Antique Scale & Tool Auction

Nov. 5, 2011

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO   63304

(A photo gallery can be found (HERE)

001. Three iron planes: Sargent 408C complete and fine; Stanley #4 with early style tote, top of frog broken off, good overall; and a Victor #20 1/2 with early and nice repair to left side, very good. (Photo)

002. Pair of Stanley #5 iron jack planes: first has stained hardwood tote and knob, complete and fine; and the other has rosewood handles and needs a good cleaning. (Photo)

003. Pair of Sargent #3415 transitional jack planes one with early horseshoe lateral lever, both in good or better overall condition. (Photo)

004. Pair of transitional jack planes: Sargent #3415, tote broken, otherwise very good; plus a Stanley #27, top of tote broken, good overall. (Photo)

005. Three iron smooth planes: Millers Falls #9, complete and fine; Stanley #4 SW complete and very good; and a Shelton #04, complete. (Photo)

006. Two fixer upper Stanley planes: #112 cabinet scraper; needs new wood and the locking screw for cutter adjustment; and an early #45 that needs a outer fence and blades. (Photo)

007. Pair of wood planes: PARKER, HUBBARD & CO. CONWAY, MASS moving fillester, complete and very good; plus an unmarked 9/16-inch #111 dado with screw operated depth stop, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

008. Pair of wood planes: W. MOSS moving fillester, with depth stop but missing nicker, very good overall, and a Continental moving fillester with brass fence on bottom and side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

009. Two wood planes: Greenfield Tool Co. handled smooth plane, complete and very good; plus a 12-inch 1 1/2 fixed sash, very good. (Photo)

010. Three wooden planes: two handled grooving plows THOS. APPLETON BOSTON; and COPELAND that is missing its blade and has been coated with lacquer; plus a European horn plane, with poor fitting wedge. (Photo)

011. Pair of wooden planes: Ohio Tool Co. side bead and an Ohio Tool #83 screw arm plank plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

012. Auburn Tool Co. #93 unhandled screw arm plow plane with one blade, very good overall. (Photo)

013. W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL wedge-arm filletster plane, brass tipped arms, complete and very good. (Photo)

014. A. MATHIESON GLASGOW & EDINBURGH, wedge-arm plow plane, brass ends on arms, very good overall. (Photo)

015. Three iron block planes: Stanley 6-in. with knuckle jointed cap, sides repaired with brass plates, good overall; Stanley #102 complete and fine; and a 7-inch similar to a Stanley #110, complete and very good. (Photo)

016. Two iron bench planes; Marsh 7-inch screw adjust, complete and very good; plus a Stanley #103 with Rule & Level logo iron, complete and fine. (Photo)

017. Pair of iron block planes: Diamond Edge 7-inch screw adjust complete and fine; plus a Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet. (Photo)

018. Beech and brass pad saw, complete and very good. (Photo)

019. Brass and rosewood? marking gage, very good overall. (Photo)

020. Rosewood pad saw, complete and very good. (Photo)

021. Rosewood and brass marking and mortise gauge, very good overall. (Photo)

022. Pair of saw tools including a Stillman's patent saw set; and an unmarked wrest. (Photo)

023. Stanley #64 iron spokeshave, complete and fine; plus a rosewood handled sliding bevel with 8-inch blade; and a 5 3/4-inch wooden spokeshave, fine. (Photo)

024. WEISS button hole cutter, complete and very good; plus a combination kitchen tool that has a stove lid lifter, tack lifter, hammer, etc. (Photo)

025. Unmarked Stanley #77 marking and mortise gage plus a scarce Stanley #14 adjustable try square with 6-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

026. Three iron block planes: Stanley #130 double ender that has the end broken off; Stanley #220 that has a chuck out of the lever cap; and a good Sargent #307. (Photo)

027. Three Stanley block planes: 6-inch with knuckle cap, good; 9 1/4 complete and fine; and a #118 complete and fine. (Photo)

028. Three Stanley block planes: #203 complete and fine; #90 that has a small chip from side; and a late Stanley #220. (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Pair of hand saws: Disston rip with chipped near end of blade; and a fine SHAPLEIGH'S S0140 with hand filed and set blade with extra thin back, near perfect etch and fine handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

030. CONSTANTINE BROTHERS SHEFFIELD 14-inch brass backed saw, one of the handle screws has been replaced, small WARRANTED SUPERIOR medallion. (Photo & Photo 2)

031. Lot of boring tools: Corner brace; all-iron brace with missing spring; and a plated Sheffield-style brace with replaced head, very good overall. (Photo)

032. Yankee #1555 reversible ratcheting breast drill, missing only the auxiliary wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo)

033. Pair of REID 1882 patent screwdrivers. (Photo)

034. Falls #97 ratcheting multi-speed breast drill, complete and fine. (Photo)

035. Millers Falls #12 breast drill with level, needs light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. RARE Goodell Pratt #58 GIANT breast drill, some light rust on the stock, otherwise complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

037. Pair of spoke shaves: wooden W.J. with screw operated blade adjustment; and a Stanley #60 with Rule & Level blades, very good. (Photo)

038. Pair of iron spoke shaves: one with decorative frame around the blade, very good overall; and a smaller one with open handles and interesting cap. (Photo)

039. Lot of three edge tools: Stanley #80 cabinet scraper; #151 spoke shave missing the cap; and a small pony shave. (Photo)

040. Three Stanley #82 long handled scrapers, one needs a blade. (Photo)

041. Stanley #8 24-inch iron jointer plane has a hang hole in one end, tote spur MIA, can be cleaned to very good usable condition. (Photo)

042. Stanley #7 22-inch iron jointer plane with V-logo blade, tote spur broken off, will make a great user. (Photo)

043. Pair of iron bench planes: Stanley #7C 22-inch iron jointer, complete and fine; plus a Stanley GAGE G6 with pitting on bottom and chunk missing from top of left side, will make a great user. (Photo)

044. Large WITTE Hardware (St. Louis) catalog, very good overall. (Photo)

045. HOLTZAFFELS Turning And Mechanical Manipulation Vol III by Astragal Press, very good overall. (Photo)

046. Shapleigh's Hardware catalog with Diamond Edge and Keen Kutter logo on the cover, very good overall. (Photo)

047. The Victorian Catalogue of Tools For Trades and Crafts by Philip Walker, hardbound with intact dust jacket, fine. (Photo)

048. HENKLE & JOYCE HARDWARE CO. LINCOLN-NEBRASKA, makers of the "HE-MO-JO" brand" fine overall. (Photo)

049. Pair of books: Hand Tools Their Ways And Workings by Aldren A. Watson, complete and fine; plus a SLIGO Steel and Industrial Supplies Catalog #89 from St. Louis, Missouri, very good. (Photo)

050. BELKNAP HARDWARE Louisville, Kentucky Catalog #115 has some cover separation at spine, otherwise very good. (Photo)

051. Hardware Age September 29, 1932 "Who Makes It" several pages were dog eared otherwise the book is very good; plus Catalogue No. 4 from Central Rubber & Supply Co. Mill Supplies Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo)

052. WYETH HARDWARE ST. JOSEPH, MO catalog with plastic cover and having a zip code in the address, can't be too old. (Photo)

053. Four woodworking books: Gluing & Clamping by Patrick Spielman; Wood Finisher's Handbook by Sam Allen; Classic Finishing Techniques by Sam Allen; and Home and Workshop Guide to Sharpening by Harry Walton published by Popular Science. (Photo)

054. Auburn Tool Co. No. 54 handled screw arm plow plane with one blade, very good overall.

055. Violin maker's caliper, looks to have been homemade, very good; plus a watchmakers tool. (Photo)

056. Fine medium sized hub or bung reamer. (Photo)

057. A one handled closed scorp for bowl or chair making; plus a hand forged medium sized reamer. (Photo)

058. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with long and short rods; all three depth stops, beading stop, cam, and two-row cutter box with 23 total blades including the slitter that is in the plane, a fine overall plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

059. Three early Miller's Patent planes for parts, and an early #46 skew bladed plow for parts or restoration. (Photo)

060. Lot of three Stanley block planes: #9 1/2; 9 1/4 and #60 1/2 low angle, all complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

061. Pair of adjustable alligator wrenches including a very good Elgin. (Photo)

062. Eifel Plierwrench PAT 5-2-16, very good overall. (Photo)

063. Unusual WIZARD ratcheting adjustable wrench made by the Richards Mfg. Co. Aurora, IL, very good overall. (Photo)

064. Pair 12-inch gas pliers, very good; and a 12-inch wire crimping tool. (Photo)

065. Farmers Ever Ready Tool Kit combination hatchet, plier, hammer, screwdriver and alligator wrench, complete and very good; plus a similar homemade? tool. (Photo)

066. Four wrenches: 6-inch pipe wrench; implement wrench; double ended alligator and a Vaughan & Bushnell single alligator. (Photo)

067. Pair of buggy or wagon wrenches; plus a 10-inch PS&W screw adjust nut wrench in fine overall condition. (Photo)

068. Three different plier-type tools: 9-inch pair for holding round work; 7 1/2-inch nippers; and unusual special purpose tool. (Photo)

069. Two cooper's bung drivers, one made mostly of wood, both very good. (Photo)

070. Enterprise-type bung hole cutter, complete and very good, has piece of wood on the worm screw to protect it. (Photo)

071. Large hollowing knife found with the other cooper's tools, has duct tape covering edge of blade. (Photo)

072. Small homemade chamfering type knife, one handle cracked near rivets. (Photo)

073. Large iron bodied cooper's shave with wooden handles, complete and very good. (Photo)

074. PHEACOCK PATENT 1875 shave, 26-inches wide overall with a 3-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

075. Cooper's beer keg chamfer knife, complete and very good. (Photo)

076. Chain drill, complete and very good; plus a Millers Falls ratcheting auger handle. (Photo)

077. Small green DRGM German drill press, very good overall. (Photo)

078. Millers Falls #2100 breast drill with 3-jaw chuck, very good overall; plus a chain drill with extra long chain, and a brazed repair to the tang, otherwise very good. (Photo)

079. Small hand cranked bench top drill press with small vise, very good overall. (Photo)

080. Corporate seal embossing machine, with nice gold striping, very good overall. (Photo)

081. Pair of #1319 KRUSTY KORN KOBS JUNIOR pans by WAGNER WARE in Sidney, Ohio Patented July 6, 1920, both fine. (Photo)

082. NEW-ERA ROPE MACHINE by NEW-ERA MFG. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Patented July 18, 1911, complete and very nice. (Photo)

083. Lufkin Rule Co. No. 8 board rule for calculating the board feet in a log, very good overall condition. (Photo)

084. COMSTOCK BOLTON KANSAS CITY, MO patented bottle corker, very good; plus a brass sad iron. (Photo)

085. MAS SIEVERT STOCKHOLM brass soldering lamp for heating soldering irons, also says on side FOR BENZOLINE, and a tag saying BORSARI TANK CORP NEW YORK, ST. LOUIS, unusual. (Photo)

086. Music box made to look like a ships running light, plays "How Dry I Am" very good. (Photo)

087. Brass pattern makers router, complete and very good; plus a Stanley bit gauge for auger bits, fine. (Photo)

088. Pair of rosewood marking and mortise gauges; one a faintly marked WM. MARPLES in fine little used condition; and a DISSTON MORSS that has a chip or two, but it otherwise very good. (Photo)

089. Two cooper's hoop drivers for driving on the iron barrel hoops, one is mostly made of wood, both are very good. (Photo)

090. VILLAGE SMITH brass depiction of blacksmith shop that plays a tune when the wheel is wound up. (Photo)

091. Coopers saw tooth croze with copper wear strip, fine overall. (Photo)

092. D.R. BARTON cooper's chamfer knife, very good overall. (Photo)

093. Cooper's howel plane with copper wear strip, a mate to lot #91. (Photo)

094. Smith made hollowing knife, very good overall condition. (Photo)

095. Two different mallets; one is a carvers type, both are fine. (Photo)

096. Self contained soldering iron, and a PEXTO No. 112 ratchet brace, very good. (Photo)

097. Pair of braces including a ratchet brace, very good overall. (Photo)

098. Army signal lamp, this one looks like an old skaters lamp, but it's painted olive drap which leads me to think it's military, very good overall. (Photo)

099. DIETZ D-LITE No. 2 kerosene lamp, in red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

100. Old carriage lamp in red paint, has beveled glass in three sides and mounting bracket on back, very good overall. (Photo)

101. HANDLAN ST. LOUIS railroad lamp with clear lens, some rust and pitting, decent shape. (Photo)

102. Kerosene fueled carriage lamp with beveled glass, body had been repainted, very good. (Photo)

103. HANDLAN ST. LOUIS railroad lamp with red HANDLAN lens, very good. (Photo)

104. Brass port side running light for river or lake boats, red lens, very good overall. (Photo)

105. Anderson Patent Ratator for Separator Plates, made to turn cream separator plates in a cleaning solution; and an unknown tool made with a brass blade held by an oak handle, looks like a kitchen item. (Photo)

106. Lot of wrenches: 10-inch and 12-inch pipe wrenches; fencing pliers with staple claw; L.Coes 6-inch nut wrench; and Billings pocket wrench. (Photo)

107. Four saw sets: STERN GERMANY with fancy casting; CUNNINGHAM WORCESTER, MASS patent set; unknown hammer type set; and a No. 432 in red and gray paint that is like new. (Photo)

108. Scarce Stanley 4-Square 2-foot, 4-fold folding rule, a few chips and some minor staining. (Photo & Photo 2)

109. Stanley #62E brass bound 2-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule, very good overall. (Photo)

110. Fine Lufkin 863L 4-fold, 2-foot boxwood and brass folding ruler with built in level and having a protractor joint, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

111. Like new E.C. Simmons "REDLINE" #620 1/2 PRIME BOXWOOD 2-foot, 4-fold, brass-bound rule. (Photo & Photo 2)

112. Stanley #53 1/2 architects 2-foot, 4-fold boxwood rule, outside needs cleaning, inside is very good. (Photo)

113. Stanley #136 1/2R one-foot, 2-fold boxwood caliper rule in like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

114. Stanley #136 1/2 boxwood 6-inch caliper rule, has small hang hole in one end, very good; plus a Stanley #32 12-inch, 4-fold boxwood caliper rule, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

115. Stanley #68 and #84 boxwood 2-foot, 4-fold rules, both very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. Tobacco cutter of unknown make or vintage, has one modern screw below pivot point in rear, good overall. (Photo)

117. Griswold 709-B 6-inch cast iron skillet with #3 on top of handle, very good. (Photo)

118. Small iron anvil advertising SPENCERBILT, GENEVA, IOWA and 10 YEARS, 1977 1987, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

119. Fine Keen Kutter K20 Kombination Razor Hone in a fine tin box; along with a E.C. Simmons straight razor, both fine. (Photo)

120. Two English biscuit barrels, both are porcelain lined, and both have original lids, the one with the rings is fine, the one without has a crack in the wood, still very good. (Photo)

121. Nice tapered auger with wooden handle, very good overall; plus a wooden handled paint scraper, fine overall. (Photo)

122. Keen Kutter roofing hatchet complete and very good; and a nice Keen Kutter broad hatchet. (Photo)

123. Three wire crimping or twisting tools; at least one by Klein and one with light to moderate rust. (Photo)

124. Large brick or rock hammer with nail puller claw. (Photo)

125. Winchester #4004 1/2-inch bevel edged socket chisel, very good; plus a Diamond Edge heavy duty 1/4-inch mortising chisel. (Photo)

126. Unknown scissor-type tongs for picking up something hot; and a pair of McKay chain pliers, Pat. 11-17-25, very good. (Photo)

127. Five wooden planes; jack rabbet, two fully boxed side beads; grooving plow, etc. (Photo)

128. Three Stanley transitional planes: #29 fore; #26 jack; and #127 Liberty Bell jack. (Photo)

129. Lot inc. Nicholson 00 file in a nice iron holder; broad hatchet head; and a mini hatchet in red paint. (Photo)

130. Unusual snipes bill wood plane, very good overall. (Photo)

131. Small oval shaped wooden keg with brass banding and having a small spigot, in a wooden cradle, fine overall. (Photo)

132. Even smaller oval shaped wooden keg with brass banding, and having a small spigot, in a wooden cradle, fine overall. (Photo)

133. Small round keg with copper or brass bands, in a wooden cradle, very good overall. (Photo)

134. Pair of wooden keg banks; the one without a cradle is from St. Johns Community Bank in St. Louis, MO; and the other in a cradle is from First National Bank in East St. Louis, this one comes with a key. (Photo)

135. A. HOWARD BOSTON postal scale, 8 lb. capacity, in red paint with brass beam and weight, very good overall. (Photo)

136. Salter #25 postal scale that weighs 32 ounces by 1/4 ounce, complete and very good. (Photo)

137. Pelouze Scale & Mfg. Co. postal scale, 4 lb. capacity, Pat. June 2, 1896; and March 29, 1898, the numbers on one side of the dial are faint, nice plating, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

138. I.D.L. DE LUXE THRIFTY POSTAL SCALE 1 lb. capacity, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

139. I.D.L. Postal Scale, 1 lb. capacity, open on sides, some soiling or discoloration on face, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

140. Tiny Pelouze Mfg. Co. CRESCENT postal scale, 1 lb. capacity, in gold paint, multiple patent date on bottom, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

141. IDEAL No. 2 postal scale, 2 lb. capacity, very nice original condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

142. NATIONAL MODEL N-4-5 postal scale by PELOUZE EVANSTON, ILL, capacity of 4 pounds by ounces, RATES EFFECTIVE OCT. 1, 1953, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

143. SUPERIOR postal scale, 4-pound capacity, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

144. Three coopers bung augers for reaming the tapered hole in the sides of wooden barrels or kegs. (Photo)

145. Seven glass telephone or telegraph insulators from old telegraph polls. (Photo)

146. Two large scale weights, both have rust and will need cleaning. (Photo)

147. Choice from among three glass milk bottles and five 1/2 pint cream bottles several from St. Louis dairy companies. (Photo)

148. FAIRBANKS MORSE 50 Lb. standard or weight for calibrating scales. This one has some silver paint, very good overall. (Photo)

149. Eight glass insulators off old telegraph polls. (Photo)

150. Stack of four scale weights; 5; 1; and two 1/2 LB, that would hang from the end of a beam scale. (Photo)

151. Three glass milk bottles, four small cream bottles, and one canning jar with a wire bale. (Photo)

152. Stack of two scale weights that would hang from the end of a beam scale. (Photo)

153. Seven glass insulators off old telegraph polls, one of the smaller ones has a chipped top. (Photo)

154. Stack of three scale weights that would hang from the end of a beam scale. (Photo)

155. Eight glass insulators off old telegraph polls, one of the smaller ones has a chipped top. (Photo)

156. Choice from among seven scale weights. (Photo)

157. Nine glass insulators off old telegraph polls. (Photo)

158. Choice from among eight scale weights (two are double stacked in photo). (Photo)

159. Pair of chain drills, both complete and very good. (Photo)

160. Assorted Diamond Edge tools inc. two Cronk-type pliers; putty knife, flat bastard file; screwdriver, nippers, auger bit, and three open ended wrenches. (Photo)

161. Two Estwing hammers with leather wrapped handles, and two hatchets with sandwiched wooden handles. (Photo)

162. Manufactured wheelwrights traveler, very good overall. (Photo)

163. Winchester 10-inch screw-adjust pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

164. Shapleigh Hardware sign "For when the One Great Scorer comes to wright against your name he writes - Not that you won or lost - but how you played the game," very good overall. (Photo)

165. Winchester wooden plumb and level with part of the original decal still intact, fine overall. (Photo)

166. Shapleigh Hardware sign; "HOPE Inspires, WORK Wins, SUCCESS Rewards," very good overall. (Photo)

167. Three rosewood or mahogany handled adjustable bevels, all very good. (Photo)

168. Pair of corner chisels by G.I. MIX and James Swan, both needing handles, otherwise good. (Photo)

169. Three rosewood handled adjustable bevels, all very good. (Photo)

170. Keen Kutter hand scythe or grass hook in fine original condition. (Photo)

171. Three all-steel adjustable bevels, two by Stanley and one by Craftsman, all very good. (Photo)

172. Keen Kutter wooden smooth plane, good overall. (Photo)

173. Three different surveyors tapes including a 200-foot Rabone. (Photo)

174. Frederick Post Co. No. 3487 - M surveying rod with target, looks to be complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

175. Wooden tripod with brass top that a surveyors transit or builders level would mount on, legs painted red and white, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

176. Adjustable aluminum tripod for fixed or movie cameras, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

177. Wooden tripod with brass top that a surveyors transit or builders level would mount on, brass top marked , very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

178. Lot of six long auger bits including three extra wide bits. (Photo)

179. Lot: lead ladle, hatchet, two hatchet heads, straight peen hammer head; blacksmith top swage and punch hammer; and other misc. tools. (Photo)

180. Lot of 8 extra long T-auger bits. (Photo)

181. Lot: panel saw, try and mitre square; carpet stretcher; and two small wood handled pipe wrenches. (Photo)

182. Lot of 14 extra long auger bits, three have had the square tag sawed off, the others are all OK. (Photo)

183. New old stock #3 iron glue pot, fine. (Photo)

184. Shapleigh Hardware Co. Diamond Edge/Keen Kutter 1843 - 1942 paper weight. (Photo)

185. Fine Bernard Patent nippers by the Wm. Schollhorn Co.; nickel plated FALSING PERFECT plier-type tool for working on leather belts; and an Anchor Steel Strapping wrench for tightening steel banding straps. (Photo)

186. Lot: shingle froe; two socket-type wrenches one marked BLACKHAWK and a screwdriver with a removable mini spade shovel head on the end. (Photo)

187. K&B Saxon double alligator wrench, very good; DEERING implement wrench, some pitting; good overall; and a small bundle of automotive combination nut wrenches from Korea. (Photo)

188. S-K TOOLS 5-drawer machinist-type tool box, made by The Sherman-Klove Co., Chicago, IL, has badge on front of one of the long drawers, intact lock, key taped to inside of lid, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

189. Unusual pair of manual hedge clippers with wooden handles, good overall. (Photo)

190. Lot of three plier-like tools for working on leather belts like those used on old treadle powered sewing machines and on smaller treadle jig saws; Bernard No. 119 6-inch, fine; SINGER 120625; and W. SCHOLLHORN Pat. May 6, 1890; Dec. 27, 1892; April 2, 1907; and June 17, 1913. (Photo)

191. Set of 12 set Popular Science Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedias, published in 1956, two extras of No. 1 and No. 9, all in good or better overall condition. (Photo)

192. Peace's Patent Improved Tenoning Machine for tenoning wagon wheel spokes. This one was made on U.S. Patent No. 173,052 issued Feb. 1, 1876 to John J. Peace, of Salem Missouri. The wooden handle on this one is missing and will need to be replaced. Otherwise this one is complete and very good. (Photo)

193. Seven books: 1964 SLIGO Industrial Supply (Tool) Catalog #89, some cover wear, inside OK; SURVEYING by Bouchard and Moffitt 1965 fifth edition hardbound textbook, ex-library, good overall; Design of Machine Elements 1943 revised edition, some cover wear, inside very good; Basic Woodworking by John L. Feirer, hardbound, very good; How to do your own Wood Finishing by Jackson Hand, Popular Science Skill Book, soft covers, good; The Practical Home Handyman 1948 reprint, hardbound, very good; and FORMING ALCOA ALUMINUM, hardbound, 1962 edition, very good. (Photo)

194. K&E WILD-T-16 Theodolite in fine original condition with original hard shell box and having the original leg set and the end covers for the leg set. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

195. Nicely made National Combination Slicer Model #190 nickel plated, hand-cranked meat slicer, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

196. Fine JOHN E. HAND & CO. CHERRY HILLS, NJ gimbal mounted ships compass in oil, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Stanley #7 22-inch iron jointer with good BB logo blade, good rosewood tote and tall knob, 80 percent plus japanning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. CRESCENT MFG (Stanley made) #8C 24-inch iron jointer, very good hardwood tote and low knob, back right side of main casting has a 1/2-inch chip, still a great user. (Photo & Photo 2)

199. Stanley #8 24-inch iron jointer plane with good Q-logo blade, ill fitting stained hardwood knob, hardwood tote broken in middle, less than 30 percent japanning, with new coat of paint, this one will make a fine user. (Photo & Photo 2)

200. Stanley #8C 24-inch iron jointer plane, rosewood tote missing spur, fine tall knob, very good SW logo blade, 75 percent plus japanning, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

201. Union Plane Co. No. X5 iron jack plane with vertical post adjuster, tote spur MIA, good low knob, japanning 80 percent plus and peeling in a few places, will clean to very good overall. (Photo)

202. Diamond Edge DE4 1/2C heavy smooth plane with good hard rubber tote, nice wooden knob, very good original blade, very good overall. (Photo)

203. Keen Kutter KK4 9-inch iron smooth plane, tote broken at base and needs to be replaced, scuffed but intact low knob, tapered KK iron, good overall. (Photo)

204. Stanley household jack plane (same size as 5 1/4) this one has been repainted inside and out with black paint, has the STANLEY lever cap with stippled background, very good overall. (Photo)

205. Stanley #40 scrub plane, very good SW logo blade, fine beech tote and knob, tote still has a partial decal, very good overall. (Photo)

206. Stanley #2 smooth plane with fine BB logo blade, good early-stye tote, missing the front knob, with a knob, this one will make a very good user. (Photo)

207. Stanley BEDROCK #604C 9-inch iron smooth plane, has initials CDE stamped in 12 pt type into both sides, good rosewood tote, knob has big chip missing from base, good SW logo blade, will make a good user; and a Millers Falls #9 9-inch iron smooth plane, very good tote and knob, light pitting on sides and bottom, just a trace of original japanning remains, will make a good user. (Photo)

208. Stanley #140 skew bladed rabbeting block plane, good SW logo blade, one of the screws holding the side plate is a replacement, good knob, very good overall. (Photo)

209. Pair of Stanley block planes: #60 low angle block plane, missing wooden knob, otherwise very good; plus a #203 with a chipped lever cap and a front knob broken in 1/2, with a new knob, this one will make a good user. (Photo)

210. Stanley-made ECLIPSE 7-inch smooth plane (same size as Stanley #2) with blue painted tote and knob, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

211. Stanley HANDYMAN H1203 8-inch smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

212. Winchester W4 (Stanley made) 9-inch iron smooth plane, knob chipped at base, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

213. Stanley VICTOR No. 1104 9-inch smooth plane, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

214. Stanley HANDYMAN wall-mounted tool cabinet No. H895, nearly complete with original planes, hammer, square, pliers, brace, bits, level, zig zag rule, screwdrivers, chiels, nail set, countersink, marking gage, cold chisel, awl, screwdriver bit; saw (with perfect etch) and framing square, most tools in fine little-used condition, box is fine too. (Photo & Photo 2)

215. Lot of six hammers; four claw and two ball peen. (Photo)

216. Fine Blacksmith made fire place or camp fire cooking tools. One is a tripod that a cooking pot would have from about a fire and two are the items used to lift the pot off the hook once it was hot. (Photo)

217. Two oil cans; one is 24-inches tall and has nice blue paint.

218. Shapleigh Hardware Norleigh Diamond oil can with pump, fine overall. (Photo)

219. Rosewood smooth plane with beech wedge, one ear chipped, and the bottom has a small chip, otherwise, a great decorator. (Photo)

220. The Antique TOOL COLLECTOR'S Guide To Value softcover book by Ronald Barlow, soiled covers, otherwise OK; and a early copy of Patented American Sawsets An Illustrated Patent Directory 1812 – 1925 by Todd L. Friberg, very good. (Photo)

221. E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER COLLECTIBLES AN ILLUSTRATED PRICE GUIDE by Jerry and Elaine Heuring, some minor cover soiling; and THE AMERICAN PATENTED BRACE 1829 – 1924 by James E. Price, fine. (Photo)

222. Fine Woodworking on Planes and Chisels and Bending Wood by Fine Woodworking both softcover books, very good. (Photo)

223. The Ultimate Brace hardbound book by Reg Eaton with intact dust jacket, complete and fine; and PLANE BASICS by Sam Allen softcover with light cover wear. (Photo)

224. Lot of six MWTCA & SWTCA catalog reprints: Winnie Machine Works; The Sandusky Tool Co.; D.R. BARTON MECHANIC'S TOOLS; CLEANING ANTIQUE TOOLS; FORTY YEARS OF HARDWARE; and Greenfield Tool Company.

225. Lot of five MWTCA catalog reprints: BUCK BROS.; AUBURN TOOL CO.; The Chapin-Stephens Co.; Sandusky Tool Co.; and Ohio Tool Co.

226. Three hardbound surveying books: SURVEYING by Bouchard and Moffitt; Plane Surveying by Tracy; and Surveying Vol. 1 Elementary Surveying by Breed and Hosmer. (Photo)

227. Eric Sloane's A Museum of Early American Tools, paperback edition, good overall. (Photo)

228. The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs book, paperback edition, covers wear. (Photo)

229. Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools Value Guide by John Walter, dog eared covers and some staining, good overall; and Antique Tools Our American Heritage by Kathryn McNerney. (Photo)

230. Two PRIMITIVES OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE books by Kathryn M. McNerney. (Photo)

231. A Manual of AMERICAN ENGINEERS & SURVEYORS INSTRUMENTS by W. & L.E. Gurley, Twenty-First Edition 1874, reprint, very good. (Photo)

232. Lot of railroad time tables, list of stations, rules and regulations mostly FRISCO and including a 1927 Rules of the Transportation Department; also included are three Missouri Pacific Timetables No. 9, No. 11, and No. 18 from 1977, 1978 and 1981. (Photo)

233. Lot of six MWTCA tool catalog or tool book reprints including Millers Falls Catalogue #42; NATIONAL SAW CO.; H. CHAPIN'S SON 1890; JACKSON & TAYLOR; Millers Falls Catalogue No. 24, etc.

234. Lot of six tool publications inc. Barlow's The Antique Tool Collector's value guide; 1904 Cheney Hammer catalog reprint; A.J. WILKINSON & Co. reprint.. .

235. Large brass head for BECKMAN BROS. DES MOINES, IOWA platform scale, 8000-LB or 4-ton capacity, has a rusty quick-release steel weight that will take considerable work to bring back to working condition, and one of the sliding brass weights has a broken off locking screw, otherwise just some tarnished brass to deal with. This one will make a great display piece. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

236. Central Scientific Co. Chicago scientific balance scale with cast iron base, brass rocker and brass pans, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

237. Unusual 5-beam FAIRBANKS head for a cream or dairy scale, clean and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

238. Smaller FAIRBANKS platform scale with two original weights in green paint, has FAIRBANKS name in cutout letters on both sides just below the brass beams, looks to be complete and in very good overall working condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

239. Lot of five scale related books or booklets: Marks and Markings of Weights and Measures of the British Isles by Carl Ricketts; Sovereign Balances 1-Standard Rockers by Michael A. Crawforth; tow copies of Weights and Measures Shire Album #44 by J.T. Graham; and one Shire Album #55, Scales and Balances by J.T. Graham.

240. FAIRBANKS postal scale with rotating beam, cast iron base and brass beam and weight, 1-LB capacity, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

241. Unusual German folding postal scale 250-gram capacity, brass pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

242. WEIS MANUFACTURING CO. MONROE, MICH postal scale with cast iron base and having a brass beam, nice decal on the front, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. TRINER SCALE MFG. CO. CHICAGO U.S.A. 20-LB capacity postal scale, has moisture staining on the paper face, intact glass lens, brass bezel, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

244. Small brass balance scale marked 100 G on arm, one pan has puddle of solder in the bottom, very good overall. (Photo)

245. COLT INDUSTRIES INC. FAIRBANKS Model 41-5673, CAP'Y 35 LB, in original green paint, has some light rust on the top pan, otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

246. Small brass steelyard scale with large copper pan and brass weight, very good overall. (Photo)

247. Two large brass scale pans.

248. Pair of torsion balance scales, SKS and MIRA both needing work or can be used for parts, three good brass pans included.

249. Three MWTCA catalog reprints: Otto Young & Co. Tools and Materials Catalogue; L& I.J. White Edge Tools; and Hermon Chapin Price List 1859. (Photo)

250. Extra large dinglestock (field anvil), a small anvil like tool used to take the dings out of scythes during harvesting season. (Photo & Photo 2)

251. Lot of 15 blacksmith tongs (one damaged) and two pair of chain pliers. (Photo)

252. Seven screw-adjusted nut wrenches, five with wooden handles, most in good or better overall condition. (Photo)

253. Three pipe wrenches including an unusual 14-inch GRAHAM PAT. NO. 1,708,722, complete and very good. (Photo)

254. Large 36-inch screw adjusted pipe wrench, some rust, needs cleaning. (Photo)

255. Six wooden handled screw-adjust nut wrenches, one has a bent bar, and one has a replaced wooden handle, the others are all good. (Photo)

256. Lot of seven assorted wrenches: one buggy or wagon wrench; two T-handle socket wrenches, etc. (Photo)

257. Lot: two hatchets and two axe heads. The double bit axe head is has the OVB logo embossed in it, all appear to have been bead blasted or de-rusted using electrolysis. (Photo)

258. Lot of three hammers including a broom maker's and cobblers and a pair of lasting pliers that have a hammer head. (Photo)

259. Unusual file maker or saw setting hammer, very good overall. (Photo)

260. Two CROSBY automotive nut wrenches, one very good and one with some rust. (Photo)

261. Lot of eight misc. wrenches inc. four 9-in. auto nut wrenches, an 8-inch pipe, etc. (Photo)

262. HENRY TROEMNER box scale with nice oak base and marble top, good nickel plating on both TROEMNER-marked pans, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

263. Large Hanson hanging spring balance, 20-LB capacity, with large pan hanging below. Possibly an older merchants scale.

264. Large balance harp top scale (32 inches tall) with porcelain plate on one side and brass pan on the other, having a very decorative top, the brass arm is marked TO WEIGH 7 LBS CLASS P, cast iron base, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

265. Three large scale pans with pouring spouts on one end. (Photo)

266. Two copper buckets, both have early hand forged bails, one bucket has several cracks or splits in the side and will need to be soldered. (Photo)

267. Lot of three spare scale pans. (Photo)

268. HANDLAN ST LOUIS railroad lantern with red HANDLAN #57 lens, the chimney is dented and the bail or handle has been replaced with wire, otherwise OK. (Photo)

269. Luck-E-Lite No. 25 railroad lantern with nice red lens marked No. 10 E, very good overall. (Photo)

270. HANDLAN ST LOUIS railroad lantern with red HANDLAN INC. lens, very good overall. (Photo)

271. Lot of 14 long auger bits including several that are shipwrights type. (Photo)

272. Fire poker and pry bar.

273. Lot: 3 hatchets; three hand adzes; and one potato fork head. (Photo)

274. Two wrenches: 12-inch screw adjust pipe and nut wrench, very good; and a 10-inch basin wench, very good. (Photo)

275. Lot: three adz heads; an Army or Forrest Service grubbing hoe in OD green paint; a shingle froe, etc. (Photo)

276. Lot of grass rope and two wooden blocks. (Photo)

277. Four crosscut saws, one is missing one of its handles. (Photo)

278. Lot of grass rope and two wooden blocks. (Photo)

279. Two primitive wooden rakes. Both need some work to replace some of the broken pegs. (Photo)

280. Medium sized steelyard scale, no weight. (Photo)

281. Two brass VICTOR MOLINE ILL scale heads, each has two beams with one weight each. (Photo & Photo 2)

282. Smaller Fairbanks 2-beam brass scale head. (Photo)

283. Mystery tool made of brass, looks similar to a coopers hoop driver, the business end is 4 inches wide and 1/2 inch deep and is flat. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Pitney Bowes Mod. S-510 postal scale, 5-LB capacity, the glass is broken at the bottom and there is no pan. (Photo)

285. Small brass steelyard scale (no weight) with large copper pan, very good overall. (Photo)

286. Pair of check row corn planter stakes, both are fine. (Photo)

287. Family scale with brass face, brass beam for grain testing scale, Howe platform scale beam. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Lot of five bottles: three milk and two cream. (Photo)

289. Yankee #30A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver IOB with five bits, will easily clean to fine overall condition. (Photo)

290. Manufactured wheelwright's traveler to measure wagon wheels for iron tires. (Photo & Photo 2)

291. Stanley #5 1/4 junior jack plane with aluminum handle, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

292. Three iron block planes: Stanley #65 low angle, needs to be cleaned but very good overall; #9 1/4 complete and very good; and an unknown make for childs tool kit? (Photo)

293. Auburn Tool Co. unhandled screw-arm plow plane, ill-fitting wedge, very good overall; plus a ripping gauge with a cracked handle. (Photo)

294. Pair of iron compass planes; Stanley #113 with Q-logo blade, very good overall; plus a #13 that has a brazed repair on one side. (Photo)

295. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with 95 percent+ nickel plating, fine rosewood handle and knob, comes with one original box of 10 plow irons, very good overall. (Photo)

296. Lot of three saws: LAWRENCEBURG SAW CO. #50 26-inch 8 ppi blade, chip from very end of blade, otherwise fine etch and handle; Diamond Edge 26-inch 8 ppi hand saw, good overall; and an early Keen Kutter panel saw with axe head medallion, very good. (Photo)

297. Pair of saws: Keen Kutter 26-inch 8 ppi blade, very good overall; and a and an early Henry Disston & Sons 12-inch back saw missing one bolt and nut, otherwise very good. (Photo)

298. Pair of iron jointer planes: Keen Kutter KK7 22-inch iron joiner plane, rosewood tote broken and glued and missing spur, otherwise very good; and a Millers Falls? that has some rust and will need a good cleaning. (Photo)

299. Pair of Stanley #6 iron fore planes: early one with Q-logo blade, fine early style tote and rosewood knob, very good overall; and a later model with chunk missing from side of tote spur, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

300. LARRO Farm-tested R.H. FORSCHNER CO. NEW YORK, NY hanging spring dairy scale, TO WEIGH 60 LBS BY 10 THS. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Smaller brass balance scale with brass plates, chain held to beam by paper clip on one side and safety pin on other side. (Photo & Photo 2)

302. CHATILLON CAPACITY 400 lbs. hanging spring scale, this is the biggest of its type that we have seen, big brass face, very good. Round face spring scales are very desirable. (Photo & Photo 2)

303. Mancur scale, complete and very good. When seen at farm and estate sales these are often sold as hide scales. (Photo)

304. HANSON hanging spring balance Patent No. 1,223,787, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

305. Lot of three spring balances: JOHN CHATILLON & SONS MAKERS with 50 LB capacity; CHATILLON'S IMPROVED SPRING BALANCE patented Jan. 6, 1891 and Jan. 26, 1892; and a CHATILLON'S BALANCE No. 2 with 25 LB capacity. (Photo)

306. PELOUZE DAIRY SCALE hanging spring balance capacity 120-LBS by 2/10 LB, there's no glass face on this one. (Photo & Photo 2)

307. Small Fairbanks beam scale.

308. CHATILLON SPRING BALANCE brass face, missing pointer, white porcelain backing plate, no glass. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. Unusual German beam scale with 6 KG capacity.

310. Counter scale with 20 LB capacity.

311. Postal scale 3 cents per ounce by Pelouze, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

312. Fairbanks PROPERTY OF U.S.P.O. DEPT. brass beam postal scale with unusual cast iron 3-toe base, replaced top plate, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. W.& T. AVERY torsion balance scale in original gold paint with original decals, nice brass pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. C. FORSCHNER'S IMPROVED CIRCULAR spring balance TYPE 33 SERIAL I, with 120 LB capacity. (Photo)

315. DETECTO SCALES NEW YORK spring balance with 100 LB capacity. (Photo)

316. Pair Pelouze Mfg. spring balance scales, both 100 LB capacity, one missing the hook at bottom. (Photo)

317. SALTER'S IMPROVED spring balance, 24 LB capacity. (Photo)

318. CHATILLON'S IMPROVED Spring Balance, 100 LB capacity. (Photo)

319. Steelyard scale 21 inches long overall, very good. (Photo)

320. Fancy brass and steel steelyard scale (no weigh) about 39 inches long brass on both ends, steel in middle, early looking hallmarks on brass. (Photo & Photo 2)

321. ECONO-SCOOP Pat. #2,947,271 scoop with built in scale, 5 LB capacity, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

322. Household scale with 30 LB capacity, has three babies hiding behind a star on the dial face top pan is a little bent, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. FAIRBANKS 100 LB capacity platform scale, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

324. CHATILLON CAPACITY $10.00 coin counting scale MANUFACTURED ESPECIALLY FOR J. SCHOENBACH BROOKLYN, N.Y., comes in a lockable case (with key) for locking it up. (Photo & Photo 2)

325. FAIRBANKS 100 LB capacity postal platform scale, PROPERTY OF U.S. P.O. DEPT. 1931, complete and having nice red highlights, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

326. TOLEDO Style 728-BU 15-LB capacity, candy scale, needs a good cleaning, glass chipped in one corner on one side, says NO SPRINGS HONEST WEIGHT, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

327. Toledo Scale Co. DETECTO 3-foot tall platform scale by the Jacobs Bros. Co. Brooklyn, N.Y. in green paint, nice dial, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

328. Unknown make produce scale NO SPRINGS HONEST WEIGHT white porcelain, has been sitting several years on a lower shelf in a garage and needs a serious cleaning, should clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

329. Triner postal beam scale 1 LB capacity, very good. (Photo)

330. Postal-type spring scale with brass plate WARRANTED ACCURATE PAT. APLD FOR, attributed to Gilfillan see Equilibrium page 3682, this one is in old black paint, good overall. (Photo)

331. PELOUZE SUPREME computing postal? scale, 2 LB capacity, paint peeling from sides, Pat. May 25, 1915, good overall. (Photo)

332. HOWE double beam scale with three-footed base, two weights included, in old red paint, some pitting, brass beams, good overall. (Photo)

333. PELOUZE SUPREME postal scale 2 LB capacity, good overall. (Photo)

334. Large DETROIT AUTOMATIC platform type scale with original weights, the back glass is broken as is the top of the nickel plated frame with the makers name on it, otherwise just needs a serious cleaning, capacity 100 LBS. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

335. Two two-two scales; the larger one in red paint is a double beam with capacity 35 LB, it's missing its pan, but is otherwise OK; the smaller black one is complete. (Photo & Photo 2)

336. Smaller all-brass steelyard scale with copper pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

337. Large 34-inch steelyard meat scale that just needs a light cleaning, very good. (Photo)

338. Pelouze Evanston, Illinois DELUX "Y" LINE MODEL Y-5 postal scale in red paint, fine overall. (Photo)

339. Pelouze Mfg. Co. parcel post postage scale with eagle decal on both sides, nice blue paint, 6 LB capacity, very good overall. (Photo)

340. Reproduction ships compass in brass housing, 20 LB capacity, very good overall. (Photo)

341. FAIRBANKS beam scale with assorted weights, 25 LB capacity, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

342. Béranger torsion-type balance scale with what appears to be original blue and gold paint, brass pans, 5K capacity, defined in Crawforth's Handbook of Old Weighing Instruments as "a scale constructed on the principle patented by Joseph Béranger in 1847. The load and weight plates are supported above the beam by a series of parallel linkages designed to eliminate side forces on the knife edges". Most Béranger scales were manufactured in Germany or Austria in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Later models had little or no decoration. Bérangers were made of heavy cast iron with brass pans and were generally used in the Germanic countries for market use. This one is fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

343. Dodge Scale Co. Micrometer scale with fine nickel plating, no pan, missing marble slab, a fine body for restoring. (Photo & Photo 2)

344. Large BARTLETT BRISTOL (40 inches tall) balance scale with steel or iron base, brass arm, porcelain or faux marble pan on one side and brass pan on the other, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

345. Dodge Scale Co. Micrometer scale in silver paint, no pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

346. Three toed double beam scale in red paint, brass beams, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

347. CHATILLON'S Improved Circular Spring Balance to weight 30 pounds, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

348. DETECTO POSTO-GRAM scale with nice dial face, is not working properly, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

349. SEEDERER-KOHLBUSCH INC. ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY precision balance in wooden and glass case and having a drawer full of weights. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. Brass ships light, may have been made for decorative purposes only, very good. (Photo)

351. MOPAC Missouri Pacific Railroad lantern with blue globe, very good overall. (Photo)

352. BUHL #880 brass lantern with Dietz D-LITE clear globe, fine. (Photo)

353. FAIRBANKS platform scale on wheels, complete with weights. This one has an iron base with a wooden deck, a wooden post in the back and a brass beam, there is a set of weights hanging on the front of the scale. Will easily clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

354. FAIRBANKS single-beam postal scale base has FAIRBANKS PORP'Y OF U.S. P.O. DEPT. 9-ounce capacity, brass beam and weight, cast iron base, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

355. VICTOR POSTAL SCALE by PELOUZE SCALE & MFG. CO. Marked PAT. PAT. AUG. 3, 1897 and MAR. 29, 1898 on bottom of face, nice plating on outer case and pan, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

356. Buffalo Scale Co. postal scale, 9-ounce capacity, brass beam and weight, cast iron base, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

357. Nice brass postal balance mounted on wooden base with drawer, with four (five) weights, MADE IN TAIWAN REPUBLIC OF CHINA, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

358. HOWE SCALE CO. RUTLAND, VT single beam scale 12-pound capacity, brass beam and weight, copper or brass pan marked HOWE needs to be re-soldered to the post, cast iron base has nice paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

359. Single beam postal scale attributed to Weiss, 16-pound capacity, brass beam and plate, the cast iron base has been repainted with black and gold, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. NATIONAL POSTAL SCALE by PELOUZE MFG. CO. This is a FOREIGN LETTERS scale, and it is complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. IDEAL POSTAL SCALE, 2-pound capacity, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

362. LIBERTY POSTAL SCALE #1, top of pan has COMPLIMENTS MILLERS NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY CHICAGO, the celluloid dial on this one is torn, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

363. PELOUZE DIETETIC-LABORATORY SCALE, white porcelain case, the porcelain on the front is damaged near the bottom, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

364. IMPERIAL COMPUTING CONFECTIONERY SCALE, capacity 2-lbs. by 1/2 ounces, copyright by W.N. PELOUZE, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

365. I.D.L. Postal Scale 4-lb. capacity, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

366. Small balance scale mounted to an oak box and having a drawer below. In the drawer are 8 original weights and one replacement, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

367. Nice 28-inch butcher's steelyard scale marked HENRICHSON BUTCHERS & PACKERS SUPPLIES, the sliding weight looks like a probable replacement, very good overall. (Photo)

368. DENVER EQUIPMENT CO. FOR MINING USE ONLY steelyard scale with brass head and aluminum beam, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

369. Pair of spring balances: PS&W hanging spring balance with brass face, 50-LB capacity, fine overall; and a hand held? CHATILLON INST-T spring balance, 60-LB capacity, replacement hook on bottom, very good overall. (Photo)

370. Unknown make single beam scale in red paint, brass beam, cast iron base with two toes, needs the set of weights that hangs off the end of the beam. (On left in same photo as #381)

371. JOHN CHATILLON & SONS TYPE-100 hanging spring balance, capacity 50-LBS X 1 LB, very good overall. (Photo)

372. Decorative balance scale with marble column, brass beam, and brass pans, this one looks more decorative than functional.

373. CHATILLON'S IMPROVED SPRING BALANCE, 100-LB capacity, fine overall. (Photo)

374. SALTER? Household Scale to weigh 28 pounds, BRITISH MADE, cast iron base, soiled face and needing a pan, will clean to good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

375. CHATILLON & SONS spring balance, 50-LB capacity X 1 LB, very good overall. (Photo)

376. John Bliss & Co. TAFFRAIL LOG NEW YORK, U.S.A. This is a brass bodied nautical instrument. It has a porcelain face with 3 dials that register different increments of distance traveled. (Photo)

377. Unusual No. 3 single-beam store scale, maroon painted base, has a decal CALL OUT THE WEIGHT AMOUNT TO CUSTOMERS, attributed to Jacob's Brothers Scale Works, complete with large brass pan, needs a good cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

378. Unknown compass in round brass case with cover, very good overall.

379. Unusual multiplier compass for enlarging or reducing a drawing, MADE IN ENGLAND, in a nice wooden box, fine overall. (Photo)

380. Unknown make brass surveyors type level that would have mounted on a set of legs, has a compass on one side and level vial on the other, very good overall.

381. American Cutlery Co. single beam scale with 26-LB capacity, in bright red paint, very good overall. (In same photo as #370)

382. Stanley London sextant? In leather box. Likely a reproduction piece, very well made.

383. FAIRBANKS postal scale PROP'Y. OF U.S. P.O. DEP'T. Capacity 4 LB, 3-toe base, tin pan, will clean to very good overall condition.

384. Unknown make 4-LB postal scale with brass plate, and bent brass beam.

385. AMERICAN SCALE MFG. CO. WASHINGTON D.C. YOUR FORTUNE, "WEIGH" YOUR FATE fortune telling penny scale, the top panel in the back is gone as so is the door to the cash box. It has very good paint and functions perfectly except that the money comes out the back and onto the floor. (Photo & Photo 2)

386. Triner #349 postal scale in original blue paint, decal on side says FILL DASH POT WITH OIL, KEEP CUP FILED, glass in front is broken, all pieces are present and can be used as a template for cutting new glass.

387. Early steelyard scale witih brass weight, copper pan, hand forged steel hooks, very good overall.

388. Pair of ADAMS & WESTLAKE CHICAGE brass kerosene bracket lamps said to have been used in early train cars, both have modern English burners, both need shades or chimneys.

389. Keuffel & Esser No. 4212 Planimeter IOBm very good overall.

390. Brass beer or cheese makers thermometer, 17 inches long overall, very good.

391. Stanley Rule & Level Co. sliding inside scale 50 inches long when fully extended, some wear to outside, good overall.

392. Very nice ELI S. PRIME, No. 172 WANTAGE SCALE, PAT. July 23, 1878, complete and in very good overall condition.

393. Unknown make postal scale, dirty and in dire need of a good cleaning, good spring and still apparently working.

394. Two farm scenes painted on circular saw blades by E. HUSKEY, one is summer scene and the other shows the barnyard covered in snow, both very well done. (Photo & Photo 2)

395. Genuine Ebulliometer Salleron Improved by J. Dujardin for (determining the) Percentage of Alcohol in Wines, Ciders, Vinegars, Etc. All inside original wooden box with instructions and booklet, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

396. ALLBRIT planimeter in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

397. MB-4A Computer Air Navigation Instructions made by Felsenthal Instruments Company Chicago MFR'S Part No. FAA-46D, complete in origianl plastic pouch. (Photo)

398. Three spare scale pans one in center looks nickel plated. (Photo)

399. Lot of two fixer upper brass balance scales; the smaller one comes with a brass disc that can be mounted to piece of wood and then the post screws into that. (Photo)

400. FARM MASTER CREAM SEPARATOR MOD. NO.33841 by SEARS & ROEBUCK, complete with owners manual and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Large PRENTISS No. 21 bench vise, is rusty from sitting on a garage floor, should clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

402. Large blacksmith anvil (approx. 175 lbs.) needs a little cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

403. Mini wooden keg and three shot glasses all in wooden cradle, very good overall. (Photo)

404. Mini wooden keg with brass fitting in one end and where the bung would have been in wooden holder with room for four shot glasses that you must provide. (Photo)

405. Two mini wooden keg banks; one from Seagram's BENCHMARK Premium Bourbon; and the other from the Bank of Lee's Summit, Mo. "The Old Reliable" (Photo)

406. Lot of four decorative brass cannons, the longest is 15 inches long overall and is of light cast brass; the next is 11 inches long overall and is of heavy cast brass, next is a brass cannon on a cast iron carriage; and the smallest is 3 inches long overall with a brass cannon on an iron carriage. (Photo)

407. Small wooden gentleman's chest or mini tool box. Has a professional repair to the back side where the lid likely flopped open and broken the top board, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

408. Shields patent anvil vice combination tool that is missing the moveable jaw and adjuster screw. Clearly marked with the Sept. 22, 1914 patent date, interesting and nice. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

409. Medium and large sized cast iron glue pots, both appear to be new old stock.

410. Large brass bucket with hand forged bale, very good overall. (Photo)

411. Newer looking brass bucket, very good overall condition. (Photo)

412. Smaller FAIRBANKS double beam scale, will clean to good condition. (Photo)

413. Two torsion type scales: on left is small roberval balance scale with brass pans; on right is a Béranger in blue paint. (Photo)

414. Two spare scale pans, one is tin, the smaller one is brass. (Photo)

415. Hanging set of 4 scale weights in old red paint, plus two spare weights one steel and one 1-LB T.C.S. CO. brass. (Photo)

416. HAMILTON BEACH DRINKMASTER malt mixer with "4-Fold Aerator" the whole thing needs a good cleaning but the head looks great, currently not working, it needs at least a new cord and a mixing cup. (Photo & Photo 2)

417. Fine wooden harness maker's vise with brass hinge in old green paint. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

418. Mystery cutter that has a 12 sets of lopper-type blades evenly spaced and will cut something round into 12 different pieces. Has holes in base for mounting. (Photo & Photo 2)

419. Lot of four T-handled augers. (Photo)

420. American Family Scale Co. hanging spring balance, 60-LB capacity, nice tin scoop, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

421. Large HOWE SCALE CO. Steelyard scale head that weights up to 16,000 LBS, there is some rust that will need cleaning, and the quick-release sliding weight will is not working properly, so it will need work too. (Photo & Photo 2)

422. Spoked 25-inch ships wheel for a small to medium sized boat, plus two small brass propellers for boat motors. (Photo)

423. Six scales for parts or restoration. (Photo)

424. Three spare scale pans.

425. Unknown make spring balance, 100 LB capacity, some rust and pitting on back plate, spring on bottom, good overall. (Photo)

426. Four books and booklets about scales: SOVEREIGN BALANCES 1-Standard Rockers by Michael A. Crawforth England 1983; Standard of Weights and Measures in the Exchequer Anno. 12. Henrici Septimi (1477); A Tribute to Antique Scales 1994 Calendar by Fairbanks Scales; Coin Operated Scales by Bill & Jan Berning; and Scales and Balances by J.T. Graham, Shire Album Series #55. (Photo)

427. Landers, Frary & Clark spring balance with 200 LB capacity, very good overall. (Photo)

428. Pitney Bowes Model S-104 postal scale, 4 LB capacity, RATES EFFECTIVE 1982, needs new glass lens (the broken old one is present for a template, also needs a good cleaning. (Photo & Photo 2)

429. CHATILLON IRON CLAD spring balance with 200 LB capacity. (Photo)

430. TRINER MODEL #9-T postal type beam scale, very good overall. (Photo)

431. Two small pocket spring balance scales; larger one MADE IN TAIWAN; the smaller one a POCKET BALANCE MADE IN GERMANY. (Photo)

432. Unusual BELMONT MADE IN ENGLAND scale with mirror that allows you to read the dial from behind, the numbers on the dial are reversed, label on back PATENT No. 302514, AUSTRALIAN PATENT No. 16913; CANADIAN PATENT No. 291302, 1929, NEW ZEALAND PATENT No. 61734, very heavy. (Photo)

433. Landers, Frary & Clark Makers, New Britain, Conn. U.S.A. hanging spring balance, 10 LB capacity. (Photo)

434. FARMERS UNION CO-OP CO. ELIVATOR STORE & CREMARY ??? NEBR hanging spring balance that shows the weight in cents per pound for two different zones. (Photo)

435. The Computing Scale Co. Dayton, Ohio large platform scale that needs one of the two little hooks to hold the bracket that supports the pan, with a good cleaning this one will be nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

436. Heavy iron framed DETECTO platform scale, has old tag saying it is a WELLS FARGO scale, no glass protecting dial, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

437. Japanese WWII aircraft compass, appears to be in working condition but in need of a lens cleaning.

438. Ship's compass in gimbaled box, the bottom of the wooden box is broken but the pieces are included, the paper dial with compass positions looks like a homemade copy, no lid for the box. This one needs TLC, but one of you land lubbers can do it.

439. Unusual Air Force Sextant in a fitted wooden box.

440. Fine set of TOLEDO scale weighs in fitted box with hinged lid. There are two 10-pound weights, one 5-pound; five 1-pound, three 4-ounce; three 1-ounce; two 1/2 ounce; and two 1/4-ounce, all are like new.

441. STANLEY LONDON brass cased surveyor's compass, very good overall. This one is likely a reproduction like most of the Stanley London items on the market.

442. Boxed set of scale weights, including 2000 gram; 1000 gram; 500 gram; 200 gram, and two 100-gram weights, the 200 and one of the 100-gram look like replacements, there are eight empy spots for the 8 smaller sized metric weights.

443. Brass telescope like those used on ships and riverboats, bad optics, good overall condition.

444. TRINER SCALE CO. postal scale, 9-oz. capacity, very good overall.

445. W.M. WELCH SCIENTIFIC CO. 2000-gram capacity hanging spring balance, very good overall.

446. Fine TOLEDO SCALE CO. Model #405 candy or store scale, 3-LB capacity, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

447. Early looking brass hanging balance scale, with brass pans, numerous touch marks in the pans and on the beam, very good overall.

448. NATIONAL STORE SPECIALTY CO. LANCASTER, PA CANDY SCALE, nice original green paint, 2-LB capacity, measures in 1 and 2-cent scales, complete and fine overall. (Photo)

449. Unknown make brass gold scales, the chains look like modern replacements, very good overall.

450. FAIRBANKS Commemorative scoop 1830 – 1930, nice nickel plating, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Nice mini balance scale said to have been used as a gold scale, complete and very good.

452. SALTERS IMPROVED FAMILY SCALE No. 50 SILVESTER'S PATENT, 14-lb. capacity, nice brass face, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. OAKES MFG CO. TIPTON, IND stamped sheet metal egg grader or scale, with wooden egg, needs cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

454. SALTER NO. 25 POSTAL SCALE TO WEIGH 22 LBS by 1 OZ, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

455. ZENITH EGG GRADER with cast iron base, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. HANSON MODEL 2000 UTILITY SCALE, 25-LB capacity, NOT LEGAL FOR USE IN TRADE, complete and very good. (Photo)

457. ACME EGG-GRADING SCALE PATENED JUNE 24, 1924, THE SPECIALTY MFG. CO., ST. PAUL, MINN. U.S.A. This one has a sheet metal base, very interesting. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. WIRTHSCHAFTS WAAGE scale with brass pan, 1 KILO = 2lbZOLLG, 50 GRAMM=3LOTH, in green paint with loose fitting brass scoop on top. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. Champion Egg Scale with brass beam, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. UNIVERSAL FAMILY SCALE CO. PAT'D 1865 GUILFORD, CONN, 48-LB capacity, nice heavy iron body with floral scenes painted on both sides, brass face, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

461. "ANDERSON" EGG GRADING SCALE, PAT APPL, some minor wear, very good overall. (Photo)

462. AMERICAN FAMILY SCALE PATENTED OCT. 25, 1896, capacity 24 LBS by Ounces. Made by the American Cutlery Co. Chicago. Stenciled on the sides PHOENIX FURNITURE CO. THE HOUSE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY. The spring on this one is broken or has become disconnected and the face is faint on one side, has a nice decorative leather-covered pan on top. (Photo & Photo 2)

463. Wm. WRIGLEY JR. & CO. CHICAGO No. 99 candy? Scale with brass face, and a repainted black tin body, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

464. Small chrome or nickel plated postal counterbalance scale and stamp dispenser, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

465. Nested set of weights for balance scales, the brass hinge is broken from the base, and there's only one weight on marked 4 on the inside, the top is marked with a star. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Set of 12 brass scale weights for balance scales. (Photo & Photo 2)

467. Nested set of brass weights for balance scales, five weights inside, one looks like a replacement, a very good set overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Blacksmith made fireplace trammel, nicely executed. (Photo)

469. Two semi mystery tools including what looks like a founders' tool for working sand; and another tool that is some type of burnisher with a long wooden handle. (Photo)

470. Stanley #45 combination plow plane complete in original pasteboard box with two boxes of blades; included are long and short rods, all three depth stops, beading stop, cam, envelope with spare spurs, owners manual and screwdriver, one of the plow cutters has been reformed, but otherwise all cutters including the slitter are present and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. B.S.V. Co. adjustable hollow auger, complete and very good. (Photo)

472. C.S. Osborne leather slitter with new Osborne blade. (Photo)

473. Fine BRIDGEPORT rosewood handled tool handle with full set of bits inside. (Photo)

474. Three iron bench planes: #60 1/2; unknown 6-inch with adjuster; and Stanley #220 with broken cam lever on lever cap. (Photo)

475. Choice from among 2 different steam whistles. (Photo)

476. Hand cranked grinding wheel in a metal trough mounted to a wooden base, very good overall. (Photo)

477. E.C. STEARNS & CO. felloe borer patented May 17, 1880 and Feb. 1, 1876, complete and very good. (Photo)

478. Unusual hand cranked grinder that attaches to a work bench, ornate iron frame, the grinding wheel in it now has the wrong size hole and wobbles, get a new stone wheel or sleeve this one and it will be fine. (Photo)

479. CHIEF LIGHT OIL USE MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN, oil burning light with glass chimney inside, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

480. HANDLAN ST. LOUIS Railroad switch lantern that has been converted to electric, nice overall condition. (Photo)

481. Electric marine running light, very good overall condition. (Photo)

482. Hand saw with nice farm scene painted on one side, very nice. (Photo)

483. Large 26-inch miter saw MADE EXPRESSLEY FOR STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. BY HENRY DISSTON & SONS. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. Pair of saws: NICHOLSON 26-inch 10 ppi CAT. NO. 80028 hand saw, complete and fine; plus a very good DISSTON de-horning saws. (Photo & Photo 2)

485. Calking mallet for calking ships or wooden barges, very good overall, comes with one calking iron. (Photo & Photo 2)

486. Fine turning saws with 13-inch blade. (Photo)

487. Eleven saw sets including large BULLOCK with intact fence; and THE BULLARD SAW SET for crosscut saws. (Photo)

488. Three wooden bench planes 25-inch Ohio Tool jointer; unmarked 18-inch fore plane; and an 8-inch MATHIESON & SONS smoother with patched throat. (Photo)

489. GRIFFITHS NORWICH unhandled wedge-arm plow plane, with screw operated depth stop, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

490. Lot of six wooden molding planes: two rabbets, two rounds and two hollows. (Photo)

491. W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL unhandled wedge-arm plow plane, with screw operated depth stop, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

492. Lot of seven wooden molding planes: one rabbet; two side beads; tongue cutter, two rounds and a hollow. The rabbet, a side bead and tongue are all by Sandusky. (Photo)

493. JOSEPH COOPER & SON WARRANTED unhandled wedge-arm plow plane, with screw operated depth stop, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

494. Lot of seven wooden molding planes: two rabbets; two side beads; one center bead, one dado, and a large round. (Photo)

495. Large wooden commander with copper rings around the head, shows signs of previous use. (Photo)

496. Large wooden commander or beetle chaser in fine overall condition. (Photo)

497. Lot of 10 different saw sets including a brass #77 ECLIPSE MADE IN ENGLAND, and a like new Stanley #43. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. TRUE TEMPER KELLY WORKS fireman's axe, handle has been taped, very good overall. (Photo)

499. Pair of double bit axes: Keen Kutter, could use a new handle, good overall; and a Diamond Edge that also has a beat up handle. (Photo)

500. Unknown make treadle-operated grinding wheel, has a chain that connects the treadle to the crank arm, very good overall, in silver paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Stanley A5 aluminum jack plane, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

502. Pair of Sargent specialty planes: #79 duplex (same as Stanley #78) complete with fence and depth stop; plus a #196 rabbet plane with intact depth stop, very good overall. (Photo)

503. Stanley BEDROCK #604C early round sided model with STANLEY R&L CO. BED ROCK lever cap, tote has chip from one side, very good overall. (Photo)

504. Lot of three bench planes: Sargent #3415 transitional jack plane with taped tote, good overall; Stanley Victor #1105 iron jack plane in fine overall condition; and a Sargent #414 iron jack plane. (Photo)

505. Three iron planes: Stanley #4 smoother, some light rust, will easily clean to fine overall condition; Stanley #78 duplex rabbet and filletster plane with fence, missing depth stop; and a Stanley #50 light duty plow plane. (Photo)

506. Boring tools: fixed hollow auger, very good overall; chain drill, complete and very good; and a Millers Falls #1710 10-inch ratchet brace in fine overall condition. (Photo)

507. Pair of braces: FRAY #110 Spofford Patent, very good overall; plus a crude homemade Spofford-type. (Photo)

508. Four Yankee screwdrivers: #131A; two #30s; and a #30A. (Photo)

509. Craftsman (Millers Falls) hand drill and a Stanley #80 cabinet scraper. (Photo)

510. Unmarked pony shave in fine overall condition. (Photo)

511. HOLD-FAST sliding T bevel patented 12/15/14 with rosewood handle and 8-inch blade, fine overall. (Photo)

512. Small rosewood tool handle with full set of bits under cap. (Photo)

513. Ebony and brass English saw wrest, very good overall. (Photo)

514. Stanley #52 iron spoke shave, complete and very good. (Photo)

515. Pair of transitional smooth planes: Stanley #35 tote broken and glued, good overall; and a nearly identical one by DIAMOND EDGE, very good overall. (Photo)

516. Stanley #12 cabinet scraper, ill-fitting replacement blade, very good overall. (Photo)

517. Box of 10 gravers, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

518. Pair of buggy or wagon wrenches, both very good. (Photo)

519. Three wrenches: Fordson 10-inch adjustable S wrench; Baxter's Patent 10-inch, frozen; and an 11-inch homemade spanner. (Photo)

520. Diamond Edge "Golden Jubilee" jack plane having DE in the lever cap with a golden background, very good overall; plus a fine Stanley #3 with beautiful rosewood tote and tall knob.

521. Stanley #78 duplex or rabbet and fillester plane with intact fence and depth stop, thumb operated blade adjuster, very good overall; plus a Stanley #180 rabbet plane, complete and very good.

522. HUDSON FORGE 8-inch smooth plane, some white paint splatters otherwise very good; and a Stanley #78 that is missing the fence and depth stop, but is otherwise good.

523. Stanley VICTOR 14-inch jack plane, has some old paint residue in bed, good wood, complete and OK; DEFIANCE by Stanley jack plane, complete and very good; and a similar smoother that is also very good. (Photo)

524. Millers Falls #10 heavy smooth plane, just needs a light cleaning and will be very good. (Photo)

525. Stanley #40 scrub plane with nice wood and a W. BUCKLE iron, very good overall. (Photo)

526. Stanley #4 1/2 heavy smooth plane, nice low knob, tote missing spur, will clean to very good overall; and a Stanley 4 1/2C heavy smoother with fine tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo)

527. Lot of four iron planes: Sargent-made Craftsman duplex (like Stanley #78) missing fence and depth stop, otherwise OK; Stanley #3 smoother, will clean to good usable condition; Stanley #130 double ended block plane, some light rust, very good overall; and a Stanley #140 skew bladed block plane that just needs a new knob and adjuster screw to be fine. (Photo)

528. Stanley BEDROCK #605C FT with STANLEY lever cap, late iron, former owners name in side of plane, very good overall. (Photo)

529. Large MASTHEAD nautical light with clear lens, the copper housing will need some brazing, but it's in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Large copper container with threaded spout, good overall. (Photo)

531. J.H. PETERS & BEY HAMBURG ships mast or stern ship's light, clear lens, in primer and needing paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

532. Large lead crucible for pouring hot lead, very good overall. (Photo)

533. Pair of manufactured ice tongs, both very good. (Photo)

534. Like new auger handle, fine. (Photo)

535. Stanley "100 PLUS" claw hammer in fine condition; plus a Millers Falls #1417, very good overall. (Photo)

536. PLUMB VICTORY hatchet, complete and fine. (Photo)

537. Basket maker's froe, very good overall. (Photo)

538. Patented cylinder tooth wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

539. International Harvester P1599, IHC logo, impressed lettering,12-inch, fine with original red paint. (R255) (Photo)

540. Double hog ringer tool PAT APRL 21, 1880, very good overall. (Photo)

541. SUCCESS BENZINE CAN brass AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY, likely contained a solvent to wet the rags used to clean hands or type in a linotype setting. (Photo)

542. Miniature French? Mineral oil lamp, has French writing on side as well as a logo with birds on telegraph wires, very nice. (Photo)

543. ALTERNATING CURRENT FAN MOTOR fan with brass blade and brass guard, made by the ROBBINS & MYERS CO. COLUMBUS, OHIO, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Emerson oscillating fan with brass blade, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

545. Emerson fan with brass blade and brass guard, very good overall condition but will need a new plug put on end of cord. (Photo & Photo 2)

546. EMERSON oscillating fan with brass blade, bottom was sitting on damp concrete floor and, as a result, the felt is trashed, the fan itself is in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

547. Unusual oscillating fan with brass blade and having a separate single blade, brass guard, tag on motor says ROBBINS & MYERS CO. COLUMBUS, OHIO ALTERNATING CURRENT MOTOR, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

548. WABASH RAILWAY railroad lamp with clear lens, made by DIETZ VESTA, very good overall. (Photo)

549. Two battery powered DELTA POWERLITE LANTERN signal lights, made on U.S. Patent #2,053,591, both will clean to very good overall. (Photo)

550. Nice POWELL steam whistle with 3/4-inch inlet, shiny and very good. (Photo)

551. Large brass ship's running light housing (no lens) that has a fitting for electric light bulbs, good overall.

552. Unknown make brass steam whistle one foot long with 35 inches of pipe sticking out of the bottom. (Photo)

553. Two cooper's bung augers and a two-handed scorp. (Photo)

554. Unusual meat tenderizer, hatchet and pick multi tool. (Photo)

555. Nice 12-inch rosewood handled sliding bevel, patented Sept. 4, 1877, fine overall. (Photo)

556. Lot of four wooden blocks or barn pulleys. (Photo)

557. Seven different saw setting tools for larger saws. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Stanley #400 miter vise, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

559. Two Eric Sloane books: A REVERENCE FOR WOOD paperback, very good; and a SKETCHES OF AMERICA PAST hardbound with intact dust jacket, fine. (Photo)

560. The HANDPLANE Book by Garrett Hack, complete and very good. (Photo)

561. TOOLS – Rare and Ingenious Celebrating the World's Most Amazing Tools, book by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, like new. (Photo)

562. The Cataogue of ANTIQUE TOOLS 1999 Edition filled with color photos of rare antique hand tools. (Photo)

563. COLONIAL CRAFTSMEN And the Beginnings of American Industry book by Edwin T unis, with intact dust jacket, fine; plus an ILLUSTRATED VALUE GUIDE SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE CO. DIAMOND EDGE (St. Louis, Mo) by Larry and Linda Edwards, worn paper covers but still intact, good overall. (Photo)

564. WOODWORKING PLANES A Descriptive Register of Wooden Planes, hardbound book by Alvin Sellens, but some wear and small tears on dust jacket, the book is fine. (Photo)

565. Small steam whistle? The valve below the whistle says it was patented July 7, 1891 DETROIT MICH. (Photo)

566. Three try squares and a Stanley clapboard siding gauge, in fine overall condition. (Photo)

567. Brass WINCHESTER grain scale, the bucket needs a new hook to attach it to the beam, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

568. Nice nickel plated balance scale on a nice oak base and having a drawer that contains a set of 7 weights and several fractional weights too, fine overall condition. (Photo)

569. Unknown make brass grain scale, no weight, brass beam nicked and dinged, bucket in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

570. French balance scale mounted on wooden base and having a drawer with set of five regular weights and having lots of fractional weights, the card in the drawer says it was purchased from the Cherokee Chief Trading Post in Eureka, MO, the locking screw is frozen in place. (Photo)

571. THE TORSION BALANCE CO. NEW YORK STYLE 4545, capacity 500 GRM, in wooden case with glass top, back corner of glass top is chipped, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

572. Small brass torsion scale on wooden base with four weights, very good overall. (Photo)

573. Chicago Scale Co. LITTLE DETECTIVE single beam scale with cast iron double-tow base and brass beam.

574. American Cutlery 26-LB single beam scale with stack of four weights on the end of the beam, in red paint, double-tow cast iron base and brass beam, very good.

575. Unusual KS-5990 SCALE FOR WEIGHING CO2 CARTRIDGES FOR BADGER FIRE EXT. CO. With full set of stacked weights on end of beam, fine overall.

576. Pair of iron balls that may be cannon balls.

577. Pair of tin scale pans and a brass scoop. (Photo)

578. Ship or small boat compass in wooden box with gimbaled device.

579. Two large scale weights, one marked on top 4 lb, the other a short brass that feels like about 5 lbs, both very good.

580. Set of five W&T AVERY scale weights or standards, 4 lb.; 2 lb.; 1 lb.; 8 oz.; and 4 oz. All are in fine condition.

581. Boxed set of 5 brass scale weights four are missing, these are graduated in grams and the ones here are 500 G; two 200G; 100G; and 50G, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

582. Boxed scientific scale with two boxes of small weights, includes a pair of tweezers for lifting weights, very good overall condition.

583. Boxed scientific scale with CELSIUS thermometer inside a pasteboard box, very good overall.

584. Stack of 5 scale weights.

585. Large 10-pound scale weight.

586. Box set of 5 Star Brass Mfg. Co. Boston, Mass, brass weights in wooden box, looks like several are missing.

587. Small brass coin scale with brass pans suspended by string, may not be very old. (Photo)

588. Set of 7 scale weights like those that would hang from the end of the beam on a platform scale.

589. Lot of three scale weights; two 2 1/2-pound; and one 1/2 pound.

590. Pair of small French alcohol lamps, one will need to be soldered before being used.

591. Large copper and/or brass railroad-type light with alcohol or fuel oil burner inside, fine overall condition.

592. DRESSEL ARLINGTON, N.J. railroad-type lantern marked on bottom PAT NO 2,157,081, complete with nice clear lens, very good overall.

593. DIETZ KING FIRE DEPT lantern PATENTED AUG. 27, 07, has a nice red lens, very good overall.

594. ADLAKE KERO #300 railroad-type lantern, USE LONG TIME BURNING OIL ONLY, fine and near-new condition.

595. Unknown make lantern with red lens, bottom opens to reveal the tank which is held in by spring clips, good overall.

596. Brass fuel oil or kerosene burning mast light or use on a boat or ship, a few small age cracks, can easily be soldered, fine overall.

597. U.S. Standard Sieve Series nested set of three sieves, the screens have a few holes but the set will polish up and display nicely.

598. TRINER STEEL SCALE LIBERTY PARCE POST SCALE, Capacity 20 LBS, by OZS, Not Legal for Use in Trade, very good overall.

599. The EBBCO SEXTANT in original box with booklet titled THE EBBCO SEXTANT, ITS USE, CARE AND ADJUSTMENT.

600. Peerless Aristocrat Lollipop arcade or penny scale. The current owner has never had either of the keys, so the cash box is likely filled with some older pennies, there is a chip from the back bottom of the main casting that will not show when pushed against a wall. There is also a spot on the front near the dial that has been patched most likely when the porcelain was chipped. Keys are available for the top thru Bill & Jan Berning and Bill also sells replacement locks for the cash box should you decide to drill this on out. (Photo & Photo 2)

601. Brass grain probe made by the DEAN GAMET MFG. CO. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., on PAT. NO. 2,688,877, issued Sept. 14, 1954 to Robert D. Peine of Minier, Ill, good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

602. Watling Scale Co. coin-op fortune telling penny arcade scale with set of keys to remove the back panel, nice intact mirror, complete and in fine overall condition. These were manufactured by the Watling Scale Co. of Chicago, Illinois. (Photo & Photo 2)

603. Wooden gauging rod marked on one side WINE GAL. and TIERCE on another side, has a brass tip, fine overall. (Photo)

604. Set of scale weights for a platform type scale. (Photo)

605. Medium sized brass pan for a scale. (Photo)

606. Green glass deck prism like those that were let into the top deck of a wooden ship to allow sunlight to pass thru to the deck below. (Photo)

607. Cast iron sad iron, complete and very good. (Photo)

608. Two Stanley folding rules: #66 1/2 in very good overall condition, and a #32 caliper rule that is badly worn and has a few chips. (Photo)

609. Nested set of 6 small brass scale weights, very good. (Photo)

610. Three large scale pans. Two are copper or brass and one is polished tin or plated. (Photo)

611. Three scales for parts or restoration: C.W. BRECKNELL Ltd BIRMINGHAM; THE TORSION BALLANCE CO.; and a Weis postal scale. (Photo)

612. Two spare brass scale pans and one brass scale with pouring spout. (Photo)

613. Two scales for parts or restoration: WOLDENBERG & SCHAAR Chicago Scientific Apparatus; and Fairbanks single beam with 17KG capacity. (Photo & Photo 2)

614. Two more scales for parts or restoration: FAIRBANKS single beam; and a Béranger KRAFT make torsion KG scale.; plus an Italian ashtray that looks like a small platform scale. (Photo)

615. BENCH TOOLS The Best of Fine Woodworking, book with bent corners, but good overall; plus a HOMEBUILDING AND WOODWORKING IN COLONIAL AMIERICA by C. Keith Wilbur paperback book in fine overall condition. (Photo)

616. The COMPLETE MODERN BLACKSMITH by Alexander G. Weygers, paperback book in fine condition. (Photo)

617. TOWN-COUNTRY OLD TOOLS (AND) LOCKS, KEYS, AND CLOSURES, paperback book by Jack P. Wood, some cover wear, good overall; plus a EARLY 20TH Century Stanley Tools Price Guide by Jack P. Wood, very good. (Photo)

618. Four paperback tool books including The SARGENT TOOL CATALOG COLLECTION by Astragal Press; and MWTCA reprints of Jackson & Tyler Tools and Supplies; Sargent Tool Book circa 1911; a circa 1887 Millers Falls Catalogue. (Photo)

619. Crosscut Saw Manual paperback book by Warren Miller published by the Government Printing Office; a MWTCA reprint of New Britain The Hardware Center book in fine condition; and a Lufkin Catalog Number Ten reprinted by MWTCA in 2005. (Photo)

620. Sharpening with Waterstones paperback book by Ian Kirby, fine overall. (Photo)

621. Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools Book by John Walter, paperback version of his last big book, this one has been gently used and is fine. (Photo)

622. Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide paperback book by Dave Heckel, complete and very good; plus a paperback copy of THE COOPER AND HIS TRADE by Kenneth Kilby, complete and fine. (Photo)

623. The Furniture Doctor hardbound book by Geroge Grotz, complete with worn dust jacket, very good overall; Polishing and Plating of Metals hardbound book by Hawkins 1904, covers are separating. (Photo)

624. Two books on Surveying Instruments: Engineers' and Surveyors' INSTRUMENTS of PRECISION by C.L. Berger and Sons (successors to Buff and Burger), very good overall; and A Guide to Collecting Antique Surveying Equipment by David G. Krehbiel. (Photo)

625. Large 18-inch wooden fore plane, good overall; and a Stanley #5 1/2 heavy jack plane, tote broken, bed repainted, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

626. Stanley #71 1/2 closed throat router plane, with worn 1/2-inch blade, good overall; plus a Stanley #9 1/4 bock plane, very good overall. (Photo)

627. Stanley #71 1/2 closed throat router plane, with worn 1/2-inch blade, good overall; plus an early Stanley #220? Buy this one and you can rob the adjuster and knob to complete the #140 in lot #527. (Photo)

628. Four 28-inch levels including Stanley #30; Stanley #3; Oak Leaf; and an unusual Stanley #3 SW with steel top plate instead of brass. (Photo & Photo 2)

629. Four hand saws (from top to bottom) Keen Kutter 26-in. 8 tpi very good; Diamond Edge #150 26-inch 8 ppi blade, good etch, very good overall; Disston D23 with fine etch, very good overall; and a 26-in. Keen Kutter in good overall condition. (Photo)

630. Four levels: 30-inch Keen Kutter KK0; 30-inch SARGENT & CO.; Stanley #0 28-inch; and Stanley #30 24-inch that needs to be refinished. (Photo & Photo 2)

631. Key cutting machine marked This Machine is the Property of Curtis Industries Cleveland, Ohio, very good overall condition. (Photo)

632. Four levels: Stanley 18-inch #0 in fine overall condition; Stanley #00 18-inch that needs to be refinished; Stanley #00 24-inch in good overall condition; and an aluminum Stanley #237 24-inch with SW logo on Eclipse vial covers, missing one entire plumb vial, otherwise OK. (Photo)

633. Large enameled coffee pot, very good overall. (Photo)

634. Stanley #45 combination plow plane missing the knob and having only one blade, a brass blowtorch, and a Keen Kutter No. 11 meat grinder. (Photo)

635. Pair of double bit axes, one unmarked and one CRAFTSMAN. (Photo)

636. Disston #7 24-inch hand saw with 9 ppi blade, the medallion and one other bolt/not have been replaced by improper ones, fine early handle, good etch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

637. Diamond Edge broad axe with very good blade and nice handle in old red and blue paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

638. James tin laundry tub or washing machine with clamp on ringer, Independence, MO, very good overall, can double as a beer or soda cooler. (Photo & Photo 2)

639. Heavy mill stone likely out of a small gristmill, a few chips but in good overall condition. (Photo)

640. Two misc. grinding stones.

641. Cross grape or apple cider press made by the RED CROSS MFG. CO. BLUFFTON, INDIANA, needs a good cleaning and the bottoms of the wooden legs have some rot and should be replaced. An easy one to restore. (Photo & Photo 2)

642. Hay spear for hoisting bails of hay into the loft of the barn, very good overall. (Photo)

643. Hand cranked grape or apple crusher, can be used in conjunction with the apple or grape press in lot #641. The screw holes in the wooden chute are wallowed out and need to be shimmed, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

644. Like new milk or cream can with lid. (Photo)

645. Buffalo blacksmith forge and blower that have been sitting out in the weather for several years. The blower that mounts below the opening in the bottom of the forge is included but needs to be remounted. (Photo & Photo 2)

646. Two railroad lanterns DIETZ and HANDLAN ST. LOUIS, both need cleaning and the HANDLAN needs a new wire spring to hold the top in place.

647. Cooper's beer keg chamfer knife, with wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo)

648. Three HANDLAN ST. LOUIS railroad lanterns, one has red HANDLAN INC lens; one in silver paint has clear lens; and the blue one with the crushed top is missing the lens.

649. Large #750 cornmeal mill that has had a wooden wheel mounted on one side and was powered with a belt. One corner of the iron base is broken, otherwise it is in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

650. Wheat cradle with one broken wooden tine, otherwise good. (Photo)

The End!


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