OCTOBER 17, 2009

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Road,

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO  63304



1. WARD #4 reaping hook & early steelyard scale. (Photo & Photo)

2. Wheelwright’s traveler for measuring distance around wagon wheels. (Photo)

3. Early hand-forged barking spud and shingle froe. (Photo)

4. W. GILPIN WEDGES MILLS axe, needs new edge ground, otherwise VG. (Photo)

5. Unmarked poll axe in very good overall condition. (Photo)

6. Early hewing axe with faint CHESTER mark near top, applied steel edge, deep touch mark, very good. (Photo)

7. Coopers howel plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

8. Coopers croze by Benjamin Horn, East St. Louis, ILL. plus a howel body. (Photo & Photo)

9. Coopers head float (shave) by JOHN VEIT PHILA, with DR BARTON blade, very good. (Photo & Photo)

10. Coopers sun plane by Benjamin Horn, East St. Louis, ILL, missing a blade but otherwise very good; plus a coppers hoop driver. (Photo & Photo)

11. Unusually large mast? axe, has some pitting, good handle, good overall. (Photo & Photo)

12. A. TENEYCK broad axe with 11 ½-inch blade, mild pitting, good handle, very good overall. (Photo& Photo)

13. Broad axe with faint Cleveland, Ohio mark, 13-inch blade, needs new handle. (Photo & Photo)

14. Lot: two try squares; bevel; rawhide mallet; corn broom knife, typewriter oiler… (Photo & Photo)

15. Lot of misc. wooden items: shotgun cleaning rod; dividers, spools... (Photo)

16. Pair of wooden planes including a Greenfield 7/8-in. tongue cutter, and a #12 round, both good. (Photo)

17. Hand forged double caliper, fine. (Photo)

18. Scarce Wallace Patent entrenching tool patented in 1883 by Nesbit Willoughby Wallace, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo & Photo)

19. Nice wooden grain flail & a wire rug beater. (Photo)

20. Early coppers side axe with deep N touch mark, fine overall. (Photo)

21. Double bit axe with faint EINCH??? CLEVELAND OHIO embossing on side. (Photo)

22. Fine WARREN pickaroon. (Photo & Photo)

23. Mortising axe with light to moderate pitting, can be restored to usable condition (Photo)

24. Fine Siegley #2 combination plow plane, includes all three main sections, long rods, depth stop, beading stop, and one cutter. (Photo & Photo)

25. Millers Falls #22CBG 22-inch jointer plane, has a few paint splatters and a few patches of light rust, but will easily clean to very good overall condition; plus a Stanley #6 iron fore plane, with improper tote and missing the blade and lever cap, with a blade and cap, this one will make a very good user.(Photo & Photo)

26. Stanley BAILEY #22 transitional smooth plane, complete & fine plus a Stanley Handyman H1203 smooth plane, complete & very good. (Photo & Photo) 

27. Three iron bench planes: Bridge Tool Co. St. Louis #3C with proper blade, VG; Union #3C, complete and very good; and a Wards #4 smoother, all very good and usable. (Photo)

28. Three 8-inch smooth planes: Stanley #3 with nearly spent iron; DEFIANCE, very good; and one with number P3912 cast into bed, very good. (Photo & Photo)

29. Lot including fine Stanley #82 scraper; carpet stretcher; primitive coachmaker’s router & two marking gages. (Photo)

30. Millers Falls #1 circular “cigar” spokeshave, very good. (Photo)

31. Keen Kutter K91 iron spokeshave, complete with original blade, VG. (Photo & Photo)

32. Stanley # spoke shave with decorative frame around blade, R&L blade, very good. (Photo)

33. Fine LAKESIDE folding handle drawknife. (Photo & Photo)

34. Unusual OHIO TOOL CO. folding-handle drawknife, has chip in middle of blade. (Photo & Photo)

35. Pair of braces: Millers Falls #1710 ratchet brace, very good; & an unknown iron brace similar to a Taylor Patent. (Photo)

36. Stanley #9 ½ block plane in original pasteboard box with green label, plane is fine, box is worn. (Photo & Photo)

37. Sears Roebuck & Co. No. 3700 iron block plane (made by Sargent) new in original box with owner’s manual. (Photo & Photo)

38. Sargent #227 double ended block plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

39. Pair of razee style jointer planes: 28-inch OGONTZ TOOL CO. #17 & 22-inch NEW YORK TOOL CO. both have handle spur damage, otherwise, VG. (Photo)

40. SCIOTO 28-inch wooden jointer with iron jointer gage/fence, both plane & fence VG. (Photo)

41. Pair of wooden jointer planes 22-inch NEW YORK TOOL CO #20; & early 24-inch with offset handle. The 22-inch is fine, but the 24-inch has handle damage & replaced blade. (Photo)

42. Prelateral Stanley #33, 28-inch transitional jointer plane with eagle logo on toe, tote spur broken, otherwise VG. (Photo)

43. Stanley #32, 26-inch transitional jointer plane, VG. (Photo)

44. Pair of transitional jack planes: Stanley Liberty Bell #127, good overall; & Union #26 with unusual lateral lever and one frog screw replaced, VG. (Photo)

45. Two handled transitional smoothers: REVONOC with broken tote and worn bottom, good overall; & #35 Stanley with tote spur broken off, otherwise good usable condition. (Photo)

46. Pair transitional jack planes: Union #27 with October 22, 1889 patent date, VG; & a Stanley Rule & Level Co. #27, VG.

47. Three wood planes: 16-inch New York Tool Co. gutter plane, VG; Taber Plane Co. #69, 16-inch jack plane, VG; & Keen Kutter 15-inch jack, one ear broken in throat, but otherwise, VG. (Photo)

48. Pair wood planes: 12-inch handled smoother with newer sole; & Greenfield Tool Co. 9-inch miter plane, VG. (Photo)

49. Pair wooden planes: 10-inch handled smoother with newer sole, faint maker’s mark, good overall; & 8 1/2-inch smoother made of oak, VG. (Photo)

50. Wooden stair saw, owners initials “WB” in one side, VG. (Photo)

51. Wooden stair saw, owner’s initials “JTJ” in side of handle, fine overall. (Photo)

52. Pair levels: J. RABONE & SONS 10-inch spirit level with brass top, VG; & a 6-inch Stanley #39 machinist level, VG. (Photo)

53. Pair small iron levels: 6-inch Stanley #39 machinist’s level, VG; & 4-inch Goodell-Pratt, FINE. (Photo)

54. Millers Falls No. 1, 28-inch brass-bound plumb & level with mahogany stock, both vials intact, a few nicks and dings, but very good overall. (Photo)

55. Stratton Bros. 24-inch, brass-bound, double plumb & level with mahogany stock, all three vials intact, very good overall. (Photo)

56. Pair iron smooth planes: Stanley #3 smooth plane with good hardwood tote, cracked knob, T-logo blade, will make a good user; & Stanley GAGE NO. 4C smooth plane, top of  tote spur sheared off, good knob, proper blade, very good overall. (Photo)

57. Stanley #113 Type I compass plane, some pitting on sole where sole is riveted to arms, otherwise complete, proper & VG. (Photo)

58. Three iron jack planes: Stanley #5 with good Q-logo blade, tote broken & needing glue, otherwise complete & VG; DIAMOND EDGE #5 made for the 50th anniversary of Shapleigh Hardware with good hardwood tote & knob, proper blade and lever cap with DE inside a diamond with gold background, fine; & OHIO TOOL #05 with Thistle Brand blade, replacement rosewood tote, good usable condition. (Photo)

59. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in original chestnut box with full set of 18 cutters including slitter, all three depth stops, cam and set of long rods, missing only the short rods, the cutter box has 85%+ original label; main box is cracked on the sides and has a 90%+ original label, with a light cleaning this one will make a great user. (Photo & Photo)

60. Sargent #1080 Combination plow plane (Similar to Stanley #45) with full set of blades in original canvas pouch, all three main sections, long & short rods, now depth or beading stops, all inside a hinged wooden box, a small chip from top of handle spur otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo)

61. Wilkinson patent folding-handle drawknife, VG. (Photo)

62. Cantelo 1909 patent folding handle drawknife, washer under handle has been replaced with an Indian penny, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

63. Two different Keen Kutter lathing hatchets, one has logo embossed and the other has etched logo, both very good. (Photo)

64. Marbles Patent (U.S. #604,624) safety hatchet with repaired blade guard, good overall; plus a Burgess Patent (U.S. #1,089,043) hatchet with rolled sheet-metal handle, good ovarall. (Photo)

65. Stanley Bell System hatchet with wrench opening, very good overall; plus a True Temper tomahawk-type hatchet, very good. (Photo)

66. Lot of four different brick hammers including PLUMB & EVANSVILLE, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

67. Rare Zimmerman Patent (U.S. #83,897) triple-claw hammer, has former owners initials punched into one side, otherwise very good; also included are two other claw hammers including one a HOWITZER nail-holding with fiberglass handle, very good. (Photo & Photo)

68. Three different Keen Kutter claw hammers including unusual 16-oz., #F4737GK with steel and rubber handle, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

69. Lot of four hammers; three different farrier’s hammers and a smaller adz-eye claw hammer, very good. (Photo)

70. John B. Hebblethwaite, Rock Falls, Illinois patent (U.S. No. 389,384) combination hammer wrench & staple puller, handle painted red & blue, very good overall. (Photo)

71. Farmers Eveready Tool Kit – Later Model, same as #4 on page 43 of the Baird & Comerford book THE HAMMER, fine overall condition. (Photo)

72. Four carving tools: D.R. BARTON No. 1, 11/16-inch, VG; BUCK BROS. ¼ inch chisel, needs sharpening, VG; BUCK BROS. 3/16-inch, VG; & BUCK BROS. 1/8-inch with cranked handle, FINE. (Photo)

73. Pair of handled scrapers: Hook & Millers Falls #296, both VG. (Photo)

74. Pair Yankee-type screwdrivers: Yankee #31 with one bit, VG; & WARD (Montgomery) Master Quality with pistol grip, VG. (Photo)

75. Stanley #77 rosewood marking & mortise gauge/gage, nicely marked and in fine overall condition; plus another similar but unmarked rosewood gauge that is missing the brass rub block, but is otherwise VG. (Photo)

76. Stanley OH5 “Two-Tone” jack plane, VG. (Photo)

77. Sargent #711 Auto-Set junior jack plane (Stanley 5 ¼ size) with missing tote spur, otherwise VG. (Photo)

78. Stanley #113 compass plane with SW blade, will clean to fine overall condition. (Photo)

79. Stanley #20 compass plane with some nickel loss, “Q”-logo blade, complete and VG. (Photo)

80. Stanley #3C smooth plane, 95%+ japanning, BB logo blade, fine overall. (Photo)

81. Fine Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane with wooden handle, 95%+ original japanning, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

82. Lot of four saw sets including Stanley #42?; Disston & Sons MONARCH; ENDERES; & an unusual Koons & Metzger patent that’s unfortunately missing one handle. (Photo & Photo)

83. Pair Stanley transitional smooth planes: #35 handled smoother, tote spur MIA, knob chipped at base, can be restored to usable; & #122 Liberty Bell smoother, complete & VG. (Photo)

84. Stanley #80 cabinet scraper with Disston & Sons blade, VG; & unknown make 6 ½-inch iron block plane MADE IN USA. (Photo)

85. Keen Kutter K5 with fine rosewood tote & knob, original blade, some paint splatters, but fine overall. (Photo)

86. Stanley #4 ½ heavy smooth plane, WWII model with plastic adjuster nut, nice stained-hardwood tote & knob, 65%+ japanning, VG. (Photo)

87. Keen Kutter KK 4 ½ (Ohio Tool) heavy smooth plane, proper tapered blade, tote missing ½ of base and needs to be replaced, with new tote, it will be very good. (Photo)

88. Stanley TWO-TONE smooth plane, has proper marked blade, very good overall plus a Stanley #3C smooth plane with BB logo blade, glued tote; very good overall. (Photo)

89. Stanley #3 smooth plane Type 11, with fine rosewood tote & low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

90. Three wood planes: 9 ½-inch horn plane with extra long, unmarked blade, VG; Coachmaker’s 9-inch skew-bladed T-rabbet plane, VG; & Unknown make 6 ¾-inch with radiused bottom, good. (Photo)

91. Pair wooden smooth planes: Unknown make 8-inch with steel throat-closing plate, CKARK BROS. GLASGOW blade, VG; & 8 ½-inch THOS. APPLETON, CHELSEA, with nice tapered MOULSON BROS blade & marked cap iron, VG. (Photo)

92. Like new Stanley #5 jack plane with near perfect rosewood tote & knob, most of the decal is still on the tote, SW logo blade, with light cleaning it will be fine. (Photo)

93. Vaughan & Bushnell (V&B) #905 14-inch jack plane with flat sides (like a Bedrock), with proper V&B VANADIUM blade, good wood, with light cleaning will be VG. (Photo)

94. Pair Stanley iron block planes: #130 double ended with SW logo blade, complete & VG; Stanley #18? 6-inch with adjustable throat & knuckle jointed cap, Keen Kutter blade, throat cam missing, otherwise OK. (Photo)

95. Pair iron smooth planes: Stanley HANDYMAN #H1203 in fine original condition; & a MILLERS FALLS #900 missing the screw that attaches the cap iron to the blade, otherwise VG. (Photo)

96. Scarce set of 5 ALUMO weatherstripping rabbet planes: set includes three No. A1 planes each with a different size blade and/or fence, all complete and VG; a No. 2B with ½-inch blade & adjustable fence, complete and VG; and an unusual No. 3B with ¾-inch blade, complete with fence, VG. This is the first set of five that we’ve seen. (Photo)

97. Early Stanley #13 compass plane with sole held to frog by screws rather than rivets, “J” logo blade, patent date in recessed adjuster screw, sole plate pitted, good overall. (Photo & Photo)

98. Unknown make wood-stuffed brass bench plane with 2 1/8-inch I.SORBY blade, one side set up for rabbet work, VG. (Photo & Photo)

99. Kimberly Patent 3-arm plow, fence is a bit loose and will need to be tightened up, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo)

100. SHARP & SMITH surgeon’s brace with two bits. With this one you can start your own medical practice ;-) (Photo& Photo)

101. Lot of 11 saw sets including Stillman’s Patent; 195-B Stearns; Taintors, etc. (Photo)

102. Lot of five plumb bobs or items that have been used as plumb bobs; includes a manufactured bob with built-in reel on top. (Photo)

103. Lot of 8 saw sets including two different sized Disston Triumphs. (Photo)

104. Large 5 ½-pound cast iron or steel plumb bob with bass top, has light to moderate rust. (Photo)

105. Lot of 7 different saw sets including Keen Kutter; E.C. Stearns; & two different sized Stillman’s patents. (Photo)

106. Four plumb bobs including on the left two cast iron and two steel bobs on the right, all very good. (Photo)

107. Four different marking gages plus two try squares. (Photo)

108. General No. 800 brass 10-oz. plumb bob, new in original box; plus a Lufkin No. 590 brass weight used on the end of tapes that are used to gauge bulk liquid tanks. (Photo)

109. Stanley #81 cabinet scraper with rosewood bottom, very good overall condition. (Photo)

110. Keuffel & Esser #83 0002 brass 8-ounce surveyor’s plumb bob, like new in original box. (Photo)

111. Bonney No. 012 screwdriver in fine condition & an unknown push drill with hollow handle for bit storage; plus an unmarked brass hammer, also in fine overall condition. Photo)

112. Unknown make 16-ounce brass surveyor’s type plumb bob, like new in original box bottom; plus a leather plumb bob holster by Thorpe-Smith, Inc. (Photo)

113. Siegley #4 9-inch smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo)

114. Firestone Supreme 9-inch smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

115. Stanley BEDROCK 604C RS smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo) 

116. Keen Kutter (Stanley BEDROCK) K4C smooth plane, very good; plus a Diamond Edge DE4 smooth plane with hard rubber tote, complete & very good. (Photo & Photo) 

117. Stanley OH4 Two-Tone 9-inch smooth plane, complete and very good; plus a 3. Sargent VBM #409 smooth plane, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

118. Unknown make wooden spokeshave with screw-adjusted blade, VG; and another wooden spoke shave with 3-inch blade, also very good. (Photo)

119. Wooden spokeshave or travisher with convex bottom, very good. (Photo)

120. Four wooden moulding planes: Alex Mathieson Edinburgh 3/16-in. grooving plow: Aristine Tool Co. Glasgow #8 round; Mathieson & Son 5/8-in. tongue cutter; and Sims London skew bladed 1-in. rabbet plane. (Photo & Photo) 

121. Six wooden moulding planes inc. Sandusky 1 3/8-in. skew bladed rabbet; Ohio Tool 1/4-in. side bead; Pratt & Co. Buffalo round; Ohio Tool Co. 1/4-in. grooving plow; Unknown hollow; and an unknown round. (Photo & Photo) 

122. Three 9-inch iron smooth planes: SIMMONS; Shapleigh and a German Este. (Photo)

123. Three 9-inch iron smooth planes: SIMMONS; Stanley #4; and a Stanley #4C. (Photo)

124. Two transitional smooth planes: Stanley #35 transitional smooth plane, later model; and a Fulton Tool Co. transitional smoother (similar to Stanley #35) very good. (Photo)

125. Unmarked DUTCH plow plane, very good. (Photo)

126. H. HILL Springfield, Mass. Yankee style plow. (Photo)

127. Lot of five straight and cross peen hammers. (Photo & Photo)

128. Four misc. hammers including stone working & prospecting? (Photo & Photo)

129. Five auto body and tinner or tinsmith’s hammers including on top a large PLUMB and on bottom a long pick hammer, all very good. (Photo)

130. Two blacksmith sledge hammers, including a nice 8-pounder by IRON CITY. (Photo)

131. Five hammers: two blacksmith hammers including a cross peen sledge; plus three riveting or brick hammers, one by Peugeot brothers. (Photo)

132. Five hammers including one brick hammer, welders slag hammer?; and an Estwing prospectors hammer, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

133. Three different tack hammers including a G.W. Mount Patent (U.S. #2,821,222) and a nice kitchen-type multi tool including hammer, stove lid lifter, tack lifter, etc. (Photo)

134. Three different unmarked farrier’s horseshoeing hammers, all very good. (Photo)

135. Four different crating hammers or crate opening tools: DIAMOND ALL PURPOSE TOOL; DIAMOND SENIOR CRATE OPENER; WEBBER SUPPLY MOMENCE, ILL; & a smaller WEBBER SUPPLY MOMENCE, ILL. (Photo & Photo)

136. Three blacksmith’s hammers: top round swage; flatter & V swage, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

137. Three different Keen Kutter claw hammers, all very good. (Photo)

138. Two different claw hammers: H20 brass or beryllium hammer, made to be used in explosive environments, very good; and an unmarked hammer with short claw, very good. (Photo & Photo)

139. Two hand forged hammers: on top a staple-pulling, fencing hammer with combo hammer/claw on one side, very good; & a strapped claw hammer, pitted and having one strap broken. (Photo)

140. Four different blacksmith hammers including turning or rounding; a cross peen and two straight peen. (Photo & Photo)

141. Three different blacksmith hammers: flatter; top round swage & top fuller.

142. Four blacksmith top round swage hammers. (Photo & Photo)

143. Three finishing hammers, a bordering hammer; and an unusual ABC flatter, all very good. (Photo)

144. Interesting double-claw hammer with adz eye face, early handle, very good overall. (Photo)

145. Ashton T. Nelson, Wilton Junction, Iowa patent (U.S. 734,738) tinners hammer, fine overall condition. (Photo)

146. Rare patented combination hammer and nail puller, has faint makers name and patent date Sept. 13, 1892 which probably applies to the Converse Patent (U.S. #482,338) nail puller, very good, NOT shown in the Baird/Comerford hammer book. (Photo)

147. Franklin R. Chandlee patent (U.S. #1,390,498) glazer's hammer, fine nickel plating, very good overall. (Photo)

148. Carpetlayers tack extracting hammer, very good. (Photo)

149. Lot of six mallets: rubber, plastic, rawhide, copper, etc. (Photo)

150. Belden Machine Co. slaters hammer & Pexto nail ripping hook, both for doing slate roofs and both in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

151. Three different mallets: one with lead faces; one solid brass and one a combination with both brass & rawhide faces. (Photo)

152. Pair of big hammer; a KEN-TOOL T-11-R tire hammer & a PUNCH-LOK CHICAGO small sledge, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

153. Three blacksmith hammers: top V swage; top round swage & a flatter. (Photo & Photo)

154. Four automotive body hammers: three bumping hammers by Proto, Keystone & Fairmount & a combination bumping and body hammer, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

155. Three blacksmith top swages: a 9/16-in. round; & V, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

156. Four blacksmith hammers: three round punches & a round peen sledge. (Photo & Photo)

157. Two unusual ball peen hammers; the one on the left apperars to be hand forged, and the oversized one on the right is ATHA TOOL CO., both are very good. (Photo)

158. Lot of four ball peen hammers: one brass marked La Barge & IU339H1; a large ESTWING with steel handle and rubber grip; one Perfect Handle type, all good or better. (Photo)

159. Two levels: 30-inch Stanley #95 brass-bound, body is scuffed and dinged, both vials intact, can be clean to very good overall condition; also included is a 28-inch Disston & Sons #6 plumb & level, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

160. Two levels: 24-inch Stanley #30 double plumb & level, V logo on brass plate, complete and very good; also included is a 22-inch Stanley #00 with partial decal on top of stock, complete and fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

161. Shapleigh Hardware Diamond Edge DEX2 24-inch inclinometer level with stamped steel frame, very good overall; also included an unmarked 24-inch mason’s level, complete and very good. (Photo)

162. Disston D-100 26-inch, 10 ppi hand saw with fine etch, intact handle, about as good as they get. (Photo & Photo)

163. Disston D-95 26-inch, 9ppi hand saw with fine Disstonite plastic handle, fine etching, very good collector condition. (Photo & Photo)

164. Atkins No. 58 “THE Thorobred” hand saw 28-inch, 8ppi blade, very good etch, nice intact rosewood? handle, some very light rust, will clean to very good or better condition. (Photo & Photo)

165. Mound City St. Louis 28-inch, 5 ppi blade hand saw, light to moderate rust on last 3 inches of blade, good etch, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

166. Atkins #58 straight back hand saw, 26-inch, 8 ppi blade, very good rosewood? handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

167. Early H. DISSTON rip saw, 26-inch, 5 ppi blade, blade has Disston’s name stamped into it, sunken medallion marked H.DISSTON, top handle spur shorter than normal, so has most likely been re-shaped, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

168. Russell Jennings Auger Bits Set No. 32 ½ Quarters No. 100, by Stanley 3-tiered wooden bit box with about ½ of the original bits, plus other bits by assorted makers. The box is fine and the Jennings bits are very good. (Photo & Photo)

169. Stanley #71 router plane, one blade included, good usable condition; plus two socket chisels, one needs a new handle, both very good. (Photo)

170. Unusual all-iron plane used in the shoe-making industry, a bit rusty but will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

171. H. Boker (German) adjustable leather punch, very good; plus a cobbler’s hammer. (Photo)

172. Unusual Berger 16-oz. plumb bob with spring-loaded tip, complete and very good; included is a leather holster marked BERGER No. 403, also very good. (Photo & Photo)

173. Unknown make 16-oz. surveyor’s type brass plumb bob, in original box bottom, like new. (Photo)

174. Like new Grayhound scraper; very good; Richardson Patent (U.S. Design #20,247) tack hammer, very good; & a Timmins & Sons shoemaker’s lasting pliers and hammer. (Photo & Photo)

175. Large brass MKT (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) Railroad plumb bob, has been dropped on its top and the top is bent a bit, a relic of the Katy Railroad. (Photo & Photo)

176. Lot of C-clamps including two extra large examples. One of the big ones has a welded repair, but it still works perfectly. (Photo)

177. Two miniature 6-inch pipe wrenches: Trimo all-steel model; & a PEXTO with wooden handle, both very good. (Photo)

178.Lot of three wrenches: CHAMPION No. 175 fits four different sized nuts & has a lug for drain plugs, very good; German pliers, very good; and an Industro open ended wrench, very good. (Photo)

179. Miniature Brown & Sharpe 0-1/2-inch micrometer, very good; & a mini bench-mounted vise PAT APPLD FOR, fine. (Photo)

180. Three different plier type tools including a pair of Haeberli Patent (U.S. #871,585) combined hammer & pliers; and a pair of ring-type pliers by C.S. Osborne. (Photo)

181. Two braces including a Spofford-type with replaced screw; and another that is missing the jaws; plus a good bit extension and a Gambles Artisan auger bit. (Photo)

182. Lot of 30+ bitstock tools including twist drills; gimlets; spoon bits and counter sinks, most very good and usable. (Photo)

183. Lot of 15 misc. bitstock tools including six gimlets; two countersinks, two screwdriver bits and several twist drill bits. (Photo)

184. Three wrenches: Stanley 6-inch #87-366 crescent-type, fine; and a Whitman & Barnes 6-in. bicycle type, all very good. (Photo)

185. Lot of bitstock tools: three different washer cutters; a twist drill chuck that fits into a brace and a bit extension, all very good. (Photo)

186. Early hand forged divider; early 3-inch outside caliper (stiff joint), unusual double caliper; and a slide from a caliper that has metric graduations. (Photo)

187. Extra large No. 4 cast iron glue pot marked around the top of the outer pot MARIETTA CA.Co.PA, very good. (Photo)

188. Large cast iron glue pot marked HOLLANDS ERIE PA. USA, very good. (Photo)

189. Lot of different gages including Brown & Sharpe plus a Lufkin 1-foot, 3-fold steel scale, and a little Falstaff Beer bottle opener. (Photo)

190. Two large gouges including an L&IJ WHITE with 12-inch blade, the White has some moderate rust. (Photo)

191. Three hammers: SPOFFORD cross peen with faint maker’s mark; PLUMB 1-lb. ball peen, previous owners initials stamped into both sides; & a GERMANTOWN HAM’R’RENCH combination hammer / lug wrench and tire tool by Griffith Tool Works, very good. (Photo)

192. Five different blacksmith hammers: slash peen hammer or sledge; flatter; rounding or turning; rusty and bent punch, & a sledge. (Photo & Photo)

193. Five tinsmith and blacksmith hammers including a commemorative riveting hammer from the 1997 MWTCA Meeting in Peoria, Illinois. (Photo & Photo)

194. Five blacksmith hammers: top round swage; punch; cutter, rusty and pitted cross peen; and straight peen. (Photo & Photo)

195. Five blacksmith or tinsmith hammers including bumping; riveting, peening, etc. (Photo)

196. Three different hatchets: U.S. PLUMB 1945 military or Forest Service hatchet; GAMBLES ARTISAN roofing hatchet; & an unmarked lathing hatchet; all very good. (Photo & Photo)

197. Railroad hatchet; CMSTP&PRR (Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad) broad hatchet also marked True Temper, in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

198. Two broad hatchets: one with faint embossed CENTURY logo and lots of pitting; the other a HICKORY made for the KELLEY-HOWE-THOMPSON Co. of Duluth, MN, very good. (Photo & Photo)

199. D.R. Barton hand adz & a 1944 U.S. DIAMOND CALK (Duluth, MN) military or Forest Service pick mattock axe tool, both VG. (Photo & Photo)

200. Two different Cheney patent hammers; a #777 Benson Patent (U.S. #1,517,043) combination adz-hammer that has some chipping to the cutting edge of the aze, but is otherwise OK, and a nail-holding hammer that is very good. (Photo & Photo)

201. Two claw hammers inc. extra large VAUGHAN 999TML 20-oz. with steel and rubber handle, very good. (Photo & Photo)

202. Large brass hammer with rounded faces, not sure of purpose; & a small hammer that the previous owner calls a shoe hammer, marked ZTH10, very good. (Photo)

203. Richardson Patent (U.S. Design #D20247) tack hammer, very good; plus a strap hammer that the previous owner called a coach trimmers, also in very good condition. (Photo)

204. Two C.S. Osborne hammers; on top is a #5 that has a Perfect-Handle type handle the wood has been replaced, otherwise very good; and the bottom on is marked C.S. Osborne & Co. it has a patented tack lifter on the end of the handle, there is some pitting to the tack lifter portion, otherwise, very good. (Photo)

205. Four different crating hammers or box openers, one marked ATLAS TOOL CO. PAT. MCH. 5, 1901; a small one just like it only pitted; a Bridgeport-type marked JOHN H. MURCOTT. INC, ST ALBANS, N.Y. (Photo & Photo)

206. Four hammers; tack; aluminum; and two tinner’s hammers one of which is marked DEARBORN CHEMICAL CO., all very good. (Photo)

207. Three hammers: an unusual uniclaw hammer likely used to remove hubcaps; a hand-forged claw hammer and a small brass hammer. The hand-forged hammer is pitted, the other two are very good. (Photo)

208. Lot of 3 sedge type hammers; the one in the center has MADE IN USA cast into underside of head; the smallest one is marked BELL SYSTEM, all are very good. (Photo)

209. Lot of 3 different upholstery hammers one a strap type and one saddler’s hammer with tack puller on the side of the claw and a strapped handle, all very good. (Photo)

210. Three claw hammers: CHENEY #777 Benson Patent (U.S. #1,517,043) combination adz-hammer & two square-faced claw hammers one with strapped handle, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

211. Scarce gristmill pick or stone dresser. (Photo & Photo)

212. Two different blacksmith hammers including a nice straight peen. (Photo & Photo)

213. Unmarked broad axe with short handle, suitable for timber frame construction, very good overall condition. (Photo)

214. Short handled firefighter’s axe, thick coating of urethane, very good overall. (Photo)

215. GENUINE NORLUND TOMAHAWK camp axe in very good overall condition. (Photo)

216. RARE Robert Stout 1870 patent (U.S. No. 101,538) folding hammer & hoof pick, with nice nickel plating, VG. (Photo & Photo)

217. Lot of 23 Early American Industries Chronicle magazines. (Photo)

218. Four catalog reprints: 1890 Hirth & Kruse from Grand Rapids, Michigan; The Chapin-Stephens Co. Pine Meadows, Conn., No. 114; & Zenith Tools & Cutlery from Duluth, Minn.; H. Chapin's Son 1890; plus a well-worn Wiring Simplified booklet by .P. Richter; and a book called 1000 Razors. (Photo)

219. Lot of three tool catalog reprints: Rayl's No. 21 from Detroit, Mich.; Greenfield Tool Company Greenfield, Mass; Ohio Tool Co. circa 1905; plus a Model Ship Supply Catalog No. 5. (Photo)

220. Three tool catalog reprints: Union Iron & Wood Planes; two different Leonard Bailey & Co. plus a hard bound Steel Square Pocket Book. (Photo)

221. Lot of 13 Gristmill Magazines of the Midwest Tool Collectors Association. (Photo)

222. Tool catalog reprints: Thomas Napier The Scottish Connection by Alan G. Bates published by EAIA & MWTCA; Bench Work in Wood by Goss, reprinted by MWTCA in 1997; Stanley Rule & Level Combination Planes book reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1975; Wm. P. Walter's Sons Tool Chests Scroll Saws reprinted by MWTCA 1983; Fitz Steel Overshoot Water Wheel reprinted by the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills in 1987. (Photo)

223. Tool catalog reprints: Forty Years of Hardware by Saunders Norvill; Underhill Edge Tool Co. price list reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1980; Hermon Chapin price list July 1859 reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1983; Catalogue & Price List of Lang & Jacobs 1884, reprinted by the Early Trades And Crafts Society; Instructions for the Improved Slide Rule by J. Routiledge, reprinted and autographed by Ken Robers in 1983; and Try Square Identification by Joe Griffin printed by the Southwest Tool Collectors in 1982. (Photo)

224. Tool pamphlet and pocket catalog reprints: Stanley 1876 Meter-Diagram Illustrating The Metric System, reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1976; Edward Preston & Sons Ltd. 1825-1925 booklet describing the company history, reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1979; Belcher Brothers & Co.'s price list of Boxwood & Ivory Rules, reprinted & autographed by Ken Roberts in 1982; How To Sharpen and What to Use by Pike Sharpening Stones, reprinted by Southwest Tool Collectors in 1982; Hermon Chapin July 1859 price list reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1983; Saw Sense booklet by Atkins Saw Co., reprinted by Southwest Tool Collectors 1982; Original 1945 booklet Tips to Shooters of ShotGuns-Rifles-Pistols by Colonel Townsend Whelen. (Photo)

225. Tool catalog reprints: 1853 Hermon Chapin catalogue reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1976; Catalogue No. 79 Hoole Machine and Engraving Works 1911 catalog reprinted by MWTCA in 1985; Shavings From The Past The Wooden Plane Collections of the Chemung County Historical Society and the DeWitt Historical Society reprinted by EAIA in 1983; Cleaning Antique Tools by Joe Griffin, printed by SWTCA 1982; 1859 Price List of Stanley Rule & Level Co. reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1975; Fall and Winter 1896-97 Folding Saw Machine Co. catalog, reprinted by MWTCA in 1981; Owatonna Tool Co. 1925 to 1975 reprint; and Price List of the Davis Level & Tool Co. reprinted by Roger K. Smith in 1975. (Photo)

226. Tool catalog reprints: Millers Falls 1887 catalogue reprint by Ken Roberts 1981; L&IJ White Edge Tools catalog; Buck Brothers 1890 Chisels & Plane Irons catalog reprinted by Ken Roberts in 1976; Wood Working book by Paul Hasluck reprinted by MWTCA in 1987; H. Chapin's Son 1890 catalogue reprinted by MWTCA in 1986; and a 1969 How to Sharpen pamphlet by Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Photo)

227. Tool catalog reprints: New Britain The Hardware Center reprinted by MWTCA in 1994; How to Use Woodworking Tools reprinted by Roger Smith 1977; an 1888 Lufkin Rule Co. catalogue & price list reprinted and autographed by Ken Roberts in 1983; Hynson Tool & Supply Co. 1903 catalog of coppers tools reprinted by MWTCA in 1980 and two tool auction catalogs from the 1990s. (Photo)

228. Tool catalog reprints: Winnie Machine Works catalog reprinted by MWTCA in 1991; a 1904 catalogue of the Henry Cheney Hammer Co. reprinted by MWTCA in 2003; Disston Handbook on Saws book reprinted by MWTCA in 1983; an original 1953 catalog of Tubular Micrometer Co. St. James, Minn. missing the cover; and two 1990s tool auction catalogs. (Photo)

229. Large Burlington Northern Railroad wrench. (Photo)

230. Nice 24-inch Stanley #36 cast iron double plumb & level. (Photo)

231. Miscellaneous woodworking magazines inc. Wood & Workbench.

232. Craftsman round tube bed wood lathe; 12-inch swing, 37 inches between centers, 5-speed motor, face plate, live center, two tool rests, includes an 8-piece set of lathe chisels.

233. Craftsman 10" dia. X 1-1/2" wide wet sharpening stone wheel, intended to be run with a 1/4-horse motor that is not included.

234. Box lot of good tools from a work shop.

235. Kennedy machinist top box, 24-inch, 8-drawer.

236. Hand saws 13 misc. in a wooden nail keg.

237. Nicholson File Co. wall hanging advertising display.Cloth backed commercial display item, circa 1960s.

238. TBA.

239. TBA.

240. Sargent steelyard scale with two original weights and one extra weight; the body retains 95%+ original black japanning and gold paint, has patent date Jan. 11, 1916 stamped into one side, near new condition. (Photo & Photo)

241. Stanley #45 combination plow plane, with 95%+ nickel plating, fine rosewood, all three main sections; long and short rods; two depth stops, beading stop, cam, original screwdriver, and two original boxes containing 21 blades including slitter that's installed in plane, this is a circa 1911 to 1921 plane with script logo on skate, fine overall. (Photo & Photo)

242. Pair transitional jack planes. (Photo)

243. Pair transitional smoothers: Union Tool Co. #515 Trask Patent, needs tote glued, otherwise VG; & Stanley #35 will clean to VG. (Photo)

244. Three transitional planes: Stanley #23, worn but all there; Stanley #22 complete & VG; & Stanley #21 prelateral with eagle logo, bottom has been reshaped and radiused from side to side, good for parts. (Photo)

245. Two wooden coachmaker’s planes with built-in handles, both VG. (Photo)

246. Lot of three planes: Stanley #78 with V-logo blade, no fence or depth stop, VG; Stanley #13-220 (last of U.S. 220s?) missing front knob, otherwise, VG; & Stanley #110 with intact decal on cap, fine. (Photo)

247. Stanley VICTOR #20 compass plane, 90%+ plating, V-logo blade, complete and fine. (Photo)

248. Stanley #3 & #4C smooth planes: #3 has stained hardwood tote & knob, SW logo blade, & STANLEY lever cap, VG; & #4C with good rosewood tote & tall knob, BB-logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

249. Stanley #3C & #4C planes: #4C with “Q” logo blade, fine rosewood tote & knob, very good overall; & & #3C has cracked rosewood tote and knob, “T” logo blade, VG. (Photo)

250. Stanley #6C fore plane, scuffed but intact tall knob, tote missing spur, good BB-logo blade, will make a very good user. (Photo)

251. Stanley BEDROCK 608C, early round sided model with V-logo blade, 85%+ japanning, tote missing spur, good low knob, very good overall. (Photo)

252. Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane. Later model with sliding section & fence, the boss that the front right depth stop fits in has been repaired and the two screw to secure the fence are missing, otherwise this one is fine and will make a great user. (Photo)

253. Pair brass post office box doors with combinations, VG. (Photo)

254. Three wooden planes: Ohio Tool Co. 1-inch single iron nosing plane, VG; Sandusky Tool Co. “SPECIAL” weatherstripping plow, VG; & unknown make plank plane, needs work. (Photo)

255. Unusual claw hammer with on round face and square faces on both sides, very good overall condition. (Photo)

256. Pair of crating hammers including a Mellor Patent (U.S. No. 735,125) from Sedalia Missouri and a Diamond All-Purpose by Diamond Calk & Horseshoe Co. Duluth, Minn., both very good. (Photo)

257. Pair of crating hammers including on left a B-R Mfg. Chicago and on right a CUSHMAN CO. CHAMPAIGN, ILL CRAFTSMAN STEEL TOOLS, yes Sears bought the Craftsman name from this firm, very good. (Photo)

258. Unknown make wrecking hammer with two claws & head on one side, handle has been tarted up with blue & red paint, VG. (Photo)

259. John B. Hebblethwaite, Rock Falls, Illinois patent (U.S. No. 389,384) combination hammer wrench & staple puller, handle painted red & blue, very good overall. (Photo)

260. Unusual J. TYZACK SHEFFIELD strap hammer with single curved point on back and nail claw on side, possibly an English slaters pick hammer, hammer face is chipped around the edge, good overall. (Photo)

261. Leonin Adz Hammer a 3-in-1 tool with nail puller in middle of adz face, as shown on page 11 of the book THE HAMMER – THE KING OF TOOLS by Baird & Comerford. (Photo)

262. Two different Keen Kutter hatchets: on top is a lathing hatchet with embossed logo, very good & below is a camp type hatchet also with embossed logo, very good. (Photo)

263. Lot of four hammers: two hand forged claw hammers; large 20-oz. claw hammer with octagonal shaped head and small chip from one claw; and a manufactured hammer with a curved single claw on the back, may be for pulling hubcaps. (Photo)

264. Fine macadamizing hammer, macadamizing hammers were named for John McAdam (1756-1836), a Scottish engineer who invented a process of mixing tar and gravel for use as a paving material. (Photo)

265. Large rock-drill sharpening hammer & another unusual hand-forged specialty hammer that may also be associated with rock drilling, very good. (Photo)

266. Two large hammers: the largest is marked CUT DEVIL A5 and is sharpened on one end, very good. (Photo)

267. Three different cobbler’s hammer, one hand-forged, and a wheel cover (hubcap) hammer on bottom is a Schumacher Patent (U.S. Des. 191,693) by VULCAN MFG. WINONA, MINN., all very good. (Photo)

268. Two cobbler’s hammers, the one on top has an extra forked piece attached to the top of the handle, most unusual, both very good. (Photo)

269. Four different cobbler’s hammers including an unusual French pattern, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

270. Unusual log marking hammer marked on side of head with a Maryland maker’s or merchant’s logo, some pitting, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

271. Three automotive body hammers: a long pick and two dinging hammers, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

272. Three hatchets: VAUGHAN broad claw hatchet; VAN CAMP embossed roofing; & unmarked lathing. (Photo & Photo)


274. Unusual D.C. Hawkins patent (U.S. 409,355) combined nail extractor and box opener nail extractor with hammer, pitted and wooden handles are cracked, but still intact and in working condition; also included two crating tool; THE HOOKER & NOX TOX, both good. (Photo & Photo)

275. Three different yet similar tools: U.S. Calvary Mod. 1912 picket pin; a Wickstrum Patent (U.S. 1,724,688) tent pin or stake; and another tool with pry or crow bar on end, all have hammer heads. (Photo)

276. Lot of five different box opening or combination tools, the small cigar box hatchet is chipped on one corner, the others are all OK. (Photo)

277. Three uncommon hammers: a hand-forged hammer that looks like a bung pick; a “dog head” sawyer’s hammer; and a coal hammer. The coal hammer is a little pitted, the other two are very good. (Photo & Photo)

278. Three different claw hammers: 16-oz. Collins DYNAMICUT, very good; Unknown make, very good; & a Mills & Hanscom Patent (U.S. #35,885) nail-holding, with some light pitting but very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

279. Unusual double-claw wrecking hammer and a claw hammer that has a claw that sweeps upward, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

280. Pair of late 18th early 19th century English complex profile molding planes: the narrower of the two is marked J.HOOK, it’s a diminutive ½-inch ogee and has nice flat chamfers along the edges; the wider of the two is a quirked ogee with bevel by GABRIEL, it’s in very good overall condition.  (Photo & Photo)

281. Three W. WHITE planes; 1 3/8-in. matched H&R pair & fine ½-inch boxed side bead that is also complete and likely never used. (Photo & Photo)

282. Sandusky SPECIAL weatherstripping plow plane with original brass fence on the side, has fine original wedge but needs a small plow blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

283. A.J. Wilkinson 9-inch folding handle drawknife, very good. (Photo)

284. Stanley #36 transitional jumbo smooth plane; plus a Stanley #35 Type 2 transitional smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo)

285. Belknap Hardware BLUE GRASS 10-inch folding handle drawknife, very good. (Photo)

286. Stanley #22 transitional smooth plane, fine; and a Stanley #23 transitional smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo) 

287. Three screw-arm plow planes: Ohio Tool Co. #101 handled screw-arm plow plane, top of handle chipped and both arms having thread damage, can be restored; an Ohio Tool (unmarked) #95 unhandled screw-arm plow plane; & an A.C. Bartlett's Ohio Planes #124 handled plow plane, handle cracked, and a few thread chips, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo) 

288. Three different alligator wrenches: The Hawkeye by the Hawkeye Wrench Co. Marshalltown, Iowa; SAXON WRENCH by the KILBORN & BISHOP CO.; and a Benesh Patent by the Hawkeye Wrench Co. (Photo)

289. Four different wrenches: Knight Patent ratchet wrench/drill combo; DAYTON 4026A buggy wrench with fine nickel plating; and two small wrenches. (Photo)

290. Four different wrenches: The Hawkeye alligator; The K&B SAXON alligator; Diamond Edge double open end; and a Deere? JD-51 open end with traces of green paint. (Photo)

291. Four different wrenches: CROCODILE by the Hawkeye Wrench Co.; ATLAS TOOL CO. NEW YORK double ended alligator with traces of original nickel plating; double open ended wrench #2338C; and a jappaned pin spanner. (Photo)

292. Box lot: primitive adz head; keyhole saw handle; buggy wrench, two rounded sharpening stones, etc. (Photo)

293. Box lot: two drill holders; brass back dovetail saw and three different pair of pliers including Hjorth. (Photo)

294. Box lot: Parallel clamp; dividers, nippers, screwdriver, two pocket knives. etc. (Photo)

295. Box lot: Hill Hog ringer pliers; pliers with side cutter Made In England; two automotive nut wrenches and a small unmarked bicycle wrench. (Photo)

296. PEXTO 12-inch screw adjusting nut wrench, very good; plus a HELLER BROS. CO. pair of nippers, very good. (Photo)

297. Stanley #53, iron spoke shave complete and very good; plus a Stanley #51 spoke shave with R&L-logo blade, very good. (Photo)

298. Union #60 double shave with hollow & flat bottoms, very good. (Photo)

299. Three iron spoke shaves: Bachelder double shave, flat cutter an improper replacement, otherwise very good; Dunlap with open-loop handles, very good; and a Stanley #152, complete and very good. (Photo)

300. Lufkin MEZURALL White Clad tape-measure point-of-sale display, unusual and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

301. to 305. TBA.

306. Two blacksmith tools: a hardy used for cutting (has a few chips on cutting edge) and a 5/8-inch top round swage. (Photo & Photo)

307. Nice Macadamizing hammer, used for making small rocks that are used to line roadways; plus a small lug type wrench. (Photo & Photo)

308. Nice 20 Century crating hammer by The Bridgeport Tool Co., complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

309. Pair of crating hammers including on left a Noxtox type nickel plated marked Compliments of HALEY-NEELEY; and the other a Bridgeport RIPPER marked PAT APPL’D FOR, both very good. (Photo)

310. Unusual wrecking hammer with two nail claws, appears to have been manufactured, possibly an Arrington Patent (U.S. #742,771), very good overall. (Photo)

311. Hand forged hammer with wrap around claw that looks like a Solomon Anderson patent (U.S. #4,155) of 1845, has a newer handle. (Photo)

312. Unusual double claw hammer, no markings, coated with lacquer or urethane, very good overall condition. (Photo)

313. George Selsor patent (U.S. #63,106) combination claw/pane hammer, very good. (Photo)

314. Unusual double-headed hammer, quite likely a No. 911 1/2, by D. Maydole, appears original, very good overall. (Photo)

315. Pair of modern make John Deere hammers including a claw hammer & a ball peen, both are in like-new condition. (Photo & Photo)

316. Two unusual hammers including an ATOMIC saddle horn fencing hammer that would have been carried on a saddle horn & a broom hammer for making corn straw brooms marked W.E. JONES, some pitting, good overall. (Photo & Photo)

317. Solon G. Howe Patent (U.S. #235,244) Socket Mallet with wooden faces and steel or iron body, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

318. Small steel sledge marked PUNCH-LOC CHICAGO & a copper faced mallet marked Green & Tweed New York No. 3, both are very good. (Photo & Photo)

319. Two wooden mallets: a fine square faced mallet; and a round faced mallet that is cracked on one end. (Photo)

320. Futuristic-looking Stanley #55-099 combination hammer & wrecking tool, fine. (Photo & Photo)

321. Interesting Estwing claw hammer with fiberglass handle, fine. (Photo & Photo)

322. Hart Tool Co. HW22 THE WOODY 22-oz. claw hammer, like new. (Photo & Photo)

323. Unusual and unmarked bung extracting hammer plus a regular claw hammer with straight claw, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

324. Unusual manufactured and possibly patented claw hammer with staple puller on end of one claw, maker's name or patent marking on side too distorted to read; also included is a Seward Patent (U.S. #2,212,080) staple puller, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

325. Four hammers: one steel claw with screwdriver built into end of handle; one brass; one has wooden handle storing screwdriver bits; and the one on top is a hammer with screwdriver on end of handle. (Photo)

326. Three multi hammers: the one on top has a handle full of bit; the one in the center has a screwdriver on top; and the one on the bottom has a nest of screwdrivers inside the handle. (Photo)

327. Three novelty hammers including one with pencil in end of handle; one a cologne bottle; one with wooden handle that looks real; plus a chrome plated hammer with bottle opener on end of handle. (Photo)

328. Four different claw hammers: SPRINGFIELD & PANTHER 16-oz. both need light cleaning, very good; PEXTO 10-oz. very good; & MAYDOLE 14?-oz, very good. (Photo & Photo)

329. Four claw hammers: at least three are hand forged, one may have been manufactured. (Photo)

330. Three different 16-oz. claw hammers: Estwing with leather handle; Bluegrass & Stanley, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

331. Five auto body and/or tinsmith hammers. (Photo)

332. Five tinsmith’s raising hammers. (Photo)

333. Five auto body hammers including finishing and combo finishing and bumping. Makers include Snap On, Proto & Fairmount. (Photo & Photo)

334. Three unusual hammers: KEN TOOL # tire bead breaking hammer; smoothing hammer; and an-all steel mallet-type hammer with wrench or bracket built into end of handle. (Photo)

335. Two levels: Stanley #95 30-inch brass-bound plumb & level, rosewood stock scuffed and dinged, both vials intact, can be cleaned; also included is a 26-inch Disston & Sons plumb & level, fine overall. (Photo)

336. Two levels: Stanley #0 or #3 18-inch plumb and level, complete and fine; plus a Disston & Sons 18-inch plumb and level with brass-bound mahogany stock, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

337. Stratton Brothers 30-inch #1 brass-bound plumb & level, both vials intact, has a cutout on one face of the stock near the end that looks like it was intended to house an inclinometer like those found on Stanley #32 levels, interesting. (Photo & Photo)

338. Early 30-inch Stanley plumb & level with brass side views for level vial, decorative brass adjusting-screw covers, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

339. Tower & Lyon N.Y. 26-inch plumb and level with mahogany stock, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo>)

340. Disston & Morss, 26-inch plumb & level with brass end plates, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo>)

341. Dietzgen #5724-S24, 24-ounce brass surveyor’s plumb bob, new in fine original box. (Photo)

342. Dietzgen #5724-S16, 16-ounce brass surveyor’s plumb bob, new in fine original box. (Photo)

343. Three different brass plumb bobs, all very good. (Photo

344. Five manufactured steel plumb bobs including L.S. Starrett #177; Brown & Sharpe #790; plus a brass bob marked HERCULES that has a hole drilled in the side. (Photo

345. Four steel plumb bobs; the one on the left has a brass top marked BERGMAN TOOL CO. BUFFALO, NY that is designed to keep the string centered, very interesting; and the third from the left is marked 6483-8. (Photo & Photo)

346. Unknown make bench arbor, with drill chuck on one side, very good; plus an unusual folding saw vise marked THE BUCKEYE J.B. FOOTE & CO., very good. (Photo & Photo)

347. George Colton Patent (U.S. No. 320,224) vise; sander attachment for electric drills; mini saw; miter attachment for table saw, etc. (Photo

348. Two spring scales: Hanson Scale Co. Model 8910 measures up to 100 lbs. in 1 lb. increments, complete and very good; also included is a John Chatillion 50-lb. capacity model in good overall condition. (Photo

349. Four large auger bits plus two 24-inch bit extensions by Greenlee and Diamond Edge; the Diamond Edge is in its original pouch. (Photo

350. Large 8-drawer antique machinist tool chest, the drop-down front panel needs a glue repair, otherwise this one is in good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

351. Large Jarecki Patent (U.S. Design Pat. #7,650) No. 3 pipe-tong or wrench in fine overall condition. (Photo)

352. Wooden machinist tool chest or tool box, 7-drawer model, the cover of the top handle is coming apart and could stand to be wrapped with tape, otherwise a good box to clean up and put back to work. (Photo & Photo)

353. Machinist tool chest, 7-drawer model, tin outside with wooden drawer faces, faint Chicago Tool Box Co. decal on front panel of bottom drawer, very good overall. These boxes are great for storing collections of little things like rulers, bicycle wrenches, make-up brushes, etc. (Photo & Photo)

354. Fine Dosch Patent (U.S. #653,794) miter trimmer, early version of the Lion Miter Trimmer, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

355. LION MITER MASTER JUNIOR J-95 miter chopper or trimmer, complete and very good, blades are sharp, mounted to a board, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

356. Waller patent (U.S. 1,603,652) hinge mortising tool, cuts the hinge mortise in door or window frames, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

357. Pair of Disston saws including a D-115 with decent etch and nice rosewood handle, the other is also a Disston with faint etch, broken handle needs to be glued, can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

358. Keen Kutter K88 27-inch, 5 ppi rip saw, with fine apple? handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

359. Two hand saws: Disston D-95 26-inch, 12 ppi finish saw, with nice "Disstonite" plastic handle, very good overall; and a 26-inch Sheffield Saw Works No. 43 crosscut saw with 7 tpi blade, chip from underside of handle spur. (Photo)

360. Lot of four hand saws, all needing repair, or paint farm scenes on them. (Photo)

361. Lot of three fixer upper saws including a C.E. Jennings with shark-fin nib. (Photo)

362. Diamond Edge DE5 14-inch jack plane with original blade, very good. (Photo)

363. Stanley #5C corrugated jack plane and a Craftsman #107-37035 jack plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

364. Lot of 10 screwdrivers & push drills including Millers Falls & Yankee, two Perfect Handle types. (Photo)

365. Unknown make corner brace, some pitting, good wood, intact chuck, good overall. (Photo)

366. Spencer Patent (U.S. No. 480,974) SAMSON nail puller, complete and very good plus an E.C. Stearns flooring clamp, very good. (Photo)

367. Two Keen Kutter broad hatchets each with embossed logo, both in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

368. Stearns #85 butt gauge, FINE; & Stanley #98 twin beam marking gage, needs points sharpened, otherwise OK. (Photo)

369. Large Ken-Tool Co. PAT APPLIED FOR  T-11C automotive? hammer & a hand forged hammer with curved pick on the back, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

370. Lot of five blacksmith hammers including slash peen; cross peen, turning or rounding, etc. (Photo & Photo)

371. Three hammers including straight peen; oversized ball peen and one that may be a blacksmith cutting hammer. (Photo & Photo)

372. Lot of three blacksmith type sledge hammers; one is marked 2 LB. NO 1, and another is marked BELL SYSTEM. All are very good. (Photo & Photo)

373. Large straight peen hammer; and another that is said to have been used to start railroad spikes in steel plates. Both are good to very good. (Photo)

374. Four different hammers inc. tinners bumping; planishing (the tag on it says conical flatter); unknown special purpose, etc. (Photo)

375. Rare V. W & W.N.Y. combination Bed Key Hammer with puller, the first we've seen of this unusual railroad? tool. (Photo & Photo)

376. Unusual nail rake that would have been used in a general store or hardware store to scoop nails out of the wooden kegs they came in, painted blue, very good overall. (Photo)

377. Lot of two different crate-opening tools: one marked MADE IN GERMANY, both in good overall condition. (Photo)

378. Two different Bridgeport Patent (U.S. No. 1,031,001 & 900,016) crating hammers or crate opening tools, both coated in urethane, and in good overall condition. (Photo)

379. Bronze or brass Indian-type trade axe; Philadelphia Tool Company broad hatchet & a copper or brass trade axe head. (Photo & Photo)

380. Three different cobbler’s hammers, and a Schumacher Patent (U.S. Des. 191,693) wheel cover (hubcap) hammer by VULCAN MFG. WINONA, MINN., all different and all very good. (Photo)

381. Four different cobbler’s hammers at least two are hand-forged, all good or better. (Photo)

382. Two different hatchets including an ESTWING with wooden handles, staple claw on back and nail or brad puller built into end of handle; also included a lathing type hatchet marked A.J.C., 2227 S.W., 14th ST., AKRON, O. (Photo & Photo)

383. Lot of five different meat-tenderizing hammers, three with wooden handles, all very good, at least three have built-in ice chippers. (Photo)

384. Lot of five different meat tenderizing hammers, one wooden with aluminum faces and one cast iron, at least three have built-in ice chippers, all very good. (Photo)

385. Pair cast iron meat tenderizing hammers; one with ice chipper on end of handle, and one with open handle, both very good. (Photo)

386. Log marking hammer, has anchor on one side and letter E on the other side, very good overall. (Photo & Photo)

387. Unusual log marking hammer, side marked OB and NPR and faces mark a single line on one face and three lines on the other, very good. (Photo & Photo)

388. Four different tack or upholstery hammers one very nice with square face. (Photo)

389. Three different Keen Kutter hatchets: Broad hatchet; lathing hatchet, and broad claw hatchet, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

390. Five hammers including a brass AMPCO H47 ball peen; a 16-oz. BEDFORD cross peen. (Photo & Photo

391. Six hammers including three brick hammers; and a hammer for dressing millstones. (Photo)

392. Three sledgehammers including an unusual CHANNELLOCK (in red paint) cross peen sledge; the hammer in the center has one face that has a Y-shaped area in it; the other two are fine. (Photo & Photo)

393. Seven ball peen hammers all with steel handles: the largest has a threaded cap on the end of the handle that can be removed for storage; some have light rust and will need cleaning. (Photo)

394. Lot of three single claw hammers: on the bottom is a B.C.R.&N. (railroad?); in the center is a hammer with long curved pole on the back; and on top is a hammer for removing automobile hub caps, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

395. Three big hammers: large blacksmith striking; Union Pacific Railroad WARREN-TEED 2 1/2-lb. and TRUE TEMPER 6-lb sledges, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

396. Five different metalworking hammers including an offset straight peen; machinist-type ball peen; cross peen, etc. (Photo)

397. Five different ball peen hammers including 2 & 4-oz. Champion Dearment; Cheney; Mephisto; and an 3 ½-oz. from England, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

398. Five interesting hammers including a brass DIXIE B; Erickson Patent (U.S. #1,410,801); a nice prospecting hammer & two 2-ounce ball peens by PLUMB and BONNEY. (Photo & Photo)

399. Palmer Meadsville, Penn. folding handle drawknife, very good. (Photo)

400. Stanley GAGE G5 iron jack plane, very good. (Photog & Photo)

401. Diamond Edge DE4 1/2C jumbo smooth plane, with corrugated bottom, very good. (Photo & Photo)

402. Sargent #10C VBM jumbo smooth plane with corrugated bottom, very good. (Photo & Photo)

403. Keen Kutter (Stanley Bedrock) K4 smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo)

404. Ohio Tool Co. #04 iron smooth plane, very good. (Photo & Photo)

405. Scarce Stanley #90 steel cased rabbet plane with intact nicker and throat, VG. (Photo & Photo)

406. Stanley #55 hollow faced shave, light pitting on R&L logo blade, otherwise good; plus a Stanley #51 spoke shave, complete and very good. (Photo)

407. Unknown double shave with concave & flat bottoms, very good; plus a Stanley #63 iron spokeshave with replaced screw, otherwise very good. (Photo)

408. Stanley #151 iron spoke shave, complete and very good; plus a Smith & Sons double shave with concave & flat bottoms, very good. (Photo)

409. Bailey double shave with flat & concave bottoms, very good; plus a Stanley R&L #54 spoke shave, complete and very good. (Photo)

410. A. EARL ST. LOUIS ** screw arm sash plane, both nuts are cracked, but otherwise this one is very good. (Photo & Photo)

411. Wide W.F. DOMINICK & CO., CHICAGO *** complex moulding plane marked on heel 3/4 & 1 3/4, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo)

412. FARLEY-CHRISTMAN & CO. *** (DUBUQUE, IOWA) moving fillester plane, has a replaced nicker but is otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo)

413. M.&N.H. STOUT ST. LOUIS ** complex moulding plane, marked on heel 1 & 1 1/2, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo)

414. Unusual 8-inch E. SMITH match (tongue & groove) plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

415. J. DONALDSON & J.H. HALL, ST LOUIS, MO complex moulding plane, marked 1/2 on heel, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

416. EXTRA QUALITY NELSON & HAYNER, ALTON, ILL *** 3/8-inch side bead plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

417. Early W. PEARSON complex moulding plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo)

418. E.B. PEASE & BRO. SPRINGFIELD, ILL *** 1-1/4-inch round plane (OHIO TOOL) complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

419. Ohio Tool Co. #118 1-3/4-inch handled jack rabbet plane with offset handle, missing the nicker, otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo)

420. AYERS & CO., JACKSONVILLE, ILL *** 5/8-inch side bead plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo)

421. Sandusky Tool Co. #149 1-1/2-inch handled jack rabbet plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo)

422. Pair of wooden planes: Tho Gill badger plane & a HEATHCOTT SHEFFIELD with unusual profile and cutter, both very good. (Photo & Photo)

423.FINE L. GARDNER, GREEN STREET, BOSTON, 2-inch handled jack rabbet plane, complete. (Photo & Photo)

424. Nice Bridge Tool Co. (St. Louis) No. 125 back saw, very good etch, handle has been painted red, strip off the paint, and you'll have a great little St. Louis saw. (Photo)

425. Wooden box with sliding lid filled with stamped steel and other small wrenches.

426. Wooden box with sliding lid with six different tape measures including Bluegrass; Stanley # etc.

427. Lot of bitstock tools including auger bits, twist-drill chuck, center bits, etc.

428. Lot of Stanley bench plane blades, and other parts.

429. Sliding tray out of old tool chest filled with tools including large Shapleigh Hardware Chip-A-Way rasp and Chip-A-Way roofing hatchet head, long auger bit, bit extension, etc.

430. to 436. Choice Box Lots.(Photo)

437. Nice No. 41 twin bladed leather washer or gasket cutter that fits in a brace, very good overall. (Photo)

438. Five ball peen hammers including two Keen Kutter and one PLUMB, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

439. Two scarce stone drilling hammers plus a gristmill pick with a faint Chicago maker’s name on the side. (Photo & Photo)

440. Seven ball peen hammers all different. (Photo)

441. Four ball peen hammers including one brass and one beryllium AMPCO H2, one of the smaller steel hammers is by CHAMPION DEARMENT. (Photo & Photo)

442. Four ball peen hammers including one that just has one head and is marked on the side with what looks like QB&IW (railroad?), the one in red paint on the bottom is blacksmith type, it shows pitting under the paint. (Photo & Photo)

443. Three different mallets: one wooden, one rubber, and one steel with lead faces by Danielson Mfg. Co. Danielson, Conn., all very good. (Photo & Photo)

444. Calking mallet used to calk wooden ships boats & barges, very good overall condition. (Photo)

445. Two mallets: a Chicago Rawhide No. 4 with original handle; and a wooden mallet with round faces, both fine. (Photo & Photo)

446. Four different farrier hammers for shoeing horses, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

447. Four different upholsterers tack hammers, all very good. (Photo)

448. Three different combination pliers with hammer heads, all very good. (Photo)

449. Four different upholsterers tack hammers, all very good. (Photo)

450. Two hammers: Collins Company Legitimus claw hammer, very good; plus a Benson Patent (U.S. #1,517,043) CHENEY #777 combination adz-hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo)

451. Two hammers: a shapely double headed tack hammer, FINE; plus a D. MAYDOLE tack hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo)

452. Four metalworking hammers including a 3-lb. sledge. (Photo & Photo)

453. Five blacksmith or metalworking hamers including two cross peens; straight peen; and two that have round faces on end and angled faces on the other, perhaps texturing possibly for texturing metalwork. (Photo & Photo)

454. Five blacksmith hammers: punch; hot cutter; straight peen (damaged on peen end); rounding or turning & small sledge cross peen combo. (Photo & Photo)

455. Three leather tools: lasting pliers; pistol grip slitter and adjustable belt punch, all VG. (Photo)

456. Disston De-horning saw frame, just needs blade, very good; plus a wheelwright’s traveler, very good. (Photo)

457. Early Seymour Smith Patent (U.S. #25,681) saw set, complete and very good; plus a combination saw wrest & hammer. (Photo & Photo)

458. Four different claw hammers: Stanley 102 ½ 10-oz. & Fulton Tool Co. 10-oz. both very good; plus Artisan #13-1947 & PLUMB 16-oz. needing light cleaning, very good. (Photo & Photo)

459. Five blacksmith hammers: hot cutter, two cross peen; a rounding or turning hammer; and a 3-lb. sledge. (Photo & Photo)

460. Four auto-body and/or tinners hammers including a raising hammer; a small copper faced hammer; and a a Snap-On #BF614 long pick hammer. (Photo & Photo)

461. Three unusual hammers: stonemason’s tooth axe; quarryman’s stone drilling hammer & a drill-sharpening hammer. (Photo)

462. Three different large hammers: a shipbuilder or shipwright’s pin maul; a cross peen; and a drill sharpening hammer, all are very good. (Photo & Photo)

463. Four blacksmith hammers: two riveting hammers; cross peen; and a small flatter. (Photo & Photo)

464. Three brick hammers including a PLUMB and a KEEN KUTTER BLACK JACK; plus an unknown Japanese hammer that has a tag on it saying it’s a bung pick. (Photo)

465. MASTERENCH 6-inch self-adjusting pipe wrench & a 12-inch Jarecki Patent (U.S. #190,330) pipe tong (wrench) that’s complete and very good. (Photo)

466. Pair of Bridgeport crating tools, both complete but in need of cleaning, (Photo)

467. Unknown make crating hatchet, very good overall. (Photo)

468. Snell & Atherton heal shave, complete and very good: and a Snell & Atherton leather inshave, complete and very good. (Photo)

469. Stanley #62 double bladed spoke shave, very good. (Photo)

470. Stearns iron spokeshave with name embossed in lever cap, very good. (Photo)

471. MARTIN Cincinnati Tool Co. shave, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

472. Like new pair Stanley #4 tramel points; plus two pocket levels including a Stanley with brass top, all very good. (Photo)

473. Two Yankee North Brothers push drills, both very good; and a like new automatic screwdriver. (Photo)

474. Antique wooden bench screw, has good threads and still works; plus an old rug or carpet beater. (Photo)

475. Scarce A.E. Young 29 ½-inch plumb & level, nice mahogany stock, both vials intact, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

476. Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co. St. Louis DIAMOND EDGE plumb & level (made by ACME) in fine overall condition. (Photo)

477. Scarce D.M. LYON & CLEARMAN  27 ¾-inch plumb & level with mahogany stock and brass plumb covers with decorative knurling around the edges, all vials intact, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

478. Two gun related tools including a bullet mold. (Photo)

479. Unusual implement wrench with #124 on one side; BRUNO adjustable auger bit in original plastic box; homemade saw setting tool & a wide Stanley socket chisel. (Photo)

480. Ashcroft Mfg. Co. Nov. 7, 1876 pipe tong (wrench) and a pair of nippers marked C. RAHMOELLER, both very good. (Photo)

481. Large 2-speed breast drill, crude looking but back of the gear wheel marked PATENT APPLIED FOR, so this is most likely a patented drill, one weld repair on frame, otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo)

482. S.W.&H. TUCKER KEOKUK (Iowa) 26-inch wooden jointer plane, complete and very good. Samuel W. Tucker and Howard Tucker ran a hardware store in Keokuk that is listed in the 1859 Keokuk City Directory. By 1879, however S.W. Tucker was an insurance agent. (Photo & Photo)

483. Massive 25-inch handled jack rabbet plane with 3-inch blade, VG. (Photo & Photo)

484. Pair of breast drills including a 2-speed OAK LEAF with built-in level, and intact auxiliary handle, very good; plus a very early single-speed model with iron handles that has the name G.W. CHENEY stamped on the crank handle, the screw that secures the bit is broken off in the chuck. (Photo & Photo)

485. Unusual double handled M.B. SKINNER SOUTH BEND IND. saw plus three blades for buck saws including ones by W.F. DOMINICK (CHICAGO). (Photo)

486. Antique grain flail for beating grain from seed heads. (Photo)

487. Antique Single Tree buggy or wagon hitch. (Photo)

488. Four different hatchets including an early Estwing. (Photo & Photo)

489. Two hatchets: Lakeside (Wards) broad hatchet & ARTISAN hatchet & hammer combo. (Photo)

490. Two hatchets: MASTERCRAFT broad hatchet & a Wards Master Quality Vanadium with hammer head. (Photo)

491. Four different hatchets: Plumb lathing hatchet; unknown make claw hatchet; Oak Leaf  scout-type; and Craftsman with hammer head. (Photo & Photo)

492. Fine Bridge Tool Co. drawknife; large saw set; gimlet bit; & bearing scraper. (Photo)

493. Winchester wood rasp & two wheel dressing tools, all VG. (Photo)

494. Two small jeweler’s type saws inc. Wilson #107; plus two Yankee type screwdrivers. (Photo)

495. Lot: Handy combination kitchen tool with lid lifter, hammer; snowknocker hammer; and a hammer with nest of screwdrivers inside handle, all VG. (Photo & Photo)

496. Lot: Fulton Rim Tool Pat. 1924, Tire weight tool with hammer; small hammer with solid steel handle that ends in a chisel; and a combo screwdriver hammer, all VG. (Photo & Photo)

497. Stanley Handyman H1224W wrecking bar or crowbar plus two smaller pry bars, all VG. (Photo & Photo)

498. Five different tack and/or upholstery hammers, one a Perfect Handle type and a G.W. Mount Patent. (Photo & Photo)

499. Four different tack hammers including a very nice double-headed model. (Photo)

500. Bridgeport #120 crating hatchet and hammer combination tool, very good; plus two mystery tools including a hammer & chisel combination, both very good. (Photo)

501. Five tinsmith or other metalworking hammers including dinging and several cross peen hammers. (Photo & Photo)

502. Four hammers: CHAMPION TOOL CO. turning; DR BARTON fuller; slag-type hammer; & a Clifton Patent (U.S. #1,199,159) Keen Kutter saw-setting hammer. (Photo & Photo)

503. Five blacksmith hammers: cold cutter; flatter; straight peen; cross peen sledge; & a rounding or turning. (Photo & Photo)

504. Four blacksmith hammers: punch; small flatter; slash or diagonal peen; and bumping, all little used and very good. (Photo & Photo)

505. Three hatchets: Keen Kutter broad hatchet with nail puller; WALBOARD drywall hatchet; & Keen Kutter lathing hatchet with stop, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

506. Six hammers: two mini planishing types, small claw hammer; two tack hammers & a Perfect Handle-type saddler’s or upholstery hammer. (Photo)

507. Nice wooden mallet with iron rings; small PUNCH-LOK CHICAGO sledge; & a small brass hammer, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

508. Four unusual hammers including a French pattern cobbler; big brass mallet; dinging; and an odd nail-holding claw hammer. Also included is an old shovel handle that has the word PATENT faintly cast or stamped into the metal portion. (Photo & Photo)

509. Three hammers including unusual prospecting hammer; rock drilling hammer; & a dog head hammer, all very good. (Photo & Photo)

510. Six different ball peen hammers including a small BLUE POINT; and HELLER. (Photo & Photo)

511. Four hammers including Mills & Hanscom Patent (U.S. #35,885) nail-holding; GRIPNAIL with two magnets countersunk into face; and two tack hammers with nail claws. (Photo & Photo)

512. Six hammers including a neurological reflex hammer; tiny 2-ounce Williams No. 7-0 ball peen; a hitch pin hammer; etc. (Photo)

513. to 522. Box Lots. (Photo)

523. Lot of two butt gauges; Stanley #59 doweling jig & an unmarked 1 1/4-inch socket chisel, all in very good overall condition. (Photo)

524. Lot including a stamped steel tool handle with hollow handle for bit storage; unusual SAUER NEUSTADT leather? knife; carpenter's pencil; French zig-zag rule with one section broken & a folding meter stick or scale. (Photo)

525. Fine Sargent & Co. bench mounted saw vise plus a Stanley spoke shave and a Birmingham iron block plane that has the top of the lever cap broken off. (Photo)


The End!


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