radius, new; and a Stanley 30-176 200th Anniversary Special Edition 3-ft. Key Ring Tape Rule.
360 Stanley 1-inch EVERLAST chisel, needs a cleanup grind and hone, can be restored to very good.
361 Lot of three tape measures: Fenselite MADE IN AUSTRALIA in plastic box; Accent Draperies 614-488-0741; and MASTER RULE MFG CO. advertising THE BUCKEYE PRINTING CO. COLS. (Columbus) O., new in part of original box.
362 MASTER TUFBOY tape measure, good overall; and a WALSCO H2 retractable chain that can be worn on belt and attached to key ring or wallet, very good.
363 Lot of 9 assorted advertising yard sticks all collected from the Springfield Ohio area.
364 Ash tray souvenir from the 1982 Mid-West Tool Collectors Association meeting, made by the Royal Haeger Co. McComb, ILL, fine.
365 Large wooden concave scraper, very good overall.
366 Lot of 11 assorted souvenirs from MWTCA Annual Meetings including a small square charm on back of card from 1987 Spring Meeting in Springfield, Ohio; OCT. 1984 wrecking bar; Memphis 1980 Stanley tape measure; 1987 Springfield magnifying lens; 1989 Wheeling tape measure; 1997 Peoria hammer head; Oct. Õ86 Louisville bookmark; 1997 KNOXVILLE pinback; FRANKFORT, KY, page marker; keychain that says Mid-West Tool CollectorÕs Association Regional Affiliate of Early American Industries Association keychain; and pinback button that says MIDWEST TOOL COLLECTORS and depicts someone using a hand adz.
367 L.S. Starrett 12-inch precision millwrightsÕ level with rotating vial cover, shaft groove on bottom, complete and fine in finger jointer wooden box with sliding lid.
368 Two outside calipers by L.S.S. CO. and Craftsman; and two dividers including a 12-inch Wm. Johnson and an unknown make 6 1/2-inch.
369 Pair of Starrett? trammel points, both very good.
370 Large unmarked outside caliper, very good. (the outermost in the stack of five)
371 Unusual surface gauge with hexagon base, has micro adjust, very good overall.
372 L.S. STARRETT outside caliper, opens to about 17 inches, locking screw works just fine, very good overall. (second from outside in pile of five)
373 LUFKIN RULE CO. 6-inch adjustable machinist square, level vial is intact, scribe is MIA; plus a L.S. CO. 4-inch adjustable machinist square with center head, fine.
374 Box of 20 assorted pinch dogs, all very good.
375 Three outside calipers: largest pair a likely shop project, very good; middle pair is L.S. STARRETT 1895 patent with locking screw and micro adjust; and a small L.S. STARRETT. (three innermost in pile of five)
376 Pair of squares: Starrett 4-inch adjustable toolmaker or machinist square with 4-inch scale, very good; and a 6-inch try square with cast iron handle, good.
377 Lot of nine calipers and dividers: three pair of spring calipers; five pair of spring dividers; and a 4-inch inside outside Starrett caliper marked Baader. All but one are marked STARRETT.
378 Lufkin 12-inch adjustable machinist square with No. 4 grad. scale, and spare blade with no graduations, square handle has broken level vial and missing scribe.
379 Lot: Starrett No. 237 clamp that turns a small scale into a depth gauge; Lufkin Rule No. 18A rule clamp that turns to scales into a square; Lufkin No. 8 rule clamp that joins to scales end to end to make a longer scale; tiny 3-inch Starrett outside caliper; and an unmarked parallel clamp.
380 Lot of six calipers and dividers: Dividers marked GERMANY; Lowentraut 8-inch dividers; unmarked 6-inch inside outside caliper; Lufkin 6-inch hermaphrodite; 8-inch Starrett inside outside caliper; and a tiny L.S. Starrett 1895 patent divider likely cut down from a larger pair.
381 Lot of four block planes: Handyman 1247; DUNLAP with chipped plastic adjust nut; SEARS 107-37031; and a nice Stanley #118, very good.
382 Five iron block planes: Stanley #60 low angle; DUNLAP IMPROVED; Handyman; etc.
383 Three iron block planes: Stanley #9 1/2 with SW blade, very good; early Stanley 9 1/2 Excelsior-style, well-worn iron, very good overall; and a Sargent 7-inch with knuckle jointed lever cap, complete and very good.
384 Lot of six iron block planes: Stanley #9 1/2; Keen Kutter K110; Japanese? No. 110; Stanley #220; Mohawk 110-style; and Keen Kutter KK110.
385 Five iron block planes: Unknown 110-style; CRUSADER; fine Stanley #110 with original decal; MODERN #9 1/2-type, with Stanley SW blade; and a PARPLUS.
386 Stanley #6 iron fore plane, nice rosewood tall knob, scuffed but intact tote, very good BB-logo blade, some light rust, will clean to fine.
387 Lot of six block planes: Stanley #110, very good; Craftsman 3704 (Stanley 9 1/2), very good; Stanley 118, fine; Stanley #110 with improper lever cap; unknown make #110-style; and Mohawk #110-style.
404 Nicely made wheelwrights traveler with decorated wheel, very good overall.
405 Blacksmith made wheelwright’s traveler with 4-spoked wheel, very good overall.
406 Small all-wood wheelwright’s traveler, hang hole in end of handle, very good.
407 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 542 handled screw-arm plow plane, one of the big nuts is cracked, otherwise, very good overall.
408 Lot of three saws: homemade and heavy duty flooring saw, nice handle, very good overall; 28-inch H.DISSTON & SONS 4 1/2ppi rip saw, early handle has a few chips from spurs, and blade has hole 7 1/2-inches from end and a crack extending downward from hole; and a 26-inch D-23 9ppi with decent etch, few kinks, will clean to very good.
409 Phoenix Tool Co. No. 148 handled screw-arm plow plane, both arm brackets are cracked, good overall.
410 Nice wheelwright’s traveler with pointer that uses an early wooden screwdriver handle, nicely executed.
411 Scarce W.H. FAHNESTOCK PITTSBURGH handled screw-arm plow plane, few thread chips, very good overall.
412 Lot of three hand saws: Disston D-12 Lightweight 26-inch 10ppi, will clean to very good; 22-inch Disston 12ppi panel saw, bottom of handle has glued repair, faint etch, good overall; and a well-worn Disston 20-inch 9ppi, faint etch, good overall.
413 Pair of wooden plow planes: unhandled screw-arm plow with modified fence; and an E. CALDWELL BALÕT unhandled screw-arm plow with extra-long arms, makerÕs mark a bit faint, very good overall.
414 Pair of saws: BROWNÕS (DISSTON) #3 17-inch with open handle, PATENT GROUND, very good; and a DISSTON 12-inch tool-box type saw with faint etch, very good.
415 Four Tool Auction Catalogs: 25 July 1997 TONY MURLAND INTERNATIONAL TOOL AUCTION, very good; The Antique Catalog of Tools 1998 Edition by Martin J. Donnelly, very good; Spring Preview 1994 by Martin J. Donnelly; and 1995 Spring Preview by Martin J. Donnelly.
416 Four collector books: A Price Guide to Antique Tools by Herbert P. Kean & Emil S. Pollak; The Padlock Collector Prices 100 Years of Padlocks 4th Edition 1982; Jon ZimmerÕs Catalog No. 2; J.M. Waterston Tools and Factory Supplies Catalogue No. 25 reprinted by MWTCA in 1996.
417 Pair of tool catalog reprints: Millers Falls/Goodell Pratt Catalogue 42 reprinted by MWTCA in 1999, very good; and New Britain: The Hardware Center reprinted by MWTCA in 1994, has a few stains on cover.
418 Two Tool Collector Guides: The Antique Tool CollectorÕs Guide to Value by Ronald S. Barlow, some scuffing to bottom of front cover, otherwise very good; and Collecting Antique Tools by Herbert P. Kean & Emil S. Pollak, very good.
419 Lot of three fixer hand saws.
420 CarpenterÕs long handled adz, has light to moderate rust, will clean to good usable condition. 421. Henry Disston D8 26-inch 6ppi rip saw, nice etch, very good overall.
421 Henry Disston D8 26-inch 6ppi rip saw, nice etch, very good overall.
422 Lot of three saws: Large H. Disston & Sons meat saw with 21-inch blade, will clean to very good; Henry Disston & Sons 15 hack or meat saw, cracked handle, good overall; and an unmarked keyhole saw, very good.
423 Pair of tool catalogs: Henry Disston 1914 catalog reprinted in 1996 by Roger K. Smith and inscribed by Smith to Bill Baader in 1977, very good; New Britain: The Hardware Center reprinted in 1994 by MWTCA has two small tears on top of cover.
424 The American CabinetmakerÕs Plow Plane ItÕs Design and Improvement 1700 - 1900 by John A. Moody, fine.
425 Two craft-related books: Veneering Simplified by Harry Jason Hobbs, with intact dust jacket, very good; and The Woodworker Series STAINING AND POLISHING, has two holes on one of the inside pages where someone removed a tag.
426 The Art of Fine Tools book by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, complete with dust jacket, fine.
427 Three tool-related publications: The Swisegood School of Cabinetmaking book by the Museum of Early Decorative Arts, copyright 1972 by Old Salem, Inc., very good; The Cooper & His Work, Dedicated to John Alden, Cooper, Massachusetts 1620 & John Lewes, Cooper, Virginia 1608, very good; The Crafts of Williamsburg, text by James S. Wamsley, and autographed by all those master craftsmen and women who were at Williamsburg when this book was sold.
428 Dictionary of Tools Used in the Woodworking and allied Trades 1700 - 1970, by R.A. Salaman, a few chips from dust jacket, otherwise very good.
429 Directory of American Tool Makers by EAIA in 1999, a few creases in paper cover, very good overall.
430 Two tool books: Country Cabinetwork and Simple City Furniture by John D. Morse Published for The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum in 1969, very good; and a folder of pages from the 1981 PTAMPIA VOL 1 book by Roger K. Smith.
431 Fine Woodworking on Spindle Turning 90-page paper covered book, very good.
432 BELKNAP HARDWARE & MANUFACTURING CO. Catalog No. 87 published in 1934, hard covers soiled and small tears on spine, inside very good.
433 PHILLIP GROSS HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. MILWAUKEE Catalog No. 119 circa 1903, covers soiled and stained and beginning to separate from spine, inside pages very good.
434 Lot: CobblerÕs hammer; Heller Bros. farrierÕs hammer with chipped head; and a button-hole cutter.
435 Lot of five leather tools used in bookbinding, all very good.
436 Lot of 21 assorted shoemaker and harness maker tools including a nice double crab laster.
437 All-wood leather slitter, first wooden version weÕve seen, very good.
438 Lot of 27 assorted shoemaker and other leather working tools including a nice long-handled peg shave.
439 Lufkin No. 873L combination rule and level with protractor joint, complete and very good. (second in group of three in lower left of photo)
440 Wooden 26 1/2-inch jointer plane with W. BUTCHER blade, will make a good user.
441 I & D SMALLWOOD No. 405 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule with arched joint, very good overall.
442 Sewing tape THOMPSON-BAUER-AUSTIN HARDWARE CO. TOPEKA, KANSAS with mirror on the reverse, very good overall.
443 Stanley #72 1/2 brass-bound 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule, the indexing holes on the inside are wallowed out a little, very good overall.
444 Cloth sewing tape Mark TwainÕs Home, Hannibal, Mo., very good.
445 Stanley #78 1/2 brass-bound 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule with double arched joints, complete and very good.
446 Frigidaire advertising sewing tape, ŌKeeps Food Colder Better Longer, The Electric Refrigerator Made only by FRIGIDAIRE CORPORATION, Dayton, Ohio, and the reverse shows a man with small refrigerator on his shoulder and says ŌThis modern ÔIce ManÕ Calls Once with Frigidaire And The Ice Stays AlwaysĶ very good.
447 L.C. STEPHENS & CO. brass-bound 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule with arched joint, fine overall.
448 Pair of sewing tapes: one has to be reeled into the case by a small folding crank, very good; the other is an AVON product and is in its original pasteboard box, very good
449 Unusual BIDDLE & CO. PHIL,A brass bound 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule, some staining on outside and inside indexing holes wallowed out, good.
450 Pair of small sewing tapes: one marked GERMANY on the case has an Owl with yellow eyes on one side and the retraction button on the other side, the end of the tape is missing, so the tape can not be pulled out without some effort; and a KUNKELÕS POCKET METRONOME cloth tape, PAT. JULY 13, 1869, fine.
451 Standard Rule Co. No. 84 brass-bound 2-foot 4-fold boxwood rule, fine overall.
452 Three small tape measures: two cloth tapes; and a LUFKIN 36-inch with advertising of BUFFALO ENVELOPE COMPANY BUFFALO, N.Y., all very good.
453 Unknown make 144-inch wooden zig zag rule, very good overall, has owner tag on it saying BADEN SCHWEIZ.
454 Stanley #66 36-inch 4-fold boxwood rule with later arched joint, a few spots of staining, and first two inches of one leg have big splinter from edge, good overall.
455 Unusual 12-inch 4-fold ivory rule, no makers mark, very good overall.
456 STANLEY No. 036 combination rule, level and bevel, some staining on outside near the number, very good overall.
457 Lufkin No. 372 (Stanley 36 1/2) 1-foot 2-fold caliper rule, moderate wear, very good overall.
458 FINE J. RABONE & SONS 12-inch 4-fold ivory rule, intact alignment pins, brass hinges and tips.
459 Wooden Sheffield-style wooden brace with push-button chuck, very good overall.
460 Large Continental ball brace with screw chuck, very good.
461 Scotch-type brace with brass head, spring chuck, some mild to moderate pitting, good.
462 Small F.W. HENS gentÕs or penny brace, very good overall.
463 Blacksmith made iron brace with wooden head, missing the screw that would securing the oblong tanged bit, good overall.
464 Large iron framed brace with thumb screw to secure bit and nice wooden pad, very good overall.
465 Blacksmith made iron brace with screw that secures the bit, very good.
466 Short throw wooden brace that has a U-shaped piece of steel around the chuck for better and stronger wear, numerous bug holes, very good.
467 John S. Fray & Co. Whimble brace with cocobolo handles, nickel plating 70 percent, very good overall.
468 Spofford Patent No. 114 brace, 14-inch throw, cocobolo handles pewter rings, very good overall.
469 Large wooden brace with brass strap repair to top of frame, has second leather-covered pad attached to top of original, good overall.
470 Fray Spofford Patent brace with 12-inch throw, cocobolo handles, pewter rings, good overall.
471 Lot of 10 assorted machinist tools: Several pair of Starrett and Brown & Sharpe spring calipers and dividers; a Starrett drill and wire gauge, etc.
472 Nice 3 1/2-inch slick with nice owner-made handle, faint makerÕs mark, very good overall.
473 Mystery 30-inch wooden item that may have been used to turn something, hang holes in each end. This belongs to Chuck Garrett and may have come from the wagon shop in Femme Osage, Mo. as Chuck bought many things when that place was auctioned off.
500 Scarce OHIO TOOL CO. No. 0122 transitional plane similar to a Stanley Liberty Bell plane, complete and fine.
501 Greenfield Tool Co. unhandled Yankee-style plow plane, both arm bracket have glued repairs, good overall.
502 A. HOWLAND & CO. N.Y. Handled screw-arm plow with white tips at end of arms, one blade included, very good overall.
503 Unhandled Sandusky Tool Co. No. 117 screw-arm plow plane, one blade included, very good overall.
504 SIMS LONDON wedge-arm unhandled plow plane, screw-operated depth stop, brass tipped arms, both wedges look like oak replacements, very good overall.
505 OHIO TOOL CO. complex profile wooden molding plane, marked 1 1/4 and 5/8 on heel, very good overall.
506 Pair of OHIO TOOL CO. No. 75 3/4-inch tongue & groove planes, both complete and fine.
507 Pair of wooden molding planes: J. WALKER CINT OHIO scotia or quarter round, very good; and an Ohio Tool Co. No. 47 3/4-inch, complete and fine.
508 Pair of CREAGH CINT OHIO molding planes: 1/2-inch complex profile, very good; and a 3/4-inch side bead, very good.
509 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 75 1/2-inch match plane, very good; and a #62 1/4, very good.
510 B.BOWN & INO BATES 1/2-inch round, very good.
511 Unusual J. BRACELIN DAYTON (Ohio) complex molding plane marked P.H. & CO. on heel as well as 5/8 and 1 1/4, very good overall.
512 Pair of CookÕs Patent plumb & levels by the Davis & Cook Co. Each has three vials, and all vials are intact, both can be restored to very good overall condition.
513 Two wooden trays out of a large carpenter or cabinetmakerÕs wooden tool chest.
514 Stratton Brothers 30-inch No. 1 brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, complete and very good overall.
515 Stanley 28-inch No. 30 double plumb & level, with big brass vial covers, complete and very good overall.
516 Unusual Polynesian or Japanese wooden bow drill with bow, complete and fine.
517 Unusual folding wooden square with brass tips and brass joint, graduated in inches, very good overall.
518 Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett O.V.B. (Our Very Best) hand saw, very good overall.
519 Disston 26-inch D8? hand saw, very good.
550 French? cornice or crown molding plane, 16 1/4-inches long by 3 3/4-inches wide, nice Peugeot Freres blade plus another blade.
551 J. RABONE & SONS BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND No. 1190 boxwood and brass combination rule and level with protractor joint, complete and fine.
552 Lot of 12 assorted souvenirs from MWTCA Annual Meetings and other tool events including a small square charm on back of card from 1987 Spring Meeting in Springfield, Ohio; OCT. 1984 wrecking bar; Memphis 1980 Stanley tape measure; 1987 Springfield magnifying lens; THANKS FOR HELPING WITH THE MID-WEST TOOL COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION MEETING Charleston, W.VA 1994 key ring; AUCTIONEER BARRY HURCHALLA key ring with screwdriver; 1997 Peoria hammer head; 1997 KNOXVILLE pinback; FRANKFORT, KY, page marker; keychain that says Mid-West Tool CollectorÕs Association Regional Affiliate of Early American Industries Association keychain; pinback button that says MIDWEST TOOL COLLECTORS and depicts someone using a hand adz; and a key ring from MWTCA STEPHENS POINT WI '95.
553 Stanley #36 1/2R 1-foot 2-fold boxwood caliper rule, complete and fine.
554 Monster wooden spokeshave with slightly radiused bottom, very good.
555 Keuffel & Esser K&E No. 7965 GOLD TIP HEAVY DUTY 72-inch zig zag rule, near new.
556 Brass router likely made in a pattern shop, very good overall.
557 English 12-inch two fold boxwood rule and level with protractor joint and folding sights, one leg is cracked below the level vial, comes in a leather case.
558 Razee-style wooden jack plane, good overall.
559 Lot of seven assorted wooden yard sticks from various Springfield, Ohio businesses including JOHN IHRIG & SONS Coal, Feed, Hardware; and THE SPRINGFIELD HARDWARE CO. BuildersÕ Hardware, Fine Cutlery, Mill Supplies.
560 Lufkin 12-inch No. 6 Combination Set with reversible head, in original pasteboard box, a fine tool in a good box.
561 Fine polished drafting compass in purple velvet-lined box.
562 Lufkin 12-inch No. 535 Combination Set IOB, complete in original pasteboard box, fine tool in very good box.
563 Wooden box full of twist drill bits.
564 L.S. STARRETT No. 230 0 to 1-inch micrometer with ratcheting stop and working lock and original wrench, inside the original wooden box with sliding lid, fine.
565 Two small patternmakerÕs shaves; one has flat bottom and one is radiused both nickel plated and very good.
566 Lot of assorted blades for wooden planes.
567 Three marking gauges including a fine unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauge.
568 Lot of 11 assorted plow plane blades, most in usable condition.
569 DURATOOL DC150 digital caliper, very good overall.
570 Mortising chisel 1/4-inch; and a BUCK BROS 3/8-inch gouge
571 Unusual brass square with beveled inside edge.
572 Pair of drafting tools: a plastic square; and a small DIETZGEN slide rule marked on case E.A. Olson.
573 Lot: three marking gauges and an unusual wooden layout square.
574 Lot: two small oil cans; wooden chisel handle; and a CHESTERMAN SHEFFIELD 50-foot cloth tape measure in leather case, very good.
575 Three sharpening stones: NORTON India Oil Stone, very good overall in original pasteboard box; military? aluminum sharpening stone #5345-161-9595 in original box; and a CARBORUNDUM 196 IOB.
576 Plastic box containing tools and parts including pair of No. 470 stair buttons; pencil clamp for dividers; two brass rub blocks for Stanley marking gauges, etc.
577 Lot: three bench plane blades; a blade for an iron rabbet plane; scarce rule clamp for miter vise; and two small levels that can be attached to a square, one has brass top.
578 Lot: BUCK BROS. 1/4-inch gouge; scribe; paint scraper; three block plane blades; a nail set; and a J.J. ROGERS LINCOLN NEBRASKA patent (U.S. #743,335) punch and lacing awl made on a patent issued Nov. 3, 1903 to James J. Rogers of Lincoln, Nebraska, complete and very good.
579 Lot of six assorted rasps: FAIRMOUNT No. 1155 with curved rasp; FAIRMOUNT CLEVELAND frame with long rasp blade; etc.
580 Eleven assorted files and rasps: large Keen Kutter mill bastard; Black Diamond with Lutz file handle; unknown with Lutz file handle; two small files with cast iron handles; large SIMONDS MILL BAST; unknown make rasp painted silver; another rasp painted silver; 10-inch cabinet bastard IOB; and two rasps in wooden stocks.
581 Two Stanley SURFORM rasps, both very good.
582 Lot of 18 assorted files and rasps including several Keen Kutter.
583 Lot of 11 assorted files and rasps plus two handles including a near-new BLUE GRASS file handle.
584 Wooden tool tote with poll-type handle, good overall.
586 Brown & Sharpe No. 38, 1 to 2-inch micrometer in original wooden box with sliding lid, has wrench and round standard with it, box is cracked on one side, mic is fine.
587 Small brass patternmakerÕs shave with radiused bottom, captive lever cap, very good overall.
588 Small Stanley #271 router plane, MADE IN USA, nice nickel plating, no blade.
589 Pair of small wooden spokeshaves, both likely English, the one on bottom has had one handle broken off and glued back on.
590 Unusual Sargent No. 73 mini router plane, complete and very good.
591 Nicely made wooden box for four 12-inch steel scales, currently houses just one 12-inch Starrett, there is leather near the openings and at the bottom that keeps scales from crashing into the wooden bottom.
592 Small claw hammer with J.W. BAADER name on side of head and original PERFECT paper label on handle, very good; and a WJ (William Johnson) wooden spokeshave with hang hole on end of of handle, very good.
593 Brown & Sharpe Catalog No. 32 from the W.H. Kiefaber Co. Dayton, OH, moderate wear, very good overall; and a LUFKIN Catalog No. 7, some cover soiling, inside very good.
594 Lot: nickel plated registering caliper; HANSON 0 to 1-inch mic; LUFKIN No. 509 simple depth gauge; and a small all-steel sliding bevel.
595 Two machinist tool catalogs: Starrett No. 26 Catalog from the HUGEL & HEISERMAN HARDWARE SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, light cover wear; and a BROWN & SHARPE Machinery and Tools Catalog No. 139, some cover wear, very good overall.
596 Lot of scales: 6-inch Starrett No. 303 with No. 4 graduations; OHIO ART CO. 6-inch; CLE FORGE MULTI POINT GAUGE (drill) from the Cleveland Twist Drill Co; Craftsman 40642 thread pitch gauge; Lufkin #2204R 4-inch; 6-inch marked GERMANY; GENERAL 6-inch with pocket clip; a L.S.S. CO. No. 10 6-inch, very good overall; and a 1-inch section cut from a larger scale. Nine in all.
597 The Elements of Mechanical Engineering Tables and Formulas Volume 5 book by THE COLLIERY ENGINEER, CO, 1897, Prepared For Students of The International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, PA., spine cracked and covers worn, very good inside.