ANTIQUE TOOL & PADLOCK AUCTION, NOV. 9, 2013, 9:30 AM, preview SAT. 7 to 9:30 AM. Harvester Lions Club, 4835 Central School Rd., St. Charles, MO 63304.

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Great Planes Trading Company Presents DAY 2


NOV. 9, 2013, 9:30 AM

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

(Preview 7 to 9:30 AM)

To see a sample of the photos in a gallery view click (HERE. ) Click on any photo to enlarge it.

We will end the Friday's Auction with lot 350, so the Saturday auction will begin with lot 351.

351. Stanley #8 iron jointer plane, bed repainted, needs new iron, good low knob, tote spur MIA, good overall. (Photo)

352. Pair of Ohio Tool iron fore planes: OHIO TOOL #06C with nice original blade, good tote and knob, very good overall; and an #06 with small chip from right front corner, light pitting on body, wood refinished, good usable condition. (Photo)

353. Early Stanley #7 prelateral iron jointer plane, good Rule & Level Co. blade, beaded low knob, tote broken in middle and glued, two holes in left side for jointer gage, very good. (Photo)

354. Pair of Ohio Tool Co. iron bench planes: #05 1/2 wide body jack plane with repainted bed, good tote and knob, good original blade, good usable condition; and a #05 with good tote and knob, light pitting on blade and chip breaker, good overall. (Photo)

355. Stanley #6C iron fore plane, good Q-logo blade, low knob chipped at base, tote broken and glued, bed repainted, will make good user. (Photo)

356. Stanley #3C iron smooth plane with nice BB-logo blade, good tote and tall knob, very good overall. (Photo)

357. Stanley #5 1/2C wide body jack plane, light pitting on top of Q-logo blade, good rosewood low knob, tote broken and glued in center, bed repainted, will make good user. (Photo)

358. Stanley #3 iron smooth plane, good SW-logo iron, very good rosewood tote and tall knob, very good overall. (Photo)

359. Early Stanley #5 1/2 wide body jack plane, nice early style tote and low knob, good Q-logo blade, most japanning gone from bed, good usable condition. (Photo)

360. Pair of iron smooth planes: Union #3C with pitting sole, good knob, tote broken in center, good usable condition; Sargent? 4-WAY BLADE smoother with gray bed, good hardwood tote and knob, very good overall. (Photo)

361. Stanley #5 iron jack plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, BB-logo blade, fine overall. (Photo)

362. Pair of Sargent iron smooth planes: #409 with horseshoe lateral lever, chipped lever cap, very good overall; and a Sargent VBM #409C with chipped lever cap, fine tote and beaded knob, very good overall. (Photo)

363. Stanley #5C Type 11 iron jack plane, fine BB-logo blade, good tote and tall knob, bed repainted, good usable condition. (Photo)

364. Pair of iron jack planes: Sargent #414 complete and very good overall; and a Craftsman (Millers Falls?) 14-inch, tote broken near base and needing glue, good tall knob, very good overall. (Photo)

365. Stanley #4 1/2 wide body smooth plane, good V-logo blade, good tote and low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

366. Pair of iron jack planes: Sargent #414, complete and very good; and a Stanley HANDYMAN with handles painted brown, very good overall. (Photo)

367. Fine Stanley #4 1/2C wide body smooth plane, fine rosewood tote and tall knob, one patent date behind frog, fine overall. (Photo)

368. Two 22-inch transitional jointer planes: Marshall Wells ZENITH No. 776, complete and very good; and a Stanley #30 complete and very good. (Photo)

369. Pair of Stanley 9-inch bench planes: #4 with two patent dates in rear of bed, Q-logo blade, bed repainted, very good overall; and a #4C with fine tote and tall knob, BB-logo iron, fine overall. (Photo)

370. Two Keen Kutter hatchets: broad hatchet that has a chip from the hammer side and a replaced handle, very good overall; and a small camp-type hatchet that has mild to moderate pitting, replaced handle, good overall. (Photo)

371. Winchester OLD TRUSY hand saw, has nice 8 ppi blade, faint rider and horse etching, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

372. Keen Kutter lathing hatchet with original handle that has been painted green, very good; and a KBH24 Keen Kutter rock or brick hammer with original handle, very good. (Photo)

373. Corn knife, very good overall; and a Keen Kutter crowbar. (Photo)

374. Keen Kutter hatchet with poorly fitted replacement handle, nice head; and a large Keen Kutter ball peen with a nicely fitted handle, coated in lacquer, very good. (Photo)

375. E.C. SIMMONS KEEN KUTTER apple peeler with block & wedge logo in main gear wheel, and name spelled out on frame, paint has been enhanced, two of the three prongs that secure the apple have been broken, very good working condition. (Photo)

376. KEEN KUTTER bone or de-horning saw, nice wooden handle, frame has been repainted, very good. (Photo)

377. KEEN KUTTER 12-inch all-steel Stillson-type pipe wrench, name highlighted in new gold paint, very good. (Photo)

378. Lot of five DIAMOND EDGE wood auger bits, all very good; plus a pair of wooden handled Keen Kutter screwdrivers both with chewed up wooden handles. (Photo)

379. G.W. GELLER (St. Louis Hardware dealer) EZ-CUTTER hand sickle patented SEPT. 15. '96. complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

380. Steelyard scale with 40-lb. capacity, 2 & 4-pound weights, very good overall. (Photo)

381. Keen Kutter K-6 6-inch Crescent-type nut wrench, very good. (Photo)

382. Lot two different ice skates; one by Diamond Edge; a wooden smooth plane with Keen Kutter blade, rough; a nice Keen Kutter hatchet head with nail claw; a Keen Kutter wooden handled screwdriver; and a clamp marked KK472. (Photo)

383. Keen Kutter tack hammer with original handle, very good overall. (Photo)

384. Keen Kutter lineman's type pliers with side cutters, very good. (Photo)

385. Keen Kutter rasp; two Keen Kutter adjustable auger bits; a used Keen kutter carpenter pencil; and a Keen Kutter 1-inch socket firmer chisel. (Photo)

386. FINE Keen Kutter KSR-115 set of six auger bits in original plastic roll. (Photo)

387. Keen Kutter saw set, complete and fine; plus a Keen Kutter 6 1/2-inch wooden handled SOLID BAR monkey wench, very good. (Photo)

388. Three Keen Kutter wrenches: #27 open ended wrench; 6 1/2-inch slip joint pliers with wire cutter, very good; and a pair of 6 1/2-inch needle nose pliers, very good. (Photo)

389. Pair of rosewood handled tool handles. (Photo)

390. Pair of Keen Kutter wooden cutlery boxes: one with several sheets of NOS Keen Kutter adhesive tags; and one with assorted hardware string tags.

391. Scarce Shapleigh Keen Kutter KK50 ball bearing reel-type lawn mower, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

392. Keen Kutter cast iron KK keyhole saw handle in black paint; two wooden handled Keen Kutter screwdrivers; and one 1 1/2-inch butt chisel. (Photo)

393. Scarce Diamond Edge Jr. BALL BEARING reel-type lawn mower in working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

394. Wooden brace that has been repaired on top and bottom and has an improper bolt holding the brass chuck, will make a good wall hanger. (Photo)

395. Trueblood Patent (U.S. No. 603,491) Keen Kutter combination saw tool PAT MAY 3, '98, very good overall. (Photo)

396. Four Winchester chisels, all in usable condition. (Photo)

397. Nice Keen Kutter grass clipper with intact spring and most of the original red paint. (Photo)

398. Keen Kutter K1946 fencing pliers with staple claw, plier, hammer and wire cutter, very good. (Photo)

399. Nice set of 8 Keen Kutter wooden auger bits. (Photo)

400. Nice Keen Kutter can opener and three nail sets. (Photo)

401. Surveyor's chain with brass handles on the ends, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

402. SHAPLEIGH'S HAMMER FORGED broad hatchet with nice handle, a few spots of pitting, very good overall. (Photo)

403. FRISCO (railroad) adz head, very good overall condition; and a large pick-hammer head marked 510M22, needs cleaning. (Photo)

404. Set of four BUFFUM TOOL CO. LOUISIANA MO. bearing scrapers. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. FIRESTONE DE LUXE hatchet with big sliver of wood missing from side and bottom of handle, a new handle should be installed. (Photo)

406. Three pairs of hog tongs: HILL'S PAT DEC. 2, 1873; unmarked pair; and a pair by E.C. STEARNS with nice japanning. (Photo)

407. BUFFUM TOOL CO. LOUISIANA, MO automotive lug wrench with swastika logo, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

408. Nice N.Y.C. RR (NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD) single bit axe head, very good. (Photo)

409. COLLINS? & CO. HARTFORD CAST STEEL WARRANTED broad axe head, very good.

410. PELOUSE SCALE CO. "STEEL KING" ICE BALANCE hanging scale with 200-lb. capacity, brass face, very good. (Photo)

411. Lot of seven assorted OHIO TOOL CO. wooden molding planes; two complex profiels; 1/2 of a screw arm sash; fine 7/8-inch #75 match; a small center bead rotted at the toe, tongue cutter; and skewed rabbet. (Photo)

412. OHIO TOOL CO. No. 96 unhandled screw-arm plow plane, one blade included, very good overall. (Photo)

413. Four OHIO TOOL CO. molding planes owned by F. KEARNEY: #62 1/2, 5/8-inch; 7/8-inch dado; #62 1/2, 3/4-inch; and a 1/2-inch double boxed side bead, all very good. (Photo)

414. KEEN KUTTER potato fork, complete with original handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

415. KEEN KUTTER double bitted axe with handle taped up with electrical tape (somebody had bad aim and likely splintered or cracked the handle where it's taped, blade is very good. (Photo)

416. Pair of Keen Kutter wooden plumb & levels, both with intact vials, usable condition. (Photo)

417. Keen Kutter single bitted axe with pitting on head, handle is good but needs to be re-hung. (Photo & Photo 2)

418. ACME LEVEL CO. TOLEDO OHIO 26-inch plumb & level, one vial can be used to read pitch or incline, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

419. Scarce Stanley #45 Type I combination plow plane, has cloverleaf or girl scout device cast into outside of the fence, comes in wooden box that is missing the sliding top; includes a set of short rods, all three main sections and a box with a total of 17 later blades including the slitter in the plane, rear depth stop, a very good plane with a nice set of blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

420. Pair of Sargent #79 rabbet & filletster planes; one is complete with depth stop and fence; and the other is missing both depth stop and fence. (Photo & Photo 2)

421. Early Stanley #45 nickel plated combination plow plane with rosewood knob mounted to frame, floral decoration cast into frame, set of 18 blades in original box, will make a great user. (Photo & Photo 2)

422. Pair of iron block planes: FULTON double ended block plane, complete and good; and a Stanley DEFIANCE with red and white sticker on the lever cap, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

423. Stanley #65 chamfer spokeshave with nice V-logo blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

424. Lot of five #102-size iron block planes including an unusual Millers Falls #55. (Photo & Photo 2)

425. Cased set of weight standard weights used to calibrate scales. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Unusual hand cranked Model H-2 LIGHTNING letter opener by The BIRCHER CO. INC. ROCHESTER, NY, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

427. Lot including a KEN TOOL T-100 bead breaker (for tires) that you can still find new for $73.27; a specialty pry bar-type tool with teeth at one end and an off-set opening at the other; a long screwdriver; and a bearing scraper made from an old file. (Photo & Photo 2)

428. Two small engine tools: AMPCO Small Bore Hone kit in original tin box, very good overall; and a SUNNEN New Way CYLINDER GRINDER in original tin box, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

429. BLACKHAWK hand cranked corn sheller, some rust and dirt from mud dauber bees nests on the top, will clean to usable condition. (Photo)

430. Lot of three hammers: LENCO rock hammer? with new handle; DETROIT MICH ??ELVIN FDOTY CO. PAN lead hammer; and a 1340 PROTO brass hammer. (Photo)

431. Starrett N0. 196A dial test indicator in original box with attachments, indicator has smooth movement, but is missing glass lens, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

432. Lot of four hammers: 1 1/2-lb. EAGLE? brass hammer; vertical and horizontal peen hammer with letter S cast into head; unknown make stone or body hammer; and a well used brass hammer. (Photo)

433. Lufkin No. 513 micrometer depth gage, complete in original fitted wooden box, fine. (Photo)

434. Lot of three brass hammers including 1 1/2-lb. EAGLE, fine; and PROTO 1430. (Photo)

435. Goodell-Pratt Toolsmiths inside micrometer set in fitted felt lined case, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

436. Four hammers: 1/2-lb. brass; unknown make that has holes in each face, perhaps for attaching softer faces; PROTO 1430; and a welders slag hammer. (Photo)

437. Two Starrett tools: S555 Set of six jeweler's screwdrivers in original pouch, fine; and a No. 245 Starrett Engineer's Combination Taper, Wire, And Thickness Gage in original box. These tools sell new today for $100 (screwdrivers) and $140 (gage). (Photo)

438. Lot of four stitching or sewing awls; one in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

439. Starrett 196B1 button back test indicator, in original box, smooth action, very good. These are selling today for about $140. (Photo & Photo 2)

440. Lot of three sewing awls; one with rosewood handle, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

441. Lot of four tape measures: HIBBARD 75-foot cloth tape in tin case, good; BELKNAP BLUE GRASS TBG-50WT steel tape, good; LUFKIN 50-ft. steel tape in leather case with electric tape on case; and and unknown make 50-foot cloth tape in tin case; plus a new Lufkin No. 0503D tape refill in original box with nice label, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Lot of 10 tool and tool-related books: The World's Railways and How They Work; Popular Science Series D0-IT-YOURSELF Encyclopedia 2; Machine Shop Work; How to Operate Your Power Tools; Machine Tool Operation; BOOK OF TRADES; Exercises in Wood Working; Early American Primitives; Concrete Handbook; and Machine Shop Theory and Practice. (Photo)

443. Lot of four coping saws, two need blades. (Photo)

444. Lot of 10 tool and tool-related books and magazines (only 8 are visible in photo): Two issues of the STANLEY TOOL Collector News magazine; Tool Traditions; Woodworking; The Use of Hand Tools and Portable Machinery; LINE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS catalog; Display Cases, Frames, and Shelves book; Early Tools and Equipment magazine; and Fine Tool Journal. (Photo)

445. Lot of three nylon sanding wedges by MASTER SPECIALTY CO. and three alcohol torches; one marked LENK AUTOMATIC. (Photo & Photo 2)

446. Lot of 11 tool and tool-related magazines and pamphlets: EARLY TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT magazine; MWTCA Gristmill magazine; Ready Reference by the Cleveland Twist Drill Co.; The Saw In History by Henry Disston & Sons reprint; HISTORIC BUILDINGS OF THE SMOKIES book; Owatonna Tool Co. OTC 1925 pocket catalog; two 1923 Winchester Store pocket tool catalog reprints; MORSE CUTTING TOOLS booklet; THE CABINET MAKERS GUIDE book; and an Antique and Collectible STANLEY TOOLS pocket price guide. (Photo)

447. Lot of nine nice hatchet and hammers handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

448. Lot of 10 cast iron quilting frame clamps. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Unusual Army footlocker-type wooden chest, has data plate on top but we cannot make out what the box was originally designed to house. Has a paper attached to the underside of the lid, has had a lockable shackle installed. NOTE: The planes you see inside the chest are not included. (Photo & Photo 2)

450. JUICY-FRUIT PRESS 3-GALLON PAT. PENDING NO. 1 1924 wine or fruit press manufactured by THE O.P. SCHRIVER CO. CINCINNATI, O. 204, complete and very good; plus a wooden fruit crusher to crush the fruit before it is pressed. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

451. Two padlocks: Press or stamped steel 6 LEVER padlock MADE IN USA, no key, very good; and a press or stamped steel 6 LEVER QUALITY padlock MADE IN USA, no key, light to moderate pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

452. REESE brass padlock MADE IN USA with long shackle, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. Four assorted jack planes: SARGENT No. 3417 wide body jack (similar to Stanley #27 1/2), missing front knob, very good overall; a FULTON TOOL CO. transitional jack, complete and very good; Stanley #5 iron jack WWII model with hard rubber adjuster nut, complete and very good; and an unusual Stanley 14-inch iron jack with ECLIPSE blade, very good. (Photo)

454. WILLIAM ENDERS OAK LEAF 6 LEVER, press or stamped steel padlock, mild to moderate pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

455. RELIABLE 6 LEVER press or stamped steel padlock with one key, light pitting. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. ROMER & CO. brass padlock with steel shackle, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

457. Large steel railroad type lock with what appears to be a coat of arms on the brass gate, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

458. Two locks: U.S. / SAMSON padlock, no key, very good; and a padlock marked 101 in brass discs on both sides, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. Two locks: FS brass padlock with steel shackle, no key; and a NEW CHAMPION 6 LEVER pressed or stamped steel, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Two locks: FRAIM steel padlock, with moderate to severe pitting, MADE IN USA, no key; and a CORBIN brass bodied padlock with steel shackle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

461.CORBIN IRON CLAD 6 LEVERS patent date 5-20-14, coated with lacquer, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

462. YALE & TOWNE MFG CO STAMFORD CONN. steel bodied padlock with brass shackle, comes with two keys. (Photo & Photo 2)

463. Lot of five different issues of THE CATALOGUE OF ANTIQUE TOOLS by Martin J. Donnelly. Included are issues from 1996; 1998; 1999; 2000; and 2002. (Photo & Photo 2)

464. Two MASTER patented tin oil spouts made in Litchfield, ILL: one mounted to a large BALL MASON jar; the other is on a HEP IMPERIAL oil bottle, the one on the left has been used and there is some residual oil in the jar; the one on the right appears to be NOS. (Photo)

465. Three antique tool auction catalogs plus a 2010 calendar by Roger K. Smith featuring newer discoveries of American Patented Planes. Included in the catalogs are two Brown Tool Auction catalogs from 1998 and 1999; plus a 1999 TONY MURLAND International Tool Auction from England. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. Lot of 56 assorted keys.

467. Four wooden molding planes: Sandusky tongue cutting plane with cracked wedge; WAY & SHERMAN 7/8-inch ogee, with owner added fence; OHIO TOOL 1 1/4-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good; and a SCIOTO WORKS 5/8-inch dado with screw-operated depth stop, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Five molding planes including four side beads all marked with owner T. GORMAN's mark (see lot 472); HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS, Mo. 3/8-inch double boxed side bead, complete and fine; OHIO TOOL 5/16-inch single boxed side bead, complete and fine; H.L. JAMES WILLIAMSBURG MASS 1/2-inch single boxed side bead, complete and fine; E.W. PENNELL PHILADa 1 1/2-inch skew bladed side rabbet, very good; and a JOSEPH GIBSON, ALBANY, NY side rabbet, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

469. Lot: JAMES BEE SHEFFIELD wooden spoke shave, very good; small homemade hawk plane; and a fine PEUGEOT drawknife with offset handles.

470. Fine T. TILLOTSON SHEFFIELD plated brace with beech stock and brass plating, had a rosewood pad with a ROBT. MARPLES HERMITAGE WORKS medallion on top. (Photo)

471. Lot of 29 assorted bitstock tools including: 9 center bits; 4 spade bits; screwdriver bit; two tapered reamers; 3 countersinks; screwdriver for split nut saws; and 9 spoon bits. (Photo)

472. JOHN BELL AGT PHILAD unhandled screw-arm plow plane with 6 blades (several marked W BUTCHER), one arm has been glued where it meets the bracket, and there are a few thread chips, in good overall condition.

473. Fantastic set of 20 A.McBRIDE LOUISVILLE, KY set of 20 hollow and round molding planes pairs sized 1 thru 10. All are marked with owner T. GORMAN's name. The eleven planes in pairs 1 thru 5 are not marked with the A.McBRIDE name and only the hollow of the #6 pair is marked McBRIDE as are all the larger planes. We can't explain why 11 of the planes don't have the McBRIDE mark, but they all have the same owners marks in the same places and they appear to have been made by the same hand. The T.GORMAN owner's name stamp is included with this set. (Photo & Photo 2)

474. L.S. STARRETT draftsman's T-square with 39-inch blade, light rust, will clean to very good overall; plus a wooden draftsman's T-square with 45-inch blade, small crack near end of blade, needs to be glued.

475. Lot: MOORE AND WRIGHT SHEFFIELD ENGLAND steel square with 2 1/4-inch blade; L.S. STARRETT speed indicator; three 6-inch pocket scales, one by FOWLER, two by GENERAL; Craftsman drill chuck 5/64 to 1/2-inch capacity; and two steel plates one with vise, both look like machine shop shop-made projects.

476. THE SIMONDS SAW 10-inch brass backed dovetail saw, fine overall.

477. Stanley #400 picture frame miter vise, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

478. HENRY DISSTON 12-inch steel back saw, top horn of handle chipped, otherwise fine; plus a DISSTON & SONS keyhole saws with 11 1/2-inch blade.

479. Three assorted try squares and a rosewood and brass handled sliding bevel.

480. Pair of wrenches: 15-inch Craftsman Crescent-type, complete and fine; and a Ridged-type Craftsman 14-inch screw adjusted HEAVY DUTY pipe wrench, complete and fine.

481. Stanley #945 10-inch ratchet brace, complete and fine; a nice RUSSELL JENNINGS Arrowhead Brand adjustable hollow auger, two additional adjustable auger bits that have had the tangs sawed off for use in a drill press; and a Wm. Johnson adjustable cutter for making leather washers.

482. Millers Falls #120B 2-speed breast drill with intact auxiliary handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

483. Lot: box with circular saw setting fixture; Great Neck hole saw; paint stripper that fits in an electric drill; pipe and tube cutter with built in reamer; and two pair of tin snips, one by WISS. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. FISHER 1903 anvil, 40 pounds, tip of horn MIA, good usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

485. Smith Patent (U.S. No. 1,155,965) STERLING NO. 20 SLICER N.R. STREETER & CO. ROCHESTER, N.Y. PAT OCT. 5, 1915, hand-cranked countertop meat slicer, was found in a basement and has light to moderate rust where the japanning is missing or where it was bare metal to begin with. There is no structural damage like broken or missing castings, includes the clamp used to secure it to the counter or table top, a nice vintage slicer that would look great in collection of vintage kitchen or restaurant items. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

486. Fine unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gage. (Photo & Photo 2)

487. Lot of 22 assorted center bits. (Photo)

488. Lot of six RAYMOND molding planes, three have the same owners' marks and look like they've been together forever; the other three look like they have been together too. (Photo & Photo 2)

489. Antique REMINGTON typewriter on wooden base with tin carrying case, this one spent way too many years in a damp basement, but it's all there, has four patent dates stamped into the space bar, cold be restored or relegated to a piece of yard art. (Photo & Photo 2)

490. RICHARDS & WILCOX AURORA ILLINOIS quick acting woodworker's vise, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

491. Wooden model of an old covered wagon, made for a fixed display, the wheels do not turn, nicely made, very good overall. (Photo)

492. Lot of four bottles: the two on the left look like old whisky bottles; on the right is an ATLAS MASON jar with intact lid; and in front is a tiny bottle with some kind of cutting apparatus screwed onto the top. (Photo & Photo 2)

493. Lot of six handles for crosscut saws, one with ATKINS SAWS decal, all very good; plus a wooden handled scraper, good. (Photo)

494. Nice 1893-94 GENERAL CATALOG D MANSUR & TEBBETTS IMPLEMENT FARM MACHINES AND MACHINERY St. Louis Mo. V.S.A. BRANCH HOUSES DALLAS, TEXAS. NASHVILLE. TENN. In additional to all the farm implements, this one is filled with wheelwrigh, blacksmith, carriage maker and other tools, it is complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

495. Set of two APPLETONS' DICTIONARY OF MECHANICS hardbound books. These have an Normal shelf wear on the covers, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

496. Large BELKNAP HARDWARE & MANUFACTURING CO. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 1956 hardware catalog, the top 3 inches of the cover are missing at top of the spine, the inside is good. (Photo & Photo 2)

497. SLIGO IRON STORE COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. hardbound 1902 catalog, some wear and soiling to covers, inside is very good. Features a nice variety of tools and supplies. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. Vintage BILT WELL MILL WORK Catalog-Carr Trombley MFG. Co. St.Louis, MO, has numerous color plates, several pages show moisture staining and color running in the top outside corner, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

499. SLIGO STEEL INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI catalog No. 89, Circa 1964, complete and fine. (Photo)

500. Early & RARE SIMMONS HARDWARE COMPANY Illustrated Catalogue, Tools, Light Machinery and Supplies 1883 catalog. This is the earliest catalog we've ever seen of the company that went on fame and glory with the Keen Kutter line, this catalog had hard covers held together with a leather spine, this leather is dry rotted and much is missing. The catalog will need to be re-bound. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

501. Large lot of jewelers screw drivers inside a hard eyeglass case; a set of watchmaker's HR SUISSE screwdrivers; and a set of CRAFTSMAN No. 4103 set of three jeweler's screw drivers IOB. (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Lot of four nipple or spoke wrenches used to tighten bicycle spokes. (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Lot of three iron thumb planes including one with gray body and red cap that looks like a Millers Falls; and two that look like Sargent or Craftsman models. (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Lot: early cast iron train missing both sets of rear wheels; two cars, one in red paint and one blue; and a cast iron wheelbarrow with removable tub. (Photo & Photo 2)

505. Lot of five pocket levels that can be attached to a square, three are marked STANLEY, all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Lot of four miniature wooden wood planes; a jack, two smoothers and a rabbet. (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Sheet metal hole punch in original tin box, comes with assortment of punches and dies. (Photo & Photo 2)

508. Lot of three small levels including a nice Stanley #39 1/2 6-inch machinist level with SW logo in the brass top, very good; and two 5-inch models with pocket clips, one has a shaft level; all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

509. Lot of four thumb planes: two are stamped sheet metal, one is a Craftsman or Sargent; and one is a Stanley with red lever cap. (Photo & Photo 2)

510. Lot of four small wooden bodied levels, one with mahogany stock, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

511. Lot of six little ball peen hammers; one with screwdriver at end of handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

512. Unusual little milk glass hatchet with flour decoration painted on head, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

513. Lot of five small claw hammers; one has a plastic handle with ballpoint pen under the red head; the one above it is also a ballpoint pen with metal body and iron head; and the smallest is a tie clip. (Photo & Photo 2)

514. Small McCowan's nickel plated toffee (candy) hammer and a compass in a brass case with knurled edge, the top 1/2 of the brass case is missing, good working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

515. New old stock K&E 6471-12 (old number 6481), 12-oz. brass surveyor-style plumb bob with removable brass top and steel tip, inside original pasteboard box, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

516. Lot two brass weights for gauging tapes, one marked K&E 7898-1; and two Millers Falls No. 3 steel plumb bobs with some light surface rust, both will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

517. Scarce Stanley #14 Type I adjustable square with 6-inch blade, good nickel plating, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. Fine SHAPLEIGH (St. Louis) wooden mallet with purple handle. (Photo)

519. Set of six Millers Falls carving gouges in original pasteboard box, gouges are fine, box is good. (Photospan> & Photo 2)

520. Lot of three boxwood 4-fold rules: TWO-AXE BRAND (CHINESE?) 36-inch 4-fold rule, very good; LUFKIN RULE CO. No. 651 2-foot, complete and very good; and a Stanley Rule & Level Co. #62 brass-bound 24-inch, with some dark stains, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

521. Three rosewood handled squares: Blue Grass 8-inch try square, fine overall; unmarked try and miter square with 7 1/2-inch blade, rosewood & brass handle, very good; and a Stanley try and miter square with 6-inch blade, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

522. Set of 11 Irwin MAINBOR wood auger bits in original box, the bits are very good, the box is OK but someone has painted the outside red. (Photo & Photo 2)

523. Unusual training sextant used to teach mariners how to navigate, in original box, made of heavy paper, wooden blocks with mirrors glued to them and filters, these could be used, but they were made for training. (Photo & Photo 2)

524. Scarce McGREGOR NOE HDWE CO. CLIPPER SPRINGFIELD, MO hatchet with some light pitting, good overall; and a Stanley #292 long handled scraper with a few spots of paint splattered on head, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

525. Pair of handles for a crosscut saw, both in blue paint. (Photo)

526. Pair of hammers: ROBERTS saddler's hammer in like new condition; plus an unmarked tin seaming or riveting hammer, very good. (Photo)

527. Lot of three adjustable auger bits each with a spar spur, two are set up for use in a drill press; plus an adjustable bitstock washer cutter. (Photo)

528. Lot: Starrett speed indicator; small machinist-type steel square; and three 6-inch steel pocket scales. (Photo)

529. Lot of seven saw sets including: TAINTOR'S POSITIVE No. 7; MORRILL'S 1B; BULLOCK (missing fence); MORRILL APEX; MORRILL'S PAT.; another MORRILL APEX; and an unknown make with fence screw broken off in frame. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Unmarked ball peen hammer; and a well worn IDEAL SHINOLA hatchet by BRIDGEPORT HARDWARE MFG. CORP. (Photo & Photo 2)

531. Lot of seven saw sets including: LEACH'S or BULLOCK'S Patent, complete; MORRILL'S PAT.; STEARNS?; MORRILL SPECIAL; Unknown patent; BULLOCK; and MORRILL APEX. (Photo & Photo 2)

532. Lot: H.D.S. & CO. nippers, very good; a mystery cutter; and three pieces of iron harness hardware. (Photo & Photo 2)

533. Lot of six saw tools; five saw sets including: Stanley #42; MORRILL; MORRILL; DISSTON TRIUMPH; LEACH'S PAT.; and an unmarked raker and file holder. (Photo & Photo 2)

534. Lot of four claw hammers with wooden handles including a a HAMMOND with faint mark; VLCHEK HC815; and a WIZARD. (Photo & Photo 2)

535. Lot of six saw tools; five sets including: TAINTOR'S POSITIVE 1900; MORRILL?; STANLEY No 42; LEACH'S PAT.; MORRILL'S PAT.; and a raker and file holder marked S.J. MORIN; APRIL 29, 1912 SEATTLE, very good. First we've seen of this model. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

536. Pair of little hatchets, one with red painted head; both with wooden handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

537. Two sections of trace chain, one in black paint; one one with rust. (Photo & Photo 2)

538. Lot of six claw hammers including a nice CHANNELLOK wrecking hammer with straight claw; HAMMOND 4; and a BAY STATE with chipped face and short handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. Lot: one Millers Falls No. 120A breast drill; and three assorted hand drills including a Millers Falls No. 2-A; Millers Falls No. 2-01; and a PEXTO. (Photo)

540. CHAMPION 6 LEVER brass padlock with one key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

541. LONGWEAR 6 LEVER stamped or pressed steel padlock, no key, little mild pitting, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. SIMMONS brass padlock with stippled background, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

543. Unusual GERMAN combination padlock with three sliding levers, marked D.R.P. with paper string tag from STEPHENS HARDWARE CO. MOBERLY, MO. (Photo & Photo 2)

544. Small CYCLE stamped or pressed steel padlock, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

545. Interesting Y&T (Yale & Towne?) Patent padlock patented OCT. 9, 1894, steel body with brass shackle, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

546. Brass SLAYMAKER padlock with steel shackle, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

547. Two locks: SCHLAGE brass railroad-type padlock with length of window sash chain, very good; and a Slaymaker RUSTLESS brass padlock with bent shackle, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

548. Lot of 21 mostly-FORD wrenches including 17 lug wrenches and four offset box ended wrenches for early Model A and Model T automobiles. (Photo)

549. Unusual brass AUTO LOC with multi stepped shackle, no key, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

550. Large brass padlock with Lion's Head on face, two keys that go into the mouth of the lion to unlock, patented Feb. 18, 1896, very good to fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

551. Lot of 21 mostly-FORD wrenches including 17 lug wrenches and four offset box ended wrenches for early Model A and Model T automobiles. (Photo)

552. Two locks: YALE by YALE & TOWNE MF'G CO. ORDNANCE DEPT AMMUNITION, no key; and a small all-steel MASTER padlock, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

553. Lot of four padlocks: one looks like a combination lock that is missing its dial; another is a small suitcase type lock with two keys; small Slaymaker RUSTLESS; and a little mystery lock. (Photo)

554. YALE brass railroad type padlock with length of chain, no key. (Photo)

555. F-S HDW. CO. LANCASTER, PA, lock with short shackle that is flat across the top, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

556. Lot of 40 assorted keys.

557. Homemade ash puller and a Tate Patent (U.S. No. 769,879) wire-working tool made by STRIEBY & FOOTE CO. NEWARK, NJ. (Photo)

558. Three mystery tools: one has a brass ID tag ROCKER STAPLING MACHINES ROCKAWAY, NJ. (Photo & Photo 2)

559. Cast iron wire twisting or fence tool plus a Millers Falls #2 hack saw missing the plastic or wooden part of the handle. (Photo)

560. Nice wire egg basket that folds flat when not in use, very good overall. (Photo)

561. Lot of corn husking tools; a calf weaner; and a coil of military braided strap in OD green color. (Photo)

562. Tin box for carrying up to 3 DOZ. EGGS, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

563. Unusual tin, wood and wire screen mousetrap, very good overall. (Photo)

564. Wire carrier for up to 8 quarts of motor oil, one mason jar with oil spout included. (Photo)

565. Lot of three planes: Stanley #40 scrub plane, SW blade, no japanning, good usable condition; Stanley #78 body only, early style with vine cast handle, good; and a KEEN KUTTER KK23 transitional smooth plane with KK logo in side of plane, nice original blade, fine overall. (Photo)

566. Stanley #81 cabinet scraper, needs blade, very good overall; and #66 hand beader with round fence, no blades. (Photo)

567. Unknown make brass spokeshave with wooden handles, very good overall. (Photo)

568. Keen Kutter long handled scraper PAT AUG 20, 1910, good overall; and a nice Keen Kutter drawknife with 9-inch blade. (Photo)

569. Three long handled scrapers, two Stanley and one E.C. STEARNS & CO. (Photo)

570. Three Stanley #80 cabinet scrapers; two have improper blades; one blade is a STANLEY for a #12 or #112 plane; one is an early style that is missing one of the screws for the blade holder. (Photo)

571. Lot of three block planes: one is a low angle like a Stanley #56 very good; Stanley #9 1/2 very good; and a 6-inch pressed steel. (Photo)

572. Lot of three iron block planes: #103 Stanley, very good; Sargent #106, very good; and a Stanley #203 with improper knob, very good. (Photo)

573. RARE KEEN KUTTER P59366K ratchet brace with red plastic or composite handles, similar to the BLUE GRASS brace in lot #985, both were likely PEXTO braces, this one is fine. (Photo)

574. UNION #411 compass plane, with UNION cast into rear handle and into nickel plated knob, lateral lever bent, complete and fine. (Photo)

575. DEFIANCE by Stanley #1204 smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

576. Pair Stanley #50 light duty plow planes, one with owner-made wooden fence, plus a box with 14 blades plus the one in one of the planes for a total of 15 blades, both planes are usable. (Photo)

577. Lot of four block planes: early Stanley #220 with broken cam on lever cap, very good; UTILAPLANE aluminum block plane from Chicago, very good; Excelsior-style block plane missing lever from lever cap, otherwise very good; and a Stanley with knuckle jointed lever cap, has left side broke out. (Photo)

578. Pair of planes: Unknown make #03 smoother, complete and very good; and a heavy homemade brass rabbet and filletster plane with a fence, very good overall. (Photo)

579. HYDE shoemaker's heel shave, complete with fence, very good.

580. Pair of hay hooks, both very good. (Photo)

581. Lot of 16 auger bits; three are regular sized, and the others are longer than normal; two of the longer bits have no tang. (Photo)

582. Pair of cant hooks, just add your own polls and you and a friend can go rolling. (Photo)

583. Pair of hay hooks, one with wooden handle and one steel, both very good. (Photo)

584. Pair of brass oilers: LUKENHEIMER MARINE No. 2; very good and a BOWER MFG. CO. AUBURN, N.Y. (Photo)

585. JUST RITE Streamlined carbide miner's lamp, complete and very good. (Photo)

586. BERGER 10-oz. brass surveyor's type plumb bob, complete and very good.

587. Small brass fire-hose nozzle and a round 7-inch brass box.

588. Lot of six old shell casings including one for a 1 1/2-inch projectile.

589. Small decorative brass nozzle; and a more modern brass nozzle. (Photo)

590. CRANE brass steam whistle or valve, very good. (Photo)

591. TOPAZ No. 1 1/2 brass oiler, very good; and a copper COLEMAN funnel for fueling coleman stoves, lanterns and gas irons. (Photo)

592. Lot: brass door knob holding a valve lapping tool; a burner screen patented JUNE 7, 1892, very good; and A.C. GOODRICH Patent tuck creaser or tuck marker for sewing machines, patented AUG. 18, 1868 by H.C. GOODRICH Chicago, Illinois. (Photo)

593. Lot: MANZEL spring greaser; mini brass padlock with key; 1933 DOLE valve for a steam radiator; and a poultry ID tool. (Photo)

594. Large pile of 31 brass tools and parts including a brass square, lucky horseshoe, hinge, etc.

595. Stanley #140 skew-bladed rabbet plane Type I with patent date in removable side, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. OHIO TOOL CO. #09 1/2 Mark's Patent with a Stanley SW knuckle jointed lever cap, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

597. Ohio Tool Co. wooden jack rabbet plane with offset handle, very good. (Photo)

598. Three iron block planes: unknown make missing front knob, in blue paint, very good; Stanley #65 low angle, complete and very good; and a Stanley #110 missing the front knob, has an old nut under the cap screw. (Photo & Photo 2)

599. Three block planes: 6-inch with red lever cap, very good; 4 3/4-inch toy plane, missing lever cap, good overall; and a 4 3/4-inch aluminum model, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

600. Five Ohio Tool wood planes: three including a pair of 7/8-inch tongue & groove planes and a 3/4-inch dado were owned by J.K. OHLHAUFF; the other two including a #10 round and a 1-inch grooving plow were owned by METZ. (Photo)

601. Four iron block planes: Stanley Two-Tone, very good; #18? with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good; Stanley #110, complete and very good; and a DEFIANCE that is similar to a #110, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

602. Stanley #110 in original box, box needs corners repaired. (Photo & Photo 2)

603. OHIO TOOL CO. #95 unhandled screw-arm plow plane, one blade included, a few minor thread chips, usable condition. (Photo)

604. Lot of seven OHIO TOOL CO. wooden molding planes: #8 round; #37 converted into a round; #73 nosing plane, etc. (Photo)

605. Stanley #4 iron smooth plane, good rosewood tote and knob, just needs a blade; plus a 1 3/4-inch No. 26 D.R. BARTON ROCHESTER NY. jack rabbet with offset handle, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

606. Lot of three iron block planes: Stanley #9 1/4 complete and very good; Stanley #9 1/2 with back end broken out and glued back in, no knob, good for parts; and an early Stanley #220, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

607. European cooper's croze plane with screw-arm adjusting, very good overall. (Photo)

608. Lot of four planes: B PLANE with Excelsior-style body, mangled brass knob, very good overall; unknown make 5-inch; 5-inch with integral squirrel tail handle; and a 5 3/4-inch mini smoother. (Photo)

609. Fine Continental plow plane with fine hand forged ram's-horn nuts to secure the arms, marked JR, some scroll work caved into the outside ends of the fence, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

610. Ohio Tool Co. No. 110 screw-arm plow plane, nice threads on arms, no blades, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

611. Unmarked handled screw-arm plow plane, one large nut and one small nut are split and will need repair, screw adjusted depth stop, very good overall. (Photo)

612. Three VARVILL & SONS EBOR WORKS, YORK wood molding planes: #12 hollow; #18 round; and #18 hollow, all are complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

613. Pair of GAGE TOOL CO. No. 4 smooth planes, one is complete and fine; the other is missing the lever cap and has a replaced knob. (Photo)

614. Fine cooper's howell plane, one of the best we have seen marked 2122 inside an oval on the toe, sweet. (Photo)

615. MYER & SCHULZE (St. Louis) moving filletster plane, faint mark, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

616. NELSON & HAYNER ALTON, ILL EXTRA QUALITY moving filletster plane with dovetailed boxwood boxing, screw operated depth stop, missing nicker, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

617. Two St. Louis wood planes: BAILEY RICHARDSON 608 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS complex molding plane some rot on toe of the plane, good overall; and a HALL & HYNSON ST. LOUIS wide complex profile molding plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

618. BAILEY & RICHARDSON 608 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS / OHIO TOOL CO. COLUMBUS* complex molding plane, several cracks at toe and one at throat, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

619. M. STOUT ST. LOUIS round plane that has been hogged out around the escapement on the right side, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

620. W.F. DOMINICK CHICAGO screw-arm sash plane, missing one of the arms and its nut, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

621. Pair St. Louis molding planes: M&N.H. STOUT taurus bead, escapement hogged out, and part of mark was chewed on by a rodent; and a M&NH STOUT 7/8-inch side bead with some breaks in the boxwood boxing. (Photo & Photo 2)

622. OHIO TOOL CO. G.B. & CO. (G. Bremerman?) #75 plow, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

623. T.J. McMaster & Co. Auburn, wedge arm plow plane, fence has been broken and has wood screws holding it together, one blade included. (Photo & Photo 2)

624. Unusual tin mousetrap that will slice and dice your mice, very good overall.

625. Large lot (115+) of bottle openers all with beer advertising: GRIESEDIECK BROS; BUDWEISER; ALPEN BRAU; IROQUOIS; FALSTAFF; COORS; STAG; JAX; CANADIAN ACE, etc. Here's your chance to start a new collection. (Photo)

626. Unusual DIAMOND EDGE salesman's sample? case 25.5 x 9 x 13.75 inch, made of a suitcase type composite material, brass corners, handle on top like that on a machinist tool box, military-type woven canvas straps that secure the lid, about 40 percent of paper label is worn off, very good overall. (Photo)

627. Lot of 16 assorted can and bottle openers including a corkscrew in shape of a beer bottle by ANHEUSER BUSCH; a REX 5-IN-1 can and bottle opener; PEERLESS IMPROVED knife sharpener, bottle opener, glass cutter, etc; NEVERSLIP PAT. MAY 17, '92; S.D. SMITH ICE & FUEL ice pick and bottle opener, etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

628. Pair of NOS handles for grubbing tools like mattox or grubbing hoe. (Photo)

629. Lot of 18 assorted bottle and/or can openers, saddle blanket pins, etc. Included in this lot are a STAR X COCA COLA wall-mounted opener and a similar STAR X FALSTAFF BEER opener; K-D MFG. "MILNOT" IT WHIPS advertising opener. (Photo & Photo 2)

630. Long handled brush hook, sharp blade. (Photo)

631. Keen Kutter broad axe, handle needs to be replaced, very good head. (Photo)

632. Two hay tools: hay knife with wooden handles; and a pitted hay spear or harpoon. (Photo)

633. IDL silage knife, very good. (Photo)

634. Keen Kutter sharpshooter or nurseryman's spade, one or two little kinks in the blade, very good overall. (Photo)

635. Pair of long handled tongs for reaching items that are out of reach. (Photo)

636. True Temper O-V-B No. 90 THE IDL sod lifter?, ice scraper?. (Photo)

637. Primitive hand-forged shoe lasting stand in an old piece of wood; plus another stand with collet that needs a new piece of wood. (Photo)

638. Curved fro most likely a blacksmith made piece, very good overall. (Photo)

639. Three pulleys: one wooden in a iron frame 855C, very good; an iron or steel pulley in a wooden block with round medallion with an anvil on it; and a brass-housed steel pulley likely off a ship or sailboat, very nice. (Photo)

640. Lot of three padlocks: the first looks like a railroad lock made of steel with a brass cylinder, no key; Power Lever steel lock, no key; and a badly pitted level marked CAR CO on one side. (Photo & Photo 2)

641. Three locks: 6 LEVER, no key, pitted; PRATT 6 LEVER steel, no key; and a REESE lock, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

642. Pair of padlocks: IRONSIDES 6-LEVER, no key, very good; and an unusual STERLING LOCK CO. MINNEAPOLIS steel lock, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

643. Three locks: CORBIN steel lock with two brass keys; VICTORY brass lock, no key; and a MASTER DUDLEY combination lock. (Photo & Photo 2)

644. Pair of little similar padlocks, one has name we cannot read, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

645. Pair of padlocks: SARGENT SIX LEVER, no key, very good; and a MASTER with tigers face, no key. (Photo & Photo 2)

646. Three padlocks: EAGLE; a small 9-9; and a small brass VICTORY, no keys. (Photo & Photo 2)

647. Pair padlocks: 6 LEVER MADE IN USA; and a F-S HDW LANCASTER PA some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

648. Three padlocks: MASTER; FRAIM; and another slightly smaller MASTER, no keys. (Photo & Photo 2)

649. Four padlocks: CORBIN: unknown; GENERAL UTILITY; and early lock with swinging gate, no keys. (Photo & Photo 2)

650. Lot of 29 assorted padlocks including a working Chicago Lock Co. model with a key. (Photo)

651. Lot of 19 assorted keys. (Photo)

652. Winchester No. 9817 - 30-inch wooden plumb & level, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

653. Hand corn planter wood and tin construction, very good overall. (Photo)

654. Cast iron MOLINE tractor or implement seat. (Photo)

655. Hand corn planter with wood handles and tin hopper, very good overall. (Photo)

656. Steel gimbal for hanging meat to cool or for outdoor butchering. (Photo)

657. Hand potato planter of wire and tin. (Photo)

658. Hand cranked spoke tenoning machine. (Photo)

659. Hand cranked Black Hawk R23 corn sheller, very good overall. (Photo)

660. Hand cranked Black Hawk Mill for making corn into cornmeal, very good overall. (Photo)

661. Broad axe, no maker's mark visible, some minor pitting, good handle, good usable condition. (Photo)

662. Pair of cooper or carriage maker's drawknives; L&IJ WHITE with 9-inch; and unknown make with 8 1/4-inch blade, both very good. (Photo)

663. Lot: ratchet brace and six assorted bits; small portable vise; keyhole saw; hammer head center bit, cold chisel. (Photo)

664. Pair of 9-inch drawknives: a patented model with rotating handles, some light pitting, usable; and a ROBERT DUKE, very good overall. (Photo)

665. TWIX try and miter square; wooden marking gage, and #102 iron block plane. (Photo)

666. Pair of 9-inch drawknives: WITHERBY with straight blade, complete and very good; and SIMMONS with curved blade, good overall. (Photo)

667. Lot of seven KEEN KUTTER tools: push drill; carpet knife; tack lifter; KCP pruning shears; SIMMONS scratch awl; 3546 and 3547 Phillips head screwdrivers. (Photo)

668. Pair of drawknives: STEVENS & CO. ROCHESTER NY cooper or carriage maker's, fine overall; and another with rotating handles. (Photo)

669. Unusual SIMONDS No. 32 hacksaw with nice wooden pistol grip, very good. (Photo)

p class="MsoNormal">670. Lot of six Keen Kutter auger bits. (Photo)

671. Winchester 1511 flashlight, inside and outside are very good. (Photo)

672. Four assorted KEEN KUTTER files including knife edge model. (Photo)

673. Winchester flashlight with fisheye lens, very has crack in top near threads, good overall. (Photo)

674. Lot of five Keen Kutter scissors. (Photo)

675. Winchester flashlight, plastic and rubber construction, very good overall. (Photo)

676. Lot of 11 Keen Kutter chisels, four with wooden handles; six needing chisels. (Photo)

677. Winchester 2-cell brass flashlight, says "USE NO. 1511 HI-POWER BATTERIES, very good. (Photo)

678. Keen Kutter grubbing hoe head, very good. (Photo)

679. Stanley #289 skew bladed rabbet plane, SW logo, no fence or depth stop, will make a good user. (Photo)

680. Keen Kutter brass padlock with aftermarket key, very good overall. (Photo)

681. BEVIL-DEVIL fiberboard beveling plane in original wooden box. (Photo)

682. One Pair Keen Kutter K543 Toilet (hair) Clipper IOB, clipper is like new box is good with moderate wear. (Photo)

683. Winchester flashlight says "USE NO. 1511 HI-POWER BATTERIES on end cap, gray body, very good overall. (Photo)

684. Pair of Keen Kutter scissors, both very good. (Photo)

685. WINCHESTER OLIN BOND 2-cell flashlight, fine overall; plus a Winchester brass rocket-shaped flashlight body, very good overall. (Photo)

686. Keen Kutter wood rasp, very good and grass clippers, very good. (Photo)

687. GENUINE PLUMB Boy Scout hatchet, very good overall; and a pair of Keen Kutter grass clippers, very good. (Photo)

688. Keen Kutter K-8 wrench, very good. (Photo)

689. Scarce Winchester 8-inch drawknife, very good overall. (Photo)

690. KEEN KUTTER NO. 746 HOLLW GROUND straight razor in original box, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

691. Cast iron wire twister? 12-inches long, very well made.

692. Scarce basket maker's fro, complete and very good. (Photo)

693. Pair of cast iron fence stretchers, both marked A5, both complete and very good. (Photo)

694. Large hand forged fro with nice wooden handle, very well made. (Photo)

695. SHAPLEIGH HDWE CO. KEEN KUTTER ST. LOUIS, MO wooden axe box, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

696. Mystery hand cranked tool, HILKER CHICAGO PAT. FEB 23, '94? (Photo)

697. Tin barrel pump, 37 inches long overall, very well made. (Photo)

698. Long handled spoke or hoop dog, 32 inches long overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

699. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with eight blades (sash, match, five beads and one plow, cam, long rods, missing auxiliary handle, will make a good user.

700. Stanley #55 combination plow plane, later model with BB logo on skate, comes with the two side handles, sliding section; auxiliary center bottom (tower), all rosewood is present and very good, rods, front and rear depth stops, cam, and 46 blades (including the two in the plane) inside a owner made box, a fine plane with very good set of blades, just find a beading stop, screwdriver and a few blades and it will be complete. (Photo)

701. Three little block planes: Birmingham 4-inch with intact lever cap, repainted; G.M. MFG. CORP. L.I. CITY, NY, very good; and an early #75 Stanley bullnose, very good. (Photo)

702. Pair of blacksmith or wheelwright travelers; one manufactured with wooden handle and intact pointer, very good; and a hand forged model with two-spoke wheel and wire loop handle, pitted, good overall. (Photo)

703. Lot of seven wooden patterns that Chuck Garrett purchase when the Femme Osage Blacksmith and Wagon Shop were sold off at auction in the 1960s or '70s. The tags on them identify them as being: FELLOWE PATTERN; WAGON HOUND PATTERN; AXE HANDLE; WHEELBARROW HANDLE, etc. (Photo)

704. Blacksmiths double caliper, some minor pitting, very good overall. (Photo)

705. Lot of seven patterns that were purchased when the Femme Osage (St. Charles County, Missosuri) blacksmith and wagon shop were sold at public auction in the 1960s or 1970s. Included are patterns identified as being for an AXE HANDLE and WAGON WHEEL FELLOWE. (Photo)

706. Unusual and perhaps homemade 29 1/2-inch plumb level with intact iron plumb bob and large brass vial cover on side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

707. Pair of blacksmith-made wheelwrights travelers; one with wooden handle and two-spoke wheel; and one with iron handle and four-spoke wheel; both are pitted. (Photo)

708. WEBSTER MFG. CO. CHICAGO #127 railroad car mover that allows a person to move a railroad car a short distance. Has three patent dates that look like 1880s but it's too pitted to make them out, a newer coat of black paint. Great for any collection of railroad tools. (Photo & Photo 2)

709. COFFING-LOAD-BINDER, has small brazed repair on part of handle, very good overall. (Photo)

710. Lot of leather carving tools, 28 pieces in all. (Photo & Photo 2)

711. Green River-type wheelwright's travler, some pitting on one side, intact pointer, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

712. Lot of 5 wooden smooth planes; two horned types and three coffin-shaped models. (Photo & Photo 2)

713. Nice slick with offset handle, 2 7/8-inch blade, beveled edged sides, nice handle, very good overall. (Photo)

714. Unusual UP-TO-DATE butt plane made by the ILL. STPG. & MFG. CO., 220 N. JEFFERSON ST., CHICAGO 6 ILL PATS. PEND. This the stamped version of the plane. This same company first made a cast aluminum model. Also included is a LCN multi sized wrench, screwdriver and spanner. The spanner end is bunged up. (Photo & Photo 2)

715. Lot of seven wooden molding planes: snipes bill from GREEK ST. SOHO; BOWLEY LEEDS; I SYM; OHIO TOOL #37; MATHIESON & SONS GLASGOW; FAIRCLOUGH LIVERPOOL 3/8-Inch boxed side bead, and HAYES. (Photo & Photo 2)

716. Two wooden marking gages and a wooden spokeshave with peeling varnish and a partial decal on bottom of handle, will make a good user. (Photo & Photo 2)

717. Lot: leather sheath for a surveyors hand level, can be worn on belt, very good; flat plumb bob used by a paper hanger in hanging wallpaper, and a medium sized cast iron plumb bob. (Photo)

718. Lot of three smaller slide rules: THE FREDERICK POST CO. NO. 1441 MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN, has POST stamped into flap of leather case, very good; a small empty leather holder advertising ATLANTIC CHEMICALS & METALS CO. CHICAGO; SUNN HEMI NO. 34RK slide rule MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN, with STERLING instruction sheet, very good; and a CIPCO SPECIAL PRODUCTS DENMARK slide rule advertiing American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Birmingham, Alabama, very good. (Photo)

719. General No. 800 16-ounce brass plumb bob with removable top and steel point, comes inside a nice leather holster that can be worn on a belt, the bob has some light green oxidation, very good overall; plus a flat plumb bob used by a paper hanger in hanging wallpaper, very good. (Photo)

720. Vintage Queen cast iron stove used as a pharmaceutical salesman sample distributed during the 1960s. Includes a pot, frying pan, and coal bucket. Has a removable shelf on the side, front door opens. The shelf, chimney, and burner rings, one of which is a replacement made of heavy card stock, are removable. The words, "IRON IS LIVITAMIN" are cast into the door, and the word "QUEEN" is cast into the shelf. Stove measures 3.75 inches tall, 4 inches deep at the base, and 6 inches wide including the side shelf. Very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

721. LIVITAMIN IF mini cast iron anvil paperweight, given out by pharmaceutical reps in the 1960s, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

722. Deep throated violin maker-type thickness caliper with wooden handle; and a large wooden divider. (Photo & Photo 2)

723. Two drawknives: folding handle Cantello 8-inch model with light rust and some pitting, good overall; and a hand forged model made from an old rasp, one of the wooden handles is missing, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

724. Unusual FAIRMOUNT CLEVELAND automobile valve-spring tool; and a Stanley #34 10-inch machinist level with eclipse cover for vial, shaft groove in base, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

725. Unusual hurdle maker twibil that Chuck Garrett brought back from a trip to England about 7 years ago. (Photo & Photo 2)

726. Little hand forged drawknife with good wooden handles, very good overall. (Photo)

727. Early patented? T-auger handle with iron socket and wooden handles, the handles are cracked but still functional; plus a coopers hoop driver with welded repair, very good. (Photo)

728. Interesting dibble with brass tag (Chuck Garrett brought this one back from his visit to Wales several years ago), in like new condition; plus four wooden handled screwdrivers. (Photo & Photo 2)

729. Thomas Clark Cairn Studio Ltd. Blacksmith Figure with Certificate of Authenticity. Created 9/7/1987 and this is Edition No. 84. Approximately 12-1/4" high. Very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

730. Figurine of a blacksmith working at his anvil, 7 1/2 inches tall, marked JAPAN on bottom, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

731. BEXON DIY COLLECTION (English?) figurine of man using a drill press, 9 1/2-inches tall, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

732. COCHRAN SPEEDNUT self-tightening nut wrench, Patented May 2, 1915, complete and very good. (Photo)

733. Small blacksmith figurine with hammer in hand at the anvil, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

734. Lot of three small planes: a 5-inch model with tail handle; 5-inch model with red lever cap; and a Stanley #75 that is missing the top 1/2 of the lever cap; an ASH & CO. plane blade; and a NOS 4 1/2-inch Dry/Wet diamond masonry blade. (Photo)

735. Figurine of an old woman in a bonnet sitting on a green tractor, if you knew Chuck Garrett's friend Judy, you will understand what inspired him to buy this one. (Photo & Photo 2)

736. Lot: nice mini PAT APLD FOR hand vise; small rod for a Stanley plane; large center bit; and a spoon or shell bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

737. Small figurine of a cooper with hammer in hand hammering a barrel hoop, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

738. Stanley No 2 Excelsior tool handle PAT'd MAR 19, 1867, very good; plus a small leather slitter. (Photo & Photo 2)

739. Figurine of a farrier making a horseshoe, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

740. Brass railroad type padlock with length of chain, one key, very good. (Photo)

741. Adlake FRISCO railroad padlock with length of chain, Pat. 2040482, no key. (Photo)

742. Miller Lock Co. Made in Philadelphia U.S.A. No. 112, railroad lock with length of chain, PAT. 8-8-15, no key. (Photo)

743. Two small Master padlocks with two non working keys.

744. Original brass FRISCO Railroad padlock, shaped like a Keen Kutter lock, on back it says "DON'T USE OIL BUT PLENTY OF GRAPHITE, no key, several nicks and dings very good. (Photo)

745. SL-SF RY (St. Louis & San Francisco) railroad padlock with length of chain, no key, good overall. (Photo)

746. STL N SY railroad lock, no key, very good. (Photo)

747. STL KC&C RR brass railroad padlock, marked HAND CAR on one side of shackle, appears to have been vandalized as the front plate partially pried off, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

748. EXCEL brass padlock, no key, very good. (Photo)

749. Small brass ROYAL padlock, no key, very good. (Photo)

750. Unusual brass JUNKUM CHICAGO padlock with one link of chain, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

751. ADLAKE CRT&R RR No. 48 railroad lock, with section of chain, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

752 Pair of RACO FRISCO railroad padlocks, looks like a flat bladed screwdriver would work as the key. (Photo & Photo 2)

753. Lot of 39 assorted keys.

754. Beer keg chamfer knife, moderate to heavy pitting; plus an unusual drawknife with one straight handle and one at 90 degrees to the blade, has crude homemade handles. (Photo)

755. Keen Kutter hatchet with nice but poorly-fitted handle, re-fit the handle and it will be fine. (Photo)

756. KEEN KUTTER KF24 framing hammer with original handle, very good. (Photo)

757. KEEN KUTTER blacksmith sledge hammer, very good, handle likely original, number on butt end of handle has been wiped out. (Photo)

758. Fine KEEN KUTTER camp hatchet with leather sheath; and a Keen Kutter claw hammer with replaced handle, hang hole in end of handle, good overall. (Photo)

759. Pair of KEEN KUTTER framing squares, both very good. (Photo)

760. CULTIWEEDER CURRIE WINDMILL CO. TOPEKA KANS gardening tool, very unusual and a must have for the garden collector. (Photo & Photo 2)

761. Unusual tin broadcast seeder that would have been worn on a belt and cranked by hand, this one is missing the belt and the fabric bag that would have held the seed, the gears are all very good and it turns freely. (Photo)

762. Unusual LANDERS FRARY & CLARK UNIVERSAL CAKE MIXER clamps to a table (clamp included) and has a two paddles that are gear driven currently installed; also included is a dough hook, complete and very good. Pat. July 18, 1905; JAN. 14, '96; APRIL 11, '05; JULY 18, '06; MAY 27, '05. (Photo)

763. Two wooden slaw cutters, both very good. (Photo)

764. Wooden bucksaw, complete and good.

765. Nice pair of ice tong. (Photo)

766. Wooden bucksaw, complete and very good.

767. Nice hay knife with wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo)

768. Small ice saw with iron handle, very good. (Photo)

769. Unusual hay knife with file like teeth along the cutting edge, very good. (Photo)

770. Large pair of hand forged log tongs with chain, very good. (Photo)

771. Lot of 30+ bottle and/or can openers most with advertising. (Photo & Photo 2)

772. Lot of nine wooden plane: a smoother with integral round handle coming out the back; and eight unmarked molding planes including a twin iron nosing; two skew-bladed rabbets; two rounds and three hollows, all very good. (Photo)

773. Lot of 28 assorted bottle and/or can openers, most have advertising for Missouri businesses. (Photo)

774. Continental panel raising plane with movable steel fence on bottom, very good overall. (Photo)

775. Lot of four wooden planes: 6-inch compassed round, likely homemade; 7.5-inch rabbeting, missing a wedge; 10.5-inch Continental round; and an Ohio? dado with brass depth stop, good overall. (Photo)

776. Pair of carriage maker's body knives: one with flat blade appears to be factory made; the one with the curved blade looks blacksmith made and is pitted. (Photo & Photo 2)

777. Unusual 20th CENTURY combination pipe wrench, nut wrench, brace and screwdriver, MAY 21, 1901, missing the top brace handle, can still be used as a wrench. (Photo)

778. Beer keg chamfer knife, too pitted to see a maker's mark, but is likely a L&IJ WHiTE or DR BARTON piece. (Photo)

779. Pair of KEEN KUTTER planes: scarce No. K240 scrub plane complete and very good; and a KK3 tote spur chipped and top of frog broken off, good rosewood knob, blade and body, can be used as is. (Photo)

780. Winchester lathing or roofing hatchet, handle has been replaced, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

781. Small WINCHESTER ball peen hammer, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

782. WINCHESTER No. 1023? 14-inch wooden handled pipe wrench, the wood is cracked and wrapped with electrical tape, the metal portion of the handle is bent, can be restored. (Photo & Photo 2)

783. Large WINCHESTER 1152 open ended wrench, some light pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

784. Winchester 1537 open ended S wrench, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

785. Lot of four WINCHESTER wooden handled screwdrivers, all in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

786. Lot of six KEEN KUTTER rasps and files; one flat bastard has the tang broken off; included is a triangular file and the smallest round rasp or file that we have seen. (Photo & Photo 2)

787. SHAPLEIGH'S HAMMER FORGED butchering knife 1843 - 1934, very good overall; plus a 2-inch Keen Kutter butt chisel, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

788. Five pair of scissors including four by Keen Kutter. (Photo & Photo 2)

789. WINCHESTER 1208 auger bit, very good; plus a Winchester 4516-5/8-inch cold chisel, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

790. WINCHESTER 10-inch screw-adjusted pipe wrench, has been repainted black, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

791. Three pocket knives at least two of which are KEEN KUTTER, both have broken blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

792. Lot of five KEEN KUTTER auger bits, all very good. (Photo)

793. Lot of five KEEN KUTTER tools: nail set; #9 twist drill bit; glass cutter; tack lifter; and K500? open ended S wrench. (Photo)

794. CLIPPER No. 0 belt stapling fixture PAT. AUG. 25, 1925, has original pair of scissors attached by piece of chain. (Photo)

795. Lot of five iron block planes: Stanley 7-inch with adjustable throat, good; unknown make 6-inch C2, missing front knob; unknown make 6.5-inch; Sargent #5307, very good; and Stanley #9 1/2, very good. (Photo)

796. Large railroad spike driving hammer head, marked SL-SF RR, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

797. Five iron block planes: Stanley #120 missing knob, very good; Stanley #110 very good; Sargent #? missing blade adjuster, light pitting; SHAPLEIGH'S, very good; and Stanley #220 missing front knob, very good. (Photo)

798. PLUMB 32-oz. sledge and cross peen with good handle marked SL&SF RR (railroad); plus a heads for another hammer and a small pick. (Photo & Photo 2)

799. Lot of five iron block planes: fine Stanley #220; Stanley #120 missing front knob, very good; Stanley #118, very good; Millers Falls #75, improper front knob, good overall; and a Sargent? with carriage nut under cap screw to take up slack. (Photo)

800. RARE WINCHESTER STORE reel-type lawn mower, in fresh-from-the-barn working condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

801. Old cowbell with original leather strap. (Photo)

802. Pair of transitional planes: Stanley #35 complete and very good; plus a Stanley #22 that had been modified to cut rabbets, very good. (Photo)

803. A.A. WOOD & SONS adjustable hollow auger, no depth stop, very good; plus a large dowel or spoke pointer. (Photo)

804. Marbles hunting knife in original leather sheath, good overall. (Photo)

805. Large dowel or spoke pointer, very good; plus an unknown make adjustable hollow auger. (Photo)

806. Three iron block planes including a Marsh M102 with Stanley BB blade; a MOHAWK with improper knob; and a Stanley 9 1/2 with missing cam on lever cap. (Photo)

807. Marbles hunting knife in a KINFOLKS leather sheath, knife has been sharpened quite a few times, good overall. (Photo)

808. Lot: Stillson 10-inch pipe wrench, fine overall; a worn Marbles hunting knife with leather wrapped handle, good overall; and a small Keen Kutter K25 open end wrench. (Photo)

809. Three fixed hollow augers, no marks visible on any of them, one set up for use in a drill press, all usable. (Photo)

810. Lot: automotive-type speed wrench; three large saw sets each marked "THE BULLER SAW SET"; a hammer-type saw set; medium sized alligator wrench; angular bitstock tool; No. 30H SLIP & LOCK NUT WRENCH, CHICAGO SPEC. MFG CO.; a spring loaded pruning sheer; and a mystery tool marked POSITIVE 9.21.04. (Photo)

811. Pair of adjustable hollow augers, both complete with depth stops, good usable condition. (Photo)

812. Stanley #5 iron jack plane complete and very good; plus a Millers Falls #85 rabbet and filletster plane with intact fence and depth stop, screw for stop is missing. (Photo)

813. Trustworthy iron smooth plane with rough tote and knob; plus a Stanley #40 scrub plane with owner made iron, very good. (Photo)

814. Early Stanley #79 side rabbet plane, has been broken and braized on back, usable condition or part it out. (Photo)

815. Three little iron block planes: an unmarked 5-inch and two 4 3/4-inch. (Photo)

816. Union #3C with rough knob, otherwise good usable condition; Stanley #3C with nice unmarked blade, good rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall; and a SHELTON. (Photo)

817. Stanley #2 smooth plane with small chip on one side of throat good tote and knob, nice STANLEY lever cap, very good overall. (Photo)

818. Early Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, Rule & Level logo blade, good overall. (Photo)

819. Lot of six unmarked wood planes: five rabbets, one slip boxed, and a grooving plow. (Photo)

820. UNION FACTORY WARRANTED H. CHAPIN handled complex molder, very good. (Photo)

821. Lot of five Massachusetts wooden molding planes by H.L. JAMES WILLIAMSBURG, MASS (A mark); PARKER HUBBARD & CO. CONWAY, MASS; and J. KELLOGG AMHERST, MS. (Photo)

822. GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 408 wide complex molding plane, single boxed, fine. (Photo)

823. P.A. GLADWIN & CO. 10 round, very good. (Photo)

824. Lot of seven wood planes: Sandusky jack rabbet with clunky replacement handle; Sandusky SPECIAL plow with brass fence; SCIOTO 1-inch dado with screw stop; SANDUSKY 13/16-inch dado; 1 1/4-inch rabbet; nice side bead; and beat to death hollow. (Photo)

825. Lot of four AUBURN TOOL CO. AUURN NY molding planes: No. 180 14 hollow; 3/4-inch grooving plow; small round, rough; and a No. 119 1 1/2-inch moving filletster plane missing the sliding bottom, nicker, and depth stop. (Photo)

826. Five wooden molding planes: CHARLES & CO. 8 hollow; T. DAVIS (owner) round; Wm. DON 12 round; CAULDWALL T.DAVIS (owner) side bead; and ??LON round. (Photo)

827. Five W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL molding planes; four marked with EXHIBITION MEDAL LONDON, DUBLIN, PARIS MELBOURNE; 14 round; 2 round; #18 round; #16 hollow; and 1 1/4-inch rabbet. (Photo)

828. Lot of three wooden molding planes: THOS. L. APPLETON BOSTON round; THOS. L. APPLETON hollow; and EAGLE FACTORY WARRANTED N. CHAPIN & CO. hollow, all very good. (Photo)

829. Five wooden molding planes: CASEY & CO. AUBURN, NY #4 hollow with broken wedge; CASEY & CO. AUBURN, NY round with some rot on the toe; DR BARTON & CO ROCHESTER NY 2/8-inch boxed side bead, missing front 1/2 of boxing; DR BARTON & CO ROCHESTER NY 4/8-inch boxed side bead, missing back 1/2 of boxing; T.J. M'MASTER & CO. AUBURN, NY 1/4-inch tongue cutter, some water damage on toe end. (Photo)

830. Five wooden molding planes: I.N. TWEEDIE (with DONALDSON owners mark) #13 round; J. MILLER 73 CLAYTON ST. #18 round; DETROIT rabbet, rough condition; early L. LITTLE bead with owner added fence; and a St. Louis plane that was a fully boxed bead that's had the boxing removed and is sharped to cut a deep tongue with a shoulder, interesting. (Photo)

831. Seven assorted hammer heads. (Photo)

832. Wickstrum Patent August 13, 1929 IDEAL 114 picket pin or tent stake made on PAT. 1724688 issued to Cecil Wickstrum of Omaha, Nebraska, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

833. Nice crating tool for opening and closing wooden shipping crates COMPLIMENTS OF KELLOGG TOASTED CORN FLAKE CO. B-R MFG' CO. CHICAGO ILL. PAT' APPLIED.; and an ORIGINAL ENDERS hoof pick and chisel combination tool, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

834. Three blacksmith tools: rounding hammer; two swedge; and a 3/4-inch punch or drill, all needing handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

835. Patented fencing tool, JAN. 2, 1900, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

836. Five screwdrivers: A.H. REID DEC. 12, 1882 patent, no bits, good overall; MUELLER DECATUR, ILL patent; very good; two GOODELL BROS.; and a MANN Patent screw holding screwdriver, very good. (Photo)

837. Patented fencing tool, JULY 13, 1880, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

838. Lot: four chisels and two gouges: the large gouge is 1 7/8 and has some pitting; the small gouge is hand forged. (Photo)

839. Lot: A.H. REID DEC. 12, 1882 patent, no bits; and three push drills, two are Millers Falls. (Photo)

840. FINE carved mink board for stretching mink hides, with iron keepers at each end. (Photo & Photo 2)

841. Lot three screwdrivers and one bearing scraper. (Photo)

842. Broad axe with much of makers mark obliterated, looks like ???OT BL???, good handle but could stand to be refitted. (Photo)

843. Fence stretcher PATENTED JULY 18, 1907, nice wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

844. Pair of pulleys: on left is an all metal example, the pulley slides back and forth in a 3 3/4-inch channel, very good overall; the other is an OK2 wooden pulley in a cast iron frame with top that swivels, very good; and there's a spare piece that was found in the same box. (Photo)

845. RARE McCLELLAN Patent angular bitstock tool, only the third such one we are aware of, this one has been repainted black, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

846. (850.) Large 22-inch mahogany bevel with copper plates on either side of pivot pin, very good. (Photo)

847. (851.) Nice handled ripping gage, no blade, very good. (Photo)

848. (852.) Nice rosewood handled bevel with 10-inch steel blade, very good overall; plus two Stanley caliper rules: No. 36 4-fold with brass caliper, good overall; and a fine #136 caliper rule with "SOUTHERN IRON & SUPPLY CO. 6326 S. BDWY. FL. 1-9023." (Photo)

849. (853.) Stanley #30 angle divider, complete and fine. (Photo)

850. (854.) Pair of ratchet drills: Keystone MFG. CO. very good; and a GOODELL PRATT, both very good. (Photo)

851. Lot: 18 oversized auger bits, and one MILLERS FALLS #2 auger handle in fine overall condition. (Photo)

852. Mancur balance or scale, often referred to as a buffalo hide scale or mistakenly by some know-it-all auctioneers as cotton scales. (Photo)

853. Pair of 10-inch screw-adjusted pipe wrenches: KEEN KUTTER and WINCHESTER No. 1032, both coated with clear lacquer. (Photo)

854. German mancur balance or scale, marked NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE, very good overall. (Photo)

855. Wheelwright's wheel drill PAT. MARCH 4, 1890, in new paint, fine overall. (Photo)

856. Wooden framed turning saw, good overall; and a Geo. Bishop meat saw very good. (Photo)

857. Pair of horse hames. (Photo)

858. Small meat saw; E.C. STEARNS flooring clamp; hay hook; and a small grabber or pan lifter, all very good. (Photo)

859. KEEN KUTTER lot: Keen Kutter file handle holding a round non-keen kutter rasp; flat Keen Kutter rasp; mill bastard; and a mini hand saw with 12-inch blade, with nib, very good. (Photo)

860. Lot of seven tire pressure gages and a brass oiler with broken glass from the MICHIGAN LUBRICATOR CO. with new glass it will be fine. (Photo)

861. KEEN KUTTER lot: claw hammer with decent handle, very good; and three KEEN KUTTER bastard files and two KEEN KUTTER wooden file handles, all very good. (Photo)

862. Cast iron tool for making square leather strips into round rains, marked PHILA with a big letter M, very decorative casting, mounted to a block of wood, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

863. Heavy iron plane with rosewood tote and knob, has file mounted in bottom, used in a steel fixture for truing up lead printers type. (Photo & Photo 2)

864. Fine SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE CO. DIAMOND EDGE DE9 razor strop; and a KEEN KUTTER razor in original box. (Photo)

865. Angle divider similar to #30 Stanley, likely by GENERAL, no rule, very good; and a GOODELL PRATT chain drill. (Photo)

866. Lot of six wooden levels: three 30-inch Stanley levels; and three 28; all are Stanley except one DISSTON & MORSS.

867. Stanley #984 corner brace, main handle a little rough, can be scraped by into good condition, the rest is very good. (Photo)

868. Lot of five wooden levels: 30-inch Stanley plumb & level, both vials intact, brass corners, very good: Sargent & CO. NY 28-inch plumb & level, both vials intact; 28-inch Keen Kutter both vials intact; Standard Eclipse Level Baker, McMillen Co. Akron, O. cracked side and one plum vial dry; and a 28-inch Stanley SW No. 0, plumb vial broken, level vial good, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

869. KEEN KUTTER nail puller in new black and red paint, very good overall. (Photo)

870. Pair of KEEN KUTTER iron block planes: 7-inch (Stanley) with knuckle jointed lever cap, entire plane coated with clear lacquer, similar to Stanley #18; and unknown number 7-inch made by Sargent, also coated with lacquer. (Photo)

871. Lot of seven assorted cobbler's hammers, five in black paint, all complete with wooden handles. (Photo)

872. Lot of three hammers: a DASCO combination hammer and chisel; a advertising hammer from the FARMERS COOP MACON, MO; and small rubber hammer with horses head in the side of the head, likely out of a child's tool kit. (Photo)

873. Lot of six all-steel and/or cast iron tack hammers; one a patented carpet stretcher; several have nail or staple claws, all are very good. (Photo)

874. Seven wooden handled gimlet bits. (Photo)

875. Lot of six hammers; five are cobbler's types and one of those is marked USM (United Shoe Machinery Corp.); and an early forged farrier's claw hammer. (Photo)

876. to 921. TBA.

922. Early magneto PAT. JULY 17, 1894 possibly out of an old telephone. (Photo & Photo 2)

923. Pair of drawknives: PALMER MEADVILLE, PA folding handle, fine; and WYETH HARDWARE 8-inch with fixed handles, very good. (Photo)

924. Lot: small hand forged drawknife; NORVELL SHAPLEIGH brace; KEEN KUTTER keyhole saw; and KEEN KUTTER file. (Photo)

925. A.A. WOODS & SONS patented adjustable hollow auger, complete with depth stop, very good; and a large Stearns dowel or spoke pointer, very good. (Photo)

926. Pair of drawknives: L&IJ White 8-inch drawknife, complete and very good; plus a PS&W folding handle that needs some work. (Photo)

927. Lot: early Goodell automatic screwdriver; a Goodell-Pratt push drill with bits; an unusual Millers Falls push drill with Leland's Dec. 7, 1909 patent reversible collar (first we've seen of this model); and two tool handles both with bits, one is a BUELL BROS. (Photo & Photo 2)

928. C.E. JENNINGS Arrowhead brand 8-inch folding handle drawknife, fine overall. (Photo)

929. Lot: six snath wrenches; three safety pins, two are likely for saddle blankets, two small wire-handled screwdrivers and a BONNEY 3/16-inch striking tool? for brick work. (Photo & Photo 2)

930. Lot: grass clippers; pruning shears; and an offset soldering iron. (Photo)

931. E.C. STEARNS & CO. patented adjustable hollow auger, missing depth stop, otherwise fine; and a small STEARNS dowel or spoke pointer with graduated shaft marked PAT'D, very good. (Photo)

932. Lot: two skate keys and two shoe horns; one from STIX, BAER and FULLER ST. LOUIS; and one marked QUEEN QUALITY SHOES SOLD BY STERLING M. SMITH ROLLA, MO. (Photo & Photo 2)

933. GEORGE DEUOY CAPON TOOLS, AUTOMATIC SAFE GEORGE DEUOY, Cedar Vale, Kana. R.R. No. 3, set in original pasteboard box, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

934. Lot: patented rosewood handled leather slitter with mild pitting; offset screwdriver; mystery tool with wooden handle; gimlet bit with wood handle; button hook from STEPHEN ENZ, EVANSVILLE, IND; and a mystery tool marked URICH PAT 1919, OTHERS PEND. (Photo)

935. A.A. WOODS patent hollow auger, no depth stop, good overall; plus a medium sized dowel pointer, one adjuster screw missing, one broken off in hole, can easily be returned to good order. (Photo)

936. Lot: early hair clippers; ice pice DRINK PURE SODA WATER BOTTLE BY ROLLA WHOLESALE GROCER?? ROLLA, MO; HOLCO GERMAN dental pick; small kitchen tool similar to mellon baller; RIDDEL wooden burnishing wheel; little wooden-handled nail puller; two ice picks and a turnbuckle. (Photo & Photo 2)

937. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO screw-arm sash plane, fine overall, has owner F. KEARNEY's name stamped on heel. (Photo & Photo 2)

938. SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE (ST. LOUIS) kerosene lantern in red paint, dent in one side of chimney, very good overall. (Photo)

939. SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE (ST. LOUIS) kerosene lantern in black, nice FITZALL globe, very good overall. (Photo)

940. Two kerosene lamps: ALADDIN MODEL 12; and a B&H. The Aladdin has a small dent in the top, both lamps need glass globes. (Photo & Photo 2)

941. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO 6/8 complex profile, has owner T. DAVIS' name stamped twice on toe, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

942. Large glass kerosene lamp, has SCOVILL MFG name on wick adjuster screw head, nice chimney, very good overall, plus a spare chimney with beaded edge at top. (Photo & Photo 2)

943. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO wooden sash coping plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

944. Medium sized glass kerosene lamp, nice glass chimney, very good. (Photo)

945. RARE HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO 7 3/4-inch coachmaker's plane, compassed double thumbnail profile, has owner F. KEARNEY's name stamped on toe, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

946. Smaller sized glass kerosene lamp, nice glass chimney, very good. (Photo)

947. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO 1 5/16-inch double-bladed nosing plane, a few cracks at toe, good overall; owners name stamped on side and J. GAMACHE owners name stamped on side and heel. (Photo & Photo 2)

948. Antique wooden beer case with hinged lid, has been painted over, intact latch, would be worth stripping the paint off. (Photo)

949. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO complex profile molding plane owner F. KEARNEY's name stamped stamped in two, some water damage to toe. (Photo & Photo 2)

950. Large WABASH (railroad) oil can in black paint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

951. HUNT & WISEMAN ST. LOUIS MO wooden sash coping plane, has J.F. SIMON owners name stamped into heel, replacement wedge, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

952. Small milk can, riveted construction, in silver paint, very good overall. (Photo)

953. Large milk can, painted black with American eagle and flag decal, lid rusty and banged up, good overall. (Photo)

954. Large milk can, some light rust, very good lid, very good overall. (Photo)

955. Large milk can in black paint with remains of an eagle and flag decal, nice lid, very good overall. (Photo)

956. Large milk can in Silver paint, very good overall. (Photo)

957. Smaller milk can in red paint, lid is rotted all the way thru, will make a good decorator piece. (Photo)

958. Medium sized carpenters wooden tool chest, two sliding trays, saw till and another till in the bottom of the box, folding iron handles on both sides, very good overall. There is no lock, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

959. Three micrometers: Starrett No. 436 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; No. 436 1-inch; and an unknown make 1-inch in plastic pouch. (Photo & Photo 2)

960. Three tool handles including a Millers Falls with rosewood handle that has the Jan. 14, 1868 Amidon Patent date on the chuck shell; plus one sewing awl. (Photo & Photo 2)

961. Lot of six micrometers; five are 0 to 1-inch; and one is 0 to 1/2-inch marked HANDI-MIKE MADE IN U.S.A. (Photo & Photo 2)

962. Lot of four brass hammers; three 1 1/2-lb. EAGLE; and a well-used PROTO 1430. (Photo)

963. Two curry combs and an early ox shoe. (Photo)

964. Pair of small steel vises, the larger of the two resembles a Yankee machinist vise. (Photo & Photo 2)

965. Starrett machinist or millwright-type level mounted to a steel fixture, has the rotating vial cover, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

966. Lot of three RPM gages, one by Starrett, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

967. DREIZACK SOLINGEN GERMANY household tool kit, has a pair of pliers and a pocket knife with several interchangeable blades, a hammer head, scale (ruler), file, saw, cork puller, etc. Also included a spare hammer head for a similar tool. All inside a case with zipper, very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

968. Lot of 10 heavy clamps used to hold sheet metal and other heavy metal objects for assembly and or welding. (Photo)

969. Lot of 9 assorted machinist tools: feeler gage; pitch gages; thread gage; three fishtails; a small SLOCOMB micrometer; and two telescoping gages. (Photo)

970. Minerva Swiss Made rolling scale, an instrument used to measuring distance on maps, blue prints etc., in fine condition with styrofoam container. (Photo & Photo 2)

971. Lot of 9 small screw shackles or clevises, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

972. Combination hatchet, hammer, knife, plier, and screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

973. Combination plier, hatchet, hammer and screwdriver, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

974. Lot: early forged gate latch; 24-inch adjustable pipe tong; large BILLINGS open ended wrench, etc. (Photo)

975. Lot: long auger bit painted silver; three auger bit extensions including a 24-inch Stanley SW No. 180; and a mystery item with bass ends threaded onto a steel rod. (Photo)

976. Lot: Two coping saws; ten (10) glass cutters including a like new BLUE GRASS model; and seven clamps like those used in a laboratory to hold tubing and other things. (Photo & Photo 2)

977. Lot: nine assorted nail sets; and five hand forged items; a gimlet and four picks. The picks all have twisted handles and all are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

978. Two sets of draftsmans' dividers in original cases; and five sharpening stones including a like new CARBORUNDUM CO. disk in a leather pouch with the BOY SCOUTS BE PREPARED logo on the flap, can be worn on belt. (Photo & Photo 2)

979. Lot: Seven parallel clamps, one has begun to split from too much force; a small surface gage; six spring calipers and dividers; five scales; three beam calipers; and a protractor. (Photo & Photo 2)

980. Lot of six tack and other hammers all with wooden handles. (Photo & Photo 2)

981. Homemade harness-makers' workbench made using an old wooden vise, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

982. Lot of seven hammers including three tack; one tinners; two claws and an unusual with round head that is tapered on both ends, owner had a tag on it saying it was a rare bookbinding hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

983. Winchester No. 1004, 12-inch wood handled monkey wrench, some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

984. Lot of eight miscellaneous little hammers one with Perfect-Handle-type handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

985. Scarce BLUEGRASS T-BG6710 10-inch ratchet brace with unusual ratchet mechanism and blue composite or plastic handles, similar to the Keen Kutter brace in lot #573, both braces were likely PEXTO products, as we have seen the same ratchet mechanism on a single additional brace marked PEXTO, this example is in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

986. Winchester No. 1003, 10-inch wooden handled monkey wrench, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

987. Lot: three small hammers; and a little hatchet with blade painted red. (Photo & Photo 2)

988. Pair of cooper's tools: a nice howel or howell plane, complete and very good; and a saw-tooth croze that is missing the blade which is often just a piece of a saw blade with the teeth, otherwise very good. (Photo)

989. Lot: Two ice picks; a Stanley scratch awl; and a hand forged T-handled gimlet bit with wooden handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

990. to 999. TBA.

1000. Lot of 25 mostly-FORD automobile wrenches that would have come in the tool kits that were sold with early Model A and Model T cars. Included are 23 lug wrenches, one marked CRAFTSMAN, and two box end wrenches with offset heads.


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