March 13, 2010, 10:00 AM

St. Charles (St. Louis), Missouri

Harvester Lions Club
4835 Central School Road

St. Charles, MO   63304

(preview Friday March 12, from 2:30 to 6:30 PM and Sat. 7 to 10 AM)

A printable .doc list can be found (HERE.)

At the end of this list is information on how you can participate in this sale by absentee bidding.

001. Three different claw hammers, plus four hammer heads. (Photo)

002. Two different sized combination pipe and nut wrenches, the bigger of the two with an improper replacement handle, and a Bemis & Call 6-inch adjustable crescent-type. (Photo)

003. Lot of three spiral screwdrivers plus a tool handle and a push drill. (Photo)

004. Two different scrapers. (Photo)

005. Robinson Pat. bill poster's hammer, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

006. Reeds Coal Phone 772 coal hammer. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. Strapped saddler's hammer, light rust, will clean. (Photo)

008. Three wrenches: Eifel Plier Wrench; Boston 6-inch quick adjust and L&S? bicycle. (Photo & Photo 2)

009. Six assorted saws incl. hack & jewelers. (Photo)

010. Two small bung augers including one by C.E. Jennings. (Photo)

011. Two box scrapers & a pair of shoe lasting pliers with built-in hammer. (Photo)

012. Mellor Box Opener from Sedalia, Missouri & two other crating hammers. (Photo)

013. Four hammers incl. a Keen Kutter upholsters tack hammer. (Photo)

014. Four assorted braces incl. nice Defiance by Stanley #1250. (Photo)

015. Six braces incl. short-throw ratcheting model & four penny types. (Photo)

016. Four assorted claw hammers including a Keen Kutter. (Photo)

017. Stanley #80 scraper and three spoke shaves. (Photo)

018. Four assorted wood clamps; one appears to be an instrument maker's clamp. (Photo)

019. Three crating hammers one marked HARRY HUSSMAN ST. LOUIS; another J.F. DUFFY CHICAGO that is nickel plated. (Photo )

020. Six assorted pliers; hog ringer; end nipper; and gas pliers incl. (Photo)

021. Yankee screwdriver plus three push drills. (Photo)

022. Ohio Tool #130 screw arm sash with additional imprint C. SAGE, dovetailed boxing. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Ohio Tool #127 fixed sash plane. (Photo)

024. Stanley #90 steel cased rabbet plane (with nicker), very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

025. Four wood planes: Sandusky 7/8-in. dado missing the nicker wedge and marked on heel R.C. GUENTHER, QUINCY, ILL.; Auburn Tool 7/8-in. dado; and two different sized rabbets. (Photo)

026. Four drawknives incl. one by Oak Leaf, all will make great users. (Photo)

027. Two ram's horn scrapers, one is an E.C. Atkins patent with a blade made from an old saw. (Photo)

028. Four saws: surgeon's bone saw; hand forged hack saw; & two jeweler's saws. (Photo)

029. Five saw tools: two saws sets; raker gage; keyhole saw and a cast iron file handle. (Photo)

030. Four miniature screw clamps. (Photo)

031. Millers Falls #52 boring attachment & a small hand drill.

032. Four hatchets: Diamond Edge broad hatchet; Bridgeport; unknown lathing hatchet, etc.

033. Eight small pair of different pliers and cutters, smallest pair marked Winchester; another marked Bell System. (Photo)

034. Six assorted plumb bobs; one is nickel plated. (Photo)

035. Six assorted trammel points including one with points coming out both top and bottom (a mate for the one on the far left was found after the photo was taken). (Photo)

036. Pair early Stanley #2 brass trammel points. (Photo)

037. A.H. REED screwdriver; Stanley #130A and a dirty old Yankee 131A. (Photo)

038. Thirteen assorted wood chisels, two need handles, all can be restored to usable condition. (Photo)

039. Four assorted calipers and dividers including a registering pair; plus a bill hook used for hanging up invoices in a general store or office. (Photo)

040. Millers Falls fore plane; Hercules 1414 jack plane & Stanley #4 smoother, all need cleaning and tuning up. (Photo)

041. Three Stanley bench planes: #5 1/2; household jack plane (5 1/4 size) and #3 smoother, all very good. (Photo)

042. Four iron block planes incl. 100 mini; #75 bullnose & #102 & #103. (Photo)

043. Five iron planes: two jacks including a Stanley #5; two #78 duplex and a smoother, one 78 is complete and one is missing its fence. (Photo)

044. Eleven different carving tools, gouges, parting tool etc. (Photo)

045. Six different size gouges incl. Charles Buck. (Photo)

046. Two #6 size fore planes including a Siegley that has a small corner chip on one side; plus three #3-size smooth planes. (Photo)

047. Seven iron block planes including two Stanley that have knuckle jointer lever caps.

048. Four hatchets: Keen Kutter lathing; Diamond Edge lathing; unknown broad; & with sheet metal handle marked BUR-NOR. (Photo)

049. Six misc. braces plus an extra one that's missing the top handle. (Photo)

050. Four different hack saws incl. Goodell-Pratt and another odd cam locking. (Photo)

051. Four different saws: jewelers; Millers Falls #12 hack saw; 4-MOST hack saws, etc. (Photo)

052. Five different braces incl. two short throw ratchet models. (Photo)

053. Two regular hand adzes and one combination hammer adz. (Photo)

054. Four different hatchets including a PLUMB with anchor logo. (Photo)

055. Five different hammers: cobbler's; unusual double headed; nickel plated claw hammer; etc. (Photo)

056. Four little hammers: candy or taffy hammer; BABY TERRIER crating tool, etc. (Photo)

057. Four mini hammers incl. HARRY HUSSMAN crating hammer; TOMAHAWK JUNIOR NO. 9. and a snow knocker. (Photo)

058. Ten assorted chisels incl. L&IJ WHITE; GREENLEE; etc. All are very good. (Photo)

059. Large assortment (18) gouges and chisels incl. Buck Brothers. (Photo)

060. Five iron bench planes; two jacks, and three smoothers, two missing lever caps, the Stanley #5 has a Stanley aluminum tote. (Photo)

061. Three transitional smoothers incl. BRIDGE TOOL CO. ST. LOUIS; & Stanley #24. (Photo)

062. Five iron block planes incl. Stanley #130; #120; #118 & 7-inch with knuckle jointed lever cap. (Photo)

063. Seven iron block planes: Stanley #75 with owner-added wood fence on bottom, another #75 bullnose rabbet, two #103s, Stanley #130 body, etc. (Photo)

064. Lot of kitchen gadgets incl. NO-BURN Hot Pan Lifter from Nashville; ice shaver; cast iron meat tenderizer; RIVEL DRGM can opener. etc. (Photo)

065. Seven iron block planes incl. 60 1/2 low angle; two #75 bullnose rabbets (one has an owner added wooden handle), all good or better. (Photo)

066. Four iron spoke shaves incl. Stanley #62 double bladed; and three others, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

067. Three iron spoke shaves incl. Stanley #64 and a 63X? flat bottom, all very good. (Photo)

068. Four iron block planes incl. Stanley #103 IOB; another 103 that needs a blade; Sargent double ender, etc. (Photo)

069. Five hammers incl. large BELL SYSTEMS wrecker; farriers, hand forged claw hammer with iron socket, etc. (Photo)

070. Three cobblers hammers & a perfection by Bridgeport scraper. (Photo)

071. Beer flat of misc. square-shank auger bits, some are Russell Jennings Stanley, most very good or better. (Photo)

072. Two leather slitters (one needs blade) and two saddler's knives. (Photo)

073. Lufkin 200-foot cloth surveyor's tape measure in a nice plated housing, needs leather handle replaced. (Photo)

074. Three small levels incl. Davis pedestal level; Stanley pocket level and line level. (Photo)

075. Patented hoof pick and hammer, marked on side of head B.B.&R. and the pick has been straightened out a bit. (Photo & Photo 2)

076. Eight marking gages including two rosewood marking and mortise gages. (Photo)

077. Bemis & Call? 15-inch combination pipe & nut wrench with long sleeve; plus three small wrenches. (Photo)

078. Four screwdrivers incl. Reed; Western Auto; fine Mann's Patent screw-holding etc. (Photo)

079. Lot of three wooden spoke shaves and five hatchet heads including a WITTE HARDWARE ST. LOUIS and two KEEN KUTTER. (Photo & Photo 2)

080. Two different sized Reed Patent screwdrivers, the smaller of the two is very good, the larger is at least good overall. (Photo)

081. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with two boxes blades (23 total) including slitter, cam, long & short rods; plane has 90%+ nickel and nice rosewood handle and knob, fine overall condition, all inside an owner made wooden box. (Photo & Photo 2)

082. Three hatchets including an Estwing with a leather sheath; a DIAMOND EDGE with leather sheath & an unknown lathing hatchet. (Photo)

083. Lot of hammers: rock hammer/pick; strapped tack hammer; another tack hammer, plus an unusual chopper. (Photo)

084. Three hand saws (from bottom to top) Atkins 28-inch #53 has missing handle spur, otherwise fine with excellent etch; 26-inch Disston D8 8tpi, very good overall; Disston 26-inch good apple handle, 10tpi blade, good overall. (Photo)

085. Simonds #300 28-inch, 5 1/2tpi, rip saw, fine etch, fine overall. (Photo)

086. Simonds Saw Co. flooring saw, very good handle. (Photo)

087. Three saws: Simonds 26-inch, 8tpi & a Wheeler Madden & Climson panel saw with split nut handles. (Photo)

088. Three back saws incl. Diamond Edge #125 with improper handle and a dovetail saw, needs light cleaning. (Photo)

089. Three keyhole saws (one with broken handle) and a meat saw. (Photo)

090. Long wooden carpenter's day box or tool chest. Great for storing and transporting your little collection of saws in. (Photo)

091. Old machinist tool chest with assorted steel scales, machinist jacks, mini parallel clamp, etc. (Photo)

092. Lot of seven assorted C clamps, one has welded repair. (Photo)

093. Unusual Diamond Edge hatchet. (Photo)

094. Keen Kutter K13 roofing hatchet with original handle, fine. (Photo)

095. Shinola hatchet with wooden handles, very good. (Photo)

096. Two Keen Kutter hatchets: a nice camp hatchet with original sheath & a lathing hatchet with ill-fitting handle. (Photo & Photo 2)

097. Three hammers: Shapleigh tack hammer; Simmons mini claw hammer & Keen Kutter DYNAMIC claw hammer, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

098. Lot of brick mason's striking tools. (Photo)

099. Three blacksmith nippers or pincers, one is by Simmons. (Photo)

100. L&IJ WHITE & SHAPLEIGH drawknives plus a brass-bodied cooper's or carriage makers spokeshave. (Photo)

101. Lot of six saws or saw tools including a nice Keen Kutter coping saw. (Photo)

102. Three Shapleigh OLD HICKORY kitchen knives. (Photo)

103. Craftsman duplex plane (like Sargent #79) made by Sargent, fine; and a Simmons jack plane, very good. (Photo)

104. Stanley #148, 7/8-inch tongue & groove plane, fine overall. (Photo)

105. Three MELLOR Patent Aug. 4, 1903 (U.S. #735,125) crate opening tools, one marked with patent date, all very good. (Photo)

106. Three different box or crate opening tools including Box Terrior & March 5, 1901 from Champaign, Illinois. (Photo)

107. Four ratchet braces including a Stanley Yankee 2100A, 10-inch. (Photo)

108. Lot: Meat cleaver; animal trap and unusual pair of hedge trimmers. (Photo)

109. Three crating tools: two NOX TOX; and one Bridgeport, all very good. (Photo)

110. Two crating tools: Bridgeport IROQUOIS with wooden handles; and a Bridgeport with light rust. (Photo)

111. Four different braces including a John Fray made Spofford type. (Photo)

112. Three different spoke shaves including one with brass body. (Photo)

113. Three shaves incl. Keen Kutter #55 with concave face; unknown #2 pair and a leather shave. (Photo)

114. Goodell brace with integral hollow auger, needs light cleaning. (Photo)

115. Pair of ratchet braces incl. Keen Kutter KR8 & Shepard's patent. (Photo)

116. Two coping saws; an 1883 patent saw tool; and unknown saw set. (Photo)

117. Lot of carving tools and a few chisels, the outermost ones are both Keen Kutter. (Photo)

118. Six push drills including Keen Kutter; Goodell Bros; & Goodell-Pratt. (Photo)

119. Six different push drills incl. Johnson & Taintor; Oak Leaf; Goodell Bros; & Goodell-Pratt #510 Farley Patent. (Photo)

120. Lot of eight pliers, side cutters, & crimpers incl. pairs by Diamond Edge & Shapleigh. (Photo)

121. Three hatchets including nice Keen Kutter with leather sheath; & a Keen Kutter KBH2 with original handle; and a Shinola type with broken claw. (Photo)

122. Six hammers incl. two cobblers; and one nice Diamond Edge claw. (Photo)

123. Four hammers including a rare nut cracking type with rosewood handle. (Photo)

124. Five different Yankee-type screwdrivers, Archimedean screwdrivers and a push drill. (Photo)

125. Two braces incl. Stanley Yankee 2001A ratchet brace. (Photo)

126. Three braces incl. RARE Goodell-Pratt Farley Patent (U.S. #1,508,512). (Photo)

127. Lot of misc. items including striking tools for brick work; a USMC scrap hatchet, etc. (Photo)

128. Six wrenches incl. two twist handle ACME; a wooden handle nut wrench and three small pipe wrenches. (Photo)

129. Four different nippers including ones by Diamond Edge & Simmons; plus a pair of fencing plier. (Photo)

130. Five pliers or cutters incl. end cutter; nice Kraeuter fencing plier; etc. (Photo)

131. Seven wrenches and a PS&W sheet metal tool. (Photo)

132. Nine different wrenches including a double ended Crescent, 6-inch Gellman, chain pliers, etc. (Photo)

133. Four ratchet braces incl. PEXTO SAMPSON; Shapleigh 8-inch, etc. (Photo)

134. Lot of 8 files and rasps including a nice vixen with iron removable iron handle. (Photo)

135. Lot of misc. tools: bearing scrapers; lead cruciable; Diamond Edge claw hammer head, etc. (Photo)

136. Lot of misc. items incl. a Washburn Patent (U.S. #1,263,492) lead and Linotype slug cutter by H.B. ROUSE & CO. Chicago; stove lid lifter; side cutter, etc. (Photo)

137. Six different wooden molding planes incl. Ohio Tool tongue cutter. (Photo)

138. Two Shapleigh Hardware (St. Louis) NORLEIGH DIAMOND brass blow torches, one larger than the other and both needing a cleaning. (Photo)

139. Two mini Lenk torches: #30 Pat. 3/11/98 & another in brass that is marked GASOLINE, both very good. (Photo)

140. Four iron block planes: two Stanley #110; Stanley #130 double ended & a Sargent. (Photo)

141. Three iron block planes: REVONOC by Stanley; a Stanley #75 and a Sargent mini, all very good. (Photo)

142. Two wooden mallets, both in fine condition. (Photo)

143. Nice carvers mallet. (Photo)

144. Five plumb bobs, two brass and three steel, all very good. (Photo)

145. Four brass plumb bobs, all very good. (Photo)

146. Three braces: two ratchets braces and Obed Peck Patent brace patented Sept. 23, 1879 (needs cleaning). (Photo)

147. Two small geared drills: the bigger one is an Oak Leaf & the smaller one is unmarked and is missing the jaws from the chuck, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

148. Box lot of misc. items incl. brass grease gun, nippers, shears, etc. (Photo)

149. Lot including two corner chisels and a parting tool. (Photo)

150. Lot of four smoothers including Oak Leaf transitional and a nice Keen Kutter with proper blade. (Photo)

151. Lot of nine try squares some with rosewood handles. (Photo)

152. Lot of misc. screwdrivers incl. a fine Keen Kutter tool handle. (Photo)

153. Lot of five hammers incl. a ball peen by G.M. MFG L.I. CITY N.Y.; nice bumping; RUDOR MFG. N.Y. PAT. PEND. HANDI TOOL; mini HANDY HAMMER PAT PEND., etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

154. Keen Kutter dividers and a Keen Kutter 8 X 12-in. square. (Photo)

155. Four fine Keen Kutter gouges, all need handles. (Photo)

156. Chapin Stephens 28-inch plumb & level with boxwood inclinometer inseret, very good. (Photo)

157. Keen Kutter 30-inch brass-bound plumb & level by Disston, very good. (Photo)

158. Stanley SW #30 double plumb & level, very good overall. (Photo)

159. Two 30-inch levels including a Disston & Morss, both very good. (Photo)

160. Two 28-inch levels: Chapin Stephens Co. & Stratton Bros. No. 1 brass bound, both very good. (Photo)

161. Keen Kutter KK35 mason's level by Disson, very good overall. (Photo)

162. Four levels: 28-inch Stanley plumb & level; 26-inch Oak Leaf; & 26-inch Stanley #0; & Chapin Stephens 26-inch plumb & level. (Photo)

163. Stanley 28-inch transitional jointer plane & a 22-inch wooden jointer. (Photo)

164. Two 18-inch plumb & levels plus two 24-inch plumb & levels. (Photo)

165. Keen Kutter 22-inch miter box or back saw, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

166. Keen Kutter No. K88S 5 1/2 tpi rip saw, fine etch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

167. Diamond Edge 18-inch 11tpi panel saw, fine etch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

168. Stanley aluminum 24-inch #237 double plumb & level with eclipse vial covers, fine. (Photo)

169. Two Stanley #36, 18-inch cast iron plumb & levels, the nicer one is fine and comes in an owner-made box. (Photo)

170. Stanley #36G double plumb & level with eclipse vial covers, & having a shaft grove, fine overall; plus a Stanley #37, 6-inch double plumb & level, one vial broken, good overall. (Photo)

171. The American House-Carpenter: A Treatise Upon Architecture 1844, book, very good overall. (Photo)

172. Three books: Practical Uses of the Steel Square by Hodgson Vols. 1 and 2; and Operation of Modern Woodworking Machines 1958, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

173. Tool & Woodworking books: Doall Contour Saws 1943, very good; A Woodcut Manual by J.J. Lankes, 1932, very good; and a stack of nine The Weekend Workshop pamphlets Edward Baldwin, signed by the author. (Photo)

174. Thirteen assorted carving tools, most can be cleaned and restored to usable condition. (Photo)

175. Three saws incl. Keen Kutter panel saw & Keen Kutter keyhole saw. (Photo)

176. Hachmann Patent (U.S. #1,194,838) combination meat cleaver, meat tenderizer, ice shave & bottle cap lifter from St. Louis Missouri; plus another larger cleaver. (Photo)

177. Two can openers including a Peerless, Hawks patent (No. 706,823) model & a smaller meat cleaver marked KUBLANSKI on blade. (Photo)

178. Three Stanley #18 sliding T bevels; clapboard siding marker; #90 marking gage etc. (Photo)

179. Lot incl. Stanley #95 1/2 butt gage; try square; and four sliding T bevels. (Photo)

180. Laminated T square & an 18-inch Eberhard Faber No. 104 ruler. (Photo)

181. Two braces: one is a ratcheting 10-inch model with heavy duty chuck; the other is a short throw iron brace with wooden pad, will clean to very good. (Photo)

182. Lot of 17 assorted chisels including at least one early Keen Kutter with ribbon logo. (Photo)

183. Two different take-down rafter or framing squares. (Photo)

184. Three rafter or framing squares one by Keen Kutter. (Photo)

185. Slatter's ripping hook, used by slate roof workers to rip out the nails. (Photo)

186. Four assorted furniture clamps. (Photo)

187. Lot of bitstock tools: two depth stops for auger bits; three adjustable washer cutters; and a twist drill attachment for braces. (Photo)

188. Winchester #3578 auger bit extension; another bit extension by Millers Falls & three extra long auger bits. (Photo)

189. Lot of bitstock tools including dowel pointers; screwdriver bits; countersinks etc. Several marked Shapleigh and Keen Kutter. (Photo)

190. Assorted bitstock tools including two countersinks; large dowel pointer and several auger bits. (Photo)

191. Six wooden molding planes incl. T. ATKINSON Louisville; Ohio Tool, etc. (Photo)

192. Six wooden planes: two horn smoothers; a horn toothing plane; and three smoothers (one missing blade).

193. Six wooden planes some missing blades or wedges. (Photo)

194. Unknown make surveyor or builder's transit in original box, the instrument itself is very good, the wooden box needs a new leather carrying strap, otherwise it too is very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

195. Small 2-drawer Kennedy tool box filled with taps, drill bits, 4-inch Crescent wrench.... (Photo & Photo 2)

196. Lot of wooden molding planes, some missing blade and/or wedge, includes an intact TOPPING ALTON ILL side bead and an intact skew-bladed rabbet.

197. Keen Kutter Oak wall mounted tool box with both original Keen Kutter badges, outside of box has been painted gray, and there are several holes drill into the back. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. Five levels: 18-inch Disston & Sons; 14-inch Keen Kutter (Disston); 12-inch Stanley #104; 10-inch Stanley #104; and a 6-inch iron L.S. Starrett double plumb & level with shaft groove. (Photo)

199. Five wooden planes, including fore plane; plank; jack rabbet etc., two need the handles re-glued in the sockets. (Photo)

200. Eight wood planes: smooth and seven molding planes, a few missing blades and/or wedges. (Photo)

201. Two routers: one a nice brass or bronze body and very good overall; the smaller wooden router is missing the wedge that secures the blade. (Photo)

202. Stanley #45 plane with cam, slitter, etc. Will clean to good usable condition. (Photo)

203. Wooden cigar cutter, two stretchers marked W.F.B. CO. CLEVELAND, O., patented May 2, 1916 Wittlier; Buffalo Dental Mfg. Co. torch head; and unknown wood and brass tool or tool part. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Stanley Yankee #1991 machinist vise with swivel base, mounted on a piece of wood, very good. (Photo)

205. Stanley Handyman Model A, electric drill. (Photo)

206. Assorted gouges, chisels incl. two cranked gouges. (Photo)

207. Lot of misc. iron bits; three gimlets; clamp, etc. (Photo)

208. Three marking gages incl. Stanley SW #65; small panel gage & box of punches.

209. Lot of misc. files, C clamp; two hammer heads, etc. (Photo)

210. Goodell spiral screw driver, rosewood tool handle full of bits, scratch awl, Stanley #45 screwdriver, etc. (Photo)

211. Unknown make screw-holding screwdriver; two rosewood handled tool handles with bits; and a scarce #9701 mini screwdriver by PLUMB. (Photo)

212. Lot of six assorted 24-inch boxwood 4-fold rules. (Photo)

213. Misc. box lot: skewed chisel (needs handle); iron keyhole saw handle; wooden auger handle; etc. (Photo)

214. Patented axle greaser; Keen Kutter needle nose pliers; bitstock wrench for wing nuts, etc. (Photo)

215. Two pocket levels, one by Stanley; plus two brass pattern maker's shaves. (Photo)

216. Stanley #271 mini router plane, fine; #75 bullnose rabbet (rusty); and a Millers Falls cigar shave missing one handle. (Photo)

217. Two boxed sets of scale weights in wooden boxes, the smaller set is missing two weights; and the larger set is missing the three smallest weights. (Photo)

218. Five glass cutters including one for circular work. (Photo)

219. Wm. Johnson lead mallet; mill pick handle; stitching awl. (Photo)

220. Wick trimming scissors; antique dentists tooth extracting wrench, and a bone or ivory handled ink eraser. (Photo)

221. Lot: screw plate with rosewood handle, cigar box opener from M. FRITZ & SONS ST. LOUIS, and an unusual file marked DIETZ. (Photo & Photo 2)

222. Lot: gun powder measurer. drafting protractor; typewriter oiler; bevel square; German hand sewing machine? (Photo)

223. Four locks: Simmons: ASAF; YALE bicycle lock & a Johnson Universal Spare Tire lock by Underwriters Laboratories St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo)

224. Large Shapleigh Hardware Diamond Edge #4 bench mounting grinder. (Photo)

225. Five levels: surveyor's sighting level; John Rabone torpedo level; Stanley #38 and a Stanley 4-inch. (Photo)

226. Lot incl. socket wrench with nested sockets inside handle; tin snips; hammer, screwdriver, file... (Photo)

227. Lot: Clamp; battery post cleaner; brass hose nozzle; sewing awl; dividers; extra-long jeweler's-type screwdriver; extension mirror... (Photo)

228. Two Audel books: Guide #1 Tools; Saw Filing; jointery & #2: Builders Mathmatics; Drawing Plans; Specifications; Estimating; plus pamphlets by K&E; Starrett & a Simmonds Guide for Carpenters. (Photo)

229. Lot incl. box of small files; gravers, Keen Kutter awl & Keen Kutter tack puller, zig zag rule; screwdrivers; double beam marking gage.... (Photo)

230. Box lot: Handyman scratch awl; Westoctt 6-in. adj. nut wrench; Morril's Pat. saw set, reamer, small brass torch... (Photo)

231. Lot of wooden plane blades and wooden wedges. (Photo)

232. Jacob's chuck, misc. saw blades, vise, etc. (Photo)

233. Misc. plane parts incl. fence, sliding section, depth & beading stops for Stanley #45 combination plane; wooden molding plane blades, block plane lever cap... (Photo)

234. Misc. wooden planes and plane parts incl. homemade T rabbet. (Photo)

235. Box lot misc. including wooden box of drill bits, W. H. Horn & Bro. leather tool; paper punch, marker... (Photo)

236. Hunt & Wiseman sash coping plane & a Howland side bead. (Photo & Photo 2)

237. DR Barton hollow & E.F. KRAFT ST. LOUIS side bead planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

238. Combination plow plane blades; several router plane blades; two lever caps for spoke shaves, three bitstock tools, all inside a wooden tray. (Photo & Photo 2)

239. Lot: small pin vise, square; Sargent sliding bevel; AMPCO brass paint scraper; brass caliper rule; small sliding square; pin vise; German tape measure with bakelite case; chisel... (Photo)

240. Lot: Lufkin 100-ft. tape measure; advertising rule for Roeder Hardware Kirkwood, Mo.; sharpening stone in wooden box; like new Diamond Edge mason's trawl; and primitive wooden dividers; and two sets twist drills. (Photo)

241. Lot of Stanley plane blades including a Stanley #70 box containing about 16 NOS 2-inch spoke shave blades, box is rough. (Photo)

242. Goodell-Pratt 188A push drill new in a tattered box; DUTCH BOY lead; and box of Buck Bros. turning tools that are fine and just need handles added. (Photo)

243. Two locks incl. RCA that may have come from a pay-to-play hotel radio. (Photo)

244. IWAN BROS. South Bend, Ind. post hole auger with partial paper label. (Photo)

245. Keen Kutter potato fork, needs new top rivet. (Photo)

246. Keen Kutter KX14 long handled hard rake and a mystery grabber-type tool that may have been used to reach things on high shelves. (Photo)

247. Keen Kutter sharpshooter nursery spade & a Keen Kutter flat nosed tile spade, both very good. (Photo)

248. Two Ames shovels: sharp shooter & gravel shovel, both very good. (Photo)

249. Two spade shovels with closed handles, both in fine condition. (Photo)

250. Spade shovel by Keen Kutter, very good.

251. Two spade shovels including a long handled AMES DIG-EZY 15-630(403).

252. Two pair transit legs & 3-piece BELL SYSTEM surveying rod. (Photo)

253. Three surveying tripods one by K&E. (Photo)

254. Iron rack for long-handle tools likely out of an old hardware store. (Photo)

255. Two beer flats of boxed nuts, machine screws, wood screws. etc. (Photo)

256. Diamond Edge #DE5C corrugated jack plane, all original, VG. (Photo)

257. Keen Kutter #K4c, built on early Bedrock-syle frame, fine. (Photo)

258. Diamond Edge DE4 smooth plane all original and nice. (Photo)

259.Stanley #7 jointer plane, WWII model, nice condition, 90%+ japanning. (Photo)

260. Stanley #40 1/2 scrub plane, X-logo blade, has seen limited usage, fine. (Photo)

261. Scarce Stanley #84 razor edge spoke shave, boxwood, one small chip on underside of handle, VG. (Photo)

262. Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane, VG. (Photo)

263. Scarce Stanley #81 Rosewood razor edge spoke shave, VG. (Photo)

264. Three fake Winchester open-ended wrenches 4-inch, 6-inch & 8-inch open-end wrench, fine condition. (Photo)

265. Standard Tool Co. 8 ½-inch, quick-adjust nut wrench, scarce wooden handle model, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

266. Standard Tool Co. 10-inch, quick-adjust nut wrench, scarce wood handle model, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

267. SCARCE Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) #KK71 router plane, complete with both blades, extra clamp, fine nickel and very good wood, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

268. SCARCE Shapleigh/Simmons Keen Kutter (Stanley) #K5 jack plane with adj. frog, Stanley blade, late & fine. These were the first planes sold by Shapleigh after they bought Simmons and the Keen Kutter logo. (Photo & Photo 2)

269. Hebblethwaite Patent steel fencing hammer, made on patent #529,284 issued to John H. Hebblethwaite of Rock Falls, Illinois on Nov. 20, 1894, this one has some pitting but is very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

270. Scarce A.O. Calhoon, Victor, Missouri, rafter square and polygon bevel, made on patent #842,999 issued to Albert O. Calhoon of Victor, Mo., has a hang hole in one end, VG. Victor, Missouri was flooded in making Mark Twain Lake many years ago. (Photo & Photo 2)

271. Stanley #7 joiner plane, pre 1898, 1892 logo on nearly full length blade, handle tip gone, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

272. Alumo 1A weatherstripping rabbet plane, 9 1/2-in. VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

273. Stanley #71 Type 3 nickel-plated router plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

274. Stanley #S18 unbreakable block plane, repainted but nicely done. (Photo & Photo 2)

275. Stanley #71 Type 2 router plane, japanned body, 1/2-in. blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

276. Stanley #49 tongue and groove plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

277. Stanley No. 1221 Defiance 3/8-in. chisel, 12-inch overall length, VG. (Photo)

278. Stanley 3/8-in. and 3/4-in. chisels. (Photo)

279. Stanley #40 1 1/2-in. rubber handle, Stanley #50 3/4-in. and 1/2-in. chisels. (Photo)

280. Stanley Everlast chisels 1 ½-in. and ¼-in.

281. Stanley Hurwood screwdriver modified for US Military ORD DEPT. (Photo)

282. Scarce Stanley #24, 4-inch combination square and level. (Photo & Photo 2)

283. Stanley #40 1 ½-inch wide chisel rubber handle, crack in the outer surface. (Photo)

284. RARE Stanley #33, 2 ½-inch level attached to nickel-plated base, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

285. Stanley #60 double blade spoke shave, sweetheart logo on blades. (Photo)

286. Stanley #236, 24-inch level, scarce. (Photo & Photo 2)

287. RARE Keen Kutter (Ohio Tool) #KK171 1/2 router plane, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Stanley #8C corrugated jointer plane with 1902 & 1910 patent dates, later blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Stanley #78W weatherstripping rabbet plane w/captive nut, missing runner, depth stop and nicker. (Photo)

290. Union No. X8 vertical-post jointer plane, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

291. Millers Falls #95 with captive nut, missing runner or guide on the bottom, similar to Stanely 78W weatherstripping plane. (Photo)

292. Stanley #3 smooth plane, early type, VG. (Photo)

293. Stanley #71 Type 2 router, japanned, VG.

294. Stanley #7 jointer plane, WWII model, VG.

295. Stanley #25 transitional smooth plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

296. Upson Nut #23 transitional plane, wood dark but no cracks. (Photo & Photo 2)

297. Stanley #1120, 4-Square block plane, grey, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

298. RARE Upson Nut #25 transitional smooth plane, has been refinished but no defects, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

299. RARE Stanley #1103 Victor smooth plane, 1953 model, in near new condition, the March 1997 MWTCA Gristmill has a good story about this series of Victor planes. (Photo & Photo 2)

300. Stanley #112 scraper plane with Stanley logo on blade, both near new. (Photo & Photo 2)

301. Stanley #83 cabinet scraper with proper blade and proper adjusting roller, nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

302. Stanley #203, 5-inch block plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

303. Marsh #4 1/2 jumbo smooth plane with Lakeside blade, Made by Marsh for Montgomery Wards department stores, VG. (Photo)

304. Stanley #7 jointer plane, late model, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

305. Stanley #3 smooth plane, 1902 and 1910 patent dates, SW logo on blade, VG. (Photo)

306. Stanley #5 jack plane, 1910 Patent date, SW logo on blade, Stanley lever cap, VG. (Photo)

307. Sargent #708 8-inch Auto-Set smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

308. Stanley #100 tail handle block plane, VG. (Photo)

309. Union No. 26X transitional jack plane with vertical-post adjuster, VG. (Photo)

310. Scarce Sargent Shaw's Patent #9 smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

311. Stanley #378 plane with all parts except one blade, likely repainted, VG. (Photo)

312. Stanley #45 plow plane blades in a small wood box with sliding lid, 13 blades in all, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Scarce Stanley #1 tire bolt wrench all original, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Bedrock #608 patent dates 1895 and 1910, all original and VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Hebblethwaite Patent hammer and wrench, wooden handled version, good overall. (Photo)

316. Two hand forged claw hammers, both with good handles. (Photo)

317. Pair of adz eye claw hammers one by WARREN, both very good. (Photo)

318. Germantown tinners hammer; Evansville Tool Works tinner’s hammer and an unknown mini hammer; all very good. (Photo)

319. Nelson Patent tinner’s hammer, Wilton, Iowa, like new. (Photo)

320. Two claw hammers: the bigger is a PATHFINDER and the smaller one an ATHA TOOL CO. Both are complete and very good. (Photo)

321. Two strapped hammers: one is a nice claw hammer with faint maker’s mark; the other is an unknown purpose hammer with a curved single claw or spike. (Photo)

322. Two Mcadamazing hammers. (Photo)

323. Large Remington Tool & Mach. Co. spring winder patented July 30, 1907, THE HJORTH, VG. (Photo)

324. Four hammers: three ball peen and one claw; all painted gloss black. (Photo)

325. Four tinners hammers including riveting, all very good. (Photo)

326. Four wooden mallets including two carver’s types. (Photo)

327. Pair of V&B nippers and a pair of fencing pliers. (Photo)

328. Vaughan Shingling hatchet “DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONALS” with original $30.29 price tag, VG. (Photo)

329. Goodell Mfg. TURNTABLE’98, Patent May 24, 1898 apple peeler, very good. (Photo)

330. New Standard Corp. Mt. Joy, Penn. #50 cherry stoner or pitter, very good. (Photo)

331. Wilson Patent all-steel bit brace, very good overall. (Photo)

332. Pair of braces: Rose Patent by Millers Falls, some pitting; plus a large European type that uses a thumb screw to secure bit. (Photo)

333. Yankee 2101A 10-inch ratchet brace, complete and very good; plus a 12-inch Spofford with mild to moderate pitting. (Photo)

334. Two ratchet braces inc. 10-inch BEN HUR; and Stanley #975 10-inch, very good overall. (Photo)

335.Five different ratchet braces including a PEXTO with a SAMSON chuck, all are complete and usable. (Photo)

336. Nice early reamer with deep GM touch mark. (Photo)

337. Early patented bung reamer May 22, 1874, very good. (Photo)

338. Box full of 25+ new old stock hammer handles from Australia, along with a few used chisel handles. (Photo)

339. Pair of hatchets: Diamond Edge camp hatchet and a unknown roofing hatchet. (Photo)

340. Large cooper’s chamfer knife, complete and fine; plus a very good hoop driver. (Photo)

341. Three hand forged claw hammers, all very good. (Photo)

342. Carriage maker’s body knive or shave, very good. (Photo)

343. Lot of five misc. hammers or hammer-type tools. (Photo)

344. Four ratchet braces inc. PS&W No. 1001; PS&W No. 1201; & ILANOY #1000, all very good. (Photo)

345. Three hand drills: Stanley #624, complete and very good: FORSBERG MFG. WHALE W-790, complete and very good; and a smaller Craftsman (Millers Falls?) that is very good. (Photo)

346. Four braces: Millers Falls #32; Yankee #2101A; SIMMONS with rosewood handles; and Spofford-type with replaced screw. (Photo)

347. Keen Kutter #K3 smooth plane, early Bedrock-style body, handle cracked, nice condition, short KK blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

348. Diamond Edge #DE4 1/2C nearly all japanning intact, handle and knob very good, nice original blade, small crack at front right of body. (Photo & Photo 2)

349. Keen Kutter #KK3C Ohio Tool Co. made, with nearly full length KK blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

350. SUPER RARE Keen Kutter K200 compass plane, almost 100 percent of original nickel plating remains, fine original blade, likely the most difficult Keen Kutter plane to find, and this one is as good as they get. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

351. Birmingham 20-in. transitional fore plane with scarce faucet adjuster, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

352. Diamond Edge DE4 1/2 heavy-duty smooth plane, all original, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

353. Birmingham 15-inch transitional jack plane, with scarce faucet adjuster, one spoke broken off adjuster, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

354. BOOK: Tools by Comte, Hubert, hardcover with dust jacket, as new. (Photo)

355. BOOKS: A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industries, Volume One by Diderot, Denis; hard cover with dust jacket, fine as new, by Dover, edited by Charles C. Gillespie; A Diderot... Vol. 2, hard cover with dust jacket, fine as new, by Dover. (Photo)

356. BOOKS: Colonial Furniture in America, by Lockwood, Luke Vincent, hard covered, ex library, in library binding, 1913, Charles Scribner's Sons Vols. 1 & 2, hard cover, ex library, re-bound, (matches other) 1913, Charles Scribner's Sons. (Photo)

357. BOOKS: Dictionary of Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis, hard coved with dust jacket, fine as new, 2002, Schiffer Pub.; Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by Salaman, R.A, paper back, very good, preferential opening, creases on spine, very clean, 1997 revised edition. (Photo)

358. BOOKS: A Manual for Machine Woodworking Books 1-3, by Hunt, Dewitt, hard cover, good, some staining, binding strong, 1925, Harlow Pub. Co, includes advertising leaflet. (Photo)

359. BOOKS: Steel Square and Its Uses, Vols. I and II, by Radford, Wm. A, hard cover, very good, cases tight, some insect damage to covers of both and to pastedown and fly of Vol. II, 1907, Wm. Radford, Chicago, IL; Practical Uses of the Steel Square, Vol. 2 by Hodgson, Fred T., hard cover, very good, some wear, case tight, 1917; Steel Square by Hodgson, Fred T., hard cover, fair, tear on spine, corners bumped, case loose 1889. (Photo)

360. BOOKS: Chainsaw Carving an Eagle by Doeren, Jamie and Dennis Roghair, paper back, as new, 2005; Celtic Carved Lovespoons, by Littley & Clive Griffen, paper back, as new, 2003; Hand Carving Sowmen and Santas by Shipley, Mike, paper back, as new, 2000; Carving Folk Art Figures by Cipa, Shawn, paper back, as new, 2002; Carving Characters by Maxwell, Jim, paper back, as new, 1993; Learn to carve Faces and Expressions by Enlow, Harold L., paper back, as new, 1980; Carving Canes & Walking Sticks by Wolfe, Tom, paper back, as new, 1994; Let's Whittle by Pynn, Leroy, Jr., hard cover, fair, case needs tightening, ex-library, missing front fly, 1948; Whittling and Wood Carving by Tangerman, E. J., hard cover, very good, case tight, 1936, eleventh printing; and Woodcarving Fundamentals with Bob Stumpf, Vol.1, CD, 2001. (Photo)

361. WOODWORKING BOOKS: Carving Signs by Krockta, Greg and Roger Schroeder, hard cover, spiral bound, as new except for tear on front, 1997; Christmas Scroll Saw, by Zieg, Tom, paper back, as new, 2000, 2nd printing; Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw, by Thompson, Diana, paper back, as new, 2004; Scroll Saw Holiday Puzzles by Burns, Tony and June, paper back, as new, 2003; Making Wood Signs, by Spielman, Patrick, paper back, as new, 1984; Wooden Toys: Project and Plans by Graesch, Heinz, paper back, very good, 1983; and Weathervanes and Whirligigs, CD. (Photo)

362. BOOK: Audel's Carpenters and Builders Guide, Vol. 1-4 by Graham, Frank D., cloth bound, very good, 1923. (Photo)

363. TOOL BOOKS: A Dedication to Excellence and Innovation: The Simonds Story 1832 to 2007, as new, 2007, original; and The American Axe and Tool Co., New York, as new, 1981, reprinted by MWTCA & EAIA; Stanley Tools, catalogue No. 110, as new, 1984 reprinted by Roger Smith; Sargent Planes: Wood Botton and Iron Planes, as new, 1975 reprint by Roger Smith; Hynson Tool & Supply Co, St. Louis, USA 1903, as new 1980 reprint by MWTCA & EAIA; E. C. Stearns & Co., Syracuse NY, Hardware 1924, as new, 1977 reprint by Roger Smith; Woodworking Machinery Manufactired by W. F. and John Barnes Co., Rockford ILL, as new, 1978 reprint by MWTCA; PEXTO Mechanics Hand Tools Pexto, 1927, as new, 1981 reprint by Roger Smith; and How to Work with Tools and Wood by Stanley, hard cover, good, 1927. (Photo)

364. Sargent #78 rabbet & fillister plane, complete and fine; plus a Craftsman low-angle block plane (Sargent made) with adjustable throat, very good overall. (Photo)

365. L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) 18-inch iron shaft level, all vials intact, fine; plus a 12-inch Stanley #36 double plumb & level, one plumb vial dry, otherwise fine. (Photo)

366. Fine W.S. GREAVES & SONS “Connecticut-style” hand adz, needs wedge made to securely mount handle to blade, otherwise very good.

367. Small wooden spill plane marked G.WALKER on both ends, fine. (Photo)

368. Unusual spelk type shave marked F.S. PEARSON & CO. Sheffield, with screw adjusted cutter, very good overall. (Photo)

369. Nicely made wooden router, marked on both sides J.SYMONDS, has a plow plane blade in it now. (Photo)

370. Stanley #35 plumb line level, has a dry plumb vial, otherwise very good. (Photo)

371. Interesting brass-framed hack saw, frame marked HERBERT LEWIS JAN. 1st, 1894, fine overall. (Photo)

372. Nice curved hand adz for making dough bowls or troughs, some pitting, worth restoring; plus a small lathing hatchet. (Photo)

373. Fine L&IJ White hand adz, may in fact be a new old stock piece, very sharp and ready to go. (Photo)

374. Two drawknives and two firmer socket chisels, one drawknife and ne chisel need handles. (Photo)

375. Pair of fencing pliers: a FULTON & an unknown with a staple puller, both very good. (Photo)

376. Two push drills and one Yankee Handyman 133H screwdriver, all very good. (Photo)

377. Lot of four sharpening stones: DEERLICK OIL STONE CO. CHAGRIN FALLS, OHIO; two CARBORUNDUM brand stones in original boxes and another unmarked stone. (Photo)

378. Stanley #130 doubled ended block plane, MADE IN ENGLAND, like new in original box. (Photo)

379. Standard Tool Co. ½ dozen square-shanked bits for brace IOB, all are fine. (Photo)

380. A Krahn Punch for paper fasteners made by Krahn Mfg. Milwaukee, Wis. Mounted to board with original tag, very good. (Photo)

381. Notary type stamp patented July 13, 1920 with original paint, fine. (Photo)

382. Four 4-inch Crescent wrenches: OMEGA; PROTO: KRAEUTER; and MFD 4004, all very good. (Photo)

383. REVISED Homemade slitting gage, double-beam marking gage; and a curved face scraper. (Photo)

384. W.H. HOWELL CO. GENEVA, ILL cast iron trivet, very good; plus a sad iron that needs a handle. (Photo)

385. Nice pair of riding spurs, complete and very good. (Photo)

386. Stanley #730 2-lb. hammer, VG; plus a head for a poll adz, needs a handle. (Photo)

387. BOOKS: Starrett Second Ed. catalog No. 27, 1957, paper back, very good, name on cover, second edition; Starrett Precision Tools Suggested Resale Net Prices, Feb. 9, 1959, very good, name on cover, 1959; Starrett Tools, Catalog No. 22, 19??, paper back, damaged cover at spine, corners, 1900?; Lufkin Catalog No. 8, very good; Lufkin Precision Tool Price List, March 10, 1956, fine, 1959; new Lufkin Precision Tools, fine, not dated.; Brown & Sharpe Small Tools Catalog No. 33, paper back, fair, loose at front, tears to cover,1938; Brown & Sharp Small Tools Catalog No. 30, paper back, fair, cover damaged, 1926; and Goodell Pratt Conplete Catalog 16, paper back, good, some writing at front, back inside 1920s. (Photo)

388. BOOKS: Woodworker's Journal From Shop to Home, hardcover, as new, 2004: Wood: Country Woodcrafts You Can Make by Meredith Books, hard cover, as new, 1992; Making Country Rustic Wood Projects by Spielman, Patrick, hard cover, very good 1985; Mother's 101 Workshop Projects, Mother Earth News, paper back, good 1984; The Handyman's Book, by Hasluck, Paul N., paper back, as new, 1987; Trade Secrets: Tips and Hints from the Pros., Schnaser, Gene, paper back, very good, corners bumped, 1988; 15 Practical Woodworking Projects by Blandford, Percy, paper back, as new, 1988, 1st ed. 2nd print; The 250 Best Shop Tricks by Woodworkers' Journal, paper back, as new, 2000; Woodworking Magazine 14 Projects: First Seven Issues of Woodworking Magazine, hard cover with dust jacket, as new, 2007; and Workshop Plans DIY Project Plans compact disk. (Photo)

389. BOOKS: Timber Frame Construction: All About Post and Beam Construction by Sobon, Jack and Roger Schroeder, paper back, very good, 1984; The Log Cabin: Homes of the North American Wilderness by Bealer, Alex W. and John O. Ellis, paper back, good, 1978; Hand-Hewn: and The Art of Building Your Own Cabin by Leitch, William C., paper back, very good, 1976. (Photo)

390. BOOKS: Porch, Patio, & Deck Furnishings by Black & Decker, hard covers, spiral bound, as new, 1996, Furniture Projects for the Deck & Lawn, Kelsey, John, paper back, as new, 2004; Decks, Porches & Patios, hard covered, as new. (Photo)

391. BOOKS: Woodframe Furniture Restoration by Smith, Alan, hard cover with dust jacket, as new, 1985; The Furniture Guys Book by L'Erario, Joe and Ed Feldman, hard cover with dust jacket, very good--front fly creased, otherwise as new, 1990; Furniture and Decoration: Period and Modern, hard cover, good, 1941, revised, eighteenth printing; How to Restore and Decorate Chairs by Blanchard, Roberta Ray, hard cover with dust jacket, very good, 1952; and The Complete Book of Furniture Restoration by Salazar, Tristan, hard covered, very good, 1982. (Photo)

392. BOOKS: FURNITURE BOOKS: Furniture Making Plain and Simple by Watson, Aldren A. and Theodora A. Poulos, hard covered with dust jacket, 1984; The Art of Chair Making by Pierce, Kerry, paper back, as new, 1997; and The Encyclopedia of Joint Making by Noll, Terrie, hard cover with dust jacket, as new, 1997 reprint. (Photo)

393. BOOKS: FURNITURE BOOKS: Building Early American Wooden Furniture by Daniele, Joseph, hard cover, fair to poor, case open at front, cover worn, 1974; American Woodenware and Other Primitives, paper back, very good, ex library, 1974; Early American Furniture You Can Build, paper back, good, with enclosures, fawcett books; and Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware, Vol. I and II by Handberg, Ejner, hard cover, ex library, good to fair, 1973 and 1975. (Photo)

394. TOOL BOOKS: The Antique Tool Collector's Guide to Value by Barlow, Ronald S., paper back, very good, 1985; A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes by Pollak, Emil and Martyl, paper back, as new, 2001 4th edition revised; Prices Realized on Rare Imprinted Wooden Planes, 1979-1992 by Pollak, Emil and Martyl, paper back, as new, 1993 first edition; and A Price Guide to Antique Tools by Kean, Herbert and Emil S. Pollak, paper back, as new, 1992. (Photo)

395. WOODWORKING BOOKS: Swedish Carving Techniques by Sundquist, Wille, paper back, as new, 1990; Carving Swedish Woodenware with Jogge Sundquist, VHS videotape, 1990; The Art of Japanese Joinery by Seike, Kiyosi, poorly executed library re-bind, 1977, 4th printing, 1979; Clogs and Clogmaking by Atkinson, Jeremy, pamphlet, very good, not dated, Woodworking in Estonia by Viires, A., ex library, library bound, very good, 1969. (Photo)

396. TOOL BOOKS: Ancient Carpenters' Tools by Mercer, ex library, very good, 1960; The American Patented Brace by Pearson, Ronald W., paper back, as new, 1994; A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes by Pollak, Emil and Martyl; paper back, as new, 2001 4th ed. revised; Patent Master: Patent Images of Boring, Drilling & Related Tools & Machines by Price, Jim, compact disc, 2005. (Photo)

397. Stanley BEDROCK TYPE I #8 jointer plane, all correct parts, 90% japanning, the right rear side has a Liquid-Metal repair of a few chips, otherwise intact and usable, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

398. Keen Kutter empty box likely for a 9 1/2 size plane, top part label missing, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

399. Scarce Zenith #14C Sargent-made for Marshall Wells Hardware of Duluth, Minn., has Zenith logo sides and blade, tip off handle, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

400. Stanley #605 1/4 Bedrock plane, near new, but some faint school markings. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Stanley #20 compass plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

402. Stanley #191 rabbet plane, missing depth stop, near new condition.

403. Stanley #203 block plane, nice condition with V-logo blade. (Photo)

404. Wards (Stanley) jack plane with adjustable frog, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. Scarce Simmons Hardware Co. CHIP-A-WAY breast drill with nicely embossed gear wheel. (Photo & Photo 2)

406. Unusual BELKNAP BLUEGRASS (Sargent) #5C currugated jack plane, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

407. KEEN KUTTER BLUE BRAND KBO 2-speed breast drill with built-in level, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

408. Diamond Edge (Stanley) DE5 jack plane with black bakelite type tote, fine wooden handle, original blade, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

409. NORVELL SHAPLEIGH DIAMOND EDGE 2-speed breast drill, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

410. Wooden 23-inch jointer plane with poorly executed throat patch; plus a 15-inch wooden jack plane, both can be put back into service. (Photo)

411. Two 20-inch transitional fore planes including a B PLANE with unusual lateral adjuster, very good; another unmarked on toe but with good Stanley blade, very good overall; plus a Stanley #35? transitional smoother for parts. (Photo)

412. Stanley #7C jointer plane, tall knob, adjustable frog, patent dates in bed behind frog, needs cleaning, well used blade, complete and in good usable condition. (Photo)

413. Stanley #8C jointer plane, fine rosewood tote and tall knob, adjustable frog, 85%+ japanning, nearly full length blade, very good overall condition. (Photo)

414. Langdon miter box by Millers Falls with very good 20-inch Disston & Sons back saw, a nice complete miter box in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

415. Large patented bung reamer with some pitting; plus a D.R. Barton hoop driver that needs a handle. (Photo)

416. Nice screw adjusting coopers croze. (Photo)

417. Nice wooden mallet; plus a bung auger. (Photo)

418. Unknown purpose tapered reamer; plus a hoop driver. (Photo)

419. Reading Hwe. Mfg. apple peeler, complete and very good. (Photo)

420. Hand adz; plus a hoop driver that needs a wooden handle. (Photo)

421. Bridgeport type breast drill; plus an unknown make 10-inch ratchet brace, very good. (Photo)

422. Lot of four hammers: D. MAYDOLE claw hammer; Diamond Edge claw hammer; 3 1/4-pound sledge; and a blacksmith type. (Photo)

423. Two hammer: long nose ball peen, very good; and a hatchet. (Photo)

424. Shingle froe plus a cooper or carriage type drawknife. (Photo)

425. Large cabinet makers tool chest with raised panel lid and intact lock with key, one of the bottom boards is loose, there is nothing inside, make some sliding tills and fix or replace the loose board in the bottom and you'll have nice tool chest. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Nice display case with oak top that needs two new pieces of glass. This one has a lever on the side that when depressed opens the top, there is a lockable storage space below and when locked the front can't be opened with the lever. Install two new pieces of glass and you will have a fine old display case. (Photo & Photo 2)

427. Nice 6-drawer 23 x 9 1/4 x 7-inch steel cabinet that once contained a lot of watchmaker's parts, the drawers all have their pulls and each has a holder for ID tags, very good. (Photo)

428. Smaller 14 1/2 x 11 x 8-inch, 6-drawer steel parts cabinet, was full of watch parts when the current owner found it, it still has boxes of watch crystals in one drawer, very good overall. (Photo)

429. Small jewelers saw, very good; plus a small keyhole saw. (Photo)

430. Small hand saw; plus a brass backed dovetail saw, very good. (Photo)

431. Two wooden handled shaves; one by Hynson, both very good.

432. Brass die stock with wooden handles by Boston Brass, very good; plus a pair of patented nippers or hoof trimmers by Champion DeArment, very good. (Photo)

433. Single bit axe head, very good; hatchet with rolled steel handle; plus another hatchet. (Photo)

434. Two large hammers: large rock? hammer; and a mill pick. (Photo)

435. S.H. CO's COLUMBIA No. 94 ST. LOUIS 26-inch, 5 ppi rip saw, some light rust, good etch, small chip from bottom of handle spur, very good overall. (Photo)

436. Continental screw-arm plow plane with handle, has nice threads on the arms, inner nuts are recessed into the back of the fence, the entire plane is covered in old worm holes, includes two original blades and two pitted American blades. (Photo & Photo 2)

437. BRIDGE TOOL CO. No. 125 10-inch back saw with fine etch, handle painted red, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

438. OHIO TOOL CO. No. 05 jack plane THISTLE BRAND PAT APPLD FOR blade, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

439. Harvey W. Peace #47 hand saw MADE FOR F.A. KANSTEINER, 1008 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS, MO, 28-in. 4 ppi blade, July 3, 1882 handle plate, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

440. ROCKFORD T.M.P. ROCKFORD ILL #5C corrugated jack plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

441. Keen Kutter No. 726 hand saw, 26-inch 8ppi blade, fine boxwood or apple handle, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

442. Scarce Muehl Patent (U.S. #775,378) BUCKEYE No. 5C corrugated jack plane, tote spur broken otherwise fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

443. Mound City St. Louis hand saw, 26-in. 7ppi blade, nice etch, few chips and cracks on handle, VG. (Photo)

444. Stanley #0H5 Two-Tone jack plane, yellow and maroon, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

445. SCHROETER BROS. HARDWARE OUR SPECIAL 26-inch, 8 ppi blade hand saw, fine etch, very good overall. (Photo)

446. Scarce Keen Kutter (Stanley) K171 router plane, has Keen Kutter logo on bottom under each knob, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

447. Bridge Tool Co. St. Louis No. 225, 28-inch 5 1/2 ppi hand saw, fine etch, fine overall. (Photo)

448. Scarce Keen Kutter (Stanley) K171 1/2 router plane, has Keen Kutter logo on bottom below each knob, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Yankee #75 ratcheting wood drill, VG.

450. RARE J.H. Morrison Patent Challange Brace with 2 chucks and almost 100% original nickel plating, made on patent #598,382 issued Feb. 1, 1898 to John Morrison of Prescott, Arizona Territory, a very rare brace in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Stanley #50, 2-inch chisel with plastic handle, very good. (Photo)

452. Two Stanley #140 block plane blades, both used. (Photo)

453. Stanley #45 combination plow plane, with 15 blades in original box, slitter attached, two hooks, pre-notched blades. (Photo)

454. Stanley #248 plane with all parts except one blade, VG.

455. Two hand forged braces; one missing thumb screw to secure bit, the other never had a screw. (Photo)

456. Two hack saws: Millers Falls #84 with permaloid handle and a NTD with plastic or permaloid handle. (Photo)

457. Three automatic screwdrivers: DECATUR COFFIN CO. with faint maker’s mark, otherwise very good; Yankee #131A, very good; and Yankee #31, very good. (Photo)

458. Two “T” augers, both need lead screws and leading edges sharpened, otherwise they’re OK. (Photo)

459. Fine Millers Falls #2 adjustable auger handle. (Photo)

460. Fine 13-inch #49951 drawknife by Columbus McKinnon Corp. Chattanooga, TN. (Photo)

461. H. MUELLER Decatur, ILL patent screwdriver July 30, 1889, complete and very good; Stanley #30A reversible screwdriver; and a Yankee #45 push drill, very good overall. (Photo)

462. Stanley VICTOR #1104 smooth plane, complete and very good; plus a DUNLAP #107.1 8-inch smoother, complete and very good. (Photo)

463. Stanley #4 smooth plane, tote cracked, otherwise, complete and very good; plus a later #220 block plane in blue paint, very good overall. (Photo)

464. Siegley #6 iron fore plane, complete and very good; plus a BEN HUR iron block plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

465. Stanley BAILEY #30 transitional jointer plane STANLEY blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

466. Three braces: Yankee No. 2100, some mild rust, otherwise, usable; Consolidated Tool Works #510 non-ratcheting, complete and good overall; and a Yankee #2101 complete and very good. (Photo)

467. Four claw hammers: Cheney nail-holding, a few chips on face, otherwise OK; and three unknown makes, all with good handles. (Photo)

468. Three claw hammers: two unknown makes each with wooden handle; and a POP EASY SET hammer, that you put a nail into the top of and a spring loaded piece slides up and shoots it into the work to get it started. (Photo)

469. Two double ended alligator wrenches: a W No. 2 nickel plated; and a smaller ACKETT No. 1, both very good. (Photo)

470. Three braces: an all-iron brace with spring chuck; and two European bit braces that secure the bit with a thumb screw, one has a replaced screw, all are in good or better condition. (Photo)

471. Stanley #140 skew-bladed block plane, one of the screws that secures the side is a replacement, otherwise it is complete and will make a good user. (Photo)

472. Stanley 5 ¼ junior jack plane, SW vintage, good tote and knob, light rust to exposed surfaces, will clean to very good overall. (Photo)

473. Stanley #3 & #4 smooth planes, both of same vintage, good wood, good nickel on the lever caps, light rust to exposed surfaces, will both clean to very good overall. (Photo)

474. Wooden grooving plow with adjustable fence on the side: plus an E.C. Stearns & Co. cabinet scraper, very good overall. (Photo)

475. Hand cranked knife sharpener, unknown make, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

476. Four misc. hammers: FAIRMOUNT 42HC with nail claw on end of wooden handle; mini toy claw hammer; unknown make ball peen; and a tack hammer with off-set claw on one end. (Photo)

477. Four metal or tinners hammers including a strapped model marked ENGLAND, all very good. (Photo)

478. Three early claw hammers; one is strapped, all with good handles. (Photo)

479. Large unmarked broad axe head, very good. (Photo)

480. Spear & Jackson crosscut saw with split-nuts holding handle, one nut is missing, otherwise very good overall. (Photo)

481. Pair of drawknives: BEATTY PHILADA 10-in, very good; and a FULTON 8=inch, very good. (Photo)

482. LANDERS, MORA & CIA. S.A. meat grinder, top is bent on one side, otherwise very good. (Photo)

483. Sinclair Scott & Co. Baltimore apple peeler, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. Two chain tools: WEED chain pliers; and a chain detacher or chain breaker. (Photo)

485. TRU-TEST single bit axe, light rust, will clean to very good; head is loose and needs to be secured; plus an unknown make single bit axe, very good. (Photo)

486. Five fixer-upper hand saws including Atkins & Disston. (Photo)

487. Large OTCO docking saw with iron handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

488. Early HENRY DISSTON rip saw with sunken eagle medallion and name stamped rather than etched into blade, split nut handle, spurs of handle chipped, will clean to very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

489. Fine Stearns Patent adjustable hollow auger with intact depth stop. (Photo & Photo 2)

490. Unusual single-handed scorp, very good overall. (Photo)

491. Dinglestock and similar item that fits into the hardie hole of an anvil. (Photo)

492. GALAGHER speed indicator, LYNN, MASS., nickel plated, very good. (Photo)

493. Early mortising axe, needs a handle, some pitting. (Photo)

494. Four plier-type tools including a triple hog ringer; a J89 mystery plier and a D190 mystery plier. (Photo)

495. Small hollow faced drawknife and an Osborne Patent leather slitter. (Photo)

496. Pair of drawknives: L.&IJ WHITE 9-inch; and unknown make 9-inch, both in good usable condition. (Photo)

497. Carborundum #280 hand-cranked, bench-mounting grinder, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. CUMMINGS INITIAL MACHINE manufactured by The B.F. CUMMINGS CO. for J.B. MAST CO. NEW YORK, complete with original wooden handle and colorful pin striping, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

499. FINE Millers Falls #12 2-speed breast drill with level, the ferrule on the auxiliary handle is cracked, the main gear has a decal MoorMan’s Moorman Mfg. Quincy, ILL, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. Smith & Hemmingway Co. Irvington, NJ nail puller, complete and very good; plus a poll adz with curved blade that needs a handle. (Photo)

501. Lot of four open-ended automotive “S” wrenches; 481B; 483C; 479; and 477B; plus an adjustable IVER JOHNSON pocket or bicycle wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Stanley #94 butt gage with V-logo on screw; and a Stanley #49 big gage, both complete and very good. (Photo)

503. Nicely made swiveling meat hook; plus a hand cranked wheel or winder, very good. (Photo)

504. Assortment of 7 wooden handled screwdrivers. (Photo)

505. Wooden box with 6 Fulton Tool Co. auger bits, very good overall; plus a Millers Falls #732 10-inch ratchet brace, very good overall. (Photo)

506. Six hand forged tools: two spoon bits; one tapered reamer or pump log auger; etc. (Photo)

507. Long handled poll adz with curved blade, needs handle secured or replaced, otherwise OK. (Photo)

508. Blacksmith’s type leg vise, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

509. Coleman Co. gasoline powered pressing iron with original fuel can and copper funnel, trivets, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

510. Unknown late-model bench-mounted miter vise, aluminum adjusters, very good overall. (Photo)

511. Three unusual hammer: large unknown purpose with curved point on back; unusual ball peen that has a special acorn-shaped peen head; and a Fulton Tool Co. cobbler’s hammer. (Photo)

512. Two different types of file holders with files, both very good. (Photo)

513. Star Tool Co. hack saw frame, needs blade; and a homemade drawknife marked E.W. FORBES, very good. (Photo)

514. Three hammers: CHAMPION cobbler’s; small patented brass hammer; and larger sledge marked PUNCH-LOK CHICAGO, all very good. (Photo)

515. Unusual curd knife used in the cheese making industry. This one is marked but it will need cleaning to reveal the mark, very interesting. (Photo)

516. Lot of four different hammers: brick hammer; hand-forged riveting?; unknown metalworking; and a curved one that looks like a mill pick that needs a handle. (Photo)

517. Stanley VICTOR ratchet brace and an unusual bitstock tool: a nickel- plated adjustable thread chaser with a capstan-type adjuster, VG. (Photo)

518. RARE Hill & Adams patent angular bitstock tool, made on a patent issued January 5, 1858 to Benjamin Hill & Samuel Adams of Chicopee, Massachusetts. This one is in fine original condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

519. CROW 5/8-in. No. 2 fixed sash plane, very good; plus a CAULDWALL 1-inch rabbet plane, very good. (Photo)

520. Four wood planes: J. KELLOGG AMHURST MASS miter plane, with MOULSON BROS iron, very good; unknown make single-iron smoother with Jas Cam blade, cracked at toe, good overall; large round; Thos. Appleton 3/8-in. dado, missing nicker, otherwise VG; and a very nice Sims London hollow that is missing the blade. (Photo)

521. Millers Falls Co. Alford’s Patent hand vise, very good overall. (Photo)

522. Stanley #55 hollow faced spoke shave with SW blade, very good overall. (Photo)

523. Red Diamond smooth plane MADE IN USA, very good overall; and low angle iron block plane with adjustable throat, Diamond Edge blade, lever cap broken, and knob missing from adjuster, good body and blade. (Photo)

524. Switzer Patent U.S. #9,457 screw-holding bitstock tool used in a brace, made on a patent issued Dec. 7, 1852 to Jacob Switzer of Basil Ohio, this one needs the top of the blade re-ground, otherwise VG. (Photo)

525. Millers Falls #85 duplex or rabbet and fillester plane, complete with depth stop and a fence for a Sargent #79 that can be adapted to this plane, very good; plus an unusual iron spoke shave with open loop handles and unmarked blade, and unusual blade clamp, very good overall. (Photo)

526. Three wooden molding planes: M. CRANNELL ALBANY 7/8-inch dado plane, complete and fine; SHEPLEY & BRAIN & G. GOSDEN snipes bill plane, very good; and CAULDWALL #10 hollow, with minor chipping on bottom at toe. (Photo)

527. Kennedy metal machinist tool box, needs a good cleaning, but should clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

528. Singer hand-cranked pinker, with original paint and wooden handle, fine overall condition. Comes with a clamp (not pictured) for clamping it to a table. These also came with a straight blade for cutting strips, but the straight blade is not with this one. (Photo)

529. Hand forged block knife like those used by clog makers for roughing out the wooden blanks that wooden shoes are made from. (Photo)

530. Disston panel and back saws, both very good. (Photo)

531. Two flagging or chincing irons used in calking barrels during initial construction and during repairs, both are very good. (Photo)

532. Lot: meat hook; patented bunion tool for stretching shoes; spring scale; etc. (Photo)

533. Hand forged raft dog; hand forged hook with swivel; hoop driver that needs a wooden handle; plus a manufactured rivet set. (Photo)

534. Lot: Hand vise; and two mystery tools. (Photo)

535. B.F. Avery & Sons Louisville, Kentucky wrench, very good; plus a Trimo 10-inch adjusting pipe wrench, very good. (Photo)

536. Blackhawk screw adjust wrench, complete and very good; plus a Cochran 10-inch adjustable pipe wrench. (Photo)

537. Cast iron 12-inch level, complete and very good; plus two nice Stanley bevels one with rosewood handle. (Photo)

538. Large copper printers plate for SOUTHPERKASIE FLOUR & FEED MILL C.E. BENFIELD. (Photo)

539. Two Stanley rafter squares: Handyman #500C, complete and very good; plus a fine #R100. (Photo)

540. FINE brass A.S. ALOE - CO. St. Louis, MO surveyor's transit in original wooden box with two fine plumb bobs, fine leg site with adapter, an invoice in the box says it was calibrated and cleaned here in St. Louis in 1977 by the Howard Bay Company. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

541. SELF ADJUSTING nut wrench, fine; automatic screwdriver with improper copper handle; and a large lever-type saw set, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. Hand adz; and two cone shaped pipe flaring? tools. (Photo)

543. Keen Kutter KK7C iron jointer plane, handle spur missing otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

544. Tinners brake or bender, for roof flashing etc., complete and very good. (Photo)

545. Hunt & Wiseman, St. Louis, Mo, 24-inch jointer plane, very good. (Photo)

546. Hunt & Wiseman St. Louis, Mo. 15-inch wooden jack plane and a SCIOTO coffin shaped smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo)

547. Large wooden framed kraut cutter, a great piece to decorate with. (Photo)

548. Two wooden furniture clamps, one locks when the handle on the end is turned. (Photo)

549. Extra long 7-foot masons? level with Roe's Patent vial housing by Eden Specialty Co. Brooklyn, N.Y. This is a neat level that is well made. (Photo)

550. Disston & Sons mason's level, has had a hang hole drilled in one end, otherwise very good; plus a Stanley #30 double plumb and level that has a hang hole in one end and a coating of lacquer. (Photo)

551. Small box of riveted paper? construction with hinged lid, and heavy duty handle, very good: plus Henry Disston & Sons #40 swan neck scraper, fine; and a small Stanley tag or badge. (Photo)

552. Large lot of Midwest Tool Collector Association GRISTMILL magazines from the 1980s to 2009. (Photo)

553. CRAFTSMAN A.B. Jennings Patent (U.S. #813,152) 10-inch, folding handle drawknife, some pitting near the top of the blade, good handles, can be easily restored to usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

554. T.H. Witherby 8-inch folding-handle drawknife, scuffed but intact handles, very light rust, will easily clean to fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)


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