MVWC 2011 Fall Meeting & Wrench Auction

Sept. 23-24, 2011

Holmes Welding & Fabrication

218 6th Street

Hudson, Iowa   50643

The Friday auction will begin at 12 Noon. It will consist of 350 to 400 lots beginning with with the choice box lots.
The Saturday auction of an additional 400 lots will begin at 9 AM

(Preview Friday from 10:30 AM, and on Saturday from 7:30 AM.)

This list is finished. There are still some OPEN lots. If those get filled, we will print addendum sheets.

001. Unknown make cylinder tooth wrench 19 inches long, marked only with #805, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

002. Birdsell Mfg. Co. South Bend, Ind. No. 643 cylinder tooth wrench 21 inches long overall, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Avery Co. Peoria #177 cylinder tooth wrench, 21 inches long overall, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

004. GEISER MFG' CO. WAYNESBORO PA #597, double open ended steam engine wrench, 15.5 inches long overall, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. New Idea Co. Coldwater, OH, spanner type wrench #H309526, 16 inches long overall, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

006. New Casaday Octagon Wrench 16.5 inches long overall, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. STERLING MFG. CO. STERLING ILL 12-inch #D127 in flat black paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

008. ATHENS PLOW CO. ATHENS TENNESSEE #T100, 18 inches long overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

009. CASE #1822C 20-inch double open end wrench, has case eagle marking, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

010. CASE J.I.C.P. WKS. #359 double open end wrench, 8 inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

011. AMERICAN SEEDING MACHINE #B573, multi wrench, malleable iron, 8.5 inches long, very good overall. (Photo)

012. WOOD 10-inch double open end wrench with multi size hex and square openings in handle and having a hammer, good overall. (Photo)

013. THE DAYTON WIRE WHEEL CO. #6326 2-inch box wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

014. H.D. Smith PERFECT HANDLE valve lifter with intact hook, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

015. H.D. Smith PERFECT HANDLE 8-inch adjustable side jaw nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. BUFFUM TOOL CO. LOUISIANA M0 double ended box wrench with two sizes per end, and having the swastika markings on one side, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

017. BUFFUM TOOL CO. LOUISIANA MO gate latch patent DEC 1, 96, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

018. SYRACUSE Z2 10.5-inch double open end with hex and square openings in handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

019. E.C. TECKTONIUS MFG. CO. RACINE WIS. #S12, 10.5-inch silo wrench 3/4 and 5/8 in. sockets on one end and 1/2 on the other, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

020. PAPIC #591 socket wrench, small crack on end of socket, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

021. David Bradley #832A multi size open ends and spanner wrench, 13-inches long overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

022. JOHN DEERE B143 T-shaped socket wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

023. Unknown make T-wrench with three square sockets, marked only with 94, very good overall. (Photo)

024. E. BEMENT & SONS LANSING MICH, T-wrench with square socket on end of handle, hex on one side of head, and open end on the other, with two different size square openings in center of head, good overall. (Photo)

025. MASSEY HARRIS #202783M1 SPARK PLUG WRENCH, 10.5 inches, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

026. FERGUSON TO-17014 double open end wrench with furrow depth graduations in the handle, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

027. MASSEY HARRIS FERGUSON 180 108 MI double open end, 11/16 & 1 1/16, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. MASSEY HARRIS 202783 M1 SPARK PLUG WRENCH, minor pitting very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Pair of BUCKEYE valve wenches: FIG4652 and a 1429-2, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. VULCAN PLOW CO. EVANSVILLE, IND #95 7.5-inch wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

031. OWATONNA TOOL CO. OTC #579 wrench, 1 3/8-inch open end, and 9/16-inch box on other end, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

032. OWATONNA MFG. CO. OWATONNA, MINN. multi wrench, 8 inches long overall, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

033. Pair of wrenches: VAN BRUNT D-380 multi wrench, very good; plus a PEORIA D421 double open end with hammer, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

034. SAGINAW SILO FARMERS HANDY WAGON CO. silo wrench, some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. International Harvester 5E 12-inch screw adjust nut wrench with solid handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. International Harvester 1E 9.5-inch screw adjust nut wrench with solid handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. International Harvester 1E 9-inch screw adjust nut wrench with loop handle, some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

038. International Harvester #Z788, 8.5-inch screw adjust nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

039. International Harvester #3 Vandegrift Patent Sept. 7, '97, some grinding on sides of jaw, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

040. International Harvester #5E 12-inch screw adjust nut wrench with loop handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. J.I. CASE PLOW WORKS #4108, 8-inch double ended with hammer, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

042. J.I. CASE #1222 10.5-inch multi open end on one end, and double size open end on other, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. J.I. CASE PLOW WORKS #4105 10.5-inch double open end wrench, B casting mark on one side, has been painted silver, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

044. J.I. CASE #4105 double open end, 10.5 inches long ovrall, some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)


046. BURCH PLOW (Crestline, Ohio) #R20 T-handle wrench with double open end and a socket on the end of the handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

047. F.F. MF'G. CO. 9-inch multi wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

048. Pair wrenches: John Deere #196 with pitting; and an AMERICAN SEEDING C1185 T-handle wrench with open socket on end of handle, and double open ends on top, in red primer, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

049. UNIVERSAL 4.5-inch cutout wrench with double open ends. (Photo)

050. PLANET JR #3 6-inch cutout wrench with hammer, good overall. (Photo)

051. IRON AGE C9 6-inch cutout wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

052. BLACKHAWK 7.5 inch cutout wrench with pin, good overall. (Photo)

053. Kingman Plow Co. 10.5-inch double open end, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

054. W.P. CO. #71 (WILKINSON PLOW CO. TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA) and marked 96 on other side of handle, two openings on one end and one on the other, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

055. JAMESWAY MINNEAPOLIS MINN, FT. ATKINSON, WIS; ELMIRA, N.Y., #1008 double open end, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

056. B.F. AVERY & SONS G176A 9-inch double open end, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

057. B.F. AVERY & SONS C63 LOUISVILLE, KY USA 10-inch, double sockets and open end one on side and open end on the other, very good overall. (Photo)

058. BAILOR PLOW CO. ATCHISON KAN C49 with some pitting, double open end on both ends, good overall. (Photo)

059. GALE 8.5-inch multi open ends on one end and square box on the other, in original? red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

060. J.I. CASE #5548T 7.5-inch double open end with eagle, good overall. (Photo)

061. Choice from among three P&O CANTON ILL wrenches; #4130 double open end; #4129 open end; and pliers. (Photo & Photo 2)

062. Pair wrenches: KINGMAN PLOW CO. #N80 double open end, good overall; and a ROCK ISLAND KW8 wrench that is cracked on one end, good overall. (Photo)

063. Pair wrenches: SANDWICH MFG CO. #48 multi wrench, good overall; and a ROCK ISLAND E18 multi wrench, good overall. (Photo)

064. THE SUPERIOR B-295 tractor tool with holder for oil can, box is in green and red paint, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

The numbers in parentheses following the John Deere wrench descriptions were taken from Wayne Dills John Deere Tool List Edition #10.

065. Pair DEERE #31 T-socket wrenches Dill's #4 & #5, both very good. (Photo)

066. Pair #276 & #277 PATTEE Plow Co. Monmouth, ILL tractor tool boxes, in yellow and red paint, these two have been screwed together, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. RARE DEERE HOOVER potato digger #700 10.5-in. in fine condition. (D65) (Photo)

068. Pair of COLLINS tractor tool boxes that have been screwed together, in new beige paint, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

069. LETZ #E6075 (unmarked) T-wrench, very good overall, 13.75-in. (D 312) (Photo)

070. JOHN DEERE steel ashtray made from VAN BRUNT STEEL BOX DRILLS, very good. (Photo)

071. John Deere B219 swing out wrench includes B210-B211-B212-B213, seriously pitted. (D-231) (Photo)

072. DAIN (BP6474E) 15-inch wood handled monkey wrench, very good overall. (D-271) (Photo)

073. JOHN DEERE H512R flywheel wrench, 15-inch, very good overall (D-332). (Photo)

074. DAIN Z-78 and DEERE A523, both very good overall. (D-561 & D-178) (Photo)

075. Pair of bicycle wrenches: PAT AUG. 2, 1921; and BECKLEY-RALSTON CO. CHICAGO. (Photo)

076. SHELDON AXLE CO. 66/99 10-inch vehicle wrench, lightly pitted, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

077. Pair of bicycle wrenches: WAKEFIELD WRENCH CO. PAT APLD FOR, good; and BOOS TOOL CORP. K.C. MO PAT PEND, very good. (Photo)

078. DALZELL 7-in. buggy or vehicle wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

079. Pair bicycle wrenches: FRANK MOSSBERG DIAMOND NO. 1, fine overall; and UNION NO. 7 with light pitting, very good overall. (Photo)

080. DAYTON #2813 Patented vehicle or buggy wrench, 7.5-inch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

081. Pair of bicycle wrenches: MOSSBERG NO. 74, very good overall; MOSSBERG A-1, very good overall. (Photo)

082. HENNEY 7.5-inch buggy or vehicle wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

083. Pair of bicycle wrenches: WALD MFG. good overall; and FRANK MOSSBERG STERLING NO. 1, fine overall. (Photo)

084. BANNER #2813B PATENTED buggy or vehicle wrench 7.5-inches long overall, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

085. Pair of bicycle wrenches: BARNES TOOL CO., good overall; and LACLEDE with good nickel and slightly distorted jaws, good overall. (Photo)

086. HARTFORD SPRING AND AXLE CO. vehicle or buggy wrench, 9-inches long, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

087. Grand Detour Plow D1; and a pitted #11 Grand Detour Plow double open end wrench. (Photo)

088. H.H. BABCOCK 9.5-inch buggy or vehicle wrench, logo is hard to read, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

089. Pair of AMERICAN SEATING CO. wrenches: UNIVERSAL DESK #1386, good plus; plus a #17617 342 DESK, very good. (Photo)

090. Pair of vehicle or buggy wrenches: MOON BROS 8-inch, pitted and logo faint; and ST. LOUIS WRENCH CO. Pat. Jan. 27, '91 good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

091. E.C. TECKTUNIUS MFG. CO. RACINE, WIS. NO. 2, 10.5-inch double sided 5/8 socket, very good overall. (Photo)

092. DREADNAUT 6-inch double ended socket with two sizes at one end, very good overall. (Photo)

093. A.C. & F. (American Car & Foundry) St. Charles, MO, double open end, 13.75 inches overall, some pitting, good or better overall. (Photo)

094. MONTGOMERY WARD cream separator wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

095. OLIVER / I.H.C. CANADA G1 double open end, in red paint, good overall. (Photo)

096. MONARCH #344 6.75-inch open on one end and square box on the other, Sold by Lisle Mfg. Co. Clarinda, Iowa, very good overall. (Photo)

097. OLIVER #183 12.5-inch double open end with hex and square openings and hammer in handle, good overall. (Photo)

098. MONARCH #226 T-handle cream separator wrench with pin spanner, socket and open on end of handle, 4.5-inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

099. OLIVER F153 in green paint and another unmarked wrench that is exactly like it, both are very good. (Photo)

100. LACROSSE #ND86 open end with two sizes on one end, and single on the other, very good overall. (Photo)

101. OLIVER Z-300 (for PITMAN mower) 9-inch socket wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

102. LACROSSE #ND86 open end with two sizes on one end, and single on the other, very good overall, the markings are a mirror image of those on lot #100. (Photo)

103. OLIVER EP49, BASE WRENCH, 7-inch double open end, very good overall. (Photo)

104. Pair of 10-inch wrenches: OHIO CULTIVATOR D582 one of the multiple open ends is cracked in one corner, otherwise OK; plus an OLIVER F239, in very good overall condition. (Photo)

105. OLIVER RP208 8-inch double open end, very good overall. (Photo)

106. MOLINE PLOW CO. D189 check row pliers; very good overall. (Photo)

107. FORDSON KEYSTONE 10-inch No. 80 screw adjust side-jaw nut wrench, in silver or gray paint, good overall. (Photo)

108. FORDSON pliers 8-inch, replacement pivot bolt, very good overall. (Photo)

109. FORDSON #209702 pry bar for rear wheels; FORDSON 2372 lug wrench, very goodl; and a #3 double open end wrench. (Photo)

110. FORD 9N17014 10-inch with graduated shaft for measuring furrow depth, very good overall. (Photo)

111. Pair of J.D. TOWER & SON MENDOTA, IL T-handle wrenches with multi open ends at end of handle, and square sockets, on the top, both very good. (Photo)

112. AVERY A352 L-shaped socket wrench, 1-inch and 1 1/8-in., in red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

113. GARDEN CITY FEED CO. No. 66W, doubled ended square sockets, 9 inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

114. HARVESTER KING CO. (DEERING Style) Harvey, ILL, double multi open end, very good overall. (Photo)

115. HAMILTON PLOW F239, acquired by I.H.C. 9.5-inch length, very good overall. (Photo)

116. MACK Truck #2026 double open end 9-inch nut wrench with S handle, very good. (Photo)

117. Cadillac 1 3/8-inch box wrench, 10-inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

118. Pair of drain plug wrenches: JOHNSON and another marked G15 FORD AND MANY OTHERS, KEN-TOOL AKRON, O., both are very good. (Photo)

119. STUDEBAKER hub cap wrench, marked FAIRMONT CLEVE, very good overall. (Photo)

120. WILLIAMS #430 J1592 BUICK 1941 ALL SERIES ST GEAR WORM BRG ADJ LOCK WRENCH, 8-inch spanner, very good overall. (Photo)

121. FORD double open end 5.5-inch, extra large script lettering, very good overall. (Photo)

122. BUFFALO WHEEL CO. NIAGARA 6-inch wire wheel wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

123. CADILLAC double open end nut wrench 6.5 inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

124. FORD 5-7-1900 20-inch offset hex box end, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

125. Pair (left and right) vehicle bow-top holders, patented July 22, 1919, U.S. #1,310,519, by Clarence Bair of St. Joseph, Michigan. These were used on early convertible autos to hold together the bows that support the top when the top is open. Both clamps are in fine condition with most of the original japanning remaining. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. STUDEBAKER #678225 TIRE CARRIER WRENCH 9-inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

127. Lot of three NASH wrenches: two #3 (both marked differently) and a #2, all very good. (Photo)

128. Pair of FORD pliers, complete and very good. (Photo)

129. OVERLAND 11.25-inch lug wrench, very good. (Photo)

130. Unknown make 12.5-inch spanner wrench marked EXHAUST MANIFOLD PACKING NUT- PINION AND DIFFERENTIAL BEARING ADJUSTING NUT WRENCH, complete and very good; plus a #100F double open end REVERSE GEAR WRENCH, very good overall. (Photo)

131. Pair of NASH wrenches #2 and #3, both very good. (Photo)

132. Lot of seven related items; four wrenches and two extensions or handles, all have been nickel plated, not sure what they were made for. (Photo)

133. BERYLCO W209A non-sparking spud wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

134. Unmarked cast iron bed key, complete and very good. (Photo)

135. Three homemade wrenches: one marked CARTER; one marked CCC, and the smallest one is unmarked. (Photo)

136. Pair of CASE threshing machine hub caps, with eagles, some pitting, good overall. (Photo)

137. Pair of CASE wrenches: 70L drill wrench with stud in original green paint, very good overall; plus a 5548T with case eagle, double open end. (Photo)

138. CASE #OK1923, H shaped wrench with eagle, hex on one end and square sockets on other, very good overall. (Photo)

139. CASE #3330A spark plug socket wrench with eagle logo, 7.5 inches overall, very good overall. (Photo)

140. Two silo-type socket wrenches: BOND #1 and another marked 1/2, both very good. (Photo)

141. UNADILLA SILO CO. #30 silo wrench, 10-inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

142. HAYES EA315 T-handle pump wrench, 7.25 inches long, very good. (Photo)

143. Two wrenches: WARREN WEBSTER & CO. 11.5-inch very good overall; and ADAMS Leaning Wheel Grader #178 6.5-inch double open end, very good overall. (Photo)

144. MOLINE PLOW CO. B169 14-inch double open end wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

145. Pair of pocket wrenches: IVER JOHNSON that has had part of the screw cut away to make a quick adjust out of it; and a MOSSBERG A-2, needs cleaning, good overall. (Photo)

146. Pair of mini slip joint pliers: K-D MFG No. 7, complete and fine; CHANNELOCK No. 424, very good; plus a stripped AETNA screw adjust bicycle wrench. (Photo)

147. Pair of bicycle or pocket wrenches: W&B with slightly bent bar; and a WAKEFIELD No. 5 marked MACK on top jaw, very good. (Photo)

148. Three bicycle or pocket wrenches: PAT.APLD FOR; Frank Mossberg STERLING with bent bar and turned into a quick adjust; and a MOSSBERG A-1, complete and fine. (Photo)

149. PIERCE ARROW 7-inch screw adjust nut wrench made by Billings & Spencer, complete and very good. (Photo)

150. Three automotive nut wrenches: FORD double open end for Model A or Fordson Tractor, very good: PREST-O-LITE combination open and box end, very good; and a MAXWELL-3 automobile, very good. (Photo)

151. Lot four MaCraig Hatch wrenches: 9-inch screw adjust automotive nut wrench and three pair pliers, all very good. (Photo)

152. Johnson Harvesting Co./Massey Harris #630 combination 14.5-inch combination open end and socket wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

153. Pair Johnson Harvesting Co./Massey Harris wrenches: #218 and #274A, both complete and very good. (Photo)

154. Three steel MASSEY HARRIS double open ended wrenches. (Photo)

155. Lot of eight CHAMPION wrenches; four S wrenches and four straight, all very good. (Photo)

156. CATERPILLAR #C5NN-17038-A 21-inch spud wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

157. CATERPILLAR #L1418 16-inch open end 2 1/4-inch, pitted but OK, and a small 4-inch double open end #23 with same logo. (Photo)

158. CATERPILLAR #4A334 13-inch wrench FOR WATER PUMP NUTS ONLY, very good overall. (Photo)

159. CATERPILLAR #1B5171 8.5-inch drain plug wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

160. ARMSTRONG 1/2-inch spud wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

161. Pair CATERPILLAR wrenches: 1B1909 9.5-inch open end with pitting; and a 4A334 FOR WATER PUMP NUTS ONLY, very good overall. (Photo)

162. ALLIS-CHALMERS SEED PLATE SELECTOR PLATES #321477 and #321478, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

163. Pair of ALLIS-CHALMERS #310992 seed plates, both very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

164. ROCK ISLAND PLOW CO. cast iron planter lid in nice green and orange paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

165. THE HAYES H73 cast iron planter lid, MF'D BY HAYES PUMP & PLANTER CO. GALVA, ILL., in nice red and yellow paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

166. MASSEY-HARRIS tin tractor tool box with intact lid, in nice red and yellow paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

167. CASE tin tractor tool box with intact lid, in nice orange paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

168. Fordson tin tractor tool box in nice gray and red paint, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

169. CASE ROCK ISLAND ILL FIRST IRON FEB 29, 1944 ash tray, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

170. Commemorative marble and brass FABICK and CATERPILLAR brass plaque on marble base, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

171. CASE belt buckle very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

172. WITTE GAS ENGINE watch fob, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

173. J.I. CASE PLOW WORKS watch fob, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

174. JOHN DEERE #F3537R 20.5-inch wheel wrench (D-315). (Photo)

175. LETZ/DEERE Feed Mill #M1154 double open end S wrench (D-439) (Photo)

176. John Deere J1480H chain breaker, complete and fine (D-355). (Photo)

177. RARE Allis Chalmers little round bale hay hook, fine overall. (Photo)

178. Shapleigh Hardware (St. Louis) 6-inch side jaw nut wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

179. Lot of four pocket or bicycle wrenches: BILLINGS & SPENCER 4.5-in.; stamped steel 6-inch MUSSELMAN UNIVERSAL BICYCLE WRENCH, very good; B&R (Beckley & Ralston?) 5-inch screw adjust, very good; and a MOSSBERG A-1 SECOND QUALITY, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

180. Billings & Spencer E 7-inch screw adjust nut wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

181. The LAWSON MFG CO. 10-inch screw adjust pipe wrench, PAT DEC. 14, 1920, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

182. Lot of nine L-shape socket type wrenches, none are marked, all very good. (Photo)

183. Two wrenches: 12-inch double box end WARREN WEBSTER & CO. CAMDEN, NJ, cracked on one end, otherwise OK, and a DREIS & KRUMP MFG. CO. 10.5-inch open end, very good. (Photo)

184. Two INDEPENDENT Harvesting Co. wrenches: SP117 11-inch double open end wrench, some pitting, good overall; plus a SP115 7.25-inch, complete and very good. (Photo)

185. HAYES PUMP & PLANTER CO. A404 S-shaped 7-inch; and an A375 T-shaped with socket on end of handle, some pitting good overall. (Photo)

186. Pair of GALE wrenches: #26 10-inch, complete and very good; plus a 17A that has some pitting. (Photo)

187. Pair of silo wrenches: FASTS COUPLING #1, very good; and a SAGINAW SILO by THE McCLURE CO, very good. (Photo)

188. B&G (BUCHER & GIBBS, Canton, Ohio) PLOW CO. 10-inch implement wrench, very good. (Photo)

189. MORRISON #260 multi sized open ended implement wrench, very good. (Photo)

190. Lot of four ROCK ISLAND implement wrenches, inc. AJAX & SUPERIOR, pitted; R121; D229, pitted; and KW8, with some pitting. (Photo)

191. Lot of three ROCK ISLAND implement wrenches: R1124 very good; R1123, very good; and a R1122 with some light pitting. (Photo)

192. ROCK ISLAND Y153 4.5-inch alligator-type with curved handle, very good. (Photo)

193. MONITOR DRILL #915, very good. (Photo)

194. HOOSIER DRILL #256, very good. (Photo)

195. ADRIANCE/MOLINE PLOW #1252. (Photo)

196. ADVANCE steam engine wrench, pitted. (Photo)

197. MOLINE K136 L-shaped socket wrench. (Photo)

198. LA CROSSE PLOW K29 with graduations on one side, some pitting, good overall. (Photo)

199. J.I. CASE PLOW WORKS #883, overcleaned. (Photo)

200. Two PLANET JR. wrenches; one is a cutout and one is solid, both are very good. (Photo)

201. RARE Planet Jr. S-wrench, good. (Photo)

202. HART-CARTER double open end S wrench; and P.P. MAST A333 double open end S wrench, both good. (Photo)

203. Two lawnmower wrenches: ECLIPSE open end, and a B5 MAST, FOOS & CO. open end. (Photo)

204. JHCO (Johnston Harvester) #1090 open end, very good. (Photo)

205. Pair of implement wrenches: RS CO. (RACINE) CD82, some pitting; and an OHIO CULTIVATOR? (Photo)

206. Lot of 8 misc. wrenches: M58; #4 BATEMAN BROS. Iron Age; STANDARD; unmarked beer keg faucet wrench; and a VALE & KIMES DAYTON OHIO PUMP MFG. No. 285; and one faintly marked WALD & CO. (Photo)

207. Pair of implement wrenches: P.P. CO. (PATTEE PLOW) #100; and a MOLINE A1037 both good. (Photo)

208. Pair of implement wrenches: MADISON PLOW CO. G70; and EMERSON M.518, both good. (Photo)

209. Pair of implement wrenches: VULCAN PLOW #95; AMERICAN SEEDING MACHINE A359 repainted flat black. (Photo)

210. Six socket wrenches: one square socket marked FOR KECKLEY UNITPILOTYALY; one marked McDonald, the other four are unmarked. (Photo)

211. ALFCO ALBERT LEA, MINN #58RB 12-inch chain breaker and sickle bar anvil, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

212. Three BELL SYSTEM tools: CAT 3146A lineman lag bolt wrench by M. KLINE & SONS; combination cable stripper and wrench; and a cleaver type edge tool. (Photo)

213. Pair of implement wrenches: Hoosier Drill #256 very good; and SHARES (JANESVILLE MACHINE CO. Later SAMSON TRACTOR) M167, good. (Photo)

214. Pair of implement wrenches: ROD'K LEAN #C111 (Roderick Lean Mfg. Co. Mansfield, Ohio); Superior/American Seeding Machine Co. #B573 in red paint. (Photo)

215. Pair of wrenches: IOWA CREAM SEPARATOR double open ended S wrench, very good; and a DAVID BRADLEY G99, very light pitting. (Photo)

216. Lot of eight wrenches: six assorted Williams wrenches and two Whitman & Barnes predecessors to Williams. (Photo)

217. Five assorted Armstrong wrenches including a small 11/16 SPECIAL. (Photo)

218. Lot of 13 motorcycle wrenches: five YAMAHA; two Suzuki and the rest unmarked. (Photo)

219. Lot of 12 Honda? motorcycle wrenches plus one that has been broken. (Photo)

220. Lot of seven assorted wrenches serious to severe pitting. (Photo)

221. Lot of nine assorted wrench with pitting from moderate to severe two are broken. (Photo)

222. Lot of 8 automotive type wrenches including a few brace-types by RAY; BLACKHAWK; some unmarked. (Photo)

223. Lot of three conduit wrenches: APPLETON; U-M-S; and KONDU BOX. (Photo)

224. Lot of five assorted wrenches: N.C.G. #7810; aluminum sprinkler wrench by Champion Brass Los Angeles, Calif.; A.Y. McDonald; PAR-X 13/16-inch line wrench; and SIMPLEX bung type wrench. (Photo)

225. Lot of 10 misc. nut wrenches: REECE; Wakefield #55; MILBURN #1303; ELYRIA METAL PRODUCTS 1945; DREIS & KRUMP; JACOBS K420B; BLACKHAWK FACTORIES CLARKSVILLE TENN. U.S.A.; MALL (script letter); BEATRICE (Neb?); HARDINGE #623. (Photo)

226. Lot of three bottle wrenches: two SKELGAS and one SMITHS. (Photo)

227. Lot of seven assorted open end wrenches; Bonney; Valcheck; Upland Forge; Billings & Spencer; and a TC Company. (Photo)

228. I.H.C. (International Harvester) tin implement tool box with unmarked oil can, in nice blue and white paint, very good. (Photo)

229. I.H.C. planter lid in nice blue and white paint, very good. (Photo)

230. McCORMICK implement tool box with holder for oil can, in nice red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

231. I.H.C. (International Harvester) tin implement tool box with unmarked oil can, in nice red and white paint. (Photo)

232. I.H.C. #A568 binder whip holder. (Photo & Photo 2)

233. I.H.C. #M2192 mower anvil, in good blue paint, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

234. I.H.C. #Q-5027 chain detacher or breaker with IHC logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

235. I.H.C. 7/8-inch deep socket, socket top has been ground or chamfered; and an IHC 1/2-inch cold chisel. (Photo)

236. CASE IHC tire pressure gage, up to 100 psi. (Photo)

237. I.H.C. International Harvester Co. brass 6-lever or pancake lock, key is worn but still works. (Photo & Photo 2)

238. I.H.C. Knife sections for mowers; #990336R91 in original box; 5/16 by 1 inch sickle section rivets in original box; I.H.C. oil seal #380959-R91 in original box; and a I.H.C. #ST-207 W.P. ball bearing new in box, no lid on box. (Photo & Photo 2)

239. Unmarked engine crank for I.H.C. possibly for model H or M. (Photo)

240. MILWAUKEE/IHC massive double box end. (Photo)

241. I.H.C. #164E box and socket for CONN. ROD, CLUTCH, and SPARK PLUG. (Photo)

242. I.H.C. #F9136 socket and open end. (Photo)

243. I.H.C. #270N double spanner. (Photo)

244. CHATTANOOGA PLOW CO. #4 open and square ended, pitted and over cleaned. (Photo)

245. I.H.C. binder crank H872, in red paint. (Photo)

246. I.H.C. (International Harvester) #22394V hub cap wrench for early IHC cars and trucks. (Photo)

247. CHATTANOOGA/I.H.C. #5 with some pitting. (Photo)

248. I.H.C. 26494-D single open end steel. (Photo)

249. I.H.C. #SA2127 double open end steel. (Photo)

250. I.H.C. #SA2126 double open end with some orig. red paint. (Photo)

251. RARE P&O #1338 cutout wrench, fine overall condition. (Photo)

252. CHAMPION/I.H.C. NO. 175 maleable. (Photo)

253. I.H.C. #26494D flat steel single open end, IHC logo. (Photo)

254. I.H.C. logo F8121 double square sockets, stud at 45 degrees when flat. (Photo)

255. I.H.C. logo #VB624 binder crank in red paint. (Photo)

256. IHC #25462DA has J B and a double struck B embossed in back. (Photo)

257. IHC #25462D embossed with JEM. (Photo)

258. Osborne/IHC #509 combination open end and square box end wrench. (Photo)

259. P&O hand forged? double ended S wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

260. Oliver/Canadian IHC EP49 BASE WRENCH. (Photo)

261. McCORMICK 6-inch double open end. (Photo)

262. Lot of two IHC wrenches: 5.5-inch #11858-DA spanner with IHC logo, and an IHC PG58. (Photo)

263. IHC drawbar hitch for a plow, can't read part number; plus a bracket for IHC binder #R15; plus a #45314DC with IH logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

264. A: 31.5-inch pry bar and twister or turner, and B: a large 41.5-inch MKT Railroad track wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

265. Orphan #M15 multi sized malleable iron with five openings, excellent condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

266. CASE Service Manual for Model D Series Tractors. (Photo)

267. The Operation Care and Repair of Farm Machinery 28th Edition by John Deere, 1957. (Photo)

268. The Operation Care and Repair of Farm Machinery 12th Edition by John Deere. (Photo)

269. Operators Manual CASE MODEL NCM Sliced Hay Baler. (Photo)

270. Automobile Ignition, Starting, Lighting by Hayward, 1917 Edition. (Photo)

271. ROCK ISLAND PLOW COOK BOOK 1912, a few recipes have been glued into inside cover and front page. (Photo)

272. J.I. CASE CO. Parts List #A156 for CASE BALER. (Photo)

273. J.I. CASE CO. Repair Parts LIst #A392 for Cse Riding Moldboard Plows, Foot Lift Sulky, Gang and Triple Gang. (Photo)

274. International Harvester leather notebook cover. (Photo)

275. Lot of three Case Dealer Sales Contract and Order Forms: 1931, 1933, and 1945. (Photo)

276. Lot of 8 different reprinted tractor related publications. (Photo)

277. Lot of 8 tractor related magazines and calendars including 1971 International and 1984 International Truck; Summer 1967 International Harvester Farm Magazine. (Photo)

278. Lot of thee photos all depicting old International Tractors (some experimental) and equipment working in Mexico, all 8x10 inch glossy black and white. (Photo)

279. Farm Machinery and Equipment hardcover 1937 book 460-page by Harris Smith, very good overall. (Photo)

280. Operators Instruction Book and parts list for Catapillar Models 10, 15 and 20, the parts book is a reprint. (Photo)

281. Case Repair Parts LIst #B168 Thresher. (Photo)

282. Fordson Tractor Manual 1923 edition, well illustrated, 56 pages. (Photo)

283. Cylinder tooth wrench #288 complete and very good, comes with an old cylinder tooth. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Vintage 6-Volt Ahooga automobile horn. (Photo)

285. Vintage 6-Volt Ahooga automobile horn. (Photo)

286. Vintage 12-Volt KATTLE KALLER Auto Horn by Wright Brothers So. St. Joseph, Missouri. (Photo & Photo 2)

287. Mack Truck Bulldog Hood Ornament & other MACK badges. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

288. G.S.B. Co. BICYCLE NO. 7 quick adjust nut wrench with wire handle, some of the teeth in the rack need to be re-cut, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Unmarked BABY COES 4 1/2-inch nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

290. Scarce Lowes Patent 5-inch screw-adj. nut wrench with lever, April 10, 1894, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

291. G & J Mf'g Co Chicago / C. E. Billings Pat'd Feb 18th, 1879 with scale on shaft, 5-inch center adjust, with unusual loop end. Made for Gormully & Jeffery Mfg. of Chicago, early manufacturers of Rambler bicycles. (Photo & Photo 2)

292. Stillson Wrench Co. 8-inch screw adjust pipe wrench with brass cap on bottom of handle that houses a screwdriver, the handle needs to be refinished, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

293. L&S CO. CLEVELAND, STEEL BICYCLE 5-inch screw adjust nut wrench with wooden handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

294. BOARDMAN'S 4 1/2-inch screw just combination pipe and nut wrench with hammer and screwdriver, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

295. Unusual 4-inch WESTCOTT KEYSTONE CO. NO. 74 screw-adjust S-wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

296. Pair of tilting head nut wrenches: Cochran SPEEDNUT PAT. PENDING, some pitting, good overall; and IMP. ANGLE. WRENCH BLOOMINGTON, ILL, has a welded repair to the head, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

297. Pair of self tightening nut wrenches: LARC-O-MATIC 10-inch O.H. TOOLS HEDSTROM INDUSTRIES CHICAGO, pat. 1,830,033 & 2,351,821, self tightening nut wrench, fine overall; & a TRIG-O-MATIC 8-inch self-tightening nut wench, Pat. 1,830,033 made by the TRIG-O-MATIC TOOL CORP. CHICAGO, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

298. H.D. SMITH PERFECT HANDLE 8-inch screw adjusting side-jaw nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

299. HY-SPEED WRENCH CO. CHICAGO 7-inch quick adjust nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

300. GIRARD CB&Q (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad) 6-inch screw adjust nut wrench, good overall; and a FLYING MERKEL by WAKEFIELD WRENCH CO. light to moderate pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Three 5-inch screw adjusting pocket wrenches: ARNSTEIN'S DANDY, ARNSTEIN CHICAGO U.S.A. very good overall; U.S. SEPARATOR complete and very good; and a BARNES TOOL CO. with light to moderate pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

302. Pair of BRITISH 4-inch screw-adjusting nut wrenches; one marked BRITISH MADE; and one marked A1195, MS, KING DICK, both are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

303. Frank Mossberg Co. ALDERMAN 6-inch bicycle wrench with tire tool on end of handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

304. Pair of pocket wrenches: L&S BUCKEYE 5-inch screw-adjust, very good; plus a Billings & Spencer 4-inch patented Sept. 29, 1896, has owner ID punched in series of dots on one side, otherwise good. (Photo & Photo 2)

305. Pair of pocket wrenches: U.S. SEPARATOR with slightly bent bar that keeps it from closing all the way, otherwise very good; plus a fine Billings & Spencer 4-inch patented Sept. 29, 1896. (Photo & Photo 2)

306. Pair of pocket wrenches: Unmarked 6-inch Billings & Spencer, very good overall; plus a 5-inch PIERCE ARROW by Billings & Spencer, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

307. Unknown 5 1/2-inch handle adjust nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

308. Diamond 5-inch screw adjust buggy wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. Scarce Hewet Patent (U.S. #87,774) 5-inch tubular adjusted nut wrench manufactured by Champlin & Spencer of Chicago, ILL on a patent issued Feb. 27, 1869 to Henry Wheaton Hewet of New York, New York, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. W. DICK'S Patent (Nov. 21, 1893) screw adjust nut wrench with screwdriver that protrudes from bottom of handle with bottom jaw lowered, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

311. Unknown quick adjust alligator wrench with tilting jaw operated by lever and rack, marked on handle, E.A. LINDEMAN, PAT'D, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

312. Early DIAMOND DULUTH combination plier and screw adjust side-jaw nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Scarce C.P. Wrench Co. combination pocket wrench, self-tightening pipe wrench and screwdriver, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Three Frank Mossberg pocket or bicycle wrenches: Six-inch, A-3 with tire tool on end of handle, very good; DIAMOND #11 very good overall; and STERLING, fine overall. (Photo)

315. Pair of German pocket or cycle wrenches, both in fine overall condition. (Photo)

316. A&M 5-inch screw adjust pocket wrench, fine plating, fine overall. (Photo)

317. Bemis & Call 6-inch all-steel screw-adjust nut wrench, complete and fine. (Photo)

318. Schrader 6-inch side adjuster with spanner on end of handle. These have been attributed to Fredrick Schrader of Bridgeport, Ct. (see Cope page 275)., some mild pitting, good overall. (Photo)

319. Athol Machine Co. 6-inch all-steel quick adjusting nut wrench, owner J.NAYLOR stamped his name into the handle, very good overall. (Photo)

320. Pair of 5-inch screw adjusted nut wrenches; IVER JOHNSON & a Billings & Spencer Made For Pope Mf'g Co., both are very good overall. (Photo)

321. THOMAS MFG. DAYTON, OHIO combination fencing hatchet, plier, hammer, alligator wrench, crimper and screwderiver, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

322. McCormick & Baker Patent (U.S. #RE7,173) 8-inch, screw adjust nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. LITCHFIELD S437 cut-out wrench, patches of light pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

324. Combination buggy and nut wrench, screw adjust, improper wooden file handle, some pitting, good overall; plus a pitted 8-inch Vandegrift Patent, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

325. R.F. COOK Patent (U.S. #325,503) buggy wrench with spring operated lever, 1 1/8-size, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

326. Lancaster Patent (U.S. #325,942) 6 1/2-inch handle adjusted buggy wrench, wooden handle a little rough with crack and early wire repair, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

327. Double ended Crescent 6 & 8-inch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

328. Lowell Wrench Co. 5 1/2-inch handle adjusted hand vise, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Garantie French? 5-inch handle adjusted nut wrench with top hat logo, fine overall. That is clear tape showing in the second photo. (Photo & Photo 2)

330. Utica No. 516 pliers, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

331. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE 7-inch auto type nut wrench made on a WAKEFIELD WRENCH No. 17 frame, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

332. Girder (English) 5-inch screw adjusted pocket or bicycle wrench with captive nut and center screw adjuster, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

333. VICTOR 5-inch screw adjusted bicycle or pocket wrench by the OVERMAN WHEEL CO. CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS PATENTED JANUARY 6, 1891, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

334. THE LEADER 5-inch screw-adjusted nut wrench with center sleeve adjuster, PAT'D DEC. 3, 1895, very good overall. The ring on the bottom is an owner modification. (Photo & Photo 2)

335. Unmarked 5-inch pocket or bicycle nut wrench with unusual captive-nut adjuster, very good overall. (Photo)

336. Tower & Lyon GEM 4 1/2-inch screw-adjust nut wrench, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

337. Tower & Lyon GEM 3-inch screw-adjust nut wrench, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

338. Power Grip Tool Co. MOUNTAINAIR, NEW MEXICO PAT'D quick adjust plier-type wrench, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

339. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE HENDEE MFG. CO. cast or forged steel box wrench, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

340. CROMNA - MADE IN DENMARK 5 1/2-inch PAT No. 6967D, No. S-1, 3/16 to 5/16-inch nut wrench with spring loaded swinging outer jaw, and having a tire tool in end of handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

341. Ballou Patent 5-inch nut wrench by LAKE SUPERIOR WRENCH CO. SAULT STE. MARIE MICH. PATENTED USA OCT. 4, 1910 & in CANADA JULY 12, 1910, this one is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

342. The S.&A. MFG. CO. 5-inch BOSTON QUIXET RAPID WRENCH quick adjust nut wrench, complete and fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

343. Lot of four screw adjusting bicycle or pocket wrenches: C.E. BILLINGS 5-inch patented FEB 18, 1879, very good; AIKEN? 4-inch pitted but still working; GERMANY 4-inch, fine; Unknown make 4-inch with open loop handle and captive brass screw, very good. (Photo)

344. Three WAKEFIELD WRENCH CO. pocket or bicycle nut wrenches; 5 1/2-inch with tire tool in end of handle, very good; 4-inch No. 4 complete and fine; and a 5-inch, complete and fine. (Photo)

345. Pair of 5-inch screw adjusting nut wrenches: HERBRAND 6 with small crack on bottom jaw, good overall; and L&S CO. BUCKEYE, hang hole in end of handle, worn but in good overall condition. (Photo)

346. Unusual 4-inch Baxter Patent double ended nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

347. Three pair of pliers: two pair REINHARD McCABE MINNEAPOLIS, MINN; and one BMC CORP NO. 9. (Photo)

348. Three pair of pliers: 10-inch REINHARD McCABE MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. MOD. 10; 7-inch BMC Corp.; and unknown make vice grip. (Photo)

349. Lot of two calk wrenches: NEVERSLIP patented AUG. 17, 1897, very good; and a DIAMOND CALK & HORSESHOE CO. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. Lot of three alligator wrenches: 7-inch V&B #13 Pateneted July 26; 5-inch double ended; AMERICAN SAW CO. 5 1/2-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

351. Two hubcap type wrenches: one unmarked; the other is LECTROLITE CORP. DEFIANCE, OHIO with multi openings, fine. (Photo)

352. Pair of multi wrenches: EMERSON implement wrench, some pitting; and a unknown make tank or gas valve wrench. (Photo)

353. Pair of RAMBLER wrenches: 11-inch RAMBLER #5; and a 5-inch RAMBLER GORMULLY & JEFFERY MFG. CO. CHICAGO, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

354. Three automotive or tractor wrenches: TUNGSTON SPARK PLUGS ALWAYS ON THE JOB SPARK PLUG CEN. NUT 90257, CYLINDER STUD, BATTERY NUT; CONN. ROD NUT 90258, CYLINDER HEAD COVER PLATE, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

355. Three automotive wrenches: NASH #1; NASH #2; and MAXWELL-1, the Maxwell has some pitting, the others are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

356. Three dog bone type wrenches: FITSALL WRENCH PATENTED TYPE D by the Fitsall Wrench Co. Providence R.I.; and two smaller one marked BOKTO and the other WALSCO. (Photo & Photo 2)

357. Four double ended alligator-type wrenches: DMONDS METZEL MFG CO. CHICAGO UNIVERSAL GRIP; THE K&B CO. SAXON NEW HAVEN, CONN. With some light pitting; THE KILBORN & BISHOP CO. SAXON WRENCH; HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. MARSALLTOWN, IOWA CROCODILE with screwdriver at end of one jaw. (Photo)

358. Four double ended alligator-type wrenches: HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. MARSALLTOWN, IOWA CROCODILE with screwdriver at end of one jaw; BONNEY VIXEN, ALLENTOWN, PA; SH CO. SURE GRIP; and a TWIN ALLIGATOR WRENCH NO. 2 MFG. BY ROEBLING TRENTON, NJ. (Photo)

359. Lot of three WESTCOTT adjustable S wrenches: 10-inch; 8-inch and 6-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. Lot of four adjustable S wrenches: B&C 8-inch; BILLINGS & SPENCER 8-inch; BERGMAN 8-inch; and BERGMAN 6-inch. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. Lot of four buggy or vehicle wrenches: 9-inch #7820C; unmarked 9-inch; #4315B 9-inch; and an unknown 8-inch. (Photo)

362. Lot of four buggy or vehicle wrenches: 10-inch with very faint number; unknown 9-inch with some pitting; 9-inch #7320C; and an 8-inch #7325C with some original japanning and a hex head on one end. (Photo)

363. TIMESAVER TOOL CO. DALLAS TEX. Nichols Patent chain pipe wrench, U.S. Patent 2,568,294, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

364. REED MFG. CO. ERIE, PA strap wrench, nice plating, very good overall. (Photo)

365. Monahan Patent (U.S. 1,294,515) strap wrench marked WARNOCK PAT FEB 18, 1919 WORCESTER, MASS, has two hang holes in end of handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

366. Four wrenches: STANDARD WRENCH & TOOL CO. wedge locking 9-inch, pitted; ADJUST-A-BOX patent no. 2,912,891, very good; Baxter 8-inch, pitted; and a LARCO CHICAGO 10-inch pipe wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

367. Four pipe wrenches: KWIKSET 12-inch Sept. 7, 1926 pat. good; unusual JACKSON PAT'D swinging outer jaw, very good; unknown make swinging jaw; and COCHRAN 8-inch with pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

368. SPRINGFIELD DROP FORGING 5 1/2-inch pocket or bicycle wrench, very good. (Photo)

369. "VARSITY" 5-inch screw adjust bicycle wrench, very good. (Photo)

370. CHARLES HALL CO. NO. 1 nickel plated 5 1/2-inch adjustable nut wrench, fine. (Photo)

371. BAY STATE Pat. NOV. 13, 00 & MAR. 11, 02, 5-inch pocket or bicycle wrench, very good. (Photo)

372. STERLING NO. 1 by FRANK MOSSBERG CO., 5-inch screw adjust pocket or bicycle nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

373. BOOS TOOL CO. K.C. MO. PATENTED 6-inch handle adjusting nut wrench. (Photo)

374. PAT APL'D FOR HARPER 5-inch screw adjust pocket or bicycle wrench, very good. (Photo)

375. IVER JOHNSON 6-inch screw adjust bicycle wrench with tire tool in end of handle, very good. (Photo)

376. BARNES 98 screw adjust 5 1/2-inch pocket or bicycle wrench, good. (Photo)

377. Unusual 5-inch AUTO screw adjust nut wrench, very good. (Photo)

378. Four wrenches: EAGLE CLAW 13-inch plier type Pat. FEB. 6, 1912; a 9-inch sucker rod type wrench patented July 6?, 1857 from ASHTON ILL; an unknown pliers type; sucker rod type wrench patented July 6, 1897 ROCKFORD, ILL. (Photo)

379. Lot of four pliers-type tools: Klein & Sons swedger or crimper 132-15; VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL 10-inch gas pliers; unknown pair marked HASCO; and a W.SCHOLLHORN patent 8-inch parallel jaw pliers and wire cutter. (Photo)

380. Four pliers type tools: BLEDSOE PATENT 10-inch pliers; Whitcher Patent Oct. 25, 1907 patented shoe lasting pliers; Schlehr Patent Feb. 6, 1912 8-inch bolt holder (pliers); and a different pair EAGLE CLAW WRENCH MT CO ROCKFORD, ILL NO. 301 pliers. (Photo)

381. Four wrenches: Vaughan & Bushnell 15-inch self adjusting pipe wrench patented DEC. 6, 1898; BLEDSOE MINNEAPOLIS pliers; KANT SLIP 8-inch A.D. WRENCH & TOOL CO. BARABOO, WISC. April 27, 1920 and AUG. 2, 1921 patent 8-inch pliers; and a WADE WRENCH Co. 8-inch scissor type pliers. (Photo)

382. Four ratchet wrenches; 12-inch U.T. & A. CO. Milwaukee, Wisc.; HUSKY WRENCH CO. PAT. PEND, MILWAUKEE WIS.; APCO 8-inch with swiveling head, pat. June 24, 1919 & March 1, 1921; and a 8-inch WILL B. LANE, CHICAGO, ILL USA Jan. 14, 1908. (Photo & Photo 2)

383. Pair of pipe wrenches: Lownes Mfg Co. Huntsville, Alabama; and a Bemis & Call 13-inch combination pipe and nut wrench with short sleeve screw. (Photo)

384. Two pipe wrenches: Bemis & Call long sleeve 13-inch combined pipe and nut wrench with cracked wooden handle; and a 14-inch Stillson wrench by the Walworth Wrench Co. (Photo)

385. Lot of four wrenches: LIGHTNGING WRENCH by the HAMPTON MACH. & TOOL CO.; TIGER GRIP MPL'S MINN 8-inch; 10 JOAR 7-inch; AMERICAN SEATING CO. UNIVERSAL DESK 6-inch. (Photo)

386. The "TEDDY" combination wrench and hammer, MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA PAT. A. (Photo)

387. Unknown make 7-inch quick adjust alligator wrench, PAT. APPLD FOR. (Photo)

388. SPEEDNUT WRENCH CORP. 8-inch self tightening nut wrench PAT. OCT. 12, 1926. (Photo)

389. SPEEDNUT WRENCH CORP. 6-inch self tightening nut wrench, PAT. OCT. 12, 1926. (Photo)

390. Lot of 15 little cast iron wrenches. (Photo)

391. Lot of four alligator wrenches: 7-inch V&B; unmarked 7-inch double ended alligator; REEBLING 5 1/2-inch PONY ALLIGATOR double ended; HARRIS & REED MFG. CO. CHICAGO 5-inch. (Photo)

392. Lot of four alligator wrenches: 8-inch K&B NEW HAVEN, CONN., double ended; #50 7-inch singled alligator (looks like V&B); V&B #102 double ended 7-inches; NEVERSLIP 5-inch double ended. (Photo)

393. Lot of four nut wrenches: 8-inch SAMPSON with broken strap on movable jaw and having railroad markings; H.D. SMITH solid steel 6-inch SIS WRENCH, fine; PS&W 6-inch STRONGHOLD, wooden handles are worn; and RUSSWIN 6-inch perfect-handle type, very good. (Photo)

394. Four wood handled nut wrenches: 12-inch LAMSON & SESSIONS ENGINEERS; H.D. SMITH 10-inch PERFECT HANDLE, pitted and having weakened strap on back of moveable jaw; Unknown make 10-inch with cracked wooden handle; and an 8-inch LEADALL, very good. (Photo)

395. Lot of four pipe wrenches: C.V PATENTED 10-inch quick-adjust, chrome plated; BONNEY STILLSON 14-inch; IOA 10-inch PAT AUG. 1, 05; Unknown make 9-inch screw adjust 225 mm.

396. Four pipe wrenches: KEEN KUTTER 18-inch all-steel; D.M.T. CORP 14-inch has cracked wooden handle; J.P. DANIELSON CO. 10-inch; and an H.D. SMITH 10-inch Perfect Handle.

397. Lot of 14 little cast iron wrenches. (Photo)

398. Lot of five different FORD Automobile wrenches: #5Z-156 13-inch with square socket; lug wrench #T5893; 9-inch double offset box ended 01A 17017B 85; 9-inch double offset box ended 01A 17017B 91; and 6-inch pair pliers. (Photo)

399. Lot of five different FORD Automobile wrenches: 9-inch double offset box ended 01A 17017B 68; 9-inch adjustable nut wrench; Herbrand FORD pliers; 9-inch lug? wrench M-81-A-17017; and a 9-inch hub cap type T1349. (Photo)

400. Lot of four screw adjusting LAWSON pipe wrenches: 14-inch Pat. Dec. 14, 1920 by U.S. HAME CO. BUFFALO, NY; 10-inch USH CO.; 8-inch with RIGID jaw; and an 8-inch by The Lawson Mfg. Co.

401. Four pipe wrenches: 10-inch TRUE VALUE screw adjust; 8-inch self-tightening HOE CORP.; 8-inch quick adjust "THE VICTOR" pat. DEC. 23, 1902; and AUG. 25, 1903; and a 6-inch all-steel WOLWORTH.

402. BLACKHAWK 151 center adjust 9-inch; very good. (Photo)

403. WIZARD ratcheting adjustable nut wrench, pat. May 21, 1907, fine overall. (Photo)

404. THE TEDDY WATERLOO, IA. PAT. APLD multi tool; and a 7-inch SUL wedge adjusting nut wrench. (Photo)



407. Cochran 9-inch self tightening side jaw nut wrench, PAT. PENDING. (Photo)

408. VANDEGRIFT 6-inch screw adjusting, PAT. SEPT. 7, '97, very good. (Photo)

409. Lot of 7 wooden handled nut wrenches: 12-inch W&B Mfg; 10-inch RUSSWIN perfect-handle type; 10-inch L&S Co. pitted; GIRARD AGL 10-inch; Coes Wrench Co. 12-inch; PS&W Co. 10-inch; and GIRARD WRENCH 8-inch. (Photo)

410. Lot of 12 FULTON TOOL CO. tools: pair 14-inch nippers; three S wrenches with name embossed; two S wrenches with name lightly cast into handles; pair 10-inch pliers; and 5 double open ended nut wrenches. (Photo)

411. Three 9-inch buggy or vehicle wrenches: two unknown and unmarked; and a #2310B EBERHARD? (Photo)

412. Three buggy or vehicle wrenches: 9-inch EBERHARD? 3326C; 9-inch 73201 ERIE?; and a 6-inch DAYTON #2811C. (Photo)

413. Lot of five misc. wrenches: Zilliox 10-inch Patent Aug. 23, 1927, handle adjusting; ANCHOR STEEL STRAPPING 8-inch; Vise grip 9-inch; THE ELGIN 7-inch adjustable alligator; and a 6-inch BOOS TOOL CO. K.C. MO. (Photo)

414. Six misc. wrenches: 8-inch WALDEN #4564 Bellows Pat. MAY 4, 1909 8-inch; 9-inch LCN spanner with square and hex openings in handle; #2958 spanner; FORD ALL IN ONE WRENCH, CUSHMAN CO. INC. CRAFTSMAN CHAMPAIGN ILL; cast spanner with square and hex openings in handle; and a 9-inch REDA MFG. Co. Springfield, Mass. drain plug wrench. (Photo)

415. Four screw adjusting nut wrenches: 10-inch all steel PEXTO; 12-inch all-steel Coes Wrench Co. Made under L. COES patents; 12-inch Bemis & Call with small knurled nut; and a 15-inch Bemis & Call with small knurled nut. (Photo)

416. BEMIS & CALL 16-inch with hex adjusting nut, fine. (Photo)

417. Large 15-inch twisted handle, with hex adjusting nut, good. (Photo)

418. Lot of three twist handle nut wrenches: W&B 12-inch; Unknown make 10-inch; and an ACME 8-inch. (Photo)

419. Lot of five side jaw nut wrenches: MODEL N8 8-inch BARCALO BUFFALO; 6-inch KEYSTONE; 6-inch W.M. HJORTH & CO.; 6-inch GORDON AUTOMATIC and a 4-inch P&C 1704-S with some pitting. (Photo)

420. Lot of five side jaw nut wrenches: 8-inch AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CO. LIMA, OHIO; 8-inch PECK, STOW & WILCOX ANGLE ADJUSTABLE; 8-inch HARROLDS ADJUSTABLE WRENCH; 7-inch KEYSTONE NO. 77, pitted; and a 6-inch LACO. (Photo)

421. Lot of seven ratchet wrenches: unknown make with 25/32 square socket; MOSSBERG NO. 355; unknown make #325; MADE IN U.S.A.; unmarked; MOSSBERG #645 PAT. DEC. 28, 1915; 11/16-inch wire handled. (Photo)

422. Five assorted wrenches: Victor Mfg. Co. Dayton Ohio VIMCO D-1; BULLARD NO. 2 12-inch self tightening pipe wrench; REINHARD McCABE CO. lever adjusting; ARMSTRONG MFG. NO. 9 ratchet drill; and a WADE WRENCH CO. White Pigeon Mich. (Photo)

423. Lot of four buggy or wagon wrenches, all appear to have been homemade. (Photo)

424. Six alligator wrenches: 9-inch W&B: 7-inch No. 20 ROEBLINGS PAT. AUG. 3, 1897; Vaughan & Bushnell No. 1; W&B #1; AMERICAN SAW CO. #1; and W&B #1. (Photo)

425. Lot of five double ended alligator wrenches: HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. MARSHALLTOWN IOWA CROCODILE with screwdriver; EVER-READY; MOSSBERG #485; unmarked; and V&B #102. (Photo)

426. Five screw adjusting nut wrenches: 8-inch W&B with wood handle; SAMSON 8-inch PS&W; unknown make 6-inch; COES 6-inch; & W&B 6-inch. (Photo)

427. BEMIS & CALL 8-inch combination pipe and nut wrench with long adjusting sleeve, fine. (Photo)

428. Lot of five screw adjust nut wrenches: BEMIS & CALL all-steel 9-inch; PS&W 7-inch with wood handle; 10-inch twist handle with badly abused hammer head and moderate pitting; 8-inch twist handle; and a patented 6-inch twist handle. (Photo)

429. Pair of brace wrenches: Hill Pump Valve Co. Oct. 23, 1917 UTILITY; and an H&G EASTERN MACHINE SCREW CORP. New Haven, Conn. (Photo)

430. BEMIS & CALL 18-inch CSTPM & ORY screw adjust nut wrench with ebonized handle, fine. (Photo)

431. P.S. & W. 15-inch wood handled nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

432. GIRARD WRENCH CO. 15-inch wood handled nut wrench. (Photo)

433. Two 15-inch wood handled nut wrenches: one unmarked and the other is a LAMSON & SESSIONS that has a bent adjusting screw and will need some work. (Photo)

434. Lowentraut brace wrench, needs a good cleaning but it's all there. (Photo)

435. Blackhawk 4-in-1 rim wrench #5104. (Photo)

436. Five pocket or bicycle wrenches: AUG. 2, 1921; IVER JOHNSON; Springfield Drop Forging; Billings & Spencer #97. (Photo)

437. Five pocket or bicycle wrenches: Mossberg B-1; Mossberg A-1; AUG. 2, 1921 Patent; and ? Drop Forging. (Photo)

438. Unknown or mystery tool 9 1/2 inches long, has number 2256 cast into one end. (Photo)

439. Pair of 12-inch crescent wrenches: heavy B&C with original japanning, complete and fine; plus a FLEET #4012-S, very good. (Photo)

440. Three wrenches: 11-inch Keystone #81 crescent-type with some pitting; a 9-inch Wizard NO. 8 auto type; and a 9-inch auto-type by DIAMOND TOOL And Horseshoe Co. Duluth, Minn. (Photo)

441. Two nut wrenches: 10-inch CRESCENT AT110, very good; and a heavy 10-inch W&B with wire loop handle. (Photo)

442. Three nut wrenches: 8-inch Owatonna Tool Co. DA-8; Unknown make 6-inch crescent-type, locked up; and a double ended Crescent CRESTOLOY 6-8 inch, some light rust, very good overall. (Photo)

443. Three Gellman Mfg. Pat. Apr. 18, 1923 nut wrenches: Two different 12-inch No.121 models, both very good; and a 9-inch No. 91 with some pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

444. LARC-O-MATIC 10-inch self-adjusting side jaw by Hedstrom Industries Chicago; and a 8-inch self-adjusting with faint makers mark, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

445. Lever Wrench Co. 8-inch quick adjust Heimbach Patent nut wrench, very good; and a HASTEE 8, 8-inch self-adjusting side jaw nut wrench PAT. No. 3803954, by the Davenport Tool Co., fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. Two 8-inch nut wrenches: ANY ANGLE WRENCH CO. LIMA. O(hio) with tilting head, there is tape around the button that may mean it falls out, but the spring is intact and it tilts fine; and a 8-inch Baxter's Patent with an owners name stamped into each side. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Pair of automotive nut wrenches: 11-inch by RICE & DAYTON MFG. CO. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA, fine; and a 9-inch No. 33-10 by B.H.M. Corp. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Three wrenches: 10-inch Lightning Wrench by the Hampton Machine & Tool Co.; TIGER GRIP 8-inch MPLS MINN; and a 7-inch ratchet? Marked JOAR. (Photo)

449. Pair of Wizard wrenches: #9 (Wakefield) screw adjust auto type, fine; and a #120 with adjustable open ends, good. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. HandE quick adjust 10-inch helical adjust nut wrench with extra cutouts in each jaw for hex nuts. (Photo)

451. Pair of nut wrenches: 9-inch STANDARD quick adjusting with sliding wedge, very good; and a WAKEFIELD No. 19, screw adjusting auto type, very good. (Photo)

452. Four rusty and pitted implement wrenches. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Four implement wrenches; two are rusty and pitted. (Photo & Photo 2)

454. COMO WRENCH CO. 18-inch pipe wrench, very good; plus a 15-inch V&B patented DEC. 6, 1898. (Photo)

455. Two pipe wrenches: a 15-inch V&B patented DEC. 6, 1898, (same as one about it in photo, but no markings visible on this one); plus a 14-inch screw adjusting ? with wood handle, good overall. (Photo)

456. Four misc. pipe wrenches: 18-inch by the Lake Superior Wrench Co.; unknown make adjustable with twisting handle, back of moveable jaw has been repaired; ERIE TOOL WORKS NO. 14 self-adjusting, has bent handle; and an unknown 14-inch pair like pliers. (Photo)

457. DUDLY TOOL CO. MENOMONIEE MICH. Screw adjusting combination nut and alligator wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. RICHARDS MFG. CO. AURORA, ILL 12-inch SHARK PAT PEND, some light pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. THE JOHNSON WRENCH NEVERSLIP MFG. CO. pliers type 13-inch, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Unusual J.A. Wilcox Patent June 28, 1870 made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. Hartford, Ct., this one shows up as Not known to have been produced on the DATAMP site. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

461. Two nut wrenches: BAY STATE 12-inch quick adjust that has had the back strap broken off the moveable jaw, but is otherwise very good; and a TRIMO 12-inch spud wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

462. Two nut wrenches: 12-inch Bemis & Call with hex nut adjust, fine; and a HandE helical adjusting nut, 12-inch, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

463. Six wooden handled pipe wrenches: STILLSON 14-inch with chip in top jaw; MORCO by STILLSON 10-inch; and a J.P. DANIELSON CO. 8-inch; STILLSON 14-inch by MOORE DROP FORGING; 10-inch ENDERS; and a 8-inch PEXTO. (Photo)

464. Maytag stamped or pressed steel wrench, very good overall; plus a small cast iron wrench with black japanning. (Photo)

465. Unusual WRENCH LIGHTER combined adjustable side-jaw nut wrench and butane cigarette lighter. With the push of a button the wrench head can be removed. Very interesting. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Two FORD open end wrenches, both very good; plus a steel spanner. (Photo)

467. Two different FORD lug wrenches; plus a red and white steering wheel knob. (Photo)

468. Fine H.D. Smith "PERFECT HANDLE" 8-inch screw adjust nut wrench; plus a 8-inch PEXTO wood handled nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

469. RIGID 6-inch and 8-inch screw adjusted pipe wrenches, both very good. (Photo)

470. Pipe wrench belt buckle made in 1980, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. DUNLAP 1/4-inch drive socket set with a Craftsman 1/4-in. universal, complete in the original tin box. (Photo & Photo 2)

472. Witherby No. 2770 "dog bone" wrench, MADE IN GERMANY, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. ENDERS nippers, complete and very good; plus a 12-inch Crescent wrench. (Photo)

474. Set of four TIGER offset box wrenches, all very good. (Photo)

475. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE WAKEFIELD NO 6–0 Pat. Sept. 4, 1900 screw adjust nut wrench, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

476. PIERCE ARROW 6-inch screw-adjust nut wrench in fine overall condition. (Photo)

477. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE stamped or pressed steel nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

478. Tower & Lion SAFETY 5-inch screw adjust pocket or bicycle nut wrench, jaws a bit distorted, good overall. (Photo)

479. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE stamped or pressed steel nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

480. Unknown make 5-inch screw adjusted pocket or bicycle nut wrench, bar is slightly bent which keeps the jaws from alligning. (Photo)

481. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE HENDEE MFG CO. cast or forged nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

482. Sheffy Mfg. Co. 14-inch self adjusting pipe/nut wrench, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

483. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE WAKEFIELD No. 17 screw adjust nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

484. Brintnall Patent 14-inch RHINO self adjusting hook-jaw pipe wrench, made by RHINO TOOL & MFG. CO. DENVER, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

485. INDIAN MOTOCYCLE 7-inch, screw-adjust automotive style nut wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

486. International Harvester celluloid advertising ruler-calendar 1909 – 1910, Make it a Rule to Buy the best, fine original condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

487. J.I. CASE TRACTOR advertising rule, 12-inch two fold, from J.I. CASE THRESHING MACHINE CO. RACINE, WIS, fine overall.

488. International Harvester celluloid advertising ruler-calendar 1909 – 1910, Make it a Rule to Buy the best, faint outside, calendar inside is very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

489. Three Keen Kutter double open end wrenches: USS 3/16 and 1/4; USS 5/16 & 1/4; USS 5/8 & 1/2; and and 8-inch screw adjust nut wrench, the back strap is cracked, otherwise OK. (Photo)

490. Two Keen Kutter pliers: slip joint 7-inch; and a 5-inch needle nose, very good. (Photo)

491. Large 11-inch OVB nickel plated alligator wrench in fine overall condition.

492. Three Keen Kutter double ended S wrenches: K1000 LIGHT SERVICE WRENCH; K750; and a K580.

493. Three Keen Kutter open end wrenches with offset heads: K17, K14 and one just marked with the KK logo.

494. Unusual Keen Kutter KK iron key saw handle; #20 single alligator wrench; and another Keen Kutter alligator wrench.

495. Lot of four Greenfield Little Giant pipe wrenches: 18-inch; 14-inch; 10-inch and 8-inch.

496. Collection of HELLER MASTERENCH self-adjusting pipe wrenches: 20-inch; 15-inch; two 10-inch; 8-inch; and 6-inch.

497. Lot of six Oak Leaf wrenches: 10-inch pipe with wooden handle; three different pair of pliers; a double ended S wrench; and a pair of nippers.

498. Three Diamond Edge adjustable wrenches: 14-inch pipe wrench with possible replacement handle; fine 8-inch screw adjust nut wrench; and an 8-inch adjustable S wrench.

499. Lot of 10 Diamond Edge double ended nut wrenches.

500. Four diamond edge pliers: 9-inch; #726 6-inch; DE36 6-inch; and DE65 6-inch side cutters.

501. Lot of three Diamond Edge pliers: Diamond Edge #725; DE65 6-inch side cutters; and a small 5-inch Cronk-type plier.

502. Four 8-inch Diamond Edge Cronk-type pliers inc. DEG-8; and a pitted N.S. HDW Co.

503. EIFEL FLASH PLIERENCH in original cloth pouch with four extra jaws, fine overall.

504. Wooden box for six 14-inch WALCO PIPE WRENCHES, very good.

505. EIFEL FLASH PLIERENCH in original leatherette type pouch with nice gold lettering on the front, wrench is fine and comes with four extra jaws.

506. Three OVB wrenches: 8-inch gas pliers; double ended alligator; and a single ended alligator. (Photo)

507. Three nippers: 8-inch REVONOC; 8-inch HSB & CO. & 6-inch HSB & CO. (Photo)

508. Three HIBBARDS wrenches: 10-inch Hibbard's True Value pipe wrench; Hibbard's True Value off-set pliers; and single ended alligator wrench that has some mild pitting. (Photo)

509. Two Keen Kutter pipe screw adjusted pipe wrenches: a 15-inch that is marked 18; and a 6-inch that is fine. (Photo)

510. INDIAN motorcycle or motocycle 7-inch screw adjust automotive-type nut wrench, has a letter M inside a circle just above the top jaw, very good overall. (Photo)

511. Blount (same shape as Zenith cutout) 10-inch, very good. (R586). (Photo)

512. Pair of wrenches: one on top marked DUNHAM SYSTEMS OF HEATING CHICAGO one end TRAP COVER and other end UNION NUT, very good; the other marked 18 or 81 10-inch malleable implement wrench (R504 L dn 2) same as lot 815 in the 2001 Russ Marshall auction in York. (Photo)

513. Four wrenches: MONITOR DRiLL A270 7-inch (R334 L 3 dn); Philadelphia Lawn Mower 1036A, very good; Ohio Rake Co Dayton O X 8-inch (R359 TR in 3), with traces of original red paint; and an Emerson R438 8.5-inch (R163 TL), very good. (Photo)

514. Lot of five wrenches including a pitted Monmouth - 7-inch (R335); pitted VIMCO; #97 with hammer; International H538 (R253 BR); and an unknown orphan. (Photo)

515. Three DUDLEY Patent spoke or nipple wrenches. (Photo)

516. Pair of pocket or bicycle wrenches; 4-inch C.E. BILLINGS 1879 patent with center nut adjuster, some mild pitting, very good overall; and an unknown 3-inch with center nut adjuster, very good overall. (Photo)

517. Two wooden handled adjustable bicycle or motorcycle wrenches: 5-inch L&S STEEL BICYCLE with some light pitting, very good working condition; and a similar yet unmarked 6-inch model, very good overall. (Photo)

518. Frank Mossberg A-1 and A-2 pocket or bicycle wrenches, both very good. (Photo)

519. Diamond Calk Horse Shoe Co. Duluth, Minn. double ended Crescent wrench 10 and 12-inch, very good overall. (Photo)

520. Very good 8-inch VOLVO BAHCO combination adjustable side jaw nut wrench and alligator wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

521. Four wrenches: CHROMAVAN GERMAN 10-inch; HELLER 8-inch MASTERENCH; 8-inch PREM??? plated; and a 9-inch #91 POLLY by GELLMAN WRENCH CORP. (Photo)

522. Three BAXTER PATENT double ended nut wrenches: 12-inch with some pitting, good overall; 8-inch with very light pitting, good overall; and a 6-inch in very good overall condition. (Photo)

523. Mossberg 10-inch No. 5 auto-style adjustable nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Three screw adjust pipe wrenches: 8-inch and 6-inch GERMAN examples in very good overall condition and a RIGID 6-inch that is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

525. Two spoke wrenches: ACCOLA Pat. 2525253, complete and very good; and a DUDLEY Patent complete and fine; plus a 3-inch promotional type nut wrench and screwdriver, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

526. Three 4-inch adjustable Crescent-type nut wrenches: DIMALLOY; CRESCENT TOOL CO.; and BILLINGS No. 78-4, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

527. Two nut wrenches: COCHRAN SPEEDNUT self-tightening nut wrench PAT. PENDING, very good overall; and a Billings Model E 7-inch nut wrench, a few patches of mild pitting very good overall. (Photo)

528. Three 4-inch adjustable Crescent-type nut wrenches: DIAMOND CALK & HORSE SHOE CO. A107 DIAMOND, very good; HJORTH complete and fine; and ARMSTRONG very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

529. EIFEL FLASH PLIERWRENCH, very good overall; plus a Universal Wrench Co. UNIVERSAL side-jaw nut wrench with a lever, some pitting good overall. (Photo)

530. BOOS TOOL CORP. PAT. PEND K.C. MO, handle adjusting 8-inch nut wrench, handle slightly bent; and a 6-inch Billings Model D nut wrench with center nut adjuster, good overall. (Photo)

531. Unusual GERMAN combination wrench and tool tool handle, comes with two of the original tools inside the handle, very good overall. (Photo)

532. Pair of ELGIN adjustable alligator wrenches, both very good. (Photo)

533. DEER & CO. wooden handled monkey wrench, replaced wooden handle, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

534. Three nut wrenches: pair of WESTCOTT No. 76 6-inch adjustable nut wrenches with S shaped handles, both are very good; plus a Bemis & Call 6-inch adjustable nut wrench with S handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

535. VICTOR OVERMAN WHEEL CO. 5-inch pocket or bicycle nut wrench, near perfect plating, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

536. POLARIS-type 7-inch helical-adjusting nut wrench, G.F. SCHLOTE MILWAUKEE, PATENTED, the adjuster needs work as it is not currently functional. (Photo & Photo 2)

537. Pair of wrenches: VICTOR 7-inch quick-adjust pipe wrench, very good; and a DIAMOND 4 and 6-inch double ended Crescent-type nut wrench, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

538. Two nut wrenches: BEMIS & CALL 6-inch No. 76 side-jaw nut wrench, very good overall; plus a fine DIAMOND 4 and 6-inch double ended nut wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. L&S CO. STEEL BICYCLE 5-inch screw adjust nut wrench with wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo)

540. PIERCE ARROW 5-inch screw adjust nut wrench by BILLINGS & SPENCER, fine overall. (Photo)

541. Billings & Spencer 4-inch center screw-adjusting pocket wrench, very good overall; plus a 3-inch advertising or promotional nut wrench and screwdriver, MADE IN GERMANY. (Photo)

542. Pair of dancing or lady leg calipers, very good overall. (Photo)

543. Large #3 Campbell Patent pipe tongs made on U.S. Patent #130,278 issued to William Campbell of Quincy, Illinoiis on Aug. 6, 1872, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Seven assorted alligator wrenches, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

545. Large No. 2 Jarecki pipe tongs, made on U.S. Pat. No. 138,161 issued to Albert Jarecki of Erie Pennsylvania, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

546. Three double ended alligator wrenches: K&B VIXON with thread chasers in handle; HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. CROCODILE with thread chasers in handle; and a 102, all will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

547. Large screw adjusting pair of pipe tongs, marked BURNETT & BROWN MFRS, complete and fine. (Photo)

548. Large 24-inch Whitman & Barnes screw-adjusting pipe wrench. (Photo)

549. to 564. OPEN.

565. Lot of 16 little wrenches many have numbers or names. (Photo)

566. Lot of 16 mostly stamped steel multi wrenches and spanners like those given with new bicycles or appliances. (Photo)

567. Eight automotive nut wrenches. (Photo)

568. Lot of 15 auto kit-type wrenches including four by INDUSTRO CHICAGO and two RONSON alligator types with bottle openers. (Photo)

569. Six assorted wrenches including LOVE MFG. CO. - ROCKFORD ILLS, PAT JULY 6, 1897, 12' pliers type wrench made especially for holding windmill pump rods; EAGLE CLAW plier wrench; MARQUETTE MFG. CO. Pat. 6-1-26 battery cable lifter; L.D.B. CO. PHILA. plier-type tools; and a pry bar-type tool with a spanner on the end. (Photo)

570. Lot of 9 assorted gas bottle or tank wrenches including a SKELGAS; AIRCO; PREST-O-WELD etc. One, a VICTOR has a welded repair. (Photo)

571. Lot of 10 assorted wrenches including a FAIRMOUNT CLEVE hub cap-type wrench; and a SIMMONS open end with offset head. The bottom right one is broken. (Photo)

572. Pair of THE COLCHESTER LATHE CO. Ltd wrenches from England; plus a LISTER wrench from ENGLAND. (Photo)

573. Lot of 9 assorted wrenches including a HERSCHEL; WARDS ECLIPSE 4732; AMERICAN; McKAIG HATCH; ENDERS PAT. Oct. 1, 1912, etc. (Photo)

574. Lot of 10 assorted smaller wrenches including one with 90 degree bend having a socket at one end and open end on the other. (Photo)

575. Lot of 8 assorted wrenches: two 10-inch #5 open ends; L-1191 DB18 9-inch; WHITAKER CHICAGO 1 7/16 & 1 5/8; AB-203 7-inch; etc. (Photo)

576. Lot of 11 assorted wrenches: LCN CLOSERS INC.; PEDAL WRENCH; LAMPS & LANTERNS; KITCHENKOOK; JOHNSON SLIDING FOLDING DOOR HARDWARE mini brass; SARGENT spanner and multi wrench for door locks; W.M. CISSELL MFG. CO. Louisville, KY.; ULTLESS CASTER CO.; MALL, etc. (Photo)

577. Herbrand No. 188 brake spring pliers for early 1930s Chevrolet automobiles; plus a pair of SENACON HEADLITE PLIERS. (Photo)

578. ATLAS TOOL CO. 8-inch gas pliers; plus a nice May's Cotter Puller Patented March 1912, Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo)

579. BERNARD'S Patent March 17, 1914 combination pliers and end cutters, fine. (Photo)

580. Four pair of Cronk pliers inc. 9-in. pair marked CRONK and a 6-in. pair by UTICA. (Photo)

581. Pair of 8-inch gas pliers by Atlas Tool Co. and Herbrand. (Photo)

582. Lot of 15 assorted wrenches and spanners mostly of stamped steel. (Photo)

583. Lot of 13 assorted implement wrenches. (Photo)

584. Lot of 10 assorted stamped steel wrenches each with 5 openings and one having a spanner on the end. (Photo)

585. Lot of 10 little cast iron wrenches inc. P52 and E85. (Photo)

586. Four automotive wrenches: 12-inch RAMBLER double open end; 7-inch CONN ROD NUT-80258; MAXWELL-3 8-inch double open end; MAXWELL -2 5-inch double open end. (Photo)

587. Seven alligator wrenches: HAWKEYE WRENCH CO. double ended; CROCODILE by HAWKEYE WRENCH CO.; BONNEY VIXEN double end; #1 double end; and three singles by ROEBLING, V&B etc. (Photo)

588. Lot of 17 mostly stamped steel wrenches and spanners. (Photo)

589. Five assorted screw adjusted AUTO nut wrenches. (Photo)

590. Lot of 8 assorted wrenches: 2 little dog bones; REDA MFG drain plug wrench; ARMSTRONG 452C mini spanner; The Lavigne & Scott Co. pocket or bicycle wrench; Mossberg B-1 pocket or bicycle wrench, etc. (Photo)

591. Three pair of pipe tongs: 14-inch unmarked, 21-inch faintly marked and lightly pitted; & 26-inch O.W.S. CO. OIL CITY, PA. (Photo)

592. Four pipe wrenches: 14-inch MASTERWRENCH self-adjusting; 16-inch STILLSON screw adjust; 15-inch TRIMO; and 14-inch POPULAR MORCO by MOORE DROP FORGING CO. (Photo)

593. Four screw adjusted nut wrenches: 18-inch Billings that has a welded movable jaw; 14-inch Billings? Needs serious cleaning; Coes Wrench Co. 12-inch; and PEXTO 12-inch, very good. (Photo)

594. Lot of 11 HINSDALE double ended nut wrenches; 9 are cast and have the names and logo cast into them; two are stamped steel and have the name & logo stamped. (Photo)

595. Lot of 18 mostly stamped steel multi wrenches. (Photo)

596. Lot of 12 open end wrenches; four are S wrenches; seven have letter M and a model number stamed into the handles. (Photo)

597. Lot of 9 screw adjusted nut wenches; one marked BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. (Photo)

598. Harley S. Busby Patent hog-oiler marked AUTOMATIC HOG OILER PATENT APPLIED FOR, OELWEIN, IOWA, the bottom of this one was left in the weather and the base filled with water and froze. As a result, the bottom was broken out. A fairly easy fix for anyone who can do cast iron repair. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

599. WALTER A. WOOD cast iron tractor seat, complete and very good. (Photo)

600. RARE Excelsior Motorcycle 7-inch double box end wrench 1-inch and 11/16, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

601. Lot of 12 FORD wrenches including pliers; two small 5-Z-806; T-1349; 01A-17017B 59; M-52-17017; etc. (Photo)

602. Ten Ford wrenches: pliers; T5893 lug wrench; 01A-17017B; T1349; #645 REVERSE & BRAKE PEDALS; T-1917; etc. (Photo)

603. Seven pliers or plier-like tools: BRIEGEL METHOD No. 607; RED DEVIL glass pliers: PROTO #234 slip joint pliers; H.K.P. INC BELL SYSTEM crimper; I.O. LIMPIS patent wire fence splicer by FOGLE MFG. SHELBYVILLE 2,566,133 & 2,611,397; MILBAR pliers and side cutter with wire twister, for aircraft type fasteners; THE AETNA POWER CO. CHICAGO ILL wire cutter and crimper. (Photo)

604. Lot of 21 mostly mini wrenches; one with a folding spark plug gapping tool. (Photo)

605. Lot of 7 FORDSON wrenches: adjustable S wrench; 2372 lug wrench; F-2197 hub cap type; 2371 lug wrench; and a FORD 9N17014 with graduated handle. (Photo)

606. FORDSON tractor tool box that the previous and following lots of tools would have been found in. In old black paint, very good overall. (Photo)

607. Lot of 5 FORDSON tractor wrenches; F2197; FORD 9N17014 with graduated handle; #80 adjustable S wrench; etc. (Photo)

608. Lot of 6 wood handled nut wrenches: two COES 10-inch, fine; SIMMONS HARDWARE NEVER SLIP ST. LOUIS; Whitman & Barnes 10-inch; H.D. Smith Perfect Handle 12-inch, wood needs work; and a 12-inch and a P.S.&W. SOLID BAR 12-inch. (Photo)

609. Lot of four screw adjusting nut wrenches: 12-inch COES; TRIMO 12-inch spud type with GMSP&P Railroad markings; Keen Kutter Black Jack 12-inch; etc. (Photo)

610. FORDSON tractor tool box in old greenish paint, a little rusty but mostly there and worth restoring. (Photo)

611. International Harvester tractor tool box with oil can holder on end, rusty but intact, very good overall. (Photo)

612. Lot of 6 pliers type tools: LOVE MFG. CO. ROCKFORD ILL JULY 6, 1897 patent sucker rod wrench; J. CASPER'S LANCASTER WIS. piers; EAGLE CLAW WRENCH CO. 10 and 12-inch; WADE LIGHTNING WRENCH; and a chain? plier with one handle marked B748 and the other B749. (Photo)

613. Five Herbrand wrenches; one lug wrench and four double open ends. (Photo)

614. Five screw adjust nut wrenches: Fordson #80 S wrench some rust; Westcott #78 8-inch; BARCALO BUFFALO 8-inch ORD. DEPT. U.S.A.; BERGMAN 8-inch curved handle; and 7-inch Herbrand auto type. (Photo)

615. Lot of 12 BELL SYSTEM tools: A10397 Lineman's wrench; H.K.P. INC. wire or terminal crimper; nine square sockets; and one hex socket. (Photo)

616. Lot of 12 Ford auto or truck tools: 80-17035-B wheel socket; two 9-inch screw adjust Auto types; hub cap; lug wrench; pliers; 3Z-2034 ratchet; and five double open end wrenches. (Photo)

617. Six different plier type tools; April 29, 1884 patent tool; C.S. Osborne & Co.; small leather punch; W.E.S. CO. St. Louis splicer or crimper; 1917 POST FRERES pliers; SARGENT wire cutter; SARGENT leather punch, etc.

618. Two pair Weed chain pliers; plus a GLOBE METAL MFG. CO. link spreader. (Photo)

619. ACME tractor or implement tool box, rusty and has holes rotted thru bottom, could be restored. (Photo)

620. Cast iron tractor or implement mounted tool box and oil can holder has what looks to be a number 229 on the inside, pitted. (Photo)

621. IH International Harvester tractor or implement mounted tool box with oil can holder; in old purple paint, very good. (Photo)

622. Lot of four different cream separator wrenches: 27087; 15921; 5150; & unmarked, with some pitting. (Photo)

623. Lot of four all-steel screw-adjust nut wrenches: BILLINGS COES 12-inch, fine; 12-inch Coes; PEXTO 10-inch and TRIMO 10-inch spud-type. (Photo)

624. Four cream separator wrenches: one the owner has identified as MONTGOMERY WARD; two DELAVAL, etc. (Photo)

625. Lot of 8 gas bottle or valve wrenches: KELVINATOR LEONARD ratchet; 2613-8; AIRCO #8090040; SMITHS H200; SMITHS F-123; SMITHS G-122; Skelgas #2613-8. (Photo)

626. Lot of 16 FORD wrenches: Four 9-inch screw adjust AUTO wrenches: and 12 double ended nut wrenches. (Photo)

627. Lot of four wrenches: F103 buggy or vehicle type; M58; and two T-handled. (Photo)

628. Lot of 18 mini wrenches. (Photo)

629. Lot of 7 screw adjust AUTO nut wrenches; 10-inch Fairmount Cleveland; 9-inch Fairmount Cleveland with sprung jaw; MOSSBERG 8-inch and MOSSBERG A-8. (Photo)

630. Two PREST-O-LITE a 9-inch and a 3-inch with square box ends. (Photo)

631. Boxed set of PARK METALWARE CO. open end wrench jaws with two interchangeable handles. One of the two 5/16-inch jaws is missing, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

632. Lot of four different wrenches: WALWORTH-PARMELEE No. 1 11/18/1907 patent 9-inch with one spare flexible jaw; TRUECRAFT TOOL 10-inch Crescent; P&C Mfd. 1234 USA PAT. 2600512 plier; and The Elgin adjustable alligator. (Photo)

633. Lot of five wrenches: 15-inch Vaughan & Bushnell Patented self-tightening pipe wrench; VANDEGRIFT patent 9-inch with open loop handle; #1107 Walden Worcester brace type; 10-inch and 8-inch wood handled pipe wrenches. (Photo)

634. MORRILL APEX butcher saw punch; 8-inch pliers; and 7-inch Champion Dearment #307 pliers Patent DE94156. (Photo)

635. Dynamite blasting cap crimper CRIMPER CAP M2 MANUFACTURED BY SARGENT & CO., fine. (Photo)

636. Lot of 10 mostly mini wrenches including four baby alligator types. (Photo)

637. Lot of 11 mini wrenches including two with folding spark plug gapping leaves. (Photo)

638. Lot of 14 mini ignition-type wrenches and one mini screwdriver. (Photo)

639. Four International Harvester cold chisels, one has chipped edge. (Photo)

640. Lot of four wrenches; Skelgas 2613-8 bottle or gas wrench; a similar cast iron Skelgas wrench; BSA bicycle or motorccle spanner wrench with three rifle trademark; and a mini pair of piers made of pot metal. (Photo & Photo 2)

641. Box lot of wrenches needing rehab. (Photo)

642. Box lot of wrenches needing rehab. (Photo)

643. Box lot of wrenches needing rehab. (Photo)

644. Box lot of adjust side jaw nut wrenches needing rehab. (Photo)


CB01. CHOICE from among three different JWB Collins Plow Co. Quincy, ILL wrenches: (Photo)

CB02. CHOICE from among eight buggy wrenches: (Photo)

CB03. CHOICE from among seven buggy wrenches. (Photo)

CB04. CHOICE from among six CASE threshing machine wrenches: (Photo)

CB05. Choice MAYTAG wrenches: (Maytag collector #3) (Photo)
A. #14987.
B. #6.
C. #38013 spanner.
D. #6.

CB06. Choice of five farm wrenches: (Photo)
B: A883 ACME;
C: A994 SUPERIOR DRILL combination wrench, screwdriver and cotter pin tool;
D: SATTLEY #1072 with hammer, pitted.
E: T147 GRAND DETOUR with hammer.

CB07. Choice of five farm or implement wrenches:
A: PAPEC 106S T-handle socket.
B: WALTER A. WOOD open end.
C: LITCHFIELD #M183 open end, some pitting.
D: INDIANA SILO CO., pitted.

CB08. Choice from among seven cream separator wrenches: (Photo)
E: DELAVAL #4126.
F: DELAVAL #4131.

CB09: Choice from among six implement wrenches: (Photo)
A: NEW IDEA L299, some pitting.
B: NEW IDEAL297, very good.
C: NEW IDEA L298, very good.
D: NEW IDEA L140 light pitting on back side.
F: P.P. CO (PATTEE PLOW) #100, good.

CB10. Choice from among four long orphan wrenches: (Photo)
A: 20-inch marked A100 on head, good overall.
B: 20-inch marked A100 made differently than the one in lot A.
C: #101 (Looks like a Silver Mfg. #044 R2-265)
D: #30493 12-inch open end.

CB11. Choice from among five orphan wrenches: (Photo)
A: #15 8.5-inch double open end with square socket.
B: #41 8-inch with multi open ends.
C: #2 APPLETON MFG.? S-wrench.
D: #8259? T-handled square socket wrench.
E: A12 double open end with peg or pin below on jaw.

CB12. Choice from among five more orphan wrenches: (Photo)
A: P52 double open end, cracked on one jaw.
B: #40 double open end in blue paint.
C: #5 BELCHER & TAYLOR? with light pitting.
D: 8&9 CHILD PLOW-type.
E: 56B double open end S.

CB13. Choice from among seven different implement wrenches: (Photo)
A: MOLINE PR40 with hammer.
B: Grand Detour Plow G111, some pitting.
C: Emmerson Plow #W1795 with minor pitting.
D: ACME A-882 PEORIA, ILL double open end S.
E: David Bradley #P66, some pitting.
F: ACME M189 pitman straight wrench.
G: Emmerson (Later Case Threshing Machine Co.) M19 curved handle pitman.

CB14. Choice from among seven implement wrenches: (Photo)
A: Pair of MOLINE PLOW flat steel double open end wrenches 7-inch and 10.5-inch.
B: J.W.B. COLLINS PLOW CO. open end and socket.
C: EMMERSON multi sized open ends.
D: EMMERSON multi sized open ends.
E: BUCHER & GIBBS, Canton, Ohio.
G: BROWN-MANLEY #1AA open handle.

CB15. Choice from among four Janesville Machine later Samson Tractor wrenches: (Photo)
A: A 14.5-inch DISK.
B: One marked J.M. CO.
C: One marked with letter B.
D: One marked with letter C.

CB16. Choice from among eight different wrenches: (Photo)
A: TRIMO screw adjust 12-inch pipe wrench.
B: LECTROLITE No. 210 10-inch pier.
C: Hawkeye Wrench Co. double ended CROCODILE with dies in center and screwdriver on end of one jaw.
D: No. 2 single end alligator wrench.
E: WIZARD H1209 LOC-GRIP Vice Grip-type.
F: BARCALO BUFFALO 10-inch S handle crescent-type wrench.
G: Unmarked 6-inch round nose specialty plier.
H: P. DANIELSON Co. Stillson Pattern 10-inch wood handled pipe wrench, handle cracked.

CB17. Choice from among five spark plug wrenches: (Photo)
E: SP1 malleable.

CB18. Choice from among nine assorted auto related tools: (Photo)
A: Model A transmission band clip?
B: Model A transmission band clip?
C: Pressed Steel hub cap wrench marked A.
D: Another pressed steel hub cap wrench.
E: K-D Mfg. #428 specialty plier.
F: AUTO WRENCH KIT #100 3/4-inch.
G: DB 18 (DODGE BROTHERS) L-1191 double open end.
H: Continental 25254D 10.25-inch aircraft? wrench.
I: Unusual pliers.

CB19. Choice from among three large John Deere wrenches: (Photo)
A: #D2063R tractor lug wrench MADE IN U.S.A., 26 inches long;
B: JOHN DEERE H512R flywheel wrench, MADE IN U.S.A., 15-inch, very good overall (D-332);
C: 18.5-inch double ended socket marked MADE IN U.S.A. (D-250).

CB20. Choice from among six John Deere wrenches: (Photo)
A: #806 pitted. (D-306)
B: unmarked Kemp & Bupee, pitted. (D-146)
C: DEERE & MANSUR CO. A522 (D-171);
D: D&M (DEERE & MANSUR CO.)(D-303)
E: DAIN L136E (D-411)
F: Deere C buggy wrench, broken.

CB21. Choice from among six DEERE and JD steel wrenches: (Photo)
A: JD-53 double open end (D-369),
B: JD-50 (D-360);
C: JD-52 (D-365;
D: DEERE #10008 11.5-inch (D-112)
E: DEERE #10007 9-inch (D-109)
F: DEERE #10006 6.75-inch (D-107)

CB22. Choice from among seven assorted items: (Photo)
A: Unmarked pig forceps 17.5 inches long overall nickeled.
B: WESTERN UNION #630A wire crimper.
C: THE BULLER saw set missing a screw.
D: SCHRADER patent #2,009,829 air hose crimping tool.
E: Unknown make crimping tool.
F: TRUE TEMPER crating tool.
G: P&C specialty tool.

CB23. Choice from among six assorted automotive tools: (Photo)
A: Speed wrench type lug wrench with four different sized sockets.
B: Walden Worcester #1444 lug wrench.
C. Walden Worcester #VG2 brace-type valve grinding or lapping tool.
D. Hand cranked ocilating valve lapping tool.
E. Malleable valve spring compressor #317.
F. Automotive valve spring compressor Pat. July 31, 1917.

CB24. Choice from among 10 different Walden Worcester automotive wrenches: (Photo)
A: #5660 7/8-in. and 15/15-in. sockets on one end; and 11/16 socket in other end.
B: #3648 socket with some pitting.
C: #01824 double ended socket.
D: #652 speed wrench.
E: #4564 ratcheting box end.
F: #2718 T-handle 9/16-inch.
G: #3620 5/8-in. socket and 15/16-inch box.
H: T-handle Tomahaw socket.
I: Brace type lug wrench with hub cap remover in one end PAT PEND.
J: #7018 brace type 9/16-inch speed wrench.

CB25. Choice from among five assorted wrenches: (Photo)
A: F.W. SWAINE ST. LOUIS owner marked four times, open end.
B: P-S (Page-Storm, later purchased by Winchester) #79.
C: B.F. STURTEVANT CO. single open end, Sturtevant made fans; pipe coil heaters, steam engines, drying apparatus and complete heating and ventilating systems.
D: CLARK wrench with scraper or pry bar in end.
E: WESTERN #N100 wrench for clay pigeon throwers? in green paint.

CB26. Choice from among five International cream separator wrenches: (on left) (Photo)
A: 950C.
B: 924C.
C: 1244CA.
D: 924C.
E: 10465CX pitted.

CB27. Choice from among six Deering-style I.H.C. wrenches: (on right) (Photo)
A: HE911 with IHC logo, some edge pitting.
B: DEERING large letters on one side smaller on other, pitted.
C: HD911 with IHC logo.
D: HD911 with IHC logo and two raised dots.
E: HD911 with IHC logo.
F: H911 with IHC logo and a #2.

CB28: Choice from among six different IHC #G3170 double open ended wrenches: (Photo)

CB29: Choice from among five IHC double ended lug wrenches: (Photo)
A: Unmarked.
B: IH logo 45662DA.
C: IH logo 45662DA.
D: Unmarked.
E: C: IHC logo 45662DA.

CB30. Choice from among six IHC pitman wrenches: (Photo)
A: ZA810.
B: G261 MOWER pittted.
C: Z810 pitted.
D: M231.
E: D736 with IHC logo.
F: D736 with IHC logo.

CB31. Choice from among five I.H.C. wrenches. (Photo)
A: Two-piece #50 & #51 MADE IN CANADA.
B: IHC #271N
C: T560.
D: IHC logo N738.
E: N478.

CB32. Choice from among five IHC tools: (Photo)
A: #2715 with IHC logo in red paint.
B: #2715 with IHC logo.
C: #L9 with IHC logo with one 1/2-inch round hole in handle.
D: #L9 with IHC logo with five round holes in handle.
E: Unmarked IHC 8-inch screwdriver.

CB33. Choice from among five IH or IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #363021-R1with IH logo.
B: #350370R1.
C: #373931R2 with IH logo.
D: #H3769M with IHC logo.
E: #373942R1 with IH logo.

CB34: Choice from among five IH or IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #5283 with IHC logo.
B: #1059B with some pitting.
C: #H523 with star foundry? mark.
D: F354 with IHC logo (unlisted).
E: P890 with IHC logo.

CB35. Choice from among six IH or IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #256 with IHC logo.
B: #R319 with IHC logo in blue paint.
C: #G3172 with IHC logo.
D: #G3171 with IHC logo.
E: #G3172 with IHC logo.
F: #P390 with IHC logo.

CB36: Choice from among five IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #P3156 with IHC logo.
B: #P1183.
C: #H523 1/2.
D: #R171 with IHC logo.
E: #P318 with IHC logo.

CB37. Choice from among six IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #12737D with IHC logo.
B: #12737-DA with IHC logo.
C: #1325EA with IHC logo.
D: #1325EA.
E: #1325-EA with IHC logo.
F: #G.3173 marked I.H.CO. on back of handle.

CB38. Choice from among five IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: R28 with IHC logo, some pitting.
B: Z811 with some minor pitting.
C: P28 embossed number, no logo.
D: Z812 with IHC logo.
E: P28 1/2 with letter D and IHC logo on back, some pitting.

CB39. Choice from among six IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: I.H.CO 1235-D with IHC logo.
B: #12335-D with logo.
C: #1326-E with IHC logo.
D: #1326-E with IH logo.
E: #1326E with IHC logo.
F: #1595E with IHC logo.

CB40. Choice from among five IH, IHC or P&O wrenches: (Photo)
A: Large #9534 DA with IH logo, some minor pitting.
B: #25645B with IHC logo, 19.5 inches.
C: #G3866 with IHC logo, some pitting.
D: P&O CO./IHC flat steel 11.5 inches.
E: P&O CO./IHC flat steel 9 inches.

CB41. Choice from among six IH or IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: #U50 and #U51, 2-piece wrench.
B: MILWAUKEE/IHC P-11, double open end wrench.
C: #R197 double open end wrench.
D: #753.
E: #N478.

CB42. Choice from among four IHC wrenches: (Photo)
F: IHC (Earlier Osborne) P1189 with IHC logo.
G: IHC (Earlier Osborne) P1189 with IHC logo.
H: IHC P1502 with IHC logo.
I: Unmarked 9-inch. GET NUMBER FROM BUS!!!!!

CB43. Choice from among six assorted IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: CHAMPION/IHC #2155 with moderate pitting.
B: CHAMPION/IHC R28 with moderate pitting.
C: #H523.
E: Z811 faint debossed logo.
F: MOLINE PLOW CO. S-1 with mod. pitting.

CB44. Choice from among seven IH or IHC wrenches: (Photo)
G: Large #9534 DA with IH logo, some minor pitting.
H: #21264-D with IHC logo.
I: #379 with IHC logo and sizes embossed.
K: DEERING #D736 with some pitting.
L: #G3166 with IHC logo.
M: #G3173 with IHC logo.

CB45. Choice from among four oversized IHC wrenches: (Photo)
A: International Harvester #MC-75811-IH 30-inch.
B: IHC #30011DA 45-inch brace-type drawbar and cultivator wrench with hex socket.
C: IHC #30011D 45-inch brace-type starting crank and drawbar wrench with square and hex sockets.
D: IHC #30011D 48-inch brace-type drawbar and cultivator wrench with square and hex sockets.

CB46: Choice of 10 assorted tractor or implement catalogs: (Photo)
A: Two International Harvester parts bags in unusued condition.
B: International Harvester 1971 Stockholders Report with letters.
C: International Motor Trucks Operator's Manual C-100 - C-110 - C-120 - C-130 - C120 4x4 And TRAVELALL SERIES. Some corner damage.
D: Instruction Manual for Setting Up and Operating McCormick-Deering Farmall Cultivator No. HM-221.
E: Owner's Manual McCormick-Deering Farmall F-14 Tractor with separated cover.
F: Owner's Manual McCormick-Deering Farmall-M Tractor.
G: International Harvester McCormick-Deering No. 29-HM Hay Machine 704-page Repairs Catalog well worn.
H: Owner's Manual McCormick-Deering Hopper Cooled 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 and 3 to 5 H.P. Model LB Engines.
I: Owner's Manual McCormick (also McCormick-Deering) HM-250 Cultivator for use with Farmall H and M Tractors.
J: Owner's Manual McCormick (also McCormick-Deering) No. 200 Tractor Manure Spreader.

CB47. Choice of 10 assorted tractor or implement catalogs: (Photo)
A: Instructions for Setting up and Operating the McCormick-Deering No. 6 Vertical Lift Mower.
B: McCormick-Deering No. 50-CM Corn Machines 464-page Repair Catalog, worn covers with one burn hole in front cover.
C: Instructions for Setting up and Operating the McCormick-Deering Plain Double-Run Feed Grain Drills.
D: Instruction Book McCormick-Deering Farmall F-14 tractor.
E: Instruction Book McCormick-Deering Farmall F-20 tractor.
F: Instruction Book McCormick-Deering 15-30 Gear Drive Tractor.
G: Instruction Manual McCormick-Deering W-4 tractor.
H: Instruction Book McCormick-Deering Model W-40, 1983 reprint by JM.
I: McCormick-Deering Standard Service Operations and Prices for 10-20 - 15-30 - W-30 - W-40 - WA-40 - WD-40 Tractors.
J: Serviceman's Guide for McCormick-Deering Farmall A.

CB48: Choice of 8 assorted tractor or implement catalogs: (Photo)
A: Operators Manual for International Harvester McCormick No. 8 Tractor Plow (2 and 3-Furrow)
B: Operators Manual for International Harvester McCormick No. 32 Tractor Mower.
C: Operator's Manual Setting Up Instructions for McCormick INTERNATIONAL 455 and 456 Planters, serious cover wear.
D: Operator's Manual McCormick FARMALL Super M-TA and Super M-TA Torque Amplifier Diesel Tractor Regular and High Clearance, cover taped.
E: Serviceman's Guide for Farmall M.
F: Serviceman's Guide for Farmall H.
G: Serviceman's Guide for Farmall Model U-7 Power Unit and T-20 and F-20 Engine.
H: Case Parts Catalog No. R.I. B404 for Model 630 Series Tractors (Xerox copy).

CB49. Choice from among nine Deere related tractor publications: (Photo)
A: Direction for Setting up and Operating John Deere Corn Binder.
B: Direction for Attaching Automatic Marker to Nos. 999 and 135 Planters, some damage.
C: Direction for Setting up and Operating John Deere No. 223 Disk Cultivator, plus Setting Up Instructions for John Deere RH-45 Two-Row Rotary Hoe.
D: Direction for Setting up and Operating No. 1 and No. 2 John Deere High-Lift Mower.
E: Direction for Setting up and Operating No. 1 and No. 2 John Deere High-Lift Mower.
F: Direction for Setting up and Operating Light-Running New John Deere Grain Binder.
G: Direction for Attaching Tractor Hitch to John Deere Light Draft Binder.
H: Directions and Repair LIst for John Deere No. 999 Planter (reprint)
I: John Deere Harvester Works Repair Parts Price List.

CB50: Choice from among 10 tractor related pamphlets and manuals: (Photo)
A: Operator's Manual John Deere Models L & M Spreaders.
B: Operator's Manual John Deere "LUC" motor attachment for 12-A Combine.
C: Setting-Up Manual for John Deere 12-A Straight-Through Combine.
D: Operator's Manual for John Deere 12-A Straight-Through Combine.
E: Operator's Manual for John Deere Belt Pickup for 11-A and 12-A Combines.
F: Operator's Manual for John Deere Cylinder Corn Sheller No. 71.
G: Operator's Manual for John Deere Tractor Model 70, covered worn with dogeared corners.
H: John Deere No. 227 Corn Picker, cover missing.
I: Operator's Manual for John Deere #45 Combines.
J. Operator's Manual for John Deere #45 Combines.

CB51. Choice from among six farm implement and tractor publications. (Photo)
A: Operating Instructions for The Model 25 Oliver Combine.
B: Oliver Setting up and Operating Instructions for No. 22-A Mower.
C: Operator's Manual Badger Self-Unloading Forage Box.
D: Oliver Operators Manaual for Row Crop 88 and Standard 88 Tractors.
E: Oliver Operating Instructions for Row Crop 60 Tractor.
F: Massey Ferguson operator's Manual and Assembly Instructions MF 550 Combine.

CB52. Choice from among nine Allis-Chalmers Mfg. tractor and implement catalogs: (Photo)
A: Operating Instructions and Parts Illustrations WD-52 and WD-53 Pick-Up Plows.
B: Operating Instructions and Parts Illustrations Roto-Baler.
C: Operating Instructions and Repair Parts Illustrations for Allis-Chalmers Forage Blower.
D: Operating Instructions Special Attachments And Repair Parts Book for 60 All Crop Harvester, Serial 93799 And Up.
E: Operating Instructions and Parts Illustrations Roto-Baler built by Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co.
F: Parts List Model HD9 Tractor.
G: Operating Instructions and Parts Illustrations 60 All Crop Harvester, Serial A-101 And Up.
H: Operating Instructions For Models 4C 30, and 4C 40 Corn Heads Used on Model C Gleaner Combine.
I: Program for the 1998 Mid-Iowa Antique Power Association, Inc. Show in Marshalltown, Iowa featuring A-C and related lines.

CB53. Choice box lot gas valve wrenches: (Photo)
A: 9 inch No. 46525.
B: 9-inch with traces of red paint, no number.
C: 9-inch M852.
D: 9-inch marked only with letter S.
E: 9-inch marked on brass socket with M34.
F: 9-inch #45825?
G: one with pivoting socket marked M.
H: WHEATON #12 S with spanner on end of handle.

CB54. Choice box lot buggy or vehicle wrenches. (Photo)
A: 8-inch Pratt? #73070.
B: 8-inch Harper
D: 6-inch ERIE? #7306C
E: 6-inch F103.
F: DAYTON 6-inch similar to previous two lots.
G: Large 11-inch with 1 5/8-in. square opening at one end, some pitting.

CB55. Choice box lot five silo wrenches: (Photo)
B: INDIANA SILO CO. 10-inch, very good overall.
E: TWIN CITY TANK & SILO MINNEAPOLIS MINN. Different lettering, some light pitting.

CB56. Choice from among five pliers and a cotter pin puller:
A: Unknown make 8-inch pliers with side cutter.
B: LOCK LINE by ROSS MFG. CO. 8-inch cam operated pliers with side cutter.
C: Unknown make 8-inch pliers with wire cutters on sides.
E: HERBRAND 9-inch MULTI DUTY compound pliers No. 178 VAN-CHROME.

CB57. Choice from among 8 different misc. wrenches: (Photo)
A: #541 7-inch with a square socket and one open end at one end and twin side-by-side open ends at the other.
B: PYLE-NAT. CHICAGO 11-inch T-handle with hex socket and having a square socket in end of handle.
C: Unknown make 9-inch hub cap type #1474 with pitting on one side.
D: Unknown make 9-inch with multi open ends and having light to moderate pitting.
E: Unknown make 7 1/2-inch T hanled square socket, no markings.
F: Unknown make T handle #230? with open ends and having a square socket on bottom.
G: A505 10-inch with offset open end, the end is hex shaped so another wrench can be used on it.
H: HH buggy or vehicle type 10-inch, very good overall.

CB58: Choice from among four wrenches: (Photo)
A: Leach Patent axle nut wrench Pat. June 30, 1896 manufactured by the T.G. MANDT Vehicle Co. of Stoughton, Wisc.
C: INDIANA SILO CO. 11-inch S wrench, some pitting.

CB59: Choice from among four screw adjusting nut wrenches: (Photo)
A: H.D. Smith Perfect Handle 21-inch, fine.
B: W&B 21-inch, bent bar and some pitting, and wooden handle chipped.
C: Bemis & Call N0. 90 18-inch all-steel screw adjust railroad wrench C.M. ST. P. & P. R.R., very good.
D: L. COES 15-inch screw-adjust wooden handled nut wrench, PAT. DEC. 16, 1891 & APRIL 30, 1895, good.

CB60: Choice from among 10 different separator-type wrenches: (Photo)
A: I.H. 1300C.
B: Unmarked 8-inch stamped steel with multiple open ends on end of handle.
C: Unknown make 8-inch marked 15921 TRADE MARK.
D: DELAVAL 8-inch #4131.
E: SHARPLES 6-inch.
G: International Harvester #950C 6-inch.
H: Unknown make 16409.
I: GALLOWAY 7-inch.
J. International Harvester 10465 C X 9-inch.

CB61: Choice from among 9 different tank or valve wrenches: (Photo)
A: AIRCO 8-inch 8090010.
B: AIRCO 8-inch 8090028.
C: BINKS MFG. CO. 7-inch.
D: CRANE 7-inch 28828.
E: McDONALD 5.5 inch T handle.
F: Unknown 6-inch #419.
H: Oxweld NO. 38. 8-inch.
I: Unknown make 5.5-inch brass.

CB62: Choice from among 10 different cream separator wrenches:
A: An 8-inch that the owner has written IOWA on.
B: IOWA CREAM SEPARATOR S dual open end S wrench.
C: Small 7-inch spanner marked IOWA.
D: Small 5.5-inch NATIONAL 1.
F: Unknown make 8.5-inch marked 27087.
H: Unmarked 7-inch that the owner has written Galloway on.
I: Unmarked 7-inch that the owner has IDd as being a Vega.
J: Unmarked 6-inch that owner has IDd as being a Satlley.

CB63: Choice from among 9 different cream separator wrenches: (Photo)
A: DELAVAL #4131.
B: Unusual double open ended DELAVAL #490.
C: Unmarked 6-inch stamped steel.
D. Unmarked cast iron 5-inch.
E. #2907 cast iron 7-inch with light pitting.
F. Cast iron 6-inch with letter W inside a circle.
G. Unmarked 6-inch steel.
H. Unmarked cast iron 5.5-inch.
I. Montgomery Ward? 4-inch.


The End!

Catalogs will be produced and given to all who attend the auction. If you will not be attending the sale, but are interested in taking place in the auction,
send a catalog request including your full name and mailing address to Mike Urness at NOTE: The catalog will be to the printer soon.

Absentee bid policy:
Absentee Bids:
Stan Schulz
659 E 9th
York, NE 68467-3109

Absentee bids may be submitted by mail, email, or phone. Please call after 6:00 P.M. Central Time. Bid by lot number, with a statement of the maximum amount you wish to bid for each lot. Also please indicate if you are willing to go "one increment higher" if your high bid is elsewhere on the floor. Your bid will be entered competitively at one bid increment over the next highest bid or 50 per cent of your maximum bid, which ever is higher. Thus you may purchase your item for less than your maximum bid. A 5% handling charge (minimum of $3.00 total) will be added to the selling price of winning absentee bids, plus shipping, insurance and sales tax if applicable. If insurance is not purchased we will not be responsible for loss or damage. Don't be afraid to submit "low-ball" bids. You could win some bargains.

Please include your phone number or email address, as all absentee bidders will be notified by phone or by email. Notification will begin a few days after the sale as it takes a while to sort, weigh, wrap, and determine the shipping charges.


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