4th Annual St. Charles Antique Tool Auction

Sept. 10, 2011

Harvester Lions Club

4835 Central School Rd.

St. Charles (St. Louis), MO   63304

001. Stanley #79 side rabbet plane, made in England, missing fence but otherwise fine. (Photo)

002. Stanley #84 razor shave, SW logo on top, small hang hole in one end of handle, very good overall. (Photo)

003. Three plumb bobs, one brass with steel tip, plus a hammer with nest of screwdrivers inside handle, very good overall. (Photo)

004. Stanley #27 1/2 transitional jumbo jack plane in fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

005. Chairmaker's travisher & a wooden hags tooth router. (Photo)

006. Winchester #3204 corrugated smooth plane, VG. (Photo)

007. Stanley #12 cabinet scraper, no blade, otherwise complete and very good. (Photo)

008. Pair of iron block planes each with squirrel-tail handles, both very good.

009. Stanley No. 237, 24-inch aluminum double plumb & level with eclipse vial covers. (Photo & Photo 2)

010. Unusual Stanley 42-366 ANTI CHOC 50 FRANCE 19 3/4-inch plumb & level, aluminum, new.

011. Lot of four steel plumb bobs: Unknown model with spool at top, FINE; L.S. STARRETT No. 87, good; Unmarked; & small Millers Falls 2 1/2-oz., FINE. (Photo)

012. Three large steel plumb bobs; two unmarked and one a like-new Starrett No. 87 with built in spool, FINE. (Photo)

013. Pair of 36-inch wooden rules; one DX SUNRAY OIL COMPANY advertising & the other DAVIS ANTIQUES Rt. 3 UNIONVILLE, MO, VG. (Photo)

014. Unusual 36-in. wooden rule reads from right to left, numbers look hand stamped, VG; & unknown make sliding rule extends to 50 inches, VG. (Photo)

015. Nice little TRU-TEST camp hatchet in a leather holster. (Photo)

016. Unknown make corner brace with mild pitting; plus a Silver & Fawcett Patent clamp manufactured by Silver & Demming on U.S. Patent #150,900 issued May 12, 1874. This one has a quick-adjust feature patented May 12, 1874, very good.

017. Shapleigh Keen Kutter circular saw blade in original packaging, very good; plus a spare package. (Photo)

018. Frederick Post drafting instrument in original box; plus an unknown instrument marked GARDNER INSTRUMENTS The Baker Castor Oil Co.

019. Unknown make 12-inch, 4-fold ivory rule, owner marked G. POWIS 1901 on hinge, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

020. Stanley? No. 88, ivory & German silver 4-fold, 12-inch ruler, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

021. UNION XNo.4 iron smooth plane with vertical-post cutter adjuster, patented 12-8-03, FINE; plus an ECLIPSE smooth plane in fine condition. (Photo)

022. Unusual 5 1/2-inch brass plumb bob with internal line holder made by SWTCA member John Wolcott, fine overall. (Photo)

023. Pair of miniature wooden router planes, VG. (Photo)

024. Fine 4 1/2-inch wooden coachmaker's rabbet plane. (Photo)

025. Pair early Stanley #98/99 side rabbet planes, both fine. (Photo)

026. Coachmaker's 3 3/4-inch wooden compassed rabbet plane, VG. (Photo)

027. Two corner chisels: T.H. WITHERBY 1-inch corner chisel; and a Greenlee RELIANCE 3/4-inch corner chisel.

028. Gibson Plumb & Level Co., Lahoma, Okla. 30-inch inclinometer level, Patent June 25, 1907 patent, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

029. Lot of four socket firmer chisels: 1/2-inch PS&W; two unknown make 5/8-inch; and a 1/4-inch BUCK BROS.

030. Pair of wooden planes inc. L & IJ WHITE 7/8-inch grooving plow, with small hang hole in back of stock, very good overall; plus an L. GARDNER Green Street BOSTON 1/8-inch fully boxed center bead, very good. (Photo)

031. THOs L. APPLETON BOSTON 7/8-inch dado with screw operated depth stop, fine; P. BALTZER BERLINE round with skewed blade, fine; and a C.T. SKELTON & CO. SHEFFIELD 3/4-inch #2. (Photo)

032. Pair of wood planes: J.V. HILL Grays Inn Rd. Nw Krofs complex moulder; fine; plus a THOS. L. APPLETON BOSTON 3/4-inch single boxed side bead, fine. (Photo)

033. THOs L. APPLETON BOSTON 1/2-inch single boxed side bead, fine; and an Ohio Tool Co. #43 1/2. (Photo)

034. Stanley #113 Type 2 compass plane with all proper parts, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

035. Pair of wood planes; Mackay, Burley & Hays, Glasgow 1/2-inch complex molder, very good; and a Sandusky Tool Co. #157 twin iron sash plane, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

036. Lot of four long Diamond Edge auger bits; and two Diamond Edge bit extensions.

037. Three squares: L.S.S. Co. with 12-inch #4 graduated scale, intact level and scribe, fine; a Browne & Sharpe Mfg. with 6-inch scale, intact level, very good; and an L.S.S. Co. #14 toolmaker's square with 2 1/2-inch adjustable scale, fine. (Photo)

038. Pair of wooden planes: Ohio Tool #37 1/2-inch single boxed side bead, very good; plus a UNION FACTORY M. COPELAND #10. (Photo & Photo 2)

039. Three calipers: VARD PASADENA, CALIF, complete and fine; STEELCRAFT GERMANY, very good; and a WEST GERMANY brass caliper, fine. (Photo)

040. BENSEN & CRANNELL, ALBANY ogee and fillet complex profile molding plane, former owner M.J. SMITH stamped his name in one side, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

041. Lot of measuring tools: Stanley #68 SW 4-fold rule, very good; leather pocket protector with two 6-inch steel scales, one marked RITTER U.S.A. and one marked GERMANY; two plastic slide rules, one with case; and a German distance measuring device with a compass on the back with original leather case.

042. Two wood planes: early 10-inch complex profile with chamfered sides, complete and very good; plus a horned scrub plane, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

043. Stanley #45 combination plow plane Type 6 with all three main sections, long and short rods, dated cam, 90%+ original nickel, fine rosewood knob and handle; this lot also includes the #55 main frame with long rods, this on has a few small chips from the top of the handle spur, but is otherwise fine, if you have a broken frame, this is just the ticket. (Photo & Photo 2)

044. Three complex molding planes: BALDWIN? #106 or #108 has had the sides of the escapement chamfered, but is otherwise complete and very good; a wide A.MONTE, ROXTON POND, PQ, the boxing behind the blade is badly chipped and broken and should be replaced; and a much thinner unmarked plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

045. Stanley #45 Type 13 with first type SW logo on skate, includes all thee main sections, long and short rods, cam, beading stop, three depth stops; 13 blades including a sash, match, five plows (including the one in the plane) and six beads, one bead has moderate rust, the others just light rus; a fine user. (Photo & Photo 2)

046. Antique barn pulley marked MYERS O.K. H-298, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

047. Fine Keuffel Patent (U.S. 645,263) surveyors tape reel, complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

048. Stanley #113 Type 2 compass plane complete and fine in an owner-made wooden box, This one has 95 percent plus japanning, and 98 percent plus nickel plating, this is by far the nicest Type 2 we have seen. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

049. Unusual iron double shave with flat and convex bottoms, decorative frame casting, blades marked WARRANTED CAST STEEL, very good overall; plus a Stanley dowel pointer in NOS condition; and four Stanley plane blades, dept stop, rod, etc.

050. Early Stanley #55 combination plow plane with four original boxes of blades, plane is complete with both side handles, sliding section, main frame, rods, beading stop, two depth stops, auxiliary tower. The tops of the cutter boxes may be newer replacements but they are very good. The labels on the cutters boxes range from 60 to 90 percent intact. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

051. Four assorted plow plane irons, and a nickel plated Sprenger & Sorensen patent candy hammer. (Photo)

052. Stanley No. 35, 42-inch masons level, SW logo, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

053. DeFrange Patent Wall and Rafter Layout Tool (U.S. Pat. #4,607,438) manufactured by AMER-ECON TOOL CO. Krebs, Oklahoma, like new. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

054. Stanley No. 45 1/2, 48-inch masons level with plumb bob opening, VG. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3 & Photo 4)

055. Lot of small levels inc. three STEVENS pocket levels; 4-ANGLE torpedo level with paper label; PERFECTION PAT 4-21-14; two DIAMOND EDGE vials from an ACME level; T&B PAT. PEND. 200 that mounts to a square, etc. (Photo)

056. Two 8-inch drawknives: Fine Winstead folding-handle model with black handles; & Nobles Mfg. Co. with adjustable handles. (Photo)

057. Three SW Stanley marking gauges: #64 1/2, VG; & Nos. 65 & 72, NOS. (Photo)

058. Small anvil with holes in base for mounting. (Photo)

059. Four try squares and one try and miter square inc. 3-inch Disston & Sons; & Stanley #20, 10-in. (Photo)

060. ADJUST-A-BOB 22-ounce brass plumb bob but built-in reel on top. Comes in original packaging with paperwork, like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

061. Stanley #71 1/2 closed throat router plane with 1/2-inch blade, very good overall. (Photo)

062. Patented hammer with nail holder on side of head, good overall. (Photo)

063. Eleven steel plumb bobs, several are nickel plated.

064. Stanley #38 1/2, 4-inch machinist level, SW logo, very good; plus a PERFECTION Pat. 4-21-14 nickel plated level vial and mounting plate, make-your-own level, VG. (Photo)

065. Unmarked 3-lb. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

066. Six wooden block planes: H. WF. THERELL CHATHAM grooving plow with wide chamfers, very nice; Sandusky Tool Co. SPECIAL weatherstripping plow, very nice; Auburn Tool Co. 3/4-inch table joint?; & Auburn Tool 3/8-in. side bead, good overall; #176 7/8-inch handled tongue cutter, improper wedge, otherwise OK; and a J. LOVELL MASS. 7/8-inch handled tongue cutter with opened throat, otherwise OK.

067. Large (2 lb., 14 oz.) brass plumb bob with knurled top, VG. (Photo)

068. J.S. Fray & Co. rosewood tool handle full of bits inc. gouge, chisel, gimlet, tack lifter, etc. FINE.

069. Pair of brass surveyor-type plumb bobs: 10-ounce and 12-ounce, each comes with a Gammon Patent (U.S. No. 3,172,205) spring-loaded reel. Both bobs are in very good overall condition. The 12-oz. model comes in a leather holster.

070. Five assorted gimlets plus two gimlet bits, all very good. (Photo)

071. Millers Falls #513 corner brace, complete and very good overall.

072. Stanley Handyman Yankee #133H push drill & screwdriver with one drill bit and three screwdriver bits, fine overall; plus a ROEBLING patent Aug. 3, 1897 alligator wrench. (Photo)

073. Bergman Tool Co. corner brace, missing the u-joint cover, but otherwise very good. (Photo)

074. Stanley No. 7506 tape measure, fine overall; plus another WALSCO R-12 MECHANICS PAL 6-foot tape measure, VG.

075. Mann Mfg. screw-holding screwdriver pat'd May 16, 1899 & June 15, 1899 & Stanley #30 Odd Jobs missing piece at bottom. (Photo)

076. Pair try squares: unknown model with 8-inch blade and having a level in the handle, needs cleaning; the other is a nice Stanley with 8-in. blade and having 90%+ nickel, fine. (Photo)

077. Large 3-lb. brass plumb bob. (Photo)

078. Two rosewood and brass handled try squares with 12-inch blades, both are very good. (Photo)

079. Large wooden furniture clamp with metal screw and bracket, VG. (Photo)

080. Nice homemade wooden slitting or ripping gauge with cam-locking head, and rollers.

081. CARTER TROY wedge-arm plow plane with one blade, good overall.

082. Fine Orr & Lockett Hdwe Chicago layout knife with rosewood and brass handle; plus rosewood handled leather punch. (Photo)

083. Box lot: coach makers router; wooden rams horn-type scraper; Stanley marking gage & bevel handle (no blade). (Photo)

084. Unusual bitstock tool, this one is just over 10 inches long and has a 3/4-in. by 1/4-in. oval socket in the end, perhaps for turning wing nuts.

085. Five assorted plow plane blades by Ohio Tool & Butcher. (Photo)

086. Marsh M110 iron block plane, complete and fine. (Photo)

087. Ohio Tool Co. #0130 double ended block plane, complete with globe logo iron, fine overall condition. (Photo)

088. Ohio Tool Co. #018 block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, very good overall. (Photo)

089. Stanley #118 BREAKPROOF!, Original Steel Plane in fine overall condition with original decal. (Photo)

090. Union 6-inch iron block plane with knuckle jointed lever cap, complete and fine. (Photo)

091. Keen Kutter K60 low angle block plane with nickel plated cap, some very minor pitting on the sides, very good overall. (Photo)

092. Keen Kutter K65 low angle block plane with nickel plated cap, fine overall. (Photo)

093. Scarce Stanley #21 7-inch transitional smooth plane, complete and in very good overall. condition. (Photo)

094. REVONOC HSB & CO. #5C iron jack plane, tote broken and glued, very good overall. (Photo)

095. Stanley #4 1/2C Type 11 jumbo smooth plane, has a chunk out of left front corner, very good usable condition; plus an EVERKEEN #4C that is complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

096. Pair of Stanley transitional smooth planes #22 and #24 both are complete and very good. (Photo)

097. Full set of 11 blades for Stanley #46 skew bladed plow plane, all very good and all come inside the original wooden box. (Photo)

098. Ohio Tool Co. #06 fore plane with Thistle Brand iron, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

099. Lakeside ROCKFORD R6C corrugated iron fore plane, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

100. JIFFY SHELLER CO. hand corn sheller from ASHLAND, O(hio), complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

101. RARE cast iron buggy whip holder like those that would have hung in old hardware and general stores and would have held buggy whips. One or two of the loops are cracked, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

102. GARY SPEC. CO. hand corn nubber, GARY, IND. complete and fine. (Photo & Photo 2 & Photo 3)

103. Stanley #1 Excelsior tool handle, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

104. Unknown make hand vise with integral cast iron loop handle, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

105. Unusual adjustable dividers marked G. SIEVERS, the points are MIA. (Photo & Photo 2)

106. Unknown make 4-foot sliding inside rule, complete and very good, plus an early yardstick with inches on one side and unknown scales on other side. (Photo)

107. CRICK MADE IN U.S.A. masons level made with brass bound laminated stock, like new condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

108. The American Combined Level & Grade Finder (inclinometer) patented and manufactured by Edward Helb, Railroad, Penn. July 12, 1904, complete and very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

109. Lot Stanley tools: #98 twin beam marking gage; No. 25 bevel with 6-in. blade; & No. 4 trammel points with built in pencil holder; also included is a Diamond Edge try & miter square. (Photo)

110. Three different sized claw hammers, smallest is a Stanley, the other two are by D. MAYDOLE, all very good. (Photo)

111. Unknown make sliding bevel with rosewood handle and 14-inch blade, needs numerous nicks and dings, can be cleaned to usable condition. (Photo)

112. Pair D. MAYDOLE ball peen hammers, the smaller is marked 79 1/2 on the end of the handle, the number on the other is too distorted to read.

113. Wm. Marples Hibernia Works wedge arm plow plane, very good overall.

114. Two claw hammers inc. small Stanley and another this looks like it was hand forged, both very nice. (Photo)

115. Ohio Tool Co. #080 cast iron scraper (like a Stanley #80) in fine overall condition with a Stanley blade; plus a Stanley ATHA cold chisel, very good.

116. McClellan Patent corner brace, has a replacement screw, and needs a little work, a scarce boring tool. (Photo)

117. Stanley 100 1/2 round bottom mini block plane with squirrel-tail handle, FINE; plus Stanley? 100 squirrel-tail block plane with flat bottom, fixer upper. (Photo & Photo 2)

118. Stratton Bros. #10, 10-inch brass-bound rosewood plumb & level, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

119. Small rosewood stuffed brass rabbet plane in a fine rosewood box with sliding lid marked on bottom Flaherty 1986 E Indian Rosewood. (Photo & Photo 2)

120. Four scratch awls. (Photo)

121. Graduated set of seven Ohio Tool Co. plow plane irons or blades, all clean and very good. (Photo)

122. Two large homemade brass plumb bobs totaling 6 lb. 6 oz. (Photo)

123. Disston 14-inch Smith Patent (U.S. No. 1,085,503) reversible back saw patented January 27, 1914, bottom handle spur chipped, fine overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

124. Large 3-lb. 4 oz. PERFECTION PAT. PENDING brass plumb bob. (Photo)

125. Scarce Stanley 14-inch W.T. NICHOLSON Patent cast iron level, 50%+ japanning, no structural damage, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

126. Medium sized 3 lb., 8 oz. brass plumb bob with wide removable top, steel point, VG. (Photo)

127. Stanley No. 34, 10-inch shaft level with eclipse vial cover, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

128. Ohio Tool Co. #99 unhandled screw-arm plow plane, missing the locking screw for the depth stop, very good overall; and a Robt Thomson wedge arm plow plane, arms are cracked or broken, a good one to restore. (Photo)

129. A. MATHIESON & SON GLASGOW wedge arm plow plane with screw operated depth stop, very good overall condition. (Photo)

130. A. MATHIESON & SON GLASGOW & EDIMBORGH, moving fillester plane with screw operated depth stop and intact nicker, very good overall. (Photo)

131. T.J. GARDNER BRISTOL MAKER wedge arm plow plane, with boxwood wedges and brass arm tips, screw operated depth stop, brass stiffner plate securing skate, fine overall. (Photo)

132. Keen Kutter 8-inch wooden smooth plane, complete and fine. (Photo)

133. Everkeen 8-inch transitional smooth plane (same size as Stanley #24) complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

134. Stanley #24 transitional smooth plane, with R&L logo blade, very good overall. (Photo)

135. Stanley #122 Liberty Bell transitional smooth plane, has an improper chip breaker, very good overall. (Photo)

136. W.H. BLYE DeRUYTER 26-inch wooden jointer plane in little used original condition. (Photo)

137. Unknown make 28-inch transitional jointer plane, has a tote like an Ohio Tool, the lateral lever is like an early Stanley, complete and in good overall condition. (Photo)

138. Large Disston & Sons saw set, very good overall.

139. Stanley No. 4 smooth plane and two braces including a Consolidated Tool Works with unusual ratchet selector. (Photo)

140. Four Craftsman bevel edge chisels, all very good. (Photo)

141. Two corner chisels one by HUMPHREYSVILLE MFG. and one by CLAGETT, O'BANNON & HONORE. This hardware firm was listed at 219 South Water corner of Franklin in the 1855 Chicago city directory, this was 16 years prior to the big Chicago fire. (Photo & Photo 2)

142. Two heavy duty timber framers socket chisels by UNDERHILL BOSTON. (Photo & Photo 2)

143. Four small oil cans; one marked SINGER and one is marked EAGLE Patented Feb. 27, 1923, all very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

144. Lot: two parallel clamps; Stanley screwdriver bit; dividers, printers rule.

145. SIMMONS Six-Lever padlock, no key, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

146. A.C. BACHELDER iron spokeshave with name cast into the lever cap, fine; two nail sets; and and a small pattern makers type shave. (Photo & Photo 2)

147. Lot: folding saw vise; J.C. Penny screwdriver; ANKORTITE wire twister; scraper. (Photo)

148. Millers Falls No. 1550 3/16-inch steel figure set, complete IOB, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

149. John A. Roebling Patent (Aug. 3, 1897) ALLIGATOR WRENCH, very good; plus a cast iron file handle, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

150. Crude owner made wheel dresser, and two wire gages. (Photo & Photo 2)

151. Nice 12-inch Lamson & Sessions wood handled screw-adjust monkey wrench, complete and in very good overall condition. (Photo)

152. Nicely executed early surface gage with decorative pointer and brass top, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

153. Thompson Patent (U.S. No. 234,091) 10-inch buggy or axle nut wrench, some light rust and light pitting and bar is slightly bent, but still functional and in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

154. Goodell Pratt multi-speed hand drill, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

155. Large hand forged corner chisel, an early pair of dividers and a nice owner-made marking or mortise gage. (Photo)

156. Lot of three wooden plow planes for parts or restoration. (Photo & Photo 2)

157. Stanley No. 45 combination plow plane with original wooden box of 16 blades including 10 plows; 5 beads; and 1 match. Cutter box has two spare spurs stapled onto outside. Will make a great user. (Photo)

158. Three wooden molding planes including a J. GIBSON ALBANY complex profile. (Photo & Photo 2)

159. Stanley No. 45 & No. 50 plow planes, both will need blades, otherwise very good. (Photo)

160. Box of 11 mostly SPECIAL cutters for Stanley #45 & #55 plow planes; included are cutters #215; 224; 235; 18 1/2; 101; 103; 105; 106; 85; plus one bead and one plow, all in an owner-made wooden box. (Photo & Photo 2)

161. Stanley No. 95, 30-inch brass-bound mahogany? plumb & level, FINE. (Photo & Photo 2)

162. Stratton Bros. 30-inch No. 1, brass-bound, rosewood Plumb & Level, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

163. Stanley Rule & Level Co. No. ?, 30-inch mahogany double plumb & level. (Photo & Photo 2)

164. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-in. plumb & level with rosewood stock and brass side views. VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

165. Pair of wrenches: ROBINSON 6-inch adjustable S wrench, very good; plus a BOOS TOOL CORP. Kansas City, MO PATENTED 6-inch handle adjusted nut wrench, fine. (Photo)

166. Pair of wrenches: Elgin adjustable alligator; and a Boos Tool Corp. Kansas City, MO PAT APLD FOR 6-inch handle adjusted, very good. (Photo)

167. Cronk-type 8-inch pliers with light rust; plus a BERNARD 6-inch side cutter, fine. (Photo)

168. ATLAS TOOL CO. Cronk-type plier, very good; plus a pair of PESCO slip-joint pliers, very good. (Photo)

169. Four NOS Nicholson round bastard files in very good original box. (Photo)

170. Three pair of pliers: Kraueter #305 7-inch THE VICTOR; LODI with some rust; and an MTCo Rockford ILL, very good overall. (Photo)

171. Three pliers: Bernard's for setting shoe buttons; Keen Kutter Kronk-type with some pitting; and a nice little pair of Cronk-type pliers marked Farmer Boy, very good. (Photo)

172. Pair of crate openers: one marked COMPLIMENTS OF METZLER & Sons Corp.; very good; and an unmarked TOMAHAWK, very good. (Photo)

173. Pair of crating tools: DIAMOND ALL PURPOSE TOOL DULUTH, very good; plus an unusual tomahawk type marked PAT APLD, has chipped blade. (Photo)

174. Four Oak Leaf Tools: Cronk-type plier; 6-inch nippers; slip-joint pliers; and a pair of 6-inch dividers, very good overall. (Photo)

175. Four Oak Leaf Tools: 10-inch screw adjusted nut wrench, very good; three different pairs of pliers; and a small file. (Photo)

176. Dixon's GRAPH-AIR gun, and two different oil cans, one with heavy gauge body. (Photo)

177. Three mini oilers similar to typewriter oilers, all very good. (Photo)

178. Keen Kutter 14-inch iron jack plane, tote has been glued, very good overall. (Photo)

179. SARGENT HERCULES 9-inch iron smooth plane, fine overall. (Photo)

180. MELLOR BOX OPENER CO. Sedalia, Mo. crating tools, very good overall. (Photo)

181. Single large brass trammel point with removable steel tip and steel screw, very good. (Photo)

182. Three pamphlets including two Stanley Steel Square and one Stanley Planes Checklist. (Photo)

183. Early Stanley pasteboard box with four glass level vials in sawdust. (Photo)

184. Blue Grass T5-BG4528 aluminum masons level, one cracked lens, very good overall; plus a Blue Grass T-BG316-16 rafter or framing square, very good. (Photo)

185. Millers Falls #84 hack saw with red permaloid handle, fine overall. (Photo)

186. Bemis & Call 12-inch combination screw-adjusted pipe & nut wrench, with long sleeve and wooden handle, very good overall. (Photo)

187. ERIE TOOL WORKS 18-inch screw adjusted nut wrench with wooden handle, fine overall. (Photo)

188. Bemis & Call 18-inch Coes-type screw adjusted nut wrench, fine overall. (Photo)

189. Unknown make drawknife with handles that can be rotated, some rust, good overall. (Photo)

190. Two-man crosscut saw with good handles, very good overall. (Photo)

191. C.E. JENNINGS Arrowhead brand patented folding-handle drawknife patented FEB 20, 06, very good overall. (Photo)

192. Like new TRUE TEMPER broad axe. (Photo)

193. A.J. WILKINSON folding handle drawknife, very good overall. (Photo)

194. Winchester #3004 9-inch smooth plane, front knob a replacement, otherwise very good. (Photo)

195. J.S. CANTELO folding handle drawknife, very good overall. (Photo)

196. Chaplin's patent 6 1/2-in. adjustable block plane, VG plus Stanley #118 adjustable block plane. (Photo & Photo 2)

197. Sargent #5206 unbreakable block plane, VG; plus a Sargent #2204 4-inch block plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

198. E.C. Stearn's adjustable hollow auger, complete with depth stop, fine. (Photo)

199. A.A. Woods adjustable hollow auger, fine. (Photo)

200. Davis Level & Tool Co. 12-inch #2 inclinometer level with fancy filigree casting, complete & fine. (Photo)

201. Three levels: DEFIANCE 12-inch wooden level in red paint; Stanley #36, 12-inch cast iron; & 9-inch Stanley #107 wood level SW, VG. (Photo)

202. Davis Level & Tool Co. 6-inch #1 inclinometer level with fancy filigree casting, complete & fine. (Photo)

203. Fancy 9-inch ENGLISH spirit level with brass top and bottom. (Photo)

204. Two levels: Stanley 6-inch machinist level & Unknown 4 1/2-inch brass level in a round wooden box. (Photo)

205. C.G. SIEWERS CINCINNATI rosewood marking and mortise gauge, fine. (Photo)

206. Pair Lufkin steel zig-zag rules: #1206F & #1176, both VG; plus an Interlox sliding rule by Master Rule Mfg. (Photo)

207. Unmarked rosewood marking and mortise gauge, like new. (Photo)

208. Four Yankee ratcheting screwdrivers inc.: #30A; #135; #10A, 9-in.; & #10A, 10 1/2-in., all VG. (Photo)

209. 9107. Stanley #77 rosewood marking and mortise gauge, fine. (Photo)

210. Four screwdrivers: Stanley #88 NOS; Stanley #8, VG; Yankee #35; & Yankee #15. (Photo)

211. I. SORBY SHEFFIELD rosewood marking & mortise gauge. (Photo)

212. Three STANLEY claw hammers; two with SW logo and one marked STANLEY JOBMASTER. (Photo)

213. Three Stanley marking gauges inc. early #97; a #98 with japanned head; and a NOS #98 nickel plated.

214. Three hammers: D. MAYDALL & MARSHALL miniature jeweler's or watchmakers hammers; plus an all-steel combination hammer marked The Bird Combination Hammer PAT APPL'D FOR. (Photo)

215. Stanley #34, 8-inch shaft level in nicely-made tin box; plus Stanley #95 1/2 butt gauge & Stanley #207 bench stop NIB. The bench stop is coated with dry grease or something but it's never been used. (Photo)

216. 9110. Lot of nine templates and board measuring instruments. One marked Brown & Sharpe Mfg. (Photo)

217. Five plumb bobs: one brass and four steel inc. HANSON PB-328H & HANSON PB-303.

218. Seven ratchet screwdrivers: Yankee #11; Yankee #15; Yankee #12; Yankee #2H; NOS Yankee #15; Yankee #3400 offset & #3600 offset ratcheting allen wrench. (Photo)

219. Lot: Sands #500 Clinton, Indiana shaft level; Refinery Supply Co. Tulsa, OK gauging plumb bob & thermometer; keyhole saw & dividers.

220. Stanley No. 2 brass trammel points, FINE. (Photo)

221. Lot: Stanley #6386 tape measure, some rust, good; unknown level maybe for drill bits; and inside outside caliper marked E&T Mfg. Co. PAT PEND, VG.

222. Three small levels: Stanley #38 oil burner; Stanley level that attaches to a square (missing fixing screw) & another by Disston. (Photo)

223. Lot of 4 levels inc. Universal ALL-ANGLE with brass dial; 6 1/4-inch nickel plated; and pocket level with brass top that attaches to a square. (Photo)

224. Three levels: 7 3/4-inch iron level with brass top; & brass W.L. Myers patent Aug. 11, 1908 to be let into your own stock. (Photo)

225. Two medium sized glue pots, one with brazed repair to bottom, both usable. (Photo)

226. Lot of 11 Blue Grass Hardware tools: garden fork; 14-inch screw adjusted pipe wrench; 55-6 pliers and 55-5 pliers, both like new; 1/4-inch drive ratchet extension, four 1/4-inch sockets, file and specialty screwdriver-type tool T2-BG CL5 1/4PT. (Photo)

227. Three brass/beryllium tools: BERYLCO P103 pliers; SC-37 scraper with socket; and a dynamite or fuse cutter, unmarked. (Photo)

228. Lot of 14 leather working tools: saddler's knife with some rust; two pinking irons; 3/4-inch and 1 1/4-inch oval punches; two 7/32-inch hole punches; etc. (Photo)

229. Three pair Keen Kutter pliers: channel locks; needle nose; and slip joint, all are very good. (Photo)

230. Six Keen Kutter tools: pliers; bitstock reamer; mill bastard file; 14-inch pipe wrench; can opener, and Cronk-type pliers. (Photo)

231. Five Cornwell wrenches: four single open end; and a 5/8-inch ratchet. (Photo)

232. Seven Shapleigh tools: auger bit; two cold chisels; bitstock screwdriver bit; 10-inch adjustable pipe wrench, and #9011 wire brush. (Photo)

233. Four pair of shoe lasting pliers. (Photo)

234. Four wrenches: ERIE TOOL WORKS No. 14, self-tightening pipe wrench; Cochran 10-inch adjustable pipe wrench; HOE CORP 8-inch self tightening; and a NEVERSTAL plier that is missing the movable jaw from the wrench and needs a good cleaning. (Photo)

235. Three wrenches: J.H. WILLIAMS dog bone wrench; NEW BRITAIN P-32 pistol grip pliers; and Gellman Mfg. Co. 12-inch #121 side jaw nut wrench.

236. Diamond Calk & Horseshoe Co. double ended Crescent wrench 12 and 10-inch, very good. (Photo)

237. Buffum Tool Co. (Louisiana, MO) gate latch with swastika logo. (Photo)

238. Three iron/steel plumb bobs, one extra large. (Photo)

239. Box of 8 steel plumb bobs. (Photo)

240. Marsh FB-80 Giant Fountain Brush IOB, fine. (Photo)

241. Blue Grass (Sargent) duplex plane (similar to Stanley #78) with intact fence, proper blade, missing depth stop, very good overall. (Photo)

242. Stanley #71P router plane new in original box, plane is absolutely complete and like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

243. Fine set of nine leather hole punches by OSBORNE. (Photo)

244. Lot of six fixed hollow auger, all have light to moderate rust, one has moderate to heavy pitting. (Photo)

245. Heel shave and leather inshave, both in good overall condition. (Photo)

246. Pair of oil cans: SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE CO. NORLEIGH DIAMOND with a dent near the top but otherwise very good; plus one marked SIMMONS. (Photo)

247. Large 7 1/2-inch copper plumb bob, 4 lbs., 2 oz., top unscrews, very good overall. (Photo)

248. Yankee #35 ratcheting screwdriver NIB with all three original bits. (Photo)

249. Nice 4 1/2-inch ivory & brass plumb bob, irory has a few small chips, fine overall.

250. E.A. STEARNS No. 57, ivory & German silver, 4-fold, 12-inch ruler, some yellowing and a bit faint on outside, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

251. Large brass 12-inch, aprox. 5-lb. plumb bob with steel tip and removable top, looks like a factory made piece, fine. (Photo)

252. E.M. CHAPIN No. 77, 12-inch, 4-fold ivory & German silver caliper rule, some yellowing but very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

253. Large brass plumb bob 8-inches overall, with 3-lb. with 2 1/2-inch steel tip, fine overall.

254. E.A. STEARNS & CO. No. 51B ivory & German silver 12-inch, 4-fold ruler, some yellowing, otherwise very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

255. Stanley #55 combination plow plane, complete with auxiliary tower, depth stops, slitter and one blade, needs a good cleaning, will clean to very good overall.

256. Stephens & Co.? No. 99 1/2 ivory & German silver 12-inch, 4-fold caliper rule, makers mark very faint, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

257. Full set of Blue Grass wood auger bits in original wooden box, a fine set.

258. YANKEE #3400 & #3412 offset ratcheting screwdrivers, one regular and one Phillips, both new old stock. (Photo)

259. Stanley #339TC 15Oth Anniversary tape measure, fine condition; plus a 10-foot White Chief tape measure by Carlson, VG. (Photo)

260. Continental or South American nominal 3/4-inch rabbet plane made of a dense tropical hardwood like rosewood, fine.

261. Unusual LUFKIN SR1ME metric & English roll-up meter rule with UNION PACFIC railroad advertising on the back, patent 2,956,795; plus a Union Pacific advertising tape measure. (Photo & Photo 2)

262. Continental or South American nominal 1/2-inch rabbet plane made of a dense tropical hardwood like rosewood, fine.

263. Stanley 150-year anniversary tape measure & key chain; plus a DRITZ No. 792 Roll-Up Yardstick, patent 2,956,795, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

264. Four different Diamond Edge pocket knives, two with broken blades, all for one money. (Photo)

265. David White surveyor or builder's transit in original wooden box, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

266. Four Keen Kutter pocket knives, and one Keen Kutter straight razor, all for one money. (Photo)

267. Henry Disston & Sons wooden stair saw, very good; plus a very good COLUMBIA wooden scrub plane, fine overall. (Photo)

268. Lot of OVB silverware: 8 butter knives, very good overall; 10 full sized forks; and 8 smaller forks.

269. Three Keen Kutter socket firmer chisels, one needs a new handle.

270. Lot of three OVB knife sharpening steels.

271. Lot of 12 Keen Kutter butter knives and 12 forks, all are fine.

272. Lot of 7 assorted Keen Kutter chisels and one gouge.

273. Lot of six Oak Leaf tools: three cement edgers; a keyhole saw; pair of shears or clippers; and a crate opener.

274. Lot of 8 Keen Kutter tools: K9 shears; adjustable auger bit; cold chisel; two long auger bits, etc.

275. Lot of 9 Oak Leaf tools: push drill, chisel, screwdriver, four adjustable auger bits; file and bitstock screwdriver bit.

276. Lot of 24 Keen Kutter tools; 16 bitstock twist drills; two bitstock screwdriver bits, tapered reamer, countersink, and four nail sets and punches.

277. Five Stanley wood chisels, two need new wooden handles, all very good.

278. Two clapboard siding gauges and two saw sets.

279. Three hack saws; one may be a de-horning saw.

280. Nice wooden calking mallet.

281. Patented miter clamp and saw guide, very good overall.

282. Fine Millers Falls No. 97 ratcheting, multi-speed breast drill, complete and very good. (Photo)

283. Two oil cans, one an O.V.B., plus a spare spout. (Photo)

284. Lot of 8 E.C. Simmons hardware items: expansion bit IOB; two drill bits; crowbar; and brass hose nozzle.

285. Pair of corner chisels by RELIANCE and PS&W, both very good.

286. Lot of three Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett tools: two concrete edging tools with wooden handles; and a wire brush, all very good.

287. Early single-speed breast drill, very good overall. (Photo)

288. Unusual breast type drill with heart-shaped openings cast into the main gear wheel, very good; plus a Millers Falls #1980 ratcheting hand drill, very good. (Photo)

289. Two O.V.B. tools: Model 60 hand-cranked bench mounted grinding wheel by CARBORUNDUM, fine; plus a coping saw, very good. (Photo)

290. Scarce Goodell-Pratt hand drill with enclosed gears, very good overall. (Photo)

291. CRUSO No. 14 bench-mounted hand-cranked grinder by Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett, very good. (Photo)

292. Extra large wooden router with steel bottom, nicely executed.

293. HIBBARD cloth tape measure, very good overall.

294. HIBBARD sewing shears; and a H.S.B. clipper.

295. Five O.V.B. (Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett) items: three pruning shears, all very good; keyhole saw; and a nail apron.

296. Millers Falls wooden shipping crate.

297. Keen Kutter hatchet and claw hammer, both in very good overall condition.

298. Lot of six beech marking gauges inc. Stanley. (Photo)

299. Fine Stanley #4 early style brass trammel points, 4 3/4-in. long overall. (Photo)

300. Smaller pair brass trammels from England, fine. (Photo)

301. Stanley #66 1/2 four-fold rule, new old stock; plus a Stanley #68 four-fold that is new old stock. (Photo)

302. Two pair Stanley trammel points: one #4 late model & the other and early pair of #4 decorative brass, VG. (Photo)

303. Stanley #66 1/2 four-fold rule, new old stock; plus a Stanley #163 four-fold that is new old stock. (Photo)

304. Pair Starrett adjustable trammel points. (Photo)

305. Four rules: Stanley #36 1/2 caliper rule, very good overall; Stanley #36 SW caliper rule, complete and very good; unknown make 4-fold caliper rule, worn and dinged on one edge; and a #69 upson nut, good overall.

306. Two W. BUTCHER gauges, both need new handles. (Photo)

307. Two Stanley EVERLAST chisels 1-inch and 3/4-inch; plus a Witherby 3/8-inch that needs a handle. (Photo)

308. Paintbrush belt buckle 1980 Bergamot Brass Works, Made in U.S.A. like new. (Photo)

309. Ridgely' s patent wallpaper trimmer, can be use with lot #310. (Photo & Photo 2)

310. I.P. HYDE No. 1 6-foot wooden wallpaper trimming rule, very good overall. (Photo)

311. Shapleigh's tennis racket or racquet, from Shapleigh Hardware St. Louis, Mo, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

312. Lufkin #7135 72-inch solid wooden rule. (Photo)

313. THE MILLER rafter square by the HOBBIE-MILLER MFG. CO. Burlington, Iowa, missing the pointer, but still in very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

314. Stillson 24-inch screw adjusted pipe wrench, very good overall. (Photo)

315. Three nail pullers Morrill No. 1; GIANT; and GIANT NO. 1 with body graduated in inches, all very good. (Photo)

316. TRI-WAY LEVEL CORP. SILOAM SPRINGS, ARKANSAS 24-inch inclinometer level, with aluminum stock, painted bright red, like new. (Photo & Photo 2)

317. Stanley #8 42-inch double plumb & level, V-logo on top plate, all vials intact, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

318. Stratton Brothers No. 1 28-inch brass-bound plumb & level in a mahogany stock, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

319. C.E. JENNINGS 24-inch cast iron double plumb & level, some light rust on top and bottom rail, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

320. RICH-CON 26-inch brass bound plumb & level, in a nice rosewood stock, made by Disston for RICHARDS & CONOVER Hardware Store in Kansas City, MO, fine overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

321. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-inch No. 9? plumb & level, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

322. MULLIKEN & STACKPOLE BOSTON MASS 29 1/2-inch mahogany plumb & level, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

323. O.V.B. No. 100 (HIBBARD, SPENCER & BARTLETT) 30-inch brass-bound plumb & level in a nice rosewood stock, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

324. Pair of levels: Keen Kutter (Disston) KK30 26-inch double plumb & level, fine; plus a Disston & Sons 24-inch, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

325. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-inch No.? plumb & level with rosewood stock and brass end plates, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

326. D.M. Lyon? 30-inch double plumb & level with no side views for level vial, nice mahogany stock, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

327. Stanley Rule & Level Co. 30-inch mahogany plumb & level, early & VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

328. Cook's Patent Dec. 7, 1886 26-inch plumb & level, made by Davis & Cook, missing bottom vial cover, otherwise VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

329. Diamond Edge DEX220 iron block plane (same as Stanley #220), fine overall.

330. Two hardware marked crowbars and a pry bar.

331. Lot of 8 O.V.B. knives and cake spatulas.

332. Lot of 12 Keen Kutter chisels, a few needing new handles.

333. Lot of 8 screwdrivers, five flat, and three Phillips.

334. Lot of measuring tools: Stanley #339TC PR APP'D 35-106 zig-zag rule, near new; Stanley No. 17 brass two-fold blacksmith? rule, worn; Stanley #136 1/2 caliper rule, worn; and a Stanley 20-foot, BICENTENNIAL tape measure, with some plating loss.

335. Lot of 7 assorted flat-bladed screwdrivers, one has a lose blade.

336. Three Stanley #750 wood chisels, all three are very good.

337. Keen Kutter K120 iron block plane complete and in fine overall condition.

338. Diamond Edge DE110 iron block plane, complete and fine.

339. Ohio Tool Co. #0120 iron block plane, complete and very good overall.

340. Diamond Edge DEX220 iron block plane, complete and very good.

341. B PLANE 7-inch No. 120 iron block plane, complete and fine.

342. Stanley #60 1/2 low angle block plane, complete and fine.

343. Union #227 adjustable iron block plane, very good overall.

344. Sargent #5306 6-inch iron block plane, with early circular logo on blade, very good overall.

345. CRAFTSMAN scythe blade, new old stock, fine.

346. Two leather belt pliers by Sargent and Bernards, both are very good. (Photo)

347. Three leather belt pliers: Greater; Bernard No. 119-6; and Missouri Belt Co. (Photo)

348. Three leather belt pliers: Singer; Sargent and a smaller pair by Bernard' Patent. (Photo)

349. Unusual 6 1/2-inch brass plumb bob with internal line holder made by SWTCA member John Wolcott, fine. (Photo)

350. Marples? ebony and brass "Improved Brass Framed Brace" with ivory ring in pad, numerous cracks and chips, one chunk missing from ebony just above chuck, a good one to display, this one was never given the "English Treatment" which involves polishing with rouge so that the cracks are filled and the brass has a mirrored finish. (Photo)

351. SIMS LONDON wedge-arm plow plane with screw operated depth stop, very good overall.

352. Fine set 8-inch brass trammel points on rosewood beam.

353. Two steel plumb bobs. The larger is solid steel and is approx. 1-lb. the smaller one has a removable brass top. (Photo)

354. FINE W. GREENSLADE BRISTOL wedge-arm fillester plane, wedges look like good replacements.

355. Two steel plumb bobs: 6483-12-oz with removable tip; and a DIETZGEN #5724S 16, both in used condition.

356. Pair wooden trammel points on 35-inch wooden beam, one point is adjustable.

357. Two small wooden rabbet planes: homemade 4 5/8-inch; and nice rosewood 4 1/4-inch, chipped wedge but otherwise fine. (Photo)

358. Small 3 1/4-inch wooden smooth plane, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

359. Stanley #7506 tape measure, fine overall; plus another WALSCO R-12 MECHANIC'S PAL 6-foot tape measure, VG. (Photo)

360. to 377. TBA.

378. Diamond Edge DE7C corrugated iron jointer plane with hard rubber tote, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

379. Keen Kutter K6C corrugated iron fore plane, with original blade, some mild pitting, hang hole in rear, japanning enhanced, will make a good user. (Photo)

380. Keen Kutter K5 1/2C corrugated iron jumbo jack plane, tote broken and glued, very good overall condition. (Photo)

381. Keen Kutter K5C corrugated iron, tote broken in middle and glued, will make a great user plane. (Photo)

382. Pair of iron jack planes: Diamond Edge DE5C with hard rubber tote, complete and very good; and OVB Gage G5C with broken sides but still in very good usable condition. (Photo)

383. Three iron block planes: Keen Kutter KK102 with saw tooth logo blade, very good overall; Union #102 complete and fine; and a Keen Kutter K102 complete and very good. (Photo)

384. H.C. MARSH CO. ROCKFORD, ILL M5 iron jack plane, complete and fine; plus a Chaplin's Patent jack plane with Tower & Lyon iron, one font corner of bed has a chip missing, some light pitting, good overall. (Photo)

385. Three iron block planes: Millers Falls No. 5 (same as Stanley #102), complete and fine; Diamond Edge DE102, complete and very good; and an Ohio Tool Co. 0103, complete and fine. (Photo)

386. Scarce Sandusky Tool Co. #S5 corrugated iron jack plane, bottom of lever cap has a welded repair and the tote of the tote spur is MIA, good overall. (Photo)

387. Lot of five brass plumb bobs; K&E, EAGLE, PERFECTION, etc. (Photo)

388. Diamond Edge DE4C corrugated iron smooth plane, complete and fine. (Photo)

389. H.C. MARSH miter vise, patented JAN 8, 1907, one of the faucet-type handles is missing, an easy fix.

390. Three OVB tools: tinners hammer; lathing hatchet; and a roofing hatchet.

391. PROTO #945 low angle block plane, same size as Stanley #60 1/2, very good overall. (Photo)

392. Lot of five brass plumb bobs; K&E, EAGLE, PERFECTION, etc.

393. Large 2-lb. brass plumb bob with nice steel top decorated with double row of knurling. (Photo & Photo 2)

394. Turnip-shaped brass plumb bob, approx. 1-lb. very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

395. Unmarked Stanley No. 2 brass plumb bob with built-in reel, VG. (Photo & Photo 2)

396. Nice 3-ounce brass plumb, shape similar to those made by Preston, fine overall. (Photo)

397. Unusual 6 1/2-inch brass plumb bob with internal line holder made by SWTCA member John Wolcott, fine. See next lot for a similar bob made by John Wolcott. (Photo)

398. Unusual 5 1/2-inch brass plumb bob with made by SWTCA member John Wolcott, fine. See previous lot for another bob made by John Wolcott. (Photo)

399. Two large plumb bobs: 7-inch brass & lead plumb bob with steel tip, 2-lb. 12-oz., has a pitted surface, pits filled with lead, otherwise appears to be a manufactured bob; plus a large 2 lb. 3 oz. steel plumb bob with ill-fitting brass top. (Photo)

400. Stanley #85 cabinet scraper, with 80 percent plus japanning, good rosewood tote and knob, blade a replacement, former owner initials TTT stamped into one side, will easily clean to very good overall condition. (Photo & Photo 2)

401. Large 10-inch brass plumb bob, 3 lbs. 12 oz. very good overall. (Photo)

402. Pair large 10 1/2-inch decorative brass trammel points on wooden beam. (Photo)

403. Nice 1-lb. brass millwright-style plumb bob, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

404. Pair 6-inch brass trammels on wooden beam, very good. (Photo)

405. Lot of 10 different pistol grip saw sets; Stearns, Oak Leaf; Stanley with decal, etc. (Photo)

406. Lot of three Simmons tools: 10-inch ratchet brace very good overall; 10-inch Stillson-type pipe wrench, very good overall; and a pair of slip joint pliers. (Photo)

407. Lot of 9 saw tools including four big lever type sets, two different sizes of Stillman's Patent, etc. (Photo)

408. Three adjustable hollow augers inc. Stearns and Woods, two with intact depth stops. (Photo)

409. Pair of Millers Falls hand drills #5 and #5A, the 5A is very good, the 5 is good. (Photo)

410. Beer flat full of chisels and gouges all in need of some rehab of one kind or another. (Photo)

411. Pair of large hand drills: Stanley #624 and a Craftsman by Millers Falls, both complete and very good. (Photo)

412. Two iron block planes: unusual RITTER U.S.A. NH iron block plane, complete and very good overall; and a Stanley #130 double ended block plane with a chip in one end.

413. Ohio Tool Co. #015 iron block plane, complete and very good overall.

414. Two iron block planes: unusual RITTER U.S.A. NH iron block plane, complete and very good overall; and a Stanley #130 double ended block plane with a chip in one end.

415. Box of six block planes inc. an AMERICAN BOY; Stanley Defiance; and two toy planes.

416. Lot of four iron planes including a fine Defiance by Stanley with screw adjuster; Shelton #4; WORTH; and a PRITZLAFF.

417. Three FULTON socket firmer chisels: 1-inch; 3/4-inch; and 1/2-inch.

418. Five chisels: G.I. MIX & CO. 1-inch socket firmer; 3/4-inch BUCK?; PS&W 3/8-inch socket firmer; a 1/4-inch mortising chisel; and a 5/8-inch tang chisel that needs a new handle.

419. Five mortising chisels: Fine Lakeside Extra 1/4-inch; FULTON 3/8-inch; BUTCHER that needs working end reground; SAMSON 3/16; and a FULTON 1/8-inch.

420. Three T.H. WITHERBY socket chisels: 1-inch; 3/4-inch; and 1/2-inch.

421. Walker patent lock or hinge mortise cutter, eventually bought out and made by Stanley as their #? Handle on this one is a replacement, otherwise very good.

422. to 449. TBA.

450. L. BAILEY 8 1/2-inch smoth plane with adjuster, nickel plated tote, wooden knob, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

451. Stanley #32 transitional jointer plane, good Q logo blade, top of tote spur chipped, good overall. (Photo)

452. Stanley #32 transitional jointer plane, Q logo iron, tote spur missing, good knob, top right corner of body missing a good chunk, iron has been repainted, a good user. (Photo)

453. Stanley #56 low angle block plane with V logo iron, complete and very good. (Photo)

454. Stanley #56 1/2 low angle block plane with SW logo iron, nickel plated cap, very good overall. (Photo)

455. B PLANE 6-inch iron block plane with adjustable throat, complete and fine. (Photo)

456. Pair of iron block planes: Union #227, complete and fine; plus a Sargent 7-inch iron block plane with nice wooden knob, very good overall. (Photo)

457. Stanley #110 with 6-point star lever cap, complete and very good. (Photo)

458. Diamond Edge DE4C smooth plane in good usable condition; plus an unusual Vaughan & Bushnell #903C corrugated with nickel plated sides and bottom, complete and very good overall. (Photo)

459. Unusual 9-inch iron smooth plane, lever cap marked PRUTTON, iron marked D.H.P. and back of bed has MADE IN U.S.A. This one is complete and fine. (Photo)

460. Pair of iron planes: Stanley #13 compass plane with solid adjuster nut marked with BAILEY name and patent date; nice L. BAILEY'S blade, body has pitting on one side, otherwise very good; and a BUCKEYE No. 5 jack plane has a chunk missing from left side and the adjuster screw is broken just above the block. (Photo)

461. Stanley #50 light duty plow plane with one 3/8-inch blade and beading stop, has nice japanning and rosewood handle, very good overall. (Photo)

462. Stanley #50 light duty combination plow plane with one blade and a beading stop, nickel plating about 80 percent, very good overall. (Photo)

463. Hobies-type #7376 toy sized block plane with a German blade. (Photo)

464. Pair of Stanley toy sized block planes H101P and an H101P that has a blue bed and red cap, both very good. (Photo)

465. Pair of toy size iron block planes: Millers Falls and an unknown make with black japanned bed and red lever cap. (Photo)

466. Stanley #100 1/2 round bottom block plane with squirrel tail handle, very good overall. (Photo)

467. Three gouges inc. 1 1/2-inch UNION TOOL CO. that needs a new handle; 1 1/2-inch WITHERBY; and a UNION 1-inch.

468. Lot of six gouges inc. IBBOTSON, PEACE & CO. 1 1/4-inch pitted; BUCK BROS. 7/8-inch; BUTCHER 5/8-inch tang gouge that is pitted and needs a handle; BUTCHER 1/2-inch; BUCK BROS. 5/8 socket and a JAMES SWAN 1/2-inch tang gouge.

469. Four chisels: 2-inch W. BUTCHER tang chisel that needs a handle; 1 1/2-inch W. BUTCHER tang; PS&W EXTRA 1 1/4-inch socket that needs a handle; and a 1 1/4-inch socket with an anvil logo.

470. Pair of hay knives, one with bug holes in the handles and the other having cracked wooden handles. (Photo)

471. Stanley #5C jack plane that has been nicely welded and polished on the sides after being dropped and broken in half, has nice rosewood tote and knob, and nice T-logo blade, very good usable condition; plus a #191 rabbet with SW logo blade and intact depth stop, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

472. Yankee #1555 multi-speed breast drill, very good overall. (Photo & Photo 2)

473. Unknown make cast iron seat, very good overall. (Photo)

474. Unusual felling wedge; plus a pair of Hill Hog Tongs, very good. (Photo & Photo 2)

475. Corner brace missing the little covers that go over the U-joint, otherwise, good; plus a pair of ratchet braces including a Stanley No. 945 10-inch. (Photo)

476. Box lot of assorted plane blades; included in this box is an unusual wooden bullnose plane, very good overall.

477. to 498. TBA.

499. Early Stanley #49 tongue and groove plane with 95%+ japanning, no blades, fine overall. (Photo)

500. Keen Kutter one or two-man cross-cut saw with auxiliary handle, nice etch, very good overall.

501. Barn beam boring machine that has had the woodn replaced on one side, could use a better woodworkers job of wood replacement.

502. Wooden crate that looks like it may have been used for a large water bottle.

503. John S. Fray 6-in. sweep ratchet brace, has a chunk missing the metal plate below the top handle, otherwise very good overall.

504. Stanley #27 transitional jack plane with Q logo blade, complete and in fine overall condition. (Photo)

505. Keen Kutter 15-inch wooden jack plane with saw tooth logo on blade, very good overall. (Photo)

506. Stanley #27 1/2 wide body jack plane with Q logo blade, good tote a decent replacement, very good overall. (Photo)

507. Pair of Stanley transitional smooth planes: #35 and #36 wide body, both are complete and very good. (Photo)

508. Box lot: Siegley smooth plane; Stanley #37 BAILEY frame; three bench plane bodies; #271 mini router that just needs a blade, and three prelateral frogs for transitional planes, etc.

509. Four Stanley parts planes: #39 1/2-inch has good depth stop, lever cap and screws; #39 5/8-inch body with good lever cap; #378 body that is fine with lever cap and one blade; early #45 body only; and Millers Patent #41 main frame with cutter clamp and brass screw.

510. Stanley #191 rabbet plane, complete with blade, depth stop and cap, body has light to moderate pitting; early Stanley #48 tongue and groove plane, complete with blades, body pitted; Stanley block plane for parts and six bench plane blades.

511. Lot of 16 assorted OVB or H.S.B. & CO. kitchen tools: six butter knives; three serving spoons, and seven forks.

512. Five hammers including Vaughan & Plumb claws; and a small claw with handle of nested screwdrivers made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Photo)

513. Three plumb bobs: No. 38403 steel; unmarked steel; and W.&L.E. GURLEY brass, very good. (Photo)

514. Three AJC hatchet heads from Akron, Ohio; and one tack hammer head. (Photo & Photo 2)

515. PLUMB VICTORY single bit axe head; and GENUINE PLUMB hatchet head. (Photo)

516. Speedy Stitcher sewing awl, IOB; plus a RED DEVIL glazing point gun. (Photo)

517. ALL-IN-ONE can and jar opener, complete and very good; and a STAG Co. Chicago razor blade holder for sharpening. (Photo)

518. Six leather tools including two pinking irons; and a stitching or pricking wheel. (Photo)

519. Ace Hardware wood boring bit set; plus three different bitstock bits. (Photo)

520. Two drawknives and a crude wheelwrights traveler. (Photo)

521. Five 2-foot, 4-fold folding boxwood rulers. (Photo)

522. Two marking gauges; an OVB try square; and a nice Stanley #18 bevel. (Photo)

523. Mini Millers Falls block block plane; and a Hibbards True Value hand drill with bits inside the handle. (Photo)

524. BLESS & DRAKE NEWARK NJ sad iron, complete and very good. (Photo)

525. The W.H. HOWELL CO. GENEVA, ILL iron stand or trivet; and a COLEBROOKDALE IRON CO. BOYERTOWN PENN sad iron that needs a handle. (Photo)

526. Four pair of dividers and one outside spring caliper. (Photo)

527. Lufkin square with 12-inch. scale with No. 4 graduations; 6-inch MAYS square; try square with rosewood handle and 3-inch blade; and an E-Z MARK butt gauge. (Photo)

528. Pair of pocket levels including a Stanley with brass top; and three line levels including a STEVENS and two Stanley #187. (Photo)

529. Four tools including ATLAS MORTAR CEMENT line pin; leather belt punch and hole reamer. (Photo)

530. Seven-piece hex key wrench set; Diamond Calk 4-inch crescent wrench; and a mystery tool. (Photo)

531. Lot of six P-38 military or civilian can openers. (Photo)

532. Bag of steel ball bearings, unusual clamp; Stillman-type saw set, etc. (Photo)

533. Military knive, spoon and fork set like those found on mess kits. (Photo)

534. Three sets of medical hemostatic forceps. (Photo)

535. Arrow Model No. HT50A stapler, fine. (Photo)

536. Mira-Twirl paint roller cleaner; and an adjustable IRWIN auger bit. (Photo)

537. Turner brass works brass blow torch with coat of red paint. (Photo & Photo 2)

538. Junkunc Bros. combination lock with original paper card attached, fine. (Photo & Photo 2)

539. Pair of old oilers like those used on machines or old hit and miss engines. (Photo)

540. Four large BUCK BROS. gouges: 2-inch; 1 5/8-inch; 1 1/2; and 1 1/4-inch, all very good.

541. Lot of wooden chisel handles.

542. Lot of two 1-inch corner chisels: PS&W and G.I. MIX & CO.

543. Lot of five SIMMONS tools inc. large cross peen hammer; wood handled screwdriver; 12-inch tin snips; 11-inch snips; and a brass hose nozzle.

544. Three HSB and OVB tools: HSB & Co. roofing hatchet; OVB lathing hatchet; and an OVB tack hammer.

545. Five SIMMNS tools: two soldering irons; roofing hatchet with a replaced handle; pruning sheers and a brass hose nozzle.

546. Lot of 8 Shapleigh’s Hardware tools: shears or clippers; coping saw; CRONK pliers; adjustable auger bits; 7-inch tin snips; fine rosewood handled puddy knife; punch and small wrench.

547. Three OVB tools: Claw hammer with cracked handle; nice tinner or riveters hammer; and fine lathing hatchet.

548. Four Shapleigh’s Hardware tools: sheers or clippers; 9-inch tin snips; hand scythe; and a cement edger.

549. REVONOC and OVB hatchets; plus four OVB hammer heads and a nail set.

550. Four Diamond Edge tools: cement trawel; nice rosewood handled paint scraper; fine nickel plated pruning shears; and a all steel tool handle with handle full of bits, very good.

551. Three Shapleigh’s OLD HICKORY knives with a Shapleigh’s knife sharpening steel.

552. Four Diamond Edge tools: hand vise with wooden handle; pruning sheers; 8-inch nippers; and an ice pick with faint DE logo on wooden handle.

553. Millers Falls #18C iron fore plane, has some mild pitting on the non-painted surfaces, very good wood, very good usable condition; plus a Stanley-made 18-inch fore plane with corrugated bottom, another good user. (Photo)

554. Pair of ratchet braces: Yankee No. 2101 10-inch BELL SYSTEM brace; and a GAMBLES 10-inch ARTISAN brace. (Photo)

555. Ohio Tool Co. #031 24-inch transitional jointer plane, complete and in very good overall condition.

556. Stanley BAILEY #32 26-inch transitional jointer plane, complete and about as good as they get.

557. Stanley #33 prelateral 28-inch transitional jointer plane with eagle logo and model number stamped into toe, patent info in recessed nut, tote spur re-shaped, very good overall.

558. Stanley #34, 30-inch transitional jointer plane, tote spur chipped, light pitting on good blade, the frame and lever cap have been repainted, very good overall. This was the longest plane Stanley made.

559. Four Diamond Edge tools: nice de-horning saw, 9-inch tin snips; 13-inch hoof nippers; and a 12-inch end cutter. (Photo)

560. to 589. TBA.

590. Diamond Edge hatchet, very good; and nice Diamond Edge Claw hammer. The hatchet has a former owners name stamped into both sides.

591. Pair of Diamond Edge clamp on ice skates with original DE marked key, very good overall.

592. Two Diamond Edge hammers: nice claw, and a very nice tinner or riveting hammer.

593. Pair of Diamond Edge tools: chain drill with a simple tapered chuck, needs a chain; and a pair of grass clippers or sheep shears.

594. to 618. TBA.

619. MONARCH JUNIOR 60 lable maker with full drawer of letters and symbols that you can use to design custom labels.

620. Shapleigh Hardware KEEN KUTTER hand sickle, fine overall.

621. Champion Power & Forge Co. post drill, looks to be complete and in very good overall condition.

622. Stanley #8 Type 4 prelateral iron jointer plane, R&L logo blade, tote spur MIA, nice beaded knob, very good overall.

623. Box lot of plane blades, a drawknive; and an interesting wooden bullnose plane with iron nose.

624. Three hack saws: Star #9; Made in China; and Great Neck #125.

625. Four scratch awls and an off-set Phillips screwdriver.

626. Diamond Edge DE15 7-inch iron block plane, complete and fine. (Photo)

627. Pair of block planes: Stanley #56 1/2? iron block plane with nickel plated lever cap and BB logo, complete and fine overall; plus a SHELDON steel plane (same as a Stanley #118) that has a PAT PEND iron, very good overall. (Photo)

628. Stanley #110 iron block plane with 6-point star lever cap, R&L logo iron, very good overall. (Photo)

629. B PLANE 9-inch iron smooth plane with fine beaded knob, OCT 22, 1889 Patented iron, fine overall. (Photo)

630. Early Stanley #46 skew bladed combination plow plane with original box of 6 blades, the auxiliary bottom is present but the screws for attaching it are MIA.

631. Keen Kutter 8-inch wooden smooth plane, complete and in very good overall condition.

632. Stanley #45 combination plow plane with 85%+ nickel, fine wood, full set of 18 blades including slitter, in original wooden box, very good overall.

633. Three hacksaws including a Millers Falls 300-01 Buck Rogers-type; and a KD convertible saw frame.

634. Three hack saws: The Westhaven Mfg. Co.; KD Mfg.; and and Union 9-inch.

635. Pair of hack saws; one Voltz Patent from Tulsa, Okla; and one Forsberg Mfg. WHALE No. 27, VG.


The End!


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