Antique Tool & Primitives Auction

Antique Tool & Primitives Auction

October 18, 2008

St. Charles, MO
Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Rd.
St. Charles, MO 63304


1. Stanley #5 1/4C junior jack plane (repainted). Photo

2. Stanley #5 1/2C jumbo jack plane VG. Photo

3. Winchester #3030 18-inch fore plane, VG. Photo

4. Wooden 7-drawer machinist tool box. Photo

5. Gerstner oak 11-drawer "Tall" machinist tool box. Photo

6. Pair slicks or barking spuds. Photo

7. Fine unmarked 4-inch slick. Photo

8. Unknown handled chopping tool (came with lot of timber framing tools) VG. Photo

9. Unusual slick or barking spud w/4-in. blade. Photo

10. I. BLOOD poll adz VG. Photo

11. D.R. Barton poll adz VG. Photo

12. Hand forged gutter adz. Photo

13. Collins No. 986 camp axe with leather sheath, VG. Photo

14. Fine L&I.J. White coopers chamfer knife. Photo

15. W. HUNT poll adz. Photo

16. Nice lipped shipwright's adz. Photo

17. Unusual mortising axe. Photo & Photo 2

18. I. BLOOD BALLSTON, NY broad axe head plus early, bearded side hatchet, VG. Photo

19. Early side hatchet with three touch marks. Photo

20. A. CUNNINGHAM early side hatchet. Photo

21. Early gutter adz and another adz marked M.PRICE. Photo

22. Collins hatchet head with partially intact paper label. Photo

23. Unmarked poll adz, VG. Photo

24. Leg vise complete and nice. Photo

25. Blacksmith's forge & blower VG. Photo

26. Anvil 140-lbs. Photo

27. Collins & Co. broad axe, some pitting. Photo

28. Early winged side axe. Photo


30. Lot of two long-handled hammers & one chopper. Photo

31. DENISON & CO. MYSTIC, CONN. mast axe, VG. Photo

32. Goosewing axe head & adz head both needing handles. Photo

33. Nice short handled goosewing axe with small touchmark on blade, VG Photo

34. Pair of adzes inc. one with square pole. Photo

35. Early forged goosewing hatchet. Photo

36. Unmarked mortising axe. Photo

37. Collins & Co. broad axe, VG. Photo

38. PLUMB broad axe, VG. Photo

39. Zenith Marshall Wells Tool Co. broad axe, VG. Photo

40. Unmarked Pennsylvania? style broad axe. Photo

41. Collins broad axe with offset handle, VG. Photo

42. I.BLOOD BALLSTON, N.Y. side hatchet, VG. Photo

43. Fine FAYETTE R. PLUMB broad axe. Photo

44. Unusual mortising axe marked BRADY, D. HOFMAN. Photo

45. PLUMB broad hatchet, unknown axe, & broad axe head. Photo

46. Unusual W. BUTCHER curved adz, VG. Photo & Photo 2

47. Curved adz & unmarked single bit axe, VG. Photo

48. Three Disston hand saws inc. one with finger hole. Photo

49. Three panel-size hand saws; one has W.S.&M. button. Photo

50. Two long miter box saws inc. Stanley R&L made by Disston & Sons, VG. Photo

51. Two Henry Disston & Sons back saws. Photo

52. Three Disston hand saws inc. VG No. 12. Photo

53. Four saws inc. VG Atkins No. 401 with rosewood handle. Photo

54. Unusual 30-drawer wooden storage bin. Photo

55. Small wooden box with hand-cut dovetails, and intact lock. Photo

56. Fine E.H. SARGENT CHICAGO balance-beam scales in wooden case w/accessories, VG. Photo

57. Three vol. set Appletons Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics, hard bound, VG. Photo

58. Four vol. set Knights Mechanical Dictionary, hard bound. Photo

59. Three Stanley wood levels VG to FINE. Photo

60. Bostrom surveyors Model #2 builders level in original wooden box, VG. Photo

61. American Combined Level & Grade Finder, inclinometer level, Railroad, York County, Penn. Photo

62. Williamsburg 12-inch cast iron level with fancy fillegre casting, VG. Photo

63. Keuffel & Esser brass surveyors transit w/compass, VG. Photo & Photo 2

64. Unusual surveyors MERIDEN FINDER patented Nov. 2, 1880, VG. Photo

65. Unusual Cheney adz hammer & hand vise with wooden handle. Photo

66. FINE plated JAMES HOWARTH SHEFFIELD brace. Photo

67. Fine Ohio Tool Co. No. 82 set of match planes for tongue & groove work. Photo

68. Stanley BEDROCK #605 flat-sided jack plane, VG. Photo

69. Winchester corrugated 9-inch smooth plane, VG. Photo

70. Ohio Tool Co. #04C & 03C smooth planes; the 03C has corner chip. Photo

71. Stanley #203 adj. block plane, VG. Photo

72. Lot of four axe handle templates from wagon shop in Femme Osage, Mo. & lot of measuring sticks with advertising. Photo & Photo 2

73. Unusual NASH patent saw set plus original 1912 letter from the James Saw Mfg. Co. of Columbus and a board-foot calculator also from Ohlen. Photo

74. Lot of four hand saws. Photo

75. Jig saw with iron base and flywheel, needs power supply. Photo & Photo 2

76. German two-speed hand-cranked bench drill, made in Germany. Photo & Photo 2

77. Millers Falls bench-mounted drill press, VG. Photo & Photo 2

78. Davis Patent 24-in. cast iron level by M.W. Robinson, VG; plus Cooks Patent 29 3/8-in. plumb & level. Photo

79. STANLEY HAND-Y N0. 90 plumb & level in original pasteboard box, box fair, level VG. Photo

80. Large Millers Falls bench-mounted hand-cranked drill press with vise, VG. Photo

81. JOHN P. FOX ST. LOUIS revolving nail caddy. Photo & Photo 2

82. Cast iron sharpening stone holder marked SHEPARD HARDWARE CO. PATENTED NOV 12 DEC 17, 1878, BUFFALO N.Y. Photo

83. Pair ST. LOUIS wood planes: ADOLPHUS MEIER & CO. w/radiused bottom; & SHAPLEIGH, DAY & CO. screw-arm sash. Photo & Photo 2

84. Three ST. LOUIS wood planes: A.R. EARL hollow; HUNT & WISEMAN side bead; & A. MEIER & CO. side bead. Photo & Photo 2

85. Three ST. LOUIS wood planes: A. MEIER & CO. center bead; J. DONALDSON reworked round; & WILSON & BROS. fixed twin-iron sash, missing one blade & wedge. Photo & Photo 2

86. Three ST. LOUIS wood planes: HUNT & WISEMAN hollow; M&NH STOUT round; & JULIUS, MORISSE & CO. grooving plow. Photo & Photo 2

87. R.W. BOOTH CINCINNATI, O. handled screw-arm plow plane. Photo

88. Five A.J. CHILD MERCANTILE ST. LOUIS tags. Photo

89. Unusual E&T RING, WORTHINGTON, MS double side bead plane. Photo

90. D.N. GARRISON, DAYTON, O. unhandled plow plane, replaced wedge. Photo

91. C. SAPP, RAVENNA, OHIO, complex molding plane, VG. Photo

92. Pair plumb bobs inc. brass bob marked RULETA Co. INC. N.Y. U.S.A. Photo & Photo 2

93. Griffin Patent (June 5, 1883) hack saw, VG, includes copy of patent. Photo

94. Johnson Patent (No. 530,419) 20TH CENTURY brace/wrench, patented Dec. 4, 1894. Photo

95. Coolidge Patent (No. 562,329) wrench attachment for braces, fits square nuts, VG. Photo

96. Lowentraut Mfg. brace/wrench combination tool, VG. Photo

97. Stanley #A5 aluminum jack plane, VG. Photo

98. Pair of block planes; Stanley #130 & Defiance No. 1245 both VG. Photo

99. Stanley #A78 aluminum duplex plane, complete & VG. Photo

100. Fine Stanley #55 combination plane in original tall pasteboard box, 100% nickel plating, all 55 cutters in four cutter boxes. As good as they get. Photo & Photo 2

101. Unusual & rare Stanley 17-2 WWII era 9-inch smooth plane in original box, FINE. Photo

102. Complete Stanley #248A Weatherstrip plane IOB with all seven blades, Photo

103. Stanley HANDYMAN H1105 jack plane in original box, like new. Photo

104. Pair wooden bench planes: HEATHCOTT SHEFFIELD (1829-1833) varient of a groove plane: Thos. Gill badger plane, VG. Photo & Photo 2

105. Early MADOX skew bladed panel raising plane with offset tote & wooden depth stop. Photo & Photo 2

106. JULIUS.MORISSE & CO. ST. LOUIS screw-arm grooving plow plane, 1/2 of a pair of plank planes, VG. Photo & Photo 2

107. Pair snipe bill planes, faint maker's mark, VG. Photo

108. Drawer bottom grooving plow GUARANTEED ENGLISH MADE, with adjustable fence, VG. Photo

109. GLEAVE MANCHESTER compass plane with adjustable boxwood nose piece; OHIO TOOL Co. #30 toothing plane with THISTLE BRAND blade, VG. Photo

110. G.&W.H. ROSEBOOM CIN-O. 3/4-in. match (tongue & groove) plane, VG. Photo

111. Large pair Ohio Tool Co. No. 73 hollow & round molding planes. Photo & Photo 2

112. Early T.LAKE T.BYE slip boxed side bead plane plus early TRACY complex molder. Photo & Photo 2

113. Pair OHIO TOOL CO. handled tongue & groove planes #10 hollow & #11 round. Photo

114. Unusual & VG fireman's hatchet with strapped head & leather sheath, sheath needs some sewing. Photo

115. Seymour Patent 15-inch twist handle wrench, VG. Photo

116. Early ASHTON & JACKSON GERMAN STEEL hand saw with split nuts, VG. Photo

117. DISSTON & SON No.12 rip saw, two nuts replaced. Photo

118. Early WHEELER, MADDEN & CLEMSON XLCR with split nuts, VG. Photo

119. Two unusual wood planes: small coach maker's rabbet plane & spill plane. Photo & Photo 2

120. Three wooden rabbet planes including one with Stanley #78 fence. Photo

121. Continental screw-arm panel raising plane, VG. Photo & Photo 2

122. Continental screw-arm plow plane, VG. Photo

123. Five different American-made wooden jack rabbet planes all with different pitch handles and/or widths, an instant collection. Photo

124. John Weiss & Son Vienna, Austria screw-arm plow plane, VG. Photo

125. Early, possibly 18th century, continental plow plane, VG. Photo

126. Unusual J.HILTON shoot board type bench plane with skewed blade, VG. Photo & Photo 2

127. Continental screw-arm panel raising plane, VG. Photo

128. Continental panel raising plane with fence, VG. Photo

129. Continental screw-arm plow plane, VG. Photo

130. Two wood planes: one looks like a homemade dovetail; the other is factory made by BERNIER and is used to form the edges of drop-leaf tables. Photo

131. Ohio Tool Co. 28-in. razee-type jointer plane presented in 1955 and signed by the entire sophomore class, boys & girls, a neat presentation plane. Photo & Photo 2

132. Little used 26-inch rosewood jointer plane from a Buenos Aires, Argentina maker, FINE. Photo & Photo 2

133. Massive 25-inch handled jack rabbet plane with 3-inch blade, VG. Photo

134. Two heavy iron prototype smooth planes, both are entirely hand made, deserving of more research. Photo & Photo 2

135. AJAX barn beam boring machine, complete and very good. Photo & Photo 2

136. Ohio Tool Co. handled jack rabbet plane with unusual rear handle that is mounted to a steel base and can be tilted from side to side, possibly a patented feature, VG. Photo

137. Pair of continental wood planes including a horned smoother with adjustable fence. Photo & Photo 2

138. Unusual cabinet scraper with laminated body and Stanley SW blade. Photo

139. Unmarked rosewood plane with adjustable fence on bottom, VG. Photo

140. Two John Weis & Son horn planes inc. smoother & toothing, VG. Photo

141. Three horn planes inc. smoother & scrub. Photo

142. Two horn planes: scrub & scarce rabbeting with Sandusky blade. Photo

143. Two horn planes inc. a smoother with rosewood sole & L&IJ White blade. Photo

144. Pair of horn scrub planes. Photo

145. Pair of mini horn planes; smoother marked GERMANY & compass with WEISS & SON blade. Photo

146. Lot of seven carving books: Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons; Carving Favorite Songbirds by Anthony Hillman; Carving Totem Poles & Masks by Alan & Gill Bridgewater; Burning and Texturing Methods by William Veasey; Carving Western Figures by Harold L. Enlow; Whittlin Bill's Folk Characters by Bill HIgginbotham; and Ship Carvers of North America by M.V. Brewington Photo

147. Lot of five woodworking books: The Art of Elegant Kitchenware by Tony Lydgate; Creating Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques by Doug Stowe; Making Wood Handles, Hinges & Knobs by Alan & Gill Bridgewater; Making Small Wooden Boxes by James A. Jacobson. Photo

148. Lot of four woodworking books: Trim Carpentry Techniques by Craig Savage; Measure Twice, Cut Once by Jim Tolpin; James Krenov Worker in Wood; A Cabinetmaker's Notebook by James Krenov. Photo

149. Lot of eight circa 1930 Modern Mechanics magazines. Photo

150. Lot of four English/British crafts books: English Town Crafts by Norman Wymer; British Craftsmanship published by Collins; English Fairs and Markets by William Addison; British Craftsmen by Thomas Hennell; and a Directory of Sheffield by Da Capo Press. Photo

151. Lot of four FINE Wood Working publications: Fine Wood Working on Marquetry and Verneer (2); Fine Woodworking on Things to Make; & Fine Wood Working on Finishing and Refinishing. Photo

152. Lot of four books on cabinetmaking: A Cabinetmaker's Notebook by James Krenov; Bookshelves & Cabinets by Lane Publishing; Cabinets and Built-Ins by H.H. Siegele; & Making Kitchen Cabinets by Paul Levine. Photo

153. Lot of four books on engines & machines: Engines of Change by Brooke Hindle and Steven Lubar; LIFE SCIENCE LIBRARY'S MACHINES; A History of the Machine by Robert Soulard; and The Technology of Man by Carlo M. Cipolla and Derek Birdsall. Photo

154. Three misc. books: The Smithsonian - 150 Years of Adventure, Discovery, and Wonder by James Conaway; To The City by John Y. Beaty (rough); & The Complete Farmer compiled by The Main Street Press. Photo

155. Three books: The History of American Business & Industry; The 50 Great Pioneers of American Industry; DuPont The Autobiography of an American Enterprise. Photo

156. Lot of two books & two magazines: Gristmills Of Early America And Today magazine; Science: The Islamic Legacy magazine by ARAMCO World Magazine; Cathedral, Forge, And Waterwheel Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages book by Frances & Joseph Gies; & Joseph Moxon's Mechanic Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing. Photo

157. A. Watson's HAND TOOLS - Their Ways and Workings book plus a Trees to Tribunes booklet. Photo

158. Nine woodworking books: 176 Woodworking Projects by the staff of Workbench Magazine; Easy-to-Make Antique Furniture Reproductions by John A. Nelson; Woodworking And Furniture Repair by The War Department 1946; 500 Woodworking Do-It-Yourself Projects; Wood Toys & Playhouses by Peter Stevenson; Collapsible Basket Patterns by Rick & Karen Longabaugh; Picture Framing & Wall Display; Making Wood Signs; Wood Colors and Kinds by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture 1956. Photo

159. Three cabinetmaking books: Designing, Building, and Installing Custom Cabinets for the Home by G. William Scherer; The Home Cabinetmaker by Monte Burch; and Cabinetry edited by Robert A. Yoder. Photo

160. Four books: America Goes to Press by Louis Solomon; History of the YMCA in North America by C. Howard Hopkins; Automation by Walter Buckingham; & The History of Baker Perkins by Augustus Muir. Photo

161. Seven books or booklets: Jigs, Fixtures, and Shop Furniture by Nick Engler; Woodworking Techniques by R.J. DeCristoforo; Woodwork Aids and Devices by Robert Wearing; Metalwork & Enamelling by Herbert; Cane Seats, Rush Seats & Rush Seats by John K. Burch Co.; Best Ship Jigs by American Woodworker; How To Repair Remodel Refinish Furniture edited by Arthur. Photo

162. Seven books: Reprint of 1888 Mott's Illustrated Catalog of Victorian Plumbing Fixtures; Reprint of ca. 1876 Authentic Mid-Victorian Gas Lighting Fixtures; Heebner & Sons Pioneers of Farm Machinery in America by Francis Blase, Jr.; European Rooms in Miniature by Mrs. James Ward Thorne; The Derby Horse Railway And The World's First Electric Freight Locomotive by John R. Stevens; Cambridge Glass 1818-1888 by Lura Woodside Watkins; Adam Silver [in the] Victoria & Albert Museum. Photo

163. Two books: Industrial Revolution of the United States by Carroll D. Wright; The Age of Invention by Holland Thompson. Photo

164. Seven crafts books inc. People Who Make Things by Carolyn Meyer; Art In America by Robert Myron and Abner Sundell; Early American Crafts and Hobbies by Raymond & Marguerite Yates; Needlework Tools by Elanor Johnson; A Guide To American Trade Catalogs by Lawrence B. Romaine; The Unknown Mayhew by Eileen Yeo and E.P. Thompson; & Do-It-Yourself Coffins For Pets and People by Dale Power. Photo

165. Four books: Illustrations Of Trades by Charles Tomlinson; Early Artisans by Bobbie Kalman; Early Handwrought Ancestors by Marion Nicholl Rawson; & Pioneer America - It's First Three Centuries by Carl W. Drepperd. Photo

166. Three automotive books: The Company And The Union by William Serrin; GM The First 75 Years Of Transportation Products; & ASIA Automotive Service Industry Association The First Twenty-Five Years by Mike Greicus. Photo

167. Audel's Carpenter's and Builder's Guide Vol. 1-4. Photo

168. Six books on staining and finishing: Wood Finishing And Refinishing By S.W. Gibbia; The Complete Book of Furniture Repair And Refinishing by Ralph Parsons Kinney; Practical Furniture Refinishing by A.B. Pattou; The Modern Wood Finisher by F. Maire; Wood Finishing by W.A.G. Bradman; & Wood Finishing Plain and Decorative by F.N. Vanderwalker. Photo

169. Four books: Men and Volts at War - The Story of General Electric in World War II by John A. Miller; Elementary Studies in House Painting, Decorating and Paper Hanging edited by F.N. Vanderwalker; Piano Tuning and Allied Arts by William Braid White; & Interior Wall Decoration by F.N. Vanderwalker. Photo

170. Seven books and booklets: Furniture in Print - Pattern Books From the Redwood Library by Christopher P. Monkhouse & Thomas S. Michie; Benjamin Franklin Electrician by Bern Dibner; The Spirits of '76 by Eric Sloan; The Colonial Craftsman by Carl Bridenbaugh; Technology and the Frontiers of Knowledge; Midieval and Early Modern Science Vol. I by A.C. Crombie; & Early Modern Science Vol. II by A.C. Crombie. Photo

171. Four books: Art And The Industrial Revolution by Francis D. Klingender; The Better Mousetrap by Aaron & Cynthia Klein; Men of Science in America by Bernard Jaffe; & Pleasant Hill And Its Shakers by Thomas D. Clark & F. Gerald Ham. Photo

172. Eight woodworking books & booklets: Advanced Woodworking Projects by Robert Lento; Making A Chair From A Tree by John D. Alexander, Jr.; Handcrafted Shelves & Cabinets by Amy Zaffarano Rowland & William H. Hylton; Practical Veneering by Charles H. Hayward; Veneering Simplified by Harry Jason Hobbs; Marquetry & Inlay by Alan & Gill Bridgewater; Windsor Chairmaking by Michael Dunbar; & How to Build Your Own Furniture by R.J. DeCristoforo. Photo

173. Three woodworking books: Tools & Skills: Workshop, Plumbing & Wiring; Oak Furniture Styles And Prices; The Router Book by R.J. DeCristoforo. Photo

174. Five misc. books: Du Pont The Autobiography of an American Enterprise; The Oilmen by Thomas Hollyman; Therapeutic Uses of Adhesive Tape by Johnson & Johnson; The Abrasive Ages by William G. Pinkstone; & A Way of Life - The Story of the John Burroughs School 1923-1973 by Martin I. Parry. Photo

175. Lot of tools used to do picture matting. See following lot for picture framing tools. Start your own business with this lot and the one below. Photo & Photo 2

176. Lot of Stanley picture framing tools: #100 Mitre machine like new with #39-120 back saw plus original #100 rule & clamp, all fine to like new; plus #400 miter vise, VG; and original Stanley Picture Frame Tools booklet. Photo & Photo 2

177. Gerstner 3-drawer machinist-style walnut box for carving tools, VG. Photo & Photo 2

178. Homemade tool chest with one tray and lid attached by graphic door hinges. Photo & Photo 2

179. Antique Bausch & Lomb microscope in wooden storage box with locking door. Photo & Photo 2

180. OLIVER No. 5 "Standard Visible" antique typewriter, VG. Photo & Photo 2

181. Small suitcase full of misc. drafting tools, most in fine overall condition. Photo

182. Two antique typewriters: THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER with unusual key layout; and a Hammond model with characters on a revolving disc, very unusual. Photo & Photo 2

183. Pair of antique portable typewriters and stenograph machine: This lot included portable typewriters by REMINGTON & CORONA as well as an old stenograph machine like those used by court reporters. All are in their original cases. Photo & Photo 2

184. Nicely made tin tool box with carrying handle on top and lockable clasp. Photo

185. Lot of six tools inc. four small hammers; one offset screwdriver and one mystery hammer-type tool. Photo

186. Lot of three hammers inc. two claw hammers with wooden handles and a claw hammer head. Photo

187. Lot of two fencing hammers inc. a pitted Jacob's Patent plus an unusual pair of plier-type tool with a open end wrench on top of top jaw. Photo

188. Two cobbler's hammers: one by PLUMB with anchor logo & one USMC (United Shoe Machinery Corp.) both VG. Photo

189. Two combination hammers: Thayer Patent that is missing the wooden handle; and another hammer/screwdriver combo with plastic handle. Photo

190. Lindley Patent (U.S. Patent No. 441,879) combination stove lid lifter and hammer, with replaced wooden handle, VG. Photo

191. Three unusual tinner's? hammers with nice handles.

192. Three hammers inc. unusual nail holding claw hammer, one with a spike on the back side; ball peen & cross peen head. Photo & Photo 2

193. Three non-sparking hammers: claw hammer, small maul & peening, all VG. Photo

194. Lot of four tinner's? hammers, all VG with nice handles. Photo

195. Lot three hammers inc. glazers and a brass glass cutter, all VG. Photo

196. Wood's No. 2 piggyback spoke shave with flat and concave faces, very good overall. Photo

197. Stanley #92 butt and rabbet gauge / gage complete and in fine overall condition. Photo

198. Stanley #71 router plane complete with 4 blades and throat closing attachment, VG. Photo

199. Stanley #79 double side rabbet plane MADE IN U.S.A. missing only one of the screws that secures the fence, a former owner painted the stippled areas on the front with red paint, otherwise fine. Photo & Photo 2

200. Stanley #65 low angle block plane with knuckle jointed cap, fine overall. Photo & Photo 2

201. Unknown make #1130 double block plane (like Stanley #130) in fine overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

202. Stanley Millers Patent #141 plow plane, has had a new handle installed, repainted, some pitting on skate, good overall. Photo
203. BAILEY TOOL CO. #11 iron spoke shave with screw adjuster and battle axe logo embossed on lever cap, no blade, very good overall. Photo

204. Stanley #93 cabinetmaker's shoulder or rabbet plane, fine overall. Photo & Photo 2

205. Large gunmetal router plane (Like Stanley #71) with wooden handles in fine overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

206. Stanley #67 universal spoke shave missing one bottom & fence but otherwise VG; & a Holzheimer Patent carving device IOB with extra blades. Photo & Photo 2
207. Scarce Stanley #66 marking gage / gauge with brass faces on both sides of head, head marked STANLEY, very good overall. Photo

208. Stanley #192 rabbet plane & Stanley #78 rabbet & fillester plane, both complete and VG. Photo & Photo 2

209. Stanley #12 1/2 cabinet scraper with rosewood bottom, needs blade, otherwise, good usable condition. Photo & Photo 2

210. Three Stanley router planes: two #71 1/2 and one #71, all VG. Photo & Photo 2

211. Pair block planes: early Stanley #110, complete & VG; & Stanley #118 malleable iron block plane missing the adjusting screw, good overall. Photo

212. RARE B Plane #4 1/4 with adjustable throat, very good tote and knob, good original cutter with patent date, corner of throat chipped, VG. Photo & Photo 2

213. Lot nine wrenches: unusual piers; adjustable alligator; 9-inch auto; double ended alligator. Photo

214. Six adjustable Crescent-type wrenches inc. three Robinson; and a 6-inch Bemis & Call. Photo

215. Lot six ratchet wrenches. Photo & Photo 2

216. Lot of 25 misc. wrenches. Photo

217. Lot nine wrenches inc. three 6-inch wood handled nut wrenches; two 6-inch woood handled pipe wrenches; dog bone; alligator, etc. Photo

218. Double ended Crescent wrench and six 4-inch Crescent-type wrenches, all VG. Photo

219. H.D. Smith "PERFECT HANDLE" 12-inch nut wrench, fine. Photo

220. Set Frank Mossberg socket wrenches & ratchet in original wood box, VG. Photo

221. Lot of eight tool or trade specific items: jar embossed ILLINOIS WISCONSIN GLASS PROTECTIVE LEAGUE, JUNE 4-5, 1982, STREATOR, ILL; Sheet Metal Workers Local 36, International Assoc. belt buckle & 5 carpenter & jointers union year pins, all VG. Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3

222. Lot three bit braces: One with unusual chuck; Scotch brace from Glasgow; & penny brace, all VG. Photo & Photo 2

223. Three braces: Two all iron bit braces & an iron automotive-type wrench brace, all VG. Photo

224. Four wall hanging copper trade plaques: COPPERSMITH; CARPENTER: SHOEMAKER; & PRINTER, all like new. Photo

225. Box of 6 different corn cob pipes in original box made in Washington Missouri by Buescher's, salesmen's sample, VG. Photo

226. Small child or toy-size sewing machine complete with original clamp, nice original paint, fine overall. Photo

227. Large old pair of scissors or shears, VG.

228. Large lot of mini screwdrivers, included are three nested sets. Photo

229. Unusual compass by W.S. Darley & Co. Melrose Park, ILL. IOB. Photo

230. Two Brown & Sharpe plumb bobs in nice fitted wood box. Photo

231. Lot of 3 farm tools: bull lead; Hurd's Patent 1862 Hog-Snout cutter; & a patented hog holder, all VG. Photo

232. Hand forged tire bolt wrench, VG. Photo

233. Three decorative wall hangers: Barn scene with horse & buggy & two brass pieces one with two eagles, the other with a Masons' symbol. Photo

234. Three small antique measuring cups, the largest is a pint and has advertising on it. Photo

235. Two copper funnels, both VG. Photo

236. Lot of three hand vises inc. to Alford's patent & two different tool handles one with rosewood handle. Photo

237. Lot three screwdrivers: Yankee #75; and two A.H. Reid patent spiral screwdrivers inc. scarce #2 size. Photo

238. The George Washington Door Stop by Newton Mfg. Newton, Iowa. Aluminum hatchet with wooden handle, VG. Photo

239. Millers Falls No. 902R Micrometer Caliper in original wooden box with paper label, VG. Photo

240. Pair of Stanley #45 combination plow planes for parts or restoration. Photo

241. Stanley #12 1/2 cabinet scraper with rosewood bottom, missing three screws that secure bottom & no blade, will make good user.

242. BAM (Blacksmith Association of Missouri) Newsletters 1997 to 2000, total of 26 volumes, all VG. Photo

243. SWTCA Southwest Tool Collectors Association club newsletters 1985 to 1991, total of 20 issues, all VG. Photo

244. Antique Woodworking Power Tool Association Newsletters 1989 to 1991, long defunct group, very collectible, total of eight issues, all VG. Photo

245. Lot of Martin J. Donnelly antique tool catalogues rare & early tool reference books from 1993 to 2002. Photo

246. EAIA first 50 years of Chronicle Newsletters bound into two volumes. Volume 1 covers 1933 thru 1958 & Vol. 2 covers 1959 thru 1973. Volume I has a creased spine. Both are otherwise complete and in very good overall condition. Photo

247. Ten original indexes to the EAIA Chronicle Magazine from 1933 thru 1993. Photo

248. Missouri Valley Wrench Club Newsletters 1987 to 2004 plus four membership rosters 1996, 1999, 2000 & 2001. All VG. Photo

249. THCKK The Hardware Kompanies Kollectors Klub Newsletters for collectors of Keen Kutter, Bluegrass, Diamond Edge, OVB, etc. Approx. 34 issues plus several THCKK auction catalogs. Photo
250. Plane Talk Newsletters 1979 to 1991 by E. Pollac. These were done prior to the release of his American Wooden Planes series of books. Photo

251. The Imp newsletters by Roger K. Smith approx. 1980 to 1986. The research that went into these newsletters was the basis for the PTAMPIA books that Smith subsequently published. Photo

252. The Catalog of American Wooden Planes newsletters & its Sign Of The Jointer successor publication 1994 to 2001. Nice research into previously unknown or new marks on wooden planes. Photo

253. Twelve assorted tool sale lists and auction catalogs. Nine lists of William A. Gustafson; one 1997 Tony Murland International catalogue & Hans Brunner Auctions No. 4 & 5 1998. All complete and VG; plus a new History of The Can Opener Book by Alfred Wood published 2008. Photo

254. MWTCA Gristmill Magazines from 1993 to 2008. All complete and VG. Photo

255. MWTCA Gristmill Magazines from Vol. 1, No. 1 in 1974 to 1992. Buy this lot and the one above and you've got the entire run. One or two have cover creases otherwise all are fine. Photo

256. EAIA Shavings newsletters 1983 to 2008, not a complete set, but quite a few are here. All complete and very good. Photo

257. Fine Tool Journal Publications Fall 1995 to Summer 2008. All like new. Photo

258. Iron Horse Antiques and it's successor publication Fine Tool Journal 1972 to 1990. This an almost complete set of early Iron Horse publications. Photo

259. Fine Tool Journal publications Winter 1991 to Summer 1995 (just prior to the use of color on the covers), all in very good overall condition. Photo

260. EAIA Chronicle magazines March 1993 to March 2005 and two issues from 2008. All in fine overall condition. Photo

261. EAIA Chronicle magazines March 1978 to December 1992. All in very good overall condition. Photo

262. Bridge Tool Co. tool catalogs 13 different issue in all, VG. Photo

263. The Plumb Line publication dedicated to plumb bob collecting published by R. Bruce Cyner of Ft. Wayne, Ind. Complete set of 16 issues. All VG. Photo

264. Nice handled ripping gauge. Photo & Photo 2

265. Fine Connecticut-style hand adz with oak? handle & marked blade. Photo & Photo 2

266. Wood & brass stale engine for making round tool handles. Photo & Photo 2

267. Three wooden scales including a 22-inch wooden rule made by M. DAVIDSON N.Y. also marked & AUERBACH BOWERY NEW YORK; a LUFKIN 8152 tailor's rule; and another tailor's rule by WOLLEY & CO. CHICAGO. Photo & Photo 2

268. Keuffel & Esser Co. Mannheim Slide Rule IOB, this auction is for a very nice Keuffel & Esser Mannheim slide rule that comes in 1/2 of the original box and comes with the original circa 1920 instruction booklet. Photo & Photo 2

269. Lot of miniature tools and misc. tool related items inc. little Keen Kutter pin back button; mini Crown Tools rosewood handled bevel; two small sets of wrenches; scissors; etc. Photo

270. Ohio Tool Co. #101 handled screw-arm plow plane with an Ohio Tool Co. 1/2 center bead hanging off the right side, plane has a few thread chips, is otherwise VG. Photo & Photo 2

271. SCIOTO TOOL CO. wooden jack plane with good Millers Falls iron jointer gauge/fence. Photo & Photo 2

272. Pair complex profile wooden molding planes inc. VARVILL & SON YORK, both complete and VG. 83 Photo & Photo 2

273. OHIO TOOL CO. No. 54 moving fillister plane, complete and fine. Photo & Photo 2

274. Wheelwright's jarvis or shave for rounding spokes etc. This one has a steel bottom and is in very good overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

275. Unusual brace-type screwdriver & Stillman's patent saw set. Photo

276. Like New BLUEGRASS HARDWARE shears with nice etching on blade; plus a like new push drill with rosewood? handle, fine. Photo

277. Reprint of a circa 1913 BUFFUM TOOL CO. Catalog. Buffum operated in Louisiana Missouri and used an old Indian good luck symbol as their trademark. Included with the catalog is a screwdriver that may have been made by Buffum, as it has the same symbol stamped into its shaft. Photo

278. Four different flashlights inc. CHALLENGE; EVEREADY; RAY-O-VAC; & DIAMOND. Photo & Photo 2

279. Unusual PURINA cloth measuring tape that is used to measure livestock and predict the weight. Photo

280. JIFFEY CORN SHELLER, hand held iron corn sheller, complete and very good; plus a large pair of dividers and three brass greasers? Photo

281. Four reproduction watch fobs: three Keen Kutter & one KRIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, all are like new. Photo

282. Two brewer's-type thermometers in wooden holders; plus two small pocket knives made in Germany and having assorted tools embossed into the handles, all fine. Photo

283. Four old tool booklets: Two Stanley pocket tool catalogs; one Stanley Rafter & Framing Square booklet. Photo

284. ARKANSAS TOOTHPICK by WINN sheath knife with leather sheath, VG. Photo

285. MARBLE'S folding knife in original box with zippered pouch, fine. Photo

286. Case XX 6333SS BUTTERNT RD JDG #03971 collector's knife IOB. Photo

287. Three copper commemorative coins inc. 1931 Cyrus McCormick inventor of the reaper; 1977 Small Business coin with a blacksmith on the front; & Hardware Retailer Magazine. 99 Photo

288. Bag of Italian 50 Lira coins, all featuring a nude blacksmith swinging a hammer, will make great jewelry like cufflinks for your blacksmith group. Photo

289. Seven United States proof sets of coins: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, & 1982. Photo

290. Seven United States proof sets of coins: 1976 (2); 1979 (3); 1981 & 1982. Photo

291. Seven United States proof sets of coins: 1976, 1977, 1979 (2), 1981 & 1982 (2). Photo

292. Three commemorative bank notes printed by the Bureau of Engraving for the American Numismatic Association Conventions in Washington, D.C. (1971); New Orleans (1972); & Boston (1973). Photo

293. Bayonet USM7 for a 1960's M-16 rifle, with original sheath, VG. Photo

294. Case 6185SS Doctors Brnt Antio #03535 collector's pocket knife IOB. 04 Photo

295. Case 6282SP SS Baby Dog Jade #01222 collector's pocket knife IOB. Photo

296. Case 3185CV Doctors Yellow #00119 collector's pocket knife IOB. Photo

297. Box of three old paint cans & four brushes from the 1930s thru 1950s, includes horsehair brush. Photo

298. Large Justrite carbide light with can of Union Carbide "Miners Lamp" calcium carbide fuel. Photo

299. Guy's Dropper carbide miner's lamp/light with can of calcium carbide fuel. Photo

300. AUTO LITE carbide miner's lamp/light by with can of calcium carbide fuel. Photo

301. Shanklin Mfg. Springfield ILL carbide miner's lamp/light with a 2-lb. can of Shawinigan calcium carbide. Photo

302. AUTO LITE by Universal Lamp Co. carbide miner's lamp/light with 2-lb. can Union Carbide calcium carbide fuel. Photo

303. NEW WHITE POWDER WONDER 12 gage single-shot breach loading shotgun with 32-inch barrel, gun is tight and not all shot out, just needs a good cleaning. Photo

304. Dark oak Sessions "bim bam" wall clock. Photo

305. Rosewood wall clock "figure 8" door, needs repair. Photo

306. Ansonia oak kitchen clock, needs to be reassembled. Photo

307. Large lot of clock & watch repair tools: staking set; hand removal tool; two stem wresting tools; pin vise, etc. Photo

308. Large lot of clock and watch repair books and parts catalogs. Photo & Photo 2

309. Two 1920s Emerson electric fans, one is D.C., and one has "ball" motor, both need blades and guards reinstalled, and both need serious cleaning. Photo

310. Lot of 11 old woodworking tool catalogs. Photo

311. Large lot missels and rockets magazines circa 1960, contains lots of early industry advertising. Photo

312. Two David E. Heckel tool books: Sargent Planes & Stanley #45 combination plane, both in fine original condition. Photo

313. Parker Brothers JACK STRAWS game IOB. Photo

314. Glass dome full of shredded American currency. Photo

315. Nice wooden tote and Goldblatt patent Angle Plane used by plasterers. Photo

316. Walnut dovetailed box. Photo

317. Old beat-up wooden machinist tool chest with drawers that the owner said came off the U.S. Battleship Missouri where it had been used in the machine shop.

318. Several wooden boxes of lead letters that came out of a pattern shop in Ferguson Missouri. Photo

319. Patented "T" auger and unusual double sided saw. Photo

320. Two St. Louis wooden fore or jointer planes inc. BAILEY & RICHARDSON that needs a new handle. Photo

321. Fine Stanley #7C jointer plane; & VG Stanley #5 jack plane. Photo

322. Lot of six Sandusky & Ohio Tool Co. wooden dado planes. Photo

323. Pair Mathieson & Son 1-inch tongue & groove planes. Photo

324. Matched set 7/8-inch tongue & groove planes. Photo

325. Matched set 5/8-inch tongue & groove planes. Photo

326. Three St. Louis Missouri wooden planes: Chip-A-Way 8-inch smoother; Geo. A. Rubelmann 8-inch smoother & Child Pratt & Co. screw-arm plank plow. Photo

327. Five 1986 United States First Day covers devoted to Woodcarved Figurines, plus an early valentine depicting a cherub in a blacksmith shop, and an 1800s trade card for Leibig's Fleisch Extract with German text. Photo

328. Old time sled and ice skates.

329. Dandy Pencil Sharpener, complete and VG. Photo

330. Three U.S. Military medals in original boxes with original ribbons. Photo

331. AMES TOOLS advertising piece commemorating the 1849 California Gold Rush. Photo

332. Large lot of Keen Kutter, Diamond Edge, Shapleigh and OVB pocket knives, all need work or have shortened blades. Photo

333. Pair St. Louis, MO wooden molding planes: Hall & Hynson round & Adolphus Meier hollow. Photo

334. Pair St. Louis, MO wooden molding planes: J. Donaldson & J. Hall & A. Meier & Co. 1/4-inch side beads. Photo

335. Pair St. Louis, MO wooden molding planes: F.E. Schmieding & Co. 3/4-in. boxed side bead & Shapleigh, Day & Co. tongue cutting 1/2 of a T&G set. Photo

336. Pair wooden molding planes: 119 N. Main St. Louis 5/8-in. boxed side bead & unmarked wooden sash coping plane. Photo

337. J. Donaldson & J. Hall boxwood screw-arm plow plane, VG. Photo

338. Three St. Louis wooden planes: Hunt & Wiseman 1 1/2-inch rabbet & 7/8-in. plow & Shapleigh Day & Co. 1/2-in. plow. Photo

339. Two St. Louis wooden planes: Child, Pratt & Co. 1 1/4-in. nosing & Geo. A. Rubelmann Hdwe plow. Photo

340. Three St. Louis wooden planes: Hunt & Wiseman #2 & #6 rounds & Shapleigh Day & Co. 1-inch rabbet. Photo

341. Matched set Sandusky 3/4-inch tongue & groove planes, VG. Photo

342. Matched set 3/8-in. tongue & groove planes, makers name overstruck, VG. Photo

343. Matched set Auburn Tool Co. 1/2-inch tongue & groove planes, skate of grooving plow has some rodent chewing damage on rear, will not affect functioning. Photo

344. Two children's tool boxes, one with tools. Photo

345. Two Shelton planes: 9-inch IOB and malleable or unbreakable block plane. Photo

346. Craftsman electric scroll saw. Photo

347. Zippo tape measure IOB and BLUE GRASS brass hose nozzle. Photo

348. Ring of large brass keys. Photo

349. Two DAISY BB guns: models. Photo

350. AH-000-GAH car horn IOB. Photo

351. Fine English toothing plane & brass-faced scraper. Photo

352. Misc. antique collectables, photos, paper items, etc. 57

353. Thirty box lots of tools and antiques. (CHOICE) Photo

354. Traditional woodworking work bench with Ohio Tool Co. wooden screw vise.

355. Two bench mounted grinders; one a KEYSTONE plus a hand cranked sickle bar grinder. Photo

356. MOUND CITY (St. Louis) brace plus three spoke pointers. Photo

357. Yankee No. 1555 ratcheting, reversible, multi-speed breast drill, FINE. Photo

358. Wooden auger handle with collet-type chuck & two raft augers plus one T auger with crude wooden handle. Photo

359. Lot inc. bench arbor & Luther hand cranked grinder. Photo

360. James Bee plated Sheffield brace with one J. Bee center bit. Photo

361. Four saw tools inc. Stearns saw vise & Buller Saw Set. Photo

362. Four coping saws one with spare pack of blades plus a BRANCH, CROOKES & CO. hack saw with logo nicely etched into frame. Photo

363. Four saw tools inc. two saw sets. Photo

364. Lot of four drawknives inc. one with curved blade marked READ. Two need new handles. Photo

365. Lot of three drawknives inc. L&IJ White and one with adj. handles. Photo

366. Five wrenches: one marked VULCAN PLOW 95; CYLINDER STUD-BATTERY NUT-SPARK PLUG-GEN. NUT 90257; IH G3172... Photo

367. Four implement wrenches inc. OLIVER CP245 plus two mini ignition type wrenches. Photo

368. Lot of five wrenches inc. DELAVAL & a clevis with a wrench for a pin. Photo

369. Three different pipe wrenches and two nut wrenches. Photo

370. Lot of three saws, one marked HILGER and good pair of shears. Photo

371. Mixter Patent (July 2, 1889) hand cranked saw gummer. Photo & Photo 2

372. Pair cooper's tools: nice patented bung auger & hoop driver. Photo

373. Craftsman Future Antique Collection wood screw NIB. Photo

374. Goodell Improved combination treadle lathe, jig saw & table saw, treadle is a modern copy of an original, bed not shown in photo but is included, needs to be assembled. Photo

375. W.F.& John Barnes 5 1/2? pedal powered screw-cutting lathe, pedals & flywheel missing, intact bed, headstock, yoke & tool post, center rest and tail stock, good for parts or a great start to a restoration project. Photo & Photo 2

376. Large foot operated grinding wheel in wooden frame. Photo

377. Luther pedal operated grinder. Photo

378. Millers Falls treadle jig saw No 687, needs round belt & new wooden pitman arm, VG. Photo

379. Schnitzenbank used in 1870s to build a barn on a German farm in Southern Illinois. Photo

380. H.J. Boyce Fayette, Ohio blacksmith's kick vise Pat. April 28, 1896 (No. 558,927) Photo & Photo 2

381. Foot operated power wheel used by dentists, jewelers, etc. Photo

382. Brecht Patent (June 16, 1868) St. Louis hub boring machine. Photo & Photo 2

383. Reynolds Patent (No. 613,722) tire bolting machine Pat. Nov. 8, 1898, Marion, Indiana. Photo & Photo 2

384. W.F. & John Barnes foot powered mortising machine with wooden spring.

385. W.F.& John Barnes screw cutting lathe for parts. Included are a headstock, 4-jaw chuck, carriage; tailstock and bed (not shown in photos) Photo

386. Reproduction seat bracket for W.F.& John Barnes lathes, very good. Photo

387. Assorted bits for Barnes mortising machines (choice) Photo

388. Pexto tinners stake plate. Photo

389. Large tinners anvil. Photo

390. Pexto No. 502 grooving machine. Photo

391. Early tinner's anvil. Photo

392. Lot of automotive tools inc. lug wrench; grease cup tool; spark plug gapper; two valve lapping tools & a valve facing fixture. Photo & Photo 2

393. Lot of 11 wrenches & pliers inc. a Cochran Patent by M.M. BUCK (St. Louis), Boos Tool Co. K.C. MO. & a Bridgeport Radio-Lectric No. 442. Photo

394. Pair of Bridges Patent (No. 2,098,856) meat tenderizers Independence, Missouri plus an unmarked ice plane or shaver. Photo & Photo 2

395. Lot misc. iron tools inc. Fantayne 1868 Patent treadle, small vise, five screw clamps; dibble, etc. Photo & Photo 2

396. Hand cranking chain-driven bench mounted grinder, VG. Photo

397. Lot of five different die stocks by makers such as KING, HOLROYD & BUTTERFIELD. Photo

398. Lot of four die stocks and one large "LITTLE GIANT" tap handle. Photo

399. Lot of four die stocks including a D.Saunders' Sons Pat'd April 25, 1856. Photo

400. Three hand drills including Stanley #610; Yankee #1430 & Goodell Pratt. Photo

401. Woods Patent hollow auger, two dowel pointers & three tapered reamers used in a brace. Photo

402. Lot inc. tapered bung or hub reamer; drawknife; shears; six screwdrivers, two saws & soldering iron. Photo

403. Four hammers including unusual blacksmith's-type rounding hammer plus one claw and three ball peen hammer heads. Photo

404. Hand cranked band-saw setting machine made by A.E. Cunningham Worcester, Mass. & a Dietze Patent (No. 1,348,270) hand-cranked banding machine. Photo

405. Three nut wrenches inc. Baxter & Vandegrift patents plus three pipe wrenches inc. one by Roberts Wrench Co. The top one needs work. Photo

406. Keen Kutter lathing hatchet; pliers and shears, VG. Photo

407. Keen Kutter hatchet shears and hatchet head plus a Diamond Edge pruning shear, all VG. Photo

408. Five assorted plier-type tools inc. tin snips; nippers and small BELL SYSTEM crimpers, all VG. Photo

409. Two hatchets plus a hoe, adz & broad axe that all need de-rusting and new handles. Photo

410. G.N. Stearns & B.S.V.& CO. spoke pointers and two diestocks used in braces. Photo

411. Six plumb bobs: one brass, one nickel plated, & three iron and one steel. Photo

412. FINE E.C. Stearns & Co. jointer fence for bench planes. Photo

413. Stanley 7C joiner plane, and #51 spoke shave body.

414. Three threshing machine cylinder-tooth straighteners and wrenches; one marked 1088R and another 805. Photo

415. Four blacksmith's hammers inc. Heller Bros with square end; and ATHA 1/2-in. top swedge. Photo

416. Six different blacksmith's hammers inc. unusual diagonal peen. Photo

417. Small traditional shaped tool chest with hand-cut dovetailed construction, folding iron handles on both sides, inside measures 20 X 10 X 9-inches, VG. Photo & Photo 2

418. Three blacksmith's hammers; 2 marked WARREN 7/8 & one marked 3/8. Photo

419. Five different blacksmith tools including one to hold crucible and crucible is included. Photo

420. Seven different blacksmith tongs Photo

421. Four different blacksmith tongs plus a fire poker. Photo

422. Four blacksmith tools inc. BRIDGE TOOL (St. Louis) pincers; long tongs and two coal or ash shoves, one needs new scoop. Photo

423. Four different blacksmith's tongs. Photo

424. Carpenter's tool box with fold down lid and inside drawer; with assorted tools including zig zag rule; mini block plane, two keyhole saws, brace, claw hammer, etc. Photo

425. D.R. BARTON carriage maker's drawknife and two mallets, one with nice burl head. Photo

426. Unusual vise plus two mystery tools, the bottom one may be a disc sharpener. Photo

427. Lot misc. tools: blacksmith-made tooth straightening tool for threshing machine teeth; hand forged grappling hook; Crescent brass cement edging tool, etc. Photo

428. Three saws: Disston Keystone back saw; Swedish? keyhole saw & George Bishop brass-back dovetail saw. Photo

429. FINE Millers Falls No. 2 hand drill plus assorted bitstock tools inc. screwdriver bits, countersinks, center bits, spoon bit, etc. Photo

430. Traditional-style carpenters tool box with fold down lid & inner drawer, needs new top handle, and side is cracked and needs to be glued. Photo

431. Small tool box with 2 corner chisels, 11 chisels, Keen Kutter gouge, square etc. Photo & Photo 2

432. Block knife with original forged staple formerly in the Doctor George Murphy collection. Photo

433. Nice medium sized carpenter's tool chest, genuine dovetailed construction, folding iron handles on ends, intact lock (no key), inside measures 28 X 10 X 7.5-in., VG. Photo

434. Electric Champion Forge & Blower Co. drill press flat belt drive, needs belt. Photo

435. Snap-On collectibles: 10 glass glasses shaped like sockets & 13 plastic cups & mugs with calendar girls. Photo & Photo 2

436. Stump and plate anvils. Photo

437. All-wood "maiden" tamping tool used on roadways in England. Photo

438. Pair of unusual long-handled edging shovels? Photo

439. Unusual wood framed saw ex. Doctor George Murphy collection. Photo & Photo 2

440. Orrin W. Burritt 1882 Patent (U.S. No. 266,604) double seaming machine for sheet metal roofing, VG. Photo

441. Pair manufactured threshing machine cylinder tool wrenches inc. Minnesota Threshing Machine Co. #X899. Photo

442. Pair of alligator wrenches inc. HAWKEYE double ended with three dies in the middle of the handle & a J.H. Williams No. 2 BULLDOG with C.C.C. railroad logo. Photo

443. Lot automotive type wrenches inc. T-handle socket wrench. Photo

444. Lot of assorted bitstock tools inc. BLUEGRASS screwdriver bits plus seven H. HAWKE center & spade bits. Photo

445. Stanley #7C jointer plane VG, plus a body for a Stanley #51 spoke shave. Photo

446. Three mortising chisels, one gouge and one Diamond Edge butt chisel, three need new handles. Photo

447. Five tractor or implement wrenches including International M231; Empire Plow A370; Stoddard/Pitman #M55, one homemade. Photo

448. Five blacksmith's punches, all VG. Photo

449. Three blacksmith tongs for holding round work, smallest one by CHAMPION. Photo

450. Lot blacksmith tools: Three tongs and two coal shovels, one needs new pan. Photo

451. Lot blacksmith tools: tongs, clamp etc. Photo

452. Lot five blacksmith hammer heads: flatter, two swedges, etc. Photo

453. Lot of seven blacksmith tools: flatter hammer; coal shovel; three tongs, one for round work; and two hammers with punches. Photo

454. Large cast iron wheel trough used to soak large wooden wagon wheels in oil, to preserve them. Photo & Photo 2

455. Small iron trough for soaking smaller wooden buggy wheel in. Photo & Photo 2

456. Large tool for de-horning cattle. Photo

457. Pair Ford Model A valve tools. Photo

458. Jarecki 1873 Patent unusual screw adjust pipe wrench or tong Photo

459. Wooden wagon jack from St. Louis Mo. hardware store. Photo

460. Barn beam boring machine, folds down for easy storage, very good. Photo & Photo 2

461. Unusual vise mounted, hand cranked armature lathe MADE IN U.S.A. Photo

462. Three unusual tools: unusual pruning saw (needs handle), cast aluminum emasculating tool (turns bulls into steers), and an unusual tool marked THE AUTO TIRE RETREADER CO. ROCKFORD ILL. Photo

463. Millers Falls #210 drill press, hand crank has been replaced with pully for use with a motor. Photo

464. Dosch Patent (653,794) miter trimming machine, complete, no damage or missing parts,  has light surface rust, but will clean to very good overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

465. Stanley #45 plane parts: Two main frames with slitter, sash cutter, depth and beading stop, both very good plus one fence (no knob); a broken Stanley #78 frame; large cooper's spoke shave that needs new wood handles & a wooden coachmaker's router missing blade and wedge. Photo

466. Pair of NOS auger handles: Millers Falls No. 2 & V.B.I. PHILA. PA No. 2; plus three handled scrapers inc. an E.C. Stearns adjustable. Photo

467. Three augers and a James Swan auger handle. Photo

468. Clamp for installign floorboards; 20-inch L.S. Starrett caliper; & ice chipping tool? Photo

469. Set of RAY sockets and speed wrench by the Packer Auto Specialty Co. Chicago; plus an adjustable ring groove cleaner. Photo & Photo 2

470. Two valve lapping tools one with rack and a Snap-On tappet adjusting tool. Photo

471. Lot: two pry bars; C.S. Osborne grommet installing tool IOB; chain breaker; inside/outside caliper; clamp for a saw vise; and a dinglestock-type anvil. Photo

472. Lot eight wrenches inc. TRIMO pipe wrench. Photo

473. Lot: wood handled scraper, Akron Brass Mfg. hydrant wrench, Photo & Photo 2

474. Lot: Three wrenches: BARNES TOOL CO & WAKEFIELD pocket nut wrenches; Wizard No. 9 nut wrench & FOOTPRINT pliers made in England. Photo

475. HEAVY railroad track bending tool, bring a truck and two or three stong lads to help you load it. Photo

476. Unusual hand cranked chain-driven drill for drilling railroad tracks to electrify them. Photo

477. Lot of railroad track tools: pry bar for spikes; track gague/gage; and track moving bar, the small item that looks like a wrench is also used in prying up spikes; all are iron and all are heavy. Photo

478. Two different tools used in pulling railroad spikes, the one shown with the spike was likely used with one of the pry bars in lot 477. Photo

479. Bemis & Call WABASH Railroad 15-inch screw-adjust nut wrench, fine overall. Photo

480. Lot: two pocket wrenches including a BARNES TOOL CO.; a rack & cam adjusting plier Made in Germany; a Wizard #19 nut wrench & an unusual plier with a glass cutter in one jaw. Photo & Photo 2

481. Bell Systems hand-cranked swedging tool for cables. Photo & Photo 2

482. John Byrne Sharon, Wis. March 13, 1888 patent tire-bolt wrench. Photo & Photo 2

483. Shoe or bootmaker's double lasting tool and a leather fillet cutter. Photo

484. Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, fine late model plane with 10 original cutters, needs only front and rear depth stop and slitter to be complete, in fine owner made wooden box. Photo & Photo 2

485. Large iron saw set and a sharpening stone in an unusual wooden holder. Photo

486. Two shingle froes: 8-inch & 12-inch blades. Photo

487. Lot of 36+ leather decorating tools including a masons symbol; two hands shaking, etc. Photo

488. Lot of seven wrenches including unusual DIXIE ST. LOUIS combination with ratchet, screwdriver & box end, ratchet not functional; SH AUTO KIT No. 100 open end, etc. Photo

489. Lot inc. BF GOODRICH ratchet wrench; Stanley 7/32-in. ignition wrench marked TAIWAN; nippers; and unusual combination tool with screwdriver end. Photo

490. Three W&B alligator wrenches inc. TWIN double ended; all VG. Photo

491. GERMANTOWN HAMR'RENCH combination lug wrench, tire tool & hammer by Griffith Tool Works, Philada, Penn., VG. Photo

492. Two unusual hammers: one is a macadamizing hammer for making small rocks for paving roadways. Photo

493. Lot of Popular Mechanics tools inc. adjustable wrench, two screwdrivers, and two combination wrenches. Photo

494. Eight tools inc. two Snap-On combination wrenches; two B-52 Superatchet 3/8-in. ratchets; 1/4-in. Superratchet; the Snap-On G0EX-120 & OXI-10 wrenches show up on a F-16 fighter plane tool list. Photo

495. J.A. THOMPSON ratchet wrench/brace with box of different sized sockets. Photo

496. NICE pedal powered LUTHER GRINDER from Milwaukee Wis. This one is fine but the new owner will need to drill a hole in the frame to secure the bottom of the seat bracket. It doesn't appear to have ever been drilled. A fine tool and little used condition. (Photo & Photo 2

497. W.F. & John Barnes pedal powered No. 2 Velocipede saw, painted battle ship gray, one spot on frame below table appears to have a welded repair, and the table is replacement made from the floor of  a tractor trailer, can easily be restored to usable condition, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2

498. W.F. & John Barnes foot powered mortising machine, partially repainted in battleship gray, one bit included, very good overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

499. Unknown make combination treadle lathe and scroll saw, appears to be complete and original, VG. Photo & Photo 2

500. W.F. & John Barnes pedal powered former with drawer under table for bit storage, no cutters included, very nice overall condition. Photo

501. W.F. & John Barnes No. 5 1/2 screw cutting metal lathe This is the biggest pedal lathe that Barnes made. It comes with complete change-gear set; pedal assembly, the seat bracket and one of the brackets near the gears are both reproductions, intact bull wheel, nice original tool post, a basically intact and functional lathe that is run by pedal driven flat chain, in very good overall condition. Photo & Photo 2

502. AMPCO No. 2 non-sparking shovel, like those used by the gas company, VG. Photo

503. Unusual non-sparking pick, like those used by the gas company, VG. Photo

504. Three homemade alligator wrenches including one made from a file or rasp. Photo

505. Three double-ended alligator wrenches inc. EVER READY; DIAMOND EDGE DE100 and KandB CO. Photo

506. Lot; J. Caspers pliers; GEARENCH valve wheel wrench; & a pitted twybil. Photo

507. Four alligator wrenches inc. VandB No.1 double ended; & The Elgin adj. Photo

508. Four wrenches & two pliers inc. PROTO 234 & Lowentraut 10-inch gas pliers. Photo

509. Lot: Nice CRONK fencing pliers; scarce SWALLOW AIRPLANE CO. screwdriver; and iron hacksaw frame. Photo

510. Blackhawk-type 4-way adjustable plug wrench; and two ratchet wrenches; and three fixed socket wrenches. Photo

511. Long ice handling tool for moving blocks of ice in an ice house. Photo

512. Zima Patent (No. 1,157,356) hoe from Humphrey, Nebraska, 1915, VG. Photo & Photo 2

513. Lot of three wrenches and a CRAIN 450 STRIP CUTTER. Photo

514. Three long handled lathe tools. Photo

515. Early Stanley #45 combination plane with floral decorations and Stanley #71 router plane with 1/2-inch blade, VG. Photo

516. Craftsman (Millers Falls?) duplex or rabbet and fillester plane complete with fence and depth stop plus a Union spoke shave with loop handles, VG. Photo

517. Small English wheel for taking hammer or tool marks out of sheet metal, can be mounted in a bench vise. Photo & Photo 2

518. CHAMPION BLOWER and FORGE CO. small sized post drill, a previous owner removed the handle and mounted a big sprocket onto the original gear wheel to motorize it, can be restored to original condition with a crank handle. Photo

519. Two blacksmith's hammers: cross peen and diagonal peen. Photo

520. Three blacksmith's hammers: punch; extra large ball peen & diagonal peen. Photo

521. Three blacksmith's hammers: diagonal peen; chisel; and turning. Photo

522. Hand forged tool for holding open a horse's mouth for working on its teeth; plus a modern wine bottle corking tool made in France. Photo

523. Lot of 11 wrenches inc. nine auto-type socket wrenches plus a Case 256 and a VandK brass pump wrench. Photo

524. Five implement type wrenches inc. Case 106; STAVER; STANDARD, etc. Photo

525. Unusual Jackson's 1901 Patent (No. 668,645) 14-inch pipe wrench made by W.W. Whitehead of Davenport, Iowa, on a patent issued June 11, 1901, the link that connects the lever to the top jaw is broken and needs to be repaired, otherwise VG. Photo

526. Two VandK brass pump wrenches; a PURE CARBONIC iron wrench; and two DELCO light plant wrenches. Photo

527. Pair AMPCO ALBR spark-proof open ended wrenches; one ALB W706 3/4-inch and 9/16-inch; and W726, 7/8-inch and 13/16-inch, both like new. Photo & Photo 2

528. AMPCO N1 non sparking nail puller, like new condition. Photo & Photo 2

529. AMPCO non sparking 15-inch W1148A spud type nut wrench. Photo & Photo 2

530. BERYLCO BECU W219 non sparking 18-inch Stilson-type pipe wrench, like new condition. Photo

531. Four saw sets: three lever type inc. TAINTOR'S; Morrill's #1 & an unmarked Stearns plus one wrest-type marked GERMANY. Photo

532. Four saw sets: three lever types inc. aluminum Welliver; Stearns; & Pine Knot #110; plus a wrest-type marked GERMANY. Photo

533. Unusual homemade? hatchet & ELWELL 3902 billhook that needs a new wooden handle. Photo

534. Four wrenches: three are marked ST.L.C.CO (St. Louis Car Company) a maker of railroad cars, all VG. Photo

535. Lot three button hooks and two ice picks. Photo

536. Five different advertising screwdrivers. Photo

537. Two chain tools: Weed Sturdy Pliers by American Chain Co. & Schriver Co. Cincinnati, Ohio link pliers. Photo

538. Unusual nickel plated steel pedal or shoe stand with the letters CK SON STL MO cast into it. Possibly from a shoe shine stand. Photo

539. Nickel plated nut cracker mounted in a wooden bowl, some nickel peeling. Photo

540. Nice hand-cranked apple peeler & wooden bottle corking tool, VG. Photo

541. Three Snap-On items: windbreaker jacket, stocking cap & brimmed cap. Photo

542. Fine GEM folding wooden miter box & unusual Wheeler Madden & Clemson hand saw, handle needs to be repaired or replaced. Photo

543. FINE Gates drive belt measuring tool. Photo

544. Pomeroy Patent riveting machine with built-in vise; plus an unusual anvil that had something else with it at one time, possibly a vise. Photo

545. The item in red paint looks like an old tornado siren, may not be complete; plus an A.H. Patch patent corn-sheller, needing a crank handle. Photo

546. Nice long handled sythe. Photo

547. Three sickles: BOOKER; CHIP-A-WAY & another marked NY with ususual touch mark. Photo

548. Primitive wooden witchet or rounder. Photo & Photo 2

549. Two router planes: Stanley #71 1/2 with 1/2-in. blade; & router with steel sole, VG. Photo & Photo 2

550. FINE cabinetmaker's work bench having both face and end vises with wooden screws. Photo & Photo 2

551. KING & PEACH HULL, English beech slide arm plow plane with brass arm wedges. Photo

552. JAS. MILNE English handled beech slide-arm plow plane, very nice. Photo

553. Graduated set of 8 W. BUTCHER plow plane blades. Photo

554. Graduated set of 8 W. Butcher plow plane irons. Photo

555. Lot of 9 wooden plow plane bodies. Photo

556. Two boxes plane parts including wooden knobs and wedges and screws. Photo

557. ALEX. MARSHALL Scottish slide-arm beech plow plane marked BIGGAR H. SCHOOL. Biggar is a secondary school in Biggar, Lanarkshire Scotland. Photo

558. One set of 7 graduated Moulson Bros. irons Photo

559. SANDUSKY #119 handled beech screw-arm plow plane, VG. Photo

560. Graduated set of 8 unmarked plow plane irons Photo

561. Small early croze, marked WILN for Wilno Lithuania, for small barrels or kegs. Photo

562. AUBURN TOOL CO. beech screw arm plow plane, wedge a likely replacement. Photo

563. Graduated set of 8 unmarked plow plane irons. Photo

564. Set of five 1979 Fine Woodworking Magazines, missing only Sept/Oct. Photo

565. Lot of nine paperback tool books and catalogs inc. Ohio Tool, Stanley; H. Chapin's Son etc. Photo

566. Well worn Dictionary of Tools by R.A. Salamon book; plus Ohio Toolmakers And Their Tools book by Jack Devitt. Photo

567. Three tool books: Barlow's price guide; MJD's Catalogue of Antique Tools; & The Garrett Wade Book of Woodworking Tools. Photo

568. Fine Pine Knot 9-inch drawknife plus Stanley rosewood handled try square & fine rosewood handled sliding bevel with TRUE TEMPER blade. Photo

569. E.C. Stearns adjustable hollow auger with intact depth stop, VG. Photo

570. D.E. WHITON Code - GRILLB 3-jaw lathe chuck, VG; plus a face plate. Photo

571. Older D.E. WHITON 4-jaw lathe chuck, and smaller face plate. Photo

572. Fine L.S. Starrett speed indicator. Has 1897 & 1905 patent dates. Photo

573. Six antique FORD automotive wrenches plus two FORD specialty tools. Photo

574. Antique Cadillac automobile wrench 10-inch long 1 1/2-inch box end, for valve covers? Photo

575. Five Alfa Romeo automotive wrenches & two small 8 & 10mm FIAT auto wrenches. Photo

576. Four wrenches inc. FORD, NASH, IH & FORDSON plus TOYOTA JAPAN pliers & U.S. pliers. Photo

577. Trimo 8-inch screw adjusting nut wrench with wood handles, fine overall condition; plus a small screw adjust pocket wrench marked 1944 RICHARDS SHEFFIELD on one side and TENT SHEFFIELD on the other, fine overall. Photo

578. Small well-executed board of carved mini tools and farm implements. Photo

579. Wooden box bitstock tools inc. center bits; counter sinks, gimlets, etc. Photo

580. Large Stearns? dowel or spoke pointer used in a brace & a large rosewood handled Stanley sliding bevel, blade rusty and lever broken off brass locking nut. Photo

581. Pair of iron spoke shaves inc. Union #117 with flat and round bottoms and an unmarked hollow faced shave. Photo

582. Fine Hook scraper in original box bottom with original pamphlet. Photo

583. Two handled scrapers including one by E.C. Atkins with original blade.

584. Pair of scythe blades plus an early foot-shaped treadle base and shaft for some type of treadle machine. Photo & Photo 2

585. Steptoe McFarlan & Co. Cincinnati, Ohio foot powered mortising machine, cast iron base had a piece broken out of one corner and a crack at another corner, needs welding, paint and reassembly. A box of original nuts and bolts is included. Photo & Photo 2

586. Antique W.P. HOWARD & CO. ST. LOUIS grain bag, VG. Howard shows up in the 1891 Index of the Chicago & Alton Railway System under the Grain Dealers & Shippers Gazetteer. Photo

587. Hoist Wright Improved Model 1/2-ton chain hoist by Wright Manufacturing York, PA. Complete & VG. Photo

588. Bead breaker for auto, truck, and tractor tires, operates like a slide hammer, would make a good ice chipper too, VG. Photo

589. Two Farmall brace wrenches for attaching cultivator to M or H tractor axels & homemade mystery tongs. Photo

590. Pair track tongs used by two men to pick up one end of a section of railroad track, VG. Photo

591. Pair railroad tools: the one on top looks like a giant pipe wrench, but it would have had a long wooden handle in one end and been used to turn switches, valves, etc.; the other a spike puller. Photo

592. Lot of two wrenches inc. IH Co. G3170, unknown TC369 plus an iron DURCO handle with the number BX23471A, all VG. Photo

593. Decker Animal Marker (ear notcher) Keokuk, Iowa. Photo

594. Pair of primitive hay knives, one has a replaced wooden handle, both VG. Photo

595. NOS STA-TITE scythe by the STA-TITE SNATH COMPANY Shelbyville, Indiana with intact label on handle, fine. Photo

596. Primitive apple butter paddle. Photo

597. Early wheat cradle or harvesting scythe, VG. Photo

598. W.F. & John Barnes iron base for a former or other pedal powered tool.

599. Seneca Falls treadle lathe parts: pair of very good legs and nice bed. The head stock, tool rest and tail stock are most likely not original to this lathe.

600. Unknown make forge blower, has brass oil cups on both sides, spins freely, fine overall. Photo

601. Oak display case, 6-foot with one wooden shelf and a bracket for a second shelf, VG. Photo

602. Scarce Chapin Stephens 28-in. #1 1/2 plumb & level with spring loaded pop-up sights in both ends of the stock, very good overall. Photo & Photo 2

603. Chapin Stephens 28-inch plumb & level with adjustable boxwood inclinometer insert in one end, all vials intact, very good overall. Photo & Photo 2

604. Keen Kutter KK3 (Disston?) 26-inch plumb & level, both vials intact, very good overall. Photo & Photo 2

605. Scarce 24-inch Stanley #21/93 brass bound mahogany plumb & level, small hang hole in one end, and 10-inch crack along bottom edge, vials intact, very good overall. Photo & Photo 2

606. Children's wooden tool cabinet with tools, several marked MADE IN POLAND, all tools and box in very good condition. Photo

607. HANDY ANDY child sized cloth apron and original HANDY ANDY plane & level; also included are a rubber drill and hammer. Photo

608. Mattel THE POWER SHOP 3.0 toy in original box, VG. Photo

609. Seven toy or novelty tools including keyhole saw; mini plier keychain; hammer, all-wood plane, Polish stamped steel plane, etc. Photo

610. Lot of toy or mini tools inc. No. 14 R.BLISS MFG clamp; Handyman H102; nickel plated pliers; hand saw, etc. Photo

611. Two Clipper Belt Lacers made by the Clipper Belt Lacer Co. of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are used to join the ends of flat leather belts for driving machinery. The bigger one has two handles and comes with a NOS box of belt hooks. <Photo & Photo 2

612. Small work bench top with screw-operated end vise that was purchased at the estate sale of renowned area sketch artist Roscoe Misselhorn. Photo

613. Four Stanley carpenters levels: early 30-in.; 28-in. & 26-inch #3 & 24-in. #00, all in VG condition. Photo

614. Three wooden levels: 26-inch Stanley #3?; 28-inch Disston & 30-inch Upson Nut. Photo

615. Three levels: 28-inch Keen Kutter KK3; 26-inch C-S CO. & 24-inch Stratton Level Co. Photo

616. Two wooden 28-inch Davis & Cook Patent levels. Photo

617. Pair transitional bench planes including prelateral Stanley #30. Photo

618. Three 8-inch #3 Stanley iron smooth planes. Photo

619. Four 8-inch iron bench planes: Parplus with Dunlap blade, Bluegrass, Stanley & Dunlap. Photo

620. Three Stanley SW carpenters levels: 26-in. #0; 26-in. #30 with hang hole in one end of stock; & 30-in. #3, all three have partial decals remaining, all VG. Photo

621. Three Stanley levels: 26-in. #5, VG; 30-in. #0, Fine; & 30-in. #30 good. Photo

622. Three Disston-made carpenters levels: 30-in. in red paint and having a hang hole in one end; 30-in. with 1912 patent, VG; & a RICH-CON 24-in. double plumb & level with small chunk of wood missing from one corner, otherwise VG. Photo

623. Two Stratton Brothers wooden levels inc. #3. Photo

624. Stratton Brothers brass bound plumb & level. Photo

625. Winchester 30-inch #9817 level, Indian cents cover the plumb vial openings, VG. Photo

626. Popular Mechanics "do-it-yourself" encyclopedia set, vols. #1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, & 16 plus a hard bound Practical Handyman's Encyclopedia, all VG. Photo

627. Popular Mechanics magazines 1953 to 1955 total 14 issues. Photo

628. Popular Sceince & Popular Mechanics 16 issues total 3 missing covers. Photo

629. Popular Science & Popular Mechanics magazines 19 issues total, all VG. Photo

630. Popular Electronics magazines 16 issues total, all VG. Photo

631. Popular Electronics, Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated magazines, 14 issues total. Photo

632. Popular Mechanics, Popular Electronics & Home Mechanix magazines 12 issues total. Photo

633. Lot of misc. woodworking magazines & tool catalogs inc. The American Woodworker & Fine Woodworking. Photo

634. Flat of pull tab beer cans from the 1960s & 1970s. Photo

635. Flat of pull tab beer cans from 1960s & 1970s, some still full. Photo

636. Flat of pull tab beer cans from 1960s & 1970s, some still full. Photo

637. Eight full beer cans from the 1960s and early 1970s.

638. Lot three wooden turning saws.

639. Large antique coffee pot.

640. Antique J. Stevens Arms Co. 410 Gauge single shot pistol.

641. Miniature nickel plated pin-fire revolver taken off a French working girl by and Army WAC.

642. Antique VICTORY .38 caliber, not working with broken spring.

643. Original 1918 Budweiser Beer wooden box with hinged lid with three iron pick heads.

644. Nice blacksmith made double caliper.

645. Two U.S. Mint coin sets 1962 & 1963 with silver dime, quarter & Franklin half dollars.

646. Three U.S. Mint coin sets 1965, 1966 & 1967. The 1965 half dollar is 40% silver.

647. Parks electric 12-inch surface planner. Photo

648. STANLEY TOOL CENTER store sign, original, VG.

649. DIAMOND EDGE TOOLS and CUTLERY sign from the ARTHUR HAFERKAMP hardware store in August, Missouri, VG.

650. DELUXE copper boiler with wooden handles. Photo & Photo 2

651. Open Lot.

652. Box of Stanley planes inc. complete #71, #3C & #4C in VG overall condition.

653. Lot inc. TOM-A-HAWK crating tool; cobbler's hammer & Norlund camp hatchet.

654. Three planes: Stanley #3 & #3C smoothers & Union #41 T&G plane.

655. Lot inc. wood handled scraper with GRAYHOUND blade; large W. BUTCHER gouge; large chisel (needs regrind) & shoe-peg float.

656. Lot inc. two wooden marking gages; set Stanley #2 brass trammels & gaging plumb with integral thermometer by W.L. Walker Co. Tulsa, Oklahoma IOB.

657. Three Stanley planes; #3 Type 11; #3C & #190 rabbet.


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