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Great Planes Trading Company Presents
November 21, 2015
Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Rd.
St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304
(Preview Friday 2-6 PM, Saturday 7 to 9:30 AM)



Lot Number Description
1 Stanley #33 transitional 28-inch jointer plane, RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, complete and very good.
2 Two Stanley Transitional bench planes: 24-inch No. 31 with faint logo on good blade, tote spur sheared off, good knob, will clean to very good; and No. 29 with good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
3 Three Stanley transitional jack planes: No. 27 1/2 wide body with Q-logo blade, good tote and knob, good overall; and two well-worn No. 26 planes, one needs the frog moved forward to allow the lateral clearance, all three are good or better.
4 Stanley #5 prelateral Type 2 jack plane with solid brass adjuster nut, solid lever cap, nice beaded knob, small chip in rear corner of throat, very good overall.
5 Pair of Stanley scraper planes: #80 with BB-logo blade, some green paint on base, very good; and a #81 with rosewood sole, SW-logo on short blade (likely a #80 blade), very good overall.
6 Pair of Stanley rabbet planes: early #78 rabbet & fillister with RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, intact fence and depth stop, very good overall; and a #190 rabbet with early cast cap screw, RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, just needs depth stop to complete, very good.
7 Two early Stanley block planes: No. 15 Type 8 (1880-1890) has had both sides chipped near the toe and reshaped, very good overall; and a #120 with 6-point star, complete and very good.
8 Pair of Stanley planes: #248 weatherstrip plow with original fence and pre-stops; one blade, very good; and a late No. 78 rabbet & fillister, SW-logo blade, has a fence and rod but they do not appear to be original to this plane, very good.
9 Pair of early Stanley block planes: No. 15 Type 8 (1888-1890) complete and very good; and a little No. 203 that has almost 1/2 of the cast adjuster screw broken off, is otherwise complete and very good.
10 Pair of ratchet braces: Stanley 4-Square No. 1151 with SW logo on chuck shell, very good overall; and a Stanley No. 975 10-inch, needs light cleaning, very good overall.
11 Unknown make corner brace, appears to be complete and very good.
12 Pair of ratchet braces: on top a Stanley #925 10-inch, complete and very good; and a No. 923 8-inch complete and fine.
13 Stanley #130 double ended block plane, complete and very good.
14 Three braces: unmarked gent’s or penny brace with cracked wrist handle, good overall; Stanley #1151 4-SQUARE with SW logo on chuck shell, needs light cleaning, very good overall; and an unknown make No. 23 that is missing the wooden wrist handle, otherwise good.
15 Scarce Stanley No. 103 Type I block plane with fine knob, very good overall.
16 Pair of ratchet braces: Stanley No. 915 10-inch, complete and fine; and a Stanley FRAY X3 10-inch, complete and very good.
17 Small iron block plane with red paint in the bed, likely came out of a child’s tool kit.
18 Stanley #386 joiner gauge or fence that can be attached to an iron bench plane, has SW logo on the bracket, very good nickel, fine rosewood knob, complete and fine.
19 Stanley No. 18 Type 10 block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, missing the throat cam, very good overall.
20 Fine No. 32 1-foot, 4-fold caliper rule.
21 Stanley No. 49 bit gauge depth stop for auger bits, WWII era japanned model, very good overall.
22 Very good Stanley #32 1/2 SW 1-foot, 4-fold caliper rule.
23 Stanley No. 49 bit gauge depth stop for auger bits, nice plating, very good overall.
24 STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. No. 36 6-inch 2-fold caliper rule, very good overall.
25 Scarce Stanley No. 207 bench stop with SW logo, complete and very good.
26 Stanley No. 32 1/2 1-foot, 4-fold, brass-bound caliper rule, later-style arched joint, some staining, very good overall.
27 Stanley No. 66 Type I hand beader with straight fence and one blade, very good overall.
28 STANLEY No. 36 6-inch 2-fold caliper rule, complete and fine.
29 New old stock RED VIKING combination fencing tool with hammer, hatchet, plier, screwdriver, staple lifter, and bottle opener, marked RED VIKING BOX 228 BLOOMFIELD IND. PAT. PEND. in original red paint.
30 BARRY & WAY N. YORK boxed moving fillister plane with screw-operated depth stop, intact nicker, small chunk of boxing missing from heel, very good overall.
31 Three wooden molding planes: E.F. SEYBOLD Cint O. nosing plane made from a cut down side bead, very good overall; and a pair of unmarked 1 1/8-inch hollow and round planes, both complete and very good.
32 JOHN BELL PHILAD. boxed moving fillister plane with screw-operated depth stop, very good overall.
33 UNION FACTORY 8/8 complex molding plane, complete and very good.
34 Ohio Tool Co. No. 48, 1/2-inch dado plane with screw-operated depth stop, intact nicker, very good overall.
35 E.W. CARPENTER LANCESTER 1/4-inch fully-boxed side bead plane, complete and very good overall.
36 PHILLIPSON 1-inch hollow plane with broad chamfers and rounded top on wedge, very good overall.
37 VINCENT & W JAMES (Stratford on Avon, 1792-1823) skew-bladed 1 1/2-inch round plane, wedge is a probable replacement, very good.
38 GREENFIELD TOOL CO. No. 651 skew bladed 1 3/4-inch rabbet plane with owner added fences on top and bottom to use as a fillister plane, very good overall.
39 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 75, 3/4-inch match plane for tongue & groove work, complete and fine.
40 Unusual 5/8-inch ogee with A.C. BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES No. 75 logo but also struck SANDUSKY TOOL CO., worn but good.
41 AUBURN TOOL CO. No. 155 1/2, 7/8-inch, complete and very good.
42 Pair of large electric soldering irons, the largest an AMERICAN BEAUTY No. 3198 has a small tin stand; the smaller one is an AMERICAN BEAUTY No. 3158, 200 watt; both are very good.
43 Pair of spud wrenches: the larger one is a J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. 1 1/4-inch, it is very good; and the other is WILLIAMS No. 207 that is 1 1/16-inch, it too is very good.
44 Four assorted socket wrenches including a T-handled FORD 5-Z-2038, very good; unknown make with pitted handle; a double ender with pitted handle; and one with a 7/8-inch hex on one end and a 5/8-inch square socket on the other end.
45 Four assorted electric soldering irons: AMERICAN BEAUTY 100 watt; CRAFTSMAN 150 watt; a JUNIOR; and a MERCURY.
46 Three wrenches: ARMSTRONG No. 909 HARDENED 1 7/16-inch spud wrench, very good; PLUMB name has been removed) 1242 WAR FINISH 15/16-inch wrench, very good; and a WILLIAMS No. 609A pump wrench, very good.
47 Malleable 22-inch shoe lasting stand with 2 different lasts or forms, one marked MALLEABLE and one marked WARRANTED, this is something a cobbler would use to work on shoes.
48 Display board with 41 different wrenches.
49 Pair of levels: Stanley #30 double plumb & level with SW logo on top plate, large brass vial covers on the side, numerous nicks and dings, stock could stand a refinishing; and a 24-inch Stanley No. 0 with GENUINE CHERRY stock, plumb vial is intact, level vial is dry, very good overall.
50 Firefighters helmet and section of fire hose with heavy brass couplings; Cairns & Brother N660C METRO helmet with visor and intact liner, complete and fine; plus a section of rubberized canvas fire hose with brass fittings on both ends, very good.
51 Hog catcher and or holder that has a length of wire cable and red painted shaft, very good.
52 Stanley BAILEY #28 transitional fore plane, tote broken and glued in center, otherwise complete and very good; plus a Stanley #27 transitional jack plane, good Q-logo blade, tote broken at base and missing top spur, numerous nicks, dings and cracks, can be restored to usable condition.
53 Nice wooden brace with fixed 5/8-inch spoon bit, fine overall.
54 Stanley #45 combination plow plane, has script-logo on skate, top of handle is broken, micro-adjusting fence, two depth stops and long rods included, needs short rods, blades, cam and beading stop to complete.
55 Another nice wooden brace with 3/4-inch spoon bit, fine overall.
56 Pair of Stanley #27 transitional jack planes: Type 4 with solid adjuster nut, fine eagle logo on toe, fine overall; and one with BAILEY name cast into front of frame, big chuck of the iron frame broken out on right side, good for parts.
57 Nice carved wooden brace with pad-type chuck currently holding a 1/4-inch gimlet bit, has old bug holes mostly in the top handle, base of handle is cracked, very good overall.
58 Stanley #122 “Liberty Bell” transitional smooth plane, very good STANLEY blade, large cast cap screw, complete and very good.
59 Fine carved chairmaker’s brace with pad-type chuck, one pad currently installed.
60 Stanley ATHA #601 magnetic tack hammer with most of the original decal on the handle, fine overall.
61 Stanley #4 Improved tack hammer, complete and very good.
62 Lion-type miter trimmer, complete and fine.
63 Stanley #40 scrub plane with very good knob, tote glued in center, good V-logo blade, most of the japanning is missing from the outside, will make a very good user.
64 Early Disston & Sons panel saw with sunken DISSTON & SONS medallion, split nuts, very good overall; and an ECLIPSE No. 77 brass saw set, MADE IN ENGLAND, fine.
65 Wooden ram’s horn scraper with brass blade holder, very good overall.
66 Pair of small and decorative brass trammel points, the brass rub block is missing from one and has been replaced with a piece of steel, very good overall.
67 Stanley #12 1/2 cabinet scraper with good rosewood sole and handle, nice thick KEEN KUTTER scraper blade, very good overall.
68 Lot: Two small wooden handled gimlet bits; and five brass router-spacer guides.
69 Stanley Yankee push drill with five bits inside handle; three X-ACTO carving tools; and a DREMEL KNIFE SET full of carving tools and blades.
70 Set of four MARPLES cabinet screwdrivers, all have nice wooden handles, the tip on one made need to be re-ground, the others are fine.
71 Lot: MAGNETIC 3802 hammer, fine; small ball peen hammer with steel handle; Stanley #7 awl; SCHUL-SON USA stitching or pricking wheel; NICHOLSON rasp; wooden burnishing wheel, very good; Sears Craftsman 36191 dovetail saw with 10-inch 12 point blade, fine; and a plastic sanding block with plane-type handles fore and aft.
72 WOODSMITH SCRAPER SHARPENING JIG with two blades each marked with the WOODSMITH FINE TOOLS logo, one blade has two corners broken off on one side.
73 Set of four Japanese wood chisels, all four marked JAPAN, all are like new.
74 Modern MICROPLANE by GRACE MFG. CO. with both flat and radiused blades, these can be used on wood, plastic or metal, and are also known to be used in the kitchen to grate nutmeg make lemon or orange zest, etc.; also included is a 3-pack of Microplane 5-inch Stainless Steel Sandpaper 180 to 200 grit for use in 5-inch hook and loop sanders lightly used.
75 Stanley #3 early-style trammel points with both the standard and an extra-long pair of points, nice decorative cast body, a fine pair.
76 Continental 30-inch wooden jointer plane with single iron, closed handle has top spur broken off.
77 Stanley BEDROCK No. 608 RT iron jointer plane Type 3, good rosewood tote and knob, STANLEY R&L CO. BEDROCK lever cap, very good overall.
78 Nice Arrowmammett Works Middletown 22-inch wooden jointer plane, with nice BALDWIN TOOL CO. MADE FROM BUTCHERS CAST STEEL blade, has BUCKLEY name in left side, very good overall.
79 Stanley No. 8 Type 4 prelateral iron jointer plane, tote spur broken off but included so you can glue it back on, good knob, very good overall.
80 Three wooden planes: pair of 16-inch open-handled jack planes, both have double irons, and both are complete; plus a tongue plane 1/2 of a plank set, missing the rear handle, good overall.
81 Metallic Plane Company 20-inch iron jointer with adjustable throat, has two hang holes in bed and two holes in left side where a jointer fence was mounted, has a blade adjuster lever that engages a round depression in the bottom of the screw that attaches the chip breaker to the iron, good BUTCHER iron, first of this model that we have sold.
82 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 21 wooden 24-inch jointer plane, complete and very good.
83 Pair of Stanley levels: 28-inch Stanley No. 80 double plumb & level, intact vials, good overall; and a 26-inch Stanley No. 0 with blued steel top plate that has the SW logo, as fine as they come.
84 Unusual Sargent #422 iron 22-inch jointer plane with first-type horseshoe lateral lever, will clean to fine overall condition.
85 Stanley 24-inch No. 36 cast iron double plumb and level with rotating vial cover on level vial, complete and very good.
86 Scarce Stanley No. 15 NICHOLSON PATENT 24-inch cast iron plumb & level, complete and very good.
87 Brown & Sharpe wooden box with hinged lid, measures 31 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches, has B&S decal on the lid, fine overall condition.
88 Stanley 24-inch #237 aluminum double plumb & level, with vial covers over all three intact vials, SW logo on the level vial cover, very good overall.
89 Pair of pliers: the pair on the bottom is some type of specialty plier marked U.S. on the handles, very good; the top pair looks like a pair from GERMANY, the ends of the handles are painted red.
90 Three wrenches: WALDEN WORCESTER No. 4564 Ford specialty wrench FOR REVERSE BANDS ONLY, ratcheting not working smoothly; 10-inch buggy wrench marked PAT APL’D FOR with 1 3/8-inch square box end, very good; and a N9 orphan cultivator wrench similar to an M58, very good.
91 Pair of pruning shears; and a pair of scissors.
92 RARE Whittemore Patent (U.S. No. 868,954) 14-inch self adjusting TOTUM pipe wrench made by STRIEBY AND FOOTE CO., NEWARK, N.J. U.S.A. PAT. APL'D FOR, complete and very good.
93 Two pipe wrenches: Unknown 10-inch Stillson-type complete and very good; and a RIDGED-type WARDS MASTER 14-inch HEAVY DUTY, complete and very good.
94 Three Baird Patent (U.S. No. 1,527,772) fireman’s spanner wrenches for connecting hoses to hydrants and fittings on fire trucks, one in red paint, one in black paint, and one nickel plated.
95 Pair of Stanley #25 sliding bevels with rosewood handles; the one on top has an 8-inch blade and is very good; the bottom one has a 6-inch blade with a few patches of light to moderate rust.
96 Unusual and scarce A C & F (American Car and Foundry, St. Charles, Missouri) 13.5-inch open ended wrench 1/2 & 5/8 some nicks and dings, coated in clear lacquer.
97 TRIMOUNT 16-inch adjustable pipe wrench, small chip at end of handle, otherwise very good overall.
98 H.M. MEIER keyhole saw with the tip of the blade broken off, nice medallion; and a Stanley No. 20 try square with rosewood handle and 8-inch blade, very good.
99 Scarce 24-inch Hoe Corp. self-tightening pipe wrench, a few spots of surface rust, fine overall.
100 Stanley #2 brass plumb bob with built-in reel, complete and very good.
101 Stanley BAILEY No. 27 transitional jack plane, fine T-logo blade, complete and very good overall.
102 Pair of Stanley #4 Type 11 iron smooth planes: One on left has very good V-logo blade, nice rosewood tote and short knob, very good overall; and other has nice SW-logo blade, fine rosewood tote and short knob, very good overall.
103 Pair of Stanley #35 transitional smooth planes, both complete and in usable condition.
104 Pair of Stanley #4C smooth planes: one with stained hardwood tote and knob, BB-logo blade, STANLEY lever cap with orange background, very good overall; the other with nice rosewood tote and tall knob, very good overall.
105 Nice Stanley BAILEY #35 with first type SW-logo blade, with light cleaning will be fine.
106 Very good Stanley #135 Liberty Bell transitional smooth plane with nice eagle-logo on toe, patent date on very good blade, very good overall.
107 Pair of early Stanley iron block planes: #18 Type 2 iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, Excelsior-style body, RULE & LEVEL-logo blade, very good overall; and an early Stanley #9 1/2 Type 12 (1899-1900) iron block plane, four patent dates on lateral lever, Excelsior-style sides that have the “handy” indentations on both sides, has big chip in rear of throat, good overall.
108 Stanley #122 “Liberty Bell” transitional smooth plane with early japanned cast-iron head on cap screw, Q-logo blade, complete and good.
109 Pair of Stanley iron block planes: #9 1/2 Type 8 (1888-1890) brazed repair to left side at throat and chip in right side and hang hole in toe, good lever cap, iron etc; and a #18 Type 6 with RULE & LEVEL CO. iron, knuckle jointed lever cap, missing throat adjuster cam, very good overall.
110 Stanley #122 “Liberty Bell” transitional smooth plane with large nickel plated cast cap screw, STANLEY blade and chip breaker both have mild pitting, very good overall.
111 Pair of sharpening stones both in wooden boxes and in very good overall condition.
112 Six assorted sharpening stones.
113 Two smaller sharpening stones both in wooden boxes and both very good overall.
114 Two sharpening stones, one an Arkansas stone, both very good.
115 Five assorted sharpening stones including two razor hones, all very good.
116 Lot of 14 assorted sharpening stones.
117 Lot of eight assorted automotive wrenches including 01A-170178; RMCO 14330; FORD 5893 lug wrench; M-40-17017; FORD M-01A-17017 lug wrench; FORD 26; etc.
118 Pair of double ended alligator wrenches: HAWKEYE WRENCH MARSHALLTOWN IA PAT. 720554 with thread chasers in center of handle, bead blasted, very good; and a similar wrench that is pitted and has been painted black, can make out the HAWKEYE name.
119 Four assorted wrenches: T-handled wrench with universal hex socket on end; DURO METAL PRODUCTS No. 672 ratchet, very good; DTM 657887 T4 ratchet, very good; and an unknown make ratchet, very good.
120 Three iron smooth planes: PARPLUS METAL PRODUCTS complete and very good; Millers Falls #9 that has a chunk missing from the front knob but is otherwise very good; and a CRAFTSMAN that is complete and very good.
121 Lot of eight assorted open-ended nut wrenches including: BILLINGS & SPENCER 3/8 NUT & 5/16 NUT; and BILLINGS & SPENCER No. 1134.
122 Pair of spokeshaves: the one the bottom looks like a Stanley-made shave, it is unmarked but in fine overall condition; the one on top is marked W. GERMANY NO. 64860 GLOBEMASTER, it is complete and fine.
123 Five assorted automotive wrenches: M-40-17017 lug wrench; FORD 27 lug wrench; 1-inch hex box with forge welded handle, etc.
124 Pair of planes: unknown make #12 cabinet scraper with fine Stanley SW blade, the casting where the adjuster rod connects to the blade clamp is broken on one side (see close-up photo); and a Millers Falls #85 rabbet and fillister plane with a MADE IN ENG fence from a Stanley #78, very good overall.
125 Ten assorted wrenches: PLUMB 3026; M58; CORNWELL CWB1616; AUTO KIT 100; dogbone; P-S; buggy wrench painted black and pitted; and a CORNWELL BW24 11127 ASSY. with wooden handle.
126 Stanley #85 rabbeting spokeshave with good V-logo blade, very good overall.
127 Lot five assorted wrenches including two 8-inch CHROMAVAN self-tightening pipe wrenches; a stove lid or pot lid lifter; magnet; hog ring pliers; ten items in all.
128 Pair of iron spokeshaves including a fine Stanley #51; and a similar L. BAILEY model with L. BAILEY blade and has BAILEY’S PAT AUG 31, ’58 cast into underside of handles, very good.
129 Unusual FIRESTONE SUPREME 9-inch iron smooth plane, complete and very good.
130 Late model Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane with blue japanning, MADE IN USA blade, fine overall.
131 Pair of handsaws: DISSTON NATIONAL HARDWARE SPECIAL 1840 to 1950, etch is faint, good composite handle, missing the medallion, the other three screws are intact, very good overall; and a 20-inch Disston panel saw with the letter T missing from the name Disston on the medallion, no visible etch, very good overall.
132 Three saws: wooden handled meat saw with 13-inch blade, very good; 12-inch steel back saw with thin steel back, wooden handle marked with owners name, top handle spur broken off; and a plastic handled back saw with bent blade and having several other interchangeable blades.
133 Two handsaws: 26-inch with CORSAIR WARRANTED TEMPERED MADE IN USA etch, very good; and a fine Disston D-8 with 5 1/2 ppi rip blade, fine etch, very good handle.
134 PARRY 329 OLD STREET WARRANTED 8-inch brass-backed saw, nice straight blade, handle secured by two brass screws, one or two cracks in handle, very good overall.
135 W. ASH & CO. plated Sheffield-type wood brace, some staining of the wood, very good overall.
136 GARDNER & MURDOCK wide cabinet ogee with original fence, 3 1/2-inches wide overall, comes with a piece of piece of molding made by the plane, complete and fine.
137 JAMES BEE SHEFFIELD plated Sheffield-style brace, with spring chuck, beech frame with rosewood head, very good overall.
138 Early and nice complex molding plane, wedge may be an expert replacement, comes with a piece of molding made by the plane, previous owner has written CROWN MOLDING on the sample, fine overall.
139 Early Sheffield-style wood brace with an early riveted repair near the top of the frame, has a spring chuck, good overall.
140 Early handled Grecian ovolo plane, 13 3/4-inches long overall, 2 1/8-inch wide, faint mark on tow with a R-M mark below, very good.
141 Three Walker-Turner Driver Line turning tools: L375 gouge; L376 & L377, all very good with original wooden handles.
142 Large OHIO TOOL CO. ogee plane marked with a 1 and a 2 on the heel, 3 1/8-inches wide overall, fine.
143 Four chisels: Fine UNION HARDEWARE CO. 3/8-inch mortising chisels with original handle which has an iron ring around the top; PS&W 2-inch heavy duty timber framing, sides are dinged up and it needs a little work to restore it; fine BUCK BROS 2 1/16-inch tang chisel with bevel edges; and a fine cranked 2-inch cranked tang chisel with beveled edge, fine.
144 Unmarked reeding plane that cuts six reeds, very good overall.
145 Four large BUCK BROS. tang gouges, two with cranked handles: 1 1/4-inch, cranked; 1 1/2-inch, straight; 2-inch cranked; and 2-inch straight; all are fine with just some scuffing to the handles.
146 Unusual and undocumented S. McFARLAND handled scotia or cove plane, complete and fine.
147 Three Addis chisels and gouges: J.B. ADDIS & SONS 1-inch cranked gouge, fine; J.B. ADDIS & SONS 1-inch chisel with beveled edges; and a J.B. ADDIS 1 1/2-inch tang chisel with a small chip from the corner of the cutting edge.
148 Pair OHIO TOOL CO. side bead planes: 1/8-inch and 3/8-inch, both are single boxed and are in very good usable condition.
149 Fine lot of 11 S.J. ADDIS carving tools: No. 31 bent spoon gouge; No. 27 bent gouge, 1/4-inch, very good; No. 21 bent gouge, 17/32-inch, very good; No. 32, spoon gouge, 3/32-inch; some light rust; No. 39 parting tools, fine; No. 31 bent spoon gouge, 5/16-inch, very good; No. 21 front bent chisel, very good; No. 25 front bent chisel; No. 28? front bent carving chisel, fine; No. 17 front bent carving gouge, fine; and a large unnumbered parting tool, fine.
150 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 107C handled screw-arm plow plane with screw operated depth stop, the rear arm is a replacement, the body, front arm and fence are fine, includes one OHIO TOOL CO. blade, very good overall.
151 Four 3-ring binders of early tool publications: Binder 1 starts with Ye Old Tool Shed Fall Journal 78-2, October 1978, and switches to THE TOOL BOX Traditional Tools of the Carpenter & Other Craftsman by John A. Moody Catalog No. 10, March 1979; it ends with THE TOOLBOX No. 17, March 1981; Binder #2 is full of issues of THE PETITE GAZETTE - Tid-Bits of Useful Knowledge for Tool Collectors VOLUME 1, No. 1 JUNE 13, `1979 to VOLUME 4, No. 1 FEBRUARY 1982. Binder 3 begins with ACTIVE Antique Crafts and Tools in Vermont Bulletin No. 13, May 1974 and ends with No. 47, MAY 1985. And Binder 4 begins with The Attic Tool Chest by Antique Tools and Trades in Connecticut ISSUE 1, SEPTEMBER 1974 thru ISSUE 37, March 1984.
152 Scarce W.L. WASHBURN AMHERST, MASS screw-arm tongue plane with bone wear plates installed in the sole, very good overall. Washburn was a planemaker who operated from 1835 to 1840. The current AWP book rates his planes four star.
153 Two 3-ring binders of plane newsletters: Binder 1 begins with The Bulletin of the British-American Rhykenological Society. (BARS) VOL. 1, No. 1 from Winter 1976 to PLANE TALK VOL V No. 4. Binder 2 begins with VOL V1, No. 1 and goes thru VOL XII, No. 4. Winter 1988.
154 Undocumented IAMES MEDDY WARRANTED Yankee-style plow with brass screws to secure the arms, and a brass screw to lock the screw-operated depth stop, one blade included, very good.
155 Pair of antique M ALDRICH, LOWELL, MASS wooden furniture clamps with threaded wooden screws, the maker’s marks on both clamps have been overstruck by at least two owner stamps, very good.
156 Four 3-ring binders of early tool publications: The first binder is full of MECHANIC’S WORKBENCH CATALOGUES from No. 7, APRIL 1979 thru Catalogue No. 12, Autumn 1981. All filled with beautiful photos of nice tools; and three binders of early Fine Tool Journal publications beginning with IRON HORSE ANTIQUES, INC. CATALOG 23 SUPPLEMENT JANUARY 1982 and VOL. 24, No. 1, MARCH 1982; and binder 3 ends with FINE TOOL JOURNAL VOLUME 40, NUMBER 3, WINTER 1990-91.
157 Unusual wooden plane that was listed in Mathieson catalogs as a plow glass check plane. This one has a wooden depth stop and original fence on bottom, complete and very good.
158 Hobbies Fretwork-Outfit on original paper board, included are a deep fretsaw, steel base, clamp, Archimedes drill, mini pressed steel block plane; small steel cask of drill points, sanding block marked HOBBIES, and miniature block plane marked HOBBIES, the paperboard is creased in the upper right hand corner, there is moisture damage to the bottom of the board, and the top clip for the hammer is MIA, but the label is mostly intact and very nice. First set like this that we have seen or sold. (The block plane is not shown in the first photo)
159 Bemis & Call B&C 13-inch combination pipe and nut wrench with long-sleeve adjuster, good wooden handle, fine overall.
160 Four wooden molding planes: J. KING NEW YORK single-boxed 1/2-inch side bead, very good; No. 154 Greenfield Tool Co. 3/8-inch side bead, boxing needs to be replaced, otherwise very good; No. 180 A. HOWLAND NY #12 round, very good; and an unmarked 1-inch hollow?, complete and very good.
161 Fine Bemis & Call 18-inch wood-handled monkey wrench with hex screw adjuster nut, fine overall.
162 Four wooden molding planes: No. 41 SCIOTO WORKS 1/4-inch double boxed center bead, very good; J. KELLOGG 3/16-inch center bead, missing the blade, very good body & wedge; W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL 5/8-inch single boxed side bead, very good; and H. WELLS NORTHAMPTON MASS 1/2-inch side bead with nice eagle logo on toe, very good.
163 Three wooden molding planes: 1/4-inch AUBURN TOOL CO. No. 108 double boxed center bead, boxing is pretty badly chipped, otherwise very good; MOSELEY 3/16-inch fully-boxed side bead, very good; and an unknown make (faint logo) slip-boxed 3/8?-inch side bead, some damage at heel on right side, good overall.
164 Bemis & Call 18-inch combination pipe and nut wrench with long-sleeve adjuster, some rust and the wooden handle is cracked, can be restored to very good overall condition.
165 Pair of button hooks with St. Louis shoe company advertising; the longer one is from WALK-OVER SHOE CO. 602 OLIVE ST.; and the shorter one HAGEDORN THE SHOE MAN 1809 CASS AVE., both very good.
166 Three wrenches: 10-inch Stillson-type pipe wrench with wooden handle, and letter M inside a circle, very good; all-steel WALWORTH MFG. WALCO 10-inch, top jaw has small chip on face, good; and a double ended CRESCENT that is rusty, locked up on one end and missing the adjuster screw from the other end.
167 Stanley #83C four-fold boxwood caliper rule with later arched joint, the leg with the caliper has been repaired; plus a JORDAN GERMANY steel zig zag rule that has a little light rust, will clean to very good.
168 Three automotive socket-type wrenches: on top a brace-type with 1/2 drive at bottom, currently sporting a 3/4-inch socket; in the center a WALDEN WORCESTER 1529 with 5/8-inch socket; and on bottom a Mossberg 624 reversible ratcheting, very good.
169 Hand adz in good usable condition; and a small CINCINNATI TOOL CO. wooden parallel clamp with steel screws, marked PAT SHOP.
170 Two wrenches: Montgomery Ward cream separator wrench with a small patch of pitting; and an unknown make silo wrench marked 1/2 HW.
171 Two advertising openers: on left is a combination can and bottle opener marked FORD GROVES SERVICING FORK, LINCOLN, MERCURY for over 54 years; on right is a JOHN DEERE combination bottle opener and screwdriver marked ALEXANDER Husky U.S.A., very good.
172 Four pair of pliers: on top are two specialty Utica pliers including a 7-inch pair marked S.P.A.C. No. 1970983 PAT. 1934; one marked 550; LAKESIDE slip-joint 6.5-inch; and a 6-inch pair marked N-C.
173 Star Tool Co. No. 9 iron hack saw with wooden handle, very good overall.
174 Lot: BRIDGEPORT offset regular screwdriver, fine; small wooden handled specialty screwdriver; and a tiny wooden handled jeweler or clockmakers screwdriver.
175 Three little wrenches: VLCHEK WBE14 7/16-inch combination, very good; BECKLEY-RALSTON CO. bicycle wrench, they were makers of Ariel, Ariel Special, and Colonial bicycles, very good; and a UNION No. 205, complete and fine.
176 MARSH WHEELING, PIONEERS and VIRGINIANS cigar box opener, fine plating, fine overall.
177 Five plastic handled chisels.
178 Cigar box opener, marked BEN-HUR 5¢ CIGAR on one side and BILL TIBBS 5¢ CIGAR on other side, very good.
179 Vandegrift Patent 8.5-inch adjustable implement wrench with IHC logo in a circle on the shaft, hex adjuster nut, very good overall.
180 Cigar box hammer marked CHARLES DENBY CIGARS 5¢ on one side and LA FENDRICH CIGARS 5¢ on other, very good.
181 Adjustable 7-inch IHC implement wrench with open-loop handle, round IHC logo, very good overall.
182 CUBAN PRIZE CIGARS, cigar box hammer, very good.
183 Snyder Patent (U.S. No. 518,283) combination plier, made on a patent issued April 17, 1894 to Frank Snyder of Massillon, Ohio, this one is marked STYLE A on one side and with the patent date, inventor’s name and location on the other, complete and very good.
184 Lot: 1/2 of a shallow Stanley combination planes wooden box with partial label; a tool handle with cracked cap on the end; adjustable jewelers saw; and two rosewood handled saws.
185 Stearns flooring clamp, complete and good; and two saws.
186 Three fencing? chisels with staple claws, two marked ENDERES, all very good.
187 Four planes for parts: No. 07 iron jointer with good knob, and frog, tote missing spur, just needs blade and lever cap to be usable; Stanley #27 1/2 transitional jack plane body and repainted frame, very good; Stanley #35 transitional smooth plane body, very good; and a Sandusky Tool Co. wooden toothing plane body, very good.
188 Four pair of lasting pliers, one missing the hammer head, and one double crab laster, pitted.
189 Three S-handled open ended wrenches including a Williams 79S with MACK (truck?) logo on the handle, very good; a LAKESIDE FORGE 304 with keystone logo, very good; and a small one marked 100.
190 CRESCENT 6-8-inch double ended wrench, complete and very good.
191 CRESCENT TOOL CO. 3/4-inch all-steel chisel; and a pair of pliers with pitting and a chipped side cutter, one handle ends in a screwdriver, the other in a point.
192 Two adjustable pipe wrenches: 10-inch Stillson-type marked WEST GERMANY, complete and fine; and an 8-inch RIDGED PAT. 1727623 by the Ridge Tool Co. Elyria, Ohio, complete and very good.
193 WIZZARD No. 9, 9-inch adjustable auto wrench, complete and very good.
194 Nice JOHN DEERE tin implement or tractor tool box, has pitting over the entire box, but is quite solid.
195 Three wooden molding planes: H HILLS SPRINGFIELD MS 1/4 round with fillet, iron does not have the fillet, very good; J W FARR & CO. N YORK #14 round, needs light cleaning, has three Xs cut into top of stock, very good; and an Ohio Tool Co. #62, very good.
196 FAIRBANKS scale in red paint, original weight included, pan not original to this scale.
197 Four wooden molding planes: HALL, STONE & CO. COLUMBUS OH No. 51 round, very good; unmarked 3/8-inch round, several owner’s marks, very good; J.M. SLATER DETROIT #14 hollow, complete and very good; and a BENSON & MOCKRIDGE 1/4-inch double boxed side bead, a rear section of boxing is missing and the area just ahead of the throat on the right side is held with two wood screws.
198 Fairbanks double-beam scale, 35-pound capacity, two brass beams with sliding weights, has a shackle on end of beams for adding stack of weights, needs a tin pan, very good overall.
199 Stanley No. 903 wooden tool cabinet or tool chest with hinged lid and carrying handle, box is constructed with finger joints at the corners and has shelves for the tools it contains. Included are a Stanley #220 block plane, missing the front knob; a very good #3 Type 19 smooth plane; #26 screwdriver bit; #50 EVERLASTING 1-inch chisel; PEXTO ratchet brace, and unknown make auger bit and gimlet bit. The paper label inside is peeling.
200 Scarce Stanley #2 prelateral smooth plane with fine rosewood knob and early-style tote, patent date in recessed nut, very good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall.
201 Stanley #4 1/2C wide body iron smooth plane, has former owners name scratched into left side, very good rosewood tote and low knob, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
202 Stanley #18 Type 6 iron block plane later-style body, missing the throat-adjuster cam, very good Rule & Level Co. blade, very good overall.
203 Stanley #100 1/2 mini iron block plane with sole radiused from side to side, fine japanning, red lever cap, fine overall.
204 Stanley #18 Type 9 or 10, with later-style body, knuckle jointed lever cap, complete and very good overall.
205 Union #100 mini iron block plane with tail handle, very good overall.
206 Stanley #18 Type 5 iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, the brass knob in front must have too long of a stem as there is a washer between it and the cam to take up some slack, complete and very good.
207 Early Stanley #101 mini iron block plane with football-shaped logo on very good blade, former owner’s initials in right side of plane, very good overall.
208 Stanley #122 Liberty Bell smooth plane with decorative cast cap screw, good Q-logo blade, complete and very good overall.
209 J.L. WAYNE & SON CINNCINATI 1/2-inch match plane, complete and fine.
210 Pair of wooden molding planes: JNO M BARKLEY (BALTIMORE 1816-1824), complex profile, complete and very good; an OHIO TOOL CO. No. 116, 1-inch skewed rabbet plane, missing the wedge, make a wedge and it’s good to go.
211 Unusual SANDUSKY TOOL CO. NO. 177 1/2 two way sash plane, a previous owner has opened the throat on both sides with a rasp or gouge, still a rare plane in very good overall condition.
212 Pair of Stanley 12-inch 2-fold caliper rules: #36 1/2 and #36 1/2R; the #36 is in very good overall condition; the #36 1/2R has a two chips on one face and chip on one edge.
213 Three Stanley iron block planes: #19 Type 2 with early-style knuckle jointed lever cap, has #24 stamped into left side, so may have come from a school, very good overall; #17 Type 18 that is missing the lever cap and the throat cam, good V-logo blade and good body; and a #9 1/2 Type 8 with early Excelsior-style body, has been broken and aluminum plates have been riveted to sides, good lever cap and blade.
214 Nice Stanley #53 1/2 architects 4-fold boxwood rule, complete and very good overall.
215 Three iron Stanley block planes: #9 1/2 Type 2, unusual lateral adjuster, 70 percent plus nickel on cap, very good overall; #9 1/2 Type 7 with Excelsior-style body, complete and very good; and a #19 Type 2 with Excelsior-style body, early knuckle jointed lever cap, traces of nickel on sides, very good overall.
216 Lot of three Stanley 4-fold brass-bound boxwood rules: #62 with SW logo, very good; STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. #62, fine; and a late model #163 complete and fine.
217 Three Stanley #9 1/2 iron block planes: Type 14, complete and very good; Type 4 with early Excelsior-style body, the pin that attaches the lever to the lever cap is missing, otherwise very good; and a Type 4 that has a chip from the back left side, and is otherwise complete and very good.
218 Unknown make 12-inch 4-fold #69 boxwood rule, complete and fine.
219 Three early Stanley block planes: #15 complete and very good; #15 Type 6, complete and very good; and a #15 Type 10, with “handy” feather, very good.
220 Pair of 12-inch 4-fold boxwood rules: #65 1/2; and #65, both very good.
221 Stanley? miter box, has three patent dates cast into the frame, the bottom 1/2 of the movable portion has a small brazed repair, good overall.
222 Three Stanley 4-fold 12-inch boxwood rules: #84, very good; and two #62 that are both worn and stained, in good overall condition.
223 Disston 35-inch 1 or 2-man crosscut saw with intact auxiliary handle, intact medallion, will clean to very good.
224 Pair of Stanley brass-bound boxwood 4-fold rules: 3-foot #66 3/4 with early arched joint, fine; and a 2-foot #84 with SW logo, very good.
225 Unusual 42-inch crosscut saw, very good overall.
226 Three Stanley 4-fold 12-inch brass-bound boxwood rules: Two #62 brass-bound rules; and a #84, all have some staining, and all in good or better overall condition.
227 Stanley #193A fibre board beveling plane, this one comes with ten assorted attachments, a pile of blades, two long rods, the tote and knob are fine, and the japanning is very good on all parts.
228 BELCHER BROS. boxwood and brass shoe/foot measuring stick, complete and very good.
229 Pair of Stanley claw hammers: Stanley 100 PLUS 20-oz. with SW logo, very good; and a Stanley No. 101 1/2 with 16-oz. head, very good.
230 Stanley 24-inch 2-fold #18 boxwood rule, some minor chipping around indexing-pin holes, very good overall.
231 Pair of Stanley claw hammers: Stanley #11 with V-logo on side of 16-oz. head, has a few small chips from around striking face, good overall; and a No. 12 with 10-oz. head and having SW logo, very good.
232 Stanley #42 boxwood and brass ships bevel rule, some staining, very good overall.
233 Pair of Stanley claw hammers: No. 10 1/2 with 16-oz. head, fine overall; and a No. 11 with 16-oz. head, faint SW logo, good overall.
234 H.L. JAMES handled wooden smooth plane, well worn, has wedge cut down from a larger plane, good overall.
235 Pair No. 2 J. KELLOGG AMHERST MASS. 8/8 tongue & groove planes, both complete and very good.
236 Unusual and very nice complex molding plane with wedge-locking fence that appears to be professionally made.
237 Handled 9 5/8-inch lignum vitae smooth plane has cracked all the way thru on front and part way thru on the back, otherwise very good overall.
238 Pair of handled No. 94 AUBURN TOOL CO. 7/8-inch tongue and groove planes, both have typical nicks and dings, and are very good.
239 Pair of Stanley levels: No. 30 double plumb & level with circa 1920 SW logo and model number in brass top plate, good laminated stock, typical nicks and dings, and the semi-circular brass piece is missing from one side of level vial; plus a No. 30 double plumb & level, well worn, all vials intact, could stand to be refinished.
240 Stanley #132 Liberty Bell TYPE I transitional jointer plane, very good.
241 Stanley #15 Type 4 iron block plane with Excelsior-style body, entire plane coated with lacquer, very good.
242 Stanley #29 Type 10 transitional fore plane with Q-logo blade, complete and fine.
243 Stanley #9 1/2 Type 8 iron block plane with Excelsior-style body, complete and fine.
244 Stanley BAILEY No. 29 Type 14 (1912-1920) transitional fore plane with fine V-logo blade, nice tote and knob, fine overall.
245 Stanley #18 Type 3 iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good overall.
246 Pair of Stanley transitional bench planes: No. 29 BAILEY cast into front of frame, fine BB-logo blade, very good overall; and a No. 27 jack plane that has had the spur on the tote reshaped, good knob, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, good overall.
247 Stanley #15 Type 6 iron block plane with Excelsior-style body, very good.
248 Stanley No. 27 transitional jack plane, with fine T-logo blade, very good tote and knob, fine overall.
249 Stanley #15 Type 6 iron block plane, complete and very good.
250 Scarce prelateral Stanley No. 37 “Jenny” wide body jack plane with patent date in recessed nut, good Rule & Level Co. blade, nice early-style beech tote and knob, very good overall.
251 THE DRIVER LINE bench vise by the WALKER-TURNER CO. can clamp to a table or bench, complete and very good.
252 Pair of Stanley transitional jack planes: No. 26 prelateral with patent date in recessed nut, eagle logo on toe, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall; and a No. 27 with Q-logo blade, good knob, toe spur missing, left side opened up a bit for rabbeting?, good overall.
253 Scarce Stanley #73 iron razor spokeshave, 60 percent plus japanning, complete and very good.
254 Stanley #110 iron block plane with 6-point star in lever cap, very good overall.
255 Scarce Stanley #75 razor spokeshave, nickel plating peeling, will clean to very good.
256 Three marking gages: Stanley #161; an unmarked model; and a Stanley #64 1/2 with SW logo, very good.
257 Scarce Stanley #84 razor spokeshave, SW logo, very good nickel, complete and fine.
258 Three marking gages: Stanley #264 1/2, very good; Stanley #61, good; and Stanley #71 double beam gage, very good.
259 Dark rosewood or ebony and brass marking and mortise gauge, likely English, very good overall.
260 Three Stanley marking gages: #265, very good; unmarked #61?; and #61 with SW logo, very good.
261 Three Stanley marking gages: #64 1/2, very good; #265 with SW logo, very good; and #73, very good.
262 Disston 26-inch D-7 hand saw, very good etch, nice handle, very good overall.
263 Three iron block planes: Stanley #9 1/4 with maroon japanning, complete and fine; Stanley #110 with original decal on lever cap, complete and fine; and a Craftsman Stanley) in original green paint, complete and very good.
264 Disston 26-inch D-7 hand saw, very good etch, nice handle, very good overall.
265 OHIO TOOL CO. No. 0220 iron block plane, complete with OHIO THISTLE BRAND iron and traces of original maroon japanning, very good.
266 Disston? 20-inch pruning saw that has crosscut-type teeth, has machine carved handle, good blade, DISSTON medallion, and comes in a nice riveted leather scabbard, very good overall.
267 Pair of Stanley iron block planes: #120 with early adjuster having a cast nut, very good overall; and a #9 1/4 that is complete and very good.
268 Unknown make wooden framed buck saw, complete and very good.
269 Unusual OHIO TOOL CO. #09 1/2 iron block plane, with globe-logo OHIO TOOL blade, very good overall.
270 Craftsman miter box with a nice Craftsman 21-inch steel backed saw, complete and very good.
271 Disston #4B PROFESSIONAL QUALITY steel back saw with 12-inch blade, very good.
272 Scarce MARSH TOOL CO. ROCKFORD ILL NO. 7010 cast iron miter box, appears to be complete, just add you own saw and it will be ready to go.
273 Three iron Stanley block planes: G12-020 MADE IN ENG. complete and fine; and two #220 planes, one early with the with the adjuster screw that has the large nickel plated cast piece on the end; and the other with machined adjuster; both complete and very good.
274 Two late model 9-inch Stanley iron smooth planes: G12-204 MADE IN ENG cast into bed, blue japanning, plastic tote and knob, fine; and an H1204) 12-204E) with plastic tote and knob, has to be one of the last MADE IN USA Stanley planes, fine.
275 Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool Company) KK5 1/2 iron jack plane, tote broken and needing to be glued, very good overall.
276 Two Sargent HERCULES 9-inch smooth planes; the one with blue japanning is a smooth bottom, it is complete and very good; the other is scarce corrugated model that is also complete and very good.
277 Unusual Peter Caspar Luckhaus German 8 1/2-inch wooden smooth plane, complete and fine; and a Stanley #80 scraper body only.
278 Scarce late model Sargent & Co. #1414 iron jack plane with letter S cast into lever cap, complete and very good.
279 BUCK BROS. 12-inch steel backed saw with plastic handle, very good.
280 Three ratchet braces: PS&W No. 3410; Stanley #965 10-inch; and a fine Stanley #945 10-inch.
281 Five 10-inch S-handled Crescent-type nut wrenches: two KEYSTONE MFG. FORDSON models; two KEYSTONE MFG. WESTCOTT models; and an ERIE TOOL CO., all very good.
282 Pair of ratchet braces: Stanley Handyman #H1250 complete and fine; and a Stanley No. 2101A BELL SYSTEM, complete and very good.
283 Lot of seven AUTO nut wrenches; six 9-inch models including three marked FORD; a WESTER AUTO H2450; and an 11-inch unmarked model.
284 Stanley #993 corner brace with SW logo on chuck shell, complete and very good.
285 Three Yankee-type screwdrivers: Yankee #35 with flat bit, good; Stanley YANKEE #30A with Phillips bit, very good; and a Yankee #30 that is well worn.
286 Four 10-inch ratchet braces including a DUNLAP #10; Stanley #945; Stanley #965N with pitted chuck shell; and an unmarked model.
287 Five wooden handled monkey wrenches: 12-inch COES WRENCH CO., very good; 1-inch GIRARD, faint mark, very good; 10-inch W&B with loose handle; 8-inch BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS, good; and 8-inch COES WRENCH CO. 8-inch with hang hole drill thru handle, very good.
288 Pair of T-augers, one with square shank that has a GLASGOW maker’s name on it; and the one in the foreground that has a NOBLES MFG bit, and a wooden handle with numerous repairs.
289 Pair of 10-inch Crescent wrenches: one by DIAMOND CALK & HORSESHOE CO. DULUTH, MINN; and an AB-10 by J.H. WILLIAMS & CO., both very good.
290 Three adjustable pipe wrenches: 18-inch BUHL SONS CO., fine; 18-inch LECTROLITE (Stillson-type), very good; and a 14-inch RIDGID, complete and very good.
291 Three wooden handled monkey wrenches: 10-inch marked on one side COES WRENCH CO. and on other side BILLINGS, complete and fine; PS&W 8-inch with some light pitting, very good; and a 6-inch RUSSWIN that has a broken strap between the two parts of the movable jaw, and the shaft is bent.
292 Lot of four small adjustable pipe wrenches: RIDGID 6-inch PAT. 1727623, very good; 8-inch wooden handled PS&W STILLSON WRENCH, very good; 6-inch No. 806 PROTO (Stillson-type) very good; and a RIDGID HEAVY DUTY 6-inch, very good.
293 Three small Crescent wrenches: 6-inch CRESCENT TOOL CO. some pitting on one jaw; 4-inch CRESCENT TOOL CO. very good; and a 4-inch DIAMOND CALK & HORSESHOE CO. DULUTH MINN, very good.
294 Unusual 9.5-inch W&B ACME twist handle adjustable nut wrench with the adjuster screw on the back of the movable jaw, very good overall.
295 Lot of 8 assorted automotive nut wrench: six 9-inch AUTO adjustable wrenches, MOORE; BARCALO BUFFALO; and two open ended nut wrenches one marked WILLIAMS.
296 Scarce BEMIS & CALL H&T CO. 6-inch S-handled Crescent type wrench with pipe jaw, fine; and a 10-inch S-handled ERIE TOOL CO. wrench, complete and very good.
297 Three twist-handle nut wrenches: 12-inch W&B typical nicks and dings and some mushrooming to hammer portion of top jaw, good overall; 8-inch W&B with typical nicks and dings, very good overall; and an unknown make 8-inch with moderate to heavy pitting, still in usable condition.
298 Scarce L. Bailey VICTOR No. 8 iron jointer plane with cam-locking lever cap, circular blade adjuster, nice iron tote, iron knob fancy VICTORY PLANE LB cast into top, complete and very good.
299 L. Bailey VICTOR No. 7 iron jointer plane, missing the decorative front knob, iron tote spur has been shortened, does not have blade adjuster, decorative cap screw, two holes in left side where a jointer gauge was mounted, good overall.
300 Scarce Stanley No. 7 Type 2 prelateral iron jointer plane with nice beaded knob, solid brass adjuster nut, solid lever cap with number 6 cast into the back of it, early-style rosewood tote is missing the top spur, very good overall.
301 Scarce L. BAILEY No. 6 1/2 iron fore plane with nickel plated iron tote and decorative front knob, no blade adjuster, Q-logo Stanley blade, cam-locking lever cap, very good overall.
302 Rare Stanley No. 6 Type 1 iron fore plane with banjo spring on back of solid lever cap, beaded knob with a few stress cracks; solid brass adjuster nut, very good early style tote, very good overall.
303 Nice wedge-arm fillister plane with boxwood bottom held but double dovetails, brass tipped arms, screw-operated depth stop, intact nicker and wedge, boxwood wear face dovetailed to fence, very good overall.
304 Nice 6-inch (approx. 2 1/4-lb.) brass plumb bob with removable top and having a 2-inch steel point, very good overall.
305 Unknown make No. 66 or 99 unhandled screw-arm plow plane with 1882 stamped into toe, nice boxwood wear strip dovetailed into fence, screw-operated depth stop, very good overall.
306 Fine Stratton Brothers 22-inch rosewood plumb & level, just a few nicks and scratches from being transported, this one is otherwise new old stock.
307 Stunning A. MATHIESON & SON GLASGOW 1 1/2-inch rosewood stuffed STEEL shoulder plane, this one does not appear to have ever been used, there is no bruising to the wedge, the heel has no evidence of every been struck, the rosewood is beautiful, one of the very best shoulder planes we have ever seen.
308 Unusual 8-inch I SORBY spirit level with rosewood stock, brass top and two brass feet. The stock of this one could use a buffing or light scraping to bring up the luster of the rosewood, very good overall.
309 Unusual W.F. FAHNESTOCK PITTSBURGH (hardware merchants 1847-1861) unhandled screw-arm plow plane with owner tag saying “boxwood nuts and arms, body and fence of applewood” has screw-operated depth stop, a few minor thread chips, fine overall.
310 New old stock RED VIKING combination fencing tool with hammer, hatchet, plier, screwdriver, staple lifter, and bottle opener, marked RED VIKING BOX 228 BLOOMFIELD IND. PAT. PEND. in original red paint.
311 Lot of ten assorted sharpening stones.
312 Lot of nine assorted sharpening stones, one is broken and another is a rough cut piece of white stone.
313 Lot of nine assorted sharpening stones.
314 Unusual 8 1/2-inch E.&T. RING WORTHINGTON 4/8-inch match plane used for tongue and groove work, complete and fine.
315 FINE M. COPELAND twin-iron fixed sash plane.
316 H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY 7/8-inch No. 139 dado plane with screw operated depth stop, intact nicker, complete and fine.
317 DARBEY NO. 12 hollow plane (rounder to you cats in the U.K), complete and very good.
318 H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY 3/8-inch No. 123 single-boxed side bead plane, complete and fine.
319 GEO. BURNHAM JR. AMHERST MASS twin iron fixed sash, complete and fine.
320 Pair of wooden molding planes: AUBURN TOOL CO. #12 hollow plane also marked BALL & JEWELL BROOKLYN NY; and an H. CHAPIN 1/4-inch No. 131 triple boxed, center bead, no iron, body and wedge are very good.
321 N. CHAPIN & CO. EAGLE FACTORY 2/8-inch side by side fully boxed beading plane, very good overall.
322 Early SPENCER twin iron fixed sash plane, one wedge is a replacement, very good overall.
323 Pair of H. CHAPIN planes: 5/8-inch skew bladed rabbet, very good; and a single boxed 3/8-inch No. 123 side bead, complete and fine.
324 Three wood planes: OHIO TOOL CO. two iron 1 1/4-inch nosing plane, complete and very good; TABER PLANE CO. No. 17 round, improper wedge, good overall; and a GREENFIELD TOOL CO. 5/16-inch, single boxed No. 100 side bead, very good overall.
325 Stanley No. 323 24-inch cherry mason’s level, complete and very good.
326 STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. 2-foot, 2-fold #18 boxwood rule, very good.
327 Homemade wedge-arm tongue cutting plane.
328 STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO 2-foot, 2-fold No. 12 boxwood rule with early arched joint, and having tables and a brass slide on one side, some slight darkening, very good overall.
329 Unusual J. STEVENS BOSTON (1821 to 1861) side by side fully boxed beading plane, complete and very good.
330 STANLEY 2-foot, 2-fold No. 5 boxwood rule with early arched joint, mild staining, about 1-inch scratch on one side, very good overall.
331 Scarce JO. FULLER PROVIDENCE (1776 to 1822) tongue cutting plane with steel wear strip, replaced wedge, very good.
332 STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. 2-foot, 2-fold No. 1 boxwood rule, the holes for the indexing pins are worn thru on both sides, otherwise good.
333 OHIO? TOOL CO. No. 91, 1 1/4-inch twin-iron nosing plane, complete and fine.
334 Stanley #45 Type 15 combination plow plane with both sets of rods, all three main sections, beading stop, two depth stops, slitter, micro adjusting fence with proper locking screw, fine nickel planting, cam rest, SW logo on skate, fine overall.
335 J.H. ALLEN’S 1 1/4-inch wooden handled T-auger, complete and very good.
336 Stanley #45 Type 14 combination plow plane with both sets of rod, all three main sections, micro adjusting fence is missing the locking screw, one depth stop, just add blades and it will make a very good user.
337 Wooden handled 1 1/2-inch T-auger, marked O. HAGERTY 9, pitted, good worm screw, good overall.
338 Pair of Stanley #50 light-duty plow planes: on the left is a later model with very good nickel planting, all three main sections, rods, beading stop, and intact spurs, just add cutters and it will be fine; and an earlier model with vine-cast handle, intact sliding sections and both spurs, needs a fence and a set of blades.
339 Wooden handled T-auger marked on round portion of shaft L&G MFG CO. COOK’S PAT. 18521 very good overall.
340 Stanley #45 Type 2 combination plow plane with long rods, slotted brass screws, front depth stop, good japanning, just add blades and it will make a great user.
341 Three assorted hammers: on top a FAIRMOUNT body hammer; in center a meat tenderizer; and on bottom a PLUMB riveting or tinsmith hammer, all very good.
342 Two automotive items: an unknown make brace-type speed wrench with socket, good; and a RIDGID C.T. Heintz Patent (U.S. No. 2,863,396) lubricating gun, very good.
343 GIANT RED DEVIL No. 101 nail puller, complete and very good.
344 Vintage MARTHA WASHINGTON electric iron, very good overall.
345 Four hammers: two claw hammers; a brass mallet; and a ball peen hammer.
346 Lot: cast iron ash shovel, pitted but very good; wood handled screwdriver; shaft from an electric drill with chuck on end; saw rake; T-handled square socket; protractor fence for table or band saw; mystery handle; spike and ice chipper.
347 Pair of Stanley transitional bench planes: No. 31, complete and good; and a No. 29 prelateral with nice eagle logo on toe, complete and very good.
348 Stanley No. 29 prelateral transitional plane, eagle logo on toe, complete and very good.
349 Stanley No. 27 transitional jack plane, complete and very good.
350 Scarce Stanley No. 37 “Jenny” wide body transitional jack plane, very good.
351 Pair of Stanley No. 5 iron jack planes: a complete and fine Type 11; and a very good usable Type 10 that just has the spur broken off the top of the tote.
352 Siegley No. 5C iron jack plane, complete and very good overall condition.
353 Unmarked Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gage, complete and very good.
354 Scarce Stanley No. 80 steel cased rabbet plane, the throat has not been opened on this one, OCT 5. 1875 patent date stamped into top, very good overall.
355 Two Stanley gages: Stanley #64 1/2 marking gage, very good; and a Stanley #70 slitting gage with SW logo, missing the locking screw, very good blade.
356 Stanley No. 238 weatherstrip plow plane with original fence, rods and pre-stops, and depth stop, fine overall.
357 Four coffin-shaped wooden smooth planes, three are split on the side, all have good double irons.
358 Stanley #191 iron rabbet plane complete with depth stop, some light rust, will clean to very good overall.
359 Late Stanley #71 router plane with black painted knobs, comes with intact throat closing attachment, V-shaped blade and fence on bottom, fine overall.
360 Unusual Sargent #196 iron rabbet plane with decorative casting, intact depth stop, very good japanning, complete and fine.
361 Pair of Stanley planes: Stanley #40 scrub plane with extra blade support, intact knob, top spur has splinter from side, good lever cap, NO BLADE; plus a late model Stanley #71 router plane with black painted knobs, intact fence, no throat closing attachment, one 1/4-inch blade, fine overall.
362 Stanley #386 jointer gage or fence for jointer planes, has some light rust, will clean to fine overall.
363 HKP COMPACT cable cutter, 3/8-inch, very good overall.
364 Stanley #62 low angle bench plane with good tote and knob, some light rust on bottom and sides, left side has a brazed repair at throat, will make good user.
365 Stanley #130 double ended block plane, complete and fine.
366 Sargent #79 iron rabbet and fillister plane, complete and very good; plus another #79 body that is missing the fence and depth stop, but is otherwise in good usable condition.
367 Unusual Payson’s “Toboggan” plane, complete and very good.
368 Pair of iron rabbet planes: Sargent #79 rabbet and fillister plane with decorative frame, proper iron, missing fence and depth stop; and a Stanley #78 that has been broken and welded on the side, cast cap screw with STANLEY name, no fence or depth
369 Three hand saws: 26-inch 10ppi CRAFTSMAN, complete and fine; unknown make 24-inch with bottom of handle broken off including the spur; and a 26-inch Disston D-8 with 10ppi blade, very good overall.
370 Four tool box sized hand saws, one with obviously replaced handle.
371 Disston 26-inch hand saw with 8ppi blade, fine handle, no etch visible, very good overall.
372 Three assorted braces: Spofford Patent, complete and very good; unknown make 10-inch ratchet brace, very good; and an early Continental brace, the screw that secures that bit has broken off in the hole, and the frame has some pitting.
373 Lot of 20 assorted wood auger bits including two adjustable examples.
374 Four hammers including an auto body and blacksmith punch.
375 Millers Falls #8 smooth plane (same size as Stanley #3) a few patches of pitting on the sole, very good overall.
376 Lot: Millers Falls #94 hand drill, complete and fine; and large rasps by CHAMPION and DERBY and two large files including one by JOHNSON.
377 Three 8-inch #3-sized smooth planes: WORTH with stamped steel frog; CRAFTSMAN (Stanley?) in fine overall condition; and a Stanley DEFIANCE complete and fine.
378 Two nail aprons from Michigan businesses.
379 Unusual JORDAN DRPa German 8-inch iron smooth plane, complete and very good; plus a short handled box scraper similar to a Stanley #79.
380 Two tin flairs or torches one a Hutt Patent from Ft. Madison, Iowa with spring loaded burner below the cap; the other has a cap attached with a small chain, both are very good.
381 Unusual tinsmith’s anvil possibly for planishing, would likely be used in a stake plate.
382 Stanley HANDYMAN No. 1 hatchet, good overall condition.
383 Pair of Stanley levels: 24-inch No. 103, intact vial, well-worn body, could use refinishing; and a 22-inch No. 103, early model, complete and very good.
384 Pair of Stanley hammers: #4 Improved with wooden handle, patented DEC 10, 1867, and FEB 12, 1869, good; and #12 tack hammer with japanned finish, the tack lifter on end of handle is broken off.
385 Pair of 28-inch Stanley levels: No. 3 with blued steel top plate marked with SW logo, complete and very good; and a No. 0 with BB logo on top plate, hang hole in one end, both vials intact, very good.
386 Unknown make saddlers’ hammer with rosewood handle, has a few chips at end of claw, and on hammer face, some rust, good overall.
387 Three wooden levels: 30-inch No. 30 double plumb & level with mahogany stock, very good overall; 26-inch Stanley No. 0, complete and very good; and a 28-inch Stanley No. 0, complete and very good.
388 Small hatchet, 8 1/2-inches long, with rubber handle, looks like a kitchen tool; and a small claw hammer with round wooden handle, likely out of a child’s tool kit, very good.
389 Three wooden levels: HALL & KNAPP 28-inch plumb & level with well-worn stock, intact vials, good; 24-inch Stanley #30 double plumb & level, all vials intact, very good; and a 23 1/2-inch No. 0, complete and very good.
390 Pair of Stanley claw hammers: #12 or #15 with SW logo; and a Stanley #11 V-logo with 13-oz head.
391 C-S CO. (Chapin-Stephens Company) 24-inch plumb & level, complete and very good.
392 Pair of Stanley Atha hammers: #452 tinner’s setting, very good; and a #601? tack hammer, very good.
393 Stanley No. 21/93 brass-bound mahogany 24-inch plumb & level, intact vials, very good overall.
394 Pair of Stanley hammers: #61 bricklayer’s hammer, fine; and a #11 with 5-oz. No. 4 sized head, with a Craftsman handle.
395 Pair of wooden levels: 24-inch Stanley No. 3, complete and very good; and a 20 1/2-inch grade level with wooden stock and steel fitting, some rust on fittings, and plumb vial dry, level vial intact, good.
396 Lot: horse bit, bent; and three horseshoes.
397 M KLEIN & SONS CHICAGO lineman's folding pocket knife with plastic handles; and another folding pocket knife advertising COMPLIMENTS OF RAYCO TOOL & ABRASIVE CO. marked on blade with patent No. 3,317,996 which corresponds to a patent issued May 9, 1967 to Antonio Paolantonio and assigned to the Colonial Knife Co. of Rhode Island, very good overall.
398 Pair of Stanley marking gages: #264 1/2, very good; and #72 double beam, very good.
399 Two Stanley gages: #92 rosewood and brass butt and rabbet gauge, missing the steel slide, very good; and a #93 butt and rabbet gage with nice nickel, complete and very good.
400 Scarce SPIERS AYR 15-inch panel plane with rosewood stuffing and brass lever cap, some pitting on the dovetailed sides, very good overall.
401 Pair of early Stanley #5 prelateral iron jack planes: Type 2 with solid adjuster nut, tote spur chipped; and a Type 4? that is very good overall.
402 Stanley #6C Type 13 with broken rosewood tote and needs to be glued; good rosewood tall knob, very good SW-logo blade, very good overall.
403 Stanley #18 Type 2 iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap very good overall.
404 Early Stanley #120 iron block plane with 6-point star in lever cap, complete and very good.
405 Three Stanley iron bench planes: #5C Type 11 with V-logo blade, good rosewood low knob, tote broken in middle and glued, will make good user; 5C Type 11 with fine rosewood tote, base of rosewood knob cracked, small chunk missing from left front side, will make good user; and a #4 Type 13 has chip in rear of throat, otherwise very good overall.
406 Pair of Stanley iron bench planes: #6 Type 8 with good Q-logo blade, very good rosewood tote and low knob, very good overall; and a #5 Type 8 iron jack plane, early-style rosewood tote broken in middle, good low knob, very good Q-logo blade, very good overall.
407 Early Stanley #110 iron block plane with 6-point star in lever cap, RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall.
408 G-P or Millers Falls chain drill, some pitting on tang, good overall.
409 Early Stanley #130 Type 1 double ended iron block plane, complete and very good.
410 Pair of Stanley iron jack planes: #5C Type 11, nice rosewood tote and low knob, good V-logo blade, very good overall; and a #5 Type 9 with two patent dates in bed, tote spur broken off, good rosewood low knob, worn Q-logo blade, will clean to very good overall.
411 Early Stanley #45 combination plow plane Type 2 or 3 that has been repainted, comes with depth stop, slitter and one plow blade, and both nickers, long rods, knob chipped at base, very good overall; plus a Stanley #4C smooth plane that has a chunk of iron missing from the left side, will make a great user.
412 Three vintage wooden toy tops with nice paint, all very good.
413 SANDUSKY No. 109 wooden screw-arm tongue plane, a few minor thread chips, very good overall.
414 Nice little telegraph key, with brass screws and terminals, mounted to block of wood, very good.
415 Plated beech Sheffield-style brace with rosewood head, intact spring chuck, marked W. ROUND, very good overall.
416 Three rules: Unknown make 12-inch 4-fold ivory rule with early arched joint, numbers barely visible on outside, inside good; Lufkin No. 1306D aluminum zig zag rule, very good; and an unknown make No. 33 boxwood caliper rule, missing the brass caliper, otherwise very good.
417 Stanley Millers Patent No. 141 combination plow plane with good nickel plating, script logo on skate indicates this one was made between 1911 and 1921, intact fillister bed with blade, slitter, very good overall.
418 Starrett adjustable steel square with protractor head and 9-inch scale, very good; plus a 50-foot cloth tape measure in a leather case.
419 Stanley #7 cast iron 22-inch jointer plane, BB-logo blade has three partial holes drilled into top of blade, good rosewood tote and tall knob have been coated with lacquer and bed has been repainted, will make a very good user.
420 Stanley #7C Type 11 cast iron 22-inch jointer plane, good tote and tall knob, good T-logo blade, bed has been repainted and wood has been coated with lacquer, will make great user.
421 Two Stanley transitional jointer planes: #34, 30-inch, the longest of all the Stanley bench planes, this one has a Q-logo blade, good knob, tote has been broken and glued in the center, the lateral lever is missing but the frog is not broken, there are numerous cracks running thru the stock on top and bottom, good overall; and a prelateral 24-inch with eagle logo on toe, sold brass adjuster nut, BAILEY PATENT on chipbreaker, small chip from corner of solid lever cap, nice early style tote and beaded knob, very good overall.
422 Early Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, small chip from side of beaded knob, handle has chip from top spur, missing the bottom of the fence, slotted brass screws, needs blades, depth stop and bottom for sliding section.
423 Pair of transitional bench planes: Trask Patent UNION MFG. CO. jointer that has been sawed off on both ends to make a massive 16-inch jack plane, has good UNION MFG CO. blade, proper lever cap and nice tote and knob; and a 20-inch B PLANE with OCT. 22, 1889 patent stamped into toe, missing the front knob, good tote and good marked blade, very good overall.
424 Stanley #4 1/2C Type 11 with fine V-logo blade, very good rosewood tote and tall knob, fine overall condition.
425 Pair of Stanley transitional jointer planes: #127 Liberty Bell jack plane, missing the wooden tote, good knob, light rust on Q-logo blade, good mark on toe, will new tote it will be very good; and a #27 1/2 wide body jack plane, early-style tote missing top spur, good knob, light rust on Q-logo blade, very good overall.
426 Stanley #3 Type 2 iron smooth plane, solid brass adjuster nut, few spots of pitting on chipbreaker and top of iron, nice beaded knob, early-style tote broken and glued in center, serious pitting where right side and bottom come together behind frog, shows great from left side and head on.
427 Stanley #21, 7-inch transitional smooth plane, has patent date inside brass adjuster nut, first lateral adjuster, good knob, good RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good overall.
428 Stanley #4 Type 18/19 with stained hardwood tote and knob, STANLEY with orange background in kidney-hole lever cap, fine BB-logo blade, very good overall.
429 Fine and scarce Stanley #36 prelateral wide body transitional smooth plane, fine RULE & LEVEL CO. blade, very good tote and knob, very good japanning, you would be hard pressed to find a better one.
430 Pair of Stanley iron smooth planes: #4C type? with two patent dates behind frog, no frog adjuster screw, very good rosewood tote and low knob, light rust to exposed surfaces, will clean to fine overall; and a #4 that is missing the knob, has a broken tote and light to moderate rust over all exposed surfaces, can be cleaned and restored to usable condition.
431 Stanley #22 Type 6 transitional smoother that has a nice eagle logo as well as the model number stamped in the toe, RULE & LEVEL CO. iron has light pitting at top, BAILEY PAT. chipbreaker, good knob, very good overall.
432 Stanley #45 Type 2 combination plow plane, good japanning, small chip from base of rosewood knob, good rosewood handle, long rods, rear depth stop, just add blades and it will be ready to work.
433 Scarce Stanley #31 Type 2 prelateral jointer plane with nice eagle logo on toe, nice early-style tote and beaded knob, solid brass adjuster nut with patent date, 4-inch splinter from front left side where side and sole meet, very good overall.
434 Lot: Caliper; propane torch head; all-steel try & mitre square; small wooden handled screwdriver; automotive grease cup or oiler; WALDES TRUARC PLIER NO. 21 snap-ring plier; HEYCO GERMANY feeler gage set; NATL. CYLD. GAS tank wrench; angle guide for drill sharpener, etc.
435 Disston & Sons 24-inch back saw, small patch of light rust on blade, very good overall.
436 Scarce Borthwick Patent (U.S. No. 320,753) saw set made on a patent issued June 23, 1885 to J.A. Borthwick of Atlantic City, New Jersey, this example is complete and fine.
437 Disston & Sons D18 rip saw with 5ppi blade, nice etch, very good overall; and a Belknap BLUEGRASS hand saw blade with very nice etch, just add a handle and it's good to go.
438 S.F. Leach Patent (U.S. No. 85,941) saw set made on a patent issued January 19, 1869 to Samuel F. Leach of Bangor, Maine, complete and very good.
439 Disston & Sons 24-inch hand saw with well worn blade, top handle spur MIA, still in good usable condition.
440 Unusual Lester Patent (U.S. No. 756,662) lever-type saw set made on a patent issued April 5, 1904 to Joseph Lester of Norwich, CT, this example is complete and fine.
441 Pair of paper punches: the one on top was made by the Bates Mfg. Co. of Orange, NJ, it is complete and fine; the one on the bottom is a McGill Patent (U.S. No. 351,645) HAND TOOL FOR PERFORATING PAPER made on a patent issued Oct. 26, 1886 to George W. McGill of New York, New York, this one is complete and fine.
442 Boynton Patent (U.S. No. 144,947) lever-type saw set, made by E.M. Boynton New York, New York on a patent issued to William Boynton of Battle Creek Michigan Nov. 25, 1873, this one is complete and fine.
443 Three new old stock KLEIN TOOLS folding pocket knives: the one on the left has a single blade; the center one has a curved blade; and the one on the right has two blades; they all have plastic handles and stainless blades.
444 Two new old stock KLEIN TOOLS knives, both with plastic handles and stainless blades.
445 Scarce Meister Patent (U.S. No. 553,124) angle attachment for bit braces, complete and in fine overall condition.
446 Sargent #161 all-iron scrub or ruffing plane, top of original blade has been struck by a hammer, japanning has been enhanced, a scarce plane in any condition.
447 Millers Falls #67 router plane, complete with throat-closing attachment, all three blades, and fence, fine knobs, fine overall.
448 Stanley #20 VICTOR compass plane, 95 percent plus japanning, fine SW logo blade, fine overall.
449 PLANET JR. 2-wheel walk-behind hoe or garden cultivator, has some of the the original green paint and highlights, very good overall.
450 RARE iron corebox plane almost identical to a Stanley #56, this one marked only with R/I near the blade, hardwood handle, fine overall. First we have seen of this model.
451 Briegel Method Tool Co. GALVA, ILL No. 100 plumbing tool that is a combination tubing cutter and reamer, complete and very good overall.
452 Three Stanley pocket tool catalog: the one on the left has a 1914 Copyright date, it has a few small creases on the cover, inside is very good; the center one with the Imp on the cover introduces the lateral lever with the round anti-friction disc at the bottom, cover is worn and beginning to separate, inside is very good; and the copy on the right has had severe water damage and is now dry and brittle, good only for a disaster workshop.
453 Two books: Original THE STANLEY WORKS CATALOG 61 of door hardware, the laminate is peeling from the back cover, the outside shows general wear, inside is very good; plus an original DISSTON 1934 SAW, TOOL, AND FILE MANUAL, complete and very good.
454 Lot of five pocket tool catalogs: Cleveland Stone Company sharpening booklet; The EMPIRE A POWER GRINDSTONE for THE FARM FRICTION ELIMINATED Power Saved, by Cleveland Stone Company; 1872 BAILEY’S PATENT IRON AND WOOD BENCH PLANES pamphlet reprinted by Phil Whitby in 1986, very good; BILLINGS Socket Sets June 1, 1955, very good; and a RED DEVIL TOOLS on the FARM, very good.
455 Two Stanley #34 tool catalogs: on the left is a 1952 edition, the covers have a few creases and the spine shows some wear, inside very good; and a 1922 edition with taped repairs on the covers and a few tears on the first inside page front and back.
456 Two E.C. ATKINS & Co. catalogs: ATKINS TOOLS FOR THE FILING ROOM November 1, 1924, with swages, saw vises, etc., very good; and a similar aged ATKINS SAWS on the FARM, complete and very good.
457 Original hardbound SARGENT TOOL BOOK (catalog) 1911, complete and very good.
458 Two original pocket catalogs: 1927 NATIONAL MAZDA LAMPS Blue Carton JR., complete and very good; and a GREENFIELD TAP & DIE Small Tools CATALOG 40, complete and very good.
459 Two original paper covered tool books: SARGENT PLANES AND OTHER TOOLS, complete and very good; and a 1916 Millers Falls Handbook for Mechanics, complete and very good.
460 Pair of Stanley paper covered pocket catalogs: the one on the left with the Imp on the cover has bug damage and is brittle, a Stanley #1 smooth plane cost $1.50, can be restored or at least stabilized; and the other is a later issue with the #1 smooth plane up to $2.25, the inside cover mentions the non-friction disc at end of lateral lever, soiled covers and dog eared pages, good overall.
461 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34 tool catalog that was sent to the Blish, Mize & Silliman Hdw. Co. ATCHISON, KANSAS, has a cut thru the cover near the spine that extends upward 3/4 of the way to the top, will need to be mended before the cover separates, inside is very good.
462 Four original pocket catalogs and booklets: CRESCENT TOOLS CATALOG NUMBER 11, complete and very good; LUFKIN RULE CO. Catalogue No. 7-s, complete and very good; A Captain of Industry The Story of DAVID MAYDOLE INVENTOR OF THE ADZ-EYE HAMMER copyrighted 1923, very good; and a HOW to Select, Use and Care for BITS 1941 The IRWIN AUGER BIT COMPANY No. 50, very good.
463 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34 from 1926, has small U-shaped tear near the top of the front cover that is covered with clear tape on the inside, otherwise complete and very good.
464 Ten original Stanley Rule & Level Company planes: No. 2 How to make a Candle Stick or Flower Holder; No. 3 How to make a Pipe (smoking) Rack with a bracket Shelf; No. 5 How to Make a Table Lamp; No. 6 How to make a Toy Automobile; No. 8 How to make a Dinner Gong or Chimes; No. 10 How to Make a Dog House; No. 11 How to make a Book or Magazine Stand; No. 15 How to make a Cedar Chest; No. 17 How to make a Tea Wagon; No. 20 How to make a Combination Kitchen Seat and Step Ladder. All have some degree of light wear, but they are the first such planes we have ever sold.
465 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34A January 1932 EDITION with STANLEY TOOLS and STANLEY-ATHA TOOLS, worn and creased covers, inside very good.
466 Three LIVE FREE or DIE Tool Auction Catalogues No. 42, 43 & 44, all from 2009, and all are very good.
467 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34 August 1941 Edition Price slightly higher West of Missouri River, paper covers worn and creased and top 1-inch of paper covering spine is missing, inside is very good.
468 Lot: Two FINE TOOL JOURNAL magazines; and a catalog from the 36th International Antique Tool Auction of the Brown Auction Service.
469 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34 This is a 1926 edition, paper coves have light soiling and moderate wear, inside is very good.
470 Four Live Free or Die Tool Auction Catalogues No. 45 & 46 fall 2009 and spring 2010 glossy color and two Live Free or Die Antique Tool Auction Catalogues from 2009 in black & white, these two were for the Friday portion of the weekend auctions.
471 Stanley CATALOGUE No. 34 This is a 1950 Edition, some light wear to the paper covers, inside is very good.
485 Five pair of pliers and nippers: WEED Patent 10-inch chain pliers; fine 10-inch DIAMOND EDGE nippers with tack lifter and screwdriver; C.S. OSBORNE 10-inch gas pliers; 8-inch GERMAN nipper; and 8-inch FRANCE nippers.
486 Three pair of pliers: SILVER STREAK 10-inch, fine; UTICA 1000 10-inch fencing pliers with three different wire cutters, very good; and a BERNARD’S PAT. JULY 19, 1892 fencing pliers with hammer, also patented SEPT. 25, 1894; made by the Wm. Schollhorn Co., New Haven, CT, very good.
487 Lot: Unusual scraper; hand drill with bit storage inside handle; crank arm; saw rake; FLETCHER glazing point driver; nut driver; folding Boy Scout fork; S.R. BROWNE ground clamp; FISHER laboratory clamp; ARTBECK EVANS pot or pin lid lifter; plated cover for a battery box?; sheep shears. Thirteen items in all.
488 Lot: Pair of Diamond Edge (mark faint) 14-inch end cutters with interchangeable blades, one blade chipped; pair of 12-inch tin snips with curved blades; pair of pitted blacksmith tongs with new pivot bolt; and a pair of 8-inch Carew’s Patent (U.S. No. 107,334) end cutters with interchangeable blades, fine.
489 Lot: Nail puller; FRANK MOSSBERG 2139 socket wrench; BELL SYSTEM 9-inch cable splice crimper; and an unknown make pruning shear with light rust.
490 Original miner’s carbide lamp that could be mounted to miner’s helmet, very good overall.
491 Large 54-inch railroad? wrench with 1 7/8-inch open end, very good.
492 Wooden furniture clamp with steel screws, marked BofA (Board of Education), very good overall.
493 TRUE TEMPER FLINT EDGE adz, complete and very good.
494 Lot of six straight razors including ones by JOSEPH WOSTENHOLM & ?; GRIFFON; U.S. CUTLERY; SHUMATE’S RAZOR CO. ST. LOUIS; CARRIER CUTLERY CO., etc.
495 Grubbing hoe and pick or mattock marked U.S. likely a forestry tool that was made for the U.S. Forest Service, handle painted red, very good overall.
496 BATES MODEL B wire stapler that has roll of copper wire that the staples are made from that mounts in the back, complete and very good.
497 Unknown make adz with 5-inch cutting edge, handle has been wrapped in tape so is likely cracked.
498 Lot: two files, a large rasp and a knife sharpening steel.
499 One or 2-man crosscut saw with 40-inch blade, both main and auxiliary handle intact, WARRANTED SUPERIOR medallion, very good overall.
500 Stanley #8 Type 2 iron jointer plane, prelateral with solid adjuster nut and solid lever cap, complete and very good.
501 Unknown make 2-man crosscut saw with blade that is 59 inches wide overall, has one unusual handle bracket, will clean to very good.
502 Stanley #8C type 9 or 10, has light to moderate rust, top tote spur MIA, will clean to very good usable condition.
503 Three iron jack planes: Stanley #1105-type jack plane with blade adjuster, complete and fine; another Stanley jack plane with blade adjuster, tote spur MIA, very good overall; and a PRITZLAFF that is complete and very good.
504 Three 15-inch wooden jack planes: CAYUGA N.Y. with AUBURN TOOL CO. blade, very good; CASEY & CO. with HANCOCK TOOL CO. blade, could stand a throat patch, good; and OGONTZ with Sandusky Tool Co. blade, very good.
505 Four iron smooth planes: Stanley 9-inch Defiance-type, missing the lever cap, blade marked MADE IN USA, just add lever cap and it will be fine; Keen Kutter K4 that has two big chips missing from left side at toe, otherwise complete and usable; GREAT NECK 9-inch smoother, complete; and a PARPLUS-type 8-inch with stamped steel frog and lever cap, very good.
506 Four wooden planes: McMASTER AUBURN N.Y. 2-inch skew bladed rabbet, with front of wedge broken off; ARTMINGTON MANCHESTER complex profile with owner-added fence, very good; and two wooden smoothers one by OGONTZ with the side blown out; and an unknown make with cracked side.
507 Pair of iron jack planes: Rockford R5 with hang hole in rear of bed, improper screw holding tote to bed, good ROCKFORD T.M.P. iron, will make a great user; and an unusual BUCKEYE CLEVELAND O. (Ohio) iron jack that has a nice tote and knob, good original blade, the lever cap has been broken and is now held with a bolt, with a new lever cap, it will be very good.
508 four iron planes: a #P3912 8-inch iron smoother that has a block plane blade and lever cap; and three block planes including a newer CRAFTSMAN #187.37151 (Stanley) that is like new; and two unmarked #110-type planes, one missing its blade.
509 Five iron block planes: Unknown make 6.5-inch #110-type missing front knob; unknown make 7-inch; Millers Falls #75 with broken lever cap; unknown make 6.5-inch with C2 cast into bed; and a 7-inch TRUE VALUE.
510 Three ratchet braces: VICTOR #975 12-inch; Millers Falls #932 10-inch; and a CRAFTSMAN 10-inch with heavy-duty chuck; all in very good usable condition.
511 Lot of 25 assorted square shanked wood auger bits.
512 Three Yankee-type screwdrivers: Yankee No. 131 with flat bit, good; Stanley Yankee No. 130A with flat bit, very good; and a CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls) with flat bit, very good.
513 Lot of 25 assorted bitstock tools including four adjustable auger bits; 16 square shanked wood auger bits; one gimlet bit; one flat bladed screwdriver bit; and two wood augers bits that have had the square shank cut off; 25 bits in all.
514 Lot of four assorted ratchet braces: John S. Fray No. 102; Millers Falls; Unknown MADE IN U.S.A. model; and a Goodell-Pratt 8-inch; all in very good usable condition.
515 Lot: blacksmith made drawknife; and five assorted soldering irons with copper tips.
516 Lot of five zig zag rules: Lufkin No. 1176 72-inch steel rule, complete and fine; two CRAFTSMAN No. 3937 RUSTLESS aluminum 72-inch rule, complete and very good; DURALL No. X25 72-inch, very good; and LUFKIN?, faint on both outside faces, 72-inch rule, good overall.
517 Three push drills: Yankee No. 41 with 5 bits inside handle, very good; MERIT with no bits inside the handle; and a Stanley HANDYMAN with five bits inside handle, very good.
518 Large pair of tongs for pickup up nails out of a bin or keg, they are pitted but functional.
519 ANDREE WRENCH basin wrench patented MAY 10, 1921, complete and fine.
520 Three drills: on left is a small German breast drill, complete and good; small Millers Falls or Goodell-Pratt drill with rosewood handle, there are bits in the handle but we couldn’t get the cap off, missing one of the three jaws; and a CRAFTSMAN
521 Pair of an automotive brake pliers marked BARRETT No. 225 ST. LOUIS, very good; and a cutter for cutting glass tubing like that used in a laboratory, fine.
522 Two breast drills: Millers Falls No. 12? 2-speed with handle that can be adjusted to several positions, missing the level that was once attached to the stock, good overall; and a smaller 2-speed that also looks like a Millers Falls, intact auxiliary handle, good overall.
523 Unusual DIETZ AIR PILOT kerosene lantern, has a dent in the top and some light rust around the bottom of the tank, but is otherwise intact and very good.
524 CRAFTSMAN (Millers Falls) 2-speed hand drill, missing the auxiliary handle, good overall.
525 Pair of blow torches both with wooden handles and steel tanks. The flat Clayton & Lambert model has a JUNE 27, 1922 patent date on side of burner; and the round one has a faint MODEL 52 on the side of its burner.
526 Printing block for COLEMAN lanterns, complete and fine.
527 Early Coleman QUICK-LITE lantern with intact amber COLEMAN PYREX lens, would burn kerosene or white gas, needs to globes, very good overall.
528 Lot: two marking gages; two wood planes including a handled Ohio Tool Co. No. 5 smooth, and a frame for a wooden transitional jack plane.
529 HANDLAN ST. LOUIS MOPAC railroad lamp, clear glass lens, very good overall.
530 WALL PISTOGRIP blow torch with rusty and pitted steel tank, bakelite-type pistol grip and valve adjuster, good overall.
531 Two pair of tin snips and an 8-inch GLOBEMASTER self-tightening wrench.
532 Five pliers including a BMC MFG CORP No. 9; unknown make slip-joint; Utica pistol grip for installing rings; needle nose; etc.
533 Three lever-type saw sets including a MORRILL SPECIAL and a Stanley #42; and two small soldering irons.
534 Diamond R510 fencing plier with staple claw, very good.
535 Boy Scout waterproof match holder, very good, and a JIM DANDY No. 80B small torch that is missing one tank.
536 Small section of 3-twist grass rope; and a small section of iron cable with an eye in each end; plus a small automobile jack with crank.
537 CRESCENT TOOL CO. fencing plier with staple claw, some pitting and mushrooming of hammer face.
538 Lot of 22 plumbing or brick/stone-working chisels including several marked DELAWARE, one PROTO, one BUFFUM TOOL CO. LOUISIANA, Mo., etc.
539 Sears & Roebuck leather razor strop and an antique serving spoon.
540 Nice pair of extendable tongs; plus a nice ice tong with wooden handle.
541 Kling-Tight stapler by A.H. Hanson Mfg. Co. Chicago, complete and very good.
542 Rosewood tool handle with six bits inside the handle, fine.
543 Brass CLAYTON & LAMBERT MFG. CO. blow torch with wooden handle, fine overall.
544 Five hammer heads including a 16-oz. Stanley claw hammer; a Stanley tack hammer; a Bridge Tool Co. St. Louis tack hammer; etc.
545 Lot: Champion farrier’s buffer, two leather knives, unusual knife with hollow steel handle; roofing knife marked DAVID D. JONES MPLS MINN.
546 Lot of chisels: T.H. WITHERBY socket firmer; unknown make 1/2-inch mortising or pig sticker, one made from an old file, etc.
547 Lot: Aluminum lever-type saw set; push drill; and a reamer.
548 Tin funnel and a plumbs wipe with intact clamp and chain, used to form a dam when pouring lead to join to cast iron pipes.
549 Lot: SONIC multi-size wrench; and four bitstock tools including two reamers.
550 UNIVERSAL ALL ANGLE inclinometer level that can be mounted to a board, made by the Universal Mfg. Co. New York, very good.
551 Stanley #8 Type 8 iron jointer plane, tote spur is broken off, about 1/2-inch useable length remains in iron, tote broken in center and glued and also missing top spur, good low knob, needs cleaning, will make a good user.
552 Stanley No. 29 transitional jointer plane Type 11, good Q-logo blade, complete and very good overall.
553 Union No. 27 transitional jack plane, patented Oct. 22, 1889, tote spur has been re-shaped, good beaded knob, good Stanley Q-logo blade, very good overall.
554 Stanley BEDROCK No. 606 Type 3 iron fore plane, very good tote and low knob, nice Q-logo blade, good STANLEY R. & L. CO. BEDROCK lever cap, former owner’s name lightly scratched into right side, very good overall.
555 Three wooden planes: 16 1/4-inch jack with closed tote, single iron, appears early, good usable condition; 16-inch COPELAND jack plane with open tote, light rust to iron and chipbreaker, will clean to very good; and a 16-inch gutter plane that is missing the tote, nice W. BUTCHER single iron with radiused edge.
556 Union No. X6G corrugated 18-inch iron fore plane.
557 Stanley No. 31 Type 6 transitional jointer plane, the bottom 1/2 of the stock from the toe to the throat has been replaced, there is no visible marking on the toe, the cast iron and handles are very good.
558 Pair of Stanley #29 transitional bench planes: Type 9 and a Type 9 or 10, one has nice RULE & LEVEL CO. blade and BAILEY PAT on chipbreaker; the other has a good Q-logo blade, both are missing the tote spur, but are very good overall.
559 Pair of iron jointer planes: SIEGLEY NO. 7 that is missing the tote, and the long tote screw is broken off in the threaded hole in the bed, it is otherwise complete and very good; plus a Stanley BEDROCK No. 607 with intact early-style tote and low knob, very good blade, very good overall.
560 Unknown make brass blow torch, very good overall.
561 Three wrenches: 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench marked CLEVELAND. O. U.S.A. on the side of the top jaw; unknown make plier; and a 8-inch KLINCKER gas plier.
562 Four rules: RITCO No. 5013 zig zag, complete and fine; Millers Falls No. 1461 zig zag, complete and fine; 4-fold Stanley #66 1/2 with SW logo; complete and very good; and a Craftsman 6-inch caliper rule that needs a cleaning.
563 Pair of geared hand drills: Millers Falls 01 complete and fine; and a Stanley DEFIANCE inside the handle is a single bit inside a plastic tube marked STANLEY 600 DRILL POINT SET, the drill is fine.
564 W.C. MORRILL No. 1 Patent (U.S. No. 770,018) cast iron nail puller PAT. SEPT. 13, 1897 CHAS. MORRILL, MFR. NEW YORK, some light rust, will clean to very good.
565 Pair of scrapers, on the left is a Stanley #79 box scraper with shortened handle and proper replacement screw, some rust, good SW-logo blade; on right is a Starrett-type with an adjustable handle, very good overall; and a Lufkin 50-foot cloth tape measure in original case, tape a bit worn at the end, case very good.
566 Pair of block planes: fine Stanley #G12-060 low angle; and a small unmarked iron block plane likely out of a child’s tool kit.
567 Rosewood handled saddlers knife, rusty; and two small scrapers.
568 ADD-O-METER simple adding machine, complete with original steel stylus, very good.
569 Print roller with wooden core and rubber outside for printing wall paper or decorative frieze panels, the wood has advertising stenciled on the ends with STYLE No. 11 and a JY ; plus two brushes.
570 Lot: UNION HARDWARE MFG CO. hack saw with wooden handle, very good; 8-inch ratchet brace marked JAPAN; and a Stanley #5 TYPE 11 iron jack plane that needs a good cleaning, has very good rosewood tote and tall knob.
571 Lot: Two wooden plaster trowels; and a brush advertising STRONGHOLD OVERALLS, very good.
572 Lot: Two tap handles; Lufkin Steel tape measure in a ratty case; stitching awl; two square nails; offset screwdriver; steel plumb bob; three square shanked auger bits; BERNARD’S wire cutter, etc.
573 Fine Stanley #G12-060 low angle block plane; and a McBEE paper punch that is complete and very good.
574 Nine assorted screwdrivers, ice pick, etc.
575 DAVIS LEVEL & TOOL CO. 24-inch 1867 Patent (U.S. No. 68,961) inclinometer level, three corners are chipped, one on the bottom rail and two on the top, all the filigree in the center is fine, there is quite a bit of the original gold highlight along the inside of the top rail, good overall.
600 Little ORR PAINTER & CO. cast iron cook stove, toy or salesman’s sample This stove comes with all five original stove plates each with DAINTY cast into the bottom; two removable grates; the overhang that hangs off of the right side, the stove door is nickel plated, comes with a griddle, frying pan and a stove-lid lifter, all in fine overall condition.
601 AMERICAN BARNS and COVERED BRIDGES by ERIC SLOANE hardbound book with well worn dust jacket, very good overall.
602 Four pair of tin snips: WISS; METAL MASTER; & LEVER SNIPS by LEVERAGE TOOLS, INC. GLENVIL, NEB; and a pair marked TAIWAN.
603 Two pair of METAL MASTER tin snips and a KNU VISE clamp for clamping tin and or sheetmetal.
604 Lot: G.E. FRANCK Patent (U.S. No. 2,464,800) tub bender made by IMPERIAL CHICAGO; and four assorted tube and pipe cutters; the large one made in China; the other red one in TAIWAN; lower left on SUPERIOR TOOL CO. Cleveland Ohio; and the lower right marked JAPAN.
605 Three tins snips; two by WISS; and a 10.5-inch unknown make.
606 Lot of sheetmetal tools including a new old stock PITTSBURGH sheet-metal crimper tool; a Vise-Grip clamp; IMPERIAL BRASS MFG CO. Fanslow Patent reaming tool (U.S. No. 2,242,821); and a 3/8-inch MALCO FOLDING TOOL No. 8 Minneapolis Minn.
607 Lot: two tin snips; LEVERAGE TOOLS, INC. GLENVIL, NEB; WISS; CHINESE spring-loaded scissors or shear; and a PEXTO 793 seamer.
608 Lot of assorted metalworking tools: two mitering tools by METALMITRE, INC CULVER CITY, CALIF with spare die set; two tubing cutters, and a graduated set of SWAGING TOOLS.
609 Small wooden tool box that the above seven lots of metal tools were found in, has brass corners, folding handle on top of the hinged lid, needs new hardware on the front of the lid, has an interesting eagle decoration on top of the lid.
623 Lot: putty knives; star drill; United Industries Chicago PAT PEND 4 tin grout applicator? with 9-inch serrated edge; and a WARNER No. 476 broad knife with 6-inch blade, fine.
624 Wards Master Quality lathing hatchet, complete and fine; plus a WEST CRAFT No. 4H6524 zig-zag rule, fine.
625 Three prying tools: a 24-inch regular crowbar, some light rust, very good; 12-inch pry bar; and a 9.5-inch crate-opening tool.
626 E-Z MARK 3-inch BUTT GAGE LOS ANGELES, CAL PAT PEND; and a General #824 butt gage, complete and fine.
627 Nice chain saw filing fixture, very good; and a bench mounting vise, can be rotated, needs cleaning, complete and very good.
628 Two packages of used circular saw blades in POWR-KRAFT packaging; and a NOS EXPERT graining comb in original packaging.
629 Lot: Unusual rasp; two cold chisels; and a 10-inch MERIT STILLSON pipe wrench, some light rust, fine overall.
630 Craftsman 619.3748 fore plane with corrugated bottom, has corner chip from front right side, otherwise complete and very good.
631 Tobin Patent (U.S. No. 1,876,180) shingle and linoleum knife made by I. P. HYDE in Southbridge, Mass, complete and fine.
632 Lot: soldering iron; 12-inch scale (rule) with center head; scraper handle for razor blade; unknown clamp, large spring; two pair dividers; two scissors; glass cutter, star drill; and more. A total of 16 items.
633 Lot: two ball peen hammers; a worn Bluegrass hatchet and a blacksmiths cross peen hammer.
634 Nice No. 14-inch ratchet brace, marked only with the 5014 model number, very good overall.
635 Lot of five assorted C-clamps including three by the Cincinnati Tool Co.; one large STANDARD; and one UNBREAKABLE.
636 Lot: four tin scale pans and six assorted scale weights.
637 Three 30-inch Stanley wooden levels: Stanley #25 Type 6 double plumb & level, good; Stanley No. 9 Type 4 plumb & level with decorative side views, circular logo with two patent dates, intact vials, good overall; and a body only for a No. 30 double plumb and level, coated in clear lacquer.
638 Countertop platform scale with large tin scoop, very good overall.
639 Four fixer upper wooden levels: unknown make 30-inch plumb & level, intact vials, well-worn stock, brass top plate has no visible markings, good overall; 30-inch Stanley #3 missing one of the brass end plates, plumb vial MIA, level vial intact; DISSTON & MORSS 26-inch plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall; and a Stanley 26-inch No. 3 with intact vials, V-logo in top plate, very good overall.
640 Three Stanley transitional bench planes: #33 with broken tote spur, otherwise good; #29 complete and very good; and a prelateral #27 that has the number 72 branded into the top of the stock just forward of the knob, very good overall.
641 Stanley #6 Type 11 iron fore plane, tote spur broken off, and missing front screw that secures tote to the bed, lever cap missing lever, can be restored to usable condition; plus a good 18-inch iron fore plane body, frog, and front knob, could be a FULTON, with a few parts, this one will make a good user.
642 Lot of four Stanley #5 iron jack planes, all needing work: #5C Type 13 with nice rosewood tall knob, front tote screw missing, can easily be restored to good usable condition; #5C Type 11 missing the tote, good rosewood knob, with tote will make good user; #5 Type 9 with broken left side, Y-adjuster yoke broken, good rosewood knob; and a 5C Type 9 with broken right side, tote missing spur, no lever cap or front knob.
643 Four Stanley transitional bench planes: #32, 31, 29, 28 and 27. All have tote spurs broken off, and the #27 has several chips and cracks on sole near the throat, otherwise they are all good and can be restored to usable condition.
644 Four Stanley transitional bench planes for parts or restorations: #30 that is missing the blade, lever cap and tote; #29 missing the lever cap and tote, the blade and chip breaker are taped to the rear of the stock; #29 stock only, very good; Stanley BAILEY #28 that has a missing tote spur, but is otherwise complete and good.
645 Large poplar-wood shipping crate, it is made with screws and is quite sturdy.
646 Two large stackable poplar-wood trays with wooden dividers, they are ideal for storing iron and transitional jointer planes. They are well made using screws.
647 Large poplar-wood shipping crate, similar to the one in lot 645 except that this one does not have a lid, it is made with screws and is quite sturdy