OCTOBER 1 & 2, 2010

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Road,

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO 63304

Auction Starts Saturday at 9 AM (doors open at 7:30 AM)

(preview Friday from 1:30 to 6:30 PM)


FRIDAY SESSION (Beginning at 3 PM): 

001. Stanley #3 smooth plane that appears to be new old stock, better than fine; plus a Stanley #71 router plane that has had four holes drilled into the base for adding a wooden wear strip, otherwise very good. (Photo)

002. Stanley #45 combination plow plane in original chestnut box (no lid) original cutter box with seven plows, six beads and one match for a total of 14; has B casting mark on bed, two patent dates on skate; needs cam, three blades inc. slitter; and two depth stops to complete, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

003. Two long handled Stanley scrapers #82 & #79, the later looks like NOS, and #82 is fine. (Photo)

004. Stanley BEDROCK #604 FT smooth plane, nearly spent V logo cutter, very good rosewood tote, knob chipped at base, has former owners name stamped into side, will make a great user. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Stanley #4 smooth plane with 90%+ japanning, very good rosewood tote and low knob, Q-logo cutter, VG; & a Sargent-made Craftsman #3740BL 4-EDGE BLADE smooth plane, missing the blade. (Photo & Photo 2)

006. Stanley #113 Type 3 compass or circle plane with 85%+ japanning, good Q-logo cutter, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

007. Stanley "Liberty Bell" #129 transitional fore plane, VG. (Photo)

008. Auburn Tool Co. #53, 1 1/2-inch jack rabbet plane, top of wedge is sheared off, otherwise very good. (Photo)

009. Gage Tool Co. Vineland, NJ #4 transitional smooth plane, complete, very good overall. (Photo)

010. Shapleigh, Day & Co. #82 screw-arm grooving plow plank plane, VG. (Photo)

011. E.C. Stearns #795-B saw set with original decal, FINE. (Photo)

012. Welliver & Sons Rockford, ILL saw jointer & Simonds No 342 Saw Tool both new in original boxes. (Photo & Photo 2)

013. SIMONDS #342 Saw Tool New In Original Box. (Photo & Photo 2)

014. Marples & Sons rabbet with fence on the bottom, some fire damage; plus an Ohio Tool Co. #68 1-inch complex molding plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

015. Sandusky Tool Co. #67 moving fillester plane with depth stop and fence. (Photo & Photo 2)

016. Owasco Tool Co. #127, 1 1/4-inch reverse ogee, VG. (Photo & Photo 2

017. Ohio Tool Co. #56, moving fillester plane with screw-adjusting depth stop. (Photo & Photo 2)

018. Lot of three wallpaper hangers plumb bobs, two steel and one wood. (Photo)

019. Four plumb bobs; three lead, one aluminum. (Photo)

020. Five wooden plumb bobs. (Photo 2)

021. Seven steel plumb bobs inc. Dietzgen & Hanson PB-312. [top lot in photo] (Photo & Photo 2)

022. Seven steel plumb bobs inc. 38402 U.S.A.; & EXACT Made In U.S.A. 08. (Photo & Photo 2)

023. Two brass plumb bobs: European style 14-oz. & unmarked 9 1/2-oz. with shapely body. (Photo)

024. Pair brass plumb bobs inc. an unmarked 10 oz. with steel tip; & a BRUNING “micro bob” by Suverkrop 12-oz. patents 2,469,583 & Canada (472,074,) VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

025. Stanley Rule & Level Co. #1 brass plumb bob with reel, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

026. Sold brass 1-lb. plumb bob, with knurled top, VG. (Photo)

027. Unusual 8-oz. brass plumb bob, unscrews in middle to protect point inside body, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

028. Stanley #264 torpedo level IOB, level like new, box rough. (Photo)

029. Little iron glue pot, complete & very good. (Photo)

030. Harmic Mfg. Co. Pat. Pend mini torch. (Photo)

031. Nice boxed set of draftsmans trammels. (Photo)

032. Nicely made set 4 3/4-in. all-steel trammel points on 13-in. steel beam, VG. (Photo)

033. Unusual all steel trammels on adjustable beam that is held & adjusted with a flat-steel spring, VG. (Photo)

034. Stanley #2 late model brass trammels on wooden beam, FINE. (Photo)

035. Stanley #0, 24-inch plumb & level with cherry stock, FINE. (Photo)

036. Stanley #36, 18-inch cast iron double plumb & level, VG. (Photo)

037. Stratton Brothers #11 1/2 brass bound double plumb & level, VG. (Photo)

038. RARE Cooks Patent Dec. 7, 1886 CAST IRON plumb & level, made by Davis & Cook, 18 3/8-inch, japanning enhanced, otherwise VG. (Photo 2)

039. L.S. Starrett 18-inch millwrights shaft level, with vial cover, VG. (Photo)

040. Pair Stanley #34 levels: 10-inch shaft with hole in each end & 6-in. flat bottom, VG, both have vial covers. (Photo)

041. L.S. Starrett 8-inch shaft level with vial cover, VG. (Photo)

042. AKRON ECLIPSE LEVEL by Baker McMillen Co. Akron, Ohio, Pat. 12/20/04, 28-inch plumb & level, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. STANDARD #31, 28-inch double plumb & level by Baker McMillen Co. Akron, Ohio, Pat. 12/20/04, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

044. Stratton Brothers #1, 28-inch brass bound plumb & level with mahogany stock and nice brass side views, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

045. Oak or mahogany plumb level with small brass plumb bob,, very nice. (Photo)

046. Stratton Bros. 28-in. #1 brass-bound mahogany plumb & level. (Photo)

047. Unknown 27 1/2-inch mahogany plumb & level with brass plumb vial housing mounted to the side of the stock. (Photo & Photo 2)

048. Geo. Bishops Patent Jan. 9, 1906, #10 reversible back saw with 14-inch blade, VG. (Photo)

049. Pair iron level sights for wooden levels, hand forged spoon bit, & three NOS Stanley scraper blades. (Photo)

050. J.S. Fray & Co. ratcheting corner brace, VG. (Photo)

051. Three Yankee push drills inc. #42; two #43s and a Yankee #15 ratchet screwdriver. (Photo)

052. Yankee #1530 ratcheting hand drill with replaced crank handle, otherwise, VG; plus Stanley #139 3/4-inch counter sink with Wheeler? Patent depth stop, fine. (Photo)

053. Pair of screwdrivers including a NOS Irwin 16-inch perfect-handle type & a Tuffy with fold-down handle for leverage mfg. by Swallow Airplane Co. Wichita, Kansas, very good. (Photo)

054. Three NOS Greenlee auger bits IOB: two 1 3/8-inch; and one 1 1/4-inch. Both boxes are fine. (Photo)

055. Two unusual tack hammers, one is strapped, each with the puller in a different position, both very good. (Photo)

056. Two unusual hammers: one is a glazers hammer with a revolving head, the nickel is peeling in places, but it is otherwise very good; also included is a tack hammer with a puller that has had a piece added to it. (Photo)

057. Ultimatum-type ebony & brass marking & mortise gage/gauge a few tight cracks in ebony near screw holes but otherwise, very good. (Photo)

058. Phillips Patent rosewood & brass marking gage/gauge, patented Jan. 15, 1867 (U.S. No. 61,248) some chipping to end of rosewood beam, points have been replaced, both adjustable brass heads are intact, good overall condition. (Photo)

059. Stanley #60 Trauts Patent all-steel marking gage, marked PAT APPLD FOR, very good overall condition. (Photo)

060. Rosewood tool handle marked ROLLIS on steel chuck, very good; and a homemade twin-beam marking & mortise gage/gauge, good. (Photo)

061. Stanley #93 butt gauge Type I, very good; plus a #97 single beam gage/gauge in fine overall condition. (Photo)

062. Three caliper rules inc. Stanley #35-138 & Stanley #13CR, both fine and likely unused condition; and a Lufkin #016 (136 1/2) caliper rule, FINE. (Photo)

063. Stephens #36 combination rule, level & bevel combination tool, complete and very good. (Photo)

064. Small rosewood panel gauge; rosewood marking gauge with oval head & faint patent date: & VG rosewood slitting gauge. (Photo)

065. Ebony marking & mortise gauge & S.S. NORTON WORCESTER rosewood marking & mortise gauge, VG. (Photo)

066. Three Stanley marking gauges: #62; #65 & #72. Two are NOS. (Photo)

067. Three marking gauges: Stanley used for circular work; another double-beam with a repaired head & an unmarked rosewood gauge like a Stanley #77, VG. (Photo)

068. Stanley #5 1/4 Junior Jack plane, VG. (Photo)

069. Stanley #130 double ended block plane, repainted, VG; and Stanley #140 Type I skew bladed block plane, VG. (Photo)

070. Stanley #104 Liberty Bell smooth plane, tote spur broken, otherwise VG. (Photo)

071. Early Stanley #130 double ended block plane with six-point star cap, VG. (Photo)

072. Pair of 8-inch smooth planes: PARPLUS by METAL PRODUCTS CORP. & CAPEWELL by CAPEWELL MFG. CO. Hartford. Conn. (Photo)

073. Keen Kutter K3C smooth plane, original knob, tote broken and glued, 90%+ japanning, VG. (Photo)

074. Two 8-inch smooth planes inc. Fulton Tool Co. #3 & JORDAN GERMANY, both VG. (Photo)

075. Vaughan & Bushnell LINCOLN #803C with 90%+ japanning, nice tote and knob, VG. (Photo)

076. Stanley #57 corebox plane with one side of risers and homemade turnbuckle, fine tote and R&L logo cutter, 90%+ nickel plating, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

077. Stanley #135 “LIBERTY BELL” transitional smooth plane with eagle logo on toe, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

078. Late model Stanley #40 scrub plane with nice rosewood tote and knob, SW logo cutter, 95%+ japanning, former owners name in side, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

079. Stanley #40 1/2 extra large scrub plane, with nice beech handles, SW logo cutter, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

080. Stanley #66 hand beader with one blade and two round fences; plus a Sargent #81 side rabbet plane with wooden nose piece. (Photo & Photo 2)

081. Stanley #63 spoke shave V-logo cutter, FINE. (Photo)

082. Cincinnati Tool Co. convex bottom shave, FINE. (Photo)

083. Scarce Union Tool Co. chamfer spoke shave with adjustable guides, VG. (Photo)

084. Carriagemakers 2 7/8-inch wooden rabbet plane, VG. (Photo)

085. Carriagemakers 4 3/8-inch T rabbet plane with rosewood body & wedge and applied brass sole, VG. (Photo)

086. Miniature 3 7/8-inch wooden smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

087. Miniature 4 3/4-inch compass plane, cutter with 1 1/4-inch KENYON SHEFIELD blade, fine. (Photo)

088. DONOVAN 5-inch rosewood smooth plane, fine. (Photo)

089. Unusual corner or edge rounding boxwood plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

090. FINE coachmakers 3 1/2-inch compass rabbet plane. (Photo)

091.Fine coachmakers 3 1/2-inch compass rabbet plane. (Photo)

092. Cleveland Twist Drill Co. bit stand, VG. (Photo)

093. Lot of 8 different Stanley try squares inc. #12EM with metric graduations, and one with owner-added heart shaped cutouts in the handle. (Photo)

094. Pair try & miter squares, one by Diamond Edge, both have holes for marking with a pencil. (Photo)

095. Pair Stanley #20 try squares 6-inch & 10-inch, both fine. (Photo)

096. Three Stanley wood levels: Stanley #00, 18-inch plumb & level, FINE; Stanley #104, 16-inch plumb & level, dry plumb vial, VG; and Stanley rule & level Co. #102, 12-inch level, VG. (Photo)

097. Vogel Patent 24-inch double plumb & level in original pasteboard box, NEW CONDITION, box VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

098. Rare Stanley Salesmans sample level, hinged two-piece construction, inside lists all the available lengths, etc. LIKE NEW. (Photo & Photo 2)

099. Unusual 24-inch aluminum plumb & level with a 45 degree vial in addition to the plumb vial, interesting. (Photo)

100. Stanley level sights for wooden levels; Starrett stair gauges; & a Stanley SW scratch awl, all VG. (Photo)

101. L.S. Starrett 8-inch #98 precision shaft level, complete and fine in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. L.S. Starrett 12-inch #98 millwrights shaft level in fine overall condition in original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

103. Pair of levels with arched vials: First is a 7 1/4-inch marked DETCH WHEELER and having a BUTTE, MONTANA street address and phone number; the second is brass and is marked S. SMITH & SONS Ltd, 179-185 Gt PORTLAND ST W, 207, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Spirit level 7 1/2-inch boxwood & brass, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Rosewood stuffed, steel shoulder plane 8 1/4-inch with 11/16-inch blade, brass plate in front of throat, very good usable condition. (Photo)

106. Small 5 1/2-inch wood-stuffed steel shoulder plane with 3/4-inch blade, good usable condition. (Photo)

107. Nicely-made 12 1/4-inch spill plane, very good overall. (Photo)

108. Unusual round-bottom wood plane made of cork oak, very good overall condition. (Photo)

109. Homemade dovetail plane made of cork oak, with sliding fence on bottom, very good. (Photo)

110. Six chisels: Diamond Edge 2-inch; Lakeside 1 1/2-inch; Unknown 1 1/2-inch; Ohio Tool 3/8-in. mortising; Townley 1/4-inch mortising; Unknown 1/4-inch; plus four NOS handles. (Photo)

111. Early BARTON & SMITH, ROCHESTER wedge-locking plow plane with brass-ended arms, and screw-operated depth stop, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

112. FINE W.F. GILBERT, DARBY, CT; rosewood screw-arm plow plane with boxwood arms, nuts and wedge; few minor thread chips, fine overall condition. This is a 4-star plane in the current AWP book. (Photo & Photo 2)

113. E.F. Seybold (Cincinnati, Ohio) panel raiser with adjustable bottom fence and side depth stop, fine overall condition, with light cleaning on toe, the mark will be easier to see. (Photo & Photo 2)

114. Smaller wooden hags tooth router, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

115. Nicely made wooden cabinet scraper with brass sole plate and steel blade holder, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

116. Winchester #3204C smooth plane with Keen Kutter blade, VG. (Photo)

117. Three 8-inch smooth planes inc. two Capwell and one OVB with blue bed (looks like a Belknap make), VG. (Photo)

118. Pair 8-inch smooth planes inc. CRESCENT MFG Co. NEW YORK & COLUMBIA with Stanley BofE (school) handle, both VG. (Photo)

119. Keen Kutter K3C with very good wood, 90%+ japanning, good Keen Kutter cutter, VG. (Photo)

120. Three gouges and three chisels: W. Butcher 1-in. gouge; Unknown 1/2-in. gouge; W. Butcher 1/2-in. gouge; Diamond Edge NOS 1/2-in. socket firmer; Diamond Edge 1/2-in.; Stanley #750 3/8-in. NOS; plus two NOS handles. (Photo)

121. Broadaxe with 10-inch blade and faint makers mark. (Photo)

122. Carpenters slick with 3 1/8-inch blade, some mild pitting, good handle. (Photo)

123. Ten steel or iron plumb bobs at least two have been nickel plated, VG. (Photo)

124. Six cast iron plumb bobs inc. one in shape of large acorn, VG. (Photo)

125. Eleven (11) steel plumb bobs inc. Millers Falls #1, 3-oz. (Photo)

126. Two claw hammers inc. extra large VAUGHAN 999TML 20-oz. with steel and rubber handle, very good.

127. Unusual 14-oz. steel plumb bob marked PAT. NO. 4300290, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

128. Unusual 7 1/2-oz. brass plumb bob with steel tip, has a small pulley in the top, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

129. Pair of plumb bobs inc. 4-oz. brass bob with hollow body for string storage & 6-oz. copper bob with fluted body, both in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

130. Exotic nude novelty “Plumb Betty” plumb bob, like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

131. Stanley #30 1/2 shrinkage rule 1/4-inch per foot, 24 inches long overall, fine. (Photo)

132. E. PRESTON & SONS 10-inch rosewood & brass spirit level, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

133. Brass 9-inch spirit level marked on bottom PATENT 12278, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

134. Two large steel plumb bobs, the one on the left is marked DIETZGEN, both very good. (Photo)

135. Mahogany 7 1/2-inch smooth plane with IBBOTSON iron, very good. (Photo)

136. W. Johnson Newark, NJ 30-inch double plumb & level no side openings for level vial, marked on top of mahogany stock, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

137. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-inch #95? brass-bound rosewood plumb & level, VG. (Photo)

138. Stratton Bros. 30-inch, #1, brass-bound rosewood plumb & level, VG. (Photo)

139. Stanley rule & level Co. #96 brass-bound 28-inch plumb & level with laminated mahogany stock, good overall. (Photo)

140. L.L. Davis Co. 18-inch brass & mahogany plumb & level, good overall. (Photo)

141. Stanley #48, 48-inch masons level, V logo on top plate, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

142. CRICK MADE IN U.S.A. masons level made with brass bound laminated stock, like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

143. Wooden furniture clamp, complete and very good. (Photo)

144. Homemade crook knife made from a straight razor; plus a plumb & level kit to be mounted to your own stock, NOS. (Photo)

145. The Levelette inclinometer level in a wooden stock by The Peerless Level & Tool Co. Sterling, Illinois, NOS. (Photo)

146. Stanley #44 bit & square level, like new. (Photo)

147. L.S. Starrett #136 cross test level, both vials intact, good. (Photo)

148. RARE Stanley #20, 3-inch SW try square, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

149. Stanley #264, 3 1/4-inch level with shaft groove; plus a Stanley #271 miniature router plane, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

150. RARE Stanley #12, 2-inch SW try square, 95%+ nickel, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

151. Two unusual levels; one is for making your own inclinometer (just let it into your own wooden stock) & the other is unknown. It has a vials going two ways and has holes for mounting to something, possibly for boats, VG. (Photo)

152. Rabone #1190, 36-inch combination 4-fold rule & level with protractor joint, NOS. (Photo)

153. Rabone #1190, 24-inch combination 4-fold rule & level with protractor joint, NOS. (Photo)

154. Stanley #36 6-inch caliper rule, SW logo, FINE. (Photo)

155. Stanley #13 1/2 caliper rule and #36 caliper rule, some staining, good overall, and a Stanley #36 caliper rule, intact & VG. (Photo)

156. Two 4-fold caliper rules: Stanley #32 1/2 & Lufkin #386, both complete & intact, and both needing cleaning. (Photo)

157. Two 4-fold caliper rules: Stanley #32 1/2 & Lufkin #386, both complete & intact, and both needing cleaning. (Photo)

158. Three 4-fold boxwood rules: FINE Stanley #68; brass bound #62; & a 1/2-bound #84. (Photo)

159. Three 4-fold boxwood rules: Stanley #84 & two Stanley #62, one is fine. (Photo)

160. Two boxwood rules: 36 1/2L caliper rule & #62 4-fold rule, both VG. (Photo)

161. Stanley #66 3/4, 4-fold 36-inch rule, has owners initials scratched into inside, VG. (Photo)

162. Stanley #82 scraper, new old stock, fine; plus Stanley #20, 10-inch try square, also NOS. (Photo)

163. Stanley #88 screwdriver NOS; TUFFY screwdriver by SWALLOW AIRPLANE Co. Wichita, Kansas; plus another Johanson Patent (U.S. #1,080,560) screwdriver by HULTBERG JOHANSON TOOL CO. of Warren, PA, Pat. Dec. 9, 1913, VG. (Photo)

164. Three Stanley clapboard siding tools, all are FINE. (Photo)

165. Tool handle, VG; plus an A. Stillmans Patent 1848 saw set, FINE. (Photo)

166. Patent June 24, 1879 keyhole saw and DEFIANCE #1270 screwdriver, FINE. (Photo)

167. Fine Millers Falls adjustable hollow auger, complete with depth stop. (Photo)

168. E.C. Stearns adjustable hollow auger, very good. (Photo)

169. G.N. Stearns adjustable hollow auger complete with depth stop, very good. (Photo)

170. Swan Patent (U.S. #520,502) hollow auger with threaded locking ring on top. (Photo)

171. FINE A.A. Woods & Co. adjustable hollow auger, complete with depth stop. (Photo)

172. Dictionary of American Hand Tools book by Alvin Sellins, book is missing the original dust jacket but it is otherwise complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

173. Stanley Folding Rules book by Alvin Sellens, complete with original dust jacket in fine overall condition. (Photo)

174. The Stanley Plane A History And Descriptive Inventory book by Alvin Sellens, has original dust jacket and is in fine original condition. (Photo)

175. A Reverence For Wood book by Eric Sloane, intact dust jacket, fine overall. (Photo)

176. The History Of Woodworking Tools book by W.L. Goodman, original dust jacket has a few tears and taped repairs, otherwise very good. (Photo)

177. Leonard Bailey #10 circular or compass plane, complete, faint logo on blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

178. Stanley #13 circular or compass plane Type 2, with L.Bailey cutter, & solid adjuster nut, has been repainted and paint on sole is peeling, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

179. Stanley #13 circular or compass plane, good J logo cutter, 60%+ japanning, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

180. Stanley #A18 aluminum block plane with SW logo on knuckle jointed lever cap, VG. (Photo)

181. Paysons Patent “Toboggan” plane, VG. (Photo)

182. Stanley #140 skew bladed rabbeting block plane with patent date in removable side, VG. (Photo)

183. Pair iron block planes: Chaplins Patent with adjustable throat, VG, & Stanley 6-inch Excelsior-style that has a chip out of the side rail and a few chips in throat, otherwise, VG. (Photo)

184. Stanley #110 & #120 early style block planes each having a 6-sided star lever cap, both VG. (Photo)

185. Large L&IJ White drawknife with 14-in. blade. (Photo)

186. J.S. Cantelo patent March 24, 1891 folding & pivoting-handle drawknife. This one is unusual in that the handles pivot and fold, and can be placed into a variety of different configurations. (Photo)

187. A.J. Wilkinson folding handle drawknife with 8-in. blade, VG. (Photo)

188. Pair drawknives: Waltros with rotating handles & J.S. Cantelo Patent June 30, 1891 (needs collars that lock handles). (Photo)

189. Nickel plated nut cracking hammer, sometimes called a taffy or candy hammer, very good. (Photo)

190. Douglas broad hatchet & nice burl mallet, both VG. (Photo)

191. Stanley #62 low angle bench plane, throat closing cam MIA, small throat chip, good STANLEY cutter, very good tote & knob, will make a great user. (Photo & Photo 2)

192. Stanley 10 1/2 carriage makers rabbet plane, owners name scratched into left side, scuffed but intact tote & knob, 85%+ japanning, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

193. Stanley 10 1/2C carriage makers rabbet plane, SW logo cutter, very good tote & knob, tiny chip in throat opening on left side, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

194. Stanley Gage Self-Setting #4 iron smooth plane, 95%+ japanning, fine tote and knob, fine original cutter, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

195. Stanley BEDROCK 603 smooth plane, flat sided, STANLEY lever cap, very good tote and knob, will clean to fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

196. Stanley #2 smooth plane, 95%+ japanning, fine SW logo cutter, 99%+ nickel plating on lever cap, few scuffs to otherwise fine tote and knob, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Large double caliper in black paint, VG. (Photo)

198. Atkins #100 Flooring Saw, nice etch & handle, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

199. Two Yankee ratcheting tap handles #251A & 250A, the 250A has the original Yankee decal but the handle is missing. (Photo)

200. Lot inc. speed indicator; two wood handled gimlet bits; small pin vise with seven tiny bits stored inside the handle. (Photo)

 SATURDAY SESSION (Beginning at 9 AM): 

201. Medium sized glue pot marked MARRIETTA, PA, VG. (Photo)

202. FANNER MFG Co. mini glue pot, VG; and a LORENZEN NILES MICHIGAN glue pot with white porcelain-lined inner pot, VG. (Photo)

203. Three plumb bobs: large unfinished? brass bob with steel rod sticking out bottom; nickel plated steel bob with knurled-brass top marked FOREIGN, VG; & another small steel bob with brass top marked FOREIGN. (Photo & Photo 2)

204. Three plumb bobs: Unmarked medium sized steel bob; L.S. Starrett #87 with built-in spool on top, VG; & Stanley #47-170, 5-oz. in black paint, VG. (Photo)

205. Brass millwrights-style 14-ounce plum bob, faint makers mark on top, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

206. E. Preston inc. 4-ounce brass millwrights style plumb bob, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

207. Two unmarked brass millwrights-style plumb bobs, both very good. (Photo)

208. Unusual 1 3/4-inch rosewood rabbet plane with ebony bottom and boxwood wedge, looks to have been professionally made, fine overall condition. (Photo)

209. Rosewood 7-inch smoothing plane with 1 1/2-inch Wilson & Co. blade, ivory repair to throat, very good overall. (Photo)

210. Unusual 6-inch rosewood side rabbet plane, professionally made, fine overall; plus an unusual 4 1/2-inch round bottom plane with homemade blade, and tiny ivory patch in front of throat, VG. (Photo)

211. Massive 38-inch Sandusky SPECIAL jointer for tank cars or something similar. Body is 4 inches wide, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

212. Sandusky 34-inch jointer plane, body is 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

213. Unmarked 27 1/2-inch double razee jointer plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

214. J.W. Harmon Boston 30-inch brass & mahogany plumb & level. (Photo)

215. Royal Oak Industries Royal Oak, Michigan 28-inch masons plumb & level, wood & aluminum, one glass cover broken, VG. (Photo)

216. L.L Davis 24-in. wood & brass plumb & level VG. (Photo)

217. ACME LEVEL CO. TOLEDO, OHIO #3, 14-inch inclinometer level, VG. (Photo)

218. Unknown 14-in. inclinometer level with metric graduations. VG. (Photo)

219. H.M. POOL EASTON MASS. 27-inch plumb & level with extra adjustable level vial with big brass cover near one end, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

220. Unusual patented clapboard siding gage patented by Camillus Dunbar, Glenwood, MO and James A. Rector, Lancaster, Missouri, Patd Oct. 20, 1885, in fine overall condition. (Photo)

221. Another unusual patented clapboard siding gage marked C. Dunbar, Glenwood, MO, Patd Oct. 20, 1885, patented by Camillus Dunbar, Glenwood, MO and James A. Rector, Lancaster, Missouri, Patd Oct. 20, 1885, in fine overall condition. (Photo)

222. Nesters patent Dec. 31, 1867 combination level, marking gauge, rule etc., complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

223. MODEL Feb. 13, 1917 (U.S. No. 1,216,105) combination level, bevel & square, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

224. Tool for installing brass pieces into the corners of stairs to prevent dust build-up, unusaual & fine with some of the brass corner pieces. (Photo)

225. Armstrong Lumber Co. Coal Hammer BREAK THE LAST LUMP & CALL US phone number 45 & a tool handle full of different bits. (Photo)

226. Homemade wedge-locking plow plane, VG; plus a smaller screw clamp. (Photo)

227. Large wooden screw clamp, Bliss & Co. makers mark, VG. (Photo)

228. Pair small wooden screw clamps. (Photo)

229. Unusual wooden screw clamp with brass screws, VG. (Photo)

230. Pair of screw-tightening wood & iron furniture clamps. (Photo)

231. BOYLE BRAND combination rule attachment turns a rule into a plumb & level with a bevel blade PAT PEND, VG. (Photo)

232. Two off-set ratcheting screwdrivers: Stanley Yankee #3400 & Yankee by North Brothers #3400, patent #2,058,855, missing the switch lever. (Photo)

233. Pair of 12 in 1 tools, one in brass & one in Steel, Patent number 1,636,637, one marked G.W.S. Co. Chicago, both FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

234. Two pair of trammel points: L.S. Starrettt #50-A chrome plated, FINE; & Stanley #4 in original box bottom, FINE. (Photo)

235. Set 5 1/4-inch wooden trammel points on a wooden beam, early and nice. (Photo)

236. Two pair of rule trammels: Stanley that mount to a 4-fold rule and another pair marked PAT PEND that mount to a steel scale. (Photo)

237. Fine brass and cocobolo 4 1/2-inch plumb bob made by John Walcott, very nice. (Photo)

238. Brass PERFECTION 4-inch plumb bob with internal reel that is operated by turning the top, very good overall. (Photo)

239. Early 3 1/2-inch ivory plumb bob, made in two pieces that form a box, inside is a bit of lead for weight and room to store the string, very nice. (Photo)

240. Fancy 3 1/2-inch plumb bob made of brass sandwiched with ebony rings, very nicely executed. (Photo)

241. Unusual and likely homemade 3-inch brass plumb bob, VG. (Photo)

242. Early 24-inch French trying or jointer plane, handle has an early repair and throat has been patched, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. Rumbolt butt mortise plane marked in bed PAT APPLD FOR, very good overall. (Photo)

244. Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, FINE & #101 mini block plane, VG. (Photo)

245. Stanley #79 double ended side rabbet plane, in original box, FINE. (Photo)

246. Stanley #90 cabinetmakers bullnose rabbet plane, VG. (Photo)

247. Stanley #92 cabinetmakers rabbet plane, FINE. (Photo)

248. Stanley #93 cabinetmakers rabbet plane, SW logo, VG. (Photo)

249. Stanley #79 Type I double ended side rabbet plane, VG. (Photo)

250. Stanley #94 cabinetmakers rabbet plane, SW logo, VG. (Photo)

251. Three 8-inch iron bench planes: SIMMONS; UNICO & BELMONT, all good or better. (Photo)

252. Leather lace slitter and three different sized bench dogs, one marked Wm. Johnson Newark NJ. (Photo)

253. Three 8-inch iron bench planes: ECLIPSE; WORTH; & UNION #3C, all VG. (Photo)

254. Small brass dowel pointer or pencil sharpener plus small pair of brass draftsmans dividers. (Photo & Photo 2)

255. Stanley BEDROCK 603 smooth plane flat sides, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

256. Windsor Patent hand beader, early type with ebonized wood & brass, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

257. Stanley #603C smooth plane with flat sides, STANLEY lever cap, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

258. Stanley #67 Universal spoke shave like new with both bottoms and fence, SW logo cutter, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

259. Pair Chaplins patent planes: 9-inch with hard rubber tote, good; & #1203 8-inch smoother, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

260. Lot of four brass plumb bobs inc. manufactured 10-oz. & 4-oz. models, VG. (Photo)

261. Lot of four brass plumb bobs. (Photo)

262. Lot of three medium sized brass plumb bobs inc. a 12-oz. #6481 K&E, VG. (Photo)

263. Pair of medium sized brass plumb bob inc. 1 lb. 12 oz. model. (Photo)

264. C.L. BERGER & SONS BOSTON 12-oz. brass surveyors plumb bob with spring loaded tip, VG. (Photo)

265. Unmarked 6-inch mini level with ebony or rosewood stock, VG. (Photo)

266. Unusual PATENT APLD wallpaper hangers level, 95%+ nickel plating, fine. (Photo)

267. Stanley #34, 4-inch shaft level with vial cover, VG. (Photo)

268. J. BAGGOT, N.Y. 3 1/2-inch level that attaches to a square, VG. (Photo)

269. Stanley #31, 3-inch pocket level, like new. (Photo)

270. C.F. Richardson 4-inch cast iron level, complete, VG. (Photo)

271. Goodell-Pratt 24-inch brass-bound, mahogany plumb & level, all proper and intact, very good overall. (Photo)

272. Goodell-Pratt 28-inch brass-bound, mahogany plumb and level, all proper and intact, very good overall. (Photo)

273. Unusual homemade? 18-inch inclinometer-type level with tilting weight, looks crude but functional. A rare patent, a prototype or just a crude homemade level? You make the call. (Photo)

274. Three tool books: The Ultimate Brace A Unique Product of Victorian Sheffield book by Reg Eaton, fine overall; The Woodwrights Work Book by Roy Underhill, very good; & Bench Tools The Best of Fine Wood Working, very good. (Photo)

275. Two tool books: The Antique Tool Collectors Guide To Value by Ronald S. Barlow, very good; American Woodworking Tools book by Paul B. Kebabian, no dust jacket, fine overall. (Photo)

276. American Levels & Their Makers book by Don Rosebrook, fine overall. (Photo)

277. Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes In America 1827-1927 book by Roger K. Smith, fine overall condition. (Photo)

278. Wooden Plow Planes book by Donald Rosebrook and Dennis Fisher, new condition in original shrink wrap. (Photo)

279. Boxwood & Ivory Stanley Traditional Rules, 1855-1975 book by Philip E. Stanley, very good overall with intact dust jacket. (Photo)

280. Steel tool handle with corkscrew, gimlet bit and awl, VG; plus a Stanley 150-Year anniversary advertising screwdriver. (Photo)

281. Unknown make 2 1/2-inch brass pocket level with wooden box, fine. (Photo)

282. English 10-inch mahogany & brass sighting level WARRANTED CORRECT, very nice. (Photo)

283. Unknown auger handle, with tapered socket inside iron ball, bit secured by tightening handle, one handle has tight crack, early. (Photo & Photo 2)

284. Stanley #66 hand beader with set of blades in wooden box. VG. (Photo)

285. Dury & Shinn Mfg. Co. Universal Square, VG. (Photo)

286. E.C. Stearns & Co. spoke shave with flexible bottom and decorative brass frame, no cutter, VG. (Photo)

287. Stanley Excelsior tool handle with four bits inside, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

288. Unknown make tool handle with 8 bits inside including saw, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

289. Mahogany "Rams Horn" cabinet scraper, with nickel plated blade holder, former owners initials AED stamped into top, very nice. (Photo)

290. Three hammers inc. early upholsterers strap hammer; brass tack hammer; & Richardson Patent tack hammer. (Photo)

291. PERFECT HANDLE ball peen hammer & a V&B scrap hatchet. (Photo)

292. Pair of wooden mallets including one that is all natural, one manufactured & marked 10, plus a small gavel. (Photo)

293. Robertson Patent billposters hammer. (Photo)

294. Macadamizing hammer, used for making small rocks to pave roadways, VG. (Photo)

295. Two levels: One marked PAT APPLD FOR attaches to a board, has a sliding vial cover; the other is that type that attaches to a square. It has a paper label under the vial marked S.J. Sherman New York Patent Applied For, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

296. Three pocket sized levels including: 4-inch Stanley & 3-inch SCHAUM and UHLINGER PHILADELPHIA, all VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

297. Pair torpedo levels: Sands #509A & Stanley #260, both fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

298. M.W. Robinson #8, 24-inch Davis Patent cast iron level, with 90%+ japanning, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

299. Davis Level & Tool Co. 12-inch cast iron plumb & level, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

300. Stanley BEDROCK #602, 7-inch smooth plane, flat sided with STANLEY lever cap, VG. (Photo)

301. Stanley #2 prelateral smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

302. Stanley #2C smooth plane, some mild pitting, good. (Photo)

303. Sargent #407 7-inch smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

304. Stanley #11 belt makers plane, less than 50% japanning, good handle, newer BB logo cutter, VG. (Photo)

305. Stanley #12 cabinet scraper with 90%+ japanning, nice handle, DISSTON & SONS blade, VG. (Photo)

306. Stanley #12 1/4 cabinet scraper with 85%+ japanning, very good handle, VG. (Photo)

307. Evans Patent compass or circle plane, top of sole plate marked R.H. MITCHELL, HUDSON, NY, SOLE PROP with good HUMPHREYSVILLE MFG CO cutter, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

308. Evans Patent compass or circle plane, brass tag on side with makers name and patent date, good HUMPHREYSVILLE MFG CO cutter, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

309. Unusual MEARS & RODDEN TULSA, OKLA. PAT. PEND, dividers with rafter scales, extra large, and very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. Ebony & brass ships bevel, unmarked, early and VG. (Photo)

311. Sargent #97 ivory & brass 6-inch, 1-fold ruler, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

312. Ivory & German silver 6-inch, 1-fold ruler marked on one edge FARTHING & THORNHILL, 42 CORNHILL, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

313. Unknown make ivory & brass 6-inch, 1-fold rule, a little yellowing, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Unusual 3-inch ivory caliper rule with metric graduations on the brass caliper, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

315. Yankee #50 reversible Archimedian drill, very good overall. (Photo)

316. Davis Level & Tool Co. 1884 patent ratchet brace, very good overall. (Photo)

317. Goodell Pratt brace with built in hollow auger, some rust and pitting, but still usable. (Photo)

318. Lot of four fixed hollow augers. (Photo 2)

319. Unmarked wooden brace, beech body with brass plates, good chuck, rosewood top is missing its cap, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

320. Lowentraut Patent brace/wrench, some light rust, will clean to VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

321. Unusual blacksmith-made brace with two-post head, screw that secures bit broken off in hole, otherwise, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

322. Stanley #30 angle divider, very good overall condition. (Photo)

323. Stanley #85-type rosewood 20 1/2-inch panel gauge, unmarked but in fine overall condition. (Photo)

324. Fine 25-inch mahogany & brass, wedge-locking panel gauge, boxwood wedge. (Photo)

325. Photo)

326. Nice 13 1/2-inch wedge-locking panel gauge, very good. (Photo)

327. RARE SWAINE & ADENEY LONDON horse measuring tape with cloth tape, and built-in level. The cloth tape is graduated in hands and meters, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

328. H.M. POOL EASTON MASS. 27-inch plumb & level with extra adjustable level vial with big brass cover near one end, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Campbell patent combination rule tool made on a patent issued October 1, 1907 to Robert Campbell of Elizabeth, NJ. This thing mounts to a 4-fold rule and turns it into a depth gage; miter gage and square. Complete and fine. (Photo)

330. E.C. Stearns & Co. scraper with adjustable rosewood handle, the brass ferrule is cracked but it is otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

331. Taylor Patent (U.S. #464,401) quick-adjust pipe and nut wrench. This one was made on a patent issued December 1, 1891 to James L. Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee. The bar is bent but it still works and is otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

332. Pair FINE Stanley SW #138 level sights for wood levels & pair Starrett? stair buttons, VG. (Photo)

333. Lot of four levels inc. The Eden Plumb & Level Pat June 17, 1924 in oringinal box; an L.S. Starrett with vial cover; and a Stanley 2 3/4-in. pocket level, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

334. Reissmans 1896 patent rule gage or bevel attachment for 4-fold rules, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

335. Lot of six levels inc. #364 Stanley torpedo; Millers Falls #629 line level; Stanley line level; etc. (Photo & Photo 2)

336. Pair iron levels: L.S.S. Co. (Starrett) 10-inch pitch level; & Stanley #36, 12-inch cast iron plumb & level. (Photo)

337. Pair Stanley levels: #46 pocket level that attaches to a square, VG; & #34 4-inch machinist level with shave groove, both are fine. (Photo)

338. Three tool books: ESSENTIALS OF WOODWORKING by Griffith; plus two different copies of Practical Uses of the Steel Square Vol. 1, by Fred T. Hodgson. (Photo)

339. Three tool books: Fix It Yourself Home Repairs Made Easy by Popular Science 1929; Audels Plumbers and Steam Fitters Guide #4; & Arithmetic For Carpenters by Dale, 1915. (Photo)

340. WYETH COMPANY St. Joseph, Missouri 1953 hardware catalog includes 1969 Stanley Tools paper catalog, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

341. Julius Andrae & Sons 1925 Cagalogue #58 of Electrical Supplies, very good overall condition. (Photo)

342. Directory of American Toolmakers book printed in 1999 by the Early American Industries Association, like new.(Photo)

343. Pair of patented auger handles, one has been sprayed with clear lacquer, both usable. (Photo)

344. Stearns dowel pointer, VG; plus unknown fixed hollow auger, with one cutter seat partially broken. (Photo)

345. Unusual 16-inch chairmakers pad brace, few minor chips, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

346. Ultimatum style brass-plated ebony brace with ivory ring in the pad, marked ALFRED RIDGE MANUFACTURER & METALLIC FRAME PATENT BRACE, a big chip from under side of pad and a few cracks, otherwise a nice piece to display. (Photo & Photo 2)

347. Pair of 8-inch smooth planes: Stanley #3C complete & VG; Hibbards True Value, VG; plus two replacement totes including a NOS Millers Falls for 14-inch to 24-inch bench planes. (Photo)

348. Graduated set of seven Sandusky Tool Co. plow plane irons, plus one extra unmarked, all need very light cleaning but will be fine. (Photo)

349. Stanley #70 box scraper plane, new old stock. (Photo)

350. Rosewood compass plane, repaired cheek, Marples & Sons blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

351. Pair early Stanley #98/99 side rabbet planes, both fine. (Photo)

352. Two coachmakers curved drawknives by L&IJ White, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

353. Two coachmakers curved drawknives, unmarked. (Photo)

354. Pair wooden planes: one looks like a homemade spill plane; the other is an old smoother with a newer sole. (Photo)

355. Two wooden planes: mahogany side bead, VG; and a 5 1/2-inch rosewood special purpose rabbet. (Photo)

356. Large Vaughan & Bushnell SUPERSTEEL claw hammer with original handle, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

357. Large Kuker-Ranken Ind. Seattle telescoping surveyor's sighting level in original leather pouch that can be worn on a belt, some paint loss, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

358. Two 12-ounch claw hammers: one by D. MAYDOLE and one by STANLEY. The handle in the Maydole may be a replacement, the Stanley is all original. Both are very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

359. Two different DIETZGEN surveyor's sighting levels both with original leather pouch that can be worn on a belt, both in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

360. Unusual BERYLCO H60 non-sparking Beryllium claw hammer, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

361. Stanley #45 combination plow plane Type 11 with all three depth stops, beading stop, dated cam, 20 original blades including slitter, long and short rods, fine rosewood handle and knob, plane has 90%+ original nickel plating, all inside an owner-made wooden box, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

362. Pair of small wooden clamps with owners name A.H. KECK plus a pair of cooper's dividers made from a single piece of wood, very good. (Photo)

363. Stanley BAILEY #21 transitional smooth plane that has the name BAILEY cast into the front of the frame, improper FULTON blade, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

364. Stanley #80M cabinet scraper, with 95%+ original blue japanning, fine overall. (Photo)

365. OHIO TOOL CO. #283 double razee smooth plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

366. Unknown make push drill in fine overall condition; plus a nice Stanley chisel that will clean to fine overall condition. (Photo)

367. Three different wrenches FORD lug wrench; PLANET JR planter wrench; and a WESTCOTT KEYSTONE WORKS adjustable S wrench, all complete and very good. (Photo)

368. INTERLOX No. 106 sliding 6-foot rule NIB. The rule is absolutely new and comes in the original box. (Photo & Photo 2)

369. Large LEACH CO. OSHKOSH, WIS log carrier, has what looks like original paint, sharp points, hang it on the wall or use it. (Photo & Photo 2)

370. Small DIXIE LOGGING TOOLS NOS hookaroon or pickeroon tool. (Photo & Photo)

371. Three different Stanley razor tools: #1299 box opener; #10-049 lock-blade folding razor knife; and a #28-109 Retractable razor knife, all are very good. (Photo)

372. Three Stanley corner rounding tools: #28, 1/8 and 1/16; #29, 1/8 and 1/16; and #29, 1/4 and 3/8, all are fine to like new. (Photo)

373. Pair of transitional planes: Gage Tool Co. #18 fore plane has tote spur broken off but is otherwise complete and very good; plus a Stanley Bailey #32, 26-inch jointer, some bruising on toe, otherwise OK. (Photo & Photo 2)

374. Stanley #76 razor shave, one handle has been brazed, otherwise very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

375. Unusual unfinished wood plane with front end carved in form of a rat, very light wood, interesting. (Photo & Photo 2)

376. Lot including a saw handle with all mounting hardware; Morrill saw set; button hook, unknown pick, center bit; screwdriver bit; and an aluminum zig-zag ruler. (Photo)

377. Stanley #71 router plane that will clean to VG; plus a #110 block plane that has a 6-point star cap, VG. (Photo)

378. Three claw hammers inc. Hebblethwaite Patent claw hammer with wrench, and two smaller claw hammers., all VG. (Photo)

379. Nail-holding hammer, has provision behind claw to hold nails, good overall; plus a Yankee #55 archimedies drill that needs a new selector switch. (Photo)

380. Marble Arms & Mfg. Co. 1898 patent safety hatchet, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

381. Hand forged claw hammer, very good. (Photo)

382. Unusual double beam marking & mortise gage made of cork oak, very good overall. (Photo)

383. Three all-steel marking gages inc. double-beam Goodell Pratt that is missing one locking screw; another double beam marked with a June 12, 1888 patent; and a Stanley #97 single beam with V logo on screw head. (Photo)

384. Large acorn-shaped iron plumb bob or weight, in black paint, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

385. Massive brass plumb bob, with steel tip and screw off top, VERY HEAVY, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

386. Extra large surveyors style brass plumb bob, with steel tip, the lead inside is loose and rattles when the bob is turned upside down, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

387. Large surveyors style plumb bob with steel point, knurled top, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

388. Heavy solid-brass plumb bob, steel bolt for a top, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

389. Heavy copper? plumb bob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

390. Vajens Patent 3-lb. reversible plumb bob Patented November 14, 1882 by Willis C. Vajen of Indianapolis, Indiana. This nickel-plated brass bob has a reversible steel tip that can be turned inward for safekeeping. The top and tip are also reversible, plating is about 65 percent, very good overall condition. (Photo)

391. Philips Patent plow plane body with some of the original red and gold pinstriping remaining, handle split between the two screws that secure it at the top. (Photo)

392. Coachmakers router for curved work, VG. (Photo)

393. Stanley #77 dowel turning machine with 8 original cutters 1/4; 3/8; 1/2; 5/8; 3/4; 7/16; 9/16; 11/16. (Photo & Photo 2)

394. J. BRACKLIN DAYTON (Ohio) rosewood screw-arm, handled plow plane with boxwood arms and nuts, one end of arms have brass tips, FINE. (Photo)

395. Stanley No. 146-3/8 match plane, missing one cutter, nickel plating 90% plus, FINE. (Photo)

396. Stanley Millers Patent #41 combination plow plane, included body, wrap-around fence, auxiliary fence, and canvas pouch containing 8 original cutters, one match & seven plow, no fillester bed, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

397. Stanley #97 chisel plane, 85%+ japanning, light pitting on top of cutter and face of cap screw, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

398. Gibson Patent 30-inch inclinometer level Lahoma, Oklahoma patented June 25, 1907. Nice mahogany? stock and nickel plated top plate, very good overall condition. (Photo)

399. Scarce Stanley #69 hand beader with one original blade, very good. (Photo)

400. Stanley rule & level Co. 1993 limited edition belt buckle to commemorate the companys 150th year in business. New in original plastic bag. (Photo)

401. Never used ivory, leather & silver bolo tie with double-clawed hammer scrimshawed into the ivory. (Photo & Photo 2)

402. Never used ivory, leather & silver bolo tie with a Sandusky center-wheel plow plane scrimshawed into the ivory. (Photo & Photo 2)

403. Early Stanley #25? 29 1/2 -inch mahogany plumb and level with adjustable brass plates on one side and no provision for side viewing of top level vial, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

404. Edward Helb patent (July 12, 1904) inclinometer level made in Railroad, York County, Pennsylvania, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

405. FINE Davis Level & Tool Co. No. 1, 6-inch inclinometer level with fancy filigree casting, 85%+ original japanning, fine overall. (Photo)

406. RARE L.L. DAVIS No. 1 inclinometer, VG with gold pinstriping, fine overall. (Photo)

407. H.M. POOL? Unmarked 30-inch plumb & level with distinctive brass double side view, mahogany stock, very good overall. (Photo)

408. Chapin Stephens Co. 28-inch plumb & level with nice rosewood stock, large hang hole in one end, fine overall. (Photo)

409. Nice Stanley #25, 26-inch mahogany plumb & level. (Photo)

410. Marples Hibernia Works boxwood turning saw with 14-inch blade, handles appear to be boxwood, fine overall. (Photo)

411. Pair wooden framed turning saws and a spare blade for the lighter colored one. (Photo)

412. Scarce Yankee No. 60 screwdriver with four interchangeable bits that are stored inside the handle, FINE. (Photo)

413. Yankee #251A ratcheting tap handle, NOS; rosewood tool handle with 6 bits inside; & a NOS DEFIANCE 1201 screwdriver. (Photo)

414. RARE Ohio Tool Co. #91, 1 1/4-inch wooden nosing plane also marked FROM F.W. JAEDICKE, LAWRENCE, KANS. (Photo)

415. Nicely made rams horn scraper with leather-wrapped handles, very nice. (Photo)

416. Mahogany & brass rams horn scraper, very nice. (Photo)

417. Unknown make 12 1/2-inch infill panel plane, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

418. Unusual wood and brass plane. Has a contemporary look to it, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

419. Small rosewood stuffed brass or bronze rabbet plane, 1/2-inch blade, top of wedge broken, stuffing has some nicks and dings, good overall. (Photo)

420. Unusual #1915 JBW rabbet plane with 5/8-inch blade, in black paint, very good overall. (Photo)

421. Small brass or bronze rabbet plane with 1/2-inch blade, complete and very good. (Photo)

422. Stratton Brothers 28-inch brass bound plumb and lever with rosewood stock and decorative brass sideview plates for level vial, both vials intact, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

423. Stanley #95, 28-inch plumb and level, fully bound, both vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

424. Stanley #93, 26-inch plumb and level, fully bound with intact vials SW logo on top plate, top of stock marked IMPERFECT, needs light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

425. Cook's Patent 26-inch plumb and level by Davis & Cook with tall rosewood stock and nickel plated trim, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

426. Four adjustable pocket-sized nut wrenches: 6-inch Billings and Spencer D model; Unknown 4-inch; and Coes 5-inch, very good. (Photo)

427. All-steel 6-inch Standard Tool Co. quick adjust nut wrench, complete and very good. (Photo)

428. Four adjustable pocket-sized nut wrenches: the one with the loop handle is marked W.W. Wks. CHICAGO. (Photo)

429. Scarce Goodell-Pratt 6-inch screw adjusting nut wrench with aluminum handle, complete and very good. (Photo)

430. Five wrenches inc. Woodworth non-skid tire chain pliers; Bernard's parallel-jaw pliers; Heller Bros. self tightening pipe wrench & American Seating Co. Universal Desk wrench. (Photo & Photo 2)

431. Little "Baby Coes" 4 3/4-inch, screw-adjust nut wrench, complete and very good. (Photo)

432. Four screw adjust nut wrenches and a small Stillson pipe wrench, one of the nut wrenches has a broken wood handle the others are very good. (Photo)

433. Two 6-inch screw adjust nut wrenches including a very good Bemis and Call all-steel model, very good; plus a Girard Wrench Co., good. (Photo)

434. Large violin-type caliper, some of the nickel plating is peeling, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

435. Scarce Paul G. Leistner 1911 patented hot water bottle (bed or foot warmer) from St. Charles, Missouri. This copper and brass water bottle was produced by Paul G. Leistner and Sons who had a decorative brass and bronze metalworks business in St. Charles from 1896 to the 1950s. This bottle marked PAT APPLD FOR on the brass cap was indeed patented December 12, 1911. This one has two or three typical dings but is fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & PATENT)

436. Pair 5 1/4-inch brass trammels one with pencil holder, fine. (Photo)

437. Unusual U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY bench mark mounted on a surveyors board with a 64-ounce O.J. KUKER SEATTLE plumb bob, and a compass. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

438. Pair of brass trammels with heart shaped openings, pitted steel points, come with pencil holder. (Photo)

439. Pair unknown adjustable trammels come on the wooden beam shown in photo. (Photo)

440. Pair 5 1/4-in. brass or gunmetal trammels, nicely made. (Photo)

441. Unusual pair plated-steel trammel points with round opening on front and open in the back, comes on small wooden beam. (Photo)

442. Nice 6-inch pair brass trammels with steel points, very showy. FINE. (Photo)

443. Large pair brass trammel points with long steel points 9 1/2-inches long overall. (Photo)

444. Two medium-size brass plumb bobs. (Photo)

445. Two small brass plumb bobs, one with nice knurled top and cap, each comes with brass ring, VG. (Photo)

446. Large 4 1/2-lb. brass plumb bob with steel tip, VG. (Photo)

447. Large brass & ivory plumb bob. This fine bob was made in the 1970s with a pre-ban elephant ivory. The current owner purchased an entire ivory tusk and had several bobs and other tool-related items made from it. FINE. (Photo)

448. Five plumb bobs: one brass; three steel inc. HANSON PB-308 & a Millers Falls 3-oz. & one wooden in silver paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

449. Two plumb bobs: smaller one is steel with a brass top; the larger one is nickel-plated brass. It is similar to if not an actual Vajen Patent and is marked G. STROUD. (Photo)

450. SCARCE Ewing Patent 22-inch pendulum level (inclinometer) patented March 19, 1889 (U.S. No. 399,859) by Alvan B. Ewing of Lewisburg, Tennessee, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

451. Davis Level & Tool Co. 24-inch cast iron plumb & level with fancy filigree casting, VG. (Photo)

452. Davis Level & Tool Co. 18-inch cast iron plumb & level with fancy filigree casting, 90%+ japanning, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

453. FINE Stanley Nicholsons Patent 20-inch cast iron level. (Photo & Photo)

454. Rare 18-inch Fitchburg cast iron double plumb & level, no breakage to casting, the side plates may be replacements, very good overall. (Photo)

455. Unusual SANDUSKY slitting gage with steel roller, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

456. Fine mahogany basketmakers splint plane. (Photo)

457. Unusual 8-inch molding plane made of cork oak, crude rosewood wedge. (Photo)

458. W.F. Dominic (Chicago) C.J. Anderson, Rock Island, ILL screw-arm plow plane with screw operated depth stop and German style fence and nuts, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

459. CASEY KITCHELL & CO. AUBURN, NY, ivory tipped rosewood, screw-arm plow plane, unhandled, screw-adjusting depth stop, some splintering on bottom of fence, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

460. Stanley #1 smooth plane, AA SW logo cutter, knob a replacement, bed has welded repair under the knob screw, just a few traces of original japanning remain in bed, good overall. (Photo & Photo)

461. Keen Kutter KK115 compass plane, little original japanning remains, good KK cutter, intact rear handle, VG. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

462. RARE Keen Kutter No. K200 compass plane (Stanley made) with 80%+ nickel plating, very good KK blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

463. Pair of Gage Tool Co. #4 transitional smooth planes for restoration. (Photo & Photo 2)

464. Unknown make 7 1/2-inch rosewood? stuffed steel smooth plane, 2 1/8-inch Marples Hibernia Wks. blade, the bun is chipped at the top, and the wedge is an ill fitting replacement. This one would be a fine candidate for restoring with a new wedge and new stuffing. (Photo & Photo 2)

465. Scarce Boston Metallic Plane Co. 7-inch iron block plane, the steel portion of the 2-piece cap is chipped, the wooden wedge is marked with the company name, the main casting is fine, iron is a little short but still usable. (Photo & Photo 2)

466. SHIVERICK?rosewood screw-arm plow plane with boxwood arms, the fence is very dark and at first glance looked like ebony, but it's just a dark rosewood. The name is only partially struck so the first few letters are unreadable, very good to fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

467. Early Gage Tool Co. #2 transitional smooth plane, can easily be restored to usable condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

468. Continental plow with iron body, wooden fence and arms, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

469. Fine 12-inch Stanley #1 3/4 plumb and level, both vials intact. (Photo & Photo 2)

470. Unknown make 10-inch ebony and brass spirit level, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

471. Two Keen Kutter rosewood tool handles and one Keen Kutter socket chisel that needs a handle, the tool handles have bits stored inside. (Photo)

472. Consolidated Tool Wks. #208 ratchet brace, some minor pitting, otherwise very good overall; and another unusual ratchet brace with a thumb screw under the frame that can be used to switch direction; brass top handle has the number 10 cast into the bottom, some minor pitting and one of the chuck jaws is chipped, good overall. (Photo)

473. Eric Sloanes A Museum of Early American Tools book, with original dust jacket, very good. (Photo)

474. Two books: TIMBER by Ralph W. Andrews, no dust jacket, fine overall; & This Was Logging paperback book also by Ralph Andrews, full of neat old logging camp photos, fine. (Photo)

475. THE HOME mini glue pot by BUFFUM TOOL Co. Louisiana, Missouri, VG; & FANNER MFG. Co. mini glue pot, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

476. Large glue pot with porcelain-lined inner pot, VG. (Photo)

477. Stanley #92 butt & rabbet gauge, complete and VG. (Photo)

478. Pair of rosewood marking gauges inc. Stanley #77 missing the brass rub block but otherwise fine; the other is faintly marked. (Photo)

479. Three marking gauges inc. Stanley used for circular work; a boxwood? gauge with cracked head. (Photo)

480. Marples & Sons Sheffield rosewood & brass marking & mortise gauge, fine. (Photo)

481. Rare C. SHOLL marking gauge with four stems, patented March 3, 1864. (Photo)

482. E.W. CARPENTER LANCASTER PA rabbet plane with nice bow tie patch on one side, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

483. Unusual Scottish-type block plane, bronze or brass body with wooden wedge, complete and fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

484. BAILEY TOOL CO. iron spoke shave with battle-axe logo, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

485. English style bullnose rabbet plane, steel body and wooden wedge, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

486. Anderson Patent (U.S. #559,763) tool for expanding the ends of lead pipes, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & PATENT)

487. Unusual ratchet brace with integral chain drill, the chuck of the drill is broken as shown in photo and the head has been repaired with screws; plus a C.W. Skinner Patent (U.S. #893,667) hand drilling device used to drill holes in irrigation pipe, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2 & PATENT)

488. Scarce Leavitt Patent (U.S. #110,051) wooden framed fret or buhl-saw made on a patent issued Dec. 13, 1870 to Thomas Leavitt of Everett, Massachusetts, missing just the blade, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & PATENT)

489. Robt Marples Hermitage Works Sheffield brass framed ULTIMATUM brace rosewood head, ivory ring, has typical nicks and dings and numerous age checks, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

490. Set of 11 lathe chisels, two are by Craftsman, all are fine, inside a nice pouch. (Photo & Photo 2)

491. Stanley BEDROCK 608C FT iron jointer plane, iron nearly spent, otherwise complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

492. Keen Kutter reversible back saw, Made by Bishop, in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

493. FINE 28-inch SPENCER wooden jointer plane, with owner name E.ROOT on toe. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

494. Pair of early split-nut back saws; one a brass back by IBBOTSON GLOBE WORKS with extra large medallion and 16-inch blade, handle stamped with owner name E.ROOT; the other has a 14-inch blade and early looking handle, both are complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

495. Mitchell Patent (U.S. 191,010) adjustable buggy or axel-nut wrench that is opened and closed by twisting the handle, some rust, marked only with May 22, 1877 patent date, will clean to very good overall condition; plus a HILL PUMP VALVE CO. brace/wrench, patented Oct. 23, 1917, complete and very good. (Photo)

496. Early iron framed hand drill with wooden handles, some light rust, will clean to very good overall condition. (Photo)

497. Stanley rule & level Co. No. 38 ivory & German silver 6-inch, 1-fold caliper rule, markings a tad faint, but very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

498. Stanley No. 38 ivory & German silver 6-inch, 1-fold caliper rule, markings a tad faint, but very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

499. Stanley rule & level Co. No. 38 ivory & German silver 6-inch, 1-fold calper rule, markings a tad faint, and there is some minor yellowing, but very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

500. FINE Stanley #85 tilting handle scraper plane with RICHARDSON BROS. blade, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

501. Stanley #39, 1-inch dado plane, Type I Pat. Appld, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

502. Stanley #39, 7/8-inch dado plane, missing both spurs, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

503. Stanley #39, 3/4-inch dado plane, complete, one hole drilled in bottom, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

504. Stanley #39, 5/8-inch dado plane, complete & very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

505. Stanley #39 1/2-inch dado plane, complete & very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

506. Stanley #39, 3/8-inch dado plane, complete & very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

507. Stanley #39 1/4-inch dado plane, complete & fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

508. Rosewood 14-inch razee style jack plane, with early repair to handle, very good overall. (Photo)

509. Unusual 7 1/4-inch mahogany smooth plane in a brass base, fine DR BARTON blade, very good overall. (Photo)

510. Infill shoulder plane, 7-inch wood stuffed with 1 3/8-inch blade, E. PRESTON cutter, very good overall. (Photo)

511. Infilled shoulder plane, 7 1/2 inches long, 1 1/8-inch cutter, below wedge area filled with lead, very good overall. (Photo)

512. Fancy rosewood stuffed gunmetal shoulder plane with applied steel sole, 1 3/8-inch HERNSHAW BROS SHEFFIELD blade, very good overall. (Photo)

513. Stanley #1 ODD JOBS with 1887 & 1888 patent dates, intact scribe and level, original rule has a few chips at edge but is otherwise OK, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

514. Small 3-in. try square with rosewood handle & a Disston-made Keen Kutter sliding bevel with 6-in. blade, both very good. (Photo)

515. Stanley #30 Angle Divider, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

516. Lot of five NOS boxwood rules inc. two C-S. Co. #68; Stanley SW #27; and two Stanley #163; plus a used Stanley #68 and Upson Nut Co. #69. (Photo)

517. E.M. CHAPIN No. 61 ivory & German silver 24-inch, 4-fold ruler, some yellowing on outside but fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

518. Rabone & Sons Birmingham (England) ivory 4-fold 24-inch ruler, graduated on both faces and both edges, one edge marked H.A. REDFEARN a possible owner, outside face faint, inside is better, no indexing pins on inside face, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

519. Stanley? No. 40 ivory & German silver 4-fold, 24-inch ruler, yellowed and a bit faint on the outer face, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

520. Large 1-lb. 14-oz. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

521. Large 2-lb. 10-oz. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

522. Large 1-lb. 12-oz. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

523. Large 1-lb. 6-oz. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

524. Four brass plumb bobs inc. HERCULES 20; DODGE MFG. CO. MISHAWAKA, IND., and one marked N6482-12 and another that looks like a screw. (Selling by choice one time) (Photo & Photo 2)

525. Two wooden squares: Large rosewood handled try square with 18-inch blade, VG; and a Large wooden try square, with 20 1/2-inch unmarked blade, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

526. Mulliken & Stackpole 29 1/2-inch mahogany & brass plumb & level, VG. (Photo & Photo)

527. OVB No. 100 (Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett) 28-in. rosewood & brass double plumb & level, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

528. Stanley No. 96, 28-inch brass bound rosewood plumb & level. VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

529. Stanley No. 96, 24-inch brass bound plumb & level, hang hole in one end, comes with set of clamp-on level sights, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

530. Stratton Bros. No. 1, 22-inch brass-bound plumb & level, coated with clear lacquer, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

531. Lot five levels: Stanley #264 torpedo; L.S.S. Co. 6-in. cast iron; Starrett 9-inch; Stanley #36, 9-inch; & Stanley #36, 12-inch, fine. (Photo)

532. THE DAVIS LEVEL, M.W. ROBINSON CO., NEW YORK, 4 3/4-inch machinist level, unusual & very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

533. Davis L&T Co. 3 1/2, No. 38 machinist level, intact & VG. (Photo & Photo)

534. Scarce L.L.Davis No. 37 1/2 machinist level that can be attached to a square, very good. (Photo & Photo)

535. Scarce L.L. Davis pedestal level that can be attached to a square, VG. (Photo & Photo)

536. Small 3 7/8-inch mahogany smooth plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

537. Small coachmakers handled compass rabbet, wedge may be replaced, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

538. Small coachmakers 3 3/4-inch wooden plane with sole radiused from side to side, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. Small 4 1/4-inch coachmakers? skew bladed wooden rabbet plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

540. Pair small wooden smooth planes: 2 3/4-inch and 2-inch rosewood, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

541. A. HOWLAND & Co. handled rosewood screw-arm plow plane, wedge a probable replacement, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

542. Stanley No. 68 rabbeting spoke shave, cap a probable replacement, VG. (Photo)

543. Nickel plated shoe makers shave, VG. (Photo)

544. Stanley No. 66 hand beader with full set of replacement blades. (Photo)

545. Pair iron spoke shaves inc. Stanley No. 51 and another that is pitted. (Photo)

546. Lot of three wooden spoke shaves inc. Chas. Henry Sheffield. (Photo)

547. Unknown 12-inch infilled jack plane with tapered SORBY blade, and brass bridge, VG. (Photo)

548. NORRIS A5 post war model with ebonizied wood stuffing, little used NORRIS LONDON blade, fine overall condition. (Photo)

549. European style toothing plane with PEUGEOT FRERES (Peugeot Brothers) blade, sides have some cracks. (Photo)

550. Leonard Bailey 21-inch iron jointer plane, nickel plated steel tote, fancy embossed cap screw and front knob, just a trace of original japanning remains, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

551. SHAPLEIGH DAY & CO. ST. LOUIS (Ohio Tool) No. 114 panel raising plane with sliding fence on bottom, nicker and depth stop, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

552. Leonard Bailey 17 3/4-inch iron fore plane, nickel plated steel tote, fancy embossed cap screw and front knob, 50% japanning, has adjuster, good cutter, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

553. Unusual wooden scraper marked D.S. HOWELL DES MOINES IOWA, MAKER, PATENT APPLIED FOR, PRICE $2.00, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

554. Tower & Lyon Chaplins Patent 18-inch fore plane, wooden knob, intact hard rubber tote, T&L cutter, scalloped sides, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

555. RARE Chaplins Patent jack plane with adjustable throat & T-shaped throat closing plate, intact hard rubber tote, scuffed but intact wood knob, needs light cleaning, VG. (Photo & Photo)

556. W.B. Mellick (St. Louis) 24-inch patented inclinometer level in wooden stock, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

557. Stanley #5 1/4 "Junior" jack plane, fine rosewood tote and knob, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

558. Two handed scorp or inshave, complete and very good plus six NOS hammer handles, and a NOS scythe or sickle handle. (Photo)

559. Stanley #45 combination plane in original tin box, includes all three main sections, long and short rods; original cutter box with 15 blades, and a reprinted owners manual. (Photo & Photo 2)

560. Diamond Edge broad hatchet, complete and fine. (Photo)

561. Keen Kutter screwdriver; NOS Irwin "Perfect Handle" type screwdriver; and a Bruno #201B adjustable auger bit. (Photo)

562. Five marking gauges: two Stanley #61; two different #65 and an unmarked #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauge. (Photo)

563. GENERAL 3-WAY plumb and level in original box; plus an unusual tool with a triangular shaped head with a curved face and wooden handle. This tool was used to press triangular brass pieces into the back corners of stairs to keep dust and dirt from building up in the corners, includes a plastic bag with a few of the brass corner pieces. (Photo)

564. Pair of 24-inch ACME TOLEDO, OHIO No. 4 plumb and levels with inclinometers. The one on top has the inclinometer on one side of the stock; the other has star cutouts in the ends of the stock, and it has a circular inclinometer dial in the center, all three vials intact on both levels. (Photo & Photo 2)

565. Five Feature Level No. 525 by Douglass Co. Charlotte, N.C. U.S.A. Patent No. 2,594,543. This one is 24-inches long and has an aluminum stock. All three vials are intact but one lens is cracked, complete and very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

566. Lot of four old hammers, all appear to be hand forged, all suitable for decorating. (Photo)

567. Pair of wrenches including a 4 1/2-inch C.E. Billings patent screw adjust nut complete and very good; plus a scarce 5-inch BONNEY BABY VIXEN complete and very good. (Photo)

568. Lot of Stanley tools: #21 combination square, VG; #373 1/2 butt marker IOB; #61 marking gage; #46-812 8-inch sliding bevel; #58, 6-inch dividers; #1 ODD-JOBS head with improper pointer, all in fine or better condition. (Photo)

569. EDWARD GARTER, TROY, NY No. 84, boxwood, screw-arm plow plane, unhandled, with screw-operated depth stop, fine overall. (Photo & Photo)

570. STUNNING 16-inch carved wooden chairmakers brace, one pad included, fine overall condition. (Photo)

571. Pair hollow augers, one marked FS & CO., one needs cutters secured; and a James Swan 1 1/4-inch corner chisel, VG. (Photo)

572. Stanley No. 992 8-inch corner brace, VG. (Photo)

573. Barn beam boring machine, all original, can be folded down for storage, fine wooden handles and base, fine overall. (Photo)

574. Two NOS Keen Kutter KCB8, 1/2-inch Ship Car Bits in original box, fine. (Photo)

575. Lot of four 35-inch long auger bits for use in auger handles, two of the worm screws will need sharpening and all can use a light cleaning, very good overall. (Photo)

576. Lot of four different T augers including one with spoon bit, plus a long gimlet bit. (The smallest auger in the photo is not included) (Photo)

577. Pair of patented auger handles inc. VG PS&W and another possibly by Swan, both VG. (Photo)

578. BLISH, MIZE & SILLIMAN Hardware Co. Atchison, Kansas, Catalog No. 40, 1940 hardware catalog, VG; and a WESCHE COMPANY Tulsa, Oklahoma 1971 hardware catalog, paper cover, VG. (Photo)

579. BLISH, MIZE & SILLIMAN Hardware Co. Atchison, Kansas, Catalog No. 50, some separation at spine, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

580. GATES HARDWARE & SUPPLY Tulsa, Oklahoma, hardware catalog, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

581. Oklahoma Hardware Co. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma hardware catalog, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

582. Reversible 2-lb. P. LEISTNER ST. CHARLES millwrights style plumb bob, very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

583. Large 1 1/2-lb. brass plumb bob with steel tip, has built-in spool at the top for wrapping the string onto, very good. (Photo)

584. Unusual plumb bob with built in reel, DES PAT 198470 MADE IN USA, NO. 20, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

585. Unusual 5 3/4-inch brass-bodied, mercury-filled plumb bob with steel top and point, very good overall. (Photo)

586. Large 3-lb. Common Sense style brass plumb bob, typical nicks and dings, will clean/polish to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

587. Massive 3-inch wide by 6 1/2-inch brass trammels. (Photo)

588. Small 4 1/4-inch brass trammels, fine. (Photo)

589. Fine E.S. & Co. (Rockford, ILL) brass trammel points, one having a pencil holder. (Photo)

590. Large 1-lb. 4-oz. brass plumb bob, unusual form, nice. (Photo)

591. BERGER & Sons 16-oz. brass plumb bob with spring-loaded tip. (Photo)

592. Unmarked 4-oz. ivory, brass & steel plumb bob, VG. (Photo)

593. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 24-inch W.T. Nichelson Patent May 1, 1860, cast iron level, one small countersunk hole in each side on the bottom, otherwise VG. (Photo)

594. Davis Patent No. 49 inclinometer level with offset inclinometer made by M. W. Robinson Co., VG. (Photo)

595. C.E. Jennings Co. 12-inch cast iron plumb & level with fancy filigree casting, little original japanning remains, no damage to casting, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

596. Union #411 (Like Stanley No. 113) compass or circle plane with 90%+ japanning, proper cutter, intact and VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

597. Scarce Sargent #1074 circle or compass plane (Like Stanley No. 20) with 85%+ original nickel plating, original Sargent cutter, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

598. Sargent #74 circle or compass plane (Like Stanley No. 20) with enhanced japanning, good Sargent cutter, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

599. Sargent #76 circle or compass plane (Like Stanley No. 113) with 80%+ japanning, good Sargent cutter, VG.(Photo & Photo 2)

600. Leonard Bailey #10 circular or compass plane, has cam locking lever cap, good original cutter, body appears to have been repainted with flat black,) good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

601. SCARCE Leornard Bailey Victor #11 carriage makers rabbet plane, VG, no depth stop or fence. (Photo & Photo 2)

602. FINE Stanley #72 chamfer plane with beading attachment and set of 7 original blades. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

603. FINE Stanley #444 dovetail plane, complete in original wooden box with partial label on end, complete with spur blocks, original owners pamphlet, 90%+ nickel plating. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

604. Set NOS Buck Brothers #100 wood chisels in original plastic pouch. (Photo)

605. New old stock WORTH 10-inch drawknife; plus an unmarked pony shave with 4-inch blade, very good. (Photo)

606. Four KEEN KUTTER chisels: 2-in.; 1 3/4-in. & 1/4-in. bevel-edged socket firmers; and a 1/4-in. mortising chisel, the largest will need the cutting edge reground, but the others are good to go. (Photo)

607. Disston & Sons D-12, 26-inch with 10 tpi, spur of handle MIA, otherwise very good. (Photo)

608. Disston & Sons No. 7 hand saw with 23-inch, 8 tpi blade (may have been sawed off on end), RWR stamped into one side of handle, otherwise very good overall. (Photo)

609. Disston D-17 hand saw with unusual blade that has been sharpened like a crosscut saw in the rear with regular teeth the first 5 inches or so, very good overall. (Photo)

610. Atkins No. 31 Midget Saw Jointer in like new condition and a NOS butt marker with original hardware tag on it. (Photo)

611. FINE European-style 4-inch plumb bob, complete with wooden spool & spacer or stand-off, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

612. KUKER-RANKEN INC. SEATTLE, 32-oz. brass surveyors type plumb bob, very good. (Photo)

613. Five brass plumb bobs inc. one by JAS. A. GAFFNEY CO. INC. NEW YORK. (Photo & Photo 2)

614. Four brass plumb bobs, all VG. (Photo)

615. Unusual brass plumb bob with long steel shaft, 6-inches long overall, brass top, interesting. (Photo)

616. Large ivory & brass plumb bob made from estate ivory tusk by Gene Harp, fine. (Photo)

617. Small left-handed wooden side rabbet plane with steel sole, appears professionally made, very nice. (Photo & Photo 2)

618. Fine ebony Ultimatum-style marking gauge with brass beam, fine overall condition. (Photo)

619. Pair 5-inch brass trammel points with steel tips and screws, very good overall. (Photo)

620. Pair 6-inch nickel-silver trammel points, very good overall. (Photo)

621. Pair 5-inch brass trammel points with diamond-shape indents on both sides, steel points and screws, very good overall. (Photo)

622. Pair 5-inch brass trammel points, one with integral pencil holder, very good overall condition. (Photo)

623. Two pair NOS CHANNEL LOCK skip-joint pliers in original plastic pouches. Included are 10-in. #420 & 12-inch #440. (Photo)

624. Set of 3 NOS Crescent tools inc. needle nose pliers; 6-inch adjustable wrench & diagonal cutting pliers, all in original packaging. (Photo)

625. Three NOS wrenches: Stanley 8-inch Crescent-type #87-368; Crescent 10-inch adjustable; & Vise-Grip 7-inch all in original packaging. (Photo)

626. Two NOS General plumb bobs: #800-32 ounce & #800-8 ounce, both in fine original boxes. (Photo)

627. Four NOS saw tools: Two Welliver & Sons #2700 saw jointers; and three (one not shown in photo) Atkins Silver Flash Filing Gauges in original envelopes. (Photo)

628. Metallic Plane Co. 20 1/2-inch corrugated jointer plane with adjustable throat, iron knob, faucet-handle adjuster, improper Stanley SW cutter, good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

629. Unusual 22-inch iron jointer with applied rosewood sole and unusual rear handle, the sides of this one look like Foss or early Bailey, very interesting. (Photo & Photo 2)

630. Nice 17-inch razee style jack plane with rosewood stock, mahogany? handle & wedge, nice Ward cutter and very good overall. (Photo)

631. Large and well made coopers howell plane with side handle, wedge may be a replacement, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

632. SPIERS AYR 7 1/2-inch rosewood stuffed steel smoother with captive gunmetal lever cap, nice WARD blade, dovetailed construction, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo)

633. Fine 12-inch rosewood spirit level with brass plates top and bottom secured by 14 screws each, very nice. (Photo)

634. Stratton Bros. 12-inch #10 brass-bound mahogany plumb & level, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

635. AXEX MARSHALL GLASGOW 12-inch rosewood spirit level with brass top plate, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

636. Five marking gauges: Two Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauges; plus three #61 gauges all with numbers on them from an old high school shop. (Photo & Photo 2)

637. Stratton Bros. 10-inch brass-bound mahogany plumb & level with the plumb vial in the end of the stock, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

638. Iron spoke shave with STEARNS embossed cap, and STEARNS marked cutter, very good overall; and a Disston scraper blade burnisher, new old stock, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

639. Wooden miter jack, very nice. (Photo)

640. Unmarked brass race knife, VG. (Photo)

641. Large wood tap and wooden screw box, VG. (Photo)

642. Large #2 glue pot, very good overall condition. (Photo)

643. Eclipse St. Louis cobblers revolving nail caddy, very good overall condition. (Photo)

644. Three NOS tools: #14L Peerless Vial Case; Millers Falls #240 chisel & plane iron sharpener; & a Stanley #207 bench stop, all in in fine original boxes. (Photo & Photo 2)

645. Unusual and possibly patented double caliper, big end opens to about 15 inches, very well made. (Photo)

646. Stanley #194 fiberboard beveling plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

647. Nicely executed hags tooth router plus a Wing & Tabor smooth plane with applied steel sole plate. (Photo)

648. Unmarked patternmakers plane with three blades & bottoms, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

649. Carpenters slick with 4-inch wide blade, sides of blade have been abused and are chipped marked G. JEFFERY & W.MCCOON(sp), good overall. (Photo)

650. Hart Mfg. Co. EXTRA No. 1 slick with fine 3 1/2-inch blade and very nice handle, fine overall. (Photo)

651. Large 28-inch Bridegeport Mfg. screwdriver in near new condition, great. (Photo)

652. Set of IRWIN auger bits on display board with intact label, can mounted to shop wall, one spare bit included, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

653. Moulson Bros. 18-inch try square with rosewood handle and tab for overhang, marked with owner name E.ROOT, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

654. Winchester #3514, 12-inch ratchet brace, a few flecks of nickel missing, otherwise complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

655. Set of IRWIN auger bits in GOLD BOND canvas roll with tapered reamer and bit file, fine set. (Photo & Photo 2)

656. Pair of aluminum SANDS mason's levels; one 28-inch marked SANDS and DETROIT, has one cracked vial cover but is otherwise very good; the other, a 30-inch #30, is marked SANDS LEVEL AND TOOL CO. CLINTON, IND, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

657. Six long auger bits, four Irwin bits for wood, and two twist drill bits, all are very good or better. (Photo)

658. Chaplins Improved Patent 9-inch smooth plane, small vertical crack in plastic handle, otherwise fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

659. Pair of sliding bevels: Stanley #18 with 10-inch blade, complete and very good; and a H. TOWER & CO. with rosewood handle and 14-inch blade, complete and fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

660. Chaplins Improved Patent 14-inch iron jack plane, the tote chipped at base, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)


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